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JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Oliver Stone
A Film Review
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Two of the greatest speeches ever delivered by an American president bookend this extraordinary documentary film. It opens with President John F. Kennedy giving the commencement speech at American University on June 10, 1963 and it closes with his civil rights speech to the American people the following day. It is a deft artistic touch that suggests the brevity of JFK’s heroic efforts for world peace and domestic racial equality and justice before he was assassinated in a public execution in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

In the former anti-war speech, he called for the end to the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the halt to the arms race, and the abolishment of war and its weapons, especially nuclear. He said:

What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.

In the latter address to the American people, having just sent National Guard troops to the University of Alabama to make sure two black students were admitted despite the racist objections of Governor George Wallace, his words transcended the immediate issue at the university and called for the end to the immoral and illegal discrimination against African Americans in every area of the nation’s life. He said:

One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free. They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice. They are not yet freed from social and economic oppression. And this Nation, for all its hopes and all its boasts, will not be fully free until all its citizens are free.

Having framed the documentary thus, Oliver Stone and the screenwriter James DiEugenio do a masterful job of explaining what really happened in the years of Kennedy’s short presidency, why he was such a great threat to the CIA and the military industrial complex, what really happened when they killed him, and how the Warren Commission, the CIA, and the corporate media have worked hand-in-hand to this day to cover up the truth. The current two-hour version of JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass will be followed in a month or so by a more detailed four-hour version.

The importance of this film is twofold: It establishes an updated historical record since the Assassination Records Review Board (AARB) was established as a result of Stone’s 1991 breakthrough film, JFK, which forced the release of previously hidden documents, and, more importantly, it emphatically shows why JFK’s assassination is crucial for understanding the United States today. For without a clear and unambiguous accounting of why he was killed and by whom (I do not mean the actual shooters), and who in the government and media has covered it up, we are doomed to repeat the past as this country has been doing ever since.

Because JFK Revisited assiduously documents the essential claims of Stone’s 1991 film and adds to it with the latest factual material released since the ARRB required the release of the previously secret documents, the film, like the JFK film before it, will be denounced by the same media/intelligence forces that slammed the earlier movie. Back then the bogus critiques claimed Stone’s imagination had gone wild and he distorted history, so now the best way for those critics to rip this evidence-filled documentary is to omit mentioning its contents and to continue calling him a conspiracy obsessed guy still intent on promoting his fantasies.

Once it was his “fictions” that were ridiculous; now it is his facts, despite his research colleague and screen writer James DiEugenio’s exhaustive confirmation of the facts that will be released later this year when the annotated script is published. JFK Revisited proves with facts that Stone was right in 1991. Even then, but little known, is that JFK was also accompanied by a book of the film that included copious research notes. But facts don’t seem to matter to Stone’s critics, then or now. They are too damning.

So let’s examine the documentary.

It opens with Kennedy speaking at American University and quickly switches to a montage of condensed news reports of the shooting in Dallas, Kennedy’s death, people’s reactions, Oswald’s arrest, his claim that he’s a “patsy,” Ruby’s killing of Oswald, JFK’s funeral, reports that Kennedy was shot from the front and the rear, the formation of the Warren Commission and the naming of its members, including most significantly the former Director of the CIA Allen Dulles whom Kennedy had fired, the Commission’s finding that Oswald alone killed the president, that there was no conspiracy, the Zapruder film, and NBC’s Chet Huntley saying that the assassination is thoroughly documented (in the Warren Commission Report) and it’s all there for anyone who would like to pursue it.

Huntley’s ironically false statement is followed by a jump cut to Oliver Stone in Dealey Plaza telling how it wasn’t all there at all, that The Warren Report was a sham, and how in the intervening years plenty of new information and evidence has been revealed by the Church Commission Hearings in 1975 that uncovered the CIA and FBI’s machinations in assassination plots at home and abroad; followed a decade later by the public showing of the Zapruder film and the subsequent House Select Committee on Assassinations’ (HSCA) finding that there was probably a conspiracy in Kennedy’s murder.

Although the Warren Report came under questioning during these years, the HSCA sealed half a million “dangerous records” until 2029. But as a result of Stone’s JFK film in 1991, the government was pressured to pass The John F. Kennedy Records Collection Act with its Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB). The ARRB ordered the release of the secret documents within four years. Over two million pages were released and they are housed at the National Archives, although certain documents are still being withheld.

One could argue that the truth about the assassination was obvious from the start and that only elements within the U.S. government could have carried out this crime and covered it up. That only simple logic was needed to solve the crime because from the start the Warren Commission made no sense with its magic bullet explanation, and that only national security operatives could have withdrawn the president’s security protection, etc. That new documents are not needed. That arguing any of this is just a pseudo-debate and a waste of time.

There is cogency to that argument, but Stone prefers to take a different route and use the released records to bolster his argument and establish a cinematic record for future generations. He is making accessible in a two-hour movie a powerful historical lesson that should be seen by everyone; it is one absent from the history books students read in school.

That his enemies will try to dissuade the public from viewing the film is not surprising, for doing so with the supporting testimonies of so many experts and the presentation of the suppressed official documents make these critics look like fools, or simply the tools they are. For while this film relies on many documents forced out of the government’s own vaults and therefore hoists the critics with their own petard, it is also a reminder that the media is deeply infiltrated with CIA plants and assets, as has been shown by the revelations of Operation Mockingbird, a program that surely never ended but has only intensified today’s propaganda.

One glance at the headlines of reviews of this film since its release two months ago reveals the vituperative personal nature of the attacks on Stone, showing that the film’s evidentiary content is of no interest to the reviewers. Ad hominem attacks will suffice. Even the one review I read previous to writing this – sent to me by someone who considered it to be positive – was a sly piece of disinformation disguised as praise. The enemies of truth are not just vulgar morons but very sophisticated tricksters.

Let me break down the evidence presented in the film in order of appearance. First, the so-called three bullets and the magic bullet. Second, the alleged rifle and new evidence confirming that Lee Oswald was not on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Third, the autopsy, its faked photographs, and the pressure placed on the Parkland Hospital doctors to change what they saw with their own eyes. Fourth, Oswald’s history working with the CIA and FBI, his fake defection to the Soviet Union, the coverup of the intelligence agencies’ use of Oswald from start to finish, and the other plots to assassinate Kennedy in Chicago and Tampa that follow the same template as Oswald in Dallas. Fifth, why Kennedy was murdered.

None of these issues are analyzed in some half-assed theoretical way, but are supported by documentary facts – evidence, in other words. As Stone says, “Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts.” Nevertheless, those writers whose review headlines I mentioned prefer to call Stone “looney,” a “conspiracy quack,” etc. as they ignore the facts, new and old.

The Magic Bullet

The Warren Report claimed that since three empty shells were found on the floor of the sixth floor of The Texas Book Depository that only three bullets were fired, and from that spot. The FBI claimed that all three bullets hit inside the car, two hitting Kennedy and one Gov. Connolly. But evidence showed that one bullet missed the car, striking the curb near the underpass, and causing a minor injury to on-looker James Tague.

This forced the Commission into a dilemma, and so Arlen Specter, the future long-standing senator, conjured up the so-called Magic Bullet Theory, claiming that one bullet hit and passed through Kennedy only to hit Connolly, zigzagging absurdly and causing seven wounds. It was ridiculous but conveniently avoided admitting that there had to be more shots and therefore a conspiracy. The Magic bullet – CE 399 – was said to have been found in pristine condition on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital. This bullet was foundational to the Warren Commission’s case, but Stone shows with released documents that there was no chain of custody for this bullet and that lies were told about it. He further shows how this magically found pristine bullet could not have passed through two men and emerge like new.

The film immediately demolishes the Warren Commission’s basic premise.

The “Rifle” with No Oswald on the Sixth Floor

And then this: the film shows that the rifle Oswald is alleged to have used and ordered through the mail with its paper trail (he could have walked into a store and bought one without leaving evidence) does not look like the famous highly questionable photos of Oswald posing with a rifle in the back yard. But more importantly than various other anomalies concerning the rifle(s-?), such as the absence of Oswald’s hand prints, is the new evidence the film documents about Oswald’s non-presence on the sixth floor.

Researcher Barry Ernest went to the National Archives to find the original testimony of Victoria Adams who worked on the fourth floor and knew Oswald. He discovered that it was missing and that the Warren Commission had destroyed the tapes. So he went and found Adams, and what she told him contradicted the Commission’s findings. It was claimed that after shooting Kennedy, Oswald quickly went down the back stairs to the second floor lunch room. Adams told Ernest that immediately after the assassination she went down the back stairs from the fourth floor and saw no one. Ernest found corroborating evidence from two other women, Sandra Styles who accompanied Vicki Adams down the stairs and Vicki’s supervisor Dorothy Garner who saw them descend, to back Adams’ testimony, about which the Warren Commission lied. Further proof that Oswald could not have shot Kennedy from the sixth floor window since he wasn’t there.

The Head Wound and the Autopsy Coverup

With video testimonies from Doctors Perry, Clark, and Crenshaw from Parkland Hospital, Stone shows how the original testimonies placed the neck and head wounds to Kennedy coming from the front, but that pressure was applied to Perry to recant, which he did, only to later to admit his recantation was a lie and that the wound in Kennedy’s neck was an entrance wound.

Then with the autopsy, we learn how it was controlled not by forensic pathologists experienced in doing autopsies on gunshot victims, but by shadowy military and intelligence figures. We learn of another magic bullet that allegedly was found in Parkland Hospital where it was claimed it fell out of a back wound of the president. But this bullet later turns out to be The Magic Bullet after further legerdemain by Warren Commission member Gerald Ford.

This stuff is highly comical if it weren’t so sinister, and it is surely “unbelievable” as the eminent forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht tells the viewer. That one of the autopsy doctors burned his notes and another had his disappear might not be new knowledge, but to learn that two honest FBI agents who witnessed the autopsy and were not called as witnesses by the Warren Commission – James Sibert and Francis X. O’Neill, Jr. – were shown the autopsy photos in depositions taken by the Assassinations Record Review Board in 1997 and claimed that Kennedy’s head had been doctored to conceal his gaping rear head wound is startlingly new evidence.

