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John Lewis and #TruthAboutSelma
Occidental Dissent visits Selma
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When I saw the Lügenpresse was driving the news cycle with Trump’s tweets about ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis this morning, I felt like I had to do something. I’m sick and tired of John Lewis parachuting into my state for his annual photo ops. So, I got in my truck and drove over to Selma to retrace his footsteps.

This guy has been coming here for over 50 years now and his marching has cut a swath of economic devastation through Dallas, Lowndes and Montgomery County, AL that can only be compared to General William Tecumsah Sherman’s March To the Sea. As everyone who lives in the Alabama Black Belt knows, the devastation that John Lewis wrought here during and after the Civil Rights Movement is worse than anything that Vladimir Putin’s Russia could ever possibly do to us.

I decided to start out in Montgomery and retrace John Lewis’s footsteps, in reverse, from the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery back to Selma. Unfortunately, it was mid-afternoon before this project got underway. It was a spur of the moment thing and so I only accomplished a fraction of what I set out to do. I will be returning to Selma in the next few days to help my friend Paul Kersey document The Truth About Selma: What Happened When The Cameras Left and The Marching Stopped.

I’ve been planning to start using Periscope. Until this afternoon, I had no experience with it whatsoever. I downloaded the app, got out of my truck, marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and walked all over downtown Selma while filming. It was a Saturday evening and it still looks like Selma was attacked by a Russian EMP weapon. The video is very shaky because I had no idea what I was doing:

I’m going back to Selma either Sunday or Monday. There’s a lot that I want to show you which I didn’t get to do today. You will never see this on the fake news Lügenpresse which returns to Selma year after year for John Lewis to get his annual photo op marching over the magic bridge. We’re going to expose John Lewis – how he has a reverse Midas Touch, everywhere he marches ends up blighted and crime-infested – and use Twitter and Periscope to show you what happened when the cameras left and the marching stopped in 1965.

Is it racist?

(Republished from Occidental Dissent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. unit472 says:

    It is amazing how little one had to do to become a ‘Civil Rights’ icon. Lewis got clubbed by a police officer. Not murdered like Medgar Evers, simply hit with a police baton. Jesse Jackson had the good fortune to have Martin Luther King bleed on his shirt and the rest, as they say, is history. Coretta Scott King got rid of her philandering husband and, at the same time, grew rich selling off his possessions and becoming a perma-widow.

    I was in Berkeley circa 1970, and while fleet of foot enough to have avoided police truncheons I was tear gassed more than once for simply trying to enter the University of California campus. Where is the monument to me? How come I didn’t get lifetime tenure in the US Congress?

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
    , @George
  2. John Lewis and majority of marchers have long given up on ideals of Dr.King and transitioned into well paid life of Steven.
    What has he done to oppose all these merciful, humanitarian and democracy seeding genocides against “sand niggers” and others?

  3. CCZ says:

    The below Guardian article describes and illustrates the same decimation that Brad Griffin does, but reaches a more conventional conclusion about the cause.

    “A beacon for the civil rights movement 50 years ago, the Alabama city’s largely African American population today struggles with joblessness, poverty and drugs.”

  4. I’ve lived in John Lewis’ district, and the guy is a race-baiting moron. People who don’t listen to him on the news daily just don’t understand how dumb he is. And people who don’t live around MLK’s cronies don’t understand how corrupt, phony and bigoted many of MLK’s family and friends are. They are mostly about personal enrichment and black power, and I assume the same was true about MLK.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  5. @unit472

    There’s no monument to you because of your white privilege.

  6. @OilcanFloyd

    While blacks should not have their civil rights suppressed anymore than any other American, the civil rights movement devastated Black America. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have many times shown exactly what was done to blacks and have decried it. People like Lewis, Jackson and Sharpton are simply charlatans out for themselves. Both Jackson and Sharpton have gotten rich off racial agitation.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  7. @Quartermaster

    “While blacks should not have their civil rights suppressed anymore than any other American, the civil rights movement devastated Black America.”

