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Michael Moore, Post 9/11 Patriotism, and the End of America
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Twenty years ago tonight, on September 11, 2001, many Americans felt that they had just seen Francis Fukuyama’s End of History revoked in the most brutal and dramatic way possible. The sense of rage, shock—and, somehow, pride—is impossible to recapture. It almost seems like it didn’t happen, or that it happened to someone else. That’s because it did happen to someone else. What we’re living in now has no relationship to the Historic American Nation.

Now, on this twentieth anniversary, there isn’t righteous anger, gut-wrenching sorrow, or even much remembrance. It means nothing to the country that exists now. Vladimir Putin may care more about it than our own elites. The Russian government successfully pressured the Taliban to avoid an “inauguration” ceremony for the new government on September 11 because it would be “inhuman” [Taliban cancel Afghan govt inauguration ceremony slated for 9/11 anniversary: Report, India Today, September 11, 2021]. Meanwhile, the current government of our own country is spending its days threatening its own citizens to take vaccines, even if they have already caught and recovered from COVID-19.

President George W. Bush told the world after the attacks that the enemy “hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other” [Text: President Bush Addresses the Nation, Washington Post, September 20, 2001]. In fact, of course, the 9/11 hijackers objected to US support for Israel. But, in any case, none of these American “freedoms” now exist. In 2021, after collusion between the federal government and powerful corporations to impose censorship, deplatforming, and sweeping programs of imposed cultural and demographic change (with more on the way), claiming America is a “free” country just merits a derisive snort.

Indeed, speaking today at a memorial to Flight 93 in Shanksville Pa., Bush echoed the totalitarian UniParty line and insinuated that the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protesters, whom the Regime Media has acknowledged were ordinary Americans and whom even the FBI (!) acknowledges were not part of a conspiracy, were “children of the same foul spirit” as the 9/11 hijackers. Driving home the UniParty’s determination to get on with its Great Replacement agenda, he added “At a time when nativism could have stirred hatred and violence against people perceived as outsiders, I saw Americans reaffirm their welcome of immigrants and refugees” i.e. America was not allowed to change its out-of-control immigration policy.

[Remarks by President George W. Bush at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania]

It’s not surprising Afghanis questioned America’s moral superiority over the Taliban—the Biden Administration’s last act of the war was to blow up the family of one of our supposed allies [Times Investigation: In U.S. Drone Strike, Evidence Suggests No ISIS Bomb, by Matthieu Aikins, Christoph Koettl, Evan Hill, and Eric Schmitt, New York Times, September 10, 2021].

Rather than killing Osama Bin Laden and leaving, the West spent its time and money trying to inflict the same post-modern horrors that destroyed our civilization on Afghanistan.

After the last year of BLM and its iconoclasm, we can’t even claim that America is superior to the cultural vandalism practiced by the Taliban.

A relic from the George W. Bush years, Leftist movie director Michael Moore, unintentionally brought home the nature of America’s defeat in his new essay claiming that “In The End, Bin Laden Won: He couldn’t have done it without us” [, September 7, 2021]. No-one can dispute the title, considering the Taliban’s victory. However, what “us” could Moore be referring to?

As anyone who has seen his documentaries knows, Moore tends to meander. His argues America destroyed itself by going to war in Afghanistan instead of focusing on “capitalism” and the “climate,” which are apparently “our two true terrorist threats” to America, and indeed to the entire species. This rhetoric isn’t surprising, given his career. What’s shocking is his racial hatred against America’s majority population:

Osama, are you happy now? We were never “great” as the MAGA hats proclaimed, but we were good, we were, at least, most of us, trying. Of course the Black and Brown people know that’s not entirely true. They know that they may just have to save themselves and deal with us in the way we’ve dealt with them. Don’t worry white people—we’ve got 340 million+ guns in our homes! That’ll hold us for a while.

