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Credit Image: © Circa Images/Glasshouse via ZUMA Wire
Credit Image: © Circa Images/Glasshouse via ZUMA Wire

This story is one of hundreds Colin Flaherty planned to publish in a book before his death. American Renaissance will post one every week.

I attended Los Angeles public schools for a bit less than half a school year, back during the forced busing of the early 1970s. Not once did I see a white student harass, bully, punch, kick, intimidate, or humiliate a black student. However, every day, I saw black students harass, intimidate, punch, kick, and humiliate white students. At least a few times a week, I saw black students beat and/or rob white students. I never saw a white student beat or rob a black student. Never. Not one time. Perhaps white-on-black humiliations/harassment/intimidation/beatings were happening in the South, or some places other than the L.A. school district. I never saw it.

In my district, from my observations, it was always, 100 percent of the time, black-on-white. I’ve heard many other whites who lived throughout the U.S., including the South, tell me the same thing. It was always black-on-white violence, intimidation, threats, and robberies, and also against Asians and Hispanics. And often on weekends when school was out.

Yes, of course, I went to the school administration and explained what was happening. The response was, “Why are you making them do that to you?” or “Why did you provoke them?” and “If you don’t provoke them, they’ll leave you alone!” Wow! I said nothing to the blacks. Nothing at all. I was a scrawny white loner who minded his business; always. I bothered nobody. I was polite and respectful. It was my white skin and the fact that I was seen as “weak” and a “loner” that provoked them. It’s the same way packs of predatory animals attack the lone herbivore that is weak or old or limping or far from the herd.

Many (not all) ghetto blacks seem to have very “predator animal”-like behavior. I’ve seen that for almost 60 years. As the saying goes: “What do you call a white conservative telling you the truth?” Answer: “A racist.” Ghetto blacks rarely “fight” alone. They attack in packs. Only the massively muscular black bullies will fight a weak white (or black) opponent one-on-one. Otherwise, it was five-on-one, or 10-on-one, or 20-on-one. Go watch an old edition of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and you’ll see hyenas doing the same thing, and laughing the same way as they pack-attack an injured gazelle.

Violent attacks and general “harassment” (including sexual harassment of attractive white female students) happened every single school day. It did the white students no good to complain to the white teachers, who said: “I can’t help you.” It did no good to complain to the black teachers who said, “It’s your turn now!” It did no good to complain to the principal or vice principal who looked at you sternly and said: “What did you do to provoke them?” The school administrators did nothing. Back then, I couldn’t understand why not, but now I know: They were afraid to be called “racists” by their school board, the people who hire them, and the people who could fire them. For the white teachers and school administrators, their careers were on the line. To the black teachers and administrators (most of them, not all), the white kids were “just getting some karma,” just punishment for 400 years of slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

I later saw a news report on one of the Los Angeles news channels. It said all the LA School District board members had taken all their own kids, and put them into private (just about all-white) schools. I remember a white reporter asking one black school-board member, “Why did you take your children out of the L.A. public schools, which you yourself oversee?” The black school board member said, “Well, you only have one chance to raise your kids!” That black school board member had been the most vocal supporter of forced busing in the Los Angeles School District! But his kids were exempt because he could afford to send them to a mostly-white private school.

Both the wealthy liberal and conservative parents took their kids out of the Los Angeles School District during forced busing in the 1970s, and put them into safe private schools. Only the poor whites (like my brother and me) had to stay in the schools with a few other poor whites. We faced daily harassment, robbery, humiliation, degradation, sexual assault, harassment, and occasional beatings, simply because we were white.

The forced integration of the schools in the 1970s was the result of a Federal Court decision. The mindset at the time was this:

  • Black students do not do as well in school.
  • Blacks and whites are equal in all things, including intelligence.
  • The white schools must somehow be “better” than the black schools (even though the textbooks are the same and the teachers get the same training).
  • To make things “equal” we must take half the black students and send them to white schools and half the white students and send them to black schools, and this will “even things out.” Black tests scores will then equal white test scores.
  • At the same time, we will continue to teach black and white and brown students how horribly whites treated blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians for hundreds of years.
  • The result of this forced integration of the schools will be that the whites and blacks will see they are just like each other, in every way, and the fear and animosity they have for each other will disappear. They will do equally well in school, on tests, and in life, and the will learn to live peacefully one with another, and sing “Kum-Ba-Yah” around campfires.

Well, I never did get to sing “Kum Ba Yah” with my ghetto black fellow students. Instead, I screamed a lot of “Ahhhh — Please stop!” and, “Why are you doing this to me?” and “What did I ever do to you?”

Forced busing didn’t work. The well-to-do parents took their kids out of public school, and put them into private schools, leaving a small cadre of “poor white children” to deal with the black and Hispanic students who were fed a daily ration of anti-white propaganda by their liberal history/social-studies teachers. The classrooms were almost always in a state of “chaos” and the (mostly white) teachers eventually stopped trying.

Little or no learning took place. The only time the black students listened to the lesson was when a liberal white teacher talked about slavery, or the KKK, or lynchings, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being assassinated, or how Rosa Parks almost got slapped by a white bus driver because she refused to give up her seat to a white man, how “whites” exterminated most of the American Indians (genocide), or how “whites” stole half of Mexico in 1845. Every white person on Earth, no matter his ancestry, no matter when or where he was born, was equality guilty of every bad thing any white man ever did to any non-white person.

Most of the time, white teachers were trying to keep the black kids quiet, or they just sat at their teachers’ desks and read (they weren’t grading papers because they never gave us tests or assignments to turn in) while the blacks fought each other, clowned around, smoked marijuana in the boy’s room, tried to impress the girls, told jokes, told stories about sex or how LeRoy “whoopin dey a**” of Tyrone but Tyrone he come back and busted LeRoy’s lips and may-dem bigguh dan dey aw-ready was! Day-yum, LeRoy’s lips be too big aw-ready! Dey don’t needs to be any bigguh!” The black kids would talk openly about sex, who was having sex with whom, what they did, how it felt, always making fun of the girl they had sex with by saying “Yo her butt was so big awz needed fo’ hands to hoed it down,” and things like that.

And if they became truly bored, they fired paperclips, sharpened pencils, paper airplanes, sunflower seeds (which they would spit out of straws), erasers, chalk, textbooks, metallic Afro-picks, or other projectiles, at the heads and eyes of the white students who were trying to read a textbook. The paperclips fired from rubber bands were the most dangerous projectiles, especially if they hit you in the eye. Whenever the blacks would hit a white kid in the head or face, a round of hyena-like laughter would fill the classroom. The white teacher would scream, “Now stop that!” which would bring relative peace for perhaps 10 minutes, until the next round of projectiles were launched.

In the cafeteria, they usually served “WTF is this?” and toast so hard it could crush diamonds. Since the blacks couldn’t chew it much less eat it (not even a pit-bull could) the toast was going to bounce off your head like a rubber bullet if you were white. Most of the time, it would just whiz by your nose, or hit the back of your chair with a loud “KLANG!” When a piece of toast hit a white kid, the black kids at the “table of origin” would all start laughing like hyenas, clutching their stomachs, with some even rolling on the ground like “holy rollers” at a Pentecostal church. For them, to cause and observe the “pain and humiliation” of white students was the funniest thing in the world, and the most pleasurable experience except for sex.

The “Great Liberal Experiment” was a failure. Black test scores never went up, unless the teachers or school administrators cheated to keep their jobs, or to look good. Still today, there is a lot of teacher cheating going on in order to raise black test scores. This cheating is sometimes ordered by black school principals who get large bonuses (tens of thousands of dollars) if they increase the test scores at their schools. In some states, teachers are threatened with termination if the black scores don’t rise over time. So, teachers (black and white) often find themselves in a bind. Not only are they expected to enforce discipline in the classroom (one 100-pound white female teacher versus three 200-pound black students with anti-white “mean” dispositions), they are also expected to work miracles not even Merlin the Magician could manage, with students who mostly (not all) can’t learn or just don’t want to learn. So, one cannot blame many inner-city school teachers for cheating to raise black test scores. They had to.

How did I deal with all this? I got PTSD. And I became a ditcher. In school, you have your “cutters” (who would “cut” classes they did not like, but go to others) and “ditchers” (never show up). I wouldn’t show up. I’d take the bus all over town, to Griffith Park, to the LaBrea Tar Pits, to the Zoo, to the airport (and pretend I was a spy escaping the country). I never knew there were so many crazy people until I took the city bus every day.

Some bus-drivers would ask me “Where do you want to go?” I looked at them like Captain Kirk of the original Star Trek and said: “Out there! Anywhere!” Anywhere was better than being in school. However, of course, eventually the school called my parents, and my dad screamed and threatened to beat me. So, I had a choice: be beaten at school, or be beaten at home. I chose home because it was much safer. Eventually, my father gave in to my mother, and moved us out of the district. I felt like a man on Death Row being pardoned.

The poor white kids during this forced-busing era were burnt offerings to the black community for the sins of white people. That is how blacks felt and that’s still how they feel today: except a few “noble” blacks who don’t see it that way. What gets me is that most white liberals feel the same way; that the white race is somehow basically evil and the non-white races are somehow basically good. And, to make themselves feel better, the white liberals offer up “poor whites” (who cannot afford to go to all-white private schools) to the ghetto blacks as if to say, “Here, take these poor whites, and do whatever you want to do with them, but leave us and our children alone, please!” So, my brother and I, and other poor whites who had to stay put in the now mostly-black school, were sacrificial lambs. Somehow, only white people inherit the sins of other white people. Those principles of “Guilt by Skin Color” and “Guilt by Ancestry” never seems to apply to anyone else. Liberals just keep experimenting with education — with other people’s children.

The Liberal Experiment has failed over and over, but liberals keep trying it over and over. All paid for mostly by white American workers. So, work hard! You’re not just working for yourself and your family, you’re working for black mothers who raise their black children to hate you and to hate your children. Not all black welfare mothers teach their children hate, but too many do.

There will be no singing “Kum Ba Yah” around the campfire. Instead, there will be burning cities, race wars, and millions more destroyed lives, white and black both; all because a small white liberal “elite” wants power and control over other people’s lives, forever! And what will this new “Liberal Utopia” be like? Read George Orwell’s book, 1984.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. My heart goes out to any and every white person that’s been forced to associate with groids in school. Most groids aren’t educable, the few that are are able, should be sent to all groid schools. For them as a race, there’s no hope, as so few can be trained to do anything useful other than doing simple tasks.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. So … California’s been fucked up for a long, long time.

    • Replies: @Charon
    , @interesting
  3. Moe Gibbs says:

    Perhaps a less hyperventilating discussion of black-white division than has been presented here would influence a wider audience. But the author’s histrionics do indeed accurately depict life for a minority-White hopelessly trapped in enemy territory. I know this from personal experience.

    They hate us because they envy us. They hate us with a viciousness that can never be appeased. They hate us because they ain’t us, never will be us, can’t ever hope to measure up to us, will forever accurately regard themselves as beneath us. It isn’t your fault, or mine, or theirs, but that does not matter. Whites won the genetic lottery, blacks lost, and nothing is ever going to change that sad, immutable fact.

    I didn’t ask to be born White, intelligent and capable any more than the typical inbred pavement ape axed to be whelped stupid, angry and worthless. This is simply how God Almighty decreed that the beasts of the earth shall be arrayed, and none of us are worthy of second-guessing our maker. Those among us who decided in their vain self-glorification that each human life is equal never had to endure the savage violence and pig-ignorance of the lesser-bred. But somehow they have convinced the majority to accept that ‘equity of outcome’ in life is some sort of universal human right. It is not.

  4. TG says:

    I hear you. But here is another angle.

    In the civil rights era, blacks finally got the right to unionize and negotiate for better pay. Starting in 1965, the rich fired American blacks en masse and replaced them with Mexican nationals because they could be forced to work for cheaper.

    But this never got any national media attention, because the rich thought of forced busing as a great distraction from the deliberate destruction of the blue collar black working class.

    You weren’t just offered up as a sacrifice to ‘blacks.’ You were offered up as a sacrifice to cheap labor. Cheap labor uber alles!

    • Thanks: Kali
  5. Truth says:

    I didn’t ask to be born White, intelligent and capable

    And you see, our generous one and only true God blessed you with 1 out of 3.

