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Movie Review: Sacrificing Liberty
The day the world was six minutes from WW3
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Damaged USS Liberty. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

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Review: Matt Skow’s TruHistory Films’ four-part docuseries on the USS Liberty
by Brian R. Wright, 8.5×11-inch PDF version of review located here

One is at a loss for superlatives in reviewing this stellar work, Sacrificing Liberty. First, it’s a state of the art, full audiovisual-impact documentary, finely honed by one director-editor-cinematographer-archival-artistic-retrievalist Matthew Skow under auspices of the TruNews Christian media network with the utmost care for the men of the USS Liberty—whether surviving, injured (174), or killed (34)—out of a crew of 294.

In case you missed it, the Liberty was the American state-of-the-art communications ship in the middle of the so-called Six-Day War that Israel strafed and torpedoed in International Waters. The day, June 8, 1967, when Israel effectively declared war on the United States—it should have lived in infamy—was passed over in deafening silence by most Americans thanks to the official story that the Jewish State MISTOOK the Liberty—despite American flags flying on a clear day and large bold-white insignia on the bow [and Israel’s own flying-boxcar airplanes’ protracted surveillance]—for a much smaller WWI Egyptian horse-ferrying vessel.

Several books and videos have been produced—starting with Jim Ennes’s book, Assault on the Liberty—showing beyond any reasonable doubt that the attack was anything but accidental… and in fact was a combined covert hare-brained project risking nuclear war with the Russians concocted by a treasonous president (LBJ), key members of his Zionist[1]Zionism is a collective-brain-syndrome movement among many self-identified Jews and sympathizers for a Jewish State. It’s being used here as a blanket term for Jewish extremists and terrorists, the global Jewish Power network and mob, ultranationalists, separatists, and militant Jewish racists/supremacists. Please refer to Alison Weir’s watershed book, Against Our Better Judgment: How the US was used to create Israel.-dominated administration, top US military officials, and the Israeli military. This author has written reviews of or composed the following works:

All of the above, and others demolishing the official story, are worthwhile and deeply moving, and serve to show just how transcendent and comprehensive a production Sacrificing Liberty is. SL in effect puts together all the wonderful exposes and tributes into a comprehensive narrative that will become, one hopes, a rallying journalistic coup d’etat for American patriots.[2]This writer is also part of a team promoting a screenplay, Enemies Within—written by Clint Burnette, with the help of surviving crewmen Ron Kukal, Ernest Gallo, and Phil Tourney—for a feature film. We are looking to popularize the Sacrificing Liberty docuseries as a vehicle to catalyze specifically the movement to end Zionist-Israel corruption and control of the American government and, ultimately, end federal corruption [and state/local government corruption in general] by restoring the Republic. Justice and honor for the Liberty and its men will contribute to all these goals. Please contact me if you are interested in the film project at [email protected]

The coverup of the truth behind the USS Liberty attacks was heavy-handedly thorough from the start. Crew were warned, actually threatened, in person by Admiral Kidd that they were not to talk to one another, to their families, and especially to the media—or they would face imprisonment “or worse.” Meaning death. Survivors were sent to separate assignments for the rest of their naval service.

The court of inquiry ordered by Admiral John McCain, Sr., Commander in Chief, US Naval Forces, Europe, was confined to only a few days for investigation, and its report was a complete travesty, not including any of the key Israel-incriminating testimony of officers and crew of the Liberty. The official story was ordered to be “mistaken identity,” and that was that. Embedded global Judenpresse organs complied.

For some reason I have in my head that Ennes’s book, Assault on the Liberty, did not really get any traction until later in the Reagan presidency ca. mid-1980s. His was the start of breaking thru the secrecy and suppression, and I speculate that it was let to seep thru the blanket orders of absolute silence because:

  1. the Liberty was filtering into the cultural conversation, anyway, at that time and to make a big effort to silence it would only draw more attention,
  2. Zionist media was in full force to diminish it, and library copies of the book were mysteriously caused to disappear,
  3. Ennes, if memory serves me, did not directly present a case for the true reason for the coverup and gag orders—namely that the prime mover for the attacks and coverup was President Johnson and key Zionist members of his administration, who committed explicit treason.

Skow’s Sacrificing Liberty lays all such doubts to rest. Dramatically, passionately.

SL is a four-DVD documentary dissection and cry for justice worth every penny:

  1. Unfriendly Fire—The ostensible leadup from the sailors’ side, “we’re going effing where?” On 6/8, the morning-hour surveillance by several Israeli flying-boxcar aircraft. Then the attacks, several unmarked French Mirage fighters and Mystere fighter-bombers dropping napalm, three Star-of-David-flagged torpedo boats, and the coup de grace: Israeli army helicopters with commandoes to kill survivors [called off at the point of dropping, thanks to Liberty’s SOS getting out].
  2. Perfectly Executed Military Operation—Assessment of damage, cleanup and patching up the wounded. What just happened, all the questions pertaining to the multiservice Israeli field operation. Again from the Liberty’s point of view, but starting to touch on the White House’s and higher military official involvement in the sacrifice of the Liberty.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzle—The coverup and gag order. As the men and ship sail to Malta. Commander Lewis’s recount of Admiral Geis’s “‘on death only’-to-be revealed” confession of LBJ’s order to him to recall the rescue aircraft and that LBJ did not care how many men died to avoid embarrassment to “our ally”—hours before it was known that the Israelis had done it. The foundations of the coverup and limping to Malta for repair, cosmetics, and reassembling bodies like a “jigsaw puzzle”—before going home w/skeleton crew. The bogus Board of Inquiry.
  4. It’s not a Whodunit, it’s a Whydunit—Peter Hounam and Operation Cyanide. Probably the most detailed unraveling this side of Peter Hounam’s book, Skow dives into LBJ and his Jewish-Zionist entourage with no holds barred (including the probable Israeli spy with whom LBJ had an affair, Mathilde Krim)—it’s also made clear, with expert narrative, just who were the major causal agents, notably James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA’s counterintelligence—almost certainly a Mossad double agent.

The series wraps up with an appeal for justice, starting with “an investigation”—proper and official. [Refer to my guest column from Joe Meadors for the reason why justice for the Liberty is still vital to the Republic.] A word on the setup. The story is told using a master narrator, and several of the surviving crew in voice overs. These are:

Bob Scarborough CTS, USN
Bryce Lockwood Staff Sergeant, USMC
Donald Pageler CTSN, USN
Harold Six CTS, USN
Larry Bowen CTR2, USN
Moe Shafer CT3, USN
Phil Tourney Ship Fitter P3, USN
Dave Lewis Lt. Commander, USN
Ernie Gallo CT2 maintenance, PO 2nd Class, USN
Larry Thorn MR3, machinist, USN
Mickey LeMay, EM2, Electrician’s Mate, USN
Ronald Kukal CT1, USN
Terry McFarland CT3, USN
John Beattie FN (Navy Fireman) (In Memory of) 1/4/48-6/29/20

Now I’ll go through a more detailed review of each disk, trying not to include too many spoilers. [Note: in the process of review, I actually do assemble what amounts to a fairly accurate transcript of the docuseries, especially the final two volumes. (I’ll post the transcript on my site here:]

At the beginning of each disk—I’ll also refer to the DVD volumes as “chapters”—Skow flashes a note: “This Film Has Been Declassified”. Which is interesting in itself, because the material gives you the feeling of being a fly on the wall of several covert proceedings, like watching a spy thriller, only for real.

1. Unfriendly Fire (68 Minutes)

The footage of the film, the archival quality, is so expert you feel on board. Skow sets a lot of TV news of the time into what looks like a template of a 1960s TV set(s), with realistic looks of people sitting in their living rooms or kitchens and taking it all in. It’s a highly stimulating effect, showing what the people are being told at the time through official sources, contrasted to what is really going on.

Where the action is. The Liberty is dispatched “in a hurry” to no specific objective except to sit as general intel collection point—official story is to support evacuation of US embassy personnel in Israel. The Israelis have already launched their preplanned (with covert US intelligence and military assistance) successful blitzkrieg on Egyptian forces and run them out of the Sinai desert. As crewman Ernie Gallo states, “the Liberty had no reason to be there, because the war had practically been won.”

The ship, despite strong requests from Captain William McGonagle and Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO), Commander David Lewis, to Admiral William Martin of the Sixth Fleet, was given no destroyer escort. The argument being, “you’re obviously an intelligence ship in international waters with the American flag flying and insignia; nobody is going to attack you.” The Liberty was unarmed except for a couple of 50-mm machine gun platforms to deter boarders.

The attack was swift, brutal, and relentless. Starting at ~1400 local time, first the jets with cannon and rockets made a dozen or so sorties, penetrating the skin and generating shrapnel everywhere. No one was spared on the deck. Then the slower Mysteres dropped napalm nearer the bridge of the ship. Three Israeli-flagged PT boats showed up and fired five torpedoes, miraculously (and through uncanny sailing by the Captain) only one striking the Liberty.

Again it was a miracle that that one torpedo—delivered directly to the intelligence communications-gathering room and killing 25 of the 34 killed that day—did not collapse the inner structure and bulkheads and sink the craft. Several of the men and narrators comment that solely a Divine Providence accounts for the fact that the ship survived.

What I remember from nonmainstream news that I’d seen, maybe, in the 1990s, and is reaffirmed in spades with the SL account is the several circlings and sadistic 40-mm-machine-gunning by the PT boats… of stretcher bearers and life rafts, literally slicing Liberty safety equipment personnel to ribbons. The boats also took out water spigots and hoses needed to fight the raging fires, targeting anyone performing rescue work.

The one key heroic event that transpired (about 20 minutes into the air attack)—which saved the Liberty and quite likely the world from World War III—came courtesy a ship’s company electrician named Terry Halbardier. Braving strafing on the deck, where he still suffered multiple wounds, he ran a stretch of coaxial cable directly to the one functioning high-up antenna, which enabled the Liberty to open a call for help. [The first thing the unmarked jets had homed in on were any emitting antennae; the antenna Terry connected had been disconnected prior to the attacks for maintenance.]

On a personal note, he’s one of the key heroes of American history, that I wanted to meet during my attendance, as a patriot-civilian, at the 50th Anniversary event in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2017. He had died that year. RIP and thank you gallant one! [You could make a profiles in courage full-length movie of Terry Halbardier’s heroism that day; he should definitely receive the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.][3]And that goes for Dr. Richard Kiepfer, probably Phil Tourney, and even Ronald Kukal, for their medical miracles performed, achievements under fire, and for running the horrendous cleanup tasks in following days, respectively.

A setup suspense teaser for the next chapter: Dave Lewis: “If the men knew that the President had set them up to die, we may have had the first mutiny in the American Navy in history.”

2. Perfectly Executed Military Operation (55 Minutes)

Starts with Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, who clearly wasn’t privy to the insider plot, making a statement and giving reasons that he never accepted the official story of mistaken identity; further he holds Israel responsible for a deliberate attack. (60s TV console.)

The “Liberty Ballad” chorus:

When daylight pierced the vessel,
One cloud was in the sky
I beheld the Star of Remphan
With a million questions why
But if it helps you to sleep
You can picture me at the bottom of the sea.

This plaintive refrain I presume was composed and sung by Mike Rathke, who is credited with Original Music. It is the perfect underscore to the plea of the documentary, and is sung to launch each of the chapters, sometimes to end them, occasionally with further stanzas to emphasize a vital scene. Quite beautiful, poetic… and haunting.

Commander Dave Lewis comes on to summarize, really, the entire field operation:

  • The jets were sent to cut us off from communicating.
  • The boats were sent to sink us.
  • The helicopters were sent to kill the survivors, so there’d be no trace.

Evidence of preplanning and intention is manifest. The Israelis jammed all frequencies, including the distress frequencies, which is a violation of international law. It was a war crime. This chapter is about the immediate aftermath, and the beginning of the extreme official coverup—and corresponding high-official disgraceful mistreatment of the survivors.

Thanks to Terry Halbardier, the Liberty SOS got to the USS America and to the USS Saratoga, 500 miles away, south of Crete w/6th Fleet. Captain Tully of the Saratoga launched 12 aircraft conventionally armed; the America, which was closer to the Liberty, also was directed to launch F4s to come to help. Almost immediately, a message came to Tully from Rr. Adm. Lawrence Geis—on orders from the White House—to return all aircraft to their carriers.

Captain Bill Knutson USN, pilot on the America reflects. Says they launched their “ready cap,” after clearing the nuclear weapons from the aircraft. He’s interviewed several times in the video series; he conveys his extreme disappointment to be recalled and not to have been able to protect his fellow Navy Americans.

No plane reached the vicinity of the Liberty for more than 17 hours.

The mess hall became the hospital, with every table occupied. Doctor Richard Kiephfer, who caught shrapnel in his stomach, was obliged to use his life jacket to keep his insides intact while operating, standing up for hours. He had two corpsmen for assistants, they may have saved 100 lives!

Many wondered, “How are we not sinking?” There was a 12 degree list to starboard (the right). [Most of the injured men would have gotten stuck inside had the ship tipped.] But it held. One survival miracle following others. Hand of God?

