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Meet Australian Aborigines–They Make African Americans Look Like A Model Minority
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Inaugurating her Politically Correct remake of National Geographic, Editrix-In-Chief Susan Goldberg wrote recently: “Some of what you find in our archives leaves you speechless, like a 1916 story about Australia. Underneath photos of two Aboriginal people, the caption reads: ‘South Australian Blackfellows: These savages rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings.’” [Link in original]. In fact, of course, this was a reasonably accurate description of Australia’s aborigines. But as the usual Leftist suspects are engaged in the usual sort of campaign to guilt-trip the 92% of Australia’s population who are of European descent out of the country they created, it’s worth looking at what science has discovered about aborigines in the intervening century

Just as in the U.S., the campaign to remake Australia is accompanied by attacks on the statues of the settler people’s icons. Thus vandals (probably not aborigines) sprayed across the statue of Australia’s discoverer Captain Cook, which occupies pride of place in the centre of Sydney, the slogans “No Pride in Genocide” and “Change the Date” (of Australia Day, January 25, because it celebrates the arrival of British—and therefore unacceptable—settlers in 1788) [Paint poured over Captain Cook amid controversy over date of Australia Day, by Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph, UK, January 25, 2018]’

But unlike in the U.S. (yet), the Left wants to institutionalize its favored constituency’s political power:

Australia, they insist, belongs only to its roughly 670,000 Aborigines, who make up 3% of its population. Indeed, the Aborigines should be given a referendum on whether or not they should have a representative body, a ‘Voice of Parliament.’ In effect, this would be a third (albeit consultative) parliamentary chamber, voted for and stocked entirely by Aborigines. [PM says Closing the Gap results are ‘promising’, but Indigenous communities should be worked ‘with, not to’, by Lucy Sweeney, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, February 11, 2018.]

When Cook and his men landed in Australia in 1770 and met the Aborigines they couldn’t believe what they were confronted with. They recorded that they were “savages,” “barbaric” and even “stupid”. And this wasn’t just casual racism. They knew the people of Hawaii well and, though they regarded them as childlike, perceived them in much more positive terms.

The ancestors of Europeans and Asians split from the so-called “Eurasians” about 30,000 years ago. But the ancestors of the Aborigines split off about 75,000 years ago and made their way through Asia, where they inter-breed with the now extinct Denisovan Neanderthal-like sub-species, which also interbred with ancestors of Papua New Guineans. [An Aboriginal Australian Genome Reveals Separate Human Dispersals into Asia, by M. Rasmussen et al, Science. October 7, 2011]

Australia split from Papua New Guinea about 11,700 years ago. Aborigines were pretty much genetically isolated from then on, making them the most ancient population outside of Africa. Their closest genetic cousins are thus Papua New Guineans and Southeast Asians, though there is still a genetic chasm between them.

Despite the Aborigines sometimes being referred to as “blacks,” only Amerindians (“Native Americans”) are more genetically different from Africans than the Australian Aborigines. [Which population is most genetically distant from Africans? Amerindians, By Razib Khan, GNXP (Discover Magazine) August 19, 2010. Indeed, whites are actually closer genetically to Aborigines, although still very remote. And, paradoxically, African pygmies and Bushmen are genetically the most different from Aborigines, although occupying a similar hunter-gatherer niche, a phenomenon observed elsewhere in nature. [On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethnicity and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration by Frank Salter, 2006, p. 68]

Aborigines have do fascinating evolutionary quirks, such as the ability to survive extremes of temperature, sleeping naked out of doors below freezing. Genetic mutation helps Aboriginal people survive tough climate, research finds By Caitlyn Gribbin, ABC, January 29 2014]. Although their environment is inhospitable, it is invariant—baking in the day and cold at night—and they’re strongly evolved to these extremes, so little planning is necessary.

But, consistent with the perception that the Aborigines weren’t very bright, we now know that at some point in their history they’d had sufficient ingenuity to be able to build relatively sturdy boats and make their way to the Torres Strait Islands, but by 1770, they had lost this knowledge. Indeed, the Australian archaeological record is replete with evidence of technological regression: some Aborigine tribes once farmed, some traded with Papua New Guineans, some tribes even “forgot” how to make the boomerang. [The curious case of the people who forgot how to fish, by Adam Benton, Evoanth.Net, April 15, 2014]

Perhaps fluctuations in the arid climate meant fluctuations in average intelligence as tiny populations, with mutually incomprehensible languages, meant that mutations for intelligence just couldn’t spread.

British psychologist Richard Lynn, in his seminal study of race differences in IQ, Race and Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis, brings together all of the available studies on the intelligence of modern Aborigines. They have an average IQ of 64, compared to about 70 for Sub-Saharan Africans, 85 for African Americans and 100 for whites.

An IQ of below 70, in Western countries, has you classified as mentally retarded. So, the average 18-year-old Aborigine has the mental age of 11.

And it’s not just low intelligence from which the Aborigines suffer. Like Native Americans, but unlike many African blacks, they never developed alcohol, leaving them strongly prone to alcoholism. And even compared to blacks, they are evolved to “live fast and die young”—a so-called fast Life History strategy which is an adaptation to an unstable ecology.

In such an unstable environment there was very little selection for cooperative groups and thus for Agreeableness, impulse control and mental stability. Thus while American Blacks are 12% of the US population and 38% of its prison population. Aborigines are 3% of the Australian population and, in 2009, 25% of its prison population. [“In charts: How Australia’s prisoner population is booming”. by Sophie Russell and Eileen Baldry, ABC News. June 13, 2017.]. In the UK, it has been found that 4% of whites and 10% of blacks have mental health problems—particularly schizophrenia in the case of blacks. It has been estimated that this is true of over 50% of Aborigines. [The pattern of psychiatric morbidity in a Victorian urban aboriginal general practice population, McKendrick J1, et al, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, March 1992]. The Native American suicide rate is 4 times the American national average. The Aborigine suicide rate is 7 times the Australian national average. The life expectancy of male Aborigines in 69, ten years lower than that of other Australians. They have high rates of dementia—12.4% compared to 2.4% among whites. [High prevalence of dementia and cognitive impairment in Indigenous Australians, Neurology. November 2008]

The Aborigines were so “different” from any race that the European colonizers had ever seen—including Africans—that they weren’t even sure they were human. Many concluded that they were not. As late as 1901, the Australian Parliament was debating the issue, though white Australians had long been interbreeding with them by then.

By the mid-twentieth century, such attitudes had obviously changed. But it was clear that if you left Australian Aborigines to raise their own children, then these children would often be subject to abuse and would never break out of the poverty in which they had been raised.

Left in their own “Indigenous Protected Areas,” the living conditions of Australian Aborigines are extraordinarily poor, especially considering that, annually, $43,000 is spent on every Aborigine, compared to $21,000 dollars on everybody else. [ FactCheck Q&A: is $30 billion spent every year on 500,000 Indigenous people in Australia? The Conversation, September 5, 2016] In part, more money needs to be spent on Aborigines because they live in remote areas. But it is they who insist on living in these places which, therefore, lack proper sanitation and access to services, just as a European Australian would in such places. Extreme inertia, manifested in failure migrate out of chaos, is another correlate of very low IQ.

Accordingly, between 1910 and 1970, roughly a third of Aborigine children—those whose backgrounds were the most abusive—were removed from their parents and raised in foster homes, to give them some kind of chance.

This worked in the sense that, placed in cities, the Aborigine income and standard of living was higher than that of those who were not removed. They had about the same educational success as the “non-removed”—but the non-removed would have been from more stable backgrounds in the first place.

By the 1980s this paternalistic policy was being roundly condemned as removing these children, now known as “the Stolen Generation,” from “their cultural heritage”—ignoring the fact that this heritage seems to include physical abuse, alcoholism, and high infant mortality. By 1998 the virtue-signalling frenzy was such that Australia held a “National Sorry Day” for the victims. The authors of the 1997 Bringing Them Home report on this policy described what had happened as “genocide.”

In 2008, the then-Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, issued a formal apology to the Aborigines, drafted in consultation with Aborigine community leaders. [Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generation . By Tony Wright, The Age, February 14, 2008].

In his official response to Rudd’s speech, Liberal Party Opposition Leader Brendon Nelson had the audacity to note that in 2006, a 4-year-old Aborigine girl had drowned while being raped by a teenage Aborigine who had been sniffing petrol. Two babies had been sexually assaulted while their mothers were away drinking and “another baby was stabbed by a man trying to kill her mother.”

Rudd’s apology was broadcast on huge screens in public places. Nelson’s response was booed, slow hand-clapped, and people turned their backs on the screen. [Rudd’s latest sorry – to heckled Nelson, by Andrew Bolt Blog, Herald Sun, February 13, 2008]

But now the policy has stopped, and it is more difficult for Aborigines to escape poverty, so they complain about that. The succeeding initiative “Closing the Gap,” which involves various forms of government intervention, is condemned as a new colonialism.

Of course, it will be obvious to readers why none of the policies work: they assume that Aborigine disadvantage is environment. But it’s clearly significantly genetic—intelligence is about 80% genetic.

The Booker Prize-winning Australian novelist Peter Carey has stated that, as an Australian, ‘You wake up in the morning and you are the beneficiary of genocide.’ [Guardian November 17, 2017 ]. But in reality, it is the Aborigines who should wake up in the morning and realise that they are the beneficiaries of a society and economy that they could never have created on their own.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous [AKA "Emu"] says:

    Aboriginal people were well fed and had sophisticated social structures allowing transcontinental trade and peaceful means of resolving conflict when colonists arrived with bibles and guns to steal their land. The arrival of whitey saw the population of Aboriginal population devastated, in less than a year, over half the indigenous population living in the Sydney Basin had died from smallpox. 65,000 years of traditional knowledge was lost in a few generations aided by the removal of children from the surviving families. The population resisted the invaders and were massacred.
    Read Dark Emu Review
    Correlation does not equal causation, life expectancy, health outcomes and poor living conditions can be ascribed to dispossession and forced settlement into communities, and the change to a western diet.
    The Race and Intelligence book is long discredited and Andrew Bolt is a RWNJ.
    You fail to mention Aboriginal people with PhDs, in business or in parliament.
    This racist rant from someone outside Australia underlines the US’s poor education standards and the drive to embed white privilege.
    Gaslighting and cherrypicking does not give you journalistic credibility and your publication here discredits Unz.

  2. “Indeed, the Aborigines should be given a referendum on whether or not they should have a representative body, a ‘Voice of Parliament.’ In effect, this would be a third (albeit consultative) parliamentary chamber, voted for and stocked entirely by Aborigines. [”

    Do it! Do it! It would be hilarious, and one of the most hilarious things about it would be just how white it would look. Especially if there’s any sort of literacy requirement to be appointed.

    • Disagree: Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @Anon
  3. MEH 0910 says:

    From Gregory Cochran, writing at his site West Hunter:


    Paternal Age
    August 22, 2012

    Decode Genetics has a new report out in Nature that shows how mutations increase with age, by sequencing family trios. They found that women contribute about 15 de novo mutations, independent of age.

    Men contribute more (55 on average) , and the number increases rapidly with age. They found that the average 20-year old father passed on 25 mutations, while the average 40-year old passed on 65, an increase of about two mutations per year of paternal age.

    The researchers talked about the problems caused by these de novo mutations – things like schizophrenia and autism. We already knew that such risks increased with paternal age, but this work quantifies the mutations responsible.

    Stefánsson opines that the higher mutation rate with older fathers is not that worrisome, since the absolute risk for schizophrenia and/or autism is still small (~2%) and since mutations are our friends: “You could argue what is bad for the next generation is good for the future of our species. ”

    Well, not for the first time, Kari Stefánsson is wrong. If mutations with large effects are more common with increased paternal age, mutations with small effects must also be more common. Those small-effect mutations are removed slowly by natural selection, and so they accumulate with time. This eventually results in a population in which everyone has a higher genetic load, not just a few unfortunate kids out of each generation.

    What this means is that modest differences in social structure, differences that cause changes in the average paternal age, are likely to have major effects on the mutation rate. If those differences are maintained over time, say for a few thousand years, you would expect to see significantly different levels of mutational load in different populations. Genetic estimates of split times and such would also be wrong, but that’s a nit.

    What do I mean by a modest difference? Assume that population A has an average paternal age of 25: then the average number of new mutations per generation is 50. Assume that population B has an average paternal age of 30: then the average number of new mutations per generation is 60, a 20% increase. As Kondrashov put it in his commentary, “It seems that multifactorial disorders that result from impaired brain function, such as autism, schizophrenia, dyslexia and reduced intelligence, are
    particularly susceptible to the paternal-age effect. This is consistent with the fact that more genes are expressed in the brain than in any other organ, meaning that the fraction of new
    mutations that will affect its functions is the highest. ”

    So, what is the likely consequence of a higher paternal age? Population B will eventually be significantly dumber and crazier than population A.

    Obvious! Yessss! It was obvious!
    September 5, 2012

    At this point, it seems that paternal age is a significant driver of the human mutation rate, likely the main driver. Obviously this implies that many medical problems are more common in the children of older fathers, which is known to be the case. Less obviously, it implies that a population that has had high average paternal age for a long time will have a higher-than-average mutational load. This may well explain preliminary results that seem to show such differences.
    The poster-boy population for checking out the consequences of a long-term pattern of advanced paternal age has to be the Australian Aborigines. They are not the only population of interest – there are other cultural patterns that change average paternal age. Like polygamy.

    Someone should have noticed this a long time ago. Weinberg noticed increasing levels of trouble with parental age 100 years ago. Haldane had figured out that most mutations were contributed by males in 1947. He also developed the theory of genetic load before 1960. The atypical paternal age of Australian Aborigines has been well-documented for a long time.

    Haldane should have noticed, and for all I know he did, but I’m not aware that he published anything about it. Thinking about it, I’d bet the bastard knew. Anyhow, he died in 1964. My guess is that relatively few people were simultaneously familiar with the evidence for male-biased mutation, paternal-age evidence in medicine, the theory of genetic load, and ethnographic reports of big differences in average paternal age. Genetic load went out of fashion, as did population genetics generally, and of courser no sensible person pays any attention to anthropologists.

  4. I agree with most of this article but the suggestion that aborigines should be grateful for white settlement is unrealistic. Man does not live on bread alone. If increased material wealth could make aborigines lives better it would have already happened but in fact the opposite occurred. The entire aboriginal way of life was based around maintaining traditional customs and religious practices to ensure the supply of food. Europeans bringing stores of food meant the old ways became meaningless. The very presence of Europeans broke the foundation for aboriginal life. They are now not just materially poor but more importantly they are spiritually undone.

    The full blood aborigines I’ve had involvement with are certainly far less intelligent than whites. The problem isn’t money or the government supplying housing and so on. It’s that their traditional society is gone forever but they are congenitally incompatible with modern life.

    Honestly the best prospect for aborigines is a genuinely caring white paternalism. Unfortunately the Left is in love with virtue signalling more than they like fixing things and the Right are scaredy cats afraid of the word ‘racist’.

    And on the topic of intelligence, too many whites lack the intelligence and wisdom to understand that taking responsibility for the plight of aborigines means taking control.

  5. Meimou says:

    The Race and Intelligence book is long discredited and Andrew Bolt is a RWNJ.
    You fail to mention Aboriginal people

    Even if this was true race is real and the races differ in intelligence. You do ndon’t need a study to know this.

    What does RWNJ mean? Racist White Nationalist Jew?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Jono
    , @Anon
  6. Anonymous [AKA "Barko"] says:

    Doesn’t explain why Ausies are so damn thick and ignorant.

    • Replies: @Cowboy Shaw
    , @Aussie
  7. @Anonymous

    The hunter-gatherers are always in trouble when the farmers show up, and the farmers always show up.

    More broadly, you could say this is what separate countries, with borders, are for.

    • Replies: @gwynedd1
  8. peterAUS says:

    The full blood aborigines I’ve had involvement with are certainly far less intelligent than whites. The problem isn’t money or the government supplying housing and so on. It’s that their traditional society is gone forever but they are congenitally incompatible with modern life.

    Honestly the best prospect for aborigines is a genuinely caring white paternalism. Unfortunately the Left is in love with virtue signalling more than they like fixing things and the Right are scaredy cats afraid of the word ‘racist’.

    And on the topic of intelligence, too many whites lack the intelligence and wisdom to understand that taking responsibility for the plight of aborigines means taking control.

    Good post.

    This is , IMHO, of a peculiar importance:

    It’s that their traditional society is gone forever but they are congenitally incompatible with modern life.

    and applies to many other groups in West.

    The prevalent dogma is to preserve, as much as possible, “native” culture.
    At the same time that very culture is incompatible with the modern society.

    It’s schizophrenic, actually. Can’t find another explanation, for true believers, that is.

    If only those pushing for it were paying the price for that lunacy. The problem is, they push it onto all of the society.

  9. The solution is not to force disparate groups together but to separate them completely. If a particular group thinks that their belief system is the best way to survive and prosper, cut them loose so they can prove it. Give the aborigines 3% of Australia’s land and leave them alone.

    It’s not hard to see that mankind is seriously embracing backwards evolution with its all-inclusive social and political policies. Civilizational bottlenecks like this occur when societies are undermined by those who are incapable of sustaining it.

  10. Thomm says:

    Meh…. there are only 670,000 of them in the world. They don’t matter (even to the rest of Australia).

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  11. Anonymous [AKA "LizardOfOz"] says:

    RWNJ = right wing nut job

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  12. baking in the day and cold at night—and they’re strongly evolved to these extremes, so little planning is necessary.



    They have a average mental age around 11… and whitey…

    and jooey**

    No higher than 20 years old, humankind is still in adolescence.

  13. Let’s stop pretending. It’s not IQ, but physical appearance- they’re ugly as hell.

    • Replies: @Thomm
    , @John Irwin Reston
  14. Thomm says:
    @Bardon Kaldian


    But I have noticed that when a white Australian breeds with one, the offspring is almost totally white. It might be that the Abo genetics are seen as obsolete and just removed through the process of reproduction.

    This is in stark contrast to the negro, where reproduction with a white person still indicates the negro’s genetics to be dominant (Obama is still ‘black’, after all). Even a Quatroon does not look white.

    Hence, Abos will just eventually vanish. I have never actually seen one in real life, even in Australia.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @anon
  15. Anonymous [AKA "Bob Phil Dave"] says:

    They might be dumber than whites, but whites are dumber than Ashkenazi “Jews”. So, when creating policies to deal with Aboriginals, do it as though that exact policy will likewise be the one which races superior to your own will adopt towards your race. Therefore, for example, if whites decide that the Abos should be wiped out, then they should correspondingly accept the righteousness of Ashkenazi Jews doing the same to them. Or, if the Chinaman should desire mercy and kindness from the Japanese man, then he should likewise extend that grace to the Cambodian. “Do unto others as ye would have done unto yourself.” Now, that grace shouldn’t necessarily preclude outright rulership, but in my view it should be rule of a kind and benevolent sort.

    It’s a wonderfully just technique for extracting true fairness from as corrupt a being as man.

    • Agree: Vojkan
  16. @Anonymous

    As a New Zealander, and therefore a leading expert on ‘Aussies’, my theory is that humans are not designed to live on such a sun-baked continent, and eventually all go ‘troppo’. It is likely that the sun fries the cerebral cortex and reduces man to a sort of lizard state, which we see most clearly in the form of the Australian cricket team – but I will admit, my science is rather rudimentary at this stage, and full publication of the theory on Unz may be some time away.

    • LOL: utu
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Kratoklastes
  17. If Australian aboriginals had sailed to England in the eighteenth century, instead of the other way around, they probably would have been shocked by what they found too, England would now be full of kangaroo farms, and Premier League boomerang throwing would have conquered the world.

  18. @Thomm

    Perhaps they’re recessives?

    • Replies: @Thomm
  19. songbird says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Aborigines are a model minority because they haven’t squatted in the US and Europe and become surly rent-seekers, open immigration advocates to grow their numbers, or people who attack white culture because they resent whites for having a culture.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Katie
    , @rain
  20. Anonymous [AKA "Aborigine Dwelling Inspector"] says:


    Aborigines actually had many types of weapons and primitive armour, and used them.
    Their martial arts were reasonably well developed, and they fought a lot.

    Savages are always at war. Civilized people tend to have long periods of peace punctuated by relatively brief periods of ferocity. Savages tend to eat each other. I have much information on Aborigine martial arts and weapons. You might be surprised to know they had plenty of ways to kill each other. Perhaps you imagined they’d never seen blood until the white man turned up, I don’t know. I do know that you are simply an anti-white who cannot relax.

    Basically, the Abbos are low IQ and primitive nomadic types and there will always be a problem integrating them into modernity. There is no way around it. Even without smallpox or booze, they would have found another way to die during this no doubt rough adjustment period.

    The only way around would have been to leave the Abbos alone and declare Australia a no-go zone for modern peoples. But that wouldn’t happen because the liberals of 200 years ago would have declared it “unfair” to deprive Abbos of the benefits of modern society. Sure it has benefits, but it has stresses too. We all feel those. Some can cope more than others. Abbos can’t cope.

    The Scottish Highlanders got hit very hard during their transition to the modern world, but they have the brain power to adapt.

    As for forcing them into a western diet, what would you have them eat? What would you do when they are handed a house and they use the floor boards for firewood?

    p.s. I’m not using Abbos to be mean, just easier to type. Like “Aussies” etc.

