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Nike Condemns the Chinese, Says They’re Not Using Products from Xinjiang
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Nike openly supports “death to America” rhetoric. Because it’s the right thing to do, I guess?

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Nike: leading the forefront of global morality since 2018.

Fox News:

Anger with Nike Inc erupted on Chinese social media late on Wednesday after China’s netizens spotted a statement from the sporting goods giant saying it was “concerned” about reports of forced labour in Xinjiang and that it does not use cotton from the region.

Topics around the Nike statement were among the highest trending on China’s Twitter-like social media Weibo on Thursday, and the social media backlash had a wider fallout.

Popular Chinese actor Wang Yibo terminated his contract as a representative for Nike in response to social media criticism over the company’s Xinjiang statement, his agency said on Weibo on Thursday.

It was unclear when Nike had put out the statement, which did not have a date on it. Nike did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We are concerned about reports of forced labor in, and connected to, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR),” Nike said in the statement.

“Nike does not source products from the XUAR and we have confirmed with our contract suppliers that they are not using textiles or spun yarn from the region.”

(The Jewish media is spinning a story about cotton-picking slaves. This is the narrative. They’re accusing the Chinese of the same sins they accuse White Americans of. You see how that works?)

The social media fallout comes as relations between the United States and China have deteriorated in recent years.

In the latest development, the United States, the European Union, Britain and Canada on Monday imposed sanctions on Chinese officials for alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang. China retaliated with sanctions on European lawmakers and institutions.

Earlier this week, at least one Chinese online retailer appeared to drop H&M’s products amid social media attacks on the Swedish company for saying it was “deeply concerned” about reports of forced labour in Xinjiang.

Activists and some Western politicians accuse China of using torture, forced labour and sterilisations in Xinjiang. China has denied these claims and says it is providing vocational training, and that its measures are needed to fight extremism.

Firstly, the only supposed “evidence” for “torture, forced labor and sterilizations” (I don’t know why Fox News is using British spelling) is the same as the evidence that the Chinese kidnap 25,000 people a year and cut their organs out while they’re still alive.

The single piece of evidence is: unsubstantiated rumors from the Jewish media.

Haaretz is a major newspaper that published this story, from supposedly legitimate sources.

Cutting people’s organs out while they’re still alive – and in fact, organ harvesting in general – is really spicy material. It’s spicy enough that people have been fired for suggesting someone did that.

So why doesn’t it include this much more massive and specific crime in its “Chinese crimes” list?

Well, the only possible reason I can think of is that it is just too silly, and sounds too ridiculous. I guess that means there is still some sort of limit on what they think people will believe.

Maybe that should be a ray of hope?

Remember that the United States did Guantanamo Bay, and there were actually photos released of people being tortured there.

Remember? The pictures of the Moslems being tortured?

They did all kinds of torture, including forcing people to listen to the Sesame Street song on full-blast for days on end.

They did worse things than that too, that we’re still hearing about. Like keeping some poor bastard in prison for 14 years without charge.

This guy, who they just made a movie about, was arrested at his home in the random Northwest African country of Mauritania, and just locked up in Cuba. For 14 years.

We all kind of understand that these Moslems are a problem, but China has not been accused of flying around the world and throwing bags over their heads and dragging them off to a secret prison without charge.

China has a few detention centers in Xinjiang, because they’ve had terrorist attacks. It’s not at all unreasonable.

So then the media just starts making up all these stories, bringing out “survivors” to say that there’s all this torture, rape, slavery, you know, organ harvesting – whatever the hell.

This is all based on nothing. There is no evidence of any of this. I don’t think the Chinese did any of it – why would the Chinese government risk doing something like that, and risk their own people finding out about it?

It’s possible (read: almost certain) that the Guantanamo Bay torture photos were released on purpose to make people afraid of the American government, which would go to any country in the world, throw a bag over someone’s head, take them to some secret prison and hook them up to a car battery for 14 years.

But China is not running its country that way – they’re not attempting to make anyone afraid of anything, they’re trying to make people believe in their own country.

That’s just a matter of objective fact – no one disputes that the Chinese government is high-energy and pro-China. China is not an ultra-militarized fear state attempting to spread terror across the world. They’ve invaded zero countries. They’ve not been aggressive with anyone, even.

Going all the way back to Korea and Vietnam – neither of which did the Chinese invade, they only offered support to locals – China got involved AFTER the US had shown up in the neighborhood.

