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Let’s Face It; Social Justice Warriors Are Running the Asylum
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It’s a truth of modern post-America that criticizing Political Correctness not only endangers your career, but enables Social Justice Warriors to demand concessions from your employers. Thus “conservative” Fox News pulled an op-ed by its own executive editor and executive vice-president John Moody which criticized the U.S. Olympic Committee for obsessing about “Diversity” a.k.a. Affirmative Action rather than the accomplishments of athletes [Fox News Caves To Leftist Pressure, Pulls Their Own Editor’s Op-Ed Decrying Identity Politics At Olympics, by Ian Mason, Breitbart, February 9, 2018]. And now homosexual vigilante groups are demanding not just an apology, but op-eds from homosexual athletes on the Fox News website. The fact that the most rightward TV network collapsed so quickly shows how hollow American institutions have become—and how Social Justice Warriors, no matter how absurd we may think they are, really are in power at all levels of American society.

What sparked the Fox News op-ed was the Olympic Committee’s efforts to create a team that looked “more like America”. [Trying to make Team USA look more like America, by Rick Maese, Washington Post, February 4, 2018] But just as the film Black Panther is being praised for its “embrace of diversity” because it is almost entirely black, what is meant by a “more diverse” Olympic team is simply a less white Olympic team .[Black Panther is the grown-up Marvel movie we’ve been waiting for, by Bryan Bishop, The Verge, February 6, 2018] Affirmative Action is now wedging its way even into the Olympics.

Indeed, expressing skepticism about Affirmative Action is now apparently sufficient to bar you from being a judge. Ryan Bounds, who was nominated to fill a seat on the notoriously Leftist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, expressed opposition to race-based groups and their tactics on campus when he was a student at Stanford 22 Years ago. [Race Think: A Stanford Phenomenon, by Ryan Bounds, Stanford Record, February 27, 1995 ]He argued their confrontational behavior did more to harm racial unity and intercultural understanding than heighten it. In a particularly Orwellian twist, this has led to the leftist Alliance for Justice to accuse him of somehow being unable to “to dispense even-handed judgment for all.” Needless to say, Bounds is already groveling [Oregon nominee for 9th Circuit Appeals Court under fire for racial ‘hostility’ in college writings, by Maxine Bernstein, Oregon Live, February 10, 2018].

(For comparison’s sake, consider how Democratic National Committee Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison’s career has not been even slightly hindered by his proposal of the breakup of the Union and the creation of a black ethnostate during his law school career.

Or how “Mexican judge” Gonzalo Curiel’s membership in the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association was somehow construed to give him immunity from criticism.)

Even those institutions which Americans like to believe are inherently conservative and somehow immune from SJWs are falling quickly. The U. S. Marine Corps, traditionally seen as the most stringent of the military branches, has made part of its officer qualification course easier in what is widely seen as an attempt to allow more female officer candidates to pass. [Marine Corps Quietly Drops Major Obstacle to Female Infantry Officers, by Hope Hodge Seck,, February 11, 2018] This is a great disappointment to those who believed the administration of Donald Trump would see the Political Correctness which infected the military during the Obama years driven out. [Political correctness has destroyed the Army’s readiness and morale, by Ray Starmann, Daily Caller, May 11, 2015] The military has been training its “Equal Opportunity” officers in the doctrinal fine points of “white privilege” for years [Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages, by Todd Starnes, Fox News, October 31, 2013].

More recently, Secretary of Defense James Mattis made an implied swipe at immigration patriots when he said DACA recipients in the military would not be deported, even if their legal protections expired. [James Mattis says ‘Dreamers’ serving in the military will not be deported, by Eli Meixler, Time, February 9, 2018] Of course, it’s unlikely those actually serving in the military would be the first targets for deportation, but it’s not really Mattis’ decision to make.

Of even more concern: the politicization of the FBI by Leftists—something which is being exposed more every day as evidence surrounding the farcical “Russian collusion” witch hunt is brought to light [Trump: Senior FBI, Justice officials have ‘politicized’ their investigative powers, by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, February 2, 2018]. As two FBI agents advised a new recruit: “Go in and think like a liberal” to pass the agency’s entrance exam [Former FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam: Bureau’s Top Brass Climb Ladder By Ideology, Not Merit, by Robert Kraychik, Breitbart, February 8, 2018].

Individual FBI agents may well be conservative patriots. But ideologically-driven Leftists claw their way to the top and then make sure to promote only their own—in a modus operandi any conservative academic denied tenure will recognize.

Yet all too often, Americans simply assume certain institutions are inherently conservative and have not been hollowed out by the Cultural Marxists’ Long March Through The Institutions. Thus “Never Trump” faux conservatives such as Evan McMullin (not to be confused with breakfast sandwich) and Senator Jeff Flake (who, mercifully, is not running for re-election) essentially base their careers on exploiting those naïve enough to believe this fallacy—demanding Americans meekly acquiesce to corrupt federal institutions, Leftist judges and openly hostile journalists [Jeff Flake urges Trump to block public release of Nunes memo, by Naomi Lin, Washington Examiner, February 1, 2018]. They suggest we uncritically respect these institutions, even though the essence of these institutions has been lost.

