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Multiculturalism in the Age of Coronavirus
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“Promote a sense of collectivism: All messaging should reinforce a sense of community, that ‘we are all in this together.’ This will avoid increasing tensions between different groups.”
Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)

The above advice was given to the British government in late March, and represents a propaganda strategy designed to stop the flimsy fantasy of multicultural harmony coming apart at its threadbare seams. From a purely strategic point of view, of course, it makes perfect sense. Whether readers believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a real health crisis or a contrived one, the fact remains that a crisis scenario has been fully realized. Millions are now unemployed, with no immediate prospect of finding new jobs. Many thousands are being taken into hospitals with rapidly diminishing capabilities to treat them. Resources, in terms of jobs, material goods, and services, are becoming scarce. Entire populations have been placed under a kind of house arrest, with some losing their minds and adding their own families to a “string of domestic killings.” A state of emergency now prevails, and the “normal” that we knew isn’t coming back any time soon, and perhaps never will. Multiculturalism, built on the hitherto monolithic foundations of global liberal finance capitalism, and “normalised” by an equally monolithic academic-media complex, is thus subjected to its first “earthquake” from outside the system. One would naturally expect this system to respond by shoring up its more vulnerable structures. And so, I’d been waiting for advice on protecting multiculturalism, like that from SAGE, for about two weeks before it finally arrived. We can be sure it’s been repeated, more or less verbatim, in the halls of every Western government.

In all genuine crises, the superfluous and the artificial within one’s ecology are abandoned quickly. Consult with any survival expert and he will tell you that the core strategy in any survival situation is to strip all activity back to extreme basics — fire, shelter, water, and food. Anything else, any attempt to divert energy into unnecessary rest or leisure, could prove fatal. When societies encounter genuine crises, the same philosophy prevails. Central infrastructure is protected, and superfluous entertainments and distractions are either repurposed as propaganda for the maintenance of morale or dispensed with entirely. The flow of information, outside propaganda, is streamlined to the essential and the relevant. When was the last time you heard about a “Drag Queen Story Hour” or tranny bathrooms? These things were part of our civilisational decline, but they were also merely a form of cultural ephemera produced by a corrupt, rootless cosmopolitanism. To put it in the new language of our times, these things were examples of viral shedding rather than the virus itself. They were the means by which the ideological virus reproduced itself in impressionable or vulgar minds. It may be some time before we are exposed to this kind of ephemera again, which we can applaud and self-congratulate ourselves about, but what about the real virus at the heart of it? What about multiculturalism under coronavirus?

All dissident circles and political outliers have explained lack of success in recent decades by arguing that the false consciousness of the masses, induced by materialism and the saturation of culture with the prevailing ideology, can only be broken by a crisis of global proportions. For the Far Left, this has involved speculation about identifying “emancipatory opportunities” in events such as the migrant crisis, the 2008 financial crash, and the putative future collapse of capitalism itself. Those on the Far Right have equally made gains through crises such as ethnic riots, Muslim terrorism, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would therefore appear natural, to some extent, to assume that the bigger the crisis, the bigger the possible gains for those outside the mainstream. The assumption would be that a global health emergency ushering in a new Great Depression, would be just what dissidents are looking for. The difficultly thus far, however, is that coronavirus doesn’t seem to be delivering. Why?

Multiculturalism in stasis

Although we are still in the relatively early stages of this outbreak, and a long way from the mass production of a vaccine, the system has taken extremely good care of itself and has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to absorb and deflect damage. I’m not referring here to medical systems, or to the production and distribution of supplies and equipment, which has been problematic and haphazard. I’m talking about the fundamental governmental and financial structure of how we live our lives. My initial impression is that the tensions induced by multiculturalism and mass migration are now under a kind of situational permafrost. Quite simply, just like its manifestations of viral shedding, multiculturalism has itself been quarantined. If multiculturalism was sustained in the past by a vast network of creeping legal, educational, social, and cultural controls, then it shouldn’t be surprising that it should be held firmly in place at a time when government controls are expanding rapidly.

Multiculturalism is a political and economic problem, but it is primarily social in that it involves direct competition and negative interpersonal interactions between races (social groups). With the introduction of social distancing and forms of mass house arrest, there would be a predictable decline in flashpoints and confrontations. Of course, people still need to exercise, and to procure food and medicines. And, unfortunately, even these meagre opportunities have already provided ample opportunities for Whites to be targeted. In England there have been examples of Muslims and Africans harassing elderly Whites by coughing on them, but the butchering of a seven-year-old English girl, who had been taken on a bike ride through a park by her father, by a Somali immigrant is probably the most horrific recent example. Overall, however, with streets emptying and social gatherings all but eliminated, multiculturalism, along with its symptoms, has been largely sidelined by immediate medical and financial concerns.

This is a valuable lesson for those of us, myself included, who had been convinced in recent years that any kind of serious crisis would prove to be a tipping point in Western consciousness about multiculturalism. Certainly I did not foresee a situation in which multiculturalism could be sequestered within a crisis. And yet it has been. Since the imposition of social distancing measures, crime has plummeted throughout the West. In some areas of the UK, crime has dropped by 20% thanks to the almost complete elimination of snatch-thefts and assaults in public spaces, crimes in which non-Whites feature disproportionately as perpetrators. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have witnessed falls in crime of around 25%, with the most marked declines in burglary and assault. Sex crimes have in some areas declined by almost 50%. These falls are almost entirely due to the dramatic reduction, even elimination, of opportunities for such crimes to take place. Whites are safer in their homes than they are in a public saturated with ethnic hostility and criminality. What prevails now is an uneasy peace, a kind of phoney war. Ethnic crime and other forms of interpersonal hostility between the races, something we should unashamedly acknowledge as a propaganda advantage in our confrontation with the broader phenomenon of multiculturalism, is for the time being more or less neutered.

A New False Consciousness

The advice given to the British government by SAGE quite bluntly argues for the manufacturing of a “a sense of collectivism: All messaging should reinforce a sense of community, that ‘we are all in this together.’” This is something that we should all have expected when something like “the crisis” we’d been waiting for finally arrived. That being said, I never imagined it would work. What I have instead observed in the last few weeks is something like the creation of a new false consciousness to mask the cracks in the old one. Yes, economic uncertainty and a daily drumbeat of morbid fear is being disseminated by the mass media. But, for me personally, the more unsettling aspect of what has occurred is the development of a sense of collectivism bred on social media and rooted entirely in fantasy, self-congratulation, and a cloying, ad hoc, insincere, and entirely temporary sentimentality about health workers.

Quite frankly, we aren’t all in this together. Regardless of the insane bathtub ranting of Madonna, the mega-rich have absconded from their city dwellings en masse, in search of private islands replete with “Covid-19 tests abroad, personal medics and subterranean hideouts.” Otherwise normal people have engaged in riotous behavior against one another in order to obtain vast quantities of toilet paper. Competition and tension between nations has increased over access to supplies from China. The old and infirm are more or less at the mercy of younger generations who’ve either failed to take the virus seriously or openly celebrated it as a “Boomer Remover.” Muslims and ultra-Orthodox Jews have proven themselves to be especially prone to spreading infection (see here and here) and dying from COVID-19 (so far, Jews are over-represented in UK deaths by a factor of eight), due to their large families, sometimes with three generations under one roof, and other social habits. Blacks and the disabled have each made the case that they are being uniquely discriminated against in government responses to coronavirus. It’s a psychological free-for-all, and fertile ground for physical disquiet, disguised only by the fact we’re barely allowed out of our homes.

Part of the conditioning of false collectivism is the easily observed widespread employment of the language of warfare. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard politicians and media figures talk about the “battle” against “the enemy.” Donald Trump has declared he is a “wartime president” against “an invisible enemy.” Emmanuel Macron announced that his country is at war with an “invisible, elusive” enemy. Italy’s special commissioner said the country must equip itself for a “war economy.” Prior to becoming infected and entering intensive care, Boris Johnson announced to his fellow Britons that theirs was a fight in which each and every citizen was “directly enlisted.” Doctors and nurses are said to be on the “front line.” One intention of this nomenclature is probably to reinforce the seriousness of the situation, and to encourage a sense of sacrifice. On the other hand, and more subversively, it’s designed to pacify aggression (by encouraging people to accept their losses as part of a “war effort”), to normalise the expansion of emergency powers and the national security state, and to try to manufacture popular unity by positing a common enemy upon which we are supposed to vent our anxieties and psychological aggression.

The problem is that coronavirus is no more an “enemy” than a bushfire, tornado, or flood. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an enemy that’s more of a non-entity than a virus, which is really a kind of nonliving, parasitic, reproducing combination of chemicals than a living organism. A virus is a medical puzzle and a clinical complication; it is nothing more. We therefore find ourselves in the grotesque scenario in which Europe’s politicians have dismissed decades of mass migration, casualty-strewn Muslim terrorism, and annual escalations in ethnic crime with mawkish appeals to sentimentality and “coming together,” only to later mobilize the language of war and national defense in a feeble attempt to get us to band together with our new “fellow citizens” on the “front line” against a collection of molecules. They think us fools, and the most tragic aspect of all this is that they are correct.

Mainstream news is awash with propaganda stories (for example, see here, here, and here) of migrant or refugee workers doing “heroic” work in the health system. The Guardian has reported that New Jersey recently became the second state, after New York, “to invoke emergency powers to temporarily relax restrictions on foreign-born medical professionals. … In Germany, hundreds of foreign doctors and nurses who don’t yet have licences to practice signed up to work, following callouts from local authorities who promised training.” Conveniently forgotten is the fact that, for years, foreign medics have been sexually assaulting and abusing their patients in vastly disproportionate numbers. The American Medical Association has called for opening visa processing at embassies and consulates worldwide for physicians seeking to join U.S. residency programs starting in July, meaning sick Americans can very soon look forward to many thousands more examples of the best medical care that Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Middle East have to offer.

