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My Reply to the Attacks of Jewish Voice for Peace
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I have long been hearing that some JVP leaders have initiated whispering campaigns against me. This began many years ago (and long before the latest accusations, which are in a letter from JVP, below). In fact, I first heard of the director of JVP accusing me of anti-Semitism, behind my back, during the first year of my public statements about Palestine. Such actions seemed related to my political positions on Palestine, which were different from JVP’s:

I endorsed Palestinian refugees’ right of return, favored ending US aid to Israel, was aware of pro-Israel neocons’ role in pushing the US into the Iraq war, and did not deny the significance of the Israel lobby.

alison-book The whispered attacks against me were troubling, but I tried to ignore them and continue my work.

Then, with the publication of my book last year, “Against our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the US was used to create Israel,” the attacks seemed to escalate. It appeared that some JVP leaders were attempting to thwart my talks and prevent people from learning the facts that my book and my talks contain.

(It is very important to note this is not representative of all JVP members – many of whom are colleagues and supporters. Some have put on excellent speaking events for me.)

I finally decided to write an article about this situation – “Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew,” but did not name JVP, in the hope of preventing damaging division and distraction in the movement for justice in Palestine.

Before publishing this piece, I tried to clarify the situation with JVP, and emailed the national leaders asking about their statements about me. I hoped that by communicating with JVP directly the situation could be resolved. In reply I received a letter from a law firm on JVP’s behalf (a partner in the firm is the JVP board chair and was the signatory on the letter).

I was surprised at the McCarthyist, guilt-through-association attacks this letter contained, and I was amazed at the great effort someone had made to monitor my every move over the past 14 years of hundreds of speeches, articles, and interviews.

JVP sent their accusatory dossier on me to about 50 chapters around the country, and has been disseminating this and other accusations widely. I’ve just finished an extremely busy three-week speaking tour. In several locations I learned that JVP had tried to block my talks. Fortunately, they failed in almost all locations and my presentations were received extremely well; one audience even gave me a standing ovation.

By the way, although JVP is a membership organization, there is no indication that the general JVP membership was informed or involved in these actions.

Below is JVP leaders’ dossier on me, with my rebuttals below each section.

It is interesting to note that despite what seems to be a long and surprisingly intent focus on ferreting out supposedly negative information about me or potential mistakes I may have made, none of their accusations include anything about my own articles or speeches.

Instead, all their charges are based on alleged “guilt by association.” Even this McCarthyist tactic, however, is based on falsehoods, as I am not even associated with those they try to claim. Please see below:

JVP: “Jewish Voice for Peace has chosen not to work with you because our central tenet is opposition to racism in all its forms,”

This is not true. Among other things, JVP works with Zionists, an ideology that people throughout the world feel is profoundly racist. Many people find JVP’s action objectionable and will not work with JVP for that reason. At If Americans Knew, however, we believe in a broad tent, and have published JVP articles on our website, posted a link to the organization from the very beginning, and have occasionally worked with JVP members and several JVP chapters.

JVP: “and you have chosen repeatedly to associate yourself with people who advocate for racism.”

We have not done so.

JVP: “You have been a repeat guest of white supremacist Clay Douglas on his hate radio show, the Free American. Clay Douglas is concerned primarily with the survival of the White race and sees malign Jewish influence everywhere. His racist, anti-Jewish, and anti-gay rhetoric can be found across the front pages of his multiple websites. In the course of your appearance with Clay Douglas on August 25, 2010, for example, you were silent when Douglas invoked the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and engaged in a racist diatribe against Jews. Your repeated appearance on this show (April 23 and August 25, 2010; February 9 and May 18, 2011) show that you knew his extremist views and chose to continue the association.”

Over the past 14 years I have given probably hundreds of interviews to diverse people of all ages and backgrounds from across the political spectrum, as do most writers and analysts. I try to focus on the information I feel audiences need to hear, speak as intentionally as possible, and stay on target – surprisingly difficult during interviews, as others have no doubt also experienced.

I do not vet who may or may not listen to my information and have even gone on Israeli right-wing radio. We wish our important facts to reach every possible person, and I endeavor to be polite to all my hosts, even when they are hard-core Zionists.

I always use this airtime to the best of my ability to give important facts about Palestine to listeners of all backgrounds and beliefs in an effort to counter the media misinformation about the region and about Muslims.

Some sectors of US society are specifically being targeted by misinformation that is causing an alarming growth of Islamophobia in this country, some of it taking violent turns.

I feel it is critical that our facts, which counter this Islamophobia campaign, reach every portion of our diverse population, particularly those that are most vulnerable to this anti-Muslim propaganda.

