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Austrian Elections: Nazis Still Make Great Copy
Much of Europe is moving to the right these days.
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Media folk tend to love Nazi stories. The affinity first struck me when I tried peddling a novel draft in the 1970s about an escape from East Germany. An American editor reading through my synopsis at the Frankfurt Book Fair yanked the cigar from his mouth to ask:

Any Nazis in this?

No, it’s a Cold War story. Why?

Well, if you could weave some Nazis into it, we could put a swastika on the cover and be guaranteed to break even.

Nazis are still selling!

Austria is expected to elect Norbert Hofer from the rightwing Freedom Party (FPÖ) as its new president Sunday. He had gotten over a third of the votes in the runoff election for the mostly ceremonial job, nearly twice as many as the Green Party candidate who took second place. The establishment parties that ruled Austria since WWII didn’t even come close. “Quality” media such as the New York Times (NYT), Financial Times (FT) and Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine see ghosts from the Nazi past and dark days ahead for the West in general.“Illiberal” parties have been winning elections elsewhere, especially in Central Europe.

We’ve seen this media hysteria before. When the FPÖ became part of a coalition government headed by the long-established center right party over 15 years ago, CBS News anchorman Dan Rather led the evening news with archive video of marching SS men. The rest of the EU imposed political sanctions on the new government, but the government lasted much longer than the EU sanctions did.

FT’s Tony Barber led off this month’s Friday the 13th story warning that An illiberal political order is taking shape in central Europe.” One was reminded of Churchill’s famous 1946 speech: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” Martial metaphors followed about the “march of illiberalism” with “advancing” Austria signaling a development that has not “happened in a European democracy since the defeat of Nazism.”

Not only generals can get addicted to fighting past wars

While Barber only directly evoked the Nazi specter once, FP’s Paul Hockenos managed to fit it in 4 times in his short May 17 article. Reporters looking for the Nazi angle trooped through Vienna on a regular basis when I was covering politics from the US Embassy there in the early 1990s. The country was an oasis of calm, and seemed especially so to me as it was wedged between assignments in Haiti and Rwanda. But before I arrived, the late charismatic FPÖ party leader Joerg Haider had made a favorable reference to Third Reich employment policies in a sharp provincial parliamentary exchange with a socialist rival. The rival had initially raised the Nazi employment analogy while criticizing then “Governor” Haider’s job program. As Haider tried to explain afterwards, he merely wanted to make the point that the Keynesian type autobahn and infrastructure spending projects had created lots of jobs in the 1930’s. Whatever, visiting foreign reporters from then on couldn’t resist the slave labor interpretation, regularly describing the Austrian political gadfly as the man who had praised Hitler.

The FPÖ certainly started out after WWII as a party packed with not overly repentant ex-Nazis and others with left-over Pan-German sentiments. That Pan-Germanism had also been common to Austrian Marxists after the First World War, including communists, the Jewish Social Democrat leader Otto Bauer and socialist Karl Renner. The latter had even “blessed” the 1938 Anschluss with Nazi Germany but was nevertheless promoted by Stalin to become Austria’s first president following the Nazi defeat. The FPÖ also cultivated a growing economically liberal element and — as the Cold War progressed – promoted NATO membership that was shunned by the two dominant parties.

Unity with Germany had once seemed like an economic imperative after the multicultural Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed in 1918 and the other linguistic groups bolted to form their own nation states. Pan-Slavism had been popular among many of them as well. But Austria’s open trade with west Europe after WWII gradually obviated the unity attraction. As the party increasingly emphasized traditional Austrian roots, the pan-German element diminished just as the Marxist element had lost its appeal Social Democrats.

Still, the West’s “progressive” journalists tend to see Nazi look-alikes under their beds the way some far right Americans once saw communists lurking beneath the masks of all socialists. They also borrow freely from Cold War metaphors such as falling “dominos” or “putsch” to describe elections that are won by the “wrong” party. FP’s article can’t be accused of mincing words, however, when describing Devil in Disguises Hofer as “a handsome, soft-spoken former engineer. He’s also a far-right, racist, xenophobe.”

Islamophobia charge replaces the old Anti-Semitic one

None of the articles I’ve seen mention that Hofer’s right wing FPÖ had facilitated a Holocaust “restitution” agreement when it last shared power in Vienna. It was the most far reaching reparations agreement since the war. Looking back ten years later, US Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, who led the US side in the negotiations, credited Austria’s chancellor and his team, that included Vice-Chancellor Susanne Riess-Passer of the FPÖ, for its “courageous leadership” in bringing about that “watershed in modern Austrian history.” Eizenstat had been a senior official at both Sate and Treasury Departments in different Washington governments and later U.S. Special Adviser on Holocaust Issues. He also said the “process” launched by that coalition government “made Austria a stronger country and a shining example and worldwide leader in the search for justice, however belated, for victims of the Shoah and other victims of Nazism.”

As Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer put it during the previous EU/Washington/Tel Aviv hysteria that had followed the announced coalition, then FPÖ leader Haider “… has campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform. And he has made the occasional softball remark about the Nazi past, saying, for example, that Waffen SS soldiers deserve respect for their wartime service.” Israel had withdrawn its ambassador then. The current party leadership, including Hofer himself, more recently visited Israel and was given an “unofficial-official” reception. Tel Aviv is much more receptive these days to right wing parties emphasizing the global threat of Islamic extremism.

The “anti-immigrant” mantra is lazy journalese for “anti-mass immigration” and it has been a staple of FPÖ campaigning from early on. Sylvie Kauffmann, evoking Orwellian scenarios in her May 19th NYT column and “struggling to explain” the current shift to the right, suggests that “Immigration is important, but the dynamics predated the refugee crisis.” Kaufmann apparently thinks no one outside her native Marseilles had been following the decades of tensions there over mass immigration from the Maghreb or the explosive violence by disaffected immigrants and their poorly integrated descendents elsewhere in France earlier this decade.