The “America was never great” line (also chanted by flag-burning Revolutionary Communist Party members) isn’t really about “America.” It’s about whites.

Moore revealed his underlying motivation recently when he commented on census data showing that the number of whites had declined for the first time in American history. To Moore, this was the “best day ever in U.S. history.”

Not surprisingly, Moore reportedly has no children. Only a true moral pervert could say such a thing is the “best day ever in U.S. history,” instead of July 4, the end of the Civil War, or the Moon landing.

Of course, Moore may just be cynical. He reportedly lives in northern Michigan, one of the whitest areas of the country [Michael Moore said Torch Lake house, now for sale, not his ‘vacation home,’ by Jiquanda Johnson, MLive, January 20, 2019].

Indeed, marveling at the whiteness of Northern Michigan is something of a literary genre:

Moore’s NIMBYism isn’t unique or even that significant. Like most Cultural Marxists, he sees patriotic whites as the group obstructing his preferred social order. If he’s hypocritical about this in terms of where he chooses to live, that’s to his credit—hypocrisy and self-interest mean that at least he’s not insane.


However, the problem remains: what Moore sees as a problem to be solved via demographic change is the country itself. The Historic American Nation, of which the United States of America was once the political expression, was a real thing. We were a people with a shared culture, code, and identity. While it would be a mistake to say that America was uniformly white, it would be wrong to say that any other racial group created or could preserve the American nation.

More than that, it was English-speaking, Anglo-Protestant whites who created the nation. It was the WASPs who created the core culture that people were supposed to assimilate to. It was the loss of WASP elites in the early 20th century that enabled American decline. It was the forced demographic transformation after 1965, continuing and even accelerating after 2001, that guaranteed it.

In the 2000 Census, 77% of the American people were reported as “white,” with over 75% being “white alone” [The White Population: 2000 Census Brief, Census Bureau, August 2001].

In the 2010 Census, those who called themselves “white alone” were 72% of the total population, but while they had decreased as a share of the total population, their total numbers had increased [2010 Census Shows White Population Growth Fueled By Hispanics, Census Bureau, September 29, 2011].

The 2020 figures that Moore gloated about shows that “white alone” had declined to just over 60 percent of the American population [2020 Census Illuminates Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Country, Census Bureau, August 12, 2021].

I can at, least theoretically, understand why someone might celebrate increasing diversity. But the decline in absolute numbers of whites was also openly celebrated by Moore and many others [Why Do Leftists Celebrate White Decline? By Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 25, 2021]. If speech like this was directed against any other group, there would be universal acknowledgement that it is simply “hate” and met with disgust.

The Taliban retaking Afghanistan had something of inevitability about it. Afghanistan, after all, is the “Graveyard Of Empires,” with ancient tribal patterns and histories that can’t simply be rearranged by a few NGOs.

However, in the 20 years since September 11, 2001, it has been America that has been fundamentally transformed from what it was. And it’s not simply inevitable cultural change, but a deliberate program of demographic replacement.

More than this, it is coupled with an elite drive for a Second Reconstruction on a massive scale, with America’s heroes, values, and identity redefined into a mirror image of what existed before. This is what Editor Peter Brimelow calls “Anti-America.” It’s what reveals the utter obscenity of young men (and worse, women) being told to fight and die for the “American Way Of Life” only for that way of life to be mutilated and deformed.

Thus, on September 11, 2021, our Rulers don’t honor the heroes of Flight 93 or the firemen in New York City [The Betrayal of the Spirit of Flight 93, by Alexander Riley, Chronicles, September 2021]. Instead, the government is smearing the FDNY as racist. They keep the borders open, and carefully ensure that illegal aliens are exempt from the mandates imposed on lowly citizens [Biden’s vaccination mandate doesn’t include illegal immigrants, by Michael Lee, Fox News, September 9, 2021]. They plot to smuggle in Amnesty in a bill that’s supposed to be about helping the U.S. recover from a pandemic they enabled and a recession they imposed [Democrats make case to Senate parliamentarian for 8 million green cards, by Jordan Carney, The Hill, September 10, 2021]. Meanwhile, many Establishment Conservatives think the correct strategy is to attack the Biden Administration from the Left on immigration, faulting it for not bringing in enough Afghans. The idea of defending the American Way Of Life isn’t even mentioned.