As best I recall about this particular radio show from five years ago, Douglas was from Oklahoma or somewhere similar, seemed to have had a hard life and was, I suspected, a bit down and out.


In his somewhat wandering, occasionally conspiracy-tinged questions, Douglas touched on a lot of out-there thoughts, but I recall that he differentiated between Jews and Zionists, spoke strongly against violence, decried Israeli oppression, and seemed to be striving to be a fair person. When one time he failed to distinguish between Zionists and Jewish people in general, I corrected him.

(I’m told that some of those who seem to wish to “get me” are saying that he used an offensive term at one point, but I don’t recall anything of the sort. They may be referring to the term “Morlock” that he once used that I wasn’t familiar with, apparently from an HG Wells book, which Douglas used to refer to the global elite who exploit everyone, he said, including people who are Jewish.)

While someone has posted a transcript of one show (which may or may not be accurate), I actually went on his program several times, when I could squeeze it in (he asked me many times but I usually didn’t have time to do it). My purpose was to use this opportunity to convey to his audience as much important information as possible in the limited airtime available to me – the plight of Palestinians, my trips to the region, the media distortion on Palestine, how much money we give Israel, our responsibility to bring justice and peace, the real facts about Islam, the importance of opposing all racism, the fact that there are many Jewish-Americans who oppose Israeli oppression, etc.

This is what I try to convey to audiences whenever and wherever I can, as I believe that ending the long-standing injustice and horror in Palestine is the best way to protect human rights, security and peace for all parties and, indeed, the world. I believe the issue is too urgent to become distracted.

My goal is to try to reach everyone with the fundamental principle that all racism is wrong and to provide facts that will counter the falsehoods being given to them about Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Iranians, and others.

I don’t pretend that I am perfect and that all my responses will be flawless; all I can do is try my hardest. I apologize if there were cases where I should have done better.

It should go without saying (but apparently doesn’t) that appearing on anyone’s show or consenting to be interviewed by someone never denotes association with or endorsement of that person’s views, as surely everyone knows. Authors, politicians, and others go on a great many shows of diverse people, from the left to the right, and such appearances do not indicate agreement or disagreement with the host.

Jon Stewart invited John McCain, an advocate of war against many people in the Middle East, onto Stewart’s very powerful TV program and conducted a friendly, softball interview with him. Stewart gave McCain considerable airtime and even appeared to agree with McCain’s statement that the US should follow Israel’s example regarding torture, because “Israel doesn’t torture.”

This does not mean that Stewart is “associated” with John McCain. Yet, according to JVP’s illogical reasoning regarding my “guilt,” JVP should also be attacking Stewart. Why does JVP find Jon’s Stewart’s showcasing of McCain, a powerful individual with a track record of pushing wars and violence, acceptable, yet see my appearance on a tiny Internet radio show, with a host who apparently opposes both, as reason for attack.

JVP: “Your troubling associations and choices further include giving interviews to a range of far-right outlets including The American Free Press, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group”

See my answer above discussing the critical importance of giving facts on Palestine to all sectors of U.S. society.

Once again JVP is searching through my multitude of interviews for something negative to use against me and again must resort to alleged guilt through alleged (but false) association. JVP fails to mention that many diverse people have been interviewed by the American Free Press, including Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s parents.

Incidentally, it is important for people to be aware that the SPLC, like the ADL, is an unreliable source, and has changed considerably from its early valuable work: please see “King of the Hate Business,” “An Open Letter to the Southern Poverty Law Clinic: Do You Equate Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism?” and “Will the SPLC Rise to the Challenge? New Frontiers in Hate Crimes.”

JVP: “and the anti-gay, anti-Jewish pastor Mark Dankof. One of your articles appeared in an anthology that was promoted by the infamous Holocaust-denial organization, the Institute for Historical Review. We see no evidence that you have disavowed any of these outlets or institutions.”

JVP’s attempt to tar me by claiming that a group once promoted an anthology that contains a piece by me is a truly bizarre way to attack me! My articles have been included in at least four, perhaps more, anthologies, and every anthology has included highly respected authors, including Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and many others.

It is revealing that JVP’s accusation against me fails to mention that Rev. Dankof has also interviewed peace activists Ray McGovern and Jennifer Lowenstein, Israeli professor and author Ilan Pappe, and journalist and commentator Dilip Hiro, among many others.

For some reason JVP ignores our outreach policy against discrimination

“We are happy to provide information and speakers on Israel-Palestine to individuals and groups of all religious, ethnic, racial, and political backgrounds. If Americans Knew supports justice, truth, equal rights and respect for all human beings; and we oppose racism, supremacism, and discrimination of any and all forms.”

