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Make the Punishment Fit the Criminal
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Thanks to a recent White House conference, the debate over America’s “school-to-prison pipeline” is for the umpteenth time back in the news. These pow-wows inevitably offer up a standard litany of talking points and putative remedies. First, there is the obliquitory outrage over having far too many black males in prison. Second, the entire system, from court to proceedings to administrative overhead, is condemned as too expensive and this money could be better spent on schools. Third, the root defect of our criminal justice industry is “over-incarceration,” an outcome that reflects a failed, pointless war on drugs or America’s failure to cure poverty or racism. Finally, judged by high rates of recidivism and the seemingly unstoppable levels of lawbreaking among young black males, the current system fails in its basic purpose—crime prevention.

Let me suggest that this endless yakking is futile since it skips over what is fundamental in any effective criminal justice system: the utility of specific punishments. As any parent knows, it takes trial and error to determine the most efficacious punishment to deter junior, and this is equally true for reducing crime. At its core the current system rests on the belief that fines and loss of liberty (and, very rarely, execution) are the two sticks necessary to lower crime so progress depends on just tweaking the two menu items. That today’s punishment alternatives are but a tiny sampling of historic options is never raised.

The problem is that the current punishment menu ignores the huge variation in how the inflicted pain from identical punishments varies across individuals. That understood, punishment should fit the crime and the criminal–what is painful to Mr. Smith may just be a minor inconvenience to Mr. Jones.

Now, given today’s wide differences in crime and recidivism across populations, one can safely surmise that the threat of incarceration (and fines) is selectively losing its sting. This absence of dread is most obvious among young blacks. How else can you explain why so many of these youngsters consciously embrace the “prison look” as a cutting-edge fashion statement: homemade crude tattoos, pants worn well below the waist (prisons confiscate belts), untied shoes (shoe laces are also confiscated), engage in violent gang initiations that are alluring because they risk incarceration, and most of all, an almost indifferent attitude to revolving door justice. In fact, I’ve heard prison life depicted as “three hots [meals] and a cot,” hardly a vision of hell.

It gets worse. Having served hard time can certify “street cred[ibility],” a rite of passage into “manhood,” and flaunts a willingness to serve time that becomes a source of power since even fellow criminals are reluctant to mess with hard-core incorrigibles. Moreover, given the vocational aspiration of today’s underclass, the threat that a prison record will disqualify one from prestige jobs is irrelevant. That criminality may be a more lucrative career despite periodic jail-time interruptions similarly reduces the threat of incarceration. It is no wonder, then, that heartfelt pleas to stay in school, get a job and avoid jail are easily ignored.

The futility of the threat of incarceration (and its related punishments such as probation, home confinement) acknowledged, what deterrents might work? Let me speculate a bit.

Why not return to an earlier era of public shame and communal retaliation—recall homosexuals being put in stocks and rowdy crowds pelting them with rotten vegetable. Now, shortly after being apprehended, the accused would be offered an option to the usual criminal justice system: being confined half-naked in a zoo-like cage in a public park, 18 hours a day, with a visible toilet, with opportunities for onlookers to photograph you in your skimpy underwear. Other wrongdoers might be periodically added to the “perp tank” and the curious could watch you and your cage-mates battle it out at feeding time.

While this “cruel and unusual” punishment may offend our modern sensibilities, stigma and shame do have proven records of success. I’d guess that after a week or so of this “uncivilized” (but hardly life-threatening) treatment, the life of crime would lose much of its allure. It would also cost a tiny pittance vis-à-vis a trial, imprisonment, supervised probation and all the rest.

Modern reformers too easily neglect the power of shame. Recall the tale of Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter about a young woman who in the 17th Century Massachusetts Bay Colony gave birth to an illegitimate child and refused to name the father. She was sentenced to wear a scarlet “A” on her dress while standing on a scaffold for three hours. Public humiliation further included wearing the scarlet “A” for life. It worked. Now, imagine if Hester committed her “crime” today and was sentenced to three weeks of “community service” in a homeless shelter and a year of private counseling to help her understand the consequences of her personal choices? Any bets on which approach would be more effective in reducing illegitimacy?

