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Liberals vs. Mother Nature: Freddie Mercury, AIDS, and Minority-Worship
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Who is the biggest hate-criminal in the world? There’s only one contender and you may be shocked to learn that it’s a female. Worse still, that female is as immortal as she is immoral. For millennia, she’s been hating on humanity, discriminating between different groups and imposing inequality, preventing women from matching the intellectual, cultural and physical achievements of men, flatly refusing to allow sub-Saharan Africans to flourish in science, mathematics and philosophy.

Hateful, horrible and heretical

Yes, let me introduce you to that hateful, horrible and heretical harridan known as Mother Nature. Quite clearly she is the biggest hate-criminal there ever has been and ever will be. Forget the Patriarchy: it’s the Matriarchy, the rule of Mother Nature, that really explains why the world is such an unfair and unequal place. She’s responsible for that vast and on-going hate-crime known as human evolution, whereby human beings in different environments have acquired different bodies, brains and psychologies. In other words, race exists and different races aren’t equal. Mother Nature hasn’t treated Homo as a special, post-biological genus. She didn’t relax natural selection when human beings invented new technologies like fire, the bow-and-arrow, and the written word. Instead, she accelerated it. Neanderthals had to be robust and muscular because they hunted at close range, but that selective pressure was removed when Homo sapiensdeveloped throwing-spears and poisoned arrows. Slender Bushmen bring down giraffe and rhinoceros with ingenuity and cunning, not brute strength and aggression.

But Mother Nature doesn’t commit her hate-crimes at the same rate all over the earth. There are hot-spots of hate, that is, places where human evolution has operated in particularly interesting and complex ways. One of the most intense hot-spots is the Indian subcontinent, the region of Asia that stretches from Pakistan in the west to Bangladesh in the east and Sri Lanka in the far south, with India in the middle. The subcontinent is what you could call an S.S.S.I. — a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Mother Nature has been very busy there for a very long time. Whether you’re interested in geology, zoology, or botany, in archaeology, anthropology or linguistics, in religion, literature or philosophy, the Indian subcontinent is a fascinating place.

The Indian subcontinent
The Indian subcontinent

But the most important part of its dazzling variety may turn out to be its genetics. It’s one of the places where Mother Nature has most comprehensively blasphemed against the liberal dogma that “We’re All the Same under the Skin.” In fact, we aren’t, and the Indian subcontinent provides abundant proof. The genetic complexity introduced by ancient invasions and migrations was further enhanced by the intricate rules of the Hindu caste system, whereby different professions and classes were banned from intermarriage. This created a whole series of ethnicities and micro-ethnicities, as genetic lines separated, occupied different cultural environments, and evolved in different ways. Literacy and mastery of complex intellectual systems were compulsory for Brahmins, but prohibited for Dalits.

Sectarian supernovae

Today, India is one of the most genetically complex and cognitively stratified nations on earth. It has groups with high average IQ and groups with low average IQ. The self-taught Indian genius Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887–1920) was a Tamil Brahmin who contributed more to mathematics in a short lifetime than many millions of sub-Saharan Blacks have in centuries. He was like a supernova outshining all the millions of stars in a galaxy.

You could say the same of the Pakistani scientist Abdus Salam (1926–96). He contributed more to physics in seventy years of life than many millions of Blacks have in centuries. And he won a Nobel Prize in 1979 for his contributions. It was the first scientific Nobel ever won by a Muslim — at least, that’s what infidels outside Pakistan would say. But in Pakistan itself it’s illegal to say Salam was a Muslim, because he belonged to a heretical sect known as the Ahmadis, who are persecuted in Muslim countries (and outside them — see the murder of the Ahmadi shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow). But is it genetically significant that Abdus Salam was Ahmadi? Has the group evolved or preserved higher intelligence by separation and interbreeding? Or were Salam’s caste and clan the important thing? He was a “Jat of Rajput descent from Jhang on his father’s side” and “a Kakazai from Gurdaspur” on his mother’s.

Biology is bigger than biography

These are interesting questions, and I think Salam’s genetics are worth serious investigation. He was a rare scientific supernova in a mostly quiescent galaxy, because the Muslim world has contributed very little to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in recent centuries. But the Ahmadis are only one of the sects and micro-sects that make the Indian subcontinent such a fascinating place for anthropologists and students of religion. Another and much more famous Indian sect has contributed another human supernova to the world. In fact, he far outshone Salam and Ramanujan, because no special scientific or mathematical expertise was needed to appreciate what he did. I’m talking about Freddy Mercury (1946–91), the lead singer of the world-famous rock-band Queen.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar to a family of Parsis, one of the oldest and most interesting religions in the world. Thanks to the film Bohemian Rhapsody, a recently released bio-pic devoted to his life, Mercury is receiving a lot of media attention at the moment. But I can guarantee that only a hate-site like the Occidental Observerwill try to speak the full heretical truth about him. Mercury was bigger and more interesting than modern political correctness allows him to be, because mainstream journalists will write about him biographically, but they won’t write about him biologically. That is, they won’t speculate about his genetics or the neurological basis of his homosexuality. And they certainly won’t discuss his death from AIDS in anything but the most cautious and politically pious way.

A Parsi Petri

It’s understandable that liberal journalists keep quiet about his biology, because Mercury was a living embodiment of the hate-scientist Gregory Cochran’s appalling dictum: “Homosexual men are nature’s Petri dishes.” However, in Mercury’s case the Petri dish was interesting long before any virological experiments were conducted there. As noted above, Mercury was a Parsi, so he was the result of a long experiment in genetic separation and interbreeding conducted in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Etymologically speaking, Parsis are Persians, because they descend from Zoroastrians who fled the Muslim conquest of Persia, or modern Iran, from the 7th or 8th century AD. Zoroastrianism itself seems to date from “the early 2nd millennium BC” and was a significant influence on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Magi of the New Testament, who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus, were Zoroastrian priests, and English words like “magus” and “magic,” descending from Latin and Greek, are testament to the respect felt by the ancient world for the occult wisdom of the Zoroastrians. Indeed, ancient Persia and modern Iran are more hot-spots of hate, places where Mother Nature has been at work in fascinating and complex ways. Iranians are not Arabs: they’re genetically, linguistically and culturally distinct, and for their numbers they’ve made a much bigger mark on the world than Arabs have. For example, the world-famous poet, astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam was Persian, not Arab (just as the world-famous warrior-sultan Saladin was Kurdish, not Arab). Iranians and Arabs are racially distinct because differences in language and culture have maintained differences in genetics.

Luck and opportunity

Parsis who migrated from Iran to India have adopted Indian languages, but they’ve maintained cultural and genetic differences between themselves and their non-Zoroastrian neighbours. Their high average IQ is one difference from the Indian average: Parsis are famous for their success in business and science. They’re also famous for their philanthropy, and unlike Jews, another set of culturally and genetically distinct over-achievers, they’ve been liked and respected by the majority among whom they’ve lived for many centuries. Even by Parsi standards, however, Freddie Mercury was exceptional: he won much more fame and popularity than any of his genetic kin.

He owed a lot of that to luck and opportunity, of course, but he could not have exploited his luck and opportunities without the high intelligence and creativity granted him by his Parsi ancestry. All members of the rock-band Queen were in fact notable for high intelligence: the guitarist Brian May (born 1947) had a BSc (Hons) in physics, the bassist John Deacon (born 1951) had a BSc (Hons) in electronics and the drummer Roger Taylor (born 1949) had a BSc (Hons) in biology. Mercury never acquired a degree of any kind, but he was the creative heart of the band, one of the best and most charismatic front-men in the history of popular music.

A gay stealing the day

And if you want proof of that, watch the twenty minutes of his performance at Live Aid, the charity concert held at Wembley Stadium in London in 1985. Although the hundreds of millions who watched Live Aid at the time weren’t aware of it, they were being given a masterclass in human bio-diversity. You’ll read in countless places that “Queen stole the day,” but it’s not true. Farrokh Bulsara the Parsi stole the day from the overwhelmingly Northwestern European singers and musicians who performed at Live Aid. Whatever you think of the music when you watch Queen’s performance, you’ll be dazzled by the Mercuriality. Freddie Mercury’s charisma and extraversion are both quantitatively greater and qualitatively different than anyone else’s. Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor were his backing musicians, peripheral figures glimpsed occasionally in the mega-watt glare of their singer. They brought White male competence and dedication to Live Aid, just as White males had supplied the technology for rock music itself, but Freddie Mercury was from a different world.

