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New Lynching Memorial Celebrates White Guilt
And ignores today’s murder victims.
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A memorial is a statement about what society holds to be important and wants to remember. As Confederate memorials come down in the South, a memorial to lynching has been built in Montgomery, Alabama. It claims to honors victims from the past, but its purpose seems to be to shame whites in the present.

Philip Kennicott of the Washington Post recently reported on what is called “The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.” Mr. Kennicott did not fail to note the memorial’s potential for racial indoctrination: “[T]his ambitious project will force America to confront not only its wretched history of lynching and racial terror, but also an ongoing legacy of fear and trauma that stretches unbroken from the days of slavery to the Black Lives Matter movement of today.” Mr. Kennicott also saw the memorial as a rebuke to Montgomery’s tributes to the Confederacy, scoffing in particular at an ornamental column that called Confederate dead “the knightliest of the knightly race.”

The $15 million memorial is a brainchild of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), “a Montgomery-based nonprofit that provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners,” and the Boston-based MASS Design Group. The EJI published a 2015 report called “Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror,” which it used to justify building the memorial.

The memorial is a large, open-air structure with 800 coffin-shaped steel boxes hanging from the roof. These represent the 800 counties across 12 states in which there were lynchings between 1877 and 1950. A duplicate of each box is laid out horizontally beside the memorial, and the designers hope each of the 800 counties will claim its box, take it home, and display it in a public place. The idea is that any county that does not claim and display its box will be shamed. As EJI says, “the national memorial will serve as a report on which parts of the country have confronted the truth of this terror [by relocating their monuments] and which have not.”

The memorial also includes sculptures of chained African slaves (see this photo) and a museum of slavery and lynching.

EJI claims all this will lift the “shadow” of “racial injustice” by shining the “light of truth” upon it. However, the result is not likely to be reconciliation, but, as Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals, to “rub raw the sores of discontent.” A reporter asked black filmmaker Ava DuVernay, who attended the opening the memorial, how it “might help push the country toward ‘redemption.’” She said that the memorial did not make her feel “redemptive;” it made her feel “upset” and “emotional.” How could it not?

Most media are praising the memorial and predicting the redemption the organizers say they want. The Montgomery Advertiser published an editorial apologizing for covering lynchings in the past. Few commentators have mentioned that whites were also lynched, and the memorial promotes the myth that only blacks got the noose.

The Tuskegee Institute put out a historical survey of lynching called “Lynching, Whites & Negroes 1882-196 8,” which found 4,743 lynchings between 1882 and 1968. Of these, 3,446 victims were black and 1,297 were white. It is common to describe lynching as mobs of howling whites hunting down and killing blacks for trivial reasons or for no reason at all, but such lynchings were rare. Almost all victims had been accused of serious crimes and many—probably most—were guilty.

Needless to say, this memorial says nothing about race and violence today. Those who built it in Birmingham would do well to read the annual state report called “Crime in Alabama.”

It notes that from 2012 to 2016, blacks committed 68.6 percent of the murders in which the offender was known. Since blacks are just under 27 percent of the state’s population, it means they committed murder at 5.9 times the rate for non-blacks. Alabama classifies Hispanics as white, so it is not possible to make a direct black/white comparison of murder rates. Hispanics generally commit crime at higher rates than whites, so it is safe that say that in Alabama, blacks commit murder at well over six times the white rate.

Most murder is intra-racial; both killer and victim are the same race. However, from 2012 to 2016, there were 89 black-on-white murders and 27 white (including Hispanics)-on-black. Given the black/non-black percentages of the Alabama population, this means blacks are 8.8 times more likely to kill a non-black than the other way around.

YearTotalBlack on BlackWhite on WhiteBlack on WhiteWhite on Black
Total 2012-201616866372998927

“Crime in Alabama” tells us that during the five years from 2012 to 2016, blacks killed 637 other blacks. Over a period of 86 years, from 1882 to 1968, 299 blacks were lynched in Alabama. The memorial to lynching clearly wants us to care deeply about the 299 lynchings from many years ago, but to pay no attention to the 637 murder victims of just a few years ago—or to those that will no doubt be slaughtered in the years to come. The reason is clear: When whites murder blacks, it is a matter of such historical significance it must be memorialized in perpetuity. When blacks murder blacks we must look the other way.

If white advocates try to honor victims of black crime, it is called “hate.” When the group Identity Evropa recently built a small tribute to Justine Damond, a white woman killed by black Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, Mayor-elect Jacob Frey condemned the memorial, saying, “Hate has no place in Minneapolis. Period.”

The media hail the national memorial to lynching as an act of reconciliation. Of course, it is nothing of the kind. The memorial will only stoke black hatred for whites. Its effect on whites is likely to be of two kinds: Ignorant whites may be made to feel guilty for long-ago acts in which they took no part; knowledgeable whites will be further alienated from a ruling elite that cares only about white crimes.


Today, whites are far more likely to be victims of black violence than the reverse. Inciting racial resentment against whites by invoking a skewed vision of history legitimizes retaliatory violence. It also supports the agenda of groups such as Black Lives Matter, which has rioted and looted in cities across the country.