As is the important diagram Sibert drew of a large head wound in the back of the head supporting a shot from the front.

As is the ARRB’s declassification of forty witnesses’ testimony that they saw a gaping hole in the back of the President’s head consistent with a shot from the front.

As is the White House photographer Robert Knudsen’s admission thirty-years later that the photos he took were after the head had been doctored to conceal the wound.

As is the evidence that the autopsy photos of JFK’s brain in the National archives are fakes.

Thus, the film emphatically shows that the new forensic evidence proves that there were multiple shooters and that Oswald, who was not on the sixth floor, was not one of them. Oswald, because he was killed by the F.B.I. affiliated Jack Ruby two days later, never had a trial, but if he did, in light of all we know now, he would never be convicted, yet the media, led by The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, etc., have spent decades covering up the truth and claiming Oswald killed Kennedy, just as they have with their equally bogus claim that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK. They can not be so ignorant not to know they are spouting absurdities, so one can only conclude they are lying to protect the killers. That they are accomplices after the fact.

Oswald the Patsy and his Connections to the CIA and FBI

This section contains much evidentiary information about Oswald that is in the 1991 film. That he was associated with David Ferrie, Guy Bannister, and Clay Shaw (alias Betrand), all of whom were FBI and CIA affiliated. That he was a provocateur playing multiple roles, one day an anti-Castro protester and the next day a Castro supporter. That he was trained as a Marine at a top secret Military base in Japan that ran U-2 spy flights run by the CIA over the Soviet Union. That his defection to the Soviet Union was likely a part of a CIA defector program. That after marrying a Russian wife, he was welcomed back into the U.S. by the government he “betrayed” and greeted upon his arrival by an intelligence asset who got him to Dallas to hook up with another CIA operative, George de Mohrenschildt.

Everything we learn about Oswald makes it clear he was working for the CIA and FBI while simultaneously being on their watch list for years. The CIA denials that this was true were lies. We learn that the ARRB had a hard time getting the CIA to hand over documents on Oswald, that both the FBI and CIA lifted flashes on Oswald in early October 1963 which allowed him access to the Dallas parade route without attention. We learn that the Secret Service destroyed their threat sheets for 1963, those being reports of JFK’s prior trips and threats associated with them.

Essentially, we learn again with documentation what was in the earlier film, JFK, and more; all of which proves that Oswald was being run by the CIA and that he was used as a patsy after the assassination. We see the similarities to the earlier plots on the President’s life in Chicago (see JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass re the Chicago plot) and Tampa that are eerily alike to that in Dallas. We learn everything essential, and yet this is just the two-hour version of the film.

Why Was Kennedy Killed, Who Benefited, and Who Had the Power to Cover it Up?

In the conclusion of the film, we are told all the things that Kennedy did that made him an arch-enemy of the CIA and the military. Kennedy, who was hated by the CIA even before the Bay of Pigs disaster, afterwards fired the CIA Director Allen Dulles and his subordinates and promised to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds after he realized that they tricked him with the Bay of Pigs.

In 1961, they also killed those Kennedy greatly admired and was working with on issues of decolonialization: Patrice Lumumba of the Congo and the Secretary General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjöld. Less than eleven months into office, JFK was faced with a savage enemy from within that he didn’t control. He told the French ambassador that he was in no way involved in the CIA’s attempts to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle, his ally, and that he had no control over the CIA.

After JFK’s assassination, Allen Dulles told journalist Willie Morris that Kennedy “thought he was a god.” This from the man who had his henchmen kill with impunity and loved the Nazis with whom he worked and brought into the U.S. government (see David Talbot’s The Devil’s Chessboard). In a document uncovered by the ARRB called the Northwoods Document, the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended to Kennedy that he approve a false flag operation to start a war with Cuba by blowing up an empty plane over Cuba and blaming it on Castro and setting off bombs in American cities killing Americans for the same purpose. Of course, Kennedy refused, only intensifying their hatred of him. Then when he wouldn’t bomb Cuba during the missile crisis in October 1962, gave his American University speech the following June, sought reconciliation with the Soviet Union, and decided to withdraw from Vietnam, the die was cast: He had to die.

Who has benefited from his death?

The war manufacturers first and foremost, for they have been reaping their bloody profits ever since. The war against Vietnam was just the start, for the wars and alarms of war have never stopped.

And the CIA, working as the leading edge for the military around the world, continuing the Pax Americana for Wall St. and the power hungry millionaires and billionaires who hate democracy.

And of course, the media companies that are stenographers for the CIA, the politicians who pimp for them, and the vast interconnected power elites who cash in while playing innocent.

Finally, without having to explicitly say it, JFK Revisited makes it emphatically clear by presenting evidence that the criminals who committed this terrible crime, together with their media accomplices, were the only ones able to cover it up.

Of course, there is more to this powerful and important film than I have mentioned here, all carefully laid out and documented. Those who criticized Stone’s earlier movie and continue to hurl insults at him rather than consider the evidence he and DiEugenio present are the worst kind of anti-intellectual sycophants. If they were forced to dispute the content of this film step-by-step, that would simply expose their agendas, something they must keep hidden to safeguard their establishment credentials.

JFK Revisited ends with an important reminder from David Talbot that the truth of this film about an event that took place long ago is so essential to understand because of its contemporary relevance. It is not dead history. The “horror show” we are now experiencing has its roots in JFK’s public execution on the streets of Dallas, when the killers sent the most obvious message:

Obey or you will suffer the same fate.

The United States is still controlled by the forces that killed President Kennedy – the CIA and those who comprise the national security state that wage war at home and abroad in contradistinction to everything JFK was trying to accomplish. Their cowardly allies in the media are everywhere.

There is a reason why, as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tells the viewer near the film’s end, that all across the world there are streets named and statues erected to honor President Kennedy: for people know that he was a brave man of peace and human reconciliation and that he died at the hands of scoundrels intent on stopping his work.

With JFK Revisited, Oliver Stone has truly honored this fallen hero. Like Jim Garrison in JFK, he offers this film as his closing statement to the jury, which is all of us. Here is the evidence. Consider it closely. Render your verdict.

By doing so, we may yet take back the country from the forces of evil.

Bravo to Stone and DiEugenio! They have created a tour de force.

(Republished from Edward Curtin by permission of author or representative)
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  1. In the above article Edward Curtin devotes a paragraph to the CIA’s grooming of Oswald whilst the young Marine was stationed in Japan; as well as Oswald’s participation in James Angleton’s false defector program. Oswald was indeed set-up to play the role of “patsy.”

    Looking forward to watching this documentary follow-up to JFK. I have a lot of respect for Oliver Stone’s filmmaking talents though I wish his jaundiced take on American security elites was used for Nixon. Stone accepted the John Dean/Bob Woodward cover version of Watergate. The same system that murdered JFK, and RFK, removed Nixon from the White House (although Nixon’s brain was spared the bullet because he was a respected operative of that system since his days in Congress).

  2. Cking says:

    When the shots rang out on that day in Dallas, all pandemonium let loose; Zapruder never flinched. Sam Bloom, Jack Ruby, and Arlen Specter were the furtive yet brazen, in-your-face, operators on the ground directing and/or accompanying the assassination’s orchestration and cover-up. Christopher Bollyn’s work deserves inspection and mention, unifying RFK’s assassination and 9/11’s mass murder event into our present perspective and relevance.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Troll: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  3. MrE3001 says:

    FTM. Inverted couple.

  4. Kudos to the indefatigable and courageous Oliver Stone and his team. In 1991 I had occasion to view his previous film on the baldfaced murder of our last truly American president. Those responsible for the dirty-work, many of them now having gone to their reward, that award being a hot-date with Madam Karma.

    Word on the street is that when she discovers terrible injustice; she simply awaits her opportunity to enforce cosmic justice upon the perps. Allen Dulles, Arlen Sphincter, Gerald Ford, J. Edna Hoover, the self-hating drag-quean,are right now fully in the embrace of that lady.

    Further word on the street is that when she begins to see red, as in the spilled blood of martyrs for human freedom and dignity, she shape-changes into a total bitch.

    “Well hi, boys, ready for some fun”?

    • LOL: InnerCynic
  5. Biff says:

    I have a lot of respect for Oliver Stone’s filmmaking talents though I wish his jaundiced take on American security elites was used for Nixon. Stone accepted the John Dean/Bob Woodward cover version of Watergate. The same system that murdered JFK, and RFK, removed Nixon from the White House (although Nixon’s brain was spared the bullet because he was a respected operative of that system since his days in Congress).

    Well said.

  6. I recently viewed JFK Revisited. I have read numerous books on the Kennedy assassination. I have read the Warren Report. I have had more squabbles with differing opinions than I care to remember. All I am left with is that there is so much of an overabundance of information, mixed with misinformation, mixed with information that is mixed; and that since the cake has been baked, there are too many ingredients to have baked it. The only thing left to do is cut the cake with the razor. The razor says it was LBJ.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  7. Kennedy’s commitment to nonproliferation got him killed. Israel’s commitment to having nuclear weapons made their actions inevitable.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  8. Why was Kennedy such a great threat to “israel”, Dimona, and zionist Jews in the US? What really happened when they killed him, and how did the (((US))) media cover up the truth. Why isn’t the name “Jacob Rubenstein” as well known as “Lee Harvey Oswald”? Remember the USS Liberty.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  9. Patjoe says:

    Why bother with all this
    It was Israel 🇮🇱

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride, Towey
  10. Oswald, a life long communist and loner, who had defected to the USSR and was a strident pro-Castro supporter, murdered Kennedy, a strident anti-Communist who’s administration had repeatedly been openly belligerent to communist governments (Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, Berlin Airlift, Berlin Wall Speech, beginnings of Vietnam).

    Likely, Oswald was egged on by the Cuban or Soviet governments( or their agents in the U.S.), but he did the killing. He was no patsy. He had motive, means and opportunity.

    Everything else is window dressing.

    Focusing on Oswald Denialism has been a disinformation psyops by communist sympathizers since Day 1, in an attempt to draw the blame away from communists.

    The focus should be had on which Soviet/Cuban agents encouraged him to do the crime, who probably escaped all justice from their ramblings to the crazed but capable Lee Harvey. But much like with the Wuhan Flu, no one in our communist-sympathetic government wants to point the finger at the communist government that unleashed the monster. Instead, the focus has been deliberately moved everywhere but on who unleashed the terribleness.