And he was indeed from a different world, both geographically and genetically. And perhaps microbiologically too. Mercury’s homosexuality was central to his flamboyant, exhibitionist personality, but homosexuality is a biological puzzle. It reduces reproductive fitness and would be eliminated by natural selection if it had a simple genetic basis. So what causes it? The hate-scientist Gregory Cochran suggests that it’s caused by some kind of brain pathogen, possibly associated with urban living. And this “gay germ” hypothesis does account for all the known facts, from the persistence of homosexuality in urban populations to its absence among hunter-gatherers. But the hypothesis has another great advantage: as Cochran himself points out, it causes liberal heads to explode. Liberals really do not like the idea that homosexuality could be caused by a bacterium or virus. It demeans a sacred minority, undermining the dignity and self-worth of oppressed folk who have already suffered far too much.

A disguised form of religion

In short, the gay-germ hypothesis is blasphemous to liberals. And “blasphemous” is the right word, because liberalism, for all its claims to secularism and rationality, is a disguised form of religion. The purpose of liberalism is to meet the psychological needs of liberals, not to explain reality or provide solutions to the problems liberals claim to be concerned about. Homosexuals are a sacred minority whose sexual orientation elevates them above their heterosexual oppressors. How could a sacred minority owe its very existence to a brain pathogen? Blasphemy! But the same liberals would mock creationists for denying that human beings have evolved from apes. Liberals tell creationists that human beings aren’t special. Humans are material beings subject to the same physical laws and evolutionary processes as all other animals. Darwin completed the revolution that Copernicus began, by demonstrating that man had no more sacred and special place in biology than he had in cosmology.

So liberals would say to creationists, but liberals have sacred and special groups of their own. That’s why they’re horrified by the gay-germ hypothesis. It’s so crude, so biological, so subversive of the nobility and specialness of homosexuals. But that’s no reason to suppose that the gay-germ hypothesis is wrong. Liberals can’t reject the gay-germ hypothesis on emotional or ideological grounds. As they themselves would gleefully point out to creationists: Reality isn’t governed by human ideas of right and wrong. Much as liberals might dislike to accept it, Freddie Mercury may have owed his marvelous homosexuality to a mere micro-organism.

A hate-crime called AIDS

We can only speculate about the cause of Mercury’s homosexuality, but he was certainly affected by another micro-organism. It was a fatal one called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV for short. This is the retrovirus responsible for the unpleasant disease known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS for short. Freddie Mercury is undoubtedly the most famous victim of AIDS, but no mainstream commentator would contrast his miserable premature death with the longevity of his three heterosexual bandmates, all of whom are still alive in 2018, or with the longevity of his father Bomi Bulsara (1908—2003) and mother Jer Bulsara (1922—2016). You could call AIDS one of the biggest hate-crimes ever committed by Mother Nature, because it has struck disproportionately and devastatingly at two of the most sacred groups in liberal ideology, namely, homosexuals and Blacks.

But Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS confirmed his status as one of the most biologically interesting entertainers who ever lived. He was a Parsi, a homosexual and a victim of HIV. All three aspects of his life-story offer key insights into the work of Mother Nature. The third and final aspect shows her at her worst, as a multi-million-slaying hate-criminal singling out vulnerable minorities simply because of the way they behave. For liberals, promiscuous sex should not lead to fatal diseases. In an ideal world for liberals, fatal diseases would strike those who condemn promiscuous sex, rather than those who practise it. But we don’t live in an ideal world for liberals. Instead, we live under the reign of Mother Nature, who ignores liberal ideas about the proper regulation of reality. Indeed, by creating AIDS she confirmed the hate-think of St Paul in his Epistle to the Romans: “Men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”

Jumping from ape to man

Obeying St Paul’s strictures against “unseemly” sex would have prevented the AIDS epidemic among Western homosexuals. And obeying other religious strictures would have prevented HIV infecting human beings in the first place, because Judaism bans the consumption of apes and monkeys. HIV is a mutation of the viral family SIV, the Simian Immuno-Deficiency Virus, which may have infected a hunter of bushmeat in Central Africa when he was bitten by a chimpanzee or came into contact with chimpanzee blood sometime before the First World War. The hunter may then have disobeyed further religious strictures and transmitted the virus to prostitutes in Léopoldville, the capital of the Belgian Congo. Certainly the higher average promiscuity of sub-Saharan Africans was key to the development of HIV, as was increased migration in the region facilitated by industrialization and the building of railroads. But attempted humanitarian interventions by Westerners may have been key to the development of HIV too. Doctors in Africa re-used syringes during vaccination programmes against sleeping sickness, which was an obvious way for the virus to infect new hosts and establish itself permanently.

It’s obviously not right that attempts to prevent one disease should facilitate the spread of another disease, but that is how reality often works. Good intentions do not guarantee good results, but I think Christians tend to disregard this truth or dismiss it as unimportant. The Christian elevation of pure intent over knowledge and caution has been bequeathed to liberalism. However, where Christians seek to win the approval of God and a place among the Heavenly Elect, liberals seek to win the approval of their peers and a place among the Earthly Elect. For example, liberals display their purity of heart by supporting mass immigration and anti-racism. That’s why they are then so reluctant to admit the bad consequences of mass immigration and anti-racism in places like Rotherham and Huddersfield. Indeed, they seek to conceal those bad consequences and to demonize those who want to expose them.

Viral liberation

Liberals also displayed their purity of heart by supporting “gay liberation” in the 1960s and ’70s, just as HIV was taking its first big step outside Africa. This was the result of more good intentions with bad results. When Belgium granted independence to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1960, many educated Whites left the country and UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) brought in Black Francophone replacements from Haiti. The Haitians then acquired HIV from Congolese prostitutes during their stay and took it back with them on their return across the Atlantic. In those days Haiti was a popular holiday destination for American homosexuals, because poverty in the country meant many men and boys there were willing to sell themselves for sex. The poverty and poor governance of Haiti are in fact more of Mother Nature’s hate-crimes, because Blacks have lower average IQs and higher average tendencies to crime and corruption. Blacks are not suited for running a advanced society, as the destruction of Zimbabwe and Chicago has proved in recent decades. But Haiti has been proving it ever since 1804, when Haitian Blacks liberated themselves from French rule.

Gay sex-tourism in Haiti may explain the first known death from AIDS on American soil, that of a Black teenager called Robert Rayford in 1969. He had presented himself for treatment to doctors in St Louis, Missouri, in early 1968. At the time, they were baffled by his symptoms, which he told them dated from late 1966 and which included genital sores, pelvic swelling, chlamydia, shortness of breath, and general debility. But tests in 1987 on preserved samples of his blood and tissues revealed that he had been infected with HIV, probably through work as a male prostitute. Anal intercourse is highly unnatural, because the rectum is not designed for penetration and the rectal walls are thin and easily damaged. Liberals, of course, scoff at the idea of “unnatural sex,” which is why they do not like to face the truth about AIDS and “gay liberation.” Promiscuous, drug-fuelled sex is not natural and the AIDS epidemic among Western homosexuals was not the fault of Ronald Reagan or homophobia.

Haemophiliacs are not a sacred group

Blood transfusions and the use of blood-products aren’t natural either and they were another way in which AIDS was transmitted to unsuspecting people in the 1970s and ’80s. Mother Nature does not take account of good intentions or human ignorance, but the haemophiliacs and others who died after receiving infected blood were not a sacred group to liberals. Homosexuals were and are a sacred group, central to the minority-worship that is such an important part of liberalism. Thanks to his homosexuality, Freddie Mercury is a liberal icon who has even been forgiven the sin of racism. In 1984 Queen performed a series of concerts at the “luxury resort” of Sun City in Bophuthatswana, a nominally independent enclave in what was then the pariah-state of “Apartheid South Africa.” Peter Feldman, a Jewish art critic in South Africa, condemned the concerts held by Queen and other famous Western performers: “They used to say, ‘We’re doing it for our fans, we’re not politicians,’ but the truth is, they didn’t care. They were being paid millions to perform there.”

But Freddie Mercury was gay and Queen’s concerts in “Sin City” are now forgiven, just like the racism of that other liberal icon Gandhi, who lived in South Africa as a young lawyer and called “black Africans Kaffirs, a derogatory term, for a larger part of his stay in the country.” Gandhi was a firm believer in the inferiority of Blacks and objected to their mixing with his own racial group: “About the mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly.” Gandhi was right: racial mixing is a bad idea. It’s unnatural and Mother Nature punishes those who practise it, just as she punished those who practised reckless gay sex. AIDS has been one of the biggest hate-crimes in history, but liberals will never bring the perpetrator to justice. Mother Nature is still at large, still fomenting inequality and punishing those who flout her rules. She gave Freddie Mercury the high intelligence and creativity that allowed him to become a star. Then she killed him for his promiscuity.