This monument to lynching may call itself the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, but its effect will be to promote more racial tension and more demands for concessions from whites. Far from uniting us, it will serve only to further fragment a country already splitting apart because of race.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous [AKA "EAEthelred"] says:

    The moment I stared reading I started to think of the white victims of black violence—that vast, seemingly endless ocean of hapless innocent whites beaten, raped, tortured and murdered by feral negros, especially since the Civil Rights 60s. Would it even be possible to quantify how many innocent whites have fallen to the murderous savagery of the feral negro in the United States just in the last 20 years? 50 years?
    That number would dwarf the number of blacks harmed by whites.
    Our greatest mistake ever was not picking our own cotton. Good lord that turned out to be some expensive cotton—not worth it.
    Our second greatest mistake was not sending them all back when we had the chance. Good luck getting them to go now, the endless b*tching and occasional eruption violent crime is never going anywhere.

    • Agree: joef, Druid
  2. Anonymous [AKA "Wombat"] says:

    Would not the $15 million have been better spent on legal fees or is EJI awash in money? I’ve been an admirer of their work and thought I would like to volunteer with them one day. Now, I’m not so sure.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "Edmund Gullion"] says:

    I’m an Anglo who feels no more “guilt” over something I had nothing to do with than blacks who murder whites on the streets of America feel guilt. Get a life.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anonymous
  4. May I look forward to the day when this “memorial” comes tumbling down into a heap of rubble?

    They’re giving hostages to fortune by erecting them.

  5. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    I actually don’t think barely any whites truly feel White Guilt. What most of “those” whites feel–the Goodwhites–is a perfect opportunity for heavy virtue signalling. Depending on your walk of life, that can be a precious commodity. As virtue-signalling is the bread and butter of the Goodwhite who lives and works in a Vibrant setting, the chance to say to everyone “I’m bigger than the stuupid racists, I’m strong enough to declare my part in the oppression of POC! See? See what a good person I am?”

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @joef
  6. joef says:

    Afro americans are doing what they always been doing to us for at least the last half century. They do not consider the consequences of their actions, nor have consideration for the harm they cause… they simply act out of immediate gratification, and do not want to be accountable for their own actions. This simplistically violent behavior would be easier to cope with, provided we were allowed to do so.

    Whereas this white guilt demands that the rest of us Non Blacks be willing victims to afro atrocities, that are committed daily in the urban jungles of America. It peddles fake white privilege to a willing audience of ignorant afros, who believe everything that the White man has achieved is through some sort of misbegotten gains, that was somehow stolen from the Black man.

    This cannot last, and something got to give (the economy). We were declining in the 1970s until Reagan fixed the national economy, and Giuliani obtained a remedy for urban decay in the 90s. They are gone now, and unfortunately it will not be repeated (Trump is being completely sabotaged by both political parties of the socialist/corporatist elites).

    This time there will be no reversal to our economic entropy. And urban decay will eventually cause every rust belt, Californian, and BosWash city to resemble a crime invested failed state (some are already there). Even the old school establishment liberals would be shocked what the new left progs (coupled with the comfortably complicit limo libs) have wrought. Its going to get very very ugly in this country.

  7. songbird says:

    There ought to be a museum of rent-seeking, of wealth transfer, and what the Great Migration did to American cities.

  8. Tiny Duck says:

    I was in Berlin recently and could not help but notice that they have gone out of their way to reckon with what they did to Jews and other minorities.

    I don’t know when or if white America will ever recognize the extraordinary contributions Black Americans have given to American life and culture despite being brought here in chains, sold at auction, families separated, men lynched, women raped, children forced to work at tender ages, education denied, housing denied, voting denied.

    Perhaps this memorial to the suffering of so many black people at the hands of so many white people will be a start.

  9. What’s needed is a Museum of Interracial Crime. Starting with a numerical readout of a running count of the various flavors thereof. Or is that too much of a Hate Fact presentation to be tolerated by TPTB?

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  10. @Tiny Duck

    I was in Berlin recently and could not help but notice that they have gone out of their way to reckon with what they did to Jews and other minorities.

    I don’t know when or if white America will ever recognize…..

    That’s as far as I got before I said to myself this sounds like the Tiny Winnie poster….and sure enough. That’s the give away that you’re a troll. You don’t really post real opinion as it’s always the same guilt driven diatribe…….you’re preaching, not posting and there’s the give away.

    It is somewhat entertaining however…….cause I always think, how over the top will he go this time. And after finishing reading your post I’m left to wonder if you even read the article.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  11. anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    Sir, you’re not alone.

  12. anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re right. Most whites are trying to get through the day staying one step ahead of the bill collector. Like many if not most blacks no doubt. If they still made telephone booths, the number of blacks who care about, or even ever heard of, people like Genius TN Coates would fit inside with room to spare.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  13. joef says:

    Eventually these virtue signaling good whites will reap what they have sowed with afro animosity against Whites. These good whites naively believe that they will be recognized as such, but afro radical opinion does not make such distinctions among Whites. As the good whites are being killed at the hands of the afro, they will shockingly think to themselves “but, I’m the good white person”. However their good white elimination would probably be an improvement for the rest of our survival.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  14. Hmm… It seems deliberately designed to be like the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Victimology isn’t really about victims.

    It’s about the victors memorializing and sanctifying their or a favored victimology as part of the Core Narrative.

    Even long after Christians gained total power, burned pagans, and invaded other peoples, they kept up with the Narrative of Jesus’ suffering and how early Christians had been fed to lions.

    So, it doesn’t matter that Black Rampage has been whupping lots and lots of white folks since the 1960s.

    The main victors of the US are Jews, and Jewish power depends on white submissivism. And white submissivism is the product of paralysis of white pride and identity by cult of ‘white guilt’.
    Black Club is a moral cudgel that Jewish power uses against white moral pride… just like the black dong is the sexual cudgel that Jewish power promotes against white manhood pride.

