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NEW YORK TIMES Thugs Trying to Cancel Michael Woodley for Reporting Human Diversity Science—But They’re Guilty Too
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The New York Times is attempting to destroy the life of researcher Michael Woodley of Menie (it’s a Scottish courtesy title), whom we’ve cited many times, for the crime of being quoted by a teenager who allegedly committed a racially-motivated mass murder in Buffalo.

BRUSSELS — The researcher claims there has been an I.Q. decline in France linked to large-scale migration from North Africa. He has co-written a book about the global decline of intelligence, stating a relationship between ethnicity and cognitive abilities. And he argues that humans can be divided into subspecies, a cornerstone of white supremacist ideology.

He was also cited, among other academic references, in a manifesto written by the teenager motivated by racist views who killed 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo last month.

Despite his own extreme [sic] views, the researcher, Michael Woodley — a 38-year-old British man — has been affiliated with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, one of Belgium’s leading universities, and his controversial work was originally undertaken as he studied at some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.[More] A Racist Researcher, Exposed by a Mass Shooting, by Monika Pronczuk and Koba Ryckewaert, June 9, 2022

Woodley’s research finds differences between races, as any honest researcher must. And he’s obviously not responsible for being quoted by a stranger in another country (which he wasn’t really, see below)

How does a teenager get involved in high-level arguments about race and “subspecies”?

Answer: He doesn’t. He copies and pastes a common graphic he found on the internet called “The Truth About Race.” It’s all over the internet: here, and here. This one is probably the highest resolution available:

From page 17 of the Buffalo Shooter’s manifesto—click to enlarge.

I know this wasn’t written by an eighteen year old with no college education, and I also know it’s been on the internet since 2017, if not before, because it was analyzed by an academic in November 2017, when Gendron (the shooter) would have been 13. See IN PICTURES, Virginia Commonwealth University Digital Sociology, October 10, 2017 , where it’s described as a

…graphically unsophisticated infographic (with slight variation as individual slides) of unknown origin floating around on online discussion boards and message forums, usually as “proof” about the biological basis for race.

Nevertheless, the plain fact is that the “proof” on the infographic is fundamentally right and hence is supported by respectable citations. It is presumably the work of some Human Biodiversity enthusiast, possibly an academic, who posted it online anonymously to avoid being Cancelled.

And who can blame him (or possibly her)? The New York Times is indeed now trying Cancel a one carefully-targeted person who was cited in it.

“Myths” in this infographic for which Woodley deserves no blame, and the teenage gunman deserves no credit—he didn’t necessarily even read it, just copied and pasted it—include “Race has no biological basis” (sourced to Science magazine), “Race is only skin-deep” (sourced to BMC Evolutionary Biology), “Races have more variation within them than between them”(sourced to Genetics magazine), and “There isn’t qualitative genetic evidence for racial differences” (source to eight different studies, including some by Italian anthropologist Davide Piffer, but I’ll just linked to this one in Human Molecular Genetics, because that will mean three out of four will be by Chinese authors).

Woodley is featured in “Myth #6” (of 8)— “There isn’t significant genetic difference between races.”

In order to make this into attack on Michael Woodley, the New York Times’ Pronczuk and Ryckewaert, had to do what I just did—find the shooter’s manifesto online (not easy—it’s here [PDF]), locate the copypasta graphic on page 17 (some of the least hateful material in the manifesto) enlarge it until they could see the citations, and then (in their case) ignore all the Chinese authors in an attempt to Cancel Woodley.

Note: the New York Times did not actually link to the shooter’s manifesto or the infographic above (what is it afraid of?). You’re supposed to take its word for all this.

And it is very much trying to cancel Woodley, in the sense of ruining him professionally and suppressing his research:

“Woodley has been explicitly racist,” said [Alex Mas Sandoval, a Spanish researcher in population genetics at the University of Bologna, who started an online petition to get the British researcher suspended and his Ph.D. revoked. Mr. Woodley has received degrees from Columbia University and from Royal Holloway, University of London. “He has a history of spreading racist, white supremacist theories,” Mr. Sandoval said, adding, “He is questioning a consensus based on decades of research.” [Emphases added.]

Well, actually, no. It’s a “consensus” based on decades of (a) pious hope and (b) intimidation.

The New York Times continues:

At the core of Mr. Woodley’s article cited by the gunman is an argument that human beings can be scientifically divided into subspecies. One table in which he compared humans with a number of animal species, including jaguars and leopards, was used in the Buffalo gunman’s manifesto. [Link in original].

Well, no, it wasn’t. The New York Times’ writers mean the table and accompanying text displayed above as “Myth #6”.

What the NYT is linking in its quote above to Woodley’s Is Homo sapiens polytypic? Human taxonomic diversity and its implications, Medical Hypotheses, Volume 74, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages 195-201.

The text in the infographic, in which the anonymous creator put the case for “polytypicity” much more polemically than Woodley would have done, is not in the linked article, but neither is the table.

This is the actual table created by Woodley:

Woodley’s table is much more nuanced. But the point is that the New York Times’ Pronczuk and Ryckewaert just carelessly referenced to a simplified version for which Woodley was not responsible.

But you can’t figure that out by clicking on the New York Times’s links, because not only do the writers not link to the shooter’s “manifesto” or to the Woodley-quoting infographic, they link to a paywalled version of Woodley’s article. (My own link above goes to a PDF.)

And here’s something else the New York Times missed—there’s no reference in Pronczuk and Ryckewaert’s article that the New York Times itself was cited in the shooter’s manifesto. Surprising, because it’s on the same page of the killer’s PDF as the obscure reference to Woodley’s work, as seen in this screenshot:

This is a reference to an article about mainstream science from an impeccably Politically Correct source: the New York Times itself! It’s a link to Adventures in Very Recent Evolution, by Nicholas Wade, The New York Times, July 19, 2010.

Once again, this doesn’t show the 18-year-old murderer was a New York Times subscriber, or reader. It’s copied and pasted, as Googling “Over 2000 genes have been subject to” etc., shows, from an obscure “Hatefacts” site, also anonymous. [Archive link.]

But Nicholas Wade’s reporting in the New York Times on human differences was cited by Steve Sailer as long ago as 2003 as an example of how “mainstream” the science of human differences is. See A Couple of Wild-Eyed Wackos: Me and the New York Times. This debate has gone backwards.

And the “2000 genes” quote is not a bad paraphrase of what Nicholas Wade’s 2010 article said. Discussing this article in 2010, Steve Sailer pointed out that

…spent the last decade (here are VDARE articles I wrote praising Wade’s NYT work in 2003 and 2006) diligently debunking the reigning dumb ideas of our age, such as “Race doesn’t exist,” “Race is just skin deep,” and “Racial differences couldn’t have evolved because there hasn’t been enough time.” For nine or ten years, he has used dozens of New York Times articles to aim a firehose of the latest scientific findings at these dogmas…and, as far as I can tell, nobody ever notices. [Emphasis Sailer’s]

Well, we noticed.

And there’s a lot more of the science of Human Biodiversity in the New York Times website in the archive of Nicholas Wade’s articles—e.g. Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force, March 1, 2010, about lactose tolerance—than there is in this shooter’s “manifesto”.

We made this point in our lawsuit against the Times for calling us “white nationalist,” partly on the grounds that we write about race and IQ.