JVP: “Our movement must be built on a foundation of love, justice and equality for all people.”

That sounds excellent. I hope JVP will live up to these principles and will stop attacking people like me.

Our own statement of principles, posted on the If Americans Knew website, affirms:

“We believe all people are endowed with inalienable human rights regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or nationality. We believe in justice, fairness, and compassion and in treating all human beings with respect, empathy, and in the manner in which we would wish to be treated.”

JVP: “It should not and cannot win by fueling or endorsing any form of hate, whether against People of Color, gays, Jews, Muslims or anyone else.”

I certainly agree. It also should not include hatred of Christians, conservatives, or people whose views or facts we, or one, may dislike. I truly hope JVP believes in this important principle, and that it is not like the ADL, whose definition of “hate” is often based on political stances it dislikes on Israel. I have a life history of opposing all bigotry.

JVP: “At Jewish Voice for Peace, we are particularly sensitive to the long history of anti-Jewish oppression”

We are acutely sensitive to historic suffering and oppression, which is why we are working on the horrific and long-lasting occupation and oppression in Palestine, which is going on right now and which we have the opportunity and obligation to stop. We deeply believe in ‘never again,” and apply it to all people without exception. I have always opposed all forms of bigotry, and one of my very first essays was “Choosing to Act: Anti-Semitism Is Wrong.”

JVP: “as well as the ways that Palestinian liberation work is frequently tarred with false charges of anti-Semitism.”

Exactly like JVP’s false charges against me.

JVP: “Just as we call out the hateful associations of those who seek to perpetuate injustice against Palestinians, as a movement we must also hold the line against those who promote the false notion that Palestinian liberation can be won at the expense of others.”

Rather than spending our time “calling out” fellow activists in McCarthy-like witch hunts based on guilt through alleged association, we should work to provide the compelling facts that will end the tragedy.

I’ve just completed a three-week speaking tour, and was deeply pleased to see the following message from an organizer at one of my talks who received this from an audience member:

“I thought the presentation last night was awesome. She brought sunshine, hope, love, and so much courage to all of us. She is very brave to write and speak such truth in these times. So many have come before her and failed. It was wonderful to know there is still such a powerful voice for the actual history in the Middle East. She was an inspiration.”


I hope that at some point JVP will change its name to Jewish Voice for Peace and Justice, since peace cannot come without justice. Israel frequently claims that it desires “peace” – i.e. Palestinian submission. It is our responsibility to advocate for justice, freedom, equality, and human rights for all.

I hope JVP will desist from its attacks on those it dislikes, and will instead focus on the often excellent work it is doing and that its members want.

I feel strongly that we all contribute important things to the movement for justice and peace in Palestine. It is time to stop fighting among ourselves, for JVP and others to stop their witch hunts against deeply committed writers and activists, for JVP to stop its attempted censorship and domination of the Palestine movement, and for all of us to get on with our desperately important work.

That’s what I intend to do.

(Republished from Alison Weir by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Mark Green says: • Website

    Alison Weir is a great American and missionary for justice. How ironic–and revealing–that the most liberal, progressive Jewish ‘peace group’ would target Alison Weir for character assassination. That fact alone speaks volumes about the true mission of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

    JVP in fact is part of a vast, Zionist-friendly network that seeks to moderate all public discourse about Israel, US polices in the Middle East, and any narrative that touches on the history/suffering/concerns of ‘the Jewish people’. That’s a lot of territory. So you’d better watch what you say.

    Unfortunately, JVP is basically a fraudulent operation if peace is their objective. What they really are is a public relations outfit that puts a happy face on the ugly mow of international Zionism.

    JVP seeks peace but only on Zionist Israel’s terms. They oppose BDS, are content with Israel maintaining its regional monopoly on nuclear WMD, and are fully at peace with the racist underpinnings of Zionism. Their very name gives them away.

    JCP is an integral part of an ethnic-based, global lobby that protects Israel unconditionally and is hell-bent on silencing or destroying anyone anywhere who rejects Israel’s undeserved status in Official Washington and its artificial centrality in American life.

  2. Art says:

    In Israel, 15% approve of Obama – that is about the number US Jews that this brave woman represents.

    The other 85% of US Jewry want to steal the rest of Palestine – end of story.

  3. Sherman says:

    Does Alison Weir have a job besides attacking Israel?

    It seems like her only source of income is from her anti-Israel activities.

  4. geokat62 says:

    “That’s what I intend to do.”