Moreover, despite probable public disgust at this shaming, most miscreants might rationally prefer a week in the cage, no matter how humiliating and embarrassing, to the possibility of five years (or more) in the clink. Equally important, caging miscreants for a week is a great deal for society over and above saving a ton of money. No need to worry about youngsters picking up bad habits from lifers, being sexually abused or having prison Imams radicalize them. Nor would there be any expensive half-way house programs to cushion the shock of re-entry shock. Friends and family (even employers) might not even notice a week-long absence.

Particularly enticing is the possibility of zero criminal record. Those caught in the act or who quickly confess can be driven right to the cage with barely any paperwork. This is huge for those worrying about a rap sheets when seeking employment or admission to college. As a bonus, no statistics would be kept so the “disturbing” race-related gap would vanish.


The use of quick, personally painful punishment also solves the frequency/harshness dilemma bedeviling the current criminal justice system. It is well-known that certainty of punishment, even if modest, is usually a greater deterrent than its harshness. For example, in today’s system armed robbery is a felony that can be punished by up to fifteen years of jail time, a very draconian punishment. But, given this severity, persecutors are typically reluctant to throw the book at first or second time offenders. The upshot is that repeat offenders may commit multiple crimes before serious punishment kicks in. Indeed, it is commonplace to hear of career criminals who finally got jail time only after building a long rap-sheet filled with supervised probation, time served and similar slaps on the wrist.

Now imagine if prosecutors had the option of quickly putting first-time miscreants in stocks for a week versus say requiring them to enroll in a job-training program or supervised probation? I suspect that the very thought of being verbally tormented by rival gang members will be far more likely to deter future criminality than having a kindly judge lecture you before handing down a suspended sentence.

Customization punishment is easily extended to multiple other crimes where deterrence outranks isolating criminals from society. In Orwell’s 1984 Winston Smith was terrified of rats and even the mere close exposure to them brought violent convulsions and blackouts. Slum landlords guilty of repeatedhousing violations might be required for an entire year to dress in neon yellow jump suits with “Slum landlord” printed in large bold-faced letters. Surely even the most craven money-grubber will be publicly shamed and, best of all, his entire family will be humiliated by being associated with this modern Hester Prynne. Meanwhile millionaire fraudsters from Goldman Sachs would be required to arrive at their offices attired in lime green polyester leisure suits with white belts and matching shoes versus pleading nolo contendere and painlessly paying a $100,000 fine.

To be sure, inventing customized punishments is great fun, but the problem is a serious one— what happens when punishment is no longer feared? It is pointless to insist that if you just tweak the current incarceration/fines menu we can substantially reduce the prison population and cut recidivism. History provides a cornucopia of punishments and perhaps at least some should be re-visited. I’m sure some feminists already have some ideas for the likes of Harvey Weinstein..

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Prisons, Crime, Punishment 
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  1. Talha says:

    Someone wrote a book on this concept:

    Problem is that prison is now an industry upon which many, many jobs depend.


  2. Good idea. Maybe somebody could come up even with better.
    But please no jokes.

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
  3. Biff says:

    Maybe the author and Sheriff Arpaio get the criminals into pink underwear and the world would right again?

  4. Weissberg is on to something here. Here’s a suggestion: repeat violent criminals should be publicly whipped.

  5. @Talha

    Michael Fay, bamboo cane vs Saudi leather whips.

    Pretty sure if someone like Paul Logan or British soccer fans get flogged like that it will send a message.

    • Replies: @Kam Phlodius
  6. won’t work–only solution to the Negro criminal problem is to mandate Norplant for welfare usage. The real criminals are their mothers and absent fathers.

  7. Of course one must make the punishment fit the criminal. The necessary length of the rope depends upon his weight:

  8. Tbbh says:

    Execution prevents ALL recidivism.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Ploskina
  9. Mike_SMO says:

    “Quarantine” is the only process that protects the next victim. Chicago & Baltimore have gone “light” on punishment and their citizens are paying the price in blood.

    The only “School to Prison Pipeline” is in the hands and heads of the violent offenders. I know of no “cure” except age and isolation (to protect the innocent). There is absolutely no benefit to allowing the violent and uncontrollable to disrupt and destroy the educational opportunities of “normal” children. The violent are headed to a life of savagery; there’s no point on letting the violent ruin other lives as well.

    Protect victims by isolating the violent criminals so they can not harm “normals”. Prison is only “expensive” if you believe the inevitable future victims are worthless.