It’s no coincidence figures like McMullin and Flake are also fanatically hostile to Russia and appeal to memories of the Cold War. But Americans didn’t oppose Russia because it was “Russia,” we opposed it because Russia was the dominant part of a Soviet Empire that was trying to impose Communism on the entire world.

Once the nature of something changes, it’s natural for a person or a political grouping’s attitude to change as well. This applies to domestic institutions as well as international relations.


Social media is partially to blame for this environment. For example, the government worker who quit rather than enforce immigration law quickly began virtue signaling to fellow-Leftists on Twitter as a source of emotional, and, eventually, possible financial support [Montana state employee goes viral for quitting over work on ICE subpoena, by Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill, February 9, 2018]. This is something only Leftists can do; when the MSM focuses on a nationalist, it’s to destroy him economically, not give a boost to his profile.

But most of this lies in Leftists’ greater political commitment and ability to politicize everyday life. Immigration patriots certainly have their problems with the late Ayn Rand, but the libertarian icon did make some startling observations about how American progressives operate, especially when it comes to taking over institutions [A Sense of Life: Ayn Rand & White Nationalism, by Gregory Hood, Counter-Currents, November 30, 2015]. For example, in The Fountainhead, the socialist Ellsworth Toohey essentially steals the newspaper he works for out from under its owner by making sure every position, even those with seemingly no power, is filled by one of his own ideological followers.

This process is now taking place in every institution, in every industry.

The resistance to this is what fueled Gamergate—the attempt to stop SJWs from taking over video games and using industry journalism as a Leftist political tool—and similar cultural battles within various fandoms, including, apparently, the ongoing Comicsgate, described by Leftists as “bigots…organized under a new banner”. [Comicsgate is Gamergate’s Next Horrible Evolution, by Eric Francisco, Inverse, February 9, 2018]

In a larger sense, it was this kind of a reaction against Political Correctness which motivated so many people to support the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Now, from video games to the FBI, everything is political. Every job in every company is simply another strategic position to attack or defend in what is becoming a continuous cultural conflict.

As their power over Fox News, the FBI, the military, and other institutions shows, the Left is already waging Total War, and winning. American nationalists, in contrast, have barely begun to fight.

But thanks to Donald Trump, and his ability to break through the paralyzing conservative shibboleths of the past, at least they have begun.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness, SJWs 
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  1. KenH says:

    Last year Tucker Carlson had retweeted something from Red Ice, a pro-white youtube channel, and SJW’s went nuts to which Tucker quickly deleted the tweet, claimed he didn’t know who Red Ice was or what they represented (he probably didn’t) and proudly announced that he reposted the same information from a “legitimate” source as if pro-white sources are somehow illegitimate.

    After all these years the establishment right/cuckservative, inc. still refuses to fight back and often cedes the moral high ground to the radical left, curries favor with them and searches for ways to meet them halfway.

  2. Renoman says:

    They’ll push and push and push till the shooting stars which won’t be long.

    • Agree: fish
  3. CCZ says:

    Princeton Prof Cancels Free Speech Course After Uproar Over N-word Use
    Feb. 13 By Jeff Goldman

    A Princeton University professor has canceled a course on cultural freedoms after his use of a racial slur last week during a class discussion led students to walk out and prompted a campus debate about classroom speech.

    A Princeton University spokesman confirmed on Tuesday the cancellation by Professor Lawrence Rosen of the “Cultural Freedoms — Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography.”

    The professor asked “Which is more provocative: A white man walks up to a black man and punches him in the nose, or a white man walks up to a black man and calls him a (n-word)?” according to the report.

    The head of the anthropology department, who is black, wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Princetonian, defending Rosen’s use of the word.

    “Rosen has used the same example year after year,” wrote Caryoln Rouse.

    “This is the first year he got the response he did from the students. This is diagnostic of the level of overt anti-black racism in the country today. Anti-American and anti-Semitic examples did not upset the students, but an example of racism did. This did not happen when (Barack) Obama was president, when the example seemed less real and seemed to have less power.

    So, the unsubstantiated conclusion of a supposedly highly educated person is that Donald Trump is at fault, because nothing like this happened when Barack Obama was President.

    • Replies: @Alden
  4. Ace says:

    Tucker’s great but he’s always quick to say he hates racism and the idea that immigration policy should go back to favoring real Europeans is infra dig to him. The best immigrants of all are “engineers” and the like as opposed to low-skilled people. Family reunion is great with him so long as it’s just close relatives. The thought that immigrants who want to “re-unite” with their families should go back home will never escape his lips. On the air.

    Who knows his real views. Still, why should he commit career suicide when most of the country wets its pants over legal immigration? He contributes immensely by doing what he does.

  5. Miro23 says:

    They’ll push and push and push till the shooting stars which won’t be long.

    There’s maybe a parallel here with the Spanish Civil War. The leftist Republican government was dominated by Trotskyite and revolutionary anarchists, and was turning a blind eye to their wholesale attack on traditional society (for example the burning of 100’s of churches and religious buildings).

    When leftist militias moved up a level and started to murder their opponents (e.g. government minister Calvo-Sotello ) it was only a matter of months until rival militias were shooting it out and the armed forces and police split along Republican/Nationalist lines. Start of the Spanish Civil War (1936).