Next morning, June 9th, jets from the America started flying patrol, and helicopters executed a rescue mission to retrieve bodies and wounded. Lt. Wayne Stiles, helicopter pilot, comments: “Ours was the first helicopter to reach the Liberty. We couldn’t really land anywhere, only take a small risky space for hovering. Devastation was enormous. Almost like a hulk.” There was a complete lockdown on information from higher officers to him and his fellows.

This part of the video shows some of the most touching footage, transporting the wounded and additional stanzas of the “Liberty Ballad.”

When daylight pierced the vessel
One cloud was in the sky
I beheld the Star of Remphan
With a million questions why
And every hole that tore my soul that day
I still carry them with me
By sheer determination and God’s grace
I remained
But if it helps you to sleep
You can picture me at the bottom of the sea.

The media was already primed for coverup and for disseminating the official story. Robert Goralski of the New York Times is shown in a TV news report, just in passing noting, as if it were accepted objective news, that the attack had been accidental. [Typical, and more and more the case today with all networks and Big Tech.]

John Conroy, petty officer, USN, of the destroyer USS Davis was assigned to watch a Navy combat photography team from Naples. They had forgotten their film. (!!!) Conroy then retrieved his own 8mm movie camera via the connecting highline to the Davis; he took some important film footage that becomes a key part of Sacrificing Liberty visuals at this point.

Conroy notes, “The crew seemed to be in shock, but functioning.”

Captain McGonagle wanted the ship cleaned up. They recovered body parts from the deck and washed out blood stains as best they could. In one of the gun tubs, the killed sailor’s blood had thickened to a four-inch depth, per Phil Tourney.

Then the six-day transit 1000 miles, to Malta—rather than Crete, which was half as far. The reason became clear: this is when Adm. Isaac Kidd came aboard, with his legal aide Judge Advocate Ward Boston. Kidd was sent over by John McCain, Sr., to conduct a hands-on preliminary inquiry, Conroy was assigned to type up the notes. Kidd had a reputation as a ruthless suppressor of officially embarrassing information.

Per John Beattie, from Fraser, MI (1/4/48-6/29/20), “Kidd was a pretty big guy, and he was just talking to us normally. Said, ‘I’m just like your dad, and I want to get this taken care of.’ He took off his stars and threw them on the table.”

Five of them opened up. Phil Tourney was the final one. Phil was the on-scene leader of the forward repair party. Said he saw two torpedoes, Israeli-flagged torpedo boats. Didn’t see the one that hit. “I thought we were going to sink, yes.” Then Kidd put his stars back on. “He got real close to me and got beet red, and said, ‘I want to tell you something, sailor, now I’m an admiral again. You ever repeat one word about the USS Liberty and who did it to you, I’ll guarantee I’ll see you in Leavenworth or worse. Do you know what worse means?’”

Phil: “Yes, sir, I do.” then said, “Well what’d you leave us out there alone for?”

Kidd says, “I’m an admiral now, you call me admiral or sir, period!”

Phil: “You would think the admiral would pat you on the back or say something nice, but they set us up again, to get all the information they could and beat us into the ground. It was just like the attack, over again. It was worse than heartbreak, I felt like scum, just a piece of gum on a shoe. I had no self-worth.”

Commander Lewis’s suspense teaser for the next chapter: “Per Adm. Geis personal conference with him aboard the America, ‘What I’m about to tell you is for your ears only, you’re not to tell anyone during my lifetime.’”

Liberty Ballad”

Then I locked eyes with the pilot
Threw my fists into the air
‘Cause I’d rather die in violence
Than cower at your sneer
And I’ve held these wounds for decades
In my heart and while you keep them in the dark
I stored up wrath that you cannot erase
No it remains

But if it helps you to sleep…

3. Jigsaw Puzzle (55 min.)

Opens with a statement on a 60s TV template in an average American living room, by Adm. Arleigh Burke, Chief, US Naval Operations, 1955-1961, Navy Cross. “There must be some reason why more is not known, why we didn’t act more deliberately, more directly, more positively, as we have reacted many times in our history, before and since.”

Liberty Ballad” chorus.

At this point, Skow shows a series of carrier jet takeoffs and landings. [Note: these images of the carrier operations by our F4 fighters and other craft are powerful. I remember reading a short story by Tom Wolfe on how earthshaking it is to witness them, in person. This is a good time to also note that Sacrificing Liberty is recorded in full “superwombat thunderpig” latest sound technology. Simulating your being in the middle of the action.]

Knutson: “We didn’t get a chance to do our jobs. We were pissed off, frankly. And nobody would tell us anything.”

David Lewis on his conversation with Adm. Geis: “He sat me down. ‘What I’m about to tell you is for your ears only!’ He knew it was going to be hushed up, but he had to get it off his chest. He proceeded to tell me he had launched aircraft. He said they had hardly gotten airborne before Defense Secretary Robert McNamara recalled them.”

[McNamara’s statement shown “no memory of anything.”]

”Operation Critic (Criticom network). Means that McNamara and President knew immediately what was going on. Geis said he assumed some idiot in Washington thought he was launching nukes to come to the assistance of the Liberty, so he reconfigured a flight of aircraft incapable of carrying nukes and relaunched them. Immediately, McNamara comes on the line again. Geis ‘challenges the order.’ LBJ picks up the line and says”:

[Pictures of the White House oval office, with advisers and LBJ.]

“Recall the damned aircraft. I don’t care if the ship sinks and all the sailors are killed, I will not embarrass my ally.”

Lewis: “That was several hours before he was notified who did it.”

Lewis: “The coverup was to protect a treasonous president.”

Transit to Malta. Smell unbelievable. 20+ rotting bodies in 110 degree water in the former communications room that had been torpedoed.

Larry Bowen: “No fanfare on arrival, no families, no acknowledgment. Officers were manning the lines to dock the ship, which is unheard of. They were the first ones coming on board, too—indication of extreme coverup obvious from that.” News reports: “Liberty still shrouded in mystery. No talk.”

Took 1.5 days to get ship into actual dry dock. Ronald Kukal was tagged by an officer with running the body recovery in the torpedoed top secret communications room. Miracle? Torpedo hit I-beam or the ship would have gone down.

The video then spends several minutes on the grisly work of assembling body parts with bodies (nightmares that those men doing the work still have, some nightly)… hence, Jigsaw Puzzle. Musical score is fitting, like a Clint Eastwood score. Chords. I have to say that this is one of the most moving segments of video I’ve ever seen, and not for weak stomachs—as realistic as one can make it for general audiences; I would say extreme sadness is the predominant feeling you have, rather than any urge to toss your cookies.

Next the order came down to remove all the evidence of projectiles penetrating the structures of the ship. Totally cosmetic. Overall the “sanitizing/whitewashing” of the Liberty in Malta takes ~30 days.

Shafer: “When we got to Malta, we were instructed to not talk to anyone. This was an incident that did not happen. Keep it inside. That ship was never going to sail again as an operational ship.”

The Liberty returns to an out-of-the-way port. No naval or political hierarchy from DC. A few families.

Tourney: “Not a homecoming, another slap in the face. By the government. Media. They threatened us. Not to talk to anyone ever again.”

Hal Six: “Makes you ashamed to be part of the experience. What did we do wrong, why were we labeled the bad guys and we can’t talk about it?”

[Pictures of family greetings on the dock.]

Lewis: “The coverup was so extensive it affected every area of our lives. Hard to imagine they could cover up so much for so long. They’re still covering it up today. There’s a limited group who betrayed me. Very influential but limited.”

The bogus Court of Inquiry. The fix was in. This part of the story adds key observations from those who had to follow orders.

Captain Ward Boston, Jr., retired: (on 60s TV) “We were given one week, Adm. McCain. Nature of that court was such that it could have taken six months.” Tourney: “I knew from Kidd that the official story was in play. And that snake John S. McCain, Sr., was in on it. He ordered Kidd and Boston to dress down the crew thoroughly.”

Rr. Adm. Merlin Staring, Judge Advocate General of the Navy from headquarters in London CINCSNAVEUR. [on 60s TV set.] “Ward, I have some real problems with this, it’s not something I can toss off, and I’m only partway through it, and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me. I can’t give you a time at the moment, but it’s my sole project. He returned to my office in the space of 45 minutes at the Admiral’s direction to pick up the record from me and take it back down to McCain’s office. I returned it to him. I had not even started to prepare an endorsement action that I could recommend for his signature. The record was never sent back to me, as Admiral McCain’s legal officer. I never saw it again as a matter of fact. This is the only time where a record of such an investigation has been withdrawn from me after I had been asked to review it.”

Knutson: “We were told by NAVAIR at 6th Fleet staff that this was not to be talked about and just act like it never happened. We don’t wanna hear about it. This is a non-incident not to be talked about.”

Mickey Lemay: “Two pieces. One, the American government putting the ship there, and 2) then Israel being the one that executed the try-and-sinking of it. And you got two powerful controls of the United States, that won’t let it come up.”

Lewis: “Anybody that gets a big enough audience on the Liberty is a danger to the special relationship Israel has with the US, and they’re going to do anything in their power to prevent it.”

Pageler: “Our presidential Unit Citation, McGonagle’s Medal of Honor, says we were attacked by foreign jet aircraft. It doesn’t say we were attacked by Israel.”

Shafer: “Captain McGonagle is the only Medal of Honor winner in history where the president did not give him the medal personally. He was sent to an obscure Navy yard. It was kept quiet. If you think about that a minute, you know that’s an insidious part of the coverup.”

Admiral Moorer (former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, and chair of the Moorer Commission, 2004) on the tombstones at Arlington: “Took some effort to inscribe properly that they had died aboard the USS Liberty in action.”

Beattie: “On my record, DD214, it doesn’t have me on the Liberty and it doesn’t have me getting these ribbons.”

Tourney: “They scattered us all, took us to different duty stations around the world. All over where you couldn’t keep in contact with one another.”

Lewis: “They didn’t want us talking and making a plan.”

[Several other stories by the several narrators are given, all appropriately scored and backgrounded by imagery, both still and moving.]

Based on what they began to appreciate from the coverup and information that was even then coming to light, Moe Shafer and Commander Lewis wind up this chapter with a teaser-suspense of what is to come in Volume 4:

Shafer: “That’s what the world really doesn’t know today. And I think that’s why we were sworn to secrecy, is how close we really came to a potential nuclear holocaust.”

Lewis: “You know how much press the nuclear warheads got when they landed in Cuba? Well, this was a thousand times worse but nobody knows about it.”

4 It’s Not a Whodunit. It’s a Whydunit. (78 minutes)

(60s TV set) Questioning former chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Won’t talk.

Peter Hounam talks. “Hypothesis is growing stronger and stronger: it was a cooked up exercise to give America a pretext for attacking Egypt.” He wrote a book, Operation Cyanide. Dick Thompson, former CIA wanted to uncover, but had no media takers.

Lewis: “Captain Ward Boston, attorney for the COI, knew it was a phony court of inquiry and the outcome was decided in advance. Boston (1999): ‘Clear in my mind they intended to sink the Liberty, and they were disappointed that they didn’t.’”

Hounam: Surveillance. “Israel could NOT have mistakenly attacked.”

Moorer: “Easiest ship to recognize in the ocean.”

Hounam: “Why were the lifeboats destroyed; some pulled aboard the PT boats to prevent evidence of the war crime. Lockwood: “One of the lifeboats is in the Israeli War Museum in Haifa as a trophy of war.”

Reviewer’s note: This final chapter of the Sacrificing Liberty series, is the ultimate payoff and puts together a one-package indictment as it were of the cabal responsible for one of the most reprehensible war crimes in history. The title is slightly misconceived, the Liberty attacks and coverup ARE a consummate WHOdunit, at least for the majority of SL’s audience—when you go into the DEEP WHO, not just the obvious Israeli military in the field.

I, myself, being familiar with a great deal of the Liberty exposés to this point, had not appreciated the extent to which President Johnson and his administration of Zionist-Jew toadies and Israeli spies were the prime movers of this bizarre treasonous act on behalf of a foreign enemy—though of course that enemy fully appreciated the treason and was willing to carry out its vicious act of mass murder of these Americans.

With this fourth disk/chapter/volume of SL, the producers, and writer-director fully endorse the Operation Cyanide explanation offered, chiefly, by acclaimed international journalist and author, Peter Hounam. And offer, through their own research, additional nails to the coffin of the official explanation.

These nails—primarily deep background of the inside players in the LBJ entourage, in addition to LBJ schmoozers extraordinaire, Arthur and Mathilde Krim, certainly an Israeli spy, with whom LBJ was having an affair—further show beyond reasonable doubt a conspiracy between high American and Israeli government officials to risk nuclear holocaust by the false-flag sinking of the Liberty, killing all crew, blaming Egypt, joining Israel in the war against Egypt, and dropping nuclear bombs on Cairo.

