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MEMO from MIDDLE AMERICA: "Woke Preacher Clips" Is "Libs of TikTok" for Patriot Evangelicals Like Me
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See also: MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Southern Baptist Convention Leaders Adopt Black Lives Matter Heresy. Time For Christians And Patriots To Secede

If you want a taste of the Woke ideology peddled by too many contemporary American evangelical preachers (I speak as a disgusted patriot Evangelical), check out Woke Preacher Clips on YouTube—subtitled Theology At The Intersection Of Woke And Cringe at the channel’s Facebook page. It’s like the wildly popular Libs of Tik Tok Twitter feed, features videos of evangelical preachers who spew sermons that are blatantly anti-white, anti-Christian, and crazily pro-immigration.

Here are a few examples:

  • Immigration

Well-known evangelicals are positively celebrating the demographic transformation of the country, apparently because they think their churches will benefit.

Thus Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and the author of the highly successful Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, believes the browning of America by Third World immigrants is a good thing because they will replace whites who are leaving churches:

I believe that the dechurching thing will bottom out in about 20 or 30 years, because, number one, immigration means that nonwhite people are a lot less secular, a lot less individualistic than white people. … [A]s our culture becomes more multiethnic and as the nominal believers leave and we get down to the converted, you’re going to find that the church starting to grow back in many, many ways.

[Tim Keller: Immigration Will Contribute To U.S. Revival, “Non-White People Are A Lot Less Secular,” May 19, 2021]

Similarly, speaking at a Redemptive Unity Seminar at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Ligon Duncan, chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, asked “What if that is God’s plan to reverse secularization in the United States?” He went on:

What if immigration is part of God’s strategy to reverse that in the United States?

And the people that don’t look like me, actually, because they believe like me, are much closer to me than people who do look like me and who don’t believe the Bible and don’t believe in Jesus and don’t believe the gospel.

Oh, that gets me excited!

[Ligon Duncan: What If Immigration Is ‘God’s Plan To Reverse Secularization In the United States’?, October 16, 2021]

Elsewhere in the video, Duncan explained that the 1965 Immigration Act is responsible for the demographic transformation of the United States. So he applauded the Great Replacement.

Apparently, Keller and Duncan haven’t noticed or thought about a few things, not least that whites might be leaving churches because of preachers like Keller and Duncan.

And that the hordes of foreigners entering the United States include nominal Christians and non-Christians, such as Muslims, who are openly hostile not only to the Christian religion but also to the Historic American Nation.

And that mass migration has coincided with the de-Christianization of American society.

The same materialism that has secularized whites might very well also secularize immigrants. (Hispanic American birth rates are already falling to U.S. norms) [Why Birthrates Among Hispanic Americans Have Plummeted, by Sabrina Tavernise, NYT, March 7, 2019]. The preachers simply assume immigrants will be more religious than whites. Maybe they are and will be, but they still vote for the Leftist Democrats who favor openly anti-white, anti-Christian public policies. In other words, whatever Christian immigrants believe about their religion, and however they pray on Sunday, they vote against their own principles every November.

My guess: Keller and Duncan favor the Great Replacement because it benefits them personally. They get more pewsitters and contributors to the collection plate, but hide that behind a veneer of concern for the future of the Christian religion.

Importing hostile foreigners to replace whites is hardly a Christian approach to declining church membership. A better plan is evangelizing the Historic American Nation and trying to convert it, not replace it.

  • Anti-White Apologies For Racism And Slavery

Preachers have also swallowed anti-white Critical Race Theory and Leftist nonsense about “systemic racism.” But worse than that, they grafted them onto Christian doctrine. In their gospel, good Christians are Woke. Indeed, they are “more Woke than thou.”

While senior pastor at Perimeter Church, the same one at which Duncan spoke, Randy Pope called on white worshippers to clap to express repentance for white evil:

I would like to ask all of our minorities here and I’m not just talking about African-Americans…Would you forgive me and would you forgive Perimeter Church because it is our intention to do it right…If any of you would like to join me in asking forgiveness to our minority brothers and sisters…let’s do so by means of applause right now.

[Asking Forgiveness To Our Minority Brothers + Sisters…By Means Of Applause, February 25, 2018]

Frighteningly, the congregation did indeed applaud.

Not to be outdone, another preacher has turned Christ’s washing the apostles’ feet into a racial Struggle Session.

Dennis Rouse of Atlanta’s Victory Church called a young black man to the stage and washed his feet.

