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Kamala Harris: Racism Begins at Home
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Earlier: Kamala Harris—A Barely-Black ”Immigrant American”?

During an early Democrat Presidential candidates’ debate, Kamala Harris painted an ugly picture of American racism, recounting her alleged experience as a young student on a school bus in progressive Berkeley, CA’s public-school integration program.

But the fact is, racism ran deep in her Indian mother’s Hinduism and its race-based caste system. It’s likely plays a part in Kamala’s obsession with race.

As her Indian-born Hindu mother, the late Shyamala Gopalan, said

“In Indian society we go by birth…We are Brahmins, that is the top caste. Please do not confuse this with class, which is only about money. For Brahmins, the bloodline is the most important. My family, named Gopalan, goes back more than 1,000 years.”

[Kamala’s Karma She’s smart, she’s experienced, and she’s running for DA. But she’s Willie Brown’s ex-girlfriend, and her opponents are trying to crucify her for that, by Peter Byrne, San Francisco Weekly, September 24, 2003. Emphasis added.]

Yet, when Gopalan entered a “love marriage” in 1963 and had children with a mixed-race Jamaican student she met while studying a UC Berkeley, she tainted her family’s carefully reserved bloodline. The couple had two daughters, the eldest “Devi Kamala”, named for the Hindu Goddess of Lotus, because “A culture that worships goddesses produces strong women”

The marriage collapsed when Kamala was five and, after a contentious divorce, her mother took charge of raising her daughters.

Perhaps it was when young Kamala sprouted an Afro that Gopalan first understood her daughters would never pass for Brahmins and would face harsh racial discrimination in her native India. Her fears were confirmed when a Head-Start worker noted Kamala tested high in intelligence, suggesting she might go to college. Gopalan found the worker’s comments patronizing, but understood he had assumed Kamala was a Black from the ghetto, “not a privileged child of foreign graduate students at the UC Berkeley.” [ From the Archives: In Search of Elusive Justice by Scott Duke Harris Oct. 24, 2004]

To protect them—and herself—she made a conscious decision to abandon racist India and raise her daughters as Blacks in far more tolerant North America. When Kamala was 12, the three moved to Quebec, Canada where Gopalan’s sister lived, returning to the US six years later after Kamala graduated from a Canadian high school in the Anglo enclave of Westmount in Montreal.

Given the brutal racial realities of the Hindu caste system, it is surprising that Kamala continues to embrace the religion. While running for California Attorney General in 2010, she asked her aunt in India to smash 108 coconuts for a blessing at the local Hindu temple in her grandparent’s upscale seaside neighborhood of Besant Nagar. Winning the race by a slim margin, Kamala told her aunt that, “For every coconut you broke, I got 1,000 votes” [Deep Chennai roots: When Kamala thanked aunt for breaking coconuts at Adyar temple, DTNext, India, Aug 13,2020]. Her 2014 wedding to L.A. lawyer Douglas Emhoff combined Jewish and Hindu ceremonies including the traditional Varmala garland exchange and mangala sutra. There are no mention of Christian rites in her wedding despite Kamala’s claim to be a Baptist.

Of the Jamaican-born father, Prof. Donald Harris, who provided her Black identity, Kalama says, “[He] is a good guy, but we are not close.” Her father has actively disengaged from her campaign after he publicly chastised Kamala for insulting his Jamaican family by implying they all smoked dope like she had. [Harris’ dad slams his daughter’s use of ‘identity politics’, Fox News, February 21, 2020]

In recent years, Kamala has created a narrative that portrays her privileged Brahmin relatives as mainstream Progressives, including characterizing her mother as a “civil rights activist.”. In her 2019 memoir, The Truths We Hold, she wrote that her grandfather PV Gopalan was deeply involved in Indian’s movement against colonial rule, a claim disputed by family members who said there was no record of him being anything more than a diligent civil servant who, had he openly advocated an end to British rule, would have been fired [Fact Check: Are Some Of Kamala Harris’ Claims About Her Indian Grandfather False? Swarajya, August 21, 2020]. She called her grandmother “a feminist” for expressing concern that the servants who did her laundry might be victims of domestic abuse.