    Contemporary accounts showed the radical left being surprised by the push back, given that their government’s enforced “political correctness” had dominated society until that point.

    • Replies: @prusmc
  6. El Dato says:

    What DOES Red Ice represent?

    I people realized that Twitter Drama is about braindead idiots smothering your windows with rabies-laced drool, we would all be better off.

    Pull the curtain. Switch off Twitter.

  7. @Renoman

    The (((usual suspects))) can’t wait to see the goyim killing each other.

    • Replies: @Jake
  8. ” we opposed it because Russia was the dominant part of a Soviet Empire that was trying to impose Communism on the entire world. ”

    Memories are short.
    Churchill first, then, waiting for the reaction of the USA public, FDR also embraced Stalin, after Hitler invaded Russia, in, what we now know, a pre emptive strike.
    It was three weeks before Stalin’s planned attack.
    Bogdan Musial, ‘Kampfplatz Deutschland, Stalins Kriegspläne gegen den Westen’, Berlin 2008
    Musial is a Polish historian, the book is based on Russian archives.

    Though tensions between the west and the USSR escalated from early 1945 on, it was not until the blockade of Berlin in 1948 that USA propaganda stopped with Uncle Joe, and turned to Stalin the monster.
    McCarthy saw communists anywhere.

    But Stalin died in 1953.
    The Cuba crisis in the sixties, Chrustjow docile enough to remove rockets and nuclear warheads from Cuba, could have taught the USA citizens that there was no USSR threat whatsoever.
    But USA plans to dominate the world needed a threatening USSR, as it now needs a threatening Russia.

    Our minister for Foreign Affairs, Halbe Zijlstra, fell a few days ago over outright lies he had told on a conference of Rutte’s party, VVD, in 2016, how he had personally heard Putin say, 2006, in Putin’s dacha, how Putin wanted to incorporate White Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, and Khazakstan.
    Rutte was at the 2016 conference, of course.
    He never wondered, it seems, how a member of the council of the municipality of Utrecht, Zijlstra’s one and only political job at the time, managed to be in Putin dacha in 2006.

    Since a few days the can of worms is open, yet our media do hardly mention it, in fact, not at all.
    Rutte brokered a deal for Shell to exploit gas in E Ukraine, the part held by the rebels.
    For me it now is clear why MH17 has become a never ending story.
    The continuing vague accusations against Russia.
    What really happened, w’ll never know for sure, I suppose

    I suppose Hollings would have said, knowing all this ‘that is politics’.
    For me this kind of politics is a criminal organisation.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  9. Tyrion 2 says:

    Passive aggressive totalitarianism is extremely difficult to counter.

    1. Identify the behavior for what it is: hostility. “The big thing there is to recognize the phenomenon, the behavior, for what it is — to see it as a kind of hostility and not be fooled by the innocuousness, the sugar-coatedness of it,” Wetzler advises. “Once you recognize it’s a sign of hostility, it emboldens you to deal with it.”

    The biggest mistake people make is to be lenient. Once you give in to passive-aggressive behavior, you lose your options, he explains. “It’s critical to see it as a power struggle, and then use the typical tactics one might use in a power struggle.”

    2. Set limits — and then follow through. Make it clear that you won’t tolerate being mistreated, Wetzler says. If a person is constantly late and it bothers you, make it clear to the person that next time she is late meeting you for a movie, you’re just going to go in without her. “That’s a kind of limit-setting,” Wetzler says. “It’s also [a way of saying], ‘I’m not going to pay the price for your behavior.’”

    3. Talk specifically — not generally. If you’re going to confront a passive-aggressive person, be clear about the issue at hand. A danger of confrontation is that statements turn too global — phrases like “You’re always this way!” won’t get you anywhere — so it’s important to confront the person about a specific action. For instance, if the silent treatment is what gets on your nerves, explain that a specific incident where you were given the silent treatment was considered a hostile move. “Call a spade a spade,” Wetzler says.

    4. Practice assertive communication. There’s aggressive communication, there’s passive communication, and there’s passive-aggressive communication. None of these is as effective as assertive communication, Brandt says.

    Assertive communication means being assertive and nonreactive, yet respectful. “You have a sense of confidence, you’re collaborative, [there’s a sense that] you both want to resolve the problem, in a ‘win-win’ sort of way,” she says. It’s also important to listen and not inject accusations or blame into the conversation. “It’s not just about getting your way, but taking the other person into consideration as well. Acknowledge the person and validate their feelings, which doesn’t mean you have to agree with them.”

  10. Malla says:

    People need to do research on this slimey scummy bunch
    Round Table Group, Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), League of Nations Union, Fabian Socialists/Fabian Society, MK Ultra mind control programming, Cultural Marxism/Frankfurt School, CFR, Theosophical Society (who morphed into Fabian Socialists), Trauma based programming, Edward Bernays etc….
    and their influence on the media/Hollywood, education, modern culture/modern music (which was their invention basically), governments, Nearly all Christian churches as well as on other religions (Islamic Wahabism, Hindu fundamentalism, Hindu holymen, Moonies, cults, Scientology, Jim Jones etc…), United Nations, Olympics Committees, Nobel prize Committees, NASA, politics (both parties), alphabet agencies (CIA, MI6 etc…), counter culture, modern art (cubism for example), all communist revolutions, all anti-colonial revolutions post 1900 A.D., Corporations, Silicon valley, Hippie movement, drugs trade, organized crime, Military Industrial Complex etc… from way back when. A big conspiracy, a big interconnected web, a matrix created in which we live today.