Our brief [PDF] said “But consistent with its commitment to free speech, Defendant [I.E. the New York Times Co] itself has in the past bravely pushed the boundaries of the taboos on race. For example….”

And we listed seven Genome Mappers Navigate the Tricky Terrain of Race, Study Finds Genetic Link Between Intelligence and Size of Some Regions of the Brain, Race Is Seen as Real Guide to Track Roots of Disease, A New Look at Old Data May Discredit a Theory on Race, The Palette of Humankind, Gene Study Identifies 5 Main Human Populations, and 2 Scholarly Articles Diverge on Role of Race in Medicine, all by Wade

We used these as evidence not because Wade is some kind of secret racist, or because the New York Times, as the publisher of these articles, is propagating theories that have “long been a mainstay of pseudoscientific attempts to justify slavery, colonialism, and Nazism that have been widely rejected by contemporary mainstream academics” as Pronczuk and Ryckewaert say in their article about Michael Woodley.

We cite them because that is in fact the state of science these days.

Whatever New York Times adolescent Wokesters may think.

“And yet it moves” said Galileo, after pretending to recant the motion of the earth, and the New York Times’s Amy Harmon (the anti-Nicholas Wade) was furious when people said it about race and IQ:

Let me repeat: neither the New York Times nor Michael Woodley is in any way responsible for the Buffalo gunman quoting them.

Nor is Ta-Nehisi Coates responsible for the black gunman who murdered three cops (correction, four cops, one just died of wounds after 6 years of suffering )in Baton Rouge, though Coates’s book—a genuinely hateful production—was on the gunman’s reading list. (See Ta-Nehisi Coates Only #2 on Baton Rouge Terrorist’s Recommended Reading List, by Steve Sailer in 2016.)

The fact that a writer is quoted in some manifesto, as happened to various neoconservative writers in the case of Norwegian Rightist terrorist Anders Breivik, is not his fault, any more than the New York Times is guilty of mass murder because the guy in Buffalo quoted them. (Breivik quoted the New York Times website seven times, on anti-Muslim reportage going back to the Armenian Genocide of 1915.)

It’s all just “guilt-by-NON-association.”

Facts are facts, whether reported by Michael Woodley of Menie or, grudgingly, by the New York Times.

And it is to facts to which we all must ultimately respond.

James Fulford [Email him] is writer and editor for

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Woodley is a crank who believes in ‘super sized otters’ and ghosts.

  2. Michael super otter Woodley?

    Environmental scientist Robert France has criticised Woodley’s 2008 book on sea serpent classification mainly for its far-fetched ‘super-otter’ theory:

    Woodley’s objective is to re-evaluate and moderize Heuvelman’s existing categories. Along the way he engages in one of the most blatant displays of cryptozoological fancy in terms of interpreting the ephemerality of sightings of several imagined typologies of sea serpents, not due to sequential faddism and expectation patterns among observers, but in consequence of ecological competition imagined to exist between the two types of ‘sea serpents’. After this ridiculous bit of science fiction, Woodley reaches the conclusion that ‘It is obvious that Heuvelman’s categories are incomplete as they stand, and are therefore not truly representative of the full potential diversity of marine cryptid forms’. Among the changed recommended is to retain the Latin names for both the many-humped sea serpent and super-otter but to switch their identity from archaeocetes (extinct whales or sirenians) to being members of the lutrinae (otters).

    – ‘Disentangled: Ethnozoology and Environmental Explanation of the Gloucester Sea Serpent”, Wageningen Academic Publishers [2019] p. 169.

    In 2022, France criticised Woodley’s book again describing it as an example of “embarrassing forays into cryptozoological fantasy”. Woodley’s (2008) super otter theory is based on interpreting eyewitness accounts of sea serpents with many humps as literal giant otters whose long tail “undulations propagate giving rise to the many humps witnesses describe.”

    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  3. lavoisier says:

    And it is to facts to which we all must ultimately respond.

    In a perfect world, perhaps. In clown world–hardly.

  4. martin_2 says:

    People who dismiss people who believe there is something in paranormal phenomena that needs to be explained are often guilty of circular reasoning.

    “Mr Woodley believes that ghosts are real.”

    “Ah, but Mr Woodley is a crank.”

    “How do you know?”

    “Because he believes in ghosts!”

    There are many videos such as the one below on youtube and elsewhere, where the participants are frankly, too old, fat and dumb to be engaged in some fraud. What is the explanation?

    • Replies: @Mac_
    , @Passing By
  5. “How the New York Times’s Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History”, by Ashley Rindsberg:

    Ashley Rindsberg on Michael Shermer’s podcast:

    • Replies: @loren
    , @RedpilledAF
  6. Kim says:

    Niggers are dumb and violent. Kikes are greedy and deceitful. More news at 11.

    • Replies: @Truth
  7. Time to cancel Linnaeus and others who systematically introduced racism into biology, by artificially dividing living organisms into various species and genus and family etc., while we all know all animals are equal (but some animals are more equal than others).

  8. eah says:

    In order to make this into attack on Michael Woodley, the New York Times’ Pronczuk and Ryckewaert, had to do what I just did—find the shooter’s manifesto online (not easy—it’s here [PDF]), …

    For me the link to the Payton Gendron manifesto provided here didn’t work (?) — however you can find a link to it (as PDF) that does work on the Occidental Observer website:

    Payton Gendron’s Manifesto

    Since Payton Gendron’s manifesto is virtually banned from the internet, I thought I should post it. Can’t agree with all of it by any means, but this guy is no dummy. It’s a huge file, so takes time to upload.

    • Replies: @James Fulford
  9. In the present day West if an intellectual expresses an opinion, and that opinion is quoted by a person who commits a crime, then that intellectual IS DEEMED RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT CRIME, and his opinions must be forbidden.

    We see that with opinions about race (such as in the case above), but also with opinions about immigration (“the great replacement”).

    This state of affairs is only possible in a society ruled by an oppressive-paranoid regime.
    Another example from history is Stalin’s Russia with the idiotic Lysenkoism as its official doctrine.

    Ironically, presently the US is the most Marxist country in the world, but its Marxism is not of the social (“class struggle”) but of the cultural and racial kind.

    What the US needs is regime change.

  10. Mac_ says:

    stop it. If we look only the two on the end near the camera have their whole hands, including thumbs, on the table, the rest have only their fingers on top of the table, with thumbs under, to – lift the table.


  11. @martin_2

    “Galileo believes that the Earth is a spinning ball.”

    “Ah, but Galileo is a crank.”

    “How do you know?”

    “Because he believes that the Earth is a spinning ball.”

    • Replies: @martin_2
  12. “He is questioning a consensus based on decades of research.”

    Scientifically speaking, for uttering this, Sandoval is a p o s / an idiot / both.

    The concept of scientific consensus is absurd. Something isn’t scientifically true because we agree that it is true or in politically correct language, because we have reached a consensus that it was true. There is no such thing as consensual truth, well perhaps among Hegelian brain onanists, but not in the real world. Something is either true or isn’t. 9.81 meters per square second is not the product of a consensus. Science and consensus are mutually exclusive. What we agree upon and what is true are different concepts.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  13. tosca says:

    Sorry, but races exist. One race cannot be described as inferior to another: they are merely different.
    IQ tests are specifically adapted to whites. What these tests describe as inferior results, in reality, are differencies. If a test had been created by, say, africans, it is certain that whites would have inferior results. It is not reasonable nor scientific to sustain that there were only one type of intelligence. The creator of the test has been asked what the definition of intelligence was. He said naïvely or cunningly that intelligence was exactly what his test measured! I wonder how he could create a test to measure intelligence, if he was unable to formulate a definition of the object of his research. Those tests do not have a leg to stand on. Intelligence has never been defined, so, how could we measure it. Let us go a pace further and ask the necessary question: does intelligence exist as a valid concept, or is it a void one?Bye.