You struggle to absorb the sheer stupidity and tragicomedy of the situation, until you recall we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time, simultaneously reflecting our civilization’s newfound penchant for infantile magical thinking and sadomasochism. Faced with a succession of crises, we have perfected our capacity to bewitch ourselves and make them worse.

The Changing Rules of the Game

If the true nature of multiculturalism involves racial competition then we might say, as discussed above, that coronavirus has brought about a pause in play. With quarantine and social distancing, the various teams are locked down in their respective dressing rooms, awaiting further instructions. But what rules will we play under when competition resumes? Already the system has shredded the existing rule book. Every Western nation has introduced massive stimulus packages, some more socialistic than others, in an effort to ensure the corporations can continue to suck profits from a debt-based feeding tube stretching far into the distant future, and to create the illusion that the basic income expectations of their populations are going to be met. Unemployment is soaring, but it remains too early to gauge the level of social disquiet this might give rise to. The point here is that resource competition is being artificially numbed by the debt-based financial system. For now, these measures might help a little. Many people will still be able to make their mortgage payments, buy food, stockpile toilet paper until their instinctive fear is assuaged even a little, and even absorb everything that Netflix and the rest of the entertainment-industrial complex wants to throw at them. They can be made to feel that everything might just work out alright, just like it did in Harry Potter. This infantile sense of hope and expectation is fatal to every revolution, and essential to the maintenance of every status quo. Our people are obedient servants of the state not because they are physically locked down, but because they’re mentally locked down, and have been for decades.

All financial assistance for the average man is being offered on the basis of massive future debt. Everything handed to us now will eventually need to be paid back, and if the sums become high enough, and I believe they already have, that debt will remain for our children and grandchildren. The system is coming to the rescue of itself, even enriching itself, while posturing as saving us. Post-coronavirus, we will once more emerge into the sunshine land of mass migration, low wages, cheap foreign labor, and the meaningless gluttony of consumerism, only this time our taxes will be higher, our children will be poorer, and our governments, staffed with hostile elites, will have more powers of surveillance and coercion than at any time in history. It is here, I think, in the dismal aftermath rather than in the eye of the coronavirus storm, that resource competition will intensify. I hesitate to offer such a theory, for fear that it might be construed as yet another instance of kicking the can of revolution down the road, making of it an event of religious expectation always on the horizon but never coming to fruition. And yet I can’t escape the feeling that no matter what rule changes are brought into the game, when we once more emerge from our homes to resume play there will be less to lose and we will be against an opponent that, if not staggered, will be weakened by having had to redraw its game plan during half-time.

Silver Linings?

Coronavirus may subliminally contribute to a rise in White consciousness, as part of a broader phenomenon in which ethnocentric attitudes increase as a function of perceived disease vulnerability. In its coarser form, it’s fodder for those running on instinct rather than intellect. We saw it in Donald Trump’s reference to the “China virus,” a small number of random assaults of East Asians in several countries, and other examples of anti-Chinese actions. From my own perspective, I’ve found such baiting of the Chinese to be crass and ultimately counter-productive. On a personal level, I feel a sense of revulsion for much of East Asian culture, and I can think of many reasons for an anti-Chinese, anti-Asian stance among Whites that do not involve viewing these people as harbingers of a plague. I view the East Asians as no less a negative force within multiculturalism than any other foreign group, with the exception of the Jews, who are probably finding all of the recent events very unsettling indeed — especially when it emerged that Italian crematoria, with the most modern equipment available, were struggling to cremate any more than 25 bodies a day. But I digress.

The East Asians are a largely silent problem, who bring with them a more subtle form of criminality, and who allow themselves to be used as models of multicultural success. They have no contribution to make to our culture, and have made little or none in the past. Their ethnocentrism is strong but understated, less flamboyant than that of the Jews and the Arabs but carrying ominous potential when combined with international power. Much of their psychology is totally alien to ours, and their treatment of animals is shocking to the European soul. I have seen videos of dogs in Chinese markets that have made my skin scrawl and my blood boil. The East Asians are a rival to the Europeans; we have never been friends. There should have been a mass ban on the entry of all East Asians at the very moment it became known that there had been an outbreak of a novel disease in a Chinese city, and I view any later political rhetoric on the Chinese as a rather late and pathetic attempt at damage-limitation. In other words, I have little patience for GOP lip-service ethnocentrism that begins and ends with mere rhetoric. Hate the Chinese all you want, but if you hate them, hate them with a pure and genuine hatred that is backed with a consideration of all facts on the table.

It’s my sincere and wishful hope that this outbreak contributes to White ethnocentrism by focusing attention on the broader vulnerabilities of porous borders to globalised infection, terrorism, mass migration, and the much deeper transformation of our way of life. I might believe, to borrow the words of Ezra Pound, that our civilization is now little more than an “old bitch gone in the teeth,” but I’m not yet prepared to write it off. When this quarantine ends, we will have to dust ourselves off and once more enter the fray, perhaps with more intensity than ever before. We will have to be adaptive and flexible. In this regard, I find it extremely heartening that Italy has very recently decided to use the coronavirus outbreak to close its ports to all migrant ships, declaring that they “cannot guarantee the requisites needed to be classified and defined as a place of safety.” Genuine concern or exquisite statecraft? Who knows, and who cares? By taking this action, they have turned the very concept of asylum on its head. “Why come to Europe? Europe isn’t safe. Go home.” “Why come to Europe? Europe has no jobs. Go home.” This is the kind of flexible and subtle thinking that will be required moving forward. Opportunities should be sought in every misfortune.

Everything in our nations will become less comfortable in the months and years to come, and some illusions will be dissolved as the situation worsens. Multiculturalism, one of the biggest illusions of our political culture, will eventually suffer. Not right now. Not while social distancing has us all under lockdown. And perhaps not in the immediate aftermath. But it will suffer. The system won’t be able to offer false hopes and false expectations forever. The “sense of collectivism” offered by coronavirus propaganda is a cynical and exploitative ruse that will dissipate as soon as immediate trouble passes. The sense of collectivism we offer is built on tradition, history, blood, and a radical vision of what the future can and must be. It will endure.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “The East Asians are a rival to the Europeans; we have never been friends”

    These days there isn’t much rivalry: the East Asians are so far ahead that it isn’t even a match anymore. They supply > 50% of the USA’s STEM PhD students, for example, and they are wisely retaining their culture and ethnic homelands by refusing to flood it with third world detritus. The rivalry might continue between Chinese and Jews, but Europeans are far behind.

    East Asians were excellent rivals, worthy of respect on account of the accomplishments of their culture, dietary habits notwithstanding. Hitler openly admired China and Japan, remarking that their histories were superior to those of the Germans. It’s good to have a rival that engages in open competition rather than subversion and backstabbing.

    On a different topic, there are rather obvious signs of discontent within the ethnic enclaves in Europe. Here’s a juicy clip of French police being ambushed by ‘marginalized youth’:

    The ‘we are all in this together’ narrative is going to fall apart over the coming weeks as these sorts of outbreaks become more commonplace.

  2. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    They have no contribution to make to our culture, and have made little or none in the past.

    I genuinely do not understand when alt-right people complain about other races not contributing to their culture.

    Firstly, the whole point is to prevent them from contributing, as that would be multiculturalism, etc. Secondly, if they did contribute, the culture would not longer be “ours,” or otherwise the definition of “us” would need to also include the other race in question.

    I think he is trying to make a point, but I don’t get it. Maybe he means that Asians are not a part of European history, in the way that some North Africans are?

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. The East Asians .. have no contribution to make to our culture?

    Kidding, right? Do you have ANY–even faint–idea what East Asian culture is? If you did, you would not say such silly things. East Asians just contributed majorly to our culture, in case you missed it.

    They (pockets of Japan excepted) went from detecting a Coronavirus of unknown origin to sequencing, clinically prognosing it, and providing case studies inside 28 days to closing down it down 60 days later. It’s called cooperation, and its a contribution our culture desperately needs.

    BTW, after we got the warning from China, we waited two months to begin testing testing for it. That’s inflexible.

    • Disagree: 3g4me
    • LOL: Richard B
    • Troll: Tusk, Pheasant
  4. cortesar says:

    You struggle to absorb the sheer stupidity and tragicomedy of the situation, until you recall we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time, simultaneously reflecting our civilization’s newfound penchant for infantile magical thinking and sadomasochism. Faced with a succession of crises, we have perfected our capacity to bewitch ourselves and make them worse
    Very true
    It is time to write the new fundamental equation

    Infantilization x Feminization^2 = The age of Karens

  5. unable to pick on blacks gays women or jews the author bullies the mythical east asian….those dog eating dirty wuhans and their alien psychologies… his words ye shall know him

    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  6. Blubb says:

    Heh. Just wait till Ramadan starts.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @GeeBee
  7. In Continental Europe the ‘all together’ theme is barely holding, and momentum is in the opposite direction … In fact migrant communities are growing afraid of backlash and eventual anti-migrant campaigns, even eventual quasi-ethnic-cleansing

    With social welfare systems strained to the breaking point given lockdown unemployment, there is regret and anger building about public funds spent on migrant waves in recent years

    The lockdowns are often barely being enforced in migrant communities, for fear of riotous explosion by youthful troublemakers if enforcement is attempted, as noted in the first comment above by jbwilson24 re France … French officials have explicitly said so, in effect ‘just leave migrant areas alone’

    Last weekend in Belgium, an age-19 youth of migrant heritage, confronted by police when with others, tried to speed away on a scooter but in his haste hit a police vehicle head-on and died, leading to two days of rioting and 100 or so arrests … When a police vehicle was attacked by a mob, at least one police firearm was removed by a rioter

    As people watch these videos of migrant-origin youths rioting, whilst local people receive heavy monetary fines for lockdown violations, emotions run high … as lockdowns continue, or with another wave in the autumn, it may get quite dramatic politically

    This is sad for those of us with migrant-heritage friends, who think positively of a certain degree of ‘organic’ (not forced or induced or manipulated) immigration

    • Replies: @orionyx
  8. The assumption would be that a global health emergency ushering in a new Great Depression, would be just what dissidents are looking for. The difficultly thus far, however, is that coronavirus doesn’t seem to be delivering. Why?

