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MELTING POT or CIVIL WAR Too Late—U.S. ALREADY In Civil War, Anti-White Left Has No Reason to Compromise
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Ten years earlier, by Steve Sailer: Grand New Party Recycles Old (But Good!) VDARE.COM Ideas

If America were still a nation-state, Reihan Salam’s new book, Melting Pot Or Civil War, might be a valuable contribution to the immigration debate. Unfortunately, there’s a contradiction at its heart: the Civil War is already here—and the anti-white Left actually wants it.

Salam [Tweet him] argues that mass immigration is driving Americans apart and creating massive ethnic and class tensions. He argues that the government needs a more restrictive policy and a renewed focus on combatting poverty and suggests there is a way both liberals and conservatives can reach a compromise on the issue. However, though he acknowledges that many progressives have drifted into support for open borders, he doesn’t address the root cause of that drift. Progressives have no reason to compromise on the issue, because their intent is to replace the existing American population to gain more power.

Salam is essentially appealing to an American patriotism that doesn’t exist anymore. Progressives favor immigration not as a way to help America—but as a way to deliberately hurt it.

Indeed, in a strange way, Salam admits this in a curious anecdote he relates about his own Bengali immigrant mother. Supposedly, when challenged by another woman (presumably white) for having such a large family at a time of a “population crisis,” Salam’s mother responded that “she fully intended to have a large family so that she and her offspring would displace America’s native inhabitants, just as European settlers seized the lands of the American Indians.”

Salam writes “I’m not entirely sure the conversation went exactly as my mother describes it. But it does sound like the kind of thing she’d say in a fit of pique. That is one of the many reasons she is my hero.” (Needless to say, this triumphalist Third Worldism, sincere or not, has attracted no criticism from reviewers, unlike Peter Brimelow’s much-denounced single reference in Alien Nation to his son’s blue eyes and blond hair, although that occurred in the unimpeachable context of explaining the zero-sum impact on American whites of immigrants’ being eligible for Affirmative Action quotas, an anomaly that has still not been addressed).

Then, in the very next paragraph, Salam refers critically to Congressman Steve King’s declaration that “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

In fairness, Salam’s point is not exactly to attack King, whom he says is raising a real question, but to warn of the long-term problems of a large immigrant-descended population with high rates of child poverty. He compares America’s approach with that of countries like the oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar, which has a large population of guest-workers with almost no political rights. He writes:

If Qatar allowed its migrant workers to become equal members of the political community, they would undoubtedly use their political power to redress their inferior status… The Qataris aren’t foolish. They understand this, which is why they are so reluctant to let go of their monogenerational approach, even when it attracts opprobrium from the international press.

Yet Salam in some ways is arguing for Americans to be “foolish.” He simply asserts that King is wrong and that “the babies of low-skill immigrants are as much our babies as the babies of high-skill immigrants.” However, questions of immigration are not just about class, but about identity. Even if America follows Salam’s advice and pursues an energetic policy of reducing childhood poverty and a tight labor market, this will not change the fundamentals about how people identify.

For example, Salam notes that blacks were excluded from mainstream American society for most of its history until recently. Yet the rise of prominent and wealthy African-Americans hasn’t lessened black political extremism, but increased it. Ever more elaborate forms of alleged “racism” have been invented along with more extensive demands for white concessions. According to a recent poll, half of black America supports Louis Farrakhan, and America’s first black president established his street cred by patronizing a church whose pastor screamed “God Damn America” . [Half of Black America Supports Louis Farrakhan, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 10, 2018]

Similarly, Puerto Rican Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton” has become a pop culture blockbuster and the toast of the elite .[‘Hamilton as the ultimate expression of the System, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 25, 2016] Yet it is less an example of Puerto Rican “assimilation” into American identity than a deliberate insult against it, and Miranda himself has used his platform to support the freedom of Puerto Rican terrorists like Oscar Lopez Rivera.

If cultural assimilation into a multi-racial “American” identity is possible, it will require not just a crackdown on mass immigration but an abolition of the Affirmative Action spoils system that perpetuates and incentivizes the invention of new grievances against white America.

Obviously, this is beyond the scope of Salam’s book.