    Notice there are no memorials to those killed or destroyed by Nakba.
    No memorials to all the Muslims recently killed by US Wars for Israel.
    No memorial to the 100,000 of Iraqi kids killed by Clinton-Alright sanctions.

    It’s how power works.

  16. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    More black jive news:

    Not this bull-crap again.

    Not many blacks are in tech. But not many Asians(if any) are in NFL or NBA. It’s because blacks are better at running and jumping while Asians are more nerdy and brainy.

    True, lots of blacks have mobile devices. But so what? Lots of Chinese and Mexicans watch NBA. In Los Angeles, there are more brown fans than black fans of the Lakers. But Lakers are mostly black and have no Asians or hardly any Mexicans. Oh, what injustice.

  17. ” A memorial is a statement about what society holds to be important and wants to remember. ”

    Should be:
    A memorial is a statement about what the governing class of a society holds to be important, fact or fiction, and wants to be brainwashed.
    Yesterday France celebrated its victory over Germany, it was the day of the German capitulation in 1945.
    The day in June 1940 when France capitulated is conveniently forgotten.

  18. @interesting

    ” they have gone out of their way to reckon with what they did to Jews and other minorities. ”
    Should be
    they have gone out of their way to reckon with what they are told their grandfathers did to Jews and other minorities.

  19. @Joe Stalin

    If this museum is to include crimes as the Aztec subjugation of other peoples, and as the endless crimes in the Balkans between different ethnic and religious groups, then it will be the largest museum in the world.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  20. Of these, 3,446 victims were black and 1,297 were white.

    Goddamn these inconvenient stubborn facts bloody turds in the punchbowl.

  21. The typical US Afro-black’s idea of achieving peace and justice is to receive more illicit federal entitlements for Afros as a group.

    It’s the same lame excuse used by all the other victim cult groups whining in public for illicit federal group entitlements.

    Monuments to PC like the so-called lynching memorial are crude propaganda to influence emotion-driven people like children, women, low intelligence people, and fruitcakes.

    The often repeated claim that there are left wing whites that feel guilt for crimes they didn’t commit is nonsense. Left wing whites who advertise their supposed guilt are merely greasy actors. Leftist whites famously lie and lobby for more government group entitlements for themselves and their left wing comrades. Left wing white people play the same victim cult game as Afros, using the same Afro-like appeals to emotion and public demands for illicit federal group entitlements.

    Left wing whites also use illicit federal entitlements to buy the votes of other victim cult freaks .

    This vote buying scheme is done right in front of your face by most democrats and neocons and RINOS. There are plenty of liars and morons who will repeat neocon radio and TV crap to obscure the facts.


    A sampling of Afro-black group entitlements by law:


    1. Government enforced Affirmative Action for Afro-blacks and Afro-owned businesses
    2. Government 8A set-aside contracts for Afro-black owned businesses
    3. Deliberate broadcast media and government misrepresentation of violent felony Afro-black crime wave.
    4. Frequent mass Afro-black rioting, assaulting, looting and arson without prosecution or police suppression
    5. Afro-Black terrorists organizations operate freely in public (Black Panthers, NBPP, BLM, BLA, Nation of Islam)
    6. Servile government support for historically black colleges and afro-black scholarship programs
    7. Unprosecuted afro-black Panther intimidation of voters at polls
    8. Politically partisan Afro-black churches and associations granted tax exempt status
    9. Most Afro-black children’s welfare financed by taxpayers
    10.Government anti-discrimination laws for Afro-blacks
    11.Hate speech crime prosecutions in favor of Afro-blacks, and other protected class groups
    12.Preferential immigration, asylum, and citizenship for Afro-blacks
    13. Disproportionate number of Afro-blacks in cushy federal government employment
    14. Afro-black voters not required to display photo ID to vote
    15. Unrealistic and flattering portrayal of Afro-blacks in FCC-approved movies and TV
    16. Afro-black civil right organizations financed and led by filthy rich protected class people
    17. Unbelievably stupid elected Afro members of the congressional Black Caucus
    18. Afro-black dominated cities and colleges bailed out by county, state and federal taxpayers
    19. Afro-black history month
    20. Ridiculous Afro-black studies in public schools and colleges
    21. Astronomical Afro-black STD and HIV rates are not a controlled public health hazard
    22. Banks forced by government to give loans to Afro-blacks with bad credit
    23. White supremacists blamed for numerous Afro-black hoax hate crimes, and no criminal prosecution of Afro hoaxers
    24. At least 70% of afro-black children are bastards and supported by taxpayers.
    25. Afro-black Caucus in the US congress, no white caucus.
    26. Sanctuary cities for Afro-blacks, and other federal protected class groups
    27. Afro-black favored diversity supremacy scheme imposed onto white majority nations
    28. Afro-black athlete and rapper thugs glorified by mass media
    29. Afro-black on white people crime rate is wildly disproportionate
    30. Afro president of the US promotes undue entitlements for Afro-blacks and other diversity people
    31. Afro-black only organizations allowed by law, white-only organizations outlawed
    32. BLM terrorist demand and receive reduced policing in black majority areas
    33. Feds assist Afro-blacks to extort money and concessions from local city tax payers
    34. White Privilege nonsense taught in public schools and universities.
    35 Afro-black wilding assaults, flash mob robberies, mall riots, and knockout game is rampant and unprosecuted.
    36. Afro-only scholarships allowed in public colleges, white-only scholarships are illegal.
    37. Feds give taxpayer money to immigrant negroes to bribe them not to join ISIS.
    38. Lowered academic standards for afro-blacks and other protected class people in public service jobs
    39. Federal government coerces private businesses to implement pro-Afro diversity policies, or else suffer federal litigation, denial of tax breaks and business licenses, and denial of federal contracts.
    40. Criminal Afro-blacks frequently conspire to assassinate police, with no hate crime charges and no domestic terrorist charges.
    41. Obama signs EO to give extra federal funding to public schools that artificially reduce expulsion and prosecution of thuggish criminal Afro students.
    42. Blacks commit hoax hate crimes, and never are prosecuted for doing it.
    43. Blacks receive government sponsored grants to attend college, white Christian people get primarily loans.
    44. Frequent pro-Afro federal interference in local government prosecution of violent black criminals
    45. State colleges infringe speech that offends Afros and other diversity freaks.
    46. Federal laws require private employers to replace meritocratic hiring and promotion with government approved credentials such as protected class status and disparate impact to the local community.
    47. Afros play the ghetto lottery with police for an undeserved payday from taxpayers.
    48. Afro-dominated Bronx juries often use jury nullification to set free guilty criminal Afros, especially if the victim is white.

