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Mueller: No Collusion Between Trump and Putin, But the Russia Card Is Bigger Than Ever
And Who Will Investigate Chinese, Israeli, Saudi, and Mexican "Meddling"?
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Earlier in February, according to various Fox and Neoconservative pundits, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was close to being labeled “the devil incarnate,” the man responsible for naming Robert Mueller as Special Counsel (and who had basically given him carte blanche to engage in a slow-burn campaign, an ideological investigative war, based on a spurious made-up dossier, against President Trump). Calls went out that Rosenstein should be replaced, even fired.

Now, a few days later—and thirteen indictments from one of Mueller’s grand juries, announced by the very same Rosenstein, specifically against more “Russian players” who reportedly “meddled” in the 2016 American elections, but without any connivance by the Trump campaign—and Rosenstein is feted as a veritable savior of the republic by those same commenters. Those Neocons who now selectively support the president and those bitterly anti-Russian Fox pundits (with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson) are absolutely giddy with delight! For too long, in their defense of President Trump against the charge of collusion, they had found themselves in the extremely uncomfortable situation (for them) of having to mount an attempt to exculpate the Russians, or at least lessen their culpability.

But now, Rosenstein has presented them with one of those exquisite “Aha!” moments: at last, the onerous burden of disputing Russian connections with the Trump campaign has been lifted, but they can still, with more reason, keep those evil Russkies in the cross hairs as the supreme enemy of America!

And this fits to a tee their ideological predispositions. For the Neocons (and most of the Fox punditry)—who are the dominant voice of the so-called contemporary “conservative movement” and the intellectual brain trust for much of the GOP—are inveterate Russophobes. It makes no difference to them that Russia in 2018 is definitely not Russia of the old Soviet days; it makes little difference to them that since 1991 Russia has emerged as the leading global power in opposition to the secularist New World Order, and that its political and cultural trajectory is, if anything, more conservative and traditionalist. They ignore the fact that Gorbachev voluntarily agreed with George H. W. Bush to dissolve the Warsaw Pact (which he did), ending the Communist control of Eastern Europe, on condition that the United States not advance NATO further east (which is exactly what the United States then proceeded to do). They have repeatedly ignored and rejected Russian overtures for partnership, collaboration and cooperation (not the subinfeudation and subjection that Paul Wolfowitz and Charles Krauthammer demanded). They rip out of context Putin’s statement that the dissolution of the old Soviet Union was “a monumental catastrophe” for Russia, failing to understand that his comments dealt specifically with the radical and disastrous ethnic and political consequences of the break up, with millions of ethnic Russians now in regions that were always part of Russia, now separated from the Mother Country, economically adrift and incapable of true independence.

Back on February 6, in an effort to briefly explain some of the background for this zealous Russophobia, I wrote the following in a column:

“The Neocons, of course, owe their intellectual origin decades ago to that other major stream of Marxist thought, identified with Leon Trotsky and his zealous internationalism. Early on for those intellectual descendants of Trotsky their opposition to Soviet Communism was just as much a hatred for Russia, which they saw as anti-Semitic (e.g., the infamous “doctors’ plot”) and “reactionary,” as it was for what they perceived as Stalin’s (and Brezhnev’s) perversion of the original “humanist” and “democratic core” of Marxist theory. Thus, even with the daily revelations, the reports and all the accounts of skulduggery by agents of the Deep State that seem to seep out, the narrative of “the Russians Did It!” must be maintained, by both Progressivists AND the Neocons. Either the Russians and that “new Hitler” (to use Neocon Max Boot’s ill-chosen comparison) Putin were somehow directing Donald Trump like a puppet master controls a stick puppet, or the Russians and that “new Hitler” were working with Hillary and the DNC to blacken Donald Trump’s good name and unseat him. Either way “the Russians Did It!”

So, now we hear the news from Rosenstein that thirteen individual Russians and Russian organizations, beginning back in 2014, two years prior to the 2016 elections (and before Donald Trump was even mentioned as a real candidate), are charged with “attempted meddling” in our national elections…using mainly the Internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). But no American citizens were compromised, and there was no collusion with the Trump campaign.

Duh. So? This is news? That a major world power spent a paltry million dollars (in a campaign in which a total of billions of dollars were spent) in some rather uniformly unsuccessful attempts to “meddle” here?

You would think that the Japs had bombed Pearl Harbor or that Putin’s Cossacks had landed and seized Miami Beach! This story has nearly displaced the tragedy of the school shooting in Broward County, at least on Fox. With obvious satisfaction, Laura Ingraham (whom I do like on occasion), intoned on her Fox program: “I’ve been warning about the Russians for years!” But when she asked her guest former CIA director Admiral R. James Woolsey if we ever “meddled” in other countries’ elections and governments, he simply laughed a bit nervously and attempted to avoid answering. (The answer is of course we do and have done so for decades: Guatemala, Iran, the Kennedy-approved assassination of President Diem, the recent Ukrainian coup against a popularly-elected but pro-Russian president, our funding of candidates subservient to our interests—the list is endless.)

