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Liz Truss and Britain’s 0.17% Democracy (Monocracy)
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“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy.

With another unelected Prime Minister continuing the Conservative Party’s forty-year destruction of the British family—sans the rich—and hyperinflation looming above a long predicted economic depression, let us examine the day’s headline on the ascent of Liz Truss.

“After a drawn-out contest, the country’s ruling Conservative Party on Monday picked Liz Truss to be its new leader and the U.K.’s new prime minister.”

“A Drawn Out Contest” was merely a tepid daily media championship interspersed by a brief commercial break for the three unsubstantial debates. Here, these purported conservatives offered only the path of least resistance featuring more deficit spending repackaged behind their two eager smiles.

Sunak and Truss, as finalists had similar motivations and solid training beforehand. Both are amateur anti-populist, New World Order and World Economic Forum disciples vying to become the next UK PM to wantonly fellate their masters in Brussels, Washington or the House of Lords when not busy servicing Klaus Schwab.

And, well, of course, the Windsors.

“Ruling Conservative Party” was, when using metrics, another media distortion that ignored the fact that the PM was selected by a paltry, yet divisive subset of 0.29% (140,000) of registered British voters. This brash falsehood also failed to remind the reader that the Conservative Party did not win the last national election, it purchased it.

“Leader.” This begs the rhetorical question: “Of what country?”. As detailed in the recent article, “Britain’s ‘Special Relationship’ and the American Virus”, forty years of Tory leadership have steadily destroyed Britain by using a particularly American economic model. One Prime Minister at a time.

Truss is a graduate of globalist Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum’s “Young Leaders Programme.” Here, allegiance to country, much less populism, by these graduate “leaders” is verboten. As to Liz Truss, an anti-BREXIT campaigner and former member of the Liberal Party she is committed to rejoining the central planning of the EU and ECB. This made her the perfect choice for this Zionist scholarship.

As to any actual populist bona fides of promoting purely British interests- beyond American wars- the CVs of both are barren. In the aftermath of Selection Day, Sept 5, 2022, not surprisingly 65 per cent of real Britain said Truss was “out of touch with ordinary people.”

Since “hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way,” the UK voter will now wait a very long time for redress regarding Truss since the likelihood of the Conservatives soon holding a national election is zero. No matter, what voter would choose opposition by the Labour Party? That opposition was terminated in 2019 with the internal party and media coup that fraudulently forced out of British politics the last sincere populist Labour champion, to be replaced by a House of Lords puppet.

In the meantime, as clearly stated by Truss within mere hours of the “vote”, Brits can now mumble in their beer foam as Britain and the pound sterling are further destroyed without further interruption. Down to 1.129 to the US dollar as of this writing and dropping with every financial press release from number 10.

Truss immediately vowed to provide yet another tranche of deficit spending. The continuation of this forty-year failure in Americanized Keynesian false optimism is based again on a media propagated lie of yet another national emergency. With inflation trying to go hyper Truss’ plans are madness and will only further debase the English currency and impoverish Britain by destroying what is left of their savings, their wages and their purchasing power.

Investor and hedge fund manager, Bill Blaine assessed the new PM’s economic plan as,

“… simple – pick a bunch of headline generating noisy ideas and back them with some empty bluster about how they will create growth and wealth.”

Looking at her plan from a Tory perspective, certainly the already wealthy will click their heels in applause of their correct choice of PM. In turn, Ms Truss will likely be invited soon to stop by the House of Lords for a visit with the likes of Labour’s Sir Kier Starmer. And afterwards, a toddy.

Or, a gargle?

As polled by YouGov, despite sporting her new Thatcher-ish hairdo, only 12% of UK respondents think Truss will make a “good” or a “great” prime minister. As to her predecessor, fully 55 % of respondents said they thought Johnson was a “poor” or “terrible” PM, but Truss has fared little better with 52% per cent holding the same contempt for this legacy.

Liz Truss is politically remarkable in her sudden rise to power. Straight from Oxford, she began by running her local Conservative Association. Her ten-year path to becoming Foreign Secretary was preceded by her time as Education Minister, Secretary of State for the Environment, Justice Secretary, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary of State for International Trade, President of the Board of Trade, and a Minister for Women and Equalities.

As Foreign Secretary, Truss met with her Russian counterpart Sergev Lavrov and her diplomacy predictably smacked of Americanization. Lavrov described their discussion as “turning out like the conversation of a mute and a deaf person”. Geographically challenged, Truss was also unaware that Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh are actually in Russia.

It has been reported that Truss has direct ties to former MI6 boss Richard Dearlove. Dearlove’s emails were hacked in May 2022 and these showed that he was also the head of a group called Operation Sunrise. The goal was to undermine former prime minister Theresa May for her failure to deliver Brexit promptly. The emails, his own from 2018-2019, showed that Dearlove directed this effort on behalf of British oligarchs.

Within this tranche were many emails from Dearlove to Truss and visa-a-versa.

However, it was when she vowed to happily go nuclear that Truss sealed the deal for becoming the PM.

John Pienaar of Times Radio advised Truss that if she became prime minister, she would be quickly shown the procedures for launching nuclear missiles from Britain’s Trident submarines. “It would mean global annihilation,” Pienaar said. “I won’t ask you if you would press the button, you’ll say yes, but faced with that task I would feel physically sick. How does that thought make you feel?”

With dead eyes and an emotionless expression, Truss replied, “I think it’s an important duty of the Prime Minister and I’m ready to do that.”

You Reap What You (did not) Vote For.

As detailed in, “ Britain’s Special Relationship and the American Virus”, after examining carefully the metrics of the Conservative Party’s forty-year disaster of destroying Britain in mirrored American economic fashion, Truss is indeed no better than Johnson, Blair, May, Brown or Cameron: a fawning British wannabe elitist whistling American tunes past Britain’s graveyard.

The Tories feared a mandated national election, despite Sir Keir Starmer’s wind-up doll championship of the Labour Party, so the Tories rubber stamped Truss’ cabinet choices. Showing political naiveté of Roman proportions Truss dutifully chose a cabinet made up of a pro-American gallery of up-and-comers like Kwasi Kwarteng, who is moving significantly up in class to Chancellor of the Exchequer from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and Suella Braverman, former Attorney General to Home Secretary, an attorney who first passed the bar in New York.

Truss also included previous cabinet appointments, such as Ben Wallace as Defense Secretary. A peculiar return was political Judas Jacob Rees –Mogg whose back stabbing political skills befit his bespectacled undertaker’s garb, an image often shown in Daily Mail headlines worthy of Brutus.

British nationalists, if they still exist, should note that within Truss’ cabinet, all included are devoted members of the backroom “Friends of Israel Society.” Here, consideration should be given as to where their national loyalties, like those of PM Truss, truly lie. Such is the state of British democracy, thus Americanized into Monocracy.

The election of Truss was anything but an election. What took place was a vote offered only to 172,000 Conservative Party “members” who are the faceless circumference of an old-time Conservative Party agenda. Of this group, 18-24-year-olds were provided only 6% of these votes.

Interestingly, as their comment on Truss, fully 20% (30,000+) of this Tory subset of members decided to not vote. 142,000 then cast votes on behalf of the remainder of all of Britain. Only 82,136 voted for Truss.

However, as of July 2020, there are 46.8 million registered UK voters. Using simple math the UK voter might dwell on the result of this long division:

0.17% of British voters put Truss in power.

Further to monocracy– and rigged elections- the Sunday Times reports that Truss is looking into passing a new law that would ban another independence referendum in Scotland until polls show that 60% of the Scottish population supports a new plebiscite.

That’s just a bit too Zelensky, is it not?

Mindful Brits might also recall that the Conservative Party did not win the last national election by popular mandate at the polls. No. After receiving 43.6% of the 2019 vote the Cons also failed to gain a majority in the House. Needing ten seats the Tories did a dirty deal with the Democratic Ulster Party (DUP) and purchased their ten parliamentary seats for £1 Billion in public subsidies.

Only this outrageous mortita put the needed Tory rumps, once again, into the seats of power.

Whistling American Tunes… Past Britain’s Graveyard.

Moving on to economic necessity, like her predecessors all Truss can offer as a panacea to the UK’s growing list of problems, is more deficit spending. Anyone with a calculator or the ability to balance a chequebook knows exactly why forty years of accumulated debt has now proven failed. With the worst yet to come.

