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MLK, Russell Kirk, and the Ignominy of Modern Conservatism
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For the past forty years (officially since 1986) the third Monday in January has been celebrated as a federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day. Federal and state offices and many businesses either close or go on limited schedules. We are awash with public observances, parades, prayer breakfasts, stepped-up school projects for our unwary and intellectually-abused children, and gobs and gobs of over-the-top television “specials” and movies, all geared to tell us—to shout it in our faces, if we don’t pay strict attention—that King was some sort of superhuman, semi-divine civil rights leader who brought the promise of equality to millions of Americans, a kind of modern St. John the Baptist ushering in the Millennium. And that he stands just below Jesus Christ in the pantheon of revered and adored historical personages…and in some ways, perhaps above Jesus Christ in the minds of many of his present-day devotees and epigones.

It seems to do no good to issue a demurrer to this veritable religious “cult of Dr. King.” There are, indeed, numerous “Christian” churches that now “celebrate” this day just as if it were a major feast in the Christian calendar. In short, Martin Luther King has received de facto canonization religiously and in the public mind as no other person in American history.

And the King cult has taken hold in the “conservative movement” with an especial tsunami-like effect.

The latest outrage of this revolutionary “cleansing” of traditional conservatism has been what has been inflicted on Russell Kirk, the “Sage of Mecosta,” the generally acknowledged founder of the American conservative movement back in the early 1950s. And it comes at the behest and invitation of the very institution bearing his name, The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, which plans to host a joint conference with the Acton Center, on Monday, January 16, with black activist John Woods, Jr., doing the honours. Under the looming visage of Abe Lincoln, Woods’ Web site, Braver Angels, defines his own organization as dedicated “to depolarization…bridging the partisan divide….” (A photo of a gaggle of brainless, lovey-dovey, googly-eyed Clinton and Trump supporters decorate the site.)

Here is part of the blurb from the Kirk Center:

Without King and Kirk, modern American Social Justice liberalism and modern American conservatism as we know them would not exist. And yet, for all of their differences, our modern politics suffer because contemporary liberalism and conservatism often lack the grounding in virtues, communitarian values and faith in an ordered universe to which both Kingian Nonviolence and Kirkian Conservatism held fast. Is it possible that by reacquainting ourselves with these lost traditions we could summon the better angels of left and right and restore a politics of virtue for the modern age?

Outrage is too mild a term to use to describe this inane barbarity. It is built on lies and blatant falsehood.

At one time figures such as Kirk were considered too unwieldly, too untouchable to be incorporated into the swirling vortex of crazed conservative political correctness. Very simply, although the standard encomia were regularly paid to his earlier accomplishments and role, his essential (negative) views on King, his opposition to the civil rights movement (and legislation), his staunch arguments against egalitarianism, his opposition to the frenzied anti-colonialism of the 1950s and 1960s (cf., his adventure novel, A Creature of the Twilight, set in late colonialist Africa), and his virulent disgust directed at George H. W. Bush (which led him to become chairman of Pat Buchanan’s campaign in Michigan in 1992, just as I chaired the North Carolina Buchanan effort) are significant mileposts which Kirk biographer, Bradley Birzer, must acknowledge (see generally, Birzer, Russell Kirk: American Conservative; University of Kentucky Press, 2015).

From 1967, when I was a college freshman, until shortly before his death in 1994, I corresponded frequently with Russell. As chairman of the Pfeiffer University Visiting Lecture Program—that would never happen today!—I brought him to my school. And, then, after a year as a Thomas Jefferson Fellow at the University of Virginia (where I finished my MA in 1971), Kirk asked me to come to Mecosta to serve as his assistant for 1971-1972. There I was privileged to learn from the Master. Not only did I delve deeply into roots of traditional Anglo-American conservatism (I assisted RK on Eliot and His Age and The Roots of American Order), but one responsibility I had was to edit Kirk’s little educational quarterly, The University Bookman. There he demonstrated his willingness, among other difficult topics, to debate cognitive disparities between the races (publishing, for example, reviews of Dr. Audrey M. Shuey’s study, The Testing of Negro Intelligence, and other politically-incorrect volumes).

And then, I recall sitting in his library with him as the results of the Michigan Democratic presidential primary filtered in in the spring of 1972. Although television sets and radios were not permitted in the old house, “Piety Hill,” up the street, I had a radio, and at Russell’s urging I brought it down from my room (the second floor of the library building). Kirk delighted in George Wallace’s upset victory, although I don’t think he wished his wife Annette to find out!

Such examples of his thinking and actions are now all swept under the carpet, carefully ignored, or simply rewritten, and the “Sage of Mecosta” emerges with new raiment, diminished and stuffed in a Procrustean bed, fully “trans-ed” and purified of his earlier inequities and sins of racism and against “human rights.”

Let us recall a little history, and this I essentially repeat from my earlier essays on this subject to which I refer the reader.

Mention the fact that King may have plagiarized as much as 40 % of his Boston University Ph.D. dissertation [cf. Theodore Pappas, Plagiarism and the Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr, and Other Prominent Americans, 1998, and Martin Luther King Jr Plagiarism Story, 1994, if they are have not been scrubbed from circulation], or that he worked closely with known Communists throughout his life, or that he advocated American defeat in Vietnam while praising Ho Chi Minh, or that he implicitly countenanced violence and Marxism, especially later in his life [cf., Congressional Record, 129, no. 130 (October 3, 1983): S13452-S13461]—mention any of these accusations confirmed begrudgingly by his establishment biographers David Garrow and Taylor Branch, or mention his even-by-current-standards violent “rough sex” escapades (which apparently involved even under-agers) [cf., Cooper Sterling, January 13, 2018, VDare] and you immediately get labeled a “racist” and condemned by not just the zealous King flame-keepers on the Left, but by such “racially acceptable” conservatives like Rich Lowry and Dinesh D’Souza who supposedly are on the Right.

Indeed, in some ways Establishment “conservatives” such as Lowry (National Review), D’Souza, Glenn Beck, the talking heads on Fox and the furious scribblers at nearly all major “conservative” journals, and many others, not only eagerly buy into this narrative, they now have converted King into a full-fledged, card-carrying member of “conservatism inc.”—a “plaster saint” iconized as literally no one else in our history. Thus, this latest attempt to “scrub” clean Russell Kirk so that he, too, can join the new holy pantheon…finally, it simply had to happen.

Celebrating King becomes a means for the modern “conservative” movement to demonstrate its “civil rights” and “egalitarian” bona fides. When the Neoconservatives made their pilgrimage from the Trotskyite Left into the ranks of conservatism in the 1960s and 1970s, they brought with them a fervent believe in a globalist New World Order egalitarianism that characterized their Trotskyite ideology, and the determination to redefine and re-orient the traditional American Rightwing, and to re-write, as well, American history.

Thus, the purges of the old conservative movement in the 1980s and 1990s—there was no room for Southern conservatives like Mel Bradford, no room for traditionalist Catholics like Frederick Wilhelmsen or Brent Bozell Sr., no room for paleo-libertarians like Murray Rothbard, no room for Old Right anti-egalitarians like Paul Gottfried, and no room for “America Firsters” like Pat Buchanan…. These figures did not believe in King’s (and Lincoln’s) “promise of equality,” and thus were no doubt scarred by latent or real racism.

King Day becomes, then, for the modern Conservative Movement an opportunity for it to beat its chest, brag about its commitment to civil rights and “the American dream, the unrealized idea of equality” (that is, to distort and re-write the history of the American Founding), and to protect its left flank against the ever increasing charges that it could be, just might be, maybe is —“racist.”

The heavily-documented literature detailing the real Martin Luther King is abundant and remains uncontroverted. During the debates over establishing a national “King Day” in the mid-1980s, Senators Jesse Helms and John East (both North Carolinians) led the opposition, supplying the Congress and the nation, and anyone with eyes to read, full accounts of the “King legacy,” from his close association and collaboration with the Communist Party USA to his advocacy of violence and support for the Communists in Vietnam, to implicit support for Marxist revolution domestically. Ironically, it was Robert Woodson, a noted black Republican, who highlighted in a lecture given to honor the “conservative virtues of Dr. Martin Luther King” at the Heritage Foundation on November 5, 1993, the difficulties in getting black advocates of the older generation to respect King’s role as a Civil Rights leader. According to Woodson, as quoted in an excellent essay by Paul Gottfried,

…when Dr. King tried to bring the Civil Rights movement together with the [Marxist] peace movement, it was Carl Rowan who characterized King as a Communist, not Ronald Reagan. I remember being on the dais of the NAACP banquet in Darby, Pennsylvania when Roy Wilkins soundly castigated King for this position. [Paul Gottfried, “The Cult of St. Martin Luther King – A Loyalty Test for Careerist Conservatives?” January 16, 2012].

But not only that, behind the scenes there were voluminous secretly-made FBI recordings and accounts of King’s violent sexual escapades, often times with more than two or three others involved in such “rough sex” trysts; and of his near total hypocrisy when discussing civil rights and other prominent civil rights leaders. It is, to put it mildly, a sorry record, scandalous even by today’s standards…Indeed, King makes Harvey Weinstein look like a meek choirboy in comparison.

But you won’t hear any of that mentioned by the falling-all-over-itself media mavens at “Conservatism Inc.” or on Fox. In fact, such comments will get you exiled to the far reaches of the Gobi Desert and labeled a “racist,” quicker that my cocker spaniel gobbles down his kibble.

Almost all the material is now available and accessible online, including material from the Congressional Record. And I have listed it in previous forays into this topic. Much of what we really have come to know is thanks to the excellent work and dedicated research of the late Dr. Sam Francis, who served on the staff of Senator East. Francis’s work is critical, and originally was written to preface the publication of voluminous testimony and documentation placed in the Congressional Record by Senator Helms.

Francis’s essay and the Helms’ dossier were eventually published in book form (I have a published copy, but I’m unsure if you can still find it on Amazon). A few years back Dr. Francis’s introduction [“The King Holiday and Its Meaning,” February 26, 2015] and the lengthy Congressional Record material, which he prepared for Helms [“Remarks of Senator Jesse Helms. Congressional Quarterly,” February 26, 2005] were put online. For a very complete understanding of King’s association and cooperation with American Communists and his endorsement of Vietnamese Communism, as well as his putative endorsement of Marxism here in the United States while condemning the free enterprise system, these two items are essential reading.

But, say the scribblers at the “establishment conservative media,” wasn’t King really a conservative at heart, an old-fashioned black Baptist who believed in the tenets of traditional Christianity? Shouldn’t we simply overlook these all-too-human failings? And, like John Woods, Jr., shouldn’t we search diligently for those points of “consensus” and “shared communitarian values”?

The answer is a resounding NO.

I can think of no better summation of the real meaning of King Day and its bare-knuckled ideological use to deconstruct, dissolve and obliterate American traditions and heritage than to cite, again, Sam Francis:

“[T]he true meaning of the holiday is that it serves to legitimize the radical social and political agenda that King himself favored and to delegitimize traditional American social and cultural institutions—not simply those that supported racial segregation but also those that support a free market economy, an anti-communist foreign policy, and a constitutional system that restrains the power of the state rather than one that centralizes and expands power for the reconstruction of society and the redistribution of wealth. In this sense, the campaign to enact the legal public holiday in honor of Martin Luther King was a small first step on the long march to revolution, a charter by which that revolution is justified as the true and ultimate meaning of the American identity. In this sense, and also in King’s own sense, as he defined it in his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, the Declaration of Independence becomes a “promissory note” by which the state is authorized to pursue social and economic egalitarianism as its mission, and all institutions and values that fail to reflect the dominance of equality—racial, cultural, national, economic, political, and social—must be overcome and discarded.