  14. If the theory of evolution were true, we would all have the same origin and scientific racism would be out of place. And in the case of divine origin, only one couple intervened.

    • Disagree: Backward
    • LOL: Realist
  15. @David22444

    Rational Wiki ? Really ? Did you get lost on your way to Vox?

  16. Here is a good comment from 4chan (now that’s an oxymoron):

    I can’t think of a people more disgusting and pathetic than Americans.
    Instead of fighting to defend his “””historic””” cities he copes with “at least they aren’t in muh suburbs”. When niggers and anarchists come to his suburbs he copes with “wait till they come to muh small country town. When they come to his town he copes with “wait till they come to muh tiny homestead in the wilderness”. And there you have it. American whites are left living like native americans, in shacks in the wilderness with no political or ethnic power at all. Because you’re cowards
    You can hoard guns and ammo all you want but they mean fuck all if you don’t use it.

    • Replies: @Backward
  17. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Rindsberg is a Zionist with a very clear Talmudic agenda. Read up on him.

  18. abcdef says:

    Race characteristics have long been a tool used to justify the exploits of imperialism; similarly race characteristics are basic tools used by the divide to conquer communities. Do studies exit which relate genetic characteristics to crooked, immoral, or corrupt behavioural expectations? What about studies which are capable to identify the individual who adopt immutable beliefs and use them as the basis to conduct their lives vs those individuals who hypothesize their way through life, making changes in their hypothesis as evidence appears to disprove the initial hypothesis. The belief based personality vs the evidence based personality.

    It is these unknowns which make race, genetics, and individual differences a political issue..

    Science is that collection of ideas which have not yet been proved wrong. People incur life changing threats when someone comes forward with an idea or a proof which forces the ideas their understanding is based-on to be changed. The world was square until an explorer proved it was not square. Woodley’s ideas challenge the politics of acceptability.


  19. @tosca

    Africans are mostly too stupid to create an IQ test or create much of anything else. All tests are in some sense not an accurate way of evaluating how knowledgeable a person is on any given subject, but on the average, they do tend to show which grouping an individual belongs in. Africans fall into the low IQ group and their achievements (violence, low impulse control, immediate gratification, etc) everywhere support the testing results.

  20. @tosca

    IQ tests are specifically adapted to whites.

    So says an opera queen who evidently failed every one she ever took. Don’t lean so far over the parapet of Castel Sant’Angelo, dear!

  21. Angharad says:

    Dovid dahlink – that source is Wiki.


    Just stop.

    Settle down.

    Have your Bubby take you out for some nice bagels and lox.

  22. Backward says:

    The point is, if one’s reason to love his own race is because one thinks it’s more intelligent, or less violent, or more productive, then he will stop loving it as soon as he starts doubting those assumptions. Why should I care at all if my race is more “intelligent”? I love it simply because it is my own race, and will continue to do so regardless of any stupid charts I might be shown. Basing love upon statistics is yet another absurdity of scientism. Should black people stop loving themselves because they score less in IQ tests? That’s good for a laugh.
    Moreover, should you kill or injure or neglect your dog because he can’t solve equations? Or should you love it for what it is?
    Once again we see madness on both sides: “races don’t exist” and “my race is superior” are both meaningless assertions.

    • Replies: @Realist
  23. Backward says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    It’s the same response everywhere: white flight. Which, needless to say, is bound to fail. At least Americans have weapons to defend their homes.

  24. ruralguy says:

    The New York Times is nothing more than a pack of low-IQ Red-Guard Liberal Arts majors, still engaged in the middle-school cafeteria behaviors of canceling people. They were often the popular kids in school, but mediocre in everything they do, so they tear down and cancel anyone who is successful. They should all be packed up and shipped to Africa, where they can perpetually grovel to the billions of Africans they profess to admire.

    • Replies: @Art
  25. Mefobills says:

    IQ tests are specifically adapted to whites. What these tests describe as inferior results, in reality, are differencies. If a test had been created by, say, africans, it is certain that whites would have inferior results.

    Above copium argument by blacks ignores that north east asians do BETTER on IQ tests. Said tests are made by whites, so north east asians should have inferior results, right?

    Maybe that is why blacks do knock-out games on weak and inferior north east asians?

    Segregation of divergent racial types (sub-groups) is actually a good thing. But, we CANNOT DO IT, as long as we operate under finance capitalism.

    Finance Capital does civilizational planning in the west, because parliamentary democracies are string pulled from behind the scenes. That is why our (((Friends))) invented it!

    In America, which attempted to over-turn London finance capitalism in the revolutionary war, actually lost the war at the constitutional convention.

    How? During the convention, Article 1 section 8 did not capture the Bill System that the Colonies operated under. A crypto Jew, Robert Morris, prevented the insertion of language: TO EMIT BILLS OF CREDIT. (He wanted HIS bank to be the creditor to the country.)

    Morris had some sway, because during the revolution he was the large creditor, who funded the American side, no doubt by extracting debt concessions.

    China can conjure state credit into existence to then deal with racial subgroups. Oh Wait! They already did that with the Uighurs, by putting them in concentration camps, um er, re-education camps, um-er, training camps to learn skills.

    In the case of negroes, since they are a divergent sub-group; and on-average, they do not fit in anywhere on the planet, they should remain in Africa.

    Any sovereign country (USA is not sovereign) can emit a bill (looks like a check) to then pay the negro to leave. Call it a reparation.

    The destination country in Africa can be built up also by channeling new Bills and employing the labor of those moving to Africa. This then is push pull; Wakanda is built over there, and American Negroes get a moving expense reparation.

    The future is improved, and negroes get to live amongst themselves. WIN WIN.

    However, the Jew remains our most dangerous and pressing problem. We have no degrees of movement as long as the psychic fire of money and prices are our God. And this god is of the free market, with parliamentary government, and private corporate banking credit as the “blood stream.” Corporations are now more sovereign than people.

    The negro, and all other problems are a subset of the finance capital construct, which was foisted on the West and European man, with advent of Bank of England in 1694.

    Russia and China need to win WW3, as America (and the West) was lost in stages, especially by 1912. Our (((friends))) and their fellow travelers overturned the country via the rear door opened by Robert Morris. We (I’m American) took it in the rear. We got raped, and we never could deal with the negro or Jew problem because we are not Sovereign. It is hidden creditors and special interests that actually run the country, and they could give a damn about blood and soil.

    The “constitution” has a fatal flaw, inserted by a parasite.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Backward
  26. Truth says:

    Do Asians have 2″ cacks?

  27. Realist says:

    Agreed. IQ tests demonstrate one’s ability to solve problems and ability to think logically. I believe IQ tests have a weakness in demonstrating the ability to think abstractly.

  28. Truth says:


    But you still prefer to live around them, than Honkeez.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  29. Realist says:

    Should black people stop loving themselves because they score less in (sic) IQ tests? That’s good for a laugh.