    They desired the destruction of traditional Victorian era Western society, traditional Christianity and the White race. Their aim is global control and the enslavement of most humans.

    Jay Dyer had said in some show that Chatham House documents way earlier in the 1930s or 40s indicated the creation of the SJW phenomenon, creating a mass of useful idiots to achieve their nefarious aims. Which we are seeing today. All goin accordin to plan.

  11. AndrewR says:

    How is it “taking a swipe” at “immigration patriots” to say that DACA people in the military won’t be deported? I strongly disagree with much of what the Orwellianly-named “Department of Defense” does, and I’m not sure why people without legal US residency were ever allowed to join the military in the first place [ideally only mono-national US citizens would be allowed to join], but if they’re in the military and are serving honorably then they should be allowed to stay. And even if you disagree with that, it’s not a “swipe” at you to think they should be allowed to stay. Good luck with your low-functioning autism.

  12. Malla says:

    American nationalists, in contrast, have barely begun to fight.

    Western nationalists have the media and financial power against them. Until they can capture some percentage of the mainstream media (Fox is only semi helpful, not good enough) and the financial world, victory is hard.

  13. AndrewR says:

    That was definitely a cuck move by Tucker but he’s the best mainstream figure we could hope for. He pushes the envelope as far as political realities will allow, and he’s extremely intelligent and polite, which makes it hard for people to write him off as an idiot or jerk. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the great.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  14. Malla says:

    After all these years the establishment right/cuckservative, inc. still refuses to fight back and often cedes the moral high ground to the radical left, curries favor with them and searches for ways to meet them halfway.

    The answer is simple, they are a fake opposition and/or infiltrated by the globalist lefties themselves.

  15. Realist says:

    Tucker is the best the MSM has to offer, but he has some failures. Monday of this week he felt compelled to defend Pence’s visit and actions at the Olympics.
    His debating style is strange. He invites shitlibs on to debate a subject and when they stray off the subject at hand, concedes some of their idiotic points and tries to bring the debates back to the main subject. My question is why does he concede anything to a shitlib?

  16. @KenH

    After all these years the establishment right/cuckservative, inc. still refuses to fight back and often cedes the moral high ground to the radical left, curries favor with them and searches for ways to meet them halfway.

    Supposedly Tucker owns a piece of The Daily Caller. It’s right-wing for DC, I guess, but still a very soft-right. RINO seems to define most of the takes. Face it, 85% of the Republican establishment had their connections and corruptions with Hillary all lined up November 1, 2016 because she was going to win, except she didn’t. Rubio is one of them, he keeps his trap SHUT. Cuck? Ok, ok, but branding everything Cuck causes you to lose the message in the delivery.

  17. This is a very perceptive analysis by James Kirkpatrick. In another universe, Kirkpatrick would be considered worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Only it will never happen in this one. The aliens have staged a coup.

    This helps explain why media prizes and journalistic awards have become so politicized. There’s an undeclared war underway.

    As for media awards, the prestige, power and visibility they confer are reserved for ‘moderate’ mainstream journalists who work for established, ‘politically correct’ conglomerates whose members vote only for their colleagues and counterparts. It’s a self-sustaining loop of influence. And this rainbow coalition demands deference and conformity.

    Genuine dissidents like Kirkpatrick need not apply–especially if they advocate for the interests of America’s founding stock. You! Out!

    We have entered a brave new world of entrenched double standards, stern ideological restrictions, and court-sanctioned reverse-racism. ‘Equal Treatment Under Law’ is doing the slow fade. Meanwhile, the Left is maneuvering itself into the top echelons of America’s key institutions. Bye bye freedom and liberty.

    This newfangled neo-Stalinism is giving us 1) increased censorship of political speech, 2) greater intolerance of non-conforming views, 3) rising ideological cronyism, and 4) the hardening of double standards that are designed to benefit to non-whites over their competition.

    ‘Leveling the playing field’ has been a ruse all along. It’s not equality of opportunity that the Left demands, it’s equality of outcome–and by any means necessary.

    This Marxist agenda has corrupted America’s courts, ‘mainstream’ news and entertainment, as well as law enforcement.

    Y Pluribus Unum?

    Rendered obsolete by identity politics.

    Equal treatment under law?

    Not now. ‘White privilege’ must be eradicated first.

    The charade never ends. The winds of war do blow.

  18. Let me say up front there’s very little in this article I don’t agree with. Its completely sound.
    But …. Bare with me. Is there any doubt that the US is now ruled by a tiny financial/corporate/deep state ? So how does that fit with all this identity politics bullshit ?
    Is it merely the price the masters of the universe pay for their privileges ?
    Is it something they simply exploit (ie immigration)?
    Is it a convoluted plot by certain “minorities” (ie: about 2%) ?
    There’s more than one PhD here….

    • Replies: @iffen
  19. Jason Liu says:

    There’s nothing wrong with politicizing everything in society. It just has to be politicized to the right.

