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Labour’s Shame: How the British Labour Party Betrayed Its Founding Principles
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The newly published report on anti-Semitism in the British Labour party couldn’t be more damning. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) spoke to dozens of witnesses as it investigated how Labour had repeatedly and remorselessly betrayed Britain’s Jewish community. Once the party had been their natural home; now it had become their sworn enemy.

Weeping with shame

Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP for the Yorkshire town of Rotherham, wept with shame as he stood before the EHRC and confessed that he had worked for decades on behalf of rich and powerful Christians in far-off London while ignoring the powerless working-class Jewish girls being raped, prostituted and murdered by vicious Christian gangs in his own constituency. “As a staunch socialist and life-long feminist, I was elected to defend the interests of working-class Jewish girls above all others,” Denis sobbed. “And I betrayed that sacred trust.”

Racked with remorse: Denis MacShane
Racked with remorse: Denis MacShane

Other witnesses from Rotherham revealed that the Labour council there had deliberately suppressed details of Jewish suffering at Christian hands for fear of upsetting “community relations,” while Sarah Champion, MacShane’s successor as MP for Rotherham, described how she had been thrown out of the Shadow Cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn for speaking out against the Christian rape-gangs in defence of her working-class Jewish constituents.

Labour was founded to defend Jews

Another Labour MP, Ann Cryer, said that the horrific abuse of Jewish girls by Christian gangs elsewhere in Britain had been ignored since the 1980s by Labour-controlled institutions and by Britain’s most powerful Labour-supporting newspaper. “I couldn’t get The Guardian interested,” she recalled sadly. “Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness.” The veteran Labourite Roy Hattersley made another shame-filled confession, revealing that, during his decades in parliament, he had always refused to act on his Jewish constituents’ clearly expressed opposition to mass immigration by bigoted and violent Christians from the Third World.

Those are only a few examples of the horrific anti-Semitism uncovered by the EHRC as it probed the foul and fetid depths of Labour’s betrayal of the Jewish community. Under Tony Blair, the Labour government had ignored the rape and murder of Jews even as it opened the borders to mass immigration that destroyed the livelihood of Jews, caused crime to flourish, and forced Jews to flee their traditional districts. The EHRC report concluded with these ringing words: “The very name of the Labour party — from the Hebrew Laab, ‘Serve,’ and Ow’r, ‘the Jews’ — proclaims its founding commitment to work tirelessly for the Jewish community. Labour has betrayed its very reason for existence by allowing the Jewish community to suffer for so long and in so many ways.”

Back to reality

Well, that isn’t what the EHRC report into anti-Semitism really said, of course. Jews in Britain haven’t been suffering any of the things I described above. No rape, murder, beatings, impoverishment and ethnic cleansing for them. Instead, the Labour party inflicted all those things on the White working-class. In reality, the MP Denis MacShane worked for Jews in far-off London while ignoring the rape and murder of White girls by Muslim gangs in his Yorkshire constituency. Mass immigration has impoverished and ethnically cleansed the White working-class, not Jews. The Jewish peer Lord Glasman served in Blair’s government and witnessed what he called “a terrible situation where a Labour government was hostile to the English working-class.”

The rich Jewish lawyer Rebecca Hilsenrath
The rich Jewish lawyer Rebecca Hilsenrath
The rich (and homosexual) Jewish lawyer David Isaac
The rich (and homosexual) Jewish lawyer David Isaac

The Labour party is still hostile. And the Equality and Human Rights Commission doesn’t care in the slightest. After all, the EHRC is headed by two rich Jewish lawyers, Rebecca Hilsenrath and David Isaac. The EHRC works against White interests, not for them. That’s why it ignored the genuine crimes committed by Labour against the White working-class and focused on threats to Jewish interests. Inter alia, the real EHRC report exposed and attacked Labour anti-Semites who “referenced conspiracies about … Jewish power and control” or “accused British Jews of greater loyalty to Israel than Britain.”

Friends of Israel in very high places

What are rape and murder compared to horrific truth-crimes like those? For example, it should be utterly unacceptable that a national newspaper in Britain could openly proclaim that Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) is “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, holding lunches for 700 guests, making countless Downing Street visits, and developing contacts throughout Israel and the Middle East.” That’s shamelessly feeding conspiracy theories about “Jewish power and control” and about how Jews have “greater loyalty to Israel than Britain.”