“This young man doesn’t just represent black America. This young man represents all minorities for this moment,” Rouse said:

My race has a hard time getting what’s wrong in America…We brought a lot of people like this young man from Africa. Between 17 and 60 million died in that transition. Way bigger than the Holocaust…I’m not saying you should feel guilty because you didn’t do that, but your race did.

[CRINGE OVERLOAD: Christian Foot Washing As Racialized Struggle Session, March 27, 2017]

Even communist Wikipedia doesn’t claim that 17 million to 60 million Africans died on what is called the Middle Passage, an absurd exaggeration that would make Cornel West blush.

And of course, that whites should feel guilty is exactly what Rouse is saying.

What he thinks of modern slavery in America, brought here by Keller’s and Duncan’s Great Replacers, we are not given to know.

  • Black Lives Lost, Quitting To Fight White Racism

True sorrow for sin follows repentance. But the Woke preacher in the next video used a public “confession” to demonstrate his own “Woke righteousness,” not to repent of real sin.

River City Community Church in Chicago held “A Funeral Eulogy for Black Lives Lost” to celebrate three black criminals: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and, of course, St. George of Fentanyl.

Senior Pastor Daniel Hill publicly confessed white wickedness and his own White Supremacy and privilege [STRUGGLE SESSION: Daniel Hill Leads Prayer Of Confession For “Being A Citizen In This Country,” May 31, 2020].

“Call me to participate in your work Lord in a way that never again allows me to stand by idly, while my brothers and sisters are being killed in the streets,” he said.

Of course, not one of the three for whom the service was held was “killed in the streets” in the manner Hill suggested, but that doesn’t matter.

Nor do the white victims of black crime, or, better yet, the black victims of black crime? Are they not brothers and sisters?

Similarly, Greg Thompson, co-author of Reparations – A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair, is “a white liberal social-gospeller,” according to the relatively wimpish Rod Dreher, and a Woke ideologue [Woke Preacher: Live Not By Lies Is ‘Dangerous’, The American Conservative, December 3, 2020].

Unsurprisingly, Thompson has gone much further than other self-hating white evangelicals. He quit his job as pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, scene of the wrongly vilified Unite the Right Rally in 2017.

“The way white supremacy continues is that white people are always in control of institutions,” he claimed:

And I knew that there was no way that minority voices would ever be able to lead in my church as long as I was there and so I resigned…And they hired a Korean and they offered the senior pastor job to an African-American but they did that around August 12 of last year. I’m not sure if you remember what was happening in Charlottesville around August 12 last year, namely, the Klan was walking through our town with torches and a woman was killed. And so the African-American pastor said I’m not really ready to bring my family into this, so he said no.

[Dr. Greg Thompson: I Resigned As My Church’s Pastor To Fight White Supremacy, June 23, 2018]

Now Thompson is running Voices Underground. Its “vision is the healing of the American racial imagination through exposure to the truth of American racial history.”

You don’t need a doctorate in Critical Race Theory to know what this “truth” is.

  • Insult And Attack “Demonic” Whites

A smug Andy Stanley, founder and senior pastor of North Point Ministries outside Atlanta, impressed pastors during a 2019 panel discussion when he boasted of purposely offending whites.

“You have to offend white people with this topic [racism] to get their attention,” he averred:

It can’t be stated in balanced tones or we don’t even hear it, because no white person really thinks they’re [sic] a racist and they [sic] don’t even think they’re prejudiced…I really am convinced you have to push harder on that topic to even get a white man’s attention.

[Andy Stanley: “You Have To Offend White People” Or They’ll Never Repent Of Racism , October 25, 2019]

Stanley founded North Point Ministries “in 1995 with the vision of creating churches that unchurched people love.”

Well, if unchurched people don’t love churches, maybe pastors such as Stanley are the reason.

The pastor of McLean Bible Church just outside Washington, D.C., David Platt, agrees with him.

“I want to sacrifice more of my preferences as a white pastor” he said in a tremulous voice:

I do not want to speak from the Bible on issues that are popular among white followers of Christ while staying silent in the Bible on issues that are important to non-white followers of Christ. That’s not faithful pastoring…

I know as a white pastor I have blind spots, so I am part of the problem. I need friends and fellow pastors around me from different ethnicities who help me see those blind spots and I’m committed to listening and learning and loving.

