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I try to not be finicky about political labels. I’m comfortable with many of them. Race realist, white advocate, white nationalist, identitarian, and racialist are all decent descriptions of what I am. But there are two I am sometimes saddled with that I reject entirely. The first is “paleoconservative.” While I have profited enormously from reading many paleo thinkers, and enjoy Chronicles magazine, I am not one of them. A cornerstone of paleoconservatism is social conservatism in regards to the “culture war” issues of the late 1990s and early 2000s. I am not a social conservative, I’m a cosmopolitan urbanite. Moreover, the social conservatism of paleos is almost always informed by religious devotion, usually Catholicism, but sometimes other branches of Judeo-Christianity. I am not a believer in any of those religions.

But “Nazi” is the incorrect label I hear much more often. It is an even less accurate designation than paleo. Despite the mainstream media and education system’s obsession with the history of race relations in the United States, many people, strangely, seem to believe that Adolf Hitler was the first, or perhaps foremost, exponent of white racial consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hitler wasn’t a white nationalist so much as a German revanchist/chauvinist. His concept of the “Aryan” was quite different from what many American racialists throughout history, and most contemporary people, think of as “white.” The “master race” lionized by the Third Reich excluded Slavs and treated them brutally, to put it mildly.

I am a pan-Europeanist. Poles, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and all the non-Muslim and non-Gypsy peoples of the Balkans and Eastern Europe are white. Germans are not superior to them. Moreover, the indigenous peoples of the Old Continent must put aside their petty differences and historic grievances and work together against the rising tide of color crashing upon its shores. Hitler, and Nazism, are emblematic of the small-minded nationalism that has so tragically divided the white race and led to countless fratricidal wars. In this sense, I have as little use for Nazism as I do for Bonapartism. Neither France nor Germany (or any other country) have a right to conquer and kill their racial kinsmen.

Hitler also aligned with non-whites against whites. The Imperial Japan of the 1930s was one of the most ferocious and menacing non-white empires in world history. In 1941, the Japanese attacked America (essentially a white superpower). America immediately retaliated with a declaration of war, after which Nazi Germany declared war on the US. Nobody who aligns with Asian countries against America, or against any other white country, can be considered a white nationalist. Presumably Hitler would have been pleased to see Japan invade and colonize the western United States. As a white American, I find this unforgivable. To whatever extent Hitler aligned with Japan from fear of the USSR’s imperial designs, he should have scrapped the alliance the moment Japan failed to aid Germany during or after Operation Barbarossa.

Hitler also despised gays. I do not, and have never understood prejudice against them. Homosexuality is a rare but naturally occuring deviation from the norm found in humans and many different animals. Gays should be left alone to live fullfilling lives just like the rest of us.

In regards to Jews, I do not think their political power and cultural influence are above criticism. However, I have never believed that Jews are the biggest threat to Western Civilization. Historically, Islam seems to be a better candidate for that distinction. That being said, several different Asiatic powers are certainly in the running, both past (e.g. the Mongol Empire) and present (e.g. China). Right now, the biggest threat facing whites is the looming African population bomb. I’m no fan of the ADL, George Soros, Howard Zinn, or the Frankfurt school, but obsessing over Jewish malfeasance has a tendency to blind people to nuanced realities, and the existence of very real non-Semitic threats — such as the enormous amount of damage done by gentile race traitors throughout history.

Some may argue that various neo-Nazis are not guilty of the issues outlined above. Most American Nazis, it seems, don’t dislike Eastern Europeans. If that’s the case, they really shouldn’t call themselves “Nazis.” Anti-Slavism was integral to the Third Reich. Likewise, if neo-Nazis are pleased that America defeated Japan instead of vice versa, then they shouldn’t admire a man who declared war against America in defense of Japan. The racialist bonafides of neo-Nazis are often suspect in other ways. For example, George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, once said “I’d rather gas queers than anyone else.” That is to say, he saw heterosexual miscegenists, blacks, and non-white immigrants as a lesser problem than gays, even white ones. That puts him in the same league as those conservative evangelicals who would rather their daughters give them seven mulatto grandchildren than cohabitate with a white woman. I find that preference truly disgusting. Whatever you think of gays, they’re certainly better than miscegenists. If you disagree, you are probably more of a conservative, or reactionary, than a racialist. I am a racialist first and foremost.

