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Marine Le Pen and the Existential Stakes In France’s Election
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Above, Marine Le Pen savages Angela Merkel in the EU Parliament.

[See Also: Make Europe Great Again: Nationalism On The Rise—But Fast Enough?]

No book has been as prophetic as Camp of the Saints, French writer Jean Raspail’s 1973 epic meditation on Western identity, masochism and the extinction of our culture through mass migration. But now Raspail’s claim to be the pre-eminent prophet of Western suicide is being challenged by another French novelist: Michel Houellebecq and his 2015 novel Submission. Submission posited that the French Establishment would do anything to prevent a National Front victory, even if it meant acquiescing to the overthrow of all of French civilization. And that’s precisely what’s happening today, as both the French and the European political classes are using legalistic legerdemain to block Marine Le Pen and leave the Islamization of La République intact.

The hateful gangsters of the European Parliament removed Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity earlier this week, opening her up to charges which could put her in prison for three years. The action came at the request of the French judiciary.

Le Pen’s crime? She tweeted images of Islamic State atrocities, including the beheading of James Foley by the “British man” Mohammed Emwazi.( “Jihadi John.”) [EU Votes To Strip French Presidential Hopeful Le Pen Of Parliamentary Immunity From Prosecution, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, March 1, 2017]

This is apparently a crime in the “free” nation of France—showing that the French government is far more concerned about its citizens finding out about acts of Islamic terrorism than the terrorism itself.

The French government is also taking action at home against Le Pen. Police raided the National Front’s headquarters ostensibly as part of a “fraud” investigation. Le Pen has characterized the action as a “unilateral and illegal decision taken by political opponents… without proof and without waiting for a judgment from the court action I have started”. [Marine Le Pen’s Front National headquarters raided by police, by Kim Willsher, The Guardian, February 20, 2017]

Le Pen is a threat because a Presidential election victory by her National Front would almost certainly mean the end of the European Union. As former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta put it, if Le Pen wins, “it will be game over” . [Former Italian PM: Le Pen Victory Is ‘Game Over’ For The EU, by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart, February 28, 2017]

Marine Le Pen has accused the European Union as it currently exists of being “the problem, not the solution” and speaks in existential terms about the main issue in the election.

“What is at stake in this election is the continuity of France as a free nation, our existence as a people”, she believes. “The French have been dispossessed of their patriotism. They are suffering in silence from not being allowed to love their country … The divide is no longer between the Left and the Right, but between the patriots and the globalists.”

[Le Pen: “It’s Time To Do Away With The EU, by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, February 24, 2017]

Le Pen is also a threat to those who want to start a war with Russia over Syria. The National Front leader says leaving President Bashar al-Assad in power is the more “reassuring” outcome for France in the Syrian Civil War [Le Pen Says Assad May Be Lesser of Two Evils for Syria’s Future, by Dana Khraiche, Bloomberg, February 20, 2017].

On current form, Le Pen will likely make it through the first round of the election, maybe even winning it. She is being targeted now because it appears she has a significant chance to take the second round as well. And even a milquetoast professional token conservative like R oss Douthat suggests she may “deserve to win it”. [Can Populism Take Paris? New York Times, March 1, 2017]

But the preferred candidate of the System is still expected to beat her in the second round. And that man is Emmanuel Macron, a supposed “independent” who represents the EU consensus. Macron is picking up endorsements from both centrists and far-Left figures such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit. [Macron forges ahead as rivals wrestle with legal troubles, by Mark Deen, Irish Independent, February 28, 2017] Thus, we have the former street fighters of the hard Left falling into line behind a former investment banker.

Macron is also using the same Russoparanoid strategy currently being employed against American patriots such as Senator Jeff Sessions, accusing Russia of targeting him and calling for a “strong Europe” to counter Russia [France’s Presidential Front-Runner Says Russia Is Hacking Him Now, by Mark Deen, Bloomberg, February 14, 2017]. Needless to say, as with Open Borders fanatics in this country, Russia is the only country Macron isn’t willing to prostrate himself before.

Unlike Barack Obama, who at least managed to win office before beginning his Apology Tour, Macron has already distinguished himself during the campaign by trashing his own country on foreign television, denouncing France’s colonial legacy in Algeria [‘Colonization was a crime against humanity’: French presidential favorite Macron sparks firestorm, RT, February 17, 2017].