[David Platt: As A White Pastor, I Am Part Of The Problem , May 27, 2020]

Perhaps Stanley and Platt consider themselves demons. That’s what fellow Woke Evangelical Jer Swigart calls “whiteness.”

“A modern-day peacemaker, a faith leader, a social innovator, an author & speaker, and the Co-Founding Director of a peacemaking training organization called The Global Immersion Project,” Swigart takes bashing whites to an extreme.

Whites “represent the oppressor,” he believes, a claim he decorates with the usual Woke buzzwords: BIPOC, patriarchy, intersectionality, and, of course, “whiteness.” The Bible itself is an “indigenous manual,” he quoted a Mohican friend as telling him, that “indigenous” people should have been permitted to explain to white Christian missionaries [Jer Swigart: The Bible Is An “Indigenous Manual” And White Christians “Represent The Oppressor”].

“I’m at a place right now in my journey with whiteness where I’m beginning to recognize that the power of whiteness is not just a matter of ignorance,” he claimed:

I’m also beginning to recognize that it’s not like an appendectomy…I can carve it out and it will be gone forever. That’s not the way that it works, that whiteness, rather than a matter of ignorance is actually a demonic force. It’s a power and principality…I think that we have to start naming whiteness as a demon.

These are just a few examples that show Woke ideology is spreading among evangelical pastors and corrupting basic Christian doctrine, and that preachers go Woke, they also go off the deep end.

Christians should not be bamboozled!

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan‘s wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived here; his US Inc blog items are here, and his website is here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. If you stare into the woke abyss long enough, here is what you will find:

    Any society that doesn’t protect their children is dooming themselves to hell. We must act, now, to stop this depravity. Here is how bad it has gotten:

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  2. I am an atheist.
    My atheist “brothers and sisters” are much worse (!) – because they loudly and proudly claim (by and large) to be guided by (in no particular order) science, truth, rationality, logic, facts, critical thinking…

  3. @SolarTermination

    I’ve actually read this guy’s paper.¹

    His thesis: having sex with a child is wrong (!) – but only because it HARMS the child.²
    Honestly, it’s congent.

    My guess: Conservative ‘yellow journalism’ has distorted what this Professor believes for click-bait.

    1. I’ve read only one of his papers on paedophilia. So, perhaps he has written/said more ‘controversial’ things elsewhere that I don’t know about.


    • Replies: @SolarTermination
    , @Legba
  4. G. Poulin says:

    These sub-Christian idiots in clerical dress spend too much time getting excited about things. Less tingle up your leg, please, and more sound preaching for a change.

  5. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Thank you for your reply.

    Here is what he wrote in his paper, this isn’t a slippery slope, it is outright enabling, normalizing, and encouraging this behavior. There is a reason pedophilia has a stigma, and it is a very good one.


    The abstract of the paper reads “In this paper it is argued that pedophilia is bad only because, and only to the extent that, it causes harm to children, and that pedophilia itself, as well as pedophilic expressions and practices that do not cause harm to children, are morally alright [sic].”

    He further writes, “We argue that it is not immoral to be a pedophile, it is immoral for pedophiles to seek out sexual contact with children because of the expected harm to children, and it is morally permissible for pedophiles to satisfy their sexual preferences in ways that do not involve any real children.”

    Many of us have been pedophiles at one point,” Moen argues, adding “When you were 11, it is not unlikely that you were sexually attracted to prepubertal children.”

    Moen also suggests that “To prevent harm to future children, we would also be well-advised to start teaching high school students not just what to do in case they are victims of sexual abuse, but also what to do in case they themselves are pedophiles.”

    “A certain percentage of high school students either are or will become pedophiles, and currently they are not given any advice on how to handle their sexuality,” he further asserts.

    Moen further suggests that pedos should be able to watch kiddy porn, so long as it’s computer generated and not real, in order for them to satiate their desires.

    He adds that it is “unjust” to condemn people who have pedo desires, and that they should actually be “praised” for their “admirable willpower,” if they manage to refrain from having sex with kids.

    Please read through this:

    That ^ details a full on assault against the norms and postures toward sex with children, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

    If you want to discuss further or want more evidence of what is occurring, send an email to the author at the top of the predator article.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  6. Legba says:

    Having sex with a child is wrong because it’s wrong, you sick son of a bitch. It doesn’t matter if it harms the child, because you people will next ‘discover’ that sex with children doesn’t actually harm them, it actually harms you poor pedos to not fuck little kids

    • Replies: @SolarTermination
  7. @Legba

    Excellent reply.