    Of course not, but perhaps you could give a list of black attributes that are a benefit to the human race???

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @Backward
  30. Realist says:

    Intelligence has never been defined, so, how could we measure it.

    The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Definitions from Oxford Languages

    (1): The ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations.
    (2): The ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (such as tests). Merriam-Webster dictionary

    • Replies: @Passing By
  31. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    The cause of the future is the Caucasoid and Mongoloid races working together to purge this planet of the parasites and their monkey pets. Sick of this current timeline….

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  32. Mike Tre says:

    “IQ tests are specifically adapted to whites. ”

    And this is exactly why Asians score equal to or better than whites. You’re a genius.

  33. @tosca

    “….IQ tests are specifically adapted to Whites. What these tests describe as inferior results, in reality, are differences. If a test had been created by, say, Africans, it is certain that Whites would have inferior results…”

    So why do East Asians consistently perform better than Whites in those tests “specifically adapted to Whites”, and why has there never been a test created (by Africans or others) in which Africans score better than Whites?

    Maybe, maybe those tests are as universally valid as science in general.
    We can debate endlessly about what intelligence really is, but the working definition*) is sufficient for all practical purposes. Those who score high in those tests perform well in their educational and professional careers, those who score low don’t. Collectively, those populations who score on average high in intelligence tests, are capable of creating and maintaining complex civilizations, those who score low don’t.

    *) “… Intelligence (in all cultures) is the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use our knowledge to adapt to new situations…”

    If you still believe that Africans have “hidden talents” that cannot be measured by “racist White intelligence tests”, following video will surely be a source of inspiration to you:

  34. Who reads the Jew York Times (JYT) besides Jews and congressional creatures dependent of the Jewish moolah? The average Joe isn’t interested in its opinions or recommendations still the fix is in because their money talks and the vote of Americans walks.

  35. @Truth

    You apparently can’t just stay on topic. You have to include some personal attack that is somehow supposed to bolster your (non) argument.

    As it happens, I live around white people. As with most places, people self segregate. Expat US and Canadians are all over the island.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Mefobills
  36. Truth says:

    Yes, you live around 10% Honkees and 90% Niggarz and Spicks. Good for you, George Lincoln Rockwell, I’m guessing you’ll be back in a place where your neighbors, and your politicians, will look like they would look in Scarsdale…


    • Troll: RoatanBill
  37. @Realist

    Which means that it can be evaluated with accuracy only after knowledge and skills have or haven’t been acquired and applied, or after having dealt with a new or trying situation and that IQ tests may be indicative but they aren’t exact measures. In other words, while a low score on the test strongly hints that one is unlikely to solve complex problems, a high score is by no means a guarantee of success. And I know it from personal experience, having worked with people who allegedly scored >140 but truly were worthless at designing solutions.

    • Replies: @Realist
  38. @eah

    The link I provide is meant to go to the same PDF as on Occidental Dissent:
    I’m afraid‘s software automatically changes http links to https links for security reasons, which makes the link look broken, unless you delete the s in https. (As does the comment software on Unz, apparently.)
    I’ve changed it on the site to

    You can see the original here.

  39. padre says:

    There is only one thing standing out here, there are only white researchers that seem to be researching other races like monkeys! You cannot seriously believe, that people from ancient civilisation, that started ages before white culture have lesser IQ! Let’s face hte white civilisation is the youngest of them!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  40. Mefobills says:

    That’s right. The two high trust ice age adapted groups have a lot of overlap, and are not enemies.

  41. I’m one who observes reality from an objective observational point of view, and what I observe is those extinct subspecies of chimpanzees have not gone extinct as AA/inclusive science demands we acknowledge.
    Those chimpanzee subspecies’s are still among us, burn loot Murdering raping and beheading civilized society.
    The problem rests with GlobalHomo governments and their mad scientists to stop the “WOKE” ideological BS, and get phucing real.

    There is no way me myself and I are related to these feral hoodrats now pillaging earth.

    • Replies: @Truth
  42. [I]t is to facts to which we all must ultimately respond.

    Pace James Fulford, whom I have long admired, the “we” that must ultimately respond to facts is not a pronoun that encompasses the writers, editors, and owners of the New York Times or (((the ruling class))) of which they are junior members. Surely the first lesson in the textbook called Modernity is that facts, scientific evidence, and even capital-T truth itself must bend the knee to (((power))) if they wish to continue to have their existence acknowledged.

    If Socrates’ cynical friend Thrasymachus—who dismissed the abstract notion of justice as a grandiose construct to conceal its actual identity: whatever the rich and the powerful said it was—were somehow to step through a wormhole into the present day, would he regard his historical self as either a simpleton or an optimist for imagining that the (im)moral influence of the rich and the powerful could be limited to the sphere of justice alone? Whatever the answer, he wouldn’t be the first to have underestimated the Jewish capacity for sheer evil.

    Further to the insupportability of the claim that “truth will out” is this:

    “And yet it moves,” said Galileo, after pretending to recant the motion of the earth …

    Every serious study of Galileo written in the last hundred years or so has dismissed “Eppur si muove” as a complete fabrication. Furthermore, those who tout the phrase as if it represented some weird sort of moral victory over the Great Unwashed and Unenlightened don’t seem to see that if Galileo had said it, he would have marked himself out as a casual perjurer. How precisely can that Galileo be reconciled with the man who told the cardinals of the Holy Office that, as he had always been a faithful Catholic,* he would refuse to sign any statement that included the charge of formal heresy, no matter what the punishment?

    If the facts about Galileo, what he said or didn’t say, what he was charged with, and what he admitted to can be treated as cavalierly as they are here, some 390 years after his trial before the Holy Office, why is it reasonable to suppose that the New York Times and the (((power structure))) of which it is an agency will, within any comprehensible space of time, be compelled to respond to mere facts?
    *He remained one to his death.

  43. @padre

    “…You cannot seriously believe, that people from ancient civilisation, that started ages before white culture have lesser IQ..!”

    And that is exactly the case. Average IQs of the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians (modern Iraq) and Indus civilization (modern Pakistan) are 83, 87 and 82 respectively. Keep in mind that these peoples created ancient civilizations, not modern ones, which is far more challenging cognitively.

  44. @David22444

    Strange what some people believe in.

    Ghosts. Or Spirits. Nobody believes in ghosts. Except maybe the Pope. But then, his is special.


    Actually, ghosts exist. They’re all around us. In fact, one resides in your computer even as you read this. How is that possible without our being aware of this. It’s just plain silly right?

    Let’s consider. The universe we live in is made up of matter and energy. Einstein said that matter and energy are just different manifestations of the same thing. E = MCC or some such.

    If the universe we live in contains only particles and electromagnetic radiation, then that is all there is.

    Well, maybe.

    There really is something else. Patterns. The computer that you are using right now, regardless of its form, has an operating system. A program. This program is made up of nothing. It is not made of particles, nor is it radiation. It is indeed, a pattern of ones and zeros stored in memory.

    When you turn off the computer and all the lights go dark, the program vanishes. It still exists somewhere on the hard drive or some other storage element, but it’s still just a pattern of ones and zeros. A pattern.