Mother’s Little Helpers

But did Mother Nature make Mercury a promiscuous homosexual in the first place? Homosexuality is definitely natural in some sense, because homosexuals don’t choose their sexual orientation. If the gay-germ hypothesis is correct, Mercury owed his homosexuality to a microbe. And if that microbe is associated with urban living, that will come as no surprise. Like the agriculture on which they depend, cities and civilization are profoundly unnatural things. Mother Nature punished human beings savagely when they began to grow crops, keep domestic animals and settle together in large numbers. Populations increased, but men and women had shorter and unhealthier lives. Unlike nomadic hunter-gatherers, they no longer left parasites and pathogens behind but lived on top of them, year in, year out. They also acquired diseases from their domestic animals. And all this had profound effects on their genetics. City-dwellers in Europe and Asia were selected for resistance to diseases like cholera and small-pox.

That’s why these diseases were so devastating when Europeans introduced them to the New World. Europeans weren’t just militarily superior to Amerindians: they were also microbiologically superior. And this was profoundly unfair, if you judge reality by some human standards. But you shouldn’t judge reality by those standards, because reality is governed by Mother Nature, not by human beings. She commits hate-crimes with impunity and she’s never going to stop. Indeed, she’s preparing to commit a whole lot more, because she’s been busy installing collaborationist governments across the Western world. From Trump and Bolsonaro in the Americas to Salvini and Orbán in Europe, more and more Western leaders are beginning to work with Mother Nature. Like Freddie Mercury, liberalism works against her. That’s why, like Freddie Mercury, liberalism is going to die young.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Homosexuality, Parsi, Parsi genetics 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Sir. You make great points.

    Talking about the Parsis, who moved to India from Iran rather that convert to Islam…..

    The people called proto-indo-europeans of central Eurasia migrated west and south. They called themselves “Aryans” meaning nobleman. They went west as far as Aryaland (Ireland) and as south as Aryaan (Iran) and Pakistan, via Bactria (BMAC) and then onto India.

    In the southern regions, like Iran and India, they mixed with the darker races who had migrated out of Africa, along the coast.

    That is why you see a spectrum of skin colors in these regions—white skinned people in northern Iran and Pakistan, and the darker skinned blacks in South India.

    The PIE people spoke our mother tongue, proto-Indo-European, from which Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Iranian, German, and English are all derived.


    See the book by Mallory, “In Search of the Indo-Europeans”.

    • Replies: @foobc1
    , @Moi
    , @Truth
    , @obwandiyag
  2. again and again and again

    wrong way to understand natural selection:

    ”traits are OR not passed if confer some DIRECT advantage”

    correct way to understand natural selection:

    ”traits, even those which, at priori, don’t confer any reproductive advantage, are or can be passed indirectly”

    Homophobics who pretend to be scientific seems don’t understand that BISSEXUALITY [spectrum] can be a reasonable way, among other vias, to transmit homossexual traits [from androgyny to fundamental feature of this condition: sexual desire for the same sex] without homossexual individuals themselves doing this work.

    What i always said

    sexual DIVERSITY is similar to any other spectrum of traits, for example, eyes/skin/ hair color…

    Among heterossexuals already there a psychological//sexual diversity, with ”alphas”, ”betas” and ”gammas” types.

    About supposed absence of homossexuality [sexual diversity] among hunter gatherers…

  3. I don’t agree with all Langdon’s points, but it’s a great article that offers us some fascinating food for thought. Liberal denial of the role of biology in human nature has prevented us from addressing many of the problems he outlined.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. Skeptikal says:

    “Iranians and Arabs are racially distinct because differences in language and culture have maintained differences in genetics.”

    Where is the proof of this?
    Does the author supply any?
    Not arguing, just asking: Where is evidence for this assertion?

    • Replies: @gate666
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  5. Anonymous [AKA "AFgnty"] says:

    Fairly good article up until the point where the author presumes to tell us that the AIDS virus was created by Mother Nature. Is he unaware that viruses have been created in laboratories? The “green monkey” theory of the origin of AIDS has always struck me as a myth.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  6. ”Mother Fucking Nature”

  7. Rosie says:

    The Christian elevation of pure intent over knowledge and caution has been bequeathed to liberalism.

    Is this indeed a characteristic of Christianity?

    • Replies: @SLM
  8. Rosie says:

    Wonderful article, and a much-needed White pill this Thanksgiving Day.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  9. Complete historical ignorance. Idiot googles up some stuff and calls it history. And then makes up lies based on the lies he googled. Just starting with his characterization of Parsis. I mean, this is full of what are meant to be considered “facts” which are not factually true. Sorry. Just not true. Who cares what you want to be true. The definition of “truth” is “stuff you don’t like.”

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anonymous
  10. And not to put too fine a point on it–Queen really really really sucks. Ask anyone who actually knows anything about rock and roll. It is the absolute antithesis of, not only rock and roll, but music itself.

    And naturally they are all intellectuals. Intellectuals make crummy rock and roll. Good rock and roll is made by dropouts. You people know nothing. You have no taste, no class, no experience, no knowledge, no common sense, no sense of the true value of anything. Proven by your inane taste for this vile so-called “music.”

  11. @obwandiyag

    And not to put too fine a point on it–Queen really really really sucks. Ask anyone who actually knows anything about rock and roll. It is the absolute antithesis of, not only rock and roll, but music itself.

    Yeah, rent 1987 Rudi Dolezal’s documentary Queen Anthology or watch Wembley’s 1992 Freddie’s sent off–I guess those morons like Robert Plant, Toni Yommi, late David Bowie, James Hetfield, Roger Daltrey and other losers like Def Lepard or Guns’n’Roses among many others who were honored to be part of that celebration of Freddy are really bad musicians and have no clue what rock’n’roll is. How could they, of course, what do they know, really. .

    • Agree: Seminumerical
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  12. homosexuality is a biological puzzle. It reduces reproductive fitness and would be eliminated by natural selection if it had a simple genetic basis

    Its survival could easily be explained. Marriages were arranged for most of recorded human history. Children were expected. Homos were thus pressured into sexual activity they did not like.

    What’s the best, the most respectable way to get out of this onus? Frequent pregnancy!

    I actually know a family in which a lesbian had a larger portion of the grandchildren than all but one of her siblings. 14% of her generation, 20% of the next.

    I’m not endorsing the genetic explanation, only suggesting that it may not be as counterproductive as it appears, in a normal society.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  13. AWM says:

    HIV is a scam/fraud, after 38 years in medicine, I have no doubt. A friend diagnosed with HIV back in the mid 80’s died the other day, from a motorcycle wreck. If he had died of lung cancer (he was a 3 pack a day smoker) he would have been listed as expiring from AIDS.

    And there is no “gay gene/germ” but there is evidence that hormone imbalances in women can cause homosexual bias in the children of their daughters.

    The smartest guy I ever met was from India, a doctor and genius. This guy was so far over everyone’s head usually all one could say was “OK.”

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  14. @Rosie

    Whitey must be eliminated, you’re irrational retards, your stupid history show up how idiotic most of you are… a true eugenics mean ”less rosie white trash in the world”.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  15. @Reg Cæsar

    Normal is mediocre, normal is believe in ghosts and supernatural creatures, normal is to have a alienating life, an intellectual hibernation for decades, it’s to laugh evillly against the everyday miracle of life, it’s to appear mentally healthy but intellectually nonexistent, a truly subhuman is to deny the only path humankind can reach, existential melancholy.

  16. Your capon is calling.

  17. The hate-scientist Gregory Cochran suggests that it’s caused by some kind of brain pathogen, possibly associated with urban living. And this “gay germ” hypothesis does account for all the known facts, from the persistence of homosexuality in urban populations to its absence among hunter-gatherers.

    Sorry, but this is unbelievable. Faggotry is universal. Gays may be more visible among urban decadents, but you can find them in any type of human society.

  18. @Andrei Martyanov

    You are exactly right. All those dolts you have named ARE “bad musicians.” Very bad. Terrible. God almighty, you have bad taste. You apparently equate suckering the masses into consuming crap with excellence.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Escher
    , @flattop
  19. I like how all you bozos think everything in the world is genetic and not environmental–except homosexuality.

    Not that I even think it is.

    But you guys are so self-contradictory, so completely un-self-aware, it throws every one of your “beliefs” into question.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Byrresheim
    , @Anonymous
  20. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Homosexuality is a G.A.S. (General Adaptation Syndrome) attack symptom, a biological auto-collapse mechanism. Pretty close to a “bug” caused by city life, as mentioned in the article.