This is not to say that Melting Pot Or Civil War is not worth reading. It is clearly targeted at Progressive journalists, and readers may find Salam painfully defensive and visibly cringing in fear of his favored audience. However, perhaps for this reason, Salam presents a careful case for restricting immigration to both promote cultural assimilation and to create a tight labor market.

The latter argument is a highlight of the book and a reason to hope it makes an impact within the halls of the Beltway Right. Salam shows that “low-skill immigration increases the number of people who are most vulnerable to displacement” and acknowledges the costs that mass immigration imposes on America’s poorest. He writes that America’s “continued reliance on labor-intensive business models will stand out from the rest of the developed world,” if there is not change, especially as other countries like Japan pursue labor-saving technology, robotics, and automation rather than relying on helot labor.

Salam also deserves credit for thinking about the long-term political consequences of a permanent low-skilled immigrant class—something of which many Conservative Establishment types are apparently incapable. If current trends continue, the “end result could be a class war like we have never seen.”

But that’s exactly why Leftists support immigration. They see it as a way to import a new revolutionary class.


Left-libertarians will find much to object about Salam’s book. Open borders libertarians often act as if mass immigration is purely a boon for all concerned, imposing no costs for anyone. Salam shows this is not true. More than that, he outlines an ambitious interventionist program to address economic inequality, even supporting direct financial grants to citizens to alleviate poverty. If Trump-style populism is to have a future, those who want to succeed the president would do well to adopt Salam’s focus on combatting poverty among the working class. readers will undoubtedly groan when Salam acknowledges the moral force of open borders because of the “tremendous boon to low-skill immigrants.” Americans might be wondering where they fit into all this. Yet Salam does acknowledge Americans… somewhat.

He describes what he calls the Backlash Paradox.

One the one hand, it is clear to most liberal scholars and journalists that mass immigration has contributed to racism and polarization. On the other, they view slowing the pace of immigration as a callow surrender to bigotry, so the only option is to double down on the status quo and hope that the storm passes—even if this approach risks triggering an ‘extinction-level event’ for open societies. It is almost as though these thinkers believe things have to get worse before they can better—that traditionalists who worry about the pace of cultural change need to be crushed rather than accommodated, especially when it comes to immigration policy.

Salam deserves credit for clearly seeing how the Left operates. More than that, he’s acknowledging that the rise of what is called “the Far Right” is not happening in a vacuum.

However, Salam’s airy reference to progressives’ desire to “crush” rather than “accommodate” is too flippant. Leftists are quite open about this being the main reason for supporting mass immigration. Indeed, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey approvingly tweeted out an article that described America as already in a “civil war” that progressives will win via demographic change. It stated no bipartisan accommodation is possible and that, as in California, any right-wing reaction will eventually be overwhelmed by changing the population. [Twitter CEO shares and raves about article calling for Dem victory in second ‘civil war,’ by Joe Simonson, Daily Caller, April 7, 2018]

Though nationalists may not like to admit it, Leftists are right. There is a time limit to save the country. If mass immigration continues, “traditionalists”—meaning actual Americans—will be crushed. Progressives will inherit a Third World, massively divided, crumbling weck of a country, but they will have secured their power.

This is the fundamental problem with Salam’s book. Salam argues for a kind of “grand bargain” on immigration, with an initial grant of Amnesty followed by strict enforcement. He accurately notes that this is like what was promised after the 1986 Amnesty, but suggests the government has the capability to enforce the law this time, and that this time such an effort can work. Salam calls for a move away from “family reunification” legal immigration schemes towards a skill-based immigration similar to that outlined in Tom Cotton’s RAISE act. Finally, Salam pushes for a major effort towards eliminating the transmission of poverty from one generation to the next in certain communities, especially through a universal child benefit, a financial stipend provided to all families with children.

Yet there’s no reason for Leftists to go along with any of this. There may have been an argument for conservatives to push something along these lines back in 2017-2018 when the Republicans controlled the entire federal government. However, President Trump and the GOP instead led with a conventional conservative economic agenda rather than anything close to a “universal child benefit” matched with immigration restrictions. Now, with the Left holding the House, Salam’s proposals seem irrelevant. The frankly anti-white animus and desire for vengeance that drives so many Leftists, especially on immigration, is never really addressed by Salam, whose only concern always seems directed towards “racism” from the Right.