Per Grace Halsell, staff writer for Lyndon Johnson:

“Everyone around me, without exception, was pro-Israel [she, too, at the time]. Johnson had a dozen or more close associates and aides who were both Jewish and pro-Israel. There were Walt Rostow at the White House, his brother Eugene at State, and Arthur Goldberg, Ambassador to the United Nations. Other pro-Israel advisers included Abe Fortas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Democratic Party fundraiser, Abraham Feinberg, White House counsels, Leo White and Jake Jacobson. I could see the comings and goings of Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg, and I knew that Walt Rostow in particular, had close Israeli connections and met frequently with Israeli Embassy Minister, Ephraim “Eppy” Evron.”

I have not read Operation Cyanide yet, but I still must conclude that Skow and SL include additional detailed and irrefutable evidence in high-impact form of the conspiracy. Then, for the remainder of the chapter, the writer-director interviews widely and demonstrates conclusively the extent to which Israel and the Global Zionists now completely run the United States’ foreign and military policy—along with its major legacy media, entertainment, and all but a few gasping-for-breath Constitutional shreds of our legal institutions.[4]Some will point to the Chinese-communist covert power, which is apparent, too. Are they working together? Real Americans fight collectivism in all guises. It’s still a serious threat; I have made some steps toward unraveling the source of collective-brain syndrome here. The domination is full-spectrum, and the result is virtually terminal, complete corruption of the founding principles (First Principles)[5]..American First Principles come from our Declaration of Independence magic paragraph, “We hold these truths….” Please refer to the small breakthru book, What is the Foundation? (2018) by Diane McGilvery, which also identifies the history and legal scholarship behind people’s independent grand juries as a core institution. of our country. Though I do not think the global situation is hopeless for humanity.[6]Please go to my site | Stones | and check out Stonebeam #16 and #23.

Back to the review of the docuseries and this particular chapter of it, let me refer you first to the aforementioned effective rough transcript document I’ve created, ref. this Chapter 4 in particular: I’ll finish this part of the review by providing key quotes and statements from my transcript. Frankly, I became glued to every subsequent set of particulars; this chapter [and its accompanying brilliant audiovisuals] will BLOW… YOUR… MIND!:



Captain Kiepfer, MD: [on 60s TV] “The Navy board of inquiry would not permit testimony of the jamming, the recall, the unmarked planes, the shooting of life rafts, and so on. Never before has the US Navy ignored eyewitness testimony of American military to accept on faith the story told by their attackers.”

Hounam: “Israel wants what they call the Promised Land, Greater Israel, and it isn’t and wasn’t the area they occupied in 1967.” Ref. to the Greater Israel Project.

Hounam: “The deal was that America would not actively take part in the war at the beginning, but it would, long before the war broke out, help Israel prepare to launch an attack on Egypt. The Americans wanted to remove Nasser. [Photos showing.] Nearly a year before the Six Day War broke out, American state of the art electronic equipment, surveillance equipment, jamming equipment, or what is known as spoofing or cooking equipment to falsify radio signals was shipped to Israel with personnel to train people. I’ve interviewed people who did the training. [Flash: “Film Has Been Declassified.] They say it was Operation Cyanide, point blank.”

[tense music showing light cruiser flagship, the USS Little Rock.]

[The next several minutes show eye witness and other evidence that the US was preparing for a nuclear war against China and Russia. And it related to the Sixth Fleet and the Liberty, and how close—within about six minutes, the Liberty’s Terry Halbardier’s SOS called it off—we came to full-scale nuclear war. Russian generals and submarine commanders are interviewed, too.]

Hounam: “We were within probably only minutes from that happening, when orders came from Washington, and there are several stories from people who overheard—McNamara and LBJ shouting down the phone, ‘Stop the attack, call everybody back.’”

Lewis: “We were six minutes from WW3.”

Phillip Nelson, author of Remember the Liberty: “On November 24, 1963, at the state funeral for JFK, Lyndon Johnson had met Golda Meir [image: PM Israel 1969-1974] there and promised her that, ‘Although you have lost a friend, you have gained a better one.’ Almost immediately he began accommodating everything Israel wanted.”

Hounam: “You had a situation in 1967 America where the White House was virtually penetrated by people with very strong connections to Israel.”

Halsell: “On occasion I saw a strikingly attractive blonde woman who I learned was an ardent supporter of Israel and a woman of whom the President was fond. Her background sounded like material from a spy novel.” [Halsell expands in depth.]

Hounam: “Mathilde Krim was an Israeli, worked for Jewish underground organizations. She was almost certainly a Jewish spy. She certainly was telling Israeli contacts everything that was going on, and was one of the key go-betweens. Every day she was in the White House during the Six Day War. It is very suspicious—and very odd—that it was allowed.”

Lewis: “His girlfriend from the Mossad [Mathilde] told him that he (LBJ) could raise all kinds of money to conclude the Vietnam War. People had gotten tired of Vietnam and they wanted to see an end to it, and he thought he could finish it off if he pulled this one stunt off, and killed 294 Americans in the process.”

Interview with, in Madrid, NM, of Pete McCloskey (93), Congressman, 1967-1983.

Hounam: The James Jesus Angleton connection: “By all accounts Angleton maintained a close relationship with Israel forever. He was head of CIA counterintelligence! A hotline to Mossad, is how he built his career in he CIA. [Head of Counterintelligence is supposed to STOP penetration of the administration by foreign powers!]”

Lewis: “I think that Angleton, the COO of the CIA, was the one picked by a member of the 303 Committee, to implement Johnson’s fantastic, weird scheme of eliminating our ship as a pretext for invading Egypt.”

Hounam: “Operation Cyanide, what was this thing? It was a plan, an agreement, between Israel and the US admin to prepare for a war with Egypt. Because the Americans who I think are the prime movers wanted to get rid of President Nasser, who they saw was becoming a stooge and a dangerous man (Angleton propaganda) who’s allowing communism to spread thru the Middle East, which they were petrified about.”

McNamara: “I am not saying anything about the Liberty, period!”


Hounam: “I like to think that really after what happened to the Liberty and all this skullduggery that was going on…, Israel had America by the scruff of the neck. Such was the need to cover up what America had got up to during the Six Day War that Israel was in a position to influence, one could even say to blackmail, America, into becoming the main supplier of arms and aid. And of course it’s just mushroomed ever since.”

Ernie: “The Liberty is a microcosm of this much bigger problem in the Middle East. And Americans need to know what happened, the story has to be told.”

Lewis: “We won’t defeat Zionism controlling America until you accept the truth of what has happened in the past. So we’ve pretty much uncovered the Liberty, but we haven’t achieved justice. Nobody in Washington will accept the fact that it was a deliberate attack, with an attempt to eliminate us. The Zionists are an enemy of the United States and they’ve subverted the policy of the United States.”

[Footage of the current asterisk president, Biden, giving a pro-Israel rant in 1986.]

McCloskey: “They play too big a role, … fear of members of Congress and the Senate, is that they will be labeled anti-Semitic if they criticize Israel.

James Traficant, former Congressman from Ohio: “I was the number one target in the country of the Justice Department, the IRS, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. I brought home John Demjanjuk from Israel, I proved he was innocent, and they’ve hated me ever since, and they finally put me in prison.”

Mitch McConnell, former Senate majority leader: “Love for Israel exists all across America…. A common history draws America and Israel together.”

Ernie Gallo: “I mean, if America knew they tried to sink one of our ships deliberately? I mean, you know, they’re killing American citizens and getting away with it. And getting away with it. Let that sink in.”

Captain Joseph Tully: “Every US ship that has been sunk since the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 has been investigated by the Congress, and none of them have ever bothered to investigate the attack on the Liberty.”

Lewis: “90% of the country doesn’t know what the Liberty is, was, or what happened to it, and until we can get a hundred million people aware of it and energetic about it, it’ll all be covered up because it convicts a president of treason.”

TV 60s Ward Boston: “The case should be reopened for nothing but to show the valor, the heroism, and the odds that these people took on to survive.”

Bowen: “Our government should be ashamed of the way they treated us and ashamed of the fact that they refuse to investigate fully what happened….”

[Footage showing dancing Israeli graphs, Netanyahu saying 911 was good, Iraq, Trump Heights, with final message INVESTIGATE THE USS LIBERTY, powerful graphic of the Ted Arens sculpture-painting, with passage from Luke. Catchy songs in the nature of a Christian benediction. “You said Follow Me” folk quality. A long visual on the side of the hazing,[7]My only real criticism and suggestion is for the ending credits, i.e. to lose the hazing footage. It is not worthy of this magnificent audiovisual achievement. Replay the wounded transfer footage from Chapter 2 or something similar that brings a fitting final emotional release. names of the narrators on the left. Followed by listing of the 34 men killed. Then Gospel, “Keep your Hand on the Plow and Hold On.”]


That’s it then, probably the longest movie review I’ll ever write… though it isn’t really a movie. It’s a historical presentation and literal exposé fit for support of a special federal people’s grand jury indictment and subsequent special people’s petit jury trial of high Navy officials; impeachment and trial of President Johnson for high treason; indictment/impeachment (as appropriate) and trial of key high officials in Johnson’s administration, such as Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, National Intelligence Chief Walter Rostow, and so on for treason; a host of espionage indictments and trials for people like Mathilde Krim and James Jesus Angleton; and, finally, going after—via the International Criminal Court?—Israeli officials and military commanders who willingly participated in this monstrous war crime on the high seas.

Yes, most of the prosecutions are going to be posthumous.

The video ends with INVESTIGATE THE USS LIBERTY, but we all know that Congress, today, won’t let that happen… which means everything we do for justice has to be legitimized outside the American federal government that the Israelis and the GZM have wholly corrupted and now dominate. No the Global Zionist Matrix is not the sole dominating force for American corruption into one-world collectivist government, but it’s probably the most virulent entity.

My only point here is do not expect anything to come from American government officials. We can appeal to Congress to investigate, as it should have at the time, but that will only happen when federal legislators feel the pressure of an enraged and righteous citizenry. Thus I lay out the following hierarchy for what we should seek to accomplish with the popularization of Sacrificing Liberty:

  1. to end corrupt US government(s) in general
    2. to end corrupt US government caused by the Israel-Zionist takeover
    2a. to indict the current corrupt Israel-Zionist US government per the Liberty
    2b. to properly honor and give tribute to the men and survivors of the Liberty

To whom do we appeal to get the marketing ball rolling? And I mean marketing in a holistic, love-of-country sense. Before the ‘covid’ Great Resetters sprung the fake pandemic on the world, one might have argued for a strategy to show the SL video to high school assemblies and get it into libraries nationwide. That notion is now quaint.

Let’s start at the other end, with the veteran community, certainly the Liberty Veterans’ Association (LVA) will be universally behind the Sacrificing Liberty mission of ending corruption and restoring the Republic to its Constitutional and First Principles foundations. We are probably going to have to, first, internationally squelch the Great Reset and the ‘covid’ big lie, and I believe we are on the threshold of doing just that.

Another idea: use the new Web industry of video conferencing to hold viewing sessions, first validating with the docuseries producers. We need to get all four videos out to the general, though mainly American, public rapidly and securely. Watching Sacrificing Liberty and understanding what happened, then creating an unstoppable meme for righting the wrongs, must become an unstoppable social phenomenon.

Why Justice after all these years? Probably the best answer to that comes from a column I excerpted from Liberty survivor Joe Meadors here:

“Under our system of government, as individual citizens we have foresworn our individual right to vengeance in return for society’s promise to act on our behalf when a crime is committed against us as individuals. If society fails to act, if society does not live up to its obligation to act on behalf of wronged individuals, then the social contract is broken. Justice is central to our social system. If we cannot depend on society to deliver justice, there is no incentive for individuals to refrain from extracting their own vengeance.”

Or looking at it in a complementary way, from one of the Founders:

“… whenever a government becomes destructive of these ends [rights and justice] it is the right of the people to institute new government laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Buy this video, watch this video, share this video. This is about American FREEDOM. Put on your Braveheart countenance and go forth to slay our own times’ sadistic criminal and corrupt power:

Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM! — William Wallace, Braveheart

Like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, let’s use Sacrificing Liberty to shake the Latest New Old World Order of Corruption and Domination to its knees… then end it.


[1] Zionism is a collective-brain-syndrome movement among many self-identified Jews and sympathizers for a Jewish State. It’s being used here as a blanket term for Jewish extremists and terrorists, the global Jewish Power network and mob, ultranationalists, separatists, and militant Jewish racists/supremacists. Please refer to Alison Weir’s watershed book, Against Our Better Judgment: How the US was used to create Israel.

[2] This writer is also part of a team promoting a screenplay, Enemies Within—written by Clint Burnette, with the help of surviving crewmen Ron Kukal, Ernest Gallo, and Phil Tourney—for a feature film. We are looking to popularize the Sacrificing Liberty docuseries as a vehicle to catalyze specifically the movement to end Zionist-Israel corruption and control of the American government and, ultimately, end federal corruption [and state/local government corruption in general] by restoring the Republic. Justice and honor for the Liberty and its men will contribute to all these goals. Please contact me if you are interested in the film project at [email protected].