    • Replies: @joef
    , @GourmetDan
  22. Them Guys says:

    They will soon cause themselves to see a reality answer to “BLM” Org agendas and I predict it shall be called….”BRMM” aka…Black Rifle’s Matter More.

    And like every major A to Z problem in America it has Kosher Fingerprint’s All over it all.

    A new collective of at least 50-Million Loud White Voices is needed badly….with all proclaiming something to the effect of…..”Get the fuck OUT…jewboy! Just….get….Out.

    and take them savages with you as you exit stage left.

  23. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Another example of cultural Marxists distorting history by only blaming Whitey and ignoring the major player in the African slave trade, Jews.

    But we can’t talk about that, unless you want to get branded as being anti-Semitic or a neo-Nazi for daring to ask historical questions about America’s past.

    • Replies: @Wally
  24. Swan Knight says: • Website
    @Tiny Duck

    Entertainment. Beyond that, it’s scant

  25. Next to the lynching memorial, I think they should build: The Nichole Simpson Brown–Ron Goldman National Memorial. It would be dedicated to victims of racially motivated miscarriages of justice.

    See: “Monuments, Memorials and the Racial Reconciliation Racket” —

    • Replies: @ohmy
  26. Ragno says:

    To my knowledge, the number of white casualties you speak of now tops 50,000. If you are a loved one or family member of one of the 50,000, you can rely upon being either (a) ignored or (b) spat upon.

    Sure, both options ought be prefaced with “continue to be”… but that’s not very heal-y or redempt-ish, is it?

    I won’t be alive to see it, unless things get a whole lot worse a whole lot faster, but I await Civil War II with eyes bright and fingers crossed. Hopefully, after we win, we can set up Truth & Reconciliation Commissions for the traitors to Western civilization now running rampant throughout our major institutions.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @joef
  27. Bruce says:

    See Professor Dwight Murphey’s monograph “Lynching: History and Analysis”:

  28. anarchyst says:

    I would put the lynching museum next to the holohoax (oops, I mean holocaust ™) museum…

  29. AndrewR says:

    Most people have never heard of Adelson, Soros, Kochs, Murdoch, Salim aka “Slim”, Bezos, or any of the other powerful men who have extraordinary wealth, power and influence.

    Coates was read by none other than Obama, and, as dull as Coates may be, he helps pave the intellectual road by which TPTB do what they do. He’s our era’s Du Bois, only dimmer and less reasonable.

  30. AndrewR says:

    Unless you’re very old or terminally ill, the safe bet is that you will be around to see it.

  31. joef says:
    @Joe Franklin

    The typical US Afro-black’s idea of achieving peace and justice is to receive more illicit federal entitlements for Afros as a group.

    You have performed an excellent job in this comment, basically summarizing the problem. I agree with your description of how leftist progs manipulate to obtain their own political objectives.

    In my opinion the Neocons, corporatist (rinos), and limousine liberals, and elites, are just going along to get along, by sacrificing the rest of us, so they will be left alone. Paleo conservatism, traditionalist, and paleo libertarians, are fighting a long retreat action against this. But most people are ignorantly apolitical suburbanites who want to follow the fashionable beliefs that the MSM promotes today.
    [Counterbalancing this, is the White nationalist movement (despite containing some of their own versions of haters), with its current growth mainly composed of a reaction against all the anti white propaganda that exists today.]

    Finally, we have the anarcho capitalist libertarians, who are just a bunch of utopians, who want to be accepted by leftist company. I once considered myself a paleo libertarian from a very young age of 12, when I recognized that the official government statements did not coincide with reality when it came to school integration. I was for limited government; but I was also realistically aware of Hobbes Leviathan, especially regarding afros.

    But these anarchos ruined libertarianism with their infantile Rothbardian beliefs (they claim to follow Von Misses, but Von Misses was not into this anarcho nonsense), that “no govt” will perfect the Black man, because you can blame all Black dysfunctions on the prison industrial complex (hmmm what about all the afros committing violent felony offenses? I guess their victims don’t count to anarcho libs).

    The primary problem with these anarcho lib types is that they live in cupcake land, where the theoretical world of make believe can prevail. They never had to deal with the afro leviathan directly (beyond very limited doses), so they can completely ignore the racial reality of what anarcho society will directly lead to: an afro imposed society of violent chaos. If Rockwell ever imposed a society of anarcho capitalism, he would be having his sh-t pushed in by some afro warlord who decided he is the new king.