  21. songbird says:

    I’m inclined to think that if the Japanese had been the ones to find them, there would be no Aborigines today, so to be found by whites was sort of a lucky/unlucky situation, it seems.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  22. johnlee says: • Website

    now will burn, not donate, all collected NG ASAP.

  23. Anonymous [AKA "tcruze"] says: • Website

    what is this supposed to mean? Please do not project Judeo need for genocide on other non-Hebraic peoples…

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @El Dato
    , @TKK
  24. @Anonymous

    “Savages are always at war. Civilized people tend to have long periods of peace punctuated by relatively brief periods of ferocity.”

    Commentary needed?

    If needed, then how about Gandhi’s take in Western civilisation…

    Also how about a piece on the natives of Diego Garcia who also have problem adapting to modern civilisation in the Seychelles… and because they can’t, they bloody deserve it.

    Amazing that the suicide rates of Aboringines is seen as supporting the colonial case.

  25. @Anonymous

    William Dampier was a truly brilliant man (see A Pirate of an Exquisite Mind) whose book Charles Darwin insisted on taking along with him on his epic voyage. When Dampier’s ship approached the Pilbara coast they were desperate for water and food, being down to only putrid water and weevil infested flour. They sighted aborigines but were unable to make contact with them. Dampier’s men left without finding either food or water yet somehow, the aborigines had survived there for eons and there exists today “rock art” going back 30000 years and some estimates are for much longer.

    The climate and environment there is so harsh that people frequently die even now within a few days of a vehicle breakdown. I personally experienced a breakdown many years ago near Roy Hill and an aboriginal truck driver/bush mechanic stopped and came to the rescue with quite an ingenious out-of-the-box solution. I’ve had other positive experiences (and some negative ones) since that have caused me to question the notion that they have nothing to contribute.

    I’ve stated here previously that there are good and bad amongst all peoples and I believe that this applies to aborigines also. They were treated abysmally during the period of early settlement with many massacres occurring and no effort at all was made to integrate them into the new society that had appropriated their land. They are excellent trackers and stockmen yet were usually “paid’ in little more than flour, coffee and tobacco. Many served with distinction during the wars that Australia was involved in but they get very little credit for doing anything good.

    It is in the best interest of all Australians today to do what we can to “close the gap”, but I do agree that had Australia been first settled by almost any other of the colonial powers there might not now be any left alive.

  26. Seraphim says:

    But one cannot deny that they were the owners of the land, like all the natives of the territories occupied by the British pirates. They looked at them exactly the same way like the ‘whites’ look at the invasion of the low IQ ‘browns’.

  27. Thomm says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Perhaps they’re recessives?

    Apparently. But the question is, why?

    Black Africans are mostly dominant or at least neutral when they intermix. But Austronesians are (thankfully) recessives. I am not sure why that is.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  28. @Emblematic

    Your post is wisdom.
    These are two utterly incompatible ways of life.
    Some bridge may be possible if we had much more of something like monasteries and if we gave children “classical” educations steeped deep in Plato that would give them a language to understand indigenous ways and cosmologies. Without that it is speaking across planets while one devours the other not realizing its doing the eating.

    Conservatives have more common ground with traditional, native ways than SJWs, by miles, but they can only perceive this when they drop the false god of mammon and study indigenous peoples of themselves and ignore self appointed new age interlocutors.

    There are allies to be had here for those who can see.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  29. Kiza says:

    Yes, it may be true that Australian Aborigines have the lowest IQ of all racial groups, but this is a reflection of IQ, not of Aborigines. It is obvious that they have evolved in a different way than the other groups and they totally do not fit into the modern civilization and probably never will. The meeting of the European, that is Anglo Whites and the Australian Aborigines was a meeting of two completely incompatible human groups. And, yes, there was an Aboriginal civilization, just not of the kind that the Anglo-Europeans would have understood or appreciated. One needs only to look into the complex schemes for intermarriage which ensured the mixing of genes in an isolated and limited gene pool to appreciate that in some unusual ways they were not backward at all. The apparent low level of Western-style intelligence (analytical and synthetic) and the completely unexpected adaptations to the totally unique Australian environment, which the Anglos did not encounter anywhere else on the planet, made them look useless to the newcomers. The Anglos could not make Aborigines into work slaves so they hunted them down for sport. I would not be surprised if the Japanese or some other Asians would have extinguished them altogether. But what happened to the Australian Aborigines in the past was truly a clash of civilizations, one adjusted to limitless expansion and the other adjusted to steady state/status quo forever, a stale civilization. The incompatibility was greater than between the Spaniards and the Central and South American Aborigines, for example.

    The solution is not to keep spending zillions of dollars on trying to convert them into the modern (global) society, then to give them a chosen section of territory and allow them to continue living the way they know and want, even if it includes things abhorrent to the rest of Australians. Give them land, give them some assistance (after all they were in Australia first) and let them govern themselves, those who decide so. This should be a general formula of tolerance, rather then assimilation or extinction.

    It is an extreme irony that this planet cannot survive the current civilization adjusted to expansion forever, and that our civilization could learn something from the Australian Aborigines. Maybe not all lessons would be acceptable to us, nevertheless we cannot continue on as we do on a limited planet – we will extinguish ourselves in a fight for resources.

    • Agree: Talha
  30. Kiza says:

    BTW, if you look at the amount of money spent on Australian Aborigines it does look really large for the really, really most modest results in health, education and social progress. But a large proportion of the assistance is appropriated by the white lawyers and other SJWs “fighting” for the Aboriginal Rights, a whole super-structure built upon the “guilt merchandising”. In our advanced “civilization” someone’s misery is always another man’s opportunity. I guess, it is the same trickle-down principle as in all other charities in the modern world, except for The Clinton Foundation of course (personal gain only) into which the Australian Government was paying good money as well.

    • Agree: dfordoom
  31. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    I suspect IQ scores are little less relevant to reality at extremes. Is an 85 IQ NAM going to seem noticeably more on the ball than an Aborigine, in a neutral environment (one where neither has the advantage of familiarity)? Similarly, is a 160 IQ physician going to treat you better than a 140 IQ one?

    I had an anthropology professor in college who had done research on Aborigines and seemed to think they were a bit more advanced than this article suggests. I vaguely remember her discussing their processing of some type of nut or something into food that she said implied some folk knowledge of chemistry. Granted, that seemed a stretch then, which is why I remember it decades later, but it gives some support to your observations.

  32. Wally says:

    If Ashkenazis are so smart then they certainly could have thought up a better method of murder than what they falsely claim for their impossibly fake & stupid 6,000,000.

    • LOL: Genrick Yagoda
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  33. @Dave Pinsen

    I strongly suspect there are more dimensions at play than meets the eye.

    If we take it all on face value, IQ is a metric for aptitudes literally specific to adaptability to a modern mechanized society. There may be another Q, on a quadrant of some kind with G, that measures adaptability to archaic conditions.

  34. @Dave Pinsen

    Dave: the nut that you are referring to is probably that of the zamia palm, which is found in the western part of Australia. If eaten raw by humans or livestock, it is poisonous, however the Aborigines had worked out that if you soaked it, the poison would be leached out, and the nut could then be consumed.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
    , @anon
  35. @Kiza

    So is there an alliance potentiality along the lines of “caucus with us and cut out the middle man” or/and, “support all traditional lifestyles and communities…you support ours , we’ll support yours” ?

    • Replies: @Disordered
  36. Anonymous [AKA "bondi lifesaver"] says:
    @Cowboy Shaw

    But at least we ‘gut our shut togither’ eh? What was it, a toothbrush fence? Yeah come see the toothbrush fence. I’ll see your cabbage tree and raise you a cicada, this is how we do a Hakka mate:

    Evil cicadas win every time. (Yes Crowded House are a fantastic band and Peter Jackson is a great director of fullums, so I’ll grant you those).

    Oh and aborigines have their faults but they are also very talented observers and with animals, and in sport, and they love football. REAL football.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  37. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The last full blood Aborigine in south east Qld died in Ipswich in 1980.
    Go far enough north or West, and you’ll find plenty.
    From my observation, the distinctive Aboriginal facial features, and the long, delicate hands and fingers, identify their heritage through many generations of breeding with Whites.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  38. Aussie says:

    But at least we know it’s spelt “Aussie.”

    Grateful for your data on this. Having travelled extensively across the world, they seem to me to be no more “thick and ignorant” than any other country’s residents.

  39. Read

    Mudrooroo, ‘Aboriginal Mythology, An A-Z spanning the history of aboriginal mythology from the earliest legends to the present day’, London 1994

    Labumore: Elsie Roughsey, ‘An Aboriginal Mother Tells of the Old and the New´, Fitzroy, Victoria, 1984

    Even around 1920 it was a weekend sport in Australia to go hunting, killing, Aboriginals.
    But nothing special for white man, there were just a few Spaniards interested in the highly developed Maya culture, luckily one of them wrote down his observations.
    White man just became interested in Aboriginals when they were nearly wiped out.
    With N American Indians the same story:
    ⦁ Paul Kane, ‘Wanderings of an artist among the Indians of America’, 1859, 1996, New York

  40. @Dave Pinsen

    Advanced, in western eyes.
    Arnhem Land is a great example.
    We die there of hunger or poisoning within a few days, the Aboriginals live in paradise.

    • Replies: @Aussie
    , @Colin Wright
  41. One erratum – “their cultural heritage”. The correct cliche is “their rich cultural heritage”, and has been since, well, since Australian governments started worshipping aborigines and shedding crocodile tears at their displacement. There is a massive propaganda push to start any public event with acknowledgement of the traditional owners of whichever patch of land is being used.

    They may have had a culture, but it was by no means a civilisation. Nowadays, academics are talking about “perpetrators” who killed aborigines during settlement, while ignoring the many killings of whites by aborigines. Perhaps some of them, somehow, opposed diversity…

    The double standard is hilarious. The left will defend the right of aborigines to defend their homeland, but deride today’s whites for the same.

  42. @Meimou

    I think it stands for Right Wing Nut Job.

    So if I read this correctly, Australia may have once been Wakanda, and African Americans don’t have a didgereedo to whistle through.

  43. @Thomm

    Apparently. But the question is, why?

    Black Africans are mostly dominant or at least neutral when they intermix. But Austronesians are (thankfully) recessives. I am not sure why that is.

    As far as I know, all non-African races are recessive (whites, dark Caucasians like Iranians, “tanned” Northern Indians like Benazir Bhutto, east Asians, feather Indians,…all).

    If you mix a white with Asian, you got something like this:

    1/4 Asian (Precious Chong) looks like this:
    But, if you have Afro “blood”, that’s what you get (Rae Dawn Chong):
    Only sub-Saharan blacks are different.


  44. Medvedev says:

    Looks very large? Full family with 3 children can live luxurious lifestyle in most US states on the money Australians waste on Aboriginals.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  45. iffen says:

    The North Sentinel Island solution seems to be optimal.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  46. Biff says:

    I remember watching a show about twenty years ago about a race between a European guy and a Abo in a race across a section of Australia. The European had all the latest survival gear, running/hiking shoes, first aid, and food stores. The Abo had nothing. A veritable turtle and the hare kind of race.
    The European guy never even made while the Abo casually strolled out of the woods a few days later – like the whole trip never even bothered him.

    • Replies: @freebornman
  47. MEH 0910 says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Women had expert knowledge of how to “de-toxify” certain plant foods. The seeds of the cycad palm, Cycas media, are highly carcinogenic when raw, and require elaborate treatment including shelling, crushing, leaching in running water for up to five days, then cooking. After this they are made into small loaves, which can keep for a number of weeks.
    Main article: Burke and Wills expedition
    Ill-fated explorers Burke and Wills survived on bush bread for some time after they ran out of rations due to the death of their camels. The Cooper Creek Aboriginals, the Yandruwandha people, gave them fish, beans called padlu, and bread made from the ground sporocarps of the ngardu (nardoo) plant (Marsilea drummondii).

    There is some evidence that the nardoo contributed to their deaths.
    It is possible that the explorers, in preparing the bread themselves, were not preparing it in the traditional way of the Aboriginal people,[3] which may have involved soaking seeds prior to grinding in order to remove the enzyme thiaminase, which depletes the body of vitamin B1. It is therefore believed that the deaths of Burke and Wills resulted in part from the vitamin deficiency disease beri-beri.[3]

  48. FB says:

    What a disgusting pile of shit…masquerading as an ‘article’…

    The only thing this proves is that the ‘writer’…an obscure clown I have never heard of…is the stupidest person I have yet encountered in my life…

    • Troll: Genrick Yagoda
  49. wayfarer says:

    Primitive Australians and Their Primitive Pastimes

  50. Rich says:

    Again, and probably for the one millionth time, there is no separate IQ test of Ashkenazi Jews that shows them having a higher IQ than other European groups. Ashkenazi have never been separated out for a test and all reports of their high IQ’s are based on estimates, including the one by everybody’s favorite IQ specialist, Richard Lynne.

  51. @Seraphim

    “They looked at them exactly the same way like the ‘whites’ look at the invasion of the low IQ ‘browns’”

    Do you mean that they became angry at their tribal governments for importing the British pirates?

  52. @Medvedev

    If the way the money is spent by government in Australia for the supposed benefit of Abos is similar to the way it is spent in the US by the government for the supposed benefit of American indian tribes, then only a small percentage is used for the actual benefit of any of the people who are claimed to be the beneficiaries. Therein may lie the problem with results.

    “Administration costs” seem to take the lion’s share of the appropriated funds here in the US.

    • Replies: @Anon
  53. @FB

    If that’s how you feel, I wouldn’t advise reading the comments’ section.

  54. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave from Oz

    You are right about the idea of the representative body being hiiarious, it would be full of white people with an Aboriginal great-great grandmother or great-great grandfather, or no connection at all (called ‘gubbarigines’),

    Indian sub-continental, African, and African-American impostors.

    I have read a very little of the history, but an American woman named Roberta ‘Bobby’ Sykes was a major impostor activist many years ago, an Indian man also.

    In the future, Moslem impostors in general, because of similar overly high crime rates and incarceration therefor. Have only read of one such, may be rare.

    I think that they are already having much more than 3% of land area. Don’t know how it works, don’t live there.

    Do know that when the PM was Keating, time I was there, tours to closed places in Arnhem Land were handed out to selected SJWs, not necessarily even Labour party members.

    • Replies: @anon
  55. IQ questions aside, show me a guy who reflexively condemns the West for historical injustice against indigenous peoples, and I’ll show you a guy who thinks that rural and/ or aging whites deserve to be economically screwed for not adapting fast enough to 21st Century technology.

    In other words, “terk er jerbs” is funny to a lot of people who would consider “terk er lands” to be hate speech.

  56. @Anonymous

    Were the Abos completely nomadic? Didn’t they farm the land to an extent?

  57. Jake says:

    And like the black Egyptians, from whom Socrates stole philosophy, the Australian Aborigines invented flying, which proved most helpful in transcontinental trade and peaceful dispute solving.

    And here is the necessary inference from your assertions: if the very presence of whites is so inimical to Australian Aborigines and other non-whites, then the only moral stance is to require that whites be segregated away from non-whites. There should be nations that are White Only so that whites cannot harm, by their very presence, the precious angels who are not white.

  58. RodW says:

    It will be interesting watching Ms. Goldberg using her bully pulpit to urge her integrationism on her co-tribalists in Israel.

  59. Jake says:


    Some of the assumed higher Ashkenazi IQ estimates are based on Jewish accomplishment. But it is a given that when Jews attain high status, they start the process of making certain that they are succeeded by Jews. Jews network more fiercely, more aggressively than even the Chinese. An Jews always wish to hold down and keep out the white Gentiles they see as most ‘conservative’ in terms of traditional European cultural values and identity, most specifically historic Christianity.

  60. gwynedd1 says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    That is until the farmers begin to hunt the most dangerous prey and hunt other humans. Keep in mind the Mongols beat the farmers easily.

    I never really liked that dichotomy anyway. There is a much more flexible concept introduced by Adam Smith which was the division of labor. That is the essence of a standing army.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  61. As late as 1901, the Australian Parliament was debating the issue, though white Australians had long been interbreeding with them by then.

    Does any more need to be said?

  62. @Wally

    If Ashkenazis are so smart then they certainly could have thought up a better method of murder than what they falsely claim for their impossibly fake & stupid 6,000,000.

    If Ashkenazis are so smart then they certainly could have thought up better methods of avoiding eternal ” victimhood” as well. Besides, what’s so special about being “chosen” if it means eternal “poysikyooshun.” Is persistent playing of the victim card really all that “smart?”

    Sometimes I wonder if all this yapping about “smarts” and “IQ” are frauds as well…

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  63. @gwynedd1

    The farmers beat the Mongols. The Mongol empire collapsed, predictably for a society whose basic ethic is just taking your neighbors’ stuff. They had to return to their landlocked country in the back end of nowhere. The pastoralists are going extinct.

  64. FB says:

    ‘…Sometimes I wonder if all this yapping about “smarts” and “IQ” are frauds as well…’

    No need to wonder…IQ testing is something thought up ‘psychologists’…ie pseudo-scientists…

    Stephen Hawking has been asked many times why he never took an IQ test…he dismissed the idea as silly…and having ‘no value’…

    Most practitioners of hard sciences like physics and math view the social ‘sciences’ as only slightly removed from alchemy and quackery…

    • Replies: @Curle
  65. songbird says:

    In many ways, the Japanese are an admirable people. Today, probably more pro-Europe than many Europeans.

    You, however, are making the rather silly mistake of confounding post-war, low fertility Japan with Malthusian Japan. Before industrialization, they didn’t have what might be called the spirit of discovery, burning any foreign sailors that came ashore alive, outside of the tiny, remote, designated area. However, it was their policy to eliminate the native Ainu. (though often through marriage) and they did it rather well. I doubt if you can find a real one today.

    Japan’s war plans are well known. They wanted to ethnically cleanse a giant swath of land across many countries in the Pacific. They thought they cold Japanize the Koreans, but they were the only ones. They saw the Chinese as untermenschen, and wanted to rid Australia of its white population. Do you really think they would have kept on the Aborigines?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  66. El Dato says:

    The “non-Hebraic peoples” have no need of your white liberalism.

    They can wipe the floor with others all by themselves and not feel bad about it.

  67. @Anonymous

    Emu, you sound just like people did 30 years ago when I went through my Aboriginal Prehistory training. Lots of political correctness and undergrad regurgitation, no substance to what you have written. Shrill. You have addressed nothing the author writes, other than by meaningless rejoinders such as “it’s thoroughly discredited”.

    You need to address the author’s main points: abos have a low IQ (this should be simple, just show it ain’t so, it’s fairly black and white, no pun intended), high rates of mental illness (more difficult, as “mental illness” is clearly a subjective definition), and high rates of abusive upbringing, also more difficult to define and measure.

    Virtue signalling doesn’t cut it.

  68. This article is gravely flawed by its emphasis on Richard Lynn’s IQ figure for Aborigines without evidence that the author has even heard of the Flynn Effect or read Ron Unz’s debunking of much of Lynn’s work i.e. that which is premised on the IQ figures quoted.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @songbird
  69. peterAUS says:

    Well, although I tend to skip through his posts (as I am sure he does with mine), in this particular case I agree with Kiza here:

    The solution is not to keep spending zillions of dollars on trying to convert them into the modern (global) society, then to give them a chosen section of territory and allow them to continue living the way they know and want, even if it includes things abhorrent to the rest of Australians. Give them land, give them some assistance (after all they were in Australia first) and let them govern themselves, those who decide so. This should be a general formula of tolerance, rather then assimilation or extinction.

    I won’t be around when/if that even happens, of course. Just don’t see it practicable in the current paradigm.
    As Kiza, again, well put:

    …a large proportion of the assistance is appropriated by the white lawyers and other SJWs “fighting” for the Aboriginal Rights, a whole super-structure built upon the “guilt merchandising”.

    White psychology and politics. The guilt thing in particular, especially in “chattering classes”.

    See some Kiwis here. Was recently in Auckland, went to the Museum there. Remember visiting the same museum ages ago.
    I believe I saw the shift re Maori language. Before, as I remember, all signs/explanations were English/Maori. Now, ti appears it’s other way around.
    There is something….peculiar… that desire, perhaps need, to “accommodate” the native culture
    Can’t say I understand that, just feel, suspect, there is something deeply wrong and disturbing there, but, well, not my area of expertise, not even close.
    Just feels…….creepy. Slimy ?!

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Jake Dee
  70. While obviously they are a lot more primitive than Anglos, saying they as a group benefitted from Anglo colonisation is really pushing it. From the POV of an Aborigine in 1600, best thing for my descendants would be if no Europeans or Asians ever landed on Australia.

    • Replies: @freebird
  71. Lloyd1927 says:

    Wait! Weren’t these so-called “Aboriginal” children of the allegedly “Stolen Generation” usually fathered by white men? I’m sure the process was far from perfect, but rescuing children of “white blood” seems generous and good on the part of the Australian government. Of course, some of these part-Aboriginal whites have been encouraged to claim Aboriginal status and denounce their government for supposedly depriving them of an allegedly glorious primitive culture.

  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This Jewish broad in Australia has a big mouth. So, Australia belongs to the Aborigines and Israel belongs to the Jews. So move to Israel and let white people decide if they wanna give it back. It’s not your decision.

    Jews are jealous people.

  73. Dave Pinsen says: • Website
    @Vox Australis

    Thanks, that was probably it.

  74. Anonymous [AKA "carlos432"] says:

    Remember backpacking in my twenties on a coach journey from Darwin to Alice Springs. We stopped in the middle of the night in some small town in the Northern Territories to get out for a few minutes to stretch our legs.

