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Every Friday late afternoon there is a protest against police brutality in front of the main police headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. On this particular Friday, before the protest gets started, two young men are unloading placards from a car and setting them up against a statue of a police officer carrying a little boy on his shoulder. The statue is wrapped in cling wrap. It was spray painted a couple of times, explains Jesse, one of the men setting up the placards. They care about their monuments more than they care about the people, he says.

On the placards are the pictures of Kansas City residents shot and killed by Kansas City police officers. Some of the victims don’t look to be much more than a few years older than the boy being carried by the officer depicted in the cling-wrapped statue.

Why are American cops so much more lethal than cops in other countries, I ask Jesse. You know, like in Germany or Japan or someplace. Our cops kill way more people every year than theirs do. Of course, they get killed way more than cops in Germany and Japan, too, but why is there so much killing involved with American policing?

Jesse says he isn’t sure how they do things in other countries. He focuses on the United States. The structure of the police force is rooted in racism, he says. Our police system is directly descended from slave patrols.

Around on the north side of the police headquarters building, sitting between it and the municipal courthouse, is another statue. It is by a Wichita-born sculptor named Terry Allen. The piece is titled “Modern Communication” and depicts a business man standing on his brief case with his fingers in his ears. His tie, eight feet long and wrapped around his head, is a blindfold. His shoe is in his mouth. The statue is jarring.

In an interview with WCUR, the local public radio station, Mr. Allen said he intended the piece as social commentary. He wants those who view his sculpture to think about how we as a society don’t communicate.

But, social commentary succeeds when it says something true about our social condition, and Terry Allen’s sculpture misses the mark. Just since you started reading this article, an ocean of communication was uploaded and made immediately available to anyone anywhere in the world. Aside from eating, if there is one thing “we as a society” do plenty of, it’s communicating. As individuals, however, it is a different story. There is too much too many of us are not allowed to communicate.

At the end of the row of placards Jesse set up was one that didn’t display pictures of shooting victims or the cops who shot them. Instead, it displayed pictures of Kansas City’s Board of Police Commissioners, which is appointed by Missouri’s governor. The police department was put under the control of the governor in the 1930s, Jesse tells me, due to corruption.

This is what I object to, I say, pointing to the picture of Board Commissioner Cathy Dean. A quote bubble depicts her saying, “My fragile white tears.” I tell him I think it is wrong to use someone’s race in a derogatory manner in order to denigrate them.

Oh, I don’t think that’s what the people who made this were trying to do, says Jesse. They were just trying to… His voice trails off.

I point to the other instances on the poster where “white” is used derogatorily and remark that only whites are victims of that kind of open racial denigration. Well, they do have the power, Jesse replies.

I tell him I think Jews have the power.

You kind of lost me there, says Jesse. Jews are… are the victims of marginalization, too.

C’mon, I say, seven out of eight Ivy League presidents are Jews. Jews completely dominate Hollywood. The media. The highest incomes. Half of US billionaires. Ten of fifteen cabinet positions in the current administration. How are Jews marginalized victims?

The Holocaust? Jesse replies pointedly in the manner of a true believer, as if nothing in the world could be more obvious.

Which holocaust? I ask. The Nazi Holocaust that started in 1939 and killed six million Jews? Or the Bolshevik Holocaust that started twenty years earlier and killed 66 million Christians? Jesse makes a noise that sounds like surprise.

How is it Jesse isn’t aware of the gigantic bloodbath that was the Bolshevik Holocaust? The Bolsheviks were worse—far worse—than the Nazis by any reasonable measure, whether you compare the number of people murdered, the number of people tortured to death, the number of people in concentration camps, the number of people in forced labor, the number of intentional famines, the number of minority groups exterminated, the number of populations displaced, the amount of economic damage done, or the amount of private property stolen. The Bolshevik Holocaust started earlier, lasted longer, and dwarfed the Nazis in every category of atrocity.

Danzig Baldaev: Drawings from the Gulag
Danzig Baldaev: Drawings from the Gulag

The Bolsheviks were purposely dysgenic, targeting those, regardless of previous contributions to the revolution, who they believed comprised the most intelligent Russians—university faculty, engineers, doctors, successful businessmen, bankers, lawyers, artists, college students, writers, landowners, and, especially, the Christian clergy. Members of these groups—the so-called intelligents—were deemed “enemies of the people,” and were exterminated en masse often with their wives and children. The Bolsheviks, depraved monsters that they were, sometimes executed the children in front of their parents before killing the parents, and sometimes executed the parents in front of the children before killing the children. One Bolshevik commissar, Mikhail Kedrov, insisted on executing the children himself.

And yet, “Bolshevik” on Google receives no search interest at all compared to “Nazi.”

In academia, too, there is the same disparity of interest between the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. A search of the course offerings at Harvard for “Nazi” yields eight hits on things like “Jews and Christians: The Holocaust and the Christian World”, which is taught by Kevin Madigan and described:

This course will focus on the relationship of the Christian churches to the Holocaust. After a brief historical overview of the Holocaust, the course will focus on the following themes: the evolution of classical Christian Jew-hatred to modern antisemitism…

But a search of the course offerings at Harvard for “Bolshevik” yields nothing despite the fact that during the Bolshevik Holocaust, thousands of churches were razed or used as livestock enclosures[1]A collection of reports on Bolshevism in Russia : Great Britain. Foreign Office., April 1919 while the synagogues were left untouched[2]American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12, even receiving state funding to run Yiddish-language schools.[3]Peter Drucker, reviewing Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk by Elissa Bemporad

Powerful interests can and do manipulate public opinion by deciding what information we receive and what is hidden from us. On July 27, 2020, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, probably the dominant player in the process through which “we as a society” communicate, told Congress under oath that Google’s search engine is politically neutral, that Google “does not put its thumb on the scales.” His sworn testimony turns out not to be true. Not even close. Google jumps on the scales with both feet as proven at the website,

To test Sundar Pichai’s claim, unGoogle took “a few random words from a few random articles by a few random writers” and then ran searches on those words on five different search engines: Google, Yippy, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo. They noted the position of the original article in the results and compared Google’s results to the results of the other search engines.

For left-wing writers, Google’s search results place the original article in line with the other search engines or higher. Articles by conservative writers, however, that ranked in the first or second position on all the other search engines didn’t show up at all on Google! This censorship of conservative writers and non-censorship of liberal writers held true without a single exception. The data are fully documented on the website.

Jesse, I’m guessing, is in his 20s. We are failing him. The history he has learned is not just inadequate, it is dangerously distorted. The public discourse in which he grew up was sanitized for him; he has only ever encountered viewpoints approved by the ruling class and taught to him by its sycophants in the schools he attended. His entire cultural milieu is a Potemkin village and he sincerely believes the lies necessary to support it.

Jesse is the product of censorship, and while his faith is sincere, his view of our social condition does not conform to reality. Thus, to the extent his social activism is determined by this distorted view of the world around him, it is irrational, proportionally less beneficial to society, and more capable of great evil.

In contrast to the censors, those whose motives are unassailable and who are on the side of truth never seek to silence dissenting voices. Rather, the good guys seek debate. The aims of Sacha Baron Cohen, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and others who actively work in the cause of censorship are noxious to the greater good. They are guilty of an unforgivable betrayal of Jesse and the millions of his generation.

On Sunday, June 6, late in the evening, I could hear faintly from my apartment building the sound of distant music, drumming, and someone on a loudspeaker. I got in my car and drove toward the sound but found my way blocked by police. I pulled into a gas station parking lot, parked, got out, and walked over to where two 20-something white cops alone held the intersection. What’s going on, I asked.

Multiple gunshots, the blond cop responded. Did they know anything more? That’s it. We’re from North Kansas City. They just told us to come down here and block this intersection.

There were many cars in the parking lot and the cops stood with their weapons displayed and ready. As I walked back to my car I noticed other cars pulling in, a steady stream, every driver discernible through the tinted glass was black. I backed out of my parking space and it was immediately filled by another car. By now there was only one pathway in or out of the parking lot, but the steady stream of cars coming in made it impossible to exit. Every empty space in the parking lot was being filled in. At the very last moment before I would have been blocked from leaving, there was a slight break in the stream just enough for me to zip out, the next car coming in having to brake to avoid hitting me.

The seemingly coordinated occupation of that parking lot by black drivers, many, in this violent city, undoubtedly armed, just steps from the two white cops was, in my experience, unique, unexpected, and ominous. I imagined the fear those two North Kansas City cops must have felt, and thought to myself they needed more cops there. A lot more.

Blood? Let there be blood, said Vladimir I. Lenin, the man at the root of the Bolshevist horror, and Russian civilization was swallowed up in a sea of it. In 1902, fifteen years before he took power in Russia, Lenin advised his fellow Marxist revolutionaries, already including arch-criminals, Stalin and Trotsky,

Any and every manifestation of police tyranny and autocratic outrage, not only in connection with the economic struggle, is not one whit less “widely applicable” as a means of “drawing in” the masses.[4]V. I. Lenin, What Is To Be Done (1902) 35

In other words, to achieve your blood-drenched utopia, demonize the police at every opportunity.

As someone who has experienced jail on three continents—in China, Venezuela, and the US, I know I can convince Jesse cops are pretty much the same everywhere and he should drop the absurd and poisonous blood libel that the Kansas City police force is “descended” from slave patrols. But, I can convince him only if I am allowed to talk to him.

Vito Klein,” a resident of Kansas City, Missouri and unwavering opponent of political censorship, believes the continued detention of courageous journalist Julian Assange at the behest of the US government bathes the country in shame. [email protected]


[1] A collection of reports on Bolshevism in Russia : Great Britain. Foreign Office., April 1919

[2] American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12

[3] Peter Drucker, reviewing Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk by Elissa Bemporad

[4] V. I. Lenin, What Is To Be Done (1902) 35

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  1. Phibbs says:

    Klein did not mention that 75% of Soviet bosses in Bolshevist Russia were Jews. They killed millions of us white Christians.