    People who say stuff like “Don’t inject politics into my movies/video games!” are cucking out (and leaving those mediums open for the left).

    • Agree: Bill
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  20. He forgot to attack the Catholic Church! Except for that, I think he managed to take a swipe at everybody on VDare’s hate list! And stick up for Putin! Since the latter is now openly interfering in the Italian election (google “lega nord putin” for the story and photos) it will be hard to claim that he didn’t interfere elsewhere, including in the US.

  21. @Malla

    I can agree with your accessment of these involved entities, however regarding Scientology you are dead wrong and totally off the mark. I am not a Scientologist however I have read/studied many of his , LRH’s, works .

    LRH most definitely did not agree with the tyrannical, oppressive dogma or effects of communism , and the bulk of his teachings are attempting to expose and disarm “suppressive” individuals and or regimes, such as brought forth by communists.

    Your standpoint regarding Scientology is the standard approach employed by the uninitiated who have never read one word of LRH’s teachings.

    And again : I am not a Scientologist.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro Jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Malla
  22. iffen says:

    Is there any doubt that the US is now ruled by a tiny financial/corporate/deep state ?


    So how does that fit with all this identity politics bullshit ?

    It is considered important to have the “façade” look “diverse.” Plus, divide and rule works better this way.

  23. Kirkpatrick

    The anti-commie Cold War Crusade that you and the English Foreigner Peter Brimelow were-are still enamoured of……went hand-and-hand with the post-1965 demographic displacement of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority…..

    You can see this today with the infowars-infotard-patriotard civic nationalist cuck daily demonization of North Korea…..In 2018, South Koreans get to vote the Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class into a racial minority permanently on Nov 3 2020.

    Millions of North Koreans will get an opportunity to do this after Donald Trump gives the order to drop three super-MOABs on North Korea-a tsunami of North Korean refugees heading for America immediately afterwards where they can be free….especially on Nov 3 2020…Nov 3 2024…Nov 3 2028….

    The Soviets weren’t the threat to our people….JFK…JOHNSON….NIXON….REAGAN….BUSH W AND BUSH H were the mortal, fatal, existential threat to The Historic Native Born White American Working Class……

  24. Interesting… I did a search for “Putin” in the article and guess what? No results.

    “Hate list”?

    What’s your point?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  25. Bill says:

    Kirkpatrick is complaining that he doesn’t like the established church of the United States. I don’t either, but you have to replace it with a different established church. Pretending that you can choose not to have an established church is what got us where we are.

    Every institution is going, sooner or later, to sign on to the dogmas of the established church. The sociological job of the church is to formulate and promulgate ideas of right and wrong. Saying “the Marines should not sign on” is saying “the Marines should be evil.” Since “should be evil” is a contradiction in terms, you are going to go nowhere with such an argument.

    • Agree: Kevin O'Keeffe
    • Replies: @Jake
  26. prusmc says: • Website

    Can’t see any parallel to the Spanish Civil War. The government in Spain had both regional and institutional points of opposition. There is not one institution in the US that is remotely a counterforce to the left. Religion is totally subverted or at most neutralized. The in Spain did not have 40 years of domination of eduction. There actually were different ideological factions in the police. Today at most there a personal disputes that can quickly smoothed over by money. I don’t know if there were different view point in the Spanish media. Today the media has one position as well as a near monopoly status. Consequently, any reference to Spain is not only false hope but misleading.

    • Replies: @JustJeff
  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure what I just read but it sounds like more fake news. Divide the sheep. Men Bad, Women Good. Whites Bad, Blacks Good. Muslims Bad, Christians Good. Mexican Immigrants Bad, Irish Immigrants Good. If I worked for the CIA I would try to organized pitched battles online between people who disagree with each other over fake news.

    Who wins when the little people fear and hate each other? Their owners in the White House, Senate, Pentagon and all the other Government ruling houses around the world.

  28. Joe Hide says:

    No need to despair. I woke up, you woke up, and most will wake up. A small percentage will never wake up, but let’s not cry over them, they’re not evidence based. Never waste time on them. Christ said this cryptically with, “Do not cast pearls before swine”. Cell phone cameras and videoes, social media, and internet searches increasingly expose leftist lunacy to we, formerly naive, normal humans. Changes in mass consciousness must have real world effects eventually, else the pyschotic psychopaths wouldnt have spent so much time, money, and effort to control it. Dont stress, the Good Guys ate winning. It just may take a generation or two. Be patient.

  29. @War for Blair Mountain

    WFBM, with all due respect, you are innumerate as all hell, or you don’t look at the big picture outside of your Long Island(?) neighborhood. You think Koreans are America’s most important immigration-invasion problem? Nah, I say it is all those damn Tazmanians and Surinamese?

    That last sentence was a joke to make my point. The amount of Mexicans/Central Americans and Chinese is about 2-3 and 1 1/2 orders-of-magnitude, respectively, higher than the Korean population in America. An order of magnitude means a factor of 10.

    I know you’re pissed about the goings-on in your neighborhood, but look at the big picture, or else you will sound ignorant.

  30. Jake says:

    Very insightful post. Even when the ‘established church’ is not officially established, every nation has one.