Another Fox pundit, Tucker Carlson on his program, briefly mentioned the “meddling” of Chinese operatives and organizations in the United States (where literally billions of dollars have been spent to shape American opinion and a major percentage of American commerce is now controlled by Beijing). Where is the Special Counsel investigating Chinese “meddling” and influence on American elections? Where are the congressional committees examining the extraordinary control by the Chinese of American business?

And what about Mexico which, using its various consulates scattered across the United States, helped engineer the registration of Mexican voters who would vote in the 2016 American elections? How many of those were—are—illegals? Except for such groups as ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, NC Listen, FAIR,, and a few others, not a word…and certainly, no congressional hearings.

Then, there is Saudi Arabia and the billions of oil-based petrodollars that have found their way into the coffers of American political leaders. When was the last time that you heard a serious critique of the Saudis (or their virtual, if remote responsibility for much of the Islamic extremism in the Middle East)?

And, lastly, and most significantly—and this is the white elephant in the room—what about the incredible influence of Israel in American politics? Okay, I recognize that you’re not supposed to notice this, at least not mention it, lest you be labeled an “anti-semite”—an accusation, a stain, like the charge of racism that is difficult, if not impossible, to expunge. Yet, can anyone rationally deny the immense influence of Israel—and its “meddling”—in our elections and politics?

I will make no judgments here whether the issues advanced by Israel and its supporters, the positions pushed, are good or bad, whether they are in our national interest or not. Israel has been an ally since its foundation in 1948, and the cultural and political bonds between our two nations have been and are very strong. But that doesn’t change the facts: Israel is a major player in our politics, and such extremely powerful lobbying/public interest groups like AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) generally serve the interests of the State of Israel and attempt to identify them with American interests.

“Meddling” is an understatement when it comes to Israel. Remember the Jonathan Pollard espionage case? Pollard was a major American Israeli spy, whose spying and pilfering of top American secrets on behalf of Israel got him life imprisonment. And, politically, we only need to cast a brief glance to the past—to the defeat of Senators J. William Fulbright (Arkansas) and Chuck Percy (Illinois), and Congressman Paul Findley (Illinois), and the attempted defeat of Representative Walter Jones Jr. more recently in North Carolina (e.g, Bill Kristol’s million-dollar campaigns to defeat Jones in GOP primaries)—all of whom refused to go along with unquestioning support of a pro-Israeli American agenda, or who raised some embarrassing questions, even in the most respectful and mildest manner.

Years ago, when working with the founder of the older conservative movement, Dr. Russell Kirk in Michigan, I met Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, a thoughtful Jewish opponent of Zionism and of the kind of international entanglements that he sincerely believed gave the Jewish state and Jews universally a negative reputation. Later on he presented me with copies of his major documented study on the topic, The Zionist Connection (original edition, 1978, and revised, 1982), which were revelatory for me.

More recently, Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski’s impressively documented, The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel (2008), and Drs. John Mearsheimer’s and Stephen Walt’s The Israel Lobby and U. S. Foreign Policy (2007) have deepened aspects of Dr. Lilienthal analysis. And additional research and discussion by such writers as Philip Giraldi (“Are America’s Jews Driving America’s Wars,” 2017), and such distinguished authors of Jewish descent as Professors Walter Block (“Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews?” January 2018) and Paul Gottfried (his review of Neil Jumonville’s The New York Intellectuals, 2008, on the relationship between Russian Jewish emigres centered in New York and their powerful influence in American culture and politics), have raised questions that should be examined calmly and rationally, but probably won’t.

The shadowy Russians purportedly spent a million dollars to “meddle” and “sow confusion” in American politics, beginning two years before the 2016 elections. And the Neocon narrative, the template that indicts Russia, is preserved, and that is all you need to know. An anti-Trump “demonstration” in New York with forty-five sullen attendees, some fake ads on Facebook (which is literally filled with millions of other fake ads), some cyber interference, some phony URLs—and the Russophobes go literally wild.

And all the while the major players in meddling and espionage and influence here in the US—they skate, are ignored with a wink-and-a-smile, dollar signs in the eyes of the supposed guardians of the Republic!

Sheer hypocrisy and crass dishonesty incarnate.

[A portion of this essay has appeared at: ]

• Category: Foreign Policy, Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Neocons, Russia 
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  1. Never mind, Mueller can now further boost his pension prospects by taking a leaf out of Kenneth Starr’s book and start investigating Trumpian payoffs to bimbos, and consider indictments for adultery. That should give him another couple of years of pensionable Deep State service.

  2. Ace says:

    ** cultural and political bonds between our two nations **

    Israel is an enemy and a financial parasite. There are no bonds between us.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  3. Israel has been CALLED an ally. Israel has never actually been an ally.

    • Agree: Realist
  4. joe webb says:

    don’t forget “Pete” McCloskey of California, congressional rep. from my part of the SF Bay Area a few decades back who was unseated by jewish money, along with folks like Paul Findley.