[3] And that goes for Dr. Richard Kiepfer, probably Phil Tourney, and even Ronald Kukal, for their medical miracles performed, achievements under fire, and for running the horrendous cleanup tasks in following days, respectively.

[4] Some will point to the Chinese-communist covert power, which is apparent, too. Are they working together? Real Americans fight collectivism in all guises. It’s still a serious threat; I have made some steps toward unraveling the source of collective-brain syndrome here.

[5] ..American First Principles come from our Declaration of Independence magic paragraph, “We hold these truths….” Please refer to the small breakthru book, What is the Foundation? (2018) by Diane McGilvery, which also identifies the history and legal scholarship behind people’s independent grand juries as a core institution.

[6] Please go to my site | Stones | and check out Stonebeam #16 and #23.

[7] My only real criticism and suggestion is for the ending credits, i.e. to lose the hazing footage. It is not worthy of this magnificent audiovisual achievement. Replay the wounded transfer footage from Chapter 2 or something similar that brings a fitting final emotional release.

(Republished from The Coffee Coaster by permission of author or representative)
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  1. bayviking says:

    Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty ship represents a day which should go down in infamy, more than Pearl Harbor, because Japan was an “enemy” we were squeezing very hard while Israel, a “friend” whom we fund to a higher standard living than our own citizens (for one thing every Israeli citizen gets free health care, which is denied many US citizens). 34 US soldiers killed, unfortunately, President Johnson and Congress refused to do anything about it. Instead we are trained to feel sorry for the the second most belligerent country on the planet. Second only to the USA.

  2. It’s a tremendous documentary. Glad to see it highlighted on this site. How many Americans have any awareness of this horror?

    How the Lyndon Johnson museum has not been dismantled and the ground sown with salt, remains an astonishment to me. Johnson killed a great many innocent human beings, whether on the Liberty or both sides in the Vietnam conflict.

    You only have to look at his ears to know his lineage. The evil in these people is simply incomprehensible.

  3. Consider that Eisenhower stood Israel, the UK, and France down in 1956. That was the kind of power America had back then. Within less than a decade, that power was gone when Israel successfully staged a coup with the assassination of JFK over his demands to inspect Dimona.

    While Israel’s influence often held sway over American government long beforehand, the assault upon the Liberty and its subsequent cover-up constitute a watershed moment revealing a historically unprecedented degree of Israeli dominance over the United States, one beyond which America has never been able to recover any semblance of its former stature.

    When someone asks why Israelis would be so foolish as to risk incriminating themselves by celebrating the twin towers’ demise, just remember the attack on the USS Liberty, when Israelis literally got away with the murder of Americans. The bar for prosecuting Israel was raised insurmountably high in 1967, and sure enough, the dancing Shlomos and “art students” walked free.

    Thank you Mr. Wright for bringing the work of Mr. Skow to our attention. May both of you attain great success in edifying the American people about these events, and may their enlightenment herald the loosening of Israel’s strangehold over our country.

  4. @bayviking

    It is bad to have Israel as your enemy, but it is worse to have Israel as your friend.

  5. A lot of readers will appreciate the following video which gives you the USS Liberty incident from an Australian perspective (watch especially from 5:00 – 9:40):

    Yes, that’s a former Australian Prime Minister (who was Minister of the Army during the Vietnam War at the time of the Liberty incident, so he’s well acquainted with the important actors in the U.S government and military at the time).
    The video was taken in Oct 2014 and Mr Fraser looked well enough for an old bloke (had no pre-existing health problems), but was dead 5 months later.

    Just goes to show, there are some things that are verboten to speak about for high profile ex-statesmen from any country (be that the Liberty incident or 9/11 etc). To do so may have fatal consequences.

    The clip features Mr Fraser’s radio interview with the Jewish Jon Faine (from ABC radio – ‘ABC’ standing for the government funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

    It seems like Mr Faine was none too pleased with Mr Fraser’s disclosure.

    Readers would do well to note what Mt Fraser said from 9:20 – 9:40 when he says:

    ‘It demonstrates, that a major power when it believes its vital interests are involved, will sacrifice any number of its own people to preserve that vital interest’.

    Hmmm, that statement pretty much sums up 9/11 as well.

    That video was made by the people at, a great little Australian website that posts articles exposing the scams of the Covid Deception, 9/11, the USS Liberty incident, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud and a whole host of False Flags.

    Basically it’s like Unz Review but with more common sense (seeing as the editors of GumShoeNews can see through the Covid scam, whereas Mr Unz is yet to have that epiphany).

  6. Mephisto says:

    Think bigger.
    It’s not just the Liberty but the entire USA. Cowards breed cowards. A nation of cowards, bitching endlessly.
    Hahahaha, LMAO.

    • Agree: moi
    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  7. Eagle Eye says:

    A great deal of hand-waving seeks to obscure a simple fact:

    LBJ and the U.S. Government (NSA, U.S. Navy …) knew in essentially real time and in detail what was happening, through direct radio reports from the Liberty itself and from U.S. Navy vessels in the wider area, likely also through as intelligence sources in Israel and Egypt.

  8. Thank you, Brian Wright. Great article.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  9. Sirius says:

    An incident that is emblematic of the “special relationship” between the Zionist entity and the US. Special in that Israel can attack and abuse its sponsor and yet get 100% support and continuous praise from that same country that keeps it afloat. Indeed, it is support from a country, the US, that even makes the artificial “Israel” possible right from its founding in 1948 (the author rightly points to Allison Weir’s book).

    Just like the “Stockholm Syndrome”, there should be a name for this kind of relationship. I would suggest the “Tel Aviv Syndrome”.

  10. Alfred says:

    It is incontrovertible that the Egyptians lost a complete army in North Sinai during this brief war. To my knowledge, almost no prisoners were taken.

    It is my belief that the Israeli Blitzkrieg demanded that they should take no prisoners – as prisoners would have required troops and slowed down their advance. This could only mean that Egyptian soldiers were mowed down in cold blood after they surrendered. No battle ever results in no wounded and no prisoners.

    Furthermore, it is my belief that this American spy ship was recording all these events. The Israelis felt compelled to destroy the evidence.

    A subsidiary explanation is that they wanted to blame the sinking of this ship on the Egyptians. A false flag. But the main purpose was to control the narrative. A task they have successfully accomplished.

    Obviously, the corrupt leadership of Egypt had no interest in confessing that it had lost a complete army.

    Historians: Israeli Troops Killed Hundreds Of Egyptian POWs (1995)

    The photo below is a propaganda photo by the Israelis to pretend that they captured Egyptian prisoners. The numbers simply don’t match up.

  11. It’s the Sleazraelis.

  12. GMC says:

    Thanks Alfred, Well your link gave me the fastest 403- Forbidden alert I’ve ever had. My gut feeling, concerning the Hold, that the Israeli Zionists and the “Others”have over the Americans, is that they have Wired the entire country. Of course these targets are totally political, extorsion, military type sabotage from the nuclear power plants, dams, to possible nuclear missile sites and everything inbetween, to include certain infrastructure. This means a whole lot of 9/11 type Insider Treason – I T. And those in “power positions” have pretty much set the stage for the complete takeover, as in Bush’s ” You are either with us, or you are against us ” speech.
    How far these psychopaths will go against Russia, China, etc. is anybody’s guess, but right now they seem to be focused on the Domestic USA and E U. As the Iron Curtain goes West …..

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Alden
  13. Lee says:
    @Just another serf

    Serf said:

    You only have to look at his (LJB) ears to know his lineage.

    Can’t go wrong there can you, LOL ………..Elizabeth Warren got away for years claiming that she was a native American because of her high cheekbones. Of course this was a lie but it worked for a bit.

  14. “Donald Trump agreed with Benny Netanyuhu—some must be sacrificed for the production to move forward. 1964 –an Olympian target hit ( only replicated again in Ukraine with MH 007 ) when John Connelly winked at Lyndon Baines Johnson and Vietnam ramped up and Lyndon boinked more babes than Kennedy could have imagined and Lady Bird cackled to my Morticia–those were the days Thing” !

  15. jihadijew says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Have issue with prime minister’s statement referring to 911 attacks. “There was American intelligence failure. Was there”?
    It was well orchestrated plan. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong people to blame. The Saudis, the beacon of intelligence.
    One of my reason to support 911 conspiracy theorist has been with a question “how on earth the the dumb Saudis could planned, executed, and hid such an elaborate operation several years in making”.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  16. @bayviking

    MH 007 and MH 370—both were Malaysian Airlines –one got China and the other bit Russia. G7 now meeting accusing China and Russia of aggression. NOW THINK —Malaysia does NOT recognize what cuntry ? It begins with the letter I and ends with L. G7 never raised the issue of India which is undergoing—a mortician’s dream. However INDIA ( the world’s largest democracy) was NOT a topic for the G7 and funnier yet —China donated 3800 tons of medical equipment and oxygen generators but MODI wants money for weapons —all those peasant farmers –Covid was to hit them rather than Mumbai and Delhi —— Modi Trump and Netanyahu

  17. jihadijew says:

    It would be interesting to see a Zionist Hollywood version of USS Liberty mistaken identity.

    Majority of Americans who know anything about the incident dont believe government narrative. The real question should be asked what people can do? What The Next Step?. Throw out the scums like Schumer, and Bob Menedez and others?

    USS liberty, Cover up, LBJ, Israeli Black Mail, JFK assassination???? blah blah. Any other scenario

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  18. gotmituns says:

    Someday we’ll pay the Israelis back a thousand fold foor what they did to the Liberty. And at the same time, solve for once and for all time, the “jewish” question.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  19. JamesinNM says:

    Read Revelation 2:9 and 3;9 to gain insight into the eventual end of the state of Israel, not the true Israel, with God’s righteous judgement of the synagogue of Satan. Do not be deceived.

  20. Thank you for this review, and even more so for the limited transcript. Your ALL caps on chapter 4 seems reasonable.

    I have studied the USS Liberty attack (it is most certainly NOT an “incident”) on and off for several years. It first struck me as a classic case of study for history, with documentaries from the survivor group, the UK and Al Jazeera, and from the US “mistaken identity” front. It is thus, an interesting case in which one has first hand evidence and differing interpretations from parties with different interests.

    It was, funnily enough, only a couple of weeks ago that I reviewed my materials and sought some more. Differing from my earlier studies, I asked a new question. The intention of the attack was obviously to sink the USS Liberty and kill all on board. There can be no doubt about this. I thus asked why? It has all of the hallmarks of false flag operation and I was left asking “for what purpose”? It would seem obvious that this was an opportunity to generate the outrage necessary for the USA to enter the Six Day War. I had not got much further than that, but chapter 4 seems to make a very good case for just how much we owe Halbardier. This could have been a cataclysmic disaster of world ending proportion had that SOS not been issued.

    I had been jostling the motives of those previously discussed: hiding the war crime of killing 800+ Egyptian POW’s, or hiding the Israeli capture of the Golan Heights. The later seemed the more likely (or both). But, the justification for the USA to enter the war against the pan-arab nationalist movement seems far more likely. Israel gets to slyly gain the Golan and the USA MIC gets to make lots of money on a war. A diabolical win/win.

    Operation Northwoods demonstrates just how Machiavellian the USA war planners can be, and little seems to have changed in the 5 years since that was drafted in 1962. The pure insanity and evil of these plans is almost impossible for a “normal person” to comprehend. Whilst I find the level of surveillance by military intelligence agencies, not just the NSA, abhorrent (hello Snowden, hello 4th Ammendment), there is nothing illegal about a non-belligerent spy ship sitting in international waters listening to traffic.

    I have little hope for this documentary achieving any real political change, but I laud its creators for their efforts. Those who wish to continue to suppress this significant historical event have only to wait another decade before all of the first hand sources are laid in the ground. Thus the importance of this effort. Best of luck to them.

    Finally, Halbardier should be issued a Congressional Medal of Honor and have his portrait hung in the Oval Office to remind whichever person holds the Presidential office of the warning by George Washington which should be engraved under the portrait:

    “Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all. … In the execution of such a plan nothing is more essential than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations and passionate attachments for others should be excluded, and that in place of them just and amicable feelings toward all should be cultivated. The nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.”

    • Agree: St-Germain, anarchyst
  21. moi says:

    Land of the free, home of the brave? Biggest BS I’ve ever heard.

  22. As one from a seafaring family I’d like to salute all on the USS Liberty.

    As for those “Admirals”, the jewish president connected to the jewish in-your-face murder of President Kennedy, the jewish-owned “journalists” and the entire set of lickspittles, cowards, traitors and Israel-serving placemen politicians up to/including this very day — you must know the contempt you/your memory is held in.

    Thank you for this series.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

  23. @bayviking

    Would we be so belligerent without our Jewish and Israeli overlords? Starting with our involvement in WWI and go from there.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  24. MLK says:

    But the main purpose was to control the narrative. A task they have successfully accomplished.

    If Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law then Control Of The Narrative is both fleeting and mooted in success or failure.