  10. Or you can look at what has been done in Norway. Norway is the leading country, in combating crime.
    But it is no wonder “jail” birds there, live better than half of US population. Tsk -tsk.
    How about you redistribute wealth in the US, spent less on being an Empire?
    The US is a rich country, but the riches are owned by 0.001 %.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Solomon
    , @FkDahl
  11. Is this guy playing around with the idea of repeal of the Eighth Amendment? Tinkering with the Bill of Rights? Is that supposed to be conservative thinking?

    Meanwhile, …fresh off the Unz Review front page, thanks to Ryan Dawson:

    Some of USA’s problems seem to be culturally rooted, and criminality is one of them. Multiculturalism doesn’t provide any answer. Multiculturalism may well be a big part of the problem.

    Did not MLK arise from the same Christian culture as the rest of us? And the nine African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, 17 June 2015?

    I can’t believe that the Bill of Rights is a problem.. . Amendment XIV? … hmmm …. Could we somehow trade in the Fourteenth to get the Tenth out of hock? I understand that Federal Courts are mandating all kinds of stuff for Moslem inmates in state lock-ups …

  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Again I ask: Are Mr. Weissberg’s witless whack-a-black columns subject to a minimum word count? They read like a beery, late September conversation in a freshman dorm — the last guy trying to fit in pushes the silly button too hard, and it awkwardly ends.

    Then come the comments…

    • Replies: @bomag
  13. Biff says:

    Execution prevents ALL recidivism.

    Who do you want to do the killing? Because if you give the government the license to kill you’re going end up with a pile of dead bodies with nothing to show for it – every time. No safer cities, no reduced crime rates, nothing except a bill for the tax payer.
    Those in power never kill the right people – like themselves.

    • Replies: @bomag
  14. @Mark Green

    Yes, absolutely. Public flogging, I would bet the house, would significantly reduce crime. Barbaric? Visit Detroit or south Chicago to see what barbarity in the U.S. is all about. About 20 years ago an American teenager, I think it was in Singapore, was vandalizing stuff and was given 12 or 15 lashes. Amazingly, there was enormous American public support for it. “Why don’t they do that here?” My guess is that kid was no repeat offender.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  15. anarchyst says:

    Incarcerating people for mere possession of ANY substance or item is just plain WRONG.
    End the second American “drug war”…

  16. @Mark Green

    I agree but this punishment is so obviously “racist” that I did not mention it. And, there are so many other shame related options. How about making them use old-fashioned flip phones and wearing Birkenstocks and socks? How about male sexual offenders having to wear white wedding dresses in public? So many possibilities, so few criminals.

    • Replies: @Talha
  17. Da Wei says:

    There are a few challenges to this, but that is to be expected when anyone tries to think outside the prison box.

    Shame can operate as a tool of rehab, but shame is felt when we see ourselves as others see us. Hester Prynne feels shame because she is constantly reminded of how others view her. (Interestingly, in time it is the community around her that changes, because they forget what the A stood for in the first place.) With culprits who are sociopathic, morally disconnected from society or just plain don’t give a damn, trying to inflict shame for misdeeds may not be persuasive. These people don’t give a hoot how others see them. (This interpretation of shame, by the way, is not mine. It’s something I remember from reading Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, nearly 50 years ago. So, if you have issue with it, take it up with Jean Paul.) Shame works as a tool for rehab when there is a common moral code, such as the religious code in The Scarlet Letter, but fails in a pluralistic society where anything goes and people don’t even know each other.

    By your suggestion, anyone arrested, yet not convicted, could opt for a few days in the Freak Cage in lieu of prosecution. As if we weren’t desensitized enough, this would be quite a show. Just imagine Antifa show offs and BLM morons partying around the cages, making captive “victims” into 15 minute cult heroes. What a disaster. Our “justice system” is a big enough joke as it is, without taking the Shame Cage to a mall for public viewing. I don’t think the community would coalesce around the Shame Cage with a spirit of community, or even common fear of similar treatment. A State Fair midway on closing night might be a more apt comparison.

    As you say, different strokes for different folks. For me, godawful punishment would be staring at a portrait of Dennis Rodman and I would invoke the 8th Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. For others, BLMers maybe, required listening to an audiobook of Huckleberry Finn could push them over the edge.