On the whole, it has never been clear to me what Nazism has to offer to white Americans, past and present. As I noted in the beginning of this essay, Adolf Hitler didn’t pioneer white racial consciousness in any way. American identitarians have no shortage of domestic thinkers and politicians to draw from: Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Hinton Rowan Helper, the American Colonization Society, Pitchfork Ben Tillman, James K. Vardaman, John Muir, Jared Taylor, and David Starr Jordan — to name only a few. Much of Nazi ideology is specific not just to Germany, but to Germany in the 1930s, and has little to no relevance or applicability to the United States. Likewise, there is no shortage of European figures not bogged down by Germanic particularism or totalitarianism: Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, Enoch Powell, and Pim Fortuyn to again name only a few.

So no, I am not a “Nazi” in any way. To call me one is about as accurate as calling a Bernie Sanders voter a Stalinist. In both cases, the label is used as a partisan slur that seeks to delegitimize a viewpoint out of hand. Call me a “white nationalist” instead, that term also goes a long way in isolating me from polite society, and it’s accurate to boot.

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  1. 1)
    When Jared Taylor dies I hope whoever comes to control AmRen do not change its police of NOT ‘naming the Jew’ – even if theories of so-called ‘Jewish power’ are correct, that’s just bad STRATEGY anyway.

    Mr Roberts writes, “Hitler also despised gays. I do not […]”, that’s not fair criticism of Hitler. Hitler was born in the 19th Century – pretty much everyone did, back then.

    As Greg Johnson has said, (I’m paraphrasing) “The Holocaust did happen – and its lesson is: more ethno-nationalism, not less! After all: had the Jews had a country of theirs back then, 6 million would not have died”.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Angharad
  2. Right_On says:

    The Imperial Japan of the 1930s was one of the most ferocious and menacing non-white empires in world history.

    Well, yes, but the Japs only wanted to rule in south-east Asia; not in Britain or the US. The Japanese saw the European imperial powers as both “racist” to Orientals and as operating outside their legitimate spheres of influence.

    The Japanese were attempting to preserve their ancient customs while simultaneously modernizing their economy. “Archeofuturism”, avant la lettre.

    • Replies: @Franz
  3. @Vergissmeinnicht

    “The Holocaust did happen – and its lesson is: more ethno-nationalism, not less! After all: had the Jews had a country of theirs back then, 6 million would not have died”.

    That’s dumb.

    Shoah didn’t happen in Germany. It happened OUTSIDE Germany because Germany invaded other countries.

    Just because your people got an ethno-state doesn’t mean it won’t be invaded. Jews sure took Palestine from Palestinians.

    Also, the problem with Jews isn’t about the ethno-state. Sure, Jews like to have Israel as their homeland, but most Jews prefer to live elsewhere and rule the world as their empire.

    Just like Anglo ethno-nationalism couldn’t contain Anglos in Britain and just like German ethno-nationalism couldn’t contain Germans within Germany, Jewish ethno-nationalism in Israel sure doesn’t contain or limit Jews to Israel.

    Btw, I’m the only true race-ist and fascist. And only true sex-ist.

  4. Jidvei says:

    Is this Jared Taylor’s bastard son?

    Jew-loving faggots of Euromerica, unite!

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  5. BuelahMan says:

    I seriously doubt that the real NSDAP would want Roberts in the fold, since he has a serious errant description of them (a product of MSM, obviously).

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  6. Seems to me a lot of folks who believe themselves to be nazis today base the idea on the grotesque propaganda version of German National Socialism, rather than what it really was. It was not an unfathomable evil loosed on the world, so that emotionally damaged people can use it to justify dreaming of indulging in every murderous, antisocial impulse they feel. The cartoon version has it as a unique culture-wide mental disorder without historical context or political content. It was in fact practical, nationalist socialism, just as the party name states, though leftists deny this most vehemently. The Reich was as committed to smashing capitalism as it was to eradicating communism. An argument can be made, from its performance, that it solved the deficiencies of both systems, which is the most probable explanation of why the capitalist west teamed up with its mortal enemy in the Soviet Union to provoke Germany to war and then eradicate it. Germany’s entirely rational proposals for world peace and economic parity were rejected at the League of Nations, controlled by the British and French empires, the same way similar measures have been sabotaged at the US-dominated UN ever since.