  6. Sasu says:

    My busing experience was a little different. I was a poor white bused to a rich white school along with a handful of diversity. The rich white kids were monsters, meaner even than the black kids, and the black kids, while not my friends, hated them as much as I did. So they left me alone. Sometimes we even commiserated. Because of that experience I thought for a long time that class was more important than kind and made for natural allies, but was disavowed of that notion once I lived and worked around blacks and got just how much they hated whites. Unsurprisingly, many of the same rich white kids I went to school with who were so free with their bigotry are good liberals today.

    • Thanks: nognverra
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @animalogic
  7. GM sucks says:

    This was all about General Motors selling buses – and lots of them.

    • LOL: true.enough
  8. Ghetto blacks rarely “fight” alone. They attack in packs.

    Funny, that was the same experience I had with the Irish kids growing up in Boston, half-Italian and half-English. If there’s anything a Mick hates worse than a Dago, it’s a Limey, so I got the big prize.

    Now that our housing projects are integrated, the Irish have been busy breeding with the blacks, producing a whole new kind of creature, combining the inherent genetic weaknesses of both bloodlines.

  9. In Jared Taylor’s biographical article about Colin Flaherty, we learn that he was a liberal democrat up until late in his life. Take a look at this excerpt:

    Later in the 2000s, Colin became interested in the very high levels of black crime, which he found were ignored and downplayed in the media. He was not robbed or assaulted, nor were his family or friends; his reporter’s instinct simply drew him to a story that was being smothered.

    In “Kum ba Yah” we seem to get acquainted with a different person, who was regularly assaulted by blacks and has an overal negative experience of blacks from an early age. Perhaps someone cares to explain what is going on here?

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
    , @Flo
  10. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    In “Kum ba Yah” we seem to get acquainted with a different person…Perhaps someone cares to explain what is going on here?

    Not sure.

    Colin might have asked for and collected stories of others’s racial experiences. Maybe KBY is one of them.

    On the other hand, if he was born in 1956 he’d have been 14 in 1970. The “early 1970s” then would have put him in highschool.

    The author of the KBY piece says he only spent half a year in LA. So maybe Colin is the author. His bio said his family moved to Delaware after 6 months of he and his brother being bashed, bothered, and bewildered by bused baboons.

    Being so young/impressionable, his negative experiences per niggertude might have primed him to, thereafter, be hyper-aware of blacks: their nearness, danger, and toxicity.

    Sadly, those latter traits have only metastasized in the ensuing 50+ years.

    For example: Marvin Gaye’s stellar album, WHAT’S GOING ON?, came out in 1971. It was lovely: coherent, told a story, and was beautifully melodic. So was Stevie Wonder’s 1974 opus, FULFILLINGNESS’ FIRST FINALE. Today, most black “songs” are angry, unmelodic, rude-crude-lewd jeremiads filled with jaundiced jive. Plus they’re barked in kindergarten sing-song “rhymes.”

    Said poetic productions also use a quite-limited vocabulary. Most consist of “shit-muthafukka-slut-bling-nigga-ass-muhdick-bitch-pimp-pussy-ho-fuck”…leavened with the occasional “uh-huh,” “woo-hoo,” and “zu-zu.”

    In sum, modern black culture is cancer. And no one can fix it, save blacks themselves. Alas, they seem uninterested. They prefer to blame YT for all their failings.

    Shaniqua and Tyrone also whine about not having as much wealth as whites. Well, duh: that’s what happens when you live on welfare and rob-cheat-steal what you don’t burn down.

    It’s like hearing Sharpton-Jackson-Coates-Kendi-Okrah bitch about “too many” blacks being in prison. They’re blind to the fact that so many blacks commit crimes, rightfully ending up in stir.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @Kim
  11. @Truth

    Any one of those three attributes is more than adequate to render its bearer superior to the vast majority of negroes.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @René Fries
  12. unwoke says:

    “The forced integration of the schools in the 1970s was the result of a Federal Court decision.”

    Last week was the best week for Federal Court decisions since then. Up with gun rights, down with abortion rights. And an open invitation (plea?) from Clarence Thomas to revisit past Federal Court decisions as dire as Roe, e.g.Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education over fifty years ago. Busing in the end, despite widespread adoption around the country, didn’t work. A Harvard study a few years ago found no more ‘ de-segregation’ of schools at the turn of the century than in the 60’s; after a brief decline in the mid -80′, it went back up to earlier levels. This further confirmed what race sociologist James Coleman had found many years earlier. After arguing for greater (forced) integration to improve Black academic performance, he later reversed himself, & admitted that private schools with greater discipline & academic standards had better outcomes. But that won’t stop the woke mob today from pushing for more laxity for Black ‘students’.
    It seems, busing kids from South Boston to Hyde Park doesn’t help very much. Rich kids in Wellesley where Judge Garrity lived weren’t much affected. So we haven’t heard much more about busing lately & the Trump SCOTUS is not likely to restore it. This was a realistic throwback to those turbulent days though, by an anonymous American, in his stories, real or fiction, not necessarily by Flaherty himself.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  13. Truth says:

    Is that your goal in life?

    • Replies: @Theophrastus
    , @Truth
  14. I too lived through all this — and considerably worse. Without going into specifics, I was at one point the only white kid in an otherwise all-black environment. Moreover, between one thing and another, I fluctuated from being a victim to actually being called ‘class king’ ( I wasn’t, but fine…).

    So…some observations.

    First, a lot of blacks are vicious animals who will attack anyone who is ‘all helpless’ (to quote a Hispanic school girl I knew later in life.) Most actually aren’t — but a lot are.

    Second, actually formidable blacks are usually pretty reasonable. The big dog doesn’t need to prove anything, and while blacks are generally dumber than posts, most aren’t actually evil. Don’t go after his girlfriend, and you’ll be fine.

    Of course, that still leaves that precious ten percent. However, if you stand up to them, they really will back off — particularly if you’re reasonably large. I learned this personally. I was mercilessly bullied all through fifth grade, then…things happened…and when I came back for sixth grade, I was a lot meaner. The first day of school, I knocked down the first little black asshole who fucked with me — and I was left alone for the rest of the year! And it usually is the little vermin that lead the wave. Fight back early — you’ll regret it if you don’t.

    Third, don’t take it personally. Whites aren’t alone. Blacks hate everybody, and everybody hates blacks. It’s all submerged in bullshit, but wash that off, and it’s pretty simple.

    Beyond that, never trust a black. I seriously don’t think they can tell truth from falsehood. Second, don’t expect them to be reasonably intelligent — as a rule they’re not. Third, remember most of them actually aren’t bad — just learn to spot the ones that are, and be ready to make bullying you at least a hassle. A bully doesn’t actually want a fight — he’s not angry enough for that. He wants an unresisting victim.

    Don’t give him one.

    • Thanks: Miro23, Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Charon
    , @TKK
    , @Reverend Goody
  15. Truth says:

    The first day of school, I knocked down the first little black asshole who fucked with me — and I was left alone for the rest of the year!

    How big was she?

  16. Charon says:
    @Colin Wright

    Alternatively, avoid them like the plague they are.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  17. Charon says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    As California goes, they say, so goes the nation.

    Repeat after me, our new National Pledge:

    Every white person on Earth, no matter his ancestry, no matter when or where he was born, is equally guilty of every bad thing any white man ever did to any non-white person.

    Correct and amplify? 👌 “…is personally guilty of any thing any POC isn’t happy about, at any time and any place.”

    Now you understand The Toofie! So jes go bash the haids of the nearest wypipos. They has it comin!

    Remember, ((teevee)) told you so. Toofie watches too much teevee.

    • Replies: @Truth
  18. Truth says:

    So jes go bash the haids of the nearest wypipos.

    Well, every black person is guilty of robbing or killing a black person.

  19. Kim says:

    Aren’t these songs actually written by yids?

  20. None of this would be happening if organized jewry had not forced integration.

    By every standard you can measure, blacks (and whites) were far better off during segregation
    (and now blacks WANT separation and “safe spaces.”)

    Without going into details I can corroborate the violent jungle black behavior and hatred of whites that has been generated by the jewish media and academia.

    A close relative recently stated that she “wouldn’t mind” living around blacks….but she has no idea what it’s like because her only exposure of blacks is from (((Netflix)))
    Our people are sitting ducks because the jew media ALWAYS hides black violence and ALWAYS lies and claims that whites are violent.

    We live in an upside down jew world of inversion and lies and gaslighting and bullshit.

    God help us.

    • Replies: @j3
  21. TKK says:
    @Colin Wright

    As a lawyer, I am working on a CRIPA( Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act) case. This involves me reviewing thousands of incident reports from the Department of Corrections from a large state in the USA.

    This is what I have found:

    Whites *never* attack blacks in prison. NEVER.
    Whites *never* rape blacks in prison. NEVER.

    Down to a case, blacks sodomize and beat whites. Daily and without consequences.

    This is the scenario I read over and over. Remember, this is only the tip of the ice berg as most Correctional Officers are too lazy to fill out reports.

    A group of blacks strong arms a white to the telephones. Call your family. Family is called. Blacks demand \$1000 or any amount be put on their books, sent to a friend or family. When White Man’s family refuses, one black holds the phone while the White Victim is beaten. Family hears the beating and might scrape up the money.

    Next, the White Victim is ordered “get his shower sh*t”. White Victim is taken to the showers, where he is forced to perform oral sex or receive anal sex, AND GIVE IT. Most blacks seem to be savagely homosexual in prison. White victim afterwards believes imaginary “debt” is paid. Wrong.

    Before I started this case, you could say I was an extreme race realist.

    After reading thousands of incidents of black of white violence and rape, witnessed by black CO’s who do nothing, I have moved beyond race realism to a type of stupefied horror that we are forced to live with and support blacks.

    Blacks are different. They have no place in a kind, civilized society. Until they are rooted out of America, but whatever means, we are doomed. I would rather live in a hovel in Wyoming with no electricity or running water than in any environment where I am subjected to blacks.

    That we have to pretend they are better than us, smarter than us, more noble than us is some type of cosmic joke that is unfathomable and insane.

  22. @Truth

    Most black girl are the size of gorillas and pretty much look like them.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Corrupt
  23. BIG FACTUAL error – the forced busing of LAUSD was by a State of California judge. It was later remedied by state ballot Proposition 1 sponsored by Alan Robbins.

    Reality – LAUSD had a massive one way bussing program before the forced program. It was called PWT – permits with transportation.

  24. @Colin Wright

    Everybody but the White Women and now Asians and Latinas.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  25. I lived next door to a prominent anti-busing activist in Los Angeles, who kept me informed. When busing became a done deal, private academies sprang up in a matter of months, most notably at synagogues and liberal Christian churches. How long does it usually take to organize and license a private school? The leftists were putting on their parachutes before most people knew the plane was on fire.

    And I can confirm, in the military ALL Black-White fights were started by Blacks, usually with an unprovoked punch, and always with back-up on hand in case the White guy fought back.

  26. Anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Homeschool your children or grandchildren

  27. Dear Anonymous American,

    Please help me understand if you can why some white people when from a to be. Thanks.


    b) On November 13, 2015, Eagles of Death Metal were playing a sold-out concert to about 1,500 guests at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. The band had started performing the song “Kiss the Devil” when attackers killed about 90 fans.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  28. Mefobills says:

    There’s no way the rich white kids were meaner than a gang of negroes.

    Did you get extorted for money in the cafeteria? Did you have to pay money to go to the bathroom? Did you get a fiberglass lunch tray broken over your head because because. Did you get cigarettes put out in your hair. Did you get whipped with woven straps made in art class? Did you have your locker caught on fire to burn all your books. Artwork smashed?

    Everyday the negroes would go around in a train, single file, beating white kids. The Mexicans knew who the strong horse was and joined in with the negroes.

    I could go on. We even had busses of white kids get attacked by rocks and attempted boarding.

    Girls were groped, and the white teachers were completely at a loss of what to do.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Anon
    , @Sasu
    , @Truth
  29. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Private schools should be illegal. Let the wealthy children reap what their grandparents have sewn. Redpills for all.

