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Know the History: Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850–1945
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Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850–1945
Thomas Dalton (Ed.)
Clemens & Blair, 2022

Thomas Dalton has gathered together a series of noteworthy writing on Jews in the century preceding the end of World War II. It was a century that began with the rise of Jews to elite status in European society predicated on Jewish “emancipation”—e.g., freeing Jews from various civil disabilities, such as holding public office or engaging in certain occupations—and ended with the defeat of National Socialism in World War II.

Anti-Jewish attitudes have been a common feature wherever Jews have lived for over 2000 years—in pre-Christian antiquity, in Christian Europe, and in the Muslim Middle East. The writers represented here are from a variety of European countries, in both Eastern and Western Europe. As explored Chapter 2 of my book Separation and Its Discontents, several themes underlying anti-Jewish attitudes can be discerned:

  • The Theme of Separatism and Clannishness
  • Resource Competition and the Theme of Economic Domination
  • Jews as Having Negative Personality Traits, Misanthropy, Willingness to Exploit Non-Jews, Greed, and Financial Corruption
  • The Theme of Jewish Cultural Domination
  • The Theme of Political Domination
  • The Theme of Disloyalty

The essays in this collection illustrate all these themes—and much else. In the following I will give examples of how these themes run through the volume as well as provide general comments on the essays. As Dalton notes in his Introduction, Jewish issues must be discussed explicitly and openly—”no side-stepping, no pussy-footing, no polite maneuvers. … But perhaps even before all this, there is a preliminary step: Know your history (2; emphasis in original).

* * *

Richard Wagner’s classic “Jewry in Music,” published under a pseudonym in 1850, illustrates a number of these themes. He describes what might be termed an instinctive German dislike for Jews: “We have to explain to ourselves our involuntary repellence toward the nature and personality of the Jews, so as to vindicate that instinctive dislike that we plainly recognize as stronger and more overpowering than our conscious zeal to rid ourselves of it” (9; emphasis in original). Reminiscent of the attitudes of many contemporary White liberals who promote the woke ideology of race and gender, the German liberalism that led to Jewish emancipation was a sort of virtue-signaling, self-deceptive idealism, divorced from real attitudes of Germans toward real Jews—”more stimulated by a general idea than by any real sympathy” (9).

Such lofty sentiments are completely missing among the Jews who have rewarded the Germans by not “relaxing one iota of their usurpation of that material soil”—to the point that “it is rather we who are shifted into the necessity of fighting for emancipation from the Jews. … [T]he Jew is already more than emancipated, he rules and will rule as long as money remains the power before which all our doings and dealings lose their force” (10; emphasis in original). He also compares contemporary Germans to the slaves and bondsmen of the ancient and medieval world.

Wagner notes Jewish chosenness (they “have a God all to themselves”) (11), as well as the related theme of separateness and clannishness: Even their physical appearance “contains something disagreeably foreign,” a difference that Jews “deem as a pure and beneficial distinction” (11). Jews have taken no part in creating German language and culture which are “the work of a historical community”—a community in which the Jew “has been a cold, hostile on-looker” (12) and presaging the contemporary theme that Jews constitute a hostile elite. As a result, the musical works of Jews cannot resonate with the German spirit and cannot “rise, even by accident, to the ardor of a higher, heartfelt expression” (13). Despite this, Jews dominate German popular music culture; they have attained “the dictatorship of public taste” (14). On the other hand, “the true poet, no matter in what branch of art, still gains his stimulus from nothing but a faithful, loving contemplation of instinctive life, of that life that only greets his sight among the Folk” (16).

Wagner thus advocates a biological, evolutionary aesthetics rooted in the instinctive likes and dislikes of a people. Jews can’t tap into the German spirit which is necessary in order to produce a real work of art that would appeal to Germans, as opposed to a reproduction; their works “strike us as strange, odd, indifferent, unnatural, and distorted” (18). As a result, the only way such works can enter into the Western canon is if Western culture has lost its natural defenses, just as an unhealthy body is not strong enough to repel an infection that will ultimately kill it. Thus, up to the time of Mozart and Beethoven, “it was impossible that an element so foreign to that life should form part of its living organism. It is only when the inner death of a body becomes apparent that external elements have the power to seize upon it—though only to destroy it” (24). It’s thus worth noting that the rise of our new Jewish elite has resulted in a war on that which is natural, whether it’s in art (e.g., the work of Lucien Freud, Mark Rothko and Damien Hirst; art promoters like Charles Saatchi), in music (e.g., rap music with its Jewish promoters), in advertising (ubiquitously promoting miscegenation, especially for White women), or in gender (e.g., transsexualism and its consequent infertility).

Lucien Freud

Despite using a pseudonym, it became known that Wagner had authored “Jewry in Music,” and in 1869 he wrote a second part and published both in his own name. It recounts the hostility of Jews toward him and his work—which continues even now with attempts to prevent performances of Wagner’s works and cast him as a moral pariah. He notes that Leipzig, once the seat of German music and publishing, had “become exclusively a Jewish musical metropolis” (26), and asks “Whose hands direct our theaters?,” followed by a comment on the decadence on display in them.


Contemporary readers will be familiar with what happened next: Jews first ignored his essay in the hopes that it would go away, followed by “systematic libel and persecution in this domain, coupled with a total suppression of the obnoxious Jewish Question” (27). Theaters that formerly put on his operas now “exhibit a cold and unfriendly demeanor to my recent works” (34). Wagner was treated viciously not only in the German press, but also in Paris and London—but not Russia where he received “as warm a welcome from the press as from the public” (33)—a statement reflecting the fact that Jews had not become dominant in Russia and which accounts for the hostility of Western Jewish organizations toward Russia during this period. In a footnote, Dalton notes that “present-day Jews … use all varieties of libel, defamation and accusations of anti-Semitism in order to discredit their opponents. And the threat to boycott Wagner’s future operas prefigures the ‘cancel culture’ of today. Little has changed in 150 years” (27). Indeed, the vilification of Wagner continues today (see Brenton Sanderson’s 4-part series “Constructing Wagner as a Moral Pariah”).

* * *

Frederick Millingen’s “The Conquest of the World by the Jews” (1873), was written under a pseudonym, Osman Bey, presumably to avoid Jewish hostility—the same reason so many writers today use pseudonyms. After quoting Kant (1798), Lord Byron (1823), Bruno Bauer (1843) and Ralph Waldo Emerson (1860) on Jewish wealth and their financial power over rulers, Dalton notes that Millingen’s essay was “the first extended, detailed essay on the topic of Jewish global dominance” (46). Millingen proposes that the Jewish method of conquest is to dominate the material interests of their subjects and enslave them by financial oppression rather than by the physical force of a conquering army (46). This is enabled by their absorption in profit: “A Jew may stop and admire a flower … but at the same moment he is asking himself: “How much can I make from it” (emphasis in original; 48). They are a “chosen people” and with the faith that “the treasures of this world are their inheritance” (57). This “unlimited rapacity” that results in “everlasting antagonism to the rest of mankind” (49) is combined with a steely determination, “an obstinacy so inflexible that it may well be said that the Jew never gives way” (48). I’ve never read any studies on Jewish tenacity, but it’s certainly plausible: if they don’t achieve a goal in one battle (e.g., losing the immigration battle of 1924), they will continue to press the issue (winning the immigration battle in 1965, over 40 years later).

Millingen traces the history of Judaism in Europe, contending that while the Jews have always made progress toward their goal of domination, there were limits placed upon them, and it was only the French Revolution and Enlightenment ideologies that unleashed them to the full flowering of their power. In addition, Jews took advantage of technological progress—e.g., greater ease of communication between countries—so that “they are the wealthiest and most influential class of men; and have attained a position of vast power, the likes of which we do not see in all history … so that “there is not a man amongst us who is not in some way tributary to Jewish power” (64, 65). Millingen notes the wealth and the power of the Rothschilds who are able to command the subservience of European rulers, and he provides a long list of Jews admitted to the British nobility (70) and even some lower-ranking Jews in the U.S. intended to show Jewish power even there. The only exception, as also noted by Wagner, is Russia, but Russia is in the crosshairs of Jewish finance which prevents loans to the Czar while generously supporting England in its many war efforts. The prescience of Millingen’s view can be seen in that “from 1881 until the fall of the Czar, in addition to dominating the revolutionary movement in Russia, there was a Jewish consensus to use their influence in Europe and America to oppose Russia. This had an effect on a wide range of issues, including the financing of Japan in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, the abrogation of the American-Russian trade agreement in 1908, and the financing of revolutionaries within Russia by wealthy Jews such as Jacob Schiff.” Of course, Jewish power in the U.S. vastly increased after the immigration of around 3,000,000 Eastern European Jews, and we all know what happened after the Bolsheviks attained power in the USSR.

In his section on the press, Millingen alleges that there was a meeting in 1840 in which a Jew spoke of the necessity of dominating the press, and notes that by the time of his writing, Jews owned important newspapers in France, England, Germany, and the United States, Jews were prominently involved in journalism as writers and editors, and “the book trade has passed into the hands of the Jews” (78).

Millingen concludes by describing the work of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, centered in Paris and dedicated to forming a central locus of power aimed at promoting Jewish interests around the world. As I noted in Chapter 2 of Separation and Its Discontents, the Alliance had a prominent place in the thinking of anti-Jewish authors:

“Scarcely another Jewish activity or phenomenon played such a conspicuous role in the thinking and imagination of anti-Semites all over Europe. . . . The Alliance served to conjure up the phantom of the Jewish world conspiracy conducted from a secret center—later to become the focal theme of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (Katz 1979, 50). Russian Jews were strongly suspected of maintaining ties with the Alliance, and anti-Semitic publications in the 1880s shifted from accusations of economic exploitation to charges of an international conspiracy centered around the Alliance (Frankel 1981).

From the late nineteenth century until the Russian Revolution, the Jewish desire to improve the poor treatment of Russian Jews conflicted with the national interests of several countries, particularly France, which was eager to develop an anti-German alliance in the wake of its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.

Millingen concludes by noting that in the end, Jewish power depends on the power of compound interest and admonishes individuals and nations to “Keep out of debt!” (80; emphasis in original)—sage advice to say the least.

* * *

The famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky is represented by a section from his The Diary of a Writer (1877) that, not surprisingly, has been condemned as anti-Semitic. Again we see the themes of economic domination combined with misanthropy and willingness to exploit non-Jews. Dostoyevsky notes that Jews have exploited the recently freed serfs in Russia. This is combined with Jewish greed: “Who tied [the freed serfs] to that eternal pursuit of gold of theirs?” (84) And he notes that a similar phenomenon occurred, as relatively well-off Jews exploited freed slaves in the American South, and in Lithuania where Jews exploited the natives’ taste for vodka, with the result that rural banks were established explicitly for “saving the people from the Jews” (85).


However, Dostoyevsky adds a new idea that we see repeated endlessly in the contemporary world: that Jews attempt to lay claim to the moral high ground. Jews complain incessantly about their “their humiliation, their suffering, their martyrdom” while nevertheless controlling the stock exchanges of Europe “and therefore politics, domestic affairs, and morality of the states” (83). Dostoyevsky notes that Jews in general are much better off than Russians who were just recently relieved of the burden of serfdom and are being exploited by Jews, and he doubts that Jews have ever had any pity for Russians. Russians don’t have any “preconceived hatred” for Jews (86), while Jews have a long history of shunning the Russians—the theme of separation and clannishness, combined with hostility: “They refused to take meals with them, looked upon them with haughtiness (and where?—in a prison!) and generally expressed squeamishness and aversion towards the Russian, towards the ‘native’ people” (87). Indeed, Dostoevsky imagines how the Jews would treat the Russians if they had the power (as they did after the Bolshevik Revolution and now over the Palestinians in Israel): “Wouldn’t they convert them into slaves? Worse than that: Wouldn’t they skin them altogether? Wouldn’t they slaughter them to the last man, to the point of complete extermination, as they used to do with alien peoples in ancient times, during their ancient history?” (87), a reference to the events described in the Old Testament books of Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua.

* * *

Wilhelm Marr (1819–1904) has gone down in history as the first racial anti-Semite. His signature work, The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View (1879), expresses Marr’s views on the conflict between Germans and Jews in a strikingly modern manner—that Jews are an elite that is hostile to the German people.

Marr was a journalist, and his pamphlet is expressed in a journalistic style with all the pluses and minuses that that entails. Marr’s pamphlet contains a number of ideas that agree with modern theories and social science research on Jews, as well as some ideas that are less supported but interesting nonetheless. His ideas on future events are fascinating with the 20/20 hindsight of 140 years of history.

Marr describes his writing as “a ‘scream of pain’ coming from the oppressed” (6).[1]The page numbers in the section on Wilhelm Marr are from a different translation; see:; see also: Kevin MacDonald, “Wilhelm Marr’s The Victory of Judaism over Germanism Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View, The Occidental Observer October 10, 2010). Marr sees Germans as having already lost the battle with Jewry: “Judaism has triumphed on a worldwide historical basis. I shall bring the news of a lost battle and of the victory of the enemy and all of that I shall do without offering excuses for the defeated army.”

In other words, Marr is not blaming the Jews for their predominance in German society, but rather blaming the Germans for allowing this to happen. He sees historical hatred against Jews as due to their occupational profile (“the loathing Jews demonstrate for real work” — a gratuitously negative and overly generalized reference to the Jewish occupational profile) and to “their codified hatred against all non-Jews” (8) — the common charge of misanthropy. Historical anti-Semitism often had a religious veneer, but it was actually motivated by “the struggle of nations and their response to the very real Judaization of society, that is, to a battle for survival [also the perspective of Separation and Its Discontents]. … I therefore unconditionally defend Jewry against any and all religious persecution” (10).

Marr claims that Jews have a justified hatred toward Europeans:

Nothing is more natural than the hatred the Jews must have felt for those who enslaved them and abducted them from their homeland [i.e., the Romans; Marr seems unaware that the Jewish Diaspora predated the failed Jewish rebellions of the first and second centuries]. Nothing is more natural than that this hatred had to grow during the course of oppression and persecution in the Occident over the span of almost two thousand years. … Nothing is more natural than that they responded using their inborn gifts of craftiness and cleverness by forming as “captives” a state within a state, a society within a society. (11)

Jews used their abilities to obtain power in Germany and other Western societies: “By the nineteenth century the amazing toughness and endurance of the Semites had made them the leading power within occidental society. As a result, and that particularly in Germany, Jewry has not been assimilated into Germanism, but Germanism has been absorbed into Judaism” (11).

Marr claims that Judaism retreated in the face of “Christian fanaticism,” and achieved its greatest successes first among the Slavs and then among the Germans — both groups that were late in developing national cultures. He attributes the success of Jews in Germany to the fact that Germans did not have a sense of German nationality or German national pride (12).

This is a point that I have also stressed: Collectivist cultures such as medieval Christianity tend to be problematic for Jews because Jews are seen as an outgroup by a strongly defined ingroup; (see, e.g., here.) Moreover, a general trend in European society after the Enlightenment was to develop cultures with a strong sense of national identity where Christianity and/or ethnic origins formed a part. These cultures tended to exclude Jews, at least implicitly. An important aspect of Jewish intellectual and political activity in post-Enlightenment societies has therefore been opposition to national cultures throughout Europe and other Western societies (see, e.g., here).

Marr credits Jews with bringing economic benefits to Germany: There is no way to deny that the abstract, money-oriented, haggling mind of the Jews has contributed much to the flourishing of commerce and industry in Germany.” Although “racial anti-Semites” are often portrayed as viewing Jews as genetically inferior or even subhuman, a very strong tendency among racial anti-Semites is to see Jews as a very talented group. Marr clearly sees Jews as an elite.

Indeed, Marr sees the Germans as inferior to the Jews and as having a mélange of traits that caused them to lose the battle to Jews:

Into this confused, clumsy Germanic element penetrated a smooth crafty, pliable Jewry; with all of its gifts of realism [as opposed to German idealism], intellectually well qualified as far as the gift of astuteness is concerned, to look down upon the Germans and subduing the monarchical, knightly, lumbering German by enabling him in his vices. (13)

What we [Germans] don’t have is the drive of the Semitic people. On account of our tribal organization we shall never be able to acquire such a drive and because cultural development knows no pause, our outlook is none other than a time when we Germans will live as slaves under the legal and political feudalism of Judaism. (14)

Germanic indolence, Germanic stinginess, convenient Teutonic disdainfulness of expression are responsible [for the fact] that the agile and clever Israel now decides what one shall say and what not…. You have turned the press over to them because you find brilliant frivolity more to your liking than moral fortitude …. The Jewish people thrive because of their talents and you have been vanquished, as you should have been and as you have deserved a thousandfold. (30)

Are we willing to sacrifice? Did we succeed in creating even a single anti-Jewish leaning paper, which manages to be politically neutral? … To de-Judaize ourselves, for that we clearly lack physical and spiritual strength.

I marvel in admiration at this Semitic people which put its heel onto the nape of our necks. … We harbor a resilient, tough, intelligent foreign tribe among us—a tribe that knows how to take advantage of every form of abstract reality. (24)

We are no longer a match for this foreign tribe. (27)


As a result of his high estimation of Jews and low estimation of Germans, Marr claims that he does not hate Jews. It’s simply a war where one side loses. The conflict between Jews and Germans is “like a war. How can I hate the soldier whose bullet happens to hit me? — Does one not offer one’s hand as victor as well as a prisoner of war? … In my eyes, it is a war which has been going on for 1800 years” (28).

Despite their long history of living together, Jews, unlike other peoples who have come to Germany, remain foreigners among the Germans —the separatism that is fundamental to Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy (and hence my titles, A People that Shall Dwell Alone and Separation and Its Discontents):

[The Jew] was a typical foreigner to them and remained one until today; and yes, his exclusive Judaism, as we shall demonstrate in what follows, shows itself even more today after his emancipation, than it did in earlier times. (13)

All other immigration into Germany … disappeared without a trace within Germanism; Wends and Slavs disappeared in the German element. The Semitic race, stronger and tougher, has survived them all. Truly! Were I a Jew, I would look upon this fact with my greatest pride. (17)

One of Marr’s most interesting observations is his proposal that Germans formed idealistic images of Jews during the Enlightenment when others had more realistic and negative views. Jews are realists, accepting the world as it is and advancing their interests based on their understanding of this reality. Judaism is characterized by particularist morality (Is it good for the Jews?). Germans, on the other hand, tend to have idealized images of themselves and others—to believe that the human mind can construct reality based on ideals that can then shape behavior. They are predisposed to moral universalism—moral rules apply to everyone and are not dependent on whether it benefits the ingroup.

This is a reference to the powerful idealist strand of German philosophy that has been so influential in the culture of the West. An illustrative example is American transcendentalism, a movement that was based on German philosophical idealism (i.e., philosophers Immanuel Kant and F. W. J. Schelling) and created an indigenous culture of critique in nineteenth-century America. This perspective resulted in overly optimistic views of human nature and tended toward radical egalitarianism; it also provided the theoretical underpinnings the abolitionist movement among elite intellectuals like Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In particular, Marr notes that, whereas prominent and influential Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire were critics of Judaism (seeing it as reactionary tribalism), in Germany the most influential writer was Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729–1781). Lessing presented a very positive image of Judaism in his play Nathan the Wise. The Jewish Nathan (Marr calls him “Rothschild” to give it contemporary relevance) makes an eloquent plea for religious tolerance—while at the same time he finances the Muslim war against the Christian Crusaders. Marr suggests that Lessing engaged in a bit of self-deception: Despite his positive portrayal of Nathan as the essence of tolerance, “Lessing could not in his subconscious self overcome the identity of Jew and servant of Mammon” (15).

The influence of Lessing was profound: “German idealism was captivated by the legend of the ring [i.e., Lessing’s metaphor for religious tolerance], but missed that Lessing’s Nathan could only be—a character from a fable” (16).

Marr suggests that instead of a fictional character like Nathan the Wise, Lessing should have seen seventeenth-century Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza as an illustration of what Judaism is really like. Whereas Nathan the Wise suggests that religious tolerance is a characteristic of Judaism, Marr interprets Spinoza’s expulsion from the Jewish community as illustrating Jewish intolerance and fanaticism in the real world—features of Judaism also noted by several contemporary writers, most notably Israel Shahak, but also including Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire. Spinoza was hounded out of the Jewish community of Amsterdam because of his views on religion: “This truly great Jewish non-Jew had been cursed by his own tribal associates—all the way to attempted murderous assault” (16). But in the nineteenth century, “woe to the German who dares to show the Jewish masses who the great Spinoza was and what he stood for!!” (16).

Another trait of Germans that Marr sees as deleterious is “abstract individualism.” Marr states that Jewish economic success within capitalism is “in agreement with the dogma of ‘abstract individualism’ which you have accepted with enthusiasm from the hands of Judaism” (30). In other words, Marr believed that individualism was something Jews imposed on Germany, not a tendency within the Germans themselves. (Contrary to Marr’s position, I have argued that the fundamental uniqueness of European peoples is a greater tendency toward individualism than other human groups. Individualism then leads to moral universalism (Kant’s Categorical Imperative), a form of idealism, rather than the tribally-based morality of groups like the Jews.) As noted above, Marr (correctly) believed that individualistic societies are relatively defenseless against Jews, whereas societies centered around a strong collectivist religious core (e.g., medieval Christianity) or a strong sense of ethnic nationalism are more able to defend themselves.

Because of their grievances against Europeans, it is not surprising that Jews support revolution:

Who can hold it against the Jews that they happily welcomed the revolutions of 1789 and the one of 1848 and actively participated in them? “Jews, Poles and writers” was the battle cry of the conservatives in 1848. Well, of course—three suppressed factions! (16)

Following his first decisive victory of 1848 he had to—whether he wanted to or not—pursue his success further and must now attempt to ruin the Germanic, Occidental world. (28).

By 1848 Judaism had entirely ceased being a religion at all. It was “nothing else but the constitution of a people, forming a state within a state and this secondary or counter-state demanded certain material advantages for its members” (17). Marr states that Jewish emancipation only meant political equality because Jews had already achieved “a leading and dominating role” (17), and dominated all political factions except the Catholics. “The daily press is predominantly in Jewish hands, which have transformed journalism … into a business with public opinion; critique of the theater, of art in general—is to three quarters in the hands of Jews. Writing about politics and even religion is — in Jewish hands” (19). While Jews are deeply involved in creating the culture of Germany, “Judaism has been declared a subject off-limits for us Germans. … To comment on [Jewish] rituals is ‘hatred’, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce the last word in our religious and state affairs, then it is quite a different matter” (20). Of course the same phenomenon pervades the contemporary West.

Jews are particularly involved in the “culture struggle” against ultramontanism—the view that papal authority should extend over secular affairs. Ultramontanism was attacked by Jews because the Church “opposed Judaism for world domination.” Although opposition to ultramontanism was also an interest for many Germans, Jews did all the talking, and any criticism of Roman Catholicism was banned “if Israel was touched on ever so slightly!!” (20).

Jews are powerful and they will continue to obtain more power. In the end, Germans will be at the mercy of the Jews:

Within less than four generations there will not be a single office in the land, including the highest, which will not have been usurped by the Jews. Yes, through Jewry Germany will become a world power, an Occidental Palestine. … Jewry has fought the Occident for 1800 years. It has conquered and subjected it. We are the vanquished and it is quite in order that the victor chants ‘Vae Victis’ [woe to the vanquished]. (22)

The Jew has no real religion, he has a business contract with Jehovah and pays his god with statutes and formulations and in return is charged with the pleasant task of exterminating all that is not Jewish. (14)

Like several other writers represented here, Marr saw Russia as the only European nation that had resisted the Jewish onslaught. However, he believed that Russia would eventually fall by bloody revolution and this revolution would lead to the downfall of the West:

[Among European nations, only Russia] is left to still resist the foreign invasion. … [T]he final surrender of Russia is only a question of time. … Jewish resilient, fly-by-night attitude will plunge Russia into a revolution like the world might never have seen before. … With Russia, Jewry will have captured the last strategic position from which it has to fear a possible attack on its rear …. After it has invaded Russia’s offices and agencies the same way it did ours, then the collapse of our Western society will begin in earnest openly and in Jewish fashion. The ‘last hour’ of doomed Europa will strike at the latest in 100 to 150 years” (24–25).

Indeed, Jews are already taking the lead in fomenting anti-Russian policy, as in the Russian-Turkish war. For example, ideas that “the insolence of the great sea power England might be curbed” by allying with Russia were banned from the Jewish newspapers (26).

Marr is entirely pessimistic about the future, foreseeing a cataclysm:

The destructive mission of Judaism (which also existed in antiquity) will only come to a halt once it has reached its culmination, that is after Jewish Caesarism has been installed” (28).

And seemingly predicting the rise of National Socialism, he notes “Jewry will have to face a final, desperate assault particularly by Germanism, before it will achieve authoritarian dominance” (29). Marr thinks that anti-Jewish attitudes will become powerful but ultimately they will fail to fend off disaster for the Germans and the West. Marr lays part of the blame on the fact that the only people who publicly oppose the Jews conceptualize them incorrectly as a religion. As a result, responsible, informed criticism of Jews that would appeal to non-religious people and intellectual elites never appears in the press: “A catastrophe lies ahead, because the indignation against the Judaization of society is intensified by the fact that it can’t be ventilated in the press without showing itself as a most abstruse religious hatred, such as it surfaces in the ultramontane and generally in the reactionary press” (30). Nevertheless, even a “violent anti-Jewish explosion will only delay, but not avert the disintegration of Judaized society” (30).

Regarding his own mission, Marr sees himself as a soldier fighting a lost cause: “I am aware that my journalist friends and I stand defenseless before Jewry. We have no patronage among the nobility or the middle class. Our German people are too Judaized to have the will for self-preservation (32).

Marr concludes with the following:

The battle had to be fought without hatred against the individual combatant, who was forced into the role of attacker or defender. Tougher and more persistent than we, you became victorious in this battle between people, which you fought without the sword, while we massacred and burned you, but did not muster the moral strength to tell you to live and deal among your own. …

Finis Germaniae

Terrifying, but truer than ever.

* * *

The selection from Edouard Drumont includes a section from his two-volume Le France Juive (Jewish France), published in 1886. As many others have noted, Drumont claims that Jewish power derives ultimately from Jewish money (“Jews worship money”[126]), resulting in elite French non-Jews bending the knee to Jewish dominance. Drumont understood the importance of race, claiming that “the Aryan or Indo-European race is the only one to uphold the principles of justice, to experience freedom, and to value beauty” (126), but “ever since the dawn of history the Semite has dreamt constantly, obsessively, of reducing the Aryan into a state of slavery, and tying him to the land” (128). “Today the Semites believe their victory is certain. It is no longer the Carthaginian or Saracen that is in the vanguard, it is the Jew, and he has replaced violence with cunning” (129; emphasis in original).


As with Marr, Drumont claims that Aryans have several critical defects that allow Jewish domination—they are “enthusiastic, heroic, chivalrous, disinterested, frank, and trusting to the point of naivety,” while Jews are “mercantile, covetous, scheming, subtle, and cunning (129). Of the Aryan traits, disinterestedness and trust are central to the individualism of the West. For example, there is a long history of Jews approaching social science with Jewish interests in mind—the theme of The Culture of Critique—whereas Western social scientists operate in an individualist world where group interests are irrelevant. Trust is also a marker of individualism because individualist cultures rely fundamentally on the individual reputations of others rather than group membership.

a fundamental aspect of individualism is that group cohesion is based not on kinship but on reputation—most importantly in recent centuries, a moral reputation as capable, honest, trustworthy and fair. Reputation as a military leader was central to Indo-European warrior societies where leaders’ reputations were critical to being able to recruit followers (Chapter 2). And the northern hunter-gatherer groups discussed in Chapter 3 developed egalitarian, exogamous customs and a high level of social complexity in which interaction with non-relatives and strangers was the norm; again, reputation was critical. (Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, Ch. 8).

Drumont also describes Aryans as adventurers and explorers, while Jews waited until after America had been settled by Europeans to go there in search of riches. Aryan legends are filled with noble figures engaging in heroic acts of bravery where an individual stands out from others, while Semitic tales are filled with dreams of riches (he points to Thousand and One Nights). Aryans are slow to hate but eventually he will wreak “terrible vengeance on the Semite” when they wake up—reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”:

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Other notable quotes:

  • “The Jew’s right to oppress other people is rooted in his religion. … ‘Ask of me and I shall make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron, and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel’” (133).
  • From the Talmud: “One can and one must kill the best of the goyim” (133).
  • Jewish aggressiveness and self-confidence: “He has absolutely no timidity” (133); “[the Jew] either grovels at your feet, or crushes you under his heel. He is either on top or beneath, never beside” (135).
  • Lack of artistic creativity: “In art they have created no original, powerful, or touching statues, no masterpieces. The criterion is whether the work will sell.” (136)
  • “The strength of Jews lies in their solidarity. They all feel a common bond with one another.” (137)
  • “There is one feeling that these corrupt, puffed-up people still possess, and that is hatred: of the Church, of priests, and above all the monks.” (143).
  • Jewish anti-idealism: “To his mind, everything that life has to offer is material.” (144)
  • The coming anti-Jewish movement: “In Germany, in Russia, in Austria-Hungary, in Romania, and in France itself where the movement is still dormant, the nobility, the middle classes, and intelligent workers—in a word, everyone with a Christian background (often without being a practicing Christian)—are in agreement on this point: The Universal Anti-Semitic Alliance has been created, and the Universal Israelite Alliance will not prevail against it.” (145; italics in original)

* * *

“The Jewish Question in Europe” (1890) was written by an anonymous author publishing in La Civilta Cattolica, an official mouthpiece of the Catholic Church. Like Drumont, it emphasizes Jewish power, but also emphasizes a newfound awakening among Europeans about Jews—“the collective outcry against the influence of the Israelites over every sector of public and social life … . Laws have been passed in France, Austria, Germany, England, Russia, Romania, and elsewhere; also, Parliaments are discussing stringent immigration quotas” (149).

The Jewish religion is now based not on the Old Testament, but on the Talmud which is thoroughly anti-Christian and which reduces Christians “to a moral nothingness which contradicts the basic principles of natural law” (150; italics in original).

Two points: the moral perspective of the Old Testament reduced all other humans to a moral nothingness, but as a staunch Catholic, the writer must suppose that until the coming of Christ, Judaism was the “only true religion” (150) and hence he must suppose that its moral philosophy was to be admired. Secondly, the conception of natural law invoked here is typical of Western moral universalism—all humans have moral worth in the sight of God—which is clearly an ideology that can easily result in maladaptive behavior, such as the immigration policies that clearly concern the writer.

Later the writer provides many other examples of ingroup morality from the Talmud, such as the Kol Nidre, said to release Jews from contracts, and the moral righteousness of usury: “It is permissible, whenever possible, to cheat a Christian. Usury imposed on a Christian is not only permissible; rather, it is a good” 159). Jewish wealth comes at the expense of non-Jews and the result has been hatred toward Jews throughout history, “the Muslims, Arabs, Persians, the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans” (160).

The writer distinguishes between religious tolerance and civil status, quoting a prominent French lawyer who noted that “Jews everywhere form a nation within a nation; and that, although the live in France, in Germany, in England, they nevertheless do not ever become French or German or English. Rather they remain Jews and nothing but Jews” (152). Because they have no national allegiance, they can be recruited as spies, giving several examples. And because of the rise of Enlightenment values of the “rights of man” that resulted in civil status for Jews, “the dam was opened, and so, a devastating torrent let loose. In a short time, they penetrated everything, took over everything: gold, businesses, the public purse [or stock market], the highest appointments in political administration, the army and the diplomatic corps” (162). The author claims that these Enlightenment values were invented by Jews for their own benefit. (I have argued that these values were a product of the egalitarian-individualist strain of Western individualism [see here], although it’s certainly true that Jewish intellectual movements, such as the Frankfurt School, have promoted radical individualism for non-Jews while continuing their ethnic networking and group consciousness). But in any case, it’s certainly true that the Enlightenment paved the way for Jewish domination of Western societies.

