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Lest We Forget: Codename Zebra, the Anti-White Murders of the “Death Angels”
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170 days of racial terrorism struck the White residents of San Francisco from October 20, 1973 until April 16, 1974. Known as the Zebra murders or Zebra killings, four Black men—Jessie Lee Cooks, Larry Craig Green, Manuel Moore, and J.C.X. Simon murdered 15 Whites. 13 victims were shot to death, while the killers hacked the other two to death with machetes. Other victims suffered paralyzing bullet wounds, rape, and robbery, plus one survivor managed to cling to life despite being repeatedly hit in the head and left for dead after suffering several deep slashes to his face. The killers sometimes took trophies, including Polaroid pictures of their victims. The motivation for these murders was the same in every case: the killers viewed their White victims as “devils” to be eradicated to make up for the history of African slavery and oppression.

Mystery writer Clark Howard’s history of the case, The Zebra Killings (1979) , exposes some unsettling facts about the Zebra killers. Larry Green, nicknamed Yellow in Howard’s account, “came from a decent home and was a high-school basketball star”[1]Clark Howard, The Zebra Killings (London: New English, 1981): 77.. While Jessie Lee Cooks fit the archetypal mold of the career criminal, Simon, called Skullcap, rose above an impoverished background in Texas (where he developed pinworms because of his habit of spreading fecal matter on his face) and became a married father with a good job in a grocery supply warehouse. However, despite never experiencing racial oppression himself, Simon joined the Nation of Islam in 1970 as a devoted believer in Black supremacy[2]Howard, Zebra Killings, 84-85.. Another member of the killer gang, Anthony Harris, aka Judo, became a member of Nation of Islam despite having a White wife.

True to his first calling of fiction writing, Howard’s The Zebra Killings is full of dramatic recreations, made-up dialogue, and supposition. For instance, one of the characters, Vandyke, is a composite character based on anti-White street preachers and Black Muslims in the National of Islam. Howard portrays Vandyke as the man most responsible for the radicalization of the Zebra killers. Again, no such man existed. On top of that, Vandyke’s relationship with the Nation of Islam, and therefore the relationship between the Zebra killers and the NOI, is uncertain[3]C.F. Robinson, “The San Francisco Zebra Killings,” Counter-Currents, Oct. 27, 2016.. Despite these flaws, The Zebra Killings is a well-written work. You just have to take it with a massive dollop of salt.

Religion, specifically the Nation of Islam, radicalized these men, both in prison and on the streets. NOI leaders pumped their heads full of nonsense about how slave masters cut Black babies out of wombs to use them as hog feed. NOI “ministers” also told their flocks that the religions of Christianity and Judaism were created by Whites in order to destroy “superior” Black men and their culture. Cooks, Green, Moore, Simon, and Harris proved to be enthusiastic students of the teachings of the NOI. Vandyke dazzled the men with stories about the so-called “Death Angels.” NOI called men Death Angels if they killed nine White men, five White women, and four White children[4]Peter Vronsky, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters (New York: Berkley Books, 2004): 157.. The Death Angels scattered throughout California killed as many as 135 White men, 75 White women, and 60 White children[5]Vrosnky, Serial Killers, 158..

The first known murder carried out by the Zebra killers occurred on October 20, 1973. On that day, Cooks, Green, and Harris kidnapped Richard and Quita Hague while the married couple enjoyed an evening walk along Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The group sexually assaulted Quita in the back of their van. They forced Richard to watch. Then, after reaching some train tracks outside of the city, the group beat and slashed Richard with a wrench and hacked him with a machete. He somehow managed to survive. As for Quita, detectives later struggled to determine which of her “countless wounds might have been fatal.” All told, she suffered stab wounds to her head and neck. She also suffered cuts to her throat that came close to decapitation, plus a series of hacking-like wounds to her spine[6]Prentice Earl Sanders and Ben Cohen, The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness and Civil Rights (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2006): Kindle edition..

A week later, Cooks shot and killed college student Frances Rose, 28, as she tried to get to class on the University of California’s Extension School campus on Laguna Street. 53-year-old Jordanian immigrant Sammy Erakat, the owner of Erakat’s Grocery near the Civic Center, greeted shooter Simon as a fellow Muslim before Simon shot him to death in the store’s bathroom. Artist Paul Dancik, 26, took three bullets to the chest as he used a payphone. Two days after this murder, Art Agnos, the man who would later serve San Francisco as mayor from 1988 until 1992, walked out of a meeting in the majority Black neighborhood of Portrero Hill only to be shot in the back. That same night (December 13, 1973), 31-year-old Marietta DiGirolamo walked three blocks from her apartment at 651 Scott Street to Divisadero. Simon got out of a Black Cadillac and shot DiGirolamo to death. The fact that the victim had a Black boyfriend did not save her[7]Howard, Zebra Killings, 127.. The last to die in 1973 included 81-year-old Ilario Bertuccio (shot to death while walking home from his shift at the 7-Up bottling plant), 19-year-old Neal Moynihan (shot to death while shopping at the Civic Center), 50-year-old Mildred Holser (shot to death while waiting for a bus), and an unidentified homeless man whose remains were not found until February 10, 1974.

This final victim, called John Doe No. 169 by the San Francisco Police Department, experienced the full savagery of the Black Muslim murderers. The unidentified White man suffered prolonged torture. The killers then decapitated him. His hands and feet were removed postmortem, plus the killers cut his torso from hipbone to hipbone[8].

In response to the rash of murders, the SFPD created a special task force codenamed “Zebra” after their use of the “Z” radio frequency (in the phonetic alphabet used by the SFPD in 1973, “zebra” denoted the letter Z). Detectives Gus Coreris and John Fotinos led the task force. Howard’s account presents Coreris as gruff and Fotinos as more humane. Both proved to be dogged investigators who saw the racial implications of the murders early on. Mayor Joseph Alioto, a San Francisco native and a representative of the city’s blue-collar Democrats, took an active role in the investigation. Alioto’s tenure as mayor coincided with some of the worst crimes in the Bay Area’s history. The Zodiac Killer and the Symbionese Liberation Army occurred under his watch. Mayor Alioto tried to crack down on the Zebra killers by instituting a stop-and-frisk policy that targeted young Black men between the ages of 20 and 30 for random questionings by police. The policy proved controversial. Black Panthers leader Bobby Seale called the policy “a vicious and racist action” that threatened the lives of all Black men in the Bay Area[9]Howard, Zebra Killings, 185.. Liberals in the city protested. Reverend Cecil Williams of the Glide Church, a Black pastor, pointed out publicly that White men had not been stopped at random during the hunt for the Zodiac Killer. Ultimately, Judge Alphonso Zirpoli struck the policy down a week after its implementation.

