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Lance Welton on Jewish Ethnocentrism
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ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt

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Lance Welton’s article on VDARE is a nice summary of research on Jewish ethnocentrism and its consequences: “Did the ADL Think It Could Get Away Hypocrisy on Replacement in U.S. vs. Israel? Answer: It Probably Didn’t Think At All.” As noted below, some of his presentation touches on my Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition as well as my books on Judaism.


“Fairness,” as I noted in my article on blacks, is “impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.” This is a high-order value which demands that you put aside nepotism, ethnocentrism, and even personal gain, in favor of this abstract goal. So, on this basis, would we expect Jews to be as high in “fairness” as Whites?

No. Firstly, there is abundant evidence that Jews are more ethnocentric than whites; meaning they cooperate strongly with their own people and are hostile to other peoples. Jews have been stereotyped as being highly ethnocentric throughout their history, as Kevin MacDonald showed in his 1994 book A People That Shall Dwell Alone [Chap 8, 228ff]. There is overwhelming evidence that racial stereotypes, like all stereotypes, tend to be true; that’s why they develop [Social Perception and Social Reality, By Lee Jussim, 2012].

This goes very deep. Jewish babies react with far greater horror to strangers of a different ethnic group than do German babies [Security of Infant-Mother, -Father, and -Metapelet Attachments Among Kibbutz-Reared Israeli Children, by Abraham Sagi et al., Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 1985].

Data from the University of Wisconsin’s MIDUS survey of middle-aged Americans demonstrated that among Whites there is a positive correlation between how religious you are and how group-oriented you are. However, the same study found that Jews are the most ethnocentric—group-oriented) religious group—even though they were the least religious group of those surveyed. When factors such as intelligence (which tends to make people less ethnocentric) and religiousness level were controlled for, Jews were still way more ethnocentric than the gentile White groups. (This is discussed in Religiosity as a Predictor of In-Group Favoritism Within and Between Religious Groups, by Curtis Dunkel & Edward Dutton, Personality and Individual Differences, 2016).

If you take into account the number of Jews in a population compared to the number of Whites, then the extent to which Jews “marry out” is far lower. Jews are about 49 times less likely to marry someone of a different faith than Protestants are, for example. [See Andrew Joyce’s “The Cofnas Problem.“]. The most obvious explanation for this, in the context of the other research: ethnocentrism. Jews seem to be evolved to be higher in ethnocentrism [see “A Genetic on Individualism/Collectivism,” A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Ch. 8: p. 236ff], something that would be heightened by their small gene pool; with people tending to be more ethnocentric when the gene pool is small [Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence, By Gregory Cochran et al., Journal of Biosocial Science, 2006]. This higher ethnocentrism would make them less able to suppress ethnocentric instincts in favor of creating fairness than are gentile Whites.

Fairness is one of the traits that is higher in Western societies based on individualism versus the kinship-based societies of the rest of the world. Joseph Henrich and colleagues reviewed research showing differences between subjects from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic (WEIRD) nations and subjects in a wide range of other cultures on, finding important differences in fairness and moral reasoning. This is reviewed in Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition:

In non-Western societies based on extended kinship, morality is defined in terms of whether an action satisfies obligations within the family or kinship group, whereas in individualist societies, morality is thought of as satisfying abstract notions of justice such as Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Act according to the maxim that you could wish all other rational people to follow, as if it were a universal law. … The differences between individualist and collectivist cultures—whether in fairness and altruistic punishment, moral reasoning, cognition, or perception—are all “of a piece;” they all fit into a consistent pattern in which Westerners detach themselves from social, cognitive, and perceptual contexts, whereas non-Westerners see the world in a deeply embedded manner. This pattern is highly consistent with Western peoples being more prone to scientific reasoning (p. 110).

On the other hand, collectivist cultures—my view is that Judaism is a paradigmatic collectivist culture—see the world from the standpoint of group interests, so that even scientific reasoning in the social sciences is performed through the lens of group interests. Hence, The Culture of Critique.

The Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic (WEIRD) people discussed in Chapter 3 developed scientific and scholarly associations in the post-medieval West which assume groups are permeable and highly subject to defection—that there is a marketplace of ideas in which individuals may defect from current scientific views when they believe that the data support alternate perspectives. On the other hand, collectivist cultures create group-oriented intellectual movements based on dogmatic assertions, fealty to group leaders, ethnic networking, and expulsion of dissenters [i.e., the thesis of The Culture of Critique]. …

Moreover, … WEIRD people tend more toward analytical reasoning (detaching objects from context, attending to characteristics of the object and developing rules for explaining and predicting phenomena) as opposed to holistic reasoning (attending to relationships between objects and surrounding field). Westerners tend to categorize objects on the basis of rules that are independent of function and hence more abstract whereas non-Westerners are more likely to categorize on the basis of function and contextual relationship. Science is fundamentally concerned with creating abstract rules independent of context and developing explanations and predictions of phenomena in the empirical world. Such traits, which can be seen even in the ancient Greco-Roman world of antiquity, clearly predispose to scientific thinking. …

For collectivists, moral reasoning involves taking account of the social context, which is fundamentally centered on fitting into and strengthening a kinship group. For individualists, the social world involves a greater need to interact with strangers and to consider their reputation for respecting impersonal rules. …


Individuals are evaluated as individuals on traits—e.g., honesty, intelligence, military talent, and the logic and usefulness of their arguments—in abstraction from their (relatively weak) kinship connections. Moral situations are evaluated in terms of abstract concepts of justice that apply to all individuals rather than being vitally concerned with social obligations to particular people enmeshed in a particular extended kinship network. When confronting the natural world, individualists more easily abstract from social context and personal experience, seeking out and applying universally applicable laws of nature.

Back to Welton:

In addition, there is evidence that Jews are perfectly happy for a situation to be unfair. One study compared religious groups in the US—Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Jews, and Atheists/Agnostics—and asked people what they thought was most important to live a “good life.” Jews, in contrast to all the other groups, highlighted “extra money” [“For Tomorrow We Die”? Testing the Accuracy of Stereotypes about Atheists and Agnostics, by Edward Dutton & Curtis Dunkel, Mankind Quarterly, 2019]. They see it as important to be richer than other people in a way that the whites do not, which implies that they are less concerned about a possibly unfair situation as long as they they benefit. And, being more intelligent than gentile Whites on average (as Richard Lynn has shown in his book The Chosen People) they will better be able to rationalize achieving such an advantage, as intelligent people are typically better at finding ways of rationalizing their biases [Why smart people aren’t better at transcending their biased views, by Tauriq Mousa, The Big Think, June 13, 2012].

Finally, Jews are less mentally stable than Whites. Ashkenazi Jews have significantly elevated levels of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, both of which can make people paranoid [Genome-Wide Association Study of Schizophrenia in Ashkenazi Jews, by Fernando Goes et al., American Journal of Medical Genetics, 2015]. When people are paranoid, they are less interested in what is “fair”—they are interested simply in surviving and doing so may involve being very “unfair.” People with paranoid personalities tend to be hypocritical and self-seeking [Understanding Paranoia, by Martin Kantor, 2004, p.71].

Because Jews are better at finding ways of rationalizing away their bias and hypocrisy, they may well not believe that they are being “unfair” at all [a kind of self deception one expects to find among highly ethnocentric people—Ch. 8 of Separation and Its Discontents and elaborated by Andrew Joyce here]. In this sense, it can be said that intelligent yet paranoid people do not “know themselves”—meaning that they live in a fantasy world in which there is nothing wrong with them; only with others.

This personality type will see the world as packed full of hostile persecutors who want to destroy them, meaning that an obviously Mostly Peaceful protest at the Capitol becomes an “insurrection” in which people could have been killed.

This personality type will also engage in “paranoid projection,” whereby they purport to find an aspect of themselves they dislike in others, causing them to despise these people. “I hate them” becomes “They hate me,” based on finding some minor evidence of this. Hence the Leftist obsession with how “hateful” their opponents are [8 Key Traits of Paranoid Thinkers, by Shahram Heshmat, Psychology Today. February 24, 2016].

It’s interesting in this regard that paranoia about the surrounding world is a very central aspect of Jewish culture—analyzed as what behavior geneticists label genotype-environment correlation (e.g., paranoid parents with genetic predispositions to paranoia would socialize their children (who share their genes for paranoia) in a manner that would reinforce a worldview that the outside world is dangerous. From A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Ch. 7:

A permanent sense of imminent threat appears to be common among Jews. Writing on the clinical profile of Jewish families, Herz and Rosen (1982) note that for Jewish families a “sense of persecution (or its imminence) is part of a cultural heritage and is usually assumed with pride. Suffering is even a form of sharing with one’s fellow-Jews. It binds Jews with their heritage—with the suffering of Jews throughout history.” Zborowski and Herzog (1952, 153) note that the homes of wealthy Jews in traditional Eastern European shtetl communities sometimes had secret passages for use in times of anti-Semitic pogroms, and that their existence was “part of the imagery of the children who played around them, just as the half-effaced memory was part of every Jew’s mental equipment.”

This evolved response to external threat is often manipulated by Jewish authorities attempting to inculcate a stronger sense of group identification. Hartung (1992) provides anecdotal data on the emphasis on Jewish suffering and its exaggeration as aspects of modern synagogue service. Such practices have a long history. Roth (1978, 62) notes that Jewish “martyrologists” maintained lists of Jewish martyrs for commemoration during synagogue services during the Middle Ages, and Jordan (1989, 20) refers to the “forbidding martyrocentric self-image” during this period.

Woocher (1986) shows that Jewish survival in a threatening world is a theme of Judaism as a civil religion in contemporary America. Within this world view, the gentile world is viewed as fundamentally hostile, with Jewish life always on the verge of ceasing to exist entirely. “Like many other generations of Jews who have felt similarly, the leaders of the polity who fear that the end may be near have transformed this concern into a survivalist weapon” (Woocher 1986, 73). Woocher (1986) notes that there has been a major effort since the 1960s to have American Jews visit Israel in an effort to strengthen Jewish identification, with a prominent aspect of the visit being a trip to a border outpost “where the ongoing threat to Israel’s security is palpable” (p. 150).

Or, as Elliott Abrams (Faith or Fear, 190) wrote, “the American Jewish community clings to what is at bottom a dark vision of America, as a land permeated with anti-Semitism and always on the verge of anti-Semitic outbursts.”

Hence the Jewish motivation for diversifying America, the theme of Chapter 7 of The Culture of Critique (corroborated by Otis Graham (Unguarded Gates [2004]: 80), who notes that the Jewish lobby on immigration “was aimed not just at open doors for Jews, but also for a diversification of the immigration stream sufficient to eliminate the majority status of western Europeans so that a fascist regime in America would be more unlikely.” The motivating role of fear and insecurity on the part of the activist Jewish community thus differed from other groups and individuals promoting an end to the national origins provisions of the 1924 and 1952 laws.

Writing in the 1970s, Isaacs (1974: 14ff) describes the pervasive insecurity of American Jews and their hypersensitivity to anything that might be deemed anti-Semitic. Interviewing “noted public men” on the subject of anti-Semitism in the early 1970s, Isaacs asked, “Do you think it could happen here?” “Never was it necessary to define ‘it.’ In almost every case, the reply was approximately the same: ‘If you know history at all, you have to presume not that it could happen, but that it probably will,’ or ‘It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.’ ” (p. 15).

Writing long after the passage of the 1965 law, prominent Jewish social scientist and ethnic activist Earl Raab remarked very positively on the success of American immigration policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States. Writing for a Jewish publication, Raab noted that the Jewish community had taken a leadership role in changing the northwestern European bias of American immigration policy (Raab, 1993a, 17), and he also maintained that one factor inhibiting anti-Semitism in the contemporary United States is that “an increasing ethnic heterogeneity, as a result of immigration, has made it even more difficult for a political party or mass movement of bigotry to develop” (Raab, 1995b, 91). (Culture of Critique, Ch. 7).