    What I saw was shocking and looked like a scene in one of those post-apocalyptic movies where zombies roamed a town. It was full of drunk aborigine groups arguing and fighting for no good reason.

    I’m from the UK so I’m used to seeing drunken young people & fights every now and then, but this was on another level! Just about all of them were out of it and fighting among themselves.

    Luckily all we got was “fuck you white man” directed at us from a distance.

    A mate who went to an outback bar said he saw roughly the same thing, with an aboriginal couple having sex on the bar in front of a large aboriginal group!

    Sad really but I guess at least they don’t harm anyone else.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Floda
  75. freebird says:

    I am not one to play the race card and generally don’t like to make race an issue. However historically just as it was with American Indians and Africans in our country subtle and overt racism might have played a part in the way Aborigines were inculcated into Australian society. Certainly today that may not be the case but certainly in the 18th, 19th, and a good part of the 20th century it might have been.

  76. freebird says:
    @Simon in London

    Well Australia was first and foremost a penal colony for the British Empire so I doubt most of the original White people in Australia had much say so in whether or not they were sent to the country and or what they could do once they got there

  77. @Anonymous

    Small pox had already reached Australia by the time whites arrived. The Aborigines contracted it from Indonesian traders.

  78. iffen says:

    Just don’t see it practicable in the current paradigm.

    Of course it is not practicable, once contact is made and there is trade you can’t get anything “back”, alcohol, for example, or superior weapons, etc.

    Other commenters have made the point that the culture has been damaged beyond repair, just like the many American Indian cultures. There is not really a choice to be made, you can’t re-create a culture, hell, we can’t even keep ours from going down, much less re-create a bunch of HG or subsistence farmer ones.

    something….peculiar… that desire, perhaps need, to “accommodate” the native culture

    It’s dem Jews; they’s brain-washed us into exalting the “other.” 🙂

  79. @Henry's Cat

    The only example of Aboriginal farming I’ve read of was digging ponds for eels along the Murray River. They did set fire to bush land so they could gather young shoots, but they never actually collected seed and planted crops.

    Their hunter gatherer lifestyle is completely incompatible with Western or Eastern style farming, since it requires a huge amount of land to support a very small number of people. The hunter gatherer carrying capacity of Australia is about one million people.

    • Replies: @Brolga
  80. iffen says:

    an aboriginal couple having sex on the bar in front of a large aboriginal group!

    This is supposed to be a big thing in Florida. Lots of private clubs and bars dedicated to this sort of entertainment.

  81. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Bobbi Sykes’ White mother mudsharked with Black servicemen in Townsville in 1942.
    Sykes later became an agitator, allegedly on behalf of Aborigines, but she wasn’t an impostor.
    Angela Davis lookalike, very bitter, a lesbian as well.

    All the Aboriginal activists i know of appear to have been nurtured and promoted by the various communist Parties in Australia.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  82. @FB

    Excellent refutation old chap. Insightful and supported with facts and reasoning. I look forward to your full rebuttal when it appears here at UR. Might I suggest a title for the article?

    [email protected]#$ you, you [email protected]#$%^&* coc#$%^&er, and why I’m morally superior in every way.”

    • LOL: Ace
    • Replies: @FB
  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As Aboriginal Australians must suffer their days in the hands of wicked white Australians, twirling their mustaches and foiling them at every turn, I think the fair thing to do would be to send these wonderful people to Israel, a country sorely lacking in diversity, who has had to miss out on the benefits of diversity all these years. The Aborigines would get to be among the kindest, most wonderful, most selflessly generous people on the planet. If the Aborigines have a few extra benefits of diversity to share, who better to help them integrate and become the doctors, lawyers, and CEOs they were meant to be?

  84. @Wizard of Oz

    Please give references, particularly ” Unz’s debunking of Lynn.” I would be particularly interested as Lynn is a psychologist and Unz is a classicist. I suspect it is your usual cuckAUS outlook on life.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  85. @jacques sheete

    Shoiman, help. They’re poysicyootin’ me ovah heah. It’s half antisemitism already.

  86. songbird says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    When do you expect the average IQs of the world’s different ethnic groups will converge? Or is it a case of everyone rising at the same rate, i.e. when American blacks are 165, American whites will be about 180, and so on?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  87. FB says:

    Very cute bonehead…

    My brief comment was an initial impression…not an attempt at a refutation…which will be coming in due time…don’t worry…it’ll give knuckle draggers like you plenty to chew on…

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  88. Aussie says:
    @jilles dykstra

    What a strange thing to say. I live in Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory, which takes in a lot of Arnhem Land. It is a harsh environment, with very few Aboriginals living there. It is certainly not a “paradise”.

  89. Aussie says:
    @Henry's Cat

    They went after native plants such as yams, but didn’t grow plants.

  90. @FB

    “My brief comment was an initial impression…not an attempt at a refutation”

    LOL you’re almost as good at detecting sarcasm as you are controlling your feelings – oh sorry, impressions.

    You are prone to tantrums and name calling but I’M the bonehead and knuckle dragger.

    I do look forward to your coming refutation, titled simply “Muh Feelz”.

  91. slorter says:

    Just what the world needs another opinion from a middle class white man!

  92. @Anonymous

    “These people may truly be said to be in the pure state of nature, and may appear to some to be the most wretched upon the earth; but in reality they are far happier than … we Europeans”, wrote Cook in his journal on 23 August 1770.

    Not for long though. European diseases ravaged the Aborigines as the British exported convicted convicts, having convicted so many citizens that they resorted to housing them on mastless ships called “hulks”. The first Australians were more than 90% prisoners and almost 100% white.

    Cook’s journal entry seems to give the lie to the anonymous writer of this article who claims Cook and his men recorded that the Aborigines were “savages,” “barbaric” and even “stupid”.

    Anybody can say anybody is “stupid” and plenty say that about the lumpen white populace of the US who, as Obama once said, “cling desperately to their guns and bibles”.

    In 1988 the Aboriginal Wars commenced and lasted 110 years, with the Aborigines acquitting themselves better than, say, the Iraqis post Saddam, but not as well as the resolute Vietnamese who eventually routed the GIs (despite the vast advantages and unscrupulous tactics) and turned John McCain into a blabbering informant.

    Today, at least 74% of adult Australians who identify as indigenous are married (de facto or de jure) to non-aboriginal spouses, but Aborigines still experience forms of adverse discrimination. To suggest that Aborigines were net beneficiaries of the white invasion simply because they were carried along in the march of history (as second class citizens) is pretty damn fucked-up.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @songbird
    , @Anonymous
    , @Ace
  93. Floda says:

    I recall reading a story on the early settlement in New South Wales. It was of a ‘squatter’ whose foreman had failed to return from some task and was presumed to be lost in the vast bush north of todays Sydney. The squatter and a white friend arranged for a party of about eight Abbos to search for the lost man.

    After some time the Blacks found his trail and the party set about following him. They estimated they were about three days behind him, so the Boss urged for more speed. One day they came across a tree where a tracker indicated by kneeling himself the lost man had kneeled before it and carved, ‘God help me’.

    At about this time the party noticed a strange, ever present noise in this part of the bush. The squatter and his mate also noticed the natives were becoming nervous and arguing among themselves. It seems they somehow knew they had entered the territory of another tribe who would surely kill them if they were found. During that night four of them silently deserted the camp.

    With their party of black trackers now much reduced, the Boss and his companion tied up the remaining natives lest they escape at night, leaving the two white men as hopelessly lost as the man
    they were tracking.

    Eventually they found the foreman, but almost dead from thirst and hunger in bad shape. They decided to camp for a few days and help him recover his strength by slowly feeding him so he could walk unassisted.

    When they eventually resumed backtracking they noticed the strangely distant noise they heard at this location before and briefly deviated toward the sound of it. They came across an open and grassy clearing with no thick Australian bush and a small hill some 200 yards distant, the sound now more pronounced.

    Having walked across the clearing the party climbed up the sandy hill and there below and in front of them was the vast, blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean! The blacks never having seen such an enormous body of water, just went berserk. They screamed and yelled, began jumping up and down which lasted almost the remainder of that day.

    After several days the party finally came home to ‘the station’. The unlucky foreman never fully recovered his strength and was sent to a suitable home in Port Jackson. The Abbo might have a far lower IQ than we do, but he can track and we cannot.

  94. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Vox Australis

    It would take an anthropology professor to consider the idea of soaking poisonous foods to be advanced chemistry.

    This is common with many foods in many cultures. For instance, in Asia:

    Raw bamboo shoots contain natural toxins, like cyanogenic glycosides, that must be eliminated through cooking. Scalding fresh bamboo shoots in boiling water is a common method to “sanitize” the vegetable and eliminate that acidic taste at the same time.

  95. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Twodees Partain

    You are absolutely correct. The bureaucracy was, and remains, massive.

  96. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s blacks in America all over again, “closing the gap” and “social justice”:
    Closing the Gap is a government strategy that aims to reduce disadvantage among Aboriginal and

    Torres Strait Islander people with respect to life expectancy, child mortality, access to early childhood education, educational achievement, and employment outcomes. It is a formal commitment made by all Australian governments to achieve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality within 25 years.

    Closing the Gap was developed in response to the call of the Social justice report 2005 and the Close the Gap social justice campaign. In March 2008, Australian governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people agreed ‘to work together to achieve equality in health status and life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians by the year 2030’ when they signed the Indigenous health equality summit statement of intent.

    To monitor change, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has set measurable targets to monitor improvements in the health and wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population [1]. The targets are:

    – close the gap in life expectancy within a generation

    – halve the gap in mortality rates for Indigenous children under five within a decade

    – ensure all Indigenous four years-olds in remote communities have access to early childhood education within five years

    – halve the gap for Indigenous students in reading, writing and numeracy within a decade

    – halve the gap for Indigenous students in year 12 attainment or equivalent attainment rates by 2020

    – halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade.

    This is good:

    The generous timeframes for the Closing the Gap targets recognise the enormity of the challenge.

    In other words, the IQ gap (“reading, writing and numeracy”) will be halved by 2026. Good luck with that.

  97. @Henry's Cat

    Certainly some of them were fish (snd eel I think) farmers but a lack of farmable crops or domesticatable mammals limited their farming. It is not clear to me how many of them were nomadic in the sense of leaving some land within their territory seasonally unoccupied while they moved to other locations as a tribe or clan. Also certainly they were hunter gatherers who had territories that led them to kill trespassers at a high rate by modern Australian homicide rates. If you read leading Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey’s Triumph of the Nomads which he wrote in the early 1970s when he noted that his Economuc History lectures lacked pre 1788 Australian material you will enjoy learning why he suggests, from memory, that the average Aborigine probably had in 1800 a better standard of living than a Polish peasant! If one acknowledges that the intelligence that IQ measures is a measure of processing speed and working memory as much as anything else the idea that anything like 64 represents Aboriginal IQ in comparison with modern Europeans test savvy 100 is utterly absurd. Maybe Aboriginal breeding today is dysgenic like that of Anglos and it may well be that the whites most of them have genes from were not high class examples but the desperate condition of Aboriginal health and brain condition is overwhelmingly an environmental product of which foetal alcohol syndrome and glue and petrol sniffing rank very high as causes.

  98. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    That is not the FB whose elegant writing and I think civility I recently praised (while warning him off flattering Kiza with toouch attention). Please…. though the deficiencies of the article are many, not least, as noted above, the absence of reflection on the Flynn Effect or Ron Unz’s demotion of much of the Łynn dogma (enjoying too the fact that leftists couldn’t see the obvious deficiencies).
    PS It was your correct and apt use of “comprised” that I originally noted with mild pleasure and surprise as it is not usual on UR threads (even on UR which is a cut above most webzines) to be confident of finding an olf fashioned chap – or chapess – who would share my bugbears

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @FB
  99. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    In 1988 the Aboriginal Wars commenced and lasted 110 years

    That is fascinating,. So, you are saying that this ‘war’ that nobody has ever heard of has been running for the last thirty years and won’t be over until 2098?

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  100. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    … like misuse of “infer” or “anticipate”

  101. songbird says:

    Cook was not a great observer of natives, or else he would not have been killed and eaten by Hawaiians.

  102. Talha says:

    Thanks for these insights, NtD. Is there something you would recommend that would in brief describe some of these contributions by the Aboriginals or certain unique traits they have (other than the phenomenal ability to survey be harsh climates)?

    I would be interested in it.


    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @anon
  103. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Your last paragraph surely deals with a barely thinkable counterfactual. In 1788 there were not just hundreds of clans/tribes with hundreds of different languages and high (my modern civilised standards) homicide rates living stimulating and healthy lives but the rest of the pre Malthusisn world was just about to burst out in s population explosion facilitated by the Scientific, Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. At the very least they were going to be devastated by the arrival of Eurasian diseases (and what about Yellow Fever?) and there was a total absence of the structures needed to combie as one or even five or ten “nation” to solve collective problems. So…. could any normal young urban person of part Aboriginal descent in 1918 rationally say he would prefer to be living as an illiterate hunter gatheter in an ancestral territory in 1788, especially if the person is female? I suppose it is not strictly speaking irrational to say ” my life is so boring I would prefer a short sweet tough but stimulating life as an Abo warrior fighting off the Hakka traders who bring their nasty diseases to our northern shores and even those occasional white fellas with those tubes that go pop as they steal our wallabies….” And how I wish I had flown in the Battle of Britain.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  104. FB says:

    I generally try to tailor the ‘civility’ level to that on offer…

    …also keeping in mind who initiates the ‘engagement’…

    The ‘do unto others as they do unto you first’ rule…if you will…

  105. That the Abo suicide rate is so high seems counterintuitive. Blacks in America have had lower suicide rates than Whites for as long as I can remember. And it’s well known that Northern European countries have higher suicide rates than African and Middle Eastern countries. It would therefore seem that there is some correlation between suicide and IQ. I for one think that there is a minimum IQ at which suicidal ideation is possible. Call the flip side of the “delayed gratification” measure of IQ. A person with a low enough IQ is unlikely to be forward-thinking enough to see a situation as utterly hopeless.

  106. @Kiza

    Credit where it is due and I applaud the humanity of your fantasy. But it is even more of a fantasy than I expect you might explain it to be. Just think of the word “country” as used by Abs to refer to their own ancestral territory with its own Dreamings; assuming as seems to be a frequent choice they choose one of a number of ancestral lines that are mostly a modern phenomenon. And think of the hundreds of territories and languages of Abs (so identfying however improably) as well as the impossibility of 99 per cent of them for a variety of reasons living a pre 1788 life if your idea was implemented.

    Mind you I agree with references above to Blsiney’s charming and interesting book and apart from evidence that many/most Abs have inherited greatly superior eyesight (20/8 as for test pilots must be good for detecting well camouflaged prey in the ling grass four hundred metres away) I don’t see any case for thinking their brains have evolved to make Lynn’s 64 IQ figure equally useless and ludicrous. Mind you they are probably lacking i.e. pure Abs are lacking the last few alleles that made large Eurasian populations better at IQ tests. So. no Nobel Prizes or Field Medals perhsps but that is true of many ethnic minorities and it doesn’t stop them becoming medicsl doctors or airline pilots which, as they are such a small minority (and without guns be it noted when comparing them with Americans of sll hues) is an adequate contribution to carrying Oz’s large majority of everyone whose high standard of living is thanks to miners, farmers and the Chinese (with help from the other East Asians – who, come to think of it, probably should include Philippine call centre workers paid s lot less thsn Austrslian wages!)

    • Replies: @Kiza
  107. Seraphim says:

    One may wonder whether the author had ever set foot in Australia and if he ever met an Aborigine in person. The article is full of the half truths and biases you find in the books of the type ‘The West and the Rest’.

  108. @Talha

    Hi Talha,

    I really can’t claim to be knowledgable enough on the subject to be of much assistance there. They are well represented in Australian Football (Footy) which is one of the best ball games of them all to watch, especially at the top level AFL. They have an uncanny ability to recognise individual characteristics of trees and bushes much the way we might follow streets and buildings and not get lost. The stockman’s lot is tough indeed (hard yakka in Australian lingo) and they excel at it. Travelling shows often feature fighters in tents willing to take on any and all comers, not for the feint hearted. I’ve watched street brawls amongst them and wondered how they’ve survived the blows to the head.

    I personally know some astute business men (mixed race aborigines) who are investing money from the mining of royalties on aboriginal land. They are buying and building a wide variety of small businesses and training young aborigines to work in and manage them. I know of a (white run) charity (Edge of Nowhere) that sends people out to the most remote areas where food is very expensive and not very fresh, and teach aboriginal kids on how to set up edible gardens to improve nutrition.

    They seem to think differently too and it is a shame that this has not been sufficiently explored in the realm of problem solving.

    Check out the throwing stick they invented to enhance spear throwing and of course the boomerang is a nifty piece of work too.

    Years ago an aboriginal (Lionel Brockman) was arrested for a small, petty offence but he escaped custody and went on the run. He wasn’t dangerous nor had he committed any great crime but the police took it personally and launched a huge manhunt. The more he evaded them so the more resources were thrown at bringing him to “justice” and still he eluded capture until the cost of the hunt became such an embarrassment that the hunt was called off. He gave himself up eventually.

    Kiza was correct in saying that while it is true that lots of money is spent on the aboriginal “problem” much of it gets syphoned off into exploitative and greedy white hands.


    • Replies: @Talha
  109. @Anonymous

    Malthus was concerned with the fear of over-population by the dependent poor. Karl Marx referred to Malthus’ thinking as “nothing more than a schoolboyish, superficial plagiary of De Foe, Sir James Steuart, Townsend, Franklin, Wallace”.

    Nowadays, most nominally capitalist regimes regard population growth as intrinsic to financial growth but also regard non-productive groups and classes as adverse to financial growth.

    Hence the around 43 million Americans that live below the poverty line. It’s not just the likes of Aborigines who are seen as deadweight on society and despised as deserving of their fate.

    As for the Hakkas you mention; “The Hakkas, sometimes Hakka Han, are Han Chinese people whose ancestral homes are chiefly in the Hakka-speaking provincial areas of Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Hainan and Guizhou”.

    You may be thinking of Makassan fishermen from what is now Indonesia with whom Aborigines in the north of Australia traded, but on a friendly basis. The areas where European diseases erupted two years after the invasion of the First Fleet were right around Sydney, on the south east corner of Australia, where the First Fleet set up the colony and where there were definitely no “Hakkas” and no other outside carriers of pestilence either.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Disordered
  110. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Just Jews (“the usual leftists”) up to their usual mischief. Australia had about 200,000 Aborigines when whites arrived. That is about ONE-FIFTH the population of Delaware, in a country just about the same size as the contiguous United States. The idea that they “owned” Australia is absurd. They did not occupy the land at all in any meaningful sense. There were simply not enough of them to do so. When I travelled across Australia years ago I was astonished at how empty the interior of the country was.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  111. Talha says:

    Again thanks for the insights.

    They seem to think differently too and it is a shame that this has not been sufficiently explored in the realm of problem solving.

    Totally agree and I think the approach in ignoring this is myopic.

    Well, if you do come across some succinct material, please do share.


  112. Che Guava says:

    Interesting article.

    I am not an expert in population genetics or archaeology (though better read than most lay people), but a few points in the article annoy or interest me.

    ‘South-east asians’ is a massive and stupid generalisation. The aboriginal populations of the Philippines (negritos in old terminology), the Malay peninsula, what used to be called Borneo and some other islands are clearly the products of an earlier migration, but they have little resemblance to Australian aborigines.

    Perhaps that is superficial, and genetic data contradict that.

    I doubt it.

    As for Torres Strait Islanders, they appear more like Melanesians, not Australian Aborigines, so I would assume they are descendents of Melanesian sea-farers, there may have been a stage where they stopped on the Australian mainland, perhaps some mixing, but they are a different group. As are the Melanesians in PNG, and their cousins suffering the Javanese empire in West Papua.

    I once read an old book which posited that Australian Aborigines, Dravidians in India, and the Bushmen in southern Africa were all products of the same earlier radiation. That the latter are not genetically related to Aborigines was a big surprise.

    If the writer or anyone with better knowledge will reply on these points, it would be appreciated.

    Finally, a thirty- or forty-thousand year-old grave was discovered in South Australia, containing mixed hominid types. I think there have been similar finds elsewhere in that land. Research on such finds was strictly forbidden many years ago, raising the obvious question, what is it that we must not be permitted to know?

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  113. @songbird

    I don’t believe in complete convergence or infinite rising of measured IQ scores. But when some of the factors causing thr Flyyn Effect have had their effect in primitive communities and run their course I would expect the measured IQ aversges of the primitives to increase

  114. peterAUS says:
    @Che Guava

    I once read an old book which posited that Australian Aborigines, Dravidians in India, and the Bushmen in southern Africa were all products of the same earlier radiation. That the latter are not genetically related to Aborigines was a big surprise.

    If the writer or anyone with better knowledge will reply on these points, it would be appreciated.

    Finally, a thirty- or forty-thousand year-old grave was discovered in South Australia, containing mixed hominid types. I think there have been similar finds elsewhere in that land. Research on such finds was strictly forbidden many years ago, raising the obvious question, what is it that we must not be permitted to know?

    Pre-deluvian civilizations?

    An interesting topic guaranteed to invite an avalanche of derision, especially from scholars and experts.

    If….if there is a shred of truth there it would, let’s say, adversely affect the current paradigm. All of it.
    Can’t be done.