    Blacks are far from having their civil rights suppressed. Get rid of affirmative action and restore the right of association, and I’ll be happy.

  8. OutWest says:

    Isn’t Lewis the front and center clown in the congressional Animal House party?

  9. Only 30 years before the Civil War, Native Americans lived, as they long had in much of the south – Jacksonland. The whites that drove them out and planted a slavocracy were the lowest scum humanity could throw up. White antebellum culture was a complete fraud.

    Too bad that Reconstruction did not involve re-colonizing the south, terminating the phoney states.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @Clyde
  10. Agent76 says:

    January 16, 2017 MLK’s niece: I voted for Trump

    The latest media-manufactured controversy surrounding President-Elect Trump involves Congressman John Lewis, who won’t be attending the inauguration because he believes that Mr. Trump will be an illegitimate president. (He reportedly believed the same about George W. Bush.)

  11. Lowndes County has been losing population pretty continuously since 1900. In fact in 1960 it had less than half the population it had in 1910.

    The march was in 1965.,_Alabama

  12. John Lewis is obviously an environmentalist who believes in returning the land to Gaia.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  13. @Ned Ludlam

    And after the war, former Union officers headed westward expansion. So what? Should we just give control of the nation to a coalition of minorities and immigrants who have no desire to either live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle or turn the whole nation over to American Indians?

    • Replies: @Ned Ludlam
  14. @OilcanFloyd

    No argument. So what? It’s a revolution. Clean house. If there had been a thoroughgoing reconstruction a lot of bad stuff would never have happened. Southern white culture as it formed before the Civil War and endured afterwards was odious. A lot of transplanted Northern Irish Scotch who were already ugly murderers. They just switched from persecuting the Irish to the Blacks. They just switched from plantations in Ulster to ones in Georgia. They were my ancestors.

  15. @Ned Ludlam

    Why are you sharing your self-loathing here? Is part of the syndrome a neurotic desire to attack others by projecting your self hatred onto them?

    The discussion here was not about Reconstruction but about the damage one particular Negro has caused to the community and economy which he pretends to represent. Lewis is an example of a near universal phenomenon in Negro political systems: the “big man” leader. These are found everywhere significant populations of Negroes reside whether in their African homelands, in the Caribbean, in South America, or here in the good old USA.

    The “big man” political system is characterized by a leader — almost always male — a surrounding coterie of close associates , and the mass of the Negro population being governed. The “big man” has unlimited access to local resources be they economic, sexual, political, whatever. He distributes some of these to his close associates to retain their loyalty. Disobedience or disrespect are punished ruthlessly. The masses seem perfectly happy with the system. The “big man” acts essentially as a dictator within his community and as a point person for interactions with the outside world.

    If you pause to think, this is an essential universal Negro phenomenon from African chiefdoms, to Negro churches and other religious organizations and cults in this country, to any Negro “civil rights organization that I am aware of. Jim Jones was so successful at bamboozling and then murdering his largely Negro organization precisely because the leadership role he fostered so perfectly fit both his personal sociopathy and the “big man” model his victims were used to operating under.

    An interesting question is why this political system seems so universal among Negro populations. I’m going to suggest that this is so because it’s really the only effective way to govern a population , 85% of whom have an IQ below the avergae IQ of the US population. The sad thing for John Lewis’s constituents is that this particular “big man” does not possess much of an intellect but does have a fair amount of the cunning a “big man” needs to stay in power. The results are obvious to anyone who bothers to take a tour of his district.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  16. @Ned Ludlam

    A lot of transplanted Northern Irish Scotch who were already ugly murderers.

    I’m half Greek, Ma’s side, Pop hailed from those folks above. They landed Jamestown and started to push West and settled Tennessee, settling Nashville, Milton, Murfreesboro. They were Indian fighters, later gunfighters-for-hire, a couple of them were hung for cattle/horse-thieving and in the thirties, gentlemen from Chicago who worked for Capone used to come in cars for my grandfather’s moonshine. The epic chases and the desire to stay a step ahead of the cops led to NASCAR. Yeah, they were bad-ass men, but they killed a lot of bad men, they laid the groundwork. The Greek half was my noble side, but I always considered Pop’s side of my heritage was the side of me that gets things DONE.