    High-level (both of objective and participants) conspiracies assuredly benefit from relevant parties acting as expected and in furtherance of the objective, whether as a knowing participant or not; being signaled what time it is (e.g. Acosta/Epstein belongs to “Intelligence”), or being dealt with as needed during what we might call The Fog Of Criminal Conspiracy.

    If you were at all paying attention re the election steal, you saw all of these in real-time, particularly on January 6th.

    This is the answer to the age old, conceptually not unreasonable, challenge that high-level conspiracies require too many participants to succeed in the cover-up.

    Another commenter (Truth Vigilante) quoted this:

    ‘It demonstrates, that a major power when it believes its vital interests are involved, will sacrifice any number of its own people to preserve that vital interest’.

    That’s what those in power tell themselves. But the devil really is in the details. “Vital Interests” shouldn’t be discounted. However, in the case of the USS Liberty, as in Benghazi, the unqualified responsibility of those in command is to protect American personnel, not sacrifice them in their moment of need because it makes everyone else’s life easier.

    The irony is that when it comes to “Vital Interests” sovereigns get to where they want to go. Vietnam and the Vietnamese people shook it off. The USG and Americans would have too vis-à-vis Vietnam even without the POW-MIA cover-up travesty.

    There is no reason to think otherwise if the attack on the USS Liberty had played out the way it should have on the American side.

  25. NY Viking says: • Website

    Too bad the author of this review doesn’t know the hidden history of the world. If he did, he wouldn’t have written WW III in the headline.

    He should search online for “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” brief, a 1954 plan that silently announced the start of WW III against the people of the world. He would then awaken to the fact that the culmination of that plan–fluoridation of water, vaccines, soft tissue cancer epidemic, glyphosate, chemtrails, 5G/EMF–arrived in 2020 with the weak virus and the synthetic spike protein shedding depopulation machine called the mRNA nanodevice (aka vaccine).

    Ring the bell when the author wakes up.

    • Replies: @Liza
  26. The torpedo that hit the Liberty was fired by the USS Amberjack, and only a miracle saved the Liberty from going down, and the Israeli attack was only stopped when a Russian destroyer came on the scene and offered to help, which was turned down, but the Russian destroyer stayed on the scene until help arrived 14 hours later.

    The attack lasted 2 hours, see the book Blood In The Water by Joan Mellen and Remember The Liberty by Phillip Nelson, and 174 were wounded and 34 killed, and the gutless congress aka the lower house of the knesset covered it up.

  27. The day, June 8, 1967, when Israel effectively declared war on the United States—it should have lived in infamy…

    Unholy Alliances – part1 Israel did 911
    The 800 Pound Gorilla 11 years ago|1.7K views

    This video represents the first of a series on the Unholy Alliances that are now — and long have been — shaping our world for the worse, with an emphasis on Zionism and Israel’s leading role on 9/11, which has been thoroughly documented.

    • Agree: Robin Hood
    • Thanks: profnasty, Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Defender
    , @anarchyst
  28. Marckus says:

    The Israelis killed Egyptian prisoners. Your comment should be an eye opener . When I have commented that the conquered have no rights, readers have scoffed, after all, man is supposed to be “civilized” and follows the path of the righteous.

    I have said before, in war there is no right or wrong, only alive and dead, survivors and the perished. Anyone who neglects to defend himself to the death, and hopes he is going to be shown mercy, better reflect on the lessons history has taught us.

    As for the Israelis, the joke is that the US supplied them with money and equipment, and they then used both to jam the communication equipment on the Liberty. Ain’t that sweet.

    My final point is that Politicians everywhere are rascals out only for themselves. The latest “hero Politician” galloping on his white horse is Uncle Tim. When will people realize these fellow care only about themselves !? Tucker is another one who blathers about the situation in the US. Who in their right mind could ever believe he is anything more than a high salary messenger boy.

    This is self preservation society and the man who does not look out, both for himself and those who look out for him, must either be a hermit living in the wilderness or a hermit in an asylum.

    • Agree: Alfred
  29. @Mephisto

    A nation of cowards, bitching endlessly.

    And what exactly are you doing? Other than sitting on the sidelines, trying to be edgy with a devil’s name, and bitching endlessly about other men?

    Come on, step up, hoist the black flag and sharpen your dagger. Show all us “cowards” how it is done.

    • Thanks: Angharad
  30. Alfred says:

    The link works where I am. Here is the article. It refers to only “dozens” of prisoners. I am convinced it was in 10’s of thousands. In the 1956 war, they killed in cold blood a truck full of workers of my dad in Sinai. They were retreating from at Abu Zenima where we had a jetty for loading ships with manganese ore. 31 unarmed workers were killed. The driver (Deeb) and his mate (Yusef) escaped by running away from the other side of the truck. They hid by day and walked at night along the Gulf of Suez until they reached the canal and were able to cross.

    This link is a Google Map of the jetty. As you can see, most of it is now under the sea. It was 220 meters long. It had a miniature railway with one ton wagons. It is the work of my dad and his two brothers. 🙂


    One veteran described on national radio how two army cooks stabbed to death three Egyptian prisoners.

    The controversy involves some of Israel’s top politicians, including Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and right-wing legislator Rafael Eitan, a former army chief.

    The allegations dominated news shows Wednesday, shocking many Israelis who have long prized the notion that their army maintained high ethical standards _ known here as “purity of arms″ _ throughout decades of warfare with the Arab world and military rule over Palestinians.

    The affair also strained relations with Egypt, which demanded an investigation after a retired Israeli general, Arye Biro, admitted earlier this month that he killed dozens of Egyptian prisoners in the 1956 Mideast war. Biro defended his actions Wednesday, saying he had no other option.

    The army spokesman, Brig. Gen. Amos Gilad, refused comment.

    Rabin, who was chief of staff when some of the 1967 killings allegedly were committed, walked away Wednesday when a reporter shouted a related question. Rabin’s office later issued a statement denouncing the killings and calling them isolated incidents.

    “The Israeli Defense Forces earned their glory as a humane army whose soldiers are blessed with special moral values,″ it said.

    On Wednesday, a war veteran and author, Michael Bar-Zohar, said he witnessed how three Egyptian POWs were stabbed to death in the Sinai in 1967 but kept quiet about the killings because he feared Arab troops would retaliate.

    “Two cooks with knives … simply slaughtered three prisoners,″ Bar-Zohar said. “This incident has haunted me for a long time.″

    Bar-Zohar later told Israel TV such killings occurred “in all of Israel’s wars″ and that the incidents “were treated forgivingly″ by leaders.

    Military historian Aryeh Yitzhaki told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Israeli troops carried out several mass killings in 1967 in which some 1,000 Egyptian prisoners were killed in the Sinai.

    Yitzhaki, who worked in the army’s history department after the war, said he and other officers collected testimony from dozens of soldiers who admitted killing POWs.

    In one incident, on June 9-10, 1967, some 400 Egyptian and Palestinian prisoners were killed in the sand dunes of El Arish, Yitzhaki said. He said it began when some of the prisoners opened fire after surrendering and shot dead two Israeli soldiers.

    He said Israeli soldiers “became angry and fired at every Egyptian and Palestinian … for several hours,″ Yitzhaki said. “Commanders lost control over the force.″

    Yitzhaki said there were six or seven other incidents in which Israeli troops opened fired on POWs, usually after “provocations.″

    Yitzhaki said a report on the killings submitted to his superiors has been locked away in a safe at military headquarters.

    “The whole army leadership, including (then) Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Chief of Staff Rabin and the generals knew about these things. No one bothered to denounce them,″ Yitzhaki said.

    Yitzhaki said some of the soldiers involved in the killings were under the command of Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, now housing minister. Ben-Eliezer’s spokeswoman, Ofra Preuss, said the minister “does not know anything″ about such killings.

    Another Israeli historian, Uri Milstein, said there were many incidents in the 1967 war in which Egyptian soldiers were killed by Israeli troops after they had raised hands in surrender.

    “It was not an official policy, but there was an atmosphere that it was OK to do it,″ said Milstein, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. “Some commanders decided to do it, others refused. But everyone knew about it.″

    Military historian Meir Pail, a former Knesset member, maintained the army worked quietly to educate soldiers and discourage atrocities.

    Pail said the army did punish those involved in killing POWs or civilians and said he knew of soldiers who went to prison for such offenses. The offenders were sentenced secretly by military courts and the military censor barred publication of such cases until recently, he said.

    “The idea was that it is better to deal with this in the closed circle of the military,″ said Pail, a colonel in the army reserves and battalion commander in the 1956 war.

    He cited as an example the 1956 killings carried out by Biro, who served in a battalion commanded by Eitan, today head of the opposition far-right Tzomet Party.

    Pail said that after the 1956 war, then-Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan called together battalion commanders. “Dayan reprimanded Eitan, not Biro, for killing prisoners,″ said Pail, who attended the meeting.

    Biro, 69, whose admissions earlier this month set off public debate on the POW killings, defended his actions at a news conference Wednesday.

    He said he and his men were hundreds of miles inside enemy lines and were surrounded by Egyptian forces when they had to decide what to do with several dozen POWs. He said he didn’t have enough men to guard the POWs and was concerned they would reveal the Israelis’ whereabouts if freed.

    Biro would say only that Eitan “was several dozen meters away from me″ when the decision was made to shoot the prisoners. Eitan has refused comment.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @GMC
  31. @Alfred

    Interesting how the Israeli army act just like those “evil,despicable” Blitzkrieg…no prisoners…attacking and killing Americans….interesting indeed. Makes you wonder about all the BS lies about “evil” Nazis and the Holohoax.
    Judea Declares War On Germany
    Jews Of All The World Unite
    Boycott Of German Goods
    Mass Demonstrations
    And now look at what is happening in America. Just one big USS Liberty…and Germany and Bolshevik Russia….what a COHENcidence ,interesting indeed

  32. anarchyst says:

    Normally, on the 50th anniversary of just about any historical “event”, the mainstream media generally makes an acknowledgement as such, noting historical facts along with the date of the “event”.
    Not so for the USS Liberty (GTR-5).
    On 8 June, 2017, there was not a peep from ANY media outlet about this major historical event.
    The lack of 50th anniversary coverage of the USS Liberty (GTR-5) is PROOF of who owns the media…

  33. Infamy Denied

    Israeli attack on USS Liberty


    “Americans respond badly to treachery. This may explain why they went into WWII against Nazi Germany with determination but against Imperial Japan with rage, even though Hitler was decidedly the more vicious enemy. The reason lay in Japan’s surprise attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, described by then-President Roosevelt as “a date which will live in infamy.”
    The Attack

    Less catastrophic but more treacherous and deserving of infamy was the deliberate Israeli air and naval attack upon the USS Liberty, a clearly marked naval intelligence ship, on June 8, 1967. After several hours of aerial surveillance, unmarked aircraft attacked the USS Liberty with gunfire, rockets and napalm. This was followed by an attack by three motor torpedo boats, firing torpedoes and then machine-gunning the USSLibertyvictimsship, its crew and their lifeboats. The ship managed to get out a call for help under extraordinary circumstances, but was nearly sunk, and more than 200 American sailors and Marines were killed or wounded. Israel claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, and the US Government accepted that explanation.

    Both lied, and Israel’s lies become evident when one examines the profiles of the USS Liberty and the Egyptian ship the Israelis supposedly thought they were attacking, plus a photo of the USS Liberty itself. Misidentification in a December gale in the North Atlantic might have been possible. On a June day in the Eastern Mediterranean, never, at least by any pilot with the visual acuity to take off and land his aircraft.

    Remember that in 1967, Israel’s fighters and motor torpedo boats had to get close to use their on-board weapons against a target. Anyone seeing the radars and electronic arrays on the USS Liberty knew this was not some Egyptian tramp steamer. Finally, there is the USN designation “GTR5” on both sides of the bow & the stern, with the number larger than the letters — anyone approaching the ship close enough to attack cannot miss that designation, and know that this was a US Navy ship.
    Why the Attack

    But the Israelis attacked anyway, and tried very hard to sink the ship without any survivors while concealing their own identity. They were aided and abetted by US President Lyndon Johnson and Defense RobertMcNamaraSecretary Robert McNamara (pictured), who personally recalled separate flights of fighters launched from the 6th Fleet’s aircraft carriers USS Saratoga and USS America, fighters whose arrival over the USS Liberty would have saved most American lives and cost the Israelis a number of aircraft and motor torpedo boats.

    What Johnson and McNamara did is appalling. As a Marine who served in Vietnam, I have always despised them for their arrogance and incompetence. After understanding their role in the USS Liberty tragedy, I now despise them twice over for their cowardice and their dereliction of duty, and for giving precedence to a domestic Jewish lobby and their own political interests over the lives of Americans in uniform.
    At the very least, both were indictable accessories after the fact in the murder at sea of 34 Americans and a breach of international law, in open violation of their own oaths of office.

    So why did the Israelis do it? One possibility is that for them, it was simply business as usual. Israel has a long history of attacking anything in its path – a civilian airliner, UN posts and officials, refugee camps, hospitals, the lot — and then denying culpability, so the question is not “why,” but “why not?” Another was to dispose of inconvenient witnesses to the murder of Egyptian prisoners and civilians at El Arish.