As always, Jewish wealth is an issue. Here the author claims that “Jews own half the total capital in circulation in the world, and in France alone possess 80 billion francs” (169; italics in original), and that the average Jew has between 14–20 times the average wealth of a Frenchman. Astounding if true. And the author states that this wealth has allowed Jews to control the academy and the press (the latter described as an explicit goal at a Jewish conference in 1848; also noted by Millingen; see above): Using the examples of France, Austria, and Italy, he notes that “journalism and higher education are the two wings of the Israelite dragon” (171), and Christian views are actively suppressed in the schools and in the press; in France “all the irreligious and pornographic press is Jewish-owned” (172).

Jewish influence is international, as evidenced by the World Jewish Alliance, with help from Masonic groups (asserted to be anti-Christian and created by Jews; “Judaism and freemasonry are identical”). As noted, Jewish internationalism was often a target of anti-Jewish writing with the implication that Jews often supported Jewish interests in other countries at the expense of national interests of the country in which they reside.

The writer concludes by suggesting several possible solutions, including expulsion and divesting Jews of their wealth. But he claims that there will be no change until there is a return to Christianity. The elites are beyond hope. They are “the so-called ruling class, or bourgeoisie, who have been seduced, inebriated, and ground into bits between the bones of Judaism. Haven’t they refused, out of hatred for Christ, every proposed social reform? … [They] will all wind up ruined by Jews” (191).

* * *

Theodor Fritsch’s The Handbook on the Jewish Question, first published in 1887, was very popular and continued to be updated until 1944. Included here is a set of questions and answers on the topic, beginning with the commonly expressed claim among these writers that no one is criticizing Jews because of their religion and that whatever happened in the Middle Ages is irrelevant to current concerns, the main one of which is to restrict Jewish power and influence. Jews do not deserve the same rights as Germans because “they form, even today—politically, socially, and commercially—a separate community that searches for its advantage at the cost of the other citizens” (197); indeed, Judaism “operates toward the exploitation and subjugation of the non-Jewish peoples” (200), goals they pursue with “lies and deception—and money” (201).

Again, there is a complaint about Jewish moral particularism as expressed in the Talmud, a morality “that grants the name ‘man’ only to the Jew and counts the other peoples as animals” (200) who have no moral worth. Aryans are “courageous and brave”; their character manifests “uprightness, honesty, loyalty, and dedication,” while Jews exhibit “guile, slyness, hypocrisy, and lies … to which we may add harassment, insolent assertiveness, unrestricted egoism, ruthless cruelty, and excessive sexual desire (205).

Fritsch lists a variety of negative consequences—e.g., moral depravity promoted by the Jewish press—and Jews “are to blame, through their financial influence and their unscrupulous desires, for the loosening of society in every respect” (202). “They have thrown even governments into the chains through cunning financial operations and made them dependent on the mercy of Jewry” (203).

Fritsch notes that there are indeed many distinguished Jews but that any Jew with some talent will be intensely promoted by other Jews, while a talented German who does not show obeisance to Jews is “ignored with silence and does not succeed” (208). Presaging Andrew Joyce’s work on Spinoza, Fritsch notes that Spinoza’s reputation and the reputations of other famous Jews (Mendelssohn, Heine) “have been similarly exaggerated by Jewish publicity” (209).

Finally, Fritsch claims that the Jewish question can only be solved if they emigrate to their own land; if Jews remain in Germany, they should be severely restricted in their economic pursuits (only manual labor and agriculture); miscegenation must be prohibited.

* * *

Hitler is represented by his first written statement on Jews, composed as a 30-year-old in 1919. As do the others reviewed here, he sees the Jewish problem not as religious but as racial and political—a problem that must be confronted by understanding the facts, what he terms “rational anti-Semitism,” rather than simply appealing to emotions. Rational anti-Semitism leads to “a systematic and legal struggle against and eradication of, the privileges the Jews enjoy over the other foreigners living among us” (213). He emphasizes the racial purity of the Jews and that their overriding concern is with accumulating wealth, while Germans believe that moral and idealistic goals are important as well.

It is the centrality of wealth without moral principles “allow the Jew to become so unscrupulous in his choice of means, so merciless in his use of his own ends” (212). Besides wealth, Jewish power derives from their influence on the media and its ability to mold public opinion. “The result of his works is racial tuberculosis of the nation” (213).

Restructuring the state is insufficient. What must happen is “a rebirth of the nation’s moral and spiritual forces” (213). However, current leaders understand that “they are forced to accept Jewish favors to their private advantage and to repay these favors” (214)—a statement that could equally apply to the current leaders of Western countries.

* * *

As noted, Theodor Fritsch’s Handbook on the Jewish Question (1887) continued to be updated until 1944. “The Core of the Jewish Question” is from a 1923 edition. He characterizes Judaism as “something alien, hostile, and unassimilable among all nations” (217). “They are not only a separate state but a race that is closed within itself” (219), and he cites Tacitus’s claim that Judaism represents “a hatred of the entire human race” (221). He blames them for “the stab in the back” that ended World War I and for the communist revolutions that shook Germany during that period. Fritsch also emphasizes Jewish economic power and their influence in the press. “Above all, … the press in Jewish hands gave a suitable means to radically falsify German thought and feeling and to disseminate among the masses all sorts of erroneous ideas” (224). He claims that when there was natural unrest among the proletariat because of dispossession brought about by the Jews, Jews took control of socialist movements, mentioning Marx and Ferdinand Lassalle, and succeeded in not mentioning the role of Jews in the dispossession of the workers. Fritsch’s proposed solution: their own state.

* * *


The collection includes a work by a Jewish author, Marcus Eli Ravage, who claims that Christians don’t understand why they resent Jews, and attributes anti-Semitism to resentment that “Jews imposed it [Christianity] on you” (229), originally via St. Paul who is described as a “patriotic Jew” (232) intent on bringing down the Roman Empire. He claims that Judaism is the basis of the moral code of Christianity and “Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints” (231). The strength of Christianity depended on its appeal to the humble. The result has been the fall of the Roman Empire brought about by Jewish dominance of the Christian world as Christianity with its values of pacifism, resignation and love undermined the militaristic culture of Rome. Moreover, the French, American, and Russian revolutions are the consequence of Jewish moral teachings “of social, political, and economic justice” (232). I very much doubt this scenario as an explanation for the history of the West.

* * *

Heinrich Himmler is represented by “The Schutzstaffel [SS] as Anti-Bolshevist Combat Organization.” Himmler identifies Judaism with Bolshevism, interpreted as a recurrent pattern where Jews plot against the people the live among, using the story of Esther in the Old Testament, which records the slaughter of over 75,000 Persians, as paradigmatic. He recounts several historical examples, but emphasizes the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and its aftermath. “For Bolshevism proceeds always in this manner: The heads of the leaders of a people are bloodily cut off, and then it turns into political, economic, scientific, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, and corporate slavery” (245). Thereafter the rest of the people degenerate due to race mixing and eventually they die out. Himmler praises Hitler for stopping this process in Germany, but of course it can certainly be argued that such a process is well underway in present-day Germany.

Himmler discusses the racial criteria for membership in the SS—“the physical ideal, the Nordic type of man” (252)—and he discusses several requirements of SS men, such as marriage that must be undertaken with a concern for one’s ancestors, “the eternal origins of its people” (256).

* * *

The American poet Ezra Pound’s essay “The Jews and This War” (1939) gives a good summary of historical Jewish communities which were dominated by an intermarrying elite (often called “court Jews”) with close connections to the aristocracy which they served in a variety of functions, such as in finance and tax farming. He correctly notes that these Jewish communities (“Kahals”) were well-organized, taxed their members, and could ostracize Jews who dissented from community policy. Pound believes that “today’s Kahal is centered on Wall Street, with branch offices in London and Paris” (265), and “the complex of Roosevelt’s governing instincts are those of the Kahal. In our times, England and France are governed as the Kahal would rule them” 266). While praising the “Nazi and fascist programs” as “based on European dispositions and beliefs that move to ever higher levels of development,” the American spirit “is but a dark and profaned memory, one that we Americans have a duty to pull out of the grave, hidden under piles of trash” (266–267). He concludes with a call to liberty: “Freedom is not a right; it is a duty” (267).

* * *

Robert Ley, described by Dalton in his introduction as “one of the brightest and best educated leaders of NS Germany” (269), is represented with his 1941 essay “International Melting Pot or United Nation-States of Europe?”—a prescient essay on the globalist future of Europe if Germany loses the war. He regarded Jews as a mongrel race resulting from breeding with many peoples (not supported by recent population genetic research)—a race that had evolved into a parasite. Germans on the other hand are a pure race that the Jews want to destroy: “the Jew had to drag down the ideals of other men to blur the gap between themselves and the pure races” (271) and to destroy nations which he sees as racially homogeneous entities. The League of Nations, “which ought to be called the Melting Pot, gave Jewry its final triumph. Here all nationalist promptings and all ethnic and racially conditioned characteristics of state and law were condemned as abominations” (274). “We National Socialists base our worldview on the natural laws of race, heredity, the biological laws of life, and the laws of space and soil, energy and action” (275). On the other hand, England is “governed mostly by the Jew and his money” (278), and Ley recounts post-World War I atrocities against Germany enacted by “the masters of Versailles” who are “slaves of the Jew, in the service of Freemasonry and international Marxism” aiming to destroy Germany. Much of the essay is directed at working-class Germans warning them not to be seduced by socialist ideas such as the international proletariat (“international romanticism”[282]) that prioritizes class interests over racial/ethnic interests: “The slogan of international solidarity of the working class was the greatest fraud and the basest lie that the Jew ever concocted” (281).

* * *

Theodore N. Kaufman, a Jewish businessman, wrote “Germany Must Perish” (1941) calling for the extermination of the German people. It did not have much impact in the U.S. when first published, but, after Goebbels used it as proof of a genocidal plan on the part of the allies, notices began to appear in the American media. Kaufman’s screed is indeed genocidal in intent, based on the claim that Germany is “at war with humanity” (289). Nothing less than a “TOTAL PENALTY” (289; emphasis in original) is called for. “Germany must perish forever! In fact—not in fancy” (289). This solution must apply to all Germans whether or not they agreed with their leaders. Sterilization of both sexes would accomplish the goal and could be carried out within “three years or less” (308).

* * *

Wolfgang Diewerge’s 1941 essay “The War Goal of World Plutocracy” is a comment on Kaufman’s booklet. Diewerge, a top aide to Goebbels, falsely claims that Kaufman is well-connected—“no fanatic rejected by world Jewry, no insane creature, but rather a leading and widely known Jewish figure in the United States” (312) and a member of Roosevelt’s “brain trust.” And he claims that Kaufman’s view “is the official opinion of the leading figures of world plutocracy.” Diewerge is happy the booklet has been published because it makes clear to Germans what is at stake in the war, and he reminds his readers of the Jewish role in the Soviet mass murders, “and now during the great battle for freedom in the East, Jewish commissars with machine guns stand behind the Bolshevist soldiers and shoot down the stupid masses if they begin to retreat” (325).

His chilling conclusion: “It is not a war of the past, which can find its end in the balancing of interests. It is a matter of who shall live in Europe in the future: the white race with its cultural values and creativity, with its industry and joy in life, or Jewish sub-humanity ruling over the stupid, joyless enslaved masses doomed to death” (328). One thinks of the Great Replacement and Mayorkas’s open border policy allowing millions of uneducated, impoverished non-Whites in the U.S—migrants who will be indoctrinated to hate Whites. The same thing is happening throughout the West.

* * *

The final essay is Heinrich Goitsch’s “Never!,” written in 1944 when it was apparent that Germany would be defeated. As Dalton notes in his Introduction, it was “a kind of final plea to the German people, to keep fighting, to keep up morale, and to struggle until the bitter end” (331). It includes dire foreboding of the consequences of defeat, quoting several prominent sources as desiring the end of the German people, including the notorious Morgenthau Plan, proposed by U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., calling for the de-industrialization of Germany—a plan that would have meant millions of deaths by starvation—and a fantasy of Soviet-Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg in which “Germany finally ceased to exist. Of its 55 million inhabitants, at most 100,000 remain.” He also notes a pre-war statement of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, the international Jewish organization established in Paris, that “This German-Aryan people must vanish from history’s stage.”



This is an important collection. The main takeaway is that the criticisms of Jews have been remarkably consistent over this period, and indeed, many can be seen throughout the history Jews in the West as noted in the beginning of this essay. However, there was a definite shift with the onset of the Enlightenment. Several of these writers note that the Enlightenment allowed the Jews unparalleled opportunities that had not been available previously, because, in general, Jews were at least somewhat constrained in their ability to dominate societies economically. The general picture prior to the Enlightenment was that Jews made alliances with corrupt non-Jewish elites and were allowed to exploit the lower orders of society via practices such as usury and tax farming in return for giving the aristocracy a cut, although there certainly were exceptions, such as Louis IX of France (St. Louis) who abhorred the effects of Jewish economic exploitation on his subjects.[2]From Separation and Its Discontents, Ch. 4: King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis), who lived like a monk though one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Europe, was a particularly zealous warrior in carrying out the Church’s economic and political programs. Louis attempted to develop a corporate, hegemonic Christian entity in which social divisions within the Christian population were minimized in the interests of group harmony. Consistent with this group-oriented perspective, Louis appears to have been genuinely concerned about the effect of Jewish moneylending on society as a whole, rather than its possible benefit to the crown—a major departure from the many ruling elites throughout history who have utilized Jews as a means of extracting resources from their subjects. An ordinance of 1254 prohibited Jews from engaging in moneylending at interest and encouraged them to live by manual labor or trade. Louis also ordered that interest payments be confiscated, and he took similar action against Christian moneylenders (see Richard 1992, 162). Although there is no question that Louis evaluated the Jews negatively as an outgroup (as indicated, e.g., by his views that the Talmud was blasphemous, and by his “habitual reference to the Jews’ ‘poison’ and ‘filth’ ” [Schweitzer 1994, 150]), Louis was clearly most concerned about Jewish behavior perceived as exploitative rather than simply excluding Jews altogether because of their outgroup status. A contemporary biographer of Louis, William of Chartres, quotes him as determined “that [the Jews] may not oppress Christians through usury and that they not be permitted, under the shelter of my protection, to engage in such pursuits and to infect my land with their poison” (in Chazan 1973, 103). Louis therefore viewed the prevention of Jewish economic relations with Christians not as a political or economic problem but as a moral and religious obligation. Since the Jews were present in France at his discretion, it was his responsibility to prevent the Jews from exploiting his Christian subjects. Edward I of England, who expelled the Jews in 1290, appears to have held similar views on royal responsibility for the well-being of his subjects (Stow 1992, 228–229). After the Enlightenment, Jews continued to make alliances with non-Jewish elites but there were many more economic niches available, and Jews rapidly advanced throughout Western societies, including in the universities and in political culture which had been closed off to them.

Particularly important is that the nineteenth century saw the rise of mass media and the ability of Jews to dominate or at least have a major influence on the media environment and on the culture at large—a major complaint of several writers who saw Jewish cultural influence as entirely negative, including their role in cultural criticism in the arts and in discussions of religion, denigrating the history and accomplishments of the traditional non-Jewish culture, disseminating of pornography, and penalizing individuals who criticize Jewish influence, Richard Wagner being the exemplar of the latter.

I was particularly struck by Dostoevsky’s comment that Jews attempt to lay claim to the moral high ground, complaining incessantly about their “their humiliation, their suffering, their martyrdom” while nevertheless controlling the stock exchanges of Europe “and therefore politics, domestic affairs, and morality of the states” (83). Seizing the moral high ground was impossible for Jews in traditional Western cultures where the main influences were the Church and aristocratic culture. But because of the rise of mass-circulation newspapers and the influx of Jews into academia, Jewish claims to the moral high ground pervade the contemporary West where the holocaust narrative is ubiquitous in all forms of media and throughout the educational system, while, as in Dostoevsky’s time, on average Jews are far better off than other citizens.


Such appeals to the moral high ground are uniquely effective in the West as an individualist culture—an important theme of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition where reputation in a moral community rather than kinship forms the basic social glue . As a dominant cultural elite, Jews are able to establish the dominant moral community via their influence on the media and academic culture. In the contemporary West, that means inculcating White guilt, not only for the holocaust (seen as the inevitable outcome of the long history of anti-Semitism in Western culture), but also for the West’s history of slavery and conquest (seen as uniquely evil rather than a human universal—while ignoring the West’s role in ending slavery and generally advancing the areas they colonized).

The weakness of individualism and its concomitant traits in competition with Jews is a recurrent theme. For example, Jews are realists about their interests and rationally evaluate others in terms of their interests; they have a high degree of solidarity. On the other hand, Germans are idealistic, acting on moral values that apply to everyone, and they are trusting in the good intentions of others, often believing that Judaism was just another religion rather than a state within a state and having very different interests than Germans and indeed, hostile to them.

A repeated theme is the centrality of Jewish wealth for understanding Jewish influence. Particularly standing out is Drumont’s comment on the obeisance of the French nobility to the wealthy Jews who had nothing but contempt for them and eagerly anticipated the downfall of the gentile aristocracy that would ultimately be servants to the Jews. “What brings these representatives of the aristocracy under [Rothschild’s] roof? Respect for money. What will they do there? Kneel before the Golden Calf” (126). Needless to say, from fawning politicians dependent on Jewish campaign contributions, to virtually anyone who wants to get ahead or maintain their position in the culture of today’s West, it’s the same now. Just ask Kanye West.


[1] The page numbers in the section on Wilhelm Marr are from a different translation; see:; see also: Kevin MacDonald, “Wilhelm Marr’s The Victory of Judaism over Germanism Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View, The Occidental Observer October 10, 2010).

[2] From Separation and Its Discontents, Ch. 4: King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis), who lived like a monk though one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Europe, was a particularly zealous warrior in carrying out the Church’s economic and political programs. Louis attempted to develop a corporate, hegemonic Christian entity in which social divisions within the Christian population were minimized in the interests of group harmony. Consistent with this group-oriented perspective, Louis appears to have been genuinely concerned about the effect of Jewish moneylending on society as a whole, rather than its possible benefit to the crown—a major departure from the many ruling elites throughout history who have utilized Jews as a means of extracting resources from their subjects. An ordinance of 1254 prohibited Jews from engaging in moneylending at interest and encouraged them to live by manual labor or trade. Louis also ordered that interest payments be confiscated, and he took similar action against Christian moneylenders (see Richard 1992, 162). Although there is no question that Louis evaluated the Jews negatively as an outgroup (as indicated, e.g., by his views that the Talmud was blasphemous, and by his “habitual reference to the Jews’ ‘poison’ and ‘filth’ ” [Schweitzer 1994, 150]), Louis was clearly most concerned about Jewish behavior perceived as exploitative rather than simply excluding Jews altogether because of their outgroup status. A contemporary biographer of Louis, William of Chartres, quotes him as determined “that [the Jews] may not oppress Christians through usury and that they not be permitted, under the shelter of my protection, to engage in such pursuits and to infect my land with their poison” (in Chazan 1973, 103). Louis therefore viewed the prevention of Jewish economic relations with Christians not as a political or economic problem but as a moral and religious obligation. Since the Jews were present in France at his discretion, it was his responsibility to prevent the Jews from exploiting his Christian subjects. Edward I of England, who expelled the Jews in 1290, appears to have held similar views on royal responsibility for the well-being of his subjects (Stow 1992, 228–229).

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dream says:

    Meanwhile in Israel.

  2. no one did more to aggrandize the Jews than Hitler and his movement,

    who, together with the Zionist wing of organized Jewry,

    put Israel-in-Palestine on the demographic map via the 1930’s Transfer Agreement

    and then, via their failed attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe,

    gave the Jews postwar A#1 Victim Group Entitlement status. Which

    (((they))) have since parlayed into total control of every institution

    in the remnant white nations.

  3. A. Clifton says: • Website

    So when did the first “PROSELYTE” to Talmudic Judaism show up in the

    “OLD TESTAMENT”….where there are no so-called…{{{{ “JEWS”}}}} from the

    land of Gog & Magog…?

    or conversely, how do modern day {{{{PROSELYTES}}}} to TALMUDIC JUDAISM
    from the land of GOG & MAGOG turn into the 12 TRIBES listed in Gen. 49….?

    Matthew 13: 39-43.

  4. Thomasina says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “…via their failed attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe…”

    There was no such attempt. If their motive was to exterminate them, they could have just lined them up against a wall and pulled the trigger.

    “…gave the Jews postwar A#1 Victim Group Entitlement status.”

    Threats, bribery, blackmail and monopoly work wonders, don’t they? Until they don’t.

    • Agree: Petermx, HdC, mark green
    • Disagree: René Fries
    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  5. folkvangr says:

    FYI: Synagoges are 40% subsidized by your taxpayer money.
    Purim is a holiday when Jews celebrate the early anti-Gentile Holocaust, during which 75,000 persians were killed in a most barbaric way imaginable.
    “Talmud subverts the Christian idea of Jesus’s ressurection and insists, he got the punishment he deserved in hell – and that a similar fate awaits his followers.” (Dr. Peter Schafer, “Jesus in the Talmud” Princeton University Press 2007)

    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @Che Guava
  6. @Haxo Angmark

    via their failed attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe,

    gave the Jews postwar A#1 Victim Group Entitlement status. Which

    (((they))) have since parlayed into total control of every institution

    in the remnant white nations.

    Jews were already taking over the West before Hitler came to power in 1933. They had engineered the Bolshevik Revolution, purchased major media outlets like the NY Times, created studios in Hollywood and had huge influence in banking and big business.

    Without the Holocaust they would have simply come with up other horror stories- real or imagined- to brainwash gentiles such as the lynching of child rapist Leo Frank.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  7. @Haxo Angmark

    “no one did more to aggrandize the Jews than Hitler and his movement” – Why condemn the one man in history who tried to free his people from Jewish power and subversion? He was not perfect, but with the entire weight of the world on his shoulders and having to fight off British, Russian, and American armies, I’d say he did a pretty good job under the circumstances.

    In my view, we don’t have to emulate Hitler and the optics of the National Socialists of the 1930s, but we ought to at least respect the man and his efforts to save his people. Our people ought to hold him in high esteem and remember his ideas.

    “via their failed attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe” – No, there were no plans or efforts to “exterminate the Jews of Europe.” Sure, some Jews were executed by the Nazis, but there was no grand extermination plan. There were no gas chambers, no masturbation machines, and all the crazy things Jews claim about how they were tortured and killed.

    The Transfer Agreement, if anything, shows how the National Socialists sought a peaceful and non-violent approach to ridding the nation of its disruptive and revolutionary Jews.

    • Agree: Pheasant, HdC
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  8. mephisto says:

    Ezra Pound interests me the most. Such a gentle soul who spoke the truth and feared no consequences. Did he perhaps see the end time when he would be vindicated? It is said that for poets time does not exist.
    Is the reckoning near?

    His poem.

    The Garden


    The tree has entered my hands,
    The sap has ascended my arms,
    The tree has grown in my breast-
    The branches grow out of me, like arms.

    Tree you are,
    Moss you are,
    You are violets with wind above them.
    A child – so high – you are,
    And all this is folly to the world.

    I know not what the future holds,
    Or what the past meant.
    I know only that I am with you,
    Here, now,
    All else must go.

    The light spreads out from your breast,
    The shadow of the leaves,
    Like the shadows of the dead.

    I am not so sure of death,
    It seems so long.
    I am not so sure of death,
    It is not so long.

  9. Franz says:

    Marr was absolutely a prophet.

    One complaint on that lad however: He admits that the Jews have conquered Germany, it’s over, kaput, except for one last spasm which will be beaten and then the rule of Zion over Germany will be absolute and eternal.

    Marr makes no mention of the fact that Germans — however weak they may be at any specific time — have a right to Germany. Even theoretically, Jews do not. Jews may argue that “Countries are only lines drawn on maps” but only a fool or a hopeless ideologue believes that.

    Just as a future American regime will go full reactionary, wall off the border and send millions of interlopers back, so can Germans. It’s easier to imagine Europeans (wherever they live) doing a 180 and going full fascist than it is to imagine citizens tempering to other side with logic and good sense. It’s way too late for that.

    • Replies: @metternich
  10. @Thomasina

    keep on denying the obvious, Pomo kiddie. That’ll

    never defeat the Jews. A winning strategy:

    use the Nazi-Zionist holocaust connection

    to drive a wedge between today’s Zionists

    and the current left-lib diaspora Jews.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  11. Brosi says:

    This is enabled by their absorption in profit: “A Jew may stop and admire a flower … but at the same moment he is asking himself: “How much can I make from it” (emphasis in original; 48). They are a “chosen people” and with the faith that “the treasures of this world are their inheritance”

    This is why we have a war in “Ukraine”. Crimea, the fertile soils of “Ukraine”, and all those valuable resources are “the treasures of this world [that] are their inheritance”.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  12. “the financing of revolutionaries within Russia by wealthy Jews such as Jacob Schiff.”

    Unfortunately for this author, there’s evidence that Schiff ever gave any subsidies to any of the groups who mattered. There were 3 specific political groups which played the leading roles in defining revolutionary politics in Russia in the early 1900s. These were the Social Revolutionaries, Mensheviks and Bolsheviks. There’s no evidence that Schiff ever did anything to support these groups. I was once referred to an article in Jewish Social Studies by Zosa Szajkowski with the title “Paul Nathan, Lucien Wolf, Jacob Schiff and the Jewish Revolutionary Movements in Eastern Europe, 1903-1917” (Volume 29, Number 1). It didn’t surprise me in the least that the article provided no evidence of Schiff ever having supported any of the above 3 revolutionary parties.

    Instead, Szajkowski provides evidence of Schiff having supported the Constitutional Democrats, the Jewish Bund and some other equally irrelevant parties. A thorough reading of Szajkowski simply shows the absence of any connection Schiff and the revolutionary parties which played important roles in the revolutionary movement. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Schiff would have supported the Constitutional Democrats, since that party was the closest thing to a movement towards classical liberalism which existed in Russia. But they proved to be totally irrelevant since the population at large never supported them, although the CDs probably had the highest share of Jewish supporters of any party in Russia.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  13. Himmler discusses the racial criteria for membership in the SS—“the physical ideal, the Nordic type of man” (252)—and …

    blah, blah. That didn’t last long. After most of the originals were killed in the war he was happy to start admitting Muslims, East Europeans, Indians, and dropping the standards lower and lower. Had the war lasted long enough to have all these wiped out he’d have been glad to accept Africans. Yeah, Himmler had a plan … until he got punched in the nose (as Mike Tyson would say). Or he had ideals until reality slapped him in the face.

    • Agree: Zane, Joe Levantine
  14. Know the History: Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850–1945
    Kevin MacDonald • January 4, 2023 • 10,100 Words • 5 Comments

    Very well done synopsis. MacDonald come of age, condensing a dozen generations memory.

    To the point: Kanye West a cheap tool, as cheap as only Jews can fabricate, make and break, as much as an Arnold Schwarzenegger, steroid dopey, and toy-boy to the Wieder brothers (Jew as can be), the earlier model.

    The easiest preys to the Jew mindset and drive are all of these insignificant, bottomless politicians-whores that populate US Congress and the White House frontispiece, NATO, EU, Germany’s Reichstag. To keep it relevant to today’s playbook, just mentioning, the “Neo-Nazis” getting mangled to the tune of global Jew interests in Ukraine. The Whiteys have themselves to blame. Keep kissing, Douglas McGregor, Mr. Ritter any-one?

    Putin made some steps into opposite directions, steering away from the Jew dominance [not by talent, but by drive], and the reverse rendition of the financial and media institutes. Is this for real? Is this the drive emanating from a single individual, or is it a patch of Slav obvious rendering to historical reality, elite, thinking?

    Important notice: renegade Jews as P.C.R. and Ronny Unz not with-standing.

    Now send this comment to the back of the queue.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  15. real attitudes of Germans toward real Jews

    My family – I don’t speak of the Fries only, but also of the Blasius, Zwick, von Nell and Weibler – was long acquainted with the Marx family in Trier, the grand-father of my grand-father having been a friend and chess partner to Heinrich, the father of Karl. I never heard anything disparaging about Jews in general (only Karl wasn’t held in an odor of sanctity).

  16. Dr. Doom says:

    The fake jew is a meat puppet of Satan.
    They have never had a real idea of their own.

    They are a self destructive suicide cult.
    Nothing they want is true.

    Their attempt to create 2800 brown slaves.
    2800 times their own population.

    It’s a formula for mass extinction.
    They are too self absorbed and stupid to see it.

    Do not bother to try to explain it to them.
    They are programmed for this.

    Fanatics can’t be reasoned with.
    The only way to stop them is to destroy them.

    You or them. No coexistence is possible.
    They will destroy the world with their greed and stupidity.

  17. Jews have taken no part in creating German language and culture

    plainly and demonstrably false.

    – Language: “Schlamassel”, “Mischpoke”, “Schachern”, “Ramsch” immediately come to my mind, and a little research gives

    – Culture: I already have, but bis (ter) repetita placent. Moses Mendelssohn (philosopher), his grandson Felix (composer) are top notch world class, as are the writers Franz Kafka, Stefan Zweig and the composer Gustav Mahler. There are very many others, but I would not put them into the Top Ten.

  18. @folkvangr

    the early anti-Gentile Holocaust

    plain bullshit, it never happened except in the imagination of those post-exilic writers who had to explain the evident neglect of the Hebrews by YHWH. If you need any reference, I already have made some Inârah quote, so yo can look it up by clicking my name and scrolling down

    • Disagree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @folkvangr
  19. Che Guava says:

    Not being U.S., I didn’t know of the synagogue subsidies.

    I did see photos of the giant menorah outside the White House, and in many other places by people who have attacked the display of Christian symbols for decades.

    From the article, Marr was interesting, negative, a little misinformed, prophetic.

    Also, I now know why St. Louis is a particular target.

    East Asian people visiting north America or Eurnpe don’t want to see a big mess created by Jews. Tourist trade is very much down. One of the things I’d like to have seen in the U.S.A. was the monuments in Richmond.

    All gone now. Likewise, used to think of going there and buyimg a Greyhound bus ticket, Amtrak doesn’t seem to go anywhere much that isn’t insanely dangerous or overpriced, or both, I don’t want to visit small-town U.S.A. and find a bunch of Somalis and section 8 weaponised savages.

  20. To be fair, one must consider that the Jews themselves have been plagued by their 13th tribe. Every 18th or 19th century Jew who has tried to leave the getho has been dealt with severely and up to murder. The last Tzar of Russia planned to build new and elegant housing to remove the Russian Jews from the getho. Guess who refused? It is always this group at the top who sought wealth and power at the expense of everyone including their own people. Look at what they did to Jews in order to drive imigration to Palestine. One thing that never stopped to amaze me is this passage in the Talmud: God is impressed with the logic inscribed in the Talmud, that He stands at attention when it is read. The hubris is as big as the mount of Sinai… Masters of the Universe.