More Zebra murders appeared in the winter of 1974. Black reporter Chauncey Bailey of the San Francisco Sun Reporter would later tie the second round of Zebra murders to the police shooting of Larry “3X” Crosby on January 25, 1974. Crosby and other members of the NOI were stopped by Berkeley, California police officers as they sold fish door-to-door. Crosby fought the officers and even disarmed one before pistol-whipping him. The other officers opened fire on Crosby, striking him in the back and thereby paralyzing him for life[10]Nate Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole; tied to massive California murder spree targeting Whites at random,” Mercury News, Jan. 28, 2020. (Crosby still denounces the shooting to this day.) The shooting of Crosby led to a protest at the city’s Mosque No. 26, which Zebra killers Simon, Cooks, Moore, Green and Harris attended. Bailey was the first to connect the Crosby shooting with the string of murders carried out by the Zebras on January 28, 1974. On that day, 32-year-old Tana Smith, 69-year-old Vincent Wollin, 84-year-old John Bambic, and 45-year-old were all shot to death. 23-year-old Roxanne McMillan survived her shooting on the 100 block of Edinburg Street, but was left paralyzed.

In a sick twist of fate, Bailey, who did much to uncover the full extent of the Zebra crimes, would himself fall victim to Zebra wannabes in 2007. On July 12th of that year, Devaundre (some sources spell it Devaughndre) Broussard admitted to Bailey that he and other members of the Your Black Muslim Bakery murdered White restaurant worker Michael Wills in Oakland after the group’s leader, 25-year-old Yusuf Bey IV, hyped his men up with tales about the Zebra murders[11]Ibid.
(Nate Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole; tied to massive California murder spree targeting Whites at random,” Mercury News, Jan. 28, 2020.
. 19-year-old Broussard would later shoot Bailey to death with a Mossberg shotgun as the reporter left a McDonald’s. The execution came because of Bailey’s investigation into the Your Black Muslim Bakery’s welfare fraud, as well as its 2006 bankruptcy and allegations of sexual abuse[12]Ibid.
(Nate Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole; tied to massive California murder spree targeting Whites at random,” Mercury News, Jan. 28, 2020.

As for the Zebra murders, they came to an end in April 1974. In that month alone, the murderers gunned down 19-year-old Thomas Rainwater, a Salvation Army cadet, and 23-year-old Nelson T. Shields IV, the son of a DuPont executive. Harris, after seeing a composite sketch of himself, decided to turn his fellow “Death Angels” in. The city’s $30,000 reward money also helped to sway Harris’s mind[13]Lee Romney, “Two convicted of murder in shooting of Oakland journalist,” Los Angeles Times, Jun. 10, 2011.. The trial of Zebra killers Cooks, Green, Moore, and Simon would be one of the longest and most expensive in California’s history. All four were convicted in 1976 for multiple murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Simon died at age 69 at San Quentin Prison in 2015. The 75-year-old Moore died in 2017 while serving time at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton. As for Cooks, he has admitted his role in the murders (Moore maintained his innocence until his death). Simon told a parole board in 2007 that his conviction constituted a “legal lynching”[14]“Zebra Murders: Remembering Fear That Gripped San Francisco 40 Years Later,” KPIX CBS, Nov. 6, 2014. . and died unrepentant. Green, on the other hand, admitted to a parole board last year that he indeed hated Whites as “devils” in the 1970s, but now believes in the equality of all races[15]Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole.”.

The horrific story of San Francisco’s Zebra killers is far from over. The murderous group were not alone in their hatred of Whites during the 1970s. Mark Essex used a Rugger .44-caliber carbine and .38-caliber pistol to murder nine White people in New Orleans between December 31, 1972 and January 7, 1973. Later monsters include the Beltway Snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, Frederick Demond of Kansas City, and Micah X. Johnson, the former Army Reservist who used a Saiga AK-74 rifle to ambush Dallas police officers and kill five of them during a Black Lives Matter march in that city. Indeed, BLM can be considered the heirs of the Zebras. They have a similar thirst for blood, as BLM-adjacent terrorists like Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long coexist alongside the criminal underclass of rioters who have been destroying America’s cities since May.

Like the Zebras and the NOI, BLM believes in Black supremacy and keeps its members agitated by spewing hatred towards Whites, including harebrained ideas about how Whites have always hated and mistreated blacks. Such rhetoric has already inspired or likely inspired several murders of White innocents this year: the murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant by 25-year-old neighbor Darius Sessoms; the murder of young mother Jessica Doty Whitaker in Indianapolis on July 5th for the crime of saying “all lives matter”; the August 25th stabbing of an AutoZone employee by 19-year-old Jayvon Hatchett, who was inspired to kill a White man by watching hours of police brutality videos (Hatchett subsequently murdered his White cellmate Eddie Nelson, Jr.); and last month’s shooting at Louisville’s Bungalow Joe’s restaurant that killed 26-year-old Toreon Jermaine Hudson, 48-year-old William Scott Smallwood, and 24-year-old Steven Matthew Head. The killer, 33-year-old Michael E. Rhynes Jr., was apprehended by police wearing a “Justice for Breonna” t-shirt, thus indicating that the murders were done in the name of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman with direct ties to illegal guns and drugs who was shot by Louisville police officers on March 13, 2020 following a firefight possibly involving both Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

The NOI, the Zebras, and BLM all exist because of anti-White hatred engineered by consistent lying. Black supremacists lie about Whites—their history, their accomplishments, etc. Black supremacists are also allowed to lie because the media covers for them while chasing after White supremacist phantoms. The infernal marriage between the liberal media and Black supremacists is built upon one lie after the other. Because of this, innocent Whites and other non-Black Americans will continue to be sacrificed to appease liberal White guilt and the Black desire for endless revenge. This is no hyperbole; as researcher Anthony Walsh uncovered in 2005, 90 of the 413 serial killers who were active between 1945 and 2004 were Black, indicating that Blacks were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2. As far back as the 1980s, the FBI has known that Black killers are more likely to target non-Black victims than vice versa. Add to this mixture the high Black criminality in general, and you have truly toxic mix.