Welton concludes:

The self-centeredness and implicit unfairness of the ADL operatives’ fantasy world means they indeed might very well not have thought at all about what to any outside observer appears to be the utter hypocrisy of their position on the Great Replacement [via immigration] in the U.S. as opposed to Israel.

For such people, objective truth is “defamation”—but their “defamation” of others is objective truth.


Any objective observer would indeed have to agree that the ADL is utterly hypocritical in its stance toward immigration in Israel versus the United States. But activist Jews like Jonathan Greenblatt may not even be aware of it due to their powerful tendencies toward ethnocentrism and its corollary of self-deception. And now these people are firmly ensconced in the hostile elite that is running the United States. A dire situation indeed for the traditional White population of America.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: ADL, Anti-Semitism, Ethnocentricty, Jews 
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  1. Lance Welton has many good articles – we need more of him on this website.

  2. Ethnocentrism is usually called racism. When you look at Israel/Palestine, all you see is Jewish White Supremacy, Apartheid and Jim Crow. In the Ivy League, you see vicious Jewish racist discrimination against Asian and European Americans and there’s a strong movement to extend that to government schools and universities wherever Jews have enough power.

    The whole movement to describe Europeans in the USA as White Supremacists within the USA is simply projection of Jewish behaviour onto others. It’s true that non-Jewish European Whites support US wars of aggression but that’s just as true for US Blacks, Latin Americans, Jews and Asians. It applies to both Democrats and Republicans. Love for the idea of the USA ruling the world is completely normal for US citizens. They genuinely believe that democracy is represented by less than 5% of the world’s people ruling the rest.

    That’s not surprising to me; I’m old enough to remember when around 40% of the British felt the same way in the 1950s for only a quarter of the world’s population. The British Empire had supporters even after it ceased to exist and the US Empire will also have such supporters. Fortunately, nostalgia hurts nobody. [email protected]

  3. Gemjunior says:

    Man, we Whites really blew it by napping while the Hostile Elite bought up all the media corporations all around us. Lulled into the belief that everyone around us was like us, we allowed strangers to invade our territory and take it over. I hope I’m wrong but the evidence suggests I’m not. Whites are being set up for some rough times. We better be ready and start some self help programs with each other, and serious penalties should be enacted against any Whites who betray our group. We need to get very ethnocentric very quickly – on the double – or we will not survive the onslaught that is undoubtedly on its way. It could be much sooner than we think.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Anon[304] • Disclaimer says:

    The famous Rabbi’s blasphemy that “Salvation is from the Jews” clearly illustrates the author’s observation of the Jews’ “powerful tendencies toward ethnocentrism and its corollary of self-deception.“ Yet such blasphemy is widely distributed in the top drawers of hotel rooms and the coffee tables of grandmothers across America, a dire situation indeed for the White population of America. Whites need to come to the realization that they were born right the first time.

  5. It’s one of history’s greatest ironies that Christianity, given its traditional Jew-hatred, was the vehicle by which the ethnocentrism, nationalism, sexism and homophobia of second temple period Judaism were spread into the larger world. The intolerant racism of the Jewish prophets, expressed in the “chosen people” legend, continues in the Christian assertion that it possess the sole “truth” and that it alone offers “salvation”. The relentless dualism and mindless judgmentalism of Judaism is preserved intact by Christians, who have carried this hateful gibberish to every corner of the globe, at an incalculable cost in needless human misery. Christianity’s wildly exaggerated “martyr” sagas of the fifth and sixth centuries continue Judaism’s morbid fixation on persecution.

    An enduring appeal of both Judaism and Christianity is that their doctrines and practices are so contrived as to encourage the faithful to indulge the deadliest of their character defects – cruelty, intolerance, arrogance, among others – while allowing them to see themselves as decent, worthwhile human beings. People are so blinded by this poison that they cannot even picture what a world freed from such cruelty and ignorance could look like. Brainwashed believers seem positively terrified by the possibility of being liberated from the horrific mindf*ck that is patriarchal monotheism, even to the point where some are now demanding the abolition of the American secular republic, whose free people once valued freedom *from* religion just as highly as freedom *of* religion.

    Human beings invent gods and construct religions as acts of self-worship, in order to flatter themselves. No one has yet concocted a belief system in which that rival tribe of smelly barbarians camped down by the river are the chosen ones, tenderly beloved of the only true god(s).

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Disagree: Rich
  6. It fits into what commenter Niebelheim said on KMD’s second post on Tucker Carlson and the ADL.

    In fact, it’s precisely the phobic fantasy of a Nazi takeover of America that’s driven so many of the Jews, not all, to push the open borders, white atomization, and demasculination agenda that plagues the country. Obviously they’re acting in what they perceive to be their self interest, but they tend to always overplay their hand, as do many, thinking that if a little of it gives them a measure of security, a lot will guarantee it.

    Blowback is already self-evident in Western Europe where attacks on Jews and synagogues are increasingly being committed by third world people who are also difficult to kraal when it comes to support for the state of Israel.

    Over in South Africa only around 70,000 Jewish persons remain from a peak of about 200,000 because of violent crime, economic decline and general dysfunction under black mismanagement.

    • Replies: @baythoven
  7. When the outcome of World War II was still being decided, some Allied Air Force officers believed their profession would have to face war crimes charges for the indiscriminate bombing of German civilians.

    Their belief in ‘fair fighting’ is unimaginable now. Honor and morality were wounded in World War 1, and killed completely after World War II.

    The unravelling of morality accelerates. Confederates and Union soldiers reconciled after the Civil War – today the revisionists want to smash the Confederate statues as if they were living beings. German soldiers are put on trial for actions 75 years ago, long after the combatants put their grievances to rest and signed treaties to end hostilities.

    It’s like an alien mindset has taken over the West. It is callous, belligerent, morally repugnant, and hostile to decency and tolerance. It acts foreign.

    If we are to have a future, we must draw from the better aspects of our past and cast out this present sickness, just as Russia has done in rehabilitating itself after the USSR.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  8. baythoven says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Interesting how hope can rise and wane within a single sentence.

    Blowback is already self-evident in Western Europe where attacks on Jews and synagogues are increasingly being committed by third world people who are also difficult to kraal when it comes to support for the state of Israel.

    The slight flicker lit by the first line already extinguished by the end of the second line.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  9. Chris Moore says: • Website

    No one has yet concocted a belief system in which that rival tribe of smelly barbarians camped down by the river are the chosen ones, tenderly beloved of the only true god(s).

    Sure they have. It’s called Marxist-Globalism. We’re currently witnessing worship of stinky BLM criminals, thugs and gangsters by greedy Globalist-Marxist elites who are destroying the American nation, its founding stock, and Constitution in deference to Jewish-financed barbarians because the lot has been seduced by the Golden Calf.

    The “Jews” call this “Welcoming the stranger(‘s shekels).” Moses rightly executed these money-crazed, decrepit Hebrew degenerates rather than allow them to genocide a way of life for a quick buck. It was one of the most principled and disciplined acts of history. Only Hitler has done anything remotely similar.

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    Answer: It Probably Didn’t Think At All.”

    exactly, but it might also be explained in the same way the chauvin verdict might be explained, namely…

    jews are so afraid of europeans or disgusted by any pattern of ideas similar to hitler’s that they literally CAN’T be rational. just like the chauvin jury may have been so viscerally disgusted by the video and (let’s face it folks) the robot terminator psychopath look in chauvin’s face they literally COULDN’T see anything else.

  11. Westerners detach themselves from social, cognitive, and perceptual contexts, whereas non-Westerners see the world in a deeply embedded manner. This pattern is highly consistent with Western peoples being more prone to scientific reasoning (p. 110).

    Are the collective ethnocentric Jews less prone to scientific reasoning? Were the collective ethnocentric Nazi Germans less prone to scientific reasoning?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  12. @Donald A Thomson

    Ethnocentrism is usually called racism.

    I’d say hate of the other is racism, but love of your own culture or people is good for society.

    Jews have both, but when they live in other societies, the negative hate of the other certainly dominates.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  13. nsa says:

    Someone has to say it. There is only one race stupid enough to willingly do the jew’s bidding, fight the jew’s wars, worship the jew’s vile sky god, routinely mutilate the cocks of their newborn male offspring to demonstrate total fealty to the jew. It’s sick, disgusting, and most of all pathetic.

  14. Richard B says:

    they will better be able to rationalize their biases

    For example, rationalizing their blood liberl against Whites to justify their lust for power. From this perspective White Man Bad = White Man Has Power = We Want His Power = The Only Good White Man Is A Dead White Man.


    Whites are powerful and bad. We are powerless and good. Therefore, we have to take their power from them or they will use it to do something bad to us. By doing this we will prove how good we are .

    This is the lie upon which all of their Supremacy is built.

    Which explains why the more power they have, the easier it is to see this lie, so, the more they have to censor Whites until they silence them once and for all. The only problem is, Whites aren’t entirely silent, at least not yet, and the Real Supremacists aren’t very good at social management.

    Anyone who cares about thier freedoms and doesn’t want to live the rest of their lives as a slave should be ready for anything. But that doesn’t mean doing something foolhardy. There’s no value in wasting one’s life trying to stop an avalanche on Sh*t Mountain.

  15. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    Moses rightly executed these money-crazed, decrepit Hebrew degenerates rather than allow them to genocide a way of life for a quick buck.

    I’m open to correction on this, but I’m kinda thinking that Moses only executed the kikes that were extracting compound interest from other kikes – the neighboring goy was always fair game for a fleecing.

    Or did I miss something in that convoluted rats nest named ‘The Torah’?

  16. ‘…And now these people are firmly ensconced in the hostile elite that is running the United States. A dire situation indeed for the traditional White population of America.’

    Indeed. Worse, most people are inhibited from even noticing it. They will mentally veer away rather than confront this truth.

    • Agree: Defender
  17. Ghali says:

    There is overwhelming evidence that Indians, Chinese and Japanes are as ethnocentric as Jews. However, as K. MacDonald shows, Jews always win. Look at how they control Western regimes, including the U.S., Canada and Australia through ethnocentrism. No group do it better than Jews. Ethnocentrism among Blacks and Whites is the owest.

  18. Great article. First thing to do against primitive people with no abstract reasoning ability is to be as tribal as them. Stop buying products from corporate Rats who sponsor Burn Loot Murder thugs.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  19. Schuetze says:

    This personality type will also engage in “paranoid projection,” whereby they purport to find an aspect of themselves they dislike in others, causing them to despise these people.

    Finally, Jews are less mentally stable than Whites. Ashkenazi Jews have significantly elevated levels of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, both of which can make people paranoid

    A permanent sense of imminent threat appears to be common among Jews. Writing on the clinical profile of Jewish families, Herz and Rosen (1982) note that for Jewish families a “sense of persecution (or its imminence) is part of a cultural heritage and is usually assumed with pride.

    Clearly all of humanity needs to recognize that Jews are insane, and that the only solution is one giant planetary insane asylum where Jews can be locked up in for their own safety. The NSDAP really had it figured out, the jews needed to be confined in Ghettos, and if they were a danger to the people around them, a concentration camp, until they could be shipped off to the planetary insane asylum.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. Bruno says:

    This article from Times of Israel is astonishing because the argument presented only at the end has no merit. This same argument would justify Jared Taylor idea of creating a white only country or an independant Union of states based on ethnic principle in the USA.

    • Replies: @Defender
  21. @Anon

    You godless wonders really don’t understand the concept of context at all, do you?