“By placing King—and therefore his own radical ideology of social transformation and reconstruction—into the central pantheon of American history, the King holiday provides a green light by which the revolutionary process of transformation and reconstruction can charge full speed ahead. Moreover, by placing King at the center of the American national pantheon, the holiday also serves to undermine any argument against the revolutionary political agenda that it has come to symbolize. Having promoted or accepted the symbol of the new dogma as a defining—perhaps the defining—icon of the American political order, those who oppose the revolutionary agenda the symbol represents have little ground to resist that agenda.”

I will not be celebrating this day; rather, it is for me a mournful reminder of what has happened and is happening to this country…and what has happened to the once-fearless and vibrant “conservative movement” and now to the revered Dr. Russell Kirk.

(Republished from My Corner by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dr. King said a man should be judged by the content of his character. I don’t know how Conservatives feel about that but it seems about right to me. Even if the content of King’s character left something to be desired. And the Left today rejects Dr. King. They are quite certain that a man should be judged by the color of his skin. These Conservatives of which you speak are living in the past. Fentanyl Floyd is the new MLK.

  2. The ignored real success of King was cementing the concept of race being skin colour. When Patton wrote in his diary

    when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while the punishment is – not intended for the individual but for the race.

    he was not talking about skin colour any more than Robert Burns was when he wrote

    Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
    Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!

    or anthropologist Steven Coon Carlton when he wrote The Races of Europe in 1939.
    Enoch Powell lamented something to the affect that race means tribe, but has now been altered by the problems in the United States with its Black population to mean skin colour and that it did not apply to Britain.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  3. @Curmudgeon

    Thanks Curmudgeon.

    I was a soldier in the mid 60’s. King spoke against the Vietnam War. That’s what got him killed. His concern was for American soldiers black and white. And for the Vietnamese soldiers and civilians.

    Also. The Civil Rights Movement went off the rails with Johnson’s “Great Society”. It should have stopped at equal protection and voting rights. But Jim Crow actually did suck.

    I am a populist. A Deplorable. A blood and soil Conservative. And I will defend MLK. He didn’t ask to be made a Saint.

  4. Charles says:

    Dr. Cathey, having known Russell Kirk personally, must be experiencing a pain relatively few of us will ever know. Almost all of my heroes are dead, and I never made the acquaintance of those known to the general public. This is all a preface to say that since I discovered him, one of the men whom I most admire, and am sure will never be “rehabilitated”, is the caustic, blunt, far-sighted and brilliant Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Ph.D, gone from this mortal coil since 1994.

    • Replies: @inspector general
  5. Anymike says:

    King was for a period of time at a very young age the indispensable man. I don’t know if the plagiarism in his doctoral thesis is quite the issue it has been made into. In that era. students were being pushed through the university system on an assembly line basis. Maybe he was enabled in what he did by his faculty, which just wanted to get him and the students who intended to become pastors through the program as fast as possible. No one knew at that moment that within a couple of years, King was going to be a major figure on the world stage. The presumption might be entertained that the doctoral students who intended to go on to teach religion and theology and become religious scholars were held to a higher standard. I don’t think that plagiarism is the major issue with King.

    My opinion is that King’s sordid history behind the scenes is just a little too much. He may not have been different than a lot of powerful men, but he clearly took it to a higher level than many.

    I say, now that there soon will be few people alive with an adult memory of King, his holiday should be retired and his statue respectfully moved from the National Mall to Atlanta.

    The apocryphal day of emancipation, “Juneteenth”, has been established as a holiday now. Sorry folks, you get only one day.

    • Agree: SBaker
    • Replies: @Liosnagcat
    , @Kim
  6. I’m going to just focus on certain aspects of the article:

    Being against the Vietnam war and supporting the Vietnamese, is not a bad thing, it actually means he was on the right side, whatever the reasoning. Those of us who supported the war were just brainwashed by Jewish high finance or international Jewry–for lack of a better term. Not to excuse communists, especially in America, however, we were all manipulated by the “elders of Zion” and so that is not a real issue for me either in 2023. The same Jews that were behind the Vietnam war and the millions of people that died as a result, were the same scum that setup and killed JFK, RFK, and King (and Malcom X). With King and X because they went of the reservation and that was unacceptable, with the Kennedys because they were going to challenge their power.

    As far as “rough sex”…well, anyone that has f*cked sluts and whores knows there really is no other way to f*ck them. I mean, what? Make love to a slut? Tenderly caress a whore? LOL not happening!!!

    • Disagree: Rich
    • Replies: @David Homer
    , @anarchyst
  7. Biff says:

    The establishment(along with other institutions) has hijacked MLK(his persona, image and message),and morphed it all to benefit their own interests. That’s how it works – forget the man himself – the users and losers are now using his message against you. To get you to support their wars and austerity.

    If he where alive today he would most likely champion the working class(Wall Street hates that shit) ,and they would shoot him again or at least seat him along side Julian Assange in prison.

    Forget about MLK. He’s dead. The living are your problems

    • Disagree: Rich
    • Replies: @Kim
  8. @WorkingClass

    You missed the point entirely.

    Wake up!

  9. anon[488] • Disclaimer says:

    No point reading this article because using words nobody knows, like ‘Ignominy’ (& I am an American 54 years old & never heard this word in my entire life) reveals the ‘author’ hates those they are writing it for & wants 2 destroy them = typical (((Propaganda))), like the ‘complain but don’t offer effective solutions’ routine of clowns like Rush Limbaugh.

  10. @WorkingClass

    I am a populist. A Deplorable.

    As far as I can see, you are a fucking idiot.

  11. Well, the royalty is a clown show too. But I appreciate the lingering race-ism in the court.



    Pop Culture clown

    Zionist stooge

    Wanker Warrior

  12. @Anymike

    Oh. My. God. Get out of your own head, and call a spade a spade. King was a piece of shit. Say it, and be done with it.

    • Agree: YesYesCircle
  13. tyrone says:

    I will not be celebrating this day;

    ….Wait a second, it’s Robert E. Lee’s birthday ,jan. 19…….have a little Southern comfort in honor.

  14. @WorkingClass

    Moreover the Federal government considered MLK worthy of assassination. Something deep inside me says that whatever his flaws he was at heart a good man.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  15. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    I was a soldier in the 60s, too, and in the field RVN for a year, finishing at Ft Riley. We must have been in different armies since even back then blacks were insolent, anti-white racists and every frontline combat unit’s biggest liability.

    At Ft Riley at the time there were unprovoked black attacks on whites. In one such incident blacks with the 1sr MP Company sided with the rioting blacks. We have leftist puppet and compromised sexual reprobate MLK to thank for this nightmare.

    • Agree: Rich, SBaker, europeasant
    • Replies: @Seekers
  16. If there is any legacy of MLK left…….its been lost in the contents of character.

  17. Kim says:

    King was a catspaw of the jews and his task was to speed the metastasiztion of the cancer of negroism in the United States.

    He was facilitated in this task through his associations with the CPUSA, a multitude of subversive jews, and more than sixty communist front organizations and received his payoffs from the soviet agent Stanley Levinson, VP of the New York council of the American Jewish Congress.

  18. Kim says:

    If he [King] were alive today he would most likely champion the working class


    Just shaking my head.

    • Agree: Mike Tre, HbutnotG
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  19. Thim says:

    Neoconservatism, that is, the CIA’s hijacking and destroying of traditional conservatism, actually began with Buckley and Kirk.

    So the pairing of King and Kirk is appropriate.

    • Replies: @Seekers
  20. Kim says:

    No one knew at that moment that within a couple years, King was going to be a major figure on the world stage

    Well, except for the people who raised him up, trained him, funded him, promoted him like corn flakes and wound the big key in his back, they certainly knew.

    It is kind of shocking, the naivety.

  21. Rich says:

    Conservatives taking over King is a sort of psyop against the left because you are automatically banned from polite society if you demean the ebony saint, so they pretend he was one of them. The truth is he was an anti-White communist and troublemaker who would lead his motley crew into peaceful towns, start a riot with the TV cameras rolling, then get out of town. He was a whoremonger and a thief and just a typical black scam artist who got off on beating up women and laying down with men. Other than that…But my favorite thing to do when weirdo Whites start praising him, is to emphasize that he was a Baptist minister and that he supported all the Old Testament prohibitions against homosexuality, feminism and fornication. Drives them nuts. They were raised to hate Christianity, but they must love Marty King. It’s funny to watch the smoke come out of their ears.

  22. Before my time but also not worthy of it.

    That’s “MLK” to me.

  23. @Priss Factor

    Well, consider the source. Harry seems to me a weak complainer, much like his mother, neither of whom appreciated the reality of their responsibilities. As for Meghan, who gives a shit what that failed actress and attention whore thinks, besides her beta male pet?

  24. MLK was a raging POS, weaponized by organized jewry to attack whites.

    Jackie Kennedy told JFK to keep that negro away from her because he was a creep.

    • Agree: YesYesCircle
  25. @RedpilledAF

    It saddens me that you have such low standards for your personal actions. Especially since you seem to think that it is ‘OK’ to be that way. People that think like you will always like a fellow slut and give them praise. I tend to avoid your type as much as possible.

    • Agree: Realist, Kim
    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  26. @Charles

    What do we owe our parasites? A brilliant title to a fascinating lecture by Oliver.
    He was way ahead of his time.

  27. KenH says:

    Dr. King said a man should be judged by the content of his character.

    King did not mean the things he said. Quotable quotes like judging by the content of one’s character and not color of one’s skin were written by Jewish revolutionaries and their goal was to appeal to the sentimentality and sense of fair play of the 85% white population. It worked and today most cuckservatives can’t utter those lines without blowing their load.

    Anyone who’s been around negroes for any length of time know that they judge whites and other non-blacks strictly by the color of their skin and this has always been the case. If fact, blacks and non-whites are highly tribalistic and hearing the words of MLK will not change this.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  28. @Liosnagcat

    There’s a DISAGREE button if you’re unable or unwilling to substantively refute what WorkingClass has said.

    • Agree: Realist, 1jonny
  29. Sure, international Jewry used King, right up until he challenged them on a bigger stage, and then he was no longer an asset, but a liability. He paid the ultimate price. He knew speaking of the militarism at home as a function of the militarism abroad was a bridge too far, but it didn’t stop him. For all his detractors I have one question. How far will you go to defend your beliefs? Start a militia and go on the attack against the Synagogue of Satan or shut the fuck up

  30. Trinity says:

    (((The Swindle Whites Movement))) wasn’t about equal rights, it was about special privileges. By 1960, the average Black person’s life even in the Deep South wasn’t much worse than the lives poor Southern Whites had to endure. By the 1970’s Blacks were being given comfy high paying gigs aka “jobs” they didn’t deserve. Blacks were trolling “skoo” hallways looking for some White male or White female to harass, badger, or beatdown. Rape would come later. What happened to the equal rights for poor Whites???

    (((The Swindle Whites Movement))) was orchestrated by the Jew of course, and it was more about usurping power from the rich white traitor trash than Blackie. Rich white traitor trash are really that gullible ( a life of pleasure gives you limited social skills that make easy prey) and will do anything for a price. Gutless CONservatives and limp twisted liberal politicians GAVE this nation to the greasy Jew on a silver platter. These rich white trash elites are just as sleazy as the Jew. Sellout their own for money, women, some were probably cross dressing freaks which was risque back then. J. Edgar Hoover? So the slimy Jew probably had loads of pedophiles, cheating husbands, closet homosexual, and even the guy who left the girl in the water at Chappaqiuddick to do the Jews bidding to mention but a few.

    What did Pat Buchanan ever do besides condemn David Duke, write book$, and choose a Black.woman as his VP?

