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Meet the Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It's Another MSM Lie
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List of Bookmarks Editor Peter Brimelow writes:

Not content with treading on Christmas with Hanukkah etc., the Democrat-Media Complex apparently has now decided to swamp Epiphany, traditionally the end of the Christmas season, with mass public ululations about their January 6 Capitol Insurrection Hoax. Thus Witchfinder in-chief Merrick Garland, in an overwrought speech opening the ritual, actually demanded a “moment of silence” for five (?) police officers who subsequently died [AG Merrick Garland delivers remarks ahead of ‘solemn’ anniversary of the Capitol riot and vows the DOJ has ‘no higher priority’ than holding those involved ‘accountable’, Business Insider, January 5, 2022 ] But Garland must know, and he must know that we know, that not a single one of these deaths was in any way caused by Trump supporters, whereas the deaths of Trump supporters Ashli Babbitt, and arguably Kevin Greeson and Rosanne Boyland, if not more, certainly were caused by police action. The only explanation: Garland incapable of processing his hypocrisy because he is part of a political coalition that is systematically more hysterical than the white American norm. Unfortunately, his coalition is now in control of the U.S. and is attempting a communist coup—while it can.

The 2021 Capitol Insurrection Hoax, like the 2017 Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally and subsequent Charlottesville Narrative Collapse, point to a truth about the media landscape as it has emerged since the post-Trump Tech Oligarch internet crackdown, in alliance with vigilantes like the ADL and the SPLC.

Because of the internet, it is still possible, although now much more difficult because of post-2016 deplatforming, shadow-banning etc., to find Politically Incorrect facts and analyses. This situation is similar to, but not quite as bad as, that in the pre-Reagan Era (I remember!), when patriots were with difficulty able to inform themselves, under the Main Stream Media’s radar, via the direct-mail revolution pioneered by Richard Viguerie and others. But it’s not what the internet originally promised.

Thus the net effect of the internet has been to make it easier for the Regime Media to co-ordinate its Narratives—and to punish deviation among fellow professionals. That’s why you never see any Regime Media reference to Trump’s claims of election fraud without the adjective “baseless” or “unproven” attached as if by a software program, although there’s plenty of reason to doubt what went on in 2020 and earlier media ethics would have required an impartial affect i.e. “alleged election fraud”.

And thus the Regime Media was able to totally invert the truth about Charlottesville, so that a lawful rally in defense of the Robert E. Lee statue, which was deprived of police protection and attacked by communist paramilitaries, became a neo-Nazi riot. An example of punished deviation: Thus Taylor Lorenz, then of The Hill and now of New York Times obediently deleted tweets (viewable here), saying James Fields’s car was being swarmed by Antifa and Fields may have acted in self-defense, after pressure from the Left.

And even more dramatically, the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest, which was obviously a Kavanaugh-type incursion into the Capitol, then unattacked by police, has been inverted into an “insurrection”—even though none of the participants were armed, in significant contrast to Charlottesville, where many patriots were legally carrying—but, still, no-one was shot.

In the year since the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protest, and proving that internet-enabled Alternative Media still lives, wonderful work has been done, particularly by Revolver.News in exposing the role of government agent provocateurs, and by American Greatness’s Julie Kelly, in exposing police brutality and, especially, the appalling conditions in which patriots are held in the Garland Archipelago. Her book January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right is just out.

I am proud, however, of Noah Arnold and my analysis of the role of the Lying Press, which I think has stood up very well.

Originally posted on February 9, 2021

Video and narration by Noah Arnold.

Video Link

See it, and more, on VDARE-TV. Editor Peter Brimelow was not at the January 6 Patriot protests at the U.S. Capitol, just as he was not at the 2017 Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally (although PayPal cut off anyway).

But afterwards, on January 15, he tweeted:

He was right. We’re going to show here that quite enough video footage exists to make that case.

It’s just that our Lying Press doesn’t want to make it.

Let’s start off by saying that, if Trump were a Democrat, the Lying Media would be pointing out that

  • There is ample precedent for protestors invading the Capitol.

Anti-Kavanaugh feminists did it in 2018. And Democrats applauded them.

Hundreds were arrested for invading the Capitol, including comedienne Amy Schumer, a relative of New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

But we can find no reports that anyone was seriously punished—least of all Amy Schumer.

Labor union activists invaded the Wisconsin State Capito l in 2011–and stayed for a month. Again, Democrats applauded them.

You didn’t know about these precedents? That’s because they’re being deliberately suppressed. A search of the media bellwether New York Times reveals no, that’s ZERO, mentions of the Kavanaugh or Wisconsin parallels since January 6.

For that matter,

  • there actually was a violent attack on a major federal building very recently—the May 30 attack on the White House—when the secret service had to order the Trump family into the bunker and over 60 Secret Service agents were injured.

Remember that?

But that’s gone down the Lying Press Memory Hole too—only one mention in the New York Times since June 1. And we’re not aware of any mass arrests or serious punishments—certainly nothing like the immense witch-hunt that’s being going on since January 6.


  • If Trump were a Democrat, Ashli Babbitt (remember her?) would be a saint, if not a Goddess.

Although you probably don’t know this, it’s very far from clear that Heather Heyer was deliberately killed at the Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally—James Fields appears to have been trying to escape when he drove into the crowd blocking his way.

But it’s absolutely clear that Ashli Babbitt, although an unarmed woman surrounded by security, was deliberately shot by a Capitol Hill cop.

Ashli Babbitt was a decorated veteran and a female business owner. Heyer was an overweight small-time Communist. But it’s Heather Heyer who has been canonized, with a foundation named after her and endless Regime Media adulation, whereas Ashli Babbitt has vanished from the Main Stream Media after a couple of sneering profiles and insinuations about her private life. (Have you heard anything about Heather Heyer’s private life?)

And remember, this is in addition two Trump supporters shot dead during the election campaign—Lee Keltner. in Denver, and Aaron Danielson in Seattle.

And one, Shane Moon was run down in Vancouver WA, absolutely deliberately, by a Leftist driving a truck, sustaining brain injuries. But, in unbelievable contrast to James Fields in Charlottesville, the Leftist was not charged.

  • If Trump were a Democrat, the cop who killed Ashli Babbit would have been lynched.

But in fact—

Contrast that with, for example, the treatment of South Charleston cop Michael Slager, who in 2015 shot a black suspect escaping custody—something that was completely legal in most of the country until banned by yet another disastrous Supreme Court decision quite recently.

Michael Slager’s name was immediately publicized so he could be demonized in the Mainstream Media—denied even funds for his defense by GoFundMe. And he held was in solitary confinement for nine months before the trial, not even allowed to meet with his baby son, born while he was in custody. (His state trial ended in a hung jury, but he was hit with double-jeopardy federal “civil rights” charges, apparently double-crossed on a plea-bargain deal and sentenced to a savage 20 years in prison).

  • If Trump were a Democrat, the demonstration would be celebrated as “Mostly Peaceful”—to use the term the Lying Press invented to describe last summer’s deadly Antifa/ BLM riots.

In fact, this demonstration really was Mostly Peaceful.

And, most importantly, it was unarmed.

Get that? This alleged “insurrection”—this alleged “coup d’état”—carried no weapons.

The Capitol Hill police, all too obviously, were armed. (To say nothing of the U.S. Marines down the street at Eighth & I).

Were the protestors supposed to tickle them all to death?

So desperate are Regime prosecutors to smear the Trump protestors as armed and dangerous that they’ve leaked the news that one had an “arsenal” a.k.a. a gun collection…. back home in Tennessee!

Despite manipulative headline, this "arsenal" was at Zip Tie guy's HOME BACK IN TENNESSEE, NOT AT THE CAPITOL. Memo to NY journalists: Southerners own guns. (And he picked up the zip ties in the Capitol) #LyingPress #AmericanReichstag

If Trump were a Democrat, the demonstration would be celebrated as a multiracial nirvana.