    • Agree: metternich, folkvangr
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Oscar Goldman
  21. @René Fries

    …ooops, I forgot Heinrich Heine. Here:

    “Ach! man sollte eigentlich gegen niemanden in dieser Welt schreiben. Jeder ist selbst krank genug in diesem großen Lazarett, und manche polemische Lektüre erinnert mich unwillkürlich an ein widerwärtiges Gezänk in einem kleineren Lazarett zu Krakau, wobei ich mich als zufälliger Zuschauer befand und wo entsetzlich anzuhören war, wie die Kranken sich einander ihre Gebrechen spottend vorrechneten, wie ausgedörrte Schwindsüchtige den aufgeschwollenen Wassersüchtling verhöhnten, wie der eine lachte über den Nasenkrebs des anderen und dieser wieder über Maulsperre und Augenverdrehung seiner Nachbarn, bis am Ende die Fiebertollen nackt aus den Betten sprangen und den andern Kranken die Decken und Laken von den wunden Leibern rissen und nichts als scheußliches Elend und Verstümmelung zu sehen war // One should not really write against anyone in this world. Everyone is sick enough in this large hospital, and some polemical reading reminds me involuntarily of a disgusting quarrel in a smaller hospital in Krakow, where I found myself as a casual spectator and where it was appalling to hear the sick mocking each other about their ailments, how parched consumptives mocked the swollen water addict, how one laughed at the other’s nasal cancer and the latter again at the lockjaw and eye-twisting of his neighbors, until in the end the fever-ridden jumped naked from their beds and tore the blankets and sheets from the sore bodies of the other patients, and nothing was to be seen but hideous misery and mutilation” (Heinrich Heine, Sämtliche Werke Band VI, Kindler Verlag 1964 p. 28)

  22. Article after article about the jews and their evil nature but the bulk of the readership as well as authors support the institution that gives them their power, the government.

    You keep voting for more and more gov’t continuously entrenching the jew at every step. The jews own the gov’t; they, in large measure, are the gov’t. Their control over currency creation and the dumbing down of the society to the point that most can’t differentiate “money” from “currency” has stupefied the masses to the point they supposedly voted in a near cadaver as president.

    Keep writing about the jews and keep voting to make everything you’ve written worthless.

    The founding of this country was structured in such a manner so as to present a false picture that rights are somehow tied to government parchment, which is a gross misrepresentation of fact. No rights come from any piece of paper, no rights can be secured by governments; for if that is so, then no rights ever existed in the first place. This is one of the most egregious misconceptions of duped Americans who have been inundated with the notion that some constitution is there to protect their freedom. It is not!
    Gary D. Barnett

    • Agree: William Gruff, Bro43rd
    • Thanks: Kali
  23. @Franz

    Agree on Marr, his observations still hold true as much and even more so than at the time of writing, all packed in under 100 pages of merciless precision.
    About Germany: very debateable. When you invite strangers to live in your house, hand them the keys, ur wife and kids, and play servant, its basically game over, you made ur weakness and will to die clear. same here. Germans have been fully castrated and actually ENJOY their slave status, seems they finally found their destiny fulfilled and as always in history getting perfectly suppressed and held like cattle by their own set of opportunists and traitors. There is simply no insult or humiliation the Germans wouldnt swallow with a smile. in few words: they had their fair chances in history, were weighed and found wanting

    • Replies: @One Nobody
  24. Great choice of authors. I would add one standing out in depth and tragedy, little known today: Otto Weininger. A striking genius bordering on the messianic, way beyond and above even the best of the authors presented here, he died a young man but left behind a small opus of most precious insights and truths wrought in torment and written with deepest red heart blood.

    • Disagree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @Dumbo
  25. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, and an antisemitic one to boot, but after reading the section above about Dostoyevsky’s Diary of a Writer, I went looking for it on Internet Archive, which usually offers free downloads of books that are no longer bound by copyright. It has a few for lending, but none for downloading, which is unusual. Then I looked on, an international source for finding used books. I found it there, but very expensive, that is, thirty dollars for poor used copies merely of volume 2. For a writer widely recognized as one of the great novelists of all times, it is rather peculiar that there are no inexpensive paperback versions available.

    • Agree: William Gruff
    • Thanks: chris
    • Replies: @xyzxy
  26. @PetrOldSack

    Germany’s Reichstag

    yeah, and why not Luxembourg’s Reichstag?

    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @PetrOldSack
  27. @RoatanBill

    false picture that rights are somehow tied to government parchment, which is a gross misrepresentation of fact

    utterly false, indeed. Btw, I never voted, being lucky enough to be a “stranger” here in Belgium (I could have registered but OF COURSE didn’t)

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  28. Judd says:

    you cannot buy this book on amazon. It is available on barnes and noble in print. when I did a search on jew owned duckduckgo it returned 2 links from amazon, both of which were dead links “oops looks like this page doesnt exist” type thing, then I went into amazon and searched for the book and they dont sell it. In fact of the 46 results I got back from amazon search one of them was a book titled “the problem with Islam today” LOL. I search for a fucking book with the terms “Jewish” and “Question” and you spit back Islam?? lolol, somebody is playing with that search algo.

    the book is also available on bookshop and alibris.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  29. > Although “racial anti-Semites” are often portrayed as viewing Jews as genetically inferior or even subhuman,

    Where do you get this from? Try reading Eberhart Jaeckel, Hitler’s World View: A Blueprint for Power. He outlines Hitler’s views as centering around 3 ethnic groups: Aryans, Jews and Slavs. It was the Slavs who were viewed “as genetically inferior or even subhuman.” But I certainly don’t recall Jaeckel ever trying to make that claim about Hitler’s views of Jews.

    • Replies: @Vladimir
  30. @RockaBoatus

    “we ought to at least respect the man and his efforts to save his people.”

    Attempting to conquer living space in eastern Europe with the aim that 30 million or so Slavs should die of starvation, as outlined in the Hunger Plan developed by Herbert Backe, involves a lot more than just “saving his people.”

    • Agree: Corvinus, Durruti
    • Disagree: Pheasant, RockaBoatus
    • Replies: @folkvangr
    , @RockaBoatus

    As much I respect some aspects of Prof. MacDonald’s work, glaring errors often appear, which I find rather embarrassing, and this is characteristic of the alt-right as a whole.

    For example, lumping Damien Hirst together with other “decadent Jewish” painters. I googled Hirst only to discover on his wikipedia autobiography that he was born “Damien Brennan” in Bristol, son of an Irish mother, a typical Irish-Catholic name. He never knew his biological father. A step-father who worked as an auto-mechanic is mentioned. Was this the “Hirst” whose name Damien Hirst took? Was he Jewish? No information could be gleaned.

    This is typical of anti-Semitic paranoia, what Ashkenazi Jews would call “goyishe narrishkeyt,” “goy stupidity.” To beat the Jew you have to out-jew the Jew. You can’t be a stupid goy and make mistakes when writing about these subjects. You have to learn Yiddish, Hebrew and Aramaic. You have to read the Talmud and Shulhan Arukh and the Yiddish and Hebrew press in the original. You can’t be a dilletante. Like the idiots who say that Stalin was Jewish because “Djugashvili” is a Jewish name. Total nonsense. Or that Beria was Jewish. Total nonsense. Beria was actually Mingrelian and, according to the Russian entry in wikipedia, his mother was related to the noble house of Dadiani, and being Mingrelian also obviously Orthodox Christian aristocracy.

    Strictly speaking, Adorno was also not Jewish. At least not halakhically jewish. Adorno could not be buried in a Jewish cemetery, whereas Harrison Ford could because his mother is Jewish, thereby making him a Jew.

    Adorno’s father, Theodor Wiesengrund, was an assimilated German Jew who converted to Protestantism. Adorno’s mother, whose name he took, Maria Calvelli-Adorno della Piana, was Italian. I am not sure whether Adorno was baptized in the Catholic church. If he was baptized, then according to the Magisterium of the Catholic church, Adorno is a lapsed Catholic and apostate. Once baptized always baptized. Ceraintly, the Jewish zealots in the current Israeli government would consider Adorno to be a goy, even if he were eligible for Israeli citizenship according to the Law of Return.

    The atheist alt-right people don’t understand that contemporary Jewry’s power is metaphysical. The sublunary sphere is the realm of the demons, the adverse powers of the aerial realm. Kabbalah is Jewish voodoo, occult black magic and sorcery, manipulation of reality through spells, like modern advertising or Hollywood. Whoever works with these unclean forces gets power in the world. Sell your soul to the devil, and you may do well in the casino of life, but then there’s hell to pay. I wouldn’t want to be in Sheldon Adelson’s shoes on the Judgment Day. None of his Macau casinos will help him on Doomsday. Even so, I hope Sheldon repented, because I wouldn’t even want a man as odious as Adelson to suffer eternity in hell. The only antidote to fighting Antichrist is Christ and the katehon, the power that restrains (II Thessalonians). But going there takes a bit of humility. Thor and Odin won’t help you in your struggle against the Novus Ordo Saeculorum and kabbalistic Freemasonry. Neither will Judaized protestantism, libertarianism, or Americanism. America itself was founded on Judaic principles. Catholics had it much worse in America in the 19th century than Jewish plutocrats. There were signs in Boston “Irish need not apply” or “Irishmen and dogs not welcome.” There were never signs that said: “Jews need not apply.” Jewish capital was always welcome in America. The WASPs in their endless greed and avarice are to blame. It was only when the Jews gained the upper hand that the WASPs began to realize what they’d done.

    My advice is: brush up on your critical apparatus and go back to philology. Otherwise, when you make these embarrassing errors, the whole movement looks like a bunch of “dumb goy” haters.

    Best, Anonymous Critic but hopefully not “Culture of Critique”

  32. Pheasant says:

    He was a woman hating Jew who did the right thing and blew his brains out.

  33. @René Fries

    If you think that quote strikes a chord, I posted a link to where I got it from on today’s Newslinks. Barnett knows the score and his writings are often featured on Lew Rockwell’s site.

    • Thanks: René Fries
  34. @Haxo Angmark

    There was no attempt to exterminate the jews of Europe.

    But thanks for pushing the jew narrative.

    I guess I hit agree when I meant disagree.

    Red Cross said that 250K jews perished in the war, while at least 55 MILLION non-jews were slaughtered. I’d say the extermination was done on white people, not jews.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  35. Durruti says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    no one did more to aggrandize the Jews than Hitler and his movement,

    For goodness sake, get it right. Adolf Hitler was a Zionist Agent. He served them from 1918, to the end, 1945. The Nazis were organized and educated/programmed by the Zionist oligarchs, just as they are in 2023, in the ‘Ukraine – Kievan Russ, and the rest of the world. The Entity newspaper, Haaretz, pretended to be shocked and outraged, when the News/Truth leaked out.

    The Haaretz article is difficult to locate (I posted it on this forum last year), so this link will have to suffice.!&&p=8daa286734104ffcJmltdHM9MTY3Mjg3NjgwMCZpZ3VpZD0zN2Y4MjQxYy0wYWE3LTZjY2ItM2NlNi0zNjhjMGIxOTZkMjkmaW5zaWQ9NTI4Mg&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=37f8241c-0aa7-6ccb-3ce6-368c0b196d29&psq=Haaretz+article+exposing+israel%27s+support+for+Ukraine%27s+Nazis&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbGVjdHJvbmljaW50aWZhZGEubmV0L2Jsb2dzL2FzYS13aW5zdGFubGV5L2lzcmFlbC1zdGlsbC1hcm1pbmctdWtyYWluaWFuLW5hemlz&ntb=1

    Why do most on this website cover up Hitler’s links-service to the Zionist Oligarchs? They are mostly those who refuse to discuss the actual overthrow of our Republic, and murder of our last Constitutional President, John F Kennedy, in the Coup D’état of November 22, 1963.

    Too many commentators attempt to treat Adolf Hitler as a Hero, as some translation of a Freedom Fighter, for some Race. As with Casino Trump, Obomber, Killery, Clinton in a Blue dress, and Kamala, and Demented Biden, they and Hitler, and his Nazis, serve/d the same masters. Just look at Kievan Russ/Ukraine for the REPEATED Clues. Jews train and fund Nazis with American money. Some things do not change, The REPEATED Pattern of Zionist manipulation and use of Nazis, and of Butchery, that often leads to Wars, some of them World Conflagrations, is all too clear. The information is in front of your eyes. Take off your Shades/sunglasses, take a good look.

    Take a good look!!!

    *One might peruse Koestlers, The Thirteenth Tribe.

  36. Realist says:

    Article after article about the jews and their evil nature but the bulk of the readership as well as authors support the institution that gives them their power, the government.

    Agreed. For years I have commented on the pissing and moaning about Jewish power and the lack of a solution. Most would rather piss and moan.

  37. xyzxy says:

    …Dostoyevsky’s Diary of a Writer, I went looking for it on Internet Archive, which usually offers free downloads of books that are no longer bound by copyright. It has a few for lending, but none for downloading, which is unusual.

    Internet Archive link below.

    • Replies: @Tono-Bungay
  38. @Robert Dolan

    While the fabled six million is almost certainly a bloated exaggeration, the Red Cross did not ever say that the total number of Jewish deaths in the war was only 250k. They would have delivered a report about certain concentration camps for which they felt they had adequate information to make an assessment and arrived at such a number. But it would not have counted all of even just the concentration camps (some of which were in Soviet-occupied territory after 1945), never mind Jews who simply died of starvation is a ghetto somewhere outside of any concentration camp or were gunned down and left in a ditch somewhere. The total of abnormal Jewish fatalities in WWII was almost certainly over 2 million, albeit probably much less than 6 million.

  39. xyzxy says:
    @René Fries

    The ‘creation’ of European languages was not Semitic in origin. Semitic words (among others) have been added, but the basic language is not a Jewish creation.

    Gustav Mahler was second rate (at best)–wholly derivative and full of bombast. He needed an editor to tone down his repetitions. For late Romantic, large symphonic work, compare and contrast with the master, Anton Bruckner. For his part, Felix Mendelssohn wrote inoffensive melody, which for a Jew is saying something. Certainly no Jew has ever approached Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven.

    I’d read Schiller, Goethe, Holderlin and Junger before I’d pick up the weird tales of Kafka, but YMMV.

    No one ranks Moses M. as part of the class of great German philosophers. No one.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @orchardist
  40. Maybe Wagner’s relationship with Jews was too complex to fathom. When he was an ambitious up and coming composer the gold standard was Meyerbeer. Wagner had a love and hate relationship with Meyerbeer who was unarguably a great artist even if you do not hear that much about him today. I cannot recall the last time the Met Saturday broadcast had a Meyerbeer opera although I don’t listen to every one of them.

    Eventually he surpassed the guy and I believe most fans would say that Meyerbeer’s effect of Wagner was greater than 90% positive. That essay Wagner wrote on Jew (mostly Meyerbeer) music is canonical.

    If you like opera and don’t know Meyerbeer’s work it is absolutely worth a listen.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  41. folkvangr says:
    @René Fries

    it never happened except in the imagination of those post-exilic writers

    LOL. It only proves that many jews suffer from a mental illness known as “pseudologia fantastica” (pathological lying). One of the most convincing example is one jew who infamously said when caught in his story-making “IT was real in my mind.” lol lol lol

  42. anarchyst says:

    The premise that you state:

    The founding of this country was structured in such a manner so as to present a false picture that rights are somehow tied to government parchment, which is a gross misrepresentation of fact. No rights come from any piece of paper, no rights can be secured by governments; for if that is so, then no rights ever existed in the first place. This is one of the most egregious misconceptions of duped Americans who have been inundated with the notion that some constitution is there to protect their freedom. It is not!
    Gary D. Barnett

    …is dead wrong, at least in principle.

    When it comes to the Constitution of the united States, it largely exists only on paper because much of the citizenry has been so conditioned to accept the false notion that our “rights” come from government (or from parchment) as the above statement by Gary D. Barnett states.

    The Constitution of the united States is a “charter of negative rights”
    that puts strict limits on what government may do, to wit: ”Congress shall make NO LAW, etc.”

    According to the wisdom of the founders, our “rights” are endowed by our Creator and cannot be abrogated or limited and do not come from a piece of paper, unlike in other countries.

    The founders KNEW that eventually, all governments degenerate into fiefdoms and kingdoms, ruled from the top down and that they do get oppressive and disregard their charters.

    By declaring that our RIGHTS are inherent in us merely being born, this takes the onus for authority and responsibility from government and puts it squarely on the INDIVIDUAL.

    No other system of government has a Constitution that puts the rights of the individual ABOVE that of government.

    Since 1865 and further in 1913, the Constitution of the united States and its “Bill of Rights” has been so bastardized, abused, ignored and nullified that we no longer live under a Constitutional form of government, and in many ways, are no better than other countries who consider their populations to be “subjects”, required to bend to the will of their “leaders”.

    In every other country, “rights” are actually “permissions” which can be revoked by those in power (governments) at any time.
    Look at Canada, which ran roughshod over its citizens’ (supposed) charter of rights with the “truckers’ protest” by seizing bank accounts, trucks and even children over the truckers’ refusal to disperse from their legal protest just because they could.

    It is long overdue to “take back” our birthright and return to sound Constitutional principles. We should start by repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution…

    • Agree: RestiveUs
    • Replies: @Judd
    , @Elinel
  43. Theodore N. Kaufman, a Jewish businessman, wrote “Germany Must Perish” (1941)

    Now the yids just say “all White people should die.” It’s amazing how Whites remain so ignorant.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  44. folkvangr says:
    @Patrick McNally

    The existence of such plan means little if anything at all. Never forget: Hitler also had a plan to conquer the whole world, including America. He did! I swear to God! lol

    That schlomopedia article where you got your information from also claims that “millions of Ukrainians died in German-occupied territories”, conveniently omitting the following facts:
    “The preconditions for famine had been created well in advance. The systematic evacuation measures of the Soviet authorities, implemented in line with a “scorched earth” strategy, had led to the removal of reserves of food products and raw materials, forage for livestock, and the livestock themselves from territory threatened with German occupation.
    All that could not be evacuated to the eastern regions was ordered destroyed or ruined by burning, soaking with water, gasoline, etc. Any reserves of food products (cellars, stores, bases) that remained after the Red Army’s retreat were taken by the local population, which anticipated the onset of difficult times. The savviest managed to accumulate significant stores of valuables. However, the majority were unable to create reserves for a “rainy day.” ( Oleksandr Lysenko, Tetiana Zabolotna, and Oleksandr Maievs’kyi East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies Volume VIII, No. 1 2021)
    I doubt that any German authority in occupied regions would have ordered food supplies “destroyed or ruined by burning, soaking with water, gasoline” just to kill the potential workforce they needed so badly. On the other hand in regions where the population was loyal to the occupation authorities the Germans made sure that students and teachers had enough food, the only precondion being they strike out the names of Stalin, Lenin and Trotzky from the

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  45. @xyzxy

    Thanks. I stand corrected.

  46. folkvangr says:
    @Che Guava

    Yes, America is becoming a sad place to live, but “something” tells me things will get better only because its people still have some Viking’s blood left in them.

  47. “Germanic indolence”- really? If there’s one race of people I won’t say are indolent they are the Germans.

  48. Dumbo says:

    Bur Weininger was jewish, so it was more an inside account?

    But he did say that jews tend to be more feminine (according to his theory of the male vs female mind). His theory about genius is interesting too.

    Another writer I missed was Hilaire Belloc, who wrote “The jews”, an interesting book which you can find to download here at Unz.

    I think Chesterton also wrote a book or essays about jews, but I don’t remember now the title.

  49. Dumbo says:

    There is a very interesting book by jewish author Joseph Roth (I think it’s called “The Spider’s Web”) written in 1923, where there is a mysterious jewish character who finances a right-wing nationalist in Weimar Germany, with the idea of playing one side against the other. This jewish character even says at one point that he hates Europeans and just wants to watch them killing each other.

    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @Durruti
  50. “Jewish aggressiveness and self-confidence: “He has absolutely no timidity” (133); “[the Jew] either grovels at your feet or crushes you under his heel. He is either on top or beneath, never beside” (135).”

    “Drumont claims that Aryans have several critical defects that allow Jewish domination—they are “enthusiastic, heroic, chivalrous, disinterested, frank, and trusting to the point of naivety,” while Jews are “mercantile, covetous, scheming, subtle, and cunning (129).”

    Jews are consummate con artists who play the long con. If they do not win today, they never give up. Jews are tribal and promote other Jews to the exclusion of all others. Jews try to dominate the media and always lie to their readers to get what they want. Jews know the importance of banking and politics. Jews understand the power of propaganda and brain washing. Jews love corruption, blackmail, deception, phony martyrdom, sexual perversion, lying, are parasitic and will use money as a measure of how worthy they are. Jews will not show their hand, will seemingly like you but always in their mind is how they can take advantage of non-Jews. Jews are warlike and Judaism is predatory against all non-Jews.

    Jews have a giant chip on their shoulder because Jews are responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and Jews want to be considered correct about their decision.

    Jews want to achieve worldwide “Jewish Supremacy,” and will do anything to achieve their evil ends, even if it takes a million years.

    In short, Jews are uncivilized and refuse to submit.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  51. @Dream

    So, it is not the Muslims that hate you so much.

  52. Pheasant says:
    @Adorno Wasn't Jewish


    While Hirst may be Irish Brennan is a Jewish surname in England.

  53. Pheasant says:
    @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    ‘Like the idiots who say that Stalin was Jewish because “Djugashvili” is a Jewish name. Total nonsense. Or that Beria was Jewish. Total nonsense. Beria was actually Mingrelian and, according to the Russian entry in wikipedia, his mother was related to the noble house of Dadiani, and being Mingrelian also obviously Orthodox Christian aristocracy.’

    Crypto Jews are a well attested phenomenon. Even Putins mother was Jewish.

  54. Pheasant says:

    ‘Strictly speaking, Adorno was also not Jewish. At least not halakhically jewish’

    Hair splitting. He was certainly Jewish enough to hate White people. Whites do not allow Jews to define who is and isnt a Jew for us.

  55. @metternich

    Feeling of total guilt towards someone without considering the impact of instigation of both parties is nothing more than existential mutilation.

  56. @folkvangr

    Hitler’s Second Book does indicate that he saw the US as a long-term rival which a future German power would likely be confronting. But he never actually worked out any concrete plans for anything resembling a conquest of the US. In contrast, the aim of conquering living space in eastern Europe for the Germanic Aryan race was central to his worldview and the plans which Backe made for allowing the mass-starvation of tens of millions of Slavs in the USSR were laid out before Operation Barbarossa had been launched. In practice, the fact that the Soviet army did not crumble within ten weeks or so, as Hitler had expected it would, meant that all of this was gradually shoved to the backburner. Once it was obvious that German soldiers would be engaged in heavy fighting across the Soviet landscape for several years, then it also became apparent that the main work of breeding crops and livestock in the occupied areas of the USSR would have to be done by Slavs.

    But for the record, information about such does not come from a “schlomopedia article” (whatever that may be), but from such sources as Alex Kay, Exploitation, Resettlement, Mass Murder: Political and Economic Planning for German Occupation Policy in the Soviet Union, 1940–1941.

    • Replies: @folkvangr
  57. Shamu says:

    The Jewish Problem is a religious problem. If Jesus were a fake, then Jewishness is the religion of God’s Chosen People, chosen to be superior to the vastly inferior, cattle-like goyim, which Jews, the Talmud makes clear, are meant to rule over as serfs, if not cattle on 2 feet. It does not matter that you do not believe in what you call just a tribal deity some obscure tribe created as it emerged from the desert. What matters is that what is in the Talmud forged that race for more 2000 years (the Oral Law of the Pharisees that Jesse condemned as Satanic had been around for at least 200 years by that point and was the pre-codified and written Talmud) before it showed it could take over secular European cultures easily.

    What the above means is that no matter what the Western atheist/agnostic or Deist or convert to Buddhism or Hinduism or Islam or Native American spirituality, etc., thinks he is doing, what he actually is doing is fighting a key part of that spiritual war for Jews. That is so because the only thing can slow down, can cordon off, Jews is historic Christendom.

    And that is the last blow many cannot face: all Protestantism is incapable of neutralizing Jews, and most Protestantism quickly shows that its wishes to be allied as closely with Jews as possible. Socially, and culturally conservative Southern Baptism is, therefore, also an unwitting ally of Jews, even when its leaders may not assert hardcore Judaizing doctrines.

    Yes, what I am saying in terms of Kevin McDonald is that his work is impotent precisely because it is agnostic. Either we start rebuilding historic Christendom, or else we guarantee that this horror show will continue and get even worse.

    This is not to say there are no parts of McDonald’s works that are extremely important to know. Many things McDonald has written tell truths that must be faced, from the correct perspective. Just in this article, we see that McDonald knows that even as the most secular, and/or anti-Catholic, and-or ‘enlightened,’ and/or war-loving Germans were convincing themselves that the soon-to-be realized, or recently realized, unification of most Germanic peoples on the Continent into a new nation with Prussia as driver, there were astute Germans noting that Jews already had control over all parts of German economy journalism, popular culture, etc.

    Of course they had: Martin Luther was a Saxon, and his work guaranteed that places that took his ideas and made revolution against Christendom with them would eventually be controlled bye the tribe of anti-Christ revolution – Jews. And that those nations, even before Jews obviously controlled them, would war in various ways against any nations that hoped to keep as much of historic Christendom as possible.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos with Jews in charge.

  58. Shamu says:

    I’ve never heard of that book. Sounds very interesting.

    Nazism is a warrior Death Cult. And any whites who have embraced a warrior Death Cult are destroying that which many of them think are acting to save. That is the reason that Jews and Anglo-Saxons literally funded Ukrainian groups to become their own style of Nazi. Ukrainian Death Cults would make certain that millions of Slavs would die. And many Jews, and some Anglo-Zionists, would get richer.

  59. Long Beach State College…a quagmire of low expectations. Kevin MacDonald – its most famous retired teacher. Enough said.

  60. The JQ History Lesson: The Jews get purged from fed-up host countries. The Jews then purge the history about their being purged.

  61. The JEW QUESTION explained:

    Jews form a nation within a nation everywhere they reside. Can Jews ever be considered to be part of the larger nation in which they reside when they are genetically and culturally predisposed to put the interests of the Jew Nation over and above the interests of the larger nations in which they reside?

    Jews Organized Globally(JOG) is an evil gang of nation-wrecking rats and they are using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy White European Christian nations such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia, France…etc.

    Jews Organized Globally(JOG) is using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to bring on WHITE GENOCIDE in European Christian nations.

    It is clear that Jews have a disproportionate control of the mass media and the advertising agencies and academia and other power centers of thought control and the rancid Republican Party cowards won’t talk honestly about breaking up the mass media to prevent Jews from controlling the political and cultural discourse in the USA.

    The cowards in the rancid Republican Party will not talk about the JEW QUESTION and that is because Jew billionaires have bought and paid for the duplicitous treasonous scum in the GOP. I have been convinced that the evangelical vote is important as a reason for GOP politician pandering on Israel but I still think the Jew loot from Jew plutocrats is more important of a factor to explain the GOP’s insistence on putting the interests of Israel over and above the interests of the USA.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire pushes mass legal immigration, mass illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is a clear and present threat to the safety, security and sovereignty of the United States of America.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire must be politically decapitated and removed from power and then they must be financially liquidated and forcibly exiled to concentration campgrounds in sub-Saharan Africa. All this should be done legally with a nice celebratory supper of roast beef, potato salad, beans and plenty of cold delicious ale.


  62. @René Fries

    Sorry French Fries , Yiddish is a bastardized mutant language and came into formation in the 10th century, when Jews from France and Italy began to migrate to the German Rhine Valley. There, they combined the languages they brought with them, together with their new neighbors’ Germanic, producing the earliest form of Yiddish. As Jews continued to migrate eastward –a result of the Crusades and the Black Plague–and being thrown out of dozens of countries, Yiddish spread across Central and Eastern Europe and began to include more elements from Slavic languages.

    Jews have stolen everything from language, music, art ad neausium, for over four thousand years. A parasitic subhuman race of leeches, a den of thieves who worship in synagogue’s of satan.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  63. There is a method organized international Jewry uses that I feel most people, famous historical personages or UR commentators, miss–Talmudic Dialectic. They, the “mind” (Nous) of the Jews will create an antithesis and manipulate a so-called synthesis, simultaneously creating several other thesis from the issue or event, and then they continue creating antithesis/synthesis while making ever more thesis. The issue or event becomes muddled and confusing often which they then can play to discredit the attacks on them, or use to create false controlled opposition. They control both sides of every argument and all points in-between. They control all views of the “truth.” By dragging the conversation, argument, debate, academic teaching, etc. farther and farther away from the actual Truth, they create “truths,” which can be adjusted or erased or created when needed.

    This is all Talmudic and Zoharian, and perhaps even more important, from massive volumes of baraisa over the centuries. They control the dialogue, the narrative, the opposition, the evidence, the teaching, etc., and so they can do what they please for the most part.

    There is a very important concept in Talmudism which holds that Peace can be obtained for Jews, if there is Chaos for the Goyim. The more wild and anarchical the world is the better for Talmudists. Important to note for this is that the Jewish hierarchy is very rigid too, many Jews are viewed as just as expendable as Goyim and other middle rung Jews are only useful until it serves the leadership better to destroy them. Often a well-placed and obedient Goy is better for the leadership than a Jew, so the Jew/s will be run over for that Goy because it serves the greater purpose of the Tribe and its leadership.

  64. @One Nobody

    “God is Impressed with the logic of the Talmud, HE stands at attention whenever it is read”. I’d say ((( they’ve))) gotten HIS attention alright…,stand back. Lol

    • Replies: @One Nobody
  65. @Patrick McNally

    Too much to explain now, but I would urge you to read John Wear’s ‘Germany’s War’ and visit his website ‘Wear’s War’ that provides accurate and nuanced answers to your claims.

    Moreover, one can find bad ideas and poor strategic plans in any national leader (some more than others). So, the bad things or poor decisions that Hitler might have made does not negate the many good things he did for Germany. On this matter, I highly recommend Richard Tedor, ‘Hitler’s Revolution’ and the military historian, R.H.S. Stolfi, ‘Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny.’

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  66. geezer says:

    Good writing, as expected from Dr. McDonald. Just one caveat–ALL popular music, even ‘country music’, is controlled by ((them)), and has been for many decades.

  67. Durruti says:

    Spider’s Web”) written in 1923, where there is a mysterious jewish character who finances a right-wing nationalist in Weimar Germany,


    I have heard of the book; will check it out.

    One link to Roth’s book is:!&&p=cfd9705b259e353fJmltdHM9MTY3Mjg3NjgwMCZpZ3VpZD0zMDExZGY5ZC1lZDAzLTY0NWUtMDc4NS1jZDBkZWMxZjY1YTQmaW5zaWQ9NTIzOQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=3011df9d-ed03-645e-0785-cd0dec1f65a4&psq=joseph+roth+the+spiders+web&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZHJlYWRzLmNvbS9ib29rL3Nob3cvODE5NTY0LlRoZV9TcGlkZXJfc19XZWI&ntb=1

    It appears Roth was a Zionist, and spouted the usual distortions in his officially approved description of the Jewish experience in the first half of the 20th century.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  68. Durruti says:

    A better link is: This will get you there.

    The Spider’s Web – Joseph Roth – Google Books…
    WebJoseph Roth (1894-1939) was the greatest elegist of the cosmopolitan, tolerant and doomed Central European culture that flourished in the dying days of the Austro-Hungarian …

    Author: Joseph Roth
    Title: The Spider’s Web
    Publisher: Granta, 2004
    Translated by: John Hoare

    • Replies: @René Fries
  69. @Che Guava

    Greyhound is a miserable way to travel. Better to go to a nice town in a decent part of the country and buy a used car direct from its owner. You can get something serviceable for $3k or less, last time I checked, a few years ago.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  70. @xyzxy

    Apparently, Mahler spoke in a language in which you might not have been fluent.