    Here’s a link to the full text of Richard Tedor’s study “Hitler’s Revolution,” the best one-volume account of what National Socialism was actually about and what it accomplished:

    We ought to remember Marx’s dictum that in the modern world, nation-states function chiefly as agents of international capital. And that Germany’s authoritarian socialism implicitly committed heresy against America’s primary political illusion, that capitalism and democracy are compatible. Representing the annihilation of Germany’s socialist revolution as a holy crusade against evil was the first total success of the modern US propaganda machine and the rationale for creating the military-industrial complex. Together these two institutions effectively destroyed our republic, and now, in the service of globalism, they jeopardize the very survival of our species.

  7. Guess that makes me a reactionary, then. I find the right-wing obsession with racial purity galling and I especially despise the word “miscegenation.” I _very_ much prefer my child to be in a mixed-race hetero relationship than be gay. I’ve known enough of the latter to realize it’s a difficult life, even in this LGBT-worshiping society. In the aggregate, of course, most people are far better off marrying their own kind. The Black community in particular is fraught with problems which are 100% their own making.

  8. @Fidelios Automata

    The Black community in particular is fraught with problems which are 100% their own making.

    The racial purity test doesn’t view “community” as the root problem. It is a DNA question. They are critics of mixing with Africans, Amerindians and Mongoloids. I think they lose the plot a little with the criticism of half Asians – they often cite “mental health problems”. But with the Africans, and to a lesser degree, Amerindians, it is valid to question where the average IQ is headed.

    Agree that mixed race or gay hypotheticals are sad. It highlights, however, just how poor that African DNA is that we would even be considering it.

  9. @Fidelios Automata

    I’m a libertarian: I’ve no problems with gays and trans people existing – and being allowed to marry. If my daughter is lesbian or my son is gay, that’s alright with me. (P.S.: gays adopting children is a different matter (a priori, I’m against it) – anyway, more Science is needed.)

    My foremost concern is the future of the White Race.

    (BTW, I do not know what you mean by “obsession with racial purity” – I’ve never seen a 21th-Century racialist arguing for the One-Drop Rule.)

  10. The mention of a couple of books are in order here for those who call themselves white nationalists:

    – The Myth of German Villainy

    – Beyond Good and Evil

    – Next Leap

    NotSee Fascist

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  11. Franz says:

    The Japanese saw the European imperial powers as both “racist” to Orientals and as operating outside their legitimate spheres of influence.

    Excellent and so true.

    The South East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was far ahead of its time, and a perfect model for Europeans, Africans, and others to emulate. Fully established, it would be far superior to the Civic Model that Europeans disastrously stick with. Except Japan lost and MacArthur wiped it out.

    As an economic alliance for and by Asians, they could have shown the Europeans how it’s done. Since they failed, though, the same sort of thing will be installed by China and they’re already gumming up the works by their deals with Africa, Russia, and… well, us. More of the same only worse.

    • Thanks: Right_On
  12. I get labelled all the time because I am anti-black and pro-(soft)-eugenics.

    I don’t want to kill, but sterilizing and letting a group of the genetically violent and stupid die out seems the most humane path. Enough humans have suffered and will continue to suffer while certain non-white groups exist.

    Give them cash or the gear to start a rap label, and sterilize away.

    Whites with genetic defects should also get the same deal, except with white affectioned gear.

  13. Nazi is a takeoff of the party initials, NSDAP. That translates to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

    The party stood for the common German. Socialism (as in Marx/Lenin) denied nationalism, therefore “Workers of the World Unite” was the socialist call to arms, country/religion/ethnicity a non-factor. However, that isn’t how people think and thus the hybrid of Nationalism combined with the concept of a Government that provides socialism TO IT’S OWN PEOPLE ONLY is the genesis of the NSDAP. That’s the biggest point that is always missed. Help your own people for the greater good.