    In a similar way the DNA structure that transmits accumulated knowledge from mother to child is made up of chemical elements arranged in a pattern of ones and zeros. Again, a pattern. If the pattern is scrambled by some outside element, chemical, electromagnetic radiation, or any other force beyond a certain point, life for the child becomes impossible. The pattern must retain its integrity. A certain amount of variation is permissible but there is a limit.

    Assuming that the preliminary DNA structure is intact and viable, the child then begins to develop memory that allows for basic functionality such as crawling along the floor. The system of feedback loops informs the child those actions that are beneficial and those that are harmful. These develop patterns in the basic memory structure of the child. In the same way the child learns to walk and to talk and to experience the world around him.

    The ghost, or spirit, of the new person is developed as he experiences new things. And yet, it’s just a pattern.

    But, the pattern exists. It has no physical element, no particle, no radiation of any kind, and yet it exists. Ghosts really do exist. They are patterns.

    Ghosts require a container. The computer you’re looking at, it’s hardware, the light radiating from its display device are all necessary to service the ghost in the computer. Without the hardware the ghosts cannot exist. And just as the ghost in the computer cannot exist without the hardware, the ghost in the human cannot exist without the human.

    Your ghost, your spirit, is just your operating system. Just like your computer.

    See. Proof that ghosts really do exist. But they don’t really slither through walls and all that other scary nonsense.

    Do they? Hmmmmm.

    Did I just prove that computers are alive? Hmmmmmmm.

  45. @tosca

    There are many ways to drive a car.

    Some ways result in road rage, injury and death.

    Any reasonable person should regard them as inferior to the ways that don’t.

  46. For example.. even an imbecile can see there is a intelligence different between Blacks and Jews (in general that is), Understanding this is the starting point to see the differences between all racial groups.

  47. @Truth

    We should meet up and and have a chat sometime, I’ll buy a bucket of KFC, you buy the watermelon.

    The only way we’re going to solve global hate is by eating a big KFC meal with a watermelon wash down.

    Peace Troof,

    We is kings of noble tribes.

  48. Treg says:

    “Rational” wiki is really a woke Leftist target list of people they hate. It only rational in the sense it helps the Left quickly identify someone with all the Lefts claims and smears. Its brilliantly useful for those on the left. We need something that does the same thing for those of us…. (…. How useful would that be!? Very useful. So for example when any antifa-puke has been identified, we can all get up to speed quickly on him or her or it.

    For example let’s say your watching a video of jan 6th, and several guys are banging on windows of doors to break thru and then a Trump woman is shot in the face, we can look up those guys doing the banging, realize that they have a long history of Antifa “protesting” and see that these dudes were not MAGA Patriots at all, just in disguise. In fact the guy doing the filing is a black leftist whose also been a BLM supporter.

    Using this handy tool you’ll quickly realize that the only real maga patriot there at that scene was the veteran woman who got shot in the face…. by another leftist. You’ll see its all staged theatrevwith MAGA dupes being led by the nose.

    How helpful? Someone is trying to smear you, do you, get you canceled? Look them up, get the 411 on them. Very useful and I think at this stage of cultural marxist warfare, essential.

    • LOL: Thim
  49. O.B. says:

    Thanks for the references.

    One note of caution..
    I really do not know how deep those differences are – because, namely, for the understanding of the Lambda measures of genetic differences among human groups, examples from other species would be required, and on Table 4 of Woodley (2010), genetic differences between different pairs of species are calculated using different methods.

    Having said that, not enough importance is given to one particularly interesting issue…
    The largest Lambda measure is related to Pituitary Gland Development, and the Pituitary is related to aggression levels.
    That is the most prommissing area of study!
    I bet there is stuff there to uncover, in more than one way.

  50. dearieme says:

    (it’s a Scottish courtesy title)

    If you say so. One of my great grandfathers was referred to locally as “of …”. I suspect that it meant he owned his own farm and maybe a bit besides. That is, he wasn’t a tenant farmer, he was a “landed proprietor” as they said in those days. Not awfully grand, then.

    By my boyhood lots of local farmers were referred to by the name of their farm rather than their own surname. Maybe that was an ancient habit; I don’t know. I had no idea who was a tenant, who an owner.

  51. Realist says:
    @Passing By

    And I know it from personal experience, having worked with people who allegedly scored >140 but truly were worthless at designing solutions.

    Allegedly…is kind of a non-starter.

    I suppose the types of solutions to be designed are a factor.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  52. Blacks routinely attack other races, and their ideas come from ‘anti-racist’ propaganda that blames it all on whites and others. Blacks also get thug ideas from rap music. Also, Afrocentrism is the fantastical black notion that they were at the center of everything and should be at the center of everything.

    And Jewish ideas led to wars and destruction all over that killed millions, especially in the Middle East.

    How about we shut down black ‘thinkers’ and Jewish Neocons to save people’s lives?

    By the way, the logic of this kind of inquisition is stupid.

    Marxism led to events that to horrors, so should we shut down Marxist ideas?

    Liberalism has been at the center of imperialism, the notion that ALL THE WORLD must come under western secular values.

    Darwinism influenced so many who did so much harm, so should we blame Darwin and shut down evolutionary thought?

    Btw, ‘anti-racism’ has done far more harm and caused more deaths than truthful race-ism. Look what ‘anti-racism’ has done to once fine Minnesota. The whites up there swallowed the BS about ‘anti-racism’ and welcomed all these blacks and now, even the suburbs are affected.

    but white are weak, or wheak. And these wheaks just pray and put up BLM signs on their lawns.
    What a bunch of whummies.

  53. Mefobills says:

    As it happens, I live around white people. As with most places, people self segregate. Expat US and Canadians are all over the island.

    And then you hire negroes as your posse, and make pretend you are a rugged individualistic “anarchist.”

    Individualists, Libertarians, and Anarchists are all hypocrites.

    All humans live in a society, and are only individuals if said society bequeaths it. Your range of free-dumb is birthright from what your ancestors carved out and handed you.

    This is you:

    I ran several successful businesses and learned to only hire blacks as employees. I was invited to their weddings and funerals and attended them.

    The anarchist hires only negroes, who are known to form in-groups. Yet you demean negroes. You hire them as your posse, and source of your labor income, and security, then you look down your nose and demean them.

    That is very Jewish behavior, creating in-group out-group dynamics, and then demeaning the out-group as an animal. They do this because at some level they know they are a parasite.

    Jews especially push lolbertarian and “liberal” individualistic doctrine, because whites have some sort of weird attachment to being the lone warrior.

    In other words, whites are like a good culture medium for the parasite to colonize.

    Whites actually evolved in small tribes with kinship relations, where the kin were genetically similar.

    • Agree: Backward
  54. Backward says:

    “…The negro, and all other problems are a subset of the finance capital construct…”

    You almost nailed it. Almost, because the problem is money worship at large, not just financial capitalism.
    However I am sorry to disappoint you, China is not immune from immigration nor independent, guess why? Because after the revolution it is a country based on money like any other.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  55. Backward says:

    Which human race? So now you are talking as if there was only one? Talk about contradictions!