    You even can find statements by these anarcho idiots that Detroit is an anarcho capitalist paradise… really, then maybe they should go live their. We are in a mess with so many idiotic whites trying to impose their idealogical fantasies on the rest of us, while at the same time choose to ignore the afro destruction of America.

  32. David says:

    I suggest each guilt-ridden county’s casket be used, as needed, to inter a white woman raped and murdered by a black man. Once all the caskets are used up, white guilt will be declared expiated. What will it take, a decade?

  33. Jake says:

    If the most ‘woke’ SJWs get their biggest dreams to come true, there will be a memorial for non-whites and non-Christians who lynched whites suspected of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or transphobia.

  34. @Joe Franklin

    The typical US Afro-black’s idea of achieving peace and justice is to receive more illicit federal entitlements for Afros as a group.

    If history is any guide… doing so should accelerate the total collapse of the community… perhaps this is the liberal ‘unintended’ consequence…

    • Agree: joef
  35. anonomy says:

    Five Hundred Thousand (500k) dead white people in a civil war. The southern part of the US devastated and the Africans are still here.
    So what am I supposed to feel bad about?

    • Replies: @By-tor
  36. Che Guava says:

    Steve Sailer did a more interesting article on this. He was pointing out that many whites were also lynched, the total portions were about 3:1, also that the majority lynched were white in many states of your U.S.A.

    Not being a U.S.A. person, do not want to comment further (except that the evidence of far greater criminilaty on the side at 3:1, despite population being heavily opposite, is convincing to me, from the outside, much like now).

    If you want the exact numbers, even by state of your union of states, I am recommending that you read the earlier article by Mr. Sailer.

  37. The WASP / Jew ruling class of the American Empire is using Black violence and Black criminality to attack White Core Americans of modest means.

    The WASP / Jew ruling class is using Blacks to destroy cultural cohesion, the US public school system and neighborhood tranquility.

    The WASP / Jew ruling class goes out of its way to avoid living anywhere near large concentrations of Blacks. WASP / Jew ruling class politician whore Hillary Clinton moved to the mostly White town of Chappaqua, New York, in order to avoid living around Blacks.

    The WASP / Jew ruling class is deliberately destroying quality public education in the United States by flooding Blacks into White towns and White neighborhoods. Even the over-educated apes in Manhattan are experiencing the nightmare of Black infiltration into formerly White public schools. Low IQ Blacks disrupt and damage the educational atmosphere everywhere they are allowed to infiltrate and infest.

    Murderous Blacks have been butchering and maiming Whites for 50 years or more and the evil WASP / Jew ruling class cheers the Blacks on. White Core Americans of modest means must restore public order by quarantining Black violence, Black disfunction and Black criminality.

  38. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:

    It is now said to be 750,000 dead after using 1860 and 1870 Census data to explain the number of missing and disappeared white males in the 20 to 30 and 30 to 40 year old age brackets. Allowing the large Afro sub-population to remain and increase, as well as the oligarchy flooding the country with semi-literate non-English speaking Lats, is causing the US to split into groups that hate each other.

  39. joef says:

    I won’t be alive to see it, unless things get a whole lot worse a whole lot faster, but I await Civil War II

    You may or may not see it. Much depends on how fast the economy declines, where its final destination will eventually resemble Venezuela (or worse), and the resultant race war will compare to 1990s Balkans (or Somalia). But we are a vast economy so it will take time to undermine it to that level. More likely we will continue into economic entropy, and urban decay, as we did in the 1970s, but without the reversal we had in the 80s.

    Stagflation, austerity, scarcity, and crime, will rule the day, which each year being worse than the last. Taxes will increase upon a shrinking middle/working class, while government services are cut, and welfare entitlement giving expands. Eventually it will collapse, and afros will riot, rape, burn, loot, and shoot, believing that we will give in to their demands, as we always did in the past. Only when the final crash happens there will be nothing to give, and thats when the real race war begins.

    All the anarcho silliness, leftist manipulations, liberal naiveté, and corporatist/rino pandering, will not prevent this from eventually happening (because there are no serious efforts to reverse this process of decay; instead we have nothing more than political gimmicks in their place). So get ready, because either way things are going to get much worse. I wish it was different, but it is what it is.

  40. Wally says:
    @Greg Bacon

    “which found 4,743 lynchings between 1882 and 1968. Of these, 3,446 victims were black”

    I would really like to see the real source of these numbers, saying the Tuskegee Inst. just won’t cut it.
    They are not an unbiased, neutral source to begin with.

    IOW, let’s see where they got the numbers.

    Lot of money to made from these staged theme parks.

    “Who Benefits?”

    Of course there is no real ‘memorial for the massive murders of whites by blacks.

  41. Wally says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Except the Germans did not do what you are required to think they did to Jews.
    You have no proof. Simple as that.

    blacks also owned slaves in the US south
    Africans had massive slavery, it was black Africans who sold black African slaves to the slave traders
    Slavery of black Africans would have never happened without black Africans selling their black African slaves first

    African chiefs urged to apologise for slave trade
    Nigerian civil rights group says tribal leaders’ ancestors sold people to slavers and should say sorry
    “African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologise it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today.”

  42. Black Murder Mystery in the The Atlantic magazine.

    Agathie Christie?


    Murderous Blacks get Section 8 federal government housing vouchers to spread around the Black mayhem and then they start murdering and maiming and destroying every damn thing in sight.