  71. Treg says:

    There was a very short but revealing video (ticktok or was it an instagram?) whereby a young pretty jewish girl from New York talks about her “vote” to censure Ye, that is Kanye West.

    It was a very new thing and very shocking to me. I never knew such a thing existed.

    She said she was speaking up because she just wants everyone to know how “democratic” they all are when it comes to these things and how she took part in a vote. She said she was very honored to be one of those selected to participate in the vote of censure and confessed she knew very little of Kanye West or his music.

    She felt honored to cast her vote, but she also says that she fears she will get in big trouble for doing this (letting the public know that there is a secret jewish vote of censure). She said that this was what Jewish school taught everyone in mock vote trials and so everyone was very familiar with the practice. She said that this vote is how they get every Jewish person and all those they do business with to go along with a vote of censure of someone else they have decided they don’t like.

    If anyone else can find this short video, please post it here.

    Could you imagine if Catholics or Protestants did the same? Oh, I can hear the cries “That’s anti-Semitic!!!” and of course the sounds of lawsuits being filed immediately if this happened.

    Perhaps Kanye West should launch his own form of Legal Warefare for when has EXTORTION ever been legal? It does not matter if this Extortion was voted on “democratically” by a select few or not, it’s still Extortion in my book. It is a financial “hit job”, “character assassination” and “slander” all rolled up into one.

  72. John1955 says:

    -Theodor Fritsch’s The Handbook on the Jewish Question, first published in 1887-

    This big 600+ pages book still remains un-translated from German.

    Luckily there are Cliffs Notes “The Riddle of The Jews Success” written by Theodor Fritsch under the name Roderick Stoltheim. It was translated into many European languages including Russian.

    Also Theodor Fritsch wrote “Hoch Finanz”, a novel highly popular in his times according to Non-Jewy literary critics.

    I can read German with dictionary but the only variant of this book is printed in Gothic/Teutonic font, which, for the uninitiated, is very hard to read.

  73. I should have written protect ourselves.

  74. @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    As much [as] I respect some aspects of Prof. MacDonald’s work …

    Those of us who know how to read words on a page spotted the highlighted clause above as a set of weasel words. Your unwillingness to specify what it is in KM’s work you respect and the extent to which you respect it serves as a prelude to a lengthy comment where words are minced and misapplied and facts are twisted and distorted till they bear as much relation to reality as the image one sees in a carnival’s funhouse mirror.

    You say that Adorno wasn’t actually a Jew because he wasn’t halakhically Jewish. In other words, he was accepted as a Jew by something like only 90 percent of the Jews on the planet. Doubtless, you too also accept him as a Jew when you are with your fellow Jews and laughing with them at how you pulled the wool over the goyim’s eyes!

    I was especially struck by your attempt to pose as Clownpope Bergoglio: “If he was baptized, then according to the Magisterium of the Catholic church, Adorno is a lapsed Catholic and apostate. Once baptized always baptized.”

    What a farrago! Tell your fellow chicken-wavers at Mossad school that they should (1) buy or steal a century-old copy of the Baltimore Catechism from a secondhand-book store and (2) spend an hour reading it before committing a shande far di goyim like the one in the quoted sentences. Yes, Baptism is received once and only once because, like Confirmation and Holy Orders, it leaves an indelible mark, or character, on the soul. That is where its permanence begins and ends, however. In deceitfully and stupidly claiming that being Catholic is, if anything, even more inelastic than being a Jew, you make a fool of yourself and of your Jewish bosses and teachers. By its very definition, the word apostate involves a total rejection of Catholic belief. And since to be a Catholic—indeed, to be a Christian of any sort—is in effect to be a member of a club, once you have left the club, the chip embedded in your membership card ceases to work. What is more, no one bars the door as you try to leave, and no one calls you a self-hating this-or-that or a traitor to your people. The worst that can happen is that you might be prayed for—and if No One is listening, what’s the big deal there?

    Literally every sentence and virtually every phrase in your lengthy comment contains similar lies and misrepresentations. The fact that you turn up here today, with no prior commenting history at the Unz Review, effectively guarantees that everything about you is stamped Made in Israel on the top and Ⓚ on the bottom.

    You’re a plant, a saboteur, a phony, a prevaricator. Consider yourself outed.

  75. folkvangr says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Alex Kay is a phony holohoaxer and a hard knuckle NWO operative.

    “In contrast, the aim of conquering living space in eastern Europe for the Germanic Aryan race was central to his worldview.”

    FCS: Hitler was not sure about invading Poland until midnight August 31 1939. He knew even less about what he was going to do with the country whose government and military brass scuttled like a fluffle of rabbits a week after the invasion.
    He was anything but stupid to make plans about conquering the Soviet Union and genociding 30 million Russians if only because he referred to Russians as “a truly great people” enslaved by bolshevik enemies of mankind.
    For everything else you mentioned in your post I would recommend finding decent German sources based on documents and ignore compilators like Alex Kay.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Patrick McNally
  76. @Shamu

    “And if you call me brother now

    Forgive me if I inquire
    Just according to whose plan?
    When it all comes down to dust
    I will kill you if I must
    I will help you if I can
    When it all comes down to dust
    I will help you if I must
    I will kill you if I can…”

    “Story of Isaac” by Leonard Cohen

    “Remember thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.”

    Salvation comes from the Jews because in order to be saved, body & soul must pass through the gauntlet of the Jew & the Mason. That is the “narrow gate.” The
    Anointed One” must pass between Herod & Pilate. If we read “the Sermon on the Mount” in light of the JQ, the method is made clear. The man who absorbs Jewish invective and calumny is receiving a blessing from on high. It’s different for those of us who are not public intellectuals. The blessings of the world, the flesh and the devil are in fact curses. Modernity is Judeo-Masonic. And we’re all “swimming in a fish bowl, year after year” to quote a real Englishmen, “without guile.” There’s no possibility of redeeming the West. Ironically Holy Mother Russia is positioned to defend Christian Civilization on account of the information obtained by the Rosenbergs, Pollard & Harry Dexter White. But the Russians are a profoundly defensive people. I suspect Christians may be relocating there shortly. God knows there’s enough land.The Modern Era is Judeo-Masonic because immense modern projects like intercontinental railroads, deep water ports, bridges, dams & tunnels require more capital than can be generated by the fruit of the earth. The man behind the name “Shakespeare” watched it all unfold. Hence Christendom came to a decisive end. The RC church assisted Charlamagne as he brought the barbarian tribes from hunter-gatherers to agriculture. Saint Boniface liberated the Germanic tribes from the night garden world of tree worship and laid the foundation for science & industry. The Germans, like hippy dipshits in Eureka, California, would still be dancing around trees and beating drums. (“The Grateful Dead” were a PSYOP.” And they made the Jew Bill Graham rich & famous. Although they were literate & musical.) The Social Darwinists organized humanity into a pyramid. And, of course, at the top are little Natty Rothschild and little Winnie Churchill. They’re hideous, anti-human, little figurines on top of a wedding cake made by Marina Abramovic with the body the fluids of the Untermenschen.
    Why doesn’t “Rotary Bill Laughing Boy” come out to play? Because an atheist Jew is still a Jew. Little, precocious, bi-sexual, godless Hitchens got a big boost when he married a Jewess and went after Christians. He banged the drums for war & made a nice living doing it. A man can kill for his country. A man can lie for his country. Lying pays a lot better. Actual combat is for schmucks. (Does “Rotary Bill Laughing Boy” find that amusing)? Hitchens was the perfect storm with his Jewish mother and imperialist father. And the de-racinated, desacralized, denuded Dodo Birds laughed along with the Laugh Track at the T.V studio in Burbank, Atheism is Jewish Anti-Culture.

  77. @Patrick McNally

    When any aspect of the Jewish Question is seriously examined, let alone critiqued, Tel Aviv sends a wake-up call to McNally, who then, posing as the archetypal preux chevalier in the service of truth alone, proceeds to flood the thread with gaslight.

    Readers who fail to be impressed by McNally’s portrait of a pure-as-driven-snow Schiff and other Rothschild relatives and pimps might profit from reading this capsule summary of how domestic and foreign affairs and those who collude in manipulating them almost invariably turn out to involve rich Jews whose feelings of insecurity in an implacably hostile world require them to get ever richer and richer—and too bad if millions of the goyim get screwed in the process!

    • Agree: Badger Down, HdC
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  78. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    So much history. Having worked with and for them on Wall Street and in a related field in the Big Bagel, the solution is to avoid Jews like the plague. Of course they’ll turn on you. Is this supposed to be news? Is their any adult who doubts it?

    Pay attention (in the sense of having a good laugh) to their darting, untrusting eyes, pathetically assuming you hate them as much as they hate you. Go ahead, have a polite conversation, but as you both turn away, look back quickly and see for yourself what amounts to a steely look the would kill if it could.

    Who takes these creeps seriously in real life? Nobody in NY, at least those not kissing the Jews’ ass in Congress or for a buck. The consolation is that the more they hate us, the more they copy us in every way. What a hellish way to go through life, defined by hate and consumed by jealousy.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  79. @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    wikipedia? the jewtool for midwits? oh. ok, then. jews tell themselves Jesus Christ is boiling in shit in hell forever. nice, eh? maybe we can wish the same for them. you did get it right on the avarice thing; selling your soul for shekels is a pretty old tale… all the way back to Moses flock worshiping the golden calf, eh? that ‘tribe’ has always been first in line to sell anything: the material world is everything to them, they have no spiritual world. A death cult.

  80. JWalters says:

    Behind the scenes –

    Secretary: Lord Rothschild is on the phone sir.

    Blinken: Hello your lordship.

    Rothschild: Hello Tony. I need some good news about Ukraine and Israel.

    Blinken: Well, in Ukraine we’ve gotten rid of a lot of goyim males, hundreds of thousands so far.

    Rothschild: Good, good.

    Blinken: Unfortunately Russia is still controlling the industrial region.

    Rothschild: What are you planning to do about that?

    Blinken: I’ve been planting the idea of a nuclear attack in Biden’s mind.

    Rothschild: Very good.

    Blinken: We’ll need some sort of false flag first.

    Rothschild: Of course. Do you have anything in mind?

    Blinken: I have the CIA looking at options.

    Rothschild: Very good. What about Israel?

    Blinken: Well, we shut down an investigation into Israel’s assassination of that woman reporter. It was tricky because technically she was an American.

    Rothschild: Good, good.

    Blinken: And the Israelis are moving ahead on plans to take over the West Bank and get rid of the rest of the Muslims and Christians there. So we’re preparing to fend off any complaints from Congress.

    Rothschild: What are you doing on that?

    Blinken: We’ve been spreading money around, and some threats.

    Rothschild: Good, good. This is a very momentous time in history for your people, Tony. These are very momentous events. And you’re at the center doing God’s work.

    Blinken: Thank you your lordship.

    Rothschild: I’ve spoken to a few rabbis about adding a new book to the Bible about all this. It could be called the “Book of Blinken”. You would probably need to write the first draft since you’re most familiar with all the details.

    Blinken: Thank you sir.

    Rothschild: Thank you Tony. When this is all done there’ll be a big plum for you. Goodbye and carry on.

    Blinken: Thank you your lordship. I’ll do my best.

    • LOL: Sarah, Durruti
    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  81. Corvinus says:

    “An instinctive German dislike for Jews: “We have to explain to ourselves our involuntary repellence toward the nature and personality of the Jews, so as to vindicate that instinctive dislike that we plainly recognize as stronger and more overpowering than our conscious zeal to rid ourselves of it”

    Right, in 1850, where there was acute jealousy and ppen hostility due to competition in the field of music.

    But today’s youth especially do not hold those antiquainted notions anymore. Nor will they, hence McDonald’s hissy fit.

  82. Corvinus says:

    You’re overgeneralizing here for our viewing audience. I get it. Saying over the top things gives you personal joy, but it’s not realistic.

  83. Corvinus says:

    In the end he still ordered the invasion, which led to the death and destruction of innocent white people (Poles). He knew exactly what he was going to do with that country. Don’t be a fool.

    • Replies: @HdC
  84. Al Ross says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    That was a virtuoso performance , Pierre , and thank you for it.

    Just one quibble , if I may .

    Do you think it probable or even possible that a splash of blessed, Holy H2O by a Christian clergyman might transmogrify a Jew into a Gentile ?

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  85. @Realist

    A proposal for a solution: Let Nature run its course – what is healthy and strong will survive and thrive, what is sickly and weak will decay and die. Those who will not listen must feel, and they are many. Watch out for falling rubble!

    Morality is conducive to health and strength – immorality and vice to ill health and weakness. This is true not only physically, but also socially, culturally and intellectually.

    Wisdom is moral, basically. So seek wisdom, too.

    What do you think? (I am not being facetious 🙂 )

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
    , @Realist
  86. @Emil Nikola Richard

    I cannot recall the last time the Met Saturday broadcast had a Meyerbeer opera although I don’t listen to every one of them.

    The last live Met broadcast (indeed, the only live Met broadcast) of a Meyerbeer opera—Le Prophète—took place on January 29, 1977. (As it happens, I was there.) I do not know whether the in-house recording of that performance has ever been rebroadcast. The commercial recording, still available on Sony CDs, features the same conductor and principals as the Met’s production.

    Here is some background. Three of Meyerbeer’s operas, L’Africaine, Les Huguenots, and Le Prophète, were regularly performed at the house in the late nineteenth century and, with declining frequency, through 1933, at which point they sank without trace. Both singers and audiences had lost interest in the scores.

    A new production of Le Prophète was mounted in January 1977. It was a no-expense-spared affair, with the leading roles taken by Renata Scotto, Marilyn Horne, and James McCracken; the conductor was Henry Lewis (then Horne’s husband), the director was John Dexter, and the designer was Peter Wexler. The opera received eleven performances at the Met that season, plus another seven on tour. The production was revived in the first half of the 1979/80 season for another eight performances. They were the last to date.

    As the opera met with little audience approval—despite the popularity of the singers, many performances played to only 70-percent-full houses (often largely comp’d)—and even less support from the professional critics, it’s hardly surprising that there have been no revivals since then.

    I attended the premiere in 1977 and all or parts of another eight or nine performances. As to the merits of Meyerbeer’s music, suffice to say that, although I knew several people (RIP) who had or acquired a liking for his work, I myself have never once been inclined in the past forty-three years to watch or listen to the opera again. Chacun à son goût.

  87. chris says:
    @Che Guava

    Also, I now know why St. Louis is a particular target.

    The other thing I think he did was, when they realized what the Talmud contained, he had many copies confiscated and burned in front of Notre Dame cathedral.

    That couldn’t have helped his standing with the community all that much either.

    • Thanks: Che Guava
  88. Skeptikal says:

    I wonder what Putin’s and the Russian leadership’s true views are on Russian Jews in both Russia and Israel.

    The Madwoman of Chaillot had the idea of luring all of the world’s capitalists into her flat in the bowels of Paris, ushering them into the Paris sewer system (to which there was an obscure entry through her flat!), and then shutting and bolting the door!!

    Maybe the aim should be to lure all of the world’s Jews to Israel, then bomb it to the Stone Age.

  89. This is an incredible article that I have only been able to quickly scan. Speaking as a Jewish convert Christianity, I can recognize the truth of many of the claims of these various prestigious intellectuals. The only statement that seems objectionable is the following:

    Marr interprets Spinoza’s expulsion from the Jewish community as illustrating Jewish intolerance and fanaticism in the real world—features of Judaism also noted by several contemporary writers, most notably Israel Shahak, but also including Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire. Spinoza was hounded out of the Jewish community of Amsterdam because of his views on religion: “This truly great Jewish non-Jew had been cursed by his own tribal associates—all the way to attempted murderous assault” (16). But in the nineteenth century, “woe to the German who dares to show the Jewish masses who the great Spinoza was and what he stood for!!” (16).

    I read a biography of Spinoza and it claims that the Jewish community in Holland was in a very awkward situation because of Spinoza’s outspoken atheism (or mystical pantheism) that was a direct affront to the Church of Holland. The Jews had been offered refuge in Holland after fleeing from the Spanish and Portuguese expulsions and inquisitions, and they were anxious to do nothing to offend their Dutch Christian hosts. And Spinoza’s writings were deeply troubling to the Christian authorities. According to the book I read the reason Jewish leaders ostracized and excommunicated Spinoza was in order to demonstrate their sensitivity to Christian theological and cultural concerns.

    From my reading of Christian history, I think there are two critical factors to the prominence of Jews in Western civilization:

    1. The Catholic leadership seemed to not only tolerate but encourage Jewish flourishing in Europe. Initially it seems that the Jews paid hefty bribes to the Papacy to allow them to live in segregated communities. And the Popes reciprocated by stating that Catholics should never physically harm Jews and should allow them to coexist in separated communities that would not pose a threat of Judaizing to the Christian population. Catholics eventually granted banking privileges to the Jews which vastly increased their wealth and power. So it seems that the Catholic leadership had their own reasons for tolerating Jewish communities amongst them.

    2. The Protestant Reformation seemed to greatly increase the power of Jews in Europe and throughout the West. Jews were able to exploit the schisms that arose among European Christians due to the Reformation and the proliferation of various nationalistic Protestant churches. Many of these communities wished to utilize Jewish financial talents for their own development. This seems to explain the Jewish role in early America. So the loss of Christian unity ensuing from the Protestant Reformation has been an enormous boon to Jewish power.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  90. @Thomas Faber

    When it comes to law and government, there is no nature that runs its course. These institutions are determined by cultural and religious values. That is exactly what this essay is discussing: the erosion of traditional Christian values that has led to their replacement by Jewish elites. How is this nature running its course?

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  91. @Oscar Goldman

    Thanks for your suggestions. The book that really takes this thread of the 13th tribe, the zionists is the book the Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. It was written in the mid fifties but no publisher would touch it until the internet age arrived.

    Read the preface, you will not be able to put it down.

    • Replies: @Oscar Goldman
  92. @René Fries

    Karl Kraus, Arthur Schnitzler, Hermann Broch, Alfred Doeblin, Joseph Roth, Elias Canetti, Sigmund Freud (not a scientist), Ernst Cassirer, Theodor Adorno, Max Scheler, …. Giacomo Meyerbeer, Arnold Schoenberg,

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @René Fries
  93. @Al Ross

    Happy New Year, Al—meant most sincerely. I have missed seeing your name and reading your comments.

    The best answer I can offer to your question is this: possible, yes; probable, no. Christianity comprehends both flesh and spirit, but unless the spirit triumphs over the flesh, faith is no more than an appearance, a sham. To be a Jew, however, is to be, first and foremost, the identifiable offspring of a Jewish mother, and everything that rabbinic Judaism (and Pharisaic Judaism before it) teaches and represents has the body as its locus.

    This being the case, it is hardly surprising that so very many Jewish “conversions” to Christianity, perhaps a majority in the last thousand years, have been frauds. Putting the dishonesty of the false convert to one side for the moment, one can grant that it is no easy thing for even an honorable man to disown his parents, especially his mother, given the utterly corporeal character of Jewish life and Jewry itself.

    Christ, however, who understood his audience down to the ground, spelled out the necessity of such a total reprioritization for those who would be true disciples of His (Lk 14:25–27; also Mt 8:18–22; Lk 9:57–62; Jn 6:59–66). The last-cited verse in John and several places in the Synoptics mention listeners who at that or a similar point turn away in sadness and walk with Him no longer. They at least were honest.

    Baptism is meant to do for the Christian what circumcision does for the Jew: make him a member of a defined group of people. It’s not a coincidence that the Jew is marked in the flesh, visible to all who witness the ceremony, whereas the Christian is marked with a mark that God alone sees.

  94. saggy says: • Website

    MacDonald will reaily write 10,000 words about the history of the Jews and their machinations in the past …. which no one really gives a damn about …. but won’t say a word about the holohoax, which effectively dominates the political reality in the US and the EU today. The Jews must love this sort of castrated ‘opposition’. It doesn’t make any sense at all to a rational person.

  95. It is as clear as the unfinished pyramid on the dollar bill (“we are still building the ideal/Communist state—May 1st 1776= founding of the Illuminati) that Marr was himself Jewish and a journalist hired to promote Zionism, as was Theodore Herzl. As was Emile Zola.

  96. @Durruti

    “Adolf Hitler was a Zionist Agent. He served them from 1918, to the end, 1945. The Nazis were organized and educated/programmed by the Zionist oligarchs, just as they are in 2023, in the ‘Ukraine – Kievan Russ, and the rest of the world. The Entity newspaper, Haaretz, pretended to be shocked and outraged, when the News/Truth leaked out” – Oh yeah, for sure. Hitler and the Jewish Zionists were tight, the very best BFF. Of course, they did their best to cover it all up, but it was all part of the “great plan.” Man, Hitler and those Jews were really smart in their schemes!

    Hitler, in fact, loved the Jews. It was the Germans he hated. So, he pretended to be their leader and concocted a plan – along with the help and funding of Jews – to take over Germany and villainize the Jews so that worldwide Jewry would control the entire planet! There’s even ‘evidence’ from a second-hand source based on third-party account that’s ultimately grounded on a possible rumor that Hitler routinely attended a German synagogue and read from an ancient Torah scroll. Yeah, that’s a ‘fact’ and you can rest assured it’s true!

    “The Haaretz article is difficult to locate (I posted it on this forum last year), so this link will have to suffice” – It’s only “difficult to locate” because Nazis work night and day to suppress such an important document. They can’t have the world realize that Hitler actually planned jointly with Jews to give them all they wanted. Hitler was such a Jew-lover that he was secretly planning to have all German male infants circumcised by the eighth day! The allies, unfortunately, ruined his great plans.

    And, of course, Haaretz can totally be trusted to give us nothing but the unadulterated truth.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
  97. @Oil Can Harry

    Poor little Anne Frank, murdered by the Germans, or not.
    Poor Eli Weasel, tattooed and thrown into a gas chamber!

  98. Treg says:

    Lets us never ever forget that in a big big way (((They))) are truly not that powerful. From their own standpoint, they are tiny and weak. From their own standpoint, they are always and forever subject to being raided, assassinated and all their wealth simply muscled away and taken from them.

    This is why (((They))) must be having an absolute lustful, drooling wet dream right now. (((They))) are seeing the “new world order come together”, and it is giving them the keys to humanity’s necks.
    (((They))) are seeing 21st E-Slavery very clearly coming together and the reigns of power falling into their hands. (((They))) must be a thousand more times excited then HW Bush’s “historic moment” a “new world order”.

    Even Klaus Schwab himself has said, technology is about to give (((Them))) 24/7/365 digital money tracking system that is paired with its own ‘behavioral modification program’ that will be constantly tweaked and changed and tightened up and there is no saying “no” to it. It is called your future Social Credit Score, SCS for short. How good is it? Well, it’s been built already, you built it through Google and Facebook and Twitter and TikTok and Instagram, and other forms of social media via your use of the internet. The Social Credit Score is so very good at controlling us, it’s good enough that when you “own nothing”, yes you WILL report back that you are very “happy” cattle. Combined with digital money, this SCS system is the 21st centuries modern remake of iron shackles.

    21st-century E-Slaves will be tied down into a Digital Currency Prison System whereby their money can be turned on or off at will. Digital money means full financial surveillance & control.

    21st-century E-Slaves will be tied down into a Social Credit Prison System whereby they get dolled out behavior credits, even speaking and thought credits. And these all can be adjusted or turned on or off at will. Social Credit System means full behavioral surveillance & control

    21st-century E-Slaves will be tied down into a reoccurring mRNA Vaccine Prison System whereby their bodies and minds can be manipulated, adjusted, and turned on or off at will. The vaccine system means full body surveillance & control.

    Wouldn’t be great if we flipped the script and placed (((Them))) under this kind of control and inside this prison system? Wouldn’t it be great if we enjoyed full freedom, full anonymity, and full privacy?

    Well then, let’s never forget how weak and vulnerable (((They))) feel from being tiny and weak.

    • Thanks: folkvangr
  99. @Michael Korn

    “This seems to explain the Jewish role in early America. So the loss of Christian unity ensuing from the Protestant Reformation has been an enormous boon to Jewish power” – Good comments, but here’s something that might explain why this occurred.

    The Protestants (beginning with Luther) were excessively influenced by the Old Testament scriptures. They were right to protest the abuses of Rome with its many false and unbiblical teachings, but they failed to discern the newness of the New Covenant. They thought too much in terms of Law and Grace under the rubric of an Old Covenant paradigm. They appealed to a covenant that was no longer in force for their moral and spiritual direction rather than looking to Christ and the New Testament for practical guidance.

    The Protestants also failed to understand the flow of redemptive history from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. There is a plethora of New Testament verses that explicitly point to Christ as our Lawgiver. We are in-lawed to Him, and He is the starting-point of our ethics. This doesn’t mean we can’t find wisdom and guidance from the Old Covenant scriptures, but only that it must be filtered through the newer revelation found in Christ and the New Covenant teachings.

    Eventually, the Protestants came up with notions of “the moral law” which was, essentially, nine of the ten commandments except the Sabbath commandment – which they still distorted by turning it into Sunday as the day of worship?! The excessive legalism of the Puritans, for example, mimicked the ancient Jewish Pharisees in this regard.

    Thus, the Protestants with Luther and Calvin were correct in their soteriology (doctrine of salvation), but wrong in their ecclesiology (doctrine of the church and church practice). Unfortunately, they were not able to fully break with Rome by keeping clericalism, infant baptism, and a host of strange doctrines that could not be exegetically demonstrated from the New Testament.

  100. folkvangr says:

    In his book “Practical Idealism”, published in 1925, Richard Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi proclaimed that the Jews were an “intellectual nobility,” even a “new noble race,” destined to play a leading role in Europe. The Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl and pretty much every other politician actively espouse this nonsense.

  101. @Bardon Kaldian

    Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein

  102. @Realist

    You’re one of the most rational people I’ve ever come across. Spot on. All of these assholes just sit and whine. Then go back to their beer and television.

    • Replies: @Realist
  103. @RockaBoatus

    Thus, the Protestants with Luther and Calvin were correct in their soteriology (doctrine of salvation), but wrong in their ecclesiology (doctrine of the church and church practice). Unfortunately, they were not able to fully break with Rome by keeping clericalism, infant baptism, and a host of strange doctrines that could not be exegetically demonstrated from the New Testament.

    Thank you for your very insightful comment. Is it possible you are a Seventh-Day Adventist? What do you see as the correct combination of soteriology and ecclesiology?

    As for the quoted passage above, after 20 years of studying Christian history and the development of different denominations and sects, I have learned that they can cite chapter and verse to justify all of their doctrines. This is one reason why studying the Bible is so perilous because you cannot confidently know the validity of any particular Church doctrine or dogma.

    I’m not so certain that infant baptism and clericalism are wrong. Not only could you conceivably find scriptural justification for them, but more important if you think that Christ gave his church the power to establish correct worship, then the church has the authority to innovate changes that might be necessary.

    Indeed Catholics understand this precisely as the fulfillment of Jesus’ words that following his death and Resurrection he would send the Holy Spirit to inform his followers of all truth. And Catholics believe that the Catholic Magisterium and Canon Law is the fulfillment of this prophecy of the role of the Holy Spirit guiding the Christian community into the fulness of Truth.

    I realize that Protestant churches — in particular the evangelicals charismatics and other American innovations — personalize the role of the Holy Spirit into conferring individualized spiritual gifts, but the Catholics — while recognizing the importance of individual spirituality — also have always seen the Holy Spirit as overseeing and supervising the corporate entity known as the Roman Catholic Church.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  104. @RockaBoatus

    I’ve read some books about the mysterious figure James brother of the Lord who seems to run the Jerusalem Christian community and have authority over all of the apostles. Catholic apologists insist that Peter’s role was greater than James but it’s not so apparent reading the book of Acts.

    James was a remarkable figure who not only was a believer in Jesus but was a devout practicing Jew who was respected even by non-Christian Jews as described by Josephus. James’ death at the hands of a corrupt Jewish high priest is considered a national tragedy by all Jews who lament the murder of Ya’aqov haTsaddiq.

    James was a bridge between the Jewish and nascent Christian communities. And therefore I think it’s highly significant that Augustine castigated the followers of James that Jesus had taken special pains to preserve through the Roman destruction of Jerusalem (as seen in his exhortation in the Olivet discourse to his followers to be sure to flee the Roman siege of Jerusalem). These groups who were called Nazarenes and Ebionites were condemned by Augustine as heretics and he authorized the use of force and brutality to suppress them.

    I think this initiated the long period of divorce between the new Christian church and it’s Jewish antecedent. And of course this attitude made it much harder for Jewish people to consider the claims of Jesus now that his leading followers had adopted a fiercely anti-Jewish perspective, even to the point of condemning the legacy of the man who is mentioned in the book of Acts as the head of the entire early Christian community.

    I can somewhat understand the Catholic position because James’ community was focused on the Jerusalem Temple as the center of their worship life and following the Roman destruction in 70 AD that institution ceased to exist. Catholics often claim that the Vatican is the fulfillment and perfection of the Jerusalem Temple and indeed is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision of the Third Temple, a vision that most Protestants and certainly Christian Zionists think has not yet been fulfilled and will only be fulfilled by a returning Orthodox Jewish remnant in the Holy Land.

    So even if you reject Augustine’s condemnation of the movements inspired by James, it’s hard to see how they would fit in to the new Christian community that had grown out of the ruins of Jerusalem.

    If you have any thoughts about these thorny problems I would be grateful to hear. You also can email me personally at: [email protected]


    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  105. ‘…Spinoza was hounded out of the Jewish community of Amsterdam because of his views on religion…’

    There was some other Jew that happened to…

    It does have to be admitted; as our intellectual life has become increasingly dominated by Jews, it has also become increasingly intolerant of dissent. Compare and contrast the acceptable range of views today to what prevailed a hundred and fifty years ago. Back in the day, one could be anything from an avowed believer in the divine right of kings to a socialist revolutionary — and you would still be invited to the dinner party. Now? Not so much.

  106. What an odious little article; a ragbag of simplistic formulas and one-dimensional caricatures. And to so uncritically reference Wagner, who along with his contemporaries disgraced and lowered himself with his vulgar anti-semitism, is to forget Ezra Pound’s cautionary statement – a recovering post-war anti-semite himself at the time – that anti-semitism is a ‘suburban prejudice’. In other words, it is the occupation of narrow minds; the stunted imagination, replete with its invented gargoyles and monsters, that projects its own self-loathing on to the world in order to cure itself of its own misshapen self-image. And so many heartfelt wankers on this site. Seriously, the kind of men – and it is mostly men – who spend their thwarted days bunkered behind a screen whacking off to porn and YouTube Wehrmacht videos.

    Nietzsche broke with Wagner due to his ugly anti-semitism. He used the term ressentiment to illustrate the low origins of this pernicious social disease. To Nietzsche, anti-semitism is the displacement of an individual or group’s self-loathing on to another group that appears to have achieved social status or success. Basically, the majority of you nob cheeses here on Unz.

    But what can one expect? Most people are ignorant and therefore the pseudo-intellectual who wrote this garbage has a ready made readership.

    Did I say ‘readership’. Forgive me. I meant master race.

    Ubermensch that!

    • LOL: RockaBoatus
  107. @Michael Korn

    Thank you for your comments. I’ve written extensively on this very subject, but if I gave my real name my anonymity would be nullified.

    I’ll just make some brief comments.

    I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist. Ellen G. White (the founder) was a nut cake. Her entire eschatology was sensationalistic mess. But that’s for another time.