Of course, what is our Way Of Life today? The America of 2001 still bore some resemblance to the America of 1776. It was radically changed, but as Orwell wrote of wartime England, it was changed in the way a child changes into a grown man.

But the Globalist American Empire of 2021 is, at best, a continent-wide shopping mall that peddles filth. At worst, it’s the base of operations for a fanatically anti-white elite that wants to spread its filthy creed to the entire world.

Either way, my country is gone. And European-Americans are a stateless people.

In retrospect, it was obvious it would end this way. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, Ann Coulter wrote a memorable column calling on the United States to “invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” For this, supposedly in the “nationalist” aftermath of 9/11, National Review fired her.

I don’t think it was for calling to “invade their countries” or “kill their leaders,” both of which America in fact proceeded to do. Instead, it was for the implication that America had a (Christian) culture and a civilization—that America was something more than a lump of dirt defined by egalitarian abstractions.

That implicit attack on the “Proposition Nation” was what really infuriated Leftists—and, I suspect, some Conservative Inc. donors [National Review fires Ann Coulter, by Anthony York, Salon, October 2, 2001].

When Coulter wrote in 2001, the United States of America was still a nation. Today, “American” means almost nothing.

If “Americans” have a civic religion, it’s self-hatred. If “Americans” have a unifying faith, it’s racial cuckoldry. If “Americans” have a national goal, it’s collective suicide.

Twenty years after 9/11, even after the Afghan defeat, the war goes on. It’s just that now it’s being fought against the very people “our” government was supposed to be defending.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. What a dumb essay about everything and nothing.

    It’s like a C- Freshman Comp essay.

    Grammar and syntax alright.

    But content? It sounds like he sat down the night before the essay was due, and after a six-pack or two, just wrote down every cliche he could think of in whatever order they came into his head.

    • Agree: JohnPlywood
    • Replies: @xyzxy
    , @Ian Smith
    , @JohnPlywood
  2. Franz says:

    European-Americans are a stateless people.


    The sooner more of our number figures this out, the better. We will all be better served getting to know each other and connecting. Instead of “serving” in the military as so many of us thoughtlessly have in the past, it’s time we served our own co-ethnics with as resolute a spirit as we did when we shouldered government-issued rifles.

    We need each other. We don’t need to keep feeding our enemies. Time’s a-wasting.

    • Replies: @Itajara
  3. Building 7 stands alone–buried —

  4. Your comment is exactly what you criticize James Kirkpatrick for doing. Here in the West, the college educated know this to be “psychological projection”. Psychology 101 must not be offered at the Ouagadougou Kommunity Kollege. Does Upper Volta even have a junior college, or just witchcraft classes offered by bug-eating crones with cataracts?

  5. xyzxy says:

    I think it would have been a better article if he had inserted more in-line links for readers to click.

    • Troll: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @SteveK9
  6. Wokechoke says:

    Remember Colin Powell storming out of the UN sponsored Durban, South Africa Antiracism conference, 6/11 with schlomo muttering threats at Arabs behind him? These Arabs got a little too close to Zionist interests and the world noticed slightly. Then out of a clear blue sky the most convenient thing for Eretz Israel happened.

  7. He and his followers, fans, lackeys, are so inane, that it’s embarrassing to sensible people. I was at a Starbucks, on the insistence of my long time love and saw the lines waiting for one of his documentaries. My girlfriend asked if I wanted to see it, I just smiled and shook my head. I’d rather be given a pole with a nail in it and be seen picking up trash by the public than be seen , standing in line waiting to view one of his “projects.”