    Dear Ms. Weir, you have done and continue to do extremely important work in the name of justice. As a result, I and many others admire you. As you know, the struggle for justice is never-ending, please do not get discouraged. The oppressed people of the world need people like you who are willing to sacrifice so much on their behalf. You are a pure soul and an inspiration.

    Keep up the fight!

  5. William says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Ms. Weir. I have always admired the great work you do. YOu are a great woman and God’s gift to the world.

    The Judaists have many fake organizations that seem to be anti-Israel, anti-occupation, but then they turn out to be pro-Jewish, promoting the same myth that they are a special “race” called “Jews”, and/or promoting the holocaust hoax.

    Calling people “anti-semite” is one of their biggest scams. The only problem—the Judaists are not semites.

    Because, in fact, there is no such race like “Jews.” They are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.

    A Tel Aviv University professor, Dr. Schlomo Sand, received a French award for his book entitled: “When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? ” For reviews, see:

    Also see: “The Fallacy of Biological Judaism”, By Robert Pollack, on:

    Also see the book called “The Myth of the Jewish race” by Patai:

    Also see the book “THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE”, by Arthur Koestler (Random House). For extensive research on khazars (caucasians) who converted to Judaism, see:

    Genetic research has confirmed that the Judaists are mostly whites. Judaists who look white are—white people! This is so obvious, but the Judaists are too brainwashed by their rabbis/leaders to see this obvious fact.

    Since there is no such race as “Jew”, the Judaists are not semite, and criticizing them is not “anti-semitic.” Case closed!

    This Jewish Voice for Peace sounds to me that it could be controlled opposition or even a sham opposition to Israel.

  6. Svigor says:

    Even this McCarthyist tactic

    It’s a shame we have to employ the left’s deceitful terms to communicate with the masses. I understand why it’s effective, really I do. I do it myself all the time. But every use (without an asterisk) reinforces that deceit. (For the short bus: “McCarthyite” is the term for “witch hunt” in America, thanks to leftist propaganda – but it shouldn’t be. “Communist,” or some Soviet phenomenon, should be.) Of course, the author’s almost certainly a leftist, so HMMV.

    JVP: “At Jewish Voice for Peace, we are particularly sensitive to the long history of anti-Jewish oppression”

    Dass Racis!

    JVP: “Just as we call out the hateful associations of those who seek to perpetuate injustice against Palestinians, as a movement we must also hold the line against those who promote the false notion that Palestinian liberation can be won at the expense of others.”

    Confederate Slaveholder’s Abolitionist Association: “Just as we call out the hateful associations of those who seek to perpetuate injustice against blacks, as a movement we must also hold the line against those who promote the false notion that black liberation can be won at the expense of slaveholders.”

    I hope that at some point JVP will change its name to Jewish Voice for Peace and Justice, since peace cannot come without justice.


    • Replies: @rivelle
  7. Svigor says:

    Does Alison Weir have a job besides attacking Israel?

    It seems like her only source of income is from her anti-Israel activities.

    This is a frequent tactic from the Jewish Misanthropes, the mirror image of the antisemites; if you aren’t “balanced” (spending, say, as much time on badminton (and every other pursuit) as you do on criticizing Israel’s shelling of dense urban neighborhoods), you’re AN ANTISEMITE!!!

    Never mind that the rest of the world is “unbalanced” in the opposite direction, cowering to Jewry and Zionism, and afraid to speak up.

    It’s the balance of those who criticize Israel or Zionism that’s important; the balance of the world as a whole can go straight to hell.

    Misanthropes think everyone’s stupid because, well, they’re misanthropes.

    • Replies: @Sherman
  8. Big Bill says:

    “She’s a [email protected] paid outside agitator!”

  9. Sherman says:

    There’s a heck of a lot of negativity, anger and hatred in your posts.

    I guess it takes a misanthrope to truly know what one is.

    • Replies: @Wally
  10. memorials says:

    My introduction to jewishness was via Uris’ stirring “Exodus.” Obviously this is an area where emotions are stirred often, and then judgement gets clouded. Never quite got until these past few years how Israel could behave so poorly or associate so closely with apartied South Africa. But I get it now. I’m still learning to remember that just because a zionist or a nazi says something is wet does not invalidate the idea that there may be water somewhere. Miko Peled was the one who first made the connections that got me examining the standard narrative more closely.

    Not every caucasian was a Boer, and not every Boer was a racist asshole. I’m sure there is something similar to be said for those who identify as jewish.

    Continue shining the light of truth as you see it, and remember your financial affairs may need to withstand similar light.