Another of Salam’s major proposals in the book is also falling apart in real time. He calls for the creation of “charter cities” in the developing world to create economic prosperity and reduce migration pressures, a more subtle version of re-colonization. Yet this effort has already been tried in Honduras, with dismal results. As shown by the ubiquitous Honduran flags among the current migrant caravan, it’s also done nothing to reduce mass immigration from that area.

Unfortunately, the time for compromise is past. The Left clearly regards immigration as a kind of biological warfare on the traditional American nation. Melting Pot Or Civil Warappeals to a “common good” that probably no longer exists. The current political battle is not about crafting a “grand bargain” between political opponents. It’s about the Historic American Nation’s struggle to resist wholesale dispossession.

Salam’s book has some interesting policy suggestions and ammunition for arguments, but it doesn’t address the core reality of what is happening. For better or worse, you will only read arguments that do address that reality at sites like

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democratic Party, Immigration, Republican Party 
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  1. … with an initial grant of Amnesty followed by strict enforcement.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  2. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    This passage is unclear, at least to me:

    “Salam presents a careful case for restricting immigration to both promote cultural assimilation and to create a tight labor market.

    The latter argument is a highlight of the book and a reason to hope it makes an impact within the halls of the Beltway Right.”

    How about “upon the halls …”? The Beltway Right has never been and will never be sympathetic to a tight labor market.

  3. Dougie says:

    Why oh why do so many conservatives dutifully call leftists “progressives,” the highly complimentary name they have decided to call themselves? Does the author believe these enemies of America represent “progress”? Calling them by their desired name certainly implies as much.

    Call them communists, leftists, or even the now somewhat quaint liberal, but calling them progressives plays right into the cultural communist handbook of change through the politicization of English. They change the language to suit their purposes, and sadly their foes too often eventually fall in line. Many, many other examples could be cited. We need more folks with the ability George Carlin had to point out the way language is manipulated to serve agendas.

    • Replies: @joe
    , @wrd9
  4. I kind of agree, Dougie, but after a while, any euphemism these people want to use (that really stands for Socialist or Communist, as you rightly say) will be seen through. We all know what people mean by “urban youths” now, for example, and hopefully the term “progressive” is just seen as a substitute word for leftist Commie. I know it is for me. They’ll probably have to come up with something else before too long.

    BTW, I don’t use “liberal”, because, besides being quaint, it’s the old term for a libertarian Now, people say “classic liberal” for a Thomas Jefferson-style Libertarian, but not all people know that one.

    Maybe the best answer to your “why, oh, why?” question is that it’s OK to call them “progressives”, as long as it’s said with the appropriate disgust, as if talking about some fresh dog poop on your shoe.

  5. Dougie says:

    Well, speaking the word “progressive” with disgust is one thing, but when it’s written over and over — and hardly just by Mr. Kirkpatrick, whose writings I have great respect for — it doesn’t come across that way. We’re “nazis” and “racists” yet we call those that openly want to eliminate us people that stand for progress.

    Identity Politics is the updated 21st century version of communism, and we should not be bashful in the least in identifying this country’s internal subverters as communists in the eyes of Heritage Americans, anything but supporters of “progress.”

  6. Progressives will inherit a Third World, massively divided, crumbling weck of a country, but they will have secured their power.

    This has already happened.

    The current political battle is not about crafting a “grand bargain” between political opponents. It’s about the Historic American Nation’s struggle to resist wholesale dispossession.

    Nullification and secession will be the way forward for white Americans who refuse to become Jim Crow Niggers.

  7. Kirkpatrick could have saved himself about 1,800 words by stating his conclusion: Salam’s book is a generation too late so its details don’t matter.

    The Left would be idiotic and sucidial if they accepted Salam’s grand bargain. Regardless, they have no need to bargain. They’ve won. Whites are ~50% of births in the United States. Differing birthrates guarantee that Whites eventually will be a minority without any immigration. And there will be immigration.

    Sooner or later, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Georgia will turn blue, thus guaranteeing the Dems win the presidency forever. The presidency means the judiciary. The Dems will also take permanent control of the House. Only the Senate will maintain a balance of Dems and Republicans. Even if the GOP turns into the White Party, it will have little power.