The fact is, this entire image of the Chinese as villainous is simply false. It is no different than the vilification of any other enemy who you’re trying to drum up a war with. I will say that a lot of modern Chinese tourists can be rude, but there is a reason for that: they are from very poor families, that have been made rich by a booming Chinese economy. These people are basically straight out of the rice field.

China has gone from a largely medieval agrarian society to a futuristic society in three decades.

This China documentary from PBS is really weaselly and Jewish, but it does give some image of China, even when trying to portray their politeness as a shady conspiracy.

People know that I do have a special affinity for Asian people. But the number one thing I would try to communicate is this: none of you really have any idea what you’re talking about when you talk about Asia and especially about China. It is so far out of normal white consciousness that it cannot really be grasped. The closest thing we can compare Chinese spirit to is autism.

And understand: they are not choosing this conflict. America has China surrounded with its military, and America occupies a part of China called the island of Taiwan, where it has set up a fake government that claims to have a right to rule over all China. The only problem is that the people in that country don’t even want to be doing this, they just want to reunite with their countrymen – but while they can do all the anal they want, they don’t have the freedom to vote on a reunification referendum.

They also can’t vote against anal marriage. A total of five (5) consecutive referendums failed, and the government forced it through anyway. Even a year after anal marriage was legalized, only a third of the country supports it, according to polls which are certainly skewed.

The third that does support it are the homosexuals themselves and a bunch of ugly, irate women all hopped up on tumblr memes from 2007.


“When America sends their tumblrinas, they’re not sending their best.”

The third that say “neither” is a pretty standard situation for Asians forced into a democracy, as Asians generally feel uncomfortable disagreeing with each other.

So, how free are they, exactly?

The reunification movement has gained ground because of this anal issue, but the government has laws about how much you’re allowed to support nationalism in the so-called “Republic of China.”

What About the US’ Allies?

Beyond the US’ own human rights record – what about the choices of allies?

The US could just as easily be saying, “we support China’s role in the global fight against terrorism” or some such thing. This is totally arbitrary. According to the US government (and every other government around the world), Saudi Arabia’s leader had some guy kidnapped at the embassy in Turkey and chopped up in the back room. Joe Biden is saying we have to defend him.

The argument is that the relationship with Saudi Arabia is too important to sacrifice in the name of human rights – but how on earth is Saudi Arabia more important than the most powerful country on earth, China? China, which is not a backward Islamic state, China, which does not bomb children, China, which has not started any conflict with anyone since World War II?

What I Care About

I care about my own country, and I care about my own people. When I look out at my country, and look at the problems we have, I don’t see one single problem that is caused by the Chinese. The worst thing any Chinaman ever did to my country was spit in an elevator while on vacation at Disney World, and he spent more than enough money to make up for that.

We have this pattern of “ultimate villain”:

  • First the Germans
  • Then the Russians
  • Then the Moslems
  • Then Russia again for some reason
  • Now China

But the Russians were openly saying they were going to take over the world, and the Moslems were at least involved in blowing up those buildings in New York and then doing random shootings all over the place, running people over with cars and so on.

What did China do?

Tucker Carlson says we have to go to war with them because they eat dogs.

Does that make sense to you? A world war over dog meat?

Why is Nike a guiding light of morality?

Why did they make those anti-American hate advertisements with that black guy?

  • We just had our election stolen from us.
  • Our border is wide open.
  • They’re injecting children with tranny hormones.
  • Everyone is fat.
  • Everyone I went to high school with is dying of fentanyl overdoses.
  • Homosexuals are fondling children at the public library.
  • Black people are burning down cities, and are about ready to really start killing white people.
  • We’re witnessing Stalin-like show trials, only instead of at least being ostensibly in support of the nation, they’re openly denouncing the nation.
  • The media runs non-stop “black on blonde” race-mixing propaganda
  • Our history is being destroyed, all of our heroes vilified.
  • Our women have stopped having children.
  • Women have been given the power to declare rape against any man, and no evidence is necessary.
  • Most of all: we are all locked in our homes, all of our rights have been taken away, our businesses have been shut, and we are being coerced into taking a gene-altering vaccine.

And you’re out there talking about “our big problem is these people on the other side of the planet who aren’t doing enough anal and eat dogs”?

What even is this?

Our enemy is a foreign entity operating domestically.

They are the people who killed our God, and have been attempting to kill us for two thousand years.

If you can’t grasp that, then you need to sit down and try to figure out what is going on in your brain.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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