  11. Franz says:

    For all the good this movie may do, I am still a Piperite — as in Michael Collins Piper — and it’s sad that Mike is dead and not making a follow-up and a film of Final Judgement.

    Oliver Stone chose to be divisive here, because Kennedy’s position on race, and sending troops to Alabama, made him totally hated. And not just in Alabama. All over the country people believed that JFK had created a monster with that issue. They were not wrong.

    The second speech obliterates the good will of the first.

  12. Two things.

    1. LBJ pushed all of JFK’s civil rights policies and even more. So, the death of JFK had no impact on black issues and MLK’s triumph. So, what went wrong?
    Racial equality is impossible between whites and blacks due to the BAMMAMA factor, or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Once blacks were given full access to white society, they beat up and attacked white America. Black criminality went out of control. Black America began to treat White America like how Joe Frazier beat up Jerry Quarry.
    George Wallace wasn’t a bad guy. He was just pragmatic. If there are beagles and pit bulls, you can favor the beagles by offering their protection from pit bulls. If you remove that special protection and push ‘equality’ on beagle and pit bulls, you don’t get equality. You get pit bulls beating up weaker beagles. Even Abraham Lincoln understood this. He said FREE THE BLACKS AND GET THEM OUT OF HERE CUZ THEY’LL KICK OUR BUTTS AND TAKE OUR WOMEN.
    So, if JFK really wanted to fulfill Lincoln’s dream, he would have worked with the Nation of Islam & Malcolm X for racial separation. Blacks are deeply problematic because race-ism is truth: Races are different.
    Indeed, guess what happened in the 60s and 70s? Even the most do-goody wiberals who were so very sympathetic to the Negroes soon joined the White Flight or Jew Flew because tough viciou sblacks were rampaging on the weaker races.

    2. Nixon also worked to end the war, and he finally did. He also made peace with China and cut deals with the Soviet Union to limit nukes. Some say Watergate followed from this, but I dunno. Plenty of Democrats were actually supportive of those Nixonian policies. They latched onto Watergate because they just hated Nixon. In the 80s, two decades after Kennedy, Reagan decided to meet with Gorby and they made peace and the Cold War came to an end peacefully. Was Reagan killed over this?

    In the end, what JFK envisioned was fulfilled. Blacks got ‘equality’ and used it to beat up whitey. Vietnam War was ended. US came to terms with Red China. Reagan met with Soviet leaders and worked to end the Cold War. So, even if the deep state killed Kennedy to block racial inequality and to maintain cold-war-forever, it failed miserably. Civil Rights not only happened but blacks got affirmative action. They got to loot and steal. And now, they are worshiped for acting like George Floyd who really died of overdose.

    So, what really went wrong? On the racial front, the race-ists were right. Giving equality to blacks could only be problematic because blacks are unequally advantaged in muscle power, aggression, and thuggery(like in the movie ANY GIVEN SUNDAY). They beat up white boys and holler “where da white women at?” And today, white women got jungle fever and look upon white men as white boy dorks.

    On the foreign policy front, there could have been nice future for the world with the end of communism and closure of the cold war. But Jews gained control of US as lone superpower, waged wars for Israel, raped Russia economically, did everything to push for White Nakba, spread degeneracy with globo-homo, and etc.

    In the end, it wasn’t Dulles’ soft spot for the Nazis that undid the US and the world. It was America’s foolish delusions about blacks and Jews. America thought blacks would act like whites with black skin if granted freedom. The result was blacks acted according to their evolutionary genetic coding: savage thugs.
    And whites thought Jews as new elites would be wise leaders. Ah, the Chosen Folks and the Holy Holocaust people. In truth, Jews have IQ arrogance, tribal supremacy, and general contempt for goyim as a bunch of dummies and cattle.

    Black brawn(thug supremacism) and Jewish brains(geek-gangsterism) are what really messed up the world. So, this notion that everything might have been different had Kennedy lived…. PLEASE SPARE ME!!

    Blacks got what they wanted. The Cold War did finally end. So, WHAT WENT WRONG?
    Blacks run wild and rape and loot. Jews with their immense power rob the world and spread wars for Israel and the tribe.

    But this article is still fixated on Dulles?

    • Agree: Shel100, mocissepvis
  13. If JFK lived, would things been any different?

    Suppose JFK won re-election in 1964 and served four more years.

    On Civil Rights, he would have done much like LBJ did. And what have resulted from it? Same shit. Black criminality and thuggery. Riots and related craziness. Same with MLK. Suppose he hadn’t been killed. What would have been different? Nothing. Blacks would have been crazy just the same. Obama served for 8 yrs and wasn’t killed. But 2020 saw the craziest race riot in US history. Blacks were their usual thug selves but this time egged on by Jewish Power.

    On foreign policy, let’s say JFK ended the Vietnam War in 65. Of course, that would have meant North Vietnam gobbling up South Vietnam. If it had ended there, no problem. But suppose the USSR and revolutionaries around the world saw it as green light by the US to spread communism or radicalism? One thing for sure, Red China planned for communist coup by sending arms to communists to Indonesia. It was preempted by Muslim generals aided by CIA. The rightists killed 300,000 people or more but what would have happened if commies won? In Cambodia, commies won and killed 2 out of 7 million.

    George Kennan urged Containment against communism, but I’m not sure abandoning South Vietnam would have counted as Containment.

    Finally, what would happened with Jewish Power had JFK lived? After Kennedy leaving office in 68, Jews would gained in power and would have supplanted the Wasps just the same as the ruling elites. And with their power, Jews would likely have acted the same way, looking to plunder the goy world for the benefit of Jewish supremacist power.

    Kennedy wouldn’t have saved anything in the long run.

    US would have ended up with Jewish brain supremacy(and its gangsterism) and black muscle supremacy(and its thuggery) just the same. Detroit would have turned into shithole even if Kennedy had lived. And US would have gone on supporting Zionist ‘genocide’ against Palestinians.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. TyRade says:

    Sure the only thing pretty clear is that Oswald didn’t do it. I think I worked that out as an 8 year old. All else, especially who and why, still pure speculation.

    Narration mainly by Whoopi Goldberg – so you know where it’s coming from.

    Overt absolving of communists (Oswald a CIA agent…could they find a more useless patsy?).

    Vicious tarring of American Cold War foreign policy (how unenlightened, uncharitableit was… and never mind the precautionary principle The Left swears by today for, eg, for Covid clampdowns).

    Europe as colonialists painted worse than potential Soviet occupation of Third World (classic left wing American chip on shoulder).

    Trashing of CIA/FBI (when in last 5 years they could do no wrong as weapons in The Left’s pursuit of Trump!)

    Embracing conspiracy theories, even one linking JFK and RFK killings (when these are standard charge against ‘far right’ today! Conspiracy OK when a darling of The Left involved).

    Impugning warmongers as characters out of Dr Strangelove. Yet if these characters were itching for a war why did they supposedly try so hard to make Oswald look a lone assassin and not part of a Soviet plot which they might have used as causus belli? LBJ for these purposes is more or less a Goldwater in Democrat clothing!

    Towards end Stone even implies American Nazis did it (of course! ).

    Couple of factual errors that I spotted from my reading.
    – Nasser was such a buddy of Kennedy/the West (as depicted) that he was in the Soviet pocket at least 2 years before Kennedy elected. He took the filthy Soviet lucre to build the Aswan dam.

    – Oswald supposedly was moved to Dallas in Oct 1962 to be ‘ready’ for the Kennedy trip November. According to Robert Caro (vol 4 of his LBJ biography) Kennedy did not decide to visit in late November until a meeting with Texas governor Connolly Oct 4 in Washington. Not even LBJ was in that meeting (who’s fingered as a potential plotter!). So the spooks were pretty telepathic and bloody quick in moving Oswald!

    If Jan 6 (the armed insurrection without arms or an insurrection) is already proving hard to keep spinning, the JFK assassination is again The Left’s deepest well of revisionist bollocks.

    My movie? Occam’s Razor! The Kennedy goat was shagging so many women, often simultaneously, that some cuckold or other took exception. Oops, ‘narrative’ spoiler!

    • Replies: @Alden
  15. Gizmo880 says:

    A good starting point for a basic understanding of the Kennedy assasination is the Documentary ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’. The Documentary is substantially true, and one cannot watch it without coming to the inescapable conclusion that there was indeed a conspiracy to murder JFK.

    • Replies: @Alden
  16. gotmituns says:

    JFK was the last American president. After the traitor, Johnson, they have all been garbage zionist swine

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  17. There will be nothing earth-shattering in this movie. Just look at the “Maytag” media spinning the recent Canadian truckers, Covid, Jan 6th and you get the picture. It is never what the happy faces say, it is what they don’t say that counts. Mr. Stone is the controlled opposition.

    • Agree: Towey, Pierre de Craon
  18. The cartridge cases found on the floor by the sixth floor window were 6.5×52 Carcano. The rifle found on the sixth floor by police was a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish chambered in 7.65×53 Mauser. The Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, manufactured exclusively for the army of The Ottoman Empire, is an obscure variant of the Model 1889. It can be distinguished from the Model 1889 by a slightly different appearance of the trigger guard/magazine assembly. This is easily visible on photos taken by Dallas police at time of recovery. One of the Dallas police officers present when the rifle was found was especially alert, and noted the 7.65×53 barrel stamp, which marks the chambering, a unique chambering used only on Mauser 1889 and 1890 models. Very small numbers of the Mauser 1890 were manufactured as carbines with a 17.6 inch barrel. This is important because the Mauser 1890 had a 31 inch barrel and the Carcano 91/38 allegedly used by Oswald had a 20.9 inch barrel. I don’t recall the police photos well but the recovered Model 1890 had to be a carbine because the 31 inch barrel version is very obviously longer than the Carcano 91/38. The FBI seized the rifle found on the sixth floor by Dallas police and after that it mysteriously transformed itself into a Carcano 91/38. This is the rifle shown at the Warren Commission and photos in all current sources, but it is definately not the rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the TSBD. What is interesting is that the trigger guard/ magazine assembly of the Carcano 91/38 resembles that of the Mauser Model 1889, but does not resemble that of the Model 1890. Someone goofed up royally. If they had put a scope on a Mauser Model 1889 the deception might have passed. Whoever arranged for the phony rifle got terribly confused, perhaps mixing up in their mind “7.65×53” and “6.5×52”, after all both are obscure cartridges.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
    , @Alfa158
  19. roonaldo says:

    Sounds like Stone and DiEugenio have done a truly thorough job. The alteration of the body was made clear in David Lifton’s book Best Evidence from 1980. Lifton noticed that FBI agents Sibert and O’Neill reported that Commander Hume, during the autopsy, stated there had been surgery to the head (and neck, also, I think). The book is a “must have” for any Kennedy assassination aficionado.