    In Blighty the appalling gang rape of possibly millions of local girls and in some instances murder, by imported swarthy hordes over decades was more than enough to trigger an uprising.

    Know your place Brits are just easy to kraal by an evil ruling class hell-bent on maintaining the farce that is multiculturalism and diversity.

    The East Asians are a rival to the Europeans; we have never been friends.

    To paraphrase Palmerston, nations only have permanent interests. These people are huge customers. Thanks to ‘Chinapolitik’ under people like Gerhard Schröder, by 2019 the country was Germany’s third largest export market.

    I personally wish East Asians the best as they pursue economic development needed to further lift living standards instead of exporting poverty and dysfunction to the West like the inept peoples of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

    Which is objectionable is using slaves and like unsavory trade norms to undercut other economies.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @xcd
  9. @jbwilson24

    Himmler also read up on Hinduism. That doesn’t make Pajeets superior to Europeans.

    • Replies: @reezy
  10. Anonymous[155] • Disclaimer says:

    In Britain the natives seem to be turning on each other rather than uniting to oppose mass immigration. White British people going to second homes in rural areas are seen as the problem here, not immigrants.

    So far most people seem to see mass immigration as an entirely separate issue, and not directly related to Coronavirus in any way. I think the idea that this crisis is going to see an upsurge in nationalism and opposition to mass immigration is wishful thinking to be honest.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  11. @Anonymous

    What percentage of White Brits have second homes in the country? Maybe one percent.

    ChiCom propaganda artist.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Richard B says:

    I think he is trying to make a point, but I don’t get it.

    At least you’re honest. Because, yeah, it’s obvious you don’t get it.

    But that’s not Andrew’s fault.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  13. Anonymous[155] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Not many I agree, but it’s the British media that has been heavily pushing this narrative. Almost every day the Daily Mail has a report of someones car being vandalised or someone being intimidated by locals because they mistook them for outsiders or something.

  14. This is exactly why all of us should be hoping for a financial or civilizational collapse brought about by the virus. Because if that doesn’t happen what we’re going to be left with is even more mass migration (you don’t think there won’t be “virus refugees” forced to flee their homeland to access ventilators?), transsexual story hours and lady Marines. Oh, and much higher taxes and fewer jobs for White men.

    Let the whole thing burn, because we’re not voting or philosophizing ourselves out of the mess we’re in.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Twodees Partain
  15. gotmituns says:

    Another good author to read is Alfred Rosenberg – “Myth of the Twentieth Century”

  16. Charles says:

    The article alludes to, but doesn’t emphasize, the most important aspect of our situation: the government – the bureacracy of the State – will have even MORE power than even we dissidents believe it had before. The Federal and state governments have proven they can cower people into submission (“stay home/stay safe”) by the threat of a bad flu season. Bad, that is, for the elderly and those with poor health generally, just like any sickness. If we thought the MSM and powers-that-be were despotic and harsh before, my belief is we ain’t seen nothing yet. We are privileged to have a site like this to air our thoughts. Six months or a year from now, it may be that no such site will be allowed.

  17. Tor597 says:

    White people are only interested in other cultures if they can profit or exploit them. No doubt if China was some backwater hell hole that was still using rickshaws to get around, white people would be much more sympathetic to them right now because China would not be posing a threat.

    But because China handled the pandemic competently and they are making high tech advances like in 5G, white people are chimping out.

    Never in a million years did I think the West would go down like this. Its not the virus that is taking down the West, it is how the pandemic is exposing a lot of hard truths about white people.

    Using institutions like the UN and WHO when it suits its needs to conquer Iraq, but chimping out when it correctly reports on a pandemic?

    By the way, it is not a small number of Chinese who are under attack. It is ALL Asians in the West who are being attacked or called racial slurs. Koreans, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Phillipinos all see this and know what it means.

    This is the beginning of the end of White people in Asia and I say good riddance.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  18. @jbwilson24

    White Hellenic/Roman/Christian culture is far superior to anything that has come out of the Far East. E.g., no one listens to their music; our classical music is the greatest wonder of the world. Our literature is also much better than theirs…again no comparison. I can’t prove it but it’s true. Our women are better looking, etc. Our problem is very simple: we let the jews in…

  19. Wally says:

    “Hitler openly admired China and Japan, remarking that their histories were superior to those of the Germans”

    – Really?

    – Where did he say “their histories were superior to those of the Germans”?
    Authentic German document, please.

  20. @Godfree Roberts

    Coronavirus is not of “unknown origin”, the Chinese government KNOWS it came from an accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and THEY KNOW the exact date and time. Their advantage was they knew when, and how, and knew it was local to Wuhan(and still they bungled it). And what did China do? It allowed thousands of Chinese travelers from Wuhan to spread the virus to hundreds of (unknown)locations worldwide making it impossible to deal with. In Toronto, our first(known) case was two Chinese travelers who had passed through Wuhan. They self reported, but they were but two in an entire planeload and there were many planeloads. Unbelievably, I read in a CBC authored article that claimed coronavirus was brought to Canada “by travelers from The United States and Europe”. Notice how in The Nose owned MSM there is no mention of The Wuhan Institute of Virology?

    • Disagree: Biff
  21. Dumbo says:

    Coronavirus may subliminally contribute to a rise in White consciousness,

    I keep hearing this from so-called “White nationalists”, applied to the weirdest phenomenons. That the worse things become for whites, the more “White consciousness” will rise, or whatever.

    Ain’t gonna happen. The worse things become in general, the worse they will be for whites as well. Corona-crisis is not adding anything except more power to the authorities of the status quo and more fuel to the fire.

    What you can expect is more individual rampage by whites, as it appears to have just happened in Nova Scotia.

    Then one day the whole system will collapse like the house of cards it is, and all bets are off.

  22. “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations that’ve long since bought and paid for, the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pocket, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and the information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them.” ― George Carli

    Look at your dual citizenship Israeli-Zionists in congress who have been bought and payed for by the Ashkenazi-Zionists. They also own all banks and media ! They also brought you September 11 2001. Do a research about the Dancing Israelis. All wars in the middle east are for Israel ! 89 of our Senators and Congress hold dual citizenship with Israel

    “You Dont Have To Be Jewish To Be A Zionist” – Joe Biden

    “The World Will Not Be The Same From Today On” – Ehud Barak 9-11-2001

    Sounds Familiar? COVID19? “The World Will Not Be The Same From Today On”

    Coronavirus: March 2020, the month Covid-19 changed the world

    • Replies: @Proud_Srbin
  23. reezy says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Shiskins aren’t East Asian dawg

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  24. Voyelete says:

    Mass migration & mulitkuli aside, is this a pandemic or plannedemic?
    Who benefits?

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  25. Some ideas and inclinations, such as Multiculturalism and cracked open borders are so bad they simply must be allowed to occur.

  26. It would be great when #coronahoax ends if the Saxon started rewarding invaders’ monkey and haji shines with extreme payback. Any shitlib who dared complain would get the same.

  27. Anonymous[785] • Disclaimer says:

    4 days left.

    Ramadan is usually pretty chill though. It’s the celebration at the end that gets vibrant. That’s still more than a month away though.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  28. This is a valuable lesson for those of us, myself included, who had been convinced in recent years that any kind of serious crisis would prove to be a tipping point in Western consciousness about multiculturalism

    The populace’s consciousnesses have already arrived at this tipping point, and that was clearly signalled by the Trump and Brexit votes. The State/establishment is aware of this, but there is ZERO chance it will alter is multi-kulti ideology in response to any social event, any large-scale disaster, any showing of popular will or any other similar form of external pressure exerted on the ideology. ZERO. It is a cult with its own telos, has to be removed by revolution or purges, etc.

    • Agree: Poco
  29. @Tor597

    Go cry somewhere else, you fairy.

  30. Pheasant says:

    The Chinese steal 100 billion dollars of intellectual property a year from America alone.

    They have whole organisations dedicated to stealing innovationse from Whites.


    Chinese do not innovate.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  31. GeeBee says:

    There’s a thought: have the mosques been forcibly closed, like the churches have?

  32. Tom Verso says:

    Joyce sees not medical statistics in the daily news.

    He sees society … “we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time”.

    I stopped reading any and all articles on ‘THE VIRUS’ over a week ago, overwhelmed with the greatest collection of opinions based on subjectively selected anecdotes (to included my hero Ron Unz) I have ever seen.

    But, the high regard I have for Andrew Joyce caused me to make an exception and as I would expect, I was not disappointed.

    Some of the finest analyst on the Net pour over the latest ‘counts’ of contractions with or without symptoms, hospitalizations, deaths, etc. and proceed to extrapolate apocalyptic implications.