    • Agree: TKK, bike-anarkist
  30. Little or no learning took place –

    reminds me of Hannah Arendt, who 60 years ago wrote in THE LAST INTERVIEW and other conversations, Melville House Publishing 2013, pp 95-96: “It has turned out that in the eastern and northern parts of the country integration of the Negroes into the higher-income groups encounters no very serious or insuperable difficulties. Today everywhere it is really a fait accompli. (…) The same integration in the middle and lower levels of the middle class, and especially among the workers who in respect to income belong to the upper level of the lower middle class, leads to catastrophe, and this indeed not only because the lower middle class happens to be particularly ‘reactionary’, but because these classes believe, not without reason, that all these reforms relating to the Negro problem is being carried out at their expense. This can best be illustrated by the example of the schools. Public schools in America, including high schools, are free. The better these schools are, the greater the chances for children without means to get into the colleges and universities, that is, to improve their social position. In the big cities this public school system, under the weight of a very numerous, almost exclusively black Lumpenproletariat, has with very few exceptions broken down; these institutions, in which children are kept for twelve years without even learning to read and write, can barely be described as schools. Now if a section of the city becomes black as a result of the policy of integration, then the streets run to seed, the schools are neglected, the children run wild – in short, the neighborhood quickly becomes a slum. The principal sufferers, aside from the blacks themselves, are the Italians, the Irish, the Poles, and other ethnic groups who are not poor but are not rich enough either to be able simply to move away or to send their children to the very expensive private schools.”

  31. Religion determines culture, culture informs politics, politics in turn strives to impact religion. To fix the politics, one must cleanse the culture. To clean up the culture, one needs to find the Right Way, the correct religion, the Truth. Everything is possible for one who believes in Christ. Mark 9:23

    Then people will live for eternal life, earthly life will imitate the heavenly one, the curse of sin – violence, hate, strife and disease – will be minimal, and we may be lucky to enjoy some great culture during our sojourn here on earth.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  32. Wuh?

  33. @Macumazahn

    (…) the vast majority of negroes

    some time ago I saved a comment from an “eyewitness”, relating to a country not so far off USA, where the population is a “vast majority of negroes”. Here:

    gregg keyes
    I have spent 2 years working with an elder Haitian. He grew up there, was a national soccer champion, later a policeman. Then he came to America, Legally.
    He has told me a lot about Haiti. It is much worse than whatever Trump said about it. He has to send money to his adult daughter for food, there are too few jobs, He can no longer visit his daughter because any Haitian getting off an airplane from America is subject to being followed from the airport, robbed and murdered because they obviously have wealth as evidence of their just flying in! Period. As a former policeman in Haiti he explained that now when a violent crime is underway and the cops are called, they wait hours. Why? Because they don’t want to engage the thug lest he attack the cops and the cops don’t want to be attacked. So they wait until the crime is assumed to be over. Less risk.
    Or, on a slow day, the cops are just as likely to rob you as the thieves.
    He said the relief efforts and restructuring after the earthquake, well , call it what you want, but it basically didn’t happen. Things were done at great cost but not to much benefit to the people. As for government he simply explained that there isn’t one. Warm bodies occupy the named positions and take money, that’s the extent of the government. In that respect Haiti is on par with us.
    I absolutely double dog dare a media person fly there, skip the security detail and take the crew down any street and away from the airport and try that reporting thingy they claim they are good at. Make sure your will is up to date.
    Yes, as Mr. Trump said one way or another, Haiti is a craphole, shithole, whatever and if people can’t call a spade a spade they need to clean their pacifiers and suck it up.

    Seen from Europe (Belgium), it seems to me that some parts of USA already resemble that Sh*thole Haiti.

  34. GMC says:

    Happened on the North side of Chicago too. I was visiting my brother in the old neighborhood and he had to take his daughters out of the public school, that both of us went to. I went and watched the busses drive up to the school at 3:30 and saw all the blacks and Ricans come out of school and board the busses. Very few white kids attended the GRAMMAR School – anymore. And that I thought, was the end of Chicago’s public educational system. The community got together and complained to the principal and school district – to no avail – those bastards were too afraid of losing their jobs, just like today.

    I guess my generation had it pretty good – when we played hooky , we stayed on the public transportation busses { CTA } and went to Cubs park for the day. The South siders went to Sox park.

  35. @Sasu

    As a non-American I find this whole “bussing” history completely… surreal.
    I just can’t imagine such a monstrously large commitment of resources, & such a horrendously large convolution & shakeup of millions of lives for the sake of a mere social engineering “theory” — a theory, even on its face that must have seemed quite suspect.
    Madness, just complete madness.

  36. @Truth

    Straw man fallacy on your part.

  37. Possum says:

    R.I.P., Colin. Same here; blacks bussed in to my grade school, which would have been all white ( besides one Japanese family). Guess what the problem always was? Always.

  38. If white greed had not taken millions of blacks out of Africa to enrich themselves with their work, history would be different.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Disagree: Bro43rd
  39. JackOH says:

    Any lawyers out there? Is it possible to regard forced busing as depriving White students of their rights under the color of law? Is it possible to think our leaders ought to have known about the practical consequences for White students of forced busing decisions? Is it possible to assign a dollars-and-cents value to the injuries incurred by White students? Is it possible to think of those costs as an offset to “reparations”? Didn’t the school administrators and school boards fail to maintain an “orderly market for education”?

    • Replies: @TKK
  40. @Brás Cubas

    Well, this is some sort of literary genre.

    That’s not too say that it does not reflect some real problems out there, but the same could be said for lots of fictional works.

    Things like this are so one-sided and simplistic that I can’t take it very seriously. I think Unz publishes this stuff to blackwash the more legitimate political writing on the site.

  41. @Moe Gibbs

    Sir, all you say is correct, but in the end, White people must defeat the blacks or they will be murdered by them – plain and simple.

  42. @Observator

    Italians and Irish where I grew up (New Jersey) didn’t hate each other; they very often married and had lots of good-looking normal kids.

    • Agree: Sollipsist
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  43. @unwoke

    Appreciate your sentiments, especially about restoring our right to bear arms in self-defense.

    But let’s not mischaracterize the new abortion decision. It is definitely not “down with ‘abortion rights.’” It merely returns more of the States’ proper Tenth Amendment authority to determine law and policy on, well, almost everything, rather than the central government.

    States are free to allow the killing of human beings in the womb, and CA, NY, NJ, MA and many others will continue to do so.

  44. Bro43rd says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Please post some documentation to back up your absurd statement. Note the race & ethnicity of the slave ship owners, slave market operators & original sellers of African slaves. No apology necessary.

    • Thanks: nognverra
  45. Jimmy1969 says:

    I have been singing this song for 50 years over the forced busing disaster in Boston. Note that the original ideas for this disaster came from mostly Ivy League Jewish Professors….but they did not bus their kids from Brooklyn and Manhattan into Harlem.

  46. It was the 70’s.

    We all had a black kid in our class.

    And he was the source of all the problems.

    Ours was called Melvin.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Truth
  47. TKK says:

    Excellent ideas.

    I have been thinking a lot about what it would take to fight the Black Problem in America.

    Independently very rich. Banking and financial services completely removed from American power. Off grid utility? Fortress home, ready to defend from liberal terrorists. Teams of highly paid lawyers ready to fight for the many DOJ/ACLU/SPLC legal attacks you would suffer. Legal bills of many millions annually.

    No children. No pets. (too vulnerable)

    Probable hate crime prosecution and federal prison sentence, with asset seizure, fines and ironic forced living with….blacks in prison.

    Ability to get up every morning and face coordinated sustained assault from media, academic, law enforcement and professional agitators.

    Mental resolve to be shunned from most societal institutions.

    Who wants to take on this task? I don’t think this is hyperbolic. It is probably understatement.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, JackOH, Happy Tapir
    • Replies: @JackOH
  48. JackOH says:

    I like your comments here. You’ve really latched on to hellish work. Your comments make me think Black violence and threats thereof are the real drivers of the White appeasement and cowardice industry. Not justice or any of that other stuff.

    • Thanks: TKK
  49. @Liborio Guaso

    let’s make that more precise: if rich, vicious british and jewish scumbags — comprising only 2-3 percent of the UK and US populations — hadn’t acted like they were God and brought africans here as their “property”……

    the other 97% of us wouldn’t be cursed with this massive and still-growing deadly threat and dead weight called african-“Americans.”

    At least half the white people in the USA, and almost all Asians in the usa, didn’t have any family in the usa whatsoever until after slavery and Reconstruction. Yet we’re responsible? F that.

    • Agree: usNthem
  50. Anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    The tribe gets to virtue signal about how progressive they are while sacrificing deplorable’s children to the mob. Winning! Let’s move the yeshiva to the ghetto.

    • Replies: @Anon
  51. Anonymous[172] • Disclaimer says:

    Back in the 1950s when I was in grammar school on Long Island, we had to have police escorts to our in-town basketball games in the black area, with cop cars outside the gym. We could handle ourselves on and off the court with the black kids, but it was their parents whom the police were worried about.

    In my later experience with blacks in the military, I came to believe the greatest liability a frontline unit had was the blacks in its ranks. I imagine the toxic combination of one-way black hatred and bullying of whites added to systemic black incompetence is causing an even more devastating effect on the military today.

    It may be very bad if Milley has to turn reality on its head and promote CRT as a means of convincing whites they’re the guilty ones in order to maintain a semblance of order. I don’t think this dog can fight, except with itself, and it may be that Milley has indirectly given the game away.

  52. Anonymous[172] • Disclaimer says:

    He also says,

    They hate us because they envy us. They hate us with a viciousness that can never be appeased. They hate us because they ain’t us, never will be us, can’t ever hope to measure up to us, will forever accurately regard themselves as beneath us.

    This is his thinking, all right, but it’s Jewish thinking toward whites expressing the former’s characteristic paranoia marked by grandiosity.

    • Agree: Truth
  53. “”Yes, of course, I went to the school administration and explained what was happening. The response was, “Why are you making them do that to you?” or “Why did you provoke them?” and “If you don’t provoke them, they’ll leave you alone!””

    Was the school administration Jewish? If, so, there in lies the answer. Now the negro, the Jew and the faggot are the new holy trinity and if you fail to worship them then it spells trouble.

  54. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Better yet, make yeshiva illegal and force Jewish kids to go to public “skools” and wealthy white kids to go to to same. Then, after about 6 months, there will be police officers and tasers brought in to enforce discipline and bullying would be aggressively punished because wealthy parents would buy enough media attention and lawyers to force it to happen.

  55. Levtraro says:

    Not madness. Madness has no purpose. It is fanaticism, these policies are the result of fanatical adherence to egalitarian ideologies.

  56. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Groping started in elementary school. Along with exposing their genitals.

  57. Witness says:

    I went to an almost entirely white suburban high school in ’70 and ’71 – in the south. The only fights I saw in ’70, before busing began, were minor tussles, usually one of the jocks messing with one of us long-hairs.

    In ’71, when I started the 11th grade, inner city blacks were bused in. Classes went from places of quiet, raise your hand if you wish to speak, focused learning to insane pandemonium caused by a bunch of behaviorally disordered, sexually inappropriate blacks with no foundation or interest in the subject matter. It was dangerous to be alone in the halls or restrooms or the cafeteria.

    I got the hell out of there as it was pointless. I took the general education test at an adult learning center, got my GED, and went into the military at 17. The military was similar to an integrated school, just more disciplined. There had been race riots and arson on ships so the Navy instituted mandatory “race relations” training to try to ease racial tensions. It was totally ineffective. The training amounted to a week of having blacks harangue whites at will and did nothing but harden positions. We all lived and worked together with little friction for the most part but when it came to time away from the base or ship with friends, the divide could not have been more obvious.

    The same was true after college, working in a large office with a couple hundred professionals and paraprofessionals – we all worked together cordially, traveled on assignments together, but there was very little interracial socializing away from work that I was aware of. The desire to be among ones own ethnicity seemed to be entirely mutual.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  58. Antiwar7 says:

    I was in “voluntary” busing which only lasted a few weeks, in sixth grade. There were enough of us, and enough teachers, so that no one got beaten up. But it was the first time I’d seen a 6th grader with a beard.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  59. Mike Tre says:

    “Now that our housing projects are integrated, the Irish have been busy breeding with the blacks, producing a whole new kind of creature, combining the inherent genetic weaknesses of both bloodlines. ”

    You appear to be an example of this theory.

  60. 3g4me says:

    Truth: You can snark, you can degrade luxury Lamborghinis, you can even have mulatto spawn, but you’ll never be White, sport.

    • Replies: @Anon
  61. geokat62 says:

    The desire to be among ones own ethnicity seemed to be entirely mutual.

    “Nahtzee, raycust, hater!” – Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL

  62. JackOH says:

    I agree. The current “Black narrative”–always a vic, never a perp–is Establishment-approved. It keeps White strivers down, and the price paid by those White strivers is acceptable to the 1%. Fighting Establishment-approved race horseshit would be a labor of Hercules.