    The alteration was done to produce “facts” for shots from the rear, so that the crucial “best evidence” allowed at any inquest would implicate Oswald. The impeachment of the autopsy information as best evidence would make the records from Parkland Hospital the best evidence and threaten exposure of the conspirators.

    • Replies: @Alden
  20. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jews killed JFK, RFK, and JFK, Jr.

    They also covered up all three assassinations.

  21. Che Guava says:

    All of this J.F.K. stuff is puzzling to me. although I understand that he had a big mishap in the Pacific war, was lucky and likely admirable to survive.

    He wrote a book that included deserved praise for Adolf Hitler.

    His father made a fortnune in organised crime, under prohibition, but was also a good ambassador to Britain, counselling against war, for which, it seems, Rosenfeldt fired him.

    … and J.F.K. was a pretty manic philanderer. Jackie O may have been frigid or not, his cheating would have turned her so to him even if she was not at first.

    The idea that he was a big-time Cold War opponent is also nonsense. Under which president was the Bay of Pigs debacle staged? Who was the real aggressor in the ‘Cuban missile crisis’? Who was U.S. president at the time? Vietnam, too, the claims that he wanted to avoid it are vague and based on few words.

    The answer to those questions is the same, of course.

    Sure, his assassination is very misty, clearly surrounded by lies and distortions, but I tend to favour the idea that it was just because he opposed Israel becoming a maker and holder (and thief ), and likely irresponsible unleasher of nuclear weapons.

  22. “…the F.B.I. affiliated Jack Ruby…”

    Sure. That’s who Ruby was ‘affiliated’ with. Not Meyer Lansky and the Jewish Mob.


    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  23. Glad to see a further tribute to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    However, there is the suspicion that this is another diversion from the truth.
    Yet another diversion by the usual suspects perhaps.
    A USUK production that blames “nazis” in the CIA … ?

    Just a reminder to the author that Jack Ruby’s real name was Jacob Rubinstein.
    Just to mention “Final Judgment” by Michael Collins Piper (R.I.P.).
    Just to mention David Grün (aka ben Gurion) and Dimona.

    Just a note to the Sanhedrin and their paid assassins, writers etc —

    “Truth Will Out”

    • Agree: Towey
  24. Henry Makow in “Terror as trauma Brainwashing” observes it is more effective to manage people by mind control than by physical coercion and that the events of 9-11 , the Kennedy Assassination and the war on terror are exercises in mass brainwashing. We can now include Operation Coronavirus to this list
    Jim Keith:”The kennedy Assassination was a British Intelligence operation,i.e.Tavistock hit, and its purpose was to shock the American consciousness into a near-comatose state for reprogramming,the standard Tavistock modus operandi”

    • Replies: @9/11 inside job
  25. @SunBakedSuburb

    I have watched it.

    The information that surprised me was the absolute proof that Oswald was not on the sixth floor of the Depository Building at the time the shots were fired.

    The Deep State witness tampering and blatant lying was exposed, one witness at a time.

    The Deep State can produce dozens of witnesses that you were in Antarctica last week, and the mass media would gladly repeat the lies if it fit in with their agenda.

    Worse, most folks would believe the lies–and (apologize in advance to the cheap shot at our host) some folks would still insist that “this conspiracy theory” that you were not in Antarctica was a bridge too far, pushed by too many Internet kooks to take seriously.

  26. @Jimmy The Cop

    “Mr. Stone is the controlled opposition.”

    No. And the term “controlled opposition” is being overused by commenters on various forums to the point that it’s losing its meaning. Which would not be a positive development because controlled opposition is a psych-warfare weapon used by the authoritarian regime that currently wants to crush us.

    • Agree: Jimmy The Cop
  27. James DiEugenio has been somewhat disappeared from YouTube. When I searched his name I got: Stewart MacGregory on the JFK assassination from Encyclopedia Britannica.

    I had to go to Yandex to find search result with James DiEugenio in it.

    Here is Sean Stone’s enter the Buzzsaw from only six years ago.

    So, they’ve made it hard to find and put a disclaimer on it.

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Assassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who had embraced Marxism and defected for a time to the Soviet Union. Oswald never stood trial for …

  28. @Luus Kanin

    The razor says it was LBJ.

    While I agree that LBJ was a part of the “team” before and after the fact, it would have been impossible for him to carry out “the mission” without a lot of co-operation from other folks.

    The discussions here about Mossad and Israel are persuasive in my view, and we know from the deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt (CIA) that he was in charge of on-site logistics.

    The plot also needed the active involvement of Angleton (again, CIA, with close ties to Mossad) to provide the patsy.

    The mass media coverup which continues to this day has Israel/Mossad and CIA/Mockingbird fingerprints all over it. LBJ is long dead–yet the coverup continues.

    • Agree: 9/11 inside job
  29. @R.G. Camara

    Excellent summary of the CIA cover story.

    Sad that you actually fell for it.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  30. @gotmituns

    Donald Trump was the last American POTUS.

    Truly elected, by the people.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  31. I don’t buy in to this conspiracy theory that John F Kennedy was a true Liberal Camelot prince who championed MLK Jr. Black Civil Rights, racial integration and opposed all Right Wing Conservative wars, the CIA, wouldn’t have done the Viet Nam War etc.

    Hard to believe now, but John F Kennedy and the entire family (Ted was too young then) were strongly anti Communist. John F Kennedy campaigned on a Missile Gap, that Ike’s/Nixon’s GOP administration had allowed the Soviets to get ahead in Nuclear Missiles, take Cuba for Communist Fidel Castro.

    It’s historical reality that John F Kennedy administration did do the CIA Bay of Bigs and try numerous times to kill Fidel Castro including using Joe Kennedy’s Mafia Mob connections to try to kill Communist Castro. Robert F Kennedy lobbied very hard to be the chief anti Communist council for Joe McCarthy, which eventually went to the sick homosexual Je* Roy Cohn.

    So this Oliver Stone conspiracy theory that Right Wing CIA and Right Wing Cubans conspired to kill John F Kennedy because they wanted their guy Right Wing Texan Lyndon Johnson in there – that’s just notice.

    1963 John F Kennedy was not 1972 Ted Kennedy. John F Kennedy had J Edgar Hoover sick the FBI on Martin Luther King Jr.

    This Oliver Stone conspiracy theory of Right Wing CIA’s killing Kennedy is the same as CBS Liberal official spokesman Walter Cronkite that the entire White Conservative city of Dallas Texas killed President Kennedy:

    “Hate Killed President Kennedy”.

    We get this same shi* today that supposedly Conservative White Right Wing Gentiles are responsible for all the bad things in the USA and even the world – “No Blood for Oil’ – supposedly White Gentile Conservatives did the Iraq wars to supposedly steal oil from poor brown people/Arabs – no mention of the Je*ish Neo Conservative Zionist wire pullers. Sure the White military industrial complex goes along but they’re just junior partners.

    We get this paranoid CIA, White racist Conservatives are to blame for global warming/climate change and hate crimes against Asians because we evil White Conservatives supposedly have supernatural powers to control the climate, create a climate of hatred against Asians, so the actual Black criminal/thugs doing 95% + of the hate crime attacks on Asians aren’t to blame no:

    Evil MAGA White Trump supporters are too blame.

    I like some of Oliver Stone’s movies and a lot of his politics, but this JFK assassination conspiracy theory sh* is nonsense total speculation.

    J Ryan
    The Political Cesspool radio Show hosted by James Edwards

    • Agree: R.G. Camara
    • Disagree: Dingo bay rum
  32. @Priss Factor

    Racial equality is impossible between whites and blacks due to the BAMMAMA factor, or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Once blacks were given full access to white society, they beat up and attacked white America. Black criminality went out of control. Black America began to treat White America like how Joe Frazier beat up Jerry Quarry.
    George Wallace wasn’t a bad guy. He was just pragmatic. If there are beagles and pit bulls, you can favor the beagles by offering their protection from pit bulls. If you remove that special protection and push ‘equality’ on beagle and pit bulls, you don’t get equality. You get pit bulls beating up weaker beagles. Even Abraham Lincoln understood this. He said FREE THE BLACKS AND GET THEM OUT OF HERE CUZ THEY’LL KICK OUR BUTTS AND TAKE OUR WOMEN.

    Typical parochial American stupidity.

    Blacks and whites live alongside in Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Domininican republic, Venezuela …. Not in some imaginary harmony, but they get along. Blacks are neither stronger nor more powerful than whites; there is no “jungle fever” among local white women; everybody knows that blacks are more aggressive & stupid, so they keep them in check.

    It’s only in the US & the Anglosphere in general that blacks are treated as some quasi-superior pseudo-animal species. In other lands settled with whites blacks know their boundaries, and when they cross over it, they get punished.

    And that’s all. Don’t project your collective racial psychopathology on all white race.

    • Agree: Poco
    • Thanks: Miro23
  33. @Justvisiting

    You’re wrong. The Deep State has never EVER pushed the narrative that the Soviets or Cubans are to blame for JFK’s killing.

    Ponder that: a Deep State org has been entirely unsuccessful at pushing a narrative on their own turf that would have immediately exonerated them and caused the American people to chant for war with the Soviets or Cuba. When Oswald would’ve been perfect to lay that on.

    And then remember that the Deep State was completely successful at destroying all evidence of MK Ultra and getting a massive 9/11 terrorist attack done to get us into war in the Mideast and to impeach a dutifully-elected President Trump. Yet somehow failed to even get a glimmer of a story about Oswald being a communist agent to be part of the Narrative. Nope; they went with “lone nut” and pushed it like everyone else.