As with other first-generation Americans descended from non-White foreigners who chose to emigrate to the US (the most notable being President Obama) Kamala and her sister Maya (Hindi for Illusion) have made “American racism” i.e. anti-white agitation their central cause by expanding African-American descendants-of-slaves’ issues to include themselves, “People of Color”, even if they have just arrived in the US.

In a recent interview with an Indian publication, Harris linked the problems of people of South Asian origin with those of US minorities [Kamala Harris: Lessons on Democracy on Besant Nagar Beach, by Ambassador T P Sreenivasan, August 18, 2020]. Sinc e 80 percent of US voters of Indian origin voted for Hillary in the last election, that may be a winning strategy.

Just further evidence that, in Brecht’s famous words, our uniparty government is dissolving the American people and electing a new one.

Angie Saxon [Email her] is a California patriot. See letters she has written to here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. GrantS says:

    “To protect them—and herself—she made a conscious decision to abandon racist India and raise her daughters as Blacks in far more tolerant North America.”
    Did she actually say this was the reason for her decision?

  2. I read your letter on VDare today, Miss Saxon, and wanted to make a comment or two. I’m glad Mr. Unz put your writing here.

    1) What a piece of work this Kamela Harris is! I could say the same about her mother too I guess. This story greatly resembles that of Øb☭ma. You’d think Americans would have learned about voting for exotic foreigners from broken homes like this from the first time. This Vice-Presidency that might be worth a “warm bucket of spit” in January will turn into a “hot steaming pile of shit” soon enough.

    2) That part about her Jamaican Dad being pissed because Kamala reckons all the Jamaicans are ganja-smoking slackers is hilarious. What a stereotype – shame on her. Of course, we all think of Jamaicans as laid-back pot-heads, because, well… but, you don’t get to say that if you’re running for President Vice-President.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  3. Ricko says:

    Kamala Harris spouts off about racism. Well, here’s real racism from her masters.

    Just a small sample of tweets by Jews that clearly show what this “religious ethnicity” thinks of White people.

    Steph Gurstein @princ3ssEsquire
    1. Abort all white male children.
    2. Impeach Trump.
    3. Elect Obama to third term.

    Note the psychology of this Jewish “lady”. See how the murder of White children comes first on her list. And her hatred of White man Trump is deeper than her desire to have Obama back in the White House. We know that many Jews would move Heaven and Hell to have their pliable stooge back in office. But, even so, they still put the murder of White people before this.

    Joe Bernstein @Bernstein
    Kill a straight white man on your way to work tomorrow

    Joe Bernstein also uses Twitter to incite the murder of White people. But then, his people got plenty of practice in murdering White people in the former Soviet Union.

    Rebecca Cohen @beckycoh…
    I think i hit a nerve, Imagine being so anxious to be what black and brown people have always been. A minority. Gee maybe one day you might know how it feels. the extinction anxiety is delicious though

    Rebecca Cohen just doesn’t sneer at the possibility of White people being replaced in their own countries. She licks her lips at the thought of White people being exterminated.

    What vile disgusting statements and incitements to publicly publish. And without a shred of shame or fear. If a White person criticized the colour of a Jew’s shoes anti-Semitism would be shouted from the rooftops.

    These people are starting to show their true colours. The slip into Western populations and slyly build wealth and embed themselves. But the first whiff of weakness from their hosts brings their concealed hyenaesque personalities to the surface. This has been the way with them since they first found another racial group they could parasite off.

    They showed these vile traits in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. It becomes clearer every day that what they got back then, they asked for.
    And they seem intent on not just asking for it again. They seem to be actually begging for it.