In fact, it was denounced (with obvious co-ordination) as “White Supremacist”

If Trump were a Democrat, co-operation between the police and the protestors would be played up

And what exactly happened when this “violent mob” stormed the Senate and House chambers? They walked in, respecting the ropes at the entrance nonetheless!

And when they entered the Senate chamber?

And when they were asked to leave? THEY LEFT!!

If Trump were a Democrat, we would be hearing more about Antifa/ BLM role in the protest.

Both the video team and our writer J.R. Kipling were present on the Capitol steps—unknown to each other. And both separately reported that there was something unusual about the individuals who actually precipitated the move into the Capitol.

In this video you see journalist Jade Sacker coordinating with a known anarchist and founder of Utah based group “Insurgence USA”, John Sullivan (aka Jayden X) to enter the Capitol. They led a group of patriots on the front lines into the building as Jayden X shouted, “We got to get this sh*t burned,” and “It’s our house”. Jayden was later invited onto CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper, where he sat beside Jade Sacker to give his account of the protest.

In this video, you see Jayden conveniently behind police lines filming the protest from inside the Capitol:

And here you see a small crowd of Antifa walking towards the Capitol on January 6.

Note carefully: we’re not saying that ALL the Trump protest was entirely an Antifa/ BLM false flag operation.

We’re saying that, if Trump were a Democrat, “agent provocateurs” would be outed and blamed for their role in stoking violence.

We know this because Democrat elected officials shamelessly claimed that “white supremacists” and “right-wing agitators” were responsible for the Antifa/ BLM summer of riots

And this Big Lie has worked. Polls show that some 30% of Americans do believe the Antifa/ BLM riots were the work of “white Supremacists.”

If Trump were a Democrat, his supporters would be celebrated for their role in countering the break-in.’s video team can personally attest to the peaceful nature of the crowd in D.C. on January 6. As we stood on the terrace watching protestors attempt to breach the door to enter the main level of the Capitol building, some nefarious members of the group took to breaking windows.

But this was widely condemned by the crowd.

A man next to our team rushed off of the concrete platform where the team stood to join in on the crowd who would pull the ne’er-do-well away from the window as many shouted “They’re Antifa! We need to get them! People need to know it is not us!” and “Throw him to the cops!”

The team also captured a now infamous moment when a police officer was dragged from the doorway on the terrace level of the Capitol into the crowd and beaten. But in this video, you can not only see Trump supporters holding back the man fighting with the cop, but you can hear a crowd chant “Let the cop go!”


Remember, last summer some 7,750 “demonstrations” took place in over 2,000 cities, resulting in 20 deaths directly, an increase in murders in the thousands, and an estimated two billion dollars in damages. (Only 617 were officially called riots, but the media has been lying about this for years.) There were no shootings by law enforcement and virtually all the rioters who were arrested had charges dropped.

Yet still the Left alleged police brutality

Well, in contrast, there actually WAS police brutality at the Capitol.

  • It seemed to be the result of an abrupt change in policy. Here’s a protestor saying police worked with them at first to understand the demands of the crowd, only to turn around and deliver entire canisters of mace at point-blank range in their faces.

And this brutality apparently resulted in the deaths of three Trump supporters, who reportedly had “underlying medical conditions?”

When was the last time you heard of protestors dying of “underlying medical conditions” at a demonstration?

It happened here because the police mishandled the demonstration.

Their names were Benjamin Philips, 50, of Ringtown, Pennsylvania; Kevin Greeson, 55, of Athens, Alabama; and Roseanne Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Georgia.

You’ve not heard those names—because the Regime Media hasn’t been celebrating them or anything about them.

So let’s back up a second here.

You constantly hear that the Capitol Hill protest “left five dead.” You never hear that all five of them were Trump supporters— including even Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died a day later of causes that federal prosecutors admit they can’t tie to the protest. [Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, CNN, February 2, 2021]

Two Capitol Hill police officers, Jeffrey Smith, Howard Liebengood, later committed suicide—something unfortunately epidemic among law enforcement officers and not clearly related to the protest.

  • If Trump were a Democrat, pundits and lawmakers would be scrambling to appease the protestors

as they did for BLM—pushing massive legislation to defund police as cities burned and innocents were killed—including police officers.

In this case, what is needed is an inquiry into what actually happened in the 2020 election— and sweeping election reform to prevent whatever fraud there was from happening again.

Here we’ve shown you how the Capitol Hill protest could have been reported differently if our Rulers had wanted that. It would also have been nearer the truth.

But our Rulers don’t want the truth. Since the inauguration of Biden as President, America is witnessing a Communist-style coup. As in Eastern Europe after World War II, the Left aims to criminalize opposition and establish absolute control over the flow of information, with the help of censorship by the Big Tech oligarchs.’s mission is to fight back on behalf of the Historic American Nation. Help us now—while you can.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hoax or not, the best way is to turn 1/6 into an informal holiday.

    And don’t be afraid of the word ‘insurrection’.

    Insurrection is cool, especially against the globo-homo oligarchy. It is ‘loyalty’ that is a dirty word in relation to the ruling regime. What decent person would loyally serve this foul regime?

    Celebrate with food and drink on 1/6.


    Insurrection Now, Insurrection Forever.

    • Replies: @Marcion
    , @Emslander
  2. Z-man says:

    I like the Epiphany reference. Yes, January 6th, the day The Epiphany is celebrated, the end of the western Christian Christmas season and the only thing to be remembered on that date.

    • Replies: @Marcion
    , @DanFromCT
  3. Skimming through several blog sites, it becomes clear that a substantial number of Americans are not interested in hearing Pelosi go through the “trauma” she felt on that day, Jan 6.. Instead, most people remembered the trauma and terror they and other people felt who lost businesses, endured threats to their homes and to their lives during the summer of 2020. What makes people like Pelosi think that all of these victims of the crimes committed by groups Pelosi endorses, BLM, ANTIFA, and others, did not feel terror? She couldn’t give a rats ass about them. They are just the unwashed masses to this mafioso like woman. What a pathetic joke these democrats are. Let them admit to their own crimes, before fingering others for their alleged crimes.

    • Thanks: Enemy of Earth
    • Replies: @frontier
  4. rgl says:

    As pertains to the January 6 ‘insurrection’, has any single one of the 500+ people arrested been charged, let alone convicted, for the federal crime of insurrection?

    Seems to me that if J6 was in fact an insurrection, somebody would be charged for it.

    • Replies: @Franz
    , @Abbybwood
  5. Marcion says:
    @Priss Factor

    May the spirit of The 1/6 Rebellion live on and grow! We cannot subsist the way we are.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  6. Marcion says:

    Another great reason for celebrating the sixth of January.

  7. nsa says:

    Brimelow: “If Trump were a Democrat…….”
    If? Trump was a lifelong NY Democrat….even officially registered in NY as a D from 2001 to 2009. Even marched in gay pride parades to get some D street cred. The heroic Trumpstein could have issued a blanket pardon for all of his Jan.6 MagaTards instead of abandoning them to the tender mercies of the DC star chamber courts……but his priorities were elsewhere. Instead, he saw fit to pardon a whole nest of jew swindlers and even pardoned jew spy Pollard’s izzie handler. Even pardoned a hideous rapper felon in the hope of getting his percentage of the afro vote up from 2% to maybe 3% next run. Imagine the conditions in a jig run DC jail….great chow, wonderful new friends, and lots of good sex.

  8. Franz says:

    As pertains to the January 6 ‘insurrection’, has any single one of the 500+ people arrested been charged, let alone convicted, for the federal crime of insurrection?