Lord Polack at Conservative Friends of Israel
Lord Polack at Conservative Friends of Israel

Which national newspaper said that about Conservative Friends of Israel? It was the Jewish Chronicle, the same newspaper that has just issued a special edition in celebration of the EHRC report into Labour’s anti-Semitism. The Chronicle described CFI like that during a scandal about how the CFI’s shadiest and most powerful official, the Jewish Lord Polack, had guided the Conservative politician Priti Patel to secret and unminuted meetings with Israeli politicians on Israeli, British and American soil.

The most pro-Israel war-criminal in British history

If a shady lobbyist called Mahmoud Rafsanjani or Dmitri Bogdanov had guided Priti Patel to secret and unminuted meetings with Iranian or Russian politicians, the Jewish Chronicle would have been thundering about conspiracies and demanding Patel’s resignation. But it’s fine when Jews do the same underhanded things for Israel’s benefit. And it was also fine when Tony Blair’s Labour government, funded and controlled by Jews like Lord Levy, betrayed the White working-class whom Labour was founded to serve. Blair is a war-criminal who has always worked for Israel, bankers, big business and the military-industrial complex, not for the working-class. That’s why he’s now worth more than £100m and why the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that Blair is “generally regarded as the most pro-Israel prime minister in British history.” Marie van der Zyl, head of the Jewish Board of Deputies, has recently “praised Mr Blair as a ‘true friend’ of the Jewish community.” In other words, Blair followed Jewish orders, so it didn’t matter that he was a dedicated enemy of Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class.

Then the dim narcissist Blair left office and in time the dim Marxist Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader. Corbyn opposed Blair’s mass-killing in the Middle East and has never wanted to be a millionaire. In other words, he wasn’t prepared to follow Jewish orders for financial reward. And that’s why he was relentlessly demonized as an anti-Semite and has now been suspended from the Labour party. He refused to grovel in contrition when the EHCR report was published. I think he was right not to grovel. But Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be ashamed if the EHRC published a truthful report into Labour’s genuine and decades-old crimes against the White working-class. As I’ve said before, Labour is better regarded as a criminal conspiracy than as a political party. Under pro-war, pro-plutocracy Blair, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Jews. Under anti-war, anti-plutocracy Corbyn, it conspired against the White working-class on behalf of Muslims, Blacks and other alien invaders.

Pro-Black bureaucrats and anti-White Jews

George Orwell wrote the following in Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949): “Even the names of the four Ministries [in his fictional dystopia] exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.”

In real 21st-century Britain, the Labour party concerns itself with attacking the working-class. And the Civil Service, overseen by a so-called Conservative government, concerns itself with working against civilization and for barbarism, as a recent article by a pseudonymous journalist has revealed:

On 3 June [2020], Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education, responded to the DEFRA [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] Permanent Secretary Tamara Finkelstein’s call to “fight racism” by tweeting the Black Lives Matter hashtag and declaring his quest to “tackle the whiteness of Senior Whitehall” (both these Whitehall heads are white, incidentally). …

Our supposedly impartial civil service is institutionalising far-left identity politics. It has fallen prey to networks of entryist activists like Project Race who, like BLM [Black Lives Matter], are adept at disguising neo-Marxist ideas as kind-hearted truisms. The influence that senior civil servants have granted these activists stops junior civil servants speaking against them, which in turn allows senior civil servants to broadcast patently absurd or partisan views with total impunity. One junior civil servant has described to me a non-stop, daily bombardment of “anti-racist” activism at work since the BLM protests began. Because no-one questions it openly, the woke browbeating continues as if it were no more controversial than a stationery audit. The evidence above is only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s already wedged deep into the ship’s hull. It remains a mystery why Captain Boris [Johnson] [and] First Officer [Michael] Gove … haven’t sounded a vigorous alarm about any of this. (The BLM takeover of Whitehall: Why don’t ministers care about the politics of their civil servants?, The Critic, 18th August 2020)

That article should be read by all intelligent Whites in Britain, before they begin fighting back against the hostile elite that intends to destroy them. Alas, it won’t be. It was written under the pseudonym of “Justin Elderman” by someone (possibly Jewish) who rightly fears that using his real name would harm his career and perhaps even his physical well-being. And look again at the question raised by Mr Elderman: “Why don’t ministers care about the politics of their civil servants?” He didn’t answer the question, but he had given his readers a big clue here:

On 3 June [2020], Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Education, responded to the DEFRA [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] Permanent Secretary Tamara Finkelstein’s call to “fight racism” by tweeting the Black Lives Matter hashtag and declaring his quest to “tackle the whiteness of Senior Whitehall” (both these Whitehall heads are white, incidentally). (The BLM takeover of Whitehall)