    • Replies: @Angharad
    , @Realist
  56. Backward says:

    After reading comments on this website advocating for the extermination of homosexuals and negroes, or calling women “subhuman”, one has to wonder about the sanity of a portion of the population who would never dare to vent similar proposals publicly. I suppose one has to factor in substance abuse as well.
    Of course other types of madness are even better represented, like the scientism that expects chemical analysis to determine social policies, or the cult of technology that glorifies Whites for creating modern civilisation (which is, interestingly enough, the one accomplishment we definitely shouldn’t brag about, in light of its disastrous effects).
    I am sorry to say that so many commentators fancy themselves extraordinary, when in reality they are with few exceptions typical representatives of modern thought in its various manifestations, therefore part of the problem they think to denounce.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  57. Human Diversity Science : What does white violence on Native Americans, Blacks,Asians,the Jewish people …… and on themselves ( WWI and WWII aka White-on-White violence on a grand scale …WWIII still coming. ) say about the superior Whites ? Do whites pose a danger to human civilization ?

    Human Diversity Science : As if being a German is not enough why do the superior Germans prefer to to go back deep into history and call themselves Indians ? Do the Indians like to be associated with the Holocaust ? The Germans used their name when they committed their crime against humanity(The Holocaust/ השואה Hashoah ), didn’t they ?

    • Replies: @Passing By
  58. Blissex says:

    I think that the arguments about racial essentialism are way overestimated by Woodley and many others: sure, many show statistics that jews or yellows or blacks seem to have superior intelligence, musicality or athletic ability compare to dumb or weak whites, but the conclusion that most whites belong to an inferior race does not follow.

    I am not saying this because I am “white” and I cannot acknowledge that because of that racial inheritance my intelligence, musicality or athletic ability cannot reach the levels of most members of the black, jew, yellow superior races.

    Even without looking at the nature/nurture debate, if there is a genetic factor it cannot be related merely to color (mine or someone else’s), which is just an accident due to climate, but it must related to specific genetic lineages, rather than broad characteristics such as skin color, blood type, head shape etc.

    If there are racial genetic factors, there must be dozens of asian, black, white races (and a smaller number of jew races), with very different performance profiles; and all these races did not mingle for most of humanity’s history because historians tell us that nearly all humans in the past would never travel more than 20 miles away from their birth village. This surely has meant that our species has split into dozens and dozen of races, better adapted to their environments; sometimes it is obvious like pygmies and bantus for blacks, or koreans and lapps for asians. But that applies to whites too, there are dozens of races of white people, for example consider the Limone race:
    «Patients with low levels of HDL are susceptible to heart disease, yet the Italian exhibited no signs of pathology. This unlikely combination intrigued scientists, who determined that the patient and a few dozen people from his region possess a mutated form of apolipoprotein A-I protein.
    This important protein, known as apoA-I, both manufactures HDL particles and is responsible for their structure. In the mutated form, dubbed apoA-I Milano because of its origin, one of the protein’s amino acids is replaced with an amino acid cysteine that has a sulfhydryl group. Somehow, this tiny change enables a handful of Italians to possess low HDL levels and remain free of cardiovascular disease.»

    Isn’t the Limone race a superior race because they don’t have heart attacks? That looks like a pretty HUGE genetic advantage (I wish one of my grandparents had come from the Limone race!).

    So I refuse to generalize; there is no single white race most of whose members are inferior in some sense to most blacks, asians, or jews, and the Limone race is not some kind of superior, master race.

  59. martin_2 says:
    @Passing By

    I hope you don’t think that prior to Galileo and Copernicus the scientific consensus was that the Earth was flat.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  60. @Charles Martel France

    What holocaust? You mean the tall tale about the six million exterminated who eighty years later somehow magically keep spawning descendants claiming reparations, the technically impossible gassings that are nonetheless proven to have happened by the fact that they happened, lampshades made of human skin, soap made with human fat and fertiliser made with human ashes? Well, you’re in the wrong place then; there are even less believers in the holohoax than there are believers in the covid scam around here.

    • Thanks: Angharad
  61. martin_2 says:

    IQ tests are specifically adapted to whites. What these tests describe as inferior results, in reality, are differencies. If a test had been created by, say, africans, it is certain that whites would have inferior results.

    Christ how often do we have to hear this BS.

    Firstly, since the African wants to live here, in the West, and we don’t want to live in Africa, it therefore makes sense that we would care about how well the African does on our IQ test, not his, since our IQ test measures the degree to which he, or his ethnic group, will fit into our society.

    Secondly, it turns out that those individual Bushmen, Pygmies, Aborigines and other indigenous primitive peoples, those that do well on Western style IQ tests also tend to be the ones that are successful in their own societies. Thus the Pygmy that scores high, for a Pygmy, on a Western IQ test will tend to have more cattle, more wives, more children, and so on. So Western tests are valid even among these people after all.

    As others have pointed out, Orientals perform better than whites. How does that work, if the tests are white centric?

    Intelligence has never been defined, so, how could we measure it. Let us go a pace further and ask the necessary question: does intelligence exist as a valid concept, or is it a void one?

    Okay, there are two buttons.If you press the green one your son has an IQ of 70 (on the white man’s IQ test), if you press the red one he has an IQ of 130. Which one will you press?

  62. @martin_2

    I’ll repeat what I wrote in a previous comment: there is no such thing as “scientific consensus”, the expression is an oxymoron. The validity of a scientific hypothesis is not established by vote in an assembly of scientists, it is established by scientific method.
    Whether there were more or less thinkers who believed in flat Earth than there were who believed in spherical Earth is irrelevant, the fact is that officially approved science posited that the Earth is a disk, not a sphere and the fact is that officially approved science was wrong, as officially approved science has been many, many times in History.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  63. @Realist

    Allegedly, because I wasn’t there when they passed the test but I was inclined to believe them because they attended elite universities that weren’t open to dummies back then. As for the types of solutions, the problems they didn’t have the ability to solve were within their fields of competence as defined by their university degrees.

    • Thanks: Realist
  64. Art says:

    The New York Times is nothing more than a pack of low-IQ Red-Guard Liberal Arts majors, still engaged in the middle-school cafeteria behaviors of canceling people. They were often the popular kids in school, but mediocre in everything they do, so they tear down and cancel anyone who is successful.

    100 agree to those words.

  65. @Passing By

    aint never seen a square second. Guess I’m out of time.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  66. To push Censchwarzship, the media try to link any idea with any action linked with that idea.

    We need to use the same tactic. Whatever violence that happens in the world, link it to the ideas pushed by the empire.

    All those children with genitals mutilated and sacrificed. Blame it on globo-homo ideology pushed by Jews.

    All those Palestinians murdered and tyrannized. Blame it on the supremacist ideology of Zionism.

    All the victims of black thuggery. Blame it on BLM funded by Jewish supremacists. When lies are spread about black thugs making them out to be saints, the end result is black mayhem.

  67. Angharad says:

    You can’t offer one positive attribute of the Negro species. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  68. Mefobills says:

    I hope China doesn’t evolve to money worship, a psychic fire that takes over the mind.

    It really depends on China’s elites and what sort of signals and narratives they create to manage their population.

    I’m remaining optimistic, especially since Xi is collapsing a property bubble, reigning in fintech, and using rail to distribute the population.

    We will know if they have turned a corner when a debt release program is implemented. Also, they still haven’t learned to tax land site value, and tax away unearned income.

    Africans in China is not smart, as can be seen by historical experience in other countries.

    The job of a statesman is to prevent future problems:

    Here, China’s leaders are not being statesman like:

    China’s flourishing economy in recent decades and African countries’ pre-existing Chinese communities and lenient visa policies have attracted many more migrants, particularly traders. With an estimated 500,000 Africans in China, between 1 to 2 million Chinese migrants in Africa, and the growing prominence of Sino-African relations, the experiences of immigrants in both regions will continue to evolve.