    An auto-collapse mechanism is built into the genomes of most plague-prone mammals. It appears to cut in whenever stress levels rise in conjunction with exponential population growth—just before the level of environmental damage becomes so catastrophic that it endangers large numbers of other species. This automatic culling mechanism is characterised by a particular spectrum of physiological and behavioural responses that combine to reduce the fecundity of the offending population well below its replacement level.

    The Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye, who first identified this pattern in rodents in 1936, named it the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). A GAS decline typically appears well before famine and disease begin to cull the population, and its hormonal ‘fingerprint’ may persist in mammal populations long after the population has shrunk to pre-plague levels and the habitat has recovered. It has even led to extinction in a few cases. Symptoms of the GAS in mammals include curtailed reproduction, increased abandonment of unweaned offspring, and an increase in dysfunctional and unproductive sexual behaviour (paedophilia, homosexuality, and inappropriate sexual display). Such behaviours are invariably coupled with higher levels of juvenile aggression, infanticide, and occasionally, cannibalism. These GAS symptoms often coincide with certain physiological malfunctions, such as inhibited sexual maturation, diminished ovulation and implantation, inadequate lactation, glandular malfunctions, increased susceptibility to disease and a rise in infant mortality.

    During his research in the 1960s and 1970s Selye identified almost the same spectrum of symptoms in humans. In more recent time, residues from the Pill and other pharmaceuticals, from pesticides, herbicides, solvents, paints and other environmental pollutants have also been shown to contribute to the general fertility decline, as have the growing number of IVF births and caesarian deliveries. These two procedures enable the fetus to avoid most of the intra-uterine selection and immunization processes, thereby ensuring that it carries a far higher percentage of genetic defects and immune-system dysfunctions than do normal births.

    Sperm counts and sperm motility have meanwhile fallen significantly in all Western countries during the past three decades. In Australia, for example, sperm counts have declined by almost 30% since 1989, and similar falls have been recorded in Britain, America and several European countries.The only contradictory factors would seem to be their low level of infant mortality and the apparent lack of cannibalism. However, an increase in pregnancy termination by various medical, chemical and physical means, plus the development of blood transfusions and organ transplants clearly represents infanticide and cannibalism in amodern, ‘sanitised’ form. In other words the standard GAS is in full control and accelerating globally.

    Enigma code
    Published on: March 25, 2014

    You’ll have to download a pdf file to read it, hence the formatting issue copying it. It’s a great explanation.

  21. Biff says:

    And not to put too fine a point on it–Queen really really really sucks. Ask anyone who actually knows anything about rock and roll. It is the absolute antithesis of, not only rock and roll, but music itself.

    As they continue to count the fans in the millions.

    Your fans? The guy paying you for the pizza so you’ll get off his porch.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  22. foobc1 says:

    Pathetic. Iran is NOT and has NEVER been Aryan, in any way, shape of form.

    The name is not a cognate of Aryan. Neither is Eire (Ireland) a cognate of Aryan.

    Arya comes from the Aryan holy books, the (v)Eddas. Those are the books of Hinduism and only Hinduism. The Aryan language was Sanskrit and only Sanskrit.

    No Aryan spoke Iranian.

    No Zoroastrian has ever been Aryan.

    No Zoroastrian has ever used the pure Aryan laltika (red dot), shubhtika, swastika (Hindu holy cross), Arya (from the Hindu Edda) or prayed to any Aryan god. No Persian/Parsi/Zoroastrian has ever used the Aryan (v)Edda as their holy book.

    The Aryan gods: are Indra, Deus-Pita, Brahma and others and these are ONLY Hindu gods. They have never been gods in any Iranian religion, ancient or modern.

    Zoroastrian is an alien unrecognizable religion, completely different to that of the Aryans. Parsi is not Aryan. Zoroastrian is not Aryan. No Zoroastrian/Parsi/Iranian tribe has ever been Aryan, followed any Aryan religion, or used Arya to refer to themselves. No Zoroastrian name is an Aryan name. No Zoroastrian tribe is a Aryan tribe.

    Indra and Deus-Pita are the Aryan gods (by definition). Arya means Edda.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @obwandiyag
  23. Wally says:

    So that is why you are here, posting in an incoherent state of panic.
    You stink of inferiority.

    Gays, Blacks, cause of the massive increase in STDs says CDC:

    Jews more than twice as likely to be gay, lesbian :

  24. Yeah, this was painful to read. Not because I found any of it offensive but the tone and writing style was just awful, and it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. In the second half of the 00’s-early 10’s, I read more than enough of these overwrought, self-aggrandizing/autistic paeans to “HBD” by someone who just read the Wikipedia article on “Race and Intelligence”. It says nothing new or informative or anything well-thought/researched. It’s tired (like Queen), pretentious garbage (like Bohemian Rhapsody.)

  25. gate666 says:

    they actually have similar iq.

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  26. Anonymous [AKA "Paul432"] says:

    Funny thing is their finding out more about the brain all the time, what if they find a cure for homosexuality / trans

    How many would choose this life?

  27. @obwandiyag

    You seem to have a point there, sir.

  28. DB Cooper says:

    This site talks a lot about Israel but almost never talks about India. In fact there are a lot of similarities between the two countries.

    1) Both countries starts with the letter ‘I’.

    2) Both countries were created around the same time. India on August 1947. Israel on May 1948.

    3) Both countries own their existences to Britain.

    4) Both countries are democracies.

    5) Both countries occupy United Nation recognized disputed territories. For Israel they are West Bank and Golan Heights. For India they are Kashmir and South Tibet.

    6) Both countries committed mass human rights violation in their respective occupied territories.

    7) Both countries has invaded and grabbed land from every single of its neighbors.

    Here is a selected list for India:


    1947 Annexation of Kashmir:

    1949 Annexation of Manipur:

    1949 Annexation of Tripura:

    1951 Annexation of South Tibet:

    1954 Annexation of Nagaland:

    1954 Attempt annexation of Sikkim and Bhutan (Failed):

    1961 Annexation of Goa:

    1962 Annexation of Kalapani, Nepal:

    1962 Aggression against China:

    1971 Annexation of Turtuk, Pakistan:

    1972 Annexation of Tin Bigha, Bangladesh:

    1975 Annexation of Sikkim (the whole country):

    1983 (Aborted) Attempted invasion of Mauritius:

    1987 Invasion of Sri Lanka

    1990 (Failed) First Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

    2006 Annexation of Duars, Bhutan:

    2013 Annexation of Moreh, Myanmar:

    2017 Aggression against China:

    2017 (Failed) Second Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

    2018 (Thwarted) Attempt invasion of the Maldives

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  29. Anonymous [AKA "Jake Jacqueson"] says:

    *** I like how all you bozos think everything in the world is genetic and not environmental–except homosexuality. ***

    I like how all you non-bozos are completely ignorant on what us bozos think. One of the reasons that Greg Cochran argues homosexuality is caused by a micro-organism is that so many other conditions are or can be caused by micro-organisms. Stomach ulcers, for example. But how could you be expected to know what Cochran’s argument is? His writing is hidden from the public gaze on the internet and available only to those who have mastered the esoteric art of a web-search.

    *** But you guys are so self-contradictory, so completely un-self-aware, it throws every one of your “beliefs” into question. ***

    OK. A piece of advice: before you non-bozos release a blast of un-half-witted non-flatulence against us bozos, try a bit of research.

  30. @Santoculto

    Just a little bump for the continuum advance a complete lack of evidence.

    The fact that certain people in in behaviors outside the norm is not indicative that human beings exist on a relational behavior continuum..

    Say 3% is hardly indicative of a scale representing biological strata. It’s more like a New York and then Moscow gulf of nothingness in between. What variances that do exist are too small to matter and none of said variance is linked to any biological steady state origin.

  31. Miro23 says:

    A very good article. It’s interesting how readable things become when all the PC strictures, edits and omissions are removed.

    For example, liberals display their purity of heart by supporting mass immigration and anti-racism.

    In fact the more extreme the self-injury, the greater their “purity of heart” – This kind of psychological abuse previously involved such things as hair shirts, sack cloth and ashes, and knee walking to Santiago de Compostela.

    People (AKA born sinners) are instructed by the (religious) elite to spend their life repenting and maybe if they’re very – very good, and very – very obedient, they’ll be allowed to participate in society – but don’t expect too much.

    The great irony of the 21st Century is that Liberals regard themselves Anti-Religious.