  31. MLK Day wasn’t enough so they had to add Juneteenth. So what’s next?

    Mark your calendar, folks: April 15. Why April 15? (No, nothing to do with the IRS.) On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Retiring a famous player’s number is common practice on baseball teams, but only Jackie Robinson has had his number (42) retired on every major league team — with one major exception. Every year on April 15, all players on all major league baseball teams wear number 42 to honor his memory. In 2020 when the first half of the season was postponed, a special Jackie Robinson Day was held on August 28 (the date of the 1963 march on Washington). Of course, they lost Memorial Day and Independence Day games that year, but Jackie Robinson Day was so special they had to reschedule it. Wait till next year was not an acceptable attitude.

    Since that date is so special to our national pastime, it is just a matter of time before the nation itself gets on board.

    I must say, however, based on what I’ve read about Robinson (and he has been the subject of many a tome), the content of his character was far superior to King’s. Ironically, Robinson was a Republican and a Nixon supporter!

  32. Rich says:

    Jim Crow laws protected White people from crime. How many poor women wouldn’t have been raped, how many murders wouldn’t have happened, how many cities and towns would still be safe and clean if Jim Crow still existed? Our education system teetering on the edge of destruction is the direct result of the wrongly decided Brown v Board of Ed. Our cities turned into dysfunctional, crime-ridden crapholes is the result of Mr Crow being discarded. Jim Crow laws, in those handful of states, kept the peace and were the product of wise men who wanted to protect their families and friends.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  33. KenH says:

    MLK is just one of the many tin gods created Jewish media power. It was Jewish power and influence that created the anti-white and anti Western civilization insurgency that they deliberately misnamed “civil rights”.

    No doubt FOX News will be providing fawning coverage of MLK and what his legacy means this coming Monday. Anyone on the right who is skeptical and critical of MLK and civil rights or charges that it’s resulting in a racial caste system with blacks at the top and whites at the bottom will be cast into the outer darkness and is persona non-grata by conservatism, inc.

    If the Republicans were any kind of real opposition they would seek to repeal the MLK holiday and Juneteenth and end all affirmative action programs. And that’s just for starters.

  34. @WorkingClass

    The FBI has audio tapes of King laughing while his friends rape a woman.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  35. Mike Tre says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    King’s lust for white pussy was becoming a liability. If the CIA did take part in his killing (Kang don’t rate the term “assassination”) then they probably figured he was worth more dead than alive at that point.

    Good person… LOL

  36. @anon

    It would never occur to you to expand your vocabulary with far fewer keyboard strokes than expended on your angry missive, would it?

  37. Both the Communists and Fascists were financed by the same “group”. All to advance the Zions, using Hegelian Dialectic. How is whining about Commies any different from the nitwit today screaming Nazi at anyone who challenges their blue haired 50 gendered pedophilia…The real problem is lack of TOTAL commitment to one’s principles, or possibly the fact that they are just nascent in the undeveloped mind

  38. Jim H says:

    ‘If the Republicans were any kind of real opposition they would seek to repeal the MLK holiday and Juneteenth.’ — KenH

    Mend not end, Ken. That’s the Republican credo.

    Conceivably the redundant Worship of Negritude holidays could be merged. People like summer holidays more than winter ones, so one envisions ‘Kingteenth.’

    Both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell could get behind this proposal, if the Black Caucus can be bought off … errr, appeased … with suitable earmarks and such.

    RINO sausage — it’s what’s for lunch! 🙂

  39. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yes, I’ll never buy the book, but Drupka’s accounts of what Prince Entitled says in it have the ring of truth.

    Wii and Netflix, sure, but the neck-sniffing claim must also be anachronistic, from Harry Marckle or a ghostwriter placing Biden on the scene.

  40. @David Homer

    “low standards”…Where do males get their experience as young men? It is by having sex with sluts. I realize you don’t understand, but, slutty females enjoy that sort of sex. “Fellow slut”…a female is a slut, not a male. Experience, sexual or otherwise makes a man, lack of experience, especially sexual makes a lady. And I always avoid eunuch/cuckold types like you so we are in agreement there. You “male” feminists really have destroyed this nation by putting females on a pedestal–a pedestal most don’t really want to be on.

    • Replies: @Kim
  41. Trinity says:
    @chuck lowe

    So why didn’t they (the FBI) knock down the doors and make arrests?? Rape is a crime I thought??

    The people in charge of America really have made this nation a laughingstock and a Heaven for every Jew and assorted non white rodents to rape figuratively as well as literally. I sometimes wonder if this is payback for what Whitey did to the feather Indian. The White man was on level with the Jew for what he did to Tonto. And face it, IF not for Serpent Jews, and rich greedy Yankees, and rich greedy, lazy Southerners, the negro would have never infested America in the first place.

    Karma can be a bitch. (((The people))) stirring
    the shit pot shouldn’t be so myopic and cocky.

    Cue: The Payback by James Brown

    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  42. Canute says:

    King was discovered and crowned by a team of “scouts” from B’nai Brith from NYC. He was heralded as their “Moses” to arise and lead the negroes in the destruction of white culture in America. His speeches were composed by the same group. King was merely another Jewish charade carried out by the disciples of the Frankfort School.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  43. Legba says:

    Meet the hew boss, same as the old boss

  44. Canute says:
    @Priss Factor

    Unfortunately Priss, they are correct. They are “spear-chuckers” with an average IQ that more closely correlates with the great apes than with evolved humans.

  45. anarchyst says:

    One can argue for and against the Vietnam American war ad nauseum, but there were valid concerns for taking the fight against communism to Vietnam as the “domino effect” about communist infiltration from one country to another was a valid concern and was the prevailing thought at the time.
    It is easy for “armchair warriors” and “chickenhawks” to espouse their various points of view, but few of them hold water on either side.
    The fear was founded on the expansion of communism on the whole of Southeast Asia, the main fear being that not only the governments of Laos and Cambodia but also Thailand would succumb to eventual infiltration by the “communist menace”.
    Yes, things should have been done differently; the west should have aided Vietnam in throwing out the French and achieving independence but such was not the case. Shortsightedness was the order of the day…
    That being said, the eventual “reunification” of Vietnam was based on conquest, not a true spirit of “reunification”. The conquest of South Vietnam was an invasion by the North who wanted “the whole enchilada”. South Vietnamese rightly feared that rigid Mao-style communism would take over and that its capitalist-style society would be rendered moot. Of course, the South Vietnamese government was corrupt, but what government isn’t?
    Fortunately, the communist North Vietnamese who did take over the South quickly found out that they could not impose the strict communist regime change on the South as was the case in the North. Communism with a human face was the result, not necessarily a bad thing.
    Although still a poor country, Vietnam is advancing quickly on its own with a combination of communism and quasi-capitalism being the present-day status quo.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  46. anarchyst says:

    Civil rights (for some) laws were rammed down our throats by the ((small hat)) crowd.
    Not only was “freedom of association” eviscerated, these monstrous unconstitutional acts morphed in to “preferences”, “quotas”, forced school “bussing”, abandonment of IQ and proficiency tests to determine suitability for employment, “affirmative action” and many more scams, schemes and programs, all of which were and are unsuccessful.
    Initially, it took federal troops, used unconstitutionally against white citizens to “integrate” public schools. As most whites are law-abiding, they (we) saw this as a fight that they (we) could not win.
    Now this whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement has come “full circle”, this failed “minority” (blacks) making demands of us whites out of proportion to their grievances, which are themselves are outlandish on their faces. They do not want to share in the things that make America great, they want “the whole pie” for themselves.
    Us whites are being blamed (and always have been blamed) for black dysfunction which is more common than ever before. Prominent blacks of the 19th century spoke out after chattel slavery was abolished, the best course of action to leave freed blacks alone and to allow them to prosper or perish of their own accord. This wise advice was never implemented.
    The worst thing to occur was the prohibition on the acknowledgment of and denial of differences between the races. Prominent scholars who told the TRUTH about racial differences were castigated and ostracized, fired from positions, and even physically attacked for stating the TRUTH about differences between the races.
    To this day, anyone who dares to mention the TRUTH about racial differences is marginalized, despite the TRUTH being obvious to all who broach the subject with an open mind.

    • Agree: A. Clifton, Mark G., Rich
  47. anarchyst says:

    Martin Luther (Michael) King’s “I Have A Dream” speech was plagiarized, actually being written by a black preacher (Archibald Carey) in the 1950s.
    The “King family” has copyrighted all of Martin Luther (Michael) King’s speeches and writings and very rarely allows them to be used without payment, of course.

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @KenH
  48. The Dream from the Greatest Magic Negro in History, that became White America’s biggest Nightmare.

    I Had A Nightmare

    I had a nightmare that this nation had awakened and lived out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that white men are not our equal.”

    I had a nightmare that the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners whipped each other over food and shelter in the hood.

    I had a nightmare that America, a nation sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, was transformed into an oasis of perverted sexual freedom and racial injustice.

    I had a nightmare that little children were preyed upon by church, thug, elites and educators, where they were judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

    I had a nightmare last night!

    I had a nightmare that down in D.C.  With its vicious racists, with its DNC and NAACP having their lips dripping with the words of “reparations” and “black lives matter” — that right here in America little black boys and black girls are taught to beat little white boys and white girls as punishment for slavery 150 years ago.

    I had a nightmare last night!

    I had a nightmare that every city was rioting, and every house and business made low by the burning ashes, while sacred places and statues were destroyed, where thugs and perverts ruled the streets and the horror of Black Lives Matter was revealed, as whites were slaughtered in their own neighborhoods.

    In the morning having awakened, I walked out into the streets, heard the cries, smelled the smoke, this was no nightmare, this was real.


  49. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Boyd Cathey doesn’t dare mention that both the sanctification of MLK and of negro culture more generally is a psyop creation of ‘American’ Jews who run Hollywood, the MSM , Wall Street and the US government. I suspect that a google search of Boyd’s collected writings will return no “hits” if one searches for the phrase “the jews.” Boyd Cathey like all published cuckservatives is a spineless stooge for the rich and powerful dual citizens who want the US Army in a war in the Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Boyd D. Cathey
  50. SBaker says:

    To add a bit more to MLK’s character profile; I once knew a student whose father was an FBI agent assigned to provide security for MLK and his entourage of groupies — I think the year was 1967 and the location was in Dallas. Said agent went of MLKs suite in an upscale facility. When the door opened, he looked in to find a dozen or so naked black males and females taking advantage of each other.

  51. I grew up in the 1960s and back then, in my opinion, there was overt racism and blacks were being discriminated against – in housing, public facilities and in jobs. Back then, there were jobs to be had, at least. Also, back then, there were bona-fide civil rights groups, actually attempting to make things better for America’s black citizens.

    Nowadays, all of the so-called civil rights groups are just like all other NGOs – they have their hand extended for receiving government money and in the process, the only thing accomplished is that the
    “leaders” of these groups enrich themselves. In short, these “civil rights groups” do not give a damn about America’s blacks or anyone else. They are only interested in lining THEIR POCKETS.

    The above link shows a photograph of Martin Luther King, Jr. and was taken in 1963, before being murdered. The third person to the right of him was Walter Reuther, president of the (then) corruption-free United Auto Workers union (the UAW). Walter Reuther was a very honorable man, who concerned himself with ALL Americans, not just UAW members in particular or union members in general.

    But “they” got Walter Reuther “out of the way,” just as they did Mertin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Reuther was involved in TWO plane crashes in less than a year’s time; the second one being the fatal one. Mr. Reuther being in a group with Martin Luther King. Jr. is, in effect, vouching for King’s character. That endorsement is good enough for me!

    Thank you.