  22. @anon

    IT thinks day and night about ascendency and hegemon. It thinks peace time is just the time to prepare for the next war. It, by their own relentless improvidence, might be right. Drunk with power, it has been making a lot of grave mistakes lately… May god have mercy on us all.

    • Replies: @cohen
  23. AndrewR says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    Israelis are NOT white. They cannot be “white supremacists.”

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Donald A Thomson
  24. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    A lot of words and studies to say what we knew all along.

    Either we face this (((problem))), or we leave it to our grandchildren.

  25. @Observator

    “It’s one of history’s greatest ironies that Christianity, given its traditional Jew-hatred, was the vehicle by which the ethnocentrism, nationalism, sexism and homophobia of second temple period Judaism were spread into the larger world.”

    No irony.
    Christianity hates no-one. That’s it’s essence.

    But the clever Joos found it fantastic as a religion to impose upon those who they needed as their parasitic host. And what is better than to impose the philosophy of a Joo that got his head banged in a riding accident?

    The white man was dumb enough to take it and spread it.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  26. Schuetze says:

    Meanwhile in occupied Palestine:

    Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception fails
    SA-5 flies from Syria all the way to Negev in longest-range attack by Syria. Patriot missile activated in response.

    Israel and Syria exchanged missile attacks early Thursday morning after Damascus launched an advanced surface-to-air missile that landed all the way in the Negev Desert.
    Alarms sounded in Abu Qrenat near Dimona in the South. Syria fired the missile in response to what it claims was an Israeli Air Force bombing near Damascus. Israel frequently strikes Syria to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the country as well as weapons shipments to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    According to the spokesman, Israel responded to the firing of the SA-5 towards IAF jets by striking several anti aircraft batteries in Syria, including the one which fired the missile that exploded in southern Israel.

    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. These jews are not only insane, they are psychopaths.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  27. cohen says:

    My problem with ADL is why the organization promotes its fake stars and subverts information.
    Case in point:
    Two books written by Christopher Jon Bjerknes
    “Albert Einstein The Incorrigible Plagiarist” and “Albert Einstein The Incorrigible Racist”
    are not available? What happened? Cost of each used book is more than \$600. I wll try to get through inter library loan or from ADL SafeHouse if the books are not burned.


    2.This dude Einstein who failed basic entrance exam to a polytech college in Switzerland in 1895 came roaring as the greatest genius within next 10-15 years.
    3,All that work about eclipse was plagiarized and Einstein was awarded Nobel prize (???) while the scientific community have problems with genius’s work.
    4. Tesla, who never spoke negatively about anyone called Einstein a Cracked head and wrote a poem on the matter.
    5. Calculus and Differential Equations were above Einstein head. His Serbian wife, a mathematician did most of Einstein’s work.
    6. As a clerk in Swiss patent office read other scientists work and later took the credit. It is call plagiarism these days.
    7. Theory of relativity work was published (with detailed derivations) a few years earlier before the genius published his work.
    8. American scientists who questioned Einstein abstract work were hit with a weapon “Antisemitism”
    9. He is famously credited with writing a letter to FDR about developing atom bomb. But no one talks what is on page two of the letter. Einstein wanted to head the Manhattan Project and offered funding from his sources (Rothchilds). Thank God because of the preservation laws of US documents this letter did not disappear or caught fire.
    11. Oppenheimer did not consider Einstein a physicist (an abstract man) and did not let Einstein in.
    12. Einstein belonginging to Master Race had opinion on other races, Chinese, Indian, Sir Lankans etc. According to his diaries “Travel Diaries of Albert Einstein” the Indians were unable to think beyond 15 minutes.
    13.His tribute to Banksters :
    The guy who invented compound interest must be a genius.

    It is interesting that people are questioning or seeking the truth about the promotion of the most intelligent man ever born.
    Check this out before it is removed from youtube as offensive material

    or just google Rabbi Yaakov

    • Replies: @cohen
  28. Robjil says:

    Their belief in ‘fair fighting’ is unimaginable now.

    Our rulers have set up a system since 12.23.1913 to capture the minds of most of this planet. The big 6 is the gimmick for all of this. WW1 and WW2 destroyed the independence of Europe to get this system off the ground.

    For this religion, Satan is called Hitler, condemned, like Jesus in the Talmud, to boil for eternity in excrement. It knows neither mercy, nor forgiveness, nor clemency but only the duty of vengeance. It amasses fortunes through blackmail and extortion and acquires unheard-of privileges. It dictates its law to the nations. Its heart beats in Jerusalem, at the Yad Vashem monument, in a land taken over from the natives; in the shelter of a 26-foot high wall built to protect a people who are the salt of the earth, the companions of the “Holocaust” faith rule over the goy with a system that is the purest expression of militarism, racism and colonialism.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  29. conatus says:

    Lacra Moshe, the Jewish historian(kidding) would go on bemoaning the fact that Jews were forced to become moneylenders solely because of Xtian bigotry. “No honest farming for you Moshe, you cannot get your hands dirty like us Xtian knuckledraggers”
    This seems to be a mis telling of the historical story according to a new(six years?) article.

    “Contrary to common belief, Botticini and Eckstein write, Jews weren’t forced into money lending because they were forced out of guilds. Under Muslim and Christian rule alike, Jews went into finance centuries before the guilds were even founded. In other words, Jews chose careers in finance the same way the best and the brightest in modern American culture head for Wall Street and business school.

    from here:

    The same authors wrote a book too, The Chosen Few, discussing the same subject.

    The point would be Jewish culture chronicles are not above dissembling aspects of their history to tighten up the ethnocentric aspect with stories of oppression, in this case. false oppression.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  30. Where is the Unz Reviews own replacement advocate on this issue?

    Ron you there?

    You support replacement completely.

    Guess it is n their DNA to support fcking up the country they squat on. Even if they aren’t particularly Jewish like Ronnie.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  31. PJ London says:

    This article pinpoints the real problem in the western world.
    Those societies and populations that are ethnocentric or collective societies, cannot peacefully and honestly exist in a western individualist society.
    The blacks have no interest in whether an action is honest or fair only whether it was done by a black or by a white.
    The Jews have no interest in whether an action is honest or fair only whether it was done by a Jew or by a non-Jew.
    The SJW-anti-Trumpists have no interest in whether an action is honest or fair only whether it was done by a “Trumpist” or a SJW-anti-Trumpist.

    Tribalism is the dominating philosophy in half the world and the Jews understand this. It provides enormous benefits to members. Hence Shriners and Masons et al. It is why they have to destroy “Nationalism” and Populism. Individuals are easy to destroy (look what they did to Trump) but a tribe becomes strong and almost indestructible.
    Trump, an individualist extreme had to join the “republican” tribe to even get a seat at the table, and they destroyed him because he was never really part of the tribe. His huge popularity was from ordinary people who knew they did not fit in either of the two great American political tribes.
    You cannot correct or change this except over hundreds of years of development of a society.
    To expect members of a collectivist tribe to behave differently is ridiculous. Even if their actions conform, their mindset never will.
    Separation (Apartheid) is the only answer.
    The dominant tribe, the Jews, know this and practice it for themselves and prohibit for everyone else.
    For a peaceful society, put Jews in their (very expensive and luxurious) ghettos, confine blacks to the “Hood” (give em Illinois), Indians to the reservations and Mexicans to California.
    Problem solved.
    Happiness reigns.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @Thomasina
  32. Fr. John says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    “The whole movement to describe Europeans in the USA as White Supremacists within the USA is simply projection of Jewish behaviour onto others.”

    Deicide will do that to a people…… “His blood be on us, and on our children.” – Gospel of Matthew

    “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
    (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)-

    Excellent article.
    And the takeaway? Tucker Carlson was brilliant in exposing the “Nose-feratu” Greenblatt, as he did. Because, now EVERYONE has to choose. Evan the Dispie Evan-jelly-goos.
    Christ…. or antichrist?

    Oh- and Hitler…. was right.
    As are all the 109 other nations that have expelled the “Other.”

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”
    Ορθοδοξία ή θάνατος

  33. @anon

    The Chauvin jury was terrified of being the holdout that gets doxxed and assassinated by BLM.
    Jews have weaponized Black savagery.
    Never underestimate the cowardice of the average person.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @anon
  34. Robjil says:

    The slight flicker lit by the first line already extinguished by the end of the second line.

    The Hyksos rule of Ancient Egypt is an echo of what has happened to the west. The Ancient Egyptians expelled them after 108 years. It is 108 years this year since 12.23.1913. In ancient Egypt it was an “internal” invasion of an hostile Elite similar what has happened to the west in the last 100 years.

    “Instead, this research supports the theory that the Hyksos rulers were not from a unified place of origin, but Western Asiatics whose ancestors moved into Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, lived there for centuries, and then rose to rule the north of Egypt”, read the study.

    The findings of the research also showed that there was a huge influx of Hyksos into Egypt centuries before they took control of the country. “This is consistent with the supposition that, while the ruling class had Near Eastern origins, the Hyksos’ rise to power was not the result of an invasion, as popularly theorized, but an internal dominance and takeover of foreign elite”, the researchers wrote in the study.

  35. Oracle says:

    Weaponizing one’s own fear—biologically and culturally—against the enemy is a narcissistic practice. What peaceful means can possibly put an end to that practice? The answer is to use that fear in aid of our own cause, rather than entertaining any idea of assuaging it.

  36. @Observator

    Naive. From what we know of preserved records, all peoples of antiquity were ethnocentric, nationalist, thought of themselves as superior beings …- Greeks, Chinese etc.

    God(s) may or may not have anything to do with that.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  37. Rich says:

    It wasn’t all that long ago that the White majority in America was extremely ethnocentric. The expression, ‘That was mighty White of you’ was a compliment. The KKK was basically a Scotch-Irish ethnic club. There were German Bund clubs in the US, the Irish Catholics had their Hibernian clubs and their Knights of Columbus they shared with other ethnic Catholics. Anglo-Americans had the government and the schools. And let’s face it, Whites, for the most part, are still doing pretty well, even as the world collapses. As Whites become poorer there will be a return to more solidarity, but there will have to be a lot of suffering before that happens. Jews are ethnocentric because it works for them, if Whites relearn how good it was for them it will secure a future for our children.

  38. “Any objective observer would indeed have to agree…”

    Why do so many UNZ writers constantly use this propagandistic reverse ad-hominem? The Saker uses it every 500 words. It is the mark of one not confident in their assertions. Used in the last paragraph here it smacks of laziness.

    The rest of the article is a jumbled mess of logic, hypocrisies and projecting. Your “abundant evidence” is cherry-picked so… not.

    The irony in the room remains your resentment whites(whatever that means) can’t act more like Jews. Read Nietzche’s Antichrist.

    • Replies: @little timmy
  39. @Majestic Flying Brick

    “…Are the collective ethnocentric Jews less prone to scientific reasoning? Were the collective ethnocentric Nazi Germans less prone to scientific reasoning..?”

    These are exceptions that can be explained. The Jews developed a strong collective ethnocentrism centuries before they entered science, which is historically quite recently. Naturally they kept their ethnocentrism. Some Jews are prone to falsify science if they think that is advantagious for their ethnic interests. Thus you have Jewish “scientists” who claim that “race is a social construct” or that “sexual repression may lead to “anti-Semitism” etc.

    The Germans were already fully engaged in science when the Nazis created an artificially hightened ethnocentrism, which quickly disappeared after they lost the war.
    Some Nazi “scientists” did engage in pseudo-science out of ethnocentric motives in the fields of archeology, ethnology and even physics (such as rejecting Einstein’s Theory of Relativity because that was Jewish).