    The fundamental reason for the Hatred of Russia is this: Russia and Putin have been at work neutralizing the Jewish Power for a long time. It started with Stalin’s attacks on Trotsky (Jewish) and carried thru with the Oligarchs (Jews all, save one , who looted Russia under Yeltsin) and were thrown out of Russia by Putin.

    This is pure Sin in today’s world of Jewish Power. Russia Must Die is the Jewish Power and Neoconservative Diktak. Anyone who opposes this is a target.

    The neocons are no longer Trots in any communist sense. But they are Jews on a mission from the Old Testament and its warrior God, Jehovah. Jerusalem must be the world capital. The old riddle of how Jews can be capitalists and communists is solved….Jewish Power either way, next year in Jerusalem.

    Trump must be aware of all of this. He is either on board with the jews , or not. So far it is not clear where he stands, but it does not look good. … Christians have their love affair with the Jews…that is the fundamental problem.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @headrick
    , @Alden
  5. joe webb says:

    for a partial list of US subversion of other countries….see below. This is a left-wing source, and it is old news of course. The billions of CIA money and the other dozen or so (17?) spook agencies must do something with their money, besides cruise all of our email accounts and UR for sure.

    The amazing thing lately is that lately, I have never seen in any of the normal usuals in the media, any mention of all our subversion capers overseas. Not even the recent 5 million spent in Ukraine and bragged about by those jews..Nuland, and so on.

    This time we are living in is sensational in its lies and hysteria over race particularly. Then there are the sex crusades. Where is it going if not to civil war?

    Joe Webb
    PS, I am reading a bio on Charles Lindbergh, The Lindbergh, back in the 20s and his solo flight across the Atlantic and his world-hero transformation to non-person later. Worth your time.

    • Replies: @Chet Roman
  6. Why, why, why does no one have the balls (or insights) to go after Robert Mueller and company for what should be on the front page: a history of framing people with false prosecutions, protecting international narcotics & arms trafficking and associated professional killers, sandbagging & sinking related money laundering investigations (and more), all with Mueller, Comey & Wray at the nexus? The information is out there, it is well established in open source and yet our alternative pundits stick with (or stick us with) the superficial. C’mon, get after it:

    So what if writing up the most salient facts crosses the worst of the criminals at our intelligence agencies, they’re not invincible, not even close. Grow some gonads.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  7. mp says:

    Jews do not “meddle” in US policy. How can you be accused of meddling in something you own?

    • Replies: @TT
  8. Renoman says:

    Nothing but a load of crap to try and fool the idiots. I don’t think it’s working as the vast majority of the idiots are Trump supporters and support him they do. The big pile of the moment is how the FBI missed the Florida shooter. They’re looking pretty shabby at this point.

    • Replies: @Wally
  9. geokat62 says:

    I tend to agree with the general tenor of the article, except for the following points:

    And, lastly, and most significantly—and this is the white elephant in the room—what about the incredible influence of Israel in American politics?

    I would have suggested using the term pink elephant, as white elephant is normally used to describe a major project that goes unfinished.

    Yet, can anyone rationally deny the immense influence of Israel—and its “meddling”—in our elections and politics?

    Well, if you hadn’t included the term rationally, I could have suggested someone who has tried to deny this immense influence.

    I will make no judgments here whether the issues advanced by Israel and its supporters, the positions pushed, are good or bad, whether they are in our national interest or not.

    While you may not be willing to make such a judgement, Profs. Mearsheimer and Walt have in their magnum opus, The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, and they have concluded that the Zionist project is a liability (and not an asset) to the US.

    Israel has been an ally since its foundation in 1948, and the cultural and political bonds between our two nations have been and are very strong.

    We need to be careful with our language. First of all, the term ally has a strict military sense – i.e., that the US has a formal treaty to cooperate militarily with another country. This isn’t the case for the Zionist project.

    Secondly, with respect to cultural and political bonds, I suspect you are referring to the term Judeo-Christian that was coined shortly after WWII? Well, once again, this term was invented in an attempt to forge a Jewish/Christian alliance against the Muslims in their new crusade, in the form of the phony GWOT, waged against those countries deemed hostile to the villa in the jungle to enhance the security of the Jewish residents of said villa, at the expense of the security of The Dumb Goyim residing in European and European-derived countries.

  10. Somebody notify the Carter Center. They monitor third world elections like ours and keep them straight. Midterms coming up. Help!

  11. geokat62 says:

    … and one final point.

    I take issue with the subtitle you’ve chosen for the article:

    And Who Will Investigate Chinese, Israeli, Saudi, and Mexican “Meddling“?

    I do not think it’s fair to include Israel in the list of countries that meddle in the US political system.

    For Israel, through its vast network of organizations that form The Lobby, stands alone in the mega influence it has over the American political system – i.e, it is in a league of its own.

    • Replies: @Realist
  12. El Dato says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    In 1997 Andrew Weissmann was officially reprimanded by a judge in the Eastern District of New York for withholding evidence.