    I did local smalltime dissent. Letters to the editor, radio, etc. That earned me surveillance, a minor “touch-up” from a crooked cop, had me checking under the hood, testing my brakes, etc. My dissent (health care) wasn’t Establishment-approved, so I nearly had the shit whomped out of me.

  63. JackOH says:

    The energy level on this comment thread is off the charts. That article really struck a nerve. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  64. I went to a predominantly white and de facto segregated school in the Deep South. The school systems were pretty good where I lived, by national standards. They segregated students by ability tests, which kept all but the best black kids out of huwhite classes. There was a third class in which most of the black students were, and I seem to remember a continual din or low roar coming from that room, with occasional objects seen flying over the transom, lol! but one year a black girl from the lower classes somehow got into one of my classes in the third grade. The class became a continual struggle to discipline her. It was quite entertaining to my third grade self to wait to see what she would do next, but looking back I can easily see that if a class had even three or more kids like that, school would turn into a continual effort to discipline and control them, with little if any actual learning accomplished by the whites.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  65. Another point is, with regard to the bullying of whites by blacks, blacks go through puberty earlier than whites and are naturally stronger with higher testosterone at earlier ages, not to mention many of the worst are actually several years older than the surrounding whites because they fail grades much more often. I received some bullying by blacks, not to the degree the author describes, but there was a pervasive intimidation.
    I remember when David duke was running for governor some stupid liberal teacher was trying to explain to us all, addressing particularly the black kids, about his history in the kkk. I was like “they didn’t understand a word you just said!”

  66. anon[174] • Disclaimer says:

    One of these days we’ll come to our senses, send all the high testosterone boys to the gym, the workshop and the school garden and let those be their classrooms all day long. Teach them basic English, math and science through those classes and no more. Skip history altogether, it’s been turned into nothing but grievance studies. As Henry Ford once said, “History is bunk. The only history worth a tinker’s dam is the history we make today.”

  67. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks will attack in pack when they sense a loner or a white who looks weak.
    1. Be aware of your surroundings always especially behind you and around corners. 4 Blacks 100 yards away can be on you in a flash. Example the recent attack on Mr Ferreira in Philly.
    2. Avoid all Nigger areas or venues where these people congregate. A restaurant in a decent area half filled with them is to be avoided
    3. Be fit and if possible attend self defence classes
    4. Carry a weapon, a gun, a knife, a short machete, a stick, a club, a small axe, a small whip made of three strands of barbed wire (wicked stuff) hornet spray. Note that there are weapons all around you eg a pile of bricks, some discarded lumber or steel, a discarded shovel, sand or dirt (into the eye) etc
    5. Know how to use the weapon. Be prepared to use your weapon in violence matching or exceeding that of the attacker. Eye gouging, knee capping, the throat, balls, elbows, smashing the head open……everything is fair game. Put the word out you are prepared to do serious damage.
    6. Dont try to be a boxing champ in a confrontation. None of this gentlemanly stuff. Use your weapon. Concentrate on the “leader”.
    7. Be aware that shopping malls and parking lots and your home driveway are vulnerable areas.
    8. Train and educate your kids accordingly. I hear of kids being muscled in the washroom, they should carry a blade and be prepared to stab /slash any of the attackers. Kids need to understand that submitting even once to keep the peace means no peace. White kids need to establish the boundaries from the start.

    I never had any problem with the Jiggers. While a group may have taken me, the leader knows he will not be alone all the time and that I would come after him. So I was left alone.

    A friend of mine who owned a storage facility for cars seized by the Police told me his “clients” are for the most part blacks. They are also the most troublesome. Hence bullet proof glass with tiny perforations, the shotgun and baseball bat in plain sight and under the counter a large can of bug spray. Only one person is allowed to take delivery of the car and two whites and one Hispanic assist the “customer”. The spray he once used right into the face of a big Chimp who felt he should not be charged for storage fees. That ended the discussion. The guy had his Navigator impounded and was pissed at the \$235 charge.

    Many of these attacks can be avoided. People get friendly with blacks and come to believe they are part of the decent few and are your friends. They want to show they are “woke” and believe in equality and all this crap. They are dickering with their lives.

    The Black man is a dangerous animal and should be treated as such more so when more than one congregate. Better a weapons charge if applicable than a hospital bed. Niggers dont care about you and you should not care about them. What for ?

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  68. @animalogic

    Oh it was real. They bussed me across town when I was a kid in NC. I can still hear one of those black kids saying in the bathroom “give me a nirkel”. Yeah, that’s how nickel was pronounced. What kind of adults send 10 year old kids into battle to be the vanguards of their ridiculous progressive ideas?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  69. Flo says:
    @Brás Cubas

    This essay wasn’t written by Flaherty. It was written by someone else and Flaherty intended to include it in the compilation he was putting together when he died.

  70. I experienced the same thing as Mr. Flaherty in the late 1970’s. I was a military brat and was bussed from the base to a predominately negro high school in the ghetto of Hampton, VA. Just being white was enough to be attacked. I saw several of my friends taken away in ambulances. I never saw a white kid attack a negro without provocation. And the negroes would attack only when they had a significant size or numerical advantage. I was beaten multiple times. Fortunately, I never suffered any serious injuries. However, I did see several of my friends taken away in ambulances.

    I will say that there were some very tough white kids in that school. Most were either military brats or were blue collar kids from down in the ship yards. There were many occasions when negroes would mess with the wrong white kid and get the absolute crap kicked out of them. Most negroes are cowards in a fair fight.

  71. @Happy Tapir

    with little if any actual learning accomplished by the whites.
    Actually, there would have been a lot of learning. The learning would be on just how loused up black people are, and it would have stuck with the White students throughout their lives.

  72. Agent76 says:

    09/22/2016 Indoctrination: 35 Years of the US Department of Education

    Since 1980, during the Carter Administration, America’s K-12 education system has come under increasing control by the dictates of the federal Department of Education (DOE) with failing results, taxing states and filtering the money through Washington to return a portion of it back to the states.

    Oct 30, 2014 The Prussian Connection to American Schooling (Part 4), by John Taylor Gatto

    Where did the American school system come from? And what are its true purposes?

  73. @anno nimus

    On November 13, 2015, Eagles of Death Metal were playing a sold-out concert to about 1,500 guests at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. The band had started performing the song “Kiss the Devil” when attackers killed about 90 fans.

    Just another fake event, in a long string of them…

  74. geokat62 says:
    @Nick Granite

    What kind of adults send 10 year old kids into battle to be the vanguards of their ridiculous progressive ideas?

    Great question!

    The kind of adults who developed the poison of progressivism in the first place (see the leading members of the Frankfurt School for more details).

  75. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    LeTroofie is either a white man trolling as a Chimp or a Chimp who hungers to hang with YT. I suspect that he also trolls as Gnat X and BeMildew.

    Troofie may also be a hoe as many of his comments come across as girly.

    The black man/ woman for all their bullshit would give anything to be white. Look at Michael Jackson for example. Rich blacks ( Dr Dre, Samuel Jackson ) marry cheesy white gold diggers or mullatoes (Mike Tyson, Lionel Richie, Sean Combs) . They dont want to look at some smelly black hoe with Nigger hair or a bald head first thing in the morning. Even obese HopeRah wants a mullato to cuddle with after her idiotic shows. These “elite” blacks of course hire mainly whites. They may have their house Niggers themselves but when it comes to business YT (or the Jew) is the man.

    Joy Reid is another amusing example, no kinky hair for her. A blond wig to match every occasion and of course Don LuhMAwn and his white “husband”. Why would Don not want a Mandingo lover ?? LOL. The mullato considers himself black to the white man and white to the black man. The mullato makes it very clear to the absolutely black man just who is in charge.

    LeTroof regardless of what he is hangs on UR to be with the whites. Whether his is white pretending to be black, mullato pretending to be black or black pretending to be black, his tribe has nothing to offer him. His welfare check, Ghetto housing and food stamps come from his white masters.

    You are of course right. Troofie can be what he wants, bleach and powder his face, drop the Ebonics and talk white but “He always be a Nigga”.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  76. j3 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    We live in an upside down ̶j̶e̶w̶ satanic world of inversion and lies and gaslighting and bullshit.

  77. Trinity says:

    The “skoo” I attended was about 35-40 Black, which was certainly better than others in my area. Fights were rare in high school, probably only saw or heard of maybe 3 or 4 fights while in high school which was 10th to 12th grade where I lived. Junior high/middle school which was 7th through 9th grade was a different world. Fights aplenty and even a sadistic little Black physical education instructor who would instigate arguments and then pressure boys to put on the gloves for everyone else’s enjoyment. Most fights involving Black and White kids ended with the White kid taking a loss but not always. Most always fights were one on one even those involving Black and Whites.

    This was the seventies, no stomping out, no sucker punching, most fights were fair tussles.

  78. Anglo indvidualism a myth.

    Brits obey Jews like dogs obey masters

    Watch the video in this link.

    Why are Brits pleading with BLACK newspeople in UK?

  79. @Anon

    This is stupid. If a white were in a confrontation with a black and harmed them with any sort of weapon, in the current political environment, the white would almost certainly be charged and found guilty, regardless of the inciting circumstances. Avoidance is the best strategy.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Anon
  80. Jimmy1969 says:

    R. B. kelly just got 30 years

  81. gnbRC says:

    I guarantee you that in an ‘all white’ school, there are classes of ‘white people’ who will ‘assault’ perceived lesser classes, such as Germans against Polish. They would even assault foreign exchange students.

    This phenomenon seemed to have originated at the Federal level by allowing attacks by one-student [group] against another without discipline was mandated as a way to induce psychological trauma in the greatest portion of the student body, as the attackers were only a handfull in total numbers. It worked, as it were, but the long-term psychological consequences were not thought out properly, so now the American general population maturity has been halted at about 16-years, and a general fear of attack exists for a large amount of people graduating from public education. Of course, the another leg of the stool is alienation of the public school student from each grade, from teachers/authority figures, from society at large, so there can be no gathering en-masse to pursue the public good.

    Of course, it’s different for African Americans because they generally don’t graduate, so they don’t get the full force of the conditioning. Also, students who bypass public education by going to religious affilated schools and home schooling exhibit a totally different, more pragmatic, more self-agency type behavior.

    Been through the wars in public high school, and therefore can vouch for the long term psychological effects.

  82. Icy Blast says:

    It was your Mom. She apparently weighed about four hundred pounds. Her hair-extensions flew in every direction as she spewed obscenities.

  83. If these kids were idiots in the class then all you had to do was take a peep at what was happening in their home. Thats the only explanation you’ll need. Like begets like.

  84. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:
    @Happy Tapir


    What happens when you cannot avoid them ? The choice is possibly charged and found guilty or (a) a nice hospital stay or (b) eternal rest in a cosy grave.

    You choose your alternative and let the rest of us with balls choose ours.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. @YesYesCircle

    They could team up with Tarzan as the fat apesses.

  86. @Radicalcenter

    My rather large extended family is living proof of that. There may have been some animosity between the more urban poor 1st/2nd generation Catholic groups earlier on; poor immigrants always huddle together and fight the Other.

    But our 90% Italian/Irish/Polish area had no such conflicts and lots of intermarriage. There were definitely “Irish churches” and “Italian churches” but that was really just a dwindling geographical phenomenon (the idea of an Italian kid getting beat up for attending mass at St Patrick’s is laughable, for instance).

    Plenty of ethnic jokes though. Poles were stupid, the Irish drank and loved their mothers, Italians were all mobsters who beat their wives and wore too much gold. Hmm, maybe that’s how we beat it, by joking about the stereotypes (that everybody knew had SOME truth to them) and not being overly sensitive about the whole thing.

  87. @anno nimus

    Sounds like Heaven on Earth. A dream of course because here on earth the devil rules in many localities.

  88. I concur that what this writer experienced was 100% accurate, and from my upbringing in those same LAUSD schools, it’s was even worse.
    The sixties “Black Power Movement” gave blacks an open battle field in which they would launch their Zulu chimp out attacks on whitey. By the 1980’s it became obvious that blacks were in a class of their own. Gangsta Rap was introduced and the rest is history.
    Blacks have always been a slave class, and by giving blacks AA and diversity privilege, and watching them burn loot murder and rape with impunity, whites may have created their own demise by becoming a victims of their own making.
    Sure their are a couple of good blacks, but the majority far outweigh the militant feral hoodrats now installed as leaders of once majority white peaceful towns and cities.