    And no, I never killed anyone didn’t have it coming. And that’s something, is it not?

  17. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Big man theory. Pretty much the entire Middle East seems to run on that model. In Iraq, big man otherwise known as Saddam Hussein. Nothing happens until all factions are tamped down and brought to heel. Big men are organic, too. No outside entity gets to name the big man, doesn’t look like. Makes the case for backing out and allowing that man to emerge. We certainly do seem to be prolonging the agony.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  18. Clyde says:
    @Ned Ludlam

    What has that got to do with this a-hole Rep John Lewis? I will also add that whatever went on during the slavery era has little to do with today’s black population. Have you seen how obese many black woman are? I see them all the time where I live. They are crazy and spoiled and living way too high off the hog here via various gov’t programs when two pregnant sisters are fighting over a hair weave.

    Cops: Pregnant Woman Beaten In Weave Beef
    Victim’s sister sought return of hairpiece given as Xmas gift

    I read that America’s black population has the world’s 15th largest economy.

    “This is what happens in America,” Elder said. “If black America were a country, it would be the 15th wealthiest country in the world. For crying out loud, this is not our grandfather’s America, and we ought not act like it is.”

  19. @Jim Christian

    I pretty much agree. Over the long haul a people generally winds up with the polity and leadership they want and deserve. George Washington was right when he warned that the United States should avoid all foreign entanglements while extending a special friendship to nations like we once were, constitutional, democratic republics. I write “like we once were” because clearly our population has degenerated in some fashion and apparently no longer wants or deserves the constitutionally restricted government we once had. As a result the Constitution has become a dead letter and a joke to those in the know.

    Furthermore, in the absence of constitutional restraint all three branches of government – particularly the judicial – as well as the anti-constitutional, soi disant regulatory agencies have imposed an innumerable swarm of laws, regulations, and other burdens on the nation most any one of which is opposed by large majorities of the people. To this extent we are no longer a democracy. The rise of political dynasties like the Bushes, Kennedys, and similar swine suggests that we may sooner or later lose our republic.

    In these circumstances it is not all that odd that we are cruelly interfering in the affairs of far off nations; engaging in brutal and illegal wars that benefit only a very small elite at home and the foreign nation(s) it is in the special interest of this elite to support abroad; wars that are viciously destructive not only of the peoples they are launched against but also of the general welfare of our United States.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
  20. George says:

    “It is amazing how little one had to do to become a ‘Civil Rights’ icon. ”

    In politics survival is everything.

    Is It Time To Revoke John Lewis’s Lifetime Civil Rights Hero Pass?

    ‘In horrible shape’? Visit to John Lewis’s district undermines Trump’s claims

    After the president-elect attacked the Georgia congressman and his district on Twitter, his claims prompt anger: ‘Not all black people live in the inner city’

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  21. Zimriel says:

    This is just sad.

    I sometimes feel like the alt-right are better friends to the Negro than the Republicans Party Of Lincoln Y’all and the Democrats Workin’ For The Struggle both. At least you’re telling him the truth. How else can the black man even start to make progress if he doesn’t see what’s going on.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  22. joe webb says:

    the Gramscian March Thru the Institutions, like the above Sherman’s march to the sea, has been one of pure destruction of those institutions.

    Institutions are the fundamental link of society to the state. Institutions were supposed to be constituted from Civil Society and then structured to connect with government.

    What we have had is a kind of Children’s Crusade of liberal saps worshipping Blackness. I continue to harp on White Altruism. I could have gone south like a couple friends, for the Blacks. But I was married, etc. thank god.

    The stories i have heard from them….the blacks slavering after the white girls. and the girls reciprocally lubricating for the black wood. A real walpurgis night, if I have not got that wrong, a verifiable Armies of the Night, allied with Armies of White liberal dreams of Peter Pan and Sambo rollicking their way to fairy land, led by Tinkerbelle in lingerie..