    Steven Paul Foster reminds us of the teenage boy who was caned in Singapore for painting graffiti on a building. I recall some whining and hand wringing in the States over that. A Singaporean friend once asked me how Americans’ viewed that caning and I told him many, including myself, approved. It works in cohesive, self respecting cultures like Singapore. That’s because public humiliation and punishment are effective methods of rehabilitation where there is a common core value system and people can at least agree on what’s right and what’s wrong. If your social fabric has all kinds of deviant threads and you can find some weird group that will take you in no matter how crazy you are, the effect is lessened. Still, caning is cheaper and more effective than counseling, sharing and group hugs. I’d sooner be whipped than talk to Oprah.

    Maybe one way to put the screws on repeat offenders would be to make them ineligible for welfare. Offer welfare benefits to the law abiding only, or better yet, nobody.

    Last, sometimes the miscreants can think up their own best punishment, if we will just let them do it. Back around 1965, the Hells Angels motorcycle gang petitioned the US government to let them go to Viet Nam to fight. They thought since they were a public nuisance in the States and acted threatening on their Harleys, they could go into the jungle and kick ass on the Viet Cong. Their president, Sonny Barger, held a press conference where, surrounded by unkempt Neanderthals, he pronounced, “The Hells Angles would make good gorillas.” And that’s no joke. They were turned down.

  18. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    while its admirable the jew is hating on blacks so consistently he really does seem to be dragging a black herring to distract from the real problem. whites are so evolved that we can not safely tolerate multiculturalism its odd then we are the only people that have it and are expected to open every last one of our nations to it even after decades of proof of its toxicity to us. Why is this? Because its good for the jews who would rather live skimming off us and save the resources they might have to expend building and maintaining a nation the size of the west themselves. So no robert we cant go back to the stocks and the cat o nine tails, its not a coincidence whites and only whites have done away with these things. And while i get you at least see what the jewish multicultural project now is not good for the jews with their fingerprints all over it and all. There’s a much better simpler saner and natural solution; we all just part amicably and live in our safe spaces from which we can interact with each other.yeah i get you would rather whip the blacks than live in tel aviv, but the thing is blacks for all there stupidity and violence were not such a problem until the jews saw the potential in inciting them. But incite them you did and there’s not going to be any whipping of oprah or obama ever again that cat you let out of the bag.

    I know i pick on you and youre such a dark enlightenment jew and all what more can i possibly ask of you? Ok you want to stay, then this is what it takes. stop with the whip the negro articles and lay out the jewish problem get real about what you did why and how its almost impossible to ever trust you guys. then come up with a way jews could be trusted to stay. heres some ideas

    admit what you did admit your tribalist nature that compels you

    declare yourselves not jews but white and against all multiculturalism in white nations

    lay out a plan to prevent jews from identifying their otherness, this would have to be so drastic forced in vitro fertilization of non jewish children or laws that forbid 1/8 jews from positions of power to encourage outbreeding by jews, and the illegalism of jewish religion or identification jews who identify must emigrate.

  19. In 1969, as a good citizen, I was drafted and went to Army Basic. Our company had half a dozen big city hoodlums who were there instead of jail. How’s that for punishment? Plus they had plenty of access to firearms and knives. Oh, and they were headed to Cook School, not any branch that directly faced the enemy, like me.

    • Replies: @Truth
  20. Click bait for sadists. End the war on drugs. Then we’ll talk.

    • Replies: @Den Lille Abe
    , @MBlanc46
  21. @WorkingClass

    I can not agree more with that. Your comment was the best I have read here all day.
    Thank you for being sane and normal, and display that you can think.

  22. @Talha

    Problem is that prison is now an industry upon which many, many jobs depend.

    And lots of profits. Take any of our boondoggles in this country (prison system, health care, endless war, war on drugs) and you’ll find that a handful of people are getting filthy rich from it. that’s why nothing is ever dealt with.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Colleen Pater

    I know i pick on you and youre such a dark enlightenment jew and all what more can i possibly ask of you? Ok you want to stay, then this is what it takes

    Ilyana_Rozumova is not a Jew. He’s a Russian who finds the stupidity of the West to be chest-burstingly funny.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  24. Ploskina says: • Website

    We’d end up with an execution industrial complex. Some big pharmaceutical company would end up charging the government tens of thousands of dollars for the drugs they use for executions. Then the lobbying and the kickbacks would start.