  8. The braindead world champion wokers namely the Germans love MM with a passion akin to their hate for DT.

    Antifa, Communism, Frankfurter Schule, Green lunacy, these phenomena, both Goy and Hebrew, being at the bottom of the bombastic dilema in which the US is now convulsing, and pray tell from where precisely do these curses upon US society originate?
    From Germany thats where, Deutschland the Gift which never stops giving: The expression”Gift” in German means : Poison.

    I was back in Germany just after the 2016 election, with my wife a retired German teacher, and in a coffee shop while engaged in conversation with a well-to-do middle-aged German couple I was informed that ” Ein guter Deutscher muss DT hassen” : A good German must hate DT. No explanation, period.


    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  9. “He reportedly lives in northern Michigan, one of the whitest areas of the country”

    He probably thinks he’s living “on the land”, like a Native American. However, it’s unlikely their native economy could have supported someone that obese.

  10. @Authenticjazzman

    “The expression”Gift” in German means : Poison.”

    I’ve recommended before a Mystery Science Theater short, about the Seattle World’s Fair, as encapsulating early (c.1996) anti-White Wokism (marveling about “how everyone’s White” and bringing up Nazis at every opportunity). One joke occurs when they notice a “Gifts from Germany” boutique: “Oh, gifts from Germany, great. Braunschweig, cars with heaters that don’t work, and identity papers.”

    Good Germany: Goethe, Kant, Schopenhauer, Wagner

    Bad Germany: Kant, Fichte/Schelling/Hegel (frauds and charlatans), Marx (from Hegel), Nietzsche (deliberately distorting Schopenhauer and Wagner), Freud (changed his name from Fraud), Heidegger (another uber-Charlatan), Frankfurters (Hegel , Freud and Nietzsche).

    IF Schopenhauer had managed to choke off the flood of bullshit that buried Kant, imagine: the world without Communists or Freudians or Nazis.

    Needless to say, the “Dissident Right” pushes Nietzsche and Heidegger as the answer to our problems.

    • Replies: @Franz
  11. SteveK9 says:

    Why would George W. Bush say that? That is a total mystery to me. Here is one of the old established WASP families … a Senator, and two Presidents of the United States. What is going on in that confused head of his? There are still Bushes out there. Does he want to make sure none of them will ever hold high office again? The fact that our elites want a nation of immigrants from all over the World who know nothing of our history and culture is a mystery to me. Someone explain it. They are in their walled compounds now, but do they think their descendants will fare well in the country they are creating? Perhaps they think their children will continue to rule on high, but they are mistaken. Eventually political power will be held by people who hate them, and will act to destroy them. They will be dead by then, but what about their descendants?

  12. Dr. Doom says:

    Fatty Moore is probably ghey as well as fat and stupid.
    He’s the deviant minority the Jew Zionists appeal to.

    The deviants, crooks, and stupid. Zionism in America.
    The Zion Pigs have created their own DOOM.

    Their own cretins are now their ugly face to the World.
    That blasphemous rainbow flag of suicidal stupidity.

    The Zion Pigs are LOSING. They will LOSE IT ALL.
    White people are now embracing an identity separate from the Zion Pig brainwashing.

    Its an idea whose time has come. White Identity and group interests.
    No more infighting or peer wars. Now Whites vs Zion Pigs.

    Let the Zion Pigs call us terrorists. They project their own guilt.
    Slavery, Supremacy and Terror. The Zion Pig projects of the past.

  13. I hadn’t heard anything from Michael Moore for so long I had assumed that he had succumbed to a donut overdose in his Flint, Michigan luxury penthouse condo overlooking the scenic Flint wastewater treatment plant.

  14. Michael Moore should stick to being a butch lesbian.

    He doesn’t make a very good man.

  15. Notsofast says:

    the bush family are neocons, as is biden, as are the clintons, and obama. they are all singing from the same hymn book. they don’t live in the same world we do and fully intend to do to us, what they did to the rest of the world, now that they can no longer bully foreign countries into compliance.