    • Agree: Druid55
  2. Why are American cops so much more lethal than cops in other countries, I ask Jesse. You know, like in Germany or Japan or someplace.

    The short answer is blacks resisting arrest. The long answer is genetics causing blacks to resist arrest.

  3. @rebel yell

    The correct answer is that the current crop of cops are special snowflakes and cowards. There are plenty of Whites murdered by cops for no reason other than the stock answer “I feared for my life.” It is well past time to disarm cops. Cops have proven time and again that they are unable to handle the privilege of being armed while exercising the power of the state. Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

    • Agree: donut, InnerCynic, Thim
    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  4. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, it’s like Hitler was atoning for the mistake of a previous German government in sending Lenin over on that infamous sealed train. That and national survival, as Stalin had stacked up millions of troops, plus tens of thousands of tanks and aircraft all along Europe’s eastern border poised to strike. Without millions of tons of ill-considered US aid to Stalin (and if Germany had asked ally Japan to use her naval power to prevent it from reaching its destination), the world would be a vastly different place today.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  5. @rebel yell

    The biggest diffeence between Yankee police and other polleeces (sic) is this:
    Nowhere but in America is policing a private-sector function. If you allow people to supply a service for profit, is it not imcumbant upon the Board to maximize profit for the Shareholder? People have been punished severely for not “keeping the shareholders’ interest paramount”.
    So, if you pay a guy to catch criminals, and you pay another guy to keep criminals locked up, how long would it take, before the two come together, to discuss how best to maximise profits for their Shareholders?
    And now Artificial Intelligence adjudicates lower level court cases by the simple expedient of feeding it the accused’s “rap sheet”. “AI” is just a machine, programmed by a corporate employee, tasked with “maximising profit”. Can you see how every police precinct contractor’s employee with a gun and a squad car shall be motivated to “grow revenue”?
    Of course, there shall be no discussion on the issue of privatised police services, and those religiously wed to the Bolshevik myth of the Free Market shall immediately jump on me…
    Public Infrastructure is the entire reason d’ entre for the existence of Government, and the “privatisation” thereof a sure sign that a Mafia has taken control of your country; assets, laws and people included.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  6. anarchyst says:

    Any sane person who watches the “American History Channel” (actually the “American Hitler Channel”) cannot fail to see the bias and outright fraudulent “history” about Germany, Adolph Hitler and the Second World War in general.
    A supposition: Any extraterrestrial watching the “American History Channel” who knew nothing about human behavior would come to the conclusion that Adolph Hitler possessed superhuman qualities, utilizing highly advanced technology and possessing extremely effective administration and rule, while being judged incompetent, possessed, a drug-addict, a believer in astrology and numerology, and other questionable traits (all lies and fabrications) attributed to him.
    This extraterrestrial would question why, despite having superpowers, extreme intelligence and outstanding administrative prowess, how could Germany and Hitler have lost the war?
    One must admit that Germany, being demonized and going against the rest of the world, did a “bang-up job”, unsuccessfully keeping the world, and world jewry at bay for decades.
    When it comes to WW2, Germany, and even the Allies, the “American History Channel” is 99% propaganda and 1% truth.
    If the WW2 “allies” could see what the world would be like today, ((they)) would have thrown down their weapons and joined Germany.

  7. R.C. says:

    I really have to conclude that it’s too late for America.
    We’ve fought the good fight, but reality must be recognized – even/especially when those out to destroy one’s nation have gotten to where they have, even if they’re (unsurprisingly and merely) being well used useful idiots.

  8. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    well of course it’s guns. handguns specifically. cops are irrationally afraid they’ll be killed. irrationally because the odds are really long. and of course some cops are not nice. let’s face it. the job attracts more than its fair share of psychopaths.

    but the ultimate and authentic/original intent justification for the second amendment makes so many deaths a price worth paying for its believers.

    the original intent is that the citizenry always be able to carry on an insurgency if such becomes necessary. of course atf closed down the explosives part of an effective insurgency following oklahoma city.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  9. Biff says:

    cops are pretty much the same everywhere

    Vehemently disagree

  10. @R.C.

    I really have to conclude that it’s too late for America.
    We’ve fought the good fight, but reality must be recognized – even/especially when those out to destroy one’s nation have gotten to where they have, even if they’re (unsurprisingly and merely) being well used useful idiots.

    I get fed up with this Eeyore shit. If you can’t help fight, at least keep quiet.

  11. Our people have jewbrain….they have been indoctrinated by a hostile elite that despises white Christian people.

    The Bolsheviks were blood thirsty demonic filth…they burned churches, raped nuns, slit the throats of holy men.

    Solzhenitsyn said the Bolsheviks slaughtered 66 MILLION innocent Russian Christians. And this was deliberate mass murder, not accidental.

    While the Germans did kill some jews, for the most part the death of jews was accidental. There were no gas chambers. The jews were put in work camps, not death camps.

    Jews died as a result of the allied bombing of railroads near the end of the war, so that food and medicine supplies were curtailed. Jews died from starvation and typhus…not deliberate mass murder.

    An intelligent accounting of jewish deaths results in a figure far less than 6 million. The actual number is surely less than one million…probably around 600,000.

    Keep in mind the fact that 55 MILLION non-jews died in WWII, and that figure is not disputed.

    In any case, our American men, (three of my elders) fought in WWII, killed our brothers in Germany…to save jews…..who now shit on us and our nation.

    We now suffer under jewish tyranny…..jewish supremacism…..Bolshevism.

    Frankly, there is no comparison between Nazism and Bolshevism.

    The Germans simply wanted to save their nation from the communists;
    the Bolsheviks want to take over the entire WORLD.

  12. @rebel yell

    My Russian martial art ‘master’ used to be hired to train a police unit in Systema. Added to his fighting skills, he is an intellectual and a clinician psychologist. Once, in a seminar in Europe(great as always) he told us about that experience. Amongst the local cops in the seminar, one had killed a man in very dubious circonstances. His analyses was that the man was psychologically 7 years old and that he had noticed that most of the guys had he dealt with during this program were very immature. His conclusion had been that never again would he teach again in that context in the US.

    I am pretty certain that no generalisation can be made and many cops in the US are very professional and servicing the local population.

    Further more, the post 9/11 Bush mafia policy of distributing military grade weapons to police, coupled with the paranoid/pathological minset of the Patriot Act have been highly detrimental to the police in the US and it’s satellites countries as well as to the population. There will allways more ponerogenesis if the people have to live in a fraudulous and deceitful vision of reality concocted by olygarchical psychopaths.

    The fact that the Israelis have been used to form police units in many countries has also been very detrimental in every cases.

  13. His entire cultural milieu is a Potemkin village and he sincerely believes the lies necessary to support it.

    We are all marinated in propaganda. Jesse alone is responsible for Jesse’s ignorance. Fuck Jesse.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  14. Anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps the blasphemy that “Salvation is from the Jews” is a complete lie. Wouldn’t be the first from a Rabbi.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Disagree: Thim
  15. It’s a bit late for whining, especially if you’re a boomer or older. Negroes have always hated America (which they historically saw as “massa’s property.” But now we have 30% of the population that’s “foreign born” and who knows what percentage that has more allegiance to their tribe, village, or whatever than to the abstraction of the US Constitution.

    This ship has hit the rocks. The only question left is how many of us can get our children on the lifeboat and how much of our legacy we can load on there with them.

    All the power has been captured and is squarely lined up against us. Those who had hoped for an American Pinochet to restore sanity may be now assured by the recent white LtC at Ft Carson (?) condemning them all (and their progeny) as evil by virtue of their whiteness.

    Plan your exit strategies boomers. If you are rich enough and smart enough, you can probably live out your life free from physical consequences of your life behavior. If you are extraordinarily rich, it’s possible that your children may escape the cannibal’s pot. However, taking a page from History, Henry Ford (publisher of the International Jew) has a mulatto great-great-grandchild (maybe missing a “great”).. Considering the rapid advancement of our decline, I think three generations is going to be the best any honkie can hope for..

    Right about 2100 and the forecast for 4 Billion Africans.

    • Agree: TKK
  16. Dumbo says:

    Why are American cops so much more lethal than cops in other countries, I ask Jesse. You know, like in Germany or Japan or someplace.

    There’s a lot of murdering cops in Latin America, too. As America resembles more and more Latin America, this aspect will be similar too. Also, blacks. Germany and Japan have few blacks (although Germany is slowly catching up, and Japan might not be immune to jungle fever forever).

    he has only ever encountered viewpoints approved by the ruling class and taught to him by its sycophants in the schools he attended.

    This is true, but a man’s education on such matter should come primarily from the family, if possible. Schools and other institutions (including Hollywood) must be viewed with extreme skepticism. Young people are idealistic and naive, and they learn too late about how they are being manipulated – if they do at all. Youth is wasted on the young. He’ll learn later.

  17. Franz says:

    I really have to conclude that it’s too late for America.

    As “America” sure. But as in “Let’s bust our piece off and make a real nation — can be done.

    • Agree: Thim
  18. Franz says:
    @rebel yell

    The short answer is blacks resisting arrest. The long answer is genetics causing blacks to resist arrest.

    Shorter answer still:

    We are violating the territorial exclusion principle. Briefly: Only ONE ethnic group can efficiantly hold ground for its own people, for now and the future.

    The USA is many nations under one flag — technically impossible.

    Let it end. Let us depart from each other in peace.

    • Replies: @Anon
  19. gfjhsda says:
    @rebel yell

    Blacks commit crime at high rates, and resist arrest at high rates. Both of those will logically cause a higher rate of incidents with police.