  11. Gt says:

    Do Krauthammer,Kristol,Perle,Wurmser,Feith,Abrams ,Pletka have any legit job excepting warmongering against Arab and excepting begging for money for Israel.

    • Replies: @Realist
  12. rivelle says:

    1/The great majority of Western critics of Israeli militaristic ultra-nationalism are Liberal Internationalists, Legal and Institutional Constructivists and Human Rights Universalists.

    People like David Duke can hardly be called any of the above.

    2/Zionist ethnic religious militaristic ultra-nationalism and Duke’s White ethno- nationalism have a great deal in common.

    Israeli ultra-nationalists *within* Israel destroy democratic debate with their militaristic labelling of the opponents as “traitors.”

    Liberman has confined his comment thus far to “Arabs” but how many and what type of “disloyalists” does Liberman really want to behead?

    3/ Other White ultra-nationalists are *pro* Israel.

    Zizek on Zionist anti-semitism:

    “Remember Anders Breivik, the Norwegian anti-immigrant mass murderer: He was anti-Semitic, but
    pro-Israel, since he saw the State of Israel as the first defence line against Muslim expansion—he even wanted to see the Jerusalem Temple rebuilt.

    His view is that Jews are okay as long as there aren’t too many of them—or, as he wrote in his Manifesto: “There is no Jewish problem in Western Europe (with the exception of the U.K. and France) as we only have 1 million in Western Europe, whereas 800,000 out of these 1 million
    live in France and the U.K. The U.S., on the other hand, with more than 6 million Jews (600% more than Europe) actually has a considerable Jewish problem.”

    His figure thus realizes the ultimate paradox of a Zionist anti-Semite—and we find the traces of this bizarre stance more often than one would expect.

    On his visit to France to commemorate the victims of the recent Paris killings, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a call to France’s Jewish community (which is the largest in Europe) to move to Israel for safety reasons. Even before his departure for Paris, Netanyahu announced that he planned to tell French Jews that they would be “welcomed with open arms” in Israel.

    The title in the main Polish daily Gazeta wyborsza tells it all: “Israel wants France without Jews.” So do the French anti-Semites, one might add. The constitution of the State of Israel was, from Europe’s standpoint, effectively the realized “final solution” of the Jewish problem (getting rid of the Jews) entertained by the Nazis themselves. Was the creation of the State of Israel not, to turn Clausewitz around, the continuation of the war against Jews by other (political) means? Is this not the “stain of injustice” that pertains to the State of Israel?”

  13. rivelle says:

    For Israel to finally start to respect International Law and Human Rights would indeed be a radical departure for this ultra-nationalist, ethnocentric, religious, military state.

    Would such a radical departure into moral normality really be equivalent to the “end” of Israel?

    Would a disavowal of the terrorism and the ethnic cleansing warfare which has marked Israel from the very beginning really be tantamount to the “end” of this military colonial state?

    The state of Israel has cost the human species trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

    Is a redemptive rebirth truly impossible?

    Why are religious fanatical militant Zionist ultra-nationalists so in love with warfare that they cannot even conceive of redemptive rebirth let alone see how desirable it is?

  14. @Sherman

    Oh, the irony of a hasbara shill complaining about how someone else earns their money.

  15. Realist says:

    …or anyone on Fox News.

  16. Jewish Voice for Peace is just like any other peace group in that it is so thoroughly infiltrated by supporters of Israel that it becomes probably more of a detriment than an asset to real effort for peace in the Mideast.

    The reason for this this situation is simple. Secret supporters of AIPAC routinely encouraged to infiltrate any and all peace groups. They then seek leadership position in these groups in order to neuter them and to lead them off in wild goose chases. (i.e. Darfur or whatever trendy cause is then currently popular).

    A knowledgeable friend told me quite seriously that he thinks that a sizable number, perhaps as many as a quarter, of the Jewish members of MPJC are in fact undercover agents of AIPAC. Jewish Voice for Peace is probably also similarly infiltrated.

    A case in point is my local peace group the Marin (California) Peace and Justice Coalition (MPJC). Because of its sensitivity towards Jewish “feelings” it has never staged even one demonstration at any of the synagogues in Marin County that are major fund raisers for AIPAC They also openly solicit funds for some of the more onerous Israeli non charitable organizations like the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    Because of not wanting to offend “Jewish sensitivities” the MPJC has passed up numerous opportunities to picket AIPAC gatherings in the county. It has also gone out of its way to cover up the actual names of the local AIPAC leadership as well whichhad to have been known to at least some of the Jewish members of the MPJC leadership. This sort of censorship was so effective that when the paid head of AIPACs northern California section retired a few years ago her name was totally unknown to other peace activists in the Bay Area despite the fact that she had been in her job for many years and her name had to have been known by at least some of the Jewish members of MPJC. Her name had been so carefully censored that no one even knew what it was until her retirement dinner was announced in the newspaper.