    The only real question left is whether Jews will retain control over the Dems. Jews want Whites marginalized, but they also want a functioning society, which means keeping a lid on the truly anti-White crazies. Jews will also quickly figure out that the anti-White legislation will hurt them as well.

    If behind-the-scene Jews can’t control the Dems, Whites will learn what’s like to be a hated minority and why racial and ethnic minorities thoughout history have been willing to fight and die to earn the right to rule themselves.

    We will not vote our way out of this. That time has passed. Democracy has become our enemy.

  8. @WorkingClass

    Yep. White Americans will need to purge themselves of their reverence for democracy. Whites will be dispossessed “legally” as blacks and browns use the presidency, Congress and the judiciary to vote in legislation that will:

    1. Impose huge taxes on Whites
    2. Force Whites to live with blacks and browns and send their kids to school with blacks and browns
    3. Accept government-mandated affirmative action at all levels
    4. Force Whites to publicly acknowledge their privilege and the evils of their ancestors and to accept that they deserve to be punished

    This will all happen “legally” because it will be done through the democratic system. Whites – especially American Whites – have this religious belief in democracy. They will learn what democracy is like when you’re a hated minority.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  9. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    There is no “Left”. All of these people are manipulated by the Jews.

    The assault is Jewish. Full Stop.

    Using the word “Left” makes you accessory by cloaking the assailants.

  10. salam is another Fake American that has to go

  11. Anonymous [AKA "Arville Starnes"] says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    The Jews prioritize White extermination over functioning society.

    See: South Africa

    Their small numbers mean that they can live like Croessus by gleaning the most dysfunctional society as absentee landlords.

    When Whites are a memory the Jews will use bio-weapons to eradicate the POC, allowing them to return from offshore safehavens.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  12. Corvinus says:

    “Unfortunately, there’s a contradiction at its heart: the Civil War is already here—and the anti-white Left actually wants it.”

    A false premise by which the author rests his argument upon. Certainly, there is division among people in our nation, and those on the left and right may characterize it as a “civil war”. But that labeling is only representative of that group of people and does not reflect the attitudes and feelings who disagree with that line of thinking. Furthermore, SOME on the left may by anti-white…whatever that means.

    “Salam [Tweet him] argues that mass immigration is driving Americans apart and creating massive ethnic and class tensions.”

    The fact of the matter is that our nation’s history is based on this cycle, which Salam is expressing:

    Newcomers arrive
    Newcomers are unwelcome
    Newcomers assimilate
    New newcomers arrive
    Old newcomers are unwelcome toward new newcomers
    Ad infinitum

    So this notion that waves of immigrants have “screwed up our country” really depends upon how the old group views the new group. Basically, ALL immigrants have messed up our nation at some point in time.

    “But that’s exactly why Leftists support immigration. They see it as a way to import a new revolutionary class.”

    Well, if it is a “civil war”, then is it not the responsibility of “leftists” to win? Regardless, there is no “importation of revolutionary class” taking place. It’s more Alt Right nonsense.

    “Unfortunately, the time for compromise is past.”

    That would be YOUR opinion.

    “The Left clearly regards immigration as a kind of biological warfare on the traditional American nation.”

    The “traditional American nation” constituted several groups of people. Thankfully, the Founding Fathers enabled our posterity, i.e. future generations, to add on to that mix.

    “It’s about the Historic American Nation’s struggle to resist wholesale dispossession.”

    James, you are NOT part of this “historic American nation”! Kirkpatrick is Irish, correct?

    Well, consider the immortal words of Alt Right leader Vox Day –> “So I’m going to make some of you extremely uncomfortable here, because what I’m going to tell you – and this is not going to be comfortable for those of you who are US citizens – a lot of you are not Americans and you never were. Your parents aren’t, you’re grandparents aren’t, because Americans are defined very, very clearly and the United States Constitution was written for a very specific group of people and that doesn’t include immigrants, it doesn’t include refugees, it doesn’t include the great grand children of former immigrants, it doesn’t include anybody except for the sons and daughters of the American Revolution…The Italians and the Irish were the original problem. They could have, and should have, been handled like the Chinese were. But they laid the groundwork for the Jews, the Germans, and the Scandinavians, who made things even worse. And they paved the way for the Mexicans, the Africans, and the Muslims. At this point, the USA probably can’t get back to 1986, let alone 1965.”

