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My Infallible and Irrefutable Position on the Ukraine
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Europe, yummy!

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My position on the Ukraine is based on my understanding of political geography, the dynamics of history, and the peculiar problems of Europe.

One hundred and eight years ago, Europe was supreme, and, if old photographs are anything to go by, the World was largely heading in the right direction.

Of course, there were many problems in the pipeline — growing national egoism, the challenges of greater social equality between the classes and sexes, how to replace our moribund Christian morality, without becoming total degenerates, etc., etc. — but things were generally proceeding nicely. Then we decided to have a 40-year-long civil war followed by another 40 years of Cold War.

The effect of all that was the almost complete downfall of Europe.

Why did that happen? This question is something of a bottomless pit, but taking a macro-empirical view, in order to save time, it was because the balance of power became too unbalanced. There were two aspects to this — Germany and Russia: Germany became too powerful too soon (thanks, Napoleon III!) and lacked the nuanced and sensible leadership to manage this unsettling change; while Russia was already too big, and, with the advent of modern technology, was only going to become even more powerful.

This unbalancing of power led to Germany grasping at even more power and then other powers lunging to prevent Germany getting even stronger. The result was an 80 year period of European degradation.

Europe off balance, 1940
Europe off balance, 1940

But the 40-year European Civil War and the 40-year Cold War did achieve two positives. The first one clipped Germany’s imperialistic wings — almost off at the base — while the second one did something similar, but not as extreme, for Russia.

After this 80-year period of suffering, Europe had assumed a shape that was essentially much more balanced. In 1991 the possibility of either Germany or Russia becoming dominant and thus provoking counter movements that could lead to war (and the further reduction of European power and status) was far removed.

Germany, without Austria and the Eastern 20-25% of its territory that it lost in 1945, but with a potent guilt complex, became a manageable and stable geopolitical factor (although with severe toxic effects on its culture and society). Likewise Russia without Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Central Asian states and its weak economy, was no threat to the European balance of power.

Both WWII and the Cold War, despite their enormous costs, contributed to the creation of a geopolitically stable framework that has the potential to allow Europe to avoid further serious infighting, and thus allow it to focus more on the real challenges of being embedded in the toxic, materialistic, atomised, liberalist culture and civilisation of the wider West.

An important part of this stability was the avoidance of revanchism in the two main destabilising entities of the European order — Germany and Russia.

Germany, for the foreseeable future, despite its potent economic power, seems to have little possibility of becoming an active destabilising factor, even to the point that its timidity has even made it a slightly passive destabilising factor. In fact, Germany has become the hole in the European donut.

But such is not the case with Russia.

To his credit (sort of) Vladimir Putin has contributed to the stability of Europe by preventing Russia from achieving its economic potential through his system of short-sighted oligarchical corruption and resource extraction at the cost of true economic development. This has kept Russia weaker than it otherwise would have been, and added to the security of its Western neighbours.

But, unfortunately, this is only half of the picture.

Most ex-Soviet and ex-Eastern bloc states in Eastern Europe, blighted by 40 years of Cold War communism, have been making enormous economic gains through real economic development, in contrast to Russia, which has only been able to boost living standards and its military through natural resource extraction. But some of them are still economically very weak, most notably the ones that failed to shrug off the bear paw of Russia early on. These include Belarus and the Ukraine itself, which has only been outside Russia’s domineering sphere of influence since the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014.

Europe off balance 2022?
Europe off balance 2022?

Right now Putin is trying to use this weakness to build up Russian revanchism. He seeks nothing less than Russian domination of Belarus, which he already has, and the Ukraine, which he does not yet have. His attempt to actually get that, and the West’s dialled-in attempts to prevent it is the cause of the present instability. But if Putin were to achieve his goals and then be succeeded by a leader who actually knew how to develop Russia’s enormous economic potential, then Europe would be heading once more into a “balance of power” crisis on a par with 1914. Russia, with Belarus and the Ukraine under its belt, would not only be too big again, but it would also be too powerful for the small, perpetually squabbling states of Europe to resist. This would create the conditions for long-term, radical geopolitical instability.

My own personal “minority view” is that such a prolonged threat might have a useful detoxifying effect on LGBTQ+ uber-feminist Europe, but the more likely effect is that Europe would come to depend more and more on the toxifying superpower of the “Great Gay Satan on the Potomac.”

If, however, real geopolitical stability could be achieved in Europe, then NATO and the unhealthy dependence on American power could be discarded.

But this would require a few things — namely, a strong, independent and economically developing Ukraine, the same for Belarus, a strong Poland, the resolution of certain “territorial issues” (Crimea, Transdniestria, Kaliningrad, etc.), and, most of all, a Germany that was not revanchist in any way, but no longer buried under mountains of guilt to the point of geopolitical impotence, effectively serving as the hole in the European donut.


Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here (USA), here (UK), and here (Australia). He is also featured in Arktos’s 2016 collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.

(Republished from Affirmative Right by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: Germany, NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. mijj says:

    the huge problem for the entire planet is the US Supremacist Empire.

    what’s needed is a severe wing clipping for the US Supremacist Empire .. which is progressing quite nicely.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  2. Cookie says:

    The two European wars in the 20th century was about who would be king of Europe…and as an extension king of the known world outside China, but like all stupidity and greed those who looked for supremacy end up destroying themselves.

    If the British and the French had learned to get along with Germany and white Russia as people with a common past then a different world would of evolved, but the lessons of the time of kings and queens -Britain still clings to these parasites- showed there was never going to be a good future for Europe due to human nature.

    Russia owns Europe now, the threat of invasion will always be there and if Germany doesn’t hurry up and ratify Nord Stream 2 then the Russians will find an excuse to shut down the Ukrainian pipeline.

  3. Yee says:

    Isn’t this Britain’s centuries old strategy of “offshore balancing” of Continental Europe? The US has inherited and extended it to the every part of the world…

  4. British-Polish-Ukrainian Trilateral

    Isn’t the Ukraine half Poland and half Russia, anyway? How the Brits work themselves into this, who knows, but they do it everywhere.

    The Slavs are an awfully divisive race considering that they all sound the same to us outsiders:

  5. @mijj

    what’s needed is a severe wing clipping for the US Supremacist Empire

    You can start by taking the names of these monsters off the streets of Paris:


  6. This is a really shoddy article and illustrates the downright ignorance of many American ” right wingers”.

    To his credit (sort of) Vladimir Putin has contributed to the stability of Europe by preventing Russia from achieving its economic potential through his system of short-sighted oligarchical corruption and resource extraction at the cost of true economic development. This has kept Russia weaker than it otherwise would have been, and added to the security of its Western neighbours.

    He then compounds it by writing this.

    Russia, which has only been able to boost living standards and its military through natural resource extraction.

    Oil and gas are responsible for about 13% of Russia’s GDP, about the same as Norway. No one is suggesting that Norway is excessively dependent on oil and natural gas. Russia has a large and sophisticated manufacturing, service and financial sectors. Its GDP PPP is larger than that of Germany, many commentators believe. This is a remarkable recovery from the dismal years of the 1990s.

    Import substitution has been going on for over 20 years, but has become marked since 2014 when Western sanctions were imposed. It can be seen everywhere from pharmaceuticals to microchips ( all Russian microchips for military applications are Russian-made. America’s are from Taiwan and all points east ). Just as striking has been service substitution, notably in the financial sector.

    Russia already has cut itself out of Western financial systems. It raises loans for its sovereign debt, as well as bonds, on its own internal financial markets. Government debt is less than 20% of GDP, little is owed to foreign creditors.
    Russia has developed SPFS to replace SWIFT, the financial messaging system. At present, over 25% of transactions in Russia use it. In the event of cut-off from SWIFT, it will quickly be installed in the rest.
    The vast majority of digital payments in Russia use the indigenous MIR system, not MasterCard or Visa. Ultimately, MIR will be used for virtually all such payments.
    The digital rouble is also being developed and will soon be on stream.

    So Russia already has a well developed self-supporting financial system. Its reliance on Western systems, whether in the City of London or elsewhere, is long gone.

    Russia is now fulfilling its economic potential by sensible autarchic measures. Globalism is preventing America from fulfilling its economic potential. Even worse, it is destroying its economy and its society.

    When a columnist is this ignorant about basic economic facts, it is very difficult to believe his views on related matters. Yes, I did read the rest of the article: his views on most of these matters are just as ignorant, but I do not have the time or inclination to itemise them.

  7. Bro43rd says:

    More propaganda! The words & actions of Putin & Russia do not align with the authors opinions. Expect to see this on msm not UR.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  8. @Bro43rd

    You’re right. This man’s view of Russia and Eastern Europe has been completely shaped by Western MSM propaganda. He has the audacity to write:

    My position on the Ukraine is based on my understanding of political geography, the dynamics of history, and the peculiar problems of Europe.

    Unfortunately for us, his understanding is that of a moron.

    • Agree: lavoisier, nokangaroos
  9. No.
    Congress Poland (the only halfway legitimate one) will not be “strong”
    (hey – who started the “territorial issues”?).
    Every hundred years or so, German and Russian interests seem to be
    a Match made in Heaven: Tauroggen 1812, Rapallo 1922, – nu?!

  10. @Yee

    That’s what you should expect from Mr Liddell. He has learned nothing.

  11. @Verymuchalive

    Very much concur. Shoddy indeed.