    A third was to cloak their strategy of involving Jordan so as to take East Jerusalem and the West Bank. And a fourth was to show other Arab countries that they had such influence in the US that they could do it and get away with it, and perhaps involve the US militarily on their side.
    Fixing Things

    Any of these would have sufficed. What is important to note is that the Israelis had no qualms about deliberately killing Americans and concealing their own identity, doubtless hoping to bring the US in on their side openly attacking Egypt — they won handily anyway, but they could not be certain of doing so at the beginning of the war. It is something to keep in mind as a possible precedent when we look later at the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 and made the US an active belligerent intent on destroying Israel’s enemies.

    USSLibertywreckThe tale of the USS Liberty needs to reach the American people. It needs to reach them in a medium that will convey the calculated nature of the attack and the outrage it should evoke. And it should conclude with the statements of so many people in positions of authority at the time who said categorically that the attack was deliberate, and of survivors who lost shipmates there and likewise are convinced that the attack was deliberate and that their own government abandoned them at the time of the attack, and betrayed them afterwards.

    Few events are so calculated to enrage Americans as the image of a US ship being deliberately attacked and Americans being killed and wounded by a supposed ally, for its own local purposes. That this “ally’s” influence in the US government was so great that a US president ordered back fighters whose arrival would have prevented most of the 200 casualties on the USS Liberty from occurring would compound that outrage. And that this influence allowed Israel both to evade retribution at the time and to conceal knowledge of what happened from the American people would add insult to compound outrage.

    This is the factually accurate message Americans need to see and hear, and it is a message that could impact sharply on what members of Congress — whose jobs depend on votes even more than they do on Jewish money — would be prepared to do to or for Israel. It could also give President Trump political room for diplomatic maneuver IF he seriously would like to reorient the way the US does its business in the Middle East.

    AIPAC, its cohorts and the hasbara crowd will howl. There will be the usual flurry of fabrications, denials, falsehoods, fear-mongering, character assassination and disinformation that is their specialty. But at the end of the day, more and more Americans will see graphic portrayals of an American ship attacked — and especially of uniformed Americans killed and wounded — by a foreign country named Israel, whose domestic clout within the United States in 1967 allowed them to do it with impunity, and whose extended clout since that time has already produced one American tragedy (9/11), taken the US into two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) and is pointing the US towards two more wars (Iran and Syria). And there is a good chance that a growing number of Americans will say, “Enough! Never again….” and make things happen. Let us begin.”

    • Replies: @jihadijew
  34. Liza says:
    @NY Viking

    A little extract:

    “If the people really cared about their fellow man, they would control their appetites (greed, procreation, etc.) so that they would not have to operate on a credit or welfare social system which steals from the worker to satisfy the bum.

    Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance of the system.

    1. Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war, which will only result in a total destruction of the living earth.

    2. Take control of the world by the use of economic “silent weapons” in a form of “quiet warfare” and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide.

    The latter option has been taken as the obviously better option.”


  35. lysias says:

    The epilogue added in the paperback edition of John Newman’s “Oswald and the CIA” makes it clear that Angleton also played a key role in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

  36. @jihadijew

    The Australian ex-Prime Minister was sticking his neck out just to say what he did about the Liberty incident, hoping he could get some truth out without too much blow back.
    Evidently, he miscalculated and that’s what brought about his demise.

    Of course he would’ve known that 9/11 was a False Flag perpetrated on behalf of the Apartheid Israeli state, with the help of bought-and-paid for traitors within the U.S government, military and Intel agencies (they all do).
    That said, in public he obviously made a conscious decision that it’s better to play along with the official cabal dictated narrative.

    But, at the end of the day, the 9/11 crime is a line politicians won’t cross – lest it have repercussions for not only himself, but also his family (as it did for Senator Paul Wellstone, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s next of kin).

    • Agree: Alfred
  37. @Just another serf

    There’s a story that’s been told many times about Johnson. He would force aides to stand there and take notes as he would dictate to them while taking a shit with the bathroom door open.

    If true, that would fit with two things Jews hold dear; feces and humiliating Whites.

  38. jihadijew says:
    @Yukon Jack

    US allowed Israel to attack its neighbors and grab whatever she could in 6 days war. But forbid them to get carried away in land grab. USS liberty was monitoring the situation and paid the price. That is one version I remember reading.

    • LOL: profnasty
  39. anon[376] • Disclaimer says:

    Put a full sized replica of the attacked
    USS Liberty in front of the DC Yid museum.
    The ground in front of Yid doors covered in blood.

    Napalm the LBJ Traitor Museum in TX.
    Replace with full sized replica of the destroyed USS Liberty.
    Letters ‘LBJ’ in pond of pig manure.

  40. lavoisier says: • Website

    And thanks to Mr. Ron Unz for his support of independent journalism, and for his willingness to risk his reputation and health to publicize information that is anathema to our so called “free press.”

    Truly a remarkable individual our corrupted world offers few examples of today.

    The truth shall set all of us free.

  41. @AnonStarter

    I don’t know if any other commenters brought it up, but my hat’s off to Rick Wiles and the men of TruNews. They may not always have all the facts right in their entertaining daily “Godcasts,” but they break more stories in a week than CNN breaks in a year.

    Matt Skow often appears with Wiles and his other two panelists when not pre-occupied with his latest film project. Skow is the director this documentary, (which I haven’t seen yet, but plan to), but it couldn’t have happened without the backing of Wiles and thousands of people sending in donations.

    I’m not a Christian and often turn off their podcast when Wiles starts hawking his book, “Final Day.” Yet they are the only Christian podcast that I’m aware of with the guts to take on the JQ and the scourge of Christian Zionism. They also take on the Covid Plandemic and the danger posed by these rushed vaccines, plus many other topical issues. They’ve been banned by YouTube and other platforms. Yet they are thriving on Wiles own TruNews channel. If you’re never checked out their Godcast, it’s well worth the look.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Thanks: profnasty
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  42. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Nothing new.

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for s/he is known and carries his/her banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his/her sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; s/he speaks in accents familiar to his/her victims, and s/he wears their face and their arguments, s/he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men (and women). S/He rots the soul of a nation, s/he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, s/he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @Sparkon
  43. GMC says:

    Thanks Alfred, I always figured that the US Marine compound in Beirut, was blown up with the help of the Israelis too. They are the best at making mini nukes and use them all over the world , while the other major countries like the USA, China and Russia , look the other way.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  44. profnasty says:

    ANTIFA is free. Black Lies Movement is brave. White men crossdress and pflhate each other.
    Life goes on, until it doesn’t.

    • Replies: @moi
  45. Defender says:
    @Yukon Jack

    They left out Buzzy Krongard executive director of the CIA on 9/11 and former investment banker who placed extraordinarily high volume of “put options” on United and American Airlines stocks one week before 9/11. Also, how do you go from an investment banker to director of the CIA. Where is the crossover there.

  46. Emile says:

    When a nation abandons Christ and continues to dress themselves with the mantle of Christians values, they become more evil and treacherous than the openly atheistic nation.

  47. Wazink says:

    Hello White Christians. No whites christian wont stand this kind of crap from anybody.

    JESUS Gittin 57a (Talmud) “Jesus is in hell and is being punished by being boiled in semen. Christians are boiled in dung”

    Where are proud Christian Zionists including Biden

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  48. Bookish1 says:

    Problem is if we destroy Israel then all those jews will come to the west. Do you want them over there or over here.

  49. moi says:

    A solution:

    *Stop all illegal immigration
    *Offer blacks money to move to Africa (or anywhere else they please)
    *English to be the one and only language to be spoken–exception being when a person(s) is in his/her own home.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @profnasty
  50. @Wazink

    Our “elder brothers”: Christians in Israel face rise in hate crimes:

  51. Bogdan says:

    This Jew has guts. He could use some help from ADL and US congress under upcoming Antisemitism legislation.

    Under the freedom of information act. This was released about a great Israeli Jon Pollard There are so many Israeli patriots in State and treasury departments who fought for Israeli several wars but forgot to register with the US defense forces.

  52. The USS Liberty is (unfortunately) small potatoes compared to the overall death and suffering caused by Jewish bankers in the last 125 years.

    • Agree: Defender
  53. Wazink says:

    And the devout Christians like Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and their followers busy raising money for poor displaced Israelis, and the band kept playing.
    I dont understand the “Maverick” pope goes to Israel to kiss Natan Yahoooooo’s rear end.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  54. Alfred says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    The Australian ex-Prime Minister was sticking his neck out just to say what he did about the Liberty incident, hoping he could get some truth out without too much blow back. Evidently, he miscalculated and that’s what brought about his demise.

    Of course he would’ve known that 9/11 was a False Flag perpetrated on behalf of the Apartheid Israeli state, with the help of bought-and-paid for traitors within the U.S government, military and Intel agencies (they all do). That said, in public he obviously made a conscious decision that it’s better to play along with the official cabal dictated narrative.


    Macolm Fraser was only concerned about trying to disconnect Australian foreign policy from US control. The number of countries the Americans destroyed in the Middle East was of secondary consideration. Australia was his priority.

    The problem is that we are far past the point where the fate of ourselves and our own families merit this reticence. In a nuclear conflagration, we are all doomed anyway. Sydney and Melbourne are on the front line just like London and Washington. Politicians are notoriously unable to look more than one step ahead – quite different from statesmen.

    Here is an example of what happened to an earlier Australian prime minister who did not follow the script. The video is total tosh for public consumption. Harold Holt was taken away and murdered. Malcolm Fraser, like everyone else near the top knew that. Interestingly, it happened only a few months after the Liberty attack. Holt upset LBJ.

    Inside the disappearance of Harold Holt — one of the largest search operations in Australian history

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  55. anarchyst says:
    @Yukon Jack

    An interesting note to the cover-up of the USS Liberty “act of war” is that there was another Admiral involved who vehemently protested against the cover-up. Admiral George S. Morrison protested vehemently against the cover-up and wanted a proper military response, but was overruled by traitor Admiral John S. McCain.
    It is probable that Admiral Morrison’s career was “dead-ended” by traitors Admiral McCain and Lyndon Johnson.
    An interesting footnote: Admiral Morrison is the father of rock musician Jim Morrison.

    • Replies: @Spender_CGB
  56. lysias says:

    The object of that diatribe of Cicero’s was Catiline, whom supporters of the plutocracy in Rome like Cicero hated because he stood for such populist measures as the cancellation of debts.

  57. The blatant Zionist attack on the USS Liberty is just another scar of relentless attacks perpetuated on humanity for over two thousand years.

  58. anarchyst says:

    One of the most sickening displays showing “jews as victims” advertising campaigns is one hosted by Mike Huckabee, showing “destitute holohoax (oops, I mean holocaust™) survivors”. Not only are they condescending to those they are asking for support, they are arrogant enough to demand a specific amount-\$25.00 for a “jew box”.
    Jews are laughing all the way to the bank while their Christian dispensationalist supporters are considered to be “useful idiots” who have no shame…or common sense.

    • Replies: @Jihadijew
  59. Alden says:

    It’s very possible there’s an American Samson option as Israel has in Europe; nuclear bombs aimed st every major city airport etc on the continent.

    Kennedy’s death also made it possible for Johnson and his vp Humphrey to implement the Jewish agenda of civil rights unlimited non White immigration in 4 years. And the war on poverty program gave billions and billions to Jewish NGOs to practice the lawfare that led to vastly increased black on White crime.

    Humphrey was another Jewish puppet. He was recruited in the late 1940s to join Jewish organization NAACP and endless Jewish causes.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  60. Mefobills says:

    Stop all immigration legal or otherwise.

    There is no benefit to immigration, with maybe one exception. You need specialized skills, which are to be transferred in a school setting.

    This legal immigration is ok argument does not stand. It is propaganda used to acquire cheap labor and deracinate the country.

  61. @anarchyst

    An interesting footnote: Admiral Morrison is the father of rock musician Jim Morrison.

    According to the late author Dave McGowan Admiral Morrison had a hand in the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    “It is the first week of August, 1964, and U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison have allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This event, subsequently dubbed the ‘Tonkin Gulf Incident,’ will result in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which will, in turn, quickly lead to America’s deep immersion into the bloody Vietnam quagmire. Before it is over, well over fifty thousand American bodies – along with literally millions of Southeast Asian bodies – will litter the battlefields of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.”

    The above is from McGowans book “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon”.

    • Replies: @No jack London
  62. lysias says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Even Craig Murray won’t allow comments on 9/11 on his site.

  63. Israel’s cover story for any and every hostile action it perpetrates is Israel has the right to defend itself. This is based more or less on the myth that Israel’s right to exist can be traced back to King David, or the Balfour Declaration, whichever one prefers to blather on about. Both are myths. Israel’s right to exist is a canard.

    Moreover, is Israel even necessary?

  64. @Alfred

    Hi Alfred-

    As usual, an excellent comment with a superb link and a great supporting photo. Thanks!