Yet what’s far worse were Macron’s casual comments about immigration.

“We have entered a world of great migrations and we will have more and more of it…France will not be able to stem it, and Europe will be affected immediately. We will see a migratory phenomenon far greater than what we have seen [with migrants from] Syria.”

[Emmanuel Macron: Europe faces ‘unstoppable mass migration’ says French PM hopeful, by Belinda Robinson, Daily Express, February 26, 2017]

If this is so, then why does France bother having a government? Why even bother discussing issues such as the budget, health care, transportation or energy when every single program is going to be exacerbated by dumping an unlimited African and Arab population on top of it?


The exponential growth of Third World population, especially in Africa, ensures that there will always be an economic rationale for migrants to come to Western countries until the very moment they successfully transform European countries into duplicates of the failed societies that spawned them. Macron’s nihilist liberalism in the face of such an existential threat is almost unfathomable treason.

Yet the European Union, already buckling under the migration crisis and the upsurge of nationalism, is doubling down on the plan to dispossess its own population. The EU is now threatening member nations with heavy fines if it does not take in tens of thousands of refugees [EU prods members to take in the refugees they promised to, ABC News, March 2, 2017].

All too obviously, an emotional attachment to the “European ideal” is still compelling to the political class and the Main Stream Media, and even to some particularly brainwashed populations: it’s driving the possible victory of Martin Schulz in Germany.

But what good is European unity when it is only a means to destroy the existence of Europe itsel f?

The central question in the French election confronts all Western nations, including the United States: Does any European or European-derived nation have the right to prevent itself from being subsumed entirely by the Third World?

Those who deny this right are becoming increasingly comfortable in saying so openly. It is no longer possible to claim those who want more immigration for Europe are arguing in good faith and sincerely believe it will benefit the European people. If current trends continue, it means the Death of the West.

In Europe and America, those who are pushing this know exactly what they are doing.

And those on the sidelines (hello, congressional GOP?) can no longer say they were not warned. James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: European Right, France, Immigration 
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It used to be liberte, fraternite, egalite.

    But they added diversite. Le bummer.

  2. How the Democrat party’s position on immigration has changed as exhibited by Bill Clinton’s 1995 excerpt from his State of the Union speech.

  3. Good commentary. According to French-language press, outgoing President François Hollande has said that his one remaining mission is to ensure that Marine Le Pen does not win the presidency. (Of course, given François Hollande’s track record as president, that may be good news.) Marine Le Pen’s best chance is the total fragmentation of French politics, especially in light of the scandal of François Fillon.

    The stakes for France, and for Europe, could hardly be higher. It’s already very late and by 2022, the next French presidential election, the demographic changes in France may be so overwhelmingly unfavorable to the National Front that France-wide victory is impossible: next stop, partition.

  4. The divide is no longer between the Left and the Right, but between the patriots and the globalists


    I stand with the Patriots. I live in Texas. I have never been to France. I don’t speak French. All I know is what I read on the internet. But I expect to wake up one day and read that Le Pen has been thrown into prison. That seems to be the plan. I hope French Patriots will remember 14 July 1789.

    • Replies: @Bill
    , @dfordoom
  5. I’m trying to find a way to contribute, but Marine doesn’t seem to solicit donations on her home page. Maybe this is per French election rules, with which I am unfamiliar. I thought of at least making a purchase at the campaign boutique (which is pretty cool, by the way—they even have cigarette lighters), but it is impossible to ship items to a country outside of France. Hardly surprising.

    Our American elections must seem like money-grubbing extravaganzas to Europeans.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  6. Anonymous [AKA "Filip Lagey (Taalisman)"] says:

    How can the author call Daniel Cohn-Bendit (DCB) a ‘far-left figure’? DCB is a globalist and a zionist, which makes him at least ‘far-right’. Like Hitler, Napoleon and other ‘progressives’ (who for murky geopolitical reasons always end up destroying Russia), DCB wants his own post-religious gang, in his case the zionists, to govern the world. (Note: zionism is an antipode of judaism). To achieve this goal, DCB wishes to erase every last bit of (non-zionist) culture and to enslave everyone to the zionist banksters (the printers of fake money) and the zionist presstitutes (the printers of fake news). In other words, DCB considers eternal violence, enslavement and misery for 99% of the world’s population, on the basis of lies and structural inequality, to be a decent price to pay for his project. Calling a far-right sociopathic exceptionalist like DCB a ‘far-left figure’ is therefore at least irresponsible. This proves that the author has yet a lot of thinking to do. Why not start with classic Kantian categorisation? Simply look at phenomenons in the real world (for what they really are) and then find realistic intellectual categories to fit them in. For the rest I mostly agree with this piece on France, but the zionist New World Order project is clearly a blind spot for the author, which makes him at least partly a coward or a fool.