    Brad Anbro
    retired United Auto Workers Journeyman Electrician

  52. “Prayer breakfasts, school projects, parades, gobs and gobs of TV specials and films”

    I’ve never seen any of this. I’ve never gotten a day off or a paid holiday for King Day. No traditions or observances ever evolved for this holiday. No reciting of the ‘I have a Dream’ speech or a special meal like chitlins, hush puppies or corn dogs with a lime rickey. But the most remarkable thing of all is that it is totally ignored by [email protected] people. The only [email protected] who liked him and supported him back in the day were old church ladies. The majority of [email protected] considered him a repulsive uncle tom and a coward unwilling to fight back. They favoured militants like H Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X and many more.

    The holiday is meaningless but I love the statue in DC. I wish I could buy a 7′ replica in plastic for my lawn. There was controversy around the King statue because it was designed by a Chinamen, not an American [email protected], and then Maya Angelou took issue with the wording on the side. It is strange looking in a way reminiscent of the Morlock air raid siren towers in ‘Time Machine’ (1958)

  53. @ Anarchyst
    Speaking of valid concerns, maybe you’ve heard of Gladio and the stay behind army with their strategy of tension. Blow up that train station to secure the continent for “freedom”… look around your hometown and your present locale and your nation as a whole..the chickens certainly have come home to roost…armchair historians, armchair generals are equally irrelevant

  54. Muh Martin Luther King is the litmus test that separates “conservatives”, more aptly called cuckservatives, from the real right-wingers.

  55. Wow. Looks like I may have a future as a troll.

    The Jew says “lets you and him fight”. Some of y’all have taken the bait.

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  56. @Priss Factor

    Nigga Pleez, enough with the Royal Clown Show, CQ and others have Royal Negro Fatigue.

    Pleez don’t turn UNZ into the Daily Mail dot UK.

  57. @Liosnagcat

    CQ believes ‘Working Class’’s Pseudonymic Handle should be ‘Woke’n Ass’. /s

  58. @Priss Factor

    Megan is a stupid entitled c***. She doesn’t even look black, so she has to imagine a racist behind every bush.

  59. @Trinity

    Yes the same FBI who knows that the CIA and Kosher Nostra murdered President Kennedy, and his brothers, Robert and Ted!

  60. Issar says:

    And your point is?

  61. @WorkingClass

    King did not do one one-millionth of the damage to American negroes that welfare payments to single mothers did. The one was a measly ton of TNT and the other was mega-tonnage.

    Lyndon Johnson is the boogie man in this caper.

    • Replies: @Seekers
  62. A lot of the commentators here are extremely racist

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • LOL: Wade Hampton
  63. Barnard says:

    The King family tried to extract money from CBS when CBS used their own footage of his I have a Dream speech during a 20th Century retrospective they aired in late 1999. I haven’t heard if they are setting up MLK’s one legitimate grandchild to inherit the family shakedown racket.

  64. @Anonymous

    You have obviously not read any of my several essays, beginning back in January 2022, concerning the American/EU provoked war in Ukraine. A simple search of THE UNZ REVIEW index should satisfy you (although from the tenor and character of your scribbling, it may not) that I have for some time strongly opposed US/EU intervention in Ukraine, and that, indeed, I believe the Russians are in the right, and that what we are seeing is a globalist effort at another American-sponsored “color revolution.” One additional point, perhaps you might like to know that I am still attacked by the SPLC as an “anti-semitic, Holocaust denier.” I consider it useless to engage with such insane Leftist fanatics on that topic. And I shall not engage you further, either

  65. @Mike Davis

    While that is obvious, what should also be obvious is that at least some % of people posting similar ideas may just be sick of being called racist by race hustlers and imbeciles…the first rule of war is know thyself, knowing the enemy a distant second

  66. Matt Gaetz Explains (((Corruption))) of Congressional Leadership.

  67. A. Clifton says: • Website

    Nigger, Nigger, Nigger

    but the garbage workers in Memphis deserved some small measure of RESPECT….anyway,

    back then the garbage cans were behind the house, and no alleys.

    Just sayin’…..

    Negroes belong in Africa…where God put them.

    • Replies: @Slav
  68. I don’t appreciate having to sit through Black Jesus month where boomers showed videos of Blacks being sprayed with firehoses. It’s not a day, it’s a full month in public schools.

    The message was that Blacks had the most super duper human of all time and Evil Whites killed him for simply having the wrong skin color.

    Then later I learned through the internet that MLK’s FBI file is sealed because he reportedly was recorded performing fellatio on a man and cheered a rape. We don’t know if that is completely true but we do know he used church money to buy prostitutes and fund orgies. But my guess is that the rape story is true which is why even Republicans don’t demand that his file be opened.

    I’ve had boomer conservatives tell me that we shouldn’t talk about such things because he is a hero to Blacks.

    Oh ok I guess lying is just fine and dandy when you feel that your side is justified. Well that is how liberals feel.

    F-ck mainstream conservatives and the endless lies they have to live with. I don’t appreciate your lies and dishonesty. Conservatism should be a reality based alternative to liberalism and not competing set of lies.

    I don’t bow to Black Jesus or the wealthy. You guys are a joke and only serve as controlled opposition to liberalism. Republicans have had majorities numerous times and they can’t even fix the border. Oh but tax cutes for the wealthy always find a way through. Now give me a feely-good wispy MLK quote about “muh content n der hearts” and hope a judge seals his file again less the public learns the truth about Black Jesus.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  69. Wokechoke says:

    Imagine if JER had not shot him? in 1988 you’d have probably had MLK v GHWB running against each other for the presidency.

    It’s kind of a mind blowing alternative history. What If…

    A Biden VP shot in 1988…

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  70. Rurik says:

    Dr. King said a man should be judged by the content of his character. I don’t know how Conservatives feel about that but it seems about right to me.

    I too agree with those words, and from everything I’ve ever seen in this world, conservatives are the only people who actually agree

    Obviously not liberals, or wokeness and certainly not blacks, as a rule.

    Yes, there are a lot of blacks that do agree, but they are a distinct (and maligned) minority in the black community.

    So while I agree that those words by King are true, the man was no saint, and his support for Zionism, (meaning he didn’t actually believe those words) means I have zero respect for the man.

    And the holiday, is- I consider- an obscenity, that I enjoy mocking. As I mock everything else the ZUS government stands for.

    Please don’t take that as any hostility towards you WorkingClass. If you feel differently about King, that is your right, and you’ve earned it.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  71. Slav says:

    All true black nationalists were killed by the imperialist deep state to push integrationism. If anglo Saxon racists are against secession of the black belt under the black rule, they deserve what they are experiencing.

  72. @WorkingClass

    MLK was a jew asset and a complete POS. Anyways, if you judge his people by the content of their character, you end up with an even less flattering picture of them than you would by just assuming they’re garbage due to their garbage hue.

  73. Slav says:

    Kanye West has a potential to be a new MLK.

  74. Slav says:
    @A. Clifton

    And Anglo Saxons belong to England. The people you call Niggers arrived to your continent in slave ships. They deserve part of your “country” for themselves.

    • Disagree: A. Clifton
    • Replies: @1jonny
  75. @Wokechoke

    Imagine if JER had not shot him? in 1988 you’d have probably had MLK v GHWB running against each other for the presidency.

    But how would he do in debates without media handling? A lot of his speeches are edited. He actually rambles a bit like Obama.

    Becoming a martyr may have saved his image.

    He clearly had voracious perversions that he had no intention of trying to suppress.

    Maybe he runs for president or maybe he gets caught with a prostitute at a church function.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  76. anarchyst says:
    @Brad Anbro

    It is apparent that you never experienced the feral side of black behavior.
    It is also apparent that you are unaware of the “man behind the curtain” that has been manipulating blacks for the last 80 years or so.
    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and observed for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of us decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society. Yes, Walter Reuther was a part of the demonization of Whites, even in his own “union”.
    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (pets) (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic).
    These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.
    Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.
    Let’s not forget jewish infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, (which continues to the present day), in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.
    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts committed by jewish civil-rights handlers and their black “pets” were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” of the day was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.
    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition of the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement purposes.
    President Eisenhower, being of jewish extraction showed his visceral hatred of white gentiles by using federal troops to suppress constitutionally protected dissent.
    As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush our (white) honest dissent.
    We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…

  77. anarchyst says:
    @Brad Anbro

    I grew up during the first “civil rights” era and observed firsthand what the “civil rights (for some)” movement has wrought.
    I lived in a decent Detroit neighborhood that began to “change”. At first, there was “no problem” with the few black families that moved in. However, things got progressively worse. If you had a nice bike, you had to be aware of two blacks riding on one bike. The black riding the handlebars would jump off, knock you off your bike and take it. Quite often they only lived a short distance away. The stolen bike would be visible. Calling the cops was futile as they would say “possession is nine-tenths of the law”. The kids and their PARENTS would actually DARE the White parents to “come and take it back” (if you can) and threaten violence.
    Advance to a number of years to when I was on my own. .I was still a Detroit supporter . . .
    I still subscribed to the (mistaken) notion that most blacks were decent people, had decent black neighbors, was friendly with them, helped them when needed and generally had pleasant neighborly relations with them.
    I had an old car that I fixed up to near showroom condition. I used to park it in my driveway to work on it or wash or wax it.
    My neighbor’s “ghetto rat” relatives came to visit. Two of the “teenagers” saw my car in the driveway and proceeded to sit on the hood, scratching the paint. My request for them to get off was met with f— you. Upon talking to my “nice” neighbors, their response was that “boys will be boys” and to “let it go”. Although I remained pleasant to my “neighbors”, things were never the same. After a rash of break-ins and vandalism, a number of them by the same “teenagers”, I finally gave up on Detroit and any friendship with blacks.
    Improving “race relations” was always a “one-way street”–us Whites giving up freedom of association and the right to live with our own kind and restrictive real estate agreements (covenants) while seeing blacks and their criminal behavior destroy everything they touch.
    This is a major reason to not want the “nice black couple” to move in to your neighborhood. They may be “nice” but their “ghetto rat” relatives are another story. It’s just not worth it.
    Moving to an all-White environment was the best move I ever made. To this day, I want NOTHING to do with blacks.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  78. @Mike Davis

    Does that hurt your feelings, boomer?

  79. @Antichryst

    My first experience with black people was in Lawrence Massachussetts, 1965, 8 years old. Larry Hester was 3 years older, much bigger and a bully. Louie Green was few years older still and slapped him around because he was bullying me, and the law was laid down…leave him alone….Color has little to do with it….your little boy hurt feelings seem to have never healed…I’m pretty sure the millions of good black people want nothing to do with you either…you’re in serious need of some spiritual intervention

    • Disagree: Colin Wright
  80. KenH says:

    Martin Luther (Michael) King’s “I Have A Dream” speech was plagiarized, actually being written by a black preacher (Archibald Carey) in the 1950s.

    Archibald Carey Jr. looks like an octoroon by the many photos floating around.

    The kang family has been a mess even since MLK was alive and it’s now an indefinite grift for surviving family members.

  81. Did James Earl Ray shoot king or was it Elvis Presley?

  82. @anon

    No point reading this article because using words nobody knows, like ‘Ignominy’ (& I am an American 54 years old & never heard this word in my entire life)

    I am 65 years old, and have never heard this word either, but I have read it enough times to know what it means.

    Suggest you read more. Ignorance can be fixed.

    (Used college level dictionaries can be found at thrift stores for 2-3 $USD, cheaper than a Big Mac and longer lasting.)

  83. chuck lowe: “The FBI has audio tapes of King laughing while his friends rape a woman. ”

    In 1977, those tapes were “sealed” by a federal judge until the year 2027. Who wants to bet that 4 years from now, when they become eligible for release, they’ll have somehow become lost or are now indecipherable? Or perhaps another excuse will be found. For example, who will have legal standing to claim them? MLK’s relatives? Pretty obvious what will happen to them then.