Great quality of life and desire to keep it that way

Vienna is the world’s best city to live in… London, Paris and New York do not even make it into the top 35, according to international research into quality of life.” The British Guardian newspaper was quoting the latest Mercer Quality of Life survey that consistently puts Vienna either as number one or close to it in its index. Those unaffected by the declining urban life quality in the “prole” neighborhoods of the other cities mentioned fail to see why Austrians might not want to emulate the financial and immigration policies that contributed to the condition of the others.

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  1. Austria was the epicentre of the greatest calamities of the 20th century, and gave us the likes of Freud, Hitler, Falco, and Schwarzenegger…. can you blame anyone for being wary of a vibrant and secure Austria?

    • Replies: @Dr. Krieger
  2. polistra says:

    Hitler and Stalin analogies are bizarre when applied to modern nationalists.

    Hitler became a problem when he STOPPED being a nationalist. He invaded the world because he was an INTERNATIONALIST.

    Stalin didn’t exactly invade, but he happily grabbed up the countries that Churchill gave him, and made them part of an INTERNATIONALIST empire, which was forced to sing the INTERNATIONALE, not the NATIONALE.

  3. Sean says:

    Those unaffected by the declining urban life quality in the “prole” neighborhoods of the other cities mentioned fail to see why Austrians might not want to emulate the financial and immigration policies that contributed to the condition of the others.

    The geographical neighbourhood of the Austrian state parallels the Gobal elites’ ivory towers. The Soviets withdrew from Austria, so it was never under direct threat. They were always anti nuclear (

    Now Germany is similarly cocooned they are also going to give up even the potential for nukes.

    Österreich’s wealth and being a pleasant place to live has a lot to do with their location which is now ideal from an economic point of view, they like Switzerland can make a thing of being neutral, and don’t have to worry about defence, but free loaders don’t get to call the tune.

  4. Mark Green says: • Website

    These overwrought Nazi references and accusations will never end–at least not on their own.

    Anti-white mythology is now used to steer and manipulate the entire Western world. It’s a brilliant–though diabolical–plan. The objective? Soft conquest. The pan-Zionist narrative has won the hearts–if not the minds–of countless, typical whites. We’re guilty!

    Like the Germans, we Americans are expected to pay tribute (if not outright war reparations) to the real victors of WWII. This is no small accomplishment.

    Ironically, as Israel approaches the 50th anniversary of its preemptive, 1967 attack and subsequent occupation of Gaza, Golan, and the West Bank, the Zionist entity’s moral bankruptcy is getting all-the-more glaring. What to do?

    Increase anti-Nazi imagery and anti-Nazi story-telling. It must be bandied about all-the-more ferociously. And continuously.

    Have YOU thought about The Holocaust today?

    You should.

    The ever-present Nazi menace is there as a reminder. Of what?

    The virulent, innate and murderous Nazi (white) tendencies (‘anti-Semitism’) that may explode at any moment.

    Why is there ‘anti-Semitism’?

    No one knows. ‘Anti-Semitism’ is totally irrational and based on prejudice and fear. But it’s innocent targets are you-know-who.

    This brings us back to what’s most vital in American political life: Jewish victimhood and Jewish suffering. And the need to counter white racism!

    Remember that you blonde-haired, blue-eyed devils.

    Ironically, one of the Western world’s last great cities (Vienna) can still be smeared and bitch-slapped by any crypto-Israeli who fells like banging the Hitler drum. The mythic value of Adolf Hitler is used to influence political memory and shape political policies.

    Stalin, Mao, Trotsky… Who cares?

    I’m old enough to remember when ‘concentration camp’ stories were merely a footnote to the great conflagration known as WWII. Now the reverse is true.

    Today, it’s WWII itself that has become the footnote.

    What matters now is Jewish history and Jewish survival and Israeli security and stopping ‘terrorism’.

    Ubiquitous Nazi ghosts are with us today to reminded the average consumer of Western news and entertainment of the threat posed by (white) racists to the very survival of God’s Chosen People. This is the message.

    Expect the breathless references to Nazis and The Holocaust to live on forever. This twisted narrative is essential to our continued exploitation.

    • Replies: @Sean
  5. Rehmat says:

    Gene Tuttle, anyone can fabricate fascinating stories to support his/her agenda. However, the fact is historically, some Austrian leaders have been target of the Organized Jewry for looking after national interests and refusing to orders from Jewish Lobby groups.

    For example, last year, 75 Jewish, Christian and Hindu so-called “Holocaust historians” including the proven “Holohoaxer”Eli Wiesel sent a petition to Austria’s ambassador in Washington, Hans Peter Manz, demanding that Austrian president Heinz Fischer (a ceremonial post with not much power) pardon Austrian Jewish Holocaust historian Stephen Teml.

    Stephen Teml was sentenced in 2003 by a Vienna criminal court for falsifying Austrian history during WWII by claiming that his family property worth millions of dollars was seized and not returned after the Nazis led the Anschluss of Austria in 1938. In April 2013, a judge at Vienna criminal court upheld the charges against the so-called Holocaust survivor, saying Teml was “greedy” and wanted the “highest amount of money for himself”.

    The ‘Holocaust survivor’ is expected to serve his one year jail sentence soon.

    The First Lady of Austria, Margit Fischer, is Jewish. But her husband is not ashamed to shake hands with the Zionist regime’s enemies. For example, Heinz Fischer shook hands with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in Tehran early this month. His visit was condemned by Israel and European Jewish lobby groups. Former president Thomas Klestil visited Tehran in 2004 before his death. Klestil, a ‘Friend of Israel’ visited the Zionist entity in 1994, becoming the first ever Austrian head of state to visit Occupied Palestine.