    • Agree: Bernie
  20. Jiminy says:

    Maybe the thing to remember is not to remember at all. Everything should really be sent away to the dark recesses of your mind never again to see the light of day. All ideas that go against those selected by the government propaganda bureau should be memory-holed. The public is so much happier the more ignorant they are.
    In Jesse’s case he now has that extra thought clouding his decision making, example the Bolshevik holocaust. His quandary is now how can there possibly be two jewish holocausts in existence at the same time. Everything that he has based his anger and struggle upon, now directed at the man, can possibly collapse anytime to form a black hole of dis-information. The event horizon that he now finds himself teetering on could be his saviour or his downfall. To learn more or to ignore.
    It would have been so much kinder to Jesse if he hadn’t been told in the first place.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  21. @Phibbs

    I think he did. It was quite obvious in the narrative. Excellent piece by the way.

  22. @R.C.

    I have come to the same conclusion. It’s just too broken to fix at this point. The USA and the West are and will continue to decay and wither, and China will continue to rise by adapting the lessons of their historical success while avoiding their more contemporary series of suicidal mistakes. It is not “The End of History” but rather the stagnation and decline of the west and the beginning of a new chapter, a realignment of power to ideologies that aren’t based on an ethos that lends itself to self-loathing. The self inflicted erosion of western supremacy (which is bad, their diktats have decreed this) will give way to the rise of the supremacy of the Eurasian powers, with China as the engine. Hubris and an inverted moral system will be the ultimate drivers of it’s fade into 2nd world status.

    I’m heading to Eastern Europe in a few weeks. I’m not going to start a family in a culture that will demonize my children and brainwash them into disdaining their own kind and themselves. Things will not get better here. Socially, economically and spiritually; the trends in the West have been all been careening sharply downward for decades and decades. There is absolutely no logical reason to believe this trend will not continue to intensify over the near and long term.

    There is no future here but death. Get out while you can.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as we citizens are heavily armed …..cops must also be armed. It is the price we all pay for freedom. People get shot because they, 99% of the time, refuse to comply to orders and throw temper tantrums like children. The videos I have seen show grown-ass men, screaming, grunting and crying like babies. Same shit heads that two minutes earlier were stabbing someone to death with a knife.

    Bad cops, however, need to be shot. They are out there and they are disgusting human beings. They get aroused by violence, bullying….they are sadists and lovers of POWER.

    I am amazed at the control of history by the Jews. What is impressive is that their murderous deeds (66 Million people murdered) are suppressed worldwide. History in every country is re-written by Jews to bury the Bolshevik Holocaust, the Cheka murders, the Palestinian murders. The Polish Katyn Forest murders of tens of thousands. Along with the Jews, the Allied Forces have sanitized their war crimes as well.

    I remember America being aghast when in Desert Storm (the invasion of Iraq) we were accused of bombing civilians. I remember the Americans in Vietnam and the My lai massacre. Oh the horror. The shock of thumb-sucking Americans. The Allied forces did this wholesale to the Germans. Intentionally firebombing over 1000 german cities,…in the middle of the night. Murdering hundreds of thousands of German civilians.

    When will we wake up and demand the truth about our history. About WWI and WWII.
    When will we wake up to the Jewish threat? And puke out their propaganda and start demanding facts. America was a very nieve nation. We had no experience with the Jew. They saw our soft Christian underbellies and knew we, our nation, would be theirs for the picking. And so they did.

    And here we remain. Idiot mushrooms feeding on Jew News. And crying for the little girl wearing a red dress in Schindler’s List. Her little red shoes in the pile with the rest of the other 6 Million. Those poor Jews…our only friends in the middle east.

    If all of America would just turn of the Jew Tube and read. If Americans would wake up to the Bolshevik Holocaust…they would understand the mind of the enemy subverting our country. They would be very willing to accept Israel’s role in 9/11. 3000 Americans were slaughtered on 9/11. That is nothing, nothing…absolutely nothing for a tribe willing to torture, starve and murder 66 Million Christian Russians. We truly are insects and beasts on two legs to them.

  24. The sense of superiority with the pleasure of unjustified brutality, a good salary and a wealthy old age is the price of fidelity. In Chile, for example, the government bought the loyalty of the police and military with a high salary and a retirement four times that of the ordinary citizen. And they kill for pleasure because they know they have “qualified impunity” as a reward for loyalty.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @EuroNat
  25. Any honest student that has studied objective sources on communist terror in European history from 1900 on, can not even be left with the slightest doubt about the role the Soviet Union occupied, to wit, it made Germany as well as the other fascist systems in Europe, look like boy scouts. If communist terror in the rest of the world since 1900 is studied, the comparison between it and fascist systems makes communist terror even worse. Communism in theory is a beautiful idea but when it has been put into practice, it has never produced anything but terror and mass murder on an unimaginable scale.

    • Replies: @DinoN
  26. Vojkan says:

    Why are American cops so much more lethal than cops in other countries, I ask Jesse. You know, like in Germany or Japan or someplace.

    Beacause unlike German or Japanese or other countries’ cops, so many of them seem to suffer from a “Wyatt Earp” syndrome that it wouldn’t be surprising if it were actually a recruitment criterion. On top of it, US TV shows produced by Klein’s kinfolk glorify such behaviour.

    And no, it has nothing to do with racism. If blacks end up more often than other groups on the receiving end, it is just because they put themselves there more often than other groups.

  27. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent article.

  28. zard says:

    “‘National’ and ‘Social’ are two identical conceptions. It was only the Jew who succeeded, through falsifying the social idea and turning it into Marxism, not only in divorcing the social idea from the national, but in actually representing them as utterly contradictory. That aim he has in fact achieved. At the founding of this Movement we formed the decision that we would give expression to this idea of ours of the identity of the two conceptions: despite all warnings, on the basis of what we had come to believe, on the basis of the sincerity of our will, we christened it ‘National Socialist.’ We said to ourselves that to be ‘national’ means above everything to act with a boundless and all-embracing love for the people and, if necessary, even to die for it. And similarly to be ‘social’ means so to build up the state and the community of the people that every individual acts in the interest of the community of the people and must be to such an extent convinced of the goodness, of the honorable straightforwardness of this community of the people as to be ready to die for it.”

    – Adolf Hitler, speech of April 12th, 1922 in Munich

  29. TKK says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Do you know that I had never heard of the Bolsheviks until Craig Nelsen told me?

    I went to the Ivy League of the South, I went to law school- I read constantly.

    To be sure, when he first explained it to me, I had no idea what he was talking about. It is scrubbed from the history books.

    To be even clearer, when I first started reading about politics on the Internet…mainly frustrated with the Sacred Negro Cult…I had no idea jews were behind it!

    The more I read, the more I began to believe. I would be a dullard to deny it now.

    This truth is hidden from the world. I believe the Evangelical Americans (whom I despise ) are why this truth is hidden.

    I was messing around in rural NC – I mean out in the boondocks – and saw a Baptist Church has the Israeli flag flying. Just absolute morons.

    The whole tangle of fishhooks of Jesus, the Jews, Christianity, the Rapture keeps the rank and file believing in fairy tales, and cooks up some mystical kinship between Christians and Jews.

    It is tragic.

    • Agree: Robin Hood
    • Thanks: Badger Down
    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  30. anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    American soldiers were still coming home in boxes after dying in Europe, in part to save the Jews, and yet in 1947 Arthur Miller’s novel Focus was demonizing all Americans, even the unborn, as being all Nazis under the skin and worse than the Germans–and all to great acclaim among those least likely to have served in uniform (as is the case today). Phillip Roth was awarded the highest humanities award by Obama, whatever it’s called, for his autobiographical Portnoy’s Complaint, in which he fantasizes about shtupping little Catholic school girls in uniform, not, as he says, because the sex would be any good, but as a way to f**k America’s Catholic men who disproportionately died and were maimed in the mistaken belief the Jews of Europe needed saving.

    In Nick Kellerstrom’s excellent review of the evidence disproving the Holocaust, Breaking the Spell, he footnotes a quip that goes something like, “There were 2.4 million Jews in German occupied territory during WW II. After the war, 4 million applied for reparations. Sadly, the other 6 million were lost.” With the official plaque at Auschwitz at 1 million and pending revision to no more than 176k, or so, pending the release of the Red Cross records, and, with the total impossibility of the other 2 million having been gassed to death with diesel fumes and then cremated en masse in small fields near other eastern Polish camps, the Holocaust turns out to be the biggest holohoax in human history.

    But, to your point, no serious historian doubts that Jews were the vanguard of the communists in Russia, who were easily the worst mass murderers and torturers in history, just as they were during the Spanish Civil War when large numbers of Jews from Brooklyn joined the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” to take part in the rape and mutilation of clergy and burning of churches in Spain. No serious historian contests this latter holocaust at the hands of the Jews, or their motive, either.

    Unless one has worked with Jews on Wall Street or some other field they dominate in NYC or other big city, he may intellectually understand the hatred they have for him, while without emotionally grasping its visceral, atavistic depth oozing from every askance glance, he remains incapable of responding in kind. Their clinical paranoia marked by grandiosity–that signature Freudian insanity of hearing what the goy’s saying but knowing what he’s really thinking–no doubt has them actually believing that in every encounter the congenial goy hates them as much as they hate the goy.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Badger Down
    , @anon
  31. DanFromCT says:

    What’s tragic, TKK, is that you conflate the abuse with the essence, which is almost always an excuse we fall back on to avoid facing reality. Apparently from your outpost in rural NC you’ve studied and found wanting the morals, ethics, theology, law, logic, art, architecture, music, and science of Western Civilization, all of which are the emanations of a correct understanding of man, his spiritual nature, and the nature of the material world grounded solely in the Christian faith.