    For decades the USS Liberty has been a ‘thing’ with me and a long-time buddy who is friends with author Jim Ennes (“Assault on the Liberty”), a somewhat famous member of the Liberty crew that fateful day. Once we learned what actually happened, we’ve been apoplectic and frothing at the mouth over this for about 25 years, and I cannot tell you how glad I am to see this documentary was made. About damned time!

    “Furthermore, it is my belief that this American spy ship was recording all these events. The Israelis felt compelled to destroy the evidence.”

    Actually, it’s pretty well-established that the Liberty (while anchored off the west coast of Africa @ Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire on 5/23/67) was suddenly ordered to IMMEDIATELY set sail post haste, first for Spain and then the eastern Mediterranean, cancelling long-overdue and much needed crew R &R and ship repairs, and sailing at a breakneck pace, which set the crew to worrying. They all knew something was really, really ‘wrong’ with their orders. It was too fast, too sloppy, too weird. The crew was really anxious. As the days passed, they eventually learned they were ultimately being sent into a hotbed of war, and worse, being sent in an almost reckless fashion, i.e., naked and defenseless.

    In other words, the hit was ‘in’ long before the orders were given for the Liberty to speed into a war zone with no protection, no cover, and literally almost no means to defend herself. Sitting ducks, with no escort, and basically no weapons (the Liberty’s only four machine gun turrets were taken out immediately by the IDF pilots at the beginning of the attack), it was a situation literally custom made to order for the cowardly IDF.

    So there isn’t an iota of spontaneity. This was planned top-down, and almost assuredly many months in advance by LBJ, his zionist controllers, and some very high-ranking US military officers.

    When you read just how many US Admirals were in on it and the cover-up (especially that uber-asshole Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd!), it is simply mind-blowing (and nauseating). And it wouldn’t be the Liberty incident if we didn’t have Senator John “Songbird” McCain’s dipshit dad, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., allegedly making sure no help was sent, and that any USN air support help on the way was ordered immediately back to their carriers. And all of these actions were ultimately ordered by LBJ at the very time the attack was going on: “Need help, Liberty? Too bad. We need you sunk with NO survivors so we can nuke Cairo in retaliation. But we deeply thank you for your service (to Israel.)”.

    Although I have four books on the subject, I found “Remember the Liberty!” (by Phillip F. Nelson) to be a really great read on the incident, and being newer, it has some recent evidence that the other authors didn’t have at the time they wrote theirs.

    And best of all, “Remember the Liberty!” has a number of the surviving Liberty crew members being given a podium from which to finally tell their stories in their own words, reliving for us the events of that day. Not for those with weak of stomachs (the crew members give some gut-wrenchingly horrifying accounts of how their fellow sailors died. If you have any heart, tears will flow……. )

    Lastly, it must be said that, once again, Russia may have ‘saved the world’ (hat tip to Edgar Cayce), as Liberty crewman Ernest A. Gallo stated that it appears the attack on the Liberty may have been terminated prematurely by Israel because a not-too-distant Russian navy vessel (a destroyer) apparently got ‘curious’ and began to ‘investigate’ what was going on, and the IDF called off the commando raid via helicopter at the very last moment, as these IDF armed paratroopers were directly overhead, waiting to rappel onto the Liberty to slaughter the crew and send her to the bottom……

    Be well, Alfred! 🙂

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Thanks: Alfred
  65. @jihadijew

    “We thought the ship was carrying horses! We like horses, but when you’ve got a war on it’s better to play safe and kill them all.” –“israeli” “intelligence”.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  66. profnasty says:

    I really don’t think you appreciate who’s running this hot dog stand. 911 was the lesson. 2008 was the proof.
    Covid-19 years after 911, well, this may be the coup d’gras.

    • Replies: @Jihadijew
  67. Jihadijew says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    I was simply referring to phrase that is used to deflect a politician screw up on intelligence. If these intelligent officers are incompetent why they are still holding their position. Before the Iraq invasion, War Criminal Cheney practically used to go to CIA office to ensure that things were going according to the plans Media did not report his visits to Langley because it was unheard of VP visiting the WMD desk. He was making sure the contained essential fakery.

    Then we had a Black Mr. Clean Colin Powell. Who pretended that his famous lie in UN was unknown to him and found out later. First time when received a draft of the speech he threw it or tore it and said he was not going to do it. Well, he had a son Mike Powell as FCC chairman. You got the picture.

    Powell settled on lame duck or slam dunk Tennant to with him in UN. That is why Medal winner George could be seen behind Powell in UN.

    During Iran Contra scam, Ronnie used to say “mistakes were made” . By who no one bother to ask.

    The point is that we should be aware of such brainwashing

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  68. Jihadijew says:

    “Laughing all the way to the bank” sorry— you mean to their own banks. That is in their genes.

    The holoohoox survivors insurance scandal passed by US congress ??, and implemented by IMF and World bank to favor Jews monetarily in 1990s. The Jews in Germany/Europe who bought insurance after 1922 received holocosssttt survivor benefits even they moved to other countries before 1939 or who died before the war. Their children received the payments despite the guys died before the start of the war. Forget about them being in concentration camps with swimming pools, post office, Theaters, Baby sitting facilities, Soccer matches, having plots for growing vegetables.
    No Poland is being screwed by a new law passed in 2017-18 to pay over \$300 billions to Polish Jews for their properties. I did not read the law but have read the Poles are up in arms on this law.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  69. Interesting until it starts spouting garbage about China in footnote 4. To understand Israel you must understand the Judaic psychology, and the latter-day manifestation of Zionazism, ie Judaism plus State power. As for Chinese ‘collectivism’, that is trying to judge, let alone understand, China according to Western Rightwing verbiage. Collectivism in China is the way of life of many thousands of years. The group, ie ALL the individuals, comes first, then the family, the ancestors and finally the living individual. It seems to work for them, as recent history proves.

  70. @Badger Down

    ‘Horses’ being a euphemism for ‘goyim’. Israeli humour.

  71. @bayviking

    Israel is the second most unequal society in the OECD, so it only has a better standard of living than the USA, because the USA is last. And the alleged exchange between LBJ and Golda Meir at JFK’s funeral is HILARIOUS. I’d bet the real one went, LBJ: ‘Well done. You got the son-of-a-bitch. Now for his little brother’. Meir: ‘ The antisemite thought he could stop our A-bombs, and close the Federal Reserve! It was a mitzvah!’

  72. Jihadijew says:

    OK Profane.
    I got your message not directed at me but many others. You were busy spewing filth at other and just opted to LOL me. We are going to have some fun. Are you a troll? how much you are paid by your handlers or your just volunteering because you have nothing to do and you are devout Zionist.

    You could be just a delusional person most likely a Talmudist as you have exhibited those characteristics.
    Now if you are Talmudist please reply I just want to have some interesting dialogue with you. I was in Israel before Covid and observed and learned some interesting things. There are many decent Israelis but I would say the problem lies with Zionists and Talmudist. I learned about Talmud. Of course learning never stops.

    Just one question? Why Israelis are so pissed off at Christians despite all that money they get from Christian Nations and countries. Why

  73. anarchyst says:

    Your statement: /It’s very possible there’s an American Samson option as Israel has in Europe; nuclear bombs aimed at every major city airport etc on the continent./ …doesn’t go far enough.
    No “launch systems” are needed as israel’s nukes are already in place in major cities around the world. Diplomatic pouch makes this possible…
    Rome, Brussels and Paris are the three European cities that are already “wired” with nukes in place. You see, israel would LOVE to destroy the Catholic Church. Hence Rome is a primary target.
    Here in the “good ol’ USA”, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago are three israeli nuke “targets”. New York City is “off limits” as it is the North American operation center of world jewry. Washington D.C. is also “off the list” because of its large population of jews.
    The Samson Option is very real…

    • Replies: @Alden
  74. What with Jews having turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah with all those globo-homo parades and degeneracy, the notion of Christian Zionism no longer makes sense. Israel is Sleazrael now.

    Christian Zionists are now effectively Christian Sodomists. They not only support the transformation of the Holy Land into a homo brothel but take it up the ass from AIPAC.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  75. Curle says:

    This article expands on Johnson’s live in Israeli lobbyist.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
  76. @Just another serf

    You did not mention President Kennedy´s assassination & the takeover of the political, intelligence & military power in the country. We still are in it.

  77. Alden says:

    Thanks for the information. Los Angeles is a big Jewish center. Of course they won’t mind killing a few of their own.

  78. @GMC

    Most likely the USS Cole, as well. Damage was more consistent with a torpedo than the alleged dingy bomb, with half the damage below the water line.

    • Replies: @GMC
  79. @AnonStarter

    The Zionazis not only hated JFK for his veto on their A-bombs but also for his plans to end the Federal Reserve, the real source of Zionazi control of the USA.

  80. @Jihadijew

    The Talmudist LOATHE Christianity. They are rather better disposed to Islam, particularly their Wahhabi ‘cousins’. As far as the Talmudists are concerned, Jesus sits in Hell, up to his neck in boiling faeces, his mother, Mary, was a whore, and spitting at Christian churches is a mitzvah.

    • Replies: @Jihadijew
  81. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Modern Zionism survives by pandering to goy. To pagans, to Christians, to whites, to women, to blacks and other racial minorities. Yes, it panders to homosexuals too. Are you too daft to understand that none of this is sincere? Zionism lost the goodwill of mainstream Western culture and for this reason has been forced to turn to the fringes for democratic support. The same people that the Jewish Bible and the “apostle” Paul want YHWH’s followers to hate and kill (ie, homosexuals), are now told to co identify with Jews as victims of Christianity, and support the construction of Zion for their volcanic demiurge. But we know YHWH wants to kill homosexuals, just as he wants to kill goyim, like you. Gays are a natural ally in the fight against Zionism and you would be better off to clue them in to the pandering of mass media which you have only recently begun to free yourself from, rather than persist with the Jewish mind control meme that homosexuality is an abomination unto God. Unless of course you are a Christian, in which case you can continue to be schizophrenic.

  82. Anonymous[421] • Disclaimer says:

    The author of this review seems not to know what coup d’etat means.

    It’s clear that in the case of the McCain family corruption and assery are a genetic trait.

    To paraphrase a popular meme, “Around Israel, never relax.”

  83. GMC says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    And I would bet that the Israeli subs are German made , which is another part of the Terrorist puzzle – thanks.

  84. @Alfred

    Thanks for that video Alfred – some very interesting stuff there.

    It seems that LBJ’s malevolence knew no bounds and because Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt may not have been on board with escalation of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam, that LBJ ordered the hit on poor Harold.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Lee
  85. Vladimir says:

    President Johnson resigned not because of the Vietnam war but because he gave direct radio-telephone orders for the American fighter jets which were on the way to not engage the Israeli jets which were bombing USS LIBERTY. Treason. John McCain’s daddy, Admiral McCain (a Jew) was the military officer that covered up the attack. That cover-up stands to this day.

    • Replies: @Lee
  86. @Truth Vigilante

    Truth V. I don’t get your point. Wellstone was a
    Jewish Zionist and Kucinich was no Jim Traficante.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  87. @Spender_CGB

    Can anyone dineate the wire diagram command
    of USN Med with name and position titles?

  88. @No jack London

    I’m willing to forgive Wellstone and Kucinich’s economic policy prescription shortcomings and tribal allegiances because they were questioning the official narrative of 9/11.

    It’s well known that Wellstone was publicly criticising the decision to invade Iraq in the lead up to that 2003 war of aggression. In addition, I’m led to believe Wellstone was preparing to launch a Congressional investigation into 9/11 – that’s why they killed him.

    So, in the big picture context, it didn’t concern me so much that Wellstone was a Zionist or that he made charitable donations to his local Holohoax museum.
    If Wellstone could bring a critical mass of Americans to believe that 9/11 was a False Flag, and as a U.S Senator he had one hell of high profile platform, then I would have forgiven him for his other character flaws.

  89. profnasty says:

    Thanks for reply.
    I can’t debate because I have to tap a phone. I 10fingy type, would love to discuss. Cannot.
    I consider myself a “Nazi”©™✓, White Supremacist.
    FWIW. I guarantee my info at 90% accurate. That’s better than most. I read your stuff with interest.
    Thanks again.

  90. Mike321 says:

    Thank you Mr. Wright. I just ordered the DVD set. Perhaps one day there will be a USS Halbardier.

    • Replies: @lysias
  91. lysias says:

    Bravo Zulu, from a retired Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Security Group.

  92. Sparkon says:

    Not this again! It’s a fine idea and quotation, but it’s entirely fictional, and Cicero never said it.

    The quotation is by British-born American novelist Taylor Caldwell from her historical novel A Pillar of Iron, 1965, ch. 56

    • Replies: @Alfred
  93. Alfred says:

    Not this again! It’s a fine idea and quotation, but it’s entirely fictional, and Cicero never said it.