    40 years later, execution would be the punishment for just about every crime.

  25. joef says:

    Yes, end the war on drugs libertarians demand; good idea, but not one that will necessarily solve the problem. What suburban cupcake dwelling libertarians (they are as pathologically naive as any liberal) don’t understand is that afros commit the preponderance of crimes independently of the drug war as well. That they are not hating whitey just because we are enforcing drug laws. When an afro carjacks a White person, gang rapes a Hispanic girl, or robs a Chinese delivery guy, the ending of the drug war is not going to help those victims. The problem of afro initiated violence against non blacks is like an inferno as compared to a candle flame.

    But why think about the crime victims when we can pontificate from afar, nice & safe in cupcake land, about ending drug wars. Libertarians come out with this feel good pontificating of utopian ideals, just as socialist do; only one wants no govt, and the other wants all govt, to bring about fanciful utopia. Both are devoid of the hard earned real world experience. For the uninformed, afros did not invade non black city neighborhoods because of the drug war. They attacked these neighborhoods because of sociopathic hate and avarice. Afros killed more people in this nation than any other group over the last half century. And it is only wishful thinking to believe that they will stop because the drug war ended (as good of an idea as it is).

    End the drug war and then we will talk is easy to say when you live outside the consequences

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  26. @Colleen Pater

    Assumption that Jews hate black is wrong.
    Jews do not hate anybody they only look down on everybody.
    The problem with Jews is that they are high stake gamblers.
    Jews were always persecuted from dawn of time.
    They never experienced security.
    Jews are people that should be pitied.
    At this point of time they decided that US as a most powerful nation in the world, US should rule the all world. And because they rule the US the result would be that they finally would have achieved security, and as a result they could live like any another people be happy and carefree.
    Unfortunately things are not working out, as we now see it.
    Zionist Jews are not really evil. they are only manipulating US government for their own goal.
    What is happening in US now does worry me. There is a chance that US will encounter condition that would result in anger of the people, and that anger would inevitable lead to putting blame on Jews.

    Concerning holocaust it is pointless to argue how many Jews did die. The greatest crime in this case was that Germans made no distinction between Jews whose gilt could have been proven, and Jews who were totally innocent.
    My opinion is that collective punishment is the greatest crime humanity could commit.

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
  27. @Anonymous

    I do think that she is mistaking me for somebody else. She is calling me for some reason Robert.
    And I am a lady YOU SILLY.

  28. @joef

    When the various levels of government are not wasting money waging war on the American people with the drug war, they can put that money to better use arresting actual criminals. But the government forces don’t like that plan. Arresting a white guy for pot is a lot safer than dealing with black criminals.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @joef
  29. bomag says:
    @Den Lille Abe

    Or you can look at what has been done in Norway.

    Yeah; fill the country with Norwegians. Good idea.

  30. bomag says:

    Okaaaaay… one vote for the status quo. Got it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    My apologies, miss.

  32. bomag says:

    a pile of dead bodies with nothing to show for it

    We’ve got that now.

    As far as the gov’t reflects collective action, we can certainly try something new on a small scale as a start.

    That the thing might get hacked by the usual psychopaths is one more problem to account for.

  33. @ThatDamnGood

    It would send a message that white people are uniquely evil. We get that point driven home by TV every day here in the U.S.A. Methinks you are a typical Progressive: The thing you fear most is being called a racist. You read the Unz Review as a kind of guilty, secret pleasure.

  34. MBlanc46 says:

    End the war on drugs and they’ll find some other excuse to shoot at each other.

    • Replies: @norse nestor
  35. Talha says:
    @Robert Weissberg

    I agree but this punishment is so obviously “racist” that I did not mention it.

    Have it carried out by a big Black dude under all circumstances that looks like this guy:

    …problem solved – you’ll get more mileage per swing – and it involves affirmative action. You’re welcome.


  36. CCZ says:

    In New Jersey, with the January 16, 2018 inauguration of Democratic Governor Phil Murphy, the “punishment will fit the criminal” by legalizing marijuana and reviewing / reducing criminal penalties for crimes that “disproportionately “incarcerate blacks.

    From Governor Murphy’s State of New Jersey criminal justice initiatives page:

    “New Jersey has the shameful distinction of having the largest black-white incarceration gap of any state in the country. Governor Murphy will end mass incarceration by pursuing the legalization of marijuana and comprehensively reviewing all criminal sentencing laws.”