    Interestingly, no Austrian Holocaust historian is among the 75 Zionist poodles. However, anti-Iran former Canadian Jewish MP, David Kilgour, made the list.

    The crying wolf petition was sponsored by Washington-based David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. The founding director of the institute, Dr. Rafael Medoff in book, FDR and the Holocaust: A Breach of Faith, has accused former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is reportedly had Jewish family roots, of antisemitism.

    “President FDR privately wanted to restrict the number of Jews entering some professions and universities, and believed Jews should be “spread thin all over the world” so they would quickly assimilate,” says Medoff in the book.

    The book also reveals that several American Jewish groups made a request to secretary of state Cordel Hull (1933-1944) and secretary of war Henry Stimson to bomb Auschwitz labor camp. Henry Simson was also against Harry Truman’s recognition of the Zionist entity in Palestine. Both of them have been vilified as ‘Jew haters’.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When Italians elected a far right government in 1994, there was just condemnation. When Austrians did in 2000 there was an unsuccessful coup attempt by the EU through a diplomatic boycott.

    That’s sensible because you’ve got to be more suspicious about Germans returning to their old ways than Italians. And the Germans are much more organized than Italians, that makes them a lot more dangerous to European stability.

  7. @The Alarmist

    I just can’t forgive them for Falco.

  8. anon • Disclaimer says:

    When Italians Jews elected the far right government of Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996, 2009 and 2013, there was just no condemnation. Rather, donkeys all over the world smirked. When Austrians did in 2000 there was an unsuccessful coup attempt by the EU through a diplomatic boycott. When a couple of Protestant groups in the USA tried to boycott a few corporations for doing business with Israel, Jews descended on the Protestants like the angel of death that slew Egyptians but passed over Jewish houses.

    That’s sensible because just as Mark Green wrote in #4, above, you’ve got to walk on eggs when talking about always innocent perpetual victim Jews but be more suspicious about Germans returning to their old ways — you know, of defending their own superior culture– than Italians, who have been almost as thoroughly bitch-slapped as Germans but Jews like living in Italy, and Jews don’t demand reparations of Italians because Jews have gained control of the financial affairs of the Vatican. And the Germans are much more organized than Italians, that makes them a lot more dangerous to European stability, which is evident by the fact that Germany is the most prosperous of European states and the ballast for the rest of EU, so prosperous, in fact, that Jews are flocking back to Berlin and trying to take it over, again, just like they did in the 1880s..
    But Jews nevah evah do bad shit. Nevah. Jewish shit don’t even stink.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rehmat
  9. “Those unaffected by the declining urban life quality in the “prole” neighborhoods of the other cities mentioned fail to see why Austrians might not want to emulate the financial and immigration policies that contributed to the condition of the others.”

    We’ve seen it (USA) and still want to emulate it !?!?

    Centuries of blacks.
    Thank you sir may I have another.
    Decades of Hispanics.
    Thank you sir may I have another.
    Bring on the muslims.

  10. AmericanaCON [AKA "ConservativeMinded"] says:

    The Austrian President is nothing more than a symbol with few powers. The reason why the elites are afraid is because they know that they would be replaced in a post-national Europe. Germany is basically the last country in European Union without an alternative-right or alternative-left party in their parliament. If Austria elects Norbert Hofer (FPO) it would be the beginning of the end of the Austrian liberal regime. Deutsche Welle had an interesting panel a few days ago. They feature journalist Ewald König (Die Zeit), liberal Alan Posener (Die Welt) and Ulrike Guérot, a leftist policy wonk. König does not say much.

    Guérot thinks that the elites should play the game better in the sense that they should follow the GOP strategy of saying one thing and then when in office do the opposite. Guérot is also a bit concerned about the dying middle class. Historically, the elites have always bought the middle class with government jobs but now there is an oversupply of young college graduates and they are not happy working menial jobs and live with their parents. Posener goes all in and says more or less that electoral democracy ought to be abolished and that people who don’t believe in globalization ought to be seen as a serious threat and should be harshly rejected. (From 14:00 to 20:00). In the end of the YouTube clip he goes after Jorg Haider for not being “pro-Israel” enough.

    We will see more outbursts from the elites. They will basically go all. When the establishment parties begin to emulate the establishment the alternative-right will just go to the right and continue to win. Alan Posener is very aware of this and this is why he believes (rightly so) that this is battle his liberal kind cannot win. This is why he wants to get rid of democracy and shun everybody who doesn’t agree with him. He will not even address the social and economic problems of the people because he believes are false demagoguery. I have some respect for Alan Posener in comparison to Guérot who try to play a populist game. Posener is simply a pretty honest chap. He is quite overtly telling people that he cannot care less for the indigenous people of the West or for that any other people than rich and maybe Israelis. The future will not be written kindly about the liberal elites if they try to abolish democracy. Will Norbert win? Well, according to the polls he is kicking ass and taking names. I really like how Financial Times frame the GOP election;

    I’m a Paul fan but you got the love a man who steer up the liberal hornets’ nest.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  11. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    According to Newton’s third law…
    For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.


    reaction — see Austria

  12. CK says:

    I found the list of the top 50 cities to live in fascinating. I fully expect that next years listing will see all the German cities drop significantly as the Merkel Mitzvah comes to its full fruition.
    So goodbye to the cities currently ranked 4, 6, 7, 13, 18, 24, 24.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    These elections are useless unless decisive steps are taken to end immigration, kick out the invaders, identify feminism as a failed ugly hateful ideology, name the globalist elites as the puppeteers, and etc.

    Also, black Africans will be a bigger threat than Muslims. But because EU is a slave of the US, it uses the US narrative where anti-black narrative is taboo.
    Why should anti-black narrative be taboo in EU nations where slavery didn’t happen? It may be understandable in the US cuz of Atlantic Slave Trade.
    But black Africans are not in Europe due to slavery. It is because they ruined their own societies and then come invading into Europe to destroy white countries as well.