    Signs should be posted when entering Black Infested areas – WARNING – BLACK DEATH AHEAD – SHOOT TO KILL OR DIE TRYING.

    • Replies: @nognverra
  89. Corrupt says:

    “Most black girl are the size of gorillas and pretty much look like them.”

    And smell like them.

  90. Rich says:

    And yet you allowed yourself to be affirmative actioned into one of the handful of schools with 3 or 4 blacks in NYC? You had to be one of those nerdy blacks who would’ve been beaten up every day in a black school, and even though Whitey saved you, you still hate him. Perfect example of the negro, they will always bite the hand that feeds them. You can’t be nice to them. You are proof that affirmative action and integration can’t work. It’s why the Africans I’ve met over the years always laugh and make jokes about American blacks.

  91. @animalogic

    I did a double take…

    Are you talking about the Coronaprank?
    Isn’t this behaviour the feature of ‘Murican domestic policy?

  92. As for a disposition of agency.

    Most of us create our own problems. The toughest thing in life to master is self. I also believe that life is tough — very tough. And one’s ability to withstand the travails of life is crucial to success. And that facing all of life and avoid being submerged into its many pits that rip at mind body and soul requires enormous fortitude.

    But I would be a liar if circumstances: people, place, and events random and design are not part of the interplay. And in so doing, am forced admit that regardless of IQ, color still matters in this country and the specialization of the same disadvantages the black/african american population. They must face the same forces with that added burden and must avoid the dysfunctions of life with greater vigor as a result.

    In my view, the blacks born and descended from blacks in this country and have n o other links to other nations are the purest form of US citizenship for that reason — the only country they know, the only life they embrace is that of the US. Even the specifics of DNA cannot detail their past civilizational history.

    The value of citizenship rests in the black population most purely because they are by far and away the purest understanding of what citizenship embodies. My position has no bearing on responding to criminal conduct of other artifices of living a full life.

    The single most important film about being a citizen is

    “Twelve Years a Slave” for obvious reasons. To be a citizen and to suddenly lose it and lose it entirely. It’s value is most poignantly demonstrated in that film.

    That’s why I find it quite interesting to see so many US citizens here who were gung ho about attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, and other adventures to teach those muslims . . .

    cowering in abject frozen apoplectic fear (if such a condition could exist) by Russian threats. So cowed by Russia that they manufacture a mountain of mole hill arguments defending Russia’s invasion of another country. Suddenly, the Hillbilly’s are talking about taking care of the US first. Suddenly the Hillbilly’s are set about truth, justice and the fail9ngs of the criminal justice system. Suddenly the Hillbillies are crying out against economic tyranny . . .

    And I think they have a case and their case now justifies the case that whites have spent 60 years telling blacks its all in their heads and their own fault. They are now looking into a mirror of the lives of others we have decried. The most effective response to the conditions is economic improvement. NYC did not turn around, because of stop and frisk, but because of financial investment that actually impacted to the lower rungs of the economic ladder. And time and time again studies made across the country make that clear. I have posted references to that effect in the past.

    Here’s an article that challenges the idea. But note the article looks at crime from a national perspective, not according to the data analysis that would examine a specific local, that makes a huge difference. The other example is presented in the article and “Hillbilly Elegy”. There is little direct crime to economy. But that is not how one would or should examine the dynamic. But instead across the broad spectrum of related data sets. Decreasing the conditions overall is key and economic upturn and investment that gets people employed so that they “make a living” matters.,more%20realistic%2C%20dynamical%20solution%20to%20that%20same%20question.

    The most common crimes are those that involve some manner of monetary or material gain

    What I would call economic crimes. Poverty is not an excuse for criminal conduct, though I might acknowledge a few caveats. Nor do my comments suggests that criminal conduct should not be dealt with forthrightly. The meth developer in rural Appalachia mountains is no less culpable than the cocaine developer in Urban Detroit. But the dysfunctions that tilt human frailty are no less real in both communities regardless of skin color.

  93. Mefobills says:

    The first day of school, I knocked down the first little black asshole who fucked with me — and I was left alone for the rest of the year!

    No wonder you are some sort of Lolbertarian shit-bird, as your worldview isn’t real. You are the exception that makes the rule! You are the TRUTH!

    Unless you are 99.5 percentile in height, weight, and musculature – I am bigger and stronger than you.

    I actually was targeted by the negroes in middle and high skoool, because they take out the biggest toughest white kid they can. The same thing happens in prisons.

    In-groups form, and any threat to the in-group is taken out. At least in prisons, whites have learned to form groups. Since I am a Nazi, I would immediately be in the Nazi brotherhood.

    You fight back 1 against 20 and tell me how you will fare. A pack of animals will always take down the loner.

    I keep hearing this sort of hyper-individualism loner bull-shit, as that is a programmed false-hood, that whiteys have imbibed on. It is Jewish liberalism at source. Lolbertarianism is a Jewish dialectic, and my fellow Americans butt-snorkel it up. (Actually I’m in Texas- and Texans are among the worst, thinking they are tough loners.) There is no tough guy that can take on three smaller men; that is holly-wood myth making. A real street fighter knows the score. When you aren’t looking, you will get your head bashed in; and you don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

    When I hear stories about the presumably tough guys, I usually know that I am hearing B.S. I actually did grow up on the streets, having to fight groids. I was a bouncer when I was in my late teens up to mid 20’s also having to deal with the groids. I quit when one of my buddies was killed by a Wet Back, who was probably drunk (they cannot hold their drink). My buddy was working on a night that I should have been.

    Although, to be fair, I also used the negro as part of my posse to keep other negroes out of the clubs. I only allowed some negro hunting of white women. My negro posse would form immediately when I called them over to help. My white bouncer friend who was killed was the “tough loner,” although I could probably have palmed his skull and crushed it. Even so, no matter how big you are, you cannot out-run a bullet, nor can you out-fight a group. He thought he was tough, and now he is dead.

    What happens with negroes, is there is a chimp-out. The negro mob will immediately flash into a violent chimp out, and it can happen within 2 or 3 seconds. The girls also join in, screaming and hollering like banshees. They are TUNED INTO EACH OTHER.

    Whites and Asians, on the other hand, will still be analyzing the chimp out, and not take any action.
    Read it again twice.

    We had lunch room riots, with 1 white guy (sometimes me) against the entire black population of said lunchroom.

    Another of the things the negroes would do is rake you with their sharpened hair combs. Back in the day, they kept hair rakes in their afros. They would sharpen the tines on their rakes into points.

    Of course, the rakes were not a “weapon,” they were a comb, so they were allowed. White people are so fair. So, when you fought the gang of 20, they would be slashing you and stabbing you with their hair rakes. So, try to talk sense into white liberal adults, as you are bleeding out… that hair rakes are not a weapon.

    I guarantee you, in my bussed “integrated school” you would not have done shit. You would have been raked, stabbed, beaten, had cigarettes put out on your scalp, and been harassed just as I was.

    The white kids did not stand together, that requires some sort of leadership, and advanced planning. The Jew does NOT WANT white people to band together and do planning. When the white kids saw me taking a beating, what do you think went through their minds? The biggest strongest kid was taken out, so what chance did they have.

    When the NAACP was formed, it was funded by New York Jewish money. The idea is to have a “Kritarchy” of law, and Jewish ownership of the country. I don’t know how many times I have had to explain how the money system works to Unz readers, as the “credit of the country” is what funds BS liberal and Jewish dialectic.

    The groid is pretty far down on the list of priorities. The Jew is the top problem. There would have been no “integration” and no bussing absent the Jew. Most likely, also absent the Jew, Lincoln would have sent negroes packing, as he would not have been assisanted and he had plans to send them to Panama.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  94. @Antiwar7

    After busing 14 year old 6th graders became more common.

  95. @TKK

    Thanks for a very blunt report of the harsh reality. Just out of curiosity, what do you think your chances are of getting any justice for a white victim out of the completely corrupted and wokified judicial system here in Wokeunduh? 10% at the outside? Less than 1%? Of your fellow lawyers, how many of the white ones (excluding Jews, who explicitly describe themselves as non-white) are dedicated to exterminating fellow whites from the earth? I applaud your attempt to work within what can only be described as an utterly corrupt, rigged and evil system.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  96. Truth says:

    No, I would say not. If this gentleman is white, but not intelligent, or capable, as I suspect he probably is; and if his goal is to be “superior to the vast majority on negros”, and if the other gentleman is correct, then I suppose he has achieved his goal.

  97. Truth says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Yes, but so would have been your family history; you grandma would have become quite proficient at picking cotton.

  98. Truth says:

    Do Irish breed with blacks more than eye-Talians do?

  99. These urbanites sure are educated and sophisticated.

  100. Video Link

    Jared Taylor won’t name the Jewish Power that baits ‘white guilt’ to prevent whites from feeling pride and unity and working in their own interests.

    Also, this globo-homo is a Jewish creation and project. Anyone who doesn’t mention this fact is either a fool, liar, or a coward.

    Anyway, whites are so weak and easy. All Jews had to do was gain control over the white elites and the rest of whites followed.

    Notice even white rightists who oppose the globo-homo agenda and the like are always howling about how much they love Jews and Israel. Whummies.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  101. Being born in 1961 and moving around to various school in four states, I can attest to this story’s general accuracy. Born in Tempe Arizona and having two liberal school teaching parents, my two brothers and I were squarely inside the “working poor”. From the early preschool ages, Hispanic bullies and black gangs were a fearful encounter. My white friends and I perfected the riding of bicycles fast to escape dangers. Each school was different and yet, the gang fights were the same. There was not what I called one-on-one fighting, that was only for the rare fight between two white guys. The rest was always “Its all of us against you, so shut up M*ther F*cker!”. Meanwhile in the house, we had pictures of Lincoln, JFK and MLK always on our wall. You get the idea.

    Looking back on those grade schools, junior high and high schools covering four states, I can say we white kids were least groupish of all. We are lone wolves or lone cowards or lone supermen who fought with groups however we could. Even the thought of even grouping up, of us vs them, just did not happen.

    The only reprieve for me was from being a freshman and yet on the varsity high school wrestling team. Here, our team hung together as one, looking out for the others and watching what we ate. If you saw the movie “Dazed and Confused” with Mathew McConaughey, that gives you a sense of the chaos that high school was back then in the late 1970s. But being in dozens and dozens of fights and then getting board swatted for fights toughened you up. Soon, as a member of a State championship wrestling team, things changed for me. Wrestling came with its benefits and other groups didn’t bother me or any of us.

    Breaking down the bed to move yet again and off to college I went in 1980. There at a Central Florida State University, I discovered the works of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard. I wanted to create an off campus “intellectual discussion group” and I did. Of the two dozen college kids there, only one was a girl. We joked about ourselves being “book worms, dorks, and nerds”. We were the “dorks” who talked books. And we held many meetings, talking with each other, talking about many other authors and thinkers from Descartes to Rawls to Hazlet to and more.

    Then came the one embarrassing comment from the girl in our group. “Why did she have to change her name? I am so tired of this hiding who we are.” It was embarrassing because I blindly said, “Ayn Rand changed her name? Hiding from Russians?” And everyone there laughed. One kid had said during everyone’s laughter, “She’s Jewish you dork.” And to add to the embarrassment I replied when the laughter ended, “Nathan, Rand is an Atheist, she not Jewish” and everyone burst out laughing again.

    Then the lone girl in our group commanded the floor, “Wait everyone, I don’t think he know what a Jewish person looks like, right?” and I replied, “Yes, yes I know” and she pressed me further, “Well describe what a Jewish person looks like please” and I then said something about black clothes, black hats and long curly hair down the sides and they all burst out laughing again.

    “Hey” she said, “Do you see any Jews here in our Intellectual Group?” …And I looked around and said, “No one here is Jewish.” and the laughter again.

    As it turned out, only one other guy and myself was not Jewish. They were all Jewish atheists’ college students. They were all like Rand, like Rothbard, like Friedman they explained. My eyes opened further. They all somehow knew each other and always was there for one another. That is how my intellectual group filled up so fast or so I later realized.

    In the intellectual world, I found kindship with these young Jewish intellectual students and felt friendly friendship with Jewish authors and intellectuals. And yet the experience was that of a loner, it was again like always being the new white kid in school, and somehow always the outsider and always shedding away the liberal indoctrination blinders from my eyes.