    Infant baptism is wrong scripturally and exegetically. It must be inferred and imposed on the text of Scripture as opposed to extracting such a meaning from the text(s). The Protestants, unfortunately, carried this baggage of infant baptism when they rejected Rome. The Roman Catholic Church emerged much later after the death of the apostles at a time when Church and State were wed together. This both weakened and polluted the Christian Church. It wasn’t until the Reformers came along that there began a return to NT teachings on salvation, etc. Even then, it was far from perfect. Spiritual and ecclesiological reformation is not a one-time event, but one of continual reformation to what the NT teaches.

    Both Protestants and Roman Catholics are wrong in their clericalism and ecclesiology. The NT (New Testament) knows nothing of “the pastor” or of a professional and paid pastorate. The NT describes such leaders as elders, overseers, and shepherds. Church leadership is plural in the NT, not singular. The early elders were not paid (although they periodically received gifts of appreciation for their humble service), they had to be older men who were humble and who were leaders in their homes, they could not be money lovers, they were to be in a position to give unto others as opposed to always being on the receiving end, they worked jobs, one man alone did not control or run a local church. They did not wear robes nor give themselves honorific titles.

    Both the Greek terms used for “clergy” and “laity” denote the people of God and not a special set of priests and clerics among them. The NT teaches the ‘priesthood of all believers’ although there is a place for appointed and qualified elders. In fact, the three terms to describe church leaders in the NT are used interchangeably throughout the Pauline and Petrine letters (e.g., elder, overseers, and shepherds).

    The apostles modeled before the people humble and lowly church leadership. Even Peter, though prominent in the early church, was openly rebuked by Paul when he entertained the Judaizers in the Book of Galatians.

    NT church meetings are participatory in nature. They are not pew-sitting events. Early church meetings allowed believers to express their gifts so long as everything was done decently and in order. In NT church meetings, professionally paid pastors do not perform ministry on behalf of the people.

    Sorry, I could provide a host of passages that exegetically prove each point I’ve made, but honestly I’m too lazy to write out or reference each passage. For more on this, see Alexander Strauch, Biblical Eldership.

    The evidence is overwhelming that what passes for Christianity today – at least in terms of its church practices – stands in direct contrast to the simplicity of the apostolic churches. The apostles established specific guidelines, traditions, and patterns that the churches were to follow. Most Catholics, Protestants, and Evangelicals are not even aware of this.

    • Replies: @Michael Korn
    , @Anonymous
  108. @Diogenes Snr

    How dare the Goyim ‘notice,’ especially when there’s a long of history of ‘noticing’ that the author has documented!

  109. @RockaBoatus

    Thank you for this explanation. So can you mention a church denomination or sect that comes closest to conforming to the principles you have outlined here?

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  110. @Diogenes Snr

    So do you condemn Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn in the same sense that you condemn Wagner?

    Consider contemporary publishing. I assume Jews dominate the publishing industry. My library features a display of newly acquired books. Usually every month there’s a new selection of hardcover books both fiction and nonfiction. Most of the nonfiction is woke literature. The fiction features works of such venerable authors as John Grisham James Patterson Lee Child and David Baldacci. These are authors of multi-million copy best sellers of the thriller genre.

    Having read many of these books, I’ve started to notice that as literary productions they are almost worthless. The characters are shallow the plots are implausible and feature gratuitous sex and violence. However the books are very elegantly packaged with slick cover art and various quotes from prominent authors promoting the new arrival.

    Perhaps this utterly debased literature is an expected consequence of Jews dominating the publishing industry? Where form dominates substance. Where glossy Madison Avenue jackets sell books of little literary or intellectual value.

    I would say the entire culture has followed an ark of descension along these lines. Music television movies. Now it might be a coincidence that Jews dominate entertainment and the products offered to the public are so vulgar. Maybe it’s like that coincidence mentioned by comedian Dave Chappelle, who said “If you’re black they’re called gangs. Italians are called mobs. But a bunch of Jews are just a coincidence and you should never talk about it.”

    So my question is if you reject the shoddy literary quality of today’s Jew dominated publishing industry, does that make you guilty of resentment or just discernment?

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  111. @Michael Korn

    Thanks again for your comments. I have a lot to say, but the problem is that it can’t be stated adequately in a brief comment or such a forum as this. You seem very astute and I appreciate that.

    Let me just say that James wasn’t ‘The Bishop’ of the Jerusalem church as some might think. Being that he was the Lord’s brother and an apostle, a certain amount of deference and respect was given to him. He seems to have been a very humble and wise man. His place is more or less ‘primus inter paras’ (“first among equals”). He had a more prominent role in his leadership among the Jerusalem believers, and he certainly played a leading role at the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. A close reading of that chapter reveals a rather dynamic, humble, and Spirit-led kind of leadership, as opposed to him merely making official decrees as if he were some Pope. There was also a consensus decision-making process among the apostles, elders, along with the whole church (v.22) on dealing with those who were teaching the believing gentiles that they needed to be circumcised according to the custom of Moses in order to be saved (vv.1-2).

    “I can somewhat understand the Catholic position because James’ community was focused on the Jerusalem Temple as the center of their worship life and following the Roman destruction in 70 AD that institution ceased to exist. Catholics often claim that the Vatican is the fulfillment and perfection of the Jerusalem Temple and indeed is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision of the Third Temple”
    – All of this in Jerusalem was temporary. A transition was occurring at that time, and concessions were made to the believing Jews who had difficulty parting with their former religious ways to that of the New Covenant. Jesus hinted at this in the Gospels, but it was not to be realized until later during the ministry of the apostles.

    In the New Covenant, places of worship, special times and seasons, certain religious foods, and such things as these have found their fulfillment in Christ and are no longer applicable. Many Jews could not understand this because they failed to understand – as the prophet Jeremiah predicted in Jeremiah 31 – that a New Covenant would someday be established and that it would not be like the Old Covenant when Yahweh took the Israelites by hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt. This is why Jesus was so often exasperated with His fellow Jews who should have discerned all that was taking place at that time. This was all part of the flow of redemptive history from Abraham to Moses, and from Moses to Jesus. The Book of Hebrews deals such questions in-depth.

    The Roman Catholic Church in no way fulfills the essential characteristics and doctrines of the Church as described in the NT. Even a cursory glance and comparison shows them miles apart. The RCC is not even a good counterfeit! But if one doesn’t have a good grasp of NT soteriology and NT ecclesiology, they won’t know. They won’t have a clue. Coupled with this is the fact that most people don’t even know how to interpret the Bible (Hermeneutics) nor are they aware of the various genres, figures of speech, poetical language, apocalyptical language, hyperbole, and ancient expressions it employs.

    By the way, since I obviously reject the RCC, I want to make it clear that I do believe some Catholics are saved and regenerate believers. This is not because of the RCC, but in spite of it. God often works above and beyond our foolish and confused beliefs to accomplish His will and save His people.

    I hope this helps in some way. Forgive me if I have not answered all your questions or comments.

  112. @Durruti

    Not only Hitler, but Lenin and Stalin were agents as well.

    Or the communists didnt do nothing wrong?

    • Replies: @Durruti
  113. @RockaBoatus

    ((Hitler was also a master of sarcasm and irony. And everything he said to denigrate the Jews was actually faintly disguised praise and admiration for them and an invitation for them to achieve even greater global dominance.))

    I do believe Hitler was instrumental to the creation of the State of Israel. Whether he was a conscious — or just unwitting — tool of Providence I am not certain:

  114. @7crabwalk11

    The first part of your post is interesting.

    Are you familiar with the Freemason pillars of Joachim and Boaz?
    Apparently they are like a gate one may pass through.

    It has been suggested that the person who invented Freemasonry may have been a Jew
    because of the similarity of Judaism and Freemasonry.

  115. Of all the “classic” essays and books on the Jewish Question, one of them has received almost no attention or discussion. It is sociologist-historian Max Weber’s sociology of Judaism and his three books on the sociology of Religions of India, the Religion of China and the Protestant Ethic. It was Weber’s position that pluralism would not solve the Jewish Question and he advocated assimilation of Jews as the answer.

    See Max Weber and the Jewish Question, Gary A. Abraham, 1952.

  116. @Michael Korn

    There isn’t one singular church or one singular denomination that I could point to. Admittedly, this is somewhat discouraging, but that’s the reality of the situation. There are individual Christians in a plethora of church groups. They are united in their saving faith in Christ, although their expressions of that same faith are going to be somewhat different.

    In my opinion, Reformed Baptist churches are generally pretty solid. Churches that adhere to New Covenant Theology are sound churches. Some evangelical churches are doctrinally sound. Some churches are pretty biblically grounded when it comes to their view of salvation, but then they also have weaknesses in their church practice. So, it’s really a mixed bag.

    There are things that I would agree with in Protestant Reformed churches, and things that I would not agree with. Thankfully, there are genuine believers in almost every church and denomination throughout the world. Some are well-informed and are serious Bible students, and a good many are not. It all depends.

    There are many Christians who understand little doctrine and theology, but their hearts are in the right place. They have a very simple faith in Jesus, and their lives are marked by humility, personal holiness, and kindness toward others. Christ gladly accepts them, and not everyone in the kingdom is required to be a deep-thinking theologian or biblical scholar.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  117. Al Ross says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    A very Happy New Year to you , Pierre , and thank you for the thoughtful and characteristically erudite reply .

    It seems to me that the Jewish racial psyche would be unamenable to Christian precept even absenting empirical study ( of , say , Marranos in Spain ) and , instead, relying solely upon quotidian observation.

    In late Mediaeval times , English children were amused by tall tales about “the wise men of Gotham”, who attempted to rake the moon out of a pond and to drown an eel by immersing it in a tub of water. The degree of difficulty re genuine Jewish conversion is , I believe, close to that of the above .

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  118. @Pierre de Craon

    As to the merits of Meyerbeer’s music

    I completely agree with you.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
  119. @Durruti

    Dozens of years ago, I read some of his books and I still have Radetzkymarsch, Kiepenheuer, Witsch & Co., Köln-Berlin 1955. You’re full right as to the greatest elegist of the cosmopolitan, tolerant and doomed Central European culture , the said culture btw being largely my own.

  120. @René Fries

    If you are referring to Luxembourg as seat of EU administrative centers, then yes, why not. See my comment, EU is duly mentioned. If you refer to something else, i do not grasp your immediate suggestion.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  121. @RockaBoatus

    the Old Covenant when Yahweh took the Israelites by hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt

    has nothing to do with history, as I’ve written (quoted) several times. By the way, I also have more than once referred to the putative father of Jesus (Pantera) and also to the fact that the “VIRGIN” Mary seems to be a misreading of an aramaic term that signifies “junge Frau (young woman)” and NOT “Jungfrau (virgin)”. Does this in any way harm my faith as a church-going Catholic? of course not. The historical-critical method is not a fundamental declaration of war on religion, spirituality and metaphysics, but the only way to ascertain “was wirklich geschah // what really happened” (Treitschke? or Ranke? I’ve forgotten who said it). By mistaking Heilsgeschichte // salvation history ( = the explanation of the ultimate sense in a succession of certain events, those regarding the Hebrews having been mostly disastrous) for Geschichte (history “as it really happened”), Jews as well as Muslims make claims that are founded only in the thumbs of some ancient scribblers, out of which they’ve sucked the said “Heilsgeschichte”. Hence the said claims – all of them – lack any legitimization of course.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  122. @CelestiaQuesta

    I’m not French but Luxembourger.

    As to the term “contribution”, I cannot but acknowledge that words of Jewish/Yiddish origin currently are very frequently used in spoken (and written) German. Where they come from I do not care.

  123. @Bardon Kaldian

    Yes, of course. But I also wrote that “there are very many others -” (such as Bruno Frank, Hermann Kesten, Wilhelm Speyer, Vicky Baum, Jakob Wassermann, Martha Karlweis) “- but I would not put them into the Top Ten”, thereby forgetting Hannah Arendt who, of course, is top notch.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  124. @Pierre de Craon

    I am “flattered” or perhaps flattened by your ad hominems and that you would assume I am a “Chosenite.” I assure you that I am not a Jew, halakhically or otherwise, although I have frequently been mistaken for one by yidn and goyim alike. (Maybe because I wear glasses and am not good at sports.) Mein lieber herrenvolkischer Herr, ich bin einfach Orthodoxe Christ und slawischer Abstammung, which makes me less than a Jew in Hitler’s eyes, since your beloved Fuehrer viewed Slawen as less intelligent than Jews, worthy only to serve as slaves/ slavs in the Teutonic stables, whereas Jews had to be removed entirely from the New Europe because of their “cognitive corrosiveness” (aber die dumme Slawen could stay as slaves, how flattering). Your beloved Fuehrer who would have ultimately put a genius like Ivan Ilyin in a concentration camp simply because he was a Russian and a Slavophile who refused to swallow the Nordic Kool-aid and its inanities about race science. (And no, Prof. MacDonald, there was much admixture to Jewry in Late Antiquity and subsequently. Read Paul Wexler’s work about the Slavo-Turkic substrata of Yiddish, indicating the presence of Khazar and kna’anic converts, or about the Yemenite, Berber and Ethiopic converts in Late Antiquity, even Aquila of Sinope aka Onqelos the Proselyte who authored one of the Targums comes to mind. Dhu Nuwas, the king of Himyar in modern-day Yemen, was also a proselyte to Judaism.)

    I left the Ecclesia Romana partially because of its surrender to the Learned Rabbis at Vatican II. For better or for worse, I was pursuing a degree in Semitic philology and spent ten years studying classical Arabic, which led me to teach myself a reading knowledge of Hebrew, Syriac and Judeo-Aramaic. Knowing German allowed me to teach myself to read Yiddish, so I can read the Yiddish press. My point is that any cogent critique of Jewry/ Judaism requires a knowledge of the languages and history from and insider’s perspective, more even than my cursory knowledge, which is why it is absurd to think of a degenerate exhibitionist like Damien Hirst as a Jew, when the man was born Damien Brennan, a typically Irish name, or to think of Stalin or Beria as Jews for that matter. Is Whoopi Goldberg then also a Jew simply because she “feels Jewish”? The artist David Wojnarowicz has a Polish surname, is not Jewish, but is as disgusting as Damien Hirst. Andy Warhol, of Rusyn stock, also was not a Jew, yet a purveyor of entropy in his so-called art.

    For better or for worse, like most American gentiles of my generation, for worse probably, I attended an elite college and later a PhD program at another institution which were both so Jewish that I imbued Judaism through osmosis, since practically all my fellow students and many professors were Jews or half-Jews; I attended Passover seders, dated Jewish women, etc.

    Moreover, I was harmed throughout my life due to the insensitivities of Jewish bigots who belittled my Christian faith and its symbols and especially my Slavic heritage, implying that Slavs are stupid, crude, ignorant little fools, as they appear in the works of IB Singer and Sholem Aleichem, or also in the writings of German chauvinists for that matter, like White Nationalist hero Theodor Mommsen who wrote that Czech skulls are impervious to reason but susceptible to blows. Yet, in deference to the Christian perspective, I try not to hate Jews, not even German nationalists, and prefer to force myself to hope for their salvation, whereas many in the White nationalist movement appear to crave after the ideal of Thor and Odin and the bloodbath of Ragnarok or whatever it is in Old Norse.


    Your vituperative tone may reflect a certain Crusader mentality and Latin background (?) (I prefer to avoid the term Catholic, since Old Rome stopped being “Catholic” after the schism and became more Judaic than Catholic), which is one of the reasons I am glad to have left the heresy of the Latins because of its Judaizing tendencies (unleavened bread for example, an innovation due to Jewish influence by the Carolingian heretics, former Arians, who brought the Jews into Western Christendom through the front door so to speak, much like the Polish szlachta polluted the Russian land with usury through mass Jewish settlement in Ukraine and Belarus.)

    My point is that to posit a relevant and coherent criticism of anything, especially Jewish power, you have to know what you are talking about. You have to know a little Hebrew, just like you need a little Latin to understand Latin Christendom. To understand Jewish power, you need to be able to comprehend the difference between the Mishnah and the Gemara, between a Yom Tov and Kol be-Seder …

    … just as to know anything about Islam, you need to know the difference between the Mawlid and Ashura’, between the Isma’ili Shi’a and the Ithna’ ‘ashariyya Shi’a conceptions or the Imamate

    … or to understand the difference between Copts and Chalcedonians one must know what distinguished Dioscorus and Eutyches from Saint Leo the Great.

    Honestly, it is pointless even to debate this stuff within the narrow confines of these forums. Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Vatican II Catholics, White Nationalists, nobody listens because they don’t care.

    The problem though with White Nationalism, as articulated by the likes of Andrew Joyce, who gets many things right, and MacDonald, is that it totally ignores the metaphysical dimension. Which is why you ignore subjects touching on the arcana, e.g. the use of blood in occult rituals, etc.

    “White Europe” died because Europe renounced Christendom and went back to paganism beginning with the Renaissance and the depredations of the Papacy. The Pope is worse than the sanhedrin, because the Pope had the Truth but twisted it, whereas the sanhedrin never had the Truth and can plead a degree of ignorance. The idiot Reformers threw the Septuagint into the trash and translated from the Jewish Masoretic text which purposefully mangles all the references to the advent of Christ in the Old Testament. How pathetic, in their arrogant pseudo-intellectuality they sacrificed their own sacred tradition while advocating Sola Scriptura. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. This is all obvious. Protestantism was “Judaizing.” Calvin and Luther were “Judaizers.” And Saint John Chrysostom had worse things to say about Christian Judaizers than Jews. And the Puritans were Judaizers, as were Cromwell and the “Founding Fathers.”

    And yes, once baptized always baptized, especially if one is raised in the faith. Public apostasy is a conscious abjuration of one’s faith and a terrible sin akin to murder. I do not know whether Adorno had a Catholic upbringing, but I seem to remember having read somewhere that he did. (After all, Pope Pius IX stole the Mortara child, something which would be considered uncanonical in Orthodoxy.)

    “White nationalism” is simply the frustrated impotent scream of a civilization that committed suicide. The Jewish ascendancy was not the cause but the result of Europe’s apostasy. And America was founded on Jewish ideas. A Russian once told me: “It is a mistake to blame the Jews for the Revolution. The Russian intelligentsia was sick. If you do not bathe, then bacteria will form on your skin and you will stink. That’s what happened to Russia.” It was Blavatsky, Kerensky, the decadent aristocracy which betrayed the Tsar who are the first to blame. The Jewish Chekists were the instruments of God’s wrath, much as the Muslim Turks were God’s punishment for the Unia of the decadent Latinized Greek elites of Constantinople.

    That’s a metaphysical interpretation of the materialist reading of MacDonald et. al. Anti-Christian forces cannot be fought with Neo-paganism, fascism, Nordic sex breeding programs, the Bhagavad Gita, etc. Only with holy water and incense and icons and processions with church banners, etc.

    Guyenot and Co. don’t get it. If Isaiah speaks in a certain way, he’s speaking to an audience of Semitic nomads. The Rig Veda also glorifies genocide of Dravidians. You gnostic White Nationalist neo-pagans are Marcionites who totally misunderstand true Christian teaching.

    But nobody listens, so even writing this or responding is pointless, since rage and resentment are the modus operandi of White Nationalists. If only we could go back to Thor and Odin, it would all be fine.

    If the Nazis had’t had such a dim view of the Slavs and narrow-minded puerile racialist German obsessions, maybe they could have formed a pan-European movement that would have ultimately re-embraced Europe’s Christian roots.

    European Christendom was founded on Saint Constantine’s vision of the Chi Rho in the sky and the words below “en touto nika,” “in hoc signo, vinces” “in this, conquer.” And Saint Constantine, though not yet baptized, defeated Maxentius. And all of Maxentius’ pagan priests, sorcerers, astrologers and wizards, summoning the demonic powers of their false gods, failed against the Chi Rho sign. The devils which Maxentius’ pagan warlocks summoned were powerless against the cross. Constantine triumphed. Later, his mother Saint Helena made her pilgrimage to Jerusalem only to discover the True Cross, the Holy Rood.

    The rest is history, the real history of Europe, which has now devolved into the universal apostasy of the Vatican with Vatican II, the abomination of the Anglican “communion” and other protestant para-synagogues of satan allied to the sanhedrin of belial at the wailing wall in Jerusalem.

    (This must sound pathetic to an Aryan kshatriya charioteer by now. Even Judaic morality! Let’s chop off some dalit heads. Sturm und Drang! Die Valkuere kommen!) (p.s. I guess the Slavs were more conducive to Orthodox Christianity than the Germanic peoples because the Germans were too arrogant. In fact, they destroyed what was good in Latin Christendom with their heretical pseudo-Arian innovations forming this Germano-Latin papal caeserism of the Gregorian reform.)

    I understand where MacDonald and Guyenot are coming from. But they don’t see the Big Picture. That’s the problem. Above all, they don’t get philology. Solzhenitsyn, on the other hand, made painstaking efforts to consult Jewish sources when writing Two Hundred Years. If you make mistakes like identifying non-Jews or half-Jews as “typical Jews,” you run the risk of making yourself look like a dilettante and ideologue and plain fool. There is no “white race.” The English viewed the Irish as vermin. Andrew Joyce should know this. A Lord Byron was more at home with a Sassoon or even a lower class Daniel Deronda than with an Irish Catholic yeoman. There were no Jewish slaves in the thirteen colonies, but there were Irish slaves. Jewish slave owners of course were present though, like Aaron Lopez of Newport, Rhode Island who built the first synagogue in the Thirteen Colonies.)

    Maybe not “Culture of Critique” but why not textual criticism?

    p.s. And if you insist on continuing to call me a “Jew” or assume that I am a Jew for casting doubt on Adorno’s Judaism, it just proves my point that there is a sick pathological dimension to White Nationalism which, in its myopic and quite frankly idiotic hostility toward Christianity, isn’t worth taking the time to formulate a response with this many paragraphs.

  125. @Michael Korn

    In the sense that, when morality fails, law fails, and society collapses – as it has happened many times in the past – indeed, to all historical societies, whether it has taken a push from outside or not. When dogma replaces living inspiration, the whole thing becomes hollow and brittle.

    It is in line with what Marr was talking about – that the reason Germany could be conquered by jews was because Germany had lost the moral strength to resist.

    Everything passes away, or changes form – it is a law of nature. All that is born must die. Jewish organization will not escape that law, either, no matter what some jews may think.

    • Replies: @HdC
  126. @Shamu

    There was a time that Jews feared the Pope before the Renaissance started spreading its tentacles and infiltrate society with humanism and atheism. But that did not prevent Pope Leo X to give the permission to the Jews to print the Talmud, when owning that book could get the owner in trouble, and barely a thousand books were still in circulation.

    If Christians want to return to their roots, the first thing they should renounce is the acceptance of interest income which was known as usury for fifteen centuries of the church’s history, irrespective of the rate of interest. I very much doubt that most Christians would be willing to give up such a convenience despite that those of them who suffer from usury outnumber those who benefit by order of magnitude.

    If Christians are able to live by their core tenets, prime of those being self denial, then the Jew’s shenanigans would hardly be relevant. Alas, many Christians live and act like Crypto Jews rather than true Christians and that goes a long way towards solving the riddle of Jewish dominance of Western societies.

  127. @René Fries

    creating German language
    DEUS is the language of the gods – the Teutonic gods that is; re. “teutonic” – the loyal, the true tone. German is the language of truth, of right and lawfulness.
    Whatever is put into it thereafter – like garbage into a well of crystal clear water – is at the end of the day irrelevant. Now they – Jew & hyena – have turned the devine language into Denglish, mixing more and more of the gangster lingo (English) into the DEUS.
    For purists it matters but will not really matter for the capable practitioner (at the end of the day).

  128. @RockaBoatus

    I’m perfectly familiar with John Wear and how he tries to replay the Rezun-hoax. What deserves more comment here is “the many good things he did for Germany.” Hitler created a disaster for Germany after the economic recovery had already been started by people like Heinrich Bruning, Kurt von Schleicher and Hjalmar Schacht.

    It was Bruning (not Hitler) who persuaded the Allies that the demands for payments on the Versailles Treaty reparations were futile. Bruning was forced to make hard decisions about deflation versus employment, and these decisions were shaped by the reparations issue. The rise in the vote for the NSDAP, up to a peak of 37.6% of the vote in July 1932, was mainly a consequence of the deflation and unemployment which Bruning brought about. Once the Allies had been persuaded to suspend the reparations, Bruning shifted to advocating a Keynesian policy of promoting public works and the Germany economy began to recover in 1932. Bruning was never given credit for creating the economic recovery which he deserved, since it took too long.

    Economic recovery usually begins in the financial sector as it takes time for this to be translated into productive investments which create jobs. All economic analyses show that the German economy began to recover in the summer of 1932, right around when the NSDAP reached its peak vote. But unemployment remained very high, and Bruning’s reputation suffered from this. Although he advocated public works programs for which the NSDAP subsequently tried to claim credit, at the time when he was office these policies were not supported by the NSDAP. It was only after Hitler became Chancellor that he began stealing ideas from other people and taking credit for them.

    But Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher did manage to begin public works programs of the sort which Bruning had wanted. Those programs installed by Schleicher had created 2 million jobs by July 1933 and this was not the result of any initiative by Hitler. It was simply a program which had been set up Schleicher, attacked by Hitler before gaining office, and then continued by Hitler after taking office.

    Far from playing any special role in creating a German economic recovery, Hitler’s policies undermined that recovery. The recovery had already begun in 1932 when the Allies suspended reparations. The public works programs of Schleicher were a useful stimulus measure to speed up recovery. Hjalmar Schacht remained as the manager of financial policy after Hitler had replaced Schleicher as Chancellor, and Schacht strongly favored a policy of German rearmament to reverse the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty. But by 1936, Schacht warned Hitler that the German economy was going to become overheated if he did not start to ease up on the military build-up and instead to developing export markets for German industry.

    Hitler was long since decided that his goal was to conquer the lands of eastern Europe from the inferior Slavs. He was not interested in developing German exports in the world at large. Schacht was forced to resign since he couldn’t do anymore. Instead, Goering’s Four-Year Plan was ordered to ramp up military preparations so that Germany would be ready for all-out war by 1940. This plan then crippled the German economy and forced Hitler into taking more belligerent measures. When Hitler marched across Czechia on March 15, 1939, in violation of the Munich Pact, this was largely determined by his need to seize Czech gold and takeover the Skoda Works to increase German armament capacity. It was obvious that the type of rearmament policy was following was unsustainable and it forced him to move towards a conflict that could bring fast returns.

    None of this supports the view of Hitler as a man who did “many good things for Germany.” Certainly not in comparison with what other leaders had already begun doing and were prepared to go doing if they had not pushed aside. At best, we see Hitler capitalizing off of the ideas of others and promoting himself on it.

    • Disagree: RockaBoatus
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  129. @Shamu

    Right or not in his conclusions, Miles Mathis presents plenty of valid facts.

    Martin Luther, maiden names of his lineage: mother, Lindemann; grandmother, Ziegler; great-grandmother, Rosenzweig; great-great-grandmother, von Saalfeld.

    Wife, Katharina Luther (von Bora); von Haugwitz; von Schönberg; Pflug.

    Pope Leo X, 9 March 1513 – Dec. 1521, born Medici. Pope Clement VII, 19 Nov 1523 – 25 Sept 1534, born Medici. Bankers/financiers who ultimately allowed Luther to do what he did. Hmmm.

  130. @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    Your post has plenty of truth gems in it and you sure write like a true erudite. Though I find also Pierre De Craon a very knowledgeable and learnt commenter. It would be great if you could reach a synthesis in your debate. On a grander scale, I hope that the Latin Church and the Orthodox Church would reunite into one Church that would be the true Church of Christ.

    In our current era when Christianity is under a mortal assault, Christian unity is more important than ever.

    • Agree: Anonymous12890
  131. Che Guava says:

    Thanks, but I have only ever driven on the other side of the road, used to think of going to Sth. Korea to practise. Okay on the right in video games, so thanks for the suggestion.

  132. Richard B says:
    @Patrick McNally

    The total of abnormal Jewish fatalities in WWII was almost certainly over 2 million, albeit probably much less than 6 million.

    almost certainly – albeit probably

    Now there’s some mathematically-based scientific certitude for ya.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  133. xyzxy says:
    @Diogenes Snr

    Ezra Pound’s cautionary statement – a recovering post-war anti-semite himself at the time – that anti-semitism is a ‘suburban prejudice’

    Well, at least according to Ginsberg, who was evidently drinking heavily at the time. I wasn’t there, so who knows? And Pound receiving absolution from Allen? Yeah, I can see Rabbi Ginsberg offering that. Chutzpah. LOL

    Pound was pretty removed from whatever was going down, at the time. He claimed that all his writing was ‘stupid’. So what does that tell you about his state of mind?

    Hell, even Ginsberg claimed that Pound’s economics were spot on. And throughout his works, Pound’s criticism of Jews was based on their ‘economics’. Not because they were Jewish, per se.

    Nietzsche broke with Wagner due to his ugly anti-semitism..

    That’s a pretty weak analysis of the situation between the two. As if that was all there was, going on between them? FN’s growing alienation at anything ‘popular’, the sycophantry of the crowd towards Wagner at Bayreuth, jealousy (to include Nietzsche’s feelings for Cosima), a growing dementia (very likely not syphilitic).

    But, OK. Let’s dissolve it all down to ‘anti Semitism’. When anyone criticizes Jews, it’s misplaced, and they later regret it all. Right?

  134. @Pierre de Craon

    To Al Ross and Craon,

    Basic Christian values, whether Orthodox or heterodox (I guess with Calvinism it becomes bit more blurry) teach that one of the greatest sins is to judge others.

    And what could be worse than to judge the sincerity of someone’s faith or conversion?

    The list of Jewish converts in the Latin church would include:


    Theobald of Cambridge (12th century), who testified to the truth of the use of blood in occult rituals in the case of Saint William of Norwich (lets not get too specific for fear of the thought police, but you know what I’m referring to.)

    Nicholas Donin (13th century), who exposed blasphemies in the Talmud

    Abner of Burgos (14th century), later named Alfonso of Valladolid, who wrote polemics against his former faith

    Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne (19th century) who confirmed some of the aspects of the Damascus Affair and died in a monastery in Jerusalem

    In the Orthodox Church, several examples come to mind

    Monk Neophytos of Moldova (early 19th century), born Noah Belfer, former chief rabbi of Iasi, who wrote a polemic in Romanian exposing the dark side of Judaism, including references to the use of blood which, strangely enough, cite the very same Old Testament verses found in the depositions which Toaff cites from the trials at Trent and which are found in Tlass’s book on the Damascus Affair citing Ottoman sources.

    Jakov Brafman (mid 19th century), a Jewish convert from Belarus, who wrote Kniga Kagala, the Book of the Kahal, thanks to which we know much of how the Kahal operated in 19th century Russia.

    Saveliy Konstantinovich Efron (late 19th century), formerly a rabbi and rosh yeshiva from Minsk, who fled the Revolution and died an Orthodox monk in Sremski Karlovci, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, who confirmed the authenticity of a certain document (read more about him, and you’ll learn).

    I personally know several Jewish converts to Orthodoxy and one to Catholicism, and they are better Christians than I’ll ever be. There are Jewish converts in my church.

    Moreover, I’ve heard anecdotal evidence from Orthodox priests and monks that there is a growing number of crypt0-Christians among Israeli Jews who practice their faith in secret.

    I was told of the story of an Israeli who travelled to the Balkans for a secret baptism. He lives outwardly as a Jew in Jerusalem but attends Divine Liturgy daily in secret.