    Without the Christian Scholastics of the Middle Ages, for example, there would have been neither the vocabulary nor the conceptual framework for science to even begin, and yet some claim the Church has been an impediment to science and engineering based on wild distortions of historical clashes. You missed something out there in rural NC because winners in life live in rural America and go to church; losers in big cities and Hollywood, to a shrink.

    • Agree: frankie p
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @John Fisher
    , @TKK
    , @TKK
  32. “in this violent city, ” Because of blacks …raping,robbing,pimping White girls,abusing White girls,armed robbery,carjackings,shooting each other over rap songs,gold “teef” ,being “disrespcted an sheit” the newest sneakers…did you know that they actually have a statistic for murder over SNEAKERS…I kid you not. And guess what…100% black idiocy. Oh look..Black or African American: 29.9%…once you get past 2% to 5% black , that’s it.Maybe KC will be Detroilet or Baltimorgue or Chiraq..maybe St Louis…in another 5 or 10 years . blacks turn everything into a crime ridden sheithole like Africa. But just keep crying and cucking to these black morons who have no morality or self control. Send in the clowns,ooops I mean Social Workers…that will solve everything. LMAO!

    • Agree: Clyde
  33. rating–F
    Total crime
    Violent crime
    Property crime

    Kansas City crime rates are 112% higher than the national average
    Violent crimes in Kansas City are 277% higher than the national average
    In Kansas City you have a 1 in 19 chance of becoming a victim of crime
    Diversity is good! Diversity is a strength! Diversity is what makes the Middle East so peaceful! Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  34. I’m not going to start a family in a culture that will demonize my children and brainwash them into disdaining their own kind and themselves.

    Referring to the Jew.S.A. as a ‘culture’ is a bit of stretch, yes? 😉

    What would my my hero Ezra Pound say if he were alive today?

    Good luck to you.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  35. Hossein says:

    Those Jews were whites too and so are the current Ashkenazi white rulers of Judenland.

    Jewish ethnic supremacism is a part of European white supremacism . The whole idea of Zionism is based on white supremacy ,

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
    , @Knucklehead
  36. Anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Which is precisely why Israel do not want all these stray dogs in the country and damn quite rightly so. The Goy think they are so smart but there are really stupid. They are so blind they do not see the disintegration in their cities and countries caused by a torrent of refugees all with their own agenda, petty feuds and endless squabbling and quarrelling tucked away in their backpacks. They who have nothing to offer but want everything they can get. The US needs to talk with the Israeli PM and come up with the will and means to expel them all. The Jews of course will remain. They need us to run the country and display what intelligence looks like.

    • Replies: @Franz
  37. saggy says: • Website

    Which holocaust? I ask. The Nazi Holocaust that started in 1939 and killed six million Jews?

    No, not that ‘holocaust’, that holocaust was a 100% preposterous hoax.

  38. @Colin Wright

    I get fed up with this Eeyore shit. If you can’t help fight, at least keep quiet.

    The blightwing isn’t organized to fight, much less “fight.” Blightwing platforms like Unz are nothing more than pressure relief valves.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
    , @Badger Down
  39. Leo Den says:

    Exactly. But those who control the West, the Jews, made sure no one hears about their crimes.

  40. Talking to Jesse will not change his mind. Repetition via the various medias has gaslighted him so much he is now brain washed. Education is about non stop repetition, and critical thinking is now deigned, if you are lucky, part of the autistic spectrum. Finally protesting is giving him a sense of purpose. His life now matters has far as he is concerned.

    • Agree: Trinity
  41. Trinity says:

    Good ole Jesse sounds edjumcated. I changed my mind, I don’t want Jesse’s girl.

    Cue: Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

    • LOL: TKK
  42. DanFromCT says:

    The blightwing isn’t organized to fight . . .

    They’re a function of Jewish money–and as we now realize it goes back to the founding of National Review in 1955–, so you could say they’re organized specifically to avoid fighting. America used to be 90% white and now, thanks to Conservatism Inc, Fox News, and the Republican Party’s inaction, we’re down to about 60% and losing more ground every day.

    The idea was brilliant. Instead of America being a country of living and breathing men and women whose welfare they were morally obligated to protect, it would become at the hands of the conservatives and Republicans an abstraction based on abstractions. Instead of marching people in the streets as should have been done, this stable of goats cleverly neutralized opposition by insisting our only recourse was debating ideas in the public forum they knew was controlled by the Jews. Elsewhere they could resort to handwringing and crocodile tears, when action was demanded, by claiming the courts tied their hands. You have to admit the plan was brilliant and the proof of its success we see everywhere in its results.

    • Agree: Alden
  43. @rebel yell

    The indulgent treatment of blacks in the US amounts to a violation of the rights of others. What freedom is more basic than to come and go in peace? Because the criminality of blacks goes unchecked—more than ever since apeman George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl—Whites and other non-blacks are deprived of that right. The US is a grotesque and odious black-supremacist entity.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs, TKK
  44. Once again, the case for Secession from blue state shitholes appears. No need to argue, we know Red States are better off without these commie twunts and the federal mafia.

  45. DrCiber says:

    CIA Director William Casey told President Reagan that they would know the CIA’s disinformation campaign was complete when everything the American people believed was false. Looking at the comments here it’s clear they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. And that they didn’t stop at the US border. But talking to Jesse ….waste of breath

  46. “I tell him I think Jews have the power.”

    Certainly within the pornography industry. They are the kings of porn.

  47. anarchyst says:

    The jewish holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™ ” can easily be debunked and refuted utilizing basic scientific, engineering and logistical principles. To wit:

    –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face. Zyklon B is an effective delousing fumigant, nothing more.

    –Transporting jews to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.

    –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.

    –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, and other amenities be needed?

    –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.

    –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.

    –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.

    –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” (oh my) made from jews is also laughable,

    –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.

    –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort.

    –Anne Frank’s “diary” partially written with a ball-point pen which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? lol

    –The jewish prohibition of the “disturbing of grave sites” speaks VOLUMES (because they do not exist). Despite jewish claims, ground penetrating radar has proven that mass grave sites do not exist.

    Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and would not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust promoters.

    Follow the shekels…

    • Replies: @dimples
  48. anarchyst says:

    You mean: “without the CATHOLIC SCHOLASTICS of the Middle Ages” don’t you?

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  49. “statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.”

    LOVE IT! Into the 50’s…OY VEY! The Goy know! Shut it down!

    “The Freemasonry of the Jewish Merchants”

  50. Ragno says:

    Most important op-ed published here in years. Print out multiple copies, because unawakened gentiles may not know what time it is, but they know what happens to people who don’t loudly denounce “hate” and “white supremacy” – and not just because they buy into that okeydoke (many don’t), but because they know, as we all do, that Big Brother is now watching and listening to every word being uttered (and what they can’t see and hear, their fucking algorithms can now ‘reconstruct’).

    Therefore the only way to make sure this gets disseminated is by us printing this out to stick under their noses. God made sure to give us printers for articles like this.

  51. DinoN says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    What about American Capitalism Terror on the World especially on 3rd World Countries? Bombings, Dronings, Sanctions, Regimes Changing etc! What a Bully!

  52. sally says:

    also not mentioned is that Schiff took 194 (think the number is correct) Jewish immigrants from NYC just after Lenin’s revolution got under way in November, and journeyed with them thru Canada (where they were detained for a few days) into Lenin’s Russia, where the NYC to Russia group of Jews became the officials in Lenin’s new Bolshevik Government.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  53. Police really should be shooting more people.

  54. @Colin Wright

    Fight with what, See Dubya, words? It won’t get you anywhere save a civil war.

  55. The New Twenty First Century Wright Brothers are Kenterius Wright and Daquarius Wright, two Magic Negroz made popular by killing whites cause Dey be chillins of slave ownaz.
    Last month it was reported that only 30 whites were killed by blacks. That figure doesn’t take into whites killed by drugs supplied by blacks knowingly laced with fatal amounts of fentanyl, or the hundreds of whites killed unreported or no suspect apprehended.
    Look at the last two mass shootings in Texas and Georgia where the suspects race (blacks) were not disclosed for fear of stereotyping.
    There will come a point in time when whites will respond. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

  56. anon[825] • Disclaimer says:

    Censorship/info control common at many public libraries: books ordered, books not.


    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  57. @DinoN

    Absolutely. I’m not a no room for the U.S. sins kind of person. We deal with it but first things first, THE ENEMY WITHIN.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  58. @Jiminy

    That’s not how it works. This could be the jolt that awakens him
    You are looking at this whole episode negatively. This could be a start of a new journey of discovery for Jesse and maybe his close friends.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  59. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    “….What about American Capitalism Terror on the World …”

    Who runs the State Depart ? Federal Reserve ? Pentagon ? – it ain’t Christians. Its another ethinc group

  60. SafeNow says:

    I understand it when commenters here, or NY Post columnists, say “fight back” or “get involved.” But they are not being fully realistic, because they omit what should be the second half of their sentence. It would say: “…despite possible personal negative consequences, often dreadful, to you and your family.”

    If a “fight”-advocator will not say this, maybe it is because he assumes that “dreadful consequences” is now so obvious that it is implied.

  61. @Liborio Guaso

    In Chile, for example, the government bought the loyalty of the police and military with a high salary and a retirement four times that of the ordinary citizen.

    You left out the most important piece: They hire what they see in the mirror.
    Virtually everything in (((Western liberal democracies))) has been politicized in both the public and private sector. The people capable of being even-handed and forward thinking (as in long term consequences) are left behind by politics. Those politics can be “Big P”, as in Party support or “little p” such as who you know (or blow).
    The psychopaths seek power. There are people, who genuinely believe they can make things better, that seek elected positions of authority, but they are a small minority. The psychopaths are in charge, and have been for decades. They have infiltrated every political party and decision making structure directly, or through useful idiots who are ideologues. They ensure that other psychopaths fill positions of authority. The reality is that there is rot in all (((Western liberal democracies))), the only difference is the degree, and even there, the gap is quickly closing.