  7. Randal says:

    The central question in the French election confronts all Western nations, including the United States: Does any European or European-derived nation have the right to prevent itself from being subsumed entirely by the Third World?

    This was the central question in the Trump-Clinton election and in the Brexit vote as well, and it will be the central question in any meaningful electoral contest in any country of the US sphere for the foreseeable future. That is to say, in any contest in which there is an option realistically available that stands against the internationalist elite consensus.

    In every such contest, the candidate that stands for national existence is the good guy.

    Yet what’s far worse were Macron’s casual comments about immigration.

    “We have entered a world of great migrations and we will have more and more of it…France will not be able to stem it, and Europe will be affected immediately. We will see a migratory phenomenon far greater than what we have seen [with migrants from] Syria.”

    He should be required, at every opportunity, to account for that prediction in his budgetary and social policy proposals.

  8. In Sweden, politicians were forced to enact strict migration policies because it became unsustainable, after the catastrophe in 2015. This graph is the number of asylum seekers to Sweden:
    In other words, those politicians who said that strict migration law was equivalent of being genocidal nazis during the 2014 election – were a year later forced to put in effect laws that more or less put an entire stop to immigration.

    There are two kinds of mass immigration-fanatics – utopists, and pragmatists. The former is a dying breed, they’ve lost, no one in the middle class feels obliged to welcome migrants on a moral basis anymore, and few believe in the inherent virtue of globalism anymore – and that amount shrinks for every murder, rape or terror attack.

    The latter kind, who’s key motivation is the delusion that Europe “needs” mass immigration to sustain a strong economy, or who have personal gains from open borders – are a much more cunning, deceiving enemy. But their spinelessness is also their greatest weakness. Like my example above, these politicians are willing to stop immigration entirely when necessary to stay in power. No doubt, in any given scenario, they’ll always strive for globalism – but given popular sentiment, they understand what’s feasible or not.

    Macron I don’t know yet, but from what I can tell he is no utopist. Every push he’ll make for globalism, is a risk-benefit calculation. The wager is enormous backlash, so he’ll likely tread a lot more lightly than someone like Merkel, who openly admits she’s willing sacrifice Germany to achieve her borderless utopia.

    I hope Le Pen wins, but even if she doesn’t, things have changed drastically the last two years. Globalists walk a tight-rope, the slightest mishap and it may tip the scale for good. Even if she loses, Le Pen should stick around, and seize any opportunity given to her. As all sensible people already have come to realize, mass immigration has no foundation – it’s a demographic race, and relies on keeping the public uninformed and distracted long enough to succeed. Once a person wakes up, they never look back.

    • Replies: @Bill
  9. Brabantian says: • Website

    Should be mentioned that Emmanuel Macron, this Obama-like sudden ‘media superstar’, earned his riches at Banque Rothschild and can be understood as an agent of the world’s wealthiest family (Rothschilds have around USD 400 billion per Forbes, tho spread out amongst family members so not topping the billionaires’ lists)

    Globalist Macron is tied to pundit Jacques Attali & the programme to bathe oligarch programmes in leftist-socialist language, also tied to George Soros

    Attractive young people are apparently hired to enthusiastically cheer at Macron rallies, then paid at lavish posh parties, to help create the Macron momentum meme

    On the personal side, Macron is 39, his wife is almost a quarter-century older, aged 63, his former school-teacher … it is a pattern of some gay men to marry much older women as cover, but Macron denies the persistent story he has been in a gay liaison with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet

    • Replies: @berserker
    , @eD
  10. @Anon

    I agree with everything in black pidgeon’s video…Iarger point:INVADE THE WORLD INVITE THE WORLD is a death sentence for The Historic Native Born White American Majority…

    Just since Gulf War much…10 trillion?