    Right-wing governments are useless unless they name the GLOB(mostly Jewish powers) and the threat of black Africans.

    All this talk of Muslim misses the point. True, Muslims are dangerous and there are too many of them. But they are on the move mainly because of Jewish-dominated Western policy that stirred up the hornet’s nest in the Middle East.
    But Progs would have us believe that Global Warming set off this wave. Nonsense. It was Global Bombing by the Jewish-Homo-controlled American Empire.

    • Replies: @Sean
  14. Sean says:
    @Mark Green

    The Palestinians don’t seem to get mentioned very much, though every observer from Ehud Barak to John Mearsheimer says the Arabs in the occupied territories doom Israel, because the EU and US policy is they must get a state of their own, and Israel will have to choose between a Jewish state or doing what the US and EU want.

    These overwrought Nazi references and accusations will never end–at least not on their own

    Gene has come up with a plausible motive for why journalists put Nazis in so many articles. The more I think about it the more probable it seems the reporters’ personal ambition in the most competitive occupation there is makes them desperate to put some zing in their pieces, and satisfy editors who from experience know that people read stories with powerful Nazis in them. Write your villain to steal the show – I read SO MANY boring villains with no personality. It’s no wonder I forget them the instant I put down the script. Honestly, I can count the number of memorable villains I’ve read in screenplays this year on one hand! To prevent this, write your villain to steal the show. Make SURE he’s memorable. Luther, despite having something like 5 minutes in the film, is a villain I still remember to this day. He’s small (unlike a typical villain). He’s a weasel. He’s a bully. He’s got a temper. But the big thing is, he just LOVES to have fun. He leads the charge when it’s time to get into trouble and he loves it. “Warrr-eee-orrrrs, come out to play-ye-yeeee.” If your villain ain’t stealing the show, you probably have a weak villain.

    • Replies: @anon
  15. Sean says:
    @Priss Factor

    All this talk of Muslim misses the point. True, Muslims are dangerous and there are too many of them. But they are on the move mainly because of Jewish-dominated Western policy that stirred up the hornet’s nest in the Middle East

    Quite possibly the Israel Lobby is behind America’s actions in the Middle East, with Iran as a stand in for Nazi Germany, but the Muslims that matter are are inside Israel and the Israel Lobby does not dare discuss the only solution. I think neocon wormongering, like the Nazi trope in journalism, is a side effect of bien pensants trying to climb the greasy pole. Neocon actions are aimed at individual career advancement for Neocons, and the proof of that is they do nothing to address Israel’s real problems.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  16. geokat62 says:

    Quite possibly…

    That one made me chuckle.

    Neocon actions are aimed at individual career advancement for Neocons, and the proof of that is they do nothing to address Israel’s real problems.

    Give it a rest there, Abe Foxman. The MENA is up in smoke and you’re here trying to convince the dumb goy the Lobby had nothing to do with it? That they were only interested in advancing their careers? I know you think the goy are dumb, but everything has its limits.

    • Replies: @Sean
  17. @Anonymous

    You show a very amusing level of cluelessness.
    The Austrians are not Germans, and bridle at the very idea. They look with suspicion even at their close cousins the Bavarians; as for the Prussians , they call them pigs and make bad-tempered fun of them at every opportunity.
    Neither are the Austrians particularly well-organised. Austrian “Schlamperei” (a sort of chaotic laziness) is well-known throughout Europe.
    Hitler was indeed an Austrian, but his career was made elsewhere.

  18. George says:

    “Austrians might not want to emulate the financial and immigration policies”

    Do they have a choice?

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Jews were the biggest victims of the 20th century so we must continue to give them a free pass for whatever they do that they think is necessary to defend their people. This is only fair.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  20. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    absolutely correct, anonymous; Jews were the biggest victims of the 20th century.

    the numbers tell the tale:

    +- 20 million Russians killed, a majority of them by their own government, in the Holodomor, and in military policy whereby Zhukov ordered that any Russian seeking to retreat was shot.

    Stalin & Churchill copped to having killed 7 million Germans and assuaged each other that killing a few million more in forced ethnic transfer was no big deal.

    Eliot Engel said on C Span a few days ago that “Allies killed 70,000 French civilians by bombing” in the course of WWII.

    But it’s the (fake) 6 million Jews, and the legion of Jewish survivors of the “systematic, industrialized extermination of all the Jews in Europe”* who are still collecting reparations for the crime of not having been successfully exterminated, who are entitled to a “free pass” to kill wantonly. (Didn’t Abe Foxman’s parents actually try to abandon him to a Polish Catholic nanny, but it didn’t work out? Shouldn’t Speilberg make a movie about that traumatic event in the life of poor little Abe?)

    Or consider the comparative state of the infrastructures & economies, Germany, France, Russia, Israel, London, USA:

    Germany was reduced to rubble.
    Russia looted what was left of Germany to enhance its industry.
    USA soared — once mad man Morgenthau’s bloodlust was reined in and Marshall persuaded US industrialists that it made more sense to develop US industry by rebuilding Germany.

    Israel, too, soared: the zionist project experienced a building boom and extraordinary economic prosperity beginning in the late 1930s.

    So clearly, as the above evidence shows, Jews were the biggest victims of the 20th century, and
    It’s only fair that they should be allowed to kill at will to slake their victimization.

    * Germans never were any damn good at developing a tightly engineered plan and carrying it through.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  21. Sean says:

    Mearsheimer :-
    This situation, however, is unsustainable over time. Once it is widely recognized that the two-state solution is dead and Greater Israel is a reality, the righteous Jews will have two choices: support apartheid or work to help create a democratic bi-national state. I believe that almost all of them will opt for the latter option, in large part because of their deep-seated commitment to liberal values, which renders any apartheid state abhorrent to them.”

