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Libtards Wail, Muslims Wait: Why Fans of Abortion Won’t Defeat Fans of Muhammad
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Muslims behaving like Muslims outside Batley Grammar School

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As Francis Carr-Begbie pointed out long ago at the Occidental Observer, one cultural phenomenon is guaranteed to cause bafflement among liberals, libertarians and cuckservatives. It is the extraordinary spectacle of Muslims behaving like Muslims. Again and again members of Britain’s intellectual elite have been disturbed and dismayed to learn that Muslims don’t behave like Buddhists, Anglicans or Jehovah’s Witnesses. No, Muslims behave like Muslims.

Ho-ho Mo-Show No-No

Who could have seen that one coming? And while libtards wail about Muslim pathologies, Muslims calmly wait for mass immigration and high birth-rates to bring them political and cultural victory. Now we have a new example of libtard uproar at Muslims-behaving-like-Muslims. A teacher at Batley Grammar School in the heavily enriched English county of Yorkshire showed his pupils some satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious studies lesson. Did Muslim activists in the area respond like fans of Voltaire and warmly support the free speech of the teacher? No, they responded like Muslims and resolutely opposed his free speech. They demonstrated intimidatingly at the school and issued death-threats against the teacher, who has been driven into hiding with his wife and four children.

The school itself and local Labour politicians have, of course, immediately capitulated to Muslim intimidation. The headmaster Gary Kibble grovelled like this: “The school unequivocally apologises for using a totally inappropriate image in a religious studies lesson. It should not have been used. … We have immediately withdrawn teaching on this part of the course, and we are revising how we go forward with the support of all communities represented in our school. … The member of staff has been suspended pending an independent formal investigation.”

But it’s hard to blame the headmaster for grovelling or the teacher for going into hiding. After all, look at what happened in France in October 2020. A teacher called Samuel Paty was literally beheaded by an angry Muslim teenager after showing his pupils satirical cartoons of Muhammad.

Something rotten in the county of Yorkshire

I wrote about the murder of Samuel Paty in “Headchopping for Muhammad” and discussed the dishonesty and reality-evasion of the supposed libertarians at Spiked Online, which is the latest incarnation of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a “weird [Trotskyist] sect” founded in the 1970s by the Hungarian-Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi. The libtards at Spiked loudly condemned Samuel Paty’s murder, but they had ignored the very similar murder of Asad Shah on British soil in 2016. Shah, a gentle, tolerant Ahmadi Muslim living in Glasgow, was stabbed to death by a free-speech-hating Sunni Muslim called Tanveer Ahmed, who travelled hundreds of miles from Yorkshire to defend the honour of the Prophet against Ahmadi blasphemies. If Spiked hadn’t ignored Shah’s murder, they could have made an important point in their current noisy condemnation of the “shameful capitulation” at Batley Grammar School, namely, that something is rotten in the county of Yorkshire.

But spotting patterns is not something that libertarians are interested in. Instead, Spiked proved once again the truth of Francis Carr-Begbie’s observation about the blindness of libtards, or liberals and libertarians who support open borders for Third-World people, then bewail the inevitable consequences. According to Paul Stott at Spiked, “Video footage from outside the school is disquieting.” Yes, when Muslims behave like Muslims it’s “disquieting” rather than wholly predictable. Stott went on to claim that “schoolkids” should be free to see satirical cartoons of Muhammad, because “Batley Grammar is a secondary school in a liberal democratic society.”

“What most of the country undoubtedly wanted”

He’s wrong. If Britain were a “democratic society,” mass immigration would never have taken place here against the clearly expressed wishes of the White majority. The treacherous leftist politician Roy Hattersley, a former deputy leader of the Labour party, proudly announced in 2013 that he had refused to support “what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted [in 1964] — the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants.” If repatriation had taken place then — or, far better, mass immigration had never begun in the first place — Britain would have avoided all the Third-world pathologies we see flourishing here in 2021, from attacks on free speech to rape-gangs and acid-throwing.