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  37. “To be sure, inventing customized punishments is great fun… ” To a sadist. The only solution to the plague of African chaos and violence is separation. Unfortunately, reparations will be necessary to keep Whites in this country safe and free of the psychological torment caused by racial strife. American Africans can use the money to create their own space within the U.S. or use it to immigrate to Black majority countries.

  38. In my book REDOUBTS ( I offer BSC, Benign Solitary Confinement. It is solitary without the draconian horrors of cold, darkness, and food deprivation. But, NO CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

    The logic is that if an individual commits a crime against “society,” then he should be deprived of any “social contact” for a specified period. Minimum 6 months, but up to perhaps 3 years for egregious offenders.

    This is only way to encourage an individual to address his inner core and reason for existing, and also is a serious deterrent to future crime. Most sociopaths, in seeming contradiction seek approval and reinforcement status from others, and are deathly afraid of being forced to confront themselves.

  39. This is a very stupid conversation based on current conditions.

    No matter how idiotic lefties are regarding crime, the simple truth is there is no way to fix the current system without first legalizing ALL drugs and releasing all people imprisoned for drug crimes to create a new baseline

    Then we can find out who the real criminals are.

    It is the lack of legally enforceable contracts that causes drug violence, not drugs.

  40. @CCZ

    There is the easiest solution. For every crime black person commits, lock up the first whitey you find on the street. But there maybe should be some system. The homeless white people should have a preference.

  41. Cato says:

    Singapore adds caning to the usual menu of incarceration, fines, and execution, and it seems to work well for them. There are a few other punishments utilized in the US–taking away ones driver’s license, taking away ones children, or confiscating property.

    I’ve long thought that castration would be a suitable punishment for serious violent crimes (rape, murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault). Losing the ability to engage in sexual intercourse would be a greater deterrent for an underclass male than any prison sentence. And castration should reduce aggressive behavior, making recidivism less likely. There would also be an incidental eugenic effect. Of course, this policy is very far away from the Overton Window, and can only be suggested safely among close friends or at places like

  42. Talha says:

    Hey Hippopotamusdrome,

    Last time I checked, it’s not a punishable crime to stick to the name your parents gave you. I mean, but that’s just how we roll where I’m from – maybe in other parts, them’s fightin’ words.


  43. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Corporal punishment: pain. Just put that electrode on the inner ear or around a molar. Let the compute administer to avoid the subjective. Akin to tibia break with manipulation. This for 30 days, 20 minutes each.

    Cruel & unusual? Well, if it saved the perp 5 years in jail they might choose the option. It if were a lifetime choice, and it would happen again if caught…might be a deterrent. Ya know, it’s not cruel and unusual of the individual chooses the option.

    The idea is (1) change behavior, and (2) perp needs to work so can pay restitution.

  44. @Stephen Paul Foster

    I lived in Singapore when that sniveling, spoiled American yewt, Michael Fay, was caned for vandalism. It served the little shit right, because it reflected poorly on the rest of us.

    He went back to America and was involved in a series of escapades, largely because the US is a land with no serious consequences for anti-social behaviour.

    On another note, we can always think of new forms of Trial by Ordeal, and better still, televise it to raise revenue and publicly shame to a broader audience.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  45. Truth says:

    Make the Punishment Fit the Criminal

    Congratualtions Bobby; you are the first man in the history of time who has every thought up this concept.

  46. @joef

    Maybe some of those that you characterise as libertarians who want to end “the drug war” are a little less simpleminded than you portray them as and have some more nuanced thoughts about drugs and crime than you bother to investigate. What about finding out what the more detailed policy proposals are/might be and assessing those.

  47. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    russians are called ivan

    as per propre etiquette

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  48. @MBlanc46

    So end the war on drugs, and we’ll know who to aim for.

    • Replies: @Solomon
  49. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No, he just is a poor columnist, especially when compared to the several fine ones published here. Cf., his 11/24/17 piece and my comment #20. Someone did a better job proofreading this one, but it’s just another piece of the SOS, as underscored by several nyuk-nyuk comments.

    Get it?

  50. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Ilyana, I apologize in advance for doxing you by way of this video about your boyfriend in Ukraine:

  51. @norse nestor

    I disagree. Russians are properly called Boris. Ivan is for Georgians and Alexi is for Ukrainians. This is a scientific fact for which I regrettably have no proof.