    A damning indictment on white Europeans who opened up the floodgates to other “alien”, but white, Europeans to invade our shores, nuzzle with our nubile women, and run roughshod over our liberties. Indeed, nativists from the mid and late 1800’s were not too keen, to put it mildly, on several European ethnic groups, chiefly the Irish and the Italians, arriving here because of their genetically inferiority and social incompetence. Recall it did not matter that these newcomers were white, it mattered to nativists that these two groups were utterly incapable of fitting in. Nativists were convinced the Irish and Italians possessed in-born tendencies that would perversely transform the American landscape as created by Anglo-Saxons. So, using Voxian logic–remember, he is a 3SD+ mega genius–our ancestors who came AFTER the founding of our great nation are not “American”, and they assuredly are not “Heritage Americans”.

    You have to go back, James Kirkpatrick.

    • Replies: @Gracebear
    , @NZLex
  13. Corvinus says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    “Differing birthrates guarantee that Whites eventually will be a minority without any immigration. And there will be immigration.”

    So turns the world. Now, must today’s white Americans care as much as you do on this matter, lest they be called “cucks” and “race traitors”?

    “Even if the GOP turns into the White Party, it will have little power.”

    All great runs come to an end.

    “Jews want Whites marginalized…”

    That would be Fake News.

    “We will not vote our way out of this. That time has passed. Democracy has become our enemy.”

    Representative democracy remains our friend. There will be no “purging: of it.

    “This will all happen “legally” because it will be done through the democratic system.”

    You are really going off the rails this time.

  14. This MUZZIE is pushing out the sewage of the Beltway Liberal Immigration Reform Organizations which have been running a racket for years…..

  15. What…THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS is suppose to consent to having their fate put in the hands of Mrs . Salam’s MUZZIE spawn?…Go fuck yourself muzzie……And promotes muzzies like this who are basically reading us the terms of surrender….I have always hated DC Beltway Immigration Reform Organizations…..They ran away from John Tanton like he was the plague when he made his “pants down…pants up comment”…..and now they live off of the homosexual Kraut Peter Thiel’s money…..

    Open Borders is beside the point….It was the 50 years of incremental increases in nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS that created a majority Nonwhite California…and this MUZZIE scum is well aware of this…..

  16. Endstage Capitalism:MUZZIES AND SURGICALLY MUTILATED TRANNY FREAKS BOTH IN THE SAME PARTY…….With the Village People on top……..Capitalism in it’s full-blown Malignant Tumor Glory!!!!

    • Replies: @NZLex
  17. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Has true democracy (New England town meeting, referendum) really been that bad? Democratic republicanism seems to me to be the worst sort of government, by contrast.

    If you put most of the crap that got passed by paid-for legislators t a vote, it would lose. Even super-majority Democratic California voted against gay marriage in a referendum.

  18. Gracebear says:

    How did German and Scandinavian immigrants “make things even worse”?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  19. “Melting Pot Or Civil War?”


    White Extinction Or Civil War?

  20. joe says:

    Collectivist is a good word for all of the big government ilk, which vary from one another only in the honesty of their totalitarian approach to RULE. The left enstupidates discussion and masturbates their egos with quibbles about the wording of anti-(D)irtbag arguments, by confusing the meaning of plain language with clouds of bafflegab.

    “Fascist” is a good example. They relentlessly misuse the word to describe “right – wing” ideas, but the literal translation of the word is “collectivist”, as it refers to the power of the collective – the state.
    There is a clear historical meaning to the word, as described by Mussolini: all (power) within the state, nothing outside of it – in effect a coalition of govt., well-connected business, politics and all NGOs. Using the proper names of things makes it much easier to discuss them – I believe our current RULING “elites” are best described as fascist – but lumping them in with other collectivists is perhaps better – it avoids the enstupidating quibbles, and if the quibbles begin you can double down by being more specific about why “fascist” is the best description of the (D)irtbag philosophies masquerading as “benevolent social democracy”.

    Quibbling over the type of collectivism is like discussing the relative flavors of various shit sandwiches as one is force-fed to you. It’s a distraction.