It is surprising that there have not been more Zebra-like murders in American history.


[1] Clark Howard, The Zebra Killings (London: New English, 1981): 77.

[2] Howard, Zebra Killings, 84-85.

[3] C.F. Robinson, “The San Francisco Zebra Killings,” Counter-Currents, Oct. 27, 2016.

[4] Peter Vronsky, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters (New York: Berkley Books, 2004): 157.

[5] Vrosnky, Serial Killers, 158.

[6] Prentice Earl Sanders and Ben Cohen, The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness and Civil Rights (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2006): Kindle edition.

[7] Howard, Zebra Killings, 127.

[9] Howard, Zebra Killings, 185.

[10] Nate Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole; tied to massive California murder spree targeting Whites at random,” Mercury News, Jan. 28, 2020.

[11] Ibid.

[12] Ibid.

[13] Lee Romney, “Two convicted of murder in shooting of Oakland journalist,” Los Angeles Times, Jun. 10, 2011.

[14] “Zebra Murders: Remembering Fear That Gripped San Francisco 40 Years Later,” KPIX CBS, Nov. 6, 2014. .

[15] Gartrell, “Last two living ‘Zebra’ killers denied parole.”

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Franz says:

    Very much agree with the last paragraph.

    BLM is encouraging millions of new murderers every day. Every decent citizen should keep a printout of their big-buck corporate donors just to remember where responsibilty lies for the coming crime spree.

    Starting with the rotters who gave us the 1619 baloney, for instance.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  2. Wyatt says:

    Proof positive that America is not a racist country: this kind of anti-white behavior would be severely punished in more racist (and more functional nations.) Even back in the day, this kind of coonery and buffoonery did not see massive reprisals against blacks for allowing this to even be possible.

    I will say until the end of time: everyone else can get along except for blacks. For what good are they in America but to serve themselves and harm others?

    • Agree: TKK, Ace
    • Replies: @Polistra
    , @TKK
  3. @Franz

    The 1619 Project is correct, though.

    • Disagree: BuelahMan, Franz
    • LOL: 3g4me
  4. unit472 says:

    My first job out of college was at the Bank of America data processing center at Market and Van Ness. I worked the graveyard shift from midnight to eight and the SFPD had this area under heavy surveillance as “South of Market” was not a friendly place to be walking around late at night and the unprovoked and random nature of the ‘Zebra’ murders and the earlier Zodiac killings had people on edge.

    I was also familiar with the ” Your Black Muslim Bakery” though not as customer when I lived in Berkeley. It had a prominent sign that was hard to miss in the East Bay. I occasionally bought the ” Nation of Islam newspaper from those creepy suit and bow tied attired NOI street vendors. The NOI was then led by the “Honorable Elijah Muhammed” a far more menacing figure than Louis Farrakhan and while his newspaper spoke of black self help through industry I already knew that wasn’t going to happen so the real message was ‘we are a fucked up people and can’t make it on our own so we are coming for whitey’

    I moved to Marin County to get away from the negro.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  5. archives says:

    Thomas Peele’s 2012 book “Killing the Messenger: A Story of Radical Faith, Racism’s Backlash, and the Assassination of a Journalist,” includes information and insightful speculation related to the “Zebra Killers” that to my knowledge are unique to that author’s research.

    The book provides an extensive background and history of Your Black Muslim Bakery and its founder Yusef Bey. Of importance is the history of why and how “Your Black Muslim Bakery” broke ties to operate independent of Nation of Islam’s Chicago central authority.

  6. The Zebra murders were faked to promote fear and further divide the population, similar to the Tate/Manson murders, the Zodiac killings, and the Hearst kidnapping.

    The fiction author Clark Howard has a spooky back story, and was promoted with an array of literary awards to build his reputation.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  7. There have been more. I’ll start the list… Wichita Massacre and The Knoxville Horror to get us started.

  8. starviego says:

    I suspect most of the Zebra slay killings were in the nature of covert ops, using Manchurian Candidate style killers, with the purpose of destroying race relations. Malcolm X himself knew the NOI was penetrated through and through with CIA and FBI provocateurs. Ironically Charles Manson got the idea for an apocalyptic race war-what he called ‘Helter Skelter’– via the Black Muslims he met in prison, a fact that has been carefully hidden from history.

    Small wonder that the FBI refused to get involved, even though the Zebra killings were nationwide and had started as early as 1970.

  9. archives says:

    Interesting. Curious to read your source material regarding Manson’s relations in prison with Black Muslims. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Starviego
  10. Yup, they all just Great and everthin’. Til you get invovled in their particular kind of horseshit and realize that not even horses would back you to the finish line.

  11. @starviego

    When Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X) began speaking the truth about the Jew he was assassinated.

    The Black nationalist movements and the feminists/women’s rights movements have an interesting similarity—they were both simultaneously being funded by the CIA and the Soviet Union. That should tell you who is responsible. Take a guess who.

  12. G J T says:

    I’m by no means an expert on NOI theology, but I’m pretty sure as an organization they understand the very clear distinction between Judaism and Christianity. After all, Jews hate Jesus with the fire of a thousand Suns and portray him as boiling in human excrement for eternity, while even the most radical Islamists are pretty consistent in their reverence for Jesus. That’s just the most obvious difference; these two are of course polar opposites.

    I will take my chances with blacks who adhere to Islam and have a leader with integrity. Blacks need direction and discipline, and if Islam is how they get it then so be it. Islam is certainly toxic but it’s by far less toxic than the anti-white propaganda the Jews are currently hammering into the blacks’ heads. Give them all to Farrakhan and BLM dies tomorrow.