    The Barak government resumed peace negotiations with the PLO, stating that “Every attempt [by the State of Israel] to keep hold of this area [the West Bank and Gaza] as one political entity leads, necessarily, to either a nondemocratic or a non-Jewish state. Because if the Palestinians vote, then it is a binational state, and if they don’t vote it is an apartheid state.”

    Barak risked his life as a soldier of Israel and was highly decorated for it. Foxman sits on his fat ass in a big office, and gets to feel important. You don’t think Foxman could be a careerist?

    Read and
    Jordan isn’t up in smoke and the US is building a giant wall to protect its client Hashemite regime, although it is the one country that it ought to overthrow (so there could be a war involving the West Bank Arabs and an excuse to through them across the river) if it was trying to solve the occupied territory population problem I alluded to. Moreover, for the Israel Lobby there are more pressing matters than calling Austrians Nazis and ensuring the EU is favorable to anti Israel Muslims.

    As I said above the Österreich’s is ideally situated in the schengen (EU single currency and customs union area that harks back to the Moreover, in this new anschluss neither has to worry about defence. The problems of Europe are due to Germany, which has engineered an immigrant crisis as a wedge to give 70 million Turks the right to come to Europe.Germany is the great world-destabliser, it always has been. Now it’s up to old tricks again .

    “This is the story of Germany’s plans to bring the Ottomans into World War I and then to play the jihad card against the Allies

    Soft power from within a NATO cocoon, for the old objective. In 1971 Enoch Powell said a united Germany would become an enemy of the West. The ordinary Austrian and German may get sick of of paying for the Zollverein/ single currence which Thilo Sarrazin’called an export subsidy program for German business. Now merken has revived the when it is combined with mass migration which as Siin points out will erode the welfare and pay of German workers. Such popular disaffection could bring about Gexit (Germany leaving the EU). I imagine Austria would go too.

    • Replies: @anon
  22. anon • Disclaimer says:

    1. a lot more people read books & watch movies than write novels & screenplays.

    2. don’t have to be a Nazi to be a really good villain — Ann Rice created a French Catholic-ish vampire, L’Stat; very creepy.

    3. of pop fiction writers on NYTimes bestsellers list, dime to donuts there is mention of “Nazi” somewhere in the book, and it’s not usually the main character/villain. otoh, in same pop fiction, nowhere will the villain be Jewish: there’s frequently a Jewish character, minor, and always a doer of good and wise deeds.

    4. some pop fiction writers — Daniel Silva comes to mind — have made a fortune milking the “Nazi bad, Jew good/victim/seeker of justice” meme.

    5. in a genre called ‘creative non-fiction’ failed novelists like Erik Larson have likewise made their fortune by further propagandizing the propaganda that passes as history of WWII. For example, Larson based “In the Garden of Beasts” on Wm Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of Third Reich.” Both books were hit-pieces, designed to further demonize Germans/Germany. Keep hate alive.

    It’s interesting to note that propaganda produced by British & Americans (& Jews — Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel wrote what Frank Capra turned into propaganda film; and the Warner bros achieved financial security & dominance producing WWI and WWII propaganda film) in the run-up to WWII has merged seamlessly into what is called the history of that war. i.e. one can move from “Those Angry Days” by Lynne Olson to Shirer’s “Rise and Fall” and Larson’s “In the Garden” and even Daniel Silva’s oeuvre without any new perspective or even requirement to weigh countervailing (gasp) evidence.

    another, larger, imo, purpose for relentless inclusion of Nazi references in media, pop fiction & movies is to keep hate alive.
    Jews have developed a brand — Nazi = evil, and the black, evil Nazi reinforces the snow white innocence of Jewish victims. That horse will be flogged until it rolls over dead: Jews are brilliant writers, to be sure, but history has demonstrated they do not have a STOP button. They will overdo it, the masses will finally catch on, there will be another “antisemitic outburst holocaust pogrom blood libel, ” and the cycle will repeat itself.
    Really smart people, until the final dumb.

    • Replies: @Sean
  23. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire and Germany’s Bid for World Power, 1898-1918.

    see you & raise:
    from The Jews in Germany, 1881

    Lady Wortley Montagu, in her account of the policy and manners of the Turks (1717), gives a description of the Jews in Adrianople which might be written for the Jews of Berlin to-day [1881]. “I observed,” she says, “that most of the rich tradespeople are Jews. That people are in incredible power in this country. They have many privileges above all the natural Turks themselves, and have formed a very comfortable commonwealth here, being judged by their own laws. They have drawn the whole trade of the empire into their hands, partly by the firm union among themselves, partly by the idle temper and want of industry of the Turk. Every Bassa has his Jew, who is his homme d’affaires; he is let into all his secrets and does all his business. No bargain is made, no bribes received, no merchandises disposed of, but what passes through his hands. They are the physicians, the stewards, and the interpreters of all the great men. You may judge how advantageous this is to a people who never fail to make use of the smallest advantages. They have found the secret of making themselves so necessary that they are certain of the protection of the Court whatever Ministry is in power. Even the English, French, and Italian merchants, who are sensible of their artifices, are, however, forced to trust their affairs to their negotiations, nothing of trade being managed without them, and the meanest among them being too important to be disobliged, since the whole body take care of his interests with as much vigor as they would those of the most considerable of their members. They are, many of them, vastly rich.” . . .

    So — Jews were running things in Ottoman empire as it began to disintegrate.
    Jews were dominant in Poland as it fell apart in the late 19th early 20th century

  24. Since over 100 years the “Establishment” is Anti-German.Because former Colonial Superpowers like Britain and France did try to reduce the new upcoming 2nd German Reich (1871-1918).Always with a problem to involve the US.

    Since 1933 (and earlier) the created word “Nazi” is used as a term not to use the word “Socialist”.
    Between National-Socialism and International-Socialism is only a small difference.

    Since many decades the Establishment and his Media has tarined the people to have a Pavlovian Reflex.