  16. Michael Moore is just another feminist growing ever-fatter on the labor of White Men, complaining all the way against the hand that feeds his fat, disgusting face. Then, he hides away in Michigan, protected by the guns of the White Men he claims to hate against the niggers of Detroit who would invade his home, steal his shit and butcher him like the hog he is.. THAT is why he hides behind White men with guns, far from the orcs who would butcher him. That’s why ALL of them hide. It’s that simple. Jewish Feminists created monsters like Moore, Bush, hundreds of them. And none of them live within 100 miles of blacks without walls and guns. Lots of them. Enjoy the decline fellows, you and I can’t stop this, only get away from it. Find separation. It’s the only way.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  17. Ian Smith says:

    Yaaaaawn. The ‘Tiny Duck but not funny’ act is really getting old.

  18. Moore is a stupid bitch.

  19. @Notsofast

    That just about sums it up. Anyone who thinks the Bush family are conservatives in the usual sense of that word, is highly deluded. They are in their domestic policy, liberal as can be, and in their foreign policy completely neo-conservative. George Bush Jr. SNOWED millions of Americans. Who cares why he says the things he does, just believe him.!!..LOL

  20. Moore is all over the place. He has done some great work (9-11 and the Saudis) and disgusting work (childish attacks on Charlton Heston), to include shilling for the corrupt Dems. But recently he redeemed himself by exposing the clean energy fraud that pushed Greens to near suicide with this documentary. They conspired with Youtube to ban it, claiming his use of a four-second news clip was not “fair use” but others rallied for free speech and Youtube restored it. This is a must see:

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  21. Franz says:
    @James J O'Meara

    I’ve recommended before a Mystery Science Theater short, about the Seattle World’s Fair, as encapsulating early (c.1996) anti-White Wokism (marveling about “how everyone’s White” and bringing up Nazis at every opportunity).

    I appreciate your recommendation.

    First, you think they’d cut some slack: In 1962, that was the whitest part of America except for little towns on the prairie.

    Second, Elvis Presley made his masterpiece It Happened at the World’s Fair there, released to great acclaim in 1963.

    Third and finally: How many world’s fairs were interrupted in their closing days by the threat of thermonuclear war? Seattle’s fair ended on October 21, 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis had over a week left to run. I rest my case.

  22. @Jim Christian

    Michael Moore lives in Traverse City which could be the Whitest city in Michigan and about as far away from Detroit as you can get.

    These leftists are so predictable.

    As soon as they get a few million they buy some gaudy mansion in a White area because they are just as insecure as the 1% they both resent and want to be.

    Can this guy not buy some testosterone injections? He really looks like a fat lesbian.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
  23. Itajara says: • Website

    Let me guess, you are a “Christian” except the whole Sermon on the Mount part. Starving your enemies was so 1943. So here is the thing.. whether you like it or not, Islam will be the one world religion in about 150 years, and will be dominant in terms of numbers by 2060. At least some of that is because the min age of consent is 9 years old in at least one Muslim country I know. They don’t convert to grow their numbers, they breed. It turns out “be fruitful and multiply” was the winning evolutionary strategy. In that light, Israel’s agro stance is long term suicide. Chances are, the next Holocaust will be Muslim on Jew. Then Muslim on Christian. Then Muslim on Muslim. No amount of bullets or bombs can stop PedoPower. America won’t exist in 15 years- after China and Japan stop loaning us money for our giant military overspending addiction, we will devolve into Civil War 1.5, everybody blaming everything and everybody else for the lack of incoming Communist \$\$. Well, everything *except* poorly regulated capitalist “free” markets.

    The good news is none of this matters. In 500-1000 years, the things that evolve from us will regard our era of humans in a similar manner to how we regard ants, or possibly slime molds. So rather than be butthurt that your particular favorite color of skin won’t be around much longer, why not try to enjoy the life you still have left? Its just an idea.