    America’s ‘established church’ is the secular, liberal form of Anglo-Saxon Puritanism. Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy. WASP Father Oliver Cromwell specifically allied with Jews in order to get loans to continue waging wars against whites he saw as inferior to true WASPs.

    Ideas have consequences.

    You cannot solve the Jewish problem without also solving the WASP problem.

    • Replies: @polskijoe
  31. Jake says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Why do you think they were thrilled to ally with Oliver Cromwell? He was going to use their money to slaughter more white Christians and attempt to exterminate non-WASP white Christian cultures.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Joe Franklin
  32. Rather than make another reply to commenters right now (yeah, I read em all – it’s a compulsion of sorts), I’d like to compliment the writer, Mr. James Kirkpatrick. I have absolutely nothing to argue against regarding this article, which I read inititally on VDare, and almost everything else I’ve read written by you.

    I’ve written here in my (a bit out-of-date) review of VDare that Mr. Kirkpatrick, along with another James, James Fulford, are the “meat and potatoes” of VDare, not in a particular order there. I don’t know these two guys from elsewhere on the web or print, but I’m glad these guys cover the topics of immigration, PC, and the cultural destruction of America so well.

    Nice job, Mr. Kirkpatrick!

    • Replies: @Jake
  33. JustJeff says:

    1400 words about Cultural Marxism and not a single one of them was “Jew”. Imagine writing a column about AIDS without mentioning HIV. I mean he quoted (((Ayn Rand))) basically giving the game away, just say the word.

    • LOL: utu
  34. Jake says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I’ll take Kirkpatrick over anybody who writes regularly for VDARE. Fulford is more hit and miss, like Brimelow and Derbyshire. Allan Wall I like better than those three, though he is more limited than any of them.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  35. @Jason Liu

    There’s nothing wrong with politicizing everything in society. It just has to be politicized to the right.

    Better yet, Jason, don’t participate. The Hollywood/TV producers that inject the agenda don’t really care a hoot that Americans may be complaining about the cntrl-left agenda being pushed in the movies and TV. So long as all people do is bitch about it, that’s just for the better, as “bad publicity is better than no publicity”, in that world.

    Nope, you’ve got to cut the cable, don’t bother seeing movies other than the classic stuff (by that, I mean some even through the 1990’s) that you know are not politicized, and get off the Lyin’ Press and fandom websites. The latter is a real burden for women it seems like – I couldn’t give a damn who JBlow or Brangelina is dating, how big their asses have gotten, and what comes out of their mouthes (or in) – just make your movies, sing your crap, and I’ll continue to probably not see or hear ’em.

    Hit ’em where it hurts – don’t show ’em the money!

    BTW, Jason, this really isn’t far from your idea anyway, about the right politicizing the agenda. The right can’t make many inroads into the mainstream Lyin’ press, as it’s totally under the cntrl-left. However, we can leave them behind, and the web, until the NSA, US Feral gov, and other powers do more to stifle it, is still an area with the right can thrive. The Lyin’ Press needs to become an ancient relic, but it won’t happen if Americans stay lazy about it.

  36. @Jake

    Don’t forget Federale – I just updated my page to include him, but I still left out a lot of writers that are more sporadically seen on VDare.

    All the Federales say, ‘we could have had him any day … only let him slip away … out of kindness, I suppose.’

  37. I do not know why my learned colleagues from UR and ZH consider it an abomination.
    Everything that weakens the Hegemon, his warmachine or his usury-based economy is perfect.
    Not nearly enough differently-gendered african-americans and women in combat arms, I say.
    More politically correct generals in GHQ , selectioned by their loyalty to the glorious ideals of Multiculturalism.
    US should definitely start constructing another series of super-carriers, and of course planes that go with those.
    Oh and they need lots more of those nice littoral-defence ships armed with one 155mm gun.

    Also, its the moment at last to get rid of Assad for good, so we should follow the subtle cues of our sole ally in the region and put a few divisions of mechanised infantry straight on their coast-any problems will be dealt with later.
    We should also openly support our steadfast ally Waltzman in Kiev, by sending him a few divisions(what? we are out of divisions? stupid nations, start to conscript those idiots!) of armor so he can stop the bloody regime that Putler installed in Crimea.


    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  38. Malla says:

    Well I could be wrong, I have some knowledge of Scientology but not good enough. All I am saying is that the elites/CIA have used various cults in mind programming experiments, there is a possibility that the Jim Jones cult was one. One of their aims was to destroy traditional Western civilization which they found to be a MAJOR impediment in their nefarious long term plans. They played a role in allowing loads of shady Hindu godmen into the west most of them scamsters and rapists (I am Hindu myself).
    Again I could be wrong about Scientology. Maybe Scientology is different.

  39. JustJeff says:

    It was the military that began the fight against the leftist government and we just read how our military is now useless in this regard.

  40. If you are all life afraid of being hit by a train, you will be hit by the train.

  41. Malla says:

    Yup, Cromwell was financed by Dutch Jews. And King Charles I was a very good king.
    Cromwell as Communist Subversive

    • Agree: Alden
  42. Gordo says:

    What the leftists have is funding. Ultimately that funding comes from the taxpayer, i.e. is stolen.