    For example, one of the finest analyst on the Net, “Moon of Alabama”, posted that the Virus death statistics could not be trusted because there have been a large increase in heart attack deaths which implies that those people actually died from the virus. It never occurred to this excellent mind (far great than mine) that the increase in heart attacks might have something to do with the stress and fear caused by lockdown and the relentless apocalyptic news broadcast.

    Unlike the many fine journalistic and medical minds that have contributed to ‘THE VIRUS’ discussion, especially on these pages, Joyce is an educated (trained if you will) historian/social scientist who can best be found in the depths of archives housing historical/social scientific documents. And, he brings that education/training and passion for document research to bear on everything he writes.

    This article being a quintessential example!

    He sees not medical statistics in the daily news. He sees society … “we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time”.

  33. The author’s thoughts on how the virus p(l)andemic may ultimately slow the great Western social experiment to replace the Whites read convincingly. But maybe we are somehow missing the big picture. As we obsess over the response to a microbial threat that we can’t even see, can we be confident this is the real unseen enemy? In geographic North America at least, one might suspect that some brooding genius loci is again steering demographic outcomes.

    I.e., one can easily detect an historic parallel with what happened after 1492 to the estimated 10 million Amerindians who had owned what is now the U.S.A. Like the natives of India, China and Africa, they should also have been able to absorb, integrate or gradually repulse European colonial migrations. What tipped the scales against the New World natives was sudden population collapse under the deadly onslaught of a slew of alien microbes from Eurasia. Scourges for which they had no immunity destroyed their traditional societies, rendering them defenseless against removal and replacement.

    Isn’t that exactly what is now happening to transatlantic White European culture in a new age of weaponized biology? As you point out, White culture has already been gravely weakened from within. The microbes can still do the same work on such demoralized societies, even if the germs may now come from the secret labs of their own parasitic governments. If history actually repeats itself, demography is destiny.

  34. @Anonymous

    Yeah, good timing for Eid. And if the lock down ends then, imagine how crazy that will be.

  35. You struggle to absorb the sheer stupidity and tragicomedy of the situation, until you recall we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time, simultaneously reflecting our civilization’s newfound penchant for infantile magical thinking and sadomasochism.

    Good observation.

  36. @jbwilson24

    Hitler understood that the Japanese were a separate race from Europeans and believed in the superiority of his own race. He lamented having to support the Japanese after they swept the British out of Southeast Asia.

  37. Truth says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Grasshopper, this is one wish you are GUARANTEED to receive.

  38. Trickster says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    You are right. East Asians have contributed a lot to our culture. We now have curry, tandoori chicken and won ton soup with fortune cookies depending on the definition of an east Asian. We have also learned to eat with chopsticks. Most readers do not know that at the turn of the century they may have also enhanced our culture by trying to introduce rickshaws pulled by sweating chinese coolies but we declined such a cultural advance in favour of Henry Ford’s cars. They also come here illegally packed 20 or more in a shipping container because they wish to see our culture evolve to a higher plane. I cannot think of any other cultural enhancements perhaps our other readers can refresh our memories. Oh yes, I did learn a little Chinese for which I am grateful so here is the result of my cultural elevation FUK YU !

    • Replies: @Observator
  39. @Dr. E. Black

    Corona virus is way, way more humanitarian and merciful method of population control than gulags, genocides, holocausts, of democratic or authoritarian flavor, while promoting and convincing dociles that they matter.

  40. @Dumbo

    I mostly disagree (although I do agree to a point). What is easily seen in multiracial societies in the contemporary West is not some growth in racial/ethnic consciousness, but a natural grouping of people along ethnic-racial-cultural lines.

    There is an evident trend against diversity & it is not imposed (on the contrary). It is as natural as the downward flow of water. I don’t see the often used description that corona crisis had only strengthened elites. It did, true- but only those elites that are clearly national (Hungary etc.). But it evidently weakened those elites like Macron & similar bunch, perhaps not as yet visibly, but their narrative about splendors of diversity & non-white immigration is collapsing. It has not collapsed totally, but is strongly punctured.

    So called white nationalists have not profited from the situation, probably because they’re incompetent. But, my summary would be: nationalists are not winning, but globalists are losing.

  41. Trickster says:

    They do not innovate
    Viruses they incubate
    Dogs and bats they masticate
    Against a post they urinate
    Beside the street they defecate

    Our culture they elevate !

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  42. @jbwilson24

    Yeah it is called affirmative action. White boys are drugged in mass from kindergarten on. Less and less are seeing college and STEM opportunities. AWFLS prefer graduate degree nanny jobs to actual work. I love how this virus is now racist in its American due to the kill rate of blacks and Hispanics. Outside of 60+ year old white ones, the current doctors are Jews, Indians, and Chinese. Personally I think the blacks and Hispanics are starting to notice. It is why anti white screeching and kvetching is getting louder in certain circles.

    Sadly we are all paying the price for the brutal murder and willing suicide of European creativity and curiosity. Thankfully it will lead to: another Chinese dynasty in name only, a Brahmin inspired dysfunctional caste system, and be super duper for the Jews. Don’t tell the later they only rise to the level of the people they parasite off, and most are a pasty white in a world where their competitors aren’t worshiping an incarnation of Jehovah. I hope popcorn corn survives the coming collapse.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. Covid-19 conclusions.

    Testing, testing, testing.
    Everybody is screaming testing.
    But testing without strategy, and plan developed on strategy is like giving blind man a fishing rod with a lure and sending him to fish, while not taking him even to the lake.
    We American are civilized people. So what about helping a little bit!
    We should all have a thermometer and check our temperature every day.
    Elevated temperature indicates that our body is in fighting mode.
    So we should be heading to the bed and try to cure myself.
    Drink lots of tee with lemon juice, and also drink lots of orange juice. Neocitron is excellent also.
    Include in our diet soft boiled eggs helps also.
    If our temperature still rises and crosses certain level we should ask the testing facilities that provide smear test or blood test.
    Medical experts should determine the alarming temperature at which we should ask for test.

    Masks are excellent protection both ways and people should wear them.
    Some experts expressed some doubts. They were wrong.
    We continuously exhale vapor (particularly when we breathe through mouth) and even some vaporized lipids. These adhere to mask fibers and serve as excellent trap for impurities, including viruses.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. @jbwilson24

    It isn’t surprising to see a wannabe chinaman Godfree Roberts agree with the bullshit …

  45. The white man should have allowed the Jap to destroy the chinaman!

  46. Agent76 says:

    Apr 20, 2020 Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

    So, Is the claim that Bill Gates wants to inject you with a vaccine that contains a microchip to track who has and has not been vaccinated true? Watch the report below and decide for yourself!

    Apr 19, 2020 The Propaganda Behind the Plandemic 2020 by Dr. John Bergman D.C

  47. @Trickster

    Well here’s one little contribution from Asia: the plow. From the earliest times European plows were a single narrow blade of metal or wood that met such friction in the earth that teams of four oxen were required to pull it. In China, the wing-shaped “moldboard” plow was developed in the 3rd century BC. With its efficient design it glided through the earth needing only one ox to power it. When it was introduced into Europe in the seventeenth century it started an agricultural revolution.

    Now, the millions of European farmers who toiled behind their crude plows, year after year, generation after generation, without thinking “hey I can make a better one than this!”, were they stupid, intellectually or racially inferior to the Chinese?

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @trickster
  48. The system is coming to the rescue of itself, even enriching itself, while posturing as saving us. Post-coronavirus, we will once more emerge into the sunshine land of mass migration, low wages, cheap foreign labor, and the meaningless gluttony of consumerism, only this time our taxes will be higher, our children will be poorer, and our governments, staffed with hostile elites, will have more powers of surveillance and coercion than at any time in history.

    Well done.

    As to the Italian cremation failures, they should consult Weasel’s Night For the solution.

  49. Agent76 says:

    APRIL 14, 2020 M.I.T. PhD Blows Fauci & Co Inc. Out Of The Water

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (inventor of email) is an MIT PhD with 4 degrees, one in Biological Engineering, who studies the immune system nearly every day.

    • Replies: @Just another serf
  50. orionyx says:

    migrant-heritage friends

    Call them what they are – leeches. That’s if you’re not too stupid to see that.

  51. @George F. Held

    Japanese women, in particular, are very beautiful, and have much better manners than white women. And almost none of them are fat. Black Pigeon Speaks, who resides there, has pointed this out in several of his videos. Plus Japan has, thus far, rejected multiculturalism.

  52. orionyx says:
    @George F. Held

    I would think that there are more Chinese who appreciate, are informed about, and can perform, Western classical music than there are Americans who can. I am certain that there are more Chinese who can read the Western classics in English, understand them and enjoy them, than there are Americans who can. All that, while appreciating their own not inconsiderable traditions.
    The problem of the West is very simple. They simply stopped using their brains in any but the most superficial way. The culture you speak of is moribund, an object of discussion by over-educated under-powered intellects at liberal arts colleges. It is hardly likely to be revived. We are history, and the covid racket has only made that fact obvious to us.

    • Replies: @Malla
  53. Anonymous[785] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    Wah! What a post!

    It sounds like your vision for North America is it becoming the new South America. If that happens, the entire continent will become one gigantic swathe of mediocrity and Eurasia will once again become the undisputed center of the world.

    • Replies: @Malla
  54. Doing well here in Thailand, despite the full-retard alcohol ban, which I have covered. Still selling, still getting greetings and well-wishes. I’ve been absorbed into the fabric. I feed people. Just be a human, smile, contribute something. Don’t be a douchebag rapist, welfare abuser, non-assimilating asshole and you’ll do fine. Didn’t much like the article.