  62. EuroNat says:
    @rebel yell

    This does not explain why US cops kill so many more whites also. How could the following scumbag

    have shot the white guy in the video and gotten away with it?

    Answer probably is, and feel free to correct any ignorant points if there are any in the following list:

    In the ongoing experiment/shitshow that is the US of A, judges let scumbags like the above gentleman get away with de facto extra judicial executions.

    Instead of unified and standard training the 100s of different police forces receive each different and more or less well funded training depending on in which state they enforce the law.

    No centralised authority collects data on killings and abuses of power, and if there is one, there is no compulsion from the different states to compile and pass this data to this centralised authority.

    Each state has different laws regulating the transfer and sale of pre owned guns. In some states there are registries like in Europe, in others there isn’t. Ghost guns are a real problem in some states. Very little accountability for rogue FFL holders. Different regulations in different states for how guns must be kept at home.

    Overcrowded jails and prisons with inmates stabbing/stomping each other and putting shanks up their asses with conditions arguably worse than in many poorer South/Central American shitholes do not help either to have potential jail goers not to prefer getting shot/go with a bang than having to go back to the overcrowded county jail/state prison meat grinder to fight for their lives like dogs.

    To top it off there are 120 civilian guns per 100 people. In Germany the number is 20. And I am not even sure if this number includes irregularly obtained guns. In any case this is 6 times as many guns per 100 citizens. Is it fair to say then police foot soldiers are 6 times more likely to win the lottery and find the illegal carry guy in any one police interaction?

    Agreed that having lots of blacks and LatAm mestizos does not help one bit of course. Still it is a bit more complicated than “too mucho niggas and morenoes”.

    So, if the above is more or less correct, then it is little wonder that poorly/not uniformly trained police forces with little accountability (see case above) are quite a bit twitchy and trigger happy when the shit hits the fan, or simply looks and feels like its going to hit in no time.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  63. @WorkingClass


    Jesse is not a “victim.”

    Jesse has not been “failed” by us.

    Jesse was brainwashed because he secretly wanted to be.

    It is the same for everyone.

    No one can be brainwashed unless he subconsciously wants to be.

    The victim mentality is very seductive. It can snare any of us if we are not careful.

    For example, if I suggest that Americans are controlled by Jews because (most) Americans want to be controlled by Jews, I will get flamed here.

    The flamers imagine that America is a “victim” of Jews.

    That’s the victim mentality in action.

    ZOG cockroaches cannot help but be cockroaches. The problem is not the roaches, but people who eagerly worship the roaches.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  64. @true.enough

    What would my my hero Ezra Pound say if he were alive today?

    One might be:
    “I found after seventy years that I was not a lunatic but a moron…. I should have been able to do better.” ~ Ezra Pound
    “I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them.” ~ Ezra Pound
    There is a reason they declared him insane and locked him up, starting with
    “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’” ~ Ezra Pound

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  65. @sally

    got a source, Sally?

    • Replies: @sally
  66. anarchyst says:

    The answer to your question on how Philip Brailsford could get away with murdering Daniel Shaver is “qualified immunity”.
    You see, until 1982, police officers had no immunity from prosecution for their actions. They could be brought up on charges just like any other citizen.
    The “supreme court” created the concept of “immunity” to protect government workers from prosecution, even for criminal activities.
    The only way a person can sue a public official for misconduct is to file a “deprivation of civil-rights under color of authority” lawsuit. Even then, most of these lawsuits are unsuccessful as the complainant has to “prove” the official’s “state of mind at the time of the incident” which is nearly impossible to do.
    Also, American police officers receive training in israeli military tactics, American trainers actually travel to israel to see “how it’s done”. “We are all Palestinians, now.”
    To add insult to injury, murderer police officer Philip Brailsford was re-hired by the Mesa AZ police department so that he could receive a “disability pension”.
    As to your criticism of the amount of firearms Americans possess, 99.99% of lawfully owned firearms never result in criminal activity. Take away the black violence with firearms statistics in major urban areas and the USA ranks near the bottom of firearms misuse statistics.
    The only solution for rogue police officers and other public officials is to remove their official “immunity”. Require police officers and other public officials to purchase “malpractice insurance” just like medical professionals. You can bet that insurance companies would do a better job of keeping the “bad apples” from pursuing professions such as police officers…no malpractice insurance–no job. These moves would make ((them)) think twice.

    • Agree: Jefferson Temple
    • Replies: @EuroNat
  67. R.C. says:

    Hey, ass. Your oversimplification and misrepresentation of what I actually wrote deserves no more reply than this sentence.
    I know what I do in a gunfight. Do you? Finis.

  68. @paranoid goy

    Which locations in the US rely on privatized policing? All of the PDs and Sheriffs departments are public.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  69. Nancy says:

    I wish the average citizen knew that along with ‘dual citizenship/loyalty’, Jews also have, per their unquestioned Talmud, ‘dual morality’. I think this is a cultural meme (perhaps unconsiously) absorbed by the largely ‘seculrar’ Israeli population… not to mention those of the diaspora. I wish we could get that noun, ‘Dual morality’ in general conversation.

    • Replies: @gleongelpi
  70. Nancy says:

    Also, can we drop the ‘6 million’… even Jewish historians acknowledge that 4 million is closer to the ‘lie.’ And we know that it is far lower than that, and more due to disease, etc. than any planned genocide or gassing.

  71. This reminds me that it was a fellow named Epstein who pissed off a lot of Democrats by publicizing his contention that Google swung several million votes to Killary in 2016 by shadow banning/shadow boosting various websites.

  72. Why are American cops so much more lethal than cops in other countries, I ask Jesse.

    the question should have been: How many unarmed black were killed in the prior year? The number is 11. And included in that number there are 9 blacks who violently resisted arrest. It doesn’t excuse the remaining 2, but it is evidence that there isn’t a plethora of cops murdering innocent blacks. The narrative must change. But, the same forces that executed the Bolshevik revolution, and the French one, are active today.

  73. Mike Tre says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The current crop of metro police are now largely minority and or broads, which plays a significant part in more police shootings overall. Were whites getting shot as much when 99% of police were white men and 85% of the country was white overall? Doubtful. In fact in a homogeneous white country it’s unlikely militarized contingents of police (swat and other tactical units) would have ever been created.

    In a low trust, multiracial society, everyone is treated as the worst of that society by not just police, but by all government agencies. In the US’s case, negroes.

  74. @rebel yell

    Blacks committing acts that require arrest.

  75. @Nancy

    That six million in an invented number. There is no way of knowing what the real number was but according to a variety of sources that have taken the time to explain what happened in detail, it might not have made it to even one million. The number, of course, is, in a way, irrelevant. Atrocities are atrocities, regardless.

  76. TKK says:

    How you extrapolated that is a head scratcher. I was not discounting Western achievements.

    Instead, I made two points:

    1) The secret genocides, like the Holodomor, were not taught in school, nor are there mountains of books and films to study regarding these historical events, UNLIKE the WW2 Holocaust industry.

    2) I was stating that for me to ignore the poison of Jewish agitators in America regarding “woke” culture, the forced acceptance of trans mentally ill deviants, the dominance of Jews in the pornography industry , mixed in with Evangelical fanaticism over Israel and the Sacred Negro Cult would……….. make me a dullard. Again, I did not know about this until I was exposed to it, because it is verbotim to speak out in our society.

    I have lived in Turkey, Indonesia, Portugal and traveled a lot. In fact, travel used to be my obsession. I loafed around most of West and Eastern Europe for year after undergrad on a prestigious travel scholarship. I was actually buying a property in NC, and riding horses- that is why I said “messing around.”

    But- if your petty snobbery wants to make me out as a mouth breathing, dirty ankles yokel who would not know Lucern from Lagos, knock yourself out.

    Yee- Haw!!!!

    Maw, get them beans and and taters and cornbread on the fire, we gonna party tonite!!!!

  77. @anonymous

    Your comment was so good, anonymous[416], that I would like to read more of your comments. Too bad you don’t have a “SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle”.

  78. @Oldtradesman

    The Unz website is much more than that. People blunder onto here and have their eyes OPENED.

  79. Jiminy says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Hope springs eternal. Maybe after his chance meeting with the author Jesse went straight to the local library, the first time in his life, to search for information that reinforced what was said to him. Upon finding confirmation he raced back to his friends to spread the word. Right now as I type this his companions are doing likewise. Spreading like wildfire across the country, young people are waking to a new dawn, a new beginning that’s based on new ideas.
    Unfortunately we all know that life’s not like in the movies. There’s no happy ending for a lot of people. America’s government seems to feed that negativity, telling the world how evil China is. How Iran and Russia must pay dearly. How there is no room for Palestine.
    What so many seem to forget is that they are just people like you and me wanting to live out their lives, watching their kids grow up. And witnessing the dawn of the next day.

  80. TKK says:

    Did you have your dander up because I can’t stomach Evangelical Christians?


    Brother, if you believe that group wants to role up their sleeves and discuss anything more serious with you than the plot of Grey’s Anatomy..

    … you are in for a big, nasty shock.

    Please…approach a Southern Baptist, visor wearing, obese, arrogant redneck, sports fanatic (they all go hand in hand) and ask him to discuss Kierkegaard. I’d pay money to see if.

    • LOL: Jefferson Temple
  81. @A little boy in the crowd

    “No one can be brainwashed unless he subconsciously wants to be.”
    A nice little absolute sentence. You are completely wrong.
    The USA is stuffed with Holocaust Museums. Schoolkids must visit there, perhaps several times, or even once a year. They must do some classwork or projects on the topic. They are taught the Jewish racist slur “Nazi”. They watch the fictitious “Schindler’s List” and read the fictional “Diary of Anne Frank”. Maybe they are given to understand that little Anne Frank was murdered by the Germans (she wasn’t).
    At the end of that cleverly devised brainwashing, most schoolchildren believe in the Holocaust of the Six Million Jews by the Nasty Germans as a historical fact.
    That much is fact, and you can “subconsciously” till Freud comes home.