    The Alt Right must be the ANTIWAR movement…Richard Spencer on his College tour:”pull all US Troops out of the Middle East…off of Christian Russia’s borders….out of Europe!!!…no more military aid to the Ukraino Naxis!!!”….This is what you must do Richard Spencer…

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @joe webb
  11. @Anon

    Egalite, diversite, stupidite. Les trois chevaliers de l’extinction des nations europeenes.

  12. berserker says:

    Apparently, they met when he was fifteen.

  13. Let’s all take note: the arrival of Trump & Le Pen (& Brexit to some degree) have ripped the clothes off of so-called Liberals, leaving their naked lust for power at all cost obvious to the world.
    There appears to be no subversion of democracy they won’t indulge in, if it might destroy their enemies. Remove Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity, & raid her political headquarters. Use state intelligence services to spy on a presidential candidate & his people, criminally leak such “intelligence” to 90% of the media who openly admit the president is illegitimate, then openly demand impeachment on grounds so flimsy, as to laughable, & celebrate the former president actively seeking the downfall of his successor…oh, & ambiguously suggest that the assassination of the sitting president…might be…thinkable…
    Democracy, a Constitution, public ethics, “the will of the people” all well & good…but not to be confused with tolerating policies inconvenient with Elite self interest…

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Replies: @dfordoom
  14. Agent76 says:

    Mar 5, 2017 The Truth About France, Immigration and Radicalization

    With the French Presidential election upcoming, the topic of Immigration and the impact of the European Migrant Crisis remains an incredibly important campaign issue.

    • Replies: @krollchem
  15. A number of points on European mass migration…which few will like….
    1. To a greater/lesser extent Europe’s migration problems are SELF INFLICTED.
    2. THE EU to a greater/lesser extent has supported the vain, foolish & criminal wars in such countries as: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria which have largely caused/facilitated this migration.
    3. Regardless of ethics or responsibility, the EU is faced with a massive, potentially devastating problem.
    4. At a huge (but ultimately unknown cost) the EU appears to be largely accepting this vast wave of migration.
    5. WHATEVER the EU does, it will cost a ridiculous amount of money.
    6. My view — try to fix the problem at its SOURCE.
    7. I Don’t even know if it’s possible….but look at the alternative: European culture open to being completely submerged.
    8. Spend money at the source: actually try to FIX some of these places. A 21st C Marshal Plan. Fix infrastructure, help establish democratic institutions (rather than, like Korea, Vietnam, etc, simply support local oligarchs & other organised criminals)
    9. Stop the war in Afganistan & Syria. Forget all this nonsense about “the evil Syrian government”: compared to ISIS & the WAR itself, the government is pretty benign.
    10. Actually improving these countries might encourage or justify the forced RETURN of these migrants.
    11 Could something like this work ? Maybe not. But the alternative will be vastly more costly…in money, AND in ways hard to quantify….
    12. A world of stable countries is far more politically & economically profitable than chaos (unless you support the “Empire”, in which case you don’t give a shit for the world as long as you retain the bulk of the power & wealth)

  16. Jake says:

    Perhaps everyone should face the fact that liberte, fraternite, egalite lead directly and all but inescapably to diversite, which always is about cultural suicide.

  17. Bill says:

    Uh, that was the day that the enemies of the French people took charge. A fact which Jean-Marie Le Pen knows well and which one suspects Marine knows also.

  18. Bill says:

    No doubt, in any given scenario, they’ll always strive for globalism – but given popular sentiment, they understand what’s feasible or not.

    Yes, but that does not make them less dangerous. It makes them more dangerous. They can back down and bide their time as necessary. Stupid, crazy enemies are a blessing, not a curse.

  19. Hitler has shown to the world the immense power of nationalism that arises under stress.
    Hitlers use of this power particularly beyond borders of Germany is naturally serving to the people as a bad example of using this power.

  20. Jake says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    If ‘antiwar’ means being opposed to the Empire continuing as it has and fighting only when the conflict fist under Christian Just War, then I agree. Imperialism always leads to cultural pollution and liberalism.

  21. Bill says:

    My view — try to fix the problem at its SOURCE.

    Well, the source of the genocide of post-Christendom is post-Christendom’s elite. So that’s what needs to be fixed. Now we just need to devise methods of fixing and the will to apply them.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  22. @Bill

    Couldn’t agree more, Bill.

