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Kamala Harris—A Barely-Black ”Immigrant American”?
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Earlier by Lance Welton: Dems’ Black Female Superstars Are Childless. That’s Probably Not Good

So Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris—who once said that she believed the women who had accused Biden of groping them [Flashback: Kamala Harris said she believed women who accused Biden of inappropriate touching, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, August 12, 2020]. Despite the King-era cliché that we should judge a person “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” Biden has chosen someone of questionable loyalty who just happens to be a woman and who just happens to be “Black.” As the New York Times has headlined: We Got a Black Woman on the Ticket. At Last.” [by Chryl Laird, pictured right, August 11, 2020] But of course we have not. By no reasonable definition is Kamala Harris “Black,” or even an “African-American.”

Even Barack’s Obama’s claim to be an “African-American”—with all that this implies about ancestors who struggled through slavery, Jim Crow, poverty and intense racial prejudice—was pretty tenuous. Obama was as much a white American as he was a black American; as much America’s 44th white President as its first black one. And his father, far from having slave ancestors, was part of the Kenyan upper class. But it seemed to make liberal whites and blacks alike feel good to believe that “America’s Half-Blood Prince” was, somehow, the first African-American Commander in Chief.

Kamala’s claim to be “African-American” is even more tenuous. As law professor David Bernstein has pointed out, legally it comes down to her having some African ancestry combined with her feeling that she is African-American [Is Kamala Harris Legally African American, Indian, Both, Neither, or Something Else?, The Volokh Conspiracy, August 11, 2020].

As with Obama, Kamala’s claim to be “African-American” is only via her paternal line anyway. Kamala Devi Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan (1938-2009), was an academic from Tamil Nadu in India who came to America in 1960. She was the daughter of a senior Indian civil servant.

Not only that, but the Gopalans are Brahmins, the highest of India’s four caste s. So, to be clear, Kamala has benefited from a huge amount of hereditary “privilege.” Caste-discrimination is built into India’s strictly hierarchical caste system, in which there are thousands of sub-castes. Even now, it is often a serious problem in India to marry outside your sub-caste. The low caste “Sudra” are systematically discriminated against and the “Untouchables,” who are outside the caste, system are often treated worse than animals: they may not enter temples; they are forced into the most degrading jobs; are beaten up, raped and killed by higher castes; and, in some cases, they may not look at a higher caste or even be outside during the day, lest their shadow touches the shadow of a higher caste, making the higher caste ritually impure [See Purity, Impurity, Untouchability: Then and Now, by A.M. Shah , Sociological Bulletin, 2007].

If whites should feel guilty due to slavery, it is nothing to the guilt that Kamala should feel for having ancestors who were at the very top of such a system.

Kamala’s claim to be “Black” rests on her father, a Jamaican academic called Donald J. Harris who arrived in America in 1961. Donald, a retired Stanford professor, is noticeably light-skinned and looks as though he is about half-African. And this is consistent with Donald’s own knowledge of his family history. It is clear from pictures that his paternal grandmother, “Miss Chrishy Brown,” was a mulatto. His maternal grandmother, Iris Finnegan, is also relatively light and Europeanised in her looks, though to a lesser extent than his paternal grandmother [Kamala Harris’s Jamaican Heritage, Jamaica Global, January 13, 2019].

It has been estimated that the average black Jamaican may be as much as 16% genetically white [Admixture and population stratification in African Caribbean populations, by J. B. Torres et al., Annals of Human Genetics, January 2008] due to inter-mixture on plantations and simply due to the mixed nature of the Jamaican population, which is currently 90% black, 7% “mixed” and 3% white, Chinese or South Asian [Who is Jamaica?, by Carolyn Cooper, New York Times, August 5, 2012].

But we know from research by J. Philippe Rushton that people tend to be attracted to those who are genetically similar themselves. Indeed, this is how “clines”—groups that are intermediate between two races—develop [Ethnic Nationalism, by J. Philippe Rushton, Nations and Nationalism, 2005].

So it is extremely unlikely that the husbands of Donald’s light grandmothers would have been 84% black. A reasonable estimate would be that Donald is about 50% black, meaning that Kamala is, at the best, “America’s Quarter-Blood Princess.”

In his interview in Jamaica Global, Donald claimed to be descendant of the slave-owner, slavery apologist and sometimes Jamaican Member of Parliament Hamilton Brown (1776-1843) via his grandmother. This is possible and a genealogical investigation has found hints that this might be the case, concluding, however, that it is unproven [U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris is descended from the 19th-century slave owner Hamilton Brown, by Dan MacGuill, Snopes, July 2, 2019].