    There is a large genetic distance between African’s and Chinese, and that portends future problems. Unlike people are not to live in close proximity.

    I remain optimistic, but who knows — maybe our Chinese friends will trip and fall down, which would be unfortunate for humanity.

  69. @Badger Down

    What about a squared second? I thought that second times second could be said squared second and that meters per second per second sounded a bit awkward but if there is another way to put it in English, I look forward to be corrected and learn.

  70. @David22444

    The Woodley guy is clearly an over-educated nutcase.

    In a 2015 paper, he drew on the ideas of Victorian eugenicist Francis Galton, arguing that “selection favoring lower IQ” was responsible for a fall in g (general intelligence) since the mid 19th century. This was based on an analysis of the use of difficult words in texts from 1850 to 2005 (word difficulty based on the performance of white men in more recent vocabulary tests). He claimed to use a lot of statistical magic to correct for some of the obvious biases, i.e. changing literacy rates (which reached the modern-day peaks of c. 99% around 1900 and therefore won’t be significant over much of the period), and wordage and familiarity.[38]

    That’s from his Rational Wiki:

    Another of his “proofs” the Victorians were brighter:
    Were the Victorians cleverer than us? The decline in general intelligence
    estimated from a meta-analysis of the slowing of simple reaction time

    Using the vague results of an 1890s reaction time study, Woodley again “proved” modern folk are getting to be more stupid.

    During a break in a graduate class at a local college I once showed the professor and classmates the parlor trick of dropping a crisp dollar bill between the thumb and forefinger of another person’s arm resting on the edge of a table – so it coudn’t move to follow the falling bill downwards. The others struggled mightily, but I could catch the bill midway through my fingers every time. Was I some kind of super-IQ type? Nope – I just knew the “trick”. Are Venus Fly Traps smarter than Einstein? Again, no. Reaction time “might” be related to brain efficiency, which in turn “might” be related to Intelligence, but if so nobody ever referenced it to me.

    This is a case of “A Pox On Both Their Houses”. Woodley is an obvious crank, and the Neocon York Times is a dishonest rag I don’t have bookmarked and have never (and never will) purchased. Blaming somebody for a criminal reading one of his or her books is just over-the-top dishonesty.

  71. Realist says:

    Which human race? So now you are talking as if there was only one? Talk about contradictions!

    It’s a figure of speech.

    Reworded: Of course not, but perhaps you could give a list of black attributes that are a benefit to humanity???

    Rather than evade the question…answer it.

  72. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    comments…advocating for the extermination of homosexuals and negroes

    Do you similarly protest comments urging the demise/killing/disappearance of Whites?

    calling women “subhuman”

    Do you protest when women call men pigs-beasts-scum-inferiors-toxic-demonic and so on?

    That is, do you only slam men and Whites when THEY finally respond in-kind to their attackers?

    a portion of the population who would never dare to vent similar proposals publicly.

    Because folks like YOU would seek to get them harmed or fired.

    I suppose one has to factor in substance abuse as well.

    Your own? Do you smoke peen? Regularly? Unfiltered?

    the scientism that expects chemical analysis to determine social policies

    Chemical analyses that assess race…and thus predict societal results?

    the cult of technology that glorifies Whites for creating modern civilisation…[and] its disastrous effects).

    Ah, so you’re a loony lefty Luddite. How is it living off-grid without a car, computer, internet, electricity, lights, TV, radio, indoor plumbing, compass, A/C, penicillin, sewers, camera, planes, trains, buses, colleges, books, condoms, birth control, power tools, maps, etc.?

    so many commentators fancy themselves extraordinary

    Eruct for thyself, Sway.

    they are…typical representatives of modern thought…[T]herefore part of the problem they think to denounce.

    Superb self-analyis, Herr Freud.

    Now a suggestion: try removing your pate from its permanent location in the High Colonics.

  73. @Passing By

    We used to say 9.81 meters per second per second. (US: 32 feet per second per second)
    Or: 9.81 meters per second squared.

    The idea is “(9.81 meters per second) squared”.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  74. How can we trust the gibberals on race when they don’t even believe in sex and pretend everything is a matter of ‘gender’?

    Here’s a case where racial and sexual differences matter much.

    On the other hand, why should we care in this case because most white women in Philly are globalist scum who chant BLM and support globo-homo. Let them suffer the consequences of their own dumb beliefs.

    Yes, the Most Sacred Race.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
    , @Malla
  75. @Badger Down

    OK. Except that it’s 9.81 m/(s^2) rather than (9.81 m/s)^2. Only the second is squared 😉

  76. Thim says:

    So the FBI included his name in their manifesto attached to their Buffalo shooting hoax.

    Fulford of course supports the hoax. Losing.

  77. Thanks to Jewish control, the highest holies of the US are Israel, Homos/trannies, and yes, the Most Sacred Race.

  78. @RoatanBill

    Actually they did devise IQ tests in the form of games, one of them being part of the Haitian deep country culture since their earliest times : it is called the game of “crick-crack” and it curiously enough consists of questions based on analogical relationships of the kind “what is to a guy what a roof is to a hut?” or who is odd guy of “a church, a temple, a mosque, a museum, a voodoo hut?” (they start with the trite ones but as the game advances the analogies become more far-fetched) that are nearly the same as found in IQ tests. But all their agility at such games, as well as at strategy games that reproduce certain battles of the glorious past of their own countries or others that look like RISK, but very rarely translate in enough discipline to pass to real action. It remains for them so many escapes having effects not unlike electronic games. To tell you the truth their reputation of having a low IQ no longer holds when the enterprise they engage in is a misdeed or a fraud of some sort.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  79. @Francis Miville

    A friend of mine owns a dive resort with lots of black locals as a workforce. One day, he decided to give a raise to an employee that, in his estimation, deserved it. He called the employee into his office and informed him of his new higher wage and thanked him for his years of service. The employee was much pleased and the meeting ended.

    The next day, a Saturday, which is a regular half workday under law, the employee didn’t show up for work and also didn’t call in to explain his absence. The following Monday, the employee showed up as though nothing had happened, so my friend asked for an explanation. The employee said that since he is now making more money, he doesn’t have to work as often as though that bit of logic should have been obvious.

    I could write a book on what I’ve personally experienced dealing with those of ambient temperature IQ. The lack of logical abilities coupled with stupidstitions™ has to be experienced to be believed.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Truth
  80. RestiveUs says:
    @Priss Factor

    You’re all heart, Priss. On the other hand, if the three women had somehow been able to turn the tables and subdue the attacker, this would have been portrayed as another Rodney King!

  81. @RoatanBill

    I think I can explain this kind of “lack of logic”. Actually it is not a lack of logic but a logic of its own kind. It depends on what one’s basic attitude towards work is. For a white man, who sees life as a challenge, work is seen as the means to overcome that challenge, with pay as its reward. Thus better work, means better pay, but of course work must continue, because actively meeting challenges is the meaning of life.

    Not so for the black man, who sees life as the pursuit of lazy pleasure. Thus work is seen as a kind of “punishment”. So if a black man works for a white man, and if that white man out of the goodness of his heart, decides to give him better pay, then that means that he wants to give him “less punishment”, and thus that means less work. Perfectly logic according to the black man’s basic attitude towards work.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  82. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Another friend of mine told me early on once I moved to the island that “as long as there are fish in the ocean and bananas on the trees, the locals aren’t inclined to work”.