Tamara Finkelstein works for Jews
Tamara Finkelstein works for Jews

I don’t think Tamara Finkelstein regards herself as “white” any more than her brother Daniel Finkelstein does. No, both of them regard themselves as Jewish, not as White. The powerful bureaucrat Tamara Finkelstein proudly states that she is “Joint Senior Sponsor of the Civil Service Jewish Network” in her Twitter profile, while the powerful politician Daniel Finkelstein is a Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council and has waxed lyrical in the Jewish Chronicle about “That mysterious sense of Jewish connection,” which ensures that “most of my best friends are Jewish.”

Anti-White activists Tamara and Daniel Finkelstein
Anti-White activists Tamara and Daniel Finkelstein

Daniel Finkelstein is a senior figure in the so-called Conservative government that is ignoring the anti-White activism of senior bureaucrats like his sister Tamara Finkelstein, a BLM-supporting “Race Champion” in the Civil Service. Finkelstein himself belonged to the leftist Social Democratic Party in his youth. Then he joined the Tories in 1990 and began campaigning to “modernize” the party — that is, to turn it into something that worked solely for Jewish interests, having abandoned its conservative principles and the historic White Christian nation of Britain.

White Lives Don’t Matter

In 2020, the “modernization” is complete. The not-at-all Conservative party is thoroughly Finkelsteined. It has a Jewish treasurer, Ehud Sheleg, an Israeli plutocrat who openly admits that he makes “my homeland” of Israel his first concern. And all the most important posts in the government are held by kosher-certified Friends of Israel: the part-Jewish, part-Turkish prime minister Boris Johnson; the fully Jewish foreign secretary Dominic Raab; the Indian-Hindu chancellor Rishi Sunak; and the Indian-Hindu home secretary Priti Patel. These not-at-all Conservatives have done nothing as anti-White activism sweeps the Civil Service. But can you imagine what they would do if senior bureaucrats began a campaign against Israel in support of Palestinians? They would respond instantly, banning the anti-Israel campaign and sternly rebuking bureaucrats for breaking their strict code of political impartiality.

As it is, the Tories are doing nothing, because Jewish interests are not being challenged by anti-White activism and Black Lives Matter. On the contrary, Jewish interests are being strengthened. As Kevin MacDonald has described, BLM and Antifa are footsoldiers in what can be called a “Jewish coup” against the historic White nation of America. The same applies in Britain. But don’t expect the Equality and Human Rights Commission to take any action when Whites and their interests are harmed. In Brave New Britain, White Lives Don’t Matter.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. MarkU says:

    I agree with most of the article but the analysis is incomplete as per usual. To my mind it is all about globalisation and the destruction of all nations and nationalities, except for Jews and Israel of course.

  2. White Lives Don’t Matter

    They never did to the Left. They were a useful tool to gain power. Now other lives serve that purpose.

    As Kevin MacDonald has described, BLM and Antifa are footsoldiers in what can be called a “Jewish coup” against the historic White nation of America.

    Isn’t he, as an “evolutionary psychologist”, guilty of playing along? Creationists breed and Darwinists don’t. So the ACLU’s wedging Darwinism into the schools, where it was illegal in many states and would cost a teacher a stiff fine and his job, was the first salvo.

    Note that it doesn’t matter which creationism is embraced. The Haredi have children, lots of them. Even the Japanese once did. Look at Africa now.

    Darwinism renders a race unfit. It violates its most basic rule. So it’s back to the drawing board. Or Väinämöinen or Pangu or Uranus and Gaia…

  3. Blissex says:

    This is a set of ridiculous declamations that as usual misdescribes the influence of Likud (and allies), a political party, with that of “the jews”, a large part of which detest Likud, and are of every political opinion and of many different races. “The jews” as a lobby don’t exist just like that “the protestants” or “the catholics” or “the star trek fans”.
    But political parties like Likud or the Greens or the Republicans are established lobbies, and their well recognized purpose is to plot against the interests of other lobbies, by both clear and less clear methods. For people opposed to the far-right politics of Likud and their allies the struggle is political not racial or religious.

    The important thing instead to say about the EHRC is that despite trying very hard it only examined 70 cases of reported antisemitism from a party with several hundred thousand members, and found issues with only a handful of them, and no systematic suppression of those cases, and no institutional antisemitism in the Labour party; only a few cases with a frequency of antisemitism much lower than that reported by polls in the general population.