    An update as of late last year shows a lot of plea-copping —

    An interesting article on why, essentially, they are being forced to —

    • Replies: @rgl
  9. SafeNow says:

    I think people wildly over-estimate the severity of societal occurrences. In a poll about a year ago, the average American thought that 30 million Americans had been killed by Covid – – an over-estimate by a factor of 100. People guess that 1000 unarmed blacks are shot by police every year, but the actual number is more like five or ten. (so again, an over-estimate by a factor of 100; yikes). People sure haven’t gotten any smarter, but I think the main reason is the skillfully distorted coverage by mainstream media, and, the grave demeanor of the MSM hosts. Because of this tendency to over-estimate harshness, people will think that a trespass event in flamboyant carnival attire was an insurrection.

  10. anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Enough of these pathetic deceit filled narrative rants!!

    You wave all these heavy guns (one cunt even had a bazooka, as he walks in for a cuppa or something 😀 ), but for what?

    So, can you racist feckless cunts begin with the Civil War already?!

  11. AReply says:

    Note to self: VDare says VDare on VDare.

    But why not just visit VDare for the VDare? This news must be too important to just let VDare struggle too get it out there.

    Re how unfair everything is for Teapublicans;

    The difference of Jan 6 from all the other protests was it being a conspiracy intended to overturn a Presidential election.

    If the protesters had shown up with a populist grievance beyond “the guy we voted for didn’t win and he wants us to subvert the electoral process and install him as dictator” then you might have had something. But nope.

    Meatbags climbing like monkeys up the foot of the building, rampaging around the plaza, storming locked chambers and offices, and prop guillotines didn’t help the cause. It’s a conspiracy in which no one knows what the hell they were doing or why, but it was still a conspiracy and it mosdef had a dear leader.

    No doubt the drunken mob was a bunch of lovely people many of you call bc your friends and neighbors. Mistakes were made. Oh well.

    • Troll: michael888
    • Replies: @WJ
    , @El Dato
  12. Meet the Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It’s Another MSM Lie

    And while we’re at it, let’s not forget (((who))) own/run the (((MSM))) — and how all this fits into (((their Great Replacement agenda))).

  13. Genuine or fake, the idea of an insurrection is a fantasy and a craven downgrading of concrete measures needed to completely overturn a system of government that has ceased to represent the popular will. It ignores the lethargy and passivity of Americans who have surrendered to Jewish appropriation of America’s sovereignty. Anything short of that is delusional

  14. GMC says:

    ” We now have the right to bring Radio Free Europe and the World , to the American shores. In other words, We now have the right to use Propaganda, Against the Citizens of the USA”. signed by the Fake, Impersonated US Prezident, B Obama in 2013.

    And the Websites that are Obama’s cheerleaders, – Salon, Veterans Today, History news , and the dozens of others , are also pushing the mRNA jab , this Capitol BS scam, lockdowns, boosters, and anything else that the Deep State decides, including that there was no Election Fraud – lol. Too many so called alternative sites, including their commenter software “tribal or minority contractors, are back stabbing the public, for all it’s worth. These sites won’t even touch the coincidental deaths of many who spoke out against this Covid scam , the Capital murder, etc. as they even watch their ” Friends and Acquaintances” die , while never even investigating.
    You gotta alot a nerve
    To say you are my friend
    When i was down
    You stood there – Grinnin

    You got alot a nerve
    To say you got a helpin hand to lend
    You just wann be on
    The side that’s winnin …..

  15. onebornfree says: • Website


    “Finally: DOJ Admits Sending ‘Commandos’ To Capitol On January 6 With ‘Shoot To Kill’ Orders”:

    “The United States Department of Justice reportedly admitted sending “commandos” to the Capitol on January 6, 2021 allegedly with a “shoot to kill” order on the crowd of former President Trump supporters.

    The Gateway Pundit cited an exclusive report released by Newsweek on Sunday regarding the “secret commandos” of the Department of Justice who were authorized with “‘shoot to kill’ orders.”……”

    Regards, onebornfree

  16. Not a communist coup….Mostly White Billionaires run and control the US. The Capitalist Pig Class is in control of the US.

    • Replies: @G. Poulin
    , @Craig Nelsen
    , @sigh
  17. G. Poulin says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    White billionaire commies. If it looks like a commie, talks like a commie, thinks like a commie, and acts like a commie, then it’s a duck, dammit.

  18. G. Poulin says:

    If you’re going to have an insurrection, then have an insurrection. Bring a few thousand guns and shoot a few hundred congresswhores, by all means. But don’t just break a few windows, swipe a few souvenirs, and then stand around taking selfies : “Look, Ma, me with Nancy Pelosi’s blotter!” Sheesh.

  19. The Jan 6th event was clearly a “false flag” to steal the narrative of rigged elections and demonize Trump followers as right-wing terrorists. The US “Maytag” media continues to spin the coverage with the same footage repeated over and over again. Reminds me of the brain washing employed with the 9-11 planes. No different from the stream of Covid variants. It just doesn’t stop. Just what will be the next “false flag?”

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Disagree: Supply and Demand
    • Thanks: emerging majority
  20. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    “But we can find no reports that anyone was seriously punished—least of all Amy Schumer.”

    Do you want to bring the wrath of the one whose name shan’t be spoken upon the nation? Oy vey!

  21. MLK says:

    Brimelow has been a courageous truth-teller for many years. I can’t be the only one not at all surprised that he’s still at it.

    Yet you don’t have to publicly reject the increasingly risible big lies to demonstrate some respect for yourself.

    Read Vaclav Havel to understand that the intention is not just obedience but to humiliate and demoralize. I mean, you’re a mouse not a man if you read from the hymnal as ordered by current crop of day-trading Stalinists.

    The following is anything but happy horseshit. There are more hard days to come. Yet it didn’t go according to plan. Remember, anybody who is anyone, foreign and domestic, was on board for “Trump must go!”

    Who am I to say, I would have gone a different way than putting all my totalitarian chips on Biden, the American Yeltsin circa 1996-99.

  22. WJ says:

    Those meatbags had just come off of a summer of a bunch of howler monkey tearing up US cities with impunity and laying siege to the White house, with very little consequences resulting. It’s understandable that they assumed their treatment would be similar.

  23. Maddaugh says:

    Like everything else, men always find a way to pimp a good thing. MSM, Social Media and the Internet started as ladies and have been made into whores.

    Take Social Media as an example. It seems the original intention was to connect family and friends. I was personally thrilled as my connection with family and friends involved onerous letter writing, photo development, postage charges and expensive phone calls. Now, I wish for the good old days when I rarely heard from relatives and friends. SM content is sheer shit. The young are addicted to 24/7 rubbish (cats using the toilet, Grandpa’s ingrown toenail, hoes posting XXX photos looking for a relationship, and spinster Aunt Daphne’s 2000 photos of her new $3000 dog all complete with likes and gushing comments. As well sites are used for criminal activities and other perversions by all who can and all who should not.

    This leads to a harvest of dunces too lazy to think. Take Covid in Australia. Since the start of the hoax there have been 609,000 “infections”. This is touted as a death plague with an average of 832 victims every day. Yet, in two years Australia has had just 2301 deaths from Covid (3 per day on average) in a population of 25.6M.

    Note however, in Australia the leading cause of death is heart disease (17,731) dementia 9,522. Cerebrovascular disease,stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) make up the top 5 leading underlying causes of death in Australia in 2019, for males and females of all ages combined.

    Covid in Australia is the 38th leading cause of death and 500-600 thousand people die there every year from all causes as a matter of course.

    As a result of the “Covid” Australia is now virtually a prison state. Australia aside, Covid fatalities, inflated as they may be, are virtually immaterial in every other country. YET, the general population is terrified out of their minds. Some idiots are into their third shot with the authorities waxing that they may not really be vaccinated because the definition of vaccination has been “changed”.

    Covid is just one stupid blip that has gone off the rails. But generally WHO is really to blame for the bullshit we get on any topic? The purveyors?? or the suckers ?? who lap up all the bunk they read 24/7 on MSM, SM or whatever.