    And then remember how deeply infiltrated our own government (and the UK- see the Cambridge Five) was with communist agents.

    The explanation is that communist infiltration into the American Deep State is very, very real and has been a huge problem since FDR. And when JFK poked the hornet’s nest by actually believing in fighting communism face to face, the Deep State allowed a foreign communist government to send a true believing communist named Oswald to take JFK out and helped to cover it up by spinning up wild conspiracy theories to take people down rabbit holes and ignore the elephant in the room about a foreign communist government being to blame.

    • Agree: Alden, Dnought
    • Troll: Dingo bay rum
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  34. Exile says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Why would the USSR want Kennedy dead? LBJ was much more hawkish. They considered Kennedy relatively inexperienced and naive in Cold War politics.

    Castro had motives but the Soviets would have kept him in check – they didn’t want that kind of chaos or potential accountability/blame for assassinating a president. They didn’t leave Castro any nukes because they didn’t trust him not to drag them into a war. It hardly makes sense that they would permit or even help him to kill Kennedy.

    • Replies: @R.G. Camara
  35. @R.G. Camara

    The newest release of CIA documents shows them creating the “Commie Oswald” cover story.

    That is detailed in “JFK Revisited” with the actual documents displayed.

    Pay attention!

    (The “Commie Oswald” story was what LBJ told Earl Warren to convince Warren to go for the “Noble Lie”.)

  36. If you’re going to snipe accurately at a moving target, the best place to be is in front as it moves toward you.

    If you wanted to be sure of limiting collateral damage, use an exploding bullet which will expend its energy in the target. Conveniently, Kennedy’s brain went ‘missing’, and so too went any fragments of a bullet meant to explode into pieces on impact.

    The best sniper position in Dallas would have been slightly elevated, in the cargo compartment of a truck. The shooter could release his single kill shot and an accomplice could immediately drive him away.

    Any other rounds fired would just be to create an alternate trail pointing to Oswald.

    Snipercraft 101. Vehicles adapted as firing platforms were used by insurgents in Iraq and Northern Ireland, and by criminals in the mafia underworld. If you have friends controlling the autopsy, the plan would be golden.

  37. Skip that Soros backed dude, Stone. The best review I’ve ever read on this subject is titled: Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane. Since the books publication in 1966, we all have noted the progression of the type(s) of presidential leadership. First and foremost LBJ, a murderer inside and outside his office, raised by rifle fire (of course). He, the “senator from the pentagon” personally, represented the fork in the road, away from the American City-On-The-Hill ideal, where congress and our largest corporations would act in concert to scuttle any idea of being the worlds greatest Democracy and soft power advocate, thus go instead, for endless war and global domination by military force (over eight hundred communications and AFB’s throughout the world now)

    ASIDE: The MI-6 wanted JFK out because he was not pro Zionist enough aka, a worldwide coordinated collection of bankers headed by oligarchs within the city of London-like some modern day version of the Italian Venetian City State. Ditto of course, the Mossad, the CIA and DIA had no love for him. I’ve concluded that they all worked in concert together to knock JFK off, by hiring assassins from France, perhaps Israelis and ex-commandos within our own military. The NYC and Florida Sicilian mob families had nothing what-so-ever- to do with any of it.

    Next on the list of presidential progression was Nixon. He, as sitting President, could not get access to the Kennedy files at the CIA, and at that moment and ever since that day, I knew at once who’s side to be on! In comparison and for example; the East German’s will forever have one leg up on so-called American Democracy, when, following the collapse of the USSR, the Stasi files were opened and released to the public. Rest assure that should such a collapse happen in the USA , the CIA would incinerate every stitch of evidence in their files and anything else that might remotely point to their autocratic masters, The Rockefeller Boys and their current day ilk…(Cheney, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, the five top COO’s of our military complexes, et al…

    President Truman publicly admitted that creating the CIA was a big mistake and JFK also openly said he’d dismantle it. Over the years I’ve witnessed the CIA’s every maneuver to obstruct the democratic process via the FOI Act and their repeated and dubious distinction, for winning the Rosemary Award(s), blocking information we are, as American citizens at large, entitled to. For example; the ongoing FOIA’s to obtain those documents pertaining to George Joannides. They can redact, obfuscate or delay all they want as an agency-not one single American will ever forgive their dark op’s and the murder of the Kennedy’s. We can assume or rather conclude, certainly by now, that the total revelation of all their shenanigans and political assassinations would cause an insurrection if not a down -right -out right, revolution! Shove your damn files, who needs them!!

  38. @Justvisiting

    The dude defected to the USSR; married a Russian national and lived there for a year; came back; started supporting Castro; then took a bus to Mexico to try to defect through the Cuban embassy in Mexico. And ask the average person who knows about the JFK assassination, and few of them know any of those facts.

    Pay attention. This isn’t hard.True believers are easy to egg on into violence while leaving your own hands relatively clean, Henry II style.

    Here’s a thought exercise:

    Gloria Steinem was a CIA spook back in the 60s. A loud, openly far-left, pro-commie was hired by them at that time. And she has said there were many people at the CIA like her at the time. Do you think it was a one-off huge mistake and she’s lying, or do you think the CIA was a lot more pro-commie and compromised (as the UK’s MI-6 was) than we realize?

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Alden
    , @RNotR2
  39. @Exile

    Why would the USSR want Kennedy dead? LBJ was much more hawkish

    LBJ was not the anti-commie JFK was. JFK was McCarthy’s greatest Senate ally during the commie purges of the 1950s. Plus JFK was extremely directly confrontational with commies. I don’t know how you get more hawkish than the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin standoffs. LBJ upped our level in Vietnam, but he never had another commie confrontation, and by 1968 he was toast politically. After that Nixon got us out of war and opened with China.

    Castro had motives but the Soviets would have kept him in check – they didn’t want that kind of chaos or potential accountability/blame for assassinating a president. They didn’t leave Castro any nukes because they didn’t trust him not to drag them into a war. It hardly makes sense that they would permit or even help him to kill Kennedy.

    Sorry, but they had no idea what JFK would do. The Cuban Missile Crisis brought us to within a few crazy moments of nuclear war—our closest ever—after more than a decade of Truman and Eisenhower avoiding deliberate confrontation (Eisenhower, in particular, did much to avoid direct conflict, despite Korean war evidence of direct commie involvement and the U-2 crisis). The communists, both foreign and domestic, did not trust JFK. Ousting him was a bonus for every red. And having it be a U.S. citizen who did the killing made it more convenient.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Exile
  40. Agent76 says:

    September 1, 2021 New Evidence Implicates CIA, LAPD, FBI and Mafia as Plotters in Elaborate “Hit” Plan to Prevent RFK From Ever Reaching White House

    Yet even after over 50 years, high government officials like Vice President Kamala Harris are still trying to cover up the truth about his murder.

    September 19th, 2019 RFK JR. NAMES RFK’S KILLER

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Claims to Know Who Really Killed His Father and is Out to Prove It.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  41. Anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    First, can everyone please stop saying “whilst”? It’s super ghey. Moving on…

    Many people say “If there was a conspiracy someone would have spilled the beans by now.”

    Leaving aside Howard Hunt who supposedly did spill the beans, not everyone in an operation needs to know all the details; they just need to know their own role. Laying the JFK assassination on one group or person doesn’t suffice. It was a complicated machine. Plenty of room for the CIA, the Mafia, and the Israelis. And if you have a friend, bring ’em along!

    It should be noted that George H.W. Bush claimed not to know where he was when Kennedy was assassinated. An interesting and possibly unique case but has anyone pursued it?

  42. Is it possible that JFK was killed because of his ability to be diplomatic when ‘NATO’ HQ in Brussels wanted war and not words?
    LBJ was willing to allow a false flag to be the start of the Vietnam War. Rather than save them from being Communists, the goal was to regain control of the Golden Triangle for the powers that be at the World Bank in Brussels?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  43. Ryan, whats the dig at roy cohn for? Did you discover there are homosexuals.

  44. @gotmituns

    No. JFK, like MLK, was disposed of as soon as he had finished the job he was called for : there was never any chance that somebody else than a Satanist born into a ritually consecrated Satanist dynasty for four generations, which was clearly the case of Kennedy’s clan, could reach any position of that kind. His glorious assassination made him into a role model that helped the Zionist empire quite a lot. Among those who claimed of JFK’s model were France’s Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Canada’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Peru’s Vargas Llosa and a crowd of lesser ones called the “advanced liberals”. In other words he was more useful dead as a mythical hero having died in function than living as the rather Nero-like character he was in reality which could have tarnished the American East Coast Liberals’ reputation for good. LBJ had absolutely no chance to win the presidency he dearly envied due to his disgusting appearance and character even on stage, his only possible successful gambit was to introduce himself as the legitimate continuator of a far grander and more admirable prince, so that he must have premeditated JFK’s death right from 1960 when he gave the latter the full support of his Texan Democrats. JFK was already very sick from diseases that were predicted to finish with him in 1965 at the latest, if that guy didn’t die by himself LBJ would help him to do so at a favourable astrological date and on a good feng shui place for his own career. Hadn’t LBJ killed him so as to present him as a glorious model he would continue in person with the Civil rights and the Grand Society Scheme, he would not have been remembered as somebody very interesting. MLK was also executed for the same reason by him and the Texan Zionist cabal he then headed : his death as the Black Man’s perfect hero would legitimize his Civil Rights for eternity, and consecrate the beast he really was as a role model for Black saints such as Floyd, in the same way JFK’s death consecrated the play boy he was as a role model for so many fake political heroes to come such as Obama.

    JFK did two main things : first, as the first real Irish Catholic president, he would see that the Vatican II council neutered the Catholic Church into something perfectly obedient to American interests and in particular to the Bnai Brith. He pulled off the mission brilliantly. The second was to launch the Apollo project which would defeat the Soviets on their home ground, not space research but big lie. He namely co-authored the biggest lie of all modern times, the aim of which was to make the American people and the Western opinion in general amenable to an infinitude of other big lies to come. One of which being the belief in racial equality and in science fiction films where Blacks are directors and captains of galactic empires. JFK very lately realized the magnitude of his misdeeds he first thought he could have pulled off like tricks in a kind of sport, he also met with the real masters of the game who were no joke at all, but it then was way too late : he realized that his official biography was written in advance long before he had the idea to take up his political career.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Anon
  45. anon[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Gratifying, and telling, the CIA puke posting under different nyms with a style he doesn’t bother to hide, modeling various attitudes for dopes. Last-ditch chaff.