    The fun will start if those tapes ever see the light of day, but it’s very unlikely to happen. White self-respect, if nothing else, will prevent them from ever admitting to themselves that they have been worshiping an idol with feet of clay, and a public airing of those recordings would force that outcome. The Empire knows it has too much at stake here to risk such an embarrassment.

    Otoh, maybe I’m underestimating the extent of human hypocrisy, a thing which I should know better than to do. After all, the details of how MLK plagiarized his doctoral thesis and associated with communists have been known for years, and it hasn’t put the slightest dent in his saintly image. The Amurrican pipple may swallow the tapes whole without complaint. They’ve already eaten so much shit, what’s another turd or two? “All great men have their faults”. That’s what they’ll tell themselves, and then go on worshiping their sacred ape as if none of it ever happened.

    • Agree: Jim Bob Lassiter
  84. @anarchyst

    Thank you very much for your very informative reply. I agree with practically everything that you wrote. It is too bad that in a country such as ours, where we have had everything going for it, that people cannot live by the Golden Rule, cooperate with each other and just get along. This goes for the white people as well as the blacks and especially the rich Jewish and non-Jewish rich bastards that are intnt on destroying our country.

    Thanks again…

  85. Martin Luther King is a saint of the American civic religion because he facilitated the destruction of countless American cities, neighborhoods, and schools. Wait, do you think that’s not a good reason for him to be considered a saint? Then you forget who (((our overlords))) are: malignant nihilists who want to see the country that took them in and made them rich and powerful utterly destroyed. And they are the ones who determine every tenet of the American civic religion.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  86. HbutnotG says:

    I can relate. 1380 SAT in mid 60’s, I first saw the word “chaos” in something I read in college in 1969. Never saw the actual word written before. Only a hint of a clue what it might mean (mostly through context). I mentally pronounced it “chowss”…you know, rhymes with “Laos.” The latter word spoken a lot on MSM TV at the time. A spelling thing, and I was “hooked on phonics” from the time I was in the first grade.

    I was a senior at a top notch U before I hooked that word up with the word pronounced “kay-oss.” It was a bit of a shock.

  87. @Hank Stumper

    ‘…My first experience with black people was in Lawrence Massachussetts, 1965, 8 years old…’

    My first experience with black people wasn’t when I was eight.

    I’d had plenty before that. However, my first memorable experience with black people was when I was nine. I went to the public swimming pool I always went to — the day after Martin Luther King was shot.

    Well, over in the kids section I kept getting into fights with black kids that day. This wasn’t unusual for me; I liked to fight back then.

    But it got to be a bit much — so I went over to the adult, deep, pool, where I could get some peace.

    …or so I thought. Three black late teens (‘big kids’) grabbed me and literally tried to drown me.

    I eventually broke free, but one of them had bitten me. As I recall, the bruises from that took six months to go away.

    Is that even possible? Anyway, I know about black people. Don’t tell me whites would have done anything like that had the situation been reversed. Trying to drown a nine-year old?

    …it is also noteworthy that none of the lifeguards did anything. It really did take me some time to break away from those animals, too. It would have been hard to miss the struggle.

  88. Dr. Doom says:

    Michael King was a groomed house negro that was on the leash of the fake jew.
    Unlike Malcolm x, he never spoke against the jew or the agenda they represent.

    Unlike Kanye West, who has figured out that the agenda is slavery of non Satanists, Michael King is the template for anti White fake revrums.

    White people would do well to not play the rigged game of “victimhood”, as only brown people that the Babylonian Talmud described as slaves can play that game.

    White Men need to rise up en masse and sabotage or destroy the Synagogue of Satan.
    Nothing less will work for you.

    The Synagogue of Satan is programmed to destroy the world.
    Do not expect them to see it.

    Satan picks His puppets well.
    They are fanatical and stupid.

  89. HbutnotG says:

    Oh…shake your head.
    You know what? I would, too, because “dammit, I was born too late!”

    Mahtin started out as a Southern version of what was known in the day, as a “Jersey White” well, in the nawth, anyway. Of course this was before you were born.

    Jersey Whites (a bit more cafe au lait complected than Mahtin, but, yes, the fleshy face) were dignified coloreds. They typically wore an authentic London Fog raincoat in inclement weather. Toted a briefcase (wouldn’t dream of working in a hambooger joint or cleaning motel rooms) and had their own neighborhood, usually older, but clean, tidy, and located at that interface of coloreds & white folk. A bit snooty and unfriendly to whites (and cocoa and eggplant coloreds too) but minded their own business. (50’s – early 60’s here).

    LBJ not only turned everything back to the South post civil war, but turned the whole country into The South, turned nigrahs into lowlife niggers, and erased the memory of what I said here. tsk tsk..

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @HbutnotG
  90. Rich says:
    @Hank Stumper

    Well, Hank, you met a good one. Want me to tell about the thousands of rapists, murderers and thieves? At 13% of the population, blacks are over 50% of the murderers and rapists. Did your colored friend end up doing any time? My experience with them is most hate Whites, maybe 10% are actually good Christian folk. And I didn’t know the one that grew up in 90% White Massachusetts. The good one I knew moved away from NY to get away from them.

  91. anarchyst says:
    @Hank Stumper

    I have a suggestion for you.
    Go to Detroit and walk around the 7 Mile Road and Van Dyke area at midnight and see how long you last.
    It is YOU who have a problem.

  92. @Brad Anbro

    Thank you very much for your very informative reply. I agree with practically everything that you wrote. It is too bad that in a country such as ours, where we have had everything going for it, that people cannot live by the Golden Rule, cooperate with each other and just get along. This goes for the white people as well as the blacks and especially the rich Jewish and non-Jewish rich bastards that are intnt on destroying our country…

    That won’t cut it. Someday, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and face facts.

    It would be better all round if that happened sooner rather than later.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  93. Trinity says:
    @Hank Stumper

    Was Lawrence full of spics back in 1965?

    Good gawd, what a turd world craphole.

  94. @WorkingClass

    The cancelation of Southern History as nothing but racist slavery and the cancelation of Black history, with Blacks as being immoral, starting with MLK. and the cancelation of White patriarchy as toxic masculinity, add to all that, Feminism and its cancellation of the American father figure and I can’t help but wonder, am I the only one who observes, the deliberate differentiation of American society? If you see it too, then would we need to ask the question: what will the integration look like or result in? A big hint would be to look at the history of the Bolsheviks, and mix with it 1920s German society and how the Nazis defeated the Bolsheviks and saved Germans from the frying pan.
    The solvent applied to our society is the lack of respect. You see it on this blog and on many others, were if someone voices an opinion that might be different or incorrect gets disrespected without receiving the value of a reason for the disagreement. It is as if these resenters of our right to err as humans, seem to reject everything a person may contribute, to their misguided lives, just because we used a phrase that triggered a dormant complex in their inferior psyche. Furthermore, you can feel their pent up anger usually linked to its sister lower drive, Lust. And, what do young Americans from teens up to their late 30s spend most of their time on? Pornhub and Call of Duty, Lust and Anger.
    Who controls Porn in America? Why is Porn free? Is Porn an artistic freedom of expression? Here is something interesting. When Israeli’s Army occupied Ramallah, they took over the TV station and broadcasted nothing but Porn until they left. They were providing the Palestinians with artistic freedom of expression. We are all becoming Palestinians in America. America is occupied territory. Please wake up to what is happening to us. Many White people died reclaiming the marshes of Ohio, let’s talk about that. Stop it by starting to respect one another. America is not the Land of the Free, we are still financially controlled by the English Monarchy. The good news is we might have gotten our financial Independence Day just recently. However, the war from the European old money and their organization the WEF with their poster boys Klaus, Hariri and Soros, rages on. Wake up my fellow Americans. We go down and the World will follow.

  95. @HbutnotG

    ‘…Mahtin started out as a Southern version of what was known in the day, as a “Jersey White” well, in the nawth, anyway. Of course this was before you were born…’

    I wonder if that comes from ‘Jersey White’ sweet potatoes? The color might be about right.

  96. @Rurik

    I don’t like to see King blamed for the evils of Johnson’s “Great Society”. I don’t believe even half the shit the FBI said about King. I don’t believe King was murdered by a “lone gunman”. I think he was killed by the same people who killed the Kennedy brothers. I think MLK day is bullshit but I doubt it was King’s idea. I don’t have anything in common with people who think Jim Crow was a good thing. I don’t care who wrote the character vs color thing. It’s the fucking truth. It’s important to me that King opposed the Vietnam War. But that’s just me.

    At worst King was an opportunist with large balls.

    Have you noticed how our rulers, or if you prefer “The Jews”, made a God out of George Floyd? King and Floyd are like bookends.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Rurik
  97. anonymous[372] • Disclaimer says:

    There should have been one national holiday for Blacks called the Manumission Day, on which America atoned for its original sin of slavery, rather than handing out, not one but two holidays, which has created and fostered the cult of less than a perfect man and if Washington and Lincoln didn’t get holidays then neither should MLK Jr.

  98. Seekers says:

    Blacks will threaten, intimidate and assault whites any chance they get. That was the dirty little secret back in the 60s and it’s still the dirty little secret today. Blacks constantly attacked whites where I went to high school. Forced racial integration is a failure. Yet we are forced to genuflect before “Dr.” King.

    • Agree: Rich
  99. Seekers says:

    Buckley was a CIA man; everyone knows that. But Kirk? No way.

  100. Seekers says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    The government offered welfare, but it was blacks who demanded it. They are the boogiemen.

  101. @Mike Davis

    “A lot of the commentators here are extremely racist.”


    Not sure what you mean. I have not noticed any racism on this site.


    R. Dolan

  102. 1jonny says:
    @Mike Davis

    A lot of the commentators here are extremely racist

    I’d say they’re pretty normal racist, that is, like people the world over. It’s only people of European extraction who are absolutely forbidden to favor their own kind or talk them up, at all. Whenever they so much as hint, even without meaning to, at favoring their own kind they are castigated as Nazi’s or KKK members, ie the scum of the earth. The implication that any other group would take if they were subject to the same sort of what, discrimination(?), is that they may well be being set up ultimately for extermination. Evil white people! They’re all racists! Let’s just get rid of them!

    So yeah, you’re probably right. People around here use this site for a lot of pent up racial frustration. This frustration may have built up over a lifetime. Look at the poster Anarchyst’s story of his childhood neighborhood having been taken over by violent, petty criminal blacks probably 60 years ago. The authorities at the time showed no interest in his or his people’s problems. Indeed, the system the police represented were active in causing these problems.

    Well, it’s worse now. White people and culture are more actively and openly demonized than ever. So you need to put the whole situation in context. The whole rest of the world ganging up on you, if only mostly rhetorically to this point, with encouragement from the organized media, and our own intellectual class collectively suffering from severe Stockholm Syndrome, that will tend to make one a little racially paranoid and, you may be right, obsessed.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  103. Anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    I do not consider myself a conservative though I find myself aligning with conservatives far more than self proclaimed liberals. I am also unabashedly a white advocate and an anti communist. That being said, I do not hate or blame blacks for the current state of racial affairs. Though I am sure they’re less intelligent on average than whites or other races, I am not convinced they’re somehow inherently maligned or evil or bad. I believe they’re simply (on average) or in general easier to manipulate and have been manipulated for decades. The fact is our ancestors brought them here against their will and regardless of how much it benefits their decendants of today to be born here, knowing that history makes them uniquely susceptible to emotional manipulation. In kings case, I would posit that he is no exception and was manipulated into being pro communist via “enemy of my enemy is my friend” tactic. If he was a women beater and/or a diddler is another issue which I am admittedly completely ignorant on those accusations. If I find them to be true, I would retract all respect I have for the man. What respect I have for him stems from 2 things. He protested non violently and always preached non violence even though if I were in the same position at that time would want to be very violent. Whether u like blacks. Hate them or are simply ambivalent or are one, they were treated like shit and back then had every reason to be pissed. The other thing is his famous quote about judging people by the content of their character and not by their skin color. I believe in this. No race is a monolith and no race is inherently evil. Sure, there are common traits and talents and skills etc but every person is their own person. The fact is that this quote is what 99% of people remember about king., if u think people are becoming commies now because of him then your being ridiculous… Here is the one thing I can agree with mainstream conservatives. That yes, we should celebrate king. Because it will bring more people to our side against the totalitarians currently residing on the left. Also, as a white guy who is becoming more and more concerned with the anti white rhetoric, I’m convinced if we are to survive, we will need non whites who are sympathetic to our cause. The legacy of mlk doesn’t hurt our cause and if we’re smart, it can help us.