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  40. Katrinka says:

    Don’t quote Bible verses out of context. It is a pretext, most generally for error.

  41. Rich says:

    Is your definition of ‘White’ only those of Northwest European heritage? The overwhelming majority of Jews are as Pale as Scotsmen and immigrated to Israel from various European countries. It’s questionable how many have any Middle Eastern dna and many geneticists believe their origin is from a woman in medieval Italy. There is also the Khazar theory of origin of Eastern European Jews, but I haven’t seen any genetic studies that confirm that and if there were any, they’d probably be suppressed because of the Israel situation. Jews are, no matter how much you protest, or they protest, White, at least by the mostly widely used definition.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Jay Fink
  42. China isn’t anti-elite Jew.

    China often employs rehashed left wing rhetoric. Because of the slave trade, therefore America has no moral high ground; because of the Holocaust, Europe has no moral high ground. The obvious premise is that these things were bad, or that the received narrative regarding these events is correct.

    This is lazy of China and actually sets them back as they are accepted Western-defined parameters of the debate. Jewish-defined, to be more specific. China is no better than the average Joe in thinking that the cause of the world’s problems is ‘Murica’, as opposed to the global, admittedly Western superstructure that uses America as front.

    They’ve boxed themselves into a moral framework in which they are now susceptible to charges of anti-Semitism by pointing out that the Jewish Sassoon family was selling Opium.


  43. @Johnny Rico

    “The irony in the room remains your resentment whites(whatever that means) can’t act more like Jews. ”


    We find you distasteful , stupid and arrogant, but ultimately weak.

    We have kicked you out of Christendom many times.

    What you read is us talking amongst ourselves about how to best go about it.

    Btw, your persistent strategy of patholigizing your opposition no longer works.

    We like our civilizations, you can go jump off Massada, again.

  44. BorisMay says:

    Jews always go too far. Greenblatt is a nobody. The problem today is Bill Gates, Claus Schwab and George Soros. The first two active paranoid schizophrenics intent on murdering the world’s population and the latter a lapsed Jew who hates everyone who disagrees with his warped paranoid schizophrenic perspective. Of them all Gates is the most dangerous. He never was a computer nerd. He comes from one of the vile 1000 families that have ruled the world to one degree or another ever since 1300BC.

  45. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I’m open to correction on this, but I’m kinda thinking that Moses only executed the kikes that were extracting compound interest from other kikes – the neighboring goy was always fair game for a fleecing.

    He executed Hebrews extracting compound interest, today knows as “Jewish bankers.” That’s who Hitler went after, too. That’s why today’s “Jews” (Hebrew parasites) are so fearful of Moses and Hitler. That’s why diaspora “Jews” freak out over the Ten Commandments — which signify they’re about to be brought to justice.

    When these “Jews” are wailing about how evil Hitler was, they’re really talking about Moses. The cognitive dissonance that is at the core of their very existence is what makes them so dangerously psychotic.

    Israel, too, is reliant upon loot from “Jewish” (Hebrew parasite) bankers. That’s why it’s psychotic, as well.

    There are consequences to parasitism as a way of life. Psychological, and eventually mortal.

    • Thanks: Theophrastus
  46. No argument on Jewish ethnocentrism. The problem with the west is we haven’t maintain our tribes to be ethnocentric. Even here in the good old USA we use to have tribal communities. Yes we considered ourselves Americans, but we also had old world traditions specific to our heritage in our local ethnic communities. The GI Bill changed all that. It seeded and created a permanent managerial class by cherry picking the best and brightest out of the ethnic enclaves. With each passing generation that managerial class has become more hostile to their roots, while the old neighborhoods have either been lost or have succumb to decay. Our identities have been unraveling with our communities for decades now. Have to give the Jews credit for not losing theirs.

  47. Leo Den says: • Website

    Talmudic Judaism aka Pharisaism is not an ethnic designation. It is is a pagan religion based on the ancient traditions of Babylon.

    However, these self-styled converted Jews have hoodwinked the whole world into thinking they’re the Israelites of the bible.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  48. What is wrong with ethnocentrism? And as if the Anglos have not been ethno-centric in the past. How did they manage to conquer and colonise a large part of the world without being ethno-centric? Why are we writing in this simpleton language, English if they were not ethno-centric? The author is trying to cope with the fact that certain minorities have largely maintained their identity while the Anglo has foolishly fallen headlong into Enlightenment, and worst of all post-Enlightenment, values without balancing it with family, kin, tradition, history.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  49. I come here to get a good laugh at the losers on these threads and it never fails to disappoint. Y’all so brave on the internet but I never come across any of you losers in real life. Seems the best you can do when minorities move j to your neighbourhoods is move further away rather than stand your ground and fight. My Toronto area suburb used to be 80 to 90 percent white and since the early 1990s it’s dropped down to 30 or so percent. Don’t see white people being persecuted either as you seem to fear.

    • Replies: @Curle
  50. Defender says:

    I attempted to read the article but it was absolutely insufferable so I quit

  51. IronForge says:

    Good Article and Discussion Piece.

    Interesting of the Tribals to claim to have Manipulated the Immigration Policies of the United States.

    Is it safe to suspect that the Tribals steered America away from Western European Immigration – to prevent those who shrugged off Tribal Influence-Peddling in their Native Countries (Germany + Nordics) from Cultural Influence in America?

    Did they do so for Colonial Powers of England? France?

    Was this similar to the Policy for Modern Day Sweden and Germany?

    We Voted to Recognize ISR after WWII – not just to help “re-establish their Ethnic/Religious/Ideological Homeland” so Tribals to live in peace amongst themselves; but for Previous Host-States to live in peace amongst themselves as well.

    Good Fences make for Good Neighbors.

  52. Defender says:

    Oh no! The living memes have arrived with their BIG BRAINED “what is white?” takes..

  53. anarchyst says:

    The “American History Channel” in the USA should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for all the falsehoods and propaganda that it portrays and disseminates about WW2, Germany and Adolph Hitler.
    According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and yet could not “win” WW2.
    Anyone with an open mind who watches the Hitler lies and fabrications on that channel can easily see that it is all BS, especially when the so-called “holocaust™” is inserted into just about all of these programming “gems”. The same old photos of emaciated typhus victim bodies are constantly being paraded around to remind “us” how evil Hitler truly was. (Yeah, right).
    Germany was much more advanced than even the USA of the time, hence “Operation Paperclip” commenced in which the USA snatched up Germany’s greatest scientific minds after the summation of WW2.
    Looking at the big picture (which is usually ignored), the “German state” was attacked by the rest of the world, and “held on” to its principles for far longer than expected.
    If those of “the greatest generation” could see the world of today and what it has become, being jew-controlled, they would have thrown off their American uniforms and fought on the side of the Germans…

    • Agree: Katrinka, Robjil
  54. Anonymous[242] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites were working and raising families, not napping. None of this would be happening today were it not for 70 years of inaction by Republicans and the limp-wristed preppies working for kosher-certified Conservatism Inc. It goes back to at least 1947 when Frankfurter formalized the demonization of “religion” in America, meaning only Christianity, of course, and that in turn meant as coded language for white Europeans.

    Before that the Supreme Court had always held in every decision bearing on religion that religion was the chief source of this country’s greatness, while afterward every decision has held the opposite, that “religion,” meaning only Christianity and white Christians, was the chief source of violence and strife.

    This hatred of white Christians is the raison d’être and animus of the ADL to this day, arising in this country simultaneously with their Jewish ilk’s better success in Russia resulting in the massacre of something like 60 million Russians and Ukrainians for being white and Christian. The lack of counterattack from the Republicans in the face of the ADL and MSM’s calls for annihilation of “whiteness” (as a euphemism for outright white genocide) should make it clear that the Republican Party and Conservatism Inc have been all along 100% kosher-certified, second-rate, schmaltzy public theater for idiots.

    The Republicans and Conservatism Inc have, as a matter of record, conserved absolutely nothing since this Brandeis-Frankfurther shift, while the Republicans’ flatulent handwringing at this point entails their assent to every move to the left. The neocon “con” is that America is a collection of abstractions and not a people or groups of people with inimical traits.

    The “con” is also right in everyone’s face on Fox News where Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are permitted to engage in nonstop, feckless whining for the simple reason they imply with every concession that our only recourse is to rules set by an enemy that, incidentally, pays them many millions a year to deliver the Republican message that action is hopeless.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  55. anarchyst says:

    It would not surprise me if the “attack” near Dimona was a “false flag” operation perpetrated by israel in order to “justify” an attack on Syria or Iran. The world (especially Russia and China) is getting tired of the incessant jewish crying about how oppressed and hated ((they)) are, being “attacked” by their enemies.
    There are many who would like to see a “big one” dropped on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, preferably a neutron bomb so that the historical structures are not damaged. Piles of (jewish) bodies, not unlike the typhus-ridden bodies from the WW2 work camps would be a well-deserved sight. Let ((them)) kvetch about their oppression then…

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Thanks: Theophrastus
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  56. @Dian 'the AA Mathemagcian' Abbot

    I have. Right now I am boycotting everything except Tucker Carlson, my non-denominational church, drinking water, and my local butcher shop.

  57. anarchyst says:

    It’s not cowardice to be worried about a black mob that has the jurors purposely “doxxed” by the cooperative mainstream media, and set upon by black mobs that are protected by the system.
    All one has to do is look at the “protections” that the rioters of the last year or so received from “the powers that be” while burning down and looting their cities, the “powers that be” and the mainstream media calling them “peaceful protesters” instead of rioters.
    Every juror in the case knew that they had a lot to lose and nothing to gain by voting for acquittal or minimizing the conviction.
    Fortunately, Chauvin has an excellent chance of getting at least a part of his conviction overturned on appeal due to “jury tampering” by simian congress person maxine waters and sleepy president joe biden.

  58. E_Perez says:

    Fairness is one of the traits that is higher in Western societies
    […] which […] detach themselves from social, cognitive, and perceptual contexts,


    Just ask the British who “detached themselvees from the context” of German Dunkirk generosity and bombed Dresden to exhibit their “high traits of Western fairness” …

  59. HT says:

    The USA is now living out the severe consequences of allowing Leftist Jews to take over nearly every important institution in America. Controlling the media, entertainment, the courts and the government allows Jews, even an extremely small number, to dominate the culture and the country. Sadly we aren’t even allowed to name them without being called Nazis. Even some essays on this site are moderated by those who refuse to publish your comment if is the slightest bit negative toward Jews. I tend to no longer offer comments to those people since they refuse to accept reality.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @E_Perez
  60. Ram says:

    A lot of words to avoid saying racism, even if it is sanitised and “sanctified” from Mt. Horeb.

  61. @Agathoklis

    And as if the Anglos have not been ethno-centric in the past.

    Anglos have been ruled by Jews since they lost the (((Civil War))). You really can’t understand British history without knowing this.

  62. Patriot says:

    Jews were selected to be nervous and paranoid. During the last 2,000 years, Jews lived in small communities embedded in larger non-Jewish lands. Because of Jewish malfeasance, wealth, clannishness, and being “outsiders” of a different religion, they were attacked and driven out of thousands of places.

    Who survived these pogroms? Those Jews who were smart and weary and who planned ahead for a quick get-away with portable wealth such as diamonds sewn into their clothes. Jews with these genetic traits left more offspring. Hence the Woody Allen stereotype of the nervous, worrying, paranoid Jew.

    Dumb Jews got caught and killed and left fewer offspring.

    Jews also evolved amazing social/verbal skills. Jews evolved to quickly “read” goyim intentions and desires. This is why some Jews are extremely personable and why after only speaking with you for a few minutes, they can determine what it is you want — be it sex, money, power, validation, fame, friends, love, etc. Jews will quickly affirm those needs to you, for their own gain. Same with verbal skills — disarming, argument, etc. — the “talkative Jew.” Again Woody Allen and all Jewish comedians.