    I sometimes scratch my head in wonderment at them. Have they got the DNA of lemmings, that every so often they have to throw themselves off a cliff.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Ricko
    , @Brooklyn Dave
  4. Mother comes from & is conscious of coming from a high caste Indian Family.
    Father is a black university professor originally from Jamaica. Upper middle class.
    Parents unamicably divorce.
    Daughter a lawyer who made a reputation as a prosecutor for incarcerating black people on the slightest pretext.
    And so — here we have a real “Progressive” for the 3rd decade of the 21st C….
    (Interesting how there are those parallels to Obama…another real “progressive”)

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  5. Kamala is overwhelmed with thoughts about ‘racism.’ The reason why is she keeps it alive everywhere she goes, she is racist, and just can’t escape it.

  6. @Achmed E. Newman

    2) Kamala’s comment only made her look pamdering or ignorant about her father’s culture. Colin Powell repeatedly talked about being raised by 2 Jamaican parents in NY is what made him into what he was. He never made any dumb comment about smoking marijuana. Why? He would probably get a slap from his parents for making such a statement to embarass them. Kamala’s father only gave her a verbal one. But you are correct that is what the media portrays. Most Americans would have zero clue that an important office like the International Seabed Authority is headquartered there. Or that before being an entertainer could make you a billionaire – a mixed race black and Chinese Jamaican was one of the only non whites in North America to become a legitimate billionaire. His name is Micheal Lee Chin (he migrated to Canada to make his fortune – but he still has close business ties to the country of his birth).
    Caribbean blacks in the US are higher achievers than US born blacks. Kamala really embarassed herself.

    But maybe being a Brahmin has something to do with it. In the Caribbean blacks and indians intermarry (the only exception is Guayana where racial tension is high) – but thos Indians tend to be lower caste and went there as slave replacing manual labor. So maybe this author is on to something.

  7. @animalogic

    Kamala is the “Law and Order” candidate, yes.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  8. @Ricko

    Personally, from what I gather from reading this article is not that Kamala’s mother was playing a race card, but going by plan B. Being an Indian, a country with a colonial British past, she would have felt more comfortable raising her daughters in Canada than in US. I am sure they lived a comfortable life in that Anglo area of Montreal. Like Obama, Kamala was far from the ghetto. Like Obama, she needed Negro Cred as well as Street Cred. Not only are they both of mixed race, but also very well educated – something they don’t share with most inner city black people (or a lot of white people for that matter). What better way to get that Cred – both Negro & Street – than to play Lefty Identity politics? As far as Jews are concerned, they are still the backbone behind most things leftist. The funny thing is, for a people so intelligent, the most vociferous of them, politically, keep playing the same card over and over again. I am not saying that Jews intentionally or overtly want open persecution, but they’ve never looked at their collective behavior in their host countries and thought to change it. A big bogeyman for leftist Jews is that PoCs are getting wise to them. Younger PoCs really don’t care about how Jews (in the USA) historically “helped” them. They are not really interested in The Holocaust or in the viability of the Zionist State. Basically, they are giving the Jews the middle finger indirectly. Politically active American leftist Jews are sharp enough to realize this and are scared silly. The rationale for neo-conservatism was more a consensus that open Marxism doesn’t work and the continued to fight to uphold the Zionist State, but a small number of very Zionist Jews are now trying to hitch their wagons to Dissident Right politics. They are trying to make connections where connection do not exist. They are trying to make organic something that is contrived (identifying with white replacement). I have to give these Jews credit for at least trying a different tactic. I believe that those American Jews (as well as those in Western Europe) who are firmly wedded to leftist ideology will get the shock of their political lives when PoCs openly and unequivocally give them the ultimate b*tch-slap. Neither group has truly changed its spots.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  9. Interesting that Kami acquired no French proficiency from living in Montreal during her formative years.

  10. Anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    The very fact that Biden and Harris were practically rejected during the primaries and are now miraculously running for the highest office in the land, should be a clue to many Americans, who alas, remain total dunderheads supporting the violent left.

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