    Don’t close the door to salvation like the Pharisees because of your narrow-minded heretical Aryan Christianity a la Houston Stewart Chamberlain and the gnostic idiocy of Alfred Rosenberg with his fantasies about Atlantis and the Hyperboreans.

    Saint Gamaliel was a Jew and crypto-Christian. He is mentioned as Rabban Gamaliel the Elder in the Pirqei Avot. Saint Nicodemus was a Jew and Pharisee, a secret Christian and member of the Sanhedrin.

    Rabbi Yitzhaq Kedourie who passed away two decades ago in Jerusalem, a leading Kabbalist, revealed the name of the messiah as “Yehoshua” in a posthumous letter.

    The Aryan Christ is a myth. Aryanism is a myth. Paradoxically, the closest thing to real Aryans in the Third Reich and German-occupied Europe were the Gypsies, Roma.

    And look how the Germans and their allies like the Croat Ustashe treated the Gypsies, even though linguistically they were more Aryan than the Germans? Massacres and interments in the concentration camps.

    This is why Aryanism is destined to fail. It lacks the Holy Spirit. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it were some Zionist conspiracy.

    The only thing that can fight Antichrist is the cross. Aryanism and Aryan racial white Christianity is also in the spirit of antichrist.

  135. Judd says:

    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary…

  136. p.s. Eusebius writes that all the bishops of Jerusalem up to the Bar Kokhba revolt were “of the circumcised.” They all had Israelite names. But Bar Kokhba killed all the Jewish Christians who wouldn’t support his movement and recognize him as messiah.

  137. @Pierre de Craon

    I tried to find a good word about the 1977 project and the best I could come up with was this:

    I remain mystified why Wagner operas are a major industry and Meyerbeer operas are defunct. I enjoy listening to the former more than the latter but the latter are fine and former seem absolutely not 10000 X better, or however one would quantify the market of 1977.

    Mark Twain: Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  138. @René Fries

    She is prominent, but no match for Cassirer. I just mentioned those who are not just famous, but belong to the A category in their respective fields (for instance, Broch or Kraus are much greater authors than Hemingway and Fitzgerald).

    • Replies: @René Fries
  139. @Adornonotjewish

    OK most of that comment was very very good and you totally had me right up to here:

    Aryanism is a myth. Paradoxically, the closest thing to real Aryans in the Third Reich and German-occupied Europe were the Gypsies, Roma.

    Where and when in the real universe do you get this?

  140. anarchyst says:

    Your statement:

    “I can somewhat understand the Catholic position because James’ community was focused on the Jerusalem Temple as the center of their worship life and following the Roman destruction in 70 AD that institution ceased to exist. Catholics often claim that the Vatican is the fulfillment and perfection of the Jerusalem Temple and indeed is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision of the Third Temple”

    …is laughable. I know of NO Roman Catholic who equates the Vatican with a “jewish temple” or the “third temple”.
    It is possible that there are jewish converts to Roman Catholicism who believe that but your whole premise is preposterous on its face.
    We can agree to disagree.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  141. anarchyst says:

    One thing I have noticed about Protestant denominations is that almost every denomination takes a “piece” of Christian beliefs and concentrates solely on that one “piece” to the exclusion of “the rest of the beliefs”.
    An extreme example of this narrow view is that of the Protestant “snake handlers” sects who take that small part of the Bible that “protects themselves” against poisons and literally handles poisonous snakes in order to “prove” their faith.
    Let’s not forget the many Protestant sects who have welcomed those who promote homosexuality, transgenderism, and other perversions with open arms, declaring all to be “children of God” without passing any proper judgment on their aberrant behavior.
    THAT behavior and tolerance of evil damages ALL of Christianity.
    Despite the errors and takeover of the Roman Catholic Church with the “coup” of the Vatican II Ecumenical Council, there are still traditional Roman Catholic sects that embody TRUE Catholicism and have not wavered in their beliefs.

    • Agree: RockaBoatus
    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
    , @Elinel
  142. @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    Wow! This guy is good. “Adorno Wasn’t Jewish” is a “made man.” I wouldn’t toy with him.
    However, I suggest the barbarism of the West can be, in part, attributed to the moderate climate, warm water ports & inland water ways of the western tip of Asia known as Europe. Highly mobile, truculent hunters & gatherers collected in this area. The woods were filled with large game, and the waters teemed with fish & fowl. The “crack was good.” The Romans imposed an infrastructure and brought a modicum of order out of chaos. The Barbarians utilized the Alpine passes to overrun the “Eternal City.” I don’t think their intention was to upend the Christian Order of things. Perhaps they were tired of paying tolls.
    To this day, smaller regions deal with the challenge of surplus labor by organizing an “expedition” (looting campaign) or a Crusade (looting campaign). Well nourished, hydrated & insulated, infant boys grow to maturity. Often the economy (land & fishing “holes”) is not large enough to absorb their labor. A landless boy can “pitch the woo” to a fair maiden with a comb or brush from the East. The great St. Vladimir never had this problem, but I suspect the Architects of Western Christendom did. The Russians have employed “firm” methods to encourage young men to settle in the Taiga.
    I was born in NYC. All four of my grandparents were immigrants, each from a different country. The RC Church was our place of contact & convivence. I accept now Hans Urs von Balthasar’s description of the Latin Church as the “Holy Whore.” She must bed down with Barbarians such as Charlemagne & Otto & Henry in the hope that by “post-coital” pillow talk, she can soften their ways. Today one can replace the aforementioned tribal warrior kings with metro-sexual captains of Finance & Technology. (This type of character also appears in Dostoyevsky & Dickens). She has no husband to defend her. We must play the cards we are dealt. After the Franks vanquished the Muslims & Lombards, I think the Papacy was theirs for the taking. That’s the way things go in the Fallen World. However, I suspect the Pope was grateful. In the same way Pius XII was grateful for the Allied Victory. I believe the Barbarians condemned the RC church to “history.”
    I wonder if etymology is destiny. The Saker reduced the Latin Church, which he describes, charitably, as a massive, yet successful fraud, to the implications & effects of the Latin language on Metaphysical topics within the brain of the evangelized. This would run headfirst into the Prologue to the Gospel of St. John.
    Also, I maintain, the most vivid description of a Hieronymus Bosch hellscape ever penned is the John Lennon song “Imagine.” Is it possible Adorno actually wrote that piece of Tavistockian drivel?
    Keep up the good work. Team sports are the peak spiritual formation for the descendant of western European barbarians. In case you’re wondering.

  143. Durruti says:

    Not only Hitler, but Lenin and Stalin were agents as well.

    Or the communists didnt do nothing wrong?

    There are agents, and there are political prostitutes: (such as the American Congress & Executive).

    Some individuals throughout History receive backing from powerful Oligarchs/Agencies, because they are headed in an approved political/economic direction. Others, such as Hitler, Maxwell, Barak, Epstein, etc., were agents – from the day they reached puberty. As one example, Hitler had no other profession; he never held a job – other than employment as an AGENT. His trajectory was – A Messenger for the German Army in WW I (1914-1918 – no charging over the trenches for him), to an Agent who infiltrated & took control of existing Political Parties/Movements, after the War, from 1918 to 1933, (and attempting a Munich Putsch 1923 – comparable to the American Circus ‘seizure’ of the White House in 2020). In 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Then, in Germany, followed the bloody “Night of the Long Knives“-1934, directed by Hitler & his SS, where all those who did not follow the direction of the Zionist Oligarchs, were eliminated.

    Lenin and Stalin appear to have been used, cooperated with, (by the leading Money Changing Oligarchs of the time), rather than direct agents-owned and operated by them. They have some family and professional History, before they ascended to power. You may be correct. However, I find information on the Communist leaders, as with the ‘Nazi/Fascist leaders to be sparce, and that which exists to be hidden. As with the assassination of our leaders, the Kennedys and others, to the ‘Landing on the Moon,’ to the Planneddemic, truthful detailed information is hard to obtain.

    *I would discuss this key corner of History in article detail, but Unz will not accept/display my articles.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

    • Replies: @Emil Nikola Richard
  144. @Dream

    UK government needs to call out discrimination and hatred against Christians in Israel more.

    The UK government hates Christians as much as, if not more than the Israelis. To expect any Western government in this post-Christian era to defend Christians is laughably naive at best, idiotic at worst.

  145. folkvangr says:

    I believe one more book that is worth mentioning should be added to the list: “Reckless Rites: Purim and legacy of Jewish violence” by Elliott Horowitz (2006), a mind-altering report on “unsettled” relationship of Jews with the goyim.

  146. @folkvangr

    I gave Kay as a source in English, but the original German documents in which Herbert Backe declared that

    1.) The war can only be continued if the entire Wehrmacht is fed from Russia in the third year of the war.
    2.) If we take what we need out of the country, there can be no doubt that tens of millions of people will die of starvation.

    were published long ago. One can find the German version of the above on page 84 of Volume 31 in the series Trial of the Major War Criminals. No revisionist has ever remotely tried to dispute the authenticity of this document. To be sure, the Nuremburg transcripts contain a wide mélange of sometimes bizarre claims from former prisoners about steam chambers at Treblinka, existed alongside of numerous everyday documents from the German foreign ministry such as the above. But no revisionist has ever been able to challenge the relevant documents on the issue of the Hunger Plan designed by Backe.

    Rather, instead, the most common point made by Robert Faurisson was that we have no documents which speak of gas chambers. That is true, and it’s a good reason to be wary of claims that somehow a massive gassing project was designed for which no documents were ever made. But the Backe plan is much simpler, clearly documented, and fits with all of Hitler’s statements about living space. There is no matter of coded language here.

    As for how Hitler really referred to Russians:

    “Since the time of Peter the Great, there were above all many Germans (Baltics!) who formed the framework and the brain of the Russian state… Without this essentially German upper class and intelligentsia, a Greater Russia would not have emerged, nor could it have preserved itself… Bismarck, at least to a certain degree, still knew this Russia… As the Germanic state-forming upper class in Russia was replaced by a racially pure Russian bourgeois class, the Russian notion was confronted with the pan-Slavic idea…”
    — Hitler’s Second Book, pp. 148-9.

    Having described his view of the original German role in creating the Russian Czarist state, Hitler then goes to lay out his view of Jews as “ferment of decomposition” (p. 151) which he sees as resulting in “a Russia with limited national power” (pp. 151-2). From there follows the conclusion:

    … it is fortunate for the future that the development took place in this way, because it broke a spell that would have prevented us from seeking the goal of German foreign policy in the one and only place possible: space in the east.
    — p. 152.

    • Agree: Durruti
    • Replies: @folkvangr
  147. @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    “… your beloved Fuehrer viewed Slawen as less intelligent than Jews, worthy only to serve as slaves/ slavs in the Teutonic stables…”

    is propaganda and obviously your prop up to victimhood – Judaism. What for? For cunning pretense. Doubt that you are Russian.
    (I do not like Hitler for very countable reasons).
    Hitler never viewed Russians as inferior. He viewed Russians as superior: He was scared of Russians. He avoided Russians/Russia. He failed to meet up with Stalin, such Church-ill could jump into the void (of fear). The leader was led (by Rome).
    Fuck you for nourishing lies – of liars that are today again trying to destroy Russian peoples: Jew & hyena (Rome Christians). Christianity is the enemy of family life and hence of peoples.
    You are a load of Hasbara trollery and Adorno was a Jew like hell.
    Glory to Russia with heartfelts from Germany!

    • Replies: @Adornonotjewish
  148. @Adornonotjewish

    Good morning Hasbara; you Adornos are out in force now, better put my head down.

  149. Realist says:
    @Thomas Faber

    A proposal for a solution: Let Nature run its course – what is healthy and strong will survive and thrive, what is sickly and weak will decay and die.

    That is most like to be the coming outcome.

  150. @JWalters

    That would be hilarious if it were not likely true.

  151. @Pierre de Craon

    Do that to me one more time…

    Maybe should not misuse Toni to sarcasm you… TT is too precious to bring anywhere near hypocrites (Jews and their Catholics).
    The honest walk away. The honest walk the talk – truth that is. The Christ walked away from the dishonest; traitors ((Peters) (just the way you are a traitor too, a Catholic Jew?)). When push comes to shove, one ought to be able to differentiate (e.g. what is “spirit”, what is “soul”, what is “mind”, what is “intellect”, what is intelligence, what is will, free will? etc.)
    “I got conscripted” – when I got conscripted by the Jewerman army, an army of the Bund(le) Bnai Brith, ropes, I fled. I forced myself to stay over a decade away from the fatherland, occupied by you “con-scripted” – volunteers in any case; scripted cons.


    Learn your language? Before you take your mouth so full of BS – bible scriptures, maybe bring your language down to the ground of truth before you get so majestic (and backstabbing)? Is it Catholic cuntiness? I bet you: Every “practicing” Catholic is a cunt somewhere, somehow, sometime; usually when it is “needed” the least. Cuntiness is inherent in the new testicals (NT) approved by the Jew. That is why at the first turn Catholics screw each other up (even or especially within the family – which Catholicism is sabotaging and trying to replace with “Jesus” – je suis, “I am your family” – but I do not want to be mother let alone father and do the chaws, but they, especially their false priests (double speak), like the whip (and use, i.e. misuse, God’s children given to father & mother). Your faith is the destroyer of the family. (Wrap your head around that one or not.)

    God made man and men made religions – not Go(o)d – bad.
    Peoples are defined by creation – “His C-rea-tion”. C(hrist) rea(l). Real is a natural habitat in natural boundaries with a natural population (creatures of creation – Crea oh Creah) – not even needing words let alone religion (the killer of religiousness). (Migrants go against creation – religiousness).
    The last thing the Christ seems to be attracted to are “Christ-i-an-i-ties” & The Mafia – “our judeo-christian traditions”, which are no traditions at all, just like unjust laws are no law at all. Christianinsanity.
    Purpose of christianing
    Christ was unable to christian, to baptize. John had to do it to him and for him. John re-spirited Jesus. God ensouled Jesus. God ensouls. Soul is Go(o)d. (Jews are ensouled too). Do you know what christianing – baptizing- actually, factually is or ought to be? If you are “father”, you should know, because – unlike John – priests are unable to baptize and have to rely more than ever before on the parents – the father in the mother – to come up with right nomen (est omen); naming the right direction out of knowing or at least sensing the past and the (right – correctable) future. Giving the right name – the right tone – towards the baby, so it can come on a good tone to the light. The light, what you think is Christ, is reached via the right, the good tone. That is why you have darkened me out, because my righteous tone is dissonance, does not swing with your accords of sectarian (Catholic) shrills.
    Christian priests are actually trying to seal off the seat of soul when baptizing, whenever they “bless” (the devil). Amon. Rabies aka Rabbies – cock suckers – keep the Jew boy from rising up (to the seat of soul in the flesh) and force him bloodied down and under (the black coats) darkness. That’s why they come up with colour revolutions in time (and again and again…) to compensate for the missing real light. The sound of Go(o)d – truth, the true word – turns bright/light. First it was sound, then it turned light.
    If you know what “God alone sees” – as you state, you must be God. As a matter of fact – real fact, soul, that is – you are God. You are as much God as the son is the father (– “the apple does not drop far from the horse”). Since Christ is home and hosed, you are far more important to you (God) as the Christ is to God, because “The Nazi” (Christ) is in him and you are still out here and your father (you) is longing for the beloved son to come home.
    So you can wipe yours or “your president’s shit” with your catholized (cat turned holy) scriptures, you can shove roses into The Biden’s as and throw rocks and sewage at the Christ; to Him, you as soul, will not be any less. To Him (you) you are a good sport, keen to do another “lap of honour” – extension of sufferings. That is all. It is a cuck game of His (incl. you and me – you that is too).
    Lighten up! You can not be lost. Your cuck body was already lost in conception. Ash to ash and soul (God) is indestructible, unhurtable, eternal life pulser; that which pulses (life), that which breathes the (dying) body, that power, “electricity”, which pumps the blood, that which is the same for and in everybody – every carrier of soul particle. Even the cuck Jew is ensouled (and ready to do countless laps of honour till some real honour – soul seat cleaning – is accumulated). Bitching here about the Jew helps him a lot, just like getting stuck into the evangelical boys – goys – is actually a gift to the suckers.
    Soul is everything. Mind (scriptures) is nothing (at the end of the day) unless it is a servant of spirit (cleaning soul from bad smells). Soul is unhurtable but can collect a smell (e.g. smell like a woolen suit after walking through a dungeon).
    Your scriptures separate like any scriptures do. “Your” scriptures are only for you. The moment you beat someone else with your pet, you might get what you get right here (if you are lucky or unlucky).
    Nuking “you” would take a lot of debts of you and save you from countless laps of honour; it would be an honourable thing to do, real compassion, cutting the robe, sharing the ropes. Merry Christmas – marry Christ’s mess; let those preachers be married to wo(w)man instead of homo-sexualizing The Nazi and let them pay themselves (with honest labour) for their messy mass.
    Good luck with the scriptures. But please, you tell me – you are one of the best educated man around here – why does a man read a book again and again? Alzheimers? Does it make you happy and does it last? Does that book fill out your life or does life fill out your life? What is life? What is death? That book, any book, is matter – ash to ash. It has no life in it. It can not make life/love. That words turn to thought and vice versa and eventually turn into action is the crux of the NT. What action does come out of the New Testament? True spirit or
    1. Division
    2. Destruction of the family
    3. Migration
    4. War
    5. Unhappiness: a) desires (e.g. for salvation through a Christ), b) anger (about “Christian” occupiers), c) greed (e.g. for the creed of baptized and/or cock-sucked ones; Christmas – stealing the holy nights between the years’ changeover) d) attachment (e.g. the churches – the stolen, occupied venues of beauty), e) ego (evil superiority; i.e. inferiority of not be – longing);
    6. Do it one more time
    These are the main achievements of “bi-b-le” – Christ(-i-an-i-ties) around the neck drowning the beauty of life instead of following the ten(-nille) commandments (and you might trip over The Nazi once in a million cylces of life & death), the Tone of truth turns light (Christ)…

    I laugh at you all – in arrogance and contempt – till the day you have paid (and the inferiority is taken of our heads, just the way you have put it on us). The nuclear destruction is as certain as your Christ and the Holocaust of Germans, the “judeo-christian tradition” has given to us.
    How certain is your Christ? When Christians cuck: “Jesus lives”, they are right without having the faintest clue, just like you – obviously (going by your evangelism).
    It is one thing to have enjoyed (and/or suffered) a thorough education and be knowledgeable (or whatever), it is another thing if one can not only clean the toilett but insist on cleaning shit and insist on sweeping the floors after Jews & hyena cucked it full yet again, to ensure cleanliness – godliness. It is one thing to get haughty with a scriptured majority (evangelicals / Jewmerica) and “go to my parish” (cucks the “Saker” – fat as a pig). It is nothing to stand alone without scriptures, without “church”, without state, without matter, without friends and sects. And nothing is everything. When I am nothing who would be everything? Jesus is nothing. How can he be everything for Catholics? Well, he is only a period(ical) for the hypocrites (with judeo-christian traditions).

    Jesus can not have or no longer has a free will. If it is up to him, he will safe you (from another round of torture). Grace of Jesus by a glance of God. (How do you get the sucker’s attention?) If not, not and the next round goes – the wheel of life and death as the original Americans knew it well – the well of life and death: soul, which is actually childish or kindergarden to call “God”:

  152. Realist says:
    @RJ Macready

    You’re one of the most rational people I’ve ever come across.

    Thanks, but I know you are being facetious.

  153. @Pierre de Craon

    Much of what is that bit of rambling which you linked has nothing to do with Russia at all, but let’s skip over that and move about halfway where they start to say something about Russia.

    Most people today believe the Communists were successful in Russia because they were able to rally behind them the sympathy and frustration of the Russian people who were sick of the tyranny of the Czars.

    That’s a ridiculous misrepresentation, since everyone knows that Czardom was toppled in the February Revolution whereas the Bolsheviks came to power in the October Revolution. But just as an example of what a historian might write about how the Bolsheviks came to power:

    The basic reason for the Red triumph was that the White forces were essentially conservative and the peasants were all essentially radical. Both Kolchak and Denikin favored the restoration of the landlords, for example. The governments of the Whites demonstrated an astounding lack of understanding and consideration of the people… Kolchak’s last Minister of Justice once told me their cabinet meetings were given over to theoretical discussions and to petty jealousies and squabbles. He added that neither he nor any of his colleagues ever made any serious effort to discover what the people wanted or to satisfy those desires. But this was wisdom long after the event.
    — Warren B. Walsh, Russia and the Soviet Union, p. 407.

    Let’s get back to that link:

    Kerensky, a so-called democratic socialist, may have been running a caretaker government for the Communists. He kept the war going against Germany and the other Central Powers, but he issued a general amnesty for Communists and other revolutionaries, many of whom had been exiled after the abortive Red Revolution of 1905.

    Silly nonsense. First of all, about Kerensky’s decision to go on with the war, the military officers such Kornilov, Denikin, Wrangel, Kolchak et alia were all rabidly in favor of continuing the war. If Kerensky had attempted sign a peace with Germany, he would almost certainly have been confronted with a coup d’état. As for issuing a general amnesty, this was what the overwhelming majority of the population demanded. Kerensky was not alone in recognizing this. The founder and leader of the Constitutional Democrats, Pavel Milyukov, specifically made an official request to the British government that Trotsky should be released from internment in a Canadian camp and allowed to return to Russia.

    Amherst’s most difficult prisoner was fast becoming an international incident, and after only one month in Nova Scotia, the British ordered Trotsky freed after receiving an official request from Pavel Milyukov, the foreign minister of Russia’s democratically minded Provisional Government.

    This had nothing to do with either Kerensky or Milyukov being “Communist.” It was simply the public mood that all political exiles should be allowed to return.

    Back to mother Russia came 250,000 dedicated revolutionaries, and Kerensky’s own government’s doom was sealed.

    I don’t know offhand where the “250,000” is taken from and whether or not it has some authentic basis or is simply a made-up figure, but most people who returned to Russia from exile were Bolsheviks anyway. Even Trotsky was not a Bolshevik at the time he traveled back to Russia. He joined with Lenin in July in response to the July Uprising which had started by anarchists against Lenin’s wishes but seemed to portend a likely future revolution. Even on the German train which carried Lenin back to Russia, most passengers were not part of Lenin’s party and their parties ended up being banned in the later Bolshevik regime.

    With him Lenin took some $5 to $6 million in gold. The whole thing was arranged by the German high command

    It would be most interesting to know if this blogger actually has a source for such a statement. Historians generally accept that Lenin must have gotten some money from the German high command which could have helped him to establish his newspapers and therefore been very important as a launching pad. But no one has been able to track anything so specific as “$5 to $6 million in gold.” The collection of documents known as the Sisson documents was popular for a while, but it has generally been accepted that these Sisson documents are not authentic. I doubt that this blogger really has anything to justify such a sharp statement as “$5 to $6 million in gold.” But feel free to inquire this blogger for a reference. The only thing we can safely say is that Lenin got some German money somewhere, somehow, which helped him launch the Bolshevik press.

    When Trotsky left New York aboard the S.S. Christiania, on March 27, 1917, with his entourage of 275 revolutionaries,

    Absolutely delusional. Trotsky never had such a large entourage of 275.

    On 27 March Trotsky, his family, and a small group of other emigres, having the day before been given a boisterous farewell by a multilingual gathering of Socialists, sailed from New York …
    — Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed, p. 246.

    “300 well-wishers saw them off.”
    — Robert Service, Trotsky: A Biography, p. 159.

    Maybe your blogger is confusing the 300 well-wishers who saw them as part of the “entourage”? Or perhaps this nonsense is simply taken from Robert Wilton, who was famous for fabricating stories about “hundreds” of revolutionaries arriving in Russia from New York.

    There the Canadians grabbed Trotsky and his money

    It’s worth interjecting here that there are reports of Trotsky carrying about 10,000 dollars with him. Obviously, nothing remotely like the alleged “$5 to $6 million in gold” which your blogger claims that Lenin had on him. 10,000 dollars would help to cover bed and breakfast for a family that was returning to Russia in the midst of the war. But it wouldn’t have much bearing on the later political battles which Trotsky was a part of.

    So Trotsky cooled his heels in a Canadian prison—for five days.

    It was April 3 when Trotsky and his family were taken into custody by British naval police. On April 29 he left Amherst. That’s longer than 5 days. Anyway, I already mentioned that Milyukov was the one who pressed the British that Trotsky be released.

    “Milyukov, the Foreign Minister, asked the British Ambassador that Trotsky be released.”
    — Deutscher, The Prophet Armed, p. 247.

    It’s obvious that your favored blogger is not very well informed about anything which they comment on.

    • Agree: Durruti
  154. @Richard B

    There’s a limit to how exact one can be. In 1938 Arthur Ruppin started a controversy because he maintained that the world Jewish population was 16.7, whereas the more common estimate said 15.7. Mostly this boiled to claiming that the Soviet Jewish population had been underestimated, which is plausible since Soviet statistics needed to be treated with caution. After 1945, Ruppin’s 16.7 million estimate as a prewar figure of world Jewish became the favored one. That obviously has some convenience to it since it makes it argue for a higher of wartime fatalities. The estimate made of world Jewish population in the postwar world, whether right or wrong. was 11 million. Since 16.7 – 11 = 5.7 rounds very easily to 6, this is quite agreeable with the standard “6 million” story.

    But then again, if it was possible for all of the world’s organizations to underestimate the world Jewish population by 1 million in 1938 (as Ruppin claimed they had) then one can reasonably wonder if a much larger underestimation occurred after 1945. Outside of the USSR, the world Jewish population had been settled rather securely for a long time before 1933. There was very little tendency of Jews to go crypto and so you would think that most figures from that time are accurate. Mass-deportations to the east would have caused many Jews who might have survived after 1945 to play down their identity even as they tried moving across Europe and into other parts of the world. So, it’s very plausible that the true world Jewish population may have been a few million more than that 11 million. But giving precision to this is not really possible.

  155. @anarchyst

    Well said, and true. I’ve found in my many years of studying this subject that most people – including Christians! – have little biblical understanding of Christianity. This doesn’t mean one needs to be a theologian or scholar, but they at least need to have a rudimentary understanding of historic Christian doctrine, etc. But this is so rare among many professing Christians that when you meet someone who really understands both what and why they believe, one almost falls down in shock.

    You’re right, there are traditional Roman Catholics who are serious about their faith, and not just Sunday worshipers. I have more respect for them than nominal Catholics and Protestants even though I may disagree with them on some matters.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  156. @RockaBoatus

    (Some) Protestants confidently call James (Jacob) the “Just” (the Tsadiq) the “brother of Jesus” and then speculate if his father was Zebedee or Alphaeus. (Which, taken together, would make Zebedee or Alphaeus the father of Jesus, also, wouldn’t it?) Do these think that the Soviet people were biological brothers of Stalin since he addressed them as “brothers and sisters” in his radio speeches? What James does not do is call Jesus the “Son of God.” Calling Jesus “one of the brothers” is what makes James “the brother of Jesus,” as well as his function as leader, as “Tsadiq,” just as Jesus was the Moreh ha-Tsadiq, or “Teacher of Righteousness.” Muhammad also called himself the brother of Jesus (and Moses).

    James (like the translators of the OT, the LXX, and “Paul”) addresses himself to the “twelve tribes” when, for the Jews, for seven hundred years already at the time there were only two tribes, Benjamin and Judah, (besides Levites as a “caste,” defined by function, not an actual “tribe”). (Herodotus called the Magi, the priests of Zoroastrianism “a tribe” causing endless confusion among modern scholars whereas in our understanding, like the Levites, they would also be properly called a caste.) The Pharisees are formally explicit that the “ten lost tribes” have no part in the “world to come.” We don’t know what the Sadducees would have thought about that. Karaite Jews (who are Latter Day Sadducees) are no tribe, since at least those of Crimea and Lithuania freely affirm that they are Khazars who converted once upon a time.

    Where do Protestants and Jews get the idea that for James the Tsadiq the Temple was the center of religious life? Quite an assumption, that, since he never mentions it. Neither was the Temple of any significance for Jesus, nor for Christians since the Book of Isaiah says that “Yahweh is sick and tired of animal sacrifices” (and the only function of the Temple was as a kosher slaughterhouse). What did Jesus say the Temple was? He called it a criminal racket. Isaiah said “stop sacrificing animals,” “your hands are bloody”—meaning you are impure—the Temple is impure—”wash yourselves [baptize], take care of orphans and widows.” And Jesus’ “call” is made—through the artistry of Luke— by reading from the Book of Isaiah in the synagogue.

    And Muhammad took a line from James the Tsadiq and called his religion “Islam” (“submission”) just before his death. (Cf James: 4:7: “Submit yourselves to God.”) Before that they were called “Sabians” or “Washers,” that is, Baptists. (See Wellhausen on Islam, yes, that Wellhausen: Reste arabischen Heidentumes.)

    It is likely (from the confused and varying descriptions of the early Church Fathers) that it was the Christians themselves who bumped off James, a member, indeed the current leader, of their own Baptizing Sect (for not accepting Jesus as the “Son of God” but only as “one of the brothers”). Sects do things like that. In interpolating Josephus the Christians then blamed the murder of James on the High Priest, since the illustrious predecessor, the Moreh ha-Tsadiq, was a victim of the same entity. And then they chased James’ followers, the “Jewish-Christians,” the Ebionites (“the Poor”) out of Jerusalem. The Koran also calls its followers, by the same name: the “Poor.” (Antum al-fuqara). And the Koran quotes James the Just: ”religion with God is Submission” and quotes Isaiah (“there is no god but God”) and quotes much more besides. And says, again quoting James (4:15), “say not that I will do such and such on the morrow without adding “if God Wills.” (In sha Allah).

    In other words, there arose a Baptizing Sect based on Zoroastrianism, whose “book” is the Book of Isaiah (actually written, on the basis of language and post Zurvanite and post Hellenist content, excluding the conventional filler material, in 200 BC). That Baptizing sect aka “Essenes” and “Sabians” and “Therapeutes” or “washers” experienced a trauma concerning one of its leaders on the part of the High Priest and Sanhedrin in 69 BC, which led to the full development and epiphany of Christianity one hundred and forty years later, after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD by the Romans and their pan-European army. Not everyone in the Baptizing Sect, such as James the Tsadiq, could accept the full consequences of where that development was going, and his branch, the “dissidents” or what came to be called khawarij,, (those who left, not Ali, but the Christians), became the religion of Islam. Jewish but not Jewish. Christian but not Christian. Ablution performing Baptists who broke through to a new synthesis.

  157. @anarchyst

    I’m not the one who wrote that. Be that as it may, I have heard Roman Catholics claim that James’ leadership in the Jerusalem church was more or less a prototype of what would later become Rome/Vatican as the center of true Christianity throughout the world. As for it being equated with the Jewish Temple, it wouldn’t surprise me. All sorts of crazy ideas are seen as having biblical roots.

    Mind you, I don’t agree with such notions, but this is what some Catholics have claimed.

  158. folkvangr says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Thank you for your response.
    The fact the Alex Kay is German muddles the discussion even more. He is an academic (probably a member of B’nai B’rith lol), a “court historian,” therefore his musings have zero value to me.
    As regards what and when Hitler said at different periods of his life, I think it should be left to the conscience of the authors and publishers. I have little interest in this. What is characteristic, however, is that over time the flow of books about “the greatest villain of all time” does not dry up, but rather increases. Why? Probably because everything written so far is a lie, and the few honest books need to be buried under more historical fiction. And given that most of the authors are amateur compilers, I see no point in discussing their crafts. This is a global problem. For example Marshal Zhukov’s memoirs were reprinted 9 times (as far as I remember), and rewritten the same number of times after his death. Memoirs! Let’s wait and see what Hitlers Dritte Buch will tells us. lol
    You might find this solid well researched volume useful, if you haven’t already read it: “1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers” by Major-General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof (ret.).