  55. @Godfree Roberts

    Japan has a legitimate excuse for falling behind on coronavirus. Even after it had become evident to most, the government and big money stakeholders clung to the illusion that the Olympics would still be held. Once it was cancelled, Japan quickly fell in lockstep with the others.

    For more on the story see “The Corbett Report.”

  56. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    My hope is this pandemic will bring about the following changes:

    1) People sour on urbanization and high congestion. Europe, Asia, and highly congested cities in the US like NYC, NJ have it much worse because of high population concentration.

    2) Companies and employees grow used to remote working. This would lessen the need for urbanization and mass immigration, enable secondary cities in flyover country to grow in population, lessening congestion in coastal cities and also lessening the political power of these cities. Companies begin to realize they could easily have workers work from anywhere, not just all over the country but all over the world, and lose their appetite to import workers esp. those in tech from India or China.

    3) Business travels drop like a rock as people get used to Zoom meetings. International travelers are the ones who brought the world this pandemic. The whole travel industry needs to severely contract. Airplanes are also a major source of global warming.

    4) America finally finds the resolve to bring back our manufacturing, perhaps through an EO with tax incentives to bring back our “essential manufacturing” incl. all medicine, medical equipment, high tech and defense technology. Give these companies a year to bring back their manufacturing, after that, impose up to 100% tariff on all imports.

    5) More parents discover that they enjoy homeschooling and more decide to homeschool long term, lessening our public schools’ power to indoctrinate.

    6) More people discover that they enjoy cooking and cut down on eating out. The restaurant industry is a major source of employment for illegal immigrants, and one major appeal of urbanization and multiculturalism. Where I live you can’t drive a mile without encountering an ethnic restaurant, it’s time for them all to shut down and all owners to move back to where they came from. Non US citizens should not be allowed to get stimulus.

    • Replies: @xcd
  57. Will says:

    Andrew Joyce lost all credibility with his panegyric to 60 Minutes and their thesis of the virus originating in a fish market.

  58. Dumbo says:

    The East Asians are a rival to the Europeans; we have never been friends. (…) Hate the Chinese all you want, but if you hate them, hate them with a pure and genuine hatred that is backed with a consideration of all facts on the table

    The increasingly heated rhetoric against China from all sides, from Trump to the New Zealand prime-minister to now white nationalists, makes me think with a shudder that the next step in the 2020 Plan of the NWO is some kind of hot war against China.

  59. @Johnny Smoggins

    Good point, Johnny.

    ” we’re not voting or philosophizing ourselves out of the mess we’re in.”

    Nailhead, meet Smoggins’ hammer.

  60. Herald says:

    Interesting article, but it is based around the premise that after coronavirus things will somehow get back to some kind of normality albeit one more rudimentary than before and also one with huge increases in what were already massive levels of existing debt.

    The COVID-19


    will be seen as a splendid opportunity by those who have the very laudable objective of bringing about massive reductions in global population. I can’t see these elite humanitarians not taking this excellent chance to further their dreams and so return to something we might recognise as nearly normal is unlikely to happen.

    There will probably be several more new waves of coronavirus, with further lockdowns, continuing financial mayhem and inevitably increasing social unrest. As we are about to descend into the forever levels of darkness, the long awaited vaccine, likely a witches brew courtesy of Bill Gates & Co, will be announced and we will saved. Most will bare their arms willingly for this witches brew concoction and the rest will face either mandatory vaccination at worst, or at best becoming a non-person who will live under permanent house arrest.

  61. @Agent76

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (inventor of email) …..

    I’m sure this fellow did wonderful things in life, but he did not invent email. Refer to RFC 733 from 1977. Although this nonsense about his inventing email is probably responsible for at least 78 million Indian “software engineers” in the US.

  62. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    One major sector that is reeling from coronavirus, aside from travel and restaurant industries, is the higher ed industry. Considering its role in promoting open borders, multiculturalism, social justice madness, sexual deviation and all manners of moral degeneracy, I say karma is a biatch.

    Many private liberal arts colleges are esp. fretting as they rely heavily on full-fee paying foreign students, particularly those from China, many of whom may not be enrolling/returning due to travel restrictions and worsening economic outlook. They are also hurting from many high school seniors who are opting for cheaper alternatives at local state colleges due to desire to be closer to home and uncertain economic outlook. Trump’s stimulus package gave higher ed \$14B which they claim is <1% of what they need, and most of which will go to smaller state colleges.

    Heather Mac Donald wrote an article in the city journal about one possible outcome of this pandemic being the death of the Diversity Industrial Complex in our colleges due to funding shortfall. We can only hope.

    For decades our universities have served as a major source of rotten progressive culture as well as mass immigration as they bring in large numbers of foreign students to help sustain their Diversity Industrial Complex and other progressive bureaucracy and agenda. Many then help facilitate converting these foreign students’ F1 student visas to OPT/CPT, H1B or other work visas, taking much needed entry level jobs from US grads. Here's hoping this major source of funding dries up and many of these institutions of worthless intellectuals shutdown in large numbers, ending their damage to the country.

  63. Cyrano says:

    Multiculturalism is a legacy of the cold war. It was invented in the US in the 1960’s because somebody mistook the hippies for commies (yes, that’s how smart they are). In order to prevent social upheaval of much grander proportion, way more destructive social experiment begun with the immigration act of 1965.

    The idea was to create a fake socialism in order to prevent the real one from taking over. US like to brag how they “won” the cold war. Not so fast, boys, multiculturalism as a legacy of the cold war has potential to wreck them once and for all, thus reversing their “victory” in the cold war.

    First of all, if socialism was all bad, why do they feel the need to “emulate” it via a fake socialism – which is what the phony multiculturalism is. Why not go down the same path like their British cousins – who are faking feudalism via their cherished institution of monarchy. If socialism is no progress and it’s all bad – go the opposite way – toward feudalism.

    The answer to that is that the only progress leads toward incorporating more socialist elements, that’s the only way capitalism can be made more humane. But they don’t want to go down that road – so fake socialism it is. Fake socialism has one crucial quality – instead of heralding progress – it’s designed to stall it.

    Because they believe that multiculturalism will extend the life span of capitalism, when in fact multiculturalism will destroy not only capitalism, but the civilization and the race that spawned that jewel of human accomplishment – capitalism. How can anybody fall for that stupid trick of multiculturalism is beyond me. The formula is so simple it’s mindboggling.

    Multiculturalism was invented in order to establish the humanist credentials of the ruling elites in the west – the very same humanist credentials which would be needed – if they had them – in order to improve the lives of the domestically raised deplorables.

    The ruling elites in the west don’t owe any humanism to the the 3rd world, the only humanism they need to display is toward their own citizens, but since that humanism is more costly, go for the cheap fake – pretend that you are in love with the 3rd world.

    Let me tell you something about the western elites – they don’t love anybody, they are psychopaths, they love only themselves and their money and that’s it. Multiculturalism is not a showcase of humanism, it’s showcasing an unlimited greed masquerading as humanism.

    It’s sort of like a script for a bad western movie – if you want to rob the bank, just stage a fire on some barn at the outskirts of town, and while everybody is distracted by the fire – go rob the bank. That’s what the role of multiculturalism is – to distract the crowd with fake humanism, while robing the bank.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Jake
  64. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    I personally wish East Asians the best as they pursue economic development needed to further lift living standards instead of exporting poverty and dysfunction to the West like the inept peoples of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

    I agree. As much as I deplore China and its citizens, these aren’t the people typically involved in riots or collecting welfare en masse in the West. I think we need to move back all manufacturing to the West, cut off all immigration from third world countries incl. all of Asia, Africa, Mideast, Latin America, repatriate all non-citizens back to their countries of origin, and leave everyone the fuck alone. Stop trying to tell China how to treat their Uyghurs or Christians or harvesting organs of prisoners, or try to stir up unrest in HK/Taiwan, just cut them off, keep them from entering the US under any type of visa, the end. And do the same with all other third world countries.

    This pandemic is the result of globalization. It’s time for a total and complete deglobalization, a moratorium to all immigration to the West for the next 100 years.

  65. @Dumbo

    The mass murder you refer to was by 51 year-old denturist, Gabriel Wortman, who killed at least 16 people. His business may have been forcibly closed as being “non-essential.” It would be interesting to know if his rampage was facilitated by the lockdown. An article I just read said that the police are looking into whether there is a link. But, unless he left some type of manifesto, we will probably never know, since he was killed by police. (Reuters, 4-19-20).

    Whether or not that mass murder is linked to the tyrannical lockdowns, I suspect there to be more such incidents the longer this madness lasts.

  66. @Charles:

    Are you by any chance the owner of ‘The Worthy House’ website? If so, I just want you to know how much I enjoy it.

  67. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Love him or hate him, Dr. Fauci was right about one thing: Italy, Spain and France are the hardest hit in Europe because they have the largest number of Chinese tourists. The US is also suffering the same fate for being so exposed to China through tourism, trade, immigration. This should cause all Western countries to re-examine their economy, return to a more honest manufacturing base economy rather than one that is over reliant on service, travel, finance and tech, all of which rely heavily on globalization, mass immigration, and international travels.

  68. Sorry Putin-ites. Russia in on the global scamdemic, just like pretty much the rest of the world.
    Russians Are as Upset About the Weird Virus Hysteria as American Conservatives

  69. Bookish1 says:

    Who in China invented that plow. There were whites in china and asia during those times so dont give credit until you know what race invented it.

    • Replies: @Rollmop
  70. Wally says:

    “Testing, testing, testing.” Indeed.

    And if one is ‘tested’ negative, so what?

    Every time you interact with someone, go to the market, etc. you could be re-exposed.