    A good thing is , well ,maybe there was a similar lunacy (idiots with nukes) before, and still the humans survived. Gives us some hope today.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @rerevisionist
  115. @Verymuchalive

    Such a polite comment deserves the advice to Google for “Ron Unz Richard Lynn”.

    Your moniker is not an apt description of your brain based on
    1. the brief, crude, almost meaningless characterisation of your slender understanding of my point of view and Weltanschauung; and
    2 based on your apparent belief that there is anything to be said for treating the inherited cause of IQ averages of 70 or under amongst primitives as comparable to Europesn averages >90. From memory Ron focused on the absurd anomaly of the reported Irish and Slovenian IQ scores that Lynn seemed to accept as supporting his thesis.

    That you are foolish is evident because you assume that you are not wrong in the most elementary way. But you not only don’t know much about our very smart host’s wrtings you assert egregiously that he is a “classicist” posing as entiled to criticise a psychologist when the truth is he is a former theoretical physicist and software writer/developer with far greater mathematical and statistical skills than Lynn. Yes he did write a paper on “The Spartan Naval Emplire” too.

    Mind you I have some sympathy for Lynn’s broad H-bd approsch inasmuch as he says “Higher aversge IQs are prima facie a good thing and a lot of the inter group differences are inherited” but put yourself next to a crashed aircraft in the middle of the Kalshari desert without food or water, compass or map. When you hear some clicks and little Khoi San speakers approach are you goung to worry when you remember Phil Rushton’s 57 average IQ for them that they won’t be sble to understsnd you, provide food and guide you out of the desert to civilisation? Remember thst an Americsn who scored 57 on an IQ test would be slobberingly retarded and useless.

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @Verymuchalive
  116. @Not_One_of_You

    Thank you. True but irrelevant to what I wrote and implied. E.g. the Hakka reference was just part of the metaphor and hypothetical which was merely intended to emphasise the movemrnts of people within Asia and the Pacific. That Eurasian diseases would have arrived is not in doubt. Small pox may well have crossed half the continent from Sydney within two or three years.

    BTW Malthus wasn’t wrong about the tendency to breed up to the
    limit of the capacity to feed them all. Did Marx say he was? Darwin appears to have been inspiref by him to grasp that survival amongst overbreeders was the key to natural selection FWIW.

  117. A major problem with Australia’s Aborigines is the lack of public debate on the topic. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission, a publicly funded broadcaster) was taken over by the Marxists more than 40 years ago, and for many years has done nothing but peddle left wing propaganda to the small proportion of the population that can be bothered watching it. Most mainstream newspapers — with the honourable exception of Rupert Murdoch’s Australian — don’t publish anything of any significance on Aboriginal affairs.

    Much is made of the so-called ‘Stolen Generation’, a term used to describe the Aboriginal children who were removed from their parents and raised in foster homes, or in orphanages. For Australia’s left-wing intellectuals, it is proof of the racist policies of successive governments, and an attempt at genocide. Keith Windschuttle, editor of Quadrant, one of the few conservative journals in Australia, has written two volumes of a work titled ‘The Fabrication of Aboriginal History’, his work on government archives has shown that in every case that he investigated, children were removed because they were being neglected by their parents; some girls were removed because they were in danger of being sexually abused, either by their own people, or by white men. Windschuttle’s books have been neglected by the Aboriginal industry of lawyers, SJW’s and the like because they contradict the convenient view of Aborigines as perpetual victims.

    Australian governments, both Federal and state, spend colossal amounts of money on the Aborigines, with little or no positive outcome. In Western Australia, where I live, Aborigines are about 3% of the population, but 40% of the prison population, Aboriginal women are 20 times as likely to be in prison compared to non-Aboriginal women. In many of the Aboriginal communities in remote areas, sexual abuse of children is rife, violence against women is routine, and alcohol consumption is phenomenal. However, the bureaucracy that administers Aboriginal affairs ignores the problem.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  118. Sam J. says:

    Talking about the dysfunction of Aboriginals take a look at this guy. As you watch remember I didn’t try to deceive you he claims to be an Aboriginal.

    He’s bringing in infected leaves into Australia. What he was bringing in could destroy all the Eucalyptus trees. Now are we to believe that the people like him who are so smart, so they say, would pack up infected leaves, just the leaves, and smuggle them in the country by accident? I believe he did this on purpose. I would have never thought such a thing before I became wise to people like him. I believe they do stuff like this all the time if they feel they can get away with it and harm anyone not like them. All their advice is rotten. If someone believes different then explain what he would be doing carefully packing up infected leaves?

    He wants to skip ahead in the customs line. He claims he’s an Aboriginal??? But you know what he is.

    • Replies: @Rerevisionist
  119. @anon

    ” They did not occupy the land at all in any meaningful sense. ”

    In your western opinion.

    • Replies: @anon
  120. One could make the argument that modern Australia, once a vast open air prison camp, was settled by the detritus of Europe, of the “genetically inferior” deported British recidivist criminal underclass, the equivalent of the modern welfare-for-life football hooligan. A culled nation so backwards and genetically deplorable, that even its most law-abiding citizens cannot be trusted to own firearms. What could one expect from the DNA of those who were so indigestible to civilized society, that they had to be expulsed from their native land, by their own countrymen?

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
    , @Catch
  121. Kiza says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Why do you call them Abs instead of Abos as everybody does? I thought you were talking about stomach muscles or attempting to be PC. Anyway, I do not dispute that mine is a fantasy because as someone said – it is too late. I do not think that the destruction of a weaker group/civilisation happens as soon as they encounter each other as another one suggested above. But several hundred years later too much has happened. It is very unfortunate that the first ones of the Anglo- and Spanish explorers were always focused on profit from their adventures – usually gold and/or slave labor. Such motives combined with guns in their hands always brought doom to the technologically weaker group/civilisation. I could only imagine the explorer’s laugh at my fantasy of tolerance – if you cannot use them, then just kill them and take their land. Only a slightly more humane approach is to try to assimilate them.

    I read many of the comments here and I just do not accept that we always have to pass judgement on the Abos. Why cannot we mind our own business and let the fellas learn to cope with what we brought on them. I actually live with a large number of Abos around but I do not try to stop them even when they quarrel and hit their women. I would intervene only if a life was threatened.

    But I liked that I learned the name for the whites who pretend to be Abos to gain the benefits – Garbarigines.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  122. anon • Disclaimer says:

    According to Birdsell, there are/were 3 separate Aboriginal Peoples in Australia in the 1930s
    1. A negrito people that had lived in the rainforests around Cairns, but were then living with other Aborigines in Government Settlements, the people on the East Coast, and the people on the West Coast.

    From what i’ve read, Mungo Man and the Kow Swamp Woman bear no resemblance to modern Aborigines

  123. Talha says:

    The speaker is a bit monotonous and not very dynamic but he has very interesting things to say on this subject – backed by research:


  124. @Fran Macadam

    And yet it would seem the average white Australian is more intelligent than the descendants of the lowest class of British settler to populate the U.S. – the ”Scots-Irish” from the England/Scotland border region. Maybe since the environment of Australia was much harsher than that of Appalachia, there were more eugenic pressures on the early Australians, so that the more intelligent ones were more likely to breed.

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @Fran Macadam
  125. @Kiza

    Indeed my “Abs’ is s bit silly because, while not wanting to tap out with one digit the full “Aborigines” I am trying to avoid using “Abos” (even) on UR as if I were in polite mixed political company in Australia where some at least would disapprove of my saying “Abos” as they migjt have disapproved one saying “boongs” 60 years ago (though maybe then letting “Abos” pass).
    BTW I note some using “Abbo” which I thought was some people’s nickname for Tony Abbott.

  126. My two cents…

    Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – sang by Rolf Harris

  127. Well said Emu. In my opinion anybody who wants to run down Aboriginals is sub human. What we transplanted Europeans have done to them already is bad enough.

    Australia was their country, and they have, or had, their own culture and understandings and a knowledge that us materially driven whites aren’t even aware of.

    They don’t need any more criticism and hurt from a population largely descended from British convicts.

  128. Curle says:

    Care to bet the percentage of those in hard sciences who believe IQ tests measure something real vs those who take the opposite position? You write as if 1) Hawking we’re making a statement about the validity of IQ and its measurement as opposed to its relevance to his situation; and 2) that were that Hawkin’s position that it is normative among scientists, both claims of fact not submitted into evidence.

  129. Curle says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “Remember thst an Americsn who scored 57 on an IQ test would be slobberingly retarded and useless.”

    Retarded kids can bag groceries, fold clothes and do janitorial work. Are you sure they can’t guide you or offer food?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  130. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Vox Australis

    Keith Windschuttle, editor of Quadrant, one of the few conservative journals in Australia, has written two volumes of a work titled ‘The Fabrication of Aboriginal History’,

    Those two volumes are essential reading for anyone interested in the subject. He comprehensively demolishes the myth of any kind of deliberate genocide.

  131. Sam J. says:

    “…They might be dumber than whites, but whites are dumber than Ashkenazi “Jews”. So, when creating policies to deal with Aboriginals, do it as though that exact policy will likewise be the one which races superior to your own will adopt towards your race. Therefore, for example, if whites decide that the Abos should be wiped out, then they should correspondingly accept the righteousness of Ashkenazi Jews doing the same to them…”

    I’m with you 100%. Since most people believe segregation is the answer we should do the same and get rid of the Jews from all White countries. Deport them to Israel. You’re a genius and have solved all our problems.

  132. FB says:

    ‘…Care to bet the percentage of those in hard sciences who believe IQ tests measure something real vs those who take the opposite position?..’

    Sure…I’ll take you up on your uppity challenge…

    Fire away with the so-called ‘evidence…’

    PS…I am assuming from your ‘knowledge’ about what practitioners of hard science think…that you are one yourself…which field…?

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @Curle
  133. Curle says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Don’t know where you picked up your proof by ‘seems’ system but average IQ for TN whites is 98.8. For Australians, 98. I didn’t see ethnic break-outs for the Australians. Scots and Irish IQs are equivalent.

    There are Scots descended people in Appalachia but plenty of Irish and English descent as well. Since FTDNA now breaks out Scots descent I’m confident you won’t find more Scots than English in the Appalachian gene pool. Sure, lots of Scots made the region their home, but as many English did too.

    In other words, your theory sucks.

  134. Anonymous [AKA "bond - word bond"] says:

    Origines (a preferred term) have never had tribal words for “ownership”. Their heritage belief is that their people belong TO the land. That sense of belonging did not prevent separate conflicts being resolved by tribal warfare before whitey ever arrived on foreign shores.

  135. @Wizard of Oz

    It has almost amused me how, whenever you are criticized, you always retreat into this supercilious artitude: how dare you criticize someone of my intellect, education and refinement ! It must be a complete ordeal to live in Australia for someone like you – all those ignorant, oafish ockers all over the place. Of course, once population replacement kicks in, you’ll have a Chinese-Oriental population which will be much more appreciative of your talents and sensibilities, OR NOT.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  136. @Curle

    OK I was assuming common assumptiins in others dating back perhaps to the days when the first IQ tests were designed to pick up deficient cognitive ability and descriptions such as moron, idiot and imbecile were used without being adffectionate descriptions on UR for those one disagrees with. But now I understand that SCOTUS has pretty well adopted an IQ cut off of 70 for capital punishment (bad luck for a smart 71 who isn’t smart enough to fake 69!). I presume that the average is taken to be 100 and sd 15 so only one in forty white Americans would have IQs of 70 or less (and one in six blacks.). I remember a small number of boys at a non selective expensive private school (highest IQ 183) were recorded at about 80 and I am not sure they all lost the family farm in due course…. But my understanding is that 80 makes one just about unemployable if the employer has his own money at stake and wants machinery maintained and an absence of fatal accidents, not to mention accounts balancing. Seriously, how much good is the ability to do any of your suggested tasks under thoughtful direction to someone who and whose family have to survive in the conditions of Aborigines in Australia or Bushmen in the Kalahari?

    Your observation points to the need to assess just what is needed for the employment of the very dim as testwd by IQ tests. No doubt there is a lot of material on that. Parents and schools who have taught patience and obedience and regularity effectively wouls surely be a big bonus and that mighr explain why very dim blacks are infinitely worse off than (the fewer) very dim East Asians and most whites

  137. Curle says:

    Don’t divert. You made the claims. By your reaction it is apparent you have nothing supporting your claims. Not surprising.

  138. @anon

    I am surprised by that 1980 death of the last full blood in SE Queensland – though presumably not counting some from the north who had left their country for the SE. However I remember being told by a Minister or Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (tacked on to another job) in Victoria that there were only 3 or 5 Aborigines in Victoria. But wow! What a takeoff was under way. Now there are Koori schools, native title claims and I would bet at least 500 employed because of their Aboriginality.

    • Replies: @anon
  139. Curle says:

    Here’s a theoretical physicist who very much believes in IQ.

    Aside from your prior exercise seeking to put your thoughts into Hawking’s mouth, can you point to a hard scientist on record contesting the position of the physicist above, Steven Hsu?

  140. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Japanese didn’t wipe out the Ainu why would they have done this to the Aboriginals?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  141. @Verymuchalive

    I am interested to see that you have made hundreds of UR comments because your pseudonym had left absolutely no impression on me of your existence.

    Now I see you claim to be someone of mature years with post graduate education in the UK. So you should be ashamed of yourself for failing to offer just a simple apology when you are made to realise that you have exhibited crudeness and rudeness along with (otherwise just forgiveable) ignorance. And indeed I can’t resist the supercilious mode when I see you purporting to have “criticised” me when all I can see is plain pub standard yah boo rudeness in some popular lingo you have picked up on the Internet when old enough to know better and maintain some self respect.

    Fortunately there are so many very bright interesting people from all over in Australia today (Melbourne and Sydney each have populations very much larger than that of Cromwelluan England – and only a tiny percentage of non Eurasian descent to warn us not to indulge Africa) that , despite easy air travel, I won’t feel compelled to fill my senior years with Oxford gaudies, Glyndebourne supper parties and Conversazioni at the Ivies.

    Enough of me you might well agree. But I do commend your giving some attention to knowing more of our remarkable host.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  142. Ace says:

    Half of my army training was devoted to unscrupulous tactics. Ambushes, booby traps, expliding metal cannisters filled with ball bearings. I loved it all. Good thing Charlie never caught on.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  143. Ace says:

    Drive-by shootings by Aborigines are also relatively rare.

  144. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    No. Just in the view of common sense. Imagine 200,000 people “occupying” the whole of the contiguous 48 states. To say that America (which in this case would have no national capital, federal or other government) under such conditions would be a settled or occupied country would be absurd. Its not an “opinion” (western or otherwise). Just a fact. Greenland is an basically empty island and Antarctica is wholly empty.

  145. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Of course the respective demographics make it an oranges and apples comparison. In any case the racial difference between the respective groups is vastly less.

  146. Ace says:

    Low-IQ aboriginal civilization will survive but high-IQ liberal civilization won’t. Bit of a cosmuc joke.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  147. TKK says:

    The Japanese terrorized and slaughtered both residents of Papua New Guniea and in Kalimantan (Indonesia) in WWII in POW camps. Natives of the Australian land mass are closely related to the PNG natives that includes the “Rascals”gangs in Port Moresby who are lawless criminals who take no prisoners. Indeed, roaming around PNG without an armed guard is considered a fool’s errand.

    This is why elderly Indonesia women in the late 1990s (when I was there) would give Japanese tourists the evil eye and refuse to cook their food. They remembered the Japanese torturing, starving and beating them in the POW camps.

    Where have any Jews ever committed genocide? They show super human restraint with the savages from the Strip who NO ONE in the Arab world wants.

    • Replies: @Qqqqq
  148. @Ace

    Half of my army training was devoted to unscrupulous tactics. Ambushes, booby traps, expliding metal cannisters filled with ball bearings. I loved it all. Good thing Charlie never caught on.

    The Quiet American written by Graham Greene was about Vietnam during the takeover by America from the French, around 1955, also about the CIA black operations of atrocity bombings in public places against innocent people which were then photographed and blamed on the Vietcong, to justify US involvement and interference in the country, in the name of preventing the spread of Communism.

    In the end, a shameful rout with terrified civilians abandoned and kicked off the skids of choppers in the panic to escape. US prisoners denied and abandoned.

    That was Vietnam. How will it go with Russia?

    • Replies: @Ace
  149. Jake Dee says:

    Its a common error to conflate the situation of the Maori New Zealanders with that of the Aboriginal Australian. The Differences are many, apart from the genetic and environmental differences two of the key political and cultural differences were the treaty of Waitangi 1840 between the British Crown and a significant number of Maori tribes and a general Maori cultural renaissance starting in the 1980s.

  150. Ace says:

    Greene’s book was a novel, a work of fiction.

    All CIA operations are “black” operations. You must think that somewhere in the bowls of the CIA there is large room full of Neanderthals who engage in or order “atrocity bombings.” No nation’s officials are free of stupidity, avarice, malevolence, or misjudgment but the vast majority of our people are decent and competent. Your casual accusation of the crime of bombing civilian areas is disgraceful and an insult to decent employees of that agency.

    U.S. military advisers arrived in Indochina in 1950. Thus, the U.S. was already involved in 1955 and no bombing of civilians was necessary.

    There was no shameful rout of the U.S. military. At the time of the fall of the SV government, American troops were for the most part gone.

    There was not enough space on the choppers to evacuate the hundreds of civilians at that airfield. Some attempted to prevent fully loaded choppers from taking off. What would you have done as a crew member under those circumstances?

    No. That wasn’t Vietnam.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  151. Ace says:

    Affirmative action laws achieve the same result in the employment arena. Only there’s nothing experimental about them.

  152. @Wizard of Oz

    I am interested to see that you have made hundreds of UR comments because your pseudonym had left absolutely no impression on me of your existence.

    Now I see you claim to be someone of mature years with post graduate education in the UK. So you should be ashamed of yourself for failing to offer just a simple apology when you are made to realise that you have exhibited crudeness and rudeness along with (otherwise just forgiveable) ignorance

    Supercilious. Point proven.
    Add cyber-tracking to the charge sheet. Some might even call it cyberstalking. I’ve obviously got up your nose, if the great Wizard of Oz has to stoop to this level.

    Fortunately there are so many very bright interesting people from all over in Australia today (Melbourne and Sydney each have populations very much larger than that of Cromwelluan England – and only a tiny percentage of non Eurasian descent to warn us not to indulge Africa) that , despite easy air travel, I won’t feel compelled to fill my senior years with Oxford gaudies, Glyndebourne supper parties and Conversazioni at the Ivies

    Size often has little to do with accomplishment. Classical Athens had a similar population size as modern Iceland, and less than Newcastle, NSW. Without Classical Athens, many would say there wouldn’t be Western Civilisation at all, or, at least, one unrecognisable from the present form.

    However, I will leave you to have the last word. A man of your propensities generally does.

    • Replies: @anon
  153. Clyde says:

    We smelled a diversity rat with the most recent Star Wars remakes and here is confirmation from the UK Daily Mail.

    Daisy Ridley nails androgynous chic in a smart tuxedo as she leads the glamour at the star-studded Empire Awards 2018 in London

  154. Anonymous [AKA "occam strop"] says:

    occam’s razor: abos are retard-monkeys. full stop.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  155. @Drapetomaniac

    “If a particular group thinks that their belief system is the best way to survive and prosper, cut them loose so they can prove it. Give the aborigines 3% of Australia’s land and leave them alone.”

    Actually, give them the whole of Aus and the whiteys can go back to wherever they came from… because whiteys can’t leave anything alone.

    • Replies: @Disordered
  156. @Ace

    Greene’s book was published in 1955 and the book uses Greene’s experiences as a war correspondent for The Times and Le Figaro in French Indochina 1951–1954. It is therefore anecdotal rather than fiction.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if “decent employees” of the CIA feel insulted, bearing in mind the individuals involved are all dead in this case. I just hope they were cremated. It’s an insult to the good earth to expect it to contain their remains and deservedly they should be rated in history alongside Stalin’s henchmen and Hitler’s camp guards.

    Denial is ultimately an unsatisfying remedy for shame and disgrace, especially when denial sits in uncomfortable juxtaposition with hard evidence. I don’t mean shame and disgrace in respect of the US defeat (by which I mean forced withdrawal). The war was fought with valor on both sides

    America was still great during the Vietnam War and the greatness of the American public and their sense of fairness and decency was instrumental in the outcome. That was Vietnam.

    • Replies: @Disordered
  157. @Anonymous

    On 19 February 1942, a damaged Japanese Zero fighter returning from an attack on an aerodrome on nearby Bathurst Island crashed near Snake Bay on Melville Island. The Japanese pilot, Hajime Toyoshima, survived the crash, but an Aboriginal man Mathias Ulungura crept up behind him, surprising him with a tomahawk, and took him prisoner. In Ulungura’s words:

    “I walked after him and grabbed his wrist near gun. He got proper big fright. I take revolver from his right side near his knee. Then I walk backwards pointing gun, I say “Stick ’em up, two hands, no more holding hands on head.”

    Ulungura was the first Australian to take a Japanese prisoner on Australian soil. He took his prisoner to the RAAF guards stationed at the Bathurst Island aerodrome, where Toyashima was transferred into their custody.

    Right there was courage and initiative from a full-blood man, acting alone, as well as understanding of the geopolitical situation and context.

    As for IQ tests, the ones used by the British to assess native peoples were notoriously culturally specific.

    One question for example was “What is a word that can mean both a bird and a dishonest act”.

    The answer is a “Rook”.