  104. anarchyst says:

    Whites comprise about 12% of the total world population.
    It is us Whites who should be cherished and protected as a “minority”.
    Despite being a “minority” look at the advances in civilizations around the world because of White technical and social prowess.

    • Agree: 1jonny
  105. 1jonny says:

    I agree with Slav. My “racism” only extends so far. Black people have been here as long as we have. They deserve their place just as we do, as do the Native Americans. I’m just completely at a loss as to how to work that out.

    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
  106. What’s wrong with wanting Ho Chi Minh to win? LBJ signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act into law…not Ho….

  107. @Canute

    King was discovered and crowned by a team of “scouts” from B’nai Brith from NYC. He was heralded as their “Moses” to arise and lead the negroes in the destruction of white culture in America. His speeches were composed by the same group. King was merely another Jewish charade carried out by the disciples of the Frankfort School.

    I’m happy to believe — but what can you offer to support this statement?

    • Replies: @Canute
    , @Canute
  108. @Brad Anbro

    Mr. Reuther being in a group with Martin Luther King. Jr. is, in effect, vouching for King’s character. That endorsement is good enough for me!

    It’s not a rumor. His friend already snitched on him years ago. We know he paid for prostitutes with church funds.

    His FBI files are specially sealed and that is supported by Democrats and Republics.

    You don’t find that a bit odd? Both parties support keeping his file from the public? If he is such a great man then why were his files sealed?

    The FBI files supposedly contain King cheering on a rape:

    In King’s hotel room, the files claim they then ‘discussed which women among the parishioners would be suitable for natural and unnatural sex acts’.

    The FBI document says: ‘When one of the women protested that she did not approve, the Baptist minister immediately and forcefully raped her’ as King watched.

    JFK’s wife hated him. If a female Democrat hates a Black civil rights leader then something is not right.

    There is no way the files will come out in 2027. The establishment is still trying to “fix” race and telling the truth about Black Jesus is not going to help.

  109. @Brad Anbro

    Thank you very much for your very informative reply. I agree with practically everything that you wrote. It is too bad that in a country such as ours, where we have had everything going for it, that people cannot live by the Golden Rule, cooperate with each other and just get along.

    Yea sounds ideal until you face liberalism and their policy arguments. I’ll give you an example:

    A liberal points out an enormous gap in Black/White household wealth. The liberal claims it is obviously racism and thus the government must intervene with programs. What else could it be? Race doesn’t exist so something must have held back Blacks. Must be racism.

    What is the Golden Rule response here? Quote MLK and talk about freedom? Yea well conservatives have tried that for decades. The conservative won’t breach the subject of race which then hands the argument to the liberal. The liberal even uses the lack of a conservative response as proof of guilt. Liberals assert that racism is clearly the problem as seen by the fact that conservatives don’t have an alternative explanation. I have seen this in debates where conservatives can only stand there and look like saps. Their ideology prevents them from suggesting the possibility of natural inequality resulting from group differences.

    The Achilles heel of liberalism is race. Modern conservatism only favors liberalism. It submits to their race taboo which lets liberals dominate the narrative. Following the Golden Rule in US politics allows liberals to not only lie but denigrate Whites as hopeless racists that must be controlled by the government.

    There is too much natural inequality between the races for a merit based system to work and please all parties. Liberals don’t accept racial inequality and Blacks are willing to buy their excuses. Why wouldn’t they? Liberals offer them programs and Blacks aren’t going to demand that they prove their theories of Whites being to blame.

  110. Canute says:
    @Colin Wright

    Ralph Abernathy discussed the truth several times in writing and interviews. Additionally, the FBI files that were opened in the Pike Committee and the House Committee on Assassinations Committee both contained references to the “creation” of King by Zionist groups from NY. I do not have immediate references or links at disposal, but will track down valid sources for you over the Next few days and return here. The NY lawyer who wrote the “I have a dream” had written a book about the entire King canard as well. I’ll track all of this down the best I can.

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
  111. Kim says:

    You are just a weak, sex-addicted coomer.

    Civilizations are built on marriage and families, which are built on trust between men and women, which is built on sexual continence.

    You are no better than a nigger.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  112. @Mike Davis

    There are fundamental differences between races. Acknowledging that indisputable fact makes me a “racist” in today’s degraded discourse.

    I don’t hate other races, but I prefer my own race. Most people of every race do. That makes most people “racist” again in today’s discourse.

    So the word “racist” like the word “fascist” has been washed of all meaning by indiscriminate and thoughtless overuse as slurs. I let such words flow off me like water off a duck’s back.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  113. @1jonny

    “Black people have been here as long as we have. They deserve their place just as we do, as do the Native Americans. I’m just completely at a loss as to how to work that out.”

    Prior to the War of Secession, the South had established a stable and humane modus vivendi for the two very different races to live together. Southerners had no problem living with blacks as long as they remained subordinate. That system worked pretty well. Not perfectly. No system is perfect. But compared to the racial war going on today?

    The abolitionist Yankees who had no experience of blacks and generally despised them decided to disrupt the Southern mode of living without having a real plan for what came after. At a post-war peace conference, CSA VP Alexander Stephens asked Lincoln what his plans were for the blacks. HIs answer was “root hog or die.” And of the 4 million blacks in the US before the War, a quarter of them did die.

    Lincoln’s progressives sound a lot like today’s progressives, don’t they? Blow up current social arrangements with no definite plans for what comes after.

    Nobody knows what social arrangements would be like in the two countries today had the CSA been allowed to go in peace. But could they be worse than what we have today? And would either country have engaged in a string of pointless foreign wars as the USA did since the War of Secession? Probably not.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anarchyst
  114. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    “Dr. King said a man should be judged by the content of his character.”

    Yet this most cited, by purported conservatives certainly, quote by Michael King Jr. appears nowhere at the MLK Monument

    Why is this? Perhaps because Mike plagiarized the statement. Almost certainly, because the subversives, who deploy Mike, as well as other sub-Saharans as bioweapons targeted on Whites, do not believe in a colorblind society, but one in which Whites are enslaved to the supposed benefit of POCs and Big Jew.

  115. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wade Hampton

    “At a post-war peace conference, CSA VP Alexander Stephens asked Lincoln what his plans were for the blacks.”

    Lincoln was assassinated more than a month before the war ended. There was no such conference. What are your motives?

  116. Wokechoke says:
    @John Johnson

    He was clearly on track for candidacy. JER was an interesting a Black Swan moment.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  117. Wokechoke says:

    If he hadn’t been shot he’d have been positioned to run successfully for the presidency in 1988. The shooter was/were not the same person/people who killed Kennedy.

    James Earl Ray probably saw the future very clearly. But, If it was a grand conspiracy the Jews might have number him off to create a Holy Martyr. Instead of running the risk of exposing the rape ape he actually was.

  118. @Kim

    What does having sex with slutty females when younger have to do with marriage and families? What does sex with slutty females, for the building of sexual experience for a young man have to do with trust between a man and his wife in marriage? You feminists and your eunuch cuckold servants are destroying society, which includes the black problem. The black problem was/is created and maintained by you feminists and weak “males” being so mentally ill. In the case of the males because of no experience with women, hence them being so easily manipulated, the scumbag or mentally ill female can manipulate them–as they are manipulated by Talmudist themselves. You really do not understand the importance of young men needing to learn about females.

  119. Rurik says:

    I agree with you about MLK generally, and I used to admire his efforts on behalf of ‘his people’, until I learned he was a Zionist, and then I figured he was just another stooge put up by Jewish supremacists to denigrate and destroy white society. But I also admit I’m no scholar on the man, and have no idea who really killed him, if he abused women, or any of the rest.

    I’ve just always agreed with his aspiration that we treat all individuals by ‘the content of their character, and not the color of their skin’. And I always have, and do, not because I’m following some tenet of behavior that I submit to, but rather because it’s my nature. I look at people in the eye, black or white or whatever, and have found that people, on an individual level, can be good or rotten, regardless of their race.

    I also don’t agree with Jim Crow, even tho I’m no scholar on the matter, because I’m opposed to the government telling me with whom I may, (or may not – or must) associate with.

    But I also think that the races are different, and that what goes for an individual, does not go on a collective level. And that collectively, the races are best off when separated. I agree with T. Jefferson, when he said that the two races, equally free, can not live in the same government, without the catastrophic problems we see today. Yes, it was the folly of greedy white men who bought black slaves from Jewish merchants, and their actions should be damned, but the white men and women living in working class communities, all over the white world, did not own slaves, and the blame for all the strife should not be placed on their beleaguered shoulders.

    If a white man from Detroit wants to move his family where there isn’t a black for a thousand miles, then I hardly blame him. Just as I feel the same for a black man who wants to live with other blacks, ditto all people who want to live amongst their own. It is natural, and tends to bonhomie and good will, vs. ethnic strife, which we see all over the globe. From Rwanda to Bosnia to Ukraine, (geeze, just thinking about that list is very long; Palestine, Hamtramck, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Minnesota… in fact just about everywhere in every land where two distinct races are stuffed in the same territory, leads to strife and hatred, which eventually leads to bloodshed.

    What is wrong with voluntary separation?

    And speaking of MLK, and some of the hostility towards him, I’ve been looked at like I had two heads, when I’ve come out in support of Calypso Louie. Talk about balls, this guy, as much as anyone I’ve ever seen, speaks the truth about the tribe, and says that blacks and whites would be happier and better off if they separated. Hear, hear! I say.

    I don’t know what pisses the Jewish supremacists off more, when Farrakhan tells the truth about their treachery, or advocates racial separation. Both truths (as I see them) are equally anathema to Jewish supremacist genocidal goals. The ‘chosen’ want mongrels to be their slaves, and proud blacks or proud whites, intent on persevering as such, are like telling the chosen to pound sand.

    I know a lot of blacks and whites and everything in between. I don’t consider any race as better than another. I’ve met rotten scum and decent people of all races, (Jews too).

    But the races are collectively, different. And when you force two or more races into the same space- you get strife (hatred).

    Separation is the solution. (now where did I once hear that …?)

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  120. @Colin Wright

    “Cut” what?

    Instead of trying to sound like a know-it-all smart aleck, why don’t you just come out and say what you are referring to?

    Thank you.

  121. @Anon

    The “post-war” is an apparent error in reference to the Hampton Roads Conference (February 3, 1865) attended by Lincoln and Stephens.

  122. @Anon

    Thanks for the reminder. The Hampton Roads Peace Conference took place very, very shortly before the end of the War of Secession, February 3, 1865. Lee surrendered at Appomattox on April 12, 1865 and Lincoln was assassinated three days later on April 14. Below is a link and the relevant quote.

    Lincoln’s comment roughly two months before the War ended and when the outcome was no longer in doubt helps clarify his attitude toward blacks. It was typical of Yankees of the time, contempt and desire to have nothing at all to do with them.

    Lincoln’s project right up until his assassination was to exile them back to Africa or to South America.

    And the result of the War was the extermination of 1 million black former slaves due to the War’s disruptions.