    ‘Testing everyone’ is generally meaningless & certainly impossible. Just another desperate Marxist talking point to keep the economy down, seize power, and blame Trump.

    Trump landslide 2020.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  71. Agent76 says:

    Apr 20, 2020 Here’s What Russians Hoarded As Lockdowns Began

    While consumers around the globe were hoarding toilet paper last month ahead of a wave of government-imposed lockdowns, Russians were stockpiling cash.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  72. Wally says:

    “Multiculturalism is a legacy of the cold war.”

    Nope, it’s the legacy of the fake & impossible “holocaust” narrative.

    Going against it gets you labeled ‘a Nazi’, which only has meaning because of the fake ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    Without that Big Lie leftist / Zionist nonsense goes nowhere.


  73. @George F. Held

    “our classical music is the greatest wonder of the world.“

    You have Christianity to thank for that, not White genetics.

    • Replies: @RT
    , @Vojkan
  74. @Wally

    Right you are my friend.

  75. @Agent76

    People in Russia have been down this road before. My slightly ancient arse has never seen anything in Merka like this before.
    As for cash,”they” will just make it illegal one day and it won’t be worth crap. Russia is a part of the NWO, just like China and America.

    • Agree: Agent76
  76. @jbwilson24

    The East Asians have contributed almost nothing of real value to the field of human advancement. They simply copy.

    So 50% of the STEM PhD students are East Asians, what does that really signify? It signifies that Chinese are clamouring to get close to research conducted in White countries’ universities. If Europeans are so far behind, why are East Asian coming here, shouldn’t they be studying at their superior and “far-ahead” universities?

    The comments of East Asian history being superior come from the book “Hitler’s Table Talks” if I recall correctly. This was a collection of off-the-cuff remarks made by Hitler during meal times and do not represent his well-formed feelings. In this book, it also says he said that he has a higher opinion of the lowliest of Hindu than he does of British people, this was after Britain had thrown water all over his plans.

    In his mind there were 3 types of peoples (races): culture-creating peoples: culture-sustaining peoples, and culture-destroying peoples.

    Only the Aryans were on the first category, with East Asians in the second. I presume Blacks would be under the third category.

    Our most formidable enemies are and always have been the Jews. It was the Jews who allowed China to get to this position. You think they would be anything other than a backwards Their World country were it not for Jews like Kissinger and the Clinton State Department sending over American jobs to them? This also applies to places like Japan and Korea.

    • Agree: Tusk, James Stark
  77. @reezy

    With the exception of the Japanese, East Asians have historically been regarded as the same as “shitskins”

    Here is what James Mill had to say about Hindus and Chinese in his magnum opus, the History of British India

    In the chapter titled General Reflections in “Of the Hindus”, Mill wrote “under the glosing exterior of the Hindu, lies a general disposition to deceit and perfidy”. According to Mill, “the same insincerity, mendacity, and perfidy; the same indifference to the feelings of others; the same prostitution and venality” were the conspicuous characteristics of both the Hindoos and the Muslims. The Muslims, however, were perfuse, when possessed of wealth, and devoted to pleasure; the Hindoos almost always penurious and ascetic; and “in truth, the Hindoo like the eunuch, excels in the qualities of a slave”. Furthermore, similar to the Chinese, the Hindoos were “dissembling, treacherous, mendacious, to an excess which surpasses even the usual measure of uncultivated society“. Both the Chinese and the Hindoos were “disposed to excessive exaggeration with regard to everything relating to themselves“. Both were “cowardly and unfeeling“. Both were “in the highest degree conceited of themselves, and full of affected contempt for others“. And, above all, both were “in physical sense, disgustingly unclean in their persons and houses“.

  78. Jake says:

    You struggle to absorb the sheer stupidity and tragicomedy of the situation, until you recall we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time, simultaneously reflecting our civilization’s newfound penchant for infantile magical thinking and sadomasochism.

    That is a brilliant sentence. It should be Andrew Joyce’s tagline on everything he writes.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Vojkan
  79. Jake says:

    Multiculturalism has twin births that each come well before 1960s hippies. The obvious one is a growing number of Marxists realizing that their main goal was to destroy and replace Western Civilization and any Western man who might act to try to save it. That can be done best by literally replacing Western man. The USSR had paved part of the road by making each ethnic group in the USSR feel special by being designated as equal to all other ethnic groups, and by making the Jews the one unique group, set apart as so special that it had to be particularly protected.

    The other birth of what would become multiculturalism was the British Empire post World War 2. After WW1, a growing number 0f hardline pro-Empire Brits began to realize that to run the Empire required more man power, for troops as well as civil servants. As they were not going t0 grant anything t0 Irish Catholics, they had to get serious about acting to uplift what they felt were the natural elites of the various blacks and browns they ruled across the globe. That process had begun in the Victorian era, but it had been erratic. After WW1, the Brits got serious about it. After WW2, they also decided t0 begin actively importing blacks into the UK, even though the English economy was stagnant with very little social mobility available to working class natives of the British Isles. By the dawn of the 1960s, they had decided tp punish South Africa for its racism, which soon meant that South Africa was booted from the Commonwealth of Nations.

    When you put those two together intellectually, the result is multiculturalism. And 1960s leftists put those two together.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  80. RT says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Of course, they contributed, this was a big time contribution.They manipulated the virus, or stole it , then released it – accidentally or not, then realized what they are dealing with and jumped to swift and decisive action. What a contribution they made to the world! Do you want to catch this contribution?

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  81. RT says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Did Ethiopian christians, Coptic christians, or Japanese christian daimyo also created great classical music? Where is it?

    • Replies: @Jake
  82. An author who puts the blame for this scamdemic squarely where it belongs. In the hearts and minds of the gullible who have not advanced from the brainwashed and superstitious of 17th century America. So sad to say his work will never see the light of day on Unz Review.

    When freedom becomes the crime

    And when the cure is worse than the disease

    From the outset of this vicious virus vaudeville I have been struck by the confusion of spirituality with superstition that reminds us all of the legendary 17th century hysteria associated with witchcraft and the considerable number of people who were actually executed by this paranoid phobia in Salem, Massachusetts.

    Everyone was whispering about witches, just as today our extremely questionable government has everybody whispering about viruses, due to all their false information that has brought world society to a wrenching halt.

    Salem hung a total of 19 women for being witches before the turn of the 1700s. They were judicial sentences based on hysteria grounded in religious belief and decreed by the government authorities of the times. The victims were declared to be agents of the devil with the power to harm others and sentenced to death by the finest citizens of the community.

    For those who prefer their message in the music genre..

    • Replies: @trickster
  83. @Trickster

    While we sit at home and masturbate..
    Thank God there is no “social distancing” for Rosie Palm and her five daughters.
    See if you can figure this one out while you got nutin’ but time..

    • Replies: @trickster
  84. @RT

    Do you have evidence to support your claims or are you just making stuff up?

    • Replies: @RT
  85. Agent76 says:

    Apr 16, 2020 Corona Virus, Economic & Social Collapse: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

    Corona Virus, Economic & Social Collapse: Bankruptcy, Debt & Poverty.

  86. @Marty Brokenhearted

    So ignorant, hate-filled anti-Whites are not only wholly incapable of expressing their “thoughts” in a semi-coherent fashion, but they are completely unable to grasp basic punctuation and capitalization as well?

    What a surprise.

  87. Wally says:

    Indeed, if people can be made to believe in the “magical” / impossible such as the “holocaust”, they can be made to believe in anything.

  88. Jake says:

    Ethiopian Christians, like Egyptian Christians, are Coptic.

    No, none of those groups have produced ‘great classical music.’ But Japanese orthodox Christians, like Korean orthodox Christians, have shown great affinity for the highest quality art produced by whites as part of Christendom and its splinters. And we know that Egyptian Coptics more than held their own defending and propagating Western art until slaughtered into utter submission by Mohammedans.

    Also essential to keep in mind is that no Germanic peoples produced art worth having until centuries after becoming Catholic, when Catholicism steeped into them deep and refashioned the pagan soul to something much finer. I have no doubt that if Korea and Japan had become fully Catholic, the same would have happened.

    • LOL: James Stark
    • Replies: @RT
  89. dvorak says:

    They supply > 50% of the USA’s STEM PhD students

    A PhD is a ticket to a green card (whether ‘stapled’ or not to the diploma), which is worth ~\$500,000. Thus to a US Citizen, a PhD is worth \$500,000 less than it is to a foreigner.

    This one fact entirely accounts for the recent phenomenon of the foreign PhD student. Universities can pay the students peanuts because they gain \$500,000 in the end.

  90. RT says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Professor Luc Montagnier, the virologist who discovered the HIV , its nature, and is a Nobel prize recipient for this discovery, just made a statement regarding COVID 19’s nature.

  91. “They have no contribution to make to our culture, and have made little or none in the past.”

    I and many people I know have enjoyed playing Japanese computer games, have learned meditation which comes from the East, and have enjoyed plenty of good music that comes from blacks. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

  92. SafeNow says:

    Here in California, our East-Asian immigrants are industrious, proficient, conscientious, smart, and decent. They have offset, but alas only partially, the societal unraveling that arrived from south of the border, and from affirmative action. Sure, the Asian cognitive style is to think within the template, but so what, there’s plenty of work to be competently done inside the template.

    Regarding whether Covid will effect a retrenchment of Idiocracy in the U.S., that will not happen. It’s too late, too pervasively established, and the descent into Idiocracy is what mathematicians call a one-way function. Signing-off from Southern California, where the termite inspector brings his own termites.