  32. Tim K says:

    What evidence is there that AIDS is linked to HIV, which to my knowledge has never been isolated in a laboratory? The overwhelming evidence suggests that AIDS is not caused by a virus but rather is a syndrome (the S in AIDS stands for SYNDROME) brought on by the fast track deviant lifestyle that is common in the so-called gay community. Having hundreds of sexual partners a year, popping antibiotics and doing speed is not a recipe for good health. Is it any wonder that Freddie Mercury’s immune system collapsed? Read about how he carried on or listen to his song “Don’t Stop Me Now” and you might find the reason for Mercury’s early demise. And, of the course AZT didn’t help him.

    As for the origins of homosexuality, the most common factors are childhood sexual abuse -usually by an adult homosexual- and an absentee father.

  33. Tyrion 2 says:

    I feel embarrassingly predictable to read through this long article and pick this one thing out, but your anti-Semitism is still stopping you from making interesting observations.

    Yes, both Jews and Parsis have been overachievers and yes, as you point out, Parsis were not as singled out for dislike as Jews but Parsis lived in super diverse India and Jews lived in much more homogenous Europe.

    That observation should have been extremely low hanging fruit to a dissident right author.

    • Replies: @Moi
  34. crimson2 says:

    White people obviously have the weakest genes. One drop of non-white blood and it’s genocide.

    Send your complaints to Mother Nature.

    • Replies: @ia
    , @By-tor
  35. Moi says:

    Actually, the Muslim Arabs discouraged conversion to Islam for about the first two hundred years following their conquest of Iran. But let’s not facts get in the way of our narrative.

  36. Moi says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Very few Parsis came to India, did not ever rule India, and were outside the Hindu caste system. In short, they were of no consequence to the Hindus.

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
  37. Anonymous [AKA "afasdfasdf"] says:

    My God, I thought Corvinus was the worst of the resident trolls on this wonderful site. I was so wrong. Obdouche, please find a nice oven, then stick your head in it.

    • Agree: Bubba
  38. Pheasant says:

    ‘The Aryan language was Sanskrit and only Sanskrit.’

    I get what you are saying but it has been proven that Sanskrit is related to other Indo-european languages eg Raja=King Rex=King Irish ri=King. There is a very good chance that Indo-Europeans ‘Aryans’ who worshipped cattle overran the settled civilisations in Europe and India. The only evidence for this is genetic (a little shaky) and linguistic (pretty solid) but still.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  39. songbird says:

    I had the impression that Queen was popular with blacks in South Africa. Didn’t they have a song that was supposedly taken up as their unofficial anthem, I Want It All.

    I think that was in the liner notes of one of their CDs, but I no longer have it to check my memory. Maybe, it was overstated…

  40. Giuseppe says:

    There is not one but several gay germs. Grooming. Recruiting. Molestation. Seduction.

    • Replies: @crimson2
  41. @gate666

    And that maybe because of the dumbing down of the Persians by the Arabs via the religious slavery known as forced conversions to Islam. You see, the Afro-Semitic Arabs are dumb as doornails and just like their genetic cousins, the native Jews (not to be confused with the white converts to Judaism), only good at the fantastical ideas about the unknown, i.e. God, and its imposition on the unsuspecting yet genetically smart and gentle peoples. And not unlike Islam, the other mode of dumbing down the western half of the Indo-European was the imposition of Christianity. It was a one, two punch via which the desert rats gained on the productive groups but retarded their growth further (there would have been a hundred times more progress without it). Moses was a big fraud, Jesus was a bigger fraud but the biggest fraud ever was the beddou, Mohammed… Persians stood no chance against a manaical breed!

  42. minority worship is pushed by (((who)))?

  43. ia says:

    White people obviously have the weakest genes. One drop of non-white blood and it’s genocide.

    That’s also true in the sense blacks hate western classical music and their crude racket can drown it out. Or more prosaically, with a white culture you can drink the tap water; with a black one there’s no plumbing at all.

  44. S says:

    Well done Tobias Langdon. A lot of good points in the article.

    Since this manufactured, contrived, and hatred driven Hegelian Dialectic of souless Capitalism (thesis) and equally souless Communism (anti-thesis) has been put in place since 1776 and 1789 its promoters have not only been making war against nature, but against life itself.

    The synthesis of the two anti-life systems in their ‘convergance’ to form Multi-Culturalism is no better.

    You add two zeros together you’ve still got zero.

    And should they ever succeed in their endeavor..

    ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever.’

  45. @DB Cooper

    Does anyone pay attention to your pleadings? If I were you, I would pay more mind to the coming rape-redux of the Middle Kingdom and subsequent freedom of all non-Han peoples, including Tibet and Uyghur-Stan. You had better start practicing kung-fu for you gonna need it!

  46. Che Guava says:

    Robert Rayford is a (relatively) recent claim. The real patient zero was much later, and I see little evidence that it came from Africa (although African sexual practices made it a great incubator).

    The AIDs-activist group ACTUP, and similar groups in other places, made research into the origins verboten.

    Why, if they were so angry about their disease?

    There are other forms of immunodeficiency that have nothing to do with HIV, but do, in many cases, have a connection with overdoing it on anal sex. Some just happen for no known reason.

    None of the early pre-U.S.A. cases have been proven to have a connection to HIV, though they are auto-immunodefiency, they are not necessarily HIV-AIDS.

    The first HIV-AIDS patients were in the U.S.A. I and others would posit that the virus, for whatever reason, was first created at a facility such as Fort Detrick.

    Anybody recall the ‘African green monkey’ fairytale?

    Not that some Africans might not have such bad habits.

    Sure, Haiti and parts of Africa provided sites for the rapid and wide spread of HIV-AIDS.

    As said, there are many other forms of immunoligical collapse, so, the epicentre was almost certainly the U.S.A.

    This is a very strange area of medico-historical research, there have been lies all along, so expect received truth to be wrong.

    That said, I was never the big fan of Queen, May had a very interesting guitar sound. Freddy, great vox. Some funny songs, too.

    As I was saying to a colleague who had seen the film last week, Don’t Stop Me Now is only about his own activity.

    What I didn’t say, I wonder if that was after the HIV-AIDS diagnosis. The vox in the chorus suggests it.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  47. crimson2 says:

    There is not one but several gay germs. Grooming. Recruiting. Molestation. Seduction.

    This guy sounds like he knows a lot about this topic.

    • LOL: Truth
  48. Truth says:

    white skinned people in northern Iran and Pakistan, and the darker skinned blacks in South India.

    Yeah, but…but… the light skinned northerners are known in India for being stupid, backwoods inbreeds.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  49. schrub says:

    We have continually heard for the last forty years about all the gay men who died with HIV. Freddy Mercury was just one of them.

    One group that we definitely haven’t heard about was all those hemophiliac children who died as a result of getting transfusions of the HIV infected blood that was transfused to them before effective ways to screen for HIV were discovered.

    There has never been, to my knowledge, a rock concert benefit for these children. No star-studded charity benefits in Hollywood or New York to benefit them. No charity balls. No massive fund raising. Not even a mention of their plights at a presidential level. It was almost as if they didn’t exist. There is not even an estimate out there about how many might have died after being infected that I have been able to find. These children remain invisible.

    These hemophiliac children were treated to the same silence in the western media as were the Ukranian Christians who deliberately starved to death during Holomodor (6 to maybe as many as maybe (re: Robert Conquest) 14 million deaths) during in the early 1930s. I wonder what they both have in common?

    The English writer Malcolm Muggeridge snuck into the Ukraine during the famine and wrote about it. His reward for his truth-telling was being immediately fired from the Guardian Newspaper and essentially blacklisted from the MSM in both the UK and the USA for the next thirty or forty years. On the other hand, Walter Duranty of the New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for covering up the genocide.

    Mentioning the genocide in the USSR became a real “career killer” for an ambitious reporter or editor in the USA all the way up until the 1950s. Mentioning these hemophiliac childrens’ deaths has been a “career killer” for people in the MSM both here and in Europe for the last forty years and still remains so.

    The members of the mainstream media who worked during the heights of the AIDS epidemic without a doubt covered up the numerous deaths of these hemophiliac children (as well as additional, numerous children with leukemia who also required significant numbers of transfusions) on the orders of higher-ups. These higher-ups undoubtedly feared that the very negative publicity that would come out of their revelations about these children dying might cast a very negative image on all those “poor, suffering, persecuted (but very promiscuous) homosexuals” ( a protected group) who had infected the blood supply in the first place.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  50. Good article, but great troll bait. Like pure honey. It got just about every bugman UR has to crawl out from under their back alley dumpster and start calling for the elimination of whitey.