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  102. profnasty says:

    The election was over at midnight.
    Trump won. He is President.
    All the riots, Coof BS, Mail-in votes, and Pelosi Crime, can’t change that.
    The Billionaire Assholes must die:
    They are Communist Sons of Whores.
    You’re alone America.
    Good night.
    And good luck.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  103. Factorize says:

    I have commented extensively on unz about the lead hypothesis (click on my name at the start of this comment). Basically, lead caused a decivilization event in Western society from ~1960-~1995. Most of the comments on this thread refer to this era of social collapse.


    Are there any on thread who might comment on the state of youth closer to ~2022? There have been dramatic reductions in crime, teenage fertility, drug use etc. over the last few years very probably as a consequence of much less destruction of the prefrontal cortex (aka the organ of civilization) due to less lead contamination of the ambient air supply. The past was horrible (as many have commented on this thread), though the future appears as if it will be magical. Comments?

  104. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:

    I once was an occasional substitute teacher in an urban, mostly white and Hispanic, Catholic elementary school with a small black student population. I found out from other teachers that a 14 year old 6 foot negro student was walking around telling various girls how long his cock was and would the girls like to see it. He was never expelled or even arrested for sexual assault. I wonder if any of the dads knew what was going on.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Truth
  105. Trinity says:

    Sorry but I have no sympathy for California White kids or Boston White kids having to fight Blacks. Most of these Whites and their ancestors always complained about how “racist” Southern Whites were and most thought it was fine to integrate schools in the South, but their precious kids were too good to go to school with darkies. Karma is a bitch.

  106. anon[122] • Disclaimer says:

    When I see negroes successfully solving differential equations, I’ll give you a little more cred there, genius.

    • Replies: @Truth
  107. This is the race whites bow down to because Jews insist.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Anon
  108. Truth says:
    @Jeffrey Freeman

    Hey, just imagine if his name had been Quantavious…

  109. Hacienda says:

    I once had a physics teacher in high school. He clearly hated Asians. Once he illustrated the idea of a rate of change. He stated that if a million Chinese fell off a waterfall per minute then in an hour, there would still be 600 million Chinese left. Ha ha. He used to sabotage my projects slyly. Once we had a project to build a projectile that he would drop from about 30 feet. Some kids made balls, a few of us made lean rocket ships.(The idea was to build the fasted dropping object.) Which I did. When it came down to dropping the rocket, for some f+cked up reason my rocket tilted sideways, initially. Aerodynamically, there’s no way that should have happened. This was supposed to a credentialed, non-racist teacher of the Queen of the Sciences. He was a black guy. Oh, wait. I mis remembered. He was a White guy. Yeah. I remember now. In fact I can recall the many times I’ve been called a Chink by blacks. No, not really. I was usually white guys. LOL. Blacks will be racist, but whites are just more cunning about it. Really.

    But, live and learn. Grow up.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  110. Sasu says:

    No, because they were not in any position to do so. I’m sure if they had been the majority it would have been different. My previous school was considerably more Mexican and black, and it sucked but not as badly as what you describe.
    And yes. the rich white kids of my Texas home town were a special kind of shitty. I did get slammed into lockers, ganged up on and the verbal abuse was endless. Teachers and administration just looked the other way because of who their daddies and granddaddies were.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  111. @profnasty

    Yeah Trump was going to fix everything —“lock her up!” but did nothing. Why? America is completely corrupt from the top down —yes it is Crooked Hillary and Epstein Island Bill –the monkey King Obama – Rip track Joe and then Trump’s Jewish masters in Tel Aviv and occupants at Trump Tower – the Mafia lads from – Moscow —NOT Idaho!!

    • Agree: profnasty
  112. Sasu says:

    I’ve never met any former participants in the experiment who had anything positive to say about it. As I’m sure you’ve surmised, whites who were sent to majority non-white schools got the worst of it.

  113. @Moe Gibbs

    Brilliant parody of the moronic, terminally deluded, White loser, with only his brainwashing to fall back on. Is it any wonder that a species that produces THIS, is busily working on self-destruction?

  114. @Factorize

    Only lead? The ocean of novel toxic chemicals, never before encountered by our species, has something to do with it, too.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  115. Quadronos says:

    This article really resonates with me as it nearly mirrors my own experience. I grew up in the Bay Area (East Bay Contra Costa county) in the late 80’s and early 90’s and witnessed and experienced this reality firsthand. This became particularly evident in Jr High School, which was smack in the middle of a well to do, mostly white suburb. Most black students were from outside the immediate area and for the most part caused problems. I got picked on more than once, and was assaulted twice in the hallway when classes were in progress because a group of these youths, who I didn’t know, happened to find a lonely white kid minding his own business and pounced. Looking back on it, the predator analogy is very well chosen! When it came to progress to High School, despite my excellent grades, I was put in Richmond High School which had virtually no whites and was infested to the hilt with gang bangers. I attended for 4 days and was constantly on edge. I literally felt like a person marked for death given the comments, glares and death’s head stares black students were giving me. In retrospect, I’ve no idea how I wasn’t seriously assaulted during my brief time there. Thankfully, my mother was relentless in pursuing a transfer which was quickly approved. This only occured due to the intervention of my former Elenentary School principal (who was very fond of me) who had contacts in important decision making centres. I had a hassle free experience in De Anza High School and have fond memories of those years. Despite these experiences, I had numerous black friends and years later, keep in touch with a few through Facebook. Much as I respect them, the sad reality is that black kids as a rule were underachievers with no aptitude for scholastic excellence. Rare exceptions existed of course, but the sad reality is that youths from this community contributed nothing of value to the school system, excluding sports. Whether this is the product of their environment or just innate genetic disposition is for others to debate. I can only comment from my personal experience and what I witnessed on the ground.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  116. JackOH says:

    The energy in these comments really helps me support Nicholas Stix’s Jim Snow/White Genocide characterization of how things are these days.

    Many thanks to all for your comments, also to the late Colin Flaherty for his diligence. Some of these comments read like scenes from some post-alien invasion dystopian novel. Or, maybe, something from the cruelties (rape, plunder, etc.) visited by some Allied troops on victor and vanquished alike in post-WWII Europe. I was genuinely disgusted.

    Can anyone seriously believe the critter called justice was at work in these horrific stories?

    • Replies: @Blissex
  117. Anon[301] • Disclaimer says:

    Troof- a White Massa wrote those equations and a House Nigga on his break from toilet swabbing is trying to figure out what it is all about. He looks puzzled !! May be a new recipe for fried chicken and watermelon ??

    Wrong Boy ! Look to the far right P=picking R=replanting and C=cotton while E=Empty Head a condition prevalent among the American Bantu ie your people

  118. Anon[301] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Re Waffle House Rumble:

    Sum o dem Niggaz Hoes b Troof fameelee ! Eye njoy my grits, greens n fryed chickn diggn da chimps.

    Grate clip Brudda

    • Replies: @Truth
  119. Trinity says:

    Waffle House? Never knew that many “nigras” are there late at night. Usually the nigra frequents places like Denny’s, ihop, or Krystal, or the clown aka “Mac Donalds” for its late night greasy binges.

    After a long night of funk and crunk one can observe negroes of all genders fighting like drunk trannies in all the aforementioned locales. Waffle House is for rednecks and git-r-dones who like pork chops and eggs with their pecan waffles.

  120. Truth says:

    Sum o dem Niggaz Hoes b Troof fameelee ! Eye njoy my grits, greens n fryed chickn diggn da chimps.

    I am highly impressed by the level of intellect on this site. For years I thought I was the only one who could write in Welsh Gaelic..

    Dw i’n dumb ass honkee Dwi’n hoffi dod i’r safle yma i wneud ffŵl o fy hun.

  121. Blissex says:

    «In the cafeteria, they usually served “WTF is this?” and toast so hard it could crush diamonds»

    So it was a poor school in a poor district, and the majority underclass kids beat up the working class and lower middle class kids, and that has happened in most such school in the world. I have been watching several entertaining south-korean TV series set in middle and high schools, and two common plot elements are “underclass kids bullying nice working or middle class kids in schools in poor areas” or “rich kids bullying lower or middle class kids in schools in rich areas”, and all of them south-korean (but the underclass kids are usually depicted as freckled, suntanned, with curly hair, while middle and upper class kids as clean, pale yellow, straight haired).

    It just happens that underclass kids in the USA are usually black, and thanks to the endless racializing by the corporate media the black underclass kids are in effect given license to be bullies to terrorize lower-middle and working class kids of all races (what this author does not report is that in poor schools bullying of black kids by other black kids is nearly as common as bullying of white kids by black kids). It is a “Lord of the flies” situation.

    Nothing new there — the “authorities” is many countries work hard to make the “right thinking majority” be terrified of some bigged-up threat to their white-picket-fenced “F*ck you! I got mine” feelings. Whether it is “the commies”, “the blacks”, “the jews”, “the overseas chinese”, “the russians”, “the koreans”, “the shi’i”, “the savage indians”, “the tutsi”, “the bosniaks”, “the irish”, “the wops”, “the chechens”, “the iranians”, “the kurds”, “the popists”, …

    I admire (but still disgusted by) the skill with which the USA ruling class on one hand have been pushing down “the blacks” and at the same time feeding their resentment against “the whites”.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  122. @TKK

    Don’t they have correctional officers stood around the phones, showers, gyms, yards, everywhere that prisoners interact outside their prison cells?

  123. Blissex says:

    «Much as I respect them, the sad reality is that black kids as a rule were underachievers with no aptitude for scholastic excellence. Rare exceptions existed of course, but the sad reality is that youths from this community contributed nothing of value to the school system, excluding sports. Whether this is the product of their environment or just innate genetic disposition is for others to debate.»

    I learned not so long ago some interesting aspects of children put in foster care:

    * Dark-skinned orphans fostered by light-skinned mothers have school achievements and behaviours much the same as light-skinned children raised by their own mothers.

    * When dark-skinned orphans fostered by light-skinned mothers are moved to a family with a dark-skinned mother their school achievements and behaviours fall significantly and become much the same as those of dark-skinned children raised by their own mothers.

    * When the same dark-skinned orphans are moved back from a dark-skinned mother to a light-skinned mother their school achievements and behaviours recover a lot to become similar to those of light-skinned children raised by their own mothers.

    There is a much bigger story in those points: a common, very common, mistake by most people, brainwashed by propaganda, is to treat people as isolated individuals, where actually most people are part of families, they have parents, siblings, children. It is thus easy to forget that the behaviour of most children is very strongly determined by the guidance of their parents, and vice-versa that the behaviour of parents is strongly determined by their caring for their children, for good or bad.

    So many vicious asian “tiger moms” brutalize their sons into school work, with the result of better school results when the sons don’t crack (up to killing themselves), etc. etc. etc.

    So one question that the author of this piece should consider is: what did the *mothers* of those academically failed, feral black children do? Most white or asian middle class mothers would do whatever it takes to “fix” their children.

    • Thanks: René Fries
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Anonymous
  124. Blissex says:

    «Some of these comments read like scenes from some post-alien invasion dystopian novel.»

    The same stories with the very white irish as protagonists were common in the USA north-east, and in England, not so long ago.

    But these stories are all common, even in single-race areas, in most favelas, slums, tenements, in whichever country. That’s how the underclass has been made in most countries, for a very long time.

    Reading some novels or stories about the underclass would show much the same across history and geography. The underclass world has usually been “Mad Max” style, regardless of race.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  125. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Joe Paluka

    > “My heart goes out to any and every white person that’s been forced to associate with groids in school.”

    And mine goes to the winner. This entire article reads like cuck pornography. Suits the whitebois right! “Not once did I see a white student harass, bully, punch, kick, intimidate, or humiliate a black student.” > That’s it, a dead race, a filthy dog ready to decompose.

    > “What gets me is that most white liberals feel the same way; that the white race is somehow basically evil and the non-white races are somehow basically good.”

    You ARE evil if you die, normal people will spit on your grave and inherit your land. That’s so simple, even a nigger can understand it.

    • Agree: Malla
  126. @Anon

    Then you end up with them in jail and a subject of reports that TKK gleans through. But if you can’t avoid them be as mad as you can when dealing with them in confrontations, in or out of jail. TKK has a lot of dealings with them given his profession. If he manages to avoid physical confrontations I should imagine others can too.

  127. geokat62 says:

    It just happens that underclass kids in the USA are usually black, and thanks to the endless racializing by the corporate media the black underclass kids are in effect given license to be bullies to terrorize lower-middle and working class kids of all races.