    Jews that had these skills, including high intelligence, could foresee coming problems and pogroms, and preempt harm to themselves by ingratiating themselves to Goyim elites or paying them off, or by quickly escaping or talking their way out. Jews with these gene-based traits survived and left more offspring. The offspring inherited those traits.

    Jews have been selected for high intelligence, wariness, caution, nervousness, verbal skills, and manipulation of others.

  63. @anarchyst

    Maxine Waters’s father, blues singer Muddy Waters, would be very disappointed in how obnoxious she has became.

  64. SafeNow says:
    @PJ London

    That is an insightful comment on the strength of tribalism. But I think a variant has occurred, in which the Jewish tribe’s mental pattern has become contagious, and been embraced by the non-Jewish members of the political and media class.By “Jewish mental pattern” I mean it in the Philip Roth sense: Dissension, contentiousness, hyper-criticalness, hyper-touchiness, irresolvable conflict.

    • Replies: @PJ London
  65. @anarchyst

    Those jurors were put in a position by a cowardly justice system that has been completely politicized by k!kes. If we had a system that clearly said, anyone identifies a juror goes down for 20 years, then we would not have this problem. But we dont. We live in k!ke world.
    So yes, those jurors are trying to survive. I get it. In a screwed society severybody ducks or you are the sucker right?
    I hope Chauvin gets found innocent on appeal in a new trial. I dont think he did anything wrong. In fact, I analyzed the tape and saw many discrepancies, licence plates ,etc. It lead me to conclude this is a set-up. Chauvin isn’t in the tape. It is a stand in, a look a like. The whole thing was likely a Gladio 2.0 job to initiate rioting.
    The people intent on destroying America are scum but they are powerful scum.

    When I spoke of cowardice i realize I meant the whole system that keeps on caving to radicals-terrorists-extreme commies who need a big fat No! or a bullet.
    So yes, I apologize. The jurors were in a shitty position and they did what they needed to take care of themselves and their families. As I said,this outcome is a societal failure.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  66. @BorisMay

    Interesting. I never believed Gates was a computer nerd. I read how he prepped for an exam in economics at Harvard, before he confidently dropped out, so I always saw that he thinks a certain way.
    What is interesting to me is what you say about his family. He is clearly a satanist and likes to hang with Abramovitz. Is there any specific writing or work you could point me towards? I would be very grateful to learn more and yes, I agree, I consider him to be very dangerous.

  67. @E_Perez

    You realize the decision to bomb Dresden was made by the jew Winston Churchill, right?

    Yes, his mother was a Jew, from a jew family that made it big in America then decided to marry English aristocracy, Winnies father, the spend thrift Norman loser. So by Halachic law, Churchill was a jew. Nice theory.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  68. cohen says:

    This is a place where one could find some ebooks on ADL shi……t list.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  69. anarchyst says:

    I don’t agree with you on jewish “smarts”
    It is rampant nepotism, social and cultural insularity that gives jews their “power”.
    Jews, to a man will push to pass laws outlawing cultural and social insularity for all other cultures, in order to weaken them and make them ripe for exploitation and eventual takeover.
    “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” is the jewish mantra.
    THAT is the source of jewish power, NOT real “smarts”.
    All one has to do is look at the double standard that exists in the USA. Lets look at some examples:
    1. Jews have pushed for the outlawing of Christian symbology on public property and have been quite successful in getting Christian displays outlawed. At the same time, especially now, jewish menorahs crop up on public property all over the country with no opposition. So much for the “separation of church and state”. This concept does not apply to jews or their religious symbology.
    2..Jews pushed for civil-rights and “public accommodation” laws that affect everyone but themselves. They reserve the right to segregate themselves while pushing (forcing) everyone else to integrate. A good example of this is the jews-only community of Kiryas Joel, a New York State jews-only community that not only flouts every civil-rights law, but is openly brazen about it. If you are not jewish you cannot purchase or rent property in Kiryas Joel, nor can you send your children to the “public schools”. On the other hand, approximately 80% of Kiryas Joel jews receive some type of “public assistance” out of proportion to their numbers. Jews openly flout “fair housing” and civil-rights laws with impunity.
    3. The whole “civil-rights” movement was spearheaded and run by New York based communist jews. Those of us who grew up during those turbulent times noticed on thing–behind every negro, there was a jew. Jews were the “carpetbaggers” of the 1950s and 1960s, fomenting almost all of the violence that were called “peaceful protests” by the mainstream media of the day. This is not unlike the “troubles” that we are having today in today’s urban areas, the mainstream media calling today’s civil disturbances and riots “peaceful protests”.
    4. Unlike every other nationality, jews are permitted to hold “dual citizenship”–something that is banned for every other nationality. In addition, American jews can join the IDF (israel defense forces) without penalty and keep their American citizenship.
    5. Jewish organizations are exempt from registering as “agents of a foreign government”, unlike every other foreign organization. This also is extended to israel’s refusal to abide by international nuclear weapons treaties and agreements. The USA prohibits the receipt of foreign aid for any country that does not abide by these agreements. israel is the sole exception that get foreign aid despite its refusal to abide by or become a signatory to these agreements that every other nuclear power signs.
    These are but a few examples of the jewish “double standards” that exists to this very day.

    • Replies: @Patriot
  70. cohen says:

    Zionists dont believe in God. Only the Jews.

    I hope more people could bring information to UNZ readers instead of their opinion.

  71. @Ilya G Poimandres

    ‘I’d say hate of the other is racism, but love of your own culture or people is good for society.

    ‘Jews have both, but when they live in other societies, the negative hate of the other certainly dominates.’

    Do Jews love their own culture or people? It all seems to be defined by hostility towards the great gentile ‘other.’ One exalts ones own successes — to demonstrate one is superior to the gentile. One has various rites and rituals — not for their own sake, but simply to set oneself apart from ‘the other.’

    This differs from the behavior of people who genuinely like themselves. In their heyday — nineteenth/early twentieth century — Western gentiles were secure enough to sincerely admire Japanese aesthetics, Hindu mysticism, even ‘the noble red man.’ There was no sense of competition or cultural inferiority — simply sincere interest. Just like, say, I might like Frank’s motorcycle. I haven’t the least desire to buy a better one — I don’t even think I’ll bother to take up motorcycle riding. I just think it is indeed a nice bike. I don’t have to have a better one. I don’t need to disparage his.

    To me, Jews as a group seem if anything possessed by self-hate, and they project this outwards as well. Is there any love there at all?

  72. anarchyst says:

    No need to apologize. The jurors were aware of the situation and voted for their own survival.
    Best regards,

  73. @anarchyst

    ‘Fortunately, Chauvin has an excellent chance of getting at least a part of his conviction overturned on appeal due to “jury tampering” by simian congress person maxine waters and sleepy president joe biden.’

    I wouldn’t bet on it. The same intimidation that led the jury to convict in the first place may work just as well on those who would overturn the verdict.

  74. Anon[615] • Disclaimer says:

    you were obsessed with ‘da blacks’ and u failed to see who the real problem was.

    that is ur fault and your fault alone.

  75. @Stonewall Jackson

    ‘Ron you there?

    You support replacement completely.’

    You’d have to quote something to convince me of that.

    Personally, I prefer to think that Ron’s attitude is like mine. Individually, Hispanics — unlike blacks — are more or less okay. Like any other group, they have their pluses and minuses, but really, I’ve no particular objection to them. I used to teach high school in East LA. I used to live in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. They’re alright. Not great, but okay.

    In fact, I’d take a class of Hispanics over a class of Whites. It’d be a close call, but that’s what I’d pick.

    I just don’t particularly want more of them. Merely because twenty five Hispanics in the room are fine doesn’t mean I’m cool with sixty.

  76. Geowhizz says:

    So the USSA is an Israeli colony? Voltaire, ostensibly, paraphrasing: To discern who rules,
    notice whom it’s unwise to criticize.

  77. Anon[164] • Disclaimer says:

    I suspect Jewish elders keep younger Jews sticking to the clan with the carrot and stick approach. They strike fear into ordinary Jews that if they don’t stick together and promote Jewish interests(like supporting Israel, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, HIAC etc.), another Holocaust will happen. Then they sweeten the deal by offering up ethnic nepotism in Ivy League admissions, elite jobs, capital, business dealings, politics, media, winning awards etc. Jews who want to benefit from the latter have no choice but to support the former.

  78. Patriot says:


    Thank you much. Everything you say is 100% correct. But in addition, Jews DO have the highest mean intelligence of all races — especially verbal IQ. However, Europeans probably equal or even surpass them in spatial/mechanical reasoning and creativity. Jews also lack the love of physical work, which is genetically ingrained in (at least some) European people.

    Their very high IQ and verbal skills combined with their selfish, amoral, manipulative, greedy, ethnocentric traits allow them to take advantage of and control other people/societies. Jews live as parasites on the host populations among which they live. Of course, exceptions occur, and there are even Jews who decry the evil and hypocrisy of their kin.

    Just like Blacks, not all Jews are evil a**holes. But far, far too many are.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Vojkan
  79. @conatus

    ‘…The point would be Jewish culture chronicles are not above dissembling aspects of their history to tighten up the ethnocentric aspect with stories of oppression, in this case. false oppression.’

    There’s the understatement of the week. ‘Jewish historiography’ is practically an oxymoron. There are exceptions, but gross distortion is about the average.

  80. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    dude! i knew chauvin was 100% innocent just a few days after floyd’s death.

    i didn’t say my explanation was correct. i just said it happens that the primitive instinct of disgust…i don’t care if a cockroach is a saint, i still hate him.

    and the bigger point is that if any small minority has obscenely disproportionate power and fears (and thus hates) the majority…this is a minority which must be expelled.

    if you believe in democracy, self-determination, popular sovereignty, etc. and you don’t have “views” which you are afraid to speak…then you’re a fool, a golem, a brainwashed media zombie.

    but the malignant effect that jews may have in america may be explained as “irreconcilable differences” not adultery.

    and we know that the original plan was deportation, not murder. it sounds cruel. but it can be the best thing for both parties to divorce.

    the holocaust was NEVER “personal”.

  81. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Clearly all of humanity needs to recognize that Jews are insane

    “Clearly all of humanity needs to recognize that [the gods of the] Jews are insane . . .”

    Read the Jew Testament again; semitic or not, they are clearly the children of that despicable rodent they call ‘god’.

  82. I recall reading a comment by a Jewish man in response to the issue of mass Third World immigration which boiled down to the notion that the bigger the crowd the less likely people like him would stand out.

  83. PJ London says:

    I had a company that was very very good at quickly creating sophisticated software solutions for mid-sized businesses.
    My big problem was that we got no (very little) new business. We existed by supporting the sales of a large hardware sales organisation.
    I was offered a partnership with a Jewish owned company and I agreed. New business became more than I could handle and my (originally) 1 man band (about 20) by the time of the partnership quickly expanded. Why?
    Because every Friday my partners went to synagogue and met with dozens of businesses that were looking for solutions. The only place they looked was at the synagogue. As they formed about 60% of mid sized businesses in the country, soon I had about 150 employees. Not only that but my partners asked me to also run a major portion of their original business handling large customers too.
    I have to admit that when they sold-out / merged and went public they treated me fairly and honestly.
    They admitted in friendly conversation that the Jewish model is that money is taken from anyone as a customer but only given (except under exceptional circumstances) as a supplier to other Jewish businesses.
    Like the Hotel California, it can come in but never leave.
    Like politicians it was to my great advantage to work with and for Jews.
    I was useful and profitable for them and therefore I was used, but there was no way that I could become part of the ‘club’ except as a (well paid) ’employee’.
    Politicians are the same. Go against the ‘tribe’ and you will be destroyed, go with them (for them) and you will become rich.
    Democrats and others follow a script which is taught and imposed. If you go off-script too often you are dropped. Stay on-message and you get to keep your very lucrative job.
    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI’s cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking.)
    Not only do they tell the politicians what to do but also via aides and political advisers/consultants how to do it.