Truss quickly announced wanting to inject hundreds of billions in utility subsidies to keep the already inflation-impoverished Brits from shivering into open revolt. But the biggest carrot was the new PM’s predictable bail-outs to be given in printed cash to those same utility companies and gas suppliers in yet a further attempt at one directional Trickle-Down economics. Speaking on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Truss said, that “it’s fair” that the richest people will benefit the most from her tax cuts.

What say you, Britain?

After more than a year of the BofE denying that a recession was on the way and the reality of inflation, once selected, Truss also promised even more American-style economic failure and “a rightwing agenda of tax cuts – largely funded by borrowing”. This does beg the question as to how this economic oxymoron jives with a truly conservative platform featuring balancing of the national budget and paying off debt, now over 100% of GDP.

But, with the UK economy heading towards hyperinflation, Britain’s plucky new PM assured her ever desperate nation that, “Extraordinary challenges call for extraordinary measures, ensuring that the United Kingdom is never in this situation again.”

Good luck with that.

Her plan starts with long-term gifts to global Big Oil that do nothing for Britain’s energy woes in the short term. Truss will now dutifully lift the UK’s fracking ban as a gift to gas companies, and increase North Sea drilling leases as a gift to oil companies while renewing a focus on accelerating offshore wind farms as a gift to green companies.

None of this will provide an additional kilowatt to the British people for years to come.

However, funding will soon be on the way to corporate bank accounts, as parliament follows suit using the excuse, again, of a trumped-up national emergency. There will be a paltry public tithing in the form of a utility price cap, but this will be paid for with more debt to keep the masses quiet, warm and dull.

“This is the moment to be bold. We are facing a global energy crisis, and there are no cost-free options,” said Truss in a speech before the House of Commons. “We are supporting this country through this winter and next, and tackling the root causes of high prices so we are never in the same position again.”

The new prime minister said the two-year “energy price guarantee” means average household bills for electricity and heating will be no more than £2,500 sterling (US\$2,899) per year capping a typical household bill at its current average of £1,971. Before this announcement, the country’s cap on energy bills was set to increase to £3,500 (US\$4,059) per year beginning in October. This would have represented an 80 per cent increase from the current average annual bill of £1,971 (US\$2,286).

But, Britains will be the ones paying for their own bribe. Conservative estimates of how much the price cap will cost put the final price tag at around £100 billion (US\$115.97 billion). Other estimates put the actual cost to British taxpayers as high as £200 billion(US\$231.66 billion) an increase amounting to 10% of current GDP.

Notably, PIMCO’s Gene Frieda said in The Financial Times that the Truss government’s decision to cap domestic energy prices for households is analogous to the UK’s failed exchange-rate peg of 30 years ago.

Ironically, sterling plunged to a thirty-seven-year low on the three-decade anniversary of “Black Wednesday” (Sept. 16, 1992), when the pound famously crashed out of the European Monetary System’s exchange rate mechanism. At the time, the Bank of England couldn’t stop the pound’s plunge, even with interest rate hikes and spending billions to prop up FX markets. Billions that, this time, are not available unless printed.

The pound dropped again today.

The Bank of England is set to bail out UK energy companies that face financial difficulties due to rising energy prices, The Guardian reported. The bailout fund will offer as much as another £40 billion (US\$46 billion) in loans to “struggling” energy companies. Truss’ price cap plan means that energy suppliers will “receive funding from HM [His Majesty’s] Government” to cover the difference between what they are legally allowed to charge consumers and what the wholesale market rates for energy are. This guarantees to maintain profits.

The government is set to finance this massive expense largely by borrowing tens of billions of pounds to fund just the first few months of the price cap program. As currently drawn up, the price cap package includes £130 billion (US\$150.83 billion) of spending on household bills until April 2024, and a £67 billion (US\$77.73 billion) discount scheme for the energy bills of businesses for twelve months.

The added expense is expected to dramatically increase the U.K.’s national debt which is already £2.3 trillion (US\$2.67 trillion).

Truss might do well in the future to consider the words, this week, of US president, Joe “The Big Guy” Biden….

“I am sick and tired of trickle-down economics. It has never worked…”

Worse for Britain and the pound, if wholesale gas prices soar the subsidy scheme could skyrocket from £200 Billion to unknown multiples as prices rise and the currency value continues to plunge.

Truss’ massive deficit spending package will be financially very difficult to sustain and politically impossible to remove.

Crisis? What Crisis?!

Why are the UK’s utilities climbing as fast as in Europe when Britain gets nearly 50% of its oil and natural gas from the massive Scottish-controlled North Sea fields and another 30% of gas from Norway?

Also, right now Europe is still importing over 1 million barrels of Russian crude daily and has been doing so for the last month. The sanctions are not yet in effect. The EU is stocking up before the taps turn dry. Despite sanctions Russia is exporting some 3.32 million barrels of crude daily by sea, Bloomberg calculations have shown, which means Europe is still buying a third of that, while it still can. With the Russian ruble at all-time highs, this means that nothing has changed since June when the embargo was approved and that Europe will indeed have to find alternative oil suppliers at a time of likely higher prices.

Russia has been blamed for shutting down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The media has failed to report the crucial fact that, first Canada deliberately refused to deliver the essential repaired turbine back to Russia’s Gazprom – its owner – but instead sent it to Siemens in Germany, where it is now. Siemens Germany is essentially under American control. Both the German and Canadian governments refuse to grant a legally binding sanction exemption for transferring the turbine to Russia. No turbine? No gas.

“Energy policy over the past decade has not focused enough on securing supply,” boldly stated Truss.

Of course, the PM was moot as to which British political party should be assigned blame for this result.

Beyond expressing universal support for these massive corporate cash bail-outs the British media does not speak a word to the British public regarding the backroom and legally mandated “Bail-ins” that will steal from UK bank depositor’s savings to pay for failed banks. This was documented in the recent article, “When Your Bank Fails, Don’t Walk…Run!”

Brits and their prostitute media would do well to ask their new parliamentary hand-maiden some very important questions about the premise for these rising utility costs, and of Truss’s willingness to gut Britain to support a proven to be corrupt neo-Nazi, American-inspired puppet regime in Kyiv, while Britain suffers.

Quiet Desperation.

In perhaps a final sign that Truss’ upcoming tenure is doomed, the Queen, that progenitor of the theft of Britain by the House of Windsor has died a mere thirty-six hours after the new PM kissed her signet ring. If Truss’ presence did not kill off the Queen, she will certainly kill Britain.

Aside from being the world’s number one in postcard sales, what did the Queen do for Britain besides being a tourist attraction who spawned a cadre of budding elitists and an alleged paedophile while regularly asking for “more” from the realm’s public coffers rather than selling, perhaps, one of her tiaras or a castle or two?

The full breadth of Britain will this day, September 19, 2020, cry for the dead majesty of Britain, thus buried with their Queen along with the last remnants of a once great society. Both chucked into a deep dark hole below Westminster Abbey, soon to be forgotten.

Britain will next collectively fawn with cheering approval during the orgy of public spending on The Royals for the upcoming coronation of the new King, a man who, like Truss, has never given a wit for the British public interest, merely his personal gain at the expense of His expendables.

As Britain freezes in the dark this Winter, the public would do well to renew their interest in reading books. Within those long shelved offerings is a many-volume rap sheet of the new King Charles III, a man who has already been conjuring the reign of King Charles I as he, then, raped and pillaged his fortune in the name of the crown.

The release of the Panama Papers in 2017 showed in detail the disdain of the new King for his country. Like the other billionaires still haunting the House of Lords, bonnie Prince Charlie also stashed his ill-gotten booty in offshore bank accounts so that the UK pauper got not a penny via his paying taxes. The new King, actually only half English by birth, and likely the stepfather to a fool of a bastard son has a very tidy few Billions stashed far away from British scrutiny.

Now, Charles III will be gifted, also, the realm. Tax-free.

Might the new King be asked to pay his back taxes before his coronation? This would certainly pay for his crowning- if not an NHS hospital or two.

Not bloody likely!

But on the Coronation Day of King Charles III, a desperate Britain, if not the once mighty Welsh and the Scots, might also remember Liz Truss and her true popularity on the previous Selection Day.

Then, Britain would do well to consider, with optimism and hope, what can be done when pushed. That time, too long ago, when the British rescued Britain.

Of that refreshing morning when, in a single stroke, a new beginning was forged by a very different “crowning” of, then, King Charles I, on the bloody steps before White Hall, January 30, 1649.

Metaphorically, of course…

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last twelve years documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” He has authored over 200 articles all of which have been published and often republished and translated by news agencies worldwide. An archive of his published work can be found at He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))

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  1. “Truss was also unaware that Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh are actually in Russia.”