    Propaganda, the con, the hustle works not because the shysters are clever but because the marks are idiots ! The prudent man disbelieves everything on MSM and SM, fools believe all and hence the mess and confusion we seem to continually wallow in.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @sb
  24. Nat X says:

    The history of yt is one of violence and genocidal warfare. Also of overthrown governments. The NOI is correct; yts are grafted snakes worthy of damnation.

  25. DanFromCT says:

    Jan 6 extends the Jews’ annual “Festivus” of hatred of all things white and Christian that begins in earnest on Thanksgiving by turning the holiday into an orgy of indebtedness on “Black Friday,” which should be called “Baphomet Friday” to capture its essence.

    I’d thought “Festivus” ended on Christmas Day when Jews gather in Chinese restaurants around the country for the final orgy of hatred while claiming they’re the victims, but I now see they’ve naturally extended it to the Epiphany, with dates like Jan 6 and, say Sept 11, having occult power in their minds. Let’s not forget that other “Festivus” of hatred of Christianity on Easter Sunday.

    As Philip Roth gloated, it took a Jew, Irving Berlin with his song “Easter Parade,” to “schlockify,” as Roth called it, Christianity’s most holy day into a mocking, materialistic orgy of Christian women parading their new clothes down the Fifth Avenue of greed and materialism bought on credit from Jewish merchants Macys and Gimbels. Now we have (likely Frankist/Sabbatean) Jew Merrick (Garfinkel) Garland showing us what that hatred looks like when it seizes the reins of power in a stolen election.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Thanks: Z-man
  26. Rich says:

    In their DC bubble, surrounded by sycophants and a lap dog press, the dems really believe they can run on this in November. It’s hilarious. No one cares, except maybe Trump supporters and civil libertarians. The antifa left is looking at this and wishing they were the ones on TV being heroic storming the Capital and chasing congressmen under tables. But then again, the dems are led by a senile president, an 80 something year old Speaker who’s not quite there, the living caricature Schumer who is scared to death of the far left and this AOC character who acts like a 14 year old girl. If the repubs blow this, it’s over.

  27. Z-man says:

    Sadly I have to agree.

  28. Mefobills says:

    Robert David Steele had a template for Trump and Washington, which went mostly unnoticed, or purposefully ignored.

    Steele has since died at age 69.

    Step 1 was to build a new “network” style news organization. This would offer counter narrative to the owned mainstream media. The news media consolidated into a few (((owners))) after the 1996 Clinton telecommunications act. The news media has to operate in accordance with the public good, or their licenses to broadcast can be revoked.

    Step 2 was to put the press into a building AWAY from the Whitehouse, to then diminish them.

    Step 3 was to use experts and proxies to deal with the press, rather than the president himself.

    Step 4 was to install a new type of intelligence agency, using open source intelligence. Basically open source scours the internet and open sources. Additionally, it sends out requests for experts on the ground and solicits their advice. The new type of intelligence agency is a check on the deep state.

    Step 5 was to assemble experts and use flash cards to inform and guide the president. It was known that Trump was not a reader and thinker, but he could intuit things fairly accurately.

    Step 6 was to use polling software to then get feedback from the populace. This immediate feedback would then be used to punch back at deep state narrative.

    Step 7
    was to open up an investigation of deep state personnel. Once you start pulling on the thread, others avenues of investigation open up. Those who are deeply corrupted, especially with pedophilia, are given a choice: The lead or the gold. Most will choose the gold, and quietly exit the stage. Step 7 also includes blanket amnesty for those who were ensnared by intelligence gambits, something like how Flynn was ensnared. The amnesty makes the birdies sing, so the real bad guys can be found.

    Steele may have been a little whacked out with his Q Anon theories, but he wasn’t wrong about building alternate pillars.

    New alternate pillars are required when old pillars are rotten. Washington is rotted out, and so is conservatism.

    It gets tiresome listening to democrats are bad narrative, when republicans are just as rotten and captured.

    None of the republican politicians (including Trump) could accept the simple steps (building alternate pillars) that Steele laid out for them.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  29. Aaron “Jay” Danielson was killed by a “100% Antifa” loser in Portland, not Seattle. And even though repeated use of the term “Regime Media” is helpful and almost makes up for the sloppiness and tweet-dependency (bring back direct mail newsletters!), implying that a Republican majority in 2022 will change anything is like spitting into a thunderstorm in hopes of changing the weather.

  30. Dystopian says:

    Brimelow’s point is valid even if Trump proved himself unworthy of the support he was given on the 6th. I was there for the protest and I talked to numerous other protesters. Although we were all Trump voters, we were not Trump cultists. We were more concerned about the stolen elections and the actions of a criminal government using a fake pandemic to justify the suspension of our natural rights as outlined in the constitution. Since no one seems to have the balls (do you?) to confront the commies who have taken over our country and restore the duly elected president to office, I wish he would just go away and allow a more effective leader to carry the torch.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Katrinka
  31. @WJ

    Please don’t insult howler monkeys

  32. This US news media still making of huge thing of lasts years Jan. Capitol protests, where the only casualty was a white protestor blown away by an undisciplined, affirmative-action Capitol policeman.

    And this is the same US news media who STILL refuses to tell us about the anti-white views of the groid who plowed his SUV into a crowd of whites in Waukesha Wisconsin. The mainstream American media is completely biased, and has no relevance to the world of truth or reporting of the facts. Their reporting is just an echo chamber of lefty thinking where evil is good and good is evil.

  33. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    All true and rather depressing. Face it, we’re all living in an empire of lies and they have control of the commanding heights of mass communication. They were particular craven in the face of the Jan 6 popgun party, afraid that there might be some stirring out there in the hinterlands. They know they’re illegitimate and are holding onto power through deception, stealth, corruption and using the power of the state to censor and go after dissidents. The facts can only be discussed via modern forms of samizdat, something we were all told only happened elsewhere.

    • Agree: TTSSYF, Thor Walhovd
  34. Gugwee says:
    @Nat X

    The history of yt is:
    1. 300,000 dying to free your people from slavery
    2. Trillions of yt’s tax dollars spent on cradle-to-grave welfare for your people since the 1960s
    3. Millions of yts murdered, raped, and beaten by your people
    4. 90% of combat deaths in America’s wars are yts, while most of your people stay in the back in support positions, or stay at home

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @GeneralRipper
  35. Katrinka says:

    Trump is a vax shilling traitor who abandoned his supporters and may have actually led them into the trap. Trump murdered Soleimani, a man who would never have turned traitor the way that Trumpfinkle did.

  36. Walter says:

    Evidently the term “communist” has lost all meaning. Other than that, good article.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  37. rgl says:

    Thanks for the links Franz.

  38. Happy Insurrection Day everyone.

    Next time bring your guns and take the whole damn thing down, Congress and Senate rats included.

    In the meantime, GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM and their 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ armies of twisted azz hole crawlers can all go to hell.

    Peace, love and a two handed middle finger salute.

  39. @nsa

    You make some good points. I attended the Trump rally at UIC March of 2016.

    “Donald Trump canceled his rally at the UIC Pavilion Friday evening due to concerns about safety, according to his spokesperson.
    A speaker came out to the podium and made an announcement.
    “Mr. Trump just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed until another date. Thank you very much for you attendance and please go in peace,” he said”

    It was at that point in time I started suspecting that something was not quite right. Who in their right minds would schedule a Trump rally in the heart of a Commie City? After all Bill Ayers was a commie professor at UIC. The place is filled with commies. Two weeks before that rally I heard a couple of local commies discussing a plan for the Trump rally. Trump had some bad advisors.
    Trump should have shown up and led the fight against the commies, instead he abandoned ship. What a leader! There were more Trump supporters in the stands than there were commies.