    CIA is busted. For simplicity, perhaps, this article conflates the different entities that carried out the coup under nonofficial labels. But we’ve known since publication of The Secret Team how CIA hijacks the rest of government. The military is subject to universal jurisdiction law under the UCMJ – only CIA has impunity. That’s the defining condition of contemporary history.

    CIA killed JFK. They’ll kill you too.

  46. “In the latter address to the American people, having just sent National Guard troops to the University of Alabama to make sure two black students were admitted despite the racist objections of Governor George Wallace … .”

    For privileged whites (who could afford private schools) and whites who lived far away from blacks, forced integration of schools was such a wonderful thing. They could pat themselves on the back and talk about moral they were.

    But the problem was that white kids not from privileged backgrounds (like me) suffered greatly from this travesty of justice. I was forced to attend majority black inner city ghetto schools. It was a living hell. The blacks hated us and attacked anytime they had a size or numerical advantage. I saw several of my white friends taken away in ambulances after unprovoked attacks by blacks. It was essentially prison, except we were allowed to go home at the end of the day.

    So I have a real problem with some egg head who never suffered the consequences of forced integration criticizing the people who knew the consequences of this failed social experiment.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon
    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  47. gotmituns says:
    @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Trump is a shitbird, but not a traitor like LBJ.

  48. @Bombercommand

    Your comment contains very interesting, highly relevant material of which I was, till now, completely ignorant. Thank you.

    Can you point me to a source, print or electronic, that examines the killing from this ordnance-based perspective?

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  49. All of the comments are interesting, and confirm my theories:
    – Conspiracies exist, identifying them correctly is the problem;
    – All of the intelligence agencies in (((Western liberal democracies))) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Israeli intelligence.

    What I find interesting, is that James Fetzer, who says he proved Oswald was in the doorway ( this is the last version of several starting in 2012), was trashed by Di Eugenio, without really addressing the actual photograph, and using assumptions, yet according to this article is wholly on board with Oswald not being on the 6th floor, or the 4th floor, rather in the lobby.

    I am aware that Fetzer is considered a loose cannon, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

    • Replies: @dimples
  50. @Bardon Kaldian

    Typical parochial American stupidity.

    Typical smug retardation.

    Blacks and whites live alongside in Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Domininican republic, Venezuela

    And those are nice places on Earth? Brazil is a hell hole with black violence and crime totally out of control. Rich people need private security, like in South Africa. Venezuela has super high crime rates. When whites and blacks live together, whites live in fear. Or don’t you know?

    Cuba is relatively safer because it’s a police state. No BLM riots there. Police has total power, backed up by the state and state-run media.

    Blacks are neither stronger nor more powerful than whites;

    That must be why almost all Cuban athletes are black. That must be NFL is so dominated by blacks. Yeah, there are no racial differences. That must be why most racial school violence is black on white, and why whites join white flight in fear of blacks. Do you get your idiot news from New York Times? I look at reality.

    there is no “jungle fever” among local white women

    That must be why there are more mulatto kids, usually of black man and white woman, and it’s spread even to Japan. It must be why there’s been sharp rise in black-white marriage, and mulatto births in the past decade.
    In Cuba, the mulatto population has exploded, mostly due to black men and white women. You need to pull your head out of your ass.

    It’s only in the US & the Anglosphere in general that blacks are treated as some quasi-superior pseudo-animal species. In other lands settled with whites blacks know their boundaries, and when they cross over it, they get punished.

    That must be why blacks are running riot in France as well. Yeah, they sure have black violence under control in Brazil and Venezuela. Btw, your point undermines your thesis. First, you say blacks are no problem and no threat but then you say blacks must be punished to send a clear message to them not to mess around.

  51. @Justvisiting

    The “Commie Oswald” story was what LBJ told Earl Warren to convince Warren to go for the “Noble Lie.”

    I sincerely believe that if you look into Earl Warren’s background, you’ll come to the same conclusion I have: it took little or no persuasion to get him to lie about anything.

  52. @Justvisiting

    “The discussions here about Mossad and Israel are persuasive in my view”

    James Angleton had an operational role in the JFK hit; and Angleton had a close relationship with Mossad. I don’t think that equals Israeli involvement in the assassination. A recently published and densely documented book about the planning stage of the JFK assassination, Coup in Dallas by H.P. Albarelli, digs deep on the personnel involved in the assassination and the postwar world of private espionage operations and corporate fronts that they inhabited. It appears the shooters came from the ranks of the OAS, a rightist terrorist organization comprised of soldiers and French military officers who fought to prevent Algeria’s independence from colonial rule whilst attempting to assassinate Charles de Gaulle on numerous occasions. Some OAS members hailed from the Petain regime of Vichy France. The OAS network was closely connected to Otto Skorzeny’s postwar Die Spinne organization based in Madrid. Skorzeny also had close ties to rightist OSS veterans who joined the World Commerce Corporation, a holding company with a global reach created by the American and British spy masters of World War II, William Donovan and William Stephenson, to act as a platform to make money whilst serving the cause of anti-communism. Skorzeny took a management role in the JFK assassination.

    Strange as it seems Israeli intelligence did business, obliquely, with Skorzeny’s organization through shipping and transportation companies that trafficked in arms and narcotics. James Angleton served as a conduit between these two adversaries.

    • Disagree: Dingo bay rum
  53. babu says:
    @Priss Factor

    What we need today is balanced racism which will result in equilibrium of racist impulses in the US.

  54. @Jimmy The Cop

    Maybe you are the “controlled opposition”?

  55. @Anonymous

    “First, can everyone please stop saying ‘whilst’?”

    I’m not giving it up.

  56. @Wayne Gabler

    Even if JFK was killed by the Deep State, the Stone-ian thesis doesn’t hold up.

    Stone and Curtain’s thesis is there was a golden opportunity for world peace during Camelot… but it was dashed to smithereens by his death. So, all was lost!

    But if Kennedy meant to pull out of Vietnam and hand over South Vietnam to the North, it happened a decade later when US pulled out in 73. So, in the end, the Deep State lost out in Vietnam, and North Vietnam got what it wanted. Also, the Vietnam Syndrome actually made the US more wary of war because it had been such a divisive issue and a loser in world opinion.
    Until the Gulf War, US avoided almost all major conflicts in part due to the Vietnam Syndrome. There was the dinky intervention in Grenada, but it was nothing like Vietnam. And Reagan pulled out troops right after the Lebanon bombing. Btw, the Gulf War was pushed less by the military-industrial complex than by Jews(and let’s not call them ‘neocons’ out of fear being labeled ‘antisemitic’. No, they were Jews.)

    As for the race issue, LBJ was even more pro-civil-rights than JFK was. JFK was somewhat cautious in his approach, whereas LBJ pushed it whole hog. And the result? Disaster with rising crime and black thuggery all around. The death of Kennedy had no impact on the issue of civil rights, which, if anything, was pushed even harder after his death.

    Also, were the Sixties a good time for US to be making peaceful overtures? There were revolutionary hot spots all over the world due to anti-colonialism, and many Western intellectuals, especially in Europe, were fanning the flames along with Jean-Paul Sartre. They were encouraging the ‘wretched of the earth’ to rise up, and the Soviets couldn’t help resist lending aid.
    Could the US have countered such developments with Peace Corp? No, the Cold War was plenty troublesome until the fire finally petered out. China, for one, had to go through years of turmoil before it finally restored power and sent the red guards to the country side. It was a time when many in Latin America were looking to Castro and Guevara for inspiration.
    So, even if JFK meant well about world peace, it might seemed like weakness, a form of appeasement. In a way, that was one reason why US feared losing South Vietnam. It wasn’t SV per se but perception around the world that the US couldn’t defeat a bunch of rice eaters with AK-47s.

    Stone is a conflicted figure. He postures as an anti-imperialist, but he surely knows the Soviet Union was also an empire, and its core ideology was to export its system. Communism was messianic. If Stone is truly anti-imperialist, why is his hero Alexander the Great, the biggest imperialist of his time? Stone admires Alexander as warrior, conqueror, race-mixer, and spreader of Greek culture. The modern equivalent of that would be Americans invading and screwing the whole world and spreading American culture/values to every corner of the globe. Did Stone think it could be achieved with Peace Corp only? Btw, what did Peace Corp ever achieve? Nothing. It just made some white do-gooders feel good by building some wells in Africa.

    As for JFK the movie, it’s a film school antics crossed with MTV(and tabloid TV). It’s too over-the-top and pushes too many conspiracy theories until you suspect everyone was involved but the white house dog. And for all the cynicism and paranoia, it puts a Mr-Smith-goes-to-washington type figure at the center. Why such boy scout innocence at the center of something so dark and diabolical? It would have been more convincing if Garrison was portrayed as a deeply flawed man with his own demons who, however, pursues the truth and by hook and by crook… like Paul Newman’s character in THE VERDICT. That way, there would be shades of grey, and JFK could have been more like art instead of hamfisted propaganda. Instead of countering official lies with possible truths, Stone’s way to counter official propaganda with alternative propaganda. Fight lies not with truth but with counter-lies.

  57. @R.G. Camara

    The dude defected to the USSR; married a Russian national and lived there for a year; came back; started supporting Castro; then took a bus to Mexico to try to defect through the Cuban embassy in Mexico.

    Where to start….

    Oswald learned fluent Russian as a Marine stationed in Japan.

    How could that happen? How did that happen? He was recruited as a CIA agent (a James Angleton, CIA counterintelligence chief project) along with several others to “defect” to the Soviet Union.

    In Oswald’s case he had a specific mission–to give the Russians information on the U2 specifications so they could shoot it down. (The U2 flew out of the base where he was stationed–and he access to that data.)

    Why would James Angleton and his boss (Allen Dulles) want the Russians to shoot down the U2?

    Because–Eisenhower was planning peace talks with the Russians to tone down the Cold War and the CIA and the rest of the Deep State wanted to go another way.