    Wrong When Amtrak Joe’s billions are spent and weapons delivered and NATO joins in —the above will be indeed part of Ukraine-Israel-USA trilogy and Chrystia Freeland will be Brussels as head dame.

    Anymore—-and I am going to take a one way Amtrak high speed trip to Moscow–Idaho —

    • Replies: @gidoutahere
  2. WCH says:

    I am glad that I lived long enough to watch the sun set on the British Empire. England at the behest of its Zionest Banking Masters has been terrorizing defenseless countries and stealing their natural resources for centuries. Good riddens…

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  3. Miro23 says:

    But, Britains will be the ones paying for their own bribe. Conservative estimates of how much the price cap will cost put the final price tag at around £100 billion (US\$115.97 billion).

    Providing the public with real commodities – gas and electricity – by printing paper (issuing more debt) is a trick that doesn’t work.

    That’s stoking inflation, and it’s bad because it gives rise to “inflationary expectations”. When the public sees inflation accelerating they anticipate it by hoarding commodities (worsening inflation) and demanding automatic salary rises (strikes and industrial disruption).

    It happened to the UK in the early 1970’s. Inflation reached 25%, sterling collapsed, and Britain was called the “Sick man of Europe”.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  4. Adrian080 says:

    Liz truss = Chimpcracy = Chimpcrazy

  5. JWalters says:

    The monarchy is the center pole of the tent of British aristocracy. The aristocracy is the front behind which hide the moneylenders. The moneylenders will make out like bandits from all the borrowing they will direct Truss to do. This is to “help” the British people through the difficulties the moneylenders have imposed on them by their “regime change” attack on Russia.

    Here is how the British governing class sucks up to the money.
    How the Establishment Functions

    A quick sketch of how the moneylenders took over England for Brits who haven’t seen it, is the beginning section of
    War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank

    Further details on how they burrowed into the British government is in
    i>Free to Cheat: “Jewish Emancipation” and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood

    Just as they destroyed Jeremy Corbyn’s career, they will destroy Britain’s economy. Many Britains will freeze and starve. Unless these financiers are finally called out and rooted out. There is no more time for innuendos. They are steering Britain, Europe, and America into WWIII, just as they steered them into WWI and WWII.

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech on WWI.

    David Irving dug deep into WWII.
    David Irving – The Hidden History of WW II

    John Wear quotes various insiders on the hidden Jewish influence pushing Britain and America into WWII. Part 1, Chapter 2 of Germany’s War

    Douglas Reed’s monumental work covers both WWI and WWII (and more).
    Controversy of Zion

    Here’s a documentary on the empire of financial skullduggery that hides behind the aristocratic pomp today.
    The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire

    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @Art
    , @JWalters
  6. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:

    Liz Truss is also a serial adulteress.

    Her husband was cuckolded by a fellow Tory MO.

    It is also rumored that she had a long running adulterous affair with the man she appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @ariadna
  7. Dumbo says:

    British Cuckservatives seem even more hopeless than American ones…

    But the problem is not that they are not properly elected, the problem is that they don’t give a f**k even if they were.

  8. anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the problems you’ve outlined, I’d like to hear proposed solutions.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
  9. Colleen says:

    With the help of exposés like this it’s gradually dawning on people that the much vaunted democracies of the West are a crock.

  10. Al Ross says:

    Sir Keir Starmer is not a member of the House of Lords.

  11. Alden says:

    Charles 3 is only 1/4 British. One Grandmother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was British. The other 3 were German and Russian.

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
    , @CCG
  12. Al Ross says:

    “House of Lords puppet ” ?

    Does this phrase mean that you believe that , Keir Starmer , the Labour Party leader, is a member of the Upper House or that he is somehow controlled by members of that chamber ?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  13. Two thoughts. 1) The woman has never had a real job in her life. 2) Oxford being supposedly in the top ten of the world’s best universities, how on Earth did a total moron like Truss manage to get a degree there? BoJo ended up being a clown but he didn’t strike me as being utterly stupid. Truss is braindead. And don’t give me the crap that she only appears to be stupid b/c she is ascribed a role, I’ve heard the woman speak, I’ve seen her facial expressions, I’ve seen her body language, she just can’t fake that much, she is a tart and a bloody moron.

    • Agree: JM, One-off
    • Replies: @Franny4thegranny
    , @JM
  14. Karl1906 says:

    It never was a democracy to begin with. Especially its loose “interpretation” of civil rights (which are now completely gone).

    It’s still strongly feudal in the mindset of its establishment and thus a class society by heart – run BY the nobility and only FOR the nobility*.

    And everything that’s “for free” like public health etc. was only ever put there and tolerated by the establishment because it appeased the population. Which is now being replaced with brown people because white people are “too expensive” and demand “too much”.

    A strongly split and twisted population will accept ANY demand by its rulers. Especially if the demand is made from the barrel of a gun. The only brand of “democracy” the establishment and its WEF-front accept in their vision of a “glorious” future.

    Liz Truss is just the “next step” and logical conclusion in this process. All the way down the drain.

    * “Nobility” meaning robbers, thieves and pirates too rich to be accountable for their crimes.

  15. @Miro23

    The sanctions on Russia are triggering the end of Globalism and the USD’s status as the world’s reserve currency. The result will be hyperinflation and economic collapse. Nearly all Western states, Britain included,will have to default or drastically “write down” their national debts.

    Real political change will only occur after the coming economic collapse. Realistically, it will be the Governments that replace the present Globalist ones who will default on the national debt. Regardless, the vast majority of the population will experience declining living standards and financial hardship for many years to come.

    Globalism has been disastrous for the peoples of nearly all industrialised countries. Those states where it was successful – principally Germany and Japan – have not seen real benefits for many years. Japan has experienced low growth for decades. In Geremany, benefits were largely confined to the industrial sector, but the number of industrial workers is now a fraction of what it was 40 or 50 years ago. Shareholders and executives have therefore benefitted disproportionately.

    The formation of GATT in 1947 was the foundation of Globalism . Prior to that, foreign trade was conducted between states using tariff barriers, quotas and trade agreements, as appropriate. Only when there is a return to this system will there be any form of stability.

    • Agree: JM
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  16. If it was not for the human suffering involved the Tory regime will, one hopes, at last rouse the obtunded British untermenschen to action to remove the parasites who have sucked their life-blood and that of their ancestors for millennia. Fingers crossed.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  17. @Al Ross

    Starmer is a puppet of the Zionazis, raising his children as Jews.

  18. The fact that an ignoramus such as Truss has been elevated to such a position is reason enough to weep.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  19. @Verymuchalive

    I was going to give you an “Agree” until I hit your last paragraph where you show that you want gov’t meddling in economies, just not the version that happens to be available now.

    Why is it that gov’t should have anything to do with what one seller has on offer and one buyer wants to purchase? It’s none of the gov’ts business how trade is done across borders and their percentage cut via the out of nothing laws they pass is just theft, plain and simple. This tacit or even overt approval of gov’t meddling in private affairs is what has given the Europeans the effects of their own sanctions. There should be no such thing as sanctions.

    The solution is to get gov’t out of the way and allow anyone to trade with anyone else and with absolutely no percentage cut for any third party. That’s how relationships between people are established, not the relationships between the reigning mafias known as gov’t.

    The people in the “west” are quietly watching their future prospects all turn negative due almost exclusively through gov’t action, the gov’t that the people keep voting for.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  20. @Passing By

    Never truss a woman with lips as thin as the lips in her knickers.

  21. @anon

    ‘I’d like to hear proposed solutions’

    The author in his next article giving out the address for Rothschild Manor in England and an e.bay link for good but cheap pitch forks is one that springs to mind.

    • LOL: Passing By, JM
    • Replies: @Passing By
  22. anonymous[286] • Disclaimer says:

    The entire western evilisation is a whorehouse. Can any of you really be certain of the sperm which made you?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Tlotsi
  23. Jimmy1969 says:

    Nice rant Brett, but what would you do if you were running the Country. What would you do if you were given a 10 year dictatorship…no holds bared. You sound like a little guy who was cut from his grade 6 soccer team and spent the rest of his life behind the bleachers off the pitch, yelling insults at the real men and women on the field.

  24. ariadna says:

    I find that hard to believe even though I know there are perverts with weird tastes. These might be rumors she spreads herself

  25. Hitch says:

    Putin was supposedly also “unmasked” in the Panama papers. It was quite telling that with all the terabytes of leaked information, no real western oligarchs were exposed, and especially no British oligarchs. The fact that there were no charges for tax fraud reminds one of the fact that while Ghislaine Maxwell has been charged with trafficing under age girls, no oligarch or member of the elite has been charged with having sex with underage slave girls.