    One of the more egregious acts of the specifically Jewish leadership of MPJC was to divert attention and support away when our local, Palestinian friendly newspaper The Coastal Post was being viciously attacked for having the temerity to publish an article by Israel Shamir. Shamir is probably number one on the Israel Lobby hate list. The MPJC simply waylaid and stalled any real attempts to defend this feisty newspaper until AIPAC had managed to pressure its advertisers and forced it to go out of business.

    The Polish Solidarity Movement specifically organized around the Catholic Church in Poland in an attempt to prevent similar infiltration. I was once told by a leader in Solidarity that this is because when Polish reform movements that had previously included Jews within its membership had always ended up been betrayed because the Jews in Poland, rather than being persecuted like the Catholics, had always been the principal leaders and beneficiaries of the Communist government there. It might be time for a Solidarity movement to start here as well.

  17. Wally [AKA "BobbyBeGood"] says: • Website

    Righteous anger makes sense given the violence, lies, and racism of supremacist Zionism.

    Indeed, anger is just what the doctor ordered.

    It’s called fighting back.

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    The tide is turning.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @Andrew E. Mathis
  18. annamaria says:

    Since you have decided to go beyond the actual topic of this discussion, here is some relevant material for you to ponder: “The Big Lie at the Heart of the Myth of the Creation of Israel”


    After the slaughter in Gaza last year, the BDS movement – despite the FIFA set-back – can only gain traction.

  20. Sherman says:

    “Indeed, anger is just what the doctor ordered”

    Which doctor are you referring to? Your psychiatrist?

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Green

    So the rats are eating each other. Altogether appropriate.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What is not mentioned here, but should be, is that JVP sent out a secret letter to about 40 JVP chapter heads across the USA, showing them the letter they had sent to Alison and asking them not to work with her. This coincided with her book tour promoting “Against Our Better Judgment” , her outstanding well researched book on how Zionism operated, including their secrecy. Now JVP is jumping in on the secrecy wagon! Ironic.
    (JVP groups attempted to sabotage three of her lectures. Two changed venue and went ahead, with one giving Alison a standing ovation, but one was cancelled.)
    Unfortunately for JVP, three of the JVP chapter leaders decided to leak this despicable secret letter sent to them from the JVP Executive.

  23. rivelle says:

    >>>”“McCarthyite” is the term for “witch hunt” in America, thanks to leftist propaganda – but it shouldn’t be.”

    Joseph McCarthy – who for painfully obvious reasons is a hero of the Faux News culture-warring Right – was a schizoid psychopathic thug. And a moron.

    Deal with it!

    (BTW. Oliver North is not in any way a “hero” or anything other than a drug-peddling, arms-trading death-dealing arch-criminal either.)

    If you have to worship someone from that period, then remember with great fondness and sorrow Robert F. Kennedy. Who was an anti-communist Leftist.

    Or remember Eugene Debs. Martin Luther King. Henry Wallace.

    These figures are represent “what could have been”. A true American Left that was also anti-communist.

    Similarly, research John F. Kennedy’s policy that he had planned for Indonesia. That he was unable to put in place due to his very suspicious assassination.

    Another tragic historical “could have been”.

    Under John Kennedy, America’s Cold War policy would have been to have brought the anti and post colonial forces of nations such as Indonesia of civil society, of labor and the peasantry into the American democratic fold. And away from the Soviet sphere.

    Something similar would have informed America’s policy in Central and South America.

    This would have been vastly different world than the world in which America gave its support for far-right military dictatorships throughout the world.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  24. @Anonymous

    This is a bad break for Ms. Weir. Without the useful idiots of JVP at her side, who’s she left with? No one but Islamic militants and American neo-Nazis; she’s lost her “social justice” cover.

  25. @International Jew

    She is an American who puts the interests of the United States before those of an alien culture on the other side of the world. Why would she need any cover, unless there is a group of Anti-Americans who give cover to the traitors who support that alien culture.

  26. Sherman says:
    @International Jew

    You make a good point my friend.

    Perhaps useful idiots like the JVP will finally realize that so many extreme anti-Israel propagandists like Alison Weir are not merely critics of Israel’s policies but are simply vicious anti-Semites.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  27. annamaria says:
    @International Jew

    You mean, you enjoy seeing a principled and courageous person being kicked hard by the well-funded ethnocentrists that use the US as a useful host? It is amazing how tribal interests make people forfeit decency and common sense.