    Mission accomplished–Oswald “defected”, the Russians get the info they need to shoot down the U2, they shoot it down and capture the pilot, and the peace talks are toast.

    How did this supposed “Communist” get permission to return to the US at all?

    Answer: The CIA did all the heavy lifting for him (and several other fake “defectors”, btw).

    Did Oswald take a bus to Mexico to try to defect again?

    Nope. JFK Revisited proves this was a fraud–no bus ride, no Oswald, no Mexico–total CIA fakery.

    Please–do your homework.

    You can do this.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Alden
  58. Exile says:
    @R.G. Camara

    LBJ upped our level in Vietnam, but…

    You’re obviously married to this theory and willing to cope hard like this to keep her.

    No point in chasing this rabbit further down the hole, sorry.

  59. Sparkon says:

    Oswald learned fluent Russian as a Marine stationed in Japan.

    It didn’t happen. Nobody learns fluent Russian in Japan, certainly not while serving in the USMC, and most certainly not over the course of two years.

    Fluency in any language almost always requires growing up speaking that language, and that must have been the case with one of the Oswalds, if one of them was truly fluent in Russian, as some accounts indicate.

    However, while in the Soviet Union, Oswald seemingly couldn’t speak much Russian at all. According to most accounts, Oswald was a terrible student of the Russian language while in the Soviet Union, with no interest in learning it.

    Yet, after returning with Marina from the Soviet Union, Oswald was able to demonstrate his proficiency in Russian:

    A week and a half after his return, he went to the 15th floor of the Continental Life Building in downtown Fort Worth. Earlier that morning, my father, a successful petroleum engineer, received a call from a young man who wanted certification of fluency in Russian. Rather than tell him that there wasn’t much of a market for a Russian translator in 1960s Texas, my father, who fled Siberia during the civil war, welcomed the chance to meet this fellow Russian speaker in person. He told him to come in for a meeting.

    Around 11 a.m., with the temperature climbing into the 90s, a slight, 22-year-old Oswald arrived, drenched with sweat and wearing a wool suit. My father asked Oswald to translate passages from a Russian book he chose at random, and he was surprised at how well the young man performed. He asked his secretary to type out a “to whom it may concern” letter stating that one Lee Harvey Oswald was qualified to work as a translator,

    I doubt that Oswald had anything at all to do with the shoot down over the USSR of Francis Gary Powers’s U-2. Oswald was a radar operator with a lowly confidential clearance, and would not have possessed secret or top secret information about the U-2.

    Powers’s U-2 mission was compromised by other means in order to derail U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s impending summit with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.

    I do agree however, that Oswald never went to Mexico.

  60. Alfa158 says:

    There is news footage of the rifle being recovered that was shot by a local news crew. The film is available with a quick search on YouTube and it can be seen that the rifle was very clearly a Mannlicher-Carcano model 1938, regardless of what some cops initially mistook it for.

    When making the case on an issue it is a good idea to avoid simple own-goal errors that the opponents can use to turn the tables on you and damage the credibility of dissident theories.
    Another example is the “pristine magic bullet” argument. The official narrative never claimed the bullet was pristine or that it went through all sorts of zig-zags, and the photographs of the bullet from all angles show it was badly distorted and damaged. Claiming it was pristine which can be so easily debunked just hurts credibility and helps the defenders of the official narrative.

    It drives me crazy when 9/11 dissidents make similar claims like the airplanes were holographic projections. It’s almost like the establishment plants ludicrous arguments to discredit alternate theories of what happened and who did it.

    • Agree: S
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  61. gotmituns says:
    @Francis Miville

    gett’a hold of yourself fella.

  62. @Cking

    Zapruder never flinched.

    Zapruder did flinch. Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Luis Alvarez notice that certain frames of the film were more blurred than most. He realized that the sound of each shot made Abraham Zapruder jump, blurring the image. He used this knowledge to identify when each shot was fired.

    • Replies: @Cking
  63. @Bardon Kaldian

    Not sure i agree about whites and blacks living in harmony side by side in Cuba.After having been there twice,and working with Cubans here in the US,I noticed no interest,at least amongst the whites,to integrate or make any attempts to socialize with the blacks.They all played”nice”,but it seemed very forced,like they had a gun to their head.Behind closed doors, there were the same rascist and derogatory comments found everywhere else in the world.I think it’s just human nature.Sad…

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  64. TGD says:

    Question: Why did Oliver Stone choose Whoopi Goldberg, a butt-ugly Negress with a nauseating voice to narrate his expose? If I ever decide to view JFK Revisited, I’ll turn off the sound and read the closed captioning.

    • Replies: @Alden
  65. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:
    @Francis Miville

    What an asshole fabricator you are.

  66. @Sparkon

    You make a good technical point here about the U-2 and what it took to shoot it down.

    The Soviets already would have had any information that they could have used to shoot the plane. It was all a matter of altitude and speed. They would already have known those things from tracking it over their country. No little Oswald radar operator — nor super-duper Oswald CIA man — required, nor anyone else.

    The key to the U-2’s near invulnerability at that time was it’s exceptional flight ceiling, around 90,000 feet, perhaps higher. That also did combine somewhat with good, but not exceptional, speed. It was, after all, a jet that flew very high.

    The trick was getting an anti-aircraft missile high enough, fast enough, soon enough and accurately enough to catch the thing and blow up nearby. This had been tried several times before, but only on Powers’ mission did anyone succeed.

    The real question might be which “powers” ordered that risky mission on the eve of Eisenhower’s planned attempt to cool things down with Khrushchev.

    • Agree: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  67. Mr. Grey says:

    Yes, Watergate was the final act of the JFK assasination.

  68. Data says:

    See Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist for a detailed rundown of how this happened and who was involved.

  69. dimples says:

    Fetzer is pushing here the supposed image of Oswald in the Altgens photograph, which has been heavily debunked. The figure is now widely accepted as Billy Lovelady. The real picture of Oswald in the doorway of the Book Depository is “Prayer Man”. Yes, sadly Mr Fetzer is a loose cannon and is usually wrong.

  70. dimples says:

    Yes I agree. Oswald’s fluency in Russian is truly the weirdest thing about him. You can just hear his accent on the tape of his second radio interview in New Orleans. He pronounces, as I recollect, ‘Korutskaya’ Street first normally, then in a heavy Russian accent.

    • Replies: @Alden
  71. @johhny the wadless

    I said “imaginary harmony”. Whites tolerate blacks, and that’s all. They don’t waste their time thinking on them, how to please them or anything similar. They don’t idolize them, not are they obsessing over them.

  72. @Justvisiting

    I agree that Mossad and Israel being responsible are persuasive, since JFK was insisting on inspections at Dimona because he was determined to keep Israel from having nuclear weapons capability. That obviously ties in Angleton and the CIA.

    I am not convinced on E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession because he gave no real information on how it transpired, just named several of the pawns that had already been spoken of previously.

    Then you have to throw in speculation that Castro was involved, then the anti-Castro contingent, then the mafia theory, then speculation on Jack Ruby, then was Oswald at the book depository at the time of the assassination, the magic bullet theory, the Zapruder film and how he conveniently filmed the assassination across from the book depository, and in the chaos continued filming, whether Oswald could have shot officer Tippit or not, was Oswald in Mexico City or not, it goes on and on.

    This is all purposely confounding. I have to go back to Homicide Investigation 101. When there are multiple suspects, all of whom had motive, whose backyard you found the victim in is most likely the culprit. The backyard JFK was found in belonged to LBJ.

    • Agree: simple mind
  73. @SunBakedSuburb

    JFK was making moves to end the FED.

    So the Ashkenazi Jews who control it also made their move. They JFKed JFK.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  74. @Buzz Mohawk

    Thank you. You make the critical point: the U-2 flights were anything but a secret or a mystery to the Soviets. They had been aware of their existence from the get-go, but till the Powers flight, all their efforts to shoot down a U-2—i.e., destroy it or, better still, damage it and force it to land—had literally fallen short.

    As for the go order on the Powers flight scheduled shortly before the long-planned Eisenhower–Khrushchev talks, my recollection* is that Eisenhower knew it was happening. That is to say, he did not push to cancel or postpone it once he was assured by the “experts” that nothing untoward could possibly happen.
    *Unfortunately, a recollection is all that it is. I no longer have access to biographies or specialist studies relating to the last two years of Eisenhower’s presidency. I was fifteen at the time of the incident, and as far as I could tell, all the newspapers and journals seemed willing to accept Eisenhower’s denial that he knew anything about the flight.

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  75. @Sparkon

    Oswald was a radar operator with a lowly confidential clearance, and would not have possessed secret or top secret information about the U-2.

    Perhaps he would normally not have full access–but the CIA could have easily have given him additional details to give to the Soviets.

    The CIA did have a program to send fake defectors to the Soviet Union–and Oswald was one of them. Russian language training was a part of that program–and it was an Angleton operation.

    This was discussed in depth in Edward Jay Epstein’s “Legend” if anyone wishes to read further:

    Another excellent book on the Angleton/Oswald connection (lots of documents):

  76. Shel100 says:
    @R.G. Camara

    I agree that Oswald acted alone since all of the evidence shows that he did but I doubt very much anyone else encouraged him to do it.

    • Agree: R.G. Camara
    • Replies: @S
    , @R.G. Camara
  77. @Anonymous

    It should be noted that George H.W. Bush claimed not to know where he was when Kennedy was assassinated. An interesting and possibly unique case but has anyone pursued it?

    These articles discuss the matter, including Barbara Bush’s memoirs, and GHWB’s phone call to the FBI which appears to be an attempt to create an alibi.

    The articles are based on the book “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America Hardcover” by Russ Baker, 2008

    A declassified FBI memo from J Edgar Hoover, dated November 29, 1963, refers to “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency”, who was briefed by the FBI on November 23rd.

    A file including this memo and documents relating to the search for this “George Bush” are available here:

  78. Shel100 says:

    After watching JFK,a ridiculous cartoon of a movie filled with countless lies,I always have to wonder if conspiracy theorists like Stone really believe the nonsense they’re spewing or maybe they’re just dumb.