    An unprecedented leak of documents shows how this money has made members of Putin’s close circle fabulously wealthy.

    Though the president’s name does not appear in any of the records, the data reveals a pattern – his friends have earned millions from deals that seemingly could not have been secured without his patronage.

    The documents suggest Putin’s family has benefited from this money – his friends’ fortunes appear his to spend.

    Jews and their shabbez goyim puppets have turned projection into a fine art, just consider all of Hunter Biden’s unprosecuted, extra-legal escapades. Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan to enhance her husbands NVidia investments, but the western Judeo-Bolshevic media complex only blames PUTIN.

    • Thanks: JWalters
  26. Emslander says:

    All of these British political commentators, except maybe Nigel Ferguson, dump their garbage on any leader who comes along who has an acceptable accent, accusing them always of not having “democratic” backing. Then they get into the weeds of their concerns by asking for more subsidies for sidewalk repair in Cornwall or something.

    It’s like the kid who murdered his parents and then asked the judge for the keys to their car during the trial.

    None of them can ever get to the crux of the problem, which is that they chose subservience to FDR-Stalinist socialism over European national self-determination. That choice was forever.

  27. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Tart, just like the equally dumb vp across the pond who made her way up the ladder by taking her knickers off

  28. @Franny4thegranny

    The thing is, that actually is a solution.

    • Agree: Z-man, Franny4thegranny
  29. Realist says:

    Can any of you really be certain of the sperm which made you?

    Yes, I can.

  30. @WCH

    As empires go, England’s may have been one of the better ones. Of course that was in the day’s of rule of law. Then they let the law go after the Rothschild’s pillaged the stock market thru information manipulation. Now it will be history, and the Jewish replacement empire will be far worse. But hey… the Jews are no longer white. If skin color is so important to you, you would have never figured out what is and isn’t a resource. Can one pillage something that matters not to the other?

  31. Notsofast says:

    …..forty-year failure in americanized keynesian false optimism….. blended with good old fashioned voodoo supplyside economics, to create a perfect two headed monster. like the blending of neolib and neocon into the zioneolibneocon monster that terrorizes the world (oh,no, there goes toyko!). or the two headed, damnhypocrit and robthepublican political party that is the paragon and shinning example of democracy for the rest of the world to emulate.

  32. Redmayne? Commies on Unz? Commies on Nuns? Eeks!! Re-View!

  33. @ariadna

    Otoh, all one has to do to bed a tart like Truss is ask. No effort, no expense, no consequence. To many men, those are compelling arguments to reevaluate their aesthetic standards.

    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
  34. @Adrian080

    Liz Truss. Lizard T Russ. Lizard To Russia.

  35. Truss is a ridiculous idiot. Can’t believe they dumped BoJo for her. At least he was somewhat humorous. Couldn’t there have been a no confidence vote with new elections instead? Oh well now you have a dead white Queen and a booming City of London occupied by paler shade of white ” brown” Levantines. What more could diverse Britain ask for?

  36. Under such bleak conditions an Oliver Cromwell is likely to arise.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  37. Che Guava says:

    I appreciate many of Mr. Redmayne-Titley’s remarks. Never having visited the U.K., I suppose they are true.

    However, I watched the show with a U.K. man and a Burmese woman. The man was very curious to know the final destination of Lizzie’s corporeal remains, so I paid attention to the commentary on the state broadcaster, N.H.K.,

    they said that it is to be at Windsor Castle.

    So, not at the long ago desecrated but still impressive Westminster.

  38. @RoatanBill

    Like nearly all “Libetarians ” I’ve run into, you don’t seem to realise that there is no such thing as free trade. In a free trade system, such as under GATT or WTO, those states which benefit are those which do not practise free trade.
    This was apparent even in the late 1960s and 1970s, when Japan and Germany practised very thinly disguised mercantilism and did very well. Those states like American and the UK which actually practised free trade did very poorly as a result.

    Please read Eamonn Fingleton’s excellent article on the subject. Hopefully it will rid your mind of any misconceptions re free trade. Mr Fingleton, a former UR contributor, was the Financial Times’ man in Tokyo for many years, so he has intimate knowledge of the subject.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  39. @Verymuchalive

    I’m not a libertarian. I’m an anarchist – rules but no rulers.

    Your premise and that of the author of the article you linked to boils down to – if one country’s gov’t applies laws, restrictions, incentives, etc on trade then other nations must also do the same as a reaction. This is fairly obvious, so I don’t see why someone would write an article about it. It’s the same with everything gov’t touches. One rule leads to unintended consequences that require another rule to minimize the effect and that starts the cascade of rules and regulations that strangle business everywhere. This is no mystery.

    It’s the same with all fatwas emanating from all gov’ts. One stupid decision leads to an ever increasing need to try to compensate and it never ends till economic destruction clears the decks to start anew. This boom and bust cycle is what gov’t does. It’s why it exists and why it shouldn’t.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Notsofast
    , @JM
  40. Then, Britain would do well to consider, with optimism and hope, what can be done when pushed. That time, too long ago, when the British rescued Britain.

    Of that refreshing morning when, in a single stroke, a new beginning was forged by a very different “crowning” of, then, King Charles I, on the bloody steps before White Hall, January 30, 1649.

    Does this author seriously think Cromwell was a good thing that happened to that monkey island? Oh dear, the rapidly deteriorating mental state of the anglos!

    • Replies: @Passing By
  41. “The new prime minister said the two-year “energy price guarantee” means average household bills for electricity and heating will be no more than £2,500 sterling (US\$2,899) per year capping a typical household bill at its current average of £1,971.”

    All capping energy prices does is move Brish Pounds around within the UK—and does nothing to make more energy available for the soon-to-be-freezing British.

    The UK will have to implement energy rationing.

  42. @HeebHunter

    As the French theologian Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet wrote: “God laughs at men who rue the consequences of causes that they cherish.”

  43. Jimmy1969 says:

    Liz is too common of a name. She should go by Elizabeth.

    • Replies: @CCG
  44. Manuel V says:

    La democracia no existe! Un pais sera democratico solo cuando el 50% mas uno de los electores (no los votantes) decida.
    En todas partes solo es atole con el dedo.

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
  45. Women “leaders” are vindictive shrews. Harping about but when challenged resort to crying.

  46. padre says:

    They know how to pick them, that is sure, Blair, May, Boris and now Liz! It’s funny I can’t recall the ones in between!

  47. MIha says:

    > 0.17% of British voters put Truss in power.

    News for you. In Britain we vote for a political party not a leader. All parties in the UK can change their leader anytime they wish and this has never been an occasion for an election. Have we got that clear? British voters do not vote for a party leader, they vote for a party when there’s a general election.

    Here’s one view of today’s Truss-led government’s budget (September 23)

    “This was the best Budget I have ever heard a British Chancellor deliver, by a massive margin. The tax cuts were so huge and bold, the language so extraordinary, that at times, listening to Kwasi Kwarteng, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, that I hadn’t been transported to a distant land that actually believed in the economics of Milton Friedman and FA Hayek.”

    If you’re not a conservative you won’t like it. So if you’re a British voter, win the next election in 2024 if not called earlier by the Tories and put in the government you like. If Truss does what she says she’s going to do (I have no idea on that but will offer benefit of the doubt for now) I’ll support her.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  48. @Alden

    Regardless, one ugly looking family.

  49. satya says:

    Influence of the Jewish mafia ‘one world’ on election in Italy. What Jewish mafia servants would do if the ‘election’ in Italy does not go the way the mafia wants?
    Ursula, one of the whores of the Jewish mafia tells you.

    Destroy the mafia and its pimps and whores as ‘politicians’ everywhere on the planet earth.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  50. geokat62 says:

    Liz Truss is another traitorous Shabbos goy, cut from the same cloth as the shameless Tony Bliar.

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
  51. @MIha

    Yes, you clearly state the foundational problem highlighted by the article: Trickle down economic (that includes tax cuts) have never worked in the long term except in the minds of the Tories who would dance to the tune of the quote you provided….

    “This was the best Budget I have ever heard a British Chancellor deliver, by a massive margin. The tax cuts were so huge and bold, the language so extraordinary, that at times, listening to Kwasi Kwarteng, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, that I hadn’t been transported to a distant land that actually believed in the economics of Milton Friedman and FA Hayek.”