    More specifically, Weissmann withheld evidence to a court that would have helped the other side in a criminal case, which is required by law. In that previous case:

    Evidence suggested that Scarpa was involved in a personal relationship with his FBI handler, Lindley DeVecchio. DeVeccio, who was also a witness in a case connected to the Persico case. Weissmann had DeVecchio testify against Michael Sessa, a captain in the Colombo family, despite knowing DeVecchio was under investigation by the FBI for his relationship with Scarpa. Weissmann and his team failed disclose that to the courts and presented him as a solid witness in the case, according to Schoen and court documents.

    Mafiosos may not be a sympathetic bunch, but the law is the law and Weissmann didn’t think it applied to him.

    I wonder how this ties into the deep-sixing of evidence of Qaeda activity in New York to get Mafia prosections through ( timeline here, this is crazy, we will never know what’s true or not, also no dancing Israelis, but if the FBI knew, other TLAs and the linked-to network knew,: )

    April 10, 1996: While Scarpa Jr. is providing the FBI with key al Qaeda intelligence from Yousef, the FBI’s New York Office grows concerned about the widening scandal of alleged corruption between Supervisory Special Agent Lin DeVecchio and Scarpa Sr. and its effect on the sixty remaining Colombo war cases in the EDNY. James Kallstrom, ADIC of the NYO, sends a memo to FBI director Louis Freeh suggesting that there is: “insufficient evidence to take prosecutive action” against DeVecchio. This despite the Corcella letter from a year earlier citing eight suspected leaks to Scarpa Sr. Pushing for a resolution of the OPR investigation, Kallstrom writes that the scandal is having a “negative impact” on LCN [La Cosa Nostra] prosecutions and “casts a cloud over the NYO.”

    The Feds are so impressed by the quality of Scarpa Jr.’s intelligence on Yousef that they set up a phony Mafia front company, called the Roma Corp., and allow Yousef to make outside calls from jail. While Yousef believes that his calls to al Qaeda members in the U.S. and the Mideast are being patched through by Scarpa’s wiseguys, the phones are actually manned by FBI agents. But they only speak Arabic, and Yousef is talking in Baluchi and Urdu. At least one call goes to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, hiding out in Doha, Qatar, while perfecting his nephew Yousef’s planes-as-missiles plot. The FBI sends its HRT team to arrest KSM, but he escapes. Meanwhile, Yousef renews his threat to
    have his people put a bomb on a U.S. airliner to get a mistrial. One of the notes Yousef passes to Scarpa Jr. is entitled “How to Smuggle Explosives Onto An Airliner.” It cites the explosive RDX and acetone peroxide, an ingredient that will show up in a reincarnation of the Bojinka plot by al Qaeda in 2006.

    September 1996: Half a dozen senior DOJ and FBI officials are a party to the treasure trove of al Qaeda intelligence from Yousef from March 1996 through February 1997, including James Kallstrom, Patrick Fitzgerald, and AUSAs Dietrich Snell, Valerie Caproni, and Ellen Corcella. Contained in dozens of FBI 302s, the intel demonstrates proof of an active al Qaeda cell in NYC, and a threat by bin Laden to hijack a plane to free Sheikh Rahman. But within months, reputedly on the word of a Mafia informant named John Napoli, the Feds label the “Scarpa Materials” a “hoax” and “scam.” A key agent in Fitzgerald’s Squad I-49 claims that he never sees this intel on al Qaeda’s active presence in NYC.

    October 1998: At trial, Greg Scarpa Jr . testifies about the eleven-month intelligence initiative in which he risked his life to provide the Feds with evidence of an al Qaeda presence in New York City. But Judge Reena Raggi believes Patrick Fitzgerald ’s contention that the Yousef/Scarpa evidence, contained in dozens of FBI 302s, was a “part of a scam.” She sentences Scarpa Jr. to forty years for RICO violations; he is to be housed in the Supermax prison, along with convicted terrorists including Ramzi Yousef and Terry Nichols.

    Spring 2004: After briefing the 9/11 Commission, on the hijackers cells and al Qaeda’s ties to the blind Sheikh, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s testimony is ignored by Dietrich Snell, the former SDNY AUSA who is now a senior counsel to the commission. In the commission’s final report, Snell pushes the origin of the plot forward two years and alleges that Ramzi Yousef was not involved—relying solely on the word of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who has been tortured. Testifying before the Commission, Patrick Fitzgerald calls Ali Mohamed “one of the most chilling examples of al Qaeda’s espionage,” but says nothing about how Mohamed outgunned the FBI for years. Meanwhile, after talking openly about the Able Danger cover up, Shaffer has his security clearance pulled, and the Bronze Star winner becomes the target of a DOD witchhunt.

  13. Joe Hide says:

    Very revealing and interesting article. Keep writing please.