    • Agree: Twin Ruler
  14. Angharad says:

    1) Taylor is a honeypot, and his pathetic, servile, treacherous policy of censoring the truth about Jewish tyranny and control is a complete DISGRACE.

    2) Sodomites just wanted to be left alone. Then they just wanted to “get married”. Now they just want to read stories to your children. Now they’ll attack, slander, and destroy you if you think that biological sex is a real thing, and you don’t want them to rape your children at will. There is every reason to shove homosexuals into a closet made of concrete, with walls 8 feet THICK, buried 100 feet down.

    3) Speaking of homosexuals – Greg Jewson first told us to vote for Trumpenbergstein in 2020, because “There is no place else to go” – just like Jewred Kushner said. Then he told us all to get the (((vaccine jab))) – even though the Jewmaceutical companies were legally protected from lawsuits for damage and death form the BEGINNING, and data over the harm done by kosher poisons was already emerging. NOW he’s pimping for the degenerate sodomite rat faced jooish crisis actor Zelensky to stay in power, so that rotten little Heeb and his co-rotten Heebs can stay in power and continue to loot, plunder and abuse Ukrainians unto Eternity. Greg Jewson is no long a credible source. Dear.

  15. Angharad says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Ewww. You are a totally pathetic degenerate. Your child will be homosexual miscegenator.

  16. Dr. Rock says:

    Supporting homosexuals is a deal breaker for me. Being “pro-white” doesn’t change that. The heart of being pro-white is the rejection of degeneracy; although first focused on racial degeneracy, but it doesn’t stop at any form of white degeneracy, i.e. homosexuality.

    Degeneracy is always a downward spiral; never let it take root. Don’t tolerate it.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  17. Dr. Rock says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    ” I _very_ much prefer my child to be in a mixed-race hetero relationship than be gay”

    How about “no to both”?

    I don’t why anyone would even think in those terms. It’s like saying “I’d prefer my child die by poisoning than to be bitten by a snake”.

    There is no reason that racial purity cannot marry moral purity; make THAT your ideal!

  18. It’s not necessary to be a conspiracy nut to come up with a viable theory of Jewish world domination. Jews are a non-Christian, non-European Caucasian people heavily selected for intelligence, possibly with long tails on their IQ Bell Curve and strong in-group loyalty which Europeans have lost. These qualities constitute a threat to European white people if Jews succeed in controlling the press, governments, and banking, and further succeed in employing the entertainment industry, academia, and porn to control people’s minds, which they have done. They have led in the destruction of religion, except for their own, well knowing that no culture or people can exist for long without its spiritual underpinnings. Christianity was our underpinning, based not just on the Bible but incorporating sympathetic elements of European paganism, for over 1500 years, but no more.

    I’ve never met a dumb Jew. They are undeniably talented people. I believe in Jesus, and further, that God created the Jewish people to give birth to his line, and the body he inhabited. I have Jewish friends who are Christian converts. But somewhere, right now, sits the smartest person in the world, a man no doubt because that’s the reality in this world, someone scary smart, and odds are he’s a Jew. He might be rich and famous, and being a Jew, he probably is. Our world being what it is, he probably isn’t a nice guy, and most importantly, he’s not on our side.

  19. @Ian Smith

    Haha, absolutely Not! How droll that sounds.

    Next Leap by Alexander Slavros is the one I mention.

    • Thanks: Ian Smith
  20. Lurch685 says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t take anyone seriously who thinks Islam is a bigger threat to White Western life than Jews. Muslims have been a part of the West since the 16th century; Jews have never assimilated. Muslims don’t own the media, banks, pornography industry, or any other major power centers. Jews do.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  21. @Dr. Rock

    An accomplished White male is always a pederast first and foremost and this has been so since the earliest formation of PIE languages. An accomplished White male considers heterosexuality as a merely utilitarian form of sexuality, never to be enjoyed as such but only performed as a duty. His grand passionate relationships are with pre-pubescent youths he initiated into responsible adulthood.