  52. @Chris Mallory

    Exactly correct, Chris. The amount of money spent on the drug war is enormous. Even if the drug war’s enthusiasts were allowed to keep all other drugs illegal, they won’t even consider legalizing marijuana.

    I see that among some faux conservatives here, “libertarian” is a derogatory term. I’m no libertarian, nor am I a liberal but I’ve had that insult thrown at me by republicans who haven’t a shred of conservative principal about them, just because I see the drug war as a simple power grab by politicians of both parties.

  53. I read you
    I just don’t care so much about exactly what kind of slavic guy.

    they are fucking awesome

  54. I do not have a sound at the moment. So you will have to tell mi what is your problem.

  55. @The Alarmist

    I had high hopes that the Basketball-Americans who shoplifted in China might get to enjoy a similar experience. Alas, such was not to be. But I Had A Dream!

  56. Solomon says:

    Why not go back to the old system of capital punishment for violent crime?

  57. Truth says:
    @John Henry

    Oh, and they were headed to Cook School, not any branch that directly faced the enemy, like me.

    Well heck, I guess the 85IQ thing is a little off, then.

  58. joef says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The problem with modern libertarians is not their ideas; the problem with modern libertarians today is they are cuckservatives, just like neocons, republicans, corporatist are. They are pandering political cowards, who hide behind libertarian policies, in order to avoid criticizing afros (pathetically hiding behind their nuanced thinking in order to avoid a difficult subject). They fail to acknowledge (actually more like unwilling to acknowledge) all the non black victims of afro initiated violent crime. Thus the statement about not doing anything about it without revoking the drug war first, before addressing the massive scale of afro violence upon their fellow citizens. So let me get this straight: all the millions of past non black victims of afro violence, and all the future victims, should be ignored until a pet libertarian agenda is addressed.

    Your ideology is more important then all the real people who suffered over the past half century from afro initiated violence? I am not a White Nationalist (I am a paleocon), but at least they have the fortitude to recognize racial realism when they describe the afro problem. Libertarians don’t even have the adequate life experience to accurately describe the problem [such as a cop who arrests a white guy for pot smoking is mutually exclusive from arresting black criminals because: the former takes place in suburban cup cake land, and the later takes place in the inner city where the priority is all the homicides that are taking place… if libertarian dreamers had real life experience, they would know that those locations are not the same… but hey just like a leftist, to a libertarian, favored ideology trumps reality].

  59. Solomon says:
    @norse nestor

    Why would normal citizens wish to flood the streets with delinquents and drug addicts? We need to aspire to have a society like we had in the 50’s, or of the type Switzerland has now – Nice, polite, hard working individuals going to work in the morning, greeting one another on the street, and going back to their families in the evening. The road to get there is not by pumping narcotics into our population, but to gradually minimize our criminal underclass – Capital punishment, usage of means of contraception, tying of welfare payments to work requirements, etc. etc. Within a generation or two we’ll have the social trust and crime levels of New Zealand.

  60. Solomon says:
    @Den Lille Abe

    Norway has two things going for it:

    1. It is basically a petro-emirate. Huge profits from oil go to sovereign funds and distributed across a very small population.

    2. It is Norwegian. Meaning, a tight-nit, high trust homogeneous society with no underclass to speak of.

    Given 1 and 2, it doesn’t really matter which policies Norway adopts. It could be a communist dictatorship or a techno-libertarian anarchy yet it will always have low crime, good healthcare and fine education. Other than the states of Vermont or South Dakota, the US has very little it can apply based on the Norwegian experience.

  61. I’ve got a better idea:

    Flogging, which is practiced in almost all Asian countries, is effective, and gets more lasting results. There is nothing enticing to getting a flogging and feeling pain that a perp caused someone else. In Singapore, it is acknowledged from considerable experience that flogging is a powerful deterrent. Many that are flogged pass out from pain and can be heard crying into the night. Since the flogging opens the skin on the buttocks, the perp cannot sit down for quite a while. Public flogging would be even more effective. Let’s see how tough some street punks really are.

    “And crown thy good with PUSSY WOULD, from sea to shining sea”. Western Civ is pathetic and really stewpid.