    Imagine determining that native peoples are “stupid” because they didn’t know things like that, or didn’t even see the point of answering such stupid questions.

    • Replies: @DFH
  158. @anon

    Bobbi Sykes’ mother has revealed that her father was an African-American soldier, Master-Sergeant Robert Barkley. Bobbi (born in 1943) never knew him.

    A person of color growing up in Townsville, Queensland (a military base) would have been assumed to be Aboriginal and would have identified herself as such.

    Bobbi had a fine intellect. Sykes received a PhD in Education from Harvard University in 1983. She distinguished herself by being an author, a journalist and an activist in indigenous rights struggles. In 1994 she was awarded the Australian Human Rights Medal.

    Her potential was somewhat unfulfilled, but she doesn’t deserve to be smeared and her mother smeared by some anonymous dogshite blogger who can only imagine a pseudonym “anon” and whose only claim to anything at all is some distant past inheritance of albino genes.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Disordered
  159. For an Australian, this is an interesting article and discussion. It’s a real mixture of things I didn’t know and things that are hard to believe.

    “Average IQ of 64” is hard to believe. I have not schooled myself in the nuances of low IQ, but IQ 64 would mean that the average Aboriginal is retarded. Even allowing for the fact that most of the Aboriginals I meet are mixed-race, it’s very hard to believe.

    On the other hand, I also would not have believed that a quarter of our prison population is Aboriginal, and yet that does come directly from official statistics. So, a lot to think about here.

  160. EH says:

    “the average [64 IQ] 18-year-old Aborigine has the mental age of 11.”
    You can’t multiply 0.64 by 18 to get 11 (11.52 to be exact) since modern IQ scores are not age ratios. Looking up the numbers for a representative subtest (block rotation) in an IQ battery (Woodcock-Johnson) since the full-test data isn’t released by publishers, I found the actual equivalent of an adult IQ of 64 is age 5.5 to 6.

  161. DFH says:

    As for IQ tests, the ones used by the British to assess native peoples were notoriously culturally specific.

    Good thing then that the studies Lynn bases his estimates on are almost all from the 1960s onwards. The tests conducted using Progressive Matrices produced sub-70 IQ scores for aborigines.

    You might be interested to know that in another study, Lynn had anthropologists rate which IQ subtests they thought were the most culturally biased. The ones they rated as most biased (like vocabulary) turned out to be the ones with the smallest racial differences.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  162. @DFH

    Brainy’ people are not cleverer solely by virtue of having more or less grey matter at any one age. Rather, intelligence is related to properties of cortical maturation, which are dynamic.

    It has long been known that types of experience in life influence cortical thickness. A person who experiences new and challenging stimuli as they mature is likely to have a greater ability to process calculations and solve problems, as quickly as possible under time constraint stresses, which is what IQ tests are all about.

    The bottom line here is that intelligence was never, and will never, be fixed at birth. The development of intelligence is one of the most fascinating, and important, research topics in psychology.

    The child who is subject to learning stimulation and in particular to regular changing experiences similar to IQ testing, training and testing, will be more intelligent, at least in the way that IQ tests assess intelligence. The child born into rapid technological change and new experiences will develop the skills more and perform them faster.

    Aborigines developed their cultures and intellects in stable and unchanging subsistence environments, over thousands of years, logically requiring less mental processing power and hence fewer “drivers” of intellectual growth and stimulus. This has remained true to a degree because of racism, disadvantage and marginalisation over the decades.

    Aborigines excel in those areas for which their historic lifestyles adapted them. They are vastly better on average at sports than whites for example, which also requires brainpower.

    However, given the upbringing of middle class white children from stable and widely educated families, Aboriginal children show similar abilities and many have become outstanding people within the white paradigm. Not that the white paradigm is the best or even a good one.

    They are creatures of their societal origins, just like we are. We should not give ourselves credit for simply being ourselves within our certain societal era.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @DFH
    , @dfordoom
  163. @Not_One_of_You

    Define cortical maturity? Myelination from brain plasticity? What makes you think that if long/short twitch fibers in muscle tissue is genetically influenced, that neural connectivity isn’t? There is even a causal mechanism: plasticity is influenced by hormones, hormones are genetically influenced (most obviously in sex hormones but also others).

  164. Anonymous [AKA "dupalala"] says:

    Just an idea: the so called 60000 years old culture of aborigids needed more time to invent alcohol, music instrument and writing reading….

  165. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    From memory, his surname was Mi Mi, a common name of people originating in the Gayndah area.
    He was a wudower, his wife had shared his heritage. Their only child, a daughter, had been a murder victim in the 1940s.
    The history of the Deebing Creek Mission [Purga] outside Ipswich, was that it was also an Industrial Arts Training School for Aborigines from all over Qld.
    Sometime in the 1940s, all part Aborigines were expelled from Purga by the Qld Government.
    That left only a few Full Bloods as residents, and the Government then closed it as unviable.

  166. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure about that. Wikipedia claimed a few years ago that the Ainu numbers in Hokkaido had dropped from 300,000 in 1942 to about 10,000 in 1943, without giving any explanation for such a dramatic decrease.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  167. anon • Disclaimer says:

    A person of color growing up in Townsville, Queensland (a military base) would have been assumed to be Aboriginal and would have identified herself as such.
    In fact, her origins were known, i.e., she was the result of a liason between her White mother and a Black American G.I., who were stationed in Townsville in large numbers from 1942 to 1944.

    She was an agitator. Her obituary in The Australian stated that she had been in poor health for many years, lived in Sydney,and was a lesbian.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  168. DFH says:

    The bottom line here is that intelligence was never, and will never, be fixed at birth. The development of intelligence is one of the most fascinating, and important, research topics in psychology.

    Intelligence isn’t 100% genetic. And?

    The child who is subject to learning stimulation and in particular to regular changing experiences similar to IQ testing, training and testing, will be more intelligent, at least in the way that IQ tests assess intelligence. The child born into rapid technological change and new experiences will develop the skills more and perform them faster.

    We know from adoption and twin studies that environment doesn’t explain the whole, or even most of racial gaps.

    Aborigines developed their cultures and intellects in stable and unchanging subsistence environments, over thousands of years, logically requiring less mental processing power and hence fewer “drivers” of intellectual growth and stimulus.

    Well done, you know what evolution is.

    Aborigines excel in those areas for which their historic lifestyles adapted them. They are vastly better on average at sports than whites for example, which also requires brainpower.

    I very much doubt from the composition of Australian sports teams that they are better at sports. I have seen evidence that they, like eskimoes, are better than whites at the very specific task of spatial memory and navigation.

    Not that the white paradigm is the best or even a good one.

    You’re right, the hunter-gather paradigm without even agriculture let alone writing is the superior one.

    They are creatures of their societal origins, just like we are. We should not give ourselves credit for simply being ourselves within our certain societal era.

    Wow, how profound.

    • Replies: @Not_One_of_You
  169. @DFH

    I’ll put it simply for you DFH.

    Europeans are more “tuned” intellectually by their heritage and upbringing to do IQ tests.

    The fact that genetic characteristics coincide with environmentally induced characteristics is unremarkable but not causal because genetic characteristics evolve over long timespans while environmental features can change within a few years.

    I very much doubt from the composition of Australian sports teams that they are better at sports. I have seen evidence that they, like eskimoes, are better than whites at the very specific task of spatial memory and navigation.

    Your doubt is irrelevant. Many indigenous athletes are at the top in games like football and some also have won Olympic medals. Dancers too and tennis players. They don’t go in for sports like golf for obvious reasons (think … Donald Chump!)

    • Replies: @DFH
    , @Disordered
  170. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps you could cite a legitimate source, whether in English or Japanese, saying “Ainu numbers in Hokkaido had dropped from 300,000 in 1942 to about 10,000 in 1943″…..

  171. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    wanted to rid Australia of its white population

    AFAIK the Japanese had no serious plans to invade Australia, let alone “wanting to rid Australia of its white population”, 1942 allied propaganda notwithstanding. Do you have a source for all of these well-known plans for ethnic cleansing?

    However, it was their policy to eliminate the native Ainu. (though often through marriage) and they did it rather well. I doubt if you can find a real one today.

    Not sure what the complaint here is.. That the Ainu were assimilated? Just imagine if Europeans, Americans, and Australians could come even half-way close to assimilating their own diversity…

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  172. @peterAUS

    @PeterAUS – there are no nuclear weapons. They were manufacture by Jews though the ideas were copied from people like H G Wells.

  173. dfordoom says: • Website

    Aborigines excel in those areas for which their historic lifestyles adapted them. They are vastly better on average at sports than whites for example, which also requires brainpower.

    So that explains the Aboriginal dominance in cricket, professional golf, etc?

    They seem to be quite good at some sports.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  174. dfordoom says: • Website

    AFAIK the Japanese had no serious plans to invade Australia

    An invasion of Australia would have been hopelessly beyond their capabilities.

    Do you have a source for all of these well-known plans for ethnic cleansing?

    They’d been our allies in the First World War (and would have continued to be allies had Britain not foolishly snubbed them by abandoning the Anglo-Japanese Treaty).

    The Japanese admired the European Great Powers, especially Britain, and wanted to emulate them. The ethnic cleansing thing seems very far-fetched.

  175. @Sam J.

    An interesting possibility is that promoting a low salt diet is an intentionally damaging policy by Jewish pressure groups. Salt is necessary for making stomach hydrochloric acid, needed for defence against parasites and bacteria etc; but also to increase body alkanity; and to provide some surplus sodium compounds which are needed for tough bone structure.

    I don’t know that anyone has looked into the structure of anti-salt movement and would be interested in information.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  176. @anon

    She was an agitator. Her obituary in The Australian stated that she had been in poor health for many years, lived in Sydney,and was a lesbian.

    Who cares a flying fungool about all that. But anyway, Sykes is survived by two children and three grandchildren.

  177. @dfordoom

    Actually, an aboriginal cricket team toured England in 1868, back when England was near unbeatable. They acquitted themselves admirably. It’s a great story and I can’t understand why a film hasn’t been made about it, yet.

    Golf, a sport. LOL.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  178. DFH says:

    Europeans are more “tuned” intellectually by their heritage and upbringing to do IQ tests.

    You just assert this again, yet actual studies of whites and non-whites raised in the same environment show that there are sitll different outcomes.

    Many indigenous athletes are at the top in games like football and some also have won Olympic medals. Dancers too and tennis players.

    I can’t see any full-blooded ones in the Australian national teams. This isn’t what you’d expect if they were ‘much better than whites’.

  179. You just assert this again, yet actual studies of whites and non-whites raised in the same environment show that there are still different outcomes.

    I said heritage and upbringing. Environment is part of upbringing, heritage embodies evolution.

    I can’t see any full-blooded ones in the Australian national teams. This isn’t what you’d expect if they were ‘much better than whites’.

    If you can tell fullbloodedness by looking, good luck to you. The 3% of Australians who are indigenous are those who identify themselves as indigenous, which can mean any proportion of Aboriginal blood at all. Some who identify as Aboriginal are not accepted as such by the elders.

    That’s what’s so foolish about this article by Lance Welton. In an attempt to prove white supremacy he smears a people who no longer exist.

    Anyway, can’t you use a search engine?

    You’re a big disgrace to the caucasian race.

    • Replies: @DFH
  180. Che Guava says:


    If you would look into it, you will find that at least one such site was reported in the literature and press, but research was shut down because ‘sacred site’.

    I should not have used the word ‘grave’, since that is also carrying the sense of ritual. Although there are even examples of Neanderthal graves, the oldest in Aust. is much later.

    Tried to find reference to the exact site (place), only read of it two or three times while in that country, and the third time was ‘sacred site, no more anthropological research’.

    Search terms I tried sure did find much noise!

    However, I did find a survey article which is inconclusive, but interesting. You will likely also finding it so.

    I do not believe the ‘single recent out-of-Africa migration’ idea, have not for many years. Recent finding that east Asians, Europeans, some groups near them have a little neanderthal DNA; obviously the same must have been true for many of the other hominid groups and other present human populations.

    Perhaps by some groups, earlier, with proto-gorillas and proto-chimps.

    When overseas, I enjoyed reading lurid Cold-War propaganda. One claim was that the USSR had a programme of cross-breeding humans and chimps to make a new working class to serve the old one. Don’t know if it was true, but it is not out of the scope of what the worst of them may have tried, particularly on Russian women. My biggest doubt in the story is, how could the early USSR import the chimps?

    Tigers and lions diverged in roughly the same time-scale as humans and chimps, and they can still inter-breed, albeit the offspring (to date) are always infertile.

  181. denk says:

    I’ve no idea about the abos [sic], but it seems the anglos have gone full retard….

    China plans to stake a formal territorial claim over Australia, on the spurious basis that former Chinese President Hu Jintao, addressing the Australian parliament in 2003, said a Ming Dynasty voyager “discovered” and “settled” the continent in the 1420s. “China is using fake history to position itself to make a future claim over Australia,”

    A military standoff or engagement between the United States and China is quite possible in the foreseeable future,” Hamilton states. “It may be the only way to stop China annexing and controlling the entire South China Sea right down to the coast of Indonesia

    in the event of a war with China, local Chinese people, “citizens and non-citizens alike,” would “create ongoing and potentially severe civil strife” orchestrated by “the Chinese embassy in Canberra.


    persona non grata at the WSWS, 😉

    • Replies: @denk
  182. DFH says:

    If you can tell fullbloodedness by looking, good luck to you

    Anyone with eyes can tell the more aboriginal from the less. Here is a video of some full-Aboriginals in action. Some of them certainly seem to exist.

    Very few of these are playing at a high level, and those that are seem to have a lot of admixture. Not what you would expect if they were much better. For example, blacks in the UK are a very small minority yet (full) blacks make up a hugely disproportionate number of the UK’s running teams.

  183. denk says:

    Hamilton has a very wide readership in Oz,
    What does this says about white aussies IQ ?

    My guess is 50 Max !


  184. anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    The sportsmen that are trotted out as Aboriginal look pretty White to me, apart from a very few footballers.
    One part Aborigine who is rarely mentioned is high jumper Percy Hobson.

    In a letter to The Age in Melbourne c. 1990, he said that he was told by [Australian] Commonwealth Games officials in Perth in 1962, that if asked by the Press about his heritage, he was to say that he was of Indian descent. To confirm Aboriginality would be an express ticket off the team.

    He cleared 6’11” on his first jump, and the rest jumped for Silver. Not bad for a 20 year old standing 5’10”. He injured his shoulder later that year, and never competed again.

  185. sarz says:

    Like too many discussions within the framework of what calls itself conservatism these days, this has a one-dimensional quality. If you want to grasp the value of aboriginal life a good place to start is the poetry of Judith Wright.

    There’s not a word in this whole discussion about “dreamtime”. There are states of consciousness that true conservatives should be familiar with. You’ve heard of Plato’s metaphor of the cave? How about the German mystic Meister Eckhart? He wrote of being one with the mind of God as he creates this very moment. The incomprehensible marvel of aborigine tracking is connected with being in the dreamtime. What if the dreamtime is the heart of real value and the material world is just a prop? What is the real value of the intelligence that IQ measures?

    Perhaps there has been nothing worthy of the title of conservatism in America since the passing of Ralph Waldo Emerson. There is something to be said in favour of scurrying about the nuts and bolts of race and calculative intelligence. But it is far from the concerns of the real real world.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  186. Anonymous [AKA "HawaiianHistory"] says:

    A small error: in the year 1770 neither Captain Cook nor any other European had a clue that Hawaii even existed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  187. J.Ross says: • Website

    Is this your response to their political weaponization? “I’ll just explain to the nice man (bonus points if he’s Jewish) that population size is what makes a people important”?

  188. J.Ross says: • Website

    Probably because the guy who originated the term “ego death” rejected it later as just fooling around. Don’t be rama rama. If you solve a problem on this plane using math then you have actually solved the problem, if you work wonders in the dreamtime you’re where you started.

  189. sarz says:

    I think you have it backwards. If you grasp, all at once, the proof of, say, the Pythagorean theorem, you are in the realm of intuition, the dreamtime, the realm of unitary insight. You can write out a proof, but there is more in the realm of pure insight, including the totality of mathematical truth, than can be rendered as proof, no matter what axioms you start from. Your insight is not in “this plane”, where your proof is. Like Monsieur Jourdain who was astonished to learn he had been speaking prose all his life, you have been in the dreamtime.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  190. @sarz

    But you still are drinking petrol.

  191. Anonymous [AKA "paul edwards"] says:

    What is UNZ doing, printing this vicious, stupid and disgusting piece of dreck by this moron, racist, redneck throwback? How do you justify allowing such a bone ignorant cretin to air his filthy idiot dogma on your site?

    Shame… Shame…

  192. Here’s your answer, Paul. It’s worth remembering too that nobody forced you to read it. Cheers

    Alternative media outlets of the Left and Right have become a crucial supplement to our knowledge of the world, providing those perspectives usually ignored by our mainstream media. This small webzine will aim to provide convenient access to at least a fraction of those voices and topics.

    Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Ron Unz

    National Security Editor: Philip Giraldi

    Mission Statement
    For decades I have spent a couple of hours every morning carefully reading The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and several other major newspapers. But although such a detailed study of the American mainstream media is a necessary condition for remaining informed about our world, it is not sufficient. With the rise of the Internet and the alternative media, every thinking individual has increasingly recognized that there exist enormous lacunae in what our media tells us and disturbing patterns in what is regularly ignored or concealed.

    In April 2013 I published “Our American Pravda,” a major article highlighting some of the most disturbing omissions of our national media in issues of the greatest national importance. The considerable attention it attracted from The Atlantic, Forbes, and a New York Times economics columnist demonstrated that the mainstream journalists themselves were often all too aware of these problems, but perhaps found them too difficult to address within the confining structure of large media organizations. This reinforced my belief in the reality of the serious condition I had diagnosed.

    In an attempt to partially remedy this disturbing situation I will be regularly publishing on this website a selection of the sort of interesting, important, and controversial perspectives that rarely if ever reach the pages of our major newspapers or the pixels of our television sets. The handful of columnists and bloggers whose work I am herein providing represent merely the smallest slice of the enormous range of unconventional ideas that lie just a mouse-click or a Google search away from each of us, and my particular selection is certainly not intended to be comprehensive. But over the years I have regularly read the writings of all these individuals and found their ideas stimulating and useful, and I believe that many others might have the same reaction.

    This is not to say that I personally agree with all or even most of what these writers believe or claim. However, sometimes the most valuable insights are obtained by reading opinions sharply divergent from one’s own. Facing a sharp intellectual or ideological challenge forces us to more effectively frame our arguments and buttress the weaknesses in our logic and evidence that had previously remained unnoticed. Taking the measure of an effective critic is always more valuable than listening to a mindless echo. And I would always prefer reading something disturbing than something dull.

    Ron Unz, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
    The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection

  193. Svigor says:

    [Paint poured over Captain Cook amid controversy over date of Australia Day, by Jonathan Pearlman, Telegraph, UK, January 25, 2018]’”

    We should have people of British stock writing in UK papers about Australian issues, not people with names like (((Jonathan Pearlman))).

  194. Svigor says:

    It’s an ecological thing. Hunter gatherers, nomads, agricultural civilizations, these things can’t share space. White-haters, darkie-lovers, Russian flatheads like FB, etc., they aren’t bright enough to know they’re “retconning” the values of an agricultural civilization onto the other kinds when they talk about “stealing land from the abos” or whatever. Whitey no more stole Australia and the Americas from the aboriginals than the aboriginals stole it in the first place. That’s how land ownership is established in hunter-gatherer and nomad societies; whichever band/tribe can defend a territory is the owner. If another group comes along and drives them off, the newcomers are the new owners. This is obviously the law that governed the aboriginals’ reality. More of a physical or natural law than any mans’. By the aboriginals’ own customs, Whitey is now the rightful owner.

    • Replies: @Disordered
  195. DB Cooper says:

    Just because the aboriginals have a low IQ doesn’t mean they are retarded. They evolved to adapt to their environments just like all living things in this world. What is the IQ of lions? 5?, 10 if that? Does that mean lions are retarded?

  196. Svigor says:

    Not that the Russian flatheads didn’t “steal” a ton of land from central Asian abos, mind you.

  197. @Anonymous

    RWNJ = right wing nut job, said the LWNJ.

  198. @Rich

    “…what’s so special about being “chosen” if it means eternal “poysikyooshun.” Is persistent playing of the victim card really all that “smart..?”

    Yes it is. If you want to parasitize on a society and control it (from behind the scenes), then it is expedient to appear much weaker than you really are. Appearing to be the eternal victim of persecution does the trick. This is called “mimicry” in biology.

  199. Qqqqq says:

    Jews have genocided at minimum 7m russian/ukrainian kulaks during holodomor, and, Genoch Hersch Yehuda was writing reports about the numders dead to Kagan and Stalin.
    Then we have seen some GULAGs ( gossudarstvennoje upravljanje lagerej), where in the north during the works on the channel, have been tortured and exterminated 300k russian clergymen, together with one million of their family relatives.

  200. @Hapalong Cassidy

    Parody, my friend. I take each individual, regardless of ethnicity or origin, as I find them.

  201. @Cowboy Shaw

    Kia Ora, cuz!

    As a fellow Kiwi (who has lived among the Strayans for 45 years now – with some short sanity-breaks in the 70s and 00s), I can confirm your intuitions.

    My first 4 years in Straya were spent slap-bang in the middle of the Northern Territory (in Tennant Creek) in the early 1970s. I went to school with blackfellas who self-referred as ‘blackfella’, and who absolutely hated mixed-race abo kids (“yellafellas”, in the vernacular).