    Give me blacks following the NOI over blacks following Jewish BLM any day. Remember that George Lincoln Rockwell found common ground with black nationalists and the NOI. Our black problem is actually a Jewish problem. Commander Rockwell knew this, and we should address the disease, not the symptoms.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Hibernian
  13. Wow. I have never heard of these massacres. Not surprising though.

    I did have to stop half way due to the violent nature. I will have to continue reading the rest later.

    Now that Kamala Harris will soon be president, we’ll likely start seeing more anti-white rhetoric and violence (quickly censored on msm), which increased as soon as Obama entered white house (and totally off guard & not expecting it – was really naive).

  14. robwin says:

    The author asserts that, “For instance, one of the characters, Vandyke, is a composite character based on anti-White street preachers and Black Muslims in the National of Islam. Howard portrays Vandyke as the man most responsible for the radicalization of the Zebra killers. Again, no such man existed.” Perhaps, but when I read the book I got the distinct impression Mr Howard was implying Malcolm X was the traveling apostle of death.

    One ironic addendum to Mayor Alioto’s efforts to deal with the killings. When he instituted his stop-and-frisk policy he was mercilessly attacked publicly by a mob of Bay area left wing zealots. In a way appropriate punishment for one of those “good” Liberals who helped create the political environment which spawned the radicalism.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Ace
  15. while the killers hacked the other two to death with machetes.

    Straight out of the Dark Continent.

  16. 90 of the 413 serial killers who were active between 1945 and 2004 were Black, indicating that Blacks were overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2.

    Wow! The MSM always told me that serial killers were almost always White. They memory-holed that narrative when Samuel Little, a black, confessed to killing 93 people between 1970 and 2005. Little is now acknowledged as the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.

  17. @starviego

    There is no limit to the excuses trotted out to excuse black on white murders.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
  18. Import Africa, become Africa.

    Worship Blacks, and Black Megalomania will demand appeasement.

    It’s so simple.

    African thugs rampage over the death of George Nkencho in west Dublin (compilation)

    Video Link

  19. jay says:

    Criminals of this sort need to be exterminated.

  20. This is just typical Black behavior. All the crime statistics bear this out. They were just doing what they do, and acting the way they act everywhere.

    • Agree: gotmituns
  21. conatus says:

    The West pediment of SCOTUS(Supreme court of the United States) has carved into the granite in big letters which read EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.
    But that is like so much in our dishonest society, a ruse to confuse.
    Tom Barnes was shot in the back of the head on Acker St., NE,DC in 1992. Tom Barnes worked for Sen. Shelby from Alabama. He died at the hospital.One of the Post articles concerning the murderer, Edward Evans, says,”One said Evans, who is black, told them before the shooting that he wanted to kill a white man. Barnes was white.”

    Edward Evans, the man convicted of the murder received a sentence of 26 years.
    Seems like a double standard in play here, and like many other articles say, “if the situation were reversed” and a White guy had shot a Black guy in the back of the head after saying “I want to kill a Black man” Execution would be the sentence.
    Two of the three defendants in the James Byrd case were executed.

  22. gotmituns says:

    Murder to blacks us no big deal. But with White people for the most part, there has to be some reasonable point to wholesale killing. But once White people get started killing, then anyone they’re after better run for the hills. Look what we did to the Germans and Japanese with our fire bombings of their cities. That was just mass murder of non-combatant women and children.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @jay
  23. Polistra says:

    I will say until the end of time: everyone else can get along except for blacks.

    Everyone else can be dealt with on a rational level, to some extent–at least they can be shown the sense of phenomena like cause and effect, and connecting means with ends.

    For what good are they in America but to serve themselves and harm others?

    They are extremely effective as a destructive weapon wielded against the white ex-majority, by the Ruling Tribe. If it were otherwise, their murderous antics wouldn’t be tolerated for a minute.

  24. Jimmy1969 says:

    Bernhard Goetz: an interesting case in US history race relations.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  25. There have been other, smaller Black Death cults based around NOI. The beltway sniper was NOI ideology, and at least once stated his murders were race related, but the media seems to have covered this up. I recall Yahweh Ben yaweh death cult from the early 90s in Florida. There is a book Rise of the Black Serial Killer, which details several other Black Death cults, such as the Cherry Gang in the Midwest. These groups all killed numbers of people. I’m sure the fbi was not behind them. An article which canvassed them and compared them would be interesting.

  26. I read “The Zebra killings” a couple of years ago and was shocked by; The brutality and mindset of these killers; The degree with which this story was hidden, other than the local newspapers; The same .32 caliber pistol was used in all the shootings, yet police were calling all these shootings random, almost until the very end.

    The question that needs to be asked is why the US Government has been/still is subsidizing these groups.

    Unbeknownst to most Americans, over the past few decades, the U.S. government has been quietly subsidizing one of the vilest, most hateful groups in America – the Nation of Islam.

    The dark money network that houses the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation received nearly $16 million in taxpayer-funded grants last year, financial filings reveal.

  27. @SaneClownPosse

    What you are saying could be quite possible. Just wondering if you could point to the origin of your beliefs. My guess would be Miles Mathis but when I googled it nothing came up. Would like to look into this more if you could point me in the right direction.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  28. pecosbill says:
    @Priss Factor

    Great show: Rid yourself of the English, then import Africa.

    I remember Dublin In The Rare Old Times.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  29. gotmituns says:

    Goetz was/is a fag I think. But he did shoot a bunch of blacks and that is to his credit. The one he paralyzed (Darryl Caby) from the waist down never bothered anyone else again in his life as far as I know. Another point is that Goetz lost the civil case to Darryl Caby, but Caby never got a cent. So there’re ways to protect money from the lousy courts.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  30. Trinity says:

    Interesting since Steve Sailor just recently had a posting about Black serial killer Sam Little dying the other day. I have read about the Zebra Killings but I would say the average American is totally clueless about these murders just as much as many or in the dark when it comes to The Wichita Massacre or The Knoxville Horror, oh but of course everyone knows about poor little Emett Till, Saint George and Saint Trayvon. And of course nearly everyone has heard about the Zodiac Killer of San Francisco during this time period. I believe there was a New York Zodiac as well, the guy they nailed for that one was an Hispanic male.