    By commies I mean leftists, Blacks, ME and Mexicans as it seemed to me they were equally represented. The Mexicans even brought in a huge Mexican flag to wave around. They were having their own rally across the street parking lot and they stormed in the arena because the guards and police did nothing to stop them and I am sure they did not have tickets to this event. BTW most of the guards at the event were blacks which I am sure were Trump supporters just like Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice! HA, HA!

    This country is doomed but it will be a slow descent into darkness. The only thing that will save us is separation.

  40. @Nat X

    Nigga Pleez, you sound like one of those dumbazz Magik Negro race hustlers who’s relentless shakedown of whitey as if he’s a money tree for your black azzes to pick while you burn loot murder and rape America into extinction.
    The only thing you should be picking is your lazy black azzes up and getting the hell out of whitey’s country, cuz we’re coming fo your nigga azzes and this time we’re going to finish what AH didn’t finish.

    • Replies: @Nat X
    , @Maddaugh
  41. HT says:

    The Jewsmedia is now in the business of creating whatever reality they want including black race hoaxes and this phony insurrection story. I cannot believe I have come to say this but I am more and more convinced that Hitler knew exactly what he was doing trying to rid Germany of these audacious evil people. You simply cannot allow people like this to remain in your country. Look what they have done to America in just a few decades after turning the media and Hollywood into propaganda machines designed to promote cultural Marxism and destroy our white Christian culture. We won WWII but lost civilization afterward.

  42. Meet the Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It’s Another MSM Lie

    Given the ownership of mass media, and the fact that it’s consistently a collection of blatant lies, why would anyone call it “main”stream? I’ve never received an answer to that and I do not expect a reasonable one.

    And another thing; I hope people are beginning to realize is that the “elite” (non-mainstream) press is nearly as dodgy. Those who know realize that a lot of what’s reported in “science” journals is often far from the truth.

    Today’s “science” is obviously as corrupt as it was in Galileo’s time, now even more prevasive and given the money and “prestige” involved, much more dangerous.

    • Replies: @johnnyuinta
  43. I saw Mr. Brimelow’s article on VDare this morning and was a little surprised to find it front and center here on The Unz Review.

    Many thanks should go to the host here, Ron Unz, for having the courage to put up writing like this!*. The VDare organization and its writers have had the courage to publish anti-Establishment views for 2 decades now.

    So far, it’s been courage in the face of being shut out, shut down, de-platformed, de-banked, de-everything, and having one’s career as a journalist derailed. For the Patriots in this country, it’s going to be about more than that sooner than we expected. I mean, there’s no denying that these Patriots of the event of a year ago are being held political prisoners.


    * I know, you say they are purposefully ignoring. you, Mr. Unz, but who knows for how long?

  44. kszat says:

    Those interested in what an insurrection truly is ought read about the storming of the Bastille, in which nearly 100 were killed and which was followed by events that resulted in the overthrow of the French monarchy and state. Everything is hyped these days in the interest of scoring political points.

  45. Nat X says:

    “…cuz we’re coming fo your nigga azzes and this time we’re going to finish what AH didn’t finish.”

    No you’re not; you are just going to continue to rant on the internet until your mammy falls asleep and then you’re going to tune into pornhub for your nightly Onanesque jackfest. Oan corporal Shicklegruber scares no one yt, try better.

    • Replies: @cosMICjester
  46. I did a ctrl-f on the article and comments for “Byrd” – nada

    Peak Stupidity posted a quick reminder that, though the rest of this story is a bigger picture, we should remember that Ashli Babbitt was flat-out murdered there by a cop named Michael Leroy Byrd a year ago, and he was simply left free.

    See “Capitol Murder of Ashli Babbitt – one year ago”.

    It’s not that Ashli Babbitt could be considered a hero, but how about we celebrate her as a martyr?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  47. TTSSYF says:

    Plus, if you read Darren Beattie’s accounts of 1/6 on Revolver, it should be obvious that this was entrapment by federal agent provocateurs.

    • Replies: @johnnyuinta
  48. hillaire says:

    Look around you .. this is what the world looks like on ‘jews’/criminal neurotics, the kritarchy of nonsense, a symphony of the macabre…

    Where everything is relative and Truth irrelevant.. A talmudic approach to existence itself, where one ends up observing insane imbeciles finding justification for the insanity they justify… sticky fingers delving deep for dirty cash, mass murder and ridiculous rituals..

    such madness can only end in extinction… one way or another..

  49. HT says:

    A real insurrection would have resulted in the rounding up and incarcerating all the leaders of the Democrat Party, the Jews who run the media, Hollywood and academia, and all members of BLM. If that could be done, we might have a chance to save this country.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. @G. Poulin

    Who funds Black Lives Matter?

    Every Capitalist Pig Billionaire in America….

    • Replies: @sigh
  51. Maddaugh says:

    And the Gold award for most stupid one liners goes to >>>>>>>>>>>>>Snatch X with Spoofie taking Silver.

    Without YT, both these baboons would be dressed in skins and chasing game in the Kalahari instead of chilling in a YT built tenement looking at TV and quaffing chips and sodas, that is, while they are not involved in some criminal activity.

    Like Automatic Slim, I want Washington DC to reduce the benefits these Chimps receive and send reparations to Maddaugh. Niggaz better start sucking up to YT…….there is still a lot of empty space in Liberia and a whole lot of empty ships sitting around US ports.

    Oh, I forgot, Africa does not want a bunch of dumb Afro Americans !

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Catdompanj
  52. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    As to your point 4, in Vietnam the greatest liability any frontline combat unit had was the blacks in its ranks, doing nothing but bellyaching about fighting a white man’s war. Blacks were placed in supply units, where they sold desperately needed supplies to local workers in the basecamps, who then sold the stuff to the Vietcong and NVA to kill the white Americans doing the real fighting in the field.

    As to your point 2, I believe it was Earl Warren who advanced the “root causes” argument, attempting to explain away innate black violence and indolence, claiming that blacks are so violent because they come from the ghetto, when, as the facts bear out, they turn wherever they live in any significant numbers into a ghetto precisely because they’re so indolent and violent.

    • Replies: @Gugwee
  53. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    The Republicans, who’re as much owned by Jewish billionaires as the Dems, function to neutralize patriotic opposition and make sure nothing like what you’re mentioning has a chance of recovering our country.

    • Replies: @HT
  54. Mass media in Canada and elsewhere are again all a-flutter over The Base, a Neo-Nazi … White Supremacist … Terrorist … Norse Mythologist … Accelerationist … Ultra-Right group that threatens all that is good. An FBI-Antifa operative ( “Tradian” ) has blown the lid off this secretive organization and much of the Nazi scum are now rotting in jail in the USA.
    Anyhow, that’s what I heard on the radio today.

    Yandex search:

    University of Alberta:

    Scandinavian studies professor Natalie Van Deusen says historical records and DNA evidence show that the age of Nordic racial purity touted by white-supremacist groups never existed.


    Tradian said he frequently heard men advocate the theory of “universal order,” which he said means “you kill literally everybody that’s not white on the Earth.”

  55. HT says:

    Rounding up the Jews who dominate our institutions and who have destroyed our culture would largely neutralize the influence on the GOP. Besides, after you round up traitorous Democrat politicians, I think most in the GOP would get the message.

  56. @Nat X

    Coming from a failed race of envious H0M0Erectus orcs that still can’t produce anything more then 3rd world dysfunctional corrupt cesspools. On top of destroying yts first world metros. The good news is your democraptic over lords are flooding the USA w/ espanols who aren’t fond of eggplants.

  57. @Nat X

    Naw orc we’re just gonna sit back & watch u murder each other while your SJW schl0m0 b0lshevik buzzard enablers make it easier for u to increase the numbers of your feral felonious horde being culled.