  93. Anon[397] • Disclaimer says:


    A World Less Open, Prosperous, and Free

    Stephen M. Walt,

    Rethinking Open Society - Stephen M. Walt: Open Societies at home and abroad. May 29, 2017

    The pandemic will strengthen the state and reinforce nationalism. COVID-19 will also accelerate the shift in power and influence from West to East. South Korea and Singapore have responded best, and China has reacted well after its early mistakes. The response in Europe and America has been slow and haphazard by comparison, further tarnishing the aura of the Western “brand.”

    What won’t change is the fundamentally conflictive nature of world politics.Previous plagues—including the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919—did not end great-power rivalry nor usher in a new era of global cooperation. Neither will COVID-19. We will see a further retreat from hyperglobalization, as citizens look to national governments to protect them and as states and firms seek to reduce future vulnerabilities.



    The End of Globalization as We Know It

    Robin Niblett,

    Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, was today awarded the Companion of the Order of St Michael & St George (CMG)…

    Posted by Chatham House on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    The coronavirus pandemic could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of economic globalization. China’s growing economic and military power had already provoked a bipartisan determination in the United States to decouple China from U.S.-sourced high technology and intellectual property and try to force allies to follow suit. Increasing public and political pressure to meet carbon emissions reduction targets had already called into question many companies’ reliance on long-distance supply chains. Now, COVID-19 is forcing governments, companies, and societies to strengthen their capacity to cope with extended periods of economic self-isolation.

    It seems highly unlikely in this context that the world will return to the idea of mutually beneficial globalization that defined the early 21st century. And without the incentive to protect the shared gains from global economic integration, the architecture of global economic governance established in the 20th century will quickly atrophy. It will then take enormous self-discipline for political leaders to sustain international cooperation and not retreat into overt geopolitical competition.

    Proving to their citizens that they can manage the COVID-19 crisis will buy leaders some political capital. But those who fail will find it hard to resist the temptation to blame others for their failure.


    A More China-Centric Globalization

    Kishore Mahbubani,

    Kishore Mahbubani - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012

    The COVID-19 pandemic will not fundamentally alter global economic directions. It will only accelerate a change that had already begun: a move away from U.S.-centric globalization to a more China-centric globalization.

    Why will this trend continue? The American population has lost faith in globalization and international trade. Free trade agreements are toxic, with or without U.S. President Donald Trump. By contrast, China has not lost faith. Why not? There are deeper historical reasons. Chinese leaders now know well that China’s century of humiliation from 1842 to 1949 was a result of its own complacency and a futile effort by its leaders to cut it off from the world. By contrast, the past few decades of economic resurgence were a result of global engagement.

    Consequently, as I document in my new book, Has China Won?, the United States has two choices. If its primary goal is to maintain global primacy, it will have to engage in a zero-sum geopolitical contest, politically and economically, with China. However, if the goal of the United States is to improve the well-being of the American people—whose social condition has deteriorated—it should cooperate with China. Wiser counsel would suggest that cooperation would be the better choice.However, given the toxic U.S. political environment toward China, wiser counsel may not prevail.


    Democracies Will Come out of Their Shell

    G. John Ikenberry,

    In the short term, the crisis will give fuel to all the various camps in the Western grand strategy debate. Given the economic damage and social collapse that is unfolding, it is hard to see anything other than a reinforcement of the movement toward nationalism, great-power rivalry, strategic decoupling, and the like.

    But just like in the 1930s and ’40s, there might also be a slower-evolving countercurrent, a sort of hardheaded internationalismsimilar to the one that Franklin D. Roosevelt and a few other statesmen began to articulate before and during the war. The 1930s collapse of the world economy showed how connected modern societies were and how vulnerable they were to what FDR called contagion. The United States was less threatened by other great powers than by the deep forces—and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character—of modernity. What FDR and other internationalists conjured was a postwar order that would rebuildan open system with new forms of protection and capacities to manage interdependence. The United States couldn’t simply hide within its borders, but to operate in an open postwar order required the building of a global infrastructure of multilateral cooperation.

    So the United States and other Western democracies might travel through this same sequence of reactions driven by a cascading sense of vulnerability; the response might be more nationalist at first, but over the longer term, the democracies will come out of their shells to find a new type of pragmatic and protective internationalism.


    Lower Profits, but More Stability

    Shannon K. O’Neil,

    COVID-19 is undermining the basic tenets of global manufacturing. Companies will now rethink and shrink the multistep, multicountry supply chains that dominate production today.

    Global supply chains were already coming under fire—economically, due to rising Chinese labor costs, U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war, and advances in robotics, automation, and 3D printing, as well as politically, due to real and perceived job losses, especially in mature economies. COVID-19 has now broken many of these links: Factory closings in afflicted areas have left other manufacturers—as well as hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, and retail stores—bereft of inventories and products.

    On the other side of the pandemic, more companies will demand to know more about where their supplies come from and will trade off efficiency for redundancy. Governments will intervene as well, forcing what they consider strategic industries to have domestic backup plans and reserves. Profitability will fall, but supply stability should rise.


    This Pandemic Can Serve a Useful Purpose

    Shivshankar Menon,

    It is early days yet, but three things seem apparent. First, the coronavirus pandemic will change our politics, both within states and between them. It is to the power of government that societies—even libertarians—have turned. Government’s relative success in overcoming the pandemic and its economic effects will exacerbate or diminish security issues and the recent polarization within societies. Either way, government is back.

    Secondly, this is not yet the end of an interconnected world. The pandemic itself is proof of our interdependence. But in all polities, there is already a turning inward, a search for autonomy and control of one’s own fate. We are headed for a poorer, meaner, and smaller world.

    Finally, there are signs of hope and good sense. India took the initiative to convene a video conference of all South Asian leaders to craft a common regional response to the threat.If the pandemic shocks us into recognizing our real interest in cooperating multilaterally on the big global issues facing us, it will have served a useful purpose.


    American Power Will Need a New Strategy

    Joseph S. Nye, Jr.,

    In 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump announced a new national security strategy that focuses on great-power competition. COVID-19 shows this strategy to be inadequate. Even if the United States prevails as a great power, it cannot protect its security by acting alone.

    On transnational threats like COVID-19 and climate change, it is not enough to think of American power over other nations. The key to success is also learning the importance of power with others. Every country puts its national interest first; the important question is how broadly or narrowly this interest is defined. COVID-19 shows we are failing to adjust our strategy to this new world.


    The History of COVID-19 Will Be Written by the Victors

    John Allen,

    As it has always been, history will be written by the “victors” of the COVID-19 crisis. Every nation, and increasingly every individual, is experiencing the societal strain of this disease in new and powerful ways. Inevitably, those nations that persevere—both by virtue of their unique political and economic systems, as well as from a public health perspective—will claim success over those who experience a different, more devastating outcome.

    Either way, this crisis will reshuffle the international power structure in ways we can only begin to imagine.COVID-19 will continue to depress economic activity and increase tension between countries. Over the long term, the pandemic will likely significantly reduce the productive capacity of the global economy, especially if businesses close and individuals detach from the labor force. This risk of dislocation is especially great for developing nations and others with a large share of economically vulnerable workers. The international system will, in turn, come under great pressure, resulting in instability and widespread conflict within and across countries.


    A Dramatic New Stage in Global Capitalism

    Laurie Garrett,

    The fundamental shock to the world’s financial and economic system is the recognition that global supply chains and distribution networks are deeply vulnerable to disruption.The coronavirus pandemic will therefore not only have long-lasting economic effects, but lead to a more fundamental change.

    Globalization allowed companies to farm out manufacturing all over the world and deliver their products to markets on a just-in-time basis, bypassing the costs of warehousing. Inventories that sat on shelves for more than a few days were considered market failures. Supply had to be sourced and shipped on a carefully orchestrated, global level. COVID-19 has proven that pathogens can not only infect people but poison the entire just-in-time system.

    Given the scale of financial market losses the world has experienced since February, companies are likely to come out of this pandemic decidedly gun-shy about the just-in-time model and about globally dispersed production. The result could be a dramatic new stage in global capitalism, in which supply chains are brought closer to home and filled with redundancies to protect against future disruption. That may cut into companies’ near-term profits but render the entire system more resilient.

    10 More Failed States

    Richard N. Haass,

    Permanent is not a word I am fond of, as little or nothing is, but I would think the coronavirus crisis will at least for a few years lead most governments to turn inward, focusing on what takes place within their borders rather than on what happens beyond them. I anticipate greater moves toward selective self-sufficiency (and, as a result, decoupling) given supply chain vulnerability; even greater opposition to large-scale immigration; and a reduced willingness or commitment to tackle regional or global problems (including climate change) given the perceived need to dedicate resources to rebuild at home and deal with economic consequences of the crisis.

    I would expect many countries will have difficulty recovering from the crisis, with state weakness and failed states becoming an even more prevalent feature of the world.The crisis will likely contribute to the ongoing deterioration of Sino-American relations and the weakening of European integration. On the positive side, we should see some modest strengthening of global public health governance. But overall, a crisis rooted in globalization will weaken rather than add to the world’s willingness and ability to deal with it.


    The United States Has Failed the Leadership Test

    Kori Schake,

    The United States will no longer be seen as an international leader because of its government’s narrow self-interest and bungling incompetence. The global effects of this pandemic could have been greatly attenuated by having international organizations provide more and earlier information, which would have given governments time to prepare and direct resources to where they’re most needed. This is something the United States could have organized, showing that while it is self-interested, it is not solely self-interested. Washington has failed the leadership test, and the world is worse off for it.