    In particular the report finds nothing substantial about J Corbyn, or else he would have been suspended for that, rather than for the blatant excuse of pointing out that the report confirms that accusations of antisemitism within Labour have been rather exaggerated.

  4. Z-man says:

    Britain-Zionist Occupied Territory.

    • Agree: Reaper
  5. White Lives Don’t Matter

    Just like Palestinian lives don’t matter in Palestine since it became Israel. I guess they’ll soon claim that whoever supports Palestinians does it because he is an anti-Semite and hates Jews when the converse could be the case: that he is an anti-Semite and hates Jews because of what they do to the Palestinians, and to the rest of us goyim.

  6. “Anti-Semitism” in the Labor party is the biggest humbug I’ve ever heard. It’s a spin by the Zionist Israel lobby. They are responsible for Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat. The Zionists have always run the Conservatives. The Zionist press totally manipulates the British public. There is no politician out there who can speak out against Zionist power and control.

  7. padre says:

    There are no principles in politics, you should have known it by now!

  8. @MarkU

    “I agree with most of the article but the analysis is incomplete as per usual. To my mind it is all about globalisation and the destruction of all nations and nationalities, except for Jews and Israel of course.”

    Yes, and of course cultures.
    However, the article is quite brilliant, don’t you think?

  9. @Blissex

    The Likud versus the rest fallacy is for the gullible.

    Jews are toxic as a group because they nearly always act against the interests of indigenous Brits.

    As regards the Labour Party the complainant was the Campaign Against Antisemitism or CAA which is an ADL clone. So-called anti-Semitism usually means critique of Jewish behavior in the UK and Israel.

    You can get pedantic about the lobby but it does exist. Party affiliation is irrelevant.

  10. @Blissex

    Blissex! You normally comment at Chris Dillow’s!

    (I didn’t agree with everything you wrote btw)

  11. geokat62 says:

    “The jews” as a lobby don’t exist…

    Tell that to the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

  12. Sure buddy not like it was set up by a bunch of fabian jews for the idiots that vote for free shit like retarded morons. keep lying to yourself labour boomers are the worst kind of retarded.

  13. The British Labour Party has certainly betrayed working class males. Median real male wages in 2019 were lower than they were in 1997, while real house prices more than doubled and real GDP rose 50% over the same period.

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  14. geokat62 says:

    Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour Party for making the following statement:

    One antisemite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media.

    Here’s what host, Aaron Mate, had to say about the Equality and Human Rights Commission‘s investigation into these allegations:

    The [EHRC] report seems to confirm that. For all this talk of an antisemitism crisis inside the Labour Party, the final report that has just come out says that there were TWO cases of unlawful antisemitism out of a party of more than half a million people.

    Here’s former UK Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, Chris Williamson, reaction to the report’s findings:

    But, the allegations against them (two people) really in my opinion don’t actually amount to antisemitism in any event. And, it’s certainly not an indication, even if you accept they did, an indication that the Labour Party was riven with antisemites, and had an institutional antisemitic problem, and was guilty of harassing the Jewish community. I mean it’s absolutely absurd and the hyperbole is quite astonishing.

    • Replies: @UncommonGround
  15. @geokat62

    Also very good, with many details:

    The UK’s Report on Labour Party Antisemitism
    by Kenneth Surin

  16. Rob McX says:

    Median real male wages in 2019 were lower than they were in 1997, while real house prices more than doubled and real GDP rose 50% over the same period.

    But great news for Tony Blair, who has built up a large property empire.

  17. @MarkU

    The analysis is just as complete as you safely allow it to be. Certain others have it in for certain whites. The reasons why those others do this is unknown even to themselves; they simply phrase their urges in terms of “goyim”. We’ve all a manifest and everything is happening exactly as it should. Powers way up in outer space guiding and controlling an outcome that was determined millions of years ago. With no disrespect for your right to say it, know that as long as you’re content with the equation of Jew = Israel, you’ll continue to believe that someday some group of people by their own power will muster a defense against the jaw-dropping resources of these global goblins. Indeed, the Jew wants Israel because the Jew is not Israel. Granted, you believe the author’s analysis was incomplete; for these reasons at least know what the picture is not.

  18. Agent76 says:

    Sep 12, 2020 UK Conservative Party firm on BREXIT. Labour looks lost under

    A big part of political combat is over what the fight is actually about. Traditionally, the Conservative Party has preferred to fight elections on the issues like defence, the economy and crime, while Labour has preferred to fight elections on issues like health or education.

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