    The fact that you pay tribute to Milton Friedman further highlights the fantasy of your comment.

    I would challenge you to provide one example of a successful economy today resulting from the likes of Keynes, Friedman, Krugman, or Reich, etc, etc.

    In the non central bank world outside the EU/ UK and US inflation is far more under control and their economies growing not contracting see: South East Asia, Bulgaria.

    Sorry, but your comment is merely self-congratulatory for having a pawn like Truss apparently add to your coffers while the rest of Britain suffers and the pound collapses, just because your ilk can afford ten quid a pint.

    The pound hit 1.08 on the dollar today. Please also explain who this benefits british industry, productivity or GDP.

    Yes, your comment and quote speaks volumes and proves why the premise of the article was correct.

    • Replies: @antitermite
  52. @gidoutahere

    Really ?!…Wasn’t he ( OC ) the one who open the borders of UK to the ‘ merchants of Venice ‘…?!…In other words, since the UK is a Land of ZOG, why they ‘ need ‘ another Cromwell ?! Maybe someone ANTI-Cromwell, to expel the parasites from that shit-hole which used to be the British Empire…

    • Replies: @gidoutahere
  53. @satya

    The Kosher Mafia, you mean, right ?!…The money changers, the ‘ masters of usury ‘, or the ‘ Gods of money ‘ ( F. William Engdahl ). ” Until you change how money works, you change nothing. ” – Michael Ruppert ( R.I.P ).

  54. Durruti says:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy.

    With another unelected Prime Minister continuing the Conservative Party’s forty-year destruction of the British family—sans the rich—and hyperinflation looming above a long predicted economic depression, let us examine the day’s headline on the ascent of Liz Truss.

    Nice beginning by Brett Redmayne Titley.

    The quote from Kennedy is beautiful. It is a reminder of the fineness, the competence of our, America’s finest & last Constitutional President. Our finest leader was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in a MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 Coup D’état. America lost its Sovereignty, and its people did not – refused to understand what happened, and where their DUTY lay.

    *Our citizens refuse to see, or admit to, any understanding of the event in Dallas, even after the assassination of John Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy was assassinated on the day he won the California (our most important State) Primary. Our people were deprived of any Alternate Leadership, for any possible path to any Revolution at all (peaceful/Glorious, or Violent/unfortunately Necessary).

    **Almost 60 years later, we Americans are Slaves, imprisoned, humiliated, dishonored, grieved and brutalized, within an Economically weakened and Foreign Occupied Nation, and We The People exist without the whisper of Revolutionary Hope, for the Restoration of our Republic.

    Titley’s conclusion is weak, to non-existent. Once you identify the illness, it is helpful to chart the CURE. Although his reference to a different type of Crowning was sharp.

    As Tolkien‘s Aragorn said, (and I paraphrase), if we have no Hope, then we must continue (to fight) without Hope.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  55. @InnerCynic

    ‘ Signs of the times ‘, man…no doubt about. The entire West is doomed, with specimens like Pedo Joe, Kamala suck ‘ Brownie ‘, Truss Bimbo, Micron Homo, and so on…The psychopathic ‘ elite ‘ lost their minds, when they imposed over the people such a degenerate bunch of clowns…Oh, to not forget that we had here, in USSA, a couple of homosexuals posing as a family with 2 daughters: The Obama ‘ family ‘, aka Barak and Michael ( one born in Africa, the other one in South Chicago ). One can still find info online about the ‘ tranny ‘ Michael/Michele ( actress Joan Rivers lost her life over this ) and about those 2 girls ‘ borrowed/leased ‘ by/from a family of important democrats from Chicago ( the real mother of the girls is a doctor and a ‘ friend of the Obama family ‘ and she was the one supposedly assisting Michael, I mean Michelle to the delivery of the girls – you can’t make this shit up ! )…I lived in Chicago and Suburbs for almost 20 years and I know exactly what I am talking about…

    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  56. Liz Truss and the Tories are using MUSLIM RAPE GANGS and MASS IMMIGRATION as DEMOGRAPHIC WEAPONS to attack and destroy the True Core English nation.

    Tony Blair and the evil Labour Party opened the mass immigration floodgates in 1997, and Liz Truss and the Tories have kept the mass immigration floodgates open.

    The evil and treasonous JEW/ENGLISH Ruling Class of England uses the Tory Party and the Labour Party as fronts to hide their villainous treason.

    The ruling class of England is directly responsible for the MUSLIM RAPE GANGS that have killed, raped and brutalized young ladies in England for decades. The evil ruling class of England has used the mass importation of non-Europeans and other foreigners as a weapon to crush the chance that the English patriots of modest means could fight back against globalization and financialization.

    The Bank of England has conducted monetary policy in a way that rewards the evil English ruling class and makes globalization and financialization possible. The importation of Muslims and other non-Europeans was designed to break down cultural cohesion amongst the ordinary people of England so the ruling class money-grubbers could concentrate wealth and power.

    The evil English ruling class is selling the regular people of England a fake story of their country so that the ruling class can steal the real nation.

    The City of London financial district has turned itself into one of the largest money laundering sites in the world. The evil English ruling class has benefited from the foreignization effects of the City of London and the Bank of England.

    The evil ruling class of England is just as vile as the evil ruling class of the American Empire.

    English patriots and American patriots must topple their ruling classes. Brexit and Trump are just the beginning.

  57. Sarita says:

    This little punk moved the embassy to jerusalem.

  58. @RoatanBill

    Idiots like you believe:
    No State, No Borders, No War

    The reality is:
    No State, No Borders, Perpetual War

    As for the Boom-Bust cycle, it’s been there since the beginning of agriculture at least, state or no state.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  59. Liz Truss and the treasonous Tory Party are using monetary policy and mass immigration to attack and destroy the True Core English nation.

    Liz Truss and the evil Tory Party are using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration as demographic weapons to attack and destroy the national sovereignty of England.

    Liz Truss is just an evil, rancid three dollar politician whore who will keep all the treasonous Thatcher/Blair policies in place.

    Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher are almost as rancid as Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, but they are only slightly less rancid because the American Empire has taken over most of the duties previously carried out by the British Empire, which croaked 70 years or so ago.

    Thatcher and Reagan and Clinton and Blair used monetary extremism and mass immigration to attack and destroy their own nations.

    Thatcher that rat whore bought and paid for the support of certain generational cohorts in England by giving the British bastards their government apartments and government houses in a one shot deal that highly benefited the bastards getting the newly privatized housing but it grievously harmed the future generations who saw the cost of housing go through the roof.

    Thatcher was pushing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration, just like that corrupt dirtbag Ronald Reagan, and Thatcher knew damn well that she was attacking future English generations by putting in motion all manner of policies that would harm the ability of future generations in England to enjoy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION.

    Any bastard who praises Reagan or Thatcher or Blair or Clinton can go straight to bloody Hell!

    Globalization and financialization and transnationalism and using monetary policy to attack future generations are what Reagan and Thatcher and Clinton and Blair were all about.




  60. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting that all the MSM including Unz uses the photoshopped fuzzy pictures of liz ‘dumbimbo’ Truss.

    Shes getting old and looks it it. shes not some pretty twenty something. shes nearly 50.

    Some older photos show a prettier face from a care free time, but the newer one shows the exterior matches the corruption within.

  61. 0.17% of British voters put Truss in power

    Mindful Brits might also recall that the Conservative Party did not win the last national election by popular mandate at the polls. No. After receiving 43.6% of the 2019 vote the Cons also failed to gain a majority in the House.

    It’s difficult to take “world citizen” Redmayne-Titley seriously with these two statements. Under most electoral systems, or otherwise, constitutional monarchy the general public has a similar percentage of the population choosing political leaders between elections. How many Germans got to vote for Olaf Scholz?
    Similarly, in countries, other than the US uni-party scam, where there several political parties, 43.6% of the vote would be considered solid support. Take a look at the last Canadian election Quebec has 78 seats in the House of Commons. The Bloc Quebecois only runs candidates within Quebec (similar to the Ulster Unionists) yet with 7% 0f the national vote, ends up with twice as many seats than the NDP’s 17%. The 17% compared to the Liberals 32% and the Conservative’s 33% garners a mere 25 seats (7 less than the BQ); 1/6 the number of Liberal seats and 1/5 the number of Conservative. Clearly, “world citizen” Redmayne-Titley is as thick as two short planks, or he is stirring the pot based on his “world view”.
    I would never suggest that any of the political whores in the UK (or any other ZOG Western liberal democracy) are competent or out to actually help the electorate beyond the donor class. That is what passes for politics these days. As for “world citizen” Redmayne-Titley’s screed about Charles, while he may be less perfect than the author, I suggest The Prince’s Trust has helped more young people, in the last 45 years than any UK government.