  23. Globalists aim
    Destruction of nations. Everybody know that.

    Globalists nightmare.
    Population decline in economic terms means declining demand, over supply of goods and services. and continuous decline of of prices. Ergo permanent unstoppable recession.
    (Not many realize this second most important reason for globalists action.)

    Globalists solution
    Immigration of socially intellectually and economically inferior people.

    • Replies: @eD
  24. Beckow says:

    To complete your points:
    – the influx of millions of migrants to Europe has been going on for decades, so the stupid wars that Europe supported in the last 10-15 years cannot be the cause
    – majority of migrants are from countries not involved in the wars: sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Tunisia,…
    – no amount of “Marshall Plan” can help, the numbers are too huge and the easy escape from these Third World hell-holes is too tempting.

    Given the above, I am not sure blaming Europe and its support for wars or suggesting financial aid makes much sense. Yes, stop the wars – but the only solution is to block the migration and maybe reverse some of the recent influx. All else is a distraction.

    As Napoleon said: “if you want to take Vienna, take Vienna”. In this case the analogy is to physically stop the migration. Nothing else will make any difference.

  25. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    And the heroic resistance of the Russians in the Great Patriotic War also shows the immense power of nationalism under stress. Stalin even ordered the creation of a new national anthem in 1942, perhaps the darkest year of the war, from “The Internationale” to a more Russocentric one (Alexandrov’s anthem).

    If the lesson people learn from the Nazis is that “nationalism is bad”, which the globalists seem to wish to teach us, they are drawing a biased conclusion from the data. We have gone too far into the globalist experiment; smart citizens think and feel that the pendulum has swung much farther than it should towards “one world”. Man needs to feel part of a tribe or state. He can be a rootless “citizen of the world” only in his head; never in his heart. That’s what this Brexit/Trump/Le Pen brouhaha is all about.

    Everyone, from Uzbekistan to Uganda to Uruguay, drinking Coca-Cola, watching “futbol” on their wide-screen TV’s, wearing T-shirts printed in English, forgetting their history and national literatures, pledging (not very enthusiastically) a lukewarm “allegiance” to a shadowy one-world government over which they have no control. is not a future that appeals to me.

    I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as many.

  26. eD says:

    So Macron isn’t even the French version of Obama, he is the French version of Evan McMullin.

  27. eD says:

    “Globalists nightmare. Population decline in economic terms means declining demand, over supply of goods and services. and continuous decline of of prices. Ergo permanent unstoppable recession.”

    One thing Marx got exactly right is that capitalism, like a shark, has to keep moving. The entire rationale is continued expansion of profits, goods, and services. It is not designed to deliver a steady state economy.

    “Globalization” is really just a scheme to expand capitalist market economies to every corner of the globe, and to promote high world population growth pretty much forever. Taken to its logical extreme, this destroys the environment that sustains the human species. Writing in the nineteenth century, when the environmental damage was just starting, Marx missed the latter connection. Mass immigration comes in to facilitate world population growth.

    Since most nationalists come from the right part of the old political spectrum, they have to pretend that globalism is a left wing cause, but its basically another bankers’ plot.

  28. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    The Chinese in China quite enjoy their hardcore Chinese Racial Nationalism….And get this…the Chinese in China get to come to America legally…and enthusiastically vote The Historic Native Born White American Majority into a racial minority on Nov 8 2020…Quite a racket don’t you think?…And the ANTIFAS give their full blessing to the Nazi Chinese Invaders playing this game at our expense…


  29. So Macron isn’t even the French version of Obama, he is the French version of Evan McMullin.

    I believe that’s pronounced Evian Croissant.

  30. @Intelligent Dasein

    Try this link: and click on Faire un donne. (It means make a donation. I used a U.S. credit card to make a contribution in euros and it went through. You may even get an FN membership card.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  31. Tom Welsh says:

    If “publishing” pictures of IS murders is a crime, what should the French state do about people who publish the far worse pictures of Auschwitz, Belsen, etc.? Everyone engaged in teaching “Holocaust studies” will be on the way to hard labour.