  43. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Nah, we have almost only freight trains around here, and they are slowed down to 40-50 mph. It’s easy to get out of the way, or wait at a slow grade crossing and hop it. Due to Americanski lawyer, in Soviet America, train afraid of you!

    Yours in lovesky,

    Achmed E. Smirnov

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  44. Jason Liu says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Yeah but if you don’t participate then they own the microphone. I’d like to take it back.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  45. @Jason Liu

    Yeah but if you don’t participate then they own the microphone. I’d like to take it back.

    You’re on it, dude … as far as I’m concerned.

  46. @KenH

    As I have previously commented, the problem is the cuck Causcasian RCC/Zioevangizer/gentile Freemason male. If you accept black/Asian priests-popes, you are the problem. If you blame Jews for everything wrong, you are the problem. If you believe Jews are the chosen and the superior above all, you are the problem. If you believe in universal brotherhood, you are the problem. If you believe religion can change people, you are the problem. If you cannot deal with the IQ issue (which leads to racial differences), you are the problem.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Malla
  47. It would a jolly good thing if Ron Unz would tell his readers which of his contributors’ names are pseudonyms. If someone feels the need for anonymity, I might very well understand, but at least be straightforward with us about it. The credibility of more than one website is significantly limited by the inability of readers to learn anything about some of the contributors, so the best thing would be a short biographical note about each writer, with a plain statement if he’s using a pseudonym. Is James Kirkpatrick, for instance, really James Kirkpatrick? He could be anybody.

  48. @Achmed E. Newman

    He He He, Love it really. I am with you I drink Smirnov vodka.

  49. Alden says:

    This is what is taught at Princeton? This is what costs \$50,000+ a year?

    Curse curse curse

  50. Alden says:

    Crazy, crazier and craziest

  51. SMK says: • Website

    Tucker will never tell the truth about average Negro intelligence, (which explains why Detroit and St. Louis and Haiti and the nations of Africa are hell-holes, not “racism” and the “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow” and colonialism), pandemic Negro criminality, black-on-white violence, illegitimacy, etc. all exacerbated by left-liberal policies from welfare to the systemic coddling of black criminals. He’ll never say that over 9o% of immigrants, legal and illegal, are non-white, overwhelmingly Mestizos and pure Amerindians from Mexico and Central America with a large minority of blacks from the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa, and that massive Third-World immigration will soon transform the United States into a nonwhite-majority country in which European-Americans will be an increasingly dispossessed and persecuted minority. He’ll never tell the truth about the natur ef Islam and it’s prophet and founder, a blood-thirsty warlord and mass-murderer and child rapistsand misogynist who would cheer all the atrocities of ISIS and the acts of terrorism and mass-murder in the U.S. and Western Europe. Imagine if Tucker and Steyn and half of all the “talking-heads” on Fox News and half of all Republicans and “conservatism inc.” activists and intellectuals would suddenly and repeatedly and assertively tell the truth about the matters and trends and policies above. The “historic American nation” may well be conserved.

    • Replies: @ogunsiron
    , @Lucas McCrudy
  52. And who can forget the Wide Latina on the Supreme Court ?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  53. And Oxford University has just announced that Wymen will be given more time in finals for STEM because “diversity”.
    We are fucked.

  54. @jilles dykstra

    Stalin’s most famous nostrum was “Communism in one country” His big fear was the aggressive violence of the West.

  55. @Malla

    If you start to poke around, the name Cecil Rhodes appears very early on.

    The 1954 Dodd report on foundations is worth a look

    These fuckers are the enemy.

    • Replies: @polskijoe
  56. @Achmed E. Newman

    Good points, all of them. I would add that the people here who are either criticizing or defending Tucker Carlson watch way too much TV.

  57. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Again you are jumping into conclusion, dear lady. 😉

  58. @Bill Jones


    (I’m gonna use that, Bill.)

  59. Let’s Face It; Social Justice Warriors Are Running the Asylum

    Yes, but applied as a tool to a strategic direction; this phase, the disempowerment of (almost) all males in the empire.
    Male humans are the most likely to (eventually) rebel against an unreasonable, cheating, subordinating situation, and the most likely to be successful in the event of such a struggle against enslavement.
    But time is short.
    The male criminalization project is going to blow.
    Again the only important question that needs to be answered is:

    What is the faction or factions which are controlling the preponderance of the puppets? i.e. who’s agenda is being implemented?

    Well… it is following a pattern….. and the pattern is very, very reliable; and there are a lot of data points for the pattern, subsequently, the reliability is high… of a repeat of the pattern.

    1. method for communicating information to the people (the more, the better)
    2. evidence on who/what factions are doing this; the smarter they are, the more steps they take to cover their tracks, to remain… not known (for sure).

    The good news is, there is plenty of evidence out there for the trend, now new, very current facts of the mechanisms used are needed. Evidence is needed!
    It could take a long time to collect the appropriate mass of evidence due the sheer magnitude of the task.
    But it must be done!

    A war has been conducted against most of the readers on this site, and most of the people of the empire, for a long time.

    Successful distribution of the most unbiased, accurate description of the trends of subordination of societies, is the critical key.