    They really don’t have enough intellectual honesty to be worth debate- just say:” do you realize you support the gang that opposes voter ID?” and leave it at that. The best tactic I’ve found, is to tell them “registering to vote is how you end up on jury duty” – they often don’t know that, and they tend to be morally retarded people who demand benefits and refuse duties, and don’t care that they destroy society by doing so. If they persist about bringing up politics you can rub it in by talking about how they’re likely to end up sequestered on jury duty some August, making lawyers rich – they want others to be the chumps that do the duties. The few times I’ve used this tactic it’s worked very well at shutting up (D)umbass co-workers – they seem to actually lose interest in politics.

    Good words for talking about (D)irtbags:
    – Collectivist and fascist: all the leftist ideas end up being forced on us, using lies and thugs.
    – bafflegab – not a real word, but it should be, it’s perfect for them.
    -enstupidation “”
    – ego-masturbation – think real well of themselves, which is difficult while being Good for nothing. Spouting lots of bafflegab while enstupidating discussion helps obscure their govt enFORCEd parasitism.

    – (D)irtbag: the deranged, deviant, destructive, deluded, demanding coalition of those who are able to use govt FORCE to make normals give them a fat deal at the expense of society in general.
    lawyers, bureaucrats, govt workers, politicians, connected businesses, unions, welfare types, NGOs – add some relatively dumber people (young, women, black…) and it’s a wonder the conservatives ever win anything – it only happens because people smarten up as they get older and further from the “education” system – but only if they’re not part of the fascist ruling coaliton.

  21. wrd9 says:

    I like calling them “prigs” as shorthand for “progressive idiots” and the dictionary entry is very applicable.

  22. @Anonymous

    The Jews prioritize White extermination over functioning society.

    See: South Africa

    Yep. You hear a lot about Joe Slovo and other “Communist” Jews backing the anti-White political movements in SA, but “capitalist” Jews? Not so much. “Land reform,” “confiscating farms from white farmers,” and covert support for farm murders* in South Africa are constantly on the agenda, yet…

    The (((Oppenheimers))) are (by far) the richest “whites” in SA. But you never seem to hear about “diamond mine reform,” “gold mine reform,” or “bank reform.” They’ve still got their own private terminal at OR Tambo International Airport (busiest airport in Africa).

    The (((media))) didn’t care when Zuma sang “Kill the Boer,” of course.

    I’m sure they would have ignored it if he had sung “Kill the Jew” instead — right?

    But Zuma (and the Guptas) made the mistake of mentioning “white monopoly capital” — which, in context, clearly referred to (((white))) monopoly capital. Whoops! The NYT was suddenly all over this “racial hate crime”:

    Shortly afterwards, Zuma was outta there.

    The current guy, Cyril Ramaphosa, was an Oppenheimer stooge from the start. Started out as working for Harry Oppenheimer, who put him through law school. Here he is taking orders from old Harry back in the 80s:

    But things are completely different now. Ramaphosa (L) takes notes as Nicky Oppenheimer gives orders, April 2018:

    Ramaphosa isn’t merely loyal to (((white))) monopoly capital, though. He takes the time to signal his submission to the religious rituals of Judaism as well…

    *”Covert” in the case of the ANC, that is. The EFF/ Malema’s support for white genocide is pretty open. The EFF gets a lot of backing from billionaire (((Nathan Kirsh))).

    • Agree: NZLex
  23. NZLex says:

    A very logical observation – but hardly likely to be popular here… it would seem that the USA fondly remembered is very different depending on who is doing the remembering. Solidarity is the key factor – but unfortunately, “whites” are not great with that, so the so-called “left” is winning in that regard. I wonder if the bigger problem is actually the total corruption of the political process, whereby nothing the people actually want ever gets done. Which leads people to try and enter this process – but being hopelessly incapable of changing it. Just look at Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders – they made some great speeches, but one or two mavericks can’t change a bloated, corrupt oligarchy.

  24. NZLex says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I’ll bet you’re a blast at dinner parties, War for Blair Mountain!

  25. Corvinus says:

    “How did German and Scandinavian immigrants “make things even worse”?”

    Because they brought with them progressive ideas.

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