    To your point: They have already determined it isn’t bad for the children:

    (The videos in that ^ article are unwatchable. You’ve been forewarned.)

    Next stop, as you pointed out, the children will be harming the pedophiles for resisting their advances.

  8. @SolarTermination

    So, he claims ‘being a paedophile isn’t immoral’? I go further: nothing is immoral!
    I’m a nihilist.
    All kidding aside: I’m a nihilist, in theory – but, in practice, I adhere to fictionalism i.e. we should pretend (read: ‘Noble Lie’) Right and Wrong are actual things.
    (Society can’t function if too many people are nihilists, after all…)

    My understanding (correct me if I’m mistaken):
    Paedophilia = 11-years-old or younger;
    Hebephilia = 12 to 14;
    Ephebophilia = 15 to 18.

    I do believe the Age of Consent should be set at 15 – like it’s in, for instance, Sweden.
    (Of course, what about, say, if the boy is 14 and the girl is 13? That’s hairy!)

    P.S.: Marriageable Age = 16 if there is parental consent.
    P.P.S.: Also, depends on the race – as races differ in r/K strategies.

    Sure, being a paedo isn’t someone’s ‘choice’, likewise being a psychopath – these are MENTAL DISORDERS.

    Regarding teaching about paedophilia being ‘innate’ in Middle School/High School:
    I am a libertarian. Gov’t should be out of Education. Privatise it!

    Last point:
    I’m sure it’s currently legal in America anime that portrays sex with children. But that’s a cartoon.
    What about realistic or ultra-realistic computer-generated child porn?
    A priori, I do not think that should be legal.
    Here’s a ‘compromise’: if the paedophile agrees to be institutionalised s/he may watch that (to a limited degree) but only if RELIABLE studies show this practice REDUCES rape.¹

    1. Studies have shown watching porn REDUCES rape in society. (Please, bear in mind, I’m not saying there aren’t drawbacks to watching porn – I go further: perhaps its drawbacks outweigh its positives.)

    • Replies: @SolarTermination
  9. @Vergissmeinnicht

    We’re never going to see eye to eye on this, so I doubt any deeper conversation would be constructive.

    Sure, being a paedo isn’t someone’s ‘choice’, likewise being a psychopath – these are MENTAL DISORDERS.

    Pedophilia is as much, if not more, a cultural/societal behavior as it is a mental illness. See the Roman Empire, Sodom and Gomorrah, Brave New World, etc. This is why it is heavily stigmatized. The stigma acts as a bulwark against a tsunami of depraved acts that warp and destroy the minds of the children of that society, eventually leading to that society’s utter destruction as the children age and take command.

    This is why the powers that shouldn’t be are pushing so hard to teach pedophilia in schools – they want to open this particular floodgate in order to decimate our civilization so they may build a new one in their malevolent design. It is not an accident and it is not organic. It is deliberate and malicious.

    Best of luck to you and your philosophy. I’ve flirted with nihilism in the past and I know how easily it can seduce. That isn’t an insult, just an observation.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  10. @SolarTermination

    I’m sure there are elements in the Far-Left that believe their next ‘noble cause’ is the fight against the ‘marginalisation’ of paedos, or believe in ‘youth liberation’ to such an extreme that there shouldn’t be Age of Consent laws… or what-not.¹
    Yes… I’m sure there are REAL paedos who piggyback on this mere intellectual exercise for their gain. (but they’re the minority – in numbers and power)

    I do believe paedophilia is sooo disgusting that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to it ever being destigmatised, let alone legalised – even if there were a real cabal of ultra-rich paedos whose sole goal was exactly that.

    My honest opinion of what’s really going on:
    The Right has a ‘disgust’ dimension. And, nowadays, miscegenation/homosexuality cannot be criticised anymore – therefore, paedophilia is basically what’s left for the Right; hence, they magnify the contemporary Left’s so-called ‘pro-paedophilia’ statements.

    1. Like Jared Taylor, I believe it’s ungentlemanly and unacademic to ‘mind-read’ the real (read: hidden) motives of my philosophical/ideological opponents.

  11. Here’s the ‘savior of America’ begging the world to expand LGBTQIA rights. LOL. Don the Con conned enough religious people to win once and only once.

  12. Seems everyone has missed the last line.

    “Christians should not be bamboozled”.

    Maybe the author was trying to make an

    actual point? KISS isn’t working…

    How long,how long must we sing this song?

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