  62. Notsofast says:

    the first free trade agreement was the cobden-chevalier treaty of 1860 between britain and france. fifty years later the 16th amendment was illegally passed and ratified between 1909 and 1913. i’m sure it was just another coincidence that the federal reserve was founded later that year when wilson gave away the keys to the mint. up to that time the entire federal budget came from excise taxes and tarrifs and now the tax burden could placed exclusively on the backs of the working class, while the rich could now make a fortune importing cheap foreign goods, dump them in this country thus destroying the manufacturing base of this country, which was then shipped off to china and points east. free trade is like free lunch, there ain’t no such thing.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  63. Hitch says:

    A fascinating and very relevant off-guardian piece:

    Multipolar World Order

    For the globalist forces that see nation-states as squares on the grand chessboard and that regard leaders like Putin, Biden and Xi Jinping as accomplices, the multipolar world order is manna from heaven. They have spent more than a century trying to centralise global power. The power of individual nation-states at least presents the possibility of some decentralisation. The multipolar world order finally ends all national sovereignty and delivers true global governance.

    It comes as no surprise that “King” Charles III came out at COP in Glasgow in 2021 fully backing this UN global government. But the surprise is that Putin an Xi both support it to, and proclaimed their fealty as late as February 2022:

    On the 4th February 2022, a little less then three weeks prior to Russia launching its “special military operation” in Ukraine, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping issued an important joint statement:

    The sides [Russian Federation and Chinese People’s Republic] strongly support the development of international cooperation and exchanges [. . .], actively participating in the relevant global governance process, [. . .] to ensure sustainable global development. [. . .] The international community should actively engage in global governance[.] [. . .] The sides reaffirmed their intention to strengthen foreign policy coordination, pursue true multilateralism, strengthen cooperation on multilateral platforms, defend common interests, support the international and regional balance of power, and improve global governance. [. . .] The sides call on all States [. . .] to protect the United Nations-driven international architecture and the international law-based world order, seek genuine multipolarity with the United Nations and its Security Council playing a central and coordinating role, promote more democratic international relations, and ensure peace, stability and sustainable development across the world.

    All these globalist oligarchs keep their own wealth offshore and untaxed. Putin was also exposed in the Panama papers. We know that Zelenski has villas spread across the entire globe, including Israel. Truss will undoubtedly be awarded her own offshore Trust fund.

    This Off-Guardian piece wonderfully describes how the globalist juggernaught is unstoppable, even China and Russia only pretend to resist. The Covid plandemic and all the clot-shot psyops enforced in a synchronized fashion across the planet support this thesis. The tidal wave of sanctions against Russia across the globe started even before the invasion on February 24. Even Switzerland cast her neutrality aside and joined the sanctions war without bothering to even consult her people.

    All the “leaders” of supposedly sovereign nations know this fact. There is no more sovereignty. The only people stupid enough to believe it still exists are the useful idiots, NPR’s and stupid sheeple.

    • Replies: @JWalters
    , @dogbumbreath
  64. Well,

    Godspeed Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss

  65. @Passing By

    In the US, middle aged white hetero reproductive men vote for these dolled up [email protected] thinking (and I guess they honestly do believe) that, so thankful, she’ll come over and do a free nude lap dance for ya. In your own white trash shack that you share with that 250 lb sack of potatoes you went to the altar with 25 years ago when she tipped the scales at 130.

    Jennifer Granholm, the commie from Canada; Whitmer (her successor), hell, dozens more. They all look like white Eight Mile Rd whores When they get to Nancy Pelosi’s age they can act & look whatever way they want now that they got “seniority.” It ain’t nigger buys putting these white babes in office. There’s no Jew like a Jew with tits.

  66. nsa says:

    Bloodbath in Brit Bonds and Currency. Mistress Liz announced a policy of tax cuts for the rich to save the economy payed for with even more government debt and………Brit bonds and sterling crashed hard. Fiat sterling buttwipes now almost par with fiat dollar asswipes.

  67. Art says:

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech on WWI.

    Now, when United States troops appear in the Middle East to fight with the Zionists as their allies to prevent the return of these people who were evicted from their homes in the 1948 armed insurrection by the Zionists who were transplanted there from Eastern Europe… when that happens, the United States will trigger World War III.

    “WWIII” — WOW — How is this going this very day?


  68. Of course, the PM was moot


  69. JWalters says:

    David Irving discusses Churchill’s reliance on Jewish money in the second video embedded in the following article. He discusses his book “Churchill’s War”, and his discussion of the money starts at about 30:00 of the video.
    Life Under Fire

    Also, extremely worthwhile is Ron Unz’s lengthy article “Understanding World war II” in his “American Pravda” series. This article covers much of the material referenced in my above post (#5), and includes a very valuable section titled “The Central Jewish Role in Orchestrating World War II”.
    American Pravda: Understanding World War II

  70. JWalters says:

    Very interesting. But I’d like to offer a different interpretation of what Russia and China are doing.

    The Zionist banking cabal of Europe thinks they were chosen by God to rule the world. They have camouflaged their agenda by pretending they want a system of global cooperation. They sucker many people into their project who believe the goal is actually a system of mutually respectful cooperation. But when the rubber meets the road the supremacist bankers want subjugation and censorship.

    The goal of mutually respectful cooperation still exists, however. And there is a large constituency for that. This constituency has awakened to the fact that the “British’ empire has been bullying people for centuries, and are bailing on it.

    So far, it looks to them like Russia and China are actually trying to organize a mutually respectful global system. That indeed would benefit all people, and I think some day humanity will figure out how to achieve it. Maybe we are on the cusp of that now.

    The difference is between a fake goal and a real goal.

    • Replies: @Hitch
  71. @Verymuchalive

    I’m struck by the vast amount of evidence you supply with your assertions.

    I’m overwhelmed by your keen insights and sophisticated prose.

    When you have no quality reply due to lack of intellect, just start yelling and name calling – works every time.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  72. @ariadna

    Not much to look at, but at least she’s got a decent rack.

  73. @Notsofast

    Gov’t control over trade is like mafia control over small business. It’s a protection racket that serves to increase costs and transfer unearned profits to the political class.

    The reason costs are so high in the US, which makes industry go looking for a cheaper manufacturing venue, is solely due to the cost of gov’t. It’s gov’t taxes, regulations, compliance costs, high labor rates again caused by high gov’t taxes, etc that drive jobs out of the country. When the first widget maker leaves for some place off shore, his competitors are in many cases forced to follow to maintain manufacturing cost parity.

    It’s the politically imposed cost structure above and beyond what it costs to manufacture a product that makes the US uncompetitive and hence rapidly failing economically.

  74. Athena says:


    UK Supreme Court refuses leave to appeal Megrahi conviction
    [The Scottish Crown Office have issued the following statement:]

    ‘Re: Decision of the UK Supreme Court in Al Megrahi (Appellant) v Her Majesty’s Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland) UKSC 2021/0091

    On 14 Jul 2022 the UK Supreme Court refused the appellant Ali Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s direct application for leave to appeal.

    This means that Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s original conviction for murder stands and the appeal process is at an end.

    [RB: The background can be found in this item posted on this blog on 1 April 2021: Megrahi family to apply to UK Supreme Court for leave to appeal after Scottish court’s refusal.

    Now that all domestic remedies have been exhausted, the only judicial avenue now open for the Megrahi conviction to be challenged is an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

    [What follows is excerpted from a report just published on the website of The Herald:]

    In January last year, Megrahi’s son, Ali al-Megrahi, lost an appeal against his late father’s conviction.

    The Supreme Court has ruled that permission to appeal against that decision should be refused, saying the “application does not raise an arguable point of law”.

    Lawyer Aamer Anwar, representing the Megrahi family, insisted this was not the end of the matter as he would take the case back to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) and “continue to pursue an appeal”.

    Mr Anwar said: “I spoke today to Ali, the son of the late al-Megrahi, and he said he was deeply disappointed in the decision of the UK Supreme Court.

    “Ali told me he was eight years old when his father went to the Netherlands to stand trial. When his father returned to Libya to die, Ali spent most of his time next to his father and said that until his dying breath he maintained his innocence.

    “The Megrahis regard their father as the 271st victim of Lockerbie.”

    Megrahi was released from prison in Scotland in 2009 on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, and died in Libya in 2012.