  22. gkruz says:

    So stunning, so brave!

  23. The author is a crypto-Zionist. A traitor.

  24. Both Homosexuality and Race Mixing are immoral. Both harm the White Race. Both play into the hands of (((the Children of the Devil))), by reducing our numbers!

  25. Look, neither Joseph Stalin nor Franklin Delano Roosevelt cared one bit about poor old Anne Frank and the rest of the Jews perishing in The Holocaust. No, those two were too busy sending their own Citizens to Prison Camps in their own Lands. It was the thing to do back then! Some historians have gone so far as to say that Joseph Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were anti-Jewish themselves. So much so that they sent Jews back to their deaths!

    So, the MSM is most dishonest, in its efforts, its cruel efforts to exploit memory of the Holocaust merely in order to rationalize the war crimes that the US Military, in its turn, carried out against the Germans and Japanese during the War. As if, as if, the US Soldiers, and other US Servicemen did not feel that the killing of Germans and Japanese was not an end to itself. To them, and to their evil Master, Roosevelt, it was exactly that. The US Soldiers and other US Military personnel, who fought and died in The Second World War, did so endeavoring to actually depopulate both Germany and Japan; endeavored to exterminate off the very German and Japanese people themselves. Indeed, what else was the purpose of the Terror Bombings!

    To those US Soldiers and other US Military personnel, who fought and died in The Second World War; they decided that they would rather not live in a world with a single German or Japanese man, woman, or child in existence. They made their choice! They paid with their very lives for their anti-German and anti-Japanese bigotry!

  26. “Affirmative Action” is a brilliant idea. It is all about causing Blacks to fail, in the name of uplifting them to the status of Whites. You see, “Affirmative Action” gives Blacks easier admissions tests, to Ivy League colleges than Whites do. And once they are there, they are doomed to fail. Since after all, easier admissions tests tend to make such Ivy Leagues overestimate them. Blacks do not foresee how hard it is.

    It is almost as wonderful as abortion. After all, most women who have them are Black. It is no wonder what the Democratic Party supports “Affirmative Action” and Abortion as much as they do. Perhaps, just perhaps, Democrats really are the True Racists. They are certainly very cunning about their victimization of Blacks. I will say that!

  27. To be fair to Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, he probably does know a lot about the history of anti-Semitism in Central Europe. Still, he does not know the American people. It is not like Americans ever made any distinction between the German people themselves and their Nazi rulers. He obviously knows nothing about Americans at all.

    For, America is a Nation of anti-German bigots. It has been, since at least the First World War, and perhaps earlier.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  28. The US Soldiers, and other US Military personnel, who fought and died in The Second World War did so on behalf of the Soviet Union. They fought for The Soviet Union! They merely destroyed one of Europe’s most infamous tyrannies, Nazi Germany, to make life easier for another of Europe’s most infamous tyrannies, Commie Russia. That is all they ever really did. It is all that they accomplished.

    In light of this, it is most interesting to me that although Americans get so patriotic about US Military involvement in The Second World War, they are, by contrast, so unpatriotic about US Military involvement in Vietnam. After all, in Vietnam, they were actually fighting against Communism rather than in favor of it, as they did in The Second World War.

    And do not even get me started on The Holocaust! I used to feel bad about Anne Frank and the rest of the Six Million Jews, who perished therein. But then, I began to wonder: what about all of Stalin’s victims? Indeed, if it were so wrong and evil for Adolf Hitler, and the rest of the Nazis, to exterminate off all the millions they did; why, pray tell, was it not equally and similarly wrong and evil for Joseph Stalin, and the rest of the Commies, to exterminate off all the millions they did? I had an epiphany! Most of Stalin’s victims were Goyim, like me. All goes back to the distinction between The Jews, as The Chosen People, and the Goyim, Cattle in Human Form. And that, of course, is not to speak of Jewish involvement in Bolshevism.

    Others call me an anti-Semite for pointing this out. Why, because I dare to argue that Stalin’s victims, though not Jewish, should be remembered too? Nay, it is they who are anti-Goyimist, for downplaying the deaths of Stalin’s victims, for not being Jews.