  62. FkDahl says:
    @Den Lille Abe

    That is because Norway is mostly inhabited by Norwegians (not the Norwegian jails though). However as an example, over a 3 year period every single violent rapist in Oslo was a non-european man. (around 50 cases)!
    I am more familiar with the more extreme Swedish case: a very progressive, gentle criminal system, with focus on gentle punishment and reintegration is society (since crime per neo-marxist dogma is due to socioeconomic factors). And .. . it …does ..not …work … not with the new people in the country with a very different attitude to internal shame and guilt.
    Crime is exploding in Sweden, with a massive over-representation for the usual suspects: MENA and Africans.

  63. Very thought provoking article, though I think the proposed solution of shaming will fail for the very reason mentionned in comment 18 : Just imagine Antifa show offs and BLM morons partying around the cages, making captive “victims” into 15 minute cult heroes. . Shaming would only be effective against people who value social status, and have a very different impact on various defendants

    In my opinion, we could add the following sentences to the list of possibe sanctions:
    * floggings (almost no downsides)
    * forced relocation (banning people from one state, forever)
    * sterilization (both deterrent and eugenic)

    While legalizing marijuana would be a positive action to slightly reduce crime, the idiots who parrot that this would be a magic solution to every problem are living in denial

  64. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Being a new yorker i even like jews personally but i have also watched for 60 years what they have worked to achieve. Its true as you say their strategy has been to rule the US as a way to achieve security. however It’s untrue the way you describe the situation. They came to rule the US through means of distorting (granted it didn’t take much distortion) enlightenment and christian principles to implement communism and later when that failed racial redistributionism. Yes they also used the traditional jewish methods of taking over key centers of power in the nations they infiltrate. but the development of industrialized information and propaganda was a perfect storm they exploited well. So when as you say they are blamed the blame will be well placed. They destroyed the US in order to rule the US and now the extent of the destruction is being understood, its inevitable and right that they should be held responsible. Your assertion that this behavior of their is somehow justified because they have never found security is absurd. They have never found security is no justification for destroying another’s nation particularly the nation that saved them from extinction. But its really much worse than this. They had to be saved from extinction precisely because they were caught running the same game in europe as they have succeeded in running in the USA. They had destroyed russia and were moving on to germany when the germans realized it was nazis or or commie jews and they chose their own. unfortunately the US and UK were already well pozd and had their own empire ambitions so were easily allied with the jews to destroy germany. And yeah The nazis were not the greatest thing but just like the US is facing now the people had a choice between cucked establisjhment, rabid commie jews and populism. But really its even worse because the insecurity of the jews has for thousands of years been because the jews have chosen a strategy of parasitism. rather than expel the effort and time into building and maintaining a nation of ones own they have always and everywhere instead elected to target others nations and selectively target key power centers thus concentrating their energies. This they always think will give them security and always backfires because they can not bring themselves to assimilate and so always act in the interest of themselves as other and not in the interest of the nation they live in, over time they can not help pushing the limitation of this strategy until it backfires. Instead of understanding this repeatedly un wise move for what it is instead they use the long list of theri treachery and bad strategy as evidence that they are universally disliked.well its human nature to dislike someone coming in to your home and abusing you, what is to be expected.This time they have really upped their treachery and have for almost 150 years been orchestrating an invasion of the us by peoples not of the founding stock first southern and eastern europeans many jewish and as soon as they had that established beachhead non whites these past 50 years. They publicly stand up and instruct these foreigners in how to destroy america and deconstruct white privilege we are now at the point where they openly talk of the genocide of white in white nations as a goal. well yeah they’re gonna get blamed for that and yeah again they have overplayed their hand. and despite liking many jews personally Im going to have a hard time giving a shit when the so called good ones are deported long with the ring leaders. because you know they’re smart enough to know whats been going on, no social subtlety ever escapes them they of the micro aggression and deconstruction they know all of them perfectly well what most of them have been about.They have had 150 years to stop this they had world war two to demonstrate this strategy is not wise and that all others are not secret haters. They are simply genetically unable to alter their strategy unless forced out and into their own land.

  65. I like the idea of banishment for all repeat violent offenders–I’m sure US could buy a nice tract of African real estate for our banished Negroes

  66. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And I am a lady YOU SILLY.

    Margaret Thatcher is quoted as saying something like:

    Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to say it, you are not.

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