    Take a Swastika and a man with a funny mustache on the cover and it sells.
    Take a Red Star,Hammer and sickle and Stalin or Mao on the cover – nobody cares.

    Dozens of Millions of victims have no Lobby.

    P.S.: Best comment would write / has already written Norman Finkelstein – he knows about Lobby, Business and Moneymakers.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Old Palo Altan

    “Austrians are not Germans”

    We are discussing WWII so you are being pedantic.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But it’s the (fake) 6 million Jews, and the legion of Jewish survivors of the “systematic, industrialized extermination of all the Jews in Europe”*

    If you think the Holocaust was a fraud then your argument can only be stupid and I stopped reading there.

    • Disagree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  27. What a hoot.

    “FT’s Tony Barber led off this month’s Friday the 13th story warning that “An illiberal political order is taking shape in central Europe.” One was reminded of Churchill’s famous 1946 speech: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” Martial metaphors followed about the “march of illiberalism” with “advancing” Austria signaling a development that has not “happened in a European democracy since the defeat of Nazism.” ”

    What “central Europe” country had anything like the totalitarian police state of the US?
    The DDR thugs were pikers compared to the regime of Bush the Lesser and Barry the Kenyan.

  28. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If you think the Holocaust was a fraud then your argument can only be stupid and I stopped reading there.

    don’t bother me with facts my mind is made up.


    • Replies: @helena
  29. Rehmat says:

    Can Jews kill fellow Jews? You can bet your Talmud they do.

    Every Israeli Hasbara idiot will tell you that while Muslims kills other Muslims (true no doubt), Jews will never kill their fellow Jews. However, historic events prove that after the Christians, most of the Jews killed were murdered by their fellow Jews. In fact, the former US President Richard Nixon is recorded on the White House tape in 1971 as saying: “The only two non-Jews in the Communist conspiracy were Chambers and Hiss – Every other one was a Jew and it raised hell with us”.

    Ironically, some of world’s greatest mass-murderers happen to be Jewish. Adolf Hitler, who is being portrayed as the greatest evil which breathed on earth by the Zionist mass-media – had 150,000 German Jews in the Nazi Army, who took active part in the Jewish Holocaust. Not only that, Hennecke Kardel in his book ‘Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel: Israel in War – With Jews’, documents how the Zionist Jewish elites used Hitler for mass immigration of European Jewry to Palestine.

    Naeim Giladi, an Iraqi Jew and member of Israeli terrorist group during his youth – in his book Jews of Iraq, records through his own experience how the Israeli terrorists vandalized Jewish properties and carried out murders of Jews – forcing 130,000 of them to migrate to Israel.

    On August 14, 2004 – Israel’s Channel 10 showed a documentary 100,000 Radiation, exposing the ugliest secret of Israel’s Labor Zionist founders; the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of nearly all Sephardi youths. In 1951, the director general of the Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim Sheba flew to America and returned with 7 x-ray machines, supplied to him by the American army.

  30. helena says:

    I was thinking of another MP sketch – ‘what have the Jews ever done for us?’

  31. Nazis Still Make Great Copy

    Except when they are our Nazis as in the Kiev Govt…..Then they are invisible.

  32. @Anonymous

    Full Definition of stupid

    1 a : slow of mind : obtuse
    b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
    c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish
    2: dulled in feeling or sensation : torpid
    3: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless
    4 a : lacking interest or point

    Origin: Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupēre to be numb, be astonished

    Used in a title: Were the Germans So Stupid?

    It’s not a new tactic; it shows up as a taboo to silence criticism of certain ethnic groups in the late 19th century:

    The Jews in Germany, 1881

    “It is not to be supposed that the influx of Israelites into Berlin was composed solely of high-souled individuals; . . . and when the patient Teuton begins to fear that his Father land, barely capable of supporting him and his offspring, may not be able to sustain the double weight of a vast foreign population added to the original burden, and utters a protest against renewed incursions of the ten tribes, he is met with a storm of rebuke, and told to hold his peace on pain of the stigma of Mangel an Bildung. [tr: Lack of education] . . .

    In other words, to impugn the intellectual acuity of an interlocutor as a means of evading substantive refutation of an argument is an old, worn out trick, past its sell-by date.

    Jonathan Revusky’s list of TITT Monger Tactics (TMTs) exposes the trick in colorful terms:

    “When somebody is up bullshit creek without a paddle, they must resort to illegitimate tactics. They have no other option.”

  33. Sean says:

    It is a very competitive occupation and there are many many people in the waiting to be given the reporters job. If there is a simple easy way to write an article that draws readers in then most journalists will take it.

    I got the impression that Hitler benefited from the aftermath of WW2, and the Austrians and Germans being infuriated at losing territory, but apparently WW2 following WW1 was just a coincidence.

    • Replies: @anon
  34. anon • Disclaimer says:

    what occupation is not competitive?

    the best plumbers install high-quality systems; mediocre plumbers clean sewers.

    one difference wrt to journalists = there is no objective standard; a journalist can lie, cheat and weasel his/her way to the top. Lawyers and CPAs have to pass rigorous exams and maintain memberships and educational standards to stay in their profession.

    It occurs to me people in media/communications, who have the skills to influence vast numbers of people and are unrestrained from lying to do so, should be required to be licensed and reviewed periodically, as lawyers and accountants are. Even barbers are required to pass tests and be licensed.

    • Replies: @Sean
  35. @Anonymous

    Was World War II still going on in 2000?
    You mention the election of a “right wing” government in Austria in that year, and then justify an attempted “coup” against that government because of the dangerous abilities of the Germans.
    I pointed out, and do so again, that the Germany of 2000 and the Austria of 2000 are two distinct nations. Nothing to do with 1938-1945.