  14. The usual pro-Putin propaganda. Nothing new, just the usual re-hash. Clearly, though, it’s a lot easier to deal with Putin if Trump’s possible collusion is put to one side. That way, Trump’s supporters don’t have to defend Putin and he can be blamed for everything. Equally, with Putin openly meddling in the Italian election in favour of the Lega Nord, it will now be very hard to deny Russian interference. As for collusion, it’s hard to see any sense in the Nunes memo if there wasn’t collusion. Trump knows whether or not he colluded. If he didn’t, he has nothing to fear from anything the FBI found out from the Carter Page surveillance and thus has no reason to challenge the validity of the FISC warrant. Quite the contrary, in fact. Trump, if innocent, would have every interest in having Page’s evidence made public. Thus, the Nunes memo actually proves that Trump did collude with Russians. Of course, the target of Russiagate is Putin, not Trump and, as is common is such cases, I could well imagine a deal: Trump gives up the names of the Russians he collaborated with in return for immunity for himself and his family. That could easily explain why people are suddenly being indicted. The fun will start if some of the accused decide to return the compliment and give up Trump or any of his associates. If immunity has indeed been granted to Trump, it applies only to prosecution in federal court. It cannot apply, by definition, to impeachment proceedings. Let’s see where this goes!

  15. Mueller helped the Zionist neocons and Israel cover up their attack on the WTC on 911, the man is a traitor and a puppet of the Zionist elites who rule America.

  16. Don Bacon says:

    re: a major world power spent a paltry million dollars

    No, there was no Russian “world power” interference. Russia, the Russian government, was not mentioned in the indictment. A chat room in St. Petersburg is not Russia.

  17. @Ace

    Tentacles create a sort bond, don’t they? 😉

    • Replies: @Ace
  18. headrick says:
    @joe webb

    The hate toward Russia from Israel is also caused a lot by the Russian Support of Iran/Hezbollah which kicked Israel out of Lebanon in 2006, a humbling development which ignited a burning hatred of Hezbollah and Iran-Russia axis which back them.

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @annamaria
  19. tjm says:

    Great article, but it is important to remember where Trump came from, New York City and it’s Zionist bankers. Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is a Zionist first, and any appearances of being an “American firster”, are pure manipulation and lies. Trump is a Clintonite, a globalist, a Zionist, all are in direct conflict with being an American patriot. Trump will grant amnesty and will continue unfettered support for Israel in the Middle East. The man is a puppet of the Zionist, period.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @jacques sheete
  20. USA meddling,by the USA, to avoid misunderstanding, and more than that, is already described in
    Barbara Hinckley, Sheldon Goldman, ‘American Politics and Government, Structure, Processes, Institutions and Policies’, Glenview Ill., 1990

    What is difficult to judge in how far the USA rules the EU, and individual European countries.
    That the USA does not trust Merkel became clear when it was discovered that her mobile phone conversations were listened into, as far as I understand from antennae on the roof of the USA embassy in Berlin.

    Already years ago members of Dutch parliament complained about political pressure on them, individually, by the USA ambassador here.
    This ambassador from time to time is personally present at parliamentary committee discussions, this he can do, the discussions are public, but it is exceptional if more than ten or fifteen Dutch citizens are present, except some journalists, and, very rare, tv people.
    If he still comes now that the meetings are live to be seen on internet, I do not know.

  21. Caution says:

    If ‘desparaging’ one candidate while supporting the other is considered to be ‘meddling’, then when will the investigation expand to all of the world’s leaders who ‘desparaged’ Donald Trump while supporting Hillary Clinton.

    I haven’t done the research, but from memory this list would include Angela Merkel (Germany), Tony Blair (UK), the President of Mexico and many others. I seem to recall that many of the worlds leaders were ‘desparaging’ of Donald Trump before the election while openly supporting and encouraging the election of Hillary Clinton.

    So, when will the investigation expand to these figures and when can we expect charges to be filed against them?

    If that doesn’t happen, then this just looks like the Deep State exacting revenge on those who opposed their chosen candidate.

    We’ve already known that the FBI and DOJ were openly working against Trump and spying on his campaign. Now it appears that its a criminal act to oppose the Deep State and its selected candidate.

  22. joe webb says:

    right, and thanks. Then there is the historic flip on Israel back in the 50s (?) when USSR decided to go with the Arabs instead of Israel.

    Probably this had more to do with the communist optic than anything else, given the Revolutionary ideology of the time…anti-imperialism, etc.

    Since then, an anti-jew -ism has displaced the old Revolutionary zeal. One could probably argue that geography plays some role as well, as well as oil, since the only practical tactic is to cooperate with oil rich ME, rather than getting military and so on.

    Without knowing much about Saudi Arabia, one might wonder how much time Russia and everybody else thinks the Saudi clan has.

  23. Does anyone give a crap about these kind of “trump vs deep state” mythological articles?

    Does anyone not realize that the current hollywood figurehead pres, like all the others, does nothing of import whatsoever, a simple entertainment diversion, a self-admitted “cheerleader” for his overlords?