    • Thanks: SafeNow, Patriot
  84. SafeNow says:

    Jewish “smarts” is clustered into 3 areas. (1) The talking gene; (2) The interest-rate gene; (3) The fastidiousness gene. My plumber is smart in different and equally important ways. Same for an airline pilot, a hospice nurse, a farmer, and so on. Unfortunately, Jewish genes 1 and 2 manage to control the US.

  85. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    for those who have ears to hear…

    it’s remark-able this movie was made and even more remarkable that it won best picture…

    UNLESS you don’t take it personally.

    gandhi was a great man.

    if you don’t get the gandhi/hitler/macdonald/tucker/etc. anology…

    try harder.

    • Replies: @Modi
  86. anarchyst says:

    Jews could never put a man on the moon or even in orbit. Those tasks were left to white European gentiles.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  87. “A dire situation indeed for the traditional White population of America.”

    Christian White America can save itself from the Chosen Ones if it truly wants it but it seems that identifying with the kith and kin of Jesus Christ is more important than saving one’s own race.

  88. @AndrewR

    There isn’t any doubt that the Khazars existed. They were a Turkish people between the Black and Caspian sea who adopted Judaism around 700AD. They were powerful enough to block the Moslems but were driven into Southern Russia by the Mongols. Around 1200AD, other Turkish tribes in Southern Russia also adopted Judaism.

    There was nothing strange about all that. If you have Christian and Moslem enemies, the easiest way to unite yourselves is around another religion.

    There was a slow mixing of Europeans and Turks so European Jews have always claimed to be Europeans. Indeed, the Western European Jews accused anybody who denied that of being racist. As you can’t tell by looking at them, I think they win the argument. That’s particularly so because most Turks and Greeks are indistinguishable.

    Admittedly, there were Berber Jewish tribes that took part in the wars against the Christians in Spain so they must also have contributed to European Jewry by temporary conversion to Christianity. While they pretended to be Christians, intermarriage would be highly likely. They can’t be blamed for the pretence because it was made illegal for a Jew to live in Christian Spain. In any case, it seems inevitable that most of their children became genuine Christians. Forced conversion works.
    [email protected]

  89. @Observator

    > “No one has yet concocted a belief system in which that rival tribe of smelly barbarians camped down by the river are the chosen ones, tenderly beloved of the only true god(s). ”

    Hello, let me introduce you to white supporters of Black Lives Matter.

  90. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    You realize the decision to bomb Dresden was made by the jew Winston Churchill, right?

    Yes, his mother was a Jew, from a jew family that made it big in America then decided to marry English aristocracy, Winnies father, the spend thrift Norman loser. So by Halachic law, Churchill was a jew. Nice theory.

    It’s interesting how tidied up Churchill’s history is. The fact that his great grandfather changed his name on moving to the USA screams tribe to me. It is hard if not impossible to change your name in Europe.

  91. Is there even such a thing as ethnicity? Isn’t that word just doublespeak? There is race, and religion, and most Arabs are Sunnis, but does that mean Jewish racist killings of them are … ethnic? Any more than the Maccabean killings were?

    When and where was the word “ethnic” first used?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  92. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Some Jews are prone to falsify science if they think that is advantagious for their ethnic interests. Thus you have Jewish “scientists” who claim that “race is a social construct” or that “sexual repression may lead to “anti-Semitism” etc. The Germans were already fully engaged in science when the Nazis created an artificially hightened ethnocentrism, which quickly disappeared after they lost the war.

    Northern European peoples, including the founders of America, aren’t really ethnocentric, but Southern hemisphere people largely are. The Zionists are fully aware of this, and so Zionism was designed to develop a collectivist conscience in whites so their intellectual talents, technology, and economic resources could be harnessed for the Hebrew cause.

    Christianity had previously unified whites to a certain extent, and so Jews did their best to co-opt Christianity by doing things like crafting the Scofield bible, dispensationalism, and stating “Jesus was a Jew.” And of course, the greediest and lowest of the whites recognized that Zionism could be used as a tool to advance their Imperial interests — hence they, along with Jews, rigged the 9/11 inside job and blamed it on Muslims.

    That’s some of the Zionist “science” you are probably alluding too — how 3 towers managed to crumble into their own footprint at freefall speed when hit by 2 airplanes. It was no doubt Zionist “scientists” working for the government or on the government payroll that came up with the “scientific” explanations. And more Zionists who traced the terrorism to Israel’s Islamic enemies in the Mideast.

    The race war that is currently being incited against whites by Zionists and other belly-crawling American “elites” from every racial background, and being fought in the streets by BLM gang-bangers and Communists, is another attempt to force whites into collectivization for the Zionist cause. Some of the rats know all about it, other rats are just grabbing for what they perceive as easy loot. These all are equally guilty as the Zionists in their treason.

    Christians are going to have to again unify and deal with the Zionists and their collaborators, but a lot of belly-crawling whites will continue to betray for easy loot along with gang-banger POC. They’ll have to be dealt with.

    This is why Christianity is key to saving the West: it reinforces the importance of not selling your soul and betraying your people and way of life for 30 pieces of silver. Of course, one needs more than just moral imperatives to deal with the soulless. One needs execution squads when the soulless inevitably betray, as both Hitler and Moses (as imperfect as they may have been) demonstrated, in the never-ending war against Satan and his evil little minions.

  93. Jay Fink says:

    Not sure if this is the norm among Jews but I was raised to think of myself as white. It was a no-brainer. We look white therefore we are white. My perception growing up is we are similar to white gentiles but very different than other races such as blacks, Asians etc.

    It works both ways. The world perceives me as white more than Jewish. By a large margin I would add. For the average person even if I tell them I’m Jewish it doesn’t mean much to them, they still think of me as a white guy.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @thotmonger
  94. Katrinka says:

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a kook.

    • Replies: @Muggles2
  95. Katrinka says:

    I don’t think the average jew would be able to figure out how to saddle a horse or hitch a mule to a wagon.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Jay Fink
  96. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    ‘Is there even such a thing as ethnicity?’

    Of course there’s ethnicity. Italians are Catholics, and Austrians are Catholics, and it would be absurd to call them different races, and yet they are different.


  97. @Katrinka

    ‘I don’t think the average jew would be able to figure out how to saddle a horse or hitch a mule to a wagon.’

    You see, now this is the sort of Candid Camera material political correctness deprives us of.

  98. Dr. Doom says:

    You would have to be insane to actually understand the insane.
    The Jews are insane. Their parasitic strategy is unsustainable.
    Their wish to have 2800 times their number in dumb dark skinned slaves is insane.

    These creatures they wish to serve them have never demonstrated their survival ability.
    Left to their own devices, they are mostly starving and lacking the ability to survive.
    Yet these Jews seem determined to live with them.

    Giving them what they want would probably extinct them.
    Its only a question of getting them away from you and placing them far away.
    Then they can have the “society” they dream of all their days.

    I imagine it will be like the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
    The illusionists will try to control the beasts with their illusions.
    They will find them too brainless to be controlled.

    A bloodbath will follow where the beasts simply slaughter the would be controllers.
    Then the beasts themselves will be destroyed somehow.
    A fitting end to a mad dream called “The Babylonian Talmud”.

  99. Thomasina says:
    @PJ London

    “For a peaceful society, put Jews in their (very expensive and luxurious) ghettos, confine the blacks to the ‘Hood’ (give em Illinois)…..”

    No, build some Black housing right in the middle of the Jewish ghettos. That way the “friends” can rub up against each other in warmth and camaraderie, maybe have some neighborhood BBQ’s.

  100. E_Perez says:

    Controlling the media, entertainment, the courts and the government allows Jews, even an extremely small number, to dominate the culture and the country. Sadly we aren’t even allowed to name them without being called Nazis.


    Those who oppose Jews “Controlling the media, entertainment, the courts and the government….” ARE Nazis – by definition.

    Because NS Germans are the only White Tribe having the brains, the power and the courage to stop the Jews “Controlling the media, entertainment, the courts…”, the arts and so on, in their country.

    Compare this to the ahuevados (like we say in Latin America) of Anglo-Saxon countries.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  101. Vojkan says:

    High verbal IQ = high capacity for fallacious reasoning and malice = high capacity to make non-sense. You are free to consider that to be intelligence. Spatial / mechanical reasoning and creativity = capacity to make sense. I rather consider that as sign of intelligence.

  102. anarchyst says:

    If a jew calls me a “Nazi”, I accept it as a badge of honor because I know that my message is getting across.

  103. Modi says:

    Sorry to disappoint you with some bitter truth about Gandhi. you call a tret man.

    Gandhi never graduated from law school. Though he attended City School. The school has no record of his graduation.

    Gandhi did not like his untouchable people in India. He went on a hunger strike September 1929 against British policy of granting the Indian untouchable some seats in Parliament.

    He despised blacks. In city of Durban the post office has entrances, one of whites and one for non whites. Gandhi and protested and won that blacks are not equal to Indians and there shoud be a thrid door for Indian.

    Blacks were dirty in eyes and writings of Gandhi. According to him they trade cattle for their wives.

    His title Mahatma was given by the Indian Govt. Only three was granted that title but Gandhi was not among them. Tagore called him Mahatma and in return Gandhi called him Guru Dev. Scratching each others back.

    Gandhi forbid his son to marry a Muslim woman

    His sexual activities with under age girls including his own niece. Both sleeping naked on the same cot.

    Addressing Hitler in one his letter as My dear friend Adolf.

    During Hunger strike he drank goat’s milk, and ate dried nuts because those were not counted as food.

    Gandhi also was great doctor. Salt and chocolate were bad (later Salt was for consumption). Sex was waste of sperms.

    And above all Enema was cure for most of the deseases and he publicly performed enema on hemself and on his associates. Half of the India nation would he performing enema had he been elected prime minister.

    the non violence man joined British army and fought against Boers.

    • Replies: @Malla
  104. Jay Fink says:

    I asked a Jewish friend about this and he thought it was a rediculous idea. If Jews can’t do it it’s because they weren’t raised in that environment. I on the other hand think there could be some truth in it. I know I couldn’t do it. In fact I can’t do anything that involves physical or mechanical skill such as changing a flat tire.

  105. Vojkan says:

    I never saddled a horse but I did assist my late grandfather in hitching a horse to a carriage. The first time I had a flat tyre, I was in the middle of nowhere and had no choice but to roll up my sleeves. It is slightly more complex than to change a light bulb but not much.
    The problem with many Jews I have encountered isn’t that they can’t do things, it’s that they consider that there are things they consider to be below their worth. As I said, I don’t know about saddling a horse but if you can’t change a flat tyre and you are not a woman, you have no excuse.