    Tweet from 2014:

  43. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    ‘Polish’ Boxer.

    White Manhood’s cuckery to Black Manhood and Afro-Colonization of White Wombs will destroy the West.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. @Anonymous

    Maybe we can send them all to California. Current CA population is roughly equivalent to Black US population. Also, on paper, it’s the best land in the country, so you won’t get the Native American “they gave us the worst land” argument.

    Of course, Western Europe never had Black slaves, and look how they’re doing…

    • Replies: @Wally
  45. Wally says:
    @Anonymous Jew

    Except the CA agricultural community is not the left wing CA.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  46. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s a fantastic cartoon out there–I looked for it but couldn’t find it–where you see a cucky white lib hipster getting beaten by jackbooted cops in the Trumpian World Of Tomorrow for not being racist enough, while an angelic oppressed negress nearby says with wonder and shame, “Why–he’s one of us! Those whites truly are not all the same!” Then the image cuts to the lib hipster and you see it’s his daydream while he sits in a Starbux. It’s brilliant.

  47. Alfa158 says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Reads like another copy and paste of someone else’s post. I don’t think it is possible for TD to push that shopping cart with his worldly goods all the way to Berlin.

  48. Crimson2 says:

    This is true oppression. Sure white people owned black people for a couple hundred years and then disenfranchised them for a hundred more. Sure white people took black children from their mothers and sold them to a life of abuse. Sure, white people raped their slaves and beat and tortured them with impunity.


    I don’t know how we can survive as a people after this.

    • Replies: @Wally
  49. Wally says:

    “This is true oppression. Sure white people owned black people for a couple hundred years and then disenfranchised them for a hundred more. Sure white people took black children from their mothers and sold them to a life of abuse. Sure, white people raped their slaves and beat and tortured them with impunity.”

    reality check:
    – A very small few white people owned black people for a couple hundred years. No proof otherwise.
    – Whites did not “disenfranchise” them for a hundred more. On the contrary, black family life was better then than it is now, blacks simply had to support themselves back then, and did.
    – White people did not take black children from their mothers and sell them to a life of abuse, there is no proof that they did.
    – In fact being black now gets blacks lots of free, unearned stuff, aka: a free ride. If the mothers & children are without supporting males, which most are, then they get even more unearned stuff.
    – Very, very few white people raped their slaves, beat and tortured them with impunity, there is no proof otherwise.

    the stark truth:
    In every instance where blacks are in great numbers, control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:
    massive murder rates
    massive crime in general
    degraded property
    massive disease, especially STDs
    massive drug abuse
    general filth, squalor
    massive, unable to support their own children, birthrates
    massive youth pregnancies rates
    massive school dropout rates
    incredibly low IQs & test scores
    violence as a way of life
    fathers nowhere to be found

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
    , @Da Wei
  50. @jilles dykstra

    I hadn’t considered the international implications of such an interracial crime museum, but, hey, a Museum that everyone could revel in! Everyone could have their own wing, and it could be funded, by, well, everyone who thinks of themselves as victims.

  51. Iberiano says:

    Afromosity and Afrotrocity toward whites

  52. anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    I went to see and listen to Tim Wise, a great orator who shames elite whites on college campuses into believing they are the root of all evil against “people of color’ due to “white privilege.” I’ve never heard anyone more full of shit than Tim Wise. In any case, white is a color. That’s what I tell anyone who uses the “people of color” phrase with me. Or, I shame them into being racists for excluding white people as if we don’t exist or account for anything. It’s kind of sad to see this damn memorial. What a waste of money. White people matter too. How about a memorial for the white people who supported an end of slavery, and who help black people, and who are not racists?

  53. joe Webb says:

    how a few lynchings kept the peace…with several million savages out there.

  54. Bobzilla says:
    @Tiny Duck

    I was in Berlin recently and could not help but notice that they have gone out of their way to reckon with what they did to Jews and other minorities…

    Tiny Duck??? More like Tiny Dick. Goes with your tiny brain.

  55. @Wally

    “Disenfranchised” means that the right to vote was revoked.

  56. Wally says:

    Yes, that is one meaning.


  57. Da Wei says:

    15 million bucks. Damn. Is somebody stupid.

    1877 to 1950? Why 1877? Maybe because if they looked back a few years more they would have to acknowledge that largest single incident of lynching in America had nothing to do with blacks. It was 18 or 20 Chinese who were strung up in Los Angeles, California in 1871. Chinese worked; they were frugal; they didn’t trust banks, so they kept their money at home; and they had flimsy houses. Easy pickin’s. Take a knee, anyone?

    Chinese aren’t whiners, besides we’re only fed the “history” that works … works us. What the hell is up?

    A while back, someone here — maybe it was jacques sheete or Wally — recommended reading Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion. I followed that recommendation, and I’ll say if you get a third of the way through the book all this bullshit becomes comprehensible. It’s a masterpiece.

    Another masterpiece that I have not seen recommended here is Wayne Jett’s book The Fruits of Graft, which explains the Great Depression and the economic collapse of 2008+. This book is masterful.

    Sometimes the angst is relieved a bit by just knowing who to be pissed off at. That ain’t the dummies who grab the free stuff — phones, shoes, cigars — then blame us slave owning white racists for it. It’s the conniving snakes in high places and their media whores who are egging them on.

    Nobody on food stamps can come up with 15 million bucks to concretize bullshit like this “memorial”.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  58. Da Wei says:

    Funny poster. Thanks.

  59. Da Wei says:

    You’re sure right about the CA agricultural community.