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  159. @Durruti

    Didn’t Adolf Hitler get the Iron Cross for bravery and end the war in a hospital?

    I would discuss this key corner of History in article detail, but Unz will not accept/display my articles.

    Perhaps you could point the interested reader at a second best substitute source or two or three?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Patrick McNally
  160. @Emil Nikola Richard

    Thanks for the link—a real blast from the past. I recall seeing the article when it was first published online. As one would expect of a fundamentally Jewish operation, WQXR and employees are ultimately more interested in deriding Wagner for being a Noticer and praising Meyerbeer for suffering from having been Noticed than in the quality of either man’s music.

    It is certainly true that Rienzi has Meyerbeer’s influence written all over it. It is also true that the sycophantic letter the article quotes at length is painful for any admirer of the composer to read. Calling both the letter and the opera pechés de jeunesse, however, would not be unfair. Thus, it’s not surprising that when he composed Der Fliegende Holländer, Wagner proudly and forthrightly characterized it in his correspondence as one of the most notable advances in style and quality that any composer of his acquaintance had made in so short a time (three years). Less surprising still is that he was uncomfortable in being reminded of his youthful flattery of an influential man whose music Wagner probably never really liked but whose popularity and ready imitability (at least for someone as quick to assimilate musical manners and mores as RW was) could be useful to him as he struggled to find his own distinctive musical voice and manner.

    In works yet to come, a Meyerbeerian element may still be detected. This is especially true of Tannhäuser, much of which had been composed before the Dutchman and with a Rienzi-like medievalized tone and setting. (Despite a major revision in 1861 and a minor one in 1875, Wagner was never happy with how the opera turned out.)

    The last opera to retain even a trace of Meyerbeer’s influence is Lohengrin. There, however, the contrast between the Meyerbeerian elements in the music for chorus (and to a certain extent in the Elsa/Ortrud scene) and their complete absence from Lohengrin’s own music—where, as in the Dutchman, the underlying influences are anti-Meyerbeerian: Weber and Beethoven—gives the opera more of a split personality than might be thought desirable.

  161. @Al Ross

    Your comment has caused me to learn—rather late in the day, I must admit—that Gotham is yet another ultrafamiliar (at least to a New Yorker) US place-name that is English in origin. Thank you.

    Medieval English children, happily, would not have had occasion to think that Gotham’s wise men were Jewish.

    • Replies: @Al Ross
  162. Vladimir says:
    @Patrick McNally

    {{He outlines Hitler’s views as centering around 3 ethnic groups: Aryans, Jews and Slavs. It was the Slavs who were viewed “as genetically inferior or even subhuman.” But I certainly don’t recall Jaeckel ever trying to make that claim about Hitler’s views of Jews.}}

    Then why don’t they make Greenblatt from the terrorist organization of ADL to SHUT UP?

    The zionist Greenblatt from the terrorist organization of ADL, was attacking Whoopi Goldberg for the same reason that you say is a LIE.

    Jonathan Greenblatt
    Dec 27, 2022
    Replying to
    {{The Nazis set out to exterminate the Jewish people, whom they viewed as inferior to the mythical “Aryan master race.” They used pseudo-scientific theories of race to justify their anti-Jewish “race laws” and systemic slaughter of millions.

    It’s no coincidence that white supremacists in the US today echo the Nazis’ “master race” claim as they spread their antisemitic and racist hate.

    Additionally, Whoopi’s comments show a complete lack of awareness of the multiethnic, multiracial makeup of the Jewish community. She needs to apologize immediately and actually commit to educating herself on the true nature of #antisemitism. Whoopi Goldberg denies ‘doubling down’ on Holocaust remarks after drawing criticism from ADL}}

    Foolish Whoopi should STOP apologizing, instead take this CHARLATAN to court. What do you need your money for?

  163. Durruti says:
    @Emil Nikola Richard

    Didn’t Adolf Hitler get the Iron Cross for bravery and end the war in a hospital?

    Hitler received the Iron Cross and displayed it on numerous occasions. He was reportedly in the hospital (he was supposedly gassed). As to his “bravery,” he was seen being injected with copious amounts of Opiates – toward the end of the war. Who knows? Shirer, Clark, and a host of other Historians and eye witnesses have testified to Hitler’s drug use. Clark was a Conservative – who served in Thatcher’s Cabinet, and Shirer, a Liberal.

    The blame for Hitler’s drug use is usually laid on his Doctor, rather than on the patient-Hitler. Further, during the seige of Berlin, (or even any earlier portion of the war), Hitler did not go to the Front Lines, or engage in any combat. He preferred drugs. Who doesn’t?

    As with Epstein, another ‘hero’? Hitler committed suicide ( as the Russians entered Berlin). Or did they? I heard a rumor that Epstein is residing in Hitler’s former residence in Tel Aviv. – I started that rumor!

    Conversely, our Kennedy was a true Hero; apparently, ‘hero’ Hitler shied away from frontline combat. I shouldn’t write that here, where there are so many admirers of Adolf Hitler.

    Being a retired History Prof. does not indicate that I am an expert on anything, usually the opposite. I have 1 published History (left the sex and violence out – so the book did not sell).

    • Troll: L.K
  164. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:

    I called Barnes and Noble. I could not buy it from their local store. Nor could I order it for pickup. They told me I had to buy it online.

    I tried. They are censoring the book. You search for it, and they present you with some other book. So you can’t buy it from Barnes and Noble online.

    Barnes and Noble is on my permanent blacklist for the rest of my life, because I can’t tolerate censorship. It is a gross evil. I won’t do business with evil companies.

    I was able to buy the book from

    • Replies: @Judd
  165. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:
    @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    You have to read the Talmud and Shulhan Arukh and the Yiddish and Hebrew press in the original.


  166. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:

    Infant baptism is wrong scripturally and exegetically.

    If actually true, then why did all the early Christians practice it?

    I think the fact that all the early Christians practiced infant baptism indicates that you are incorrect in your interpretation.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  167. Al Ross says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Just when a Roman Catholic feels safe perusing the comforting dogma of ‘The Catholic Herald’ , he realises that the newspaper is part – owned by a Jew , albeit one who has been splashed with the magical liquid , thus altering ancient Hebrew ethnic traits in a trice :

    Mr Newmark, a former New York investment banker , seems very well – educated , although I sometimes feels that , in relation to White culture , many of his tribe would be better described as well – credentialed – not quite the same thing , of course.

  168. JimDandy says:

    Who could the loquacious vaxx-pushers possibly think they are tricking in this comments section with their relentless bullshit? Or is there just so much money behind them that the goal is simply to wear curious readers out by putting as many column inches as possible between the genuine comments exposing all the lies?

    • Replies: @René Fries
  169. JimmyS says:

    Jews in Joe Biden’s Cabinet (65% jewish, 4,750% US over-representation)

    Jewish Merrick Brian Garland, Attorney General: DOJ/FBI/JTTF
    Jewish Roberta Jacobson, National Security Council “border czar”
    Jewish Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC
    Jewish Jeffrey Zients, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator
    Jewish David Kessler, White House Chief Science Officer of the White House
    COVID 19 Response Team
    Jewish Eric Garcetti, U.S. Ambassador to India
    Jewish David Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada
    Jewish Jonathan Kaplan, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore
    Jewish Dan Shapiro, Adviser on Iran
    Jewish Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff
    Jewish Tony Blinken, Secretary of State
    Jewish Michael Adler, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium
    Jewish Marc Stanley, U.S. Ambassador to Argentina
    Jewish Alan Leventhal, U.S. Ambassador to Denmark
    Jewish Michèle Taylor, United Nations Human Rights Council
    Jewish Sharon Kleinbaum, Commissioner of the United States Commission on
    International Religious Freedom
    Jewish Jennifer Klein, Co-chair Council on Gender Policy
    Jewish Deborah Lipstadt, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
    Jewish Aron Keyak, Deputy Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
    Jewish Stuart Eizenstat, Special Advisor on Holocaust Issues
    Jewish Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
    Jewish Andrew Slavitt, Senior Advisor to the COVID-19 Response Coordinator
    Jewish Yael Lempert, Asst. Secretary of State Near Eastern Affairs
    Jewish Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence: DNI
    Jewish Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security: DHS

    • Thanks: Zane, Colin Wright
    • Replies: @JimmyS
    , @RichardDuck
  170. @Anonymous

    No, the earliest history shows that the early Christians did not practice infant baptism. It’s a discussion too long to get into now. Yes, there are some early non-canonical writings that mention it in the late 2nd and 3rd centuries when the Church was being influenced by pagan thought and as Church and State were starting to be wed together. But whether it was a universal and apostolic practice has not been demonstrated.

    More than that, the New Testament itself prohibits baptizing infants. The proof-texts that proponents of baptizing babies employ are taken out of context. They are imposed on biblical texts and do not arise from it exegetically nor contextually. Much of this is emotionally based for paedobaptists.

    The New Testament order is to believe – that is, to have a conscious faith in Christ – and then to be baptized which is symbolic of our dying and rising with Christ in newness of life (Colossians 2:11-12; Romans 6:3-4). Infants are unable to do this. There are no passages in the New Testament that depict children as being baptized. One would think that if this were so essential and part-and-parcel to the Christian faith, it would have been expressly taught. But it isn’t.

    Infant baptism is simply a vestige of Roman Catholicism that the Protestant Reformers were unable to break with.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  171. @Pierre de Craon

    I am sorry, you have no answers. So, cling to your Jewed pieces of paper and pray (beg) or not.
    Paying, not praying, will safe you. Christian priests and Jews hate to pay, hate to work.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  172. JimmyS says:


    Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff


    Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State
    Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State
    Merrick Garland, Attorney General
    Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence
    Eric Lander, Science and Technology Policy Director
    Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security
    Anne Neuberger, Director of Cybersecurity
    Rachel (Richard) Levine, Deputy Health Secretary
    Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary
    Douglas Emhoff, Husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris
    Jared Bernstein, Council of Economic Advisors
    Rochelle Walensky, Director of Center for Disease Control
    Jeff Zients, COVID-19 Coordinator

    Jewish Gary Gensler, Chairman Securities and Exchange Commission:SEC
    Jewish Jessica Rosenworcel, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission:
    Jewish Gigi Sohn, FCC Commissioner
    Jewish Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State
    Jewish David Cohen, CIA Deputy Director
    Jewish Chanan Weissman, Director for Technology and Democracy at National
    Security Counsel
    Jewish Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity
    Jewish Mira Resnick, State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional
    Jewish Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. DOJ Antitrust
    Jewish Jared Bernstein, Council of Economic Advisers
    Jewish Rachel Levine, Deputy Health Secretary
    Jewish Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Highway
    Jewish Laura Schiller, Dept of Transportation Chief of Staff
    Jewish Polly Trottenberg, Deputy Secretary of Transportation
    Jewish Jed Kolko, Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs at the
    Department of Commerce
    Jewish Genine Macks Fidler, National Council on the Humanities
    Jewish Mark Gitenstein, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union
    Jewish Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Ambassador to Japan
    Jewish Thomas Nides, U.S. Ambassador to Israel
    Jewish Amy Gutmann, U.S. Ambassador Germany

    • Thanks: Zane, Colin Wright
  173. @PetrOldSack

    If you refer to something else

    yes, I did. The term “Reichstag”, for the German parliament to begin with, is anachronistic, the “Reich” having been replaced by a “Bund” [hence “Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, whose representatives sit in the BUNDEStag – – but, I must admit, in a building that continues to be called “Reichstag(sgebäude)”, this indeed being the source of some misgivings even among native Germans]. Now, as to my point: He who gives an anachronistic name to one institution of one of the European countries, should feel free to do the same with others, for instance Luxembourg (where the parliament is called “Chamber”).

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  174. @JimDandy

    Thank you.

    I long since knew “Revolver” but due to lack of time, I seldom look into.

    • Thanks: JimDandy
  175. @Bardon Kaldian

    She is prominent, but no match for Cassirer

    …my fault. I only have 1 book of Cassirer (presumably his chef-d’oeuvre, but not opened during the last 20 years), whilst Arendt is “over-represented” in my library.

    As to the others: Broch I only knew by name, but knowing the others, I suppose you’re full right as to them all. Btw, Kraus’s saying that “es reicht nicht, keine Ideen zu haben. Man sollte auch unfähig sein, sie auszudrücken // it is not enough not to have ideas. One should also be incapable of expressing them” was prophetic to say the least.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  176. @Patrick McNally

    I have a book on a totally different subject and just noticed mention of

    A German pathologist who had been assigned to study post-mortem conditions of concentration camp victims …

    The book is The New Health Revolution by Ross Horne (1983) and this appears on page 127.

    The subject in this part of the book is atherosclerosis and the author is concerned with evidence of the effect of diet or eliminating fat intake and the impacts of two world wars on health. He’s not writing on any “holocaust”.

    But looking at it in the present context, if there were autopsies by pathologists when there were deaths in Nazi concentration camps, well, there must have been millions of pathologists!

    Or else this Holocaust stuff is purely a lie concocted by Jews.

    Hmm… Would a Jew tell a lie? Invention? Really?

  177. @René Fries

    the “VIRGIN” Mary

    …interesting that even Hollywood (not to speak of LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA people) owes a debt to her. Denis de Rougemont, who worked out in L’amour et l’Occident (éditions Plon, Paris 1962) that what we call “love” today is actually a medieval creation – in the first instance and under Arabic and Andalusian influence – a creation of the troubadours. Their “courtly” Minne, however, would have remained only episodic without the – in the second instance -Mary worship that just then became “epidemic” . According to de Rougemont, it is this veneration of the Madonna that made our culture receptive to “romantic” love in the first place.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  178. @rabbit redux

    The Temple may not have been the centre of James community, but the idea of “righteous priest”/primal Adam as the leader of Israel seems to have been somehow connected to him. It also gives credibility to the idea that James community – in reality, probably the creators of Qumran scrolls – was an offshoot of Sadducees, and for sure not of Pharisees. It was an ethnoreligion centered on purity, clearly stating that Jews are genetic and patrilineal (aka 12 tribes), repudiating Pharisee innovations like matrilineal Judaism, friendliness toward converts, or the idea that Jews primary duty is to save his life, not even speaking about primacy of rabbis over God as per Oven of Akhnai Talmud story, which effectively divorced Judaism from Jahwe and opened way to marriage with Baal in Kabalah.

    Qumran scrolls convey rather apocalyptic view, where Jews aka Sons of Adam face the the Sons of the Pit/sons of Belial up until the final battle when angels of God themselves shall intervene. This view is in no way inherited from Zoroastrianism, as the name “sons of viper” for sons of Pit clearly refers us to Genesis 3:14-15, an idea greatly strengthened by the great popularity of the Book of Enoch in Qumran, a book strangely removed from all canons Christian & Jewish except the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and of course absent from Zoroastrianism too.

    One can understand why this removal since deep ethnocentrism of Qumran must be deeply uncomfortable for all great popular religions. To Christians, it says that Paul was wrong, that there is neither original sin for everyone (just for the Sons of Pit) nor possibility of salvation for anyone; there is no hope for anyone whose name is not in the Book of Life from beginning, to use the words of Revelation. The sin doctrine of three nets of Belial: blasphemy, incest and riches, through its concept of incest as cousin marriages, attacks those marriages so dear to Maimonides and many Muslims, and threatens physical integrity & purity of sons of Pits, cantered around matrilineal lineage (cousin marriages preserve female chromosome X to some extent by mixing the same with the same, so to say). Quran great fervour against hypocrites suggests that saying Shahada may not be enough, and that indeed sons of Pit may have tried to take over the community of the righteous and corrupt them, something which may explain the conflict between Paulian christianity and Judeochristianity which ended with the total demise of the latter. Nowadays, when you see Church of James the Apostle, not James of the Letter of St James, but the James of Compostela is meant: rather symbolical removal of James from the tradition, where he stays on the margin of the Bible with his Letter, the Revelation of John of Patmos hanging like the only last dark Judeochristian cloud over the rest of the Bible.

    • Replies: @rabbit redux
  179. @Realist

    Point taken. I am awaiting your own “final solution” (TM) at the earliest.

    NB: MOANS and PISSES will be DELETED.

    • Replies: @Realist
  180. @folkvangr

    > Probably because everything written so far is a lie,

    That much I would not only disagree with, but my sense from having read through large portions of Robert Faurisson’s essays is that he too would disagree. Faurisson tended to take the view that major documents such as the Wannsee Protocol were probably based on authentic material. While he might have allowed for some tampering with versions of the text, he generally accepted that the meeting discussed a mass-expulsion of Jews in which phrases like

    Able-bodied Jews, separated according to sex, will be taken in large work columns to these areas for work on roads, in the course of which action doubtless a large portion will be eliminated by natural causes.

    were freely tossed around. Incidentally, one might reasonably wonder whether “large portion” means 20% or 80%. Depending on context, either of these might be seen as “a large portion.” Faurisson obviously would have allowed such latitude for the phrase “large portion.” But trying to commit oneself to such a far-out view as “everything written so far is a lie” really imposes a strong demand upon oneself. There’s no reason to believe this, and you’re likely to go far with it.

    Schultze-Rhonhof steps too gingerly over the matter of how Hitler’s occupation of Czechia created the Danzig crisis. He cites Burckhardt recalling Biddle allegedly telling him on December 2, 1938, that “the Poles are ready to wage war over Danzig” (p. 524). Well, certainly the Poles were ready to fight when Hitler attacked them over the living space issue. Hitler clarified on May 23, 1939, that Danzig was not the issue, the issue was living space:

    “It is not Danzig that is at stake. For us it is a matter of expanding our living space in the East… We cannot expect a repetition of Czechia. There will be war. Our task is to isolate Poland.”
    — Documents on German Foreign Policy, Series D, Volume 6, pp. 575-6.

    But what were Polish officials saying after December 2, 1938, but before March 15, 1939?

    Ambassador Jerzy Potocki sent a report to Warsaw on January 12 where he elaborated:

    For this Jewish international, which above all is concerned with the interests of its race, to portray the President of the United States as the ‘idealist’ champion on human rights was a very clever move. In this manner they have created a dangerous hotbed for hatred and hostility in this hemisphere and divided the world into two hostile camps. The entire issue is worked out in a masterly manner. Roosevelt has been given the foundation for activating American foreign policy, and simultaneously has been procuring enormous military stocks for the coming war, for which the Jews are striving very consciously. With regard to domestic policy, it is very convenient to divert public attention from anti-Semitism, which is constantly growing in the United States, by talking about the necessity of defending religion and individual liberty against the onslaught of Fascism.

    This really doesn’t sound like a Polish leadership which was gung-ho to go to war over Danzig, Potocki reported as late as March 7:

    The foreign policy of the United States right now concerns not only the government, but the entire American public as well. The most important elements are the public statements of President Roosevelt. In almost every public speech he refers more or less explicitly to the necessity of activating foreign policy against the chaos of views and ideologies in Europe. These statements are picked up by the press and then cleverly filtered into the minds of average Americans in such a way as to strengthen their already formed opinions. The same theme is constantly repeated, namely, the danger of war in Europe and saving the democracies from inundation by enemy fascism. In all of these public statements there is normally only a single theme, that is, the danger from Nazism and Nazi Germany to world peace.

    As a result of these speeches, the public is called upon to support rearmament and the spending of enormous sums for the navy and the air force. The unmistakable idea behind this is that in case of an armed conflict the United States cannot stay out but must take an active part in the maneuvers. As a result of the effective speeches of President Roosevelt, which are supported by the press, the American public is today being conscientiously manipulated to hate everything that smacks of totalitarianism and fascism. But it is interesting that the USSR is not included in all this. The American public considers Russia more in the camp of the democratic states. This was also the case during the Spanish civil war when the so-called Loyalists were regarded as defenders of the democratic idea.

    Still no indication of Potocki wanting to go to war over Danzig.

    It was clearly Hitler’s move into Czechia on March 15 which forced the Poles to suddenly take a much sterner view of Hitler and the Danzig issue. Hitler’s own statement of May 23 that “We cannot expect a repetition of Czechia” shows that he saw he pushed his luck to the limit with the occupation of Czechia on March 15. If there had been no occupation of Czechia, then Chamberlain would have supported Hitler over Danzig the same way that he did with the Sudetenland. The Poles might have grumbled a bit, and then would probably have reached a peaceful solution.

    As for Hitler and the Backe Plan, it’s worth keeping in mind the difference between Backe and Hitler on this issue. Backe was probably more realistically than Hitler anticipating a prolonged war in the east, or at least open to the possibility that this might occur. Operation Barbarossa itself was planned with the intent that it would be over with 6 weeks to 3 months. When Backe speaks of “the third year of the war” he obviously means anything after September 1, 1941 (the 2nd anniversary of the start of the war). But he may at least have contemplated the idea that war in the USSR might go on after that date (the war with Britain would clearly have continued). But Hitler was confident that the USSR would be finished by then. The Hunger Plan was meant to be carried out under conditions where at most scattered remnants of Soviet armies remained fighting in isolated patches. When it became obvious that the USSR had a huge force ready for prolonged fighting, then the Hunger Plan became irrelevant.

    • Replies: @folkvangr
  181. @René Fries

    Very sorry for the confusion engendered, there was no intent to Nazify [the main streamed feed presentation of the historical artifact], no baiting. Much enchanted with your precise language.

  182. Realist says:
    @Dave Bowman

    I am awaiting your own “final solution” (TM) at the earliest.

    I am not the one pissing and moaning.

    The solution is to get off your crybaby ass and take your country back…it will not involve the electoral process. I have stated this numerous times on this blog.

  183. @Emil Nikola Richard

    “Iron Crosses tended to go either directly to officers … or to those soldiers who were familiar with the officers who had the privilege to nominate soldiers for awards.”
    — Thomas Weber, Hitler’s First War, p. 97.

    Hitler became a regimental dispatch runner at the end of 1914. This kept him away from the frontline most of the time. His Iron Cross were mainly a result of getting on with the officers, not from combat-duty.

  184. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    While there surely have been various lies told by various Jews who had once been prisoner, the specific story your citing is not clear enough to know who is what. I tried looking at a fuller quote in context:

    The same clues from Word War I Europe were repeated again in World War II, this time with more evidence. In 1956 at the International Congress on Arteriosclerosis, the question arose–was atherosclerosis in humans reversible? A German pathologist who had been assigned to study post-mortem conditions of concentration camp victims made a statement in reply to this effect: in people who had died after several years of imprisonment, even elderly people, there was an astonishing disappearance, through absorption, of atherosclerotic fatty deposits from the arteries of the heart and brain. These effects were attributed to the complete absence of fat in the meager scraps which had been their diet. They had exhausted all fat deposits in their bodies.

    It’s not clear whether this German pathologist was being assigned during the war or after the war, by Third Reich authorities or Allied Occupation authorities. If one wanted to draw any major conclusion from this, one would have to clarify who this German pathologist was working for and when.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  185. folkvangr says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Thanks again for your detailed response. I am a linguist and a programmer and have only started paying attention to historical controversies recently and from what I noticed virtually nothing could be taken at its face value, which is quite disappointing, because of time committment and efforts lol, not to mention the fact that my whole quite orderly world of assumptions has crumbled. Quite honestly I am much more interested in what happened after the war and how the world got itself into the mess we are in. If only all this historical knowledge would help us to seal our borders and stop terrorizing the rest of the world, but it is not helping us. We seem to be unable to learn from our mistakes.
    I am only posting here because I’ve learned from my own experience that sometimes one person’s words or one book can turn your world upside down and this happens most of the time for the best.
    I appreciate your time.

    • Replies: @L.K
  186. anarchyst says:

    Infant are baptized into the Catholic faith as an acknowledgement by their parents that they will be brought up and raised in the Catholic faith.
    It is the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation in which the individual affirms his faith and that he intends to follow the tenets of the Catholic Church.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @René Fries
    , @RockaBoatus
  187. anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel to withhold PA tax revenue, impose other sanctions after Abbas’s UN success
    Funds will be withheld to compensate terror victims and offset payments to terrorists, West Bank construction to be frozen, after PA pushed UN to have ICJ weigh in on occupation

    Language frames the perspective,limiting and enlarging the horizon as situation demands always at an expense of fact ,morality,legality,and historicity.

    “Israel Kills Three Children as 2023 Dawns.

    16-year-old Amer Abu Zaytoun fourth Palestinian killed by Israeli army this week”

    Does EU even try a frown over the regular killings of the anti-regime protesters who happen also to be kids?

    Does Israel endorse now the behaviors of Nazi against German Jews after Zionist tried to advance its case abroad in 1930s?

  188. L.K says:

    Ron Unz, the owner of this webzine, and one of its few reliable authors, has stated on numerous occasions that ‘Patrick McNally’ is a fraud, an ignorant propagandist.

    What is very clear is that this Internet activist is intensely anti-German and it seems his main goal is to spam every thread he can with regurgitated propaganda.
    The Germans are guilty of causing both World Wars acc to ‘Patrick McNally’.

    Interestingly, but not surprising at all to anybody who’s read some of this posters nonsense, is his denunciation that Hitler launched Barbarossa for Lebensraum, aiming to murder 30 million civilians through starvation, all BS. He feigns horror at how the NS were supposedly planning mass murder of 30 plus million in the USSR, while DENYING the very well documented Communist Great Chinese Famine, that actually did kill huge numbers of people. I wonder if ‘McNally’ also denies the Stalinist made famines which also killed millions, even during peacetime.

    Anyways, here are some, not all, of Ron Unz articles that are related to the world wars:

    • Agree: HdC
  189. HdC says:

    So the Germans hiked willy-nilly into poor, harmless, defenceless, choir boy pure, Poland for no reason at all, right?
    Read the book “Public Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland.
    Then there was the German city of Danzig.
    Minor stuff in your dreams.

  190. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    it’s funny how kmac and fussell have retired to the same place.

  191. HdC says:
    @Thomas Faber

    “…in line with what Marr was talking about – that the reason Germany could be conquered by jews was because Germany had lost the moral strength to resist. …”

    If you espouse that, you are ignorant beyond belief.

    It took the ENTIRE capitalist and communist world almost 6 years to defeat a small European country. Look at a globe of the world to appreciate what was amassed against the Germans, a country with the guts and brains to try a third way, different from the heart and soulless capitalism or the murderous communism.

    But, that third way threatened the money making of the international bankers in London and New York, and had to be destroyed.

    So you can take your “lost the moral strength” and stick it somewhere dark.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon
    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  192. @Another Polish Perspective

    “Ethnocentric” is hardly an applicable description of the Essenes. Their criteria was adherence to their rules rather than any nationality. In fact, they repudiated all nationalities, as they did individual identity. Pliny’s description: “On the west side of the Dead Sea, but out of range of the noxious exhalations of the coast, is the solitary tribe of the Essenes, which is remarkable beyond all the other tribes [associations] in the whole world, as it has no women and has renounced all sexual desire, has no money, and has only palm-trees for company. Day by day the throng of refugees is recruited to an equal number by numerous accessions of persons tired of life and driven thither by the waves of fortune to adopt their manners. Thus through thousands of ages (incredible to relate) a race in which no one is born lives on for ever: so prolific for their advantage is other men’s weariness of life!”

    The post-exilic use of the notion of “Twelve Tribes,” which is also associated with the Septuagint translators of the Bible into Greek (a translation which enraged the Jews) rather than being an affirmation of ethnic identity is an affirmation of universality. It weakened the concept of a tribal identity rather than reinforced it —whether patrilineal as among the Sadducees, or matrilineal as among the Pharisees (a caveat recognizing that intermarriage changed all ruling dynasties and peoples). This is what helped the Baptizing Sects to spread throughout the Greek literate world, especially into the Black Sea area.

    The Zoroastrian elements of the Essenes/Sabians/Baptists is the story of creation as in the Book of Genesis, the idea of the Day of Judgment, posthumous states of Heaven and Hell (all of which are absent from Judaism and Babylonian religion), the “Fall” of a perfect world created by Ahura Mazda because of the attack of Ahriman from nowhere and nothingness. The essential element, that of ablution and redemption, comes from the barashnom water bathing ritual of Zoroastrianism, a mystical purification through which the Zoroastrian priest returns to the “unfallen state” (as does the Muslim after ablution in order to perform the salat prayer in the unfallen—and universal— Adamic state.)

    Other Zoroastrian elements in Christianity are the description of Jesus’ baptism which is identical to Zoroaster’s experience of revelation after bathing in a river, and the numerous direct quotations from Zoroastrian texts in the Gospels. Hellenist elements are the apocalyptic interpretation of the universal flood, humanism, and Isaiah’s address to the “faraway islands” (and, of course, the Zoroastrian repudiation of animal sacrifice, the only function of the Temple—beside the occasional child sacrifice at the Tophet.) Judeo-centric Judaism is detrimental to the understanding of how Babylonian religion really developed under the influence of Zoroastrianism (and the Zurvanism subsequent to Cyrus’ Big Bang.)

  193. folkvangr says:

    Thanks a lot for the articles.
    Currently reading “The Network: Israel lobby in Germany” by David Korn about politicians, financiers, academics and media personas who are heavily committed to “unconditional solidarity with Israel” openly or secretely (via Central Council of Jews and innumerable other jewish organizations). Bombastic stuff lol.

  194. @JimmyS

    And that takes us to a meeting that occured just a few months before Russia stepped in to support the Donbass people.

    That meeting brought together leaders from the US, Israel, Ukraine and many influential international Jewish congress organizations together. The article quoted above shows no sign of goodwill toward Russia but rather an agressive attitude from that very influencial international group.

    The obvious purpose of such a public meeting is to project the image of consensus and to show the direction to go to all members working in various governments and media agencies across the West.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  195. RestiveUs says:
    @Patrick McNally

    At best, we see Hitler capitalizing off of the ideas of others and promoting himself on it.

    Yeah, I’ve heard the same thing about Albert Einstein.

  196. RestiveUs says:
    @Patrick McNally

    So his shell fragment wound to the leg and gas injury must have been suffered at regimental headquarters…

  197. @Patrick McNally

    I think such autopsies need to be carried out immediately after death. But if later, post-war, where were the bodies?

  198. @Kurt Knispel

    There are no short answers to your comments, Kurt. As for the long ones, I think we both know that they would serve no purpose. Besides, I prefer fighting people we both regard as enemies to fighting someone with whom I agree about so much.

  199. @anarchyst

    I briefly thought of elaborating (a bit) on the godfathers and godmothers…

  200. @René Fries

    … Mary worship …

    Like the unicorn, a phenomenon whose existence is asserted by a mere handful of people, most of whom have a reputation for reliability that rivals that of the New York Times.

  201. @RichardDuck

    the direction to go to all members working in various governments and media agencies across the West

    yes, here for instance:


  202. @Independent Thinking

    The Jews chose Barrabas over Christ. Christians believe in a Juddgment following Death—this is another stumblig block for the JEWS –it is ALL about power-comtrol and anything to acqire it NOW.