    Have you checked, by the way, the Israel’s relationships with ISIS? :

  28. One of the favorable things about Unz/Amconmag/Takimag is that even though their audiences are 95% the same they don’t attack each other.

    Contrast that with say Al Qaeda/ISIS which are constantly attacking each other even though their recruits/supporters are 95% the same.

    It’s nice to see that JVP/Weir are copying the latter (well figuratively) even though their supporters are 95% the same.

    Keep at it!

  29. Hibernian says:

    You’re more or less right about Mc Carthy, but there’s a giving away of the game involved in your lionization of JFK, Brother Bobby, and Henry Wallace. What is your definition of anti-communist?

    • Replies: @rivelle
  30. annamaria says:

    It is not honest to equalize anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Moreover, it is absolutely legitimate to criticize Israel as just another state.

  31. rivelle says:

    I also mentioned Eugene Debs. To which list I could Samuel Gompers. Edward Bellamy.

    I’ll go a bit further and add Emma Goldman. Helen Keller. The IWW.

    I hope I didn’t “lionize”.

    Though my indulgence in “what could have been” type counterfactual historical speculation can often fall into that trap, I grant you.

    >>>”What is your definition of anti-communist?”

    RFK was certainly an anti-communist.

    More generally I mean to refer to anti- and non- Communist/Stalinist figures, groups, movements and parties of the Left.

    Usually associated with the Labor movement; anti- and post colonial; women’s rights etc.

    But still Western liberal democratic. Or social democratic.

    What roughly occurred in Western Europe generally.

    This is why the Nordic nations are so far ahead of the USA on all indexes of human development and happiness.

    As is Japan; Canada; Germany; Australia.

    And in significant aspects with regard to combating poverty in more recent years, Brazil.

    The militant zeal of McCarthyite assault on Labor – (“commie!”, “commie!”, “commie!”) – in America means that the USA took the opposite direction.

    America is the only nation in the OECD without universal healthcare. Still.

    All other advanced nations have had universal health care as absolutely normal for generations.

    A feeble union movement – or other type of advocacy for labor – and the result is this:

    “Why American wage growth is so lousy”

    And perhaps most outrageously this:

    Robyn Archer has written a great history of Labor in the USA.

    “Why Is There No Labor Party in the United States?”

  32. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @International Jew

    Ah, but I am not a neo- nazi and I support Ms. Weir.

    Your black and white view of the world doesn’t jive with reality.

  33. @Wally

    Tell me, Jonnie: If the Holocaust is so “easily debunked,” then why do you refuse to debate it in any forum other than the one that you moderate?

  34. fnn says:


    McCarthy targets were almost exclusively “big fish”: State Dept, US Army, George C Marshall, Dean Acheson, Drew Pearson, Pres. Truman, Pres. Eisenhower- and the CIA:

    McCarthy, as part of his campaign against government, began accusing other senior members of the CIA as being security risks. McCarthy claimed that the CIA was a “sinkhole of communists”, and said he would root out a hundred of them. One of his first targets was Cord Meyer, who was still working for Operation Mockingbird. In August 1953, Richard Helms, Wisner’s deputy at the OPC, told Meyer that McCarthy had accused him of being a communist. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it was unwilling to give Meyer “security clearance”, without referring to any evidence against him. Allen W. Dulles and Frank Wisner both came to his defense and refused to permit an FBI interrogation of Meyer.[12]

    With the network in authority in the CIA threatened, Wisner was directed to unleash Mockingbird on McCarthy. Drew Pearson, Joe Alsop, Jack Anderson, Walter Lippmann and Ed Murrow all engaged in intensely negative coverage of McCarthy. According to Jack Anderson, his political reputation was permanently damaged by the press coverage orchestrated by Wisner.[13]

    Some accuse McCarthy of targeting homosexuals, but at that time of course the USG itself officially designated homosexuals as security risks. Funny that McCarthy and Roy Cohn were “gay-baited” by both Sen. Ralph Flanders and US Army chief counsel Joseph Welch.

  35. @Mark Green

    Mark means JVP and not JCP obviously in the end of his comments. His comments certainly ring true from my experience with JVP.