And if Britain were a “liberal society,” it would not have passed so many laws (at Jewish instigation) to stifle the entirely legitimate opposition of British Whites to their dispossession. For example, the British state would not have twice attempted to jail Nick Griffin, then the leader of the British National Party (BNP), for speaking the truth about Muslim rape-gangs in Yorkshire. In 2004 Griffin had made a highly accurate prediction about Islamic terrorism in Britain. He said it was inevitable and that the “terrorists will turn out to be either asylum-seekers or second-generation Pakistanis, probably from somewhere like Bradford.” Whatever you think about Griffin, it’s clear that he isn’t a libtard. He wasn’t “disquieted” by Muslims-behaving-like-Muslims. Instead, he observed their behaviour, analysed it, and understood exactly how and why it would worsen.

Ancient wisdom for modern libtards

But even if Paul Stott at Spiked were correct to call Britain a “liberal democratic society,” he would still have to admit that large parts of Britain have seceded from liberalism. Surprisingly enough, when Pakistanis emigrate to the liberal West, they bring illiberal Pakistani culture with them. Well, it’s surprising to libtards, but the Roman poet Horace did even better than Nick Griffin in predicting the consequences of mass immigration. More than 2000 years ago, Horace said this: Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare current — “They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea.”

Horace and other great classical writers would once have been central to lessons at the scene of the current uproar about Muslims-behaving-like-Muslims. Batley Grammar School was “founded in 1612 by the Rev. William Lee and provided early education for Joseph Priestley (1733–1804), one of the creators of modern chemistry. Priestley “strongly believed in the free and open exchange of ideas” and “advocated toleration and equal rights for religious Dissenters.” But it’s unlikely that Batley Grammar will be producing any more great scientists and supporters of free speech. As the BBC points out, “According to a 2015 Ofsted report Batley Grammar had 689 pupils of which almost three-quarters were from a minority ethnic background [i.e., were Pakistani Muslims].”

More and more pressure against free speech

Have many libtards noticed the irony of pupils who form “almost three-quarters” of a school being described as “from a minority”? I doubt it. I also doubt that Paul Stott at Spiked will celebrate democracy-in-action at Batley Grammar School. If the majority of the parents are Muslim and they don’t want their children exposed to anti-Muslim satire, why shouldn’t they get what they want? As the Muslim population of Britain and other Western nations continues to grow, there will be more and more pressure against free speech and other archaic Western customs. The libtards at Spiked want to pretend that this is the fault of Whites for refusing to stand up for “Enlightenment values.”

It isn’t. When Tanveer Ahmed murdered Asad Shah on British soil in 2016, he was consciously imitating two Muslim hero-martyrs: Ilm Ud-Deen, who murdered a Hindu publisher under the British Raj in 1929, and Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered a politician in Pakistan in 2011. Both men were defending the honour of the Prophet, both were executed by the state, and both are celebrated today in Pakistan as ghazi and shahid — “hero” and “martyr.” And in 1938, Muslims in London “ceremoniously” burned a copy of H.G. Wells’ A Short History of the World “because of references to the Prophet Muhammad which they considered offensive.” Muslims love the Prophet Muhammad and hate free speech not because they’ve been led astray by any Western ideology, but because they are Muslims. How difficult is that to understand?

No limits on Muslim immigration

Very difficult for the libtards at Spiked, it appears. Their chief propagandist, Brendan O’Neill, has announced that “Britain is not an Islamic country. We do not live under Sharia law. It might be a punishable offence in Islamic nations to make or display an image of Muhammad, but it isn’t here.” In fact, “Sharia law” does operate in large parts of Britain that are de facto “Islamic” because — guess what — they have Muslim majorities after relentless Muslim immigration and on-site population growth. And what do the libtards at Spiked think about Muslim immigration? They want all limits on it removed. In 2015 Brendan O’Neill called for open borders under the stirring headline of “Let them in”:

We shouldn’t demonise or infantilise African migrants. We should welcome them. … We shouldn’t pity these migrants; we should admire them, for using guile, gumption and perseverance to come here. They’re precisely the kind of people sluggish Europe needs more of, an antidote to our students who can’t even clap without having a mental breakdown and our new generation who think that being told to ‘get on your bike’ to look for a job is tantamount to abuse. Let’s relax the borders and let them in to try their luck in our countries and see how they fare. If we do that, we’ll put the traffickers out of business, end the deaths in the Mediterranean, and, more importantly, do our part to enable the aspirations of human beings who have committed no crime other than wanting to realise their potential in our towns, our cities, alongside us. (Let Them In, Spiked Online, 21st April 2015)

In 2021 O’Neill is condemning “religious extremists” and “religious intolerance” in Batley. But Muslims there are displaying precisely the “gumption and perseverance” he celebrated in 2015. O’Neill is also condemning the “slippery way” in which the term “Islamophobia” is used to “conflat[e] discussion of Islam with racism.” That is, he doesn’t like Muslims using “guile,” which he thought was such a positive thing in the aspiring migrants of 2015. What’s happening in Batley is the inevitable consequence of the mass immigration O’Neill has so strongly supported for so many years.

Dedicated to narcissistic self-indulgence

He has also strongly supported unrestricted abortion. And here again we see the stupidity of libertarian support for Third-World immigration. Muslims are not merely entering the West in large numbers: they are being subsidized to have large numbers of children here. In my article “Narcissism and Nihilism,” I contrasted Yetto Souiriy, a Muslim woman in France who had had five children, with Julie Burchill, a liberal woman in Britain who had had five abortions. Indeed, Burchill positively celebrated them: “I’m so glad I had all those abortions. … I’d as soon weep over my taken tonsils or my absent appendix as snivel over those abortions. I had a choice, and I chose life — mine.” The fervent philosemite Burchill writes regularly for Spiked and other libtard outlets in praise of Jews and condemnation of Muslims. She’s an excellent example of libtardism in action. Her choice of “life” was actually a choice of narcissistic self-indulgence. And while she was having abortions, snorting cocaine and experimenting with lesbianism, Muslims were having lots of little Muslims and steadily strengthening their political and cultural power.

Sex, drugs and five abortions(!!): the fervent philosemite Julia Burchill
Sex, drugs and five abortions(!!): the fervent philosemite Julia Burchill

So here’s a question for Julie and her fellow libtards at Spiked: Who’s going to win a demographic battle between those who believe in lots of abortions and those who believe in lots of children? You won’t need many guesses. But let’s be fair: Burchill’s self-indulgence hasn’t just lost her the war of wombs with Muslims. It’s also lost her the war of propaganda. In December 2020, Burchill defended her fellow philosemite Rod Liddle against a Bangladeshi Muslim woman called Ash Sarkar, who had criticized Liddle for making a joke about having sex with schoolgirls. Burchill tried to exploit the historical fact that the Prophet Muhammad first had sex with his wife Aisha when she was nine years old. But Burchill’s choice of words was so crude, intemperate and ignorant, and the behaviour of the supporters she enlisted so unpleasant, that Sarkar was able to bring a successful action for defamation.

“Muslims and Jews are natural allies”

Burchill had to pay “substantial damages,” cover Sarkar’s legal costs, and make a grovelling public apology. Sarkar’s lawyer Zillur Rahman triumphantly announced: “I am delighted for Ash, it really is a resounding victory. As a Muslim myself, this case meant more because of the grossly offensive comment made concerning Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), who is dear to all Muslims.” If all their enemies were like Julie Burchill, Muslims would have much less need of their good friends in the Jewish community. And they certainly have many good friends in the Jewish community, from Dr Richard Stone, the prominent anti-racist who proclaimed that “Muslims and Jews are natural allies” in 2001, to Richard Benson, the former head of the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST) who began helping Muslims “battle Islamophobia” in 2014. Here are a few more examples of the warm support given by Jews to Muslims:

But the fervent philosemites Julie Burchill and Rod Liddle have never discussed — let alone condemned — the central Jewish role in fomenting the Muslim pathologies now so prominent in the West. It’s yet another example of libtard blindness. So is the claim made by Tom Slater at Spiked that the Muslim protestors in Batley are “dickheads.” In fact, Muslims aren’t foolish or misguided to oppose free speech, because they know it is bad for Muslim interests. As a former Trotskyist, Slater may recall that Josef Stalin used censorship very successfully to maintain his own power and defeat his enemies. History teaches us that censorship works very well to defend authoritarian systems, while free speech is a very rare and fragile phenomenon. History also teaches us that free speech was created by stale pale males like John Stuart Mill in Britain and the Founding Fathers in America. In other words, it’s a White thing — Muslims, Blacks and other non-Whites neither created it nor want it.