    Just a reminder to the seething “hate whitey” crowd here. We may go, but with us goes the gibs, the roads, and the cell service. Did I mention the gibs?

    Imagine Baltimore combined with Tijuana, with the street sanitation of Kanpur, with Chinese gutter oil as the cornerstone of the diet.

    Hasta la vista, pendejos!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  51. Durruti says:
    @Che Guava

    You make some very important points.

    The first HIV-AIDS patients were in the U.S.A. I and others would posit that the virus, for whatever reason, was first created at a facility such as Fort Detrick.


    Sure, Haiti and parts of Africa provided sites for the rapid and wide spread of HIV-AIDS.

    As said, there are many other forms of immunoligical collapse, so, the epicentre was almost certainly the U.S.A.

    More crimes against humanity, and committed by who?

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  52. Alden says:

    Like many, author doesn’t completely understand the difference between the ethnic Persian people and the ethnic groups who live in the country of Iran formerly called Persia.

    Persians are descendants of the ancient Aryan Sycthian Medes and Persians who invaded from the north, what’s now Russia, Georgia Caucasia Ukraine and east of those countries Central Asia in pre history Some went west as far as Ireland some went north west, some south west and some states in the east and went south of the Blac Sea to Persia and Armenia

    They look like any European type White. Almost all have dark hair and brown hazel eyes and light skin, not Arab tan

    Their European genetics were continually replenished for centuries by European slave women from Crimes Ukraine Circassian Caucasian mountains.
    They are as White Aryan as the French or Germans, about 50 percent of the population of Iran.

    Another big group are real Arabs who arrived 900AD with the Arab Muslim conquest. They are Sunni. The Persians are Shiite. Another big group are Kurds another ancient Aryan group that arrived there thousands of years ago. Many Kurds are dark haired brunettes. Some are light brown hair hazel grayish eyes.

    Because they had an ancient powerful civilization before Rome and were a homogeneous ethnic group until the 900AD Arab Muslim conquest Persians despise Iranian Arabs as Barbarian invader goat herders who lived in tents.

    Persia went Shiite Muslim rather than the Arab dominated Sunni as a way of separating themselves from the redneck trash low IQ uncivilized Arab Muslims.

    The Persian areas as opposed to the Arab areas preserved pre Muslim conquest religions such as Zoroastrians
    Jews Nestorian Christians Catholic Chaldeans probably some others.

    Until the recent revolution, the official Persian Shiite was proud of the non Muslim past glories and took care to preserve them. It was felt the Zoroastrians, Nestorians and Chaldean Catholics were untainted by any Arab redneck low life trashy blood or culture.

    Interesting that Persia was the only country that shared a border with Turkey that was never conquered although the Turks invaded about 3 times a century. Persians consider Turks low life nomad bandits.

    There is a Zoroastrian Tenple in Malibu Ca. They have a sacred flame in their temples. The flame in Malibu was brought by ship from Iran. The flames have to be lit by another sacred flame. The flames go back thousands of years, flames lit by existing flames preserving continuity I don’t know why the sacred flame is the basis of their religion. The Popes and catholic bishops dress up outfits are based on the outfits of the Zoroastrian priests.

    I never heard of Freddie Mercury till I read about him in Occidental Observer

    Living in a Persian, colony, I know what they look like, no different from me or any other person of English descent except for eye and hair color.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
    , @Nawyr
  53. @Biff

    Agree that Queen was a talented bunch. But can we say that having millions of fans is always or even usually a measure of talent and quality in music these days? Let’s remember that foul-mouthed borderline-retarded rappers, who talk and moan and curse more than sing, have millions of fans as well.

    • Replies: @Biff
  54. @Santoculto

    That must be why nonwhites by the tens of millions do anything they have to, in order to reach societies built and run by white european peoples. Better to talk smack in a way that is not so readily and easily disproved.

  55. DB Cooper says:

    I read a book about called ‘The Iranians’ by Sandra Mackey. It is a very good book. She has a lot of insight into Persia.

  56. Alden says:

    Author is absolutely right about the Parsees. 900 AD Persia was officially Christian with large groups of other religions especially Zorastorians and Jews.

    Arab Sunni Muslims invaded and conquered. Many Zoroastrians stayed in Persia and are still there today. Another group fled south to India and established themselves as a separate ethnic religious group just as the ancient Jew and catholic groups and all the Hindu Castes in India have.

    The word Persian morphed into Parsee as words change. Google around or get yourself to a university library and you’ll find the author is absolutely correct about the Parsees. Eleven hundred years of preserving themselves. They could not have married or assimilated into Hindu families and castes if they wanted to because the Hindu system forbids our marriage. Zorastrians probably fled to other countries after the Arab Muslim invasion but disappeared into the general population.

    Christianity is a lot more Persian Zoroastrianism Manichaeism and Mithraism than something based on the Jewish bible, a very successful Jewish heresy and European pagan seasonal festivals.

    Type Parsee Into any search engine. You’ll find the author is right.

    Black Africans are very different from the rest of humanity, from lack of Neanderthal DNA to being the only people living in the connected continents of Asia India Central Asia Europe and Africa to be as primitive in 1800 AD as they were in 180,000 BC.
    while every other people on earth advanced.

    • Replies: @anon
  57. Alden says:

    Does the author mean Arabs who live in Arab countries with an Arab culture and language? Or the Arabs who form a large minority in Persia, live in the common Persian culture and speak Persian while preserving their Arab genetics by not intermarrying for eleven hundred years?

    Not that a Persian or Kurd would ever marry one.

    • Replies: @Alden
  58. @Truth

    The smartest Indian I ever met had fairly light skin. The dumbest Indian I met also had light skin of pretty much the same color. The second-smartest Indian I met was fairly dark, pretty much the same color as the second-dumbest Indian I met.

    • Replies: @Rabbinical Rube
  59. Cyrano says:

    I guess genetics can explain everything, so I’ll try to explain something else with genetics – the rich elites.

    The rich elites believe that their wealth comes from superior genes even when compared with people of their own race. In other words, the rich elites believe that they are separate race, superior to everyone, especially those who look like them, but are poorer. This is the belief that allows someone like Hillary Clinton to call someone deplorables, believing in her superiority to them.

    This belief in their superiority allows the rich (but degenerate) elites to bestow the generosity of declaring “we are all equal” to the rest of us. Of course we are. We are all equal, but still inferior to the elites. That’s why the elites have the best money that genetics can buy. And if the opposite was possible, they’ll make sure that they’ll apply that too on themselves.

  60. Alden says:

    I never heard of Freddie Mercury till I read the article in Occidental Observer. She’s got the basic facts right about Parsees at least.

    But using a popular singer as an example of the superiority of Parsees??

    I don’t see why they should be any more intelligent than Zoroastrians who stayed in Persia and preserved themselves by in group marriage. Persians abroad are very successful in business because they are organized crime white collar criminals rather than the native business owners.

    I know the Brahmins are supposed to have average IQs 120 and the Dalits like 80.

    In my personal opinion the reason America has been invaded by Hindu finance tech and medical people is that they are fleeing strictly affirmative action in India.

    In America the capitalists scoop them up because they are cheap and count as diversity hires for the city county state and federal affirmative action gestapos. It’s also part of the capitalist/liberal/government plan to gradually genicide White by making it impossible to make a living.

    Just read that 1 of 3 American Drs are foreign born. 320 million people and we don’t have enough 115 IQ people able to become Drs? Actually not when White American men are discriminated against in Med school admissions. White American women are discriminated against as well.

    Example, the med school at the university where I worked. Half women almost all Asians maybe 2 White 2 Hispanic sometimes 1 black immigrant. Men the same

  61. annamaria says:

    Hold your horses, “obwandiyag.” — Have you heard about Montserrat Caballé, one of the most wonderful opera singers? No? Then you need to check on her achievements in the world of classical music and on her opinion on (and collaboration with) the fantastically talented Freddie Mercury:
    “When he sat down at the piano to improvise, I realized that a true musician was before me,” she said.”

    Freddie Mercury was phenomenal.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  62. Pheasant says:

    Are we really blaming the Jews for aids now? And I thought I was extreme.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  63. Isteve mentioned in a blog not to long ago that Mercurys impressive singing voice, and large overbite was due to his having an extra set of molars, do we know if this has a genetic connection as well ? Is it more prevalent among the Parsi than other ethnic groups?