  82. @anarchyst

    Any extra-terrestrial? Or just the ones with eyes who understand English?

    David Irving did probably the best job of showing Hitler to be a drug addict. What planet are you from?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  83. anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    I tell him I think Jews have the power.

    You kind of lost me there, says Jesse. Jews are… are the victims of marginalization, too.

    C’mon, I say, seven out of eight Ivy League presidents are Jews. Jews completely dominate Hollywood. The media. The highest incomes. Half of US billionaires. Ten of fifteen cabinet positions in the current administration. How are Jews marginalized victims?

    The Holocaust? Jesse replies pointedly in the manner of a true believer, as if nothing in the world could be more obvious.

    Which holocaust? I ask. The Nazi Holocaust that started in 1939 and killed six million Jews? Or the Bolshevik Holocaust that started twenty years earlier and killed 66 million Christians? Jesse makes a noise that sounds like surprise.

    this about sums up the argument against jews today exept that the author fails to mention that jews likely have accumulated about 50% of the total wealth of the U.S. in their hands – about \$50 trillion according to this article:

  84. anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    American soldiers were still coming home in boxes after dying in Europe, in part to save the Jews, and yet in 1947 Arthur Miller’s novel Focus was demonizing all Americans, even the unborn, as being all Nazis under the skin and worse than the Germans–and all to great acclaim among those least likely to have served in uniform (as is the case today).

    based on combat deaths, jews probably served in the U.S. military at about 75% of the rate of the average American despite the fact that they were supposedly fighting their worst enemy. According to an extensive 2009 survey jews only serve at about 15% the rate of the average American in today’s military.

    and of course they are likely the worst spies and traitors in U.S. history with the likes of Jonathan Pollard and the Rosenbergs and the other jews who gave atomic secrets to the Soviet Union – per capita its not even close

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
  85. anarchyst says:
    @Johnny Rico

    I see the holohoax promoters are out…
    The “science” is out there…

  86. Franz says:

    The US needs to talk with the Israeli PM and come up with the will and means to expel them all.

    I’d buy tickets to that.

    For years now, though, our pols are pretending there is no problem. To satisfy the cheap labor lobby, the social justice clowns, all of it.

    Biden & company will only see it as a problem when it becomes THEIR problem. That’ll be way too late for the majority.

  87. Jett Rucker says: • Website


  88. truthman says:

    Bidens cabinet clearly has an overrepresentation of Jews, but 10 out of 15? I count Blinken, Yellen, Garland, and Mayorkas, but who else?

  89. AndrewR says:
    @Colin Wright

    How are you “fighting”? The vast majority of Americans are a lost cause. Tell us what you’re doing to fight Jewish Supremacy.

  90. AndrewR says:

    Can you elaborate on the last sentence?

  91. @anon

    True story. My local public library had a copy of Goering’s War and a copy of Hitler’s Second Book once upon a time. Neither shows up in an online search of the library’s website anymore. The downtown Holocaust museum is still open, I’m sad to say.

  92. dimples says:

    “Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face. Zyklon B is an effective delousing fumigant, nothing more.”

    Zyklon B is 100% cyanide gas. Take a sniff.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  93. RestiveUs says:

    No, it’s based on Jewish supremacy. Hence, the word “goyim”.

  94. Getaclue says:
    @Colin Wright

    I knew a Commander in the Navy — he was there — said they actually cemented many of those Pilots into those planes — so it wasn’t quite as portrayed here of course….

  95. @Badger Down

    Thank you for your comment.

    Let’s think this through…

    Each of us is endowed with reason and free will, and each of us can access numerous web sites that expose the holo-hoax.

    You sincerely considered holo-hoax claims, and you saw that they were nonsense. You chose to wake up. You made a decision. No one made it for you. As you will see in a moment, no one could have made it for you.

    Each of us is constantly bombarded with lies. Each of us has free will, and we always have the choice to believe the lies or no. If we choose to blindly believe lies, it is because we consciously or subconsciously get something out of it.

    With the holo-hoax, for example, maybe it titillates us. Maybe we enjoy feeling sorry for all those poor innocent Jew banker-parasites that got turned into lampshades. Maybe the holo-hoax lets us feel morally superior to others. Maybe we find safety in joining the herd of cattle that choose to believe in the hoax.

    Whatever. Each of us has his own motives for choosing to believe lies — but the bottom line is that it is always a CHOICE.

    We tell ourselves that this is not so; that we have no choice. We prefer to imagine ourselves as “victims,” since it is easy and comforting to blame others, and it offers many payoffs. As “victims,” we are “better.” We are more deserving of sympathy.

    Imaginary victimhood is a self-righteous and deeply ingrained habit in many of us. We love to feel sorry for ourselves, and blame others for the decisions that we made with our own free will.

    Maturity, however, means that we take full responsibility for who we are and what we think. Maturity means moving beyond our childish delusions of victimhood, and owning our decisions.

    We can temporarily believe lies, but no one can be brainwashed long-term unless he consciously or subconsciously wants to be brainwashed.

    No one can be seduced by lies unless he chooses to be, for his own personal reasons that involve psychological payoffs.

    • Thanks: Polemos
  96. @Hossein

    Jewish paternal lineage
    27% Kavkaz
    7% turkomongol
    15-20% Ethiopian
    <5% Balkan
    15% slavshit
    14% celto-Germanic-italic-Iberian
    17% Semitic

    Ashkenazi jews aren’t European supremacist, they have no European homeland. They’re mongrels but at the same time inbred since their maternal lineage is generally Semitic. This is why they tend to have Jewy faces which is similar to Arab faces at least.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Kramer
  97. sally says:

    correction Schiff financed much of the Bolshevik revolution ( I meant to say) Trotsky and his 194 men part of that Financing, that took off from NYC to Russia. can find this in “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony c. Sutton (1974) .. this reference is a gold mind of explanation because it provides some of the evidence that proves who was involved in the lead up to the Russian Revolution that killed and those who were party of the killings that allowed Wall Street to extract from Russia the guts of its economic prizes. Also Saker mentions it in Dec. 2020.. there are many references to the great extraction of the wealth of Russia by Wall Street and its banker establishments in the Bolshevik effort to overthrow the Christian Czar.

    You will learn just how much of the interrelations of persons in and between the upper governments of Russia, Germany, UK, and the USA (Wilson) were involved..

    Have fun this book will take a few days to digest.

    • Thanks: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  98. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Ashkenazi jews aren’t European supremacist, they have no European homeland. They’re mongrels but at the same time inbred since their maternal lineage is generally Semitic. This is why they tend to have Jewy faces which is similar to Arab faces at least.



  99. @Jefferson Temple

    So you do agree the jails are run for profit? Now go find out about the tender process for precinct policing. Even the FBI and CIA are directly subservient to the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation with private shareholders and private profit motive.
    The nearest the public comes to policing, is either as traded goods (criminals) or as cash cows (fines and taxes) and every few years, you get to ‘vote’ for the local police chief, which is a political appointment to head a private concern, much like the chairman of the Fed, a political appointee with figurehead authorities, but ultimately no accountability.
    Next you might want to weigh the state of your educational system against the religion of free marketeering, then come tell me why America is not even in the top ten academic nations anymore.
    In the end, “free market capitalism” is the exact same religion as Communism, and you can expect the exact same results as what we saw in post-1917 Russia.
    That means millions dead, in the name of “progress” and “loyalty”. Only, in America, the pogroms will be conducted in a profitable manner, with lots of ‘cost savings’ and mechanisation, enabled by Baal Gates’ “investments in battlefield automation”.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  100. EuroNat says:

    As to your criticism of the amount of firearms Americans possess, 99.99% of lawfully owned firearms never result in criminal activity. Take away the black violence with firearms statistics in major urban areas and the USA ranks near the bottom of firearms misuse statistics.

    No you did not understand, must be my english. I am not criticising the amount of firearms Americans possess, I understand it is written in your constitution and more or less where this culture comes from historically. And I totally support the right of citizens to defend themselves and to stand their ground by any means necessary, including the use of deadly force.

    I was just putting myself in the shoes of US police officers in trying to explain why they are so trigger happy, and I think we could agree on one of the reasons being this – your- culture of citizens having a right to be armed, and therefore police being more likely to find people with handguns in any random interaction with citizens.

    I still think that in the US there are too many loopholes through which thugs can easily get firearms to commit crimes/trying to shoot their way out of an arrest. This is in my view the main reason why US cops escalate to what it looks like abuse of authority – from a European perspective – so easily.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Colin Wright
  101. EuroNat says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Decent salaries and pensions are the reason you do not have corrupt POS cops like they have in Mexico or Brazil, where cases of police asking for bribes, doing hits on the side and even selling people under arrest to cartels are more common than you would think. This stuff simply does not happen in Chile, carabineros are comparable to Western European police forces. You should be thankful Chilean leadership was and is smart enough to understand that if you want a less corrupt police force you have to pay them properly.

    The lack of accountability has nothing to do with retirement and salaries.

  102. conatus says:

    Great piece. The fact that the hugely disproportionate numbers of victims between Communism and Nazism are little known, speaks volumes about who controls our society.

    R.J. Rummel a professor at Univ. of Hawaii, coined the word Democide, death of a people by your own government. He has totals for the respective totalitarian groups of the 20th century.  Here the totals are:  21 million murdered  by Nazis,  62 million murdered by the Soviets,  54 Million murdered by Red Chinese.

    from here:

    You can quibble about the numbers but not the fact that Hitler had a reason to fear Communism and the Soviets after the twenties, given that the death toll in the USSR numbered in the millions by the time Hitler assumed power in 1933.
    Wasn’t it Churchill who said, after the war, “I fear we have slaughtered the wrong pig”

  103. bayviking says:
    @rebel yell

    The short answer is cops understand, without anyone ever having to tell them, that their job is to protect the wealthy from the working class.