    In Every Country, We See the Power of the Human Spirit

    Nicholas Burns,

    The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest global crisis of this century. Its depth and scale are enormous. The public health crisis threatens each of the 7.8 billion people on Earth. The financial and economic crisis could exceed in its impact the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Each crisis alone could provide a seismic shock that permanently changes the international system and balance of power as we know it.

    To date, international collaboration has been woefully insufficient. If the United States and China, the world’s most powerful countries, cannot put aside their war of words over which of them is responsible for the crisis and lead more effectively, both countries’ credibility may be significantly diminished. If the European Union cannot provide more targeted assistance to its 500 million citizens, national governments might take back more power from Brussels in the future. In the United States, what is most at stake is the ability of the federal government to provide effective measures to stem the crisis.

    In every country, however, there are many examples of the power of the human spirit—of doctors, nurses, political leaders, and ordinary citizens demonstrating resilience, effectiveness, and leadership. That provides hope that men and women around the world can prevail in response to this extraordinary challenge.

  94. RT says:

    Catholic? What would you say about Tchaykovski, Borodin, Musorgski, Shostakovich? They were not catolic. But they were white Europeans.

  95. Vojkan says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    No, we have to thank both. And Ancient Greece.

  96. Vojkan says:

    The Harry Potter and Fifty Shades sagas were written by women. My generation grew up with Jack London, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Daniel Defoe, Walter Scott. Then the Trotskyites came.

  97. @Jake

    LOL. Coudenhove-Kalergi, the highly influential promoter of multiculturalism funded by the Rothschilds, was no Marxist.


    C-K was writing his multiculturalist plans, later adopted by the EU, before WWII and the Holo bizz.

  98. @George F. Held

    I think you mean “was” and “were”. We have lots of work to do. And getting rid of the infestation is only the beginning of solving it.

  99. Malla says:

    The effect of Cultural Marxism has been stronger in the West than in the Far East in this respect. Cultural Marxism destroys different societies/ groups (West in general, American Whites, Europeans in general. British in particular, American Blacks, East Asians in East Asia, East Asians in the West etc… ) at different rates and in different ways. Cultural Marxism is like a virus attacking different societies but having different symptoms and damage according to viral loads (TV, hollywood) as well as to different societal resistance to the Cultural Marxist virus. Islamic societies in many ways seem to be the most resistant to this virus for now.
    When Gangsta Rap becomes more cooler amongst the youth than Classical Music, your civilization is screwed. This is more true in the USA then in many other White countries. Classical Music is nearly considered “gay” in the USA. East Asians not only keep their own classical traditions alive but also readily take to Euro/Western Classical traditions. Most brown blacks show no interest or appreciation of Euro/Western classical traditions and many readily hate it.

  100. Rahan says:

    It’s one thing when a race loses it’s historic “passionarity” boost per Gumilev ( it happens to everyone sooner or later. With some it takes centuries (Rome, Turkey, Persia), with others—the initial explosion that forces the whole world to give way is fleeting—like with the Mongols, the Macedonians.

    Today’s West has already lost its passionarity, and the world is back to the pre-Industrial world parity of multiple civilizational centers that are all more or less qual to each other; in fact, today there’s three times more of them than last time around.

    What is different though, is that this time the passionarity of a dominant civilization was lost in front of our very eyes, in just three decades, and it happened not due to “natural causes”, but due to very specific (((social engineering techniques))).

    We have witnessed with our eyes a forced landing of a civilization through a million cuts and jabs, through dismantling it on every level, from the surface political layer, to the middle social organization layer, to the molecular and atomic levels of family structure, gender, birth, courtship, marriage, death, relation to ancestors, relation to the unborn, basic sense of Self and the sacred and the mundane—all these basic “indivisible units” from which any human culture is built—were dismantled in just a few decades, through robust institutional infiltration and hijacking, right under the nose of all the alleged politicians, journalists, and captains of industry. They kept playing their little games, even as the very fabric of their universe was being rapidly rewritten.

    Unfortunately, the whole process is impossible to name, let alone examine within the mainstream, without being immediately destroyed, but this does not make it any less fascinating.

    The 1990s felt like the golden triumph of Western Democracy. Today the triumph is long gone, and there’s a post-Western post-Democracy in place instead. Absolutely fascinating. It would take the collaboration of Frank Herbert, Philip K Dick, and Isaac Asimov just to do this process justice by describing it in prose form.

    But what’s done is done. Without apocalyptic massacres and nukes and sheit, the only thing that’s left is to try and save what’s left of the West to the extent that in another generation it doesn’t fall below the level of Poland or Turkey in the ability to build and maintain things.

    We’re heading for a world in which Indonesia and the Philippines and Brazil and Mexico will be peers to the post-Western post-Democracies. And that’s a transition that needs to be managed in a smart way. In a sense, Trump was already trying to do this, using all the levers avaliable to him to create a world in which the US can transition to “global power” from “super power” with the least losses.

    No one else currently has the passionarity to “take over” from the West, so the whole globe will basically be just vegetating on the current levels of development, until either some AI sci-fi stuff happens, or some other race explodes into passionarity without being instantly throttled by the (((wise and bening overseers))).

    Punishing, or even just pointing out, those who managed to suvbert the Western Democracies in just a few decades to the point of no return (the last point of return was probably somewhere between 2005 and 1995) will not help undo the damage, but it is nevertheless, IMO, the duty of those who love truth (a love present in those in whom Athens is stronger than Jerusalem), to try and leave to our collective descendents as accurate a description as possible of “How the West was Dismantled from the Inside in Just Three Decades”.

  101. Malla says:

    Eurasia will once again become the undisputed center of the world.

    Yeah Mostly Eastern Europe (incl. Russia) and East Asia.
    Western Europe may turn into an extension of the Middle Eastern style shithola. Unless something dramatic happens, Western Europe like all of the Americas have a third world future till the end of time.

  102. trickster says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Sorry Sir, but the Trickster keeps himself super busy. No time for riddles . No hiding in the closet behind a mountain of food cans and toilet paper. This Corona, the controversy regarding whether masks are useful, the social distancing is six feet then 13 feet, the false statistics, the elite doing other than what they demand of us deplorables, the Hollywood and political superstars who are coming out about being tested positive and then subjecting us to a daily commentary on their diagnosis and recovery, have convinced me this whole pandemic is a clown show.

    As time goes by I encounter more and more stupidity. A friend of mine told me of a Canada radio announcement that says telephones have hundreds of different viruses which live on the instrument for 4 days, stay home and dont kill others. What is the next step down on this road of imbecility ?

    I am out and about and will not waste a second of my precious life on this crap which like all the other viruses before will soon be and all be forgotten.

  103. trickster says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Great and well thought out comment JWR. I could not agree more. You know the unfortunate thing is that people today dont use their noggin, they just accept whatever is shovelled their way from the Ivy school elites. We have lost our common sense or had it taken away !

    I am confident I could go into the Ozarks and any rural resident would have more sense than the Harvard graduate living in New York City. Sad but true and that is why the country is in this mess and why this “pandemic” is the seed of a greater depression soon to follow.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  104. trickster says:

    Also here is a little contribution from the white man. The steam locomotive was designed and built in 1812/ 1813. Was the inventor named Wong, Chong or Dong ? Answer: Neither of the three.

    The first railroad in Africa was built in 1853

    The first railroad in China was built in 1905-1909 almost 100 years after the first steam locomotive was built and 50 years after that of Africa.

    Now millions of Chinese travellers in their rickshaws or sedan chairs, year after year, generation after generation, lived without thinking “hey we can make a better mode of transportation than this!”

    Were they stupid or intellectually or racially inferior to the white man ?

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @antibeast
  105. xcd says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Can you bring yourself to say who exactly is “using slaves and like unsavory trade norms”?

  106. xcd says:

    Most of the travel, transport and immigration arises from capitalism; this includes subverting foreign governments to accept dirty industries. Globalisation and the “multi-culturalism” the author agonises over arise largely from depressing wages for citizens and then exploiting foreigners. The double-talk and feet-dragging over climate change, destruction of the commons, poisoning (“pollution”), loss of species and the agony of the poor is more of the same.

    Say the C word.

  107. Rollmop says:

    That’s not going to help you any. This is all genetic and racial superiority stuff, yeah? Well why did your “whites in China” invent the superior plough, while the whites in Europe were too stupid? We know which whites you would prefer to claim descent from, and they were the dumbest ones in this case, on your own assumptions.

  108. antibeast says:

    Here is a little contribution from East Asians. The first high speed rail in the world — Shinkansen — was designed and built in Japan in 1959 and started service in 1964, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Was the inventor named Adam, Robert or John? Answer: neither of the three.

    The first high speed rail in China — Beijing–Tianjin intercity railway — opened on August 1, 2008, just in time for the Beijing Olympics and set the record for the fastest conventional train service in the world by its top speed of 350 km/h, and reduced travel time between the two largest cities in northern China from 70 to 30 minutes.

    By 2020, China’s high speed rail network reached 35,000 km in total length, accounting for about two-thirds of the world’s high-speed rail tracks in commercial service, with top speed of 350km/h.

    Now millions of American travellers in their gasoline-powered Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, Kias, etc., year after year, generation after generation, lived without thinking “hey we can make a better mode of transportation than this!”

    Were they stupid or intellectually or racially inferior to East Asians?

  109. HansZ says:
    @George F. Held

    I agree with your comment Mr Held. NOw all American continent will be destroyed. In Mexico,
    the new Crypto Jew President fooled Mexican people and he got elected. He is now destroying Mexico and will continue with USA, unless Mexicans do something to stop him, but they will be probably a communist country in 2021. Trump seems to be unaware of the big threat and he wil probably lose to Joe Biden in November. Biden will push for open borders and he will accelerate the chaos in both countries.

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