    It’s a “class” thing, goy. Race is just a “social construct,” lol!

  128. Trinity says:

    I wish we had a “Jew” reply button to go along with the ” troll” button.

  129. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Moe Gibbs

    An accurate depiction is not histrionics. You’re twisted.

  130. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    All of the things you are claiming to have “learned” are flat lies based on the standard boilerplate that current environment creates all the difference between black and white children.

    You know it isn’t the case, and you neither read nor learned any such thing, you’re just a pathological liar creating “learning” based on your feelings of what will be convenient for you to say.

  131. Mefobills says:

    And yes. the rich white kids of my Texas home town were a special kind of shitty. I did get slammed into lockers, ganged up on and the verbal abuse was endless.

    That is very surprising.

    In almost all cases, white kids are not the aggressors.

    Just getting slammed into a locker?

    In our school cafeteria a white kid got killed by stabbing. It was a sharpened finger nail file, basically a shiv. That was the same day they took me out with a fiberglass tray. It took years for my neck vertebra to heal.

    Your school sounded like paradise. We also had some white kids getting clonked on the head with bricks.

    There were some days, like “black monday” if you showed up to school, you were guaranteed a beating. I would show up like a dumb ass.

    Normie whites are almost always a victim:

  132. Mefobills says:

    Thanks for this story. I don’t know how many times I have explained to the Lolbertarians here at UNZ, that it is a Jewish dialectic. To a person, they cannot admit that what they learned early in life, was them getting duped.

    The idea is to grab young Goy minds early in life, and then skull fu#k them with dialectic. From then on, they are brainwashed and effectively taken out of game

    The Jewish girl must have liked you, maybe wanted you to bed her down? Normally they don’t spill the beans, but you must have been marriage material.


    There at a Central Florida State University, I discovered the works of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard. I wanted to create an off campus “intellectual discussion group” and I did.

    They were all Jewish atheists’ college students. They were all like Rand, like Rothbard, like Friedman they explained.


    somehow always the outsider and always shedding away the liberal indoctrination blinders from my eyes.

    Good job. Be proud of the distance you traveled. Most cannot or will not do it.

  133. Mefobills says:

    Catholic elementary school with a small black student population. I found out from other teachers that a 14 year old 6 foot negro student was walking around telling various girls how long his cock was and would the girls like to see it.

    There is plenty of evidence that schools need to be segregated. Whenever I engage in this conversation, the people I’m talking to shuffle about nervously, but they never say it is a bad idea.

    As babies, negroes sit up earlier, walk early – and do all things earlier. They hit puberty earlier.

    The 14 year old negro might as well have been a 16 year old.

    Also, if the white Dad’s knew what was going on, and it is likely at least one of the girls spoke about it, you still could not touch the negro; as he was magicked into being a special class, to be given trillions of dollars of wealth transfer. (Great society cost is in the trillions now.)

    The money would have been better spent on removal. But, it is only a hop and skip from black removal to jew removal.

  134. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s kinda like truck drivers. Some of them you want to know and some of them you don’t. Usta been you helped everyone, but after awhile you help those who are going to pay back and not those who are going to stab you in the back.
    Met a lot of truck drivers who helped me out and always paid them back. That is the brotherhood of Truck Drivers.
    Don’t know if it means anything to you but a lot of truck drivers help each other out because it is a difficult and dangerous job.

    • Replies: @anon
  135. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Huh! Frankly it is not a good choice of profession; did it on and off for decades. Surely you can do better than that.

  136. Mefobills says:

    I mis remembered. He was a White guy. Yeah. I remember now. In fact I can recall the many times I’ve been called a Chink by blacks. No, not really. I was usually white guys. LOL.

    You haven’t grown up.

    Your perceived racial slights are a nothing-burger. You were never put into life-threatening positions.

    Blacks have CHIMP OUTS.

    Other races do not have this. OK?

    It only takes a couple of seconds, and then the wilding begins. They are connected to each other, via a racial connection that goes beyond logic. Read it again and let it marinate on your brain.

    I’m of the opinion that Sheldrakes morphic resonance field is accurate. Since you supposedly have a vaunted Asian IQ, perhaps you can disabuse yourself of some false conceptions rattling around in your noggin.

    When you have been raked, stabbed, and beaten repeatedly, over years, by gangs of negroes, then maybe you will have the right to complain.

    The only white girl in my high school that was not abused by the groids was my sister. She would hang out under the stair wells, along with her friend Lee-Ann.

    Together, they would cull-out the odd black girl roaming the halls during classes. My sister and her friend would deliver a beat down to the negro girl. Word would get out. And the negro girls are more civilized than the negro boys. Had I done something like that, they would have killed me.

    Negro girls left my sister and Lee-Ann alone, and they were no longer extorted for money to use the bathroom. Leave the two crazy white girls alone. Negro girls mostly just screamed and hollered and provoked the negro boys into attacking, or provided moral support during a fight. They enjoyed it.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  137. Eudion2 says:

    I’ve been reading about the American Civil War and have come to realize the appalling destruction and death toll could never be justified in the name of ‘union,’ for what invading foreign power could do to us what we did to ourselves?

    Thus, the justification of the War has gone from Preserving the Union to Emancipation and over the decades — sixteen of them now — the liberation of blacks has become the highest justification for the continuance of the federal government. Indeed, talk about states rights to any federalist and the first thing he will do is equate states rights with racism.

    The federal government therefore must always perceive blacks as oppressed underdogs for whom it exists to champion, because otherwise we the people would see the federal government naked for what it is:. A gang of thieves writ large.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  138. Hacienda says:

    It’s a cosmic balance, is it not? Whites have unprecedented levels of violence at their disposal. A constant technological menace. Blacks, in turn, have their continueing menace. Whites manifest their institutional controls- the tech cloud, religious/metaphysical miasmic powers, capital/credit powers, prisons, police, mandated education, monopoly powers, allied state powers at arms length. Blacks just express their powers- personally, with fists, dicks, butts, boobs, knives, guns. Up close and personal.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  139. Factorize says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes, only lead. It is only necessary to spread hundreds of thousands of tons annually into the planet’s ambient air supply of one known neurotoxin to have a devastating effect on the organ of civilization. According to the CDC, there is no safe level of lead.


    If you need evidence of how devastating lead can be review the cultural history of America especially in the 1960s. During the 1960s, the youth generation had blood lead levels that were ~5 times higher than were present during the 1950s. The resulting differences in neuropathology were so noticeable to everyone in the 1960s that they commonly referred to those from the 1950s as “square”. When you have a BLL of 20 versus 5 it is not hard to imagine that those from the 1960s would perceive things as they did. You can also read through the many disturbing life narratives posted to this thread.

    BLLs have fallen to ~0.5 in the current youth generation. From the point of view of these youth, everyone is a lead saturated trippy hippie. Lead is a monocausal explanation of the decivilization event that occurred through the 19th 20th and 21st Centuries.

  140. @Reverend Goody

    ‘Everybody but the White Women and now Asians and Latinas.’


    I’d say it’s more like the old Soviet joke about the Gulag. There are three kinds of people: those who have been there, those who are there now, and those who are going to be there.

    With blacks, there are three kinds of people: those who have learned what they are, those who are learning, and those who will learn.

    What irritates me are those who have dealt with some more or less elite sample of blacks; those in the military, or those in the less challenging run of white-collar jobs, or those in suburbia. They say, ‘oh, blacks aren’t so bad.’

    They have no idea. I, too, have dealt with middle class blacks. And I have dealt with blacks that aren’t middle class.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  141. Factorize says:
    @Colin Wright

    Have you dealt with teenage blacks during the last decade? I have commented extensively about the profound social changes that have recently occurred as the lead catastrophe has receded. Theory and current statistics suggest that there has been a social revolution in youth black behavior in the last decade. Is this your experience?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  142. Truth says:

    Did you get extorted for money in the cafeteria? Did you have to pay money to go to the bathroom? Did you get a fiberglass lunch tray broken over your head because because. Did you get cigarettes put out in your hair. Did you get whipped with woven straps made in art class? Did you have your locker caught on fire to burn all your books. Artwork smashed?

    Are you sure you aren’t thinking about Mom?

  143. Truth says:

    How many answered, “yes?”

  144. Truth says:

    Hey Guys, your peeps are officially Out Of Control!

  145. Blissex says:

    «Basically, lead caused a decivilization event in Western society from ~1960-~1995. Most of the comments on this thread refer to this era of social collapse.»

    That was a big deal indeed, and presumably affected inner city people a lot more than people in leafy suburbs.

    But that spike happened across the “first world”, and it has been racialised mostly in the USA. That racialisation is an even bigger deal than the surge in small crime.
    In many countries that surge has been fantastic for right-wing authoritarian “law and order” parties citing rising crime rates to get the votes of the white-picked-fenced middle and also much of the working classes, and in the USA it has done wonders for the Republican “southern strategy”, and not just in the south.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  146. Blissex says:

    «The same stories with the very white irish as protagonists were common in the USA north-east, and in England, not so long ago.»

    That was “racism” by white english of white irish in Ireland and England. In the USA the same old story was also applied to the white italian underclass, with lynchings too:
    “Italians were stereotyped as uneducated, unwilling to integrate, and criminals.”

    Lynchings did not target just underclass whites, but also white political opponents, as reported by A. de Tocqueville in 1834:

    A striking example of the excesses which the despotism of the majority may occasion was seen in Baltimore during the war of 1812. At that time the war was very popular in Baltimore.
    A newspaper opposed to it aroused the indignation of the inhabitants by taking that line. The people came together, destroyed the printing presses and attacked the journalists’ premises. The call went out to summon the militia which, however, did not respond to the call. In order to save those wretched fellows threatened with by the public frenzy the decision was taken to put them in prison like criminals.
    The precaution was useless. During the night the people gathered once again; when the magistrates failed to summon the militia, the prison was forced one of the journalists was killed on the spot and the others were left for dead. The guilty parties, when standing before a jury, were acquitted.

    Of course in our times the grievance industry is mostly about persecution of blacks and white jews by white supremacists, but the persecution of underclass whites happened quite a lot too.

  147. Mefobills says:

    Your not wrong about the balance.

    My comment history explains where I think the balance went wrong.

    Asian people are not immune from these forces.

    Blacks were immigrated by very small finance class, mostly Jews, as a business plan.

    Attributions to the entire white race is low IQ. Are you sure you are Asian?

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  148. KenH says:

    Only the massively muscular black bullies will fight a weak white (or black) opponent one-on-one. Otherwise, it was five-on-one, or 10-on-one

    That’s been my experience as well. Individual blacks are super tough and brave when they have a major size advantage over an opponent but often lose their courage when there’s a white guy of approximate size and toughness.

    There couldn’t have been very many cases of white on black harassment and violence in schools in the South. The South was segregated until the mid 1960’s and then white parents began taking their kids out of integrated schools so any cases of white on black violence was minimal if it existed at all.

  149. @Factorize

    ‘Have you dealt with teenage blacks during the last decade? ‘

    The last time I dealt with teenage blacks to any extent at all would have been about 1990.

    Perhaps I’m blinded by bigotry — but I seriously doubt their behavior has improved. I even doubt there was a ‘lead catastrophe.’ If there was, why didn’t it affect other ethnic groups? All those poor Jewish children in Los Angeles in the Fifties, inhaling fumes from leaded gas and chewing old paint…

    The inhabitants of Mexico City? The mind reels…

    • Replies: @Blissex
  150. Factorize says:

    @Colin Wright So, today’s black teenage is still many multiple times as criminal as white teenagers of the 1990s? Nothing much has changed; people still live in the same communities often with similar occupations, go to the same schools, if anything the cultural/social background has worsened — nothing really to suggest any better future?

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Factorize
  151. @JackOH

    …Black violence and threats thereof are the real drivers of the White appeasement and cowardice industry.

    So true.

    Been saying since the term “political correctness” was coined, which was long before realizing p.c. is the Jew-imposed speech code, that the black militant murderers of the 1960s put permanent mortal fear in the white population which to this day drives white self-censorship. Jews use blacks as their “golem” making blacks self-destructive kamikazes in the Jew war on whitey for being the descendant of Christendom.

    • Thanks: JackOH
  152. @j3

    Jesus at John 8:44-47

    “You are the offspring of your forefather the devil…

    John 8:48 The Jews responded to him saying…

  153. @Mefobills

    Also, if the white Dad’s knew what was going on, and it is likely at least one of the girls spoke about it, you still could not touch the negro; as he was magicked into being a special class…

    The Jew accomplished vast devastation publicizing the Emmitt Till case replete with Jew-lies.