    The long answer is we are a heavily armed society full of angry people which puts cops on edge and inclined to shoot first and ask questions later. Americans live in a society where if you ask, why are you arresting me, that constitutes resisting arrest. Since blacks are, on average, poorer than whites they are more likely to be subjected to police violence. However, all policeman are not the same. Some are more paranoid, prejudiced and trigger happy than others.

    The safest path forward when you are pulled over is to be polite. But that will not help with every cop. I recall an event in my youth in a Santa Monica apartment complex. My roommate and I were going to bed. Two cops showed up at the door, having been told that we were making a lot of noise. There was no basis for such a claim, but earlier that day, while working on my roommates car, we had cross words with an older tenant, who apparently sought free revenge. The cops should have immediately realized we were not making any noise, we had to turn our lights on to even talk to them, and gone about their business. Instead they demanded ID and one of the cops had to stop the other young punk cop who launched into a tirade that I was not as tall as my ID said I was. Total fucking morons, but the only safe path was to be polite as the one was anxious to arrest somebody, anybody, for any reason.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  104. bayviking says:

    It is interesting the Mr. Unz’s website scored at the very bottom of Google’s ranking. The site does not agree with the standard American belief system which filters out unacceptable opinions. Most people who benefit enormously from our economic system are incapable of careful critical self examination. If you possess that capability, our Academic and Corporate structures and two political parties will filter you out of consideration for any position of power. This phenomena is what Noam Chomsky calls manufacturing consent. It is hardly unique to US society.

  105. @paranoid goy

    Yes, the problem with having for-profit prisons has been well publicized. I disagree with your rationale for seeing the police as serving private interests. The police chief answers to an executive authority who is elected, or should be. The problem is greed and misguided priorities in the public sector. I think you correctly identify the education system as a culprit in creating the current state of the nation. By churning out miseducated sheep, at best, it has left us easy prey for the unethical sharks of both public and private sector. But in the sense you are talking about, all of us are herded along by the Fed.

  106. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Marvolo Riddle

    The U.S./West has military bases in Eastern Europe and they will become vassal states of the AngloZionist Empire within a generation. There were BLM protests in the major cities of Eastern Europe (and universities like University of Warsaw). Russia meanwhile was largely free from it.

    Polish Catholic kid stands up for traditional values…

    I wonder where the new U.S. vassal state, Poland, really stands and how its cops will respond? 🤔

    Hauling the boy off and and detaining him.

    • Replies: @Tom Marvolo Riddle
  107. anarchyst says:

    Thank you for your concise intelligent response. That being said…

    Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get firearms. Law-abiding citizens are not the problem, but every new gun control law is aimed squarely at law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

    Under the Constitution, the government is not (supposed) to register firearms as well as being prohibited from limiting the possession of “certain” firearms.

    Until the passage of the (unconstitutional) “National Firearms Act of 1934”, possession of ANY type of firearm was perfectly legal. Yes, this included cannons and “crew-served weapons” as well.

    The “Gun Control Act of 1968” further restricted the rights of American citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights by restricting retail sales of firearms.

    A prime example of the failure of “gun control” is Mexico. There is only one legal “gun shop” in Mexico, located on a military base. Despite the prohibitions on firearms and ammunition for most Mexican citizens, there is a large proliferation of weapons, many being owned by those law-abiding citizens who do not want to go through the aggravating, onerous procedure to procure a firearm legally.

    In Mexico, possession of one round of ammunition without legal authorization will result in a ten-year prison sentence.

    Far too many people have the mistaken assumption that a law-abiding citizen who chooses to legally carry a firearm causes him to be more careless, bold and brash and likely to commit a violent act. This is a common belief among our European friends.
    However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, law abiding citizens who choose to provide for their own defense by carrying a weapon are MORE likely to avoid confrontation, not wishing to have to use lethal force.

    In most cases, a law-abiding citizen who reveals that he is armed is enough to stop the threat. In most cases, the threat is neutralized without a shot being fired.

    In all firearms training in the USA (especially for civilians), “stopping the threat” is the prime reason for carrying weapon, NOT “wanting to shoot someone”. Legal ramifications are a part of the training; even a lawful self-defense shooting can mean legal expenses in excess of ten thousand dollars, depending on the state.

    Among American police officers, THAT “good reason” is not a part of their training. Police officers have immunity which makes them more likely to use lethal force, even if unwarranted.

    Let’s look at the differences between the way an honest law-abiding citizen and a police officer is treated after a self-defense situation:

    The law-abiding citizen who uses lethal force will be handcuffed and be taken to the police station until the situation is sorted out. He will be required to retain legal counsel on his own. In the meantime, police officers will question him relentlessly in an attempt to “trip him up” in order to attempt to gain a conviction. He will not be given time to compose his thoughts.

    The police officer who uses lethal force (in an identical situation) will not be handcuffed or taken to the police station. He will be given a taxpayer-paid “vacation” and will be afforded a union-paid attorney at no cost to himself. He will be given 72 hours in which to “get his story straight”. He will not be badgered or “tricked” into providing inconsistent answers. The “thin blue line” protects its own…

    In many areas of the country, the “deck is stacked” against the law-abiding citizen who is forced to use lethal force to defend his life.


  108. anarchyst says:

    You are absolutely correct. Politeness to police officers cannot be overstated.

    However, as you have stated, there are some instances in which even politeness is not enough. Police hold “all of the cards” and KNOW IT.

    Young people, just starting out are quite often “easy targets” for police abuses.

    Let’s look at some of the reasons police officers might be “disrespected” by young people:

    –Many police officers “target” and harass young people, teenagers, “just because they can”. In fact, some police officers get “enjoyment” out of harassing young people.

    –Young people are easy targets, especially those who are new to driving, and are easy “marks”. Quite often, police officers “target” those young people who work in restaurants, fast-food places, and other retail establishments, especially those who work at night, or have “odd shift hours”.

    –Many times, police officers target the same young people repeatedly because “they know who they are”, also “just because they can”.

    –In the grand scheme of things, a “ticket” issued to a young person can mean the loss of a weeks’ pay, or more. Targeting and ticketing the same young people repeatedly garners no respect for police as well. In most cases, “friendly advice” (without a ticket issued) at a traffic stop is enough to encourage good behavior.

    Some time ago, young workers in a Texas restaurant were criticized by the local media for refusing to serve their local police officers. Now “for the rest of the story”–

    These young workers were constantly being harassed by these same police officers, unlawful traffic stops, untoward disrespectful behavior by these police officers against these young restaurant workers, and other harassment directed at these young people by these police officers “just because they can”.

    When disrespectful behavior by police officers (and others) is meted out to anyone, especially young people, the urge to “fight back” is present. Thankfully, most young people are smart enough not to openly defy police officers, as police “have all the power”.

    These young restaurant workers “fought back” the only way they could—by refusing service.

    Message to police officers. Your own behavior is essential in earning respect, especially when dealing with young people. RESPECT is earned, NOT given as a result of your position. Good behavior on your part WILL gain you respect.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  109. @anarchyst

    John Baeza is a retired NYPD cop who did not settle for running down civilians for victimless crimes in order to extort money from them. I remember that he said that he worked for a Sheriff’s department in Florida after leaving NY. He would spend the time he was supposed to use for issuing speeding tickets reviewing files of crimes with actual victims. He is the guy we need heading up a national working group to reform policing.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  110. @EuroNat

    ‘…I still think that in the US there are too many loopholes through which thugs can easily get firearms to commit crimes/trying to shoot their way out of an arrest. This is in my view the main reason why US cops escalate to what it looks like abuse of authority – from a European perspective – so easily.’

    I think it’s otherwise. As someone who between one thing and another became something of a connoisseur of the behavior of different police departments, my experience has been that officers from jurisdictions with real crime tend to be a lot more reasonable than cops from basically crime-free communities.

    The former dealt with actual criminals. They’d usually calmly and politely explain what I was doing that was illegal, and insist I stop. Usually, a citation would ensue, but no hard feelings. The cops from Mayberry R.F.D. often seemed to feel compelled to throw their weight around and act like they’d just caught me with a dead child or something.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  111. @Curmudgeon

    “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’” ~ Ezra Pound

    That is true today as well. We might assume that the jew’s takeover here occurred at the time the push started to refer to the US as a democracy instead of a republic.

  112. @dimples

    Zyklon B is a stable source of cyanide. It must be warmed to release cyanide.

  113. @Anonymous

    Yeah I didn’t say I was going to Warsaw, Poland. The BLM march had less than 30 ppl btw (200 followed the fb page, in the 2 million pop city). It’s all about fags and killing babies in Poland right now. Stage 1 of western cultural cancer. Poland could go either way, depends how things go. I’m probably going to pick a less infected country though because why wouldn’t I?

    Depends how fast western soft power fades probably. Hopefully it will die before it takes places like Poland down with it. The gay thing can be recovered from, it has many historical precedents. Countries have banned gay adoption and such when new gov’ts have been voted in. Look at Hungary, for example. Replacing your population, however, cannot. Good luck to Poland. They haven’t done that yet, so they may definitely still survive.

    Plus, so called “World cities” are always 10x gayer than the rest of the country. That’s where the locus of NGO power is.