    Anyhow I could be listing Black serial killers here all day long but I will give you a small sampling, someone of these men like Carl Eugene Watts and Sam Little are thought to have murdered as many as between 80-100 victims, a great deal of them White women, in the case of Watts, I think all but one or two of his victims were White women.

    A small sampling of negro serial killers just in America, many more in Africa, South America, and probably in Canada and Europe as well.

    Henry Louis Wallace, Chester Turner, Derrick Todd Lee, Paul Duroussea, Lorenzo Gilyard, Mark Goudeau, Eugene Britt, Ivan Hill, Harrison Graham, Carlton Gary, Wayne Williams, etc., etc., etc., more often than not with the exception of Wayne Williams, most of the serial killers preyed on White women.

    Like I said in the posting done on Steve Sailor’s noting of the passing of Sam Little, a Black serial killer who could have killed as many as 93 victims, there are scores of Black serial killers that the media won’t cover for more than 5 minutes, and we have been flat out LIED to believe that all serial killers are White. Unlike White serial killers who kill mostly White victims, with the exception of Wayne Williams, most Black serial killers kill mostly or all White victims in predominately White nations like America.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
  31. noname27 says: • Website

    Mass deportations to Africa is the only answer to these problems that White Britain and White America face – there is no other remedy.

    White South Africans also need rescuing as a matter of great urgency.

    Apartheid is The Kingdom Of God:

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Avery
  32. @robwin

    “Perhaps, but when I read the book I got the distinct impression Mr Howard was implying Malcolm X was the traveling apostle of death.”

    Howard implied no such thing. Malcolm X had been assassinated in 1965 by the order of the same bunch running the NOI in 1973.

  33. TKK says:

    Coonery and buffoonery- classic!

  34. Until blacks start murdering media types nothing will change and innocent people will continue to die.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  35. Bookish1 says:
    @G J T

    Why choose either one? Why not live in a all white society and why not demand nothing less.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @G J T
  36. Bookish1 says:

    it is what we did to the Germans that bothers me.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  37. @Temporary Insanity

    A black faggot by the name of Vester Lee Flanagan murdered two Whites, CBS reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward, on August 26, 2015 in Virginia. Flanagan took video of the act and uploaded it to Facebook. You can still find the video on the interwebs today, though I won’t link to it. Flanagan died by his own hand after cornered by police. As is typical, Parker’s father started pushing for gun control. You just know the whole family was liberal.

    The media types will still be vomiting forth anti-White propaganda even as they are cut up by machetes or shot in the head. Maybe with the recent racial riots some Whites have woken up, but I fear it may not be enough. Most Whites won’t change their minds until the black mob breaks down the door to murder them, and then it is too late.

    • Replies: @Dweezil the Weasel
  38. Mike Tre says:
    @Supply and Demand

    To all the readers. The Supply and Demand is clearly a dimwitted troll. He is here for attention. Put him on ignore and don’t waste another second reading his nonsense.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  39. KenH says:
    @Supply and Demand

    The 1619 Project is correct, though.

    Then so is Jewish ritual murder. And so are all the claims about Jews in Nazi era propaganda films, so we should begin mass deporting Jews to African deserts where they can’t harm anyone.

    Perhaps we should nuke Israel for good measure.

  40. Agent76 says:

    October 22, 2008 Bill Ayers’ Terrorist Group Planned US Genocide and Re-education

    Bill Ayers’ communist-terrorist group, Weather Underground, planned to overthrow the US government, take control over the country, launch a mass “re-education” of the US population (via re-education camps) and Mass Genocide (killing) of the “Capitalists” who could not be reformed and brainwashed into accepting communism. First-hand account from member who attended the organization revolutionary meetings.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  41. profnasty says:

    When US Whitey murdered the Germans, he murdered his own family.
    Now he’s all weepy eyed for a little pay back.
    It ain’t over. Not by a long shot.

  42. Truth says:

    You ripped this one straight from the headlines.

  43. Truth says:

    Why not live in a technicolor world, made of clouds with bitches walking around scantily clad feeding you grapes off silver trays, running around with snips and snails and puppydog tails?

  44. Avery says:

    {Mass deportations to Africa……}

    Who is going to do it?

    Putting aside all the moral and legal impediments, just exactly how are you going to deport 40 million black Americans? And make no mistake, they are Americans: other than the skin color and race category, they have absolutely nothing in common with blacks in Africa.

    And you really think that 40 million Americans will just sit back and allow whoever to deport them? In case you forgot, as Americans, they also have the right to keep and bear arms…….

    Majority of blacks are victims of these hoodlums themselves. I have worked with many blacks, who work hard to earn a living, to keep a family, and they hate these gangsta hoodrats with a passion.

    And finally, if you find a way to deport a group of people, deport the whites who are enablers of these types of lawless, anti-social, anti-family, anti-American, anti-….,anti-….. behaviour.

    You know, the Pelosis, the Bidens, …..

  45. @Jimmy le Blanc

    “The media types will still be vomiting forth anti-white propaganda even as they are cut up by machetes or shot in the head.” Money quote. I saw it as a Peace Officer in SoCal. It is not just the media types. “Public School Teachers” are another class of syphilitic thinkers who would excuse such activities. Our own race traitors are hell-bent on destroying us. If you are unable to get your children or grandchildren out of the “Amerikan Public School System” then you must monitor closely the brainwashing they are receiving.

  46. Mike Tre says:

    And for this, this abomination of a human, this piece of filth, was rewarded with tenure at UIC (IIRC) and played a role in the political mentoring of Barry the Fairy. One can only hope he dies as horrible a death as can be imagined.

  47. Ace says:

    Farrakhan was involved in helping the arrestees, paying for lawyers for all except for one Cooks, who admitted his crimes. He seems to fit the figure of Vandyke more closely.