  36. Sean says:

    The objective standard is called selling papers, and the difficulty of doing so in an internet age means that the number of paid journalists who feel safe in their job is very few. The fact is that as Gene said, Nazis sell. And not without reason, because the German nation has been watched with fear for half a millenum, and history
    .. it is “the primacy of foreign policy” which is the key to understanding the continent’s history. In his firmly expressed opinion, relations between states have been the dominant influence on every aspect of human life, from economics to culture. A generation or so ago, this would have been a deeply unfashionable line to take. The fall of the Soviet empire, the resurgence of nationalism and the global ‘war against terror’ have changed all that. […] There is a clear geographical focus here too. Simms tells us on the very first page that the principal security issues faced by Europeans over the centuries have remained remarkably constant and so has “the centrality of Germany as the semi-conductor linking the various parts of the European balance”. Whether it took the form of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, the German Confederation, Bismarck’s empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, or the Federal Republic, German-speaking Europe has always been the fulcrum of continental and even world politics. As the great German philosopher Leibniz lamented in 1670: “Germany is the ball which the powers toss to one another, Germany is the battlefield on which the struggle for mastery in Europe is fought”. It was also where the major revolutionary ideologies – Protestantism, Marxism, Nazism – were born.

    As we can see from the above, interest in German world altering schemes is has a excellent rationale and if you doubt that consider what they have just done; Merkel’s opening of Europe to mass immigration is a novel form of ideological aggression against the concept of nation states in Europe. Germany (and Austria) are free loaders in defence terms and choose to be militarily helpless, but they have again shown that they’ll never be a country that no one has to worry about.

    • Replies: @anon
  37. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Fascism is the greatest ideology, and I’m the only true fascist.

    One good thing about communism is molding all people into one. It creates a sense of comradeship. Instead of a society of poor folks, common folks, middle class folks, rich folks, and super-rich folks, there is only one people united as comrades. This is good for a sense of national bond.

    The problem of communism is in ignoring that some people are naturally better than others at doing stuff. Some people are smarter, some are more imaginative, some are more creative, some are more innovative, some are more industrious, and etc. Communism fails to reward such people for their skills and efforts. Communism says such people should work only for good of the whole, but when statism rules everything, it’s hard for individuals to do their stuff. Also, there is no incentive for individuals since all the profits are swallowed by the state. So, communism failed.

    The great thing about capitalism is it rewards hard work, innovation, creativity, smarts, cleverness, and etc. Capitalism understands that people are not equal. Some have better ideas. Some are more invested in effort and investment. Capitalism favors the doers, adventurers, and inventors.
    So, it leads to great advances in productivity and change.

    The bad side of capitalism is that those who reach the top become self-interested and come to identify more with rich-and-successful of OTHER societies than with their own people. So, the rich/successful whites in US, Canada, UK, France, and etc would rather hobnob with rich Saudis, rich Chinese, rich Africans, rich Hindus, and etc than care about fellow whites who aren’t so rich and high in status. (Of course, the globalist elites mask their neo-aristocratic highfalutinness with much empty noise about ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ when, in fact, ‘diversity’ amounts to elites looking for cheaper labor and/or Jews using divide-and-conquer among goyim to keep the power. Also, so much of ‘progressive’ thought is now devoted to useless and fantastical homomania. Since homos are close allies of the globalist empire, they pose no threat to the elites in the way that working class and labor unions once used to genuinely challenge elite power. Jews love globalist-capitalism since they feel no affinity with the masses of gentiles who are middle class or working class. They feel no sense of noblesse oblige.)

    This is why capitalism will fail in the long run. It allows for freedom and rise of the talented, but the talented will ‘come apart'(like Charles Murray said) and no longer feel any sense of comradeship with their racial brethren and sistren who keep falling more and more behind. (Marx said capitalism will fall because of inequality between haves and have-nots. More likely, capitalism will fall because the haves will identify more with haves of other nations. John Kerry is already talking about a borderless world, but that will lead to more chaos and downfall.)

    We see this all over. White elites in US and Canada no longer identify with or represent the white masses. Japanese and Korean elites snub their own kind and just suck up to their Jewish-homo-American masters. European elites like Merkel are closer to Jews and Muslims than with her own German kinfolk. Italian government is working with their Jewish masters to colonize Sicily with African invaders. Only the mafia is working to save Sicily from black colonization. Italian government ‘rescues’ black invaders from the seas but do nothing to protect Italian women from African thugs.

    This is why we need fascism. Fascism, unlike communism, understands and appreciates the fact that people are not equal and that some individuals are better suited to succeed at business, creativity, innovation, and etc. Fascism allows hierarchy which is natural since humans are not all the same. Communism was good to emphasize camaraderie of all men and women, but it was too repressive of the natural fact that humans are different as individuals. Communism repressed too much individual talent.

    Unlike communism, fascism allows and encourages people with superior talents and will to rise high and achieve great things as individuals.
    But there is another side to fascism that makes it the best ideology.
    If capitalism just allows individuals to grow rich and ‘come apart’ from their own kind in favor of globalist elites, fascism is a cultural, political, and spiritual system that reminds the successful elites that they belong to a race, a culture, a tradition, a common bond, a destiny. Fascism allows individual success but it also obligates successful individuals to care about their own people, represent their own people. Fascism says white elites should care about white masses.
    White elites and white masses must COME TOGETHER. In contrast, Jewish-controlled globo-capitalism says white elites must COME APART from white masses and cuck out to Jewish globalist masters and favor fellow globalist elites of other gentile nations who also snub and sneer at their own peoples.

    Today, white elites, Asian elites, African elites, and Latin elites who attend Harvard and Yale feel closer to one another than to their own peoples. Jews prize gentile elites like Justin Trudeau, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Fareed Zakaria, Carlos Slim, George Clooney, and Bill Gates. All these people belong to a globo-Elysium in the sky and hobnob with one another and don’t care one bit about their own racial/cultural kinfolks.