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
  12. jsigur says:

    I find Colin interesting but there can be no truth in political and world analysis without covering the toxic effect of Jewish behavior which at this stage has us all reading from a script totally concocted by Jews.
    I understand Colin, to be viable, has to pretend Jews aren’t relevant or at least ignore them to earn a decent living but reading his hog wash about a problematic Germany and Russia and the need to have some sort of world balance leaves his readers oblivious to the fact that neither WW would have occurred without Jewish scheming to make it so.
    Does he even mention the fact that Jewish leaders who are treated as Gods by much of their tribe, declared war on Germany the day Hitler took office and forced scared goyim to cowtow to their demands to not buy German via domestic economic pressure?
    Even with the constant lying, exaggerating or misinforming the public about everything Germany did, always coloring their behavior in a bad light, and with their press domination of “facts” goyim are allowed to consume, even with that, German behavior towards Jewry was quite fair all through the 30s and then when you consider that most of the world declared war on them in 39, a tightening of the freedom belt was certainly in order.
    Learn to name the Jew Colin or go join the mainstream press!

  13. Liddell just offers more Neo-Klown bromides. The boot-licking is so bad he could get a job in Victoria Nuland’s office. Globo-Pedo is not good for Europe or anyone else – including Japan where Liddell at least used to write from. Globo-Pedo only benefits the cloud people like Satan Klaus, Gates, Soros, et al – and the legions of toadies and whores who work for them. Liddell rants about oligarchs in Russia (who Putin at least partially fought) while acting as if the ones who rule over the “free” world (Anglo-Zionist Empire and its totalitarian satrapies like UK, Canada and Australia) are the “engines of eternal progress”. His understanding of the world-wars (engineered for the benefit of said cloud people) is likewise something on the level of Howard Zinn or Walter Duranty.

    Isn’t the Ukraine half Poland and half Russia, anyway? How the Brits work themselves into this, who knows, but they do it everywhere.

    The western third of Ukraine is where Ukrainian is spoken most often, the eastern part is inhabited by Russian-speakers. The languages are close enough that they are mutually comprehensible. Ukraine did not exist as country before 1991 apart from two brief periods in the 20th century: 1) For a few months after the retreat of Russian forces in 1918; 2) as a German client-state after Hitler’s 1941 invasion. The traditional founding of Russia took place in Kiev in 988. Present-day Ukraine was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th century, heavily tax-farmed by the usual suspects to the point of peasant-revolts (Taras Bulba, et al), after which it returned to the Russian Empire.

    As for insufferable Brit-Twits you mention, they must think they can re-live the glory days of the Raj thanks to the (((City of London))) still being the epicenter of International High Finance (Usury-Racketeering). For example, what possible “national interest” would there be for a rusted-hulk of a country like Cuck Island to send soldiers to Afghanistan? There are already several graveyards full of their countrymen from previous adventures back to Kipling’s era, when contemporary writers noted the place was “The Graveyard of Empires”. Obviously the (((City of London))) ordered them to back there so the opium could keep flowing to benefit humanitarian luminaries like the (((Sacklers))) in the wake of “Jewish-lightning” striking Larry Silverstein’s twin towers in 2001. Perhaps even the legendary (((Sassoons))) – the “Rothschilds of the East” – still benefit from the poppies grown in the fields of Pashtoonistan. As always with such bloodsuckers, they never pay for the wars themselves (much less actually fight) but get their toadies who run ostensibly independent countries to send goyim fight for them.

  14. Cookie says:

    The greatest propaganda the world has ever swallowed was the belief that Anglo Saxons are the power in Britain.

    The Norman conquers put an end to that, but they kept the name Anglo Saxon as a mask to there true identity.

    If you haven’t noticed a lot of these people got their start in France.

    The Jews likewise are a defeated people, what the Zionist and “Anglo Saxons” are…are a label for criminal organizations that have no alliance to anyone but power, privelage and position.

    Once you learn to look past labels you can see the same families and networks through time.

    Rid the world of these people and you better have something to replace it straight away otherwise the next lot will take their place.

  15. AlexT says:

    I can’t believe UR stooped low enough to give this guy a platform.

  16. Germany should not be revisionist?
    So it should be a second class nation forever?
    As a German I have to reject this. We need revisionism to bringt peace to Europe. We have to speak about WW1, the Versailles Treaty and who was really starting this war (little hint: England, France and Russia – not Germany). Same for WW2.
    We Germans have not forgotten, that more german civilians were killed in WW1 after armistice (starved because of the English blockade). The same for WW2: before armistice 2 million German civilians were killed, after armistice at least 4 million German civilians were killed (side effect of the expulsion of 15 million Germans from the east, starving and in Allied prison camps).
    We have not forgotten and we can not forgive this. Because none of the offender was held accountable for it.
    Why is there still a United Nations enemy state clause? Why is Germany not allowed to have nuclear weapons (forbidden by the Allies in the 2+4 Treaty)? Why can the US and UK spy in Germany without any consequences?
    Its time to end the 100-year war against Germany. The only way to do it is revisionism.

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