    The word ‘blackfella’ was not a pejorative, although as a part-Maori kid I was jealous that the abo kids got to bunk off school if they felt like (rumour was that their parents got $5 a day if the kid went to school: that was a prince’s ransom in those days).

    In the late 70s I lived in Cairns; again, plenty of yellafella kids (but you were for the high-jump if you called them that within earshot of teachers), but not many blackfella kids. A few though – most of whom were my best mates.

    Talk of low blackfella IQ is bullshit: it’s the same flawed approach that measured Irish IQ in the 80s in 1950… by 2015 the Paddies had an average IQ of 105.

    Back on topic though.

    Strayans definitely go troppo (especially if they live north of Innisfail) – the proof is straightforward: if a Kiwi goes troppo, then it stands to reason that an Aussie must, too (since Kiwis were drawn from superior free-English, non-criminal stock).

    And guess what? My Dad’s sister (Yvonne) lived in Innisfail from the 60s onward… and wound up as mad as a cut snake. (Dad’s the pakeha side of the family).

    QED, bitchez!

    Ka Kite Ano, bro.

  202. @Anonymous

    hahaha… as a Pakeha Hori Kiwi Strayan, I can put shit on the lot of you (always stipulating that there is no mechanism in the universe that would induce me to back the Wobblies over the All Blacks).

    A joke suffices.

    A Kiwi and an Aussie were walking along, and they spotted a sheep with its head stuck in a fence.

    Quick as a flash, the Kiwi was all over the sheep, and gave it a good seeing to.

    Not being one to be selfish, the Kiwi turned to the Aussie, grinned, and said

    “OK, digger – your turn now”

    The Aussie went and stuck his head in the fence.

  203. @Rich

    While I am highly skeptical of the putative ‘inherent genius’ of Ashkenazim, the social strategies of their cognitive elites has almost-certainly resulted in a higher degree of cognitive bifurcation than has occurred in the rest of the human herd.

    They have been actively pursuing strategic assortative mating since at least the early Middle Ages – with rabbi’s sons marrying successful merchant’s daughters and so forth.

    What this means is that the Ashkenazi cognitive élite is rarer than, and likely has more raw cognitive grunt than, the ‘run of the mill’ Western élite.

    Below the elite, though, it’s fuckwits all the way down. Examine anyone who ties a box to his head and rocks like a mental patient mumbling Iron Age nonsense… if you get a score above 90 then he’s faking his faith.

    People who get tumescent about groupwise IQ always note that being part of Western society makes dusky folks smarter (both as a result of self-selection for immigrants, and better nutrition and social infrastructure for their offspring).

    Indians (‘curry’, not ‘redskin’) in the US are 13 IQ points higher than Indians in India; Africans in the US and the UK are similarly-elevated relative to African-Africans.

    Why is this logic not applied to the Red Sea Pedestrians?

    So someone needs to show me the average IQ of a run-of-the-mill shtetl-dwelling Ukrainian/Moldovan/Bellorussian village dweller… I would be surprised if that’s any different from the score of an Irish peasant from the 1950s.

    Find me some hovel-dwellers from the Caucasus, and give them a one-shot go at the Raven’s PMs – no test prep, and none of this “retest till you get above 120, bubelah” bullshit.

    Now with all that said, there does appear to be some literature that gives an empirical basis for the “Urban Westernised Ashkenazim are groupwise-smarter than Urban Gentiles” trope.

    I don’t like this “propagandise for an entire population using metrics obtained from a subset. Subsetting is almost prima facie evidence of intentional data-chicanery.

    Anyone who graduates above the median in a university degree in a non-hobby discipline can be assumed to have an IQ above 120 – and I can say with certainty that the average IQ of double-degree’d part-Maori econometricians who weigh over 104kg; can code in Python and R; and have an uncle who is a cardiologist… is at least 138 (and Uncle Murray’s IQ is probably higher than mine – and he’s trwice as much Maori as I am… so “Maori confers additional IQ points“, at least for N=2) .

    Anyhow – back to the empirical literature for Brainy-Joos, such as it is: for example –

    Lynn & Longley, “On the high intelligence and cognitive achievements of Jews in Britain“, Intelligence Volume 34, Issue 6, November–December 2006, pp 541-547 and

    te Nijenhuis et al., “Spearman’s hypothesis tested on European Jews vs non-Jewish Whites and vs Oriental Jews: Two meta-analyses“, Intelligence Volume 44, May–June 2014, Pages 15-18

    Thankfully, a smart Russian shiksa invented , so we can all get those papers by pasting the DOI link into that site. (I haven’t put the DOI links in the references: that would probably be a violation of the TOS of my carrier, and I’m not using a VPN to post this).

    However the groupwise smartness is not the 1-full-σ (i.e., 15 IQ points) that the Red Sea Pedestrians bray about: it’s half that.

    The two samples (of teenagers tested a single time) in Lynn & Longley give an average Jewish IQ in the UK of 107-108 – and then, for some reason, the Lynn paper pads that out to 110 by saying that cognitive elite US Jews are all up in the upper echelons of smarties-clubs. Fucking DUH, Fred.

  204. @Not_One_of_You

    And yet those Americans live better than any aborigine.
    And the equivalent of aborigines in other parts of the world, whether colonized by whites or not, always live terribly. Black and Asian pastoralists were displaced by agricultural people of their own color in the first place.
    Fair enough about historical tragedies – can they stunt a population forever, however?
    I cannot help but feel sympathy (as a descendant of both conquistadors and their enslaved Amerindians). Also, IQ differences are more noticeable on extremes of the curve, most people are similarly enough to each other – not without problems, but fair enough. But, if every single problem is the fault of events of centuries ago and money and guilt thrown at it moves the needle and closes the gap way too slowly if at all, then I don’t know what to tell you. I can only offer the anecdotal evidence I have from Amerindians – better to leave them to their own devices, to let them have what they value; rather than impose artificial Western lifestyle and/or pretend that inside each one of them there is a globalist techie dying to get out.
    Also… Malthus a schoolboy but Marx not?

  205. @Not_One_of_You

    The crux of your argument is “they’re not stupid, just different, and they will get better”.

    The key question is, how much better can they get? The Australian government has been far more generous than other guilty former colonizers, and while some advance has been achieved, yet most of the modern successful counterexamples you give are sports figures. And American blacks rule the NBA, what is the point? Cherrypicking goes both ways.

    Not to mention, if they are just different, why not just wall them off and leave them alone? Why the guilt trip about trying to “close the gap”, if there is no gap, just differences?

    PS.- All those sports, invented by Victorians ironically, in remembrance of earlier whites that built whole arenas for sports – as in, sport was valued THAT much. Same for dancing, a universal activity, but made into its current shape by the Western establishment (and brown and black rhythm as of late). Should the aborigines be grateful then that they were offered an exit to their poverty by the way of physical competitions that cater to their strengths?

  206. @Not_One_of_You

    There are always the “successful” ones, aka the ones promoted to do agitprop because they can read the Manifesto properly and/0r read and write extensively. It’s often the case that these people tend to do better in less maths-influenced fields.
    And also, they almost always tend to be mixed. Indigenous “authors” and “leaders” among the Amerinds tend to always be Westernized to a good degree.

    Anonymous dogshite blogger describes all of us here, don’t feel superior – well, then again, you cannot help it.

  207. @Not_One_of_You

    The outcome would have been much better for all Americans, even leftists, if the US hadn’t been forced to withdraw the way it did. Now the ghost of Vietnam haunts everyone, even when it shouldn’t.

    Not to mention, the present Vietnam is better by acquiring some degree of Westernization and some degree of freedom from their former CCP/CCCP handlers. Would it have been better if South Vietnam had won the war? Maybe, though Ho Chi Minh was perhaps too popular. It was a stupid war to get into anyway – and one that was started by the putative leftist American party. Originally American right wingers were isolationists – wouldn’t you prefer that?

    It’s funny what you say about the CIA – for what it’s worth, the same amount of “anecdotal evidence” used to be pointed all the time at the KGB, Mossad, the Elders of Zion, etc. There’s one thing called denial, and the other extreme, fantasy. As a South American, I’ve seen both ends – the CIA and US bipartisan think tanks love the elite parties, while pretty much every lefty was fed by the colleges which were in turn either ruled by Beijing- or Moscow- or Havana- funded student orgs and teachers’ unions and guerrillas and Marxist-Leninist movements (anecdotal evidence from dad who was in student government in a South American college in the messy 80s – he saw paramilitaries hunting dissidents, and on the other end, student groups getting classes shut at least half of the school year every year. FWIW).

  208. @peterAUS

    The desire to “preserve native culture” while remaining at the cusp of Western culture as Leftist intellectuals, is as bourgeois and hypocritical a Leftist tenet as there can be. It’s a sentimental reaction, half of it born from cultural emptiness, and half of it from the pure sense of bourgeois novelty. Akin to the vegans who want to keep all animals alive because their particular cats give them the fuzzies, nonwithstanding the fact that their cats are in effect personal slaves to them (if not the reverse, them being slaves to the cat, which is worse of course).

    All those lefty intellectuals, how not to love them. In Andean South America they love visiting the jungle tribes, or the highland valleys, get sick from all the bad water, overspend like crazy at natural resorts and/or nativewear that is significantly overpriced just for them – the same shoes or hats or ponchos sold between natives, and the same beach tours, themselves cost much less for locals. They do much more drugs and alcohol in those trips than said natives ever will in their lives, while gorging on much more food than the average native thanks to exchange rates – yet they often talk when they come back about their “enlightening experiences” (ayahuasca/peyote trip nonwithstanding). And then said lefty individuals rail against every Western corporation that they perceive overcharges or treats animals unfairly, while natives kill every being on sight if and how needed be; in the Andes they eat guinea pigs by impaling them and braising them over the fire, make soups with animal blood, and shoot endangered condors if they mess with their livestock. Not to mention, the harsh corporal punishment justice system they have, which Auschwitz guards would have liked; a petty thief gets 50 whips with harsh poisonous ivy in front of the populace. All of this is treated as “ooh so exotic” by leftists who wouldn’t dare to live that way ever.

    Thus I agree. If you really are for preserving such a distinct culture, keep it separated from yours.

  209. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    Pretty much. Westerners who want to defend their culture(s) should by the same token understand the non-Western peoples who want to keep their cultures alive. The key is in the degree of separation – not too much as not to grow uninformed, then suspicious and then hostile of motives of the Other, but not as little so as to destroy the way of life of either of the cultures by mixing with potentially volatile results. It happens in chemistry, it happens in life. Those who advocate for a global culture seek destruction of all national cultures, not just white ones. You could say that the non-white ones are supported more by Western leftists because of vengeful/masochistic reasons – but even then, the left in South America brought nothing more than phony revivals of folk culture for the natives; if anything, whenever natives achieve “success” as measured by leftists (usually education and welfare coverage, as if that was all there was to life), it is when they are more Westernized than ever before. Look at Evo Morales, his favorite pastime is the English Victorian sport of soccer, learned nationalization of resources and state ownership of means of production from Western leftist authors, and he defends the coca leaf growers that tangentially feed the producers of a certain white substance loved in the West. Not to mention, his vice-president who does most of the policy is a lefty white Hispanic.

  210. @bike-anarkist

    Would then Australian whites count as a homeless population, therefore achieving victim status, and therefore worthy of signs such as “they can have my bed” as they parade around camps everywhere?

    All assuming that the aborigines aren’t overtaken by another foreign power of a different race than them. As they nearly were when yellow Japan and others tried to invade throughout history. Do you think Hideki Tojo’s armies would have been any more merciful to them than to the Chinese ladies of Nanjing? What about earlier examples, such as Mohammed’s faithful that literally wanted to raze the world for their god? BTW, they got pretty close to them, having spread to Indonesia (ask East Timor how that went).

    But hey, let’s blame whitey – using computers.

    If we’re all equal, then we should all equally use logic…

  211. @Svigor

    Agreed, and would go even farther and say that “whichever band/tribe can defend a territory is the owner” applied to pretty much every culture up until we made enough weaponry/deterrance/mutual profit to minimize border and internal warfare post WW2. Therefore, you cannot retroactively apply modern human rights and standards of “not stealing land” on older situations that have been resolved to one end for generations, since the modern world’s boundaries are currently enforced by total war, MAD, and relatively larger states (with larger dependence on peaceful foreign trade – the type and degree is another subject, that can go wrong too) with heavier internal policing. None of those things existed, or did in a much lesser degree, during the Age of Western Discovery/Expansion.

    Whenever you do try retconning, you can only do so in relatively lesser matters, for example teaching natives their ancestral languages – they will still have to learn to read and write, something that for example nearly no Amerinds did up until 500 years ago in any language. The evil priests of all people were the first to teach them, thus keeping their languages alive (if only as a side effect of forced conversion, but still).

    Besides, this standard of “no land stealing” is applied in schizophrenic ways, only to convenience of the globalist elite really – for example, most of the Western world considers Kosovo a nation (its current boundaries set up as an autonomous province under Tito a few decades ago), or desires Catalonia or Scotland to be independent states because they last were independent centuries ago but pledge to love the EU (or the euro, rather). Meanwhile we don’t mind the Afrikaner being displaced from land they have been at for several generations, because the descendants of West African Bantus had invaded before that and feel aggrieved they don’t have total domination over the Bushmen and pygmies as they used to…

  212. Iris says:

    This article is a disgrace and an abjection.

    The scientific pretence paraded here does not hide the indigent ignorance of how historic and socio-economic factors impact the so-called “IQ” of any given ethnic group.

    But I guess that in a time were stupidity and lack of culture have become rife, some plagiarist was bound to produce a “Nazi Theory of Races 2.0”.

    By the same reasoning, if the opioid epidemic continues its ravages for another 30 years, a self-righteous Chinese journalist will be allowed to write that the white American working class is intellectually inferior?

    The Russians were classified as sub-humans by the Nazis. Hopefully, this will provide some consolation to the genius mind who penned this masterpiece, the next time his “superior” race is ridiculed by a “sub-human” race the Middle-East.

  213. Anonymous [AKA "High IQ Australian"] says:

    He’d been to Hawaii that same trip before reaching Australia. The Hawaiians were crazy sluts, the Maori were mean and probably cannibals and the Aborigines didn’t even look up as they sailed into Sydney harbour. Total disinterest.

  214. vladdy says:

    The problem with that is that there is a wide variance of differences in ability. The difference between the Jewish and the European white does not mean that one group has increased survivability. There are still poor Jews and wealthy, successful whites. There is no need for paternalism.

    But with the aborigines vs. Australian whites, one group is unable to survive in modern society and even has problems (lower life expectancy, lower quality of life) in its own “culture,” while the other is perfectly capable. You cannot treat one gap like the other. In this case, paternalism is desirable and even necessary.

    I hadn’t hear RWNJ either, but I do not, for mental health’s sake, spend time on left-wing sites where the phrase may come up.

  215. If Australian Aborigines make up 3% of all Australians, give them 3% of Australia and let them do what they will.

  216. You flock them up and then blame it on them. Typical.

  217. Lance Welton is easily the best HBD writer out there. And this excellent piece is no exception.

  218. Johan says:

    []bergs and []steins are of course in the marketing business of exploiting every means to impose and maintain the pathological guilt and blame model, digging up everything they can. It becomes very boring, but the sado-masochistic power hungry liberal progressive establishments love it.

  219. @peterAUS

    these threads man! these must be the lunatic asylum of the UNZ, that every now and then a writer prolly set for the task writes an improbability..a lunatic something, racist but encouraging of white superiority and out come the lunatics.

    white people are smarter eh! how can a white person make such a contention from the world we live in led by white people? incredible!

    the planet is on its nose, next to midnight and no solution in sight..because the man who brought the world there has to decide..asking of course, the criminal to judge his own case of crime.

    the aspect of white insanity that amazes me, is how the Khazar Jewish bankers get away all the time with their discretion of revolution out in the streets into war that destroys the revolutionary generations, facilitating a fresh start for the capitalist out of their dead end. and from where they rebuild another capitalist failure like right now and here we go again..war!

    only this time the Russians wont fight..wont agree to world war. neither will the Chinese and Iranians. the west is left to try insinuate fifth columns into power in all 3 countries to get their destructive depopulating war that destroys the revolution now out in the streets

    the Khazar bakers sacrifice generations or young pristine white people just like that and the Goy whites eat it up and say they are smarter than people of color. interesting

    and there is so much more. all of white life is an amazing compendium of dead end bobol’, corruption.. that leads only to human destruction. and you guys arr smarter.

    and the next smart one on top there, points out that as soon as the farmer arrives its toast for the hunter-gatherers!!!

    oh my god!

    but what a farmer he is.was. he is on his way to extinction now, as dead as the aborigines he killed off, as corporate agriculture drives him off the fact has driven him off. but that same farmer grew poisoned shit for his own people to eat, that gives them all manner of diseases. and now the corporations are worse with the poisoned food.

    how in the hell is that smart?????

    no man! not smart at all! suicidal? yes man! that’s it right there…SUICIDAL! SKIDSO..WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT SMART AT ALL BUT UTTERLY LUNATIC

    ya’all can take hat to the bank..but hurry up. the bombs can start falling at any time now..precipitated by their insanity that reasons they can intimidate the Russians into submission. and Paul Craig Roberts pines for another uncouth Nikita of a Russian leader to scare the shit out of Trump and the neo cons

    but when the western hegemonic capitalists are faced with losing it all they cant be sacred by savage white people like themselves. I don’t think so. Today another Nikita will scare no one. and Putin is right to be calm. he will have to pull the trigger soon because the capitalist wont win this time and he is very likely to press his own armageddon button first

    thats how smart the white people smart as extinction

  220. Anonymous [AKA "KF"] says:

    Yes exactly. I wold go further than to say discredit. The fact that Saker publishes this crap tells the real truth.

    How can you publish this puerile garbage in the same space as your piece on Gandhi and Solzhenitsyn

    Are you complete idiots?

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  221. @jilles dykstra

    ‘We die there of hunger or poisoning within a few days, the Aboriginals live in paradise.’

    The same is true of gerbils. What that demonstrates is another matter.

  222. @Anonymous

    Your comment, to a great extent, applied to Amerinds. The narrative is that they were peaceful and living with nature. Te reality is that they were nomadic, constantly attacking each other, and killed all the fauna they could. They were doing that long before Whitey showed up, or as some suggest, showed up again.

  223. rain says:

    wow!!!,………..white people have a culture? lmao thats hilarious what time is your show on comedy central?

  224. rain says:

    its amazing how all you WHITE SELF PROCLAIMED intellectuals speak so highly and which such authority of yourselves commenting on the low IQ of non whites as if none of you know factual history of the African MOORS bringing to you knowledge of basic hygene, reading , writing , architecture, allocating and storing of info by way of universities, irrigation, crop growing etc etc when 97 percent of your HIGH IQ population were illiterate and dwindling from disease ,the MOORS enlightened you in the dark age thus enabling you to have your renaissance, now you look upon yourselves as being above all others,…………Common sense would teach anyone that the disparities in race ,culture over the centuries was mainly due to each race being at a different level of technological advancement due to geographical location and the need of solving a problem, the less problems the community had to solve the slower the technological advancement,. it has nothing to do with IQ, for example ,..why invent/make large warm winter animal coat and the tools needed to make it when i live in the tropics , im cool and comfortable in my banana leaf loin covering thank you 🙂

    • Replies: @Leo
  225. I know individual examples don’t change anything but I have seen Australian aborigines demonstrate extraordinary skill and intelligence and I do believe environment has more to do with expressed intelligence than genetics. One example was an aborigine (in prison where the poverty trap lifestyle left him) who could play chess at a level I have never seen before or since. He wiped the floor with all comers and besides this in conversation I found him to be intelligent and articulate. His chess game certainly spoke to an exceptional intelligence. He would not have scored well on most IQ tests though I am sure. They simply are not geared to people from such different background.

    Perhaps a simple fact to put some perspective on what happened in this country when my European ancestors arrived. There was more than a million aborigines living in the country then. More than 200 years later, there are fewer than 670,000. The alcohol and sugar not to mention several diseases we brought with us, were deliberately used to nobble the population of Aborigines who tried to live in proximity to us and the sword and bullets took care of the rest. We literally slaughtered them, men, women and children…leaving entire camps dead. There are caves full of bones in my state of Western Australia, attesting to the atrocities and they are not even known outside of the rather senior tribe whose ancestors they are. The stolen generation was a thing and it was an atrocity. Most of the kids taken were eventually dumped back into the communities from which they came…bringing with them all manner of messed up lives, alcohol and drugs. These kids were alien to their people but had never found a home among white society either. I LIVED THROUGH THIS AND SAW SOME OF THE KIDS IN THE WHITE HOMES! Physical and mental abuse of these black kids was common and sexual abuse too. I am not reading accounts by do gooder liberals who were the same twits who started taking kids from black communities in the first place. By the way all kids taken were of mixed blood. The policy was only geared towards mixed blood kids, since they were deemed redeemable.

    Don’t tell me about things I know better than you first hand you one eyed bigot. This article is flawed due to a lot of assumptions that official doctrine was what it claimed to be. I’d like to see how well most white’s fare when put into the same environment Aborigines evolved in. I bet we’d seem stupid as rocks. What you miss is how when we find a less powerful society than our own we Europeans dominate the other and put them into a disadvantaged category from the start. They are not allowed to rise up within our society unless it is through our institutions and by playing all by our rules. The law of the conqueror doesn’t give the conquered any chance to sit at the big table, only to take their place at the long benches of the proles.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Brolga
  226. @Anonymous

    I don’t mind seeing other points of view, so long as I am able to respond.