  64. niceland says:

    There are some very smart people here on the Unz Review, I would appreciate it if someone could explain in plain terms how this weird word salad supports (or leads to) the conclusion about “Mother little helpers” and that “liberalism is going to die young”

    I am contemplating writing article where I link cancer, the clearly genetically superior Kim Kardashian and sexually transmitted diseases in the middle ages to the unbound and overwhelming stupidity of everyone who doesn’t agree with me. Quantum mechanics will probably be involved as well as my anecdotal evidence from my local kennel club. Don’t worry – it will all be in Icelandic so you won’t understand a thing!

    Have a nice day.

  65. SLM says:

    I don’t think so. I recall Jesus telling us to be “as wise as serpents but innocent as doves.” That doesn’t sound like naive optimism.

  66. @Santoculto

    My theory: a recessive gene for male homosexuality carried by both men and women will promulgate if the existence of male homosexuals increases the fitness of the GROUP they belong to, which is possible since gays tend to be smart and creative. The principle is the same as that explaining why a man might throw himself on a hand grenade: The GROUP benefits from his self-sacrifice. Groups that lack a grenade-jumper are more likely to be blown away. You don’t want everyone to be homosexual but if the gene is only expressed in a small percent of individuals then it becomes a “secret ingredient” that makes the recipe better.

  67. Langdon is needlessly insulting to blacks. Frankly I think Michael Jackson was at least as smart and talented as Freddie Mercury though the tribe got to him and raked him over the coals. At one point he was lunching with rabbis and announcing he was planning to convert.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Alden
  68. @Fidelios Automata

    If liberalism and its kissing cousin political correctness are not defeated, then Western Civilization is doomed.

  69. Before declaring himself homosexual, Mercury had a long term relationship with Mary Austin. If homosexuality is caused by some kind of virus, or is otherwise ingrained in DNA, then how to explain that Mercury was originally heterosexual, or was he just in the closet? I do think that, since it is now socially acceptable, even advantaged, many teens and young men who would, in an earlier less liberal time, be hetero are becoming homo because it is much easier to find a partner. It seems like an easy cure for loneliness or living the life of an Incel, clearly another result of the disaster of modern anti-male, anti-sex, #metoo feminism.

    Btw, I loved a few of Queen’s songs, but had never watched Mercury perform. That video of his Live Aid performance was a tour de force. All thanks to Tobias Langdon for including it. The article was terrific.

  70. Anonymous [AKA "Chris Kabongo Mutamba Mpiana"] says:

    Insanity over insanity.This writer is ignorent and stupid to say less.
    He should go and learn before writing, he should have lessons on history etc.

  71. Alden says:

    I have no idea.
    Normally people don’t write about Persians and Arabs at the same time.

    They all get along pretty well in Iran but Marry within the tribe. The arranged marriage custom probably enforces the in tribe marriage.

  72. @jack daniels

    Jackson was a terrific dancer but not much of a vocalist. It’s so sad that he hated his black skin so much that he bleached himself white. If I recall correctly, another great black singer-dancer from a few decades ago also converted to Judaism – Sammy Davis, Jr.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  73. rec1man says:

    – Akshay Venkatesh , Fields Medal , Tamil Brahmin

    – Vardhan, Abel Medal, Tamil Brahmin

    – Venkatraman Ramakrishan, Nobel , Tamil Brahmin

    – Vishwanathan Anand , chess, Tamil Brahmin – Pragnanandha, 2nd youngest Chess Grand Master , Tamil Brahmin

    – Sundar Pichai – Tamil Brahmin – Subramanya Chandrasekar – Nobel – Tamil Brahmin

    • Replies: @Truth
  74. Durruti says:

    Are we really blaming the Jews for aids now? And I thought I was extreme.

    Hmmm! I did not mention Jews, not even Zionist Nazi Land Thieves, or filthy Jewish exploiting Banker Oligarchs, such as the Rothschilds, or even Racist immoral Zionist destroyers of nations, or Hebrews who committed the First Holocaust (Jericho), where they murdered every man, woman, child, and animal -and sing and dance to celebrate, or the Jewish Oligarchs who murdered the Kennedys’ or the Hollywood Zionist Moguls, who threw one of their own -Harvey Weinstein- out of Hollywood for helping to produce a movie, MIRAL, that shows some sympathy for, (and deigns to mention by name), the Palestinian People.

    No; I did not mention any of these Zionist destroyers of Humanity and the spirit and Liberty of Nations, – not even Once – in my comment.

    You might be a bit paranoic and see a Jew Hater behind every Menorah. Calm down. Have a Knish.

    Wait! Zionist Jews are responsible for the AIDS epidemic? Oh No!

    I am not an anti-Semite. I like Arabs.


    • Replies: @Pheasant
  75. Alden says:
    @jack daniels

    Michael was phenomenal So was his father putting the 5 together. Barry Gordy was a great businessman and producer. Used to be called race music. Thousands of little companies all over the country making great records

    Rap is despicable. But other than rap. Black American music is excellent, was excellent. Maybe it will improve.

  76. Obwandiyag, I submit that you don’t know sh#t from shinola when it comes to rock music. Queen and Mercury are at the highest level of the pantheon of rock.

  77. Seems like more and more subjects are coming down to ‘Jews and Aryans.’ Is something evil about to repeat itself?

  78. Escher says:

    So Led Zeppelin, The Who, Metallica, Guns n Roses are all crappy rock bands.
    Which ones pass your smell test?

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  79. Nawyr says:

    Literally everything in your post is false, particularly this:

    Their European genetics were continually replenished for centuries by European slave women from Crimes Ukraine Circassian Caucasian mountains

  80. Nawyr says:

    Homo Sapiens did not invent the throwing spear, as is commonly believed, but rather pre-Neanderthals (or Heidelbergensis) in Europe. The oldest throwing spears in the fossil record are the Schoenigen javelins from Germany:öningen_spears

    Furthermore, Neanderthals used throwing spears:

    The flint fragment discovered embedded in a cervical vertebra of a wild ass is a fragment of a Levallois point that was hafted onto the distal extremity of a shaft. This weapon must have had a strong degree of kinetic energy, as is evi- denced by its penetration into the cervical body. If the weapon struck the animal while it was in standing position, which is highly probable, its trajectory must have been parabolic. While it is difficult to distinguish between thrust and thrown projectiles on the basis of kinetic en- ergy alone, the addition of this second argu- ment of a parabolic trajectory is strongly in favour of a thrown weapon.

    The wound would have abruptly disabled the animal because upon entering the medullary canal of the vertebra the point would have caused an immediate and irreversible paraly- sis of the limbs.

    There is no direct evidence of a throwing spear or animals killed by throwing spears in Africa or in any other place where there were homo sapiens until 40,000 years ago. Likely, it was Neanderthals who taught homo sapiens how to throw spears, being the more intelligent species who dominated modern humans for thousands of years until they bred themselves out of pure existence with modern human women.

  81. @schrub

    Thank you for making these important points about journalistic cover-ups re hemophiliacs and the Ukrainian famine. Black tennis star and lieutenant Arthur Ashe is one of the more celebrated individuals who died from a transfusion with AIDS-infected blood. Back in the day I seem to remember an interview with a doctor on TV who said there is no way you can get AIDS from a blood transfusion! Just amazing how political dogma corrupts everyday life.

  82. @follyofwar

    Jackson was also a great songwriter and a very shrewd businessman. His flirtation with conversion was a response to an accusation of anti-Semitism after he used the line “don’t Jew me” in a song. I am not sure what incident caused him to use the line. I doubt it was gratuitous and suspect it might have been occasioned during his legal troubles. I agree with you about the bleaching. However his eccentricities may be further confirmation of his genius (genius and madness …)

  83. @Anonymous

    Whatever the instrument of intent, the result is the same.

  84. Biff says:

    Let’s remember that foul-mouthed borderline-retarded rappers, who talk and moan and curse more than sing, have millions of fans as well.

    Im sorry, I should’ve been more clear – I was referring to fans of actual music. Rap does not in any way shape or form qualify.

  85. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    That is true. The black race has achieved virtually nothing on its own.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  86. mcohen says:

    Ronald reagan was a bad bad man.They tried to kill him but he got lucky.People never wonder why would someone want to kill the president of the usa.or the pope for that matter
    Ronald reagan was directly responsible for the aids epidemic that devastated the gay community.
    In 1981 both reagan and pope john paul survived assaination attempts.they got lucky
    Aids was a weaponized virus introduced to kill homosexuals.The fact that you never hear about all the children who died from aids due to blood transfusions is simple.they were viewed as unfortunate collateral damage.

    The pendulum swings once again.

    The pope says there is no place for gay sex in the Catholic church.Priests should be celibate.he is a brave man to stand up to the velvet mafia.

    Which brings me to my recent thoughts on what my 2019 resolution will be.