    He was mostly correct.

  83. martin_2 says:
    @Passing By

    In the Middle Ages no-one in the West except perhaps the most ignorant peasant believed the earth to be flat. It was well known to the Greeks that the Earth was a sphere. It is not hard to establish that the Earth is spherical. What requires much more intellectual labour is establishing that the Earth moves.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  84. Common everyday observations leave no doubt that blacks are mentally disabled.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1725 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

    5. 50 years of affirmative action special treatment and blacks have fallen even further behind. What does that tell you?

  85. Things blacks can’t do.

    Whites are only 10% of the world’s population, yet are the most industrious and innovative race the world has known. Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, launched satellites, created automation, discovered electricity and nuclear energy, invented automobiles, aircraft, submarines, radio, television, computers, medicine, telephones, light bulbs, photography, and countless other technological miracles. Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, orbit it by spacecraft, walk on the moon, probe beyond the solar system, climb the highest peaks, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the oceans depths… Blacks cannot even feed themselves.

    Whites have to provide food, medical, financial, and engineering aid to every Black nation. Blacks cannot survive without White charity.

    No pre-contact Black society ever created a written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, or invented the wheel, or plow, or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure, or sewer, or drilled a well, or irrigated, or created any agriculture, or built a road, or sea-worthy vessel. They never domesticated animals, or exploited underground natural resources, or produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

    Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  86. @martin_2

    Do you believe that all the scientists who push the mRNA jabs really think that they are efficient against covid and that they are harmless? Or do you believe that all the scientists who push the climate change narrative think that grass grazing cattle and car drivers are responsible for global warming?
    What scholars think is true in private and what scholars agree to pretend is true in public – i.e. the scientific consensus – are different things. What is or isn’t scientifically true isn’t determined by “scientific consensus”, it is determined by scientific method. That’s my point. Nothing else.

  87. @Hang All Text Drivers

    “…Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago…”

    It seems this erroneous idea has to be debunked on Unz all the time. Here are the facts:

    As for sub-Sahara Africa not having invented agriculture, see:

    file:///tmp/mozilla_oem0/U7-2-Origin_of_Agriculture_in_Africa_2015_860L.pdf file

    It is precisely because the Bantus practiced agriculture and iron smelting that they were capable of fanning out all over sub-Sahara Africa.


    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @jxh
  88. Truth says:

    …Well, after years of observation, he did notice that people who did make more money (the whitiees) were working much less than he did, so with his raise he figured he was now white.

    Where is the disconnect?

  89. Trevor says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The African Iron Age, also known as the Early Iron Age Industrial Complex, is traditionally considered that period in Africa between the second century CE up to about 1000 CE when iron smelting was practiced.

    What happened after 1000 CE?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  90. @Trevor

    I think only the innovative period is treated. After that the practice was well established.
    Ca. 1000 CE is about the time of the pre-colonial kingdoms of Africa:

  91. jxh says:

    Recently WP ran an editorial frantically trying to suggest that differing ‘behavior patterns’ of dog breeds was a ‘myth’. Connected?

  92. jxh says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Couple of thoughts on this. It is a mistake to consider all Africans as a single entity. The Egyptians, of course were genetically quite different. But even among the sub Saharan groups there is a lot of variability even today from one group to another.

    Iron (and a primitive form of steel) have been seen in a few places, but for whatever reason, these local advances did not spread and improve. Agriculture existed, but it never took off (along with the required related fields of calendar and mathematics) that occurred on the huge scale in Mesopotamia, Europe, Asia and later in South America. Permanent large scale architecture (outside of the Egyptians) did not evolve. The reasons are undoubtedly complex, possibly affected by the people themselves, or culture, climate, resources.

    What does that say about today? Not much really. People are who they are and must be considered as individuals, not a group member.

  93. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    The most important question is will this ‘bang of reality’ make them wiser? Or will they remain zombied and slavishly follow Satanic elite propaganda?

  94. @tosca

    No definition of intelligence? Doesn’t matter. We can show that whatever is being measured by IQ tests, it is a very good predictor of how well a person will function in a technologically advanced cultured based on Western Civilization. Asians do better than Whites? Maybe that explains how so many Asian areas have gone from agrarian-barely-Iron-Age levels to fully functioning 21st Century cities in the space of two generations. Show Asians high tech and they adapted in mere decades. Meanwhile, sub-Sahara Africa is still practicing voodoo and animism with the help of slavery and a bit of cannibalism here and there. Even areas like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Baltimore, and Detroit, areas where a functional, modern economy was handed over to Black control, march backward, backward, ever into a neo-lithic past.

  95. @Passing By

    A second per second is just as good as a square second. Either one is perfectly acceptable.

    Just for amusement…. Imagine you have a particle at some position X.
    Velocity is change of position per second.
    Acceleration is change of position per second per second
    Jerk is change of position per second per second per second
    Snap is change of position per second per second per second per second
    Crackle is change of position per second per second per second per second per second
    Pop is change of position per second per second per second per second per second per second

    No, I am not making this stuff up. In the real world (as opposed to the world of physicists having fun) it is VERY rare for anything past jerk to be of interest. (Jerk is the reason why non-Newtonian fluids like ketchup pour better if you thump them.)

    • Replies: @Passing By
  96. @The True Nolan

    Or velocity is the differential of position in function of time,
    acceleration is the differential of velocity in function of time,
    jerk is the differential of acceleration in function of time,

    pop is the differential of crackle in function of time.

    And I’d say that jerk is the reason why you have to thump ketchup again and again to pour the quantity you want. But I concur that anything past jerk is hardly of interest in the real world.

    I am not totally unversed in physics.

  97. anarchyst says:

    Let’s look at the differences between blacks and every other race…
    Europeans and Asians live in harsh climates where life was (and still is) a struggle. In order to feed one’s self and family, it was necessary to domesticate both plants and animals. Ways were found that stressed preparing for the future, as there would be “lean” as well as “good” years when it came to animal and plant production. Both Europeans and Asians found ways to use plants and animals to insure their survival. Planning for the future was always a part of the European and Asian psyches. Social structures stressing “commonality of race and purpose” and preparing for uncertain futures was always part of the plan.
    Contrast that with blacks on the African continent, where both wildlife and animals were abundant. It was not necessary for Africans to establish agriculture or animal husbandry, as both were “there for the taking”. Africans cared little for future planning, not being able to develop any inventions, such as the wheel or boat. Among black Africans, there is no quest for exploration beyond searching for food—the next meal. Despite being situated on a great ocean, black Africans never pondered what lied beyond…
    African blacks have no concept of proportion. Although blacks are aware of direction, such as “up”, “down”, “left” and “right” asking them to determine “how high” or “how much” results in a quizzical, confused look on their faces as they cannot comprehend proportion. This is why almost all blacks fail at mathematics.
    Black DNA does not possess the capacity for exploration, future planning, or invention.
    The “grand experiment” of “civil-rights”, “(forced) integration”, and (misperceived) “equality” (that is still being pushed by globalists and others) is destined to fail. Thomas Jefferson realized over two-hundred years ago that blacks would not be able to co-exist without being treated as the different species that they are. The attempts to equalize and normalize this species was doomed from the start.

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