The “libertarians” at Spiked believe in protecting the rare and fragile phenomenon of free speech by opening the borders of White nations to unlimited numbers of highly illiberal tribalists from the Third World. So here’s another question for Tom, Brendan, Julie and the other libtards at Spiked: If you support free speech and open borders for Muslims, while Muslims support censorship and open borders for Muslims, who exactly are the dickheads?

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Malla says:

    Sex, drugs and five abortions(!!): the fervent philosemite Julia Burchill

    She looks like a man.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. anon[177] • Disclaimer says:

    War of wombs? Tis but a worldy concern! “Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!” When will we honestly consider the central Jewish role in fomenting the libtard pathologies now so prominent in the West?

    Liberalism is the red giant of Christianity. And just as a red giant is devoid of its core, it expands thousandfold while losing its substance and is about to die.

    The Red Giant | by Conservative Swede

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  3. the headline is a load of shit.

    China is a fan of abortions and are defeating Islam. While U.S Republican anti-abortion crusaders bitch and moan about Uyghurs

    It is also the former warsaw pact countries that are hostile to Islam.

    Islam has some validity and currency in the west because Westerners are taught respect and tolerance for obviously false and ridiculous religion. While cultures that actively attacked superstition and religion have mentally inoculated themselves from Islam.

    Religion is bullshit, anti-abortion abortion arguments are bullshit and cultures that see can see that will outlast culture that can’t.


    • Replies: @Anon
  4. Shamil says:

    “Jews and Muslims are natural allies”

    I feel sorry for you. wasting precious oxygen. If only you were taught critical thinking at an early age, you would not have turned into this. sad to see a human mind wasted.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. @anon

    Thanks for a great article by Tobias Langdon, and thanks for providing that essay by “Conservative Swede.” Indeed, liberal Christian values (including those who go along to get along while they don’t practice any religion) is killing European Man. If anything, Conservative Swede might be too optimistic about the ability of European Man, which includes Euro-Americans, to bounce back from the precipice.

    William Pierce was right about Christianity. It is more responsible for our demise than Judaism, with its much smaller numbers, could ever have been.

  6. @Shamil

    Are you referring to Dr. Richard Stone, whom Langdon was quoting?
    Islam is Reform Judaism, which is why they are “natural allies”. Puritans, born again “Christians”, and “Christian”-Zionists are more of the same.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  7. @Malla

    She looks like a desperately sad late-middle aged female drug addict, who now now lives in the hell she has created for herself by killing her 5 babies, and who is now living alone in her apartment with her cats.

    Wikipedia says she is 61 and twice divorced. At least she is too old to kill any more of her fetuses. “The Guardian” (19 July 2015) wrote that she had a son, Jack, who was mentally ill and committed suicide at age 29. No wonder. What man with any self-respect would come near her?

    • Replies: @Malla
  8. No, they responded like Muslims and resolutely opposed his free speech.

    That’s not “responding like a Muslim.” That’s responding like a petulant two year-old who wants to make the world suffer for not satisfying his demands.

    I realize that, aside from the hypocrisy of the self-professed libertarians you name, your interest is in the conduct of those who identify as Muslims, so I won’t bother to explain the hows and whys of their ignorance, but it must be said: these do not represent Islam insofar as the bedrock proscription against religious coercion is concerned.

    One needn’t be on the same page with Voltaire or other Enlightenment luminaries to share this sentiment. Muslims aiding and abetting the passage of “hate speech” legislation are similarly deluded.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  9. @Curmudgeon

    Islam is Reform Judaism, which is why they are “natural allies”.