  36. @Mark Green

    Mark means JVP and not JCP obviously in the end of his comments. His comments certainly ring true from my experience with JVP.
    Also, how many Americans are aware of the fact that in many so-called “democratic” European countries and even places like Canada put people in jail for publicly questioning even just some of the aspects the Jewish story about the Holocaust? And that only Jewish “scholars” are allowed to look at the International Tracing System’s Nazi records of just what the figures are with regards to inmates of the Nazi concentration camps? In other words, there is some very undemocratic censoring and suppressing of information available about the historical events dubbed as “The Holocaust” that happened during WWII! And even though here in the US no one goes to jail for openly questioning some of the claims by Jewish people about these events, they are apt to face harassment from the Jewish Defense League or some other Jewish groups or even be scorned by people who have been brainwashed by the media that that is the appropriate reaction to expressing any skepticism or knowledge of contradicting info on that subject.

  37. RudyM says:

    I am reminded of these remarks from Jeff Blankfort, on the state of JVP ten years ago:

    It is significant that the only publication issued by JVP to date [2005] was entitled, “Reframing Anti-Semitism,” which sets the parameters it deems acceptable for criticizing Israel, e.g., only specific policies may be opposed and not Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, and no link can be made connecting actions of the Israel lobby or the interests of Israel to the current war in Iraq. Regarding the former, what JVP is implying is that “anti-Zionism” equals “anti-Semitism,” which is identical to the position of the Anti-Defamation League and the organized Jewish establishment.

    From a pamphlet that was being read and discussed by a chapter of JVP within the past year, entitled “The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All Our Movements”:

    Even in the U.S., where Jews have had 200 years of exceptional physical safety, it’s a background hum: be it rumors placing Jews or Israelis behind 9/11, the hit film that restaged the “Passion plays” which sparked annual Easter massacres of Jews in medieval Europe, or theories arising amid growing public disenchantment with the Iraq war that it was fought for Jewish or Israeli interests.

    . . . Any issue where Jews are very visible will bring out the antisemitism
    that already exists in the world. . . . In an issue where some Jews do have real power; it can get hard to tell what’s an accurate observation of unjust actions they have done, and what’s antisemitic thinking. For instance, if Israel getscontinually allowed to flout international law; if pro-Palestine activists suffer censorship or are ruled out for funding or jobs because of controversy this issue raises, some activists start to mistake Jews for a vast powerful network, or a conspiracy that calls all the shots. A third problem arises from normal activist tactics. We often fight campaigns by making our opponents look as bad as possible. The Left doesn’t have tons of money, or muscle on Capitol Hill. One of the strengths we do have is moral power to make the other side look bad enough that the world shames them into reversing their policy. In campaigns
    for AIDS funding, fair housing, prison rights, you name it, one of our main tactics is to make our opponents out to be cold, cruel and inhuman.

    But when you use tactics like that on a group that’s historically been portrayed as evil and inhuman, where that image has been used for centuries as a tool to incite mass violence against them, you tap into a larger historical power. A power that’s bigger than the Left, and has its own momentum.

    . . . Left Example: Claims that the U.S. wouldn’t be in Iraq if it weren’t for a nefarious Jewish influence (the state of Israel and its lobby controlling us, a clique of Jewish neo-cons who’ve gotten the nation all off course, etc.).

    From the same pamphlet, under the heading “Antisemitic ideas often repeated by activists with no anti-Jewish intentions”:

    “Zionism is racism.”
    “The ‘Israel Lobby’ is what is
    pushing America off track &
    away from its true interests,
    or caused us to go to war.”
    “The media, controlled by
    Zionists, never talks about the
    plight of the Palestinians.”

    I don’t think I need to comment on any of this. I can’t follow these rules about what can and can’t be said or thought, and I have no intention of following these rules. I find it curious that Jewish Palestinian solidarity groups are so busy concerning themselves with what non-Jews can say and who they can “associate” with (by simply appearing on radio shows, in Weir’s case).

    You know, after a while even us nice, formerly philosemite, left-liberals start to catch on and even start seriously doubting the Holocaust story.

  38. Svigor says:

    Joseph McCarthy – who for painfully obvious reasons is a hero of the Faux News culture-warring Right – was a schizoid psychopathic thug. And a moron.

    Deal with it!

    Irrelevant. Commies and lefties set the witch-hunting standard, have been since long before McCarthy was in short pants.

    There’s a heck of a lot of negativity, anger and hatred in your posts.

    I guess it takes a misanthrope to truly know what one is.


    P.S., where’s the “Sherman” from? Only Sherman I can think of is the war-mongering psychopath General Sherman from the War of Northern Aggression.

    It’s called fighting back


  39. I would vote for this woman if she was a US presidential candidate..

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Intitute for Historical Review is not a “Holocaust denial organization”: the IHR is a FORMER “Holocaust denial” organization. Furthermore, “holocaust denial” is a zionist neologism, a derogatory term to defame the holocaust REVISIONISM, a serious historical approach to the german concentration camps in WW2.

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