    The Jews, in light of what they did in the name of Bolshevism, are merely sore that someone did to them what they, as Jews, like to do to others. Namely, sending people to prison camps, to be tortured and worked to death in the most horrid ways that can be imagined. In order to understand the Jewish view of The Holocaust, one must imagine a strange form of farm, wherein the cows round up the farmer, his family, and any farm hands and slaughter them instead of the other way about. No wonder The Holocaust seems so supernaturally unusual, so “Uniquely Evil” to Jewish people.

  29. Almost nobody is patriotic to America anymore. Even most “Conservatives” are more loyal to The State of Israel, than they are to this country. But then again, how can anyone blame them? The American Dream is just that, a dream. There is nothing real about it, at least not anymore.

    However one may feel about either the Israelis or the Jews, they still do retain a sense of Peoplehood, something long lost to Americans. And yes, the City of Jerusalem, that Great Holy Citadel, with its wall, stirs the hearts of those with Romanticist leanings. No wonder the Televangelist preachers, and their minions, live vicariously through the Israeli Jews: the Israeli Jews’ victories are their victories; the Israeli Jews’ defeats, their defeats.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
    , @Zumbuddi
  30. They will never tell the whole story of either The Second World War or the Vietnam conflict!

  31. Agaton says:

    Hitler did not despise gays. One of his closest friends was openly lesbian. Some of the nazi top brass were gay.
    No doubt, he was to smart to care for such things. It is a private matter. I am sure though, he would not approve of todays state sponsored rainbow activities and propaganda.

    • Disagree: Twin Ruler
    • Replies: @Twin Ruler
  32. It is one of the greatest mysteries of The Second World War. But, who or what is a Nazi, in any event? Of course, though the Communists did many of the very same types of military atrocities and crimes against Humanity, we can basically have an idea of what a Communist is. Go to any College or University, and one can hear Communist Professors spout out Communist propaganda. One can go to College bookstores and read the seminal works of the Communists.

    What the Nazis, on the other hand believed, and their seminal works, is more of a mystery.

  33. Now, about the Educational System in Amerika. It is simply a brilliant way to proletarianize the Amerikan masses. You see, it starts with the Look-See method, to keep children from ever being able to read properly. That way, most will not ever enter Higher Education. But those few, who do make it, are usually not properly educated anyway. How fiendishly cunning!

    There is also Social Justice, a stroke of brilliance. It is a mirror image of traditional racism. And, what do I mean by that exactly? Well, whereas traditional racism claims that only Whites are good; Social Justice claims that only Whites are truly evil. As Jim Goad so brilliantly put it, in one of his books, “they are still trying to divide poor Blacks and Whites against each other; they just changed sides.” And, the important thing, of course, is that the Workers are divided against each other, however they do it.

  34. I wonder what ever happened to the Hippies?

  35. Zumbuddi says:
    @Twin Ruler

    The world would be a better place if every “Judeo-Christian” bible were eradicated from the face of the earth and memory, and if every act of Woodrow Wilson was similarly reversed/rescinded.

  36. Zumbuddi says:
    @Twin Ruler


    Kevin Barrett likely agrees with you.

    His recent guest, somebody Scott, tossed out historical accuracy, common justice, and self-regard in favor of sentimentally slobbering over Jews:

    “As Zelensky predictively prophesied, Ukraine is being cleared to make way for mass mig ration to Ukraine, ” the rightful homeland of these European Khazar Jews, from Israel.
    Israel is failing; Balfour was a misbegotten project (of the West, not of Jews, Scott implied)!

    Scott seemed to endorse the concept of Jews taking over Ukraine, “a negotiated solution” being necessary.


    Every murdering, thieving, lying, land-grabbing exploiting entity OUGHT to be entitled to a do-over if they FUBAR an earlier criminal project.

  37. Zumbuddi says:
    @Twin Ruler

    To quote Twin Ruler @ 33:

    Oh rubbish.

    Why is it even on anyone’s agenda to “feel” someway about Jews (other than contempt for their lying and murderous behaviour)?

    In USA, is that what Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Franklin had in mind: “Let us create here a national religion of Jew worship”

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