    Oh yeah.. this essay was pretty lame. But at the same time, no “faked moon landing” nonsense, or flat-earthery, and was largely devoid of tinfoil hattery. Only “white replacement” idiocy. You know, the exact same stuff that Hitler was into, when he wasn’t thumping his chest and proclaiming God had saved him from that assassination attempt for a special purpose. I have a Barbarossa joke, but I’ll save it for another time.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Wokechoke
  24. @SteveK9

    It is very simple. Once you destroy the dominant culture, the people are left with no foundation or understanding of who they are. This is the fate of white children in the West unless whites start getting together into groups of all kinds with the preservation of our race and its glorious contributions its key mission statement. Otherwise, we die out or are killed off. We did not start this war against our race, but if we don’t finish it, we are finished and the brainless and brain washed inherit the earth.

  25. MEH 0910 says:

  26. TTSSYF says:

    Why would George W. Bush say that? That is a total mystery to me. Here is one of the old established WASP families … a Senator, and two Presidents of the United States. What is going on in that confused head of his? There are still Bushes out there. Does he want to make sure none of them will ever hold high office again? The fact that our elites want a nation of immigrants from all over the World who know nothing of our history and culture is a mystery to me. Someone explain it.

    I think it is a combination of noblesse oblige and guilt at being born with a silver foot in his mouth. With lower-class whites, I think it is paranoia about nationalism in general and fixation with Hitler and Nazis. Healthy patriotism escapes them.

  27. @obwandiyag

    His problems are multi-fold, but I’m especially disgusted by two of Kirkpatrick’s mental disabilities;

    1.) That the US Census “White alone” figures are not accurate percentages of the non-Hispanic white population

    2.) That white demographic decline has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with low fertility (with childless women like Ann Coulter bearing the brunt of responsibility).

    It was refreshing to hear George Bush Jr.’s words of wisdom over the babbling screed of Kirkpatrick.

    • Troll: Richard B
  28. @Itajara

    The good news is none of this matters. In 500-1000 years, the things that evolve from us will regard our era of humans in a similar manner to how we regard ants, or possibly slime molds. So rather than be butthurt that your particular favorite color of skin won’t be around much longer, why not try to enjoy the life you still have left? Its just an idea.

    You seem to assume that the values of Whites will remain the same.

    I doubt the lie of race will even last 10 years.

    At some point genetic research will force egalitarians to admit that race is more than skin color and it isn’t “by chance” that so many inventions came from White countries.

    Then globalists will have to explain why Whites should just put up with it all. History suggests that Whites get pretty nasty when they are invaded and have common goals. Massive armies of Muslims have been fought off by Whites like Vlad the Impaler who didn’t “play nice” and used the beliefs of Muslims against them.

    White technology is always a wildcard that no one can predict or control. Much of the modern left’s strategy is still from the 1930s where they imagined taking over institutions and censoring the reality of race. Even with all their control they are still befuddled by the internet. Trying to control ideas on the internet is like trying to control water with your hands.

    At the end of WW1 the academic left predicted Communist control of Germany within a decade. That would lead to the fall of France and Communist domination of Europe. We are talking about thousands of doctorates that expected a Communist takeover of Germany. There is a letter from a Communist in Germany who wrote his colleague in America and told him to not worry about that new anti-Communist party. He described the leader as a street clown that the people will never support. It’s all theatrics you see.

    But yea good luck with your predictions.

  29. @Carlton Meyer

    Carlton! Good always to see you about these parts! Hope all’s well, agree all this post. Good takes aplenty at your home site. Sure wish you had comments. Many questions I have. Be well, ya hear?

  30. Wokechoke says:

    Soon enough some maverick geneticist will show that race is very real. People put up with so much then they don’t. Same thing will happen in the US. The butchery once started will be a good laugh.

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