    WTF-up already, love of christ.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Ace
  24. @joe webb

    Just a minor corrections, it was \$5 billion, not million, the U.S. spent to overthrow the legal government in Ukraine, which included major zionist players like Nuland (married to the uber-zionist Robert Kagan) and NED’s Carl Gershman (who controlled this U.S. funded neocon slush fund for 35 years).

  25. What about George Soros’ political activities in trying to not only influence the election, but pushing BLM and the race wars (that wouldn’t even be happening except for Soros’ funded leftist groups and their fellow travelers)?

  26. annamaria says:

    The hatred is much deeper: look at the Bolshevism and the leading Bolsheviks. They were openly genocidal, particularly towards the intellectual and military flower of the Russian Empire. The Jewish crimes in Russia belong to the worst crimes against humanity. American ziocons are the successors of these criminals.

    • Agree: Alden, Ace
  27. Hu Mi Yu says:

    Why do I see everything twice? Comments 17 through 26 are all double!

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
  28. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Hu Mi Yu

    Even my own reply is double!

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Hu Mi Yu
  29. This is an excellent article. The entire Russiagate ‘scandal’ is not only hypocritical but absurd on its face.

    Countless individuals, writers, government officials, NGOs, lobbyists, and foreign governments routinely work to shape US policies and public opinion. This is how America operates. And our government does the same to other countries–only on a far bigger, more sophisticated, and more violent scale.

    So what’s the big deal about Russia? As a scandal that allegedly threatens ‘democracy’, Russia’s diabolical influence is basically hype and hysteria. Who cooked this fantasy up?

    Sure, some Russians were, in a small way, attempting to sway US public opinion before the last election. So what? Russia’s influence is absolutely infantesimal compared to any number of foreign entities which operate openly and sometimes destructively inside Washington. Plus, there’s the explosive fact that most of these same countries (China, Israel and Mexico, for instance) have operatives working for them who are also US citizens. The scope of extra-national espionage inside America is unprecedented and utterly mind-boggling.

    These facts are paramount. But the are ignored.

    Thus, in the scheme of things, Putin’s Russia is a bit player in the huge, lethal, duplicitous, money-drenched political organism that is America, inc.

    And the anti-Putin propaganda that Americans are fed everyday is greater and more toxic than any collection of pro-Russia tweets.

    Trump, remember, campaigned on normalizing relations with Russia. Trump’s welcome peace overtures were great news to most Americans. They helped get him elected. The cold war, remember, is dead and gone. The USSR collapsed nearly 30 years ago. Why needlessly reignite hostilities with a nuclear power that seeks normal trade and commerce with the US?


    Russiagate was cooked-up to push Trump away from peace with Russia.

    Why was this foreign policy coup orchestrated?

    Putin’s Russia is aligned with Syria, with Lebanon and with Iran.

    Can you identify that small influential country that detests the governments of Iran, Lebanon and Syria?

    This fact gives us a major a clue as to who/what is behind the fraud now known as ‘Russiagate’.

    Russia has been ostracized and economically targeted–treated as a US enemy–due to its alliance with Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The unstated objective here is to destroy that alliance and render Syria, Lebanon and Iran ‘non-threats’ to Israel. This will take some doing. Hard ball. Sanctions. War.

    Don’t believe me? Then consider what Zionist influence has managed to accomplish in Iraq, Palestine and Libya.

    These malicious objectives however have nothing to do with US security interests. But they have everything to do with Israel’s political agenda.

    Ironically, the emptiness of ‘Russiagate’ is proving that Russia is not a threat to American ‘democracy’ at all. Instead, our problems actually lie inside our own borders. It’s activist billionaires (with secret agendas) who fund our two major Parties, as well as America’s corrupt, pro-Zionist MSM as well as the lobbyists and NGOs that dominate Washington. These are the cancers. They pose a real national threat as well as a global one.

    The upshot: Zions are running the American circus.

    Conclusion: it is Israel (with the help of countless US-based crypto-Israelis and pro-Zionist pressure groups) that plays the biggest extra-national role in American life and US elections. Not Russia. Putin can only dream about achieving Israel’s level of influence here. This is why ‘Russiagate’ is such a farce.

    Unfortunately, most Americans are too brainwashed to figure this out. Widespread American cluelessness however does not happen by accident. America’s Zionized MSM is to mostly blame for this confusion. The tools in play are Zionist propaganda and Zionist censorship.

    Not only aren’t the Russians even close to the Chosen ones in their level of influence here, but even Mexican nationals far, far outpace the Russians in their level of power inside America.

    Over the past four decades, Mexico has illegally exported millions of Hispanics into the US. Since Reagan’s failed attempt to control ‘illegal immigration’ back in the 80’s, millions of Spanish-speaking immigrants have attained citizenship and/or US sucor by entering the America unlawfully. And the gigantic loophole of ‘birthright citizenship’ has given them and their offspring an even greater foothold.

    And hundreds of thousands–perhaps millions–of illegal immigrants have voted in various US elections since Reagan.

    Is this not a far bigger threat to US ‘democracy’ than Russian propaganda on a Facebook page? Of course it is.