    Nicholas Styx has written about these killings with an interesting segment on a NOI mole in the SF police department and the NOI instantaneous response upon learning of the location of one of the witness/killers in protective custody. And Mr. Unz has described the disgraceful deception of the press in not covering black crime. The hideous murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom fell into a black hole. QED.

    See “Dhimmocracy in America,” Gates of Vienna,10/12/05, for the tidbit that Jamaat al Fuqra is an offshoot of the NOI.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  48. G J T says:

    Certainly I agree. We should not be forced to live with any of these people. I just think given the current state of affairs, blacks taking up Islam wouldn’t actually be a bad thing for whites. Jews would lose their most useful golem and then have a real problem on their hands on top of it.

    I’m for anything that undermines Jewish power. Once that’s out of the way everything else is manageable.

  49. There are no black supremacists. All blacks are well aware that blacks are extremely inferior mentally. The evidence is that overwhelming.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1552 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

    • Agree: Wake up
  50. Hibernian says:
    @G J T

    “…while even the most radical Islamists are pretty consistent in their reverence for Jesus.”

    Sure, that’s why they kill Muslims who convert to Christianity.

    • Replies: @dac
  51. Wake up says:
    @Priss Factor

    Remember the time that Whites immigrated to Black Countries in order to live a better life? Neither do I.

    • LOL: Oemiktlob
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Expletive Deleted
  52. Stan says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    Black racial delusions have never been eliminated by facts and evidence.

  53. @Supply and Demand

    And , what difference does it make. blacks DID NOT BUILD OR EDUCATE anyone how to build or form a nation…if anything those blacks were LUCKY to have landed in the hands of the WHITE PEOPLE who did build and establish what would become the United States of America. All of it was because of White Euros. The Whole Concept. None of it came from LOW IQ primitive black Africans,if it did then the opposite would have been happening . Africa would have been the United States. But it never was nor could ever be. All of this black supremacist BS and revisionism is trying to say that just because there were black slaves all of a sudden they were responsible for the creation of the United States of America. BS. blacks did not create anything. They did not create anything in Africa so why would you think they did in the Americas. black African Kangs massacred 100’s of their enemy tribes all around each other and sold what they kept to the White Man.This is how all these African countries became their version of wealth and power. By selling their people to Whites. Whether they were Joooos or Gentiles. It doesn’t matter. The market was established LONG BEFORE Whites showed up. THIS IS A FACT> You cannot and will not dispute it. Ever. The Prime Minister of Ghana actually wrote a letter and had it printed apologizing for what Ghana had done to their fellow Africans. END OF STORY. And do you know why Ghana wrote a letter. Because Ghana was one of THE LARGEST slave traders of the time. They were then known as the Kingdom Of Ashanti and ALL THEIR WEALTH AND POWER CAME FROM SELLING THEIR FELLOW blacks. Enough of the BS. I am beyond SICK and Tired of cucks bending over,LITERALLY, for black BS. Don’t you ever open your mouth around me. I don’t care who you are. Don’t do it.

    • Replies: @notoneofthem
  54. @Hang All Text Drivers

    “-brain fields like Peace” now that has to be the biggest joke ever in the history of the Universe.

  55. Trinity says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    No but there are PLENTY OF BLACK SERIAL KILLERS, which the media has done their best to always cover up with lies like “most serial killers are White males.” Well that COULD be true in America since Whites are an ever shrinking majority of the population BUT even then it would be close between nonwhite serial killers vs. White serial killers in America only. Numerous Black and Brown serial killers in America, tons in Africa, South America, Mexico, etc. L A few Asians and some Jews as well have been American serial killers not to mention those abroad. Most notable among the Jews are David Berkowitz, the child killing cannibal, Albert Fish, and I believe Joel Rifkin was a Jew as well, have to double check. He was adopted which explains the Jewish surname but the POS looks Jewish as well. And most figure that Jack The Ripper was a Jew as well.

  56. AceDeuce says:

    If there is one salient point I want to make regarding this, it’s that to a considerable degree, pretty much – and I mean 99% of American born blacks in the U.S. are de facto adherents of the Nation of Islam. They might not be “official” members, but, not only do they agree 100% with the hate Whitey/White devil stuff, but they are very familiar with a great deal of NOI doctrine. Lots of WHites seem to think of the NOI as a fringe group and Farakkhan as a buffoon. He’s worth hundreds of millions, and 99% of negroes have respect and love for him and his racist ideas. He often holds rallies in black “Christian” churches.

  57. Nat X says: • Website

    Oh well like the saying goes; “Turnabout is fair play.”


  58. You just have to take it with a massive dollop of salt.

    The truth, as far as I have encountered it, never came wrapped in anything but its nakedness.

    So, I will not take the truth with anything but what it is.

  59. Bobby Seale called the policy “a vicious and racist action” that threatened the lives of all Black men in the Bay Area

    rather than one which was saving the lives of any random black round there, by interposing armed “protectors” between these savage dolts and the citizenry, and declaring them “exceptional”?
    Manson gang with melanin.
    Also, as the takeaway, it’s good to completely avoid all restaurants and stores in areas where this kind of person might appear, and never relax.

  60. Dumbo says:

    Imagine to fight for years to be free from the English and then start importing Africans and erasing your own country… I would say that the Irish are particularly stupid, if it wasn’t that almost all supposedly contemporary “nationalist” or separatist movements are also importing Arabs and Blacks: Quebec, Catalonia, etc. For most of the people there, the nationalism became basically only about the language: bring a French-speaking African to Montreal, and he will become Quebecois, bring an Arab to Barcelona and he will be Catalonian as long as he speaks the local language… Stupid.

  61. J1234 says:

    As the world “progresses” the difference between progressives and people like the zebra killers or the sla diminishes. The question is: how long before the US government erects statues honoring the zebra killers?

  62. @unit472

    “I moved to Marin Country to get away from the negro.”

    And then George Lucas married the black lady.

  63. men—Jessie Lee Cooks, Larry Craig Green, Manuel Moore, and J.C.X. Simon
    I have more respect for those men than i do for 95%of my countrymen.
    Those we’re real men.

    • Disagree: Ace
  64. @Avery

    We don’t necessarily have to deport them, just do the same thing that was done to the Indians.