    Perhaps the greatest of all fake news reporters was none other than Cicero (104-43 BC). He was an Optimat and thus was against Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) who was a member of the Populares — the people rather than the Oligarchs. The leader of the Optimates was none other than Cato. It was Plutarch who reported that when a friend of Cicero remarked that the constellation of Lybra was due to rise next day, Cicero snapped – “Yes, by edict.” This is merely an example that the Optimates were constantly complaining about every reform Caesar would make. Because of the fake news of Cicero, even Shakespeare bought into it and painted Julius Caesar as a ruthless dictator. However, when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the cities all cheered and opened their gates. The Optimates had no support of the people for they were exploiting the Republic since they were the Oligarchs. It was Cato who instigated the Civil War.

    Cicero paid not just with his life, but they cut off his hands and nailed his head on the Rostra in the Forum Romanum according to the tradition. According to Cassius Dio, Marc Antony’s wife Fulvia took Cicero’s head, pulled out his tongue, and jabbed it repeatedly with her hairpin in an act of final revenge against Cicero’s power of speech.

    Fake News Has Been Around For Thousands of Years (Martin Armstrong)

  94. @moi

    It’s the land of the free and home of the brave of the White Christians!

  95. Jihadijew says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Tell it to Billy Graham, Mike Pompeo, Al Sharpton, Obama, Oprah, MLK, Jerry Fawlwell and their ignorant friends who praise Zionist Jews non stop. Nothing against ordinary Jews.

    I love to find some banned videos or books and constant brainwashing of public by Hollywood and The Jewyork Times and then share it with everyone and specially with those self proclaimed intellectuals/authors/ writers like Thomas “70s pimp” Friedman and George Will types. Hope to bring the facts to approximately 6 inches away from their faces. It is so refreshing that people are active in finding and disseminating truth or facts on a platform like this one.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  96. @Jihadijew

    People are frightened of the hissing, spitting, Judeofascist and Zionazi lynch-mobs. Scared shitless to be called ‘antisemitic’ for looking sideways at a Judeofascist thug, or daring to support the Palestinian ‘two-legged animals’. The sheer xenophobic hatred inculcated in 3500 years of fearing and despising non-Jews and non-conformist Jews (today’s ‘self-hating’ Jews)spews out like a laser beam, and it does intimidate-it’s used as a weapon.

  97. anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder if John McCain Jr was already a prisoner of war in Vietnam that June?

    Nope. McCain was taken prisoner after being shot down on October 26th of the same year. So Admiral McCain wasn’t covering up to save his son out of fear LBJ would have been slack in attempting to get P.O.W.s freed.

    LBJ might have been our most unlikeable president. A 100% jerk.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  98. JimDandy says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    Can you send me a link or fill me in on the WWI involvement?

  99. @follyofwar

    Mostly Agree, and I try never to miss a TruNews godcast: Wiles and company outdo even Unz in the otherwise verboten information they bring to the public.

    It is especially significant that Wiles speaks directly to the Evangelical community to tell them how evil is their support for zionism.

    BUT — Wiles drives me crazy when he rants for 20 minutes about “communism” and pleads for men to summon their courage to oppose, resist, call out the “communists,” then in the next breath Wiles cites the “evil Nazis” as the world’s greatest scourge.

    Does he not realize what Herbert Hoover learned from his interview of Hitler and Goering in 1938: one of Hitler’s three “idee fixes” was to vanquish Russian Bolshevism, which was actively threatening the German homeland.

    “White men” will never regain their manhood and sovereignty until they get the history right.
    In the two world wars, “white men” were maneuvered, by Jews as well as American and British Christian clergy and leaders, into killing their own forebears and brethren.

    And some Christians still celebrate that great victory.

    • Thanks: anarchyst, follyofwar
  100. anarchyst says:

    John McCain was offered early release from captivity, but had to refuse as he would have been court-martialed for statements he made on behalf of the North Vietnamese. His prison nickname was “songbird” as he gave critical military information to the North Vietnamese. His statements and other records are still classified. When McCain was captured, he was given immediate medical treatment not given to others in the same situation. Sorta tells you something.
    “Senator” McCain, along with John Kerry pushed for laws outlawing the search for American POWs left in Vietnam. It is known that only half of our POWs were released, the rest to be used as “bargaining chips” for “reparations” (which never materialized). Hence, their fate was sealed. From the 1980s to even the 2000s clear evidence of American POWs was evident but was covered up by the U S State Department and the Department of Defense. So much for “leaving no one behind”.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  101. Lee says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    TV said:

    It seems that LBJ’s malevolence knew no bounds and because Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt may not have been on board with escalation of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam, that LBJ ordered the hit on poor Harold.

    There are no facts that suggest that LBJ or anyone else ordered a hit on HH.

    HH simply disappeared while swimming in the sea near Portsea,Victoria.Most of his friends refused to get in the water that day because it was too rough.They watched him get pulled out to deeper water by the current and then simply go under.

    He was a notoriously bad swimmer having almost drowned the previous May.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  102. Lee says:

    Vlad said:

    President Johnson resigned not because of the Vietnam war but because he gave direct radio-telephone orders for the American fighter jets which were on the way to not engage the Israeli jets which were bombing USS LIBERTY. Treason. John McCain’s daddy, Admiral McCain (a Jew) was the military officer that covered up the attack. That cover-up stands to this day.

    LBJ didn’t resign from the Presidency but refused to run for his second term.

    Admiral McCain was the CinC of the Pacific Command (1968-1972) so was most likely not in any position to”cover-up” for the screw ups that caused the USS Liberty incident.

    A dozen investigations looked into the incident and all determined that the incident was caused by a series of mistakes mostly made by Israel. Many people including US Congressman and some of the Liberty crew refused to accept the these findings. Israel paid for the deaths/wounding of Liberty sailors, the repairs to the USS Liberty, and admitted to their culpability to the incident in under an hour.

    IMO to say that Israel purposely targeted the USS Liberty seems unlikely.

    The US was Israel’s only ally who were in the middle of the 6 Day War at this time. Future US help during this war and into the future might be jeopardized if you go after a US ship for any of the half dozen conspiracy theories that have been offered up over time.

  103. @Lee

    Agreed. My suggestion that LBJ figured in the disappearance of HH was speculation on my part.

    That said, seeing as LBJ was the most ruthless, unscrupulous S.O.B politician that the U.S ever produced (complicit in the murder of countless individuals), I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  104. @Lee

    Lee writes: ‘IMO to say that Israel purposely targeted the USS Liberty seems unlikely.’

    Lee, you seem to be quite the apologist for the crimes of the Apartheid Israeli state. Either that or you have done next to no research on the USS Liberty False Flag incident.

    I suggest you read this article:

    That’s right, before you pull out the race card and start shouting ‘Anti-Semite’, that article was from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    There is no grey area in this matter. It has been CONFIRMED 100% that the Israeli pilots knew it was an American ship. (One or more Israeli pilots with a conscience involved in that attack have in recent times personally apologised to the USS Liberty survivors for this egregious act).

    After being ordered to attack, pilots involved in the incident radioed back to base words to the effect of: ‘This is an American ship. Are you sure you want us to attack it ?’.

    And please quit with the ‘Israel was the only ally of the U.S during the Six Day war’ propaganda.

    Israel has NEVER been an ally of the U.S. No ally kills your President and orchestrates an attack on your citizenry like they did on 9/11.

    I don’t know what your last name is Lee but let’s hope it’s not Kaplan.

    Watch the obnoxious apologist for Israeli genocide of the Palestinians and ongoing malfeasance in the Middle East in the following video from 17:00 – 21:00 as Dr Kevin Barrett chops him up:

    • Thanks: Alfred
  105. cheech says:

    I bought the docuseries, but the website doesn’t let it play. The error message is: An entitlement is required to play this video.

    I contacted the customer service 3 times!!! No resonse. I’d suggest, noone buy this…

  106. lysias says:

    Before commencing their attack on the Liberty, the Israelis jammed not only the International Distress Frequency, but also the US Navy radio frequencies the Liberty might use. Only the US Navy used the latter frequencies. The jamming continued, with only momentary breaks, during the attack. Of course the Israelis knew they were attacking an American ship.

    While in the military, I was in signals intelligence. It was part of my job to be familitar with militaries’ use of radio frequencies.

    • Replies: @Lee
  107. Lee says:

    Fair enough, Lysiass

    Your post might help explain why some of the taped conversations between US and Israel military units are today considered “missing” and often cited in conspiracy circles. Provide a link to this if you would.

    Turns out that Israel thought that the Liberty (and all US vessels) were 100 miles from the area when the war kicked off.They had sent a message requesting that the US clear out but it got hung in the Philippines for a couple of days and arrived a few hours after the attack on the Liberty was over.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  108. @Lee

    Really CRAP hasbara. In 1967 (the year the USS Liberty was deliberately attacked) McCain was US Commander in Chief, US Naval Forces Europe, stationed in London. He ordered the cover-up ‘investigation’ of the USS Liberty ‘incident’ in that position. Where he was in 1968 is totally irrelevant. Too much head-nodding and Talmudic babbling, I’d say.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  109. @anarchyst

    The ‘missing POWs’ in Indochina lie is utter crap. Racist crap. It’s the sort of thing that Yanks might do, but the Vietnamese are rather more honourable.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Ron Unz
    , @anon
  110. anarchyst says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You are dead wrong.
    Liberal “journalist” Sidney Schanberg (of Cambodia genocide fame) thoroughly researched this and came up with the same conclusion. Only half of our POWs were returned.
    Through the 2000s the “circle-K” distress signal kept showing up on satellite imaging photos. Not only that, some “journalists” observed and talked with westerners who seemed “out-of-place” in their environments, leading them to believe that they were POWs.
    The same situation existed during the Korean “conflict” as well. American POWs with critical technical skills were sent to China and the Soviet Union, never to return. Many of them made the best of a difficult situation and established lives in their newly (forcibly) adopted countries.
    Do the research yourself, if you dare.
    Communists of any stripe were never “honourable”…

    • Replies: @Lee
  111. Lee says:

    Pretty interesting read………….

    Transcript of Senate Select Committee on POW affairs——–Jan 1993

    Internet search reveals nothing about circle K distress symbols——perhaps you could provide a link.There was a K symbol noticed in 1988 that attracted some attention but nothing came of it.Its discussed at the link above.

    It was noted during the committee hearing that it would have been hard for a POW to construct a POW symbol large enough to be clearly seen by a satellite but yet small enough to avoid detention by his captors on the ground. IDK

  112. Ron Unz says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The ‘missing POWs’ in Indochina lie is utter crap. Racist crap. It’s the sort of thing that Yanks might do, but the Vietnamese are rather more honourable.

    Actually, the evidence that many hundreds of POWs were kept by Vietnam seems absolutely overwhelming.

    You might want to take a look at my short introductory column, then read Sydney Schanberg’s remarkable expose:

    Here’s a closely-related follow up article I published a few years later:

  113. anon[667] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    The ‘missing POWs’ in Indochina lie is utter crap. Racist crap. It’s the sort of thing that Yanks might do, but the Vietnamese are rather more honourable.

    someone around here is a racist, thats for sure

  114. Sparkon says:

    Please see my previous comment on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty:

    My comment from Aug. 7, 2020 has three great links on the treacherous Israeli attack, including one to a Chicago Tribune article from 2007 (!), “New revelations in attack on American spy ship,” where you can read about the “missing” tapes recorded by NSG Hebrew linguists aboard an EC-121 while the Liberty was under attack.

    Key NSA tapes said missing

    Asked whether the NSA had in fact intercepted the communications of the Israeli pilots who were attacking the Liberty, Kirby, the retired senior NSA official, replied, “We sure did.”

    On its Web site, the NSA has posted three recordings of Israeli communications made on June 8, 1967. But none of the recordings is of the attack itself.

    Indeed, the declassified documents state that no recordings of the “actual attack” exist, raising questions about the source of the transcripts recalled by Forslund, Gotcher, Block, Porter, Lang and Kirby.
    Two of the recordings were made by Michael Prostinak, a Hebrew linguist aboard a U.S. Navy EC-121, a lumbering propeller-driven aircraft specially equipped to gather electronic intelligence.

    But Prostinak said he was certain that more than three recordings were made that day.
    As soon as the EC-121 landed at its base in Athens, Prostinak said, all the tapes were rushed to an NSA facility at the Athens airport where Hebrew translators were standing by.
    Another linguist aboard the EC-121, who spoke on condition that he not be named, said he believed there had been as many as “five or six” tapes recording the attack on the Liberty or its aftermath.

    Obviously, it’s not only NASA that can “lose” tapes.

  115. Lee says:

    Mr. Unz, I read every article that you suggested above about POWs and appreciate you providing the links to these articles.

    Below is a link found while reading articles suggested by Unz which discredits much of Schanbergs claims.

  116. Lee says:

    I would ask one final question on this subject.

    Was there ever a documented case where a family was told that their son was a POW—for months or years let’s say——but wasn’t in that group of 591 POWS repatriated after the war?

  117. lysias says:

    We just had another June 8, and I saw no commemoration of the anniversary of the attack on the Liberty.

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