    I wonder if Anonymous Jew has even stepped foot in California, except maybe to go to Disneyland or San Francisco.

    He sure as hell hasn’t been north of, say, Yuba City, and may not have heard of the State of Jefferson. Dems some good ol’ boys. Fry up a mess a spotted owl.

  60. Mulegino1 says:

    One victim of lynching who appears to have deserved it was not black at all. Leo Frank, the child murderer and child rapist who was found guilty by a court of law and sentenced to death for the murder and rape of 13 year old Mary Phagan.

    The Jewish legal team defending the monster attempted to place the blame on the semi-literate black janitor who worked at sexual predator and pedophile Frank’s pencil factory. This strategy did not work. Remember- this all occurred in “Jim Crow” Atlanta in the early 1900’s. Although as guilty as hell, the murderer’s sentence was commuted by a corrupt governor. The good outraged citizens of Atlanta took matters into their own hands and gave Frank a well deserved necktie party. As a result, the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nair B’rith (or should we say, the Defamation League of B’Nair B’rith) was formed, since bringing guilty as hell members of the tribe to justice is obviously antisemitism. Therefore, one of the most notorious “anti-hate” groups in the world was founded to avenge the lynching of a monster, pervert, pedophile and child murderer because he was a member of the so called “chosen people.” Synagogue of Satan indeed.

    • Replies: @Wally
  61. @Anonymous

    Our greatest mistake ever was not picking our own cotton. Good lord that turned out to be some expensive cotton—not worth it.

    Ah! But the profits were concentrated in the hands of the few, while the social costs were dispersed among the rest of us. See how things work in the US?

    • Replies: @Anon
  62. Wally says:

    Good one, I had almost forgotten about that.
    Which, of course, is what they want.

  63. Anon[248] • Disclaimer says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Yes it is a uniquely American problem that profits are concentrated in the hands of a few, while the social costs are dispersed among the rest.
    In Europe profits are distributed among all people in their truly egalitarian model, and there is no social inequality. Not only that, but when Merkel invited a million Moslem young men to come live in Europe, she took in several into her own home.
    I wish Americans would wake up.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  64. @Da Wei

    Sometimes the angst is relieved a bit by just knowing who to be pissed off at. That ain’t the dummies who grab the free stuff — phones, shoes, cigars — then blame us slave owning white racists for it. It’s the conniving snakes in high places and their media whores who are egging them on.

    Nobody on food stamps can come up with 15 million bucks to concretize bullshit like this “memorial”.

    A thousand ‘Agrees’!

  65. @Anon

    Fair point. But I’m not actually European–just White–and don’t get to vote in their elections, so there isn’t much I can do about that.

  66. deschutes says:

    Well there you have it folks: is unashamedly, unabashedly a white racist website which hates blacks. Paul ‘I fucking hate niggers’ Kersey has made this abundantly clear in this odd little tome which laughably tries to argue that poor white folks today have lots to fear from angry niggers who want to kill them. Fucking unbelievable. Hey Kersey: go and watch ’12 Years a Slave’. And when you’ve done that, read the actual book by Solomon Northrup (you can download it for free from Gutenberg Press website btw). I’m a white person by the way, and unlike this racist ass clown Kersey, I can objectively step back and see how utterly and completely fucked over blacks have been over the course of history. Oh, boo-hoo….Mr. Kersey’s got his racist knickers in a bunch because there is a memorial to the lynchings of blacks in the Old South–which this racist asshole tries to brush aside and diminish!

    Well, even if this website is a steaming pile of racist shite, at least it gives me a reality check to see how racist and fucked up so many white males are who visit this site. Heck, maybe Kersey can get some other Unz authors together and go lynch some niggers near this new memorial 😀

    Next up for Mr. Kersey and articles on how “The Holocaust Never Happened!”; “South Africa was a Noble Place of Equality”; and “Whites aren’t to blame for Slavery in USA–it only happened because African tribes sold other African captives to the Whites!”, etc, etc. 😀

    • Agree: Okechukwu
  67. joef says:

    Another opinion from a college educated isolated upper middle class suburbanite (or prosperous city neighborhood dweller), who never had to deal with real life afro violence on a personal level. Again to people like you, the overwhelming amount of crime victims (of all races), that have occurred for the last half century (and longer), by the hands of radical afro americans, are nonexistent. Just because you are completely detached & sheltered from this adverse reality does not mean the rest of us are.

    People like you love to pontificate from afar, nice & safe, while the rest of us suffer from real life consequences of ubiquitous afro violence. Go crawl back into your make believe world, and let the adults, with real life experience (not proxy experience delivered secondhand by academia/MSM sources), do the talking. It is not our fault that you are pathologically naive, who conveniently believes in politically correct fantasies.

    If radical afro ameircans did not behave badly, causing routine death & destruction, they would not be criticized by most of us. And criticizing afros, and protecting yourself from their antisocial actions, is not synonymous with hating them… if you had more than a sophomoric amount of life experience, you would understand this distinction. And please no anecdotal stories about walking through a Black neighborhood once, or you having a Black student in your college class (save it for someone who will believe it).

  68. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:

    I sometimes hang out at the white, self-hating dailykos where the make-believe Afro tech utopia Wakanda is only another 500 years and 100 trillion dollars away. If only only those racist whites at Unz Review with all of the tech and know-how would pony up. I mean, the western European whites did export railway technology to Africa where none would have ever been invented by the African Dahomey Kingdom even in 1,500 years, because African technical contributions to the Industrial Age amount to zero. Stop culturally appropriating a higher standard of living that is uniquely the result of White innovation and intellect.