    I have worked with many blacks, who work hard to earn a living, to keep a family

    Truly touching.

    Haven’t we all known a few decent black people?

    Of course, I would bet a whole lot of money you don’t actually live where they make up the majority.

    Why is that?

    Probably the same reason that the Obamas live in….(drumroll please) Martha’s Vineyard…lol

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Avery
    , @Avery
  65. gotmituns says:

    I have worked with many blacks, who work hard
    Yes, blacks work extremely hard when try to work. It’s because the vast majority of them don’t know how to work.

  66. Truth says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    4. Out of 1552 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

    Yep, and ALL THREE would put you in checkmate within 20 moves.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @GeneralRipper
    , @Ace
  67. Truth says:
    @Wake up

    Naah, they just go for vacation every year.

  68. @Wake up

    I do.
    The missus’ parents were all set for Kenya after the War. He even learned whatever confounded chat they use out there, from books. Knew what he was in for, he’d been a subaltern basically hijacked as a driver/guard by the Happy Valley degenerates, and before that a commandant at a camp for less-than-enthusiastic, but thoroughly charming Italians, having got out of the desert after a bit and dodged Burma.
    Then the locals (including a Mr Obama) went mental at the colonialists, and chucked the whole lot out.
    There’s a lesson there somewhere.

    Oddly enough (this is a very small island in those circles), they were occasional near-neighbours of the Thatchers, mixed in the same golf clubs and businesses, and it was suspected that their animus against Wilson and Labour in general (strangely, not Churchill, SuperMac and all the other Tories who were in charge at the time up to Kenyan independence) was not class-based, being pretty much trade themselves, but for giving up the most promising African shitehole for lost (instead of re-invading and taking it back? WTF?) thus cutting off their similar plans to eff right off out of beggarly, rationing-wracked Blighty and go and lord it over the natives, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion/ Daktari-stylee.

    Rhodesia would have been too ruffy-tuffy and frontier-ish for the likes of them. Lack of proper deference, see? Sort of fellows who didn’t know their place, near as bad as Aussies.
    All that was a very common dream of footloose, upwardly-mobile officer-class types after demob and the grim, seemingly endless, sooty, threadbare reality of postwar, pre-Carnaby-Street England.

  69. @Hang All Text Drivers

    Well, literature IS a brain field, but the judgement of it is extremely subjective. I’ve met 2/3 of the black grandmasters, weirdly.

  70. gotmituns says:

    chess is a faggotgame…

  71. dac says:

    Islam professes faith in the torah and the prophets. they never read any of this material. They profess that YAHSHUA was a prophet. So what. I quote YAHSHUA said “unless you believe I AM HE, you will die in your sins” “no man comes to the Father but by me”. Yahshua was and is still and will always be a jew. “HE came to his people and they received him not”

  72. @Priss Factor

    This is of course due to the long history of slavery in Ireland… My advice: break out the IRA weapons caches n let loose.

  73. @Avery

    There is no such thing as an “American”. The American Empire encompasses half the world. America is only a geographic expression n the US is merely one subject province among many. The serfs who occupy the province of America have considerably less influence on how the Empire is governed than do Israelis, Liberians, Saudis, Pakistanis, Tierra del Fuegans, n just about any other country you can name. Now even voting, the last remaining privilege of so-called Americans, is gone.

    The oligarch elite that runs the Empire has no problem transferring millions of serfs from one province to another including across oceans just to increase their profits n power.

    Ghana is officially inviting American blacks to move there. I have visited Ghana. It is friendly, crime free, they speak English, are democratic, the climate is pleasant, n it has a solid middle class. Like most of Africa, only blacks can become citizens. Virtually any black from the US can become a dual citizen with Ghana anytime he wishes. It is not at all unreasonable to subsidize the migration of millions to Ghana or to any of the other 26 black nations in Africa. Many are quite properous, despite the Empire’s propaganda that portrays all of Africa as poor n violent.

  74. @Truth

    Actually checkmate in three is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as coon “Grandmasters”…lol

    Chess greatness resides in White Civilization, Toby.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  75. anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    “United States is very likely to collapse like the former Soviet Union!

    Racial riots have occurred many times in the history of the United States, but the difference is that in the past, they were mostly concentrated in black settlements. …

        On the other hand, radical white groups have also increased their cohesion and expansion and they are sometimes seen by the police as an aid to maintaining social order. As a result, intensified ethnic riots, radical white armed militias became …..

    There are two important points: one is that from the federal to the local level, more non-whites will control power; the second is that non-whites will redistribute economic and social resources through legislation…..

        The current rapid growth of white fierce groups, including the rise of Trump, is the product of intense white fear. ..

    The United States is the worst-performing country in the world( Corona) . American governance not only does not help, but further worsens the situation. ….

        With the historical shadow of black American history being trafficked, enslaved, and discriminated against by whites, the future great schism in the United States will be full of hatred and blood, …

     A nation that likes to impose its own will on other nations; a nation that likes it at every turn to destroy other nations; a political entity that expands everywhere, dominates people everywhere, and flaunts its strength everywhere, there will eventually be a day of exhaustion.
        Perhaps this is more the law of history!

    Enjoy the fireworks 💥. Blaming Jews won’t rescue the criminals .

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  76. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually checkmate in three is ridiculous.

    No one said “checkmate in three” b|tch. Don’t be an idiot. Be best!

    • Thanks: Truth
  77. @dindunuffins

    They dumped faulty merchandise on the dumb whites who paid money for the slaves. Whites should be suing for reparations because of the bad deal they got! We want our money back!

  78. @anon

    I agree with the author that the US will disintegrate within the next ten years, due to war, internal strife, or a combination of the two. Some people argue the US will lose 70% of its population ( However, given the obvious evidence of the current multiple crises wracking the country, making a prediction for its demise is easy. Attributing cause is much more difficult.

    I would say, currently, the Japanese have little experience with Jews, as current estimates of Jewish population in Japan numbers 2000 or less, and few are citizens. After WWII many of the resident Jews left Japan because of perceived antisemitism.