  227. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    Why don t you have the decency and dignity to admit you led off all incivility by being bloody rude? Drunk? Or is your moniker here a sign of yfur justified fears?

  228. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    I think it has already been pointed out that the existing Aboriginal population has, when free from Trachoma and modern diet related diabetes, average eyesight like that of a typical test pilot. Not surprising that being able to detect a potentially edible wallaby jstanding still against light shadowy foliage might be selected for over 1000s of years.

  229. hamtok says:

    The latest in a series of revisionist history holding the victims accountable for being victims. How Jewish is this, crying ‘Uncle!’ while hurting you.

    “The Booker Prize-winning Australian novelist Peter Carey has stated that, as an Australian, ‘You wake up in the morning and you are the beneficiary of genocide.’”

    I’m with Peter Carey. Between 200-250 million Amerindians, Azrecs and Mayans were cleansed in North, Central and South Americas in 400 years from the Conquistadores until now. It’s emough one would think, but NO!!! Now we have to insult them with blather about IQ’ and shioft blame to them for not being clever enough. How shameful. How Zionist!

    • Replies: @anon
  230. Anonymous [AKA "Saffron"] says:

    Drapetomaniac, what you suggest is fair. Personally, I don’t understand the reason for all the anger and derogatory speech. If a person is intellectually superior, why sound so much like A racist schoolyard bully? A condescending mild disinterest is understandable among more conservative people. But name calling, nonsense science and confused outdated theories just sound like the usual uneducated white trash talk.

    Have you ever noticed that white people with IQs below average, that live undesirable lives, are so much more quick to jump on minorities with SLIGHTLY lower IQs? Educated and intelligent white people with over average and high IQ‘s, not only spare unintelligent minorities their negativity, they also tolerate the seas of under privileged white people.

  231. @NoseytheDuke

    It is in the best interest of all Australians today to do what we can to “close the gap” …

    So let us in on your idea of how to do that, without fantasizing about everyone being the same except for physical characteristics.

    If it’s impossible to close the gap, maybe the best thing is to widen it and let all races live in their own way instead of demanding that Aussie whites be permanent caretakers of aboriginal people.

  232. Dannyboy says:

    ((((Susan Goldberg))))

    Every Single Time.


  233. anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    hello, (((fellow whites)))

    let me tell you all the rotten things my European ancestors did

  234. anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m with Peter Carey. Between 200-250 million Amerindians, Azrecs and Mayans were cleansed in North, Central and South Americas in 400 years from the Conquistadores until now.

    cleansed by conquistadores or smallpox?

    Europeans don’t go around blaming Asians for what the plague did to Europe

  235. FB says: • Website

    I would really like to hear this ‘author’ explain how a boomerang works…

    Combining the aerodynamics of the airfoil [as used on aircraft wings and helicopter blades]…and the physics of angular momentum [as in the gyroscope]…this ingenious invention is without question the earliest instance of the invention of either of those hugely important devices…on which many of our most modern and sophisticated machines work…

    In fact I would love to see this ‘author’ even demonstrate the use of a boomerang…I think it would be a decent test of physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination…I think that would be good for a laugh…[think of a fatass bozo with two left feet and ten thumbs…LOL]

  236. Anonymous [AKA "Marvin Harvey. i see neanderthals"] says:

    you were the most intelligent person here and it was beautiful to read such a sensible and true comment. its to bad that the devils want every one gone that dosent bend and conform to the virus way of life kill conquer move on and repeat. notice the china man wasnt on the iq chart above

  237. Leo says:

    Haven’t you heard about Greece and Rome? No? Yes indeed, you’re the best example of someone not having anything to do with IQ. You’re using all white invented science and technology, living in a white invented house, feed thanks to the whites etc. One case where whites failed you is your education. Go to library and try to learn the true history please: Moors along with Jews were just a genocidal invaders. Luckily Europeans managed to push them back to Africa. Once again – jewish version of the history is false, but prevail these days because of ongoing jewish attack on civilisation.

  238. Paulbe says:

    I work among them. They really are that stupid.

  239. Jake2701 says:

    This low IQ of Abbos cannot be right. I just watched Aboriginal girl putting bottle of Johnny Walker and two bottles of Coke under her coat, and waiting at the entry door of Aldi store. Fair enough, next person coming in tripped the door, and off she went. That’s shows extremely high IQ of the girl, does it not?

  240. Brolga says:
    @unpc downunder

    Well they needed not cultivating any crops they had nothing to store the produce in nor a pot to boil water in. Thanks for introducing this advanced civilisation we now can enjoy boiled beverages. We never boiled a dammed thing for 40000 years we had no pots!

    • Replies: @j2
  241. Brolga says:

    Where do you get your information from ? Wo state that the population of Aboriginals in Australia at settlement was a million. My information from the Australian Bureau of stastictics says that the estimated population at that time was between 400000 and 700000. Are the rest of your facts as reliable

  242. j2 says:

    “Well they needed not cultivating any crops they had nothing to store the produce in nor a pot to boil water in. ”

    Is that true? Either they did not get the invention of pots or did not accept the invention.

    In a way it could be the first one. Australia was totally separated by the ocean for a very long time and pottery was invented in Northern Korea only around 6000 BC. It probably was invented by humans only once and spread from the Far East to the Middle East and finally everywhere.

    But maybe not. Polynesians had pots and they must have known of Australia latest around 1000 AD. They could have brought the invention of pots to Australia, so I think the invention was not accepted. Probably pots were too heavy to carry for hunter-gatherer lifestyle or something like that. The not-invented-here approach. Polynesians did not offer the correct beverages in their pots.

  243. @Biff

    I saw that show, it was Aus army v Abo. Aus army drew straight line a to b, Abos did a semicicle round all the good witchety bug spots etc.
    Aus army lost one man, other walking wounded, but they ‘won’. Abos wandered in a few days later all peachy and chilled.

  244. mastodon says:

    Ignorance is bliss, the Australian aborigine survived on that block of dirt for somewhere between 35 to 65,000 yrs. They had become so much a part of their environment that their culture was entwined with it: when your sacred areas are breeding grounds for prey species, you are really are in the loop. Without our tender attentions they could have become anything on this planet. The only infinite resources are time and life…

    Now look at this marvellous “civilisation” we got, lasting another 10yrs, yeh maybe… 100yrs..1000yrs not a shit show. We live in a fossil fueled fairyland with absolutely no way out. Overshoot is always followed by dieoff.

    And of course the blissful ignorance is yours notmyrealname lance.

  245. @Bardon Kaldian

    They really are.

    Why can’t I be 25 again, go out exploring in my ship, spend a few weeks at sea and beach on a lovely day upon an island that is inhabited by a three tribes of beautiful women; one of redheads, one of blondes and another with shimmering auburn hair, all great cooks, somewhat intelligent and willing, who don’t smoke but who love to cook, make their own wines and love 25 year old guys?

    It’s just not fair, I tell ya.

  246. @Kiza

    ‘… And, yes, there was an Aboriginal civilization, just not of the kind that the Anglo-Europeans would have understood or appreciated…’

    So long as you rename any conceivable human culture a ‘civilization,’ sure.

    I can call myself a mighty athlete. All I have to do is redefine that status to be the ability to walk ten miles, lift a hundred pounds, and swim 250 yards, and I’m there.

  247. memememe says:

    My god, I can’t believe how ignorant the author of this article is! Sad in this day and age!

  248. Recent African arrivals in Australia are much worse.

    Aborines may be a bunch of losers but they are not particularly muscular. In contrast, blacks from Africa are strong and aggressive and look upon whites as predator look upon prey.

  249. Zinj says:

    Only reason to preserve the native culture is to have it intact long enough for us to evaluate what parts, if any, are of value to our own, so we can then incorporate those improvements. That’s how cultures and societies grow and evolve. It’s one of the reasons why those who decry cultural appropriation are displaying their complete ignorance of culture, history, and science. They truly are the children than we need to slap and tell them to go sit in the corner.

  250. @Anonymous

    That’s too abstract. Brown people in the US cost heavily – $588K per lifetime for Hispanics, $750K per lifetime for blacks, and that’s just taxes vs benefits (it’s an expensive country). And that’s not figuring in crime (watch some Colin Flaherty videos), or property devaluation. Nor the drag on our attention which should be spent on better things than trying to uplift the un-upliftable.

  251. Sam J. says:

    You may be right. Here’s an interesting page on salt. I tried to up my salt intake an I believe it raised my blood pressure. Might try it again.

  252. @Emblematic

    Good stuff emblematic.
    Yu contradict yorself in the first 2 sentences. Most of what yu say after has very little merit.
    I’m gonna be blunt here, in a very aussie way.

    This is a discracful piece of shit journalism, by some fuckwit in america who knows sweek fuck all about the subject matter.

    Racist garbage really with not a lot of fact, so well done to the so called journalist or author. Yu fulfilled yor own stereotype.

    Anyone who thinks that us blackfellas are dumb and stupid,
    don’t really have a clue themselves.

    True we aren’t good at culturally biased western education as a whole. Things like intelligence tests, leave us sorely lacking.

    But then again PUT THE SHOE ON THE OTHER FOOT, if yu sat one of our culturally biased inappropriate IQ tests, how would yu go. We would all be bloody geniuses.

    Yu would all wind up in the same basket as yu acuse us of being in. Dumb and stupid. Lmfao. Yu would all fail miserably unless yu were all koong bushmen from Africa. Even bear grills would be hard pushed to pass.


    Yu identify yorself problematic, as one of those real educated racists ignoramouses, us mob know only to well.

    Caring paternalism yu claim is the answer. Are yu for Real mate, how bloody ignorant are yu. What a stupidly fucked thing to say.

    Listen buddy, if uncaring paternalism over the last 50 or 60 years hasn’t worked, how is caring paternalism going to be successfull.

    It is the paternalism that keeps us locked in a cycle of poor bugger me, inequality, poverty and social violence.

    For all the good yu think yu are paternalistic pricks think yu are doing, the agenda takes over as the focus, rather than the outcomes.

    The end result is that millions get spent for very little return. There is very little consultation, programs are always done on the cheap, the agenda is whiteman agenda not ours.

    All yu tight arse white fools can belly ache about is that yu sunk 20 million $$$ on sorry blackfella’s arses last year for no result,

    But hey its OK, the corrupt government will gladly give 1 billion $$$ each to the american pedophile president clinton and despot war criminal on the world’s most wanted list, saddam hussein and pat themselves on the back for their great work.

    Then theres the hundreds of billions of aussie taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THAT IS WASTED FIGHTING THE YANKS STUPID FUCKING PROCKY WARS and bying all their crappy war machinery like the f35, at vastly over inflated prices.

    No ploblem there, nothing to look at, move on sort of affair , but thats all good right, isn’t it, for yu lot.

    Our corrupt politicians and government, in reality a private corporation registered in the US apparently, have sold us out to the deep state and the global cabal.

    Have yu actually got a grasp of the big picture problematic. Or are yu just talking out of the side of yor arse, for the sake of talking opiniated uneducated shite.

    For yor education mate yu might consider these facts.

    When yu subjugate, denigrate and undereducate a group of people, for long enough, keep them enslaved with no income, imprisoned on a tiny price of land and feed them nothing but disease carrying very basic handout rations and yu are given virtually nothing but the most redimentry of medical care for nearly 200 years,

    when yor people have been murdered, poisoned, sterilized and given diseases in an effort to eradicate us off the face of the planet for the last 230 years.

    when our children have been forcibly removed for the last 100 years, placed in white fella orphanages, where they were murdered, raped, starved, tortured, molested, forcibly impregnated, sterilized, and treated like social lab rats.

    When yor are persecuted, punished and incarcerated for crimes that whitefellas get off scott free for, and when yu go to jail for twice as long for the same crime, as a white fella.

    When the colour of yor skin and the burden of blame for the condition of yor life that yu live, does not meet the standards imposed upon yu by a very corrupt and failing majority, yu are made an outcast in yor own country.

    There’s a word for that and it’s called genocide, I don’t suppose in the rarefied air yu live in, problematic, yu would have stumbled onto that concept or term though.

    is there one armchair or expert keyboard critic, writting on these pages, who is actually knowledgable or wise enough, smart enough, intelligent enough and compassionate enough, to grasp the bullshit the fucking racist idiots here are actually saying, but know nothing about.

    Give us a bloody break will ya, fair fuckin go. This is the truth of the matter,

    While the wealth generated by Australia is syphoned off to criminal interests outside of Australia, and the global and local elite 1%S.

    When what is left is not shared equally with the real owners of the land, thats us blackfella’s nothing will ever change for us.

    I would like to see how yu lot felt if 20 million Chinamen took over the US (or whatever country yu come from), and put yu all under their dictatorial regime for 200 odd years. Yu would be disolved as a group of people or nation in 5 minutes flat

    Based on many coments here, yu guys would all be cool with that. Chinese paternalism would look like a party to yu lot then.

    Oh and by the way the rest of the world is about 30 points average, less intelligent than the Chinese apparently. Where does that put yu all in yor little peeking order of global intelligence scales.

    My guess is yu would all dramatically fall down the global ladder of intelligence, based on yor own vastly over inflated opinion of yor collective intelligence.

    So problematic mate, next time, do a bit of social research, yor own experience was worth shit for actual understanding and grasping the reality of life for many aboriginal people, if yu really did spend time with a few people, based on what yu say.

    I will leave yu with this final thought. Despite our relatively short time in the modern world, only 220 years, we have reached the very pinnicle of todays world sports.

    We have many local and intentional sporting stars, who are held in very high esteem in this country. Here are 4 of our greatest.

    Yu might have heard of Eyvonne Goolagong, 2 time Wimbledon champion and first mother to win it.

    Lionel Rose 3 time world boxing champion, an absolute hero right up till he died.

    Kathy Freeman, who took the world by storm at the SYDNEY OLYMPICS. One of the greatest stories in Olympic history

    More lately the Ash Barty party has hit town, and giving yu’S in the tenis world, all something to think about with her world no 1, and french open titles under her belt this year.

    If there was just one moment in time when every aussie came together as one people and one nation, Kathy’S win was it.

    All it took was that 15 minutes of time for our Kathy to put us, the rightful indigenous owners of this country, on the world stage and fly our flag, and bring us all under the same cause and sense of identity as Australians.

    This was an absolutely brilliant day in the life of Australia, yet here we are 20 years later, yet socially and economically us blackfella’s are still kept in our bottom of the sociology economic ladder status quo, by disgraceful government policy, stingy public spending and a very racist public

    Just remember problematic, our cultural integrity and longevity, having been on this planet at least 60 to 70 THOUSAND YEARS LONGER THAN YU SELF PROCLAIMED VERY IMPOETABT WHITEFELLAS WITH YOR BLACK JESUS, makes yu all pale (pun intended) into insignificance in the big picture of humanity.

  253. Catch says:
    @Fran Macadam

    ……and yet they managed to create the greatest society the world has ever known.

    If only the Americans and Europeans were so capable.

    All Australians know that deep down the others are jealous they’re not Australian.

    The Europeans just can’t break free of their history of fighting each other, and the Americans are drowning in a morass of crime, drugs and murder.

    It says much about their character, where they accept migrant child rape gangs and the slaughter of pre-schoolers in their own classrooms, respectively.

    So sad.

  254. Anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:

    The article mentions mental retardation. This is the most “retarded” article I have ever read.
    Except for the prison statistics, everything else is a load of bunk, including the authors’ and researchers’ reasonings for the statistics.

  255. @Anonymous

    JAshkenazis are European. Their average intelligence is lower than that of non-Ashkenazi Europeans. Typical of them, they turned in IQ test scores only from an expensive, elite school, meaning the children of intelligent, wealthy parents were chosen as their “average.” This cheat was discovered, and the Ashkenazi IQ scores were then compared to the scores from a similar, but secular, non-Jjwish school. The secular school showed an IQ average some 7points higher than the Ashkenazi school. Extrapolating, we see what we expected: Ashkenazi IQ average is 93.

    Stop the Stupid: stop spreading their lies.

    Asian countries do this same thing. The fact is, Europeans have the highest average IQ. Deal with it.

    And NO, IQ tests are NOT culturally inappropriate for a nation’s subcultures. There are tests that have nothing to do with culture, and do not even require reading skills. Some people groups are just dumber than others. Deal with it.

  256. Bony says:

    Why is it important? Aboriginal persons were raised and evolved in their own environment and uniquely adapted to survive there. Innovation was not necessary in their view of life.

    Their reluctance to learn is no bad thing. And their alcoholic behaviour, promiscuous sexuality and venereal diseases are due to white men.

  257. sungod says:

    Dark Emu: Revising Australian Pre-Colonial History
    We are at the beginning – not the end – of understanding pre-colonial history…
    The following listing of the evidence is largely sourced from a review providing quoted material from the book. (See Mat’s Review of Dark Emu Aug 11, 2014). The listing has been ordered by various categorisations of the evidence. At the conclusion of this section, for those who would rather listen to videos of some of the public presentations of Bruce Pascoe, a list of online resources has been gathered together.


    Houses and villages:
    * [Quoting explorer Charles Sturt:] [I]n walking along one came to a village consisting of nineteen huts… Troughs and stones for grinding seed were lying about… The fact of there being so large a well at this point… assured us that this distant part of the interior… was not without inhabitants.
    * WORKSHOPS: [M]ost of the tool workshops associated with these constructions, as well as the constructions themselves, still do not appear on the archaeological register of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria.

    * HOUSE & CAKE in Sturt’s Desert: Sturt’s new house, roast duck and cake!

    * HOUSES for 40 PEOPLE: On seeing houses built to accommodate forty people in groups of fifty or more both explorers resort to words like huts or hovels to describe buildings which in rural Ireland would have been called croft houses.

    * BIRDSVILLE: Several villages were located near Birdsville, south-west Queensland, where today the remoteness and inhospitable nature of the land is mythologised as the desolate Outback. Many Australians find it hard to imagine the area as a once productive and healthy environment for large numbers of Aboriginal people.

    * EXPLORERS TAKE (shelter in) HOUSES: Mitchell is sensitive to the quality of the houses but insensitive to his occupation of someone else’s residence. He occupied empty houses on many occasions and liberties of this kind were likely to have ruptured the relationship between white and black more severely than any action other than physical attack.

    * TOWNS on the DARLING RIVER: On the Darling River, explorers saw similar towns to those seen by Sturt and Mitchell and estimated the population of each to be no less than a thousand. Peter Dargin estimated the population of the region as 3,000 but the journals of Sturt, Mitchell and others reveal that they passed many such populous villages.

    * MALLACOOTA HOUSE: At Mallacoota in 1842 Joseph Lingard met two Aboriginal men and, ‘made bold to go into their retreat, which I found to be like a house inside’.

    * HOUSES WERE SOLID STRUCTURES: [Robinson] reported that the walls and rooves of the beehive, or kraal, type were so substantial that they were strong enough ‘for a man on horseback to ride over’.

    Agriculture: sowing, irrigatation and tilling of land:
    * NINE MILES OF STOOPED GRAIN: Explorer Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell wrote that he “rode through nine miles of stooped grain” Mitchell’s fellow explorers describe it as looking exactly like “an English field of harvest” where the grain had been stooped for ripening.
    * MASSIVE YAM FIELDS (Vic): Mitchell describes seeing massive fields of murnong stretching as far as he could see. * MASSIVE YAM FIELDS (WA):Lt. Grey in Western Australia was halted by yam fields “that stretched to the horizons”. The land was tilled so deeply that he could not walk across them.

    * Hillsides of Melbourne terraced for yam daisy agriculture. (Isaac Batey, early farmer)

    * HARVESTING IMPLEMENTS:Many northern Australian museums display long, knife-like implements, which usually bear legends such as ‘of unknown use’ when in fact they are juan knives – long sharp blades of stone with fur-covered handles, which the explorer Gregory described the Aboriginal people using to cut down the grain.

    * CACHES: King, on the doomed Burke and Wills expedition, found a storage of grain in an Aboriginal house, which he estimated at four tons.

    * MOUNDS: [T]he mounds proved to be gigantic ovens for the cooking of the compung rush.

    * HUNDREDS OF MILLSTONES: … Sturt’s description of the evening whirring of hundreds of mills grinding grain into flour.

    * YAM YIELDS: “After studying Aboriginal yields from yam daisies it is easy to imagine a potato farmer turning over part of his farm to yam, thus avoiding the need to use fertiliser and herbicides.”

    * YAM PRESERVATION: The only yam plants to be found today are on railway verges and other lands fenced off from livestock and where no superphosphate has been used.

    * OZ DESERT SEEDS: Latz says that, ‘the nutritional value of the seeds from the desert species is equal to or better than that of the cultivated grains’.

    * MURNONG aka YAM DAISY: A 100g sample of Microseris lanceolata tubers would provide 3-4 times the energy level of a 100g potato.

    * TWO MAJOR CROPS: yams (as well as other root vegetables) and grains.

    * Norman Tindale… estimated the milling techniques to be around 18,000 years old, an age which, if it is true, re-writes the history of world agriculture.