    • Replies: @joe862
  106. Muggles2 says: • Website

    “The Jews stick together like so many burrs; but as for the rest, whom they call Gentiles, they do hate and abhor, they cannot endure their Messias should be a common savior to us all, and rather, as Luther writes, “than they that now scoff at them, curse them, persecute and revile them, shall be coheirs and brethren with them, or have any part or fellowship with their Messias, they would crucify their Messias ten times over, and God Himself, His angels, and all His creatures, if it were possible, though they endure a thousand hells for it.” Such is their malice towards us… The Jews at this day are so incomprehensibly proud and churlish, said Luther, that they think that they alone are worthy to be saved, to be saluted as lords of the earth. And as Buxtorfius adds, “so ignorant and self-willed withal, that amongst their most understanding rabbins you shall find naught but gross dotage, horrible hardness of heart, and stupend obstinacy in all their actions, opinions, conversations: and yet so zealous withal, that no man living can be more, and vindicate themselves for the elect people of God.
    “…Rather than abjure or deny the least particle of that religion which their fathers profess and they themselves have been brought up in, be it never so absurd, ridiculous, they will embrace it, and without farther inquiry or examination of the truth, though it be prodigiously false, they will believe it; they will take much more pains to go to hell than we shall do to heaven. Single out the most ignorant of them, convince his understanding, show him his errors, grossness, and the absurdities of his sect, he will not be persuaded.”

    “…Last of all, the expectation of their Messiah, and those figments, miracles, vain pomp that shall attend him, as how he shall terrify the Gentiles, and overcome them by new diseases…”

    The Anatomy of Melancholy

  107. Muggles2 says:

    Did you see when he and E. Michael Jones debated on Know More News? Bjierknes was getting really agitated, some kind of inner turmoil, and he was saying just crazy things. It was really quite interesting as a display of psychology and spirituality.

  108. Mefobills says:

    Quote from article by McDonald:

    Jewish lobby on immigration “was aimed not just at open doors for Jews, but also for a diversification of the immigration stream sufficient to eliminate the majority status of western Europeans so that a fascist regime in America would be more unlikely.”

    The same response would be to a Kingdom, or any other sort of authoritarian rule, where Jews would lose influence over the polity.

    Let’s rewrite the comment….”So that an authoritarian regime in America would be more unlikely.” Fascism, and Kingdoms for that matter are authoritarian insofar as they are hierarchical, and jews are likely to be excluded from the governing hierarchy.

    Democracies, or other weak forms of government are always promoted by Jews and Liberalism, because in-group self-interest wants weakness.

    For the same reasons, in-group self-interest wants private money, which they control with stock ownership (not a sovereign king), to then further self-interests rather than the general welfare.

  109. E_Perez says:

    Fascism, and Kingdoms for that matter are authoritarian insofar as they are hierarchical, and jews are likely to be excluded from the governing hierarchy.

    That’s why the British cling so much to their Royal traditions: their kings and queens protect them by excluding Jews from the governing hierarchy.

  110. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    i hope someone understood my previous comments.

    i have had one experience with cockroaches and…

    the disgust reaction is so overpowering that even now i will say, “i want cockroaches wiped off the face of the earth…and i’m proud of it.”

    what can happen under media regimes like those of stalin’s ussr and goebbels’s germany and america is…

    people can come to think of their fellows like i still think of cockroaches.

    disgust can be cultivated and affirmed by mass media.

  111. @Patriot

    A pattern which may conflict with some of the more “nature over nurture” is that Jewish intelligence seems to dgenerate when separated from a Goy population. Jews who lived in Poland a century ago were often seen incredibly ignorant superstitious morons. A Jew like John von Neumann was more often produced in a climate where there lots of neighboring Goy. Until the Inquisition Jews occupied many high positions in Spain. But following their expulsion people have tended to Sephardic jews as somehow being of lower IQ than Ashkenazi Jews. The real difference seems to be that the more Jews are cut off into a separate environment apart from Goy, the more their brains vegetate.

    The state of Israel is sort of like a giant lab experiment for this thesis. If the hypothesis is correct, the next century should demonstrate a degeneration of Jewish IQ within Israel. This is especially so because it seems like the last major migrations into Israel are being exhausted today. In the 1990s their was a large migration of Jews from the former Soviet sphere to Israel. This would mean an injection of many Jews who were born and raised around Goys into the Jewish state and hence would have maintained the intellectual level of the Israeli Jewish population. But unless there is suddenly a major pogrom in the USA which causes many Jews to move to Israel, it seems like henceforth the Israeli population will be derived from native reproduction. In such a context I hypothesize that there will be a decline in the Israeli Jewish intelligence that will lead to more stupid people who resemble the Jews in Poland in 1919-20 more than Walter Rathenau.

  112. @Mefobills

    Kevin MacDonald’s work will prove foundational to the saving of the West.

    Yours, Mefobills, will prove likewise because your analysis of finance/usury, your “industrial capitalism”=healthy while “finance capitalism”=predatory nuanced distinctions, etc,. everything you’ve written in your comments here on, is beyond any finance insight available anywhere to the public.

    What you write is both complimentary to Dr. MacDonald’s work as well as necessary because he does not address finance/usury, the great weapon of Jew power as you so clearly reveal.

    So your first responsibility is to be sure everything you’ve written on here is preserved under your control so it can be made available if either your comments here at disappear or you never get around to writing your book, or both.

    But you’re both making the same mistake here by believing the Jews when they say their desire to replace whitey in his own lands is defensive in order to avoid fascism borne of anti-Semitism.

    Though struggling a bit with the paragraph you quote as it seems a closing parenthesis is omitted, it can be said confidently that Dr. MacDonald had it right in the past with regard to Jew facilitation of Muslim immigration (“higrah” migrating to spread Islam/jihad) which we know Jews have been doing since facilitating the Moors move from Africa into Spain and opening the gates of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks.

    Here’s it is, one of Dr. MacDonald’s most important observations:

    While there certainly are Jews who strongly oppose the Muslim invasion of Europe (see, e.g., Phyllis Chesler’s comment on the statement), the strong support by the most important mainstream Jewish organizations for massive Muslim immigration even in the face of Muslim anti-Semitism indicates the extent to which they value the destruction of Europe and its culture. My view is that they the organized Jewish community, including the ADL, believes that Muslim anti-Jewish attitudes can ultimately be managed without causing a disaster for the Jewish community.

    The bottom line is that Jews’ desire to destroy whitey’s habitat /culture en route to genociding whitey is not motivated by the desire to avoid fascism and anti-Semitism.

    The Jews’ desire to genocide whitey is motivated solely because whitey is the descendant of Christendom and the Jews seek to destroy God Incarnate Jesus’ work and flock just as their Talmudist ideology predecessors nailed our Lord and Divine Savior to the cross.

    Nothing’s changed since the events described and the words of Jesus quoted in Gospel of John Chapter 8.

    They know Jesus is Divine Son of God, and they’ve chosen to side with their father the devil.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @GeeBee
  113. @Jay Fink

    That makes a lot of sense. On the surface, Jews in general are considered as and appear to be White people. So during the heat of a race riot where Blacks are targeting Whites it may not do the victim much good to cry out “Stop! Please don’t kill me. I’m not white. I am Jewish!” Or Italian, or whatever.

    But that leaves unanswered the question of the day, why has the mainstream media in USA declared war on White people? I understand it draws attention away from the banks (finance industry) and War Inc. and how they screwed most everyone and obliterated the (mostly White) middle class in particular. But it sure is a big gambit. And there are a lot of Jewish (Zionist?) fingerprints on this.

  114. The mainstream media has declared war on “whiteness”, but we can split those who work in it into two broad main types. Those who are generally perceived as “white” themselves and those who are not. The vast majority of Jews are in the first category, clearly.

    Those who are not perceived as white often join in this anti-whiteness jamboree because “whiteness” to them is everything which stops them just being the mess they want to be. Why do they need to be on time? Why do they need to use proper punctuation? Why can they not just be like when they were a child? Children shoplift all of the time and no one calls the police! The fault is obviously whiteness! That pernicious thing, which really is “awareness of others”, that we all develop as we grow up. Naturally these types struggle with mental delineation and make the struggle against “whiteness” the struggle against white people.

    Those who are perceived as white in the media are often the opposite type. They are like priests or academics. They have no voice of their own. Everything they say must be referenced and consensused. They have no internal authority. They killed their inner self to be aware of others and are now lost in it. They don’t even know why. They therefore adopt the above anti-social types as they see an authenticity in them which they themselves lack. They also hate themselves and therefore go to war on “whiteness” secretly on their own repressed behalf, but openly on that of the poor, oppressed minorities. These people absolutely dominate the urban elite because that elite of salary-earning 10-15%ers is reached through those skills. They hate “whiteness” because their personal lives are typified by it and they are almost totally suffocated. Watch them try to dance!

    Now those two extreme types are stuck together. They form the Democratic party and the contemporary progressive impulse. Both are at war with themselves but for different reasons. They are also opposites and psychologically polarised.

    Making Jews the cause, makes it impossible to reach the majority of the salaried class who set the tone, for they know they set the tone and they know Jews are just an ordinary minority of them. If anything, it is my experience, that Jews are far more likely to dissent from within that class than non-Jews are. If you want to escape the ideological conformity of a dinner party conversation in major city, find the Jew. That, or have a sense for subtle intensity.

  115. @Anon

    Whenever I am re-acquainted with the depth of Jewish fear and hostility towards the goyim, I think of all those years of effort they put into research on genetically specific bio-weapons, with their Afrikaaner South African apartheid allies. Research that I would bet continues in Israel, in its large bio-‘research’ establishment. One day, some grotesque post-Bibi Zionazi lunatic might decide that the ever-present threat of the goyim needs to be permanently removed.

  116. @Patrick McNally

    Even worse the most fecund Jews in Israel are the fundamentalist orthodox and ultra-orthodox, who hate the goyim, particularly Christians, and secular Jews as well. And all they do is sit around all day gibbering and nodding their heads until they reach the bliss of TCTE, Talmudic Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

  117. @sunhunter61

    Christianity in theory, as a moral philosophy, hates no-one. Really existing Christianity as an engine of Western Imperialism, is drenched in blood, gore and suffering.

  118. GeeBee says:

    The Jews’ desire to genocide whitey is motivated solely because whitey is the descendant of Christendom and the Jews seek to destroy God Incarnate Jesus’ work

    While I agree with almost all that you say regarding the destructive intent of Jews towards European societies, I feel that the reason you offer for it is wide of the mark. Jews seek to destroy us because from time to time, and most recently in the 1930s and ’40s, strong, coherent, functioning European societies have rumbled what Jews get up to once they descend, locust like, upon our lands, and have expelled them. Their reasoning, surely, is that once they have removed all opportunity for us to do so again, by turning our strong, coherent, functioning societies into weak, incoherent and dysfunctional clown-world, they need never again fear for their future (and note how those two words ‘never again’ have been co-opted by Jews in a way that in reality means precisely what I describe, but that they have conjoined to their greatest trick of all in maintaining their security from us).

    As has been demonstrated on this very site, in articles most notably by Laurent Guyénot, among others, Jews regard their religion as a vehicle to power and little else. It is a self-manufactured excuse for their evolved behaviour: ‘In the beginning man (Jews) created God in his (their) own image’. They are not especially religious in the sense that Christians are, and indeed they recognise that Christians, all too often, fall prey to their trickery precisely because Christian axiology is a kind of auto-immune disease, which infects people’s minds and makes them ‘do the right thing’ according to Christian precepts, especially regarding such things as welcoming immigrants. They seek something called salvation after death; a patently absurd notion, and one guaranteed to see them sacrificing the good life they have here on earth for ‘pie in the sky when you die’.

    Jews are very comfortable with this, and those who state that they hate Christianity are inferring a theological reason for something that is purely ethnological. Their false logic is pure syllogism – an example of one of the so-called logical fallacies, by which one might say ‘all grass is green. This table is green. Therefore this table is grass’. Just so with the matter at hand: Jews hate Whites, and Whites are mostly Christian, therefore Jews must hate us because of Christianity. It is not merely wrong, but an inversion of the truth. Jews would far rather grapple with Whites infected with Christian axiology (whose foul spawn is its secular version which we know as Liberalism) than with a tribe devoted to Wotan, Thor and Mars!