    The result has been that now for 67 academic years school officials have abandoned protection of white girls from black male sexual aggression on the grounds that to do so would be as wrong as what was done to Till.

    The white girl is not equipped by evolution to deal with an insincere male telling her the lie “I love you” because such insincerity is foreign to Euro culture. Then when so deceived any moral resistance she may have to sexual aggression is destroyed by the black male comment “Oh, you’re racist/prejudice, huh.”

    The Jew lies about the Till case are both old and new. The old lie omitted the fact that the 95 lbs. female victim was grabbed twice in the store where she worked the counter while her husband the proprietor was out of town working the cotton harvest by the 5’8″, 160 lbs. Till before Till’s local cousin watching through the window due to Till’s predictive boast rushed into the store and pulled him off her and dragged him outside. It was only then as she ran past them in desperation to her car parked in front to retrieve her pistol that he made the “wolf whistle” sound.

    Actually, she never told her husband upon his return not wanting to worry him, but a black customer informed him, a local black preacher later referring to the informant as “a negro Judas seeking store credit”.

    The new lie the Jews’ Media is promoting currently to seek prosecution of the still living victim is that the she exaggerated when telling her husband upon his return when in fact she did not tell him at all as just described.

    Situation for the adult black male to contemplate: you own a general store in rural MS in 1955; your petite black wife works the counter when you travel with your half brother working the cotton harvest. His wife sits with his toddler and your two toddlers in the store’s back room while you wife works. You return on the weekend and are told by a regular customer of Till accosting your wife. You, your brother and two of your black hired hands who work the harvest with you to to the home where Till is staying during his visit from Chicago. Your plan is to give him a whipping such that he won’t do it again when you have to travel again next week. As you beat him severely he continues to insist he’ll approach whatever woman whenever and however he wants. What are you going to do?

  154. Like father, like son?

    Louis Till (February 7, 1922 – July 2, 1945) was an American soldier. He was the father of Emmett Till, whose murder in August 1955 at the age of 14 galvanized the civil rights movement. Till was court-martialed on two counts of rape and one count of murder in Italy in 1945 while serving in the U.S. Army and was executed by hanging. The circumstances of his death were unknown to his family until they were revealed after the trial of his son’s murderer ten years later.

    While serving in the Italian Campaign, Till was arrested by military police, who suspected him and another soldier, Fred A. McMurray, of the murder of an Italian woman and the rape of two others, in Civitavecchia. A third soldier was granted immunity in exchange for testimony against McMurray and Till.[3]: 196  After a short investigation, he and McMurray were court-martialed, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was carried out at the United States Army Disciplinary Training Center north of Pisa on July 2, 1945.

    Source: Wikipedia

  155. For how can one die better, than facing fearful odds…

  156. Blissex says:
    @Colin Wright

    «Perhaps I’m blinded by bigotry — but I seriously doubt their behavior has improved.»

    The behaviour of underclass kids is predictable, of whichever color, in whichever country. People who live/are made to live like ferals then behave like ferals. Whether it is USA inner city black slums, scottish tenements, brazilian favelas, …

    What reduction in lead exposure has achieved is to make that behaviour less impulsively violent, a matter of degree, and what the lead catastrophe did was to make the underclass (and not just them) even worse. It affected less middle and upper class people (of any color) because they lived in tree-lined suburbs, and their mothers control their behaviour a lot more strictly.

    BTW, humans and their bodies and their minds are very complex and diverse, so it is rare for one thing only to cause an effect, it is far more common for something to tilt outcomes by some degree in some people, rather than affect everybody fully.

    «I even doubt there was a ‘lead catastrophe.’ If there was, why didn’t it affect other ethnic groups? All those poor Jewish children in Los Angeles in the Fifties, inhaling fumes from leaded gas and chewing old paint…»

    It affected statistics across the “first world”, thus bringing many votes not just to authoritarian reaganistas but also to authoritarian thatcherites across the anglo-american world.

    «The inhabitants of Mexico City? The mind reels…»

    The underclass of Mexico City, like that of Rio de Janeiro, or Detroit, or Manila, or Cleveland, is not nice either.

    • Disagree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Factorize
  157. Blissex says:

    «the liberation of blacks has become the highest justification for the continuance of the federal government.»

    And here I thought that the highest justification for the Feds was to backstop real estate and finance capital gains, and ensure MIC profits! Obviously I missed that the several trillions spent by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve since 2008 have gone not to Wall Street but to “the blacks”, and the couple trillions spent in invading foreign countries several thousand miles from USA borders actually went to “the blacks” :-).

    What the government does largely as to “the blacks” is to create nearly cost-free or cheap virtue-signalling policies that seem designed to create resentment in “the whites”, while lavishing literally trillions of taxpayer money or never-repay loans on their “sponsors”.

  158. Factorize says:

    @Colin Wright, I noticed that you agreed with my previous comment yet for whatever reason this Agree is not posted to my post. I suppose you guessed that this was a trappy type comment and it was. Teenage crime rates, fertility rates, alcohol/ drug usage, and on to infinity have all evaporated.When you look at the right numbers it becomes very difficult not to notice the truly profound social changes that have occurred over the last 25 years. Something very unusual has happened. Today’s youth are a new sub-species of homo sapiens: They are the genius generation.


    Why hasn’t this been more obvious to people? Life is lived in the rear view mirror. People drive down the road and their reference points for reality are 10 years ago … 20 years ago … 30 years ago … 70 years ago. It is only when you deliberately pay close attention do you realize that something has changed.

    …. but I seriously doubt their behavior has improved.
    1990 was close to Peak Lead. 1995 was the high water mark of the lead crisis. By bipartisan agreement, children were no longer children but Superpredators. In any meaningful sense, American civilization collapsed with the point of maximal early life lead exposure that occurred in the early 1970s and reached its full expression at street level ~1995. The social improvement that we have witnessed over the last 25 years have been massive. If anyone could speak to their grandchildren about the state at street level it could be highly informative.

    I even doubt there was a ‘lead catastrophe.’
    Denying the existence of the ‘lead catastrophe’ isn’t realistic. Of course, the problem is that there is such a disconnect between the life of the inner city and the suburbs. When you move the bell curve a half standard deviation to the left of those with pre-existing life disadvantage the result will be apocalyptic; when you move the bell curve a third of a standard deviation to the left of those with life advantages the result might go unrecognized.

    In terms of the change in crime rates …
    Black crime rates have plunged since ~1995. If you compare many subtypes of crime you will find that today’s black youth crime rates are typically lower than white crime rates from ~1995. Specifically, for property crimes black crime rates are across the board lower now vs. white rates in ~1990. Property index crimes are composed of larceny-theft, burglary, motor vehicle and arson. I had not been aware of how they were all defined. Interestingly, as I spoke of black rates being many multiples higher than white rates, well when you consider from this cross-temporal perspective, the white crime rates are then multiples higher than the black rates. The ratio is 2.5 times higher for Larceny-theft and 3.4 for burglary. {Larceny theft now constitutes ~75% of property index crimes in white juveniles}. Crime rates are continuing to plunge so the ratios will only increase through time. Property crimes have decreased the most dramatically over the last few decades; it appears that we are almost reaching the point in which property crimes will almost no longer exist– it is a very pronounced decline.

    The declines in violent crime have been somewhat less, though still very substantial. In the violent crime index there are aggravated assaults, robberies, rapes and homicides. Black crime rates in everything except robberies are now near the level of whites from the 1990s or lower. In 2012 the black juvenile rape rate was lower than the white 1991 white juvenile rape rate, though after that time a new definition of rape was introduced and the time series did not continue reporting for this crime.

    Overall, the conclusion though is clear surprisingly current juvenile black rates of specific crimes are broadly lower than white juvenile rates at the peak of the lead Armageddon.

    All of the numbers can be found with this url:

  159. Factorize says:

    Thank you very much for responding!

    It is very odd to me that so few people are aware of how cataclysmically destructive the Lead Apocalypse actually was. All of these people, living their life through probably the most devastating environmental poisoning of the global civilian population in all of time and it still does not register? After explaining it in detail? What part of the open air insane asylum of the 1960s 1970s 1980s and 1990s requires additional explication? Is it not obvious? Life became worse and worse and worse year after year after year and eventually people thought that that was normal? Of course, I have nothing to brag about, almost no one could have predicted what has happened. How could crime /unwed teenage parenting rates possibly have fallen by 90%? The declines are too large to be believable– people then are unable to accept what is true.

    Now here we are in 2022 and theocratic power is being reinstated. The collective morality force is returning. The Roe v. Wade decision was probably 10 years behind the actual street level vibe. It does not require that much predictive ability to foresee that the rewinding of social time to the 1950s could happen at great speed. The social indicators already suggest that we should turn the social time machine clock much further into the past than the 1950s. Get ready everyone, we are about to go so far to the right that the people on the far right are going to start to feel uncomfortabe.

  160. Factorize says:

    This figure is quite stunning. In Central America they removed lead at a later time than the rest of the world.

    It is almost impossible to imagine what has happened there. From 2015-2020, the homicide rate in El Salvador has fallen by almost 10 fold. How is that even imaginable? All of the results reported are strongly temporally correlated with lead reduction.

  161. Hacienda says:

    There is no right and wrong in the balance. It’s also a see-saw, rollercoaster, multi-body gravitational problem, unified field theory, just calculate meme, a quantum jump, analogy, disposition, question, to use any number of physics metaphors, similes, etc.

    I can only react to various races as I experience them. I don’t have a theory, morality, of races. Just clues, inklings, reactions, tastes, etc. Whites, Asians, and black fall into. It’s a kind of freedom. To change mind, feelings, ideas. The joke is on the government, the politicians, the teachers. All the ugly authoritarians that I’ve always hated, all my life. But, even the nature of authoritarianism changes, this is a real credit to America. A great land, indeed.

  162. @Joe Paluka

    Canadian RCMP ( sorry that Shinzo Abe got boinked) on the “all alert” pulled over a speeding car along a country stretch of road. Vehicle had been going in excess of the speed limit.

    (( Now–it was the case the the car occupants were a couple of blacks from Baltimore – who were up in Canada looking for action and being they were on the road for 4-5 days were becoming hungry. Suddenly they spotted a little hog standing in the ditch.

    Car pulls over and passenger hops out and gets the porker and tosses it into the back seat–intentions later to butcher it and have a feast. However —they are later speeding and RCMP pulls up behind them with flashing lights and passenger becomes panicked “What are we gonna do Kingfish”? Kingfish orders Andy to get that porker from the backseat and set it between the two of them—and put his handerchief over the porker’s head)).

    Now the RCMP approaches car carefully and taps on passenger side window —window rolls down and then the RCMP views this scene and stares for a long long time.

    Finally Canada’s finest addresses its occupants:
    “What the hell is a good looking Ukrainian Jewish girl like you doing with a couple of niggers ???”

    • LOL: Maowasayali
  163. Where I grew up, the LAUSD forced the white kids to go to the nearly majority black Maclay Jr High School in Pacoima. Blacks would beat white kids there on a daily basis for no reason. The only way out was to go to private school, move or to get a fake address. Every St Patrick’s Day, it was called “Paddy Day” at Maclay, and all whites would be beaten on sight.

    My oldest brother got beaten up for three years. Then my sister was beaten several times for three years. Then my next oldest brother got beaten up. He refused to go back to school, and my father went to the school superintendent to get a transfer. The black administrator told my father that my brother would have to go back to school and get beaten up AGAIN before he could get an opportunity transfer!
    After that my father scraped up the money to send three of my brothers to Catholic School.

    When I was in 6th grade, we had a field trip to Maclay to see our new Jr. High. We walked through the school in the custody of our teachers, and the blacks in the hall quietly told us how they were going to beat us when we started going to Maclay. Even the black kids who went to our school were reveling in the future expectation of beating up white people for no reason, and with no repercussions. Thank God I got to go to a different Jr. High School because I had a very high IQ.

  164. @Liborio Guaso

    Cheap labor is the most expensive kind. Always and all ways.

  165. nognverra says:

    The most anti-social rap was promoted by the labels and the distributors. Who owned and managed them?

    Black slaves brought into the US were uprooted from and denied their various ethnic identities. Most African nations are backwards, but much, much saner.

    This was the biggest evil done to them and one that will take generations to repair.

    This is what’s being done to all Western peoples today, with similar results.

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