    So, today, our institutions especially education, a ruin of Black evangelism of liberals and testing scores ever on the decline. Media…a wreckage of liberal whackos foaming at their 4th estate big mouths of righteousness and hatreds. Even Fox News goes along with the Lie of race equality, a bit more saluted than Israel and the Jews. (IF Trump gets us into more wars for the Jews, it will be because he watches Fox News, etc.)

    Government ….the churches, the colleges, drunk on luv of darkies, etc. and world citizens likewise trumpeting their righteousness.

    The communist intellectuals, Jews/Frankfort school types, liberal saps, sex freedom fighters, freaks united against Everything, on fire for JUSTICE!

    I notice that the White House (Restored) has reportedly dropped LGBT and Global Firing from its masthead. That is a start.

    The Silent Majority….silent in part because of simple good sense and wonderment at the liberal utopians in their circle dances, groping their inter-racial way in spirals Upward into the Sky of Universal Everythings…finally responding to the evident empirically to be seen, and felt wasteland of social decay, and trooping to Trump (whatever his warts ) and uttering…..damn….yes….yes…yes!

    Etc, Joe Webb

  23. joe webb says:

    first it is sad, then it is bad, then it is acceptance that Blacks are hopelessly stupid at average 85 IQ, violent, impulsive, exploitative, opportunistic, hateful, sexually aberrant from White norms, and plagued by venereal disease, drugs, etc. etc.

    They are a lost race, like the amerindians, basically a stone age culture artificially kept alive by doctors without brains, weepy liberals, welfare, and Endless White Compassion, which is killing Whites off as a race.

    Not even too bad, just one of evolution’s dead end. Next!

    Joe Webb

  24. @George

    I’ve seen the articles about the affluent and middle class areas of Lewis’ district that are supposed to disprove Trump’s reply to Lewis, but the affluent and middle class in Lewis’ district aren’t really his base. He does get the Democrat insiders, SJWs and the AA black elites, but lots of others want to leave his district or divorce from the city and county. The black leadership in Atlanta is also fighting against “gentrification” and changing demographics after many blacks have been section-eighted into the suburbs.

    Here’s Lewis doing a little race-baiting for local elections in Atlanta, because, God-forbid that whites have a say in how they are governed, or in how their taxes are used:

    This is most likely representative of the people John Lewis appeals to, and the type of community his leadership produces:

    At least they don’t have to be bussed to the polls.

  25. @Ned Ludlam

    Speak for your own ancestors, Ned. Most white southerners, Scots-Irish or not, were small farmers and had nothing to do with slavery or the slave trade. If we are going to play the karma game, we might as well assume that the black Africans who were sold into slavery by other black Africans were getting a comeuppance for things they did to those other black Africans. Works for me.

    Why tear down the U.S. or the South, when your revolution will not result in you going back to Ulster, blacks going back to Africa, immigrants to where they came from, Jews to wherever they claim they are from today, or a single SJW living the stone-age hunter-gatherer lifestyle? We have already seen that progressives can’t run a nation, and are full of hatred and bigotries themselves.

  26. joef says:

    Fashionable liberal MSM/Academics slobber & pander over self promoting radical afro race baiters while their ideas leads to no improvement in American Black communities. And what’s there answer to their neglect & failed ideas: It must be the fault of white privilege, institutionalized racism, and we need more funding (into liberal money pit programs)… couldn’t possibly be the fault of liberal failure and racial con artist. And this continues as we just keep on spinning down the toilet as a nation.

    Some Blacks get that they are being used/conned by the liberal/leftist/radicals but they have no voice in the MSM/Academia, who always falsely claim that they give them a voice. No, the New Left is not about giving a voice, they are about achieving their collectivist agenda; Liberals are not about giving a voice, they are about pontificating from afar & living in a bubble of make believe; radical afros are about keeping the game going to scam more profits from society. The leftist/radicals are not about enlightening Blacks; instead they are about keeping them ignorant so they can use them to advance their cause (as the nation suffers for it).

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