And even if it were, it is hardly important because, as a descendant of black Jamaicans, Kamala will also be a descendant of slaves.

What is more important is to emphasize that at a time when we are obsessed with “privilege,” the daughter of two senior academics—benefiting from immense “cultural capital”—is hardly in a position to accuse of “whites” of having “White Privilege.” A high caste woman, whose recent ancestors benefited immensely from the caste system, would also be a hypocrite to talk about “White Privilege.”

And a woman who is no more that 25% African, and who anyway would visually pass as Hispanic, should not be referring to herself as “African-American,” with all of the emotional weight that implies.

With two Non-American parents—and spending her formative high school years in Canada—if Kamala Harris is anything, then she is an “Immigrant-American.”

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Kamala Harris 
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  1. Wyatt says:

    Maybe the Democrats know well enough that the AA hambeasts like Stacey Abrams are just a bridge too far. The dems can pretend black American women are foundational to modern American politics and just wonderful people, but anyone who has called the IRS or just watched recent television knows how awful slave descended American black women are.

    Shit, black men don’t even like black women. They won’t raise their kids and they won’t return their messages on dating websites. It shouldn’t be surprising that the dems with triple digit IQs can recognize what the black men Kamala put away know. You don’t want a screeching bag of STDs and daddy issues running things.

  2. mijj says:

    unfortunately, in the USA, being a psycho is a requirement for high office. So that avenue of discrimination is full of blowback. (X advocates baseless attack on nation Y .. X’s popularity increases)
    Being the USA, the only way to find fault is via detailed racial examination.

  3. Yes, just like Obama, and likely to succeed old Joe too, as our second blackish chief executive. No real connection to the black experience in America, just a safely sort-of black face that liberals can feel warm and fuzzy about voting for, with no fear that she’ll morph into an Angry African.

    Still, consider the sophistication of the electorate. Tens of millions agree with the Donald that establishment gatekeepers Biden & Harris Inc. are really sinister radical leftist socialists. And their opposite numbers are equally convinced that Trump is the in-your-face reincarnation of Hitler, for pity’s sake.

    When Ben Franklin introduced the present Constitution in 1787 he warned, “this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  4. Thank you, Mr. Welton for this one. There was no psycho-analysis in there this time, just some informed opinion and facts to back up what you could. That’s more like VDare style writing, and it is much appreciated by this reader.

    Oh, and good comments so far, all 3. I agree that you really don’t want to go full LaTonya – too obvious what the problems are, and too embarrassing for everyone.

  5. @Observator

    You summed up the sentiments of my older sister to a tee. She voted for Obama because he didn’t talk black, wasn’t dark, and made her fill superior for voting for a black man. She also loves Kamala
    Harris because she is cookie cutter feminist and affirmative action beneficiary just like my sister. Trump got enough educated suburban women the last election. Harris is suppose to win them back. My guess is Miss Kamala will deliver the AWFL wannabees.

  6. Antifa Kamala the Barely Black: Is she more popular with the Fairly Black or with the Bare Back?

  7. IvyMike says:

    Lot of uncomfortable truths, but K could never be mistaken for Hispanic, she’s obviously South Asian but with a slight (and disturbing) family resemblance to Muammar al-Gaddafi.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  8. With two Non-American parents—and spending her formative high school years in Canada…

    As did S.I. Hayakawa, one of our best non-white immigrants ever. Tamil Kam is no S.I. Hayakawa!

    As with Obama, Kamala’s claim to be “African-American” is only via her paternal line anyway. Kamala Devi Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan (1938-2009), was an academic from Tamil Nadu in India…

    Does this make her a Tamaroon? Or a Tamiloon?

    (NB: I’m not mocking Tamils per se; every one I’ve ever known has been a fine fellow. All were Christian, too. I’m just mocking this fraud, and those who kiss up to her.)

    And a woman who is no more that 25% African, and who anyway would visually pass as Hispanic…

    We can borrow a title from one of Custer’s (feather) Indian scouts: Half Yellow Face.

  9. Sher Singh says:

    Christcuck can’t help writing nonsense about caste even when pretending to be RW.

    White genocide now lol fk race mixing & feminism.

    • Replies: @songbird
  10. songbird says:
    @Sher Singh

    Harris would make a first-rate latrine cleaner in India, after being integrated in the proper scheduled tribe, which I believe would be the Siddi, in light of her Bantu admixture, which although small, is still significant.

    • Agree: Jatt Arya
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