  58. GOP whores (Cruz, McConnell, etc.) are doing their usual cucking, trying to pander to the “insurrection” narrative. The stupidity of the GOP is mind blowing. They stab their voters in the back by way of trying to win brownie points from the same leftards who will go on hating them no matter what.

  59. anarchyst says:

    One America News Network already qualifies as the only real alternative. Although, I do not agree completely with OANN, especially on its stance concerning israel, it is still a valuable alternative to the rest of the media. Newsmax and Fox News cannot compare with OANN as both Newsmax and Fox News are perpetuating the same plandemic and January 6 “insurrection” lies.
    OANN will take a topic and spend hours on it, proving the lies that the mainstream media are perpetuating and that they will not even touch.
    One America News Network can be accessed on KlowdTV.

  60. @HT

    Russia won WWII, we just took all the credit after distracting everybody with our needless nuclear bombings of Japan.

    Indeed Russia will keep their civilization going quite well as we circle the drain into a dystopia of our own making (with the help of those other WWII ‘winners’, the Jews).

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @HT
  61. @Maddaugh

    “Chasing game with pointy sticks”. Fixed it.

  62. frontier says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    What a pathetic joke these democrats are

    As opposed to who? GOP? Even Tucker Carlson has figured out a thing or two about the GOP. The truth is, they entrapped their supporters, it’s dangerously naive to believe otherwise. Next up? – The charade of lifting the debt ceiling, it’s up to the moon now and still too low for our tall representatives. A little push-back on the ridiculous government debt and counterfeiting would be a lot more effective politically than GOP-organized entrapment events… but no… we have to follow the GOP into every ruse they prepare for the benefit of their commie masters.

  63. @Dystopian

    Yes, Trump needs to shut up and go away.

  64. Emslander says:
    @Priss Factor

    Insurrection Now, Insurrection Forever.

    Maybe not “now”.

    There will be attempts made to manufacture Democrat votes again in critical places. Maybe in 2022, in conjunction with the never-ending flu exaggeration, but maybe not. However, if 2024 sees Biden or some other non-entity win the presidency with narrow, stolen-vote margins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia or Michigan, a real and unashamed insurrectionary movement will be formed.

    I’m not advocating, just predicting.

    All these articles about how it just isn’t “fair” the way the media treats the real USA amount to pundit self-pleasuring. What a big nothing. The cool man sits silently and takes in the indignities until the times are ripe for reparation.

  65. Gugwee says:

    I can remember, back in the 80s and 90s, Jesse Jackson and his ilk, whining that blacks disproportionately served and died in America’s wars. Then someone actually looked at some military statistics and found that whites were like 90% of US combat troops and casualties. In the documentaries on the Afghanistan war, where the soldiers have Go-Pro cameras on their helmets, there’s usually not a black to be seen in combat. Just about everything they say is provably a lie. The truth isn’t in them. And, for the reasons I listed above, we don’t owe them a damn thing.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @anarchyst
  66. Wokechoke says:

    Disproportionately fraggers, deserters and locked up in military prisons in that time period. POC did a lot of the atrocities in that war too. There’s a reason that an equally applied draft was ended.

  67. TheMoon says:

    “Democrats are a big joke!”

    Democrats: “Ha ha! You sure got us!” (Nationalizes all elections, makes criticizing CRT a capital offense, outlaws white men, starts war with Russia.)

  68. @Achmed E. Newman

    I wrote this one before I’d read the whole article, so I see that the story of Mrs. Babblitt is covered very well, but just not the murderer’s name. The name Michael Leroy Byrd should be known by all who care about truth and the real story. No, I haven’t read that he was even arrested.

    Regarding the other Capitol cops who died later: I ran into a guy who is on the Capitol Police force a few months later and asked him about the particular case of Brian Sicknick. If you recall, for months it was bandied about in the Lyin’ Press that a fire extinguisher thrown at him caused him to die the next day. This officer knew Mr. Sicknick well, was there that day, and said Mr. Sicknick did not get hit by that fire-ex (seen in a video), much less die from one. He died from a medical condition he’d had for a long time.

    In this whole year later, I’d NEVER even heard of the 3 Patriots, Benjamin Philips, Kevin Greeson, and Roseanne Boyland, who were killed there.

    Thank you, Mr. Brimelow, for this comprehensive run-down that tries to cover as much of the lies and Anarcho-tyranny as possible. The lies these days are endless.

  69. Clampdown says:

    lol, okay, Antifa did the riot, eh? I guess we have to put all the Capitol rioters in jail for life just to be sure. Works for me.

  70. One really has to just sit back and admire the breadth and depth of internecine hatred that the Exceptionals have for each other. ‘Freedom’ and ‘liberal democracy’ are simply unbeatable, are they not?

  71. @frontier

    Is there ANYTHING more moronic in the OMNIVERSE than to label ANYONE in politics and the power elite in the USA a ‘commie’. It reveals a school-yard mentality, in a school for ‘Special Children’.

    • Replies: @frontier
  72. @HT

    You don’t need to ’round them up’-you just sack them, then ban political ‘contributions’ from Zionazi and Judeofascist Fifth Columnists. Simples.

  73. vinteuil says:

    Trump was a lifelong NY Democrat….even officially registered in NY as a D from 2001 to 2009. Even marched in gay pride parades to get some D street cred. The heroic Trumpstein could have issued a blanket pardon for all of his Jan.6 MagaTards instead of abandoning them to the tender mercies of the DC star chamber courts……but his priorities were elsewhere. Instead, he saw fit to pardon a whole nest of jew swindlers and even pardoned jew spy Pollard’s izzie handler. Even pardoned a hideous rapper felon in the hope of getting his percentage of the afro vote up from 2% to maybe 3% next run.

    All true – and yet, The Powers That Be hate him like the very devil, and will stop at nothing to destroy him.

    It’s weird.

    • Replies: @frontier
  74. @TTSSYF

    I agree 1000%.

    Ray Epps and John Sullivan(Jayden X) chief among the ‘agent provocateurs’. The fact that neither of these guys has been arrested and thrown in the DC dungeon despite loads of video of them organizing and orchestrating is proof positive IMO that they were among the DOJ.guv agents deployed on 1/5-1/6/20.

    Revolver has done an in-depth investigative piece on this. I urge all to take a look.

    American MSM today is WORSE than PRAVDA was circa 1955 in USSR.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  75. anarchyst says:

    Both blacks and jews are disproportionately absent from the American military combat arms specialties.
    In fact, jews themselves are disproportionately absent from the American military services. One might find an occasional jewish officer, but among enlisted, jews are few and far between.
    Blacks in the American military are primarily in support positions as most of them cannot be trusted in the combat arms to “have their fellow soldier’s back”. Even in support positions, blacks are generally substandard and prone to violence and criminal activity.

  76. @Fart Blossom


    I’ll take a stab at your media question….”Why would anyone call it ‘main’ stream?”

    I believe it’s simply and sadly because the majority of people/sheep…+60% still only consume(get their news) from MSM; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, AP, Reuters, GOOGLE, FB, YT, TWITER, etc.

    They ONLY live in that world….never even enters their mind to attempt ‘alternative’ online media….never enters their mind to think, to question, to be skeptical, never enters their mind that they are and have been indoctrinated by the local “news station”……for several decades.

    “Main Stream” = Where the majority of the sheep get their news.

    Ironic and convenient that “the news” comes on late at night when they are half asleep, ready for bed after their last garbage TV show of the night ends.

  77. HT says:
    @Thor Walhovd

    Well Russia took massive losses in WWII for sure and those massive losses of their male population are still being felt today. There are lots of ways to analyze WWII but needless to say without the US involvement, Hitler defeats the USSR IMO and communism is dealt a massive blow.

  78. frontier says:

    All true – and yet, The Powers That Be hate Trump like the very devil, and will stop at nothing to destroy him., It’s weird.