    No, this is incorrect.

    In the article, Langdon is referring to an alliance between politically liberal Jews and Muslims.

    Your focus should be upon the secular constituencies, not the religious ones.

    • Replies: @zimriel
  10. martin_2 says:

    The Muslim community have values and beliefs that are at odds with those (oftentimes degenerate) “values” and “beliefs” that the liberal establishment advocate for. They are deeply held and evolutionarily adaptive, celebrating normal family life and social hierarchies that have stood the test of time. Why should they want their children to become corrupted, like Westerners?

    Furthermore, as a commenter on here once brilliantly observed, the Muslim community has a “warrior class”; men aged between, say, seventeen and forty who are ready to fight, literally fight, and even die, on behalf of their people. Where is the liberal establishment’s equivalent? Their candidate warrior class, white working-class men, are supposed to be the enemy, the ones standing in the way of a multicultural utopia. And there is no passion originating from the common people underpinning the liberal establishment agenda. Regular white people just think its all crap, but they want to keep their heads down and live their life.

    So, the liberal establishment have a huge, huge problem with the Muslim community. There is no possibility of meeting halfway, and it will only get worse. Some time ago a female Labour politician blamed the kerfuffle in Birmingham regarding Muslims protesting gay sex education in Muslim schools on white men. It was implausible then and this time around not even the most demented leftit has tried that argument.

    In my opinion the Muslims will win. They have the warriors. They will own the streets.
    (Anyway, freedom of speech is a white colonialist concept, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be torn down!)

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  11. zimriel says:

    I did get a smile out of this: “something is rotten in the county of Yorkshire”.
    York is, of course, Jorvik in Danish, which name it got (against its true name Eborac[um/wich]) because it was re-founded by Danes on a colonial enterprise.
    Once you have paid him the Dane Geld . . .

  12. zimriel says:

    Reform Judaism is a secular constituency.
    I am here as a part Semite and as a philo-Semite, because I have to be, because I am not a 29 year old suicide.
    The Reform movement in Judaism is a movement to suicide, whether they know it or not. Jews have two ways to serve life: to return to Orthodoxy in their own tradition, or to convert to Christianity.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  13. @zimriel

    Reform Judaism is a secular constituency.


    I’d say that you rather made my point: Orthodox Jews and Muslims aren’t the individuals typically lobbying for liberal legislation.

  14. JimDandy says:

    A teacher called Samuel Paty was literally beheaded by an angry Muslim teenager after showing his pupils satirical cartoons of Muhammad.

    I thought the accusation against Paty was exposed as a lie.

  15. There is no middle ground to be had with Religion of Pieces adherents, as shown by 1400 years of violent conquest. Their ‘holy’ Pro Mo who is the perfect example for all Muslims, started peacefully enough, but after failing to win over Mecca, turned violent and then ultra-violent with each subsequent ‘conversion’ (conquest). Pro Mo liked his girls young (Aisha was 6 when they married), and had multiple wives, including his own daughter-in-law, and owned many sex slaves. ISIS ideology was based on conservative Islamic theology and reintroduced traditional Muslim practices such as slavery, jizya (extortion), sex slaves, etc. Inspired (or created?) by Jews, Islam shares many of the same pathologies including a supremacist outlook and a seething hatred and contempt for non Muslims. As the population of Muslims grows, violence towards non Muslims will increase, so the future of the UK, France etc is very bleak indeed.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  16. Malla says:

    International Jewry seems divided into two factions: on the left, we find the liberal Zionist or anti-Zionist Jews who feel that the Arabs/Muslims are their natural allies in the destruction of the hated “Roman” or European/Western civilization; on the right, the neoconservative hawks – a tendency represented by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz – who want to use Western goyim armies to annihilate the enemies of Israel in the Middle East. Nearly all of the Middle East is to be destabilized.
    But both factions are united at the top. In tandem we get the Invade the World-Invite the World policy. Use Western armies as weapons against Muslim nations and then use Muslim immigrants as weapons against native European/majority White Western populations. Since they want Greater Israel, many of the Middle Easterner population would be pushed into Europe, the remaining will be slaves. With Wahhabi ideology on the rise among the foreign immigrant Muslims and Zio controlled, only anti Muslim, native cultural nationalism like the EDL (unlike true native RACE based nationalism, against all foreign infiltrators brought into Europe by the Satanic Globalists, which are immediately crushed by the Satanic Zio elites) on the native side (with some non Muslim immigrant allies) would mean a possibility of eventually a civil war in between native Europeans and foreign Muslims. Many of the Muslim groups (not all) in the European Civil War would be Jew directed (like ISIS/Daesh) and they would be encouraged to destroy as much as traditional European monuments as possible like Cathedrals, palaces, statues etc… ISIS/Daesh already has practice in the Middle East destroying mosques and historical artifacts. Seeing the destruction of beautiful European historical monuments etc… will give extreme pleasure and satisfaction to the hearts and souls of Satanic Jewish elites. Lets be honest, they have always wanted to destroy them beautiful European monuments and art. They have dreamt of it forever. Already Jew directed and funded BLM/anti-fa have brought down many statues of Whitey.
    Other groups (Black Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, East Asians etc….) would have to either pick a side in the Civil War, flee Civil War Europa or try to protect their neighbourhoods from either side. This way hatred for Muslims would increase enormously among native Europeans as they are fighting a resistance war for their homelands against invaders (brought in by the Zio elites) and would be too busy to bother with Israel. Europeans have more tendency of natural universal morality based justice i.e. they support an alien tribe if they feel they have been wronged. That is why we have many pro-Palestinian Europeans. But with vicious hatred for immigrant foreign Muslims, this will go out of the Window. After all, when the Zionists would be fighting the Middle Easterners there would always be a fear for an army coming from Europa to destroy their Third Temple, like the Roman armies of Emperor Titus destroying their earlier temple.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  17. (((Libertarianism))), like (((LGBTQ self-indulgence))), “Me, Myself and I” consumerism, plus “greed is good” wanton capitalism, is being used to atomize people and prevent group mobilization against aliens.

    BTW inbred “warriors” live mostly on welfare thus have time to mob schools and streets. “Working” usually means rat-infested fried chicken shops. These are often fronts for the distribution of heroin shipped from Afghanistan and Rotherham-tier child prostitution.

    Imported panhandlers can’t run a country like England which has little natural resources (gas is depleting and is in Scottish waters). You need Europeans to make stuff like Rolls Royce aircraft engines and McLaren supercars which pay for food imports, energy and lots of other goodies.

    Third world people aren’t the problem. Dealing with the vile ruling class is what might salvage the situation. The Irish Republican Army understood this fact and prioritized the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher and (((City of London))) instead of local opponents such as Ian Paisley.

  18. @Malla

    Nearly all of the Middle East is to be destabilized.

    Only authoritarian empires have been able to stabilize the area.

    • Replies: @Malla
  19. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Israel-first foreign policy for decades, 9/11 inside job, lied into ((neocon)) wars against Islam, warmongering against Christian Russia, organized crime profiteering, vice, licentiousness, extortion, blackmail, corruption all mainstreamed… all because “Jews behaving as Jews.”

    But Jews behaving as Jews means big profits for degenerates, hence liberals, libertarians and cuckservatives keep their mouths shut about all of it, including the waves of Muslim refugees from wars for
    profit and Israel.

  20. Malla says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    True. Hope the West leaves that region alone and does not try to spread “liberty” and “democracy”. Each to his own.

  21. Anon[102] • Disclaimer says:
    @anyone with a brain

    I tendentially agree: population quality and environmental carrying capacity are just as important as raw population numbers. Breed too much without accounting for the former and your culture will implode from within.

  22. @AnonStarter

    According to “the” koran, infidels are to be physically fought until they submit to Muslims. Threatening or implying a threat of violence if their demands are not met is fully consistent with islam, in fact it’s required by islam as their “holy” book is written.

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