    1.No more looking at porn
    2.No more hating on others

    Or both.

    Do i have it in me.Can i give up porn.Can i stop hating,perhaps hating is too strong a word,but can i accept that people are different.I have a saying ….if we were all the same no one would make a difference.
    Having said that i firmly believe that queen was were the beatles.but then that is my take.

    Want to hear some good music.stevie ray vaughn and albert king.a black man teaching a white man how to play the blues.pure magic.

    Good song about luck for mr powers that be

  87. Pheasant says:

    It was a joke dude. I am going to give up my attempts at humour.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  88. @AWM

    And there is no “gay gene/germ” but there is evidence that hormone imbalances in women can cause homosexual bias in the children of their daughters.

    I’ve heard something about that myself. I’ve heard that if the mother experiences a hormone imbalance during a certain phase of pregnancy, it can have the effect of washing a male fetus in a sort of ‘estrogen bath,’ affecting his brain development, and therefore, sexual drive. Is that what you’re referring to here? Or did I misunderstand?

    • Replies: @AWM
  89. @mcohen

    Well, I agree with the Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King part of what you said. I had the pleasure of seeing old Stevie Ray perform live not once, but twice. Lucky me!

  90. Durruti says:

    It was a joke dude. I am going to give up my attempts at humour.

    No! Do not give up; Humor is one of the weapons for Liberation.

    My response was also an attempt at humor; but I will not give up my day job.

  91. I love Queen. Freddie was very gifted musician and had huge presence.

  92. By-tor says:

    As you type on the computer keyboard and access the internet invented by whites; eat food grown by whites; live in housing designed, built, plumbed, wired by whites… Right on, you Afro shaman, subsistence farming and round grass hut brainiac.

  93. @annamaria

    Classical musicians traditionally have terrible, terrible taste in popular music. They have no clue about it. Less clue about it than popular musicians have of classical music.

    You know nothing of rock and roll music if you think Freddie Mercury is anything other than some producer’s over-produced bit of high-concept non-music.

    I’m not going to explain to you what good rock and roll is. You wouldn’t understand.

  94. @Escher

    You wouldn’t know them. They are beyond you.

    • Replies: @TRASH(NOT)
  95. @Rational

    Wrong. Dravidians are also Caucasians.

  96. @foobc1

    Incredibly confused. Thank you for proving that srobble ding scrt = spingle doohicky conclusions.

  97. jay says:

    Homosexuals have always been petri dishes for disease. AIDs is just a topping on the cake.

  98. Anonymous [AKA "EA Enki"] says:

    Freddie Mercury was a genius, and the best musician of the 20th century

  99. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:

    Imagine Baltimore combined with Tijuana, with the street sanitation of Kanpur, with Chinese gutter oil as the cornerstone of the diet.

    LOL!!! This!!
    But it ain’t no laughing matter. If one has to go, he better go down banging. Right now we seem to be going down with (or rather even without) an effin whimper

  100. AWM says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    DS, the data indicates that homosexual tendencies are in the children of the daughters of the women that had the hormonal imbalance. Whether the daughters also had hormonal imbalance is not clear. Every other generation effects are hard to quantify. You would think there was a genetic component but doesn’t appear to be.

    Here is an article using the birth control pill as a responsible factor, but of course many many other factors can influence hormonal levels in women.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  101. annamaria says:

    “You wouldn’t understand.”

    — Never heard about “obwandiyag.” Millions loved and love Freddie. And deservedly so. Among the admirers there are a lot of superb, highly talented musicians.

  102. @AWM

    Thanks for the clarification, AWM.

  103. Anonymous [AKA "a_man"] says:

    If you consider yourself such a great intellectual, please enlighten us the foolish, by telling us the truth. Because all I see in your comment is the denial of what the author said, but no actual information which you think is true… If you make a comment, please let it be a pertinent one. After all, the only thing I am noticing is your huge frustration.

  104. annamaria says:

    “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.” Duke Ellington

  105. Liamjq says:

    Save me that teach the white man BS…. blues was Scots – Irish

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  106. @mcohen

    Pres. Reagan was not the least bit responsible for the careless behavior of the bath house same sex relational behavior community. Even after it became clear that HIV was transmitted via intimate contact they refused to cooperate in any manner.

    excuse me, but it was the tragedy of the infected donated blood via transfusions which changed the entire nature of the discussion from merely a disease limited to same sex relational conduct to any exchange via blood. And unless you weren’t and aren’t listening the impact on innocent children is well known. If anyone refused to cooperate it the those engaged in same sex relations.

    and I can think of no one who considers the loss of children on this issue. Children brought the matter home


    I think there is ample evidence to make a case that HIV did not arise from Kinshasas populations eating monkey brains and engaging in aberrant rendezvous with white colonialists. That entire advance by the researchers. most notably from India’s elite (there’s a shock) at UCSD(?) has no history to speak of until 1959. It’s origins are most likely the result of well intended, but poorly managed research and experimentation is the hunt for a polio vaccine.

    • Replies: @Truth
  107. @AnonFromTN

    what about the third-smartest?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  108. @Rabbinical Rube

    The third smartest was a girl with an intermediate color. In my experience with Indians, neither the color nor the gender correlates with their smarts (which may or may not be reflected in their IQ: I am not a member of the IQ sect). Considering that numerous genes out of >20,000 total on our 46 chromosomes contribute to intelligence, very few to melanin production (skin color), and just one chromosome determines gender, this is hardly surprising for a biologist. The great majority of people with strong opinions on the matter know next to nothing about biology and genetics. That usually explains their opinions better than anything else.

  109. Truth says:

    Pres. Reagan was not the least bit responsible for the careless behavior of the bath house same sex relational behavior community.

    Well now, I would admit that “responsible” might not be the most accurate term, I think “highly encouraging” works though…

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  110. @Truth

    You do realize that the investigation turned up nothing of the kind. This was among several child conspiracy, satanic prostitution scenarios that spread across the country.

    • Replies: @Truth
  111. Truth says:

    You do realize that the investigation turned up nothing of the kind.

    Really, well now there’s a shock!

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  112. @obwandiyag

    Do black folks like rock music? I wasn’t aware of any artist having a huge fan following among the blacks

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  113. @Truth


    I take it you were being sarcastic. If not, the FBI spent more than ten years looking into the existence of satanic cults and the like who engaged in such practices — they could find no such network and that included the myriad of accusations of such cults, not linked to the WH

    • Replies: @Truth
  114. @mcohen

    How come nobody is mentioning “Gentle Giant”?

  115. Truth says:

    Yes, and it also spent 10 years investigating an air accident, and concluded that hot jet fuel can cause a skyscraper to perfectly implode upon itself…

  116. @Truth

    I am going to eschew the 9/11 argument. But I would contend that locating a vast network of child prostituting, satan worshiping, baby sacrificing, child kidnappers, homosexual, pedophilia, black robe wearing animal slicing, blood drinking, etc. revelers with international connections, hierarchy, transporters would be very hard to hide.

    which explains why so many of the child scandals upon investigation are top loaded with accusations and very thin on evidence.

    Whether its Salem or Rotherdam, whether its Mcmartin’s Day Care or Skyline Westlyan Church, whether its an orphanage in Scotland or the WH in Washington, DC a lot of commotion but very little substance.

    A very healthy cottage industry of histrionics.

  117. @Truth

    Note: my comments should not be interpreted to mean that I don’t think that child abuse is a serious problem. It is and it should be addressed.

    I don’t see evidence for a case against Pres. Reagan or the WH staff being involved abusing children in the WH.

    And HIV spread was the result of individual behavior, not anything the WH during President Reagan’s admin. did or did not do. If anything the out and out resistance and rebellion of the same sex practitioner’s refusal to cooperate is at fault.

  118. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Lithuanian is apparently the closest living language to Sanskrit. I understand it’s a sister language not a daughter language. The mother language is still PIE.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  119. @obwandiyag

    Within QUEEN May tended towards power rock ballads and Mercury was operatic (Like Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN).

    The result is that creative tug-of-war within the songs themselves.

  120. @Anonymous

    High-caste Indian DNA tests and blood type puts them in the Slavic category but whether they arrived from Ukraine or the Caspian Sea is the source of endless speculation.

  121. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites didn’t either using your logic.

  122. Anonymous [AKA "Ssko"] says:

    No it wasn’t. The most likely place of origin was the west African region of Mali. Other forms of African music using blues notation can be found as far as Sudan and Ethiopia. The banjo is also a descendent of a Malian loot.

  123. flattop says:

    obdouche is giving a varient of the “no true Scotsman fallacy”. Too boring to spend any time considering.

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