    From Wikipedia

    “Jews and their culture are by far one of the most minor ethnic and religious groups in Japan, presently consisting of only about from 300[1] to 2,000 people or about from 0.0016% to about 0.0002% of Japan’s total population. Almost all of them are not Japanese citizens and almost all of them are foreigner short-term residents.”

    Given that the Japanese have not been subjected to Jewish tricks for several decades, they would have no collective memory on which to draw in dealing with them. I would conclude that Japan maintains its racial identity because Jews are such a minor presence. The Japanese welcome foreigners for commerce and cultural reasons, but true immigrants are exceedingly rare.

    Plus, for this author to lecture the US on black racism is troubling, as the Japanese themselves are known for “implicit bias” against blacks.

  79. @Ace

    Thanks for the mention, Ace. I also wholeheartedly concur with your judgment that “Vandyke” was Farrakhan. I believe that this was all a Farrakhan operation.

    Of course, I have written more about the Zebra Killings and other NOI slaughters of Whites than any other writer, save for Clark Howard. I have devoted a blog, The Zebra Project, to the Nation of Islam. Among other matters, we scooped the msm on the deaths of J.C.X. Simon and Manuel Moore, and on the denial of parole to Larry Craig Green and Jessie Lee Cooks.

    “The Zebra Murders: The First Victims?”
    “Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims”
    “Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders”

    “Updated List of Nation of Islam Attacks on Whites”

    • Replies: @Ace
  80. jay says:

    Sure but in regards to the Germans that didn’t break their spirit in that was meant to be the goal and isn’t really justified at all since they didn’t exactly do the killing at least the women and children. The Nazis fought to the end. It took the eradication of all Nazi soldiers and party members before they were destroyed.

  81. Avery says:

    {“Truly touching.”}

    I am glad you are touched by my wise words.

    {“Of course, I would bet a whole lot of money you don’t actually live where they make up the majority. Why is that?”}

    You are right I don’t live in a black neighborhood.
    And so what?
    I also don’t live in lots of other non-black neighborhoods.
    I live in neighborhoods that are harmonious with me: my lifestyle, my personality, my economic status.

    I wasn’t preaching kumbaya: I was commenting on the absurd notion that you (generic you) can, quote, deport 40 million blacks. This country cannot even deport illegal aliens, who have NO right to be here. And people irrationally hallucinate about deporting 40 million US Citizens. Give me a break.

  82. Avery says:

    {“We don’t necessarily have to deport them, just do the same thing that was done to the Indians.”}

    Yeah, sure.
    And who is “we”? How many fellow “we” whites you think you can recruit to fight on your side.

    You like to bet, yes? I would bet a whole lot more whites would be fighting against your side, than on your side. How do I know that? Because not too long ago, far more whites fought on the “side” of blacks than against them: you remember the Civil War, yes?

    About the Indians: how many Indians do you think white settlers were fighting against?
    Whatever firearms Indians could obtain would never be enough, because only whites could produce them, including the ammunition. Only whites had Gatling guns. You actually think the balance of forces is the same as when white settlers were fighting Indians?

    • Replies: @Truth
  83. KenH says:

    Outside of the Van Dyke character I don’t agree that Zebra must be taken with a “giant dollop of salt”. It really was as bad as the book described and what I read in the book was consistent with the accounts of many other sources, including those of law enforcement that were published on white racialist sites.

    If Van Dyke was in fact, Farrakhan, then it always seems to be the lighter skinned blacks with white lineage who exhort the darker skinned blacks to violence against the white man. Larry Green was clearly a mulatto. This is not surprising since I’ve found mulattoes to be the most conflicted and angry when it comes to race. And they feel they must go the extra mile in their anti-white hate to prove their blackness and that they belong. Exhibit A is Barack Hussein Obama.

    At the end the book mentions a spate of unsolved killings of whites up and down the California coast which law enforcement believed to have been copy cat Zebra murders.

    I don’t believe the FBI ever got involved in this case and they never do when blacks racially target and murder whites. Then they leave it to local and state authorities but they invaded the South when three race agitators, err “civil rights activists”, were killed by the KKK and paid a NYC mob enforcer named Greg Scarpa to kidnap a KKK member at gunpoint and torture him into giving up the location of where the bodies were buried.

    Dylan Roof didn’t seem to be aware of the Zebra case but it was the post 1965 black on white rape, crime and murder spree and the steadfast refusal of the establishment to acknowledge the problem that forced him to take matters into his own hands.

    • Replies: @Ace
  84. Truth says:

    Flipper has said that he is a 60 year old handyman in a power-plant Bro!

    He’s dangerous!

  85. Ace says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    My pleasure. Credit where credit’s due. Sorry I misspelled your last name.

  86. Ace says:

    I met a mixed-race white-Indian (subcontinent) in London in 1962. He had what you might call “harsh” views on race. I’d heard before that that the British relied on such mixed-race people in their administration in India because they were regarded with suspicion, or worse, by both camps and so gave their allegiance to the Raj.

  87. @gotmituns

    I heard once, online a few years ago, that Goetz had come out as gay, but that has since been sent down the memory hole. However, he wasn’t gay before Robert Morgenthau railroaded him into prison.

    Note that Goetz and Morgenthau were both Jews. As I learned firsthand, aristocratic, German Jew Morgenthau hated working-class Jews.

  88. noname27 says: • Website

    No one is going to do it, and that’s the problem – not even segregation.

    If you return to a pre-civil war status-quo then blacks are no longer Americans – America has been a fake Jewified nation since 1865.

    Majority of blacks are victims of these hoodlums themselves. I have worked with many blacks, who work hard to earn a living, to keep a family, and they hate these gangsta hoodrats with a passion.

    Great, then they will be a great asset to their African brothers and sisters.

    And finally, if you find a way to deport a group of people, deport the whites who are enablers of these types of lawless, anti-social, anti-family, anti-American, anti-….,anti-….. behaviour.

    Boot-camp labour camps for them until they have been educated, with no parole until they have proven themselves to be patriotic useful people to their nation.

    Jews likewise should be deported, let’s face it, they already have their Israeli passports.

  89. Ace says:

    I think that’s why they’re called grand masters.

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