  114. @Robert Dolan

    “Solzhenitsyn said the Bolsheviks slaughtered 66 MILLION”

    He actually did put that moronic hoax on record, testimony to his delusions and dishonesty. Even just a look at Solzhenitsyn’s own words shows any rational person that the man was spouting BS. Here is the passage from Letter to the Soviet Leaders, published by Harper & Row, 1974:


    “… we have lost, as a result of civil strife and tumult alone–as a result of internal political and economic “class” extermination alone–66 (sixty-six) million people!!! That is the calculation of a former Leningrad professor of statistics, I. A. Kurganov, and you can have it brought to you whenever you wish. I am no trained statistician, I cannot undertake to verify it; and anyway all statistics are kept secret in our country, and this is an indirect calculation. But it’s true: a hundred million are no more (exactly a hundred, just as Dostoyevsky prophesied!).. ”
    — P. 50.

    Without even worrying about what part of the lie is due to Kurganov and how much is Solzhenitsyn’s imagination, the 1st thing which stands out is the bizarre way that in just a few lines Solzhenitsyn goes from telling us with repetition “66” to now pronouncing with repetition “100” and all done without blinking an eye. By comparison with this the minor variations in numbers that have been tossed around as claims for Auschwitz are really trivial.

    But another thing we catch here is that out of nowhere he starts exclaiming Dostoyevsky’s name. One has to wonder what on earth Dostoyevsky could have to do with anything here. A quick check on the 1962 Signet Classic edition of The Possessed, translated by Andrew MacAndrew, makes it clear:

    “… it’s contended, there’s no longer any cure for the world and the only way is the radical measure of chopping off a hundred million heads…

    “Chopping off a hundred million heads is as difficult as reforming the world…

    “But what would I personally get out of a quick solution with a hundred million heads rolling?

    “They had seen very clearly that the advocate of chopping off a hundred million heads had been backed against the wall…”
    — Pp. 387-8.

    That actually seems like an interesting explanation for the fantasy number tossed out in The Black Book of Communism. Solzhenitsyn is telling us that he takes demographic claims from fictional novels. This is much more direct than analogies between the book of Gittin and any customary “Holocaust” claims.

    But what’s really amazing about this silly by Solzhenitsyn in his Letter to the Soviet Leaders is that it bears zero resemblance to his own account of lived experience in The Gulag Archipelago, as published by Harper & Row, 1973:

    “Twenty-five years later we could think: Well, yes, we understood the sort of arrests that were being made at the time, and the fact that they were torturing people in prisons, and the slime they were trying to drag us into. But it isn’t true! After all, the Black Marias were going through the streets at night, and we were the same people who were parading with banners during the day. How could we know anything about those arrests and why should we care about them? All the provincial leaders had been removed, but so far as we were concerned it didn’t matter. Two or three professors had been arrested, but after all they hadn’t been our dancing partners, and it might even be easier to pass our exams as a result. Twenty-year-olds, we marched in the ranks of those born the year the Revolution took place, and because we were the same age as the Revolution, the brightest of futures lay ahead.”
    — Pp. 160-1.

    It should be obvious that if anything remotely like “66 million” or “100 million” had been in process at the height of the purges in 1937 then Solzhenitsyn would have noted something wrong. Instead it all seems to have passed him by at the time. While the real record of the Gulag is ugly enough, it’s obvious that Solzhenitsyn’s ramblings where he churns from “66 million” to “100 million” while citing Dostoyevsky’s fiction and elsewhere recalling how “the brightest of futures lay ahead” are simply worthless.

  115. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    While the real record of the Gulag is ugly enough, it’s obvious that Solzhenitsyn’s ramblings…are simply worthless.

    Like Zionazi claims per the “6 million”; hebe-hasbara eructed to justify mooching endless guilt-gelt from goyim; and excuse-mongerings mewled to gain Israel immunity for its many crimes.

  116. Wielgus says:
    @Colin Wright

    Of course it was fiction, but I always wondered about the rather upscale suburb where Tony Soprano lived. It was so low-crime that when AJ vandalised the school swimming pool and left a customised pizza (!) at the scene, the police bothered to question the pizzeria staff. Obviously real stuff wasn’t happening…

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  117. @Wielgus

    ‘Of course it was fiction, but I always wondered about the rather upscale suburb where Tony Soprano lived. It was so low-crime that when AJ vandalised the school swimming pool and left a customised pizza (!) at the scene, the police bothered to question the pizzeria staff. Obviously real stuff wasn’t happening…’

    I’d guess that a lot of places, ‘real stuff’ doesn’t happen — this is especially so if there are no blacks.

    I live in a logging town with lots of poverty, lots of drugs, and lots of vagrants. Nevertheless, not a whole lot happens of any gravity. Somebody killed somebody in one of the cheap motels out on the highway last year — that screwed up the stats. Generally, though, no murders, no rapes, no armed robberies, and only eight burglaries in a year — this in an area with about fifty thousand inhabitants. Petty theft, domestic quarrels, and bar fights seem to be about all we can get up to.

    The area’s only 0.3% black, you see.

  118. Kramer says:

    Jewy faces, as you say, look nothing like Arab faces.

    Look at the people living south of the Khazar (Caspian) Sea. They have Jewy faces, particularly the noses. It’s impossible to miss the similarity.

    Can you see it? This is what the Khazar Jews looked like, more or less, before they interbred with Slavs, Germanics, etc, and ended up looking like:


    Adam Brody’s children will in turn look even less Jewy and more Germanic.

    Jewish men marrying Germanic actresses and models is quite prevalent nowadays, almost as if it is systematically planned.

    When money is the highest value/virtue among the goyim, of course the Jews are going to snatch the prettiest shiksas.

    — Mitochondrial DNA and the Jewish matrilineal descent, and voila, Jewish women still have Khazar faces.

  119. @sally

    Aside from the weaknesses in Sutton’s book, you’ve given a false description of what he wrote. Sutton is quite specific about rejecting the claims that Jacob Schiff ever had any connection to the Bolsheviks. Anyone who has read his book knows that.

    The gap in Sutton’s claim though is that he ignorantly accepts a falsehood which is promoted by those he argues against. That is the lie that Trotsky was part of the Bolsheviks in the early months of 1914. There actually is circumstantial evidence that Schiff may have given some aid to Trotsky in that period before the revolution had broken out in Russia, before Trotsky had joined forces with Lenin. Trotsky was in New York at the time and was spending his days speaking against US entry into WWI. Clearly someone must have been giving Trotsky some dole in order for him to carry on this antiwar campaign. Jacob Schiff is a likely candidate because he was against any type of US alliance with Czarist Russia.

    After the February Revolution Trotsky returned to Russia, still a political opponent of Lenin’s. On his trip back to Russia Trotsky was found by transit officials to be carrying what they reported as \$10,000. It’s quite likely that such a gift was given to Trotsky by Schiff, but Sutton rejects the idea that Schiff was did so. Sutton’s error is that he wants to portray aid given to Trotsky when he was in New York as if it were evidence of Wall Street aiding the Bolsheviks. Of course it is not, since Trotsky was an opponent of the Bolsheviks at that time.

    Once Trotsky had landed in Russia he took a look at the new situation and over about 3 months he and Lenin patched things up together. They realized at that moment that a revolutionary situation was coming to a boil and they decided to mend their fences with each other. Jacob Schiff had nothing to do with this and never gave any aid to the Bolsheviks at any time, whether before or after Trotsky’s trip back to Russia.

    The lie about Schiff having been a backer of the Bolsheviks was given some further propagation in a gossip-column written by Igor Cassini under the penname “Cholly Knickerbocker.” Cassini was not an actual journalist but simply wrote a gossip-column. In his column of February 3, 1949, Cassini made the claim that supposedly John Schiff had somewhere declared that his grandfather “sank about 20 million dollars for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia.” John Schiff never made any such claim. This is just fabricated gossip promoted by Cassini. To his credit Antony Sutton, despite being confused over the point that Trotsky was not a Bolshevik in early 1917, rejects such rubbish and draws the conclusion that Schiff never aided the Bolsheviks. Schiff was a supporter of Kerensky and the Provisional Government. It was Kaiser Wilhelm II who wanted Lenin to overthrow Kerensky, not Schiff.

    • Agree: Wielgus
  120. sayless says:

    For the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War Two a British film crew visited the veterans in a local nursing home. The vets said that on reflection, seeing what was happening to their country, their sacrifice wasn’t worth it. Broke my heart.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  121. anarchyst says:

    Yes, I have not only heard the same from WW2 veterans but tend to agree with them.

    It was Germany against the rest of the (jew-influenced) world.

    One can marvel at how long Germany lasted despite having the rest of the world against it. If anything, we should have assisted Germany in rolling eastward in its effort to destroy jewish communist bolshevism. The world would be a better place today…

    It is interesting to note that the demonization of Germany exists to this day, led by jewish interests who still promote their phony self-serving, money-making “holocaust™” which has been proven to be a fraud on many different levels.

    An American cable channel, the “American History Channel” should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for the amount of anti-German jewish propaganda programs that it broadcasts. If one watches the anti-German propaganda that this channel espouses, one would have to wonder how Germany could have lost WW2.

    On this channel, Hitler is portrayed as leading research into German technology from atomic power and synthetic fuels to jet powered aircraft and other high technologies (anti-gravity technology) while at the same time, falsely promoting the impossibilities of “six-million jews”, using “bug pray” as an execution agent (ha ha) in “gas chambers” with no ventilation systems or gas-tight doors, and other “holocaust™” absurdities.

    This channel also portrays Hitler as a drug-user, and a mentally unstable individual with many faults. Hitler is never seen speaking softly, only his bombastic, high energy speeches at his rallies are ever shown.

    I would hope that more and more people would see through the BS that has been foisted upon the world for the last 75 years.

    The jews and the rest of the world should be apologizing for the demonization of Germany.

    It is interesting to note that Asian countries do not have the same biased attitudes towards Germany and Hitler as does the western world today.

    • Replies: @Kramer
  122. Kramer says:

    Hitler was a good guy. God bless his soul. If he had succeeded, the world would be a much better place today.

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