    * FIRE-STICK FARMING: Daryl Tonkin, long-term resident of the country near Drouin in West Gippsland, remembers the catastrophic fires of 1939, which he attributed to the increasing reluctance of the Europeans to burn and the habit of leaving the heads of felled trees unburnt. [Edward Curr:] ‘[T]he blackfellow was constantly setting fire to the grass and trees… he tilled his land and cultivated his pasture with fire’. [Tim Flannery:] As the term firestick farming suggests, the Aboriginal use of fire resembled agriculture in some ways: it yielded certain crops at certain times, suppressed weeds and was carefully contolled…

    Dams, alter the course of rivers, fish-traps, eel husbandry:
    * The detective work behind the Budj Bim eel traps World Heritage bid: Determining how the Budj Bim traps operated was made difficult after European alteration of Lake Condah’s water flows through installation of drainage channels in the 1880s and 1950s. Luckily, heavy winter rains in 1977 revealed how some Aboriginal-made channels fed water and eels into natural depressions that Coutts termed “holding ponds”. In addition, numerous C-shaped basalt block structures, averaging 3-4 metres across and representing house foundations – possibly clustered into villages – were recorded in the same area as the fish traps. /// Working at the same time as Coutts was Harry Lourandos, a PhD researcher from the University of Sydney. Lourandos examined Robinson’s journals in detail and investigated a huge Aboriginal fish trap at Toolondo, 110km north of Lake Condah.
    * Lake Condah network of fish traps: Traditional owners pushing for a 6,000-year-old network of eel traps in south-west Victoria to be included on the world heritage list will find out next month if the Australian government has accepted their bid. The traps were built by the Gunditjmara people to manage eels in Lake Condah and nearby Darlot Creek and are among the earliest surviving examples of aquaculture. Known as Budj Bim, the site received national heritage listing in 2004

    * Decription of a weir across a river with an extremely inventive fishing trap. (Kirby) * [I]f they were houses, and if the channels were a fishing system, then around 10,000 people lived a more or less sedentary life in this town.

    * Brewarrina Fish Traps: The traditional custodians of the fish traps are the Ngemba Wayilwan (or Wailwan) people. Nearby Aboriginal groups include the Baranbinja, Morowari, Kula, Naualko, Ualarai, Weilwan, Kamilaroi, Kamu and Paarkinlji people. It has been estimated that the region supported a population of about 3,000 people prior to European settlement. The river people generally settled along the main rivers in summer and moved to regular campsites located in drier country during the winter months.

    * WATERCRAFT & FISHING: The early history of Australia is crowded with references to Aboriginal watercraft and fishing techniques. Yet Australians remain strangely impervious to that knowledge and the Aboriginal economy in general.

    * Some Lake Condah fishery sites were seriously damaged after John Howard, Australian Prime Minister at the time, panicked farmers into believing they’d all be ruined by Native Title claims.

    Sewing their clothes:
    * Possum Skin Cloak [Smithsonian Institute]: For generations, every aboriginal infant born in southeastern Australia was swaddled in a possum skin pelt covered in symbols explaining their family ties, their lands, and their place in the larger community. The cloak, worn every day and slept in every night, grew with the child; over the years, more possum pelts, loaded with descriptions of new stories and new relationships, were attached to that first panel. And when the person died, the cloak became a burial shroud, depicting a full life story. This vital tradition disappeared in the late 19th century, as British colonization of Australia led to the demise of aboriginal culture. Only five original cloaks have been preserved—including one stored in the Natural History Museum.
    Construction of a system of pan-continental government:
    * CULTURE more than 60,000 years old?: [T]he skills employed to bring about the longest lasting pan-continental stability the world has known must be investigated because they might become Australia’s greatest export. Of all the systems humans have devised to manage their lives on earth Aboriginal government looks most like the democratic model.
    * LANGUAGES: [Linguist Terry] Crowley admits that Australian languages are probably 40,000 to 60,000 years old, but even at 10,000 years they would be older than most other world languages.

    Other considerations
    * EARLY HISTORICAL REVISIONISM IGNORED: Rupert Gerritsen’s important work was similarly bound and, for want of Australian interest, had to be published in London. Both his work and Dargin’s are indicative of Australia’s nonchalance to important considerations of Aboriginal culture.
    * GLOBAL PATTERN: The reluctance to credit engineered fisheries to colonised peoples, and thus underrate their sovereignty of the land, is not peculiar to Australia.

    * COLONIAL PROPAGANDA: The underestimation of Indigenous achievement was a deliberate tactic of British colonialism.

    * DISPOSSESSION of COUNTRY: The belief that Aboriginal people were ‘mere’ hunter-gatherers has been used as a political tool to justify dispossession.

    * SEDENTARY SOCIETY: Burial within cemeteries is another of the indicators of sedentism recognised by archaeologists and abundant examples are provided in explorers’ journals.
    World’s First Bakers?
    Australian Museum: CUDDIE SPRINGS ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE, NEW SOUTH WALES Cuddie Springs is an important archaeological and paleontological site, located near Brewarrina in central north New South Wales. About 40 km south of the Barwon River and 15 km west of the Macquarie River it forms a shallow enclosed basin (3 km diameter), away from the natural drainage.
    Google A large area archaeological excavation at Cuddie Springs:
    Pleistocene seed-grinding implements from the Australian arid zone

    Seed-grinding technologies in prehistoric societies have been linked to the development of agriculture and complex societies (e.g. Smith 1995) and the increased incidence of seed-grinding implements to the earliest evidence of sedentism around 12,800 b.p. (although grinding slabs for processing tubers have been identified at Wadi Kubbaniya in Egypt as early as 19,000 b.p.: Hillman 1989; Wright 1994).

    The presence of a range of morphological types known to be associated with seed processing at Cuddie Springs provides strong evidence for a seed-grinding economy around 30,000 b.p.

    However there have been more recent developments, here is one:

    Madjedbebe – How old is this [61,000 years?]

    Australia’s First Miners
    Mining by Aborigines – Australia’s first miners: NSW Dept Primary Industries.
    Ochre was traded widely from the main ochre quarries. Aboriginal groups travelled from Cloncurry in Queensland to the Yarrakina ochre mine at Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia to exchange shields for the special iridescent ochre mined there. Other groups from NSW exchanged light spear shafts for the prized ochre. Aborigines also came from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, carrying 25 kg blocks of the Yarrakina ochre over distances of 1000 km on their return journey. Ochre from near Mount Rowland in Tasmania was mined by Aboriginal women using stone hammers and wooden chisels. The ochre was then packed into kangaroo-skin bags for transport. The Wilgie Mai mine east of Geraldton in Western Australia was a major operation with a mining face of between 30 and 15 metres wide and up to 20 metres deep. The red and yellow ochre from the mine was excavated by men using heavy stone mauls and fire-hardened wooden wedges up to half a metre long. Pole scaffolding was erected for working at different heights. Several thousand tonnes of rock were removed from this mine. Wilgie Mai is considered ‘a place of fabulous wealth’ by Aborigines in the west and ochre from the mine was used in a huge area of Western Australia and may have been carried as far as Queensland. The Rumbalara deposit 200 km south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory has also been a large producer of ochre. During the Second World War, the ochre from Rumbalara was used for the manufacture of camouflage paint.
    A Central Australian Ochre Mine: NICOLAS PETERSON’ AND RONALD LAMPERT, ANU
    ABSTRACT. An ochre mine still used by Warlpiri men in central Australia is described, and its relationship to trading networks, mythology and control over access is discussed. The paper also examines the methods of mining and processing the ochre, and describes some task-specific stone tools used in mining. Many similarities are apparent between this mine and two famous large ochre deposits, Parachilna and Wilga mia, neither of which is currently in use. It is of particular interest for three reasons: there are stone tools used specifically for quarrying the deposits; the entire mine is an underground chamber; and it provides ethnographic evidence on the complexities of the control of such valued resources.

    Useful External Links:
    ON-LINE Public Presentations by Bruce Pascoe
    2018 July (Pub) – A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | TEDxSydney: Indigenous writer and anthologist Bruce Pascoe draws on first-hand accounts from colonial journals to dispel the myth that Aboriginal people were hunters and gatherers and “did nothing with the land that resembled agriculture”. In this powerful talk, Pascoe demonstrates a radically different view of Australian history that we all need to know – one that has the potential to change the course of Australians’ relationship with the land. [12m 33s]
    2018 May – Traditional Aboriginal Land Management Practices: CFA (Country Fire Authority) [09m 09s]

    2018 April – The world’s first bakers.: AUSTRALASIAN PERMACULTURE CONVERGENCE [28m 45s]

    2017 November, Aboriginal culture and history: Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture 2017, State Library of Victoria [41m 05s]

    2017 Feb – Australian Aboriginal History: Australia Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne [04m 54s]

    2017 March – Australian Aboriginal History: Spot Fire 1 – Bruce Pascoe ‘Aboriginal Agriculture’ [1hr 01m]

    2016 June – Aboriginal agriculture – maintaining a culture over millenia: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Reconciliation Seminar Series, [53m 31s]

    2016 November – Farming the Land as if it was Australia: Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (NSW) [42m 54m]

    2016 November – Future Food Part 1.: South Australia [1hr 00m]

    2016 April – “From the Mission to the Outpost: Social Engineering Through Art”: Lin Onus Oration 2016 [27m 47s]

    2016 April – Land Cultures: Aboriginal economies and permaculture futures: Daylesford, VIC [41m 11s]

    2014 October, Aboriginal Agriculture: WAW Gathering [14m 14s]

    2009 NAIDOC Week – Not Hunter Gatherers: Art Gallery of NSW, [15m 21s]

    REVIEWS and Summaries of Dark Emu
    REVIEW with Extensive EXTRACT: Decolonising agriculture: Bruce Pascoe’s ‘Dark Emu’:
    Australia’s colonial history has characterised indigenous people almost exclusively as nomadic hunters. This exclusive extract from Bruce Pascoe’s ‘Dark Emu’, reveals a long history of indigenous agriculture, a history that predates the pyramids, but which was omitted from the history books.
    REVIEW with Summary of Evidence: Mat’s Review at Goodreads (NOTE: The data presented in this review has been re-presented above in categories)
    Here are some quotes that jumped out at me: [Quoting explorer Charles Sturt:] “[I]n walking along one came to a village consisting of nineteen huts… Troughs and stones for grinding seed were lying about… The fact of there being so large a well at this point… assured us that this distant part of the interior… was not without inhabitants.

    SMH March 2003: For nearly 8000 years, the Gunditjmara people in the Lake Condah region of western Victoria farmed eels
    They modified more than 100 square kilometres of the landscape, constructing artificial ponds across the grassy wetlands and digging channels to interconnect them. They exported their produce and became an important part of the local economy. And then white settlers arrived and all they left of the Gunditjmara’s thriving industry were several hundred piles of stones that had formed the foundations to the people’s huts. Since the 1970s, archaeologists have suspected that the stone remains in the Lake Condah region were evidence that the local Aborigines had lived in villages. But it was not until an eight-year research project was carried out by a Flinders University archaeologist, Heather Builth, that the real importance of the remains became clear.

    Other Sources
    The Strehlow collection of sacred objects:
    A large collection of sacred objects were amassed over decades by anthropologist Ted Strehlow. This is an extremely interesting article, authored by Dr John Morton.
    First Nation Habitats and Villages before and after slaughter & displacement
    Recent researchers, including Bruce Pascoe, have described how many First Nations nations/tribes lived in villages or towns, while many others lived in villages for most of the seasons. Once the peoples were displaced from ‘country’ by European colonists, many were forced into exclusively hunting and gathering, therefore building shelter that served the purpose of this transient lifestyle.

    Bill Gammage: The biggest estate on earth ABC News:
    Before white settlement, some of the local landscape looked like parkland. Author Bill Gammage explains the complex systems of land management used by Indigenous Australians. [06m 59s] 2017 Feb

    Bill Gammage: The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines made Australia
    This book argues that Aborigines made Australia in 1788, by using fire or no fire to distribute plants, and plant distribution to locate animals. People made a plant community such as grass or open forest a favourable habitat, associated such communities to link feed to shelter, and used these associations to lure and locate animals. This put every species on ground it preferred, while people knew where their resources were, and subject to Law could harvest them as they chose. They could make paddocks without fences, because in Australia, almost uniquely, the only large predators to disturb prey were human. People were not aimless hunter-gatherers; they planned and worked hard to make plants and animals abundant, convenient and predictable. They depended not on chance, but on policy. (17 October 2013)

    WIKI: Wurdi Youang stone arrangement:
    The stone arrangement takes the form of an irregular egg-shape or ovoid about 50 m (164 ft) in diameter with its major axis aligning east-west.[3] It is composed of about 100 basalt stones, ranging from small rocks about 200 mm (8 in) in diameter to standing stones about 1 m (3 ft) high with an estimated total mass of about 23 t (23 long tons).[4] There are three prominent waist-high stones, at its western end, which is the highest point of the ring. The purpose, use, and age of the arrangement are not known. It has been suggested by scientists studying the arrangements that it could be as old as 11,000 years (based on carbon dating at nearby sites[9]), which would make it the oldest astronomical observatory in the world.

    Uluru Statement: “We seek … truth-telling about our history.”

    “I have good reason to distrust any historian who has nothing new to say
    or who produces novelties, either in facts or in interpretations, which
    I discover to be unreliable. Historians are supposed to be discoverers of truths.
    No doubt they must turn their research into some sort of story before being called historians.
    But their stories must be true stories. […] History is no epic,
    history is no novel, history is no propaganda because in these
    literary genres control of the evidence is optional, not compulsory”

    ~ Arnaldo Momigliano, The rhetoric of history, Comparative Criticism, p. 260

    Arnaldo Momigliano was one of the foremost ancient historians of the 20th century. Above he provides a number of general rules by which we may assess the merit of Bruce Pacoe being recognised as a first rate historian. It seems to me that Pascoe has actually set forth the historical truth by focussing on the historical evidence. Although this historical truth is new to most of us, because we have been educated erroneously in the matter, it is not new to the First People of Australia. In the Uluru Statement they see this newly discovered historical truth as part of a necessary “truth-telling” process.

    The Australian First People are also the children of farmers, who were dispossessed of their farm lands and “country” by the Colonial invasion and settlements.

    Here are some additional resources …

    Henry Reynolds
    Australian Frontier Wars: Keith Windschuttle and Henry Reynolds on Lateline
    Australian Frontier Wars: Keith Windschuttle and Henry Reynolds at the National Press Club

    The Australia Day Controversy: Henry Reynolds – “Political Correctness or Common Sense”?

    McGuinness, Windschuttle and Quadrant: The attempt to revise the history of the massacre of Aborigines on the British colonial frontier in Australia, by Bob Gould

    Australian Prehistory: Draft Timeline
    75,000 – Toba supereruption: global volcanic winter 6-10 years, possibly a 1,000-year cooling episode.
    65,000 to 50,000 – [African origin of modern humans] The most significant “recent” wave took place about 70,000 years ago, via the so-called “Southern Route”, spreading rapidly along the coast of Asia and reaching Australia.

    65,000 – (or earlier) First Australian People arrive (from North?) When the north-west of Australia, which is closest to Asia, was first occupied, the region consisted of open tropical forests and woodlands. After around 10,000 years of stable climatic conditions, by which time the Aboriginal people had settled the entire continent, temperatures began cooling and winds became stronger, leading to the beginning of an ice age

    60,000 – Ice Age beginning

    40,000 – 50,000 Mungo Man:

    40,000 – First Australian People arrive in Tasmania

    30,000 – Oldest seed grinding stone, Cuddie Springs (Italy, Europe similar date)

    26,500 to 15,000 – Last Glacial Maximum: drought, desertification, sea levels 150m lower than today.

    26,000 to 15,000 – Australian Megafauna extinction

    18,000 – ice age ends.


    13,000 – ‘Conflict’ increasing territorial conflict possibly due to sea level rise and new competition for land and resources. (1)

    12,500 – Neolithic Revolution: wide-scale transition of many human cultures from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement.

    12,000 – Sea-level rise covered Tas land bridge, inhabitants isolated until European settlers

    11,700 – End of the Pleistocene Epoch (began about 2.6 million years ago) Start of the Holocene Epoch


    10,000 – Present day Australian climate established.

    10,000 – Earliest shell middens (SW SA and SW Vic) [4]

    9,000 – Dampier Archipeligo; stone houses, shell middens and a grinding stone

    8,000 – Artwork Ubirr Kakadu of thylacine and zaglossus (long beaked echidna)

    6,000 – Sea levels stabilised to near its present levels

    5,000 – Arrival of the dingo:

    4,000 to 3,000 – Intensification (Great Intensification Debate in Australian Archaeology)

    4,000 – new art style of ‘x-ray- (1)

    3,500 – (Europe/Asia) The Wheeled vehicle
    3,300 – (Europe/Asia) Bronze Age; smelting

    3,000 – ‘Increased Territoriality’ – population increase, sea levels peak, unpredictable climate (1)

    2,000 – ‘Consolidated Settlement ‘- Villages emerge across south-eastern Australia … Aquaculture develops and there is evidence of gardening. Complex social and religous systems [last section ‘The Great Flood’] (1)

    1,000 – ‘Trade and Exchange’ – Extensive trade routes develop across the country … resources and tools. (1)

    300 – ‘New Arrivals’ (2) – Indonesian fishermen (Maccasins ? ) … then Portuguese, Dutch, etc (1)


    (1) Scott Cane (2013): First Footprints
    (3) WIKI
    [4] Shell Midden Chronology in Southwestern Victoria: Reflections of Change in Prehistoric Population and Subsistence?
    Author(s): Michael C. S. Godfrey
    Stable URL:

    Australian Prehistory: Bibliography [DRAFT]
    Geoffrey Blainey (1976): Triumph of the Nomads: History of Ancient Australia
    Henry Reynolds (1981): The Other Side of the Frontier : Aboriginal Resistance to the European Invasion

    Tony Swain (1993). A place for strangers: towards a history of Australian Aboriginal being

    Harry Lourandos (1997): Continent of Hunter-Gatherers: New Perspectives in Australian Prehistory

    Jennifer Isaacs (2006): Australian Dreaming: 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History

    Rupert Gerritsen (2008): Australia and the Origins of Agriculture

    Bill Gammage (2011): The biggest estate on earth : how Aborigines made Australia,

    Henry Reynolds (2013): Forgotten War

    Scott Cane (2013): First Footprints – The epic story of the First Australians

    Bruce Pascoe (2014): Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture Or Accident?

    “We come from our mother’s breath.”
    (“bingyadyan ngallu nudjarn jungarung”)

    Yuin language, via Bruce Pascoe

  258. Anonymous[586] • Disclaimer says:

    “…only Amerindians (“Native Americans”) are more genetically different from Africans than the Australian Aborigines.”

    That’s what I love about Amerindians, and it’s probably why their women are the world’s most beautiful.

  259. Wanker says:

    Never trust a anything coming out of America. They have an agenda. They want to make sure the world conforms to their distorted view of reality. I suppose both Americans and certain sections of Australian society have a bit of an agenda to justify genocide. It cost the United States enormous amounts of money and resources to keep the union together and keep the illusion of equality amongst blacks and whites, but your compatriot just wants to criticize Australia from a distance. I’m sure that the current environment in the United States is a perfect echo chamber for her ideas. If anything, the aboriginal peoples of Australia are an exceptional opportunity to learn about the origins of humanity, but small minded people would just as soon squander that opportunity due to the primitive fear and tribalism they themselves posses! These are the same “savage” traits they claim to see in the aboriginals. I think looking in a mirror and seeing an uncomfortable image of your own distance past is too much for the fragile ego?

  260. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow. You are obviously an right-wing and lowlife racist with too much time on your hands. You don’t even acknowledge the concept that barbarism and civilization are relative terms. Did you even go to school or do you still live in your basement? How dare you insult other cultures which you know nothing about? Cherry picking data, as usual with you fools. And the worst part is that you’re not even the worst culprit. I hope you realize one day the evil that your lies are radiating on this world.

  261. Mycale says:

    “ But in reality, it is the Aborigines who should wake up in the morning and realise that they are the beneficiaries of a society and economy that they could never have created on their own.”

    Doesn’t this whole article show, however, that they are literally incapable of doing this? Does an 11 year old child understand all the things his or her parents do on a daily basis to make that child’s life work? Of course not. So it is with aborigines. In a lot of ways, it is simply unfair to demand they operate in the white man’s society and the white man’s economy – it’s too complicated, way beyond what they can create, and struggle to function in it. They cannot conform to the white man’s norms and values. The same is true to a lesser extent of African-Americans, although there is a very small minority at the right end of the curve that can do it.

    Liberal whites who take a paternalistic attitude to these groups are in fact doing an injustice to all – the Aborigines cannot function in the society as they want them to and it is not the white man’s fault as they claim.

  262. It should not be said that Aborigines are the beneficiaries of a society and economy that they could never have created on their own. They are not capable of benefiting from this otherworldly society. It’s not their fault, or rather there is no fault excepting the otherworldly society’s unwillingness to see things exactly as they are.

  263. SharonSC says:

    I completely agree. Schizophrenic…or another word could be Hypocritical.

  264. @Anonymous

    The problem is not the slightly lower IQs but the much higher violence that accompanies it. Australian SJWs have yet to fully experience the wonders of Diversity. Before it’s too late they really do need to separate n give Abos 3% of the country then not let them in except to visit. It’s too late for the US. Our future is partition n civil war.

  265. God says:

    exterminate all useless races

  266. Anon[723] • Disclaimer says:

    For such an intelligent person that you claim to be, you ought to know that “race” is a social construct. Moron! Ethnicity is real but race isn’t. Intelligence is not based on “race” but rather on nature versus nurture components. Go back to school, you might learn something!

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