    What are my motives? Lincoln is a secular American saint and shouldn’t be. His War destroyed the America created by the Founders and created the Leviathan fascist state under which Americans and the rest of the World now groan.


    “…One of the Confederate commissioners then mentioned “the evils of immediate emancipation,” specifically, as Stephens later wrote, the hardships that many blacks “who were unable to support themselves” would face in freedom. The president “fully admitted” that the sudden end of slavery might produce severe dislocations, but, instead of elaborating on the point and describing his expectations for the former slaves, he illustrated his view with a rather crude anecdote. Drawing upon his reservoir of rural Midwestern stories, Lincoln told of an Illinois farmer who informed a neighbor that he had discovered a way to save time and labor in feeding his hogs. “What is it”? asked the neighbor. “Why, it is,” said the farmer, “to plant plenty of potatoes, and when they are mature, without either digging or housing them, turn the hogs in the field and let them get their own food as they want it.” “But,” the neighbor inquired, “how will they do when the winter comes and the ground is hard frozen”? “Well,” replied the farmer, “let ’em root…”

    • Replies: @TheAntidoteToToxins
  123. anarchyst says:
    @Wade Hampton

    Before the “War of Northern Aggression”, those who lived on the North American continent within the territory considered to be the united States considered themselves to be “citizens of their respective states”–NOT “citizens of the United States”. A person residing in Virginia considered himself to be a “citizen of Virginia” not a “citizen of the united States”.
    Previous to the “War of Northern Aggression”, the only roles the federal government had was to coin money, run a post office and have the ability to gather troops to repel an outside invasion force–nothing more.
    Notice that prior to the “War of Northern Aggression”, the word “united” was never capitalized, signifying that the federal government was subordinate to the states themselves.
    That all changed with the conclusion of the “War of Northern Aggression” when the federal government assumed “new” powers (never delegated to it in the Constitution) that ran roughshod over and largely nullified “states rights”.
    Let’s not forget the tariffs, which primarily benefited the North while being a “drain” on the Southern economy.

  124. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    For those who only know U.S. English, what Harry or his ghostwriter means by the title Spare is the fifth meaning at the link below.

    I copied it for clarity.

    spare adjective (ANNOYED)
    go spare UK informal

    to get very upset or angry:
    She goes spare if I’m so much as five minutes late.

  125. @Rurik

    Being a working class guy and a knockabout most my life I have worked with a lot of black guys. We mostly got along fine on company time but went our separate ways at the end of the day.

    Jim Crow was not a good thing. Yes black and white are different. But not so different that both should not have voting rights and equal protection of the law. Neither was forced integration a good thing. Especially the cowardly practice of forced school bussing. I am a separatist. Not a segrationist. I want to live in a jurisdiction that guarantees freedom of association.

    The Jew sets black and white against each other. I sometimes get impatient with whites who take the bait. BLM took the bait. I always see them as working for the Jew. But at least they get paid. I’m a union man. If you want me to hate black people you are gonna have to pay me.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  126. Wade Hampton: “Lincoln’s project right up until his assassination was to exile them back to Africa or to South America.”

    That’s just a bald-faced lie.

    There is not one particle of evidence you or anyone else can produce that Lincoln ever had the slightest intention of FORCIBLY rounding up the negroes and shipping them out, which is the only way it ever could have happened. On the contrary, he was quite insistent that any “exile” of negroes be VOLUNTARY on their part, thus guaranteeing it would never happen. He knew this and expected the vast majority of them to stay. That’s obviously why, in his last public address before being assassinated, he called for negroes to be given citizenship and the vote.

    These liars who claim to know what Lincoln “really” wanted, when he actually and undeniably did the opposite, are completely pathetic. What’s sad though is that their lies are often believed by the ignorant.

  127. Anonymous[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Lincoln was assassinated more than a month before the war ended.

    No, you incredibly stupid fucking idiot. Lincoln took the shot six days after the war ended and died seven days after the war ended. What the hell is wrong with you?

    That said, Lincoln was a monstrous dictator who really effed things up. And should have been killed much earlier. Booth was another incredibly stupid fucking idiot. Imagine the impact if the President had been assassinated during or before the war.

  128. Rurik says:

    I too have worked and lived alongside blacks, and generally, as individuals, they were no better or no worse than whites. Unless they were a majority, and then things changed. That didn’t mean they were all bad, but the dynamic would noticeably change, and there was noticeable hostility. Even at times, physical confrontations, once their numbers were sufficiently dominant.

    I’ve also lived among and worked among Hispanics/Latinos, (whatever you want to call them) and even had a Peruvian business partner for a while. (a great guy, if not too good with money).

    And there again, on the whole, a good people. Just as I’ve also lived among, and worked for Jews, and Indians, and had Chinese customers, and probably, have been immersed in more diversity in my neighbors and friends and even lovers, over the decades, than probably 98% of the people of this nation.

    But that was all voluntary diversity, which is a blessing, vs. involuntary diversity, which is a demon’s bane.

    And yes, most of the hostility between blacks and whites in America is fomented and fueled by Jewish supremacists for their own nefarious agenda.

    However, at this point in my life, I’m seeking out less and less diversity, at least of the ‘American black’ kind. That’s something I suspect most Americans don’t know, is that blacks in other nations and cultures are not even close to being as noxious as the typical BLM-suppporting, racist-chip-on-the-shoulder, entitled, ‘systematic-racism’-chanting Negros of the Merkan brand.

    Yes, Jews nurtured it, and carefully crafted it, but now that this insufferable kind of black supremacy, like the ‘Obama black-nationalist church isn’t racism’, because it’s black supremacy, so that’s fine’, kind of vile hypocrisy, doesn’t wash with me. These pampered, multi-millionaire celebrity athletes, whining because some black thug died of an overdose, because there was a white man in the vicinty, is proof of ‘systemic racism’ can fuck themselves, for all I care.

    So it’s kind of worked, the Jews wanted to sow strife and division, and I see these racist scumbags demanding more perks, based on the color of their skin, and they can ESAD, for all I care.

    Perhaps if I’d had come from privilege, or had some ‘privilege’ somewhere, because I happened to be white, then I’d feel more like a liberal, and knee-jerk genuflect to blacks, (actually never ; ) But there’s none of that, and if blacks, (as they generally do) treat me well, I always return the sentiment. But if they say ‘get on your knees for BLM’, they better be armed, and even then, good luck with that.

    In short, I agree with you, and because the Jews have managed to put such a chip on their shoulders, convincing them that all their failures and foibles, are all a direct consequence of my (working class white guy’s) ‘racism and privilege’, then I’m even more for separation.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  129. @Wade Hampton

    Lincoln was in negotiations with the British to resettle most of the freed slaves in British Honduras and perhaps Jamaica. The former slave holders wanted nothing to do with this plan, because they believed they would still be able to exploit and profit from free negro labour. Among such people with this planter mentality was J.W. Booth and Dr. Mudd.

    About 65 years later Marcus Garvey was telling the American [email protected] they should clear out for Africa. The British and French considered him a threat to their empires, and those who controlled [email protected] labour in the USA were adamant the sharecroppers, fry cooks, mammies and banjo players would never be allowed to leave.

  130. TheAntidoteToToxins: “Lincoln was in negotiations with the British to resettle most of the freed slaves in British Honduras and perhaps Jamaica.”

    Here we have yet another moron who thinks Lincoln was stupid enough to believe that most of the negroes were going to volunteer to be “resettled”. If this guy is supposed to be the antidote, we’re better off with the toxins.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  131. @Rurik

    But that was all voluntary diversity, which is a blessing, vs. involuntary diversity, which is a demon’s bane.

    Agreed. That is why I insist on freedom of association.

    And I totally agree with your case against the militant negros. And there is nothing under heaven more disgusting than Negrolatry. But they are like the policeman’s dog. They are not the cause of anything. They know not and know not that they know not.

    It’s always a pleasure Rurik.
    Go in peace.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  132. Most of these slaves were plantation [email protected] who lived their entire lives in absolute isolation from the outside world; they were told what to do every single day. If they came to the USA in chains, why couldn’t they leave in chains?
    I think it’s baboonishly stupid of you to suppose the Trail of Tears was voluntary or the Acadians being sent to Louisiana. In more recent times consider all the Jews who got into boxcars to be relocated East, and of course all the Serbs who were driven from Croatia.
    Lincoln said he did not want [email protected] as voters or jurors. Take the medicine, it will cure what ails ya’.

  133. @Wokechoke

    He was clearly on track for candidacy.

    Yea well so was Hershell Walker until the dirt came out.

    Both right and left make the mistake of hiring Black candidates before doing a background check.

    They get too giddy over a Black candidate which contradicts their claim of race not existing.

    If race didn’t exist then they should fully expect a range of candidates.

  134. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Here we have yet another moron who thinks Lincoln was stupid enough to believe that most of the negroes were going to volunteer to be “resettled”. If this guy is supposed to be the antidote, we’re better off with the toxins.

    It was all pillow talk. He never brought up any resettlement plans with congress or his cabinet.

  135. @Rurik

    I too have worked and lived alongside blacks, and generally, as individuals, they were no better or no worse than whites. Unless they were a majority, and then things changed.

    They are rarely a majority anywhere.

    You were probably around middle class Blacks.

    Once they are around 15-20% you see other races moving.

    They don’t have to be a majority. If enough Blacks are visible in an area then they drop the pretenses.

    Compton went to garbage when it was still majority White. It was actually one of the nicer Southern California neighborhoods before the decline. Then gangster rappers of the 90s talked about it as a ghetto as if it was some decrepit area that Blacks were forced to accept.

    In short, I agree with you, and because the Jews have managed to put such a chip on their shoulders

    Why wouldn’t they resent Whites naturally? You think they would all be like YESSUM YESSIRR YOU WHITE FOLK SURE BE GOOD TO US without the Jews? Even without the Jews you would have liberal White women in the schools that coddle them from birth. It’s the dream of every liberal White teacher to mold the next Obama. White women come out of the colleges thinking they are going to “fix” race as they are taught that previous generations weren’t actually trying. These White women will happily hold back White kids as part of the dream. In fact that is how Common Core works. It sandbags the smart White kids by forcing them to do group work.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  136. TheAntidoteToToxins: “If they came to the USA in chains, why couldn’t they leave in chains?”

    Yes, they would have left if they had been FORCED. But that’s something whites were unwilling to do back then, the same as they are unwilling to do it now.

    TheAntidoteToToxins: “I think it’s baboonishly stupid of you to suppose the Trail of Tears was voluntary …”

    You’re hallucinating. I never said it was.

    TheAntidoteToToxins: “Lincoln said he did not want [email protected] as voters or jurors.”

    He liked them best of all as soldiers, armed to kill whites. That was the perfect occupation for them according to your hero Lincoln. For that, he wanted to reward them with citizenship and the vote.

    “The amount of constituency, so to speak, on which the new Louisiana government rests, would be more satisfactory to all, if it contained fifty, thirty, or even twenty thousand, instead of only about twelve thousand, as it does. It is also unsatisfactory to some that the elective franchise is not given to the colored man. I would myself prefer that it were now conferred on the very intelligent, and on those who serve our cause as soldiers. … The colored man too, in seeing all united for him, is inspired with vigilance, and energy, and daring, to the same end. Grant that he desires the elective franchise, will he not attain it sooner by saving the already advanced steps toward it, than by running backward over them?”
    – Abraham Lincoln, last public address, Washington, D.C., April 11, 1865

  137. What Michael King Kong was really about.

    What I cant’ stand about MLK is the preachiness, the cult, the sanctimony.

    I can accept that a deeply flawed individual, even a person of low character, can lead or be part of a great movement. And MLK certainly played that role. But the total BS about King as some kind of wise man, guru, prophet, saint, god, etc.

    Gimme a break.