    The Libyan had originally lodged an appeal against his conviction in 2007, but this was abandoned in 2009 before he was granted compassionate release.’

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  75. @SS-The Independent

    Amazing. I’ve heard these rumors for years and every time they poke out a bit they then get crushed once more. The twins look to me nothing like their “parents”. And that’s reason enough to doubt the whole charade.

  76. Conservative estimates of how much the price cap will cost put the final price tag at around £100 billion (US\$115.97 billion). Other estimates put the actual cost to British taxpayers as high as £200 billion(US\$231.66 billion) an increase amounting to 10% of current GDP.

    Price Cap is another scam. Took Yanis Varoufakis (former Greek Minister of Finance) 23 minutes to explain:

  77. @Hitch

    This Off-Guardian piece wonderfully describes how the globalist juggernaught is unstoppable, even China and Russia only pretend to resist.

    Off-Guardian is no bastion of truth. I’ve caught them numerous times throwing in some misleading facts, lies and propaganda in their articles. Intentional or un-intentional doesn’t matter. The main point everyone should realize is NO Country is monolithic. Every country has influential people who do not see eye to eye. Basically, there is a “Deep State” within every country. If Russia (Putin) and China (Xi) was already under NWO control, why even bother with the constant antagonism.

    • Agree: JWalters
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  78. Hitch says:

    The goal of mutually respectful cooperation still exists, however.

    So far, it looks to them like Russia and China are actually trying to organize a mutually respectful global system. That indeed would benefit all people

    That is the \$64,000 question. Here is some evidence that China and Russia are not truly working to “benefit all people“:

    – Neither China nor Russia has named this beast, and both still participate in it
    – Russia and China both are members of BIS
    – Russia and China both pretend that CO2 and Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a thing to be feared
    – Russia and China both participated in the Plandemic
    – Putin was a WEF Young Global Leader
    – China’s Wuhan lab still appears to be the epicenter of that Plandemic
    – China’s continued Covid lockdowns

    I could go on and on. I do not know what is truly going on, but I have grave doubts about Russia and China’s real opposition to the WEF NWO. It is quite possible that they are merely jockeying for position within the globalist hierarchy, and it is quite possible that they are merely the necessary antithesis to the western thesis in the Hegelian dialectic.

    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @JWalters
  79. JM says:

    On the face of it, I’d cite Emmanuel Macron as an example. She’s certainly in need of charisma and anything in that direction is better than deadly Lower Middle Class boorishness. So yes…

  80. @Brett Redmayne-Titley

    it sounds like the Cantillon Effect revisited;
    ie “trickle-down” is an illusion that only benefits those near the source.
    “Pissing down” is more like it

    (those articles were written in the aftermath of the US fiscal bazookas, but now the UK can put on its own show)

  81. JM says:
    @Passing By

    She’s the kind they want. She has no independent course either in life or politically. Just look at that ugly bitch who’s the PM of NZ or the total drone who’s the PM of Australia. Starmer-the-Insipid (Order of the Bath, no less!!!!!!) is the same. And look at the non-entities who ‘rule’ Germany or the perverted sissy who ‘rules’ Ukraine. Then there’s Joe. At least the Jew puppets who were placed at the head of Eastern Europe by Stalin had some background and history.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  82. Hitch says:

    Here is a great article by John Helmer: AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

    In it, Helmer quotes from an article by Yury Podolyaka, a popular Russian analyst, about the partial mobilization:

    Mobilization in Russia is the first step, then the great purge
    September 22, 2022
    By Yury Podolyaka

    I found this comment from Podolyaka to be quite pertinent in relation to the Off-Guardian article I linked to above about the “Multipolar World”.

    The country will be different. The world will be different. And we, accordingly, must win our place under the sun in the new world for our country. There are no other options. If we do not do this, then we will be in the dustbin of history.

    Even the most steadfast Russian patriot who is basically advocating for the conquest and break up of Ukraine admits it: This SMO/War is not about a multipolar world with an strong, independent and Sovereign Russia. He admits that this war is about Russia's position within the WEF/NWO.

  83. @RoatanBill

    You write.
    I’m struck by the vast amount of evidence you supply with your assertions.

    You don’t supply any for yours.. I was hoping that there would be some attempt by you to rebut my claims, but you completely avoid the issues.

  84. What claims did you make besides calling me an idiot and pretending to know what I believe?

    When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.

  85. JM says:

    I’m not a libertarian. I’m an anarchist…

    More like an Anarcho-Friedmanite. Either in denial of monopoly power, or full of illusions about its outcomes.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
  86. I posted an item on Newslinks this morning that an intelligent person would find the wisdom in.

  87. @JM

    As I wrote in a comment under Romanoff’s latest article here, the problem is very much a catch-22 problem. Intelligent people are more autonomous, which makes them more likely to question the agenda, and the globalist elites won’t have that. Otoh, stupid people will parrot whatever line you write for them but they require 24/7 monitoring b/c stupid people tend to be very creative when it comes to doing stupid things and you can’t have that either.
    I tend to look at the whole thing with moderate optimism, if they are down to resorting to tarts like Truss in the UK or Ardern in NZ, or Marin in Finland – who at least is physically attractive – or Scholz/Macron/etc, it means that they’ve pretty much exhausted their human resources and that they have alienated the great majority of decent human beings so the order that they are trying to establish is set to implode. Dysfunctional individuals cannot make a functional society, let alone run one, and the idea that AI can run a society is a delusion.
    Otoh, they can always cause a nuclear armageddon.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  88. CCG says:

    His Y-chromosome comes from the House of Oldenburg.

  89. CCG says:

    Her real name is Mary Elizabeth Truss.

  90. JWalters says:

    Thanks for the list. We do interpret some things differently.

    – Neither China nor Russia has named this beast, and both still participate in it.

    Lavrov has excoriated Israel with a thoroughness that virtually no other national spokesman has.
    Russia Hits Back at Israel Over Ukraine

    Further, is covering Israel’s crimes, which no Western outlet is doing.

    They also probably see the connection between Israel and Ukraine, which the West is ignoring.
    Zelenskyy says wants Ukraine to become a ‘big Israel’

    So I don’t see Russia going along with the Israeli-worship any longer. And I suspect China and most of Eurasia and the Global South understand the relation between Israel and the City of London Zionist bankers. That’s the direction I seem them heading, one step at a time.

    – Russia and China both are members of BIS

    The Bank of International Settlements is a hub of the global banking system. They will not break from it needlessly, and certainly not before they have their new system in place. I suspect their objection to the BIS would be to the criminals who run it rather than to the communication system itself.

    – Russia and China both pretend that CO2 and Anthropomorphic Global Warming is a thing to be feared

    This is a separate issue. From my (limited) research, I believe the earth is in a warming period, rather than cooling. The melting of the polar ice caps is significant evidence of this.

    While some argue that the current changes are part of a normal historical pattern, going in and out of ice ages, due to orbital forcing, it seems to me the orbital changes involved are way too slow to account for the changes today. Meanwhile, the increase in aerosol greenhouse gases easily explains the temperature increase. I realize there are contending theories about why the climate is changing, and I am open to looking at evidence. But at this point in time I see nothing sinister about the Russians and Chinese being concerned about greenhouse gasses.

    – Russia and China both participated in the Plandemic

    I’m inclined to agree with Ron Unz that Covid was a US bioweapon aimed at China. And the US had 30 bioweapons labs in Ukraine ready to deploy against Russia. There is also evidence that work was being done to target specific genetic groups. So, for example, a virus could target Slavs or Chinese and passover Jews or Europeans. I think the Russian and Chinese leaders are being prudent to be concerned about a serious bioweapon attack from the West, even if the virus is relatively harmless to most people in the West.

    – Putin was a WEF Young Global Leader

    That does not mean he drank the kool-aid.

    – China’s Wuhan lab still appears to be the epicenter of that Plandemic

    As mentioned above, I think it’s more likely it came from a US lab, and Wuhan was set up as the patsy (like Lee Harvey Oswald). Recall, the anthrax attacks that accompanied 9/11 were blamed on Iraq. Finally independent researchers determined that the anthrax actually came from a US military bioweapons lab.

    – China’s continued Covid lockdowns

    As I noted above, China may be concerned about a virus that targets Chinese genes, but is relatively harmless in the US.