    Nothing weird about it and they don’t hate him either, if they wanted to destroy him, he’d be forgotten already. It’s a theater, he’s a honeypot at their service, they love everything he does but have to pretend to fool the crowds – there’s no other way to trick people into electing the same party under a different name. French elections and media closely mirror ours, the game works and they love playing it on both sides of the pond. Trump has done nothing good for America, if you think otherwise, you’ve been deceived.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @vinteuil
  79. frontier says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    OMNIVERSE… school-yard… Special Children

    Oh, the resident troll got triggered, no end to his projections and hallucinations… Did your mom forget to give you your special pills today?

  80. @War for Blair Mountain

    Rich white international bankers funded the Bolsheviks, too.

    See: Dozens of Articles on This Site

  81. @HT

    I cannot believe I have come to say this but I am more and more convinced that Hitler knew exactly what he was doing trying to rid Germany of these audacious evil people…We won WWII but lost civilization afterward.

    Here’s something else you’ll be hard pressed to believe, though it is irrefutable.:

    “We” didn’t win a damned thing and neither did the Russians.

    The only winners were a “chosen” few international bankers and merchants.

    • Replies: @HT
  82. @Craig Nelsen

    Craig..since you have a philosophy and history background…

    You do realize that the way the term “communism” is used comes down to this:‘COMMUNISM!!=fill in the blanks with mostly Cold War jibberish…

    At least with Capitalist Pig…we can fill in the blanks with Jamie Diamond and his subordinates kneeling down in tribute to Black Lives Matter…

    The COMMUNIST!! slur-accusation was hurled at the US Labor movement before the Revolution in Russia…

    I don’t think Ol’ Ho Chi Minh was going to impose surgically mutilated tranny freaks on three year olds in US Public Libraries…..Jamie Diamond…Bill Gates…Mark Zuckerberg….Donald Trump’s first Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did…All Capitalist Pig Class(at least understood at the gut-level-meaning of this expression)…

    • Replies: @G. Poulin
  83. TTSSYF says:

    Absolutely. I think 2022 is going to be an inflection point. This fall, we are going to throw those lying scumbags out of the House, take over the sham Jan 6 committee, and hold the corrupt Wray, Garland, Fraudci, et al to account.

  84. As we speak, the country of Kazakhstan has a real insurrection going on. Burning government buildings, security forces being killed (3 of them beheaded). Such a mess that Russia is sending in troops to try and restore order.

    And here in America, we have the faggy democrats, MSM, and their fellow travelers wailing non-stop about last years protests at the Capitol where, horror of horrors, a Capitol policemen was called the N word, and someone supposedly smeared feces on a wall in the capitol building. Oh, and now Chuck Schumer is claiming some protestor saw him and yelled “There’s the big jew!” Yep, last years “insurrection” will go down in history as one of the greatest threats ever to the stability of this nation.

    Heaven knows the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, abortion-on-demand, gay marriage, the tranny movement, BLM/ANTIFA rioting, and our porous southern border have all made our country much stronger and cohesive. All our problems can *really* be traced directly to conservative white people, especially those with the temerity to protest at the Capitol for a few hours.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  85. Abbybwood says:

    According to 99% of the charges from FBI they are all “Trespass” charges! Held in solitary for “trespass” charges?!

    Somebody should write an honest statement about “Trespass Day” for AG Garland telling the TRUTH.

  86. vinteuil says:

    frontier, you’re so close to writing idiomatic English…yet so far.

    It’s a theater, he’s a honeypot at their service, they love everything he does but have to pretend to fool the crowds…

    • LOL: frontier
  87. HT says:
    @Fart Blossom

    Yeah, that was kind of my point. History says we won a war, but what did we really win? Our victory meant we would be destroyed by the Jews in the form of cultural Marxism.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  88. @WJ

    January 6th was a set-up orchestrated by the FBI (and likely the CIA and other Intelligence groups) to support the Obama and Biden narrative of “domestic terrorists”. The idiot Trumpers (exercising their First Amendment rights to gather and petition Government for a redress of grievances) were invited/ led into the Capitol by FBI assets and Capitol police to be sacrificed as White Supremacists on Biden’s altar. They followed the velvet ropes and took selfies; most were tourists rather than protesters. There would have been weapons if a coup/ insurrection.
    As noted here and elsewhere, the Kavanaugh hearings were a bigger, more unruly protest in the Capitol, yet no one was shot nor convicted of crimes? Just more of the Establishment sanctioned criminals being above the law. Maybe Biden, who raised the US incarceration rate from one million to two million, can raise it to three million, with political prisoners rather than nonviolent druggies?

    • Agree: Robjil, anarchyst, El Dato
    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  89. The jewing is off the charts.

    And one day…..the German people……for no reason at all…….

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  90. Katrinka says:

    Trumpfinkle didn’t deserve the support that he received from the ordinary decent Americans who voted for him. Yes, he needs to shut up and go away.

  91. Katrinka says:

    Western civilization died at Stalingrad.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  92. @HT

    Rounding up the Jews who dominate our institutions and who have destroyed our culture

  93. @Jimmy The Cop

    “Just what will be the next false flag?”

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced it multiple times. The WEF always announces its plans publicly, and the plans are protected by the mass refusal to face reality. Every WEF move is a “conspiracy theory” until it happens. Everyone who exposes the plans is a “crackpot.”

    The WEF’s next false flag will be a “cyber-attack with Covid-like properties” (the WEF’s own term). It will crash much of the global Internet and global financial system as part of the Great Reset.

    Klaus Schwab boasts that his planned cyber-attack will, “Bring a complete halt to power supply, transportation, hospital services, and our society as a whole. We have seen ransomware attacks targeting hospitals, critical infrastructure, school systems, the power grid and many other essential services. The Covid crisis will be as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.”

    The WEF has simulated its planned cyber-attack several times, just like the WEF simulated a global “Covid pandemic” several times in advance.

    The WEF calls its cyber-attack simulations “Cyber Polygon” exercises. The last “dry run” was in June 2021.

    The WEF’s planned “cyber-attack” will be the final excuse for martial law worldwide, with global vax passports, a one-world government, the elimination of physical currency, and so on. Absolute global tyranny.

    The “cyber-attack” hoax will need no proof or evidence, just as the “Covid crisis” needs no proof or evidence.

    Here’s a two minute video by the WEF itself which explains its plans…

  94. El Dato says:

    If the protesters had shown up with a populist grievance beyond “the guy we voted for didn’t win and he wants us to subvert the electoral process and install him as dictator” then you might have had something. But nope.

    The “install him as a dictator” and “subvert the electoral process” (which doesn’t happen by invading the Our Democracy gilded talk shop, but is done differently indeed) is inappropriate bait, but how is that message worse than “I’m so black!”?

    Well, Euro-News is just chock full of how America’s Democracy is still not fortified enough (i.e. “fragile”) and how Trumpists and White Supremacists somehow nearly did it in on 6/1. But Biden will fix it!

  95. TTSSYF says:

    I agree with everything you’ve written except for the reference to the “idiot Trumpers.” If you read Darren Beattie’s expose at Revolver, you will see that what were, no doubt, individuals working on behalf of the Feds were taking down barricades and fences that otherwise blocked the main point of entry at the Capitol, in advance of any Trumpers arriving there. The two main streets that the Trumpers marched down converged, and the Trumpers were funneled into a single path, with no visible barricades, while Ray Epps was exhorting them, via megaphone and in an authoritative manner, to enter the Capitol. At the same time, another Fed hire, situated high above on a scaffold, was exhorting the crowd, also via a megaphone identical to the one Epps was using and in an equally authoritative manner, to “Keep moving!” over and over. Most of those people probably didn’t know they had already committed a felony by crossing the line where the barricades and fencing had been. It was timed so that the Proud Boys were let in first, so they could be blamed for inciting the crowd.