    Jews have OldTestament but are blind to King David (Psalms 22-the crucifixion of Christ and more importantly the the key prophesies of Christ’s Birth ( 7:14) Christ will suffer and be rejected by the Jews ( Isaiah 52) and the role of Satan and his followers ( 14 13)

    Tells the entire story –Jew have no respect for anyone but themselves and will face no consequences–

    Isaiah was drawn and quartered for the Truth

  203. @L.K

    I have pointed out multiple times that Mark Tauger has documented in great detail the fact that crop failure caused by natural disaster in the Volga and Ukraine, 1931-3, was the principal cause of famine. There was no deliberate policy by Stalin or any other Soviet authorities to try to create a famine. Tauger piece on “Natural Disaster and Human Actions in the Soviet Famine of 1931-1933” is a useful place for someone to start:

    Putting aside the claims that Stalin deliberately created a famine as some kind of insane political gesture, one can rationally argue that he would have done better to follow the policy which Trotsky had advocated in the 1920s. While Trotsky recognized that there were problems with relying on the agricultural system of small farms, he advocated a different order of execution. Trotsky believed that a 5-year plan of industrialization carried through without pushing any immediate demands for collectivization of agriculture would make it possible for farms to mechanize and thereby reduce the amount of human labor used. Once this began then more farm workers would move to cities, as has occurred everywhere in capitalist societies, and eventually a collectivization of agriculture would become more natural. Until that point was reached, Trotsky treated with caution the idea of trying to collectivize all agriculture.

    Stalin opted to take a more Leftist view with the demand for immediate collectivization of all farms, even as the 5-year plan for industrialization was just beginning. This brought forth massive peasant resistance and revived elements of civil war which had previously died out by 1922. In various locations, crops were sometimes left to rot by peasants as a form of resistance to authority. The rotting crops then would have fed mice. Mice infestation in 1932 were one part of the causes of crop failure. It is likely that in various ways the conflicts of 1928-31 influenced the natural disasters of 1931-3. But there’s no evidence of Stalin having wanted to create an avoidable famine in 1931. By that point the main work of agricultural collectivization had been done. No political victory by having the crop failure in the Volga of 1931 or in Ukraine in 1932. Those were unforeseen disasters.

    But certainly, Hitler’s aims of clearing out large portions of Slavs from significant sectors of eastern Europe to make way for German settlers are not in doubt. That was a very different type of policy altogether.

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Pierre de Craon
  204. L.K says:
    @Patrick McNally

    One of the leading Russian historians on the Stalinist period, Oleg Khlevniuk, a senior researcher at the State Archive of the Russian Federation in Moscow, wrote in his book “Stalin: new biography of a dictator”, regarding the victims of the regime:

    Between 1930 and 1952, some 20 million people were sentenced to incarceration in labor camps, penal colonies, or prisons. During that same period no fewer than 6 million, primarily “kulaks” and members of “repressed peoples,” were subjected to “administrative exile”: forced resettlement to a remote area of the USSR. On average, over the more than twenty-year span of Stalin’s rule, 1 million people were shot, incarcerated, or deported to barely habitable areas of the Soviet Union every year.

    Furthermore, in addition to the 26 million who were shot, imprisoned, or subjected to internal exile, tens of millions were forced to labor on difficult and dangerous projects, arrested, subjected to lengthy imprisonment without charges, or fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes for being relatives of “enemies of the people.” Overall, the Stalinist dictatorship subjected at least 60 million people to some sort of “hard” or “soft” repression and discrimination.

    To this figure we must add the victims of periodic famines or starvation, which during 1932–1933 alone took the lives of between 5 and 7 million people. The Stalinist famine was largely the result of political decisions. In its campaign to break peasant opposition to collectivization, the Stalinist government used famine as a means of “punishing” the countryside. All opportunities to relieve the situation—such as purchasing grain abroad—were rejected. Starving villages had their last stores of food expropriated.

    Soviet General Dmitri Volkogonov, who was Director of the Institute for Military History and had unrivalled access to Soviet military archives, Communist Party documents and secret presidential files, wrote in “Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy”:

    “To repeat: the restructuring of the agrarian economy could have been accomplished entirely without recourse to the terror and the tragedy that, both in scale and consequence, exceeded the repressions of 1937-38. It goes without saying that in both cases the use of force was criminal. The successful ‘liquidation of the kulaks as a class’ inflated Stalin’s confidence in himself as a dictator and he did not hesitate to liquidate all those who either had or might still come out against him. …

    Stalin’s forced ‘agrarian revolution’ condemned Soviet agriculture to decades of stagnation. The bloody experiment costing millions of lives brought the country no relief.”

    In another book, ‘Autopsy for an Empire: The Seven Leaders Who Built the Soviet Regime’, General Volkogonov stated that between 1929 and 1953 the Soviet regime caused the deaths of 21.5 million Soviet people.

    The marks left by Stalin on the face of the earth cannot easily be wiped away. Whether the thousands of buildings in the Stalinist style of architecture, the canals, highways, blast furnaces, mines and factories – built to a large extent by the slave labor of millions of anonymous inmates of his Gulag – or nuclear weapons, his traces are steeped in blood.

    Between 1929 and 1953 the state created by Lenin and set in motion by Stalin deprived 21.5 million Soviet citizens of their lives. No one in history has ever waged such war on his own people.

    Source: Dmitri Volkogonov. Autopsy for an Empire: The Seven Leaders Who Built the Soviet Regime. p. 139

    Russian historian Alexander Nikolaevich Yakovlev, himself initially a fervent Stalinist, states:

    Stalin indeed turned out to be a worthy pupil of Lenin’s in his hatred and in his taste for blood. He not only carried on doggedly with Lenin’s criminal endeavors but completed the destruction of the peasant class in the dreadful years of collectivization and dekulakization, the most tragic in Russia’s history. To the sound of executions by rifle and machine gun, the country entered a frightful phase of its development, comparable perhaps only to the years of World War II. The Bolshevik regime did colossal damage to the national economy, destroyed the centuries-old traditions and foundations of the Russian village, and created an essentially feudal kolkhoz-sovkhoz system. The peasantry was finished off—finished off cruelly, bloodily. Except for the lords and masters of the nomenklatura, the entire country was forced for years to stand in line for bread and meat. It is a sin to forget this, a great sin.

    Source: Yakovlev, Alexander N. A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia (pp. 91-92).

  205. Judd says:

    Thank you! also I 100% agree.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  206. @Patrick McNally

    Mark Tauger, as thirty minutes’ worth of Internet research should demonstrate to an impartial reader, is a doctrinaire communist who seems ever willing to twist facts into pretzels to serve his ideological ends.

    Read what some of his former students think of him. In brief, he was an easy A so long as students regurgitated his assignments. (In light of some of their spelling and grammar, whether any of them should even be in college is a matter I leave to the reader to decide.)

    One of Tauger’s biggest fans, along with McNally, is Grover C. Furr, a lifelong apologist for Lenin, Stalin, and the Soviet system. In Blood Lies, Furr refers to characterization of Stalin as a murderous dictator as a “Big Lie.” In this excerpt from the book, it is easy to see how ideologically oriented Furr’s motives and methods are. He plainly considers Tauger a comrade in arms.

    The primary purpose served by this article is that it provides a terrific photo of Tauger. Is he a Jew? I don’t know; his name isn’t evidentiary in either way. Does his crafty, weaselly demeanor make him look like the sort of man one would go to for the truth? Hardly. Should his being either a Jew or a hard-left supporter of the Jewish agenda in the propaganda-ridden environment of academia be a matter of concern? I think it should.

  207. @Judd

    Courtesy of, here is a list of every place online whence Dalton’s book might be obtained as of today.

  208. Elinel says:
    @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    You refer to “the whole movement”. I think “movements” are called that because they end up like where “bowels” end up after they’ve “moved”.

    As you might guess, I don’t believe in “movements”

    I think this entire webpage, with it’s many historical details and comments, is healthy, given the nature of the subject.

  209. @HdC

    Ah… I am of the opinion that Hitler was an agent of the Talmud Mafia that he professed to fight, whether he knew it or not – I think he did. No-one has done more for them than he has. Hitlers reign cannot be called moral, either, even though it was certainly impressive. But he wouldn’t have had it either, had it not been for massive funding from the same international bankers that he officially railed against. The Germans were duped, again.

    The reason it could get so far as the Weimar hell-hole was indeed because Germany had lost the moral strength to defend itself – it should never have gotten involved in the 1st world war either, if it had been morally sane. The poor Germans, being made aware of the terrible situation by Hitler, threw themselves heart and soul into a desperate struggle that ended up being the greatest defeat they ever had, and the greatest boon to the Talmud Mafia.

    Because they had lost the way. Marr had it right, long before it came to pass.

  210. anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    I just read a quick topical news report on ZeroHedge that 93% of pilots in the West are ethnically European. If the Europeans actually were Group Selected and wanted to disempower the Ashkenazim in order to advance their race, they could carry out a perfectly legal collective act of ceasing all economic activity to collapse the entire Ashkenazi empire. Consider the pilots – if all the European pilots immediately quit all at once, the entire international Ashkenazi economy collapses. And this just from the pilots quitting. Europeans still dominate all the jobs that require high quantitative and visuo-spatial IQ, so if all Europeans quit these jobs, it would be the end of most scientific and engineering work, which would also immediately collapse the international Ashkenazi economy. Now, even regular European workers with average IQs still hold the majority of regular jobs in the West, so if they all quit at once, the international Ashkenazi economy would immediately collapse. Now, yes, if the economy collapses by these means, it means mass starvation for Europeans, mass dehydration for Europeans, mass deaths from extreme cold and heat during the various seasons, and mass death from disease. But, the same would occur during a civil war as well, if the Europeans carried out such a war to take back their lives from the Ashkenazim. But the economic method would at least be legal, since every European citizen has a legal right to stop working if they choose.

    My point: the Europeans collectively hold the power to disempower the Ashkenazim and take back their lives by carrying out the legal act of ceasing to engage in all economic activity. But they refuse because they are no longer Group Selected at the genetic level; they have all genetically “de-evolved” into Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths. Thus, each European is not interested in freeing themselves from the Ashkenazim and collectively advancing the European race; rather, each European individual is looking at the economic well-being of the self or his Nuclear Family Unit. For example, the European pilots, scientists, and engineers make at least one hundred thousand dollars a year, so they each have plenty of resources and live in safe neighborhoods, so they are content and don’t care that all the other members of their European race are suffering, or the fact that the European race collectively are no longer advancing in the eugenic/transhuman sense.

    Also, the regular European workers are making enough money to fund their simple pleasures, such as alcohol, tobacco, video games, internet pornography, fast foods, soda, sports, television/movies, pop-music, and so forth. The collective advancement of ethnic Europeans is not on the minds of these regular European workers. They are just interested in engaging in personal hedonism.

    My point – Professor Kevin MacDonald is incorrect in holding the Ashkenazim culpable for the destruction of Europeans; rather, the destruction is better explained by Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie and his theory of dysgenics and mutational load.

    Finally, regarding the economic method described above, as Europeans slowly make up less and less of the work force at all levels, then their collective quitting will be less and less effective at collapsing the West. Perhaps it is already too late. Europeans had many decades to carry out this perfectly legal strategy, but they refused because they genetically lost their Group Selectedness long ago, ever since the Enlightenment.

    Thank You,


    • Replies: @anarchyst
  211. Odyssey says:

    Martin Luther was a Serb from the Ljutići tribe (=hot, like chili). Leibniz, who founded the German Academy of Sciences, was from the same tribe. Empress Catherine also had Serbian origins (see Zerbst on the first link). Nevertheless, like all converts, Luther hated his own roots and had a negative opinion not only of Serbs but also of Poles and Czechs. The Serbs were the natives of Germany and the Germans were of Asian origin. Therefore, it is an obvious forgery that the Germans were Goths since the Goths are of European origin. Almost all old Germans toponyms are of Serbian origins because they founded and named all places (e.g. Berlin, Brandenburg, Dresden Leipzig, Schwerin, Lubek, Ratzeburg, etc). Some of these original names can be seen on the second link.

    • LOL: L.K
    • Replies: @Odyssey
  212. anarchyst says:

    You make an excellent point. I have been advocating the same thing for a long time. The only way to “starve the beast” is to cease ALL economic activity.
    Shut down the economy.
    Europeans used to do this with their transit strikes and other general strikes in other industries, but they seem to have lost their nerve.
    If ALL technical, skilled trades and general labor workers just “stayed home” for a month, the whole filthy diseased temple (Wall street financiers and banksters) would collapse on itself.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Elinel
  213. HdC says:

    All that’s required is that one half of all truck drivers call in sick for a week; then the other half phones in sick.

    The economy, certainly in North America, would come to a crashing stop.

    In another thread on this forum I suggested this plan for the middle of this month. I doubt that any trucker would listen to me.

  214. Odyssey says:

    @ L. K.

    Just LOL? I believe you are surprised by what you have read. Yes, all the fake Goths are surprised. Here’s a little addendum about the Veleti. They are not mentioned after the 10th century, and it is considered that Luther’s Ljutići are their continuation. Some Veleti (Wilzi, Wielzians, Wiltzes) went to England. Wiltshire was named after them. There’s Stonehenge and the capital Salisbury (the one with the Nowitschok). Enjoy, and keep smiling.

  215. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    ‘…But looking at it in the present context, if there were autopsies by pathologists when there were deaths in Nazi concentration camps, well, there must have been millions of pathologists!

    ‘Or else this Holocaust stuff is purely a lie concocted by Jews…

    At least as you present it, this argument is pretty weak. For a pathologist to look at the condition of some Jewish cadavers does not imply there had to be pathologists to look at all Jewish cadavers.

    There was that guy who did a study of battle damage to B-17’s returning from sorties. Is it your position that since there was only one guy, and he could only have had time to examine two hundred B-17’s, that therefore there were only two hundred B-17’s?

    Obviously, there could have been ten thousand — at least as far as dude’s ability to do his study went.

  216. @Kurt Knispel

    You’d rather have orgies to Perun, Vesna, Veles and Dazhdbog? The Adorno family were Genoese Italian Catholic aristocracy. Get a life:

  217. Odyssey says:
    @Adorno Wasn't Jewish

    Please allow me to add some interesting details that few people know.

    Maxentius’ father was the emperor Maximian, who was co-emperor with Diocletian. Maximian married one daughter to Constantine’s father (who left Helen) and later married another daughter to Constantine. He later tried to take over the army from Constantine while he was in England. Constantine returned and chased his father-in-law Maximian, who was fleeing through Milan and Lyons, who out of fear, did not want to receive him in the city, so he was captured in Marseilles.

    Constantine suggested his father-in-law to commit suicide, which he did. That detail was later used in The Godfather 2 when Pentangeli did the same thing in FBI prison for betraying Corleone. In a battle with his son-in-law Constantine, Maxentius drowned in the Tiber.

    Perhaps the most interesting and unknown to many is that all the names mentioned above were – Serbs. The Serbian-Roman emperors were – Maximian and Maxentius, Diocletian, who persecuted Christians (killed Saint George); Diocletian’s son-in-law Emperor Galerius who first issued an edict on tolerance in 311; emperors Constantine and his brother-in-law Licinius, who were at the wedding in Milan where Constantine’s sister was marrying Licinius, issued the Edict of Milan on the legalization of Christianity.

    • Disagree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  218. @anarchyst

    “Infant are baptized into the Catholic faith as an acknowledgement by their parents that they will be brought up and raised in the Catholic faith” – And that right there is the very problem itself. In the New Testament, one’s parent doesn’t “acknowledge” faith on behalf of another. No, it’s the person himself or herself who confesses faith in the Lord Jesus (Romans 10:9-13; see especially Acts 2:38-41).

    This is so clear, yet the RCC manages to twist and distort such a clear NT teaching as baptism.

    Moreover, such gross misreading into Scripture is not how responsible people interpret the Bible, nor is it a responsible way of doing theology.

  219. anarchyst says:

    So you don’t agree with Roman Catholic teachings…that is your right.
    Perhaps you would agree with the old Soviet Union law that prohibited teaching Christian religion to minors (except for judaism–that was always OK in the Soviet Union).
    We can agree to disagree.

  220. @Haxo Angmark

    ‘use the Nazi-Zionist holocaust connection

    ‘to drive a wedge between today’s Zionists

    ‘and the current left-lib diaspora Jews.’

    I suspect it won’t work. When they come under threat, they drop their quarrels and man the ramparts. Politicians in Israel already exploit this trait.

  221. @Odyssey

    The Serbs didn’t enter the Balkans until several centuries after the figures you were mentioned were born. You might as well claim Shakespeare was a Jamaican.

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  222. @Patrick McNally

    Hitler received his Iron Cross for, among other things, volunteering to carry a message when the previous three runners had all been killed. He also came in once with two French prisoners he had captured on his own (it’s worth pointing out that he could have just shot them).

    And of course he went through the Kindermord bei Ypern, in which his regiment suffered 80% losses.

    He was the real article. That his political career didn’t work out so well is no reason to attempt to deny his good points.

    • Replies: @soll
  223. Elinel says:

    You wrote:
    ” … there are still traditional Roman Catholic sects that embody TRUE Catholicism and have not wavered in their beliefs.”

    By her own definition, the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. There are NO sects in the Catholic Church. If they (the “groups”) are not united as One, they are no part of her.

  224. Elinel says:

    You wrote:

    “If ALL technical, skilled trades and general labor workers just “stayed home” for a month, the whole filthy diseased temple (Wall street financiers and banksters) would collapse on itself.”

    If all economic activity ceased, there would be mass starvation and death – as is currently happening in parts of this world today. That is one of the eugenicist goals of the Cabal – drastic population reduction.

    • Disagree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @anon
  225. anarchyst says:

    You are wrong. There are various sects based on ethnicity in the Catholic Church, not all of them being “Roman” Catholic, but Catholic nevertheless.
    The Vatican II Ecumenical Council split the Church with its modernism, which most Catholics initially supported, but many now seeing “the error of their ways”. The “Protestantizing” and “jewifying” of the Catholic Church was in full swing. Not good.
    This is why branches of the Catholic Church such as SSPX are witnessing a resurgence by supporting pre-Vatican II principles.

  226. anarchyst says:

    Those of us who have PREPARED for such an eventuality will do just fine.
    For solutions to our present political and social problems, please obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. When this book was first released, government types routinely harassed sellers of this book.
    In it, you will find history lessons, political, social lessons and law lessons as well.
    It’s a good read…

  227. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    It would not matter what the Ashkenazim thought about all this. The point would be that if Europeans still possessed any innate subjective sense of collective ethno-religious honor, then dying by economic collapse or by any other means, as long as they go out fighting, would be considered preferable to living solely for the purpose of serving Ashkenazi ethnic interests, which currently is the case.


  228. @RockaBoatus

    My oh my, such grandiose terms you use to shut down disagreement! “Twist,” “distort,” “gross misreading,” and most striking of all, “responsible people”—the overflow of self-congratulation in this last expression might make Luther or Calvin envious!

    I would simply note, on the other hand, that in common with most Protestants, you manifest 20/20 tunnel vision in your failure to understand the implications, in both time and eternity, of the Incarnation.*

    As I wrote in a comment higher in this thread, Baptism was instituted by Christ to mark the Christian’s soul indelibly through eternity, as circumcision marked the Jew’s body through life. Thus, parents would be shirking their duty to their child and their responsibility to God—indeed, they would be jeopardizing their own salvation—if they failed to spiritually circumcise their child, since to deny the child Baptism is to deny him or her presumptive admission to the eternal, all-encompassing “tribe” of God’s elect. Compare, too, how Christ, in the Great Commission (Mt 28:16–20), names baptism as the distinguishing trait of admission to discipleship.

    This, then, is the transparently clear and authentic doctrine of Baptism, a doctrine taught to the Twelve by Christ and confirmed in the Gospel for those who, like Luther and Calvin, are so egomaniacal as to reject His True Church. Indeed, it’s so clear that even the saboteurs of the postconciliar church haven’t succeeded in screwing it up. Not yet anyway.
    *It is worth noting, too, that Ron Unz uses the same term, “responsible,” in dismissing, with lordly grandiosity, all who have the temerity to object to his advocacy of the Establishment’s covid protocols and vaxxes.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  229. @Elinel

    Specious nonsense. The Authority that resides within the Church derives from its conformity with the Truth of God’s Revelation. The postconciliar church roars with the authority of the Wizard of Oz, but since it has abandoned Truth, it must also insist that its adherents, in number ever diminishing, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    The divorce of Truth and Authority that the Second Vatican Council effected is one of the great scandals of human history. (The divorce has also been a boon to the Jews, whom Paul called the enemies of all mankind.) Although it is hardly surprising that those who own the buildings and the real estate also chose to take Authority as part of the divorce settlement—and less surprising still that most Catholics followed the landlords and their property—their empire is crumbling far faster than ancient Rome’s did. Truth, along with those who stick with Truth, will triumph in the end, however long it takes to arrive.

  230. Odyssey says:
    @Colin Wright

    Thanks for stopping by my comment. The thesis about the migration of Serbs to the Balkans in the 7th c. (it is unknown from where) is the 17th c. Vatican falsification. It is one of the biggest forgeries in world history (bigger than if the Germans were Goths). Serbs I2 DNA (and Nordics I1) are natives of Europe, and the Serbian language is the oldest, much older than Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Now even Wiki has started shyly publishing some details. For example, you can now see the Serbian-Roman emperors’ list with their biographies. For the last 200 years, the Western Roman Empire was almost exclusively ruled by emperors of Serbian origin who came from the army, where the elite units were also Serbian.

    • LOL: L.K
  231. @Patrick McNally

    ‘“Iron Crosses tended to go either directly to officers … or to those soldiers who were familiar with the officers who had the privilege to nominate soldiers for awards.”
    — Thomas Weber, Hitler’s First War, p. 97.’

    This merely gives rise to the suspicion that Thomas Weber is merely one of those lick-spittles who curry favor by indiscriminately demonizing Hitler and the Nazis without regard to the facts.

    I could see such distortions being rife during the Second World War and immediately after it; but here we are, the best part of a century later — and it’s only getting worse.

    Go figure. It’s got nothing to do with Hitler, that much is clear.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  232. soll says:
    @Colin Wright


    The story of Hitler allegedly capturing French soldiers was lifted straight from his Jewish mentor who even awarded him his Iron Cross, Hugo Gutmann. It was Huge who had captured those French soldiers, which Hitler later retold as being his own fictional story.

    Why did Hitler not attend the WW1 memorial event in 1934? Because he was never respected by his comrades, their view. Regarded negatively as Hitler was miles away from the front lines, take all those soldiers in pictures with Hitler in his List Regiment, they all remained alive through until the end of WW1 which shows how lacking in danger was for Hitler’s daily activities

    Hitler invented his own biography.

    see: Thomas Weber, Becoming Hitler

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  233. @soll

    The story of Hitler allegedly capturing French soldiers was lifted straight from his Jewish mentor who even awarded him his Iron Cross, Hugo Gutmann. It was Huge who had captured those French soldiers, which Hitler later retold as being his own fictional story.

    Why did Hitler not attend the WW1 memorial event in 1934? Because he was never respected by his comrades, their view. Regarded negatively as Hitler was miles away from the front lines, take all those soldiers in pictures with Hitler in his List Regiment, they all remained alive through until the end of WW1 which shows how lacking in danger was for Hitler’s daily activities

    Hitler invented his own biography.

    see: Thomas Weber, Becoming Hitler

    There you go. Referring right back to what I suspect is a smear job — and in the process confirming my suspicion.

    Hitler avoided his comrades from the First World War? Then why, after France fell, did he immediately round them up and go visit their old stomping grounds?

    Yep. Real ashamed.

    Look: here’s an awful truth. Life isn’t a moral fable, with all the good over here, and all the bad over there.

    Hitler was a great guy, in a lot of ways. That’s why those who worked for him have remained so obstinately loyal to him. It’s why the Jewish doctor who treated his mother wouldn’t slander him. It’s why a whole nation fell for him.

    Do you want to have a comforting bad man? Read your Weber or half a dozen others who have trotted out the same old dreary spiel — ‘demonic’ seems to be the key word. Or — if you want to get some idea of what Hitler was actually like, good and bad — I’d suggest starting with August Kubizek, The Young Hitler I Knew.

    And don’t regurgitate some vilification of that you’ve read somewhere. Actually read the damned book.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  234. anarchyst says:

    Most people who have a negative view of Hitler have received their “programming” (brainwashing) from the American History Channel which constantly has programs that describe Hitler and the Third Reich in a completely negative way.
    It was Germany against the rest of the (jew-influenced) world.
    One can marvel at how long Germany lasted despite having the rest of the world against it.
    It is interesting to note that the demonization of Germany exists to this day, led by jewish interests who still promote their phony self-serving, money-making “holocaust™” which has been proven to be a fraud on many different levels.
    This propaganda channel should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for the amount of anti-German jewish propaganda programs that it broadcasts.
    If one watches the anti-German propaganda that this channel espouses, one would have to wonder how Germany could have lost WW2.
    On this channel, Hitler is portrayed as leading research into German technology from atomic power and synthetic fuels to jet powered aircraft and other advanced technologies (anti-gravity technology) while at the same time, falsely promoting the impossibilities of exterminating “six-million jews”, using “bug spray” as an execution agent (ha ha) in “gas chambers” with no ventilation systems or gas-tight doors, and other “holocaust™” absurdities. Of course, the emaciated typhus-ridden bodies are always shown and portrayed as “gas chamber victims”, another massive lie.
    This channel also portrays Hitler as a drug-user, and a mentally unstable individual with many faults. Hitler is never seen speaking softly, only his bombastic, high energy speeches at his rallies are ever shown.
    I would hope that more and more people would see through the BS that has been foisted upon the world for the last 75 years.
    The jews and the rest of the world should be apologizing for the demonization of Germany.
    It is interesting to note that Asian countries do not have the same biased attitudes towards Germany and Hitler as does the western world today.

    • Agree: mark green, HdC
    • Replies: @Odyssey
  235. @Patrick McNally

    Hitler became a regimental dispatch runner at the end of 1914. This kept him away from the frontline most of the time. His Iron Cross were mainly a result of getting on with the officers, not from combat-duty.

    More on this.

    It was actually just the opposite. Normally, communication between the line companies and the rear was by phone.

    The difficulty was that when all hell broke loose and the artillery was firing, those phone lines got severed. Ditto if the unit was advancing or was about to be forced to retreat. No more telephone.

    That’s when the runner got to do his stuff. While everyone else hid in the bunker, or at least crouched in the trench, he got to run around and see if he really was immortal.

    Obviously, the position required courage, if nothing else. Probably also a good sense of direction and an ability to coherently and intelligently answer questions about what was going on.

  236. Odyssey says:

    It is interesting to note that Asian countries do not have the same biased attitudes towards Germany and Hitler as does the western world today.

    Maybe because Germans (aka fake Goths) were Asian people, too?

  237. @Colin Wright

    …Hitler avoided his comrades from the First World War? Then why, after France fell, did he immediately round them up and go visit their old stomping grounds?

    It occurs to me that this would actually make a rather good European film.

    All these fiftyish Germans wandering around 1940 Flanders and Picardy or wherever — ‘do you remember when?’

    Only gradually is it borne in on the viewer that the leader is the awful Hitler. Domestically, he really seems to have been a rather staid provincial middle-class type. You’d agree to go over to his house for dinner — but your expectations would be modest. See Hitler’s Last Secretary. Imagine dining with the manager of the local Lowes. Stupid pet tricks…

  238. Elinel says:

    You are wrong because you ignore the facts of relevant history and get your ideas from falsifiers.
    To understand the truth of anything, one must account for all relevant facts and their context.
    It is clear you think you are your own authority, so there’s no point in me going any further with this.

  239. Elinel says:

    The US Constitution is a charter, an agreed-upon basis for the people to work together, an agreed-upon / common understanding of what standards will be observed going forward, to guide the relationship between the people and their government.

    Just because it was agreed upon by the “Founders” doesn’t mean it was agreed upon by everyone who might have the ability to thwart their intent. In fact, that is exactly what has happened, in spite of the general beliefs of the mass of people who have been brainwashed to believe they live in a democracy.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  240. Tsigantes says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    I agree that NSDAP rhetoric against jews, but especially against slavs (far worse in fact), had an unintended boomerang effect of alienating many European nations since it was clear that Germans – as they stated often – as self-described “ubermenschen” saw ALL other nations as “untermenschen” of various degree.
    This led to an unwillingness amongst occupied nations to surrender their jews, not because they necessarily valued jews, but because to do so would be the thin edge of the wedge. Furthermore at least half of Europe did not share the jewish anglosphere’s hatred of Russia, far from it. Thus, while “aggrandisement” is historically wrong, it has in fact led to [the appearance of] aggrandisement in the end through jewish power.

    Germany’s role in WW2 should raise many questions.

    -How is it that it was carrying out century-long-established anglo-american and jewish bolsheviki war aims against Russia while Britain and America, after refusing USSR’s pleas for alliance in the 5 years preceeding the war [leading to the desparate Molotv-Ribbentrop Pact] suddenly became USSR’s ally, an ally that contributed almost nothing to USSR’s defence?

    -How is it that Britain and especially USA supported Hitler in the 1930s, with US banks and corporations investing heavily in the “German Miracle” – exclusively re-armament and infrastructural preparation for war , in contravention of their own Treaty of Versaille. While Britain’s Montagu Norman gave the green light to Helmut Schact funding this through Reichsbank issuance (2 Central Bankers!) backstopped by setting up BIS originally exclusively for Germany?

    – Why store a vast population of jews, collected from all over Europe at enormous cost and waste of extremely limited resources even as they were losing the war, at camps equipped with hospitals and schools, if not to result in immigration to Palestine post-war? In contrast to their execution of Russian POWs and 30 million dead Russians? Not to mention the Havara Agreement pre-war.

    IMHO 3 objectives were achieved: 1) populating the soon-to-be “Israel” 2) massive human sacrifice of Russians and 3) a Germany rewarded with the largest debt forgiveness in history and massive and exclusive American investment into West Germany recreating the “German Miracle” of the 1930s, and the creation of de-sovereignised Europe under US occupation, and German leadership.

    This was not how the NSDAP saw their future, but perhaps Hitler himself and a few close associates may have been latterday Zelenskys.

    And here we are in Round 3 led by the same old gang against the same “enemy”.

    • Replies: @HdC
  241. anarchyst says:

    The united States of America was never intended to be a “democracy”. The Constitution of the united States of America is unique in the world.
    In every other country, “rights” are actually “permissions” which can be revoked by those in power (governments) at any time.
    Look at Canada, which ran roughshod over its citizens’ charter of rights with the “truckers’ protest” by seizing bank accounts, trucks and even children over the truckers’ refusal to disperse from their legal protest just because they could.
    The Constitution of the united States of America is a “charter of negative rights”, something that both the O’bama and Ruthie Ginsburg complained about. O’bama complained about the Constitution limiting government while Ruthie Ginsburg stated that the Constitution of South Africa was a better document.
    It starts out stating: “Congress shall make NO LAW…”
    The Constitution is (supposed to be) a limiting document on government power but has been so bastardized, set upon, and basically ignored by all three branches of the federal government that its true meaning has been pretty much obliterated.
    Add to that, the “dumbing down” of the citizenry, (public schools) stating that the Constitution “grants rights” It does no such thing–“rights” are (supposed to be) inherent in us being born and are (supposed to be) our “birthright”.

  242. HdC says:

    You really need to read some descent books on WW I & II.

    Start with “Germany’s War” by John Wear. Then there is “Churchill and Hitler, the Unnecessary War” by Pat Buchanan. Additionally “Icebreaker” by Viktor Suvorov.

    For really good background information on WW I there is “The Pity of War” by Niall Ferguson.

    Here is a task for you: Do a little investigation on the NSDAP’s achievements to dramatically improve the standard of living of the German worker IN THREE YEARS!

    Examples: 4 lane divided highways (Autobahn) were built all over the world (Eisenhower Highway in the USA). One of the most popular cars worldwide are Volkswagens. Unemployment was practically zero by 1936.

    What national administration ever, can claim such achievements in so short a time???

    • Agree: anarchyst
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