    It seems to me Putin’s recent statements indicate he is well aware of the Zionist banking cabal that rules the West, and is well aware they are who is behind the current attack on Russia. He knows their power, and he is not playing their games. If we’re lucky, the Russian resistance to these soiopathic cultists will help the West bring them down once and for all.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @RoatanBill
  91. @Passing By

    Truss does give me the impression of one who thinks that her tits will always get her out of trouble with the Tory boyos. Hardly a ‘tart’, just a healthy, if famously stupid, woman making her way in a man’s world.
    The real problem is that, in the farce of Western ‘democracy’, women, ie adult female human beings, MUST ape the behaviour of their male colleagues (hardly the empyrean of their sex either)to ‘succeed’. So you get all these she-male politicians acting like elite private school boys, yet still applying the makeup ever thicker as the years go by, their only conception of what being a ‘woman’ is, in the halls of power at least. That generally excludes the better part of their sex, just as the males who enter politics are a scurvy gang of freaks exhibiting all the behaviour of gangsters and spivs, without any raffish charm.

    • Replies: @JM
  92. @dogbumbreath

    Off Guardian is a cabal of arrogant bozos, correct about some things, as we all may be at times, but insufferably censorious when faced with informed opinion opposing some of their lunacies, like their banal anthropogenic climate destabilisation denialism.

  93. @Athena

    They just announced that the persecution in the Lockerbie lynching had hidden evidence that Libya was uninvolved from the defence. A US Deep State operative had given evidence that all his contacts in Syria had told him that the atrocity was committed by the PFLP, working for Iran, in revenge for the deliberated shooting down of an Iranian Airbus by the USS Vincennes over the Persian Gulf, in July 1988. The PFLP had penetrated a US DEA drug sting operation and planted a bomb on the ‘mule’ inside a radio.
    Now, I already knew all this, because I’m very clever. So clever that I read English newspapers, that carried the same story from soon after Lockerbie, for about 18 months. But when Libya was required to become the patsy, those august journals and their corpse maggot ‘journalists’ all loyally forgot the whole business, and will deny it to today, and the Truth was duly Memory Holed with extreme prejudice. Western Evil is ubiquitous and near universal.

  94. Hitch says:

    – Neither China nor Russia has named this beast, and both still participate in it.

    Lavrov has excoriated Israel with a thoroughness that virtually no other national spokesman has.

    When I said “has [not] named this beast”, I was referring to the UN and the “Global/International Fascist/Rules based Order” from the article I linked to, where both Putin and Xi were kowtowing to on February 4, 2022.

    We will have to agree to disagree. I would like you to be right about Putin and Xi, but I am hedging my bets.

    What about Climate Engineering? Do you deny that it is taking place?

    Just look at what the climate lunatics are up to now:

    Scientists presented a controversial plan whereby high-flying jets similar to a modified American KC-135R could spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere to refreeze the North and South Poles. The recently published research in IOP’s Environmental Research Communications suggests that the method would be feasible and fairly cheap.

    The plan, which falls under a controversial climate intervention technology called Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), would target only subpolar regions- instead of having a global intervention that most other SIA operations assume, highlights the paper.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  95. hillaire says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes… Excellent idea.. the only problem being that the average limey is just a whipped abused dog that waits on his Masters whistle…

    So unfortunately just as with you Antipodeans and those Damn Yankees..the prognosis looks..

    very very bad…

    Usually (although not always) elitist criminality is paid for with the blood of the common imbecile…

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  96. JWalters says:

    Israel is a pet project of the Zionist “global elites” in the City of London, so I see taking a hard whack at Israel as a hard whack against those Zionist bankers.

    Also, it may be significant that Feb 4 was before Russia began its SMO.

    Climate engineering is not something I’ve researched, but I would be surprised if it is not being worked on. And I’d be surprised if that work does not include weaponizing climate engineering. Thanks for the link.

    Also, it seems to me that a large scale climate intervention could go badly wrong. The mathematics of a falling rock (i.e. gravity) is very simple (2 masses and the distance between them). The mathematics of the climate is very complex. We can see this from the sheer number of variables involved, and in the variance and errors in our normal weather predictions.

    Our sociopathic rulers are not as competent as they think they are. So on the one hand they could kill us all. But on the other, that might provide an opening to take them down.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful replies.

    • Replies: @antitermite
  97. @JWalters

    Fascinating discussion between you two.

    Unfortunately I doubt that any of us will see much more of the “elephant” (or is it a million-tentacled kraken?) than is permitted.

    For me, a significant tell is when VVP reformed the requirements for political office some years back,
    ie no dual citizens, no expats – “patriots only” need apply.
    This is directed pointedly against the WEF & its minions.

    Yes he is one of their graduates, but that seems to be a prerequisite of sorts these days, or certainly a stepping stone.
    Now that he is where he is, no need to play along.

    Israel is probably less sacred than many imagine.
    I view it as a grand experiment, a template for the future, in how to conduct a society surrounded by enemies, enabling the close monitoring of half the population whilst brutally oppressing the other half.
    (hmm.. look where the rest of the west is headed…)
    When their purpose is done, they’ll still be useful for another grand sacrifice, if necessary.
    The “useful eaters” have already prepped their exodus.

    [an aside: it’s possible that the other rogue nuclear state, North Korea, is a similar social experiment, with slightly different parameters.]

    I don’t know much about climate engineering either, but seems like something too good to ignore.
    The poles would have resources to plunder, so why refreeze them though?
    Currently the only nation with icebreakers to spare, and portable nuclear power, is Russia.
    But it might be for other reasons, ie weaponizing, as you say.

    My prediction is that the Ukraine will drag on in some kind of stalemate.
    eg a ceasefire but no peace deals, and certainly no closure.
    This will be the most frustrating outcome, for we will never be sure if it’s intended as a “forever war”.
    It will be like E v W Germany, N v S Korea, but on a much grander scale.

    • Thanks: JWalters
  98. @hillaire

    Yes-I saw that in the al-Jazeera doco regarding the Blairite and Zionazi attack on the Labour Party when the members dared elect Corbyn. One poor blighter was subjected to a psychopathic, but typically Zionazi, hate campaign on-line, with threats to his whole family, so hideous (imagine being a Palestinian at the mercy of these swine)that he was reduced, at the recollection, to blubbering. Whimpering was his response. At least the Palestinians have the guts and self-respect to fight back like heroes. And, as for Hezbollah-they have the Zionazis scared.

    • Replies: @hillaire
  99. JM says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    That’s Feminism masking itself as Anti-Establishmentarianism. Long ago some of us used to say that jokers like you were opportunists who only did it to position yourselves to get a sure periodical root from those quarters. True eh?

    But the carefully crafted NWO creature needs no apologetics, only ‘forced retirement’ – after appropriate trial before the Court of Enlightened Public Opinion, of course.

  100. hillaire says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    lndeed Mr Mumble….and just before the ‘chosen’ decided to show Corbyn et al who really owns them and the Septic lsles.. and after a ‘cabinet’ clown was caught consorting with Israelis on their ‘dime’…

    Mossad goons from the ahem ‘Embassy’ were caught on camera bragging how any politician (worthless whore) can be brought down… should ‘they’ so ‘wish’ it….

    Of course none of it’s really news or in the least surprising…but it does illustrate the venality and irredeemable cowardice of the Anglo nations..not so much apparatchiks at the trough but the common imbecile itself.. full of sugar and entertained (and undoubtedly masked and injected) and quite incapable of any outrage or critical thought process whatsoever…

  101. @JWalters

    The melting of the polar ice caps is significant evidence of this.

    What do you think the 138 volcanoes under mostly western Antarctica, including 91 active ones, have to do with melting? Anything?

  102. “But, Britains will be the ones paying for their own bribe”

    It’s hard to believe but it was only in 2015 that, according to the Treasury, British taxpayers finished ‘paying off’ the debt of £20 MILLION which the British government borrowed from Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore in order to compensate British slave owners (including them) in 1835(many of which were Jewish i.e. Rothschilds) because of the abolition of slavery. Not a penny was paid to those who were enslaved and brutalised.

    Strangely enough, the Bank Of England has “lost” all the documention regarding this loan and who the govermennt were paying it to until 2015.

    As old Nat famously said:

    I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”
    ~ Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

  103. The main political parties in the UK, the Tories, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, are all in thrall to Zionist influence. All the members of each party are 90% members of the ‘Friends of Israel’. This is virtually mandatory on anyone who wants to attain high office. And this is not restricted to the Lower House it also includes the upper house.

    An example of Zionist influence was the campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. It was relentless and spearheaded by the Jewish lobby both in Israel and the UK establishment. There can be no democracy in the UK while the Zionists control the political structures. Not too different from the US.

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