    As with COVID, the “vaccines,” and “mandate,” I believe the final chapter on J6 has yet to be written. When I heard, last night, that the Smithsonian was collecting personal accounts and artifacts for “documenting” the events of J6 in future years, I knew beyond any remaining shadow of a doubt that this country’s “leadership” has completely jumped the shark. It’s not going to take much of an event for this smoldering fire to blow up in a very big way. The Supreme Court supporting the mandates (decision due today?) could be that event.

  96. Icy Blast says:

    Sexual acts can only take place if members of the two sexes are involved. Whatever you are referring to is not in fact “sex,” but a crime against God and nature which is too revolting to describe. But thanks for giving us a Democrat’s take on things.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  97. @frontier

    The question of whether it was Republicans who trapped their own is being investigated at this time by Steve Bannon and a whole network of lawyers, former security agents and a whole slew of objective reporters. It appears that the Democrats set trapped this people, using ANTIFA, FBI, DOJ agents and others, disloyal to President Trump. Let’s not jump the gun quite yet. That the Republican party elite, is worthless is not the question. They are, with a few exceptions involving the younger members, quite worthless.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  98. sb says:

    I think you overstate the number of deaths in Australia
    The number of deaths per year is more like 160,000

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  99. G. Poulin says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Capitalist, communist, tomayto, tomahto.

  100. @sb

    Once Mad Dog has his dander up, he very quickly loses the plot.

  101. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The Republican Party elite (like the Democrazy Party elite) are the enemies of humanity including of the American people, ie including Republicans. They were in on the sabotage of Trump from the beginning, and the ‘riot’ or more laughable ‘insurrection’ was a set-up from the get-go. It keeps the serfs stupefied and divided in mutual loathing, at least, which suits to oligarchs.

  102. @Automatic Slim

    Those naughty little salafists can’t help themselves. Their Yankee Bosses said ‘No beheading! It gives the game away!’, but they just love sawing heads off, as taught in Wahhabi Central High in Saudi Arabia.

  103. sigh says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    you mean Capitalist Kike Class, don’t ya wurm?
    Get it thru your Marxist skull: Jews are not White.

  104. sigh says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    wrong again.
    Jews fund blm and everything else that’s unfortunate about this hemisphere.
    jews are not White. They wish they were White and murderously envy Whites, but they are not and never will be White.

    For even your grandchildren ((if anybody ever has any)) to have a chance, Jews have got to go.
    They must be removed from this country immediately. On to Madagascar with these plague-rats. Sorry Unz. You know it’s true.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  105. GeneralRipper [AKA "Vega"] says:

    1. 300,000 dying to free your people from slavery

    Do your boys want a Mulligan on that yet?


    BTW, that is the “moral fig leaf” used to justify the invasion and murder of Southerners. Other than the radical Abolitionists, few people in the North gave two shits about slavery.

  106. Jamie R says:

    I’m on the far left politically; anti war, socialist in terms of healthcare and free college, and supports free speech for everyone (I say these things to distinguish from the fake Dem/MSM “left” that is pro-war, pro-censorship..etc) and I believe Jan 6 was a planned and staged hoax, not the protest but the people entering the capitol for the photo-op. I will lay out some reasons, as I was shocked to see that this article doesn’t take my angle at all, but rather focuses on the differences of the supposed intrusion on the capitol was handled by the media, while taking it for granted that these intruders were legit Trump supporters:


    Everybody in the country was told for months that Trump was maybe not going to step down and there were numerous news reports on right wing militias getting ready for this. Everyone also knew for months that there would be a big protest on this day and that Trump supporters were going to try and keep him in office. So, how on Earth could the Capitol police and FBI not have expected this and prepared by adding reinforcements? Seemingly leaving the Capitol protected less than the Federal building in Portland Oregon during the protests. Than we have the fact that all of the major right wing groups that supposedly planned this were fully infiltrated up to their leadership by the FBI including the Proud Boys, Oath-keepers..etc yet they never caught wind of any of this? None of these embedded FBI agents have been fired or demoted. Than you have the famous New Yorker video featuring the “Q-anon Shaman” made by well known longtime CIA photographer and writer of propaganda,Luke Mogelson. Conveniently, Mogelson was embedded with the Q-anon Shaman for a couple weeks prior to Jan 6 and made a short documentary that is still online. In this doc the Q-anon Shaman (an ex Marine, ex special ops guy with about 5 different names) oddly sings “Q-anon is the intelligence community”. Luke is somehow waiting inside the Senate chamber with his camera pointed to the door where Q-anon shaman than enters, escorted by a Capitol police officer, who though he is the only one armed in the room makes no effort to stop the Shaman from rifling through the Senate Chamber desk, instead pleading with him “please sir come away from there this is sacred stuff”. Instead of drawing his weapons and ordering him to the floor like any cop would do. Mogelson also stands around and takes pictures while random people ride through Senator’s desks and steal computers. Even though the computers were gone for three days and we were told that the teenage girl who took one “planned to give it to Russia” nobody on the news wonders what could be on the computers even though they could transfer the contents to an enemy state within hours. This young woman (who paradoxically is dressed as a 60-70 leftist radical) was found 3 days later, but oddly no charges were brought against her. Than of course we find out from Pelosi that these stolen computers left on the desks were “empty, only for presentations”. Did the CIA photographer/ propagandist Mogelson already know that they were empty? If not, why not stop taking photos and stop this potential breach of national security? It goes on and on. Including the scene where the mob chases the black cop up the stairs but none of them break off to the open senate chambers to the right (even though they’re there to stop the election) instead they chase the black cop around like dogs- I watched this scene several times and it looked like bad acting everytime to me. Than of course just like on 9/11 they already had a brand new Patriot style bill that limits constitutional rights and increases the surveillance state already drawn up ready to sign a couple days later. We’re told we need new laws because of this breach of the Capitol, yet the people who were incharge of Capitol and National security who should have seen this coming a mile away don’t lose their jobs/ or go to jail, they are promoted. Than there’s the NSA, who must have all of these right wing group’s phones and emails tapped since they were under federal investigation, but they never heard a peep about this? The only thing that needs to be investigated isn’t a bunch of mentally challenged patsy’s who were lured there by mysterious people online claiming to be members of the intelligent community, its the FBI and Capitol police and all of the embedded informants that should be on trail right now, for dereliction of duty, failing to report a planned assault on the Capitol..etc. This is a farce, even teenagers I know immediately called it fake.

  107. Trump – the Eddie Haskell of Presidents. He eggs on a lot of unsophisticated kooky folks then abandons them. He could have offered clemency from January 6 to January 20 to all the peaceful protestors, BUT HE DIDN”T!!!!

    • Replies: @Children of the Devil
  108. @sigh

    You’re telling me that ‘Jews’ envy the likes of you, Mr. ‘No Recent Commenting History’. Buffoon of the week, easily. Do the Madagascarenes get any say, O great racist dolt?

  109. The sad thing is that the great majority of the self styled Christians whites on January 6, 2021 that are being branded insurrectionists, are blind fanatical supporters of Israel. They don’t realize that Jews are working 24/7 to destroy ALL whites.
    I notice that Unz has zionists like Michelle Malkin and Whitney Webb as authors Also Jared Taylor who embraces Jews. That is why JEWS WILL ALWAYS DEFEAT THE WHITE MAN.

  110. I looked up Unz.
    Unz is a Jew.
    If the white race wants to survive and flourish it has to break off all associations with ALL Jews.
    Otherwise, the white race is just whistling Dixie.
    Because of white gullibility JEWS ALWAYS WIN.
    Whites need a Malcolm X and a Louis Farrakhan in order to fight the Jew.
    Or else it’s hopeless.

  111. @Reverend Goody

    Trump is The Eddie Haskell !!!
    Laughed so hard.
    I wish that I had said it.

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