    Like Israel, the foreign-born Hispanic factor dwarfs Russian influence in American life. But this fact gets little media attention. Taboos involving ‘racism’, pro-white advocacy, and anti-Semitism keep the conversation narrow and any real examination Off Limits.

    The immense and ongoing fraud of Russiagate speaks volumes about the forces that actually control America.

    • Replies: @Ace
  30. So – Russophobia bad. Israelophobia good. Got it.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  31. El Dato says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Israelophobia is badthink. You cannot not love Israel.

    You may have to visit room 101.

  32. El Dato says:
    @Hu Mi Yu

    It’s called “Continuous Delivery” and it comes with bugs larger than the posterior of a Pussy Marchesse.

  33. Wally says: • Website

    I hear you, but the alternative was Hillary.

  34. renfro says:

    Let us not forget this whole Russia investigation was started by the Dems and Hillary looking for dirt on Trump and then claiming Hillary lost due to FBI statements about her email usage just prior to the election and then claiming she lost due to Russian influence.

    Washington is insane. Burn it to the ground and start over.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anonymous
  35. Alden says:
    @joe webb

    I remember Pete McClosky. He really was a rising star being groomed for governor senator maybe VP.

    Then he did something anti Israel and he just disappeared at the next election. Illinois Senator Adlai Stevenson 3 was destroyed along with Percy and Fulbright.

    The destruction of those WASP senators especially the American aristocrat Stevenson was the epitome of the takeover of America by Israel and AIPAC

  36. Alden says:

    No, keep the beautiful monuments,
    Buildings including all the Victorian townhouses and museums and get rid the people.

    • Agree: renfro
    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  37. @Alden

    I think the US does actually have a bomb for just that, the neutron bomb. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All slaves who love their masters argue over which master the slaves should love best. To believe the MSM or the alternative media and all the media in between – the reader must believe that an actual difference exists between Trump and Obama and W and Clinton and that if Trump had his way he would change Washington. When morons believe in Government Psyops, they stay morons. Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton.

    Voter = Brain Washed Child Seeking Mommy and Daddy Lost in the Mall. Media coverage of the Russian pysop = the Russian psyop.

    • Replies: @renfro
  39. Realist says:

    “Those Neocons who now selectively support the president and those bitterly anti-Russian Fox pundits (with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson) are absolutely giddy with delight! For too long, in their defense of President Trump against the charge of collusion, they had found themselves in the extremely uncomfortable situation (for them) of having to mount an attempt to exculpate the Russians, or at least lessen their culpability.”

    Excellent observation. Too many people in this country are so easy to lead.

    “And, lastly, and most significantly—and this is the white elephant in the room—what about the incredible influence of Israel in American politics?”

    Zionists are the number one influence in American politics….bar none.

    “Israel has been an ally since its foundation in 1948,…”

    Israel is not our ally. We are a sycophant/lickspittle to Israel.

  40. Realist says:

    “For Israel, through its vast network of organizations that form The Lobby, stands alone in the mega influence it has over the American political system – i.e, it is in a league of its own.”


  41. Realist says:

    “Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is a Zionist first, and any appearances of being an “American firster”, are pure manipulation and lies. ”

    Interesting supposition .

    • Replies: @annamaria
  42. renfro says:

    All slaves who love their masters argue over which master the slaves should love best.

    Well, I have no master, leader or hero.
    And I dislike them all equally.
    That’s why I didn’t vote in this election.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  43. Ace says:
    @mark green

    Now that is an extraordinary comment! Thanks. Like the magician who diverts attention from the real action, Russiagate is pure flash bang and nothing more. The U.S. violation of the Russian S.F. consulate was as astonishing as the expulsion of the Russians from their Eastern Shore was chicken____. Outrageous but of little interest to our MSM junkyard Chihuahuas.

    The crew of Russian illegals rolled up and then hastily repatriated was a no-kidding Russian intelligence op but hardly something to get attitude about in the scheme of things where the U.S. Intel agencies aren’t seen as Vestal Virgins. “Boys will be boys” is flippant but it provides needed perspective. PRC spies here number in the teens of thousands.

    What was was interesting about one of the illegals is how close she came to gaining access to Hillary’s inner circle. That woman must have had a strong stomach. Anyhoo, it’s clear why the curtain had to be brought down on that dealybob.

    Then there was the house that the Japanese fellow claimed to own in NW Washington, D.C. He was the liaison between the ruling Japanese party and the U.S. Congress. The house was wired for sound and video and occupied by Craig Spence who achieved notoriety by running a call boy operation that catered to senior U.S. officials. Spence acquired social lion status overnight and very public figures clamored to attend his dinners. Parties were thrown at the house and Spence was even able to gain access to the White House (Bush ’41) after hours to conduct tours. I don’t recall that this unusual access was ever explained satisfactorily. Kids from Boystown were reported to be at those parties.

    What actually goes on in this world is pretty grim. The guts of “Russiagate” are, however, even if piled in one pile and multiplied times ten, about as sensational as a visit to Starbucks. It’s all distraction from much grimmer realities. Hill and Bill being for sale, for example. Imagine that!