    This is not hatred against anyone, in particular, this is the desire for facts to be known, so informed citizens can democratically select the government that will implement the policies to address the citizens’ concerns.

    And implement THAT agenda!

  60. ogunsiron says:

    Tucker plays his role really well.
    Part of Tucker’s job is to shine a light on the insane and the broken. Another part of his modus operandi is that he slips in subtle but important purple pills. I mean, he relentlessly pushes the idea that borders actually are very important. He recently told some “tax paying, business owning lawyer” who was an illegal, that the usa was not his country, period. That seems obvious to us here but it’s become an unusual point of view in the usa. He’s bringing it back to respectability. He’s almost certainly much more redpilled than he plays on TV.

  61. Like an illness, leftism just has to run its course until people are sick of it. You can’t really fight it, that’s the bad news. The good news is that in the long run it always destroys itself and turns everyone against it.

    All you can hope for is that not too much damage is done or people killed until it reaches its conclusion.

  62. @Renoman

    If a shooting war starts, it will be brief, the NRA’s children’s choir could take out the BLM by nap time.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  63. @SMK

    Wrong about Tucker and ‘race and IQ’
    Mr. Carlson deftly used the incident at Middlebury College where Charles Murray had to flee after an angry mob of SJWs literally ran him off campus to breach the subject of race and IQ. He didn’t raise the topic himself but instead had one of his correspondents mention Murray’s book The Bell Curve and its claim that Asians on average have higher IQs than whites who in turn have higher IQs than blacks.
    I can’t imagine in a million years his blowharded cucked boomer predecessor Bill O’Reilly ever doing such a thing- for years he was too busy propagandizing for the Iraq war and how anyone who questioned the wisdom of regime change in a low IQ Muslim country with widespread inbreeding and not in procession of any WMDs was a ‘pinhead’ or ‘French’ or ‘unpatriotic’ or some other idiotic blather.

  64. @Malla

    Thanks Malla. I tried to post a response to Alden, but Unz did not publish it. The truth is too difficult for the Unz Review sometimes. This commentator is a perfect example of the type of male I described. I forgot to add one more descriptive: heterosexual. Homosexuals have taken over the RCC and it is the heterosexual male RCCers who are abandoning it because they will not deal with the gays.

  65. @CraigAustin

    I live in NE Maryland, I’d have to drive 15 miles to see a black person. Everyone I know is adequately armed.
    The father of my boys girlfriend is better armed than Antigua.

    I wouldn’t start any racial shit here.

  66. polskijoe says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Controlled Opposition:

    Infowars, Breitbart, Coast2CoastAm, GLP, Rense.
    the above connected to one of: John Birch Society, Zionism, Liberty Lobby.

    Paleocons, Old Right, New Right = all under CIA umbrella. If not, they were kicked out, or lost jobs.

  67. polskijoe says:

    I think you are thinking of Pilgrims and liberal/moderate Mainline Churches.
    Methodists, Episcopilians, Presybterians, sometimes Lutherans, sometimes Baptists.

    They ally themselves with Liberal Jews. Sometimes Catholics.

    Thats the majority of US WASP establishment.

    The Evangelicals and Puritans
    are largely most Baptists, “Born Again”, etc.
    They are found in Military often. But alongside the first group. Sometimes Catholics and Zionist Jews too.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  68. polskijoe says:
    @Bill Jones

    Final post for now:

    Cecil Rhodes, Milner, Stead, Lionel Curtis.
    Their American friends were the CFR.

    All of them more racial back then. But now more multicultural, spreading empire, and English language dominance.

  69. Iberiano says:

    The “WASP” Elite are largely irreligious now, but when they were pretending, they were Anglican (Episcopal), with some being Methodist in some areas. The United Methodists largely took over the “every day American WASP” demographic in the 70s-2000’s, and fought off PC a bit longer. Lutherans were almost always slightly “Ethnic” Nordic/Germans to be “regular folk”.

    If there was one church that is the equivalent of the modern Reformed Synagogue, it’s the Episcopal Church. With competition from Evangelical Lutheran and PCUSA.

  70. @Jake

    Why do you think they were thrilled to ally with Oliver Cromwell? He was going to use their money to slaughter more white Christians and attempt to exterminate non-WASP white Christian cultures.

    The modern incarnation of Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan supporters is todays bible fundamentalist, or more specifically the so-called Christian Zionist.

    Bible Fundamentalist venerate Jewish as a kind of collective idol.

    Modern Fundamentalist are questionably Christian with their emphasis on Jewish OT morality.

    Modern Fundamentalist are a fairly large and seditious group in the US with their reliable and mindless support of the state of Israel.

    The US 2-party system relies on pro-Israel Fundamentalist to help elect Israel-supporting politicians in the US.

    Support for Israel is also support for social justice warrior values, because Israel is considered by SJW leaders as a “model country” for diversity and plurality.:

    As the United States copes with large immigration flows and increasing diversity in these highly uncertain times, it may want to look to an unusual model country—Israel—for some fresh ideas about taking full advantage of diversity.

    The ideals of diversity and social justice are fully achieved in Israel where no white-straight-Christian-male can vote in public elections and where white-straight-Christian-male residents are practically non-existent. White-straight-Christian-males are widely considered a hated Nazi by Jewish Israeli.

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