  32. attonn says:

    Unfortunately, France is already lost, its death is baked in by decades of accumulated errors. At least 20 percent of the population are black/brown cultural and ethnic aliens who all vote as a block – and they’ll go for Macron en masse.
    The remaining 80 percent of native French are split right down the middle between the cucks and the patriots (typical for all western countries these days).
    Therefore, in the second round, LePen’s opponent will always get 60 percent of the vote (20 plus 40), regardless of how well National Front is doing and how hard it’s trying.
    All we can do is watch the self-destruction of formerly one of the the finest countries on Earth from the relatively safe distance, and marvel that this is all happening so fast, and in our lifetime.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  33. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    interesting that Spencer attracts whacko like War for Whatever. JW

  34. joe webb says:

    good piece. “Submission” sounds like a good read. At least “Camp..” had at least one character who was willing to shoot, himself an Indian, who knew what was coming.

    Today seems like run-up to civil war, both in the US and Europe. Whites will be killing one-another over ideology, like WW 2. The only kinds of ideological wars that third worlders get into is religious in character. Lib vs. Conservative in secular terms has no equivalent there.

    Third Worlders do fight race wars, but don’t bother dignifying them Theory. Tribalism is taken for granted.

    Given the swelling numbers of Whites who embrace Blood and Soil, not Hitler, but just the Old Conservatism, aka evolutionary psychology, provides Hope.

    However, there will be blood. I see it every day where I live in Silicon Valley. Liberals get blood in their eyes while they foam at the mouth. The women are the worst.

    I watched MSNBC last night for awhile. One of the cannibals began a Logic Thread with regard to Trump’s accusation of Obongo snooping. This psycho-logic continued with how fanatic the Trump forces have become, and that the sniper defense team of Obongo should be activated, etc.

    Psychologically speaking, this whole mental thread is pure projection, that the aforesaid cannibal wants a sniper to kill Trump.

    Occasionally, i wear my Trump cap around town, Menlo Park, and sometimes I get stares that are some combination of intense curiosity and apparent to me anyway, contempt. Of course, I smile, like Tucker Carlson, and remark ain’t it awful. For the most part, these upper middle types just avoid my laughing eyes, and sometimes I get a talk which is OK.

    I have remarked that what we are seeing now is religious revival, based not on semi-rational old time marxism, but on a cry from the heart…O Culture, How could you be doing this to me?

    Racial Inequality has become a nightmare to these folks who have never had experience of Real Bad Things…like war for example, or getting shot by Negroes, which an old left-wing friend got to experience…shot in the face..lucky it was a .22 and later locked in his trunk by another soul brother while being robbed…cab driver then. He took Obongo’s advice and Changed.

    These liberals HAVE no idea about what real life is about…protected and insulated by neighborhood, jobs that are Nice, and bad cops who keep the local mexicans somewhat corralled here. Blacks are largely gone. Then , they don’t even read the local rags that every day report black and brown crime, almost always, brown.

    The other day the local rag’s front page had a story about how Good For You are the mexers/immigrants. Right along side were three photos of local mexer killers just arrested .

    Some white nationalist in the woodpile must have struck a blow for Truth and Justice. Probably got canned the next day.

    Get ready for civil war Joe Webb

    • Replies: @iffen
  35. annamaria says:

    What “hitler” has to do with the fascisization of the fourth estate by the US/EU oligarchy?
    Scoundrels of the world, unite!

  36. iffen says:
    @joe webb

    Occasionally, i wear my Trump cap around town… sometimes I get a talk which is OK.

    But does it help with getting good nookie? That’s the important part.

  37. Renoman says:

    I hope she wins, if they jail her she will win for sure. Either way Europe is done, it was done when Briton left, war is next civil and otherwise, the immigrant boats will be sunk on site all the white guns hidden in cellars for years will emerge and the Muslim blood will flood the streets. Jackboots for us over in NA, it will be the excuse they need to get is all in line. I think I’ll escape to Newfoundland where almost everyone is cool.

  38. @animalogic

    You make good points, but a world of stable countries is impossible now that the world itself is changing fast. We are in overshoot and things are getting increasingly desperate for many. Wars certainly don’t help lower our carbon emissions, but daily life and luxury in the privileged parts of the world are now forcing global climate through a rapid phase change, where countries that are already hot and dry will soon be totally uninhabitable, and another 2 billion will be fleeing from rising oceans that are devoid of fish. Our survival past this century is totally dependent on recognizing and correcting our follies and our fecundity, but the odds are terribly low.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  39. dfordoom says: • Website

    I hope French Patriots will remember 14 July 1789.