    After all that’s happened, do white people still believe that propping up MLK myth will facilitate a peaceful resolution of the race problem? After all the robberies, rapes, murders, riots, lootings, and etc.?

    Just like Christianity didn’t prevent the West from conquest and plunder, MLK myth will not put a stop to black savagery but merely serve as moral cover.

  138. HbutnotG says:

    I’m not sure of its origin. But my dad claimed that that phenotype was typical of coloreds in New Jersey – as opposed to New York, I guess. (Dad, at times was a BS’er, so, not sure if that’s actually true. He’d never been to NJ far as I knew, up to that time.) Rhode Island Reds on the other hand, were a different type. They have a medium dark, distinctly ruddy complexion, a lean face often with pointy cheek bones (Dionne Warwick is classic) and they tend to be hot tempered. Back in the day, (1950’s) they were the ones you’d see hair slathered with pomade, donning dewrags. This was in Detroit, 65 years ago, btw.

  139. Gore 2004 says:

    European colonization was a disaster and a mistake and every young white person will bear the ramifications of it (CRT, etc.)

    Black people belong in Africa
    White people belong in Europe
    Asian people belong in Asia
    Native peoples belong in Native lands

  140. Rurik says:
    @John Johnson

    You were probably around middle class Blacks.

    what do you know?


    I once lived here. That bridge is where Grand Funk Railroad (it was a band) got its name.

    … because the Jews have managed to put such a chip on their shoulders

    Why wouldn’t they resent Whites naturally?

    because the white people they knew live next to them, and work at the same filthy factory, and have the same struggles and same aspirations as they do. They both hate the rich scumbags and politicians that are fucking them both over, and sending them both to die in contrived wars, and looting the economy that harms them both.

    I grew up around the seventies, when Motown and Disco and R&B and the Blues were a common thread in both communities. Yes, the Rock and Roll and Country were more for whites, and the Soul music was more for blacks, but the only Hip Hop back then was for dance, that didn’t have hate and violence, but was about the music.

    And then in the eighties, the Jews (who control the music industry just like they control Hollywood and so much else) set about crushing the sublime and inspired music of the seventies, and decided we needed a new type of ‘HipHop’, that reveled in ‘thug life, and hate. And gave us Madonna and the rest of the gutter skanks, for the little girls to emulate, and on and on and on…

    Just as it imposed the rest of the crap that masquerades as ‘music’ to this day. They’ve eviscerated the music industry, if you haven’t noticed, and plunged it into something one can barely listen to.

    Even without the Jews you would have liberal White women in the schools that coddle them from birth.

    the America of the fifties seemed to have very little Jewish influence on its culture.

    How many white women did you see cavorting with Negros in the Fifties?

    Who do you think orchestrated the cultural revolutions of feminism and racial mixing and adulation of all things Negro? And homo and drugs and rejection of the America of Norman Rockwell and Jimmy Stewart and ‘John Wayne’ as banal and toxic. While holding up the new ‘HipHop’ thug-life’ and radical feminism and homo-ism and all their other subversions of our once-charming and amiable (if of course imperfect) culture.

    Jews, that’s who, “John Johnson”

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @John Johnson
  141. Rurik says:

    the Jews (who control the music industry just like they control Hollywood and so much else) set about crushing the sublime and inspired music of the seventies,

    I just read a comment posted to a youtube video that made me think of what I wrote above

    I’m kinda sad that I’m getting old now but Holy shit boys and girls we had the finest music in our youth. Would not trade that for anything.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  142. John Johnson: “[Lincoln] never brought up any resettlement plans with congress or his cabinet. ”

    No, that’s not true. In his second annual message to Congress dated December 1, 1862, he proposed articles of amendment to the Constitution such that the freed negroes be “colonized”, BUT ONLY WITH THEIR CONSENT. To wit:

    ART.–Congress may appropriate money and otherwise provide for colonizing free colored persons with their own consent at any place or places without [i.e., outside] the United States.

    He clarified his meaning thus:

    The third article relates to the future of the freed people. It does not oblige, but merely authorizes Congress to aid in colonizing such as may consent. This ought not to be regarded as objectionable on the one hand or on the other, insomuch as it comes to nothing unless by the mutual consent of the people to be deported and the American voters, through their representatives in Congress.

    Read the whole thing here:

    Lincoln, of course, wasn’t himself stupid enough to believe that any sizeable fraction of the freed negroes would volunteer to leave. Recall though that white America was intensely Christian at that time, and that the abolitionist movement which sparked the Civil War was primarily filled with and energized by pious Christian lunatics like Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown. Christians believe nonsense all the time. If, as Christians are obliged to do, you can believe that corpses come back to life, then of course you can believe that the negroes will all volunteer to leave. Compared to the former, it’s trivial. Why not? So even though it was always just a ridiculous fantasy, some people of that era probably did believe it. As for Lincoln, perhaps the shrewdest fellow ever to hold the American presidency, we can be sure he expected that the vast majority would remain and become Republican voters for generations.

  143. Canute says:
    @Colin Wright

    The man I was trying to recall was Stanley David Levison from NYC. It was Levison who reportedly wrote the “Have a Dream” speech for King as well as many other orations and writings. I can find several references to this but none definitive, or admissions by him personally. Levison was a senior member of the CPUSA and was also tied to the ADL on a regular basis. In the declassified FBI report, noted below Levison told King’s negro handler (Clarence Jones) that “under no circumstances should King be allowed to say anything w/o (Levison’s) advanced permission.” Levison considered King to be a slow thinker and not to be let free w/o a tether of some sort.

  144. Gore 2004: “European colonization was a disaster and a mistake and every young white person will bear the ramifications of it (CRT, etc.)”

    It has certainly resulted in an ongoing racial disaster, and I have myself been pointing this out for years. Failure to notice this is the true “ignominy of modern conservatism”, or any conservatism that places value on race and tradition.

    There are a number of reasons for this, one being that you can’t really indict white “colonization” without putting whites in a position of being responsible for their own problems, and of course that’s anathema to those who would rather blame others, be it Jews, liberals, globalists, Freemasons, Illuminati, or reptilian space invaders.

    A second reason, no less important, is that such an indictment can’t be made without implicating technology, because white “colonization”, which has resulted in a worldwide empire, could not have taken place without it. White people are very proud of the technology they’ve developed and their failure to acknowledge the indispensable role it’s played in creating their world empire shows they are actually more loyal to it than they are to their own racial survival.

    It’s clear that this ongoing racial disaster would quickly be brought to a stop if technological civilization were to collapse. Upon such a collapse, a great population reduction would ensue all across the world, and the races would naturally separate without needing government to compel them. The fact that all types of so-called “white nationalists” aren’t actively working for this is a disgrace and shows how unserious they really are about saving their race.

  145. @Rurik

    because the white people they knew live next to them, and work at the same filthy factory, and have the same struggles and same aspirations as they do. They both hate the rich scumbags and politicians that are fucking them both over, and sending them both to die in contrived wars, and looting the economy that harms them both.

    That’s touching.

    To this day I have never met someone in real life that lived in a 15-20% Black area and said it was just like living with Whites. Liberals, Christians, conservatives, doesn’t matter. Not a single one. In fact when I lived in the city I watched White liberals hang around other Whites and at the most one mulatto. So in these diverse cities the White egalitarians isolate with themselves and avoid Blacks. White Christians go to White churches. Oh but they have Steve the Black janitor. Raise your hand Steve. We like Steve.

    Most White people are completely full of shit when it comes to race and I’m inclined to think you are in the same group. You lived in Flint in the 70s? So what? That was when it was still a GM town and yes you would have been around Blacks with middle class wages. Try living in Oakland and get back to us.

    Even without the Jews you would have liberal White women in the schools that coddle them from birth.

    the America of the fifties seemed to have very little Jewish influence on its culture.

    Oh is that the golden age? When non-Jewish White men in the Supreme Court decreed that race doesn’t exist? When conservatives decided to reject race as part of political strategy? Try finding the full text of Brown vs Board online. It isn’t available to the public because it contains unfortunate truths about race.

    Jews, that’s who, “John Johnson”

    Yea I’ve heard that tune many times. I grew up with White liberals and Christians lying to my face about race but I’m suposed to believe that the Jews made them do it. Right. I’m sure the Jews forced Lincoln to lie about race even though they hadn’t arrived yet. White people have their own Holly Rollers. White society is filled with meddlers that think it is their duty to equalize everyone. Why do you think so many Whites took to Communism? They want to equalize their betters by tearing them down. Nietzsche said that the call for equality is merely a path to power. That better explains our meddling egalitarians than some Jewish golem that tells them what to do.

    I’m gonna guess you lied to your kids about how our ancestors all came off an ark after a massive flood because a Jewish author from 2.5k years ago says so. Christian conservatives lie to their kids about racial origins and then get online to post about Jewish influence in Hollywood culture. Liberals tell their kids that “the science” says race doesn’t exist while raising them hundreds of miles from Black cities. Liars everywhere and I fail to see how the Jews are to blame for it all.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  146. Rurik says:
    @John Johnson

    That’s touching.

    Not enough blown up Russians to gloat over, eh JJ?

    To this day I have never met someone in real life that lived in a 15-20% Black area and said it was just like living with Whites.

    I didn’t say that, did I?

    Most White people are completely full of shit when it comes to race and I’m inclined to think you are in the same group.

    well you have so much credibility and gravitas here JJ, that your opinion really matters to me a lot!

    You lived in Flint in the 70s? So what? That was when it was still a GM town and yes you would have been around Blacks with middle class wages.

    like I said, you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about

    White liberals and Christians lying to my face about race but I’m suposed to believe that the Jews made them do it.


    Jews had *nothing* to do with any of that!

    Just like they have *nothing* to do with 9/11 or the Eternal Wars for Israel, or the cultural sewage force-injected into our society by Hollywood and Madison Ave.!

    I’m tired of people’s irrational, hate-fueled antisemitism. You tell em JJ!

    Liars everywhere and I fail to see how the Jews are to blame for it all.

    God damn right JJ!

    Finally someone’s here to point all that out. I’m tired of the constant anti-Jew stuff you see here on Unz. “The Jews did this, the Jews did that’, the Jews did 9/11, the Jews took us to Iraq..,

    Blah, blah, blah!

    And what if they did, huh JJ. You tell em. The damn Christians and liberals and conservative whites, are all too worried about equality this and equality that, and meanwhile Ahmed is trying to drive the Jews into the sea! Did we learn nothing from Hitler and the Nazis? We have to take on hate when ever we see it! That is God’s plan for American goyim, to kill and die for the Jews. Am I right JJ?! Can I hear an ‘amen!?

    So what if the Jews did do 9/11, and did corrupt the nation with its Hollywood sewage pipe pumping it out 24/7, that is the price America is more than willing to pay to be the exceptional people!!!

    They had to do 9/11, because the lazy, complacent, apathetic white people were all too busy making nice with blacks, to see the real threat to America, and our freedoms!!!

    If we wanted to keep our freedoms, from those who hated us because we were free, then the Jews simply did what we were unwilling to do, and slaughtered a few disposable goyim, so that they could get us to do what we were unwilling to do otherwise, and save our freedoms!!

    I sure am glad that at least someone here at Unz understands all these things JJ.

    Let me just say, that you sir are the most exceptional person here on this forum!

    In fact, your exceptionalism is so exceptional, that I think you deserve a place right next to the lizard of ooze, that other most exceptional of the Unz Review’ notable and exceptional participants.

    Well done JJ!

    I’m soo proud of you, I could take a dump right now.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  147. @Rurik

    Uh-huh. Quite an unhinged rant and you even added some unneeded 9-11 references.

    Should White children be taught that race doesn’t exist because their ancestors walked off an ark? After God drowned the whole world around 4500 years ago?

    What do you think?

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