  69. Dr. Doom says:

    After seeing this monument to hanging blacks I feel ashamed.

    We need to do more.

  70. ohmy says:

    Maybe the history of slavery here in the stat4es should be honestly studied. Yes there were white slave owners but, what are they really guilty of? Practicing a custom which at the time was legal and, centuries old. Yes it was morally wrong. I think all can agree on that. But, what are we taught of this slave trade? Are we taught anything of how it was a global business. Before the colonies were formed warring Africans tribes sold humans into the N. Africa states, Europe and, Asia. Asians enslaved Asians, Islander’s enslaved Islanders, Europeans enslaved Europeans, everyone was in on it. So why is it White Americans are being shamed? How come there isn’t any mention of the White Jews who owned the transport ships and, loaned the money to buy slaves. In Newport Rhode Island, their home base, there is an old cemetery attesting to their prejudice. Though the cemetery served the whites from that era one section is fenced and, separate. Reserved for Jews only. Who keeps the blacks and whites fighting with each other. Is it the media? Who profits from the separation? Who promotes inter-racial sex,. yet by religion is prohibited to practice it? What nation today embraces apartheid and, where it’s illegal for a Jew to marry not only a black but, also a non-Jew? What Nation today segregates black African immigrants, fleeing war or destitution and, labels them invaders? What group of people push gay marriage her yet make it illegal in their country? What group of people profit by keeping America divided this way and, how do they profit? Here’s a clue. It’s the same group of people who have been thrown out of over 75 countries.

  71. ohmy says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Yes it’s a racket with nefarious intentions.

  72. Okechukwu says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. This site is basically a joke.

  73. Dan says:

    All of the Blacks represented by each of the stones in the lynching memorial had raped and / or killed a white person, with rape as the criminal’s common starting focus and murder also being common.

    The murders often occurred in brutal fashion, and sometimes entire families were victimized as a means of gaining access to the rape victim. Back then, locks and doors were primitive when locks were used at all. If someone wanted to rush in a house, kill a husband, and rape a wife; doing so was pretty much a matter of will and timing for surprise. One could safely rape women on isolated roads, where they had to walk to get anywhere. A slit of the throat assured no witness.

    Extra-judicial murder (lynching) was a an (ineffective) attempt at of deterring that behavior further, in the high frequency violent crime Black group, in a post Civil War and post slavery common environment that had Northern and Black criminal empathetic judges often preventing effective prosecution of Black criminals. In addition, not even effective prosecution, and not even lynching, slowed the rape rate down. These people were animals off of the chain.

    Read The Negro: the Southerner’s Problem by Thomas Nelson Page for details.

    The book is not imbalanced. It merely documents the political reality of lynching, and tries to suggest alternative solutions for both Black / White co-survival that would leave Whites and Blacks unmolested.

    This “monument”, and each stone within it, is a documentation of Black group fervor for White woman sex at any cost. This is a core inter-racial drive that continues today. Each stone documents a monster. Keep that in mind when looking at it. One day it will be torn down, and those who facilitated the political environment of its construction will be brought to justice.

  74. Anonymous [AKA "Dan2343"] says:

    “Racist” isn’t an argument, especially when Blacks have taken to rape and murder at a rate, everywhere they exist, that is a much greater rate than anyone else.

    Each lynching victim was a rapist at least, and often a murderer of one or more Whites in addition.

    The post civil war judicial environment wasn’t effective in reducing Black on White rapes and murders, and so the rapists / murderers were sometimes made an example of for purposes of deterence often in places that were scarcely removed from frontier status.

    Today, Black people unarguably kill whites at an unacceptable rate. The same as its always been.

    Your misplaced empathy is what is racist.

  75. Anonymous [AKA "Dan12323"] says:

    How are Blacks “fucked over” when they have made their way into the first world and White society?

    There was never any historical mandate for that to occur. We could have left them in Africa for eternity, which would have actually been “fucking them over” as they would have never made it past grass hut village status.

    In fact, take away African aid, and combine that with leaving them there, and you’d have a very low black population worldwide today. Do you have some notion of entitlement that 16th century whites should have welcomed Africa into Europe and America with open arms to not feel “fucked over”? What a laugh.

  76. Anonymous [AKA "Dank34343"] says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Given that each stone memorializing a lynching victim is memorializing a rapist and often a murderer, modeling the memorial after the Holocaust memorial in Berlin seems like it may ultimately be an unwanted association.

  77. Anonymous [AKA "Dan3436765"] says:

    What’s a “Black Polish”? “Polish” is as literal a racial designation as one approaches in modern political parlance. It’s short for “Polabian Slav”.

    Words still mean things. It’s therefore impossible to be Polish if you aren’t at least racially Slavic, with some extension to related Europeans that can integrate without a trace (most often East Germans). That’s an African with documents from Poland.

  78. Bronson says:

    The anti-White propaganda never ends. Look at the 2018 movie called “Breaking In” where “evil” White people pull a home invasion on a peaceful, gentle, helpless Black family. You know, the kind of crime that has happened consistently since 1990-never …. of course, the *opposite* situation has happened hundreds of times – if not more – across the country.

    Someday, the (((Left))) may get the race war they’ve been wanting so badly. I believe it will be brutal, short, and set race relations back 200 years. I think there are a lot of good people who also happen to be black, and I’m hoping that they see that they would unwillingly end up on the wrong side of that war simply because of their skin color. Theirs are the only voices that can turn this particular ship around.

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