    That’s when the trouble started. That’s when France began its slow slide into corruption, degeneracy and moral cowardice. That’s when France ceased to be a Christian nation. It’s the whole republican nonsense that has slowly but surely turned France into a cesspit.

    I agree with the rest of your comment though.

  40. dfordoom says: • Website

    Let’s all take note: the arrival of Trump & Le Pen (& Brexit to some degree) have ripped the clothes off of so-called Liberals, leaving their naked lust for power at all cost obvious to the world.

    The really scary thing is that the globalists don’t care. They no longer feel the slightest need to hide their contempt for democracy or their loathing for ordinary people. And they no longer even pretend to care about the will of the people.

  41. dfordoom says: • Website

    but look at the alternative: European culture open to being completely submerged.

    But that’s the objective of the whole scheme!

  42. @windjammer

    “Our survival past this century is totally dependent on recognizing and correcting our follies and our fecundity, but the odds are terribly low.”
    Absolutely…though, I wonder whether we can get though the next 20-30 years without catastrophe brought on by environmental collapse & warfare & our infinite capacity for “folly”

  43. opening the door wide open for the floods of immigrants is never a good idea. that is like eating till your stomach bursts or you throw up. not good.

    controlled immigration should be the only way to go.

  44. krollchem says:

    Macron’s worldview makes me very sad. I found Old France to be charming with a great sense of community and love of the land. Macron’s world view is a globalist dictatorship out of the book “Animal Farm”. It would surprise most French to find that the EU god state is a dictatorship controlled by four UN-ELECTED presidents and one UN-ELECTED commissar.

    As in WWI and WWII, Germany has tried to conquer Europe this time by economic means. Marine Le Pen was right to lecture Hollande at the European Parliament calling him the “Vice Chancellor from the Province of France”. This conquest has been a long time coming since the Nazi German minister of Interior proposed it in 1941. However, Germany will also suffer a cultural demise.

    To be fair, France colonialism in North Africa has served as a magnet for immigration. France also owes a debt to North Africans who fought in Europe alongside French troops.

    More recently, Sarko and Valls started a war in Libya, along with Hillary, that destroyed Libya along with their Coast Guard. Libya was on the forefront of stopping immigration to Europe, but now serves as a major transit point for immigration.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  45. Spring is almost upon us, and with it, boatloads of desperate young men from Chad will take their chances in the Mediterranean to flee the brutal war in Syria.

  46. @attonn

    Thou art, My Lord, forsooth,
    The New Voltaire of Truth.

  47. @Astuteobservor II

    Astute Onserver

    Bringing back the 1882 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion is the only way to go!!

    You know….America used to have a Sihk Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act…and if the Sihk Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act had not been repealed….we wouldn’t have the spectacle of the malodorous Nikki Haley threatening Christian Russia at the UN over Crimea………on behalf of Donald Trump…

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  48. @War for Blair Mountain

    serious question, how do you find yourself on the internet? shouldn’t you be a part of some texas militia hiding away on some mountain top? plotting away at your succession?

  49. @Astuteobservor II

    What you are basically saying is that Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority should comply with the highly racialized Han People “American” Han Divine Edict to commit demographic suicide within the borders of America…

    But what if The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class doesn’t comply with this “divine edict”?

    Go pack your bags and live in China…India…South Korea…few other places where you will be happier..

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  50. Miro23 says:

    Macron’s worldview makes me very sad. I found Old France to be charming with a great sense of community and love of the land. Macron’s world view is a globalist dictatorship out of the book “Animal Farm”.

    Globalism (“Teaching the World to Sing”) really does have a downside:

    “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
    George Orwell, Animal Farm (1945)

  51. @War for Blair Mountain

    geez, what a fucking lunatic 😛

    fyi, you really should forget the internet and join those militias. you will feel right at home 😛 fight for that mountain!!!

    • Replies: @Alden
  52. Wally says:

    And our universities.

  53. Alden says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Every single “militia ” is and was a creation of the FBI, ATF, ADL, SPLC ACLU etc.
    The few Whites who joined the front groups learned this and the militias are gone gone gone. When the ADL SPLC and the justice department discovered that even the most naive Whites would not join their bogus groups, the fake militia movement died

    Your posts about the non existent militias are about 30 years behind the times. The FBI massacre of the Weaver family who were not militia members ended the entire government fantasy of militias

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  54. @Alden

    I know they are gone, why do you think I want him to join? 😛 huehue.

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