    Of course, the one great exception is Israel where Jewish leaders are expected to serve the interests of the Jewish masses there. Indeed, even Liberal Zionist Israeli elites favor conservative Jews over Liberal Palestinians. That is why Israel is a fascist-democracy, the only kind that works in the long run. Israel allows the rise of individuals of superior talent but ALL MUST SERVE THE JEWISH NATION AND PEOPLE. A rich Israeli Jew who says, “I prefer rich Chinese over working class Jews” would be kicked out of Israel, and rightfully so. It’d be like a high IQ father saying, “I love the smart kid of the other family more than regular IQ son of my family.” A father must love his sons over other sons. The national elite must love their own people more than elites of other nations.

    Israel was founded on ethno-leftism. The founders were socialists but also nationalists. And as Jewish nationalist-socialists, they avoided hardline communism that suppressed individual success. In other words, Israel as an ethno-leftist state was founded as a fascist-democracy.

    And what Israel has proven is that fascist-democracy is superior to fascist-dictatorship. A fascist democracy has all the fascist themes and premises of race, culture, history, and power(and these are written into the Founding Law). But it allows individual liberty and democratic process AS LONG AS people adhere to unity of race, culture, territory, and history. Kemal Ataturk also created a fascist-democracy in Turkey. And fascist-democracies were better in the long run than fascist-dictatorships of Italy and Germany where the masses were turned into obedient cattle doing whatever the Duce or Fuhrer ordered them to do. This is why neo-fascism must be a humanism and a democracy. If the German peoples could have said NO when Hitler called on ridiculous wars, National Socialist Germany would have been a successful.

    In yrs to come, Alt Right must be for White Power against White Privilege.
    Power unites, Privilege divides. White Power means all whites—rich, middle, working class, poor—all have something in common and must unite and share in power. POWER is a COMING TOGETHER.

    In contrast, PRIVILEGE is a COMING APART. White privilege means that, under globo-capitalism, some whites will do fabulously well, become super-rich, hobnob with the glamorous crowd, prefer non-white fellow elites over whites, cuck out to fiendish Jews, embrace homomania as the primary spiritual value, indulge in vanity and narcissism, and abandon all sense of roots, racial bond, cultural tradition, or destiny for their race.

    Even as Jews bitch about ‘white privilege'(to mask Jewish privilege), they prefer it to white power. Why? Because the idea of White Power means that white people of all classes will raise their fists high, come together, and march together.
    In contrast, white privilege means that the smarter whites will rise high, snub and sneer less fortunate whites, and prefer the company of Jews, Asians, mulattos, and homo neo-aristos. In other words, they’ll act like Bill Gates or Justin Trudeau who favor Jews, blacks, and homos over fellow whites.

    The West must move toward European-American Power and work at coming together. It must challenge and oppose the phenomenon of White Privilege that is so prevalent in Liberal cities where the fancy whites who attended Harvard and Princeton curtly snub and viciously defame working class whites, worship homos, suck up to Jews, and have kids with Negroes or with Asians than with their own kind.

    Jews act on the principle of Jewish Power. Even Liberal Jews care about religious/conservative Jews. Even billionaire Jews like Adelson care about poorer Jews in Israel. Adelson prefers a poor Jews over a rich white guy.

    In the conflict between Jewish POWER and White PRIVILEGE, Jewish Power will win because Power unites whereas Privilege divides. Jewish Power unites the Jews all over the world. White privilege divides successful urban whites from the white masses who are left feeling rootless, leaderless, soulless, and meaningless.

    Let White Liberals and Cuckservatives stand for White Privilege that says “Successful whites should care more about Jews, Negros, homos, and non-white immigrants than about their own white racial kind in order to prove that they are not ‘racist’, therefore worthy of their fancy status in the globalist Elysium jetset.”

    Cuckservatives got their fancy positions because they serve Jewish globalism than their own people. They hate Trumpism because it has aroused the feeling of White Power as opposed to White Privilege. Cuckservatives want to maintain their own privilege by virtue-signaling to rich Jews and Libs that they are the ‘good white conservatives’ who hate the Southern Flag, adopt and raise black kids(who will grow up to have sex with white women), disdain white identity, and are committed to ‘universal and abstract’ principles. Cuckservative privilege depends on total separation from rest of white race. They offer nothing for the white masses.

    This is where Alt Right must be different. It must stand for White Power, the unity of white elites and white masses. Even as Alt Right understands that some individuals are superior, it must reiterate that individual superiority must ultimately serve the good of the race and culture on holy territory. After all, one doesn’t search for the Holy Grail just to keep it for oneself. One seeks it to serve and save his own people. A true king doesn’t serve himself. He serves his people, his lineage past and future.

  38. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    According to Jewish-controlled Media Narrative….

    Jewish Patriotism in Israel is moderate. And Jewish ultra-nationalism is right-wing.


    European patriotism is FAR RIGHT.

    • Replies: @Sean
  39. They really don’t have much time left to stem the tide of negros coming in from Africa. There is a point of no return and it appears to be approaching.

    If current trends continue for the next twenty years without abatement, it is possible that Europe will look more like Africa than it will look like Europe of twenty years ago.

    • Replies: @helena
  40. Sean says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Kach Movement was banned in Israel, I expect it was because their advocacy of expelling the Arabs from Israel (far right politics) made too much sense to the population

  41. anon • Disclaimer says:

    You’re anti-German stuff gets weirder by the day.

    • Replies: @Sean
  42. helena says:
    @Son of Dixie

    Isn’t this ‘the plan’? The ptb must know there is a predicted env catastrophe for Africa as well as booming population. Countries that don’t have comparative advantage for wheat or whatever will be used as housing estates for the surplus people currently in the way of mining or whatever big business has planned for exploiting the planet.

  43. Sean says:

    Germany was renunified in 1990. One generation later …

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