  44. mcohen says:

    Rolling protests and school shutdowns by students in the us to protest school shootings must start happening in order to bring about change in gun legislation

    • Replies: @bahmi
    , @RadicalCenter
  45. They have repeatedly ignored and rejected Russian overtures for partnership, collaboration and cooperation…

    The US goonocracy is famous for that. They did the same to the Japanese and Germans.

    • Replies: @Ace
  46. @tjm

    Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

    Trump is a lump in the Zionist diaper…

  47. @flammulated

    Does anyone give a crap about these kind of “trump vs deep state” mythological articles?

    No. I just came here for the comments. Reading the article never crossed my mind since I considered the topic silly garbage from the start.

  48. Alan Reid says:

    Why does everyone fail to point to the powers running the entire show?

    We live in a world controlled by the Occult Side… Not professing the ROOT of these problems listed here top to bottom is failing to act to abolish the evil afoot… We need to act on the evil run amok, Pointing to one evil or another is not getting it done.

    America, israel,Russia,China,etc… Who is bossing them ALL around?

    Strike the ROOT not the leaves.

  49. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Hu Mi Yu

    All is well now. I see everything once.

  50. annamaria says:

    And yet, the scandal is not about Trump but about this: the “senior-level officials at the FBI and DOJ were engaged in an expansive conspiracy to subvert the presidential elections…”
    We need a lot of light to expose the mold

    • Replies: @Realist
  51. Realist says:

    Trump has allowed all the senior officials to remain in their posts in all the departments. He is to blame for his ‘problems’. He should have fired all at 12:01 pm on January 20, 2017.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  52. annamaria says:

    “He should have fired all at 12:01 pm on January 20, 2017.”
    — To be called a dictator?

    • Replies: @Realist
  53. Realist says:

    “– To be called a dictator?”

    That’s no worse than what he is called now. You want Trump’s actions dictated by the proclivities of the left?

    What we have now is worse than a dictatorship. The country is controlled by a faceless Deep State.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @TT
  54. annamaria says:

    “What we have now is worse than a dictatorship. The country is controlled by a faceless Deep State.”
    — True. And this control has been nicely exposed by the Mueller trials. Let the DOJ and the FBI brass make more [ridiculous] indictment and let the DOJ, the FBI , and the CIA brass to pronounce more [stupid] opinions. Let the mold become exposed. Note how the Israel-firsters suddenly are at the forefront of the “righteous indignation” re Russiagate. Beautiful. The scoundrels are coming out. The puss is reaching the surface of the old and dangerous infectious inflammation

  55. bahmi says:

    Wanna bet that Sandy Hook and Parkland were false flags? As were many, many others. What’s behind this? Our masters want to take over, plain and simple. We can thank our esteemed allies for these events. But you won’t buy this, will you?

  56. @mcohen

    Yes, the little self-satisfied snowflake morons need to take more time away from their inadequate instruction to demand further reduction in our individual liberties, before they are old enough to grasp reality and think maturely about the unintended consequences of restricting those liberties.

    Meanwhile, while American schoolkids “protest” and “demand” things, the Chinese and Indian kids — both in China and India and the USA — are studying hard and preparing to be the employers of those know-it-all pussy American brats (at best).

  57. TT says:

    That’s rt. Master don’t meddle with slave. Slave murkans have a free democratic choice to vote either of the lesser evils Master gave you for a change.

    Master Aipac: Take Syria.
    Demoncrap Obombma: Yes master, your wish is my command.

    Master Isr: Take Jerusalem.
    Repukebican Dumps: Yes master, your command is my wish.

  58. TT says:

    What we have now is worse than a dictatorship. The country is controlled by a faceless Deep State.

    A dictator dont give you a choice of leader. Pressure juz keep going up with no hope until burst and revolution.

    Deep state is better, gives you two parties for your demoncrapy free election every 4yrs. Hope for a better change with new Potus, PSsss…. a safety valve for venting pressure every 4yrs. No revolution, Life goes on…new wars, new mass shooting, new circus shows. Same shit, juz which one taste better.

    • Replies: @Realist
  59. Realist says:

    “Deep state is better, gives you two parties for your demoncrapy free election every 4yrs. ”

    You’re living in a dream world. There are no party choices, just the Deep State. At least with a known dictator you know who to go after.

  60. Ace says:
    @jacques sheete

    Then we insisted the Nationalist Chinese agree to a “coalition” with the Chinese communists. The exact wrong thing to do and guaranteed to ensure a communist victory when we also ceased supporting Chiang militarily.

    The goonocracy specializes in lunacy and treachery. Hostility toward Russia is the exact opposite of what we should show. It can’t find the national interest in a tea cup with a searchlight. It’s almost as if we’re controlled by foreign powers.

  61. Ace says:

    I waited expectorantly after the inauguration for Trump to put an end to the Syrian tragedy but it’s proving to be a long wait. Some kind of force field around the status woe.

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