  119. @GeeBee

    Indeed, and that is also the reason Jews never attack non-Whites for their religion if that is Christianity. Whites as a race are their primary obstacle to world dominance. Therefore they want to destroy Whites as a race.

  120. @Alfred Muscaria

    I am pretty sure that the Anglo-Norman aristocracy was marrying American money. It was all the rage during the Gilded Age to marry into the English upper tier and the ancestor changed their name from Javitz or something to Jerome in America. The daughter was raised as a ‘Jerome’ and Winston’s dad was probably down in pocket.
    The fact that our 20th century European history is taught as a mythology is due to the Judification of the West. These people never tell the truth.
    They trashed Egypt and were throw out. They always open the gate to the new conqueror. They did it for Alexander the Great before he went East to conquer. They destroyed Iran using the Queen of Esther play. They cannot create only infiltrate and destroy.
    They have routinely destroyed libraries to alter the historical record. Then they began buying old books and whole book runs. Then they bought up major publishers. Now anyone can publish online so now they wish to control that.
    Never have any people run so hard from reality.
    The reality of course, is that they serve Satan-Moloch-Baal-Ishtar-Innana. Whatever is evil and demonic and can perpetuate their power. The average jew, in the back of their mind, knows this. Only the decent leave.

    • Replies: @Shango
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  121. Mefobills says:

    The first 300 years of Christ, was an attack on the Pharisee “creditor” class, which today’s Jews represent.

    Jesus mission was started on the Jubilee year, and Jesus squared up against Hillel’s ideas.

    Hillel doctrine was a creditor doctrine where a debtor class were to pay forever. This action created a permanent parasite class, which lorded over the population with inane injunctions. In modern parlance, they micromanaged the population, telling them how to wipe their ass and on which day. A Kritarchy of law conjoined with a creditor class of parasites had arisen.

    Original Christianity (first 300 years) vs Talmudic Judaism (new religion after Temple fell) are enemies. I would say the time period after Christ up until Constantine would be deadly to the Jews if it was recapitulated.

    Late Stage Christianity (transformed to Judeo-Christianity post 300 years) vs Talmudic Judaism is something different to my view.

    The Talmudists want late stage Christianity to prevail, because it is a “put scales on the eyes” of the Goyim.

    The Talmudists would most certainly abhor a return to Jesus’ original mission, which was to rebalance a civilization that had polarized. The credit/debt polarization at the time of Jesus was so extreme, that average people thought it was the end-times.

  122. joe862 says:

    Right, it’s a class signaling thing when they talk about not being able to do basic tasks. It’s just another annoying example of their status obsession.

  123. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Only Christendom and Islam have successfully and consistently expelled the ((crime gang)). This is why both have to be destroyed, according to the criminals. Because the “anti-Semites” are the heirs to Moses, who performed probably the most well-known, internecine pogrom of degenerate Hebrews.

    Today’s “Jews” are mostly heirs to that same gang of degenerate Hebrews. This little-known, widely-read-yet-hidden-in-plain-site nugget explains our current upside-down world almost entirely.

    By masquerading as the “Chosen,” “Satan” has won… for now.

    None of this can be gotten without a basic understanding of the Bible, which is all I really have. Actually, remaining somewhat Biblically “ignorant” (keeping the Bible mostly at arms length and not getting lost in its endless minutia) has served me well. I would, however, be interested in a Bible scholar reinterpreting the entire Bible through this nugget.

    As they say, Newspaper articles are the first draft of history. Maybe Internet comments are notes on the first rough draft.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  124. Malla says:

    His title Mahatma was given by the Indian Govt.

    I thought the term Mahatma (Annie Besant) was given to him by Anne Besant of the crackpot theosophical society, led by the charlatan conwoman Blavatsky who came to India to stop Indian Westernisation, overthrow British rule, stop Christianity. Most probably a Zio movement. The most prominent role of this weird Zio cult in instigating Indian people against British rule has been downplayed. They are also responsible atleast partly for the rise of Hindu fundamentalism in India as well as Buddhist fundamentalism in Sri Lanka. Later on they became Fabian socialists in the West, the Cultural Marxists of their day, with a dream of spreading Communism on the West via slow increments.

  125. @GeeBee

    We agree, then, that Jews are, and have been for centuries, acting relentlessly in instinctive concert to deceive, subvert and genocide those of Euro descent and that said #Jew\$4whiteGENOCIDE perfidy is supercharged by #JewU\$URY, the parasitical source of devastating Jew power.

    Talmudic Judaism, which spread as oral tradition supplanting the Torah among the Jews centuries before Jesus, is ethnic self worship, Jews as god-equivalents, the rest of humanity disgusting beasts of burden. Certainly as you so appropriately say, at the dawn of this Talmudic culture ‘In the beginning man (Jews) created God in his (their) own image’.

    When or where did “Wotan, Thor and (/or) Mars” or any other leader, be he of flesh or myth, ever speak or act to lead against #JewU\$URY?

    Jesus did so in the very first recorded public speech of his ministry as chronicled at Luke 4.

    He went to the synagogue on the sabbath, stood and chose to read aloud from Isaiah declaring a Jubilee of debt forgiveness. Then he sat and announced the scripture was fulfilled in the crowd’s hearing. The crowd murmured among themselves in delight and praised him approvingly. Then after he spoke again for less than one minute they rose up in murderous fury seeking to throw him off a cliff but he escaped.

    Why did these Talmudic Jews flip instantly from happy to homocidal?

    Because he told them the debt forgiveness he declared was not limited to the interest-free intragroup debts they owed each other. He was requiring them to forgive the usurious credit they extended to non-Jews, voiding the very mechanism of their parasitic existence.

    Eventually they did murder him and most of his original disciples.

    Nothing has changed in the twenty-one hundred years since. Jews still seek the destruction of Jesus’ work and his flock. Nobody can offer any evidence of the Jews having ever relented even temporarily in their genocidal quest since.

    Whites can declare themselves descendants of Europe all they want.

    But that doesn’t change the reality that Jews see whites as the descendants of Christendom.

    The (((tribe’s))) hive mentality is the source of their instinctive concerted action. Whites don’t have that as Kevin MacDonald has written extensively about white individualism.

    The Church founded by Jesus has been the only galvanizing force of white unity to confront and quash #JewU\$ury.


    Mefobills and Jake write about that extensively in their comments on this site including how the Judaizing heresies of Protestantism had destroyed the ability of Jesus’ flock to continue his successful initiative quashing #JewU\$ury.

    Jesus’ Church and teachings are the only effective defense against #JewU\$ury and thereby #Jew\$4whiteGENOCIDE.

    This reality is exactly the opposite of the assertion you make of it being the source of white vulnerability.

    Again, Dr. MacDonald has edified us about the vulnerabilities “pathological altruism” and “individuality” borne of the Ice Age habitat of the ancestors long before the Jews showed up to present (((their))) relentless threat.

    Jesus and The Church are the only effective defense against that threat ANYWHERE IN HISTORY.

    Anybody white out there needs to come to grips with this reality: it’s highly likely that in your lineage there was at least a thousand year period during which all your ancestors were Catholic.

    Ask yourself: was the lineage safer from the Jews then or since.

    Jews know Jesus is Almighty God. But as so many reality-speaking Jews have expressed, Jews worship Satan as their only hope of achieving the god-like supremacy to which they aspire.

    Jesus’ Divine Wisdom is displayed on this topic at John 8:44 where he said:

    You people are the offspring of your forefather the devil, and his lusts you eagerly pursue. He was a murder from the beginning and can not speak the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies he’s being true to himself because he’s a liar and the father of lies.

    We must use (((their))) lies which we can recognize of our own experience to unravel the deceit ((((their))) past lies have visited upon our world and culture.


    6 January (((media))) deceit shows the deceit of 6 Million.

    Supremacist Jews’ media screeching “white supremacists”.

    Supremacist Jews’ media screeching “white supremacists” while screeching “pandemic”.

    Supremacist Jews’ media suppression of …

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  126. Shango says:

    “Teaching 20th century Europeans history as mythology”? How have they turned it into a mythology?

  127. @Chris Moore

    The group most in their sights is the Chinese. When China reaches equality with the USA, as it declines, or crashes, and the ‘Gods Upon the Earth’ will be forced to give up THEIR millennial dreams of world dominance. To be reduced to just one human community among many and forced to forgo their dreams of ‘Eretz Yisrael’ ‘..from the Nile to the Euphrates’, will be a bitter pill to swallow, one that they will resist at all costs. Throughout the Western fakestream media the really vicious Sinophobic race hatred is very often peddled by Zionazi Jews and their Sabbat Goy underlings.

  128. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Esther, Purim, is a myth, a blood-dream of religiously sanctified genocide.

  129. Chris Moore says: • Website

    When or where did “Wotan, Thor and (/or) Mars” or any other leader, be he of flesh or myth, ever speak or act to lead against #JewU\$URY? Jesus did so in the very first recorded public speech of his ministry as chronicled at Luke 4.

    Where did Jesus get his values? From the Prophets and Moses. Moses, as noted, actually pogromed degenerate and usurious Hebrews. Islam has pogromed degenerate and usurious Hebrews. Christendom USED to pogrom degenerate and usurious Hebrews, but worthless, parasitic and degenerate royalty was slowly infiltrated by these “Jews” and became soft on them. This is how degenerate and usurious “Jews” eventually were able to get their grip around the neck of humanity via control of the banks and eventually the Federal Reserve. “Jewry’s” propaganda predominance is fully explained by its control of the money-creation monopoly. The Globalist agenda is fully explained by Jewry’s quest to take their money-creation monopoly Global. The Anglo and Anglo-American empires were useful to them in that quest, and all was going according to plan until the Internet came along. Now all bets are off, and the “Jews” are having to throw whites under the bus a lot sooner than they planned. These degenerate and usurious “Jews” and their soulless collaborators and useful idiots (now known collectively as Zionists for supporting the fake-“Jew” state and its works) are going to lose, and I predict they’ll be destroyed, as Moses rightfully sought to destroy them millennia ago as a Satanic abomination attempting to prevent him from creating a world built on the rule of law.

    Just an opinion.

  130. @Patrick McNally

    I named one of my sons after Walter Rathenau. He was one of Germany’s greatest men.

  131. @Mefobills

    You identify the lost lesson Jesus originally brought which the Jews have tricked His Church into failing to enforce:

    Original Christianity (first 300 years) vs Talmudic Judaism (new religion after Temple fell) are enemies. I would say the time period after Christ up until Constantine would be deadly to the Jews if it was recapitulated.

    Jesus in His first public sermon (Luke 4:16-30) announced He was reinstituting the recurring seven year periodic debt forgiveness amnesties of Mosaic Law as expressed in the Torah provision by Isaiah from which He read.

    The Pharisees, the priest class of the new sect of Judaic creditors founded by Hillel, and the people of that sect at first responded positively to His announcement, praising Him among themselves. But this was based on their presumption that He like them favored fellow Jews with hostility toward the out group.

    So when he announced He was requiring them to forgive not just the interest-free loans they had extended to one another, but to forgive the usurious debt by which they had encumbered non-Jews to the point of bondage, (((they))) instantly rose up in murderous fury seeking to kill Him, but He escaped to continue to preach that message for another three years until ((((they)) finally caught and crucified Him for that very reason.

    If His Church can ever succeed at getting His mandate of return to Mosaic Law’s recurring debt forgiveness jubilees the Jew method of parasitism by which (((they))) dominate the world will end and the freedom of truth will provide prosperity for all.

  132. @Chris Moore

    Thank you for your accurate comment. I just replied to Mefobills as you can see consistent with what you had posted.

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