  79. @Agent76

    The story in Covert Action Magazine reports:

    Researcher Jonn Christian interviewed two prostitutes who claimed Bryant had confessed to them to programming Sirhan.[68]

    In March 1977, Bryant was found dead at the age of 51 in the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas right after he was summoned to appear before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He was said to have died of natural causes—as he was obese—though no autopsy was performed.[69]

    It is well known that Lee Harvey Oswald’s associate George de Mohrenschildt committed suicide before he could give evidence to the HSCA.

    Which raises an interesting question: how many other people who were summoned as witnesses to the HSCA died before they could testify?

  80. With a perspective like that you might just be shel-shocked.

  81. I prefer the version that includes Israel, The CIA and the Mafia. Can’t remember where I read it but it had a real feel for the truth.

  82. If there was no conspiracy why does the government refuse to make Oswald’s tax returns public? Is it because those returns show that he was a paid employee of the FBI, CIA or some other arm of the national security apparatus? I can’t think of another legitimate reason why they would refuse to release them. I was 13 when JFK was killed and as I watched Ruby shoot Oswald my immediate thought was that he was mob connected because I had an uncle who was mob associated and he introduced me to some of his friends who were Jewish and had truncated names like Gold or Silver as Ruby was short for Rubinstein and those guys also operated strip joints and arcades. Jack Ruby was a mob guy and the mob doesn’t kill anyone out of patriotism. They only operate on the basis of what is good for them so to me it was always a given that they were part of the plot along with those who had the means to do the killing and to cover it up.

    • Replies: @Shel100
  83. @Pierre de Craon

    They had been aware of their existence from the get-go, but till the Powers flight, all their efforts to shoot down a U-2—i.e., destroy it or, better still, damage it and force it to land—had literally fallen short.

    According to USAF Colonel Fletcher Prouty, who worked in the Pentagon across the hallway from the U-2 office, Eisenhower had banned all flights near or across from the Soviet Union prior to his peace talks. A special U-2 flight was secretly ordered by “four guys” and was sabotaged to sabotage his peace talks. The Soviets proudly claimed to have shot it down but it landed nearly intact. This resulted in Eisenhower’s famous speech a few weeks later where he warned of the military industrial complex.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  84. S says:

    The Sept 9, 1963 edition of the New Orleans Times Picayune, a newspaper Oswald was purportedly an avid reader of, had an article with a message from Castro which pretty bluntly warned the Kennedy administration to back off with the assassination attempts against Cuba’s political leadership and US support of raids on the island by anti-communist Cubans. If these attacks didn’t cease, according to this Castro message, harm could befall the leaders of the United States.

    The CIA thought this specific article, reproduced in the link below, may have been what planted the seed in Oswald’s mind to assassinate Kennedy.

  85. Watch this great interview with Colonel Fletcher Prouty about the JFK killing. He was the USAF logistics support officer to the CIA when Kennedy was killed.

  86. The projectile that shattered JFK’s head was frangible. The magic projectile “found” on the hospital gurney was jacketed.

    • Thanks: beavertales
  87. S says:

    I think Oswald acted alone.

    However, I say that with the caveat that there is some evidence that someone (other than Oswald), or, something rather, seems to have known in detail exactly what was going to happen well before the assassination actually occurred. [See link below and my past post archives.]

    And, while I think powerful cabals may well have existed throughout history, some of these events, ie the Kennedy assassination, 911, etc, are simply too complex, too nuanced, for people by themselves to have pulled off, as explained by the standard organized ‘conspiracy’ theories.

    Yes, individuals, and cabals at times, doing terrible things, but possibly with more of an occult element operating behind the scenes bridging the human capability gap than people might feel comfortable in general acknowledging.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  88. @Priss Factor

    To fully end communism and the Cold War meant ending the last vestiges of that era, like Iraq and Libya, then Syria. Iran remains, because it had less to do with the Cold War. It’s war for Israel because the Cold War was against Israel, which is the tip of a much bigger picture. The Arabs aren’t wrong when they said Zionism was a beachhead for Western colonialism, although it’s of no credit to the Wog either way.

    Anyway, you make whites sound a lot weaker than necessary, when the weakness is moral and economic. Capitalism makes for decadence, and there’s no cure for it either. After all, the goyim ARE a bunch of dummies and cattle, so don’t chimp out on me for stating the truth. Can you manage anything without joining a group, wearing a special hat, or shouting in a crowd? America was always a Judeo-Masonic republic, and that’s a feature not a bug. “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it”.

    There are far too many athletic white dudes to make your prancing complaints actually real, most blacks are in horrible shape and often mentally ill.

  89. @Carlton Meyer

    Thank you for this information.

    The Soviets proudly claimed to have shot it down but it landed nearly intact.

    I clearly recall that one of the things that was widely discussed in 1960 was the remarkable luck or skill of the Soviet antiaircraft detachment given its success in disabling a plane flying at 90,000-plus feet to such an extent that though it could no longer fly well enough to escape Soviet air space, it was yet maneuverable enough to crash-land without killing its pilot. It was at least a year before my much older big brother (RIP), who had left the Air Force to go to the aerospace industry, explained to me that the U-2 was so flimsy that it was very likely that it had suffered only a near miss or what in a more formidable aircraft would have been damage too slight to affect airworthiness. Indeed, my brother thought it likely that a near miss, whose blast might well disable the U-2’s wings or horizontal-control structures, was what the Soviets were trying to accomplish all along.

    Of course, back then neither my brother nor I considered the possibility of a US-Soviet conspiracy that involved an unsanctioned spy flight and a faked shoot-down and crash landing. I still do not think that there is sufficient credible evidence to deem the landing of the plane and the surrender of Powers a serious likelihood. The provocation of the flight was itself quite enough to sabotage the talks.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  90. The killing of JFK happened when I was 13, with no worldly sophistication, but lots of sci-fi under my belt. Hearing Oswald say he was a patsy, say that someone should should give him assistance, only to be gunned down publicly in the police station two days later by the owner of a mob strip club, showed me that official reality was fake. Over time I read a dozen books about the assassination, but I made a conscious effort to quell the temptation to become obsessed with it.

    An even bigger lesson was how a great fog of confusion descended on the event. The oddity of Oswald’s profile and Occam’s razor screamed CIA to me. But there wasn’t a big campaign to say that the CIA didn’t do it. Rather, a huge range of alternative theories appeared: lone nut, and just in this thread — LBJ, Israel, USSR, cuckolded husband, London bankers, French freebooters, Castro, Mafia. That way the topic looks like a contradictory mess that only distasteful eccentrics would dabble in. The explosion of theories in my view was a psy-op designed to hide the perpetrators.

    Same fog of confusion with 9-11: holographic planes, atom bomb, death ray, cave dweller, etc. The many theories were not an accident, and again evidence of a psy-op designed to hide the obvious perpetrators.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  91. @Pierre de Craon

    Corrigendum: this sentence,

    I still do not think that there is sufficient credible evidence to deem the landing of the plane and the surrender of Powers a serious likelihood.

    was meant to read thus:

    I still do not think that there is sufficient credible evidence to deem the intentional landing of the plane and the surrender of Powers a serious likelihood.

    Apologies for the oversight.

  92. Shel100 says:
    @Abbott Hall

    To anyone who actually knew Jack Ruby the idea that he was involved in a conspiracy or working for the mob was just laughable.If Karen Carlin had never called him that morning wouldn’t have been in any position to kill Oswald.She phoned him at 10:19,he transferred the money at the Western Union office at 11:17,and shot Oswald at 11:21.He only there out of pure chance and if Oswald was a patsy who was being framed for the assassination then he wouldn’t know anything and there would be no reason to get rid of him.


    This is what blacks do to America, and people are still bitching about bad ole George Wallace? Wallace was right to believe in segregation. It wasn’t about white supremacism but white security against black savage supremacism.

    • Agree: Mis(ter)Anthrope, Alden
  94. @Shel100

    It doesn’t take much encouragement to get a crazy but in control person who wants to make a difference to do something drastic.

  95. @Alfa158

    I am well aware of the photos of the rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the TDSB. Examination of those photos absolutely proves the recovered rifle was not a Carcano 91/38, but was certainly a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, an obscure variant of the Mauser Model 1889, both chambered in 7.65×54. You can go to the wikipedia article on the Mauser 1889, which has a subheading on the Mauser 1890 Turkish to confirm everything I’m telling you. Compare photos of the Carcano 91/38, Mauser 1889, and Mauser 1890 Turkish. Note the appearance of the magazine/triggerguard assembly on all three rifles. Now compare the magazine/triggerguard assembly of the Carcano 91/38 with the magazine/triggerguard assembly of the rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the TDSB. The Carcano has a small tab of metal that projects from the front of the magazine/triggerguard assembly. The rifle found on the sixth floor does not, as is clearly shown in police photos taken at the scene. It is therefore impossible that the rifle recovered at the TSBD is a Carcano 91/38. Now compare the magazine/triggerguard assembly of the Mauser 1890 Turkish with the assembly of the rifle recovered at the TSBD, they are identical. The Dallas police report stated the recovered rifle was chambered in 7.65 Mauser. There is only one cartridge ever produced in this unusual bore: the 7.65×54. Only two rifles were ever manufactured in 7.65×54: the Mauser Model 1889 and the Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. Therefore it is a certainty the rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the TSBD was a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. It is important to note that the magazine/triggerguard assemblies of the Carcano 91/38 and the Mauser 1889 are nearly identical, the Mauser 1890 Turkish magazine/triggerguard assembly closely resembles both those rifles differing only in lacking the small tab of metal projecting from the front.

    • LOL: Alden, David In TN
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Alden
  96. @Shel100

    At the slaughterhouse, your designation would be a “shelly old cow”.

  97. @New Dealer

    Yes, the concept of mass-distortion false-flags is quite similar to a military aircraft discharging aluminum “chaff” to distort their radar image.

  98. Alden says:
    @R.G. Camara

    I agree. I was on college the day Kennedy was murdered. West coast, 2 hours later than central time. I had an 11 am class 1 pm central time. It was one of the liberal arts required courses. Teacher was very pro communist still hating on Senator McCarthy and claimed he’d been fired from some east coast college on suspicion of being a communist. Middlebury I think. Worshipped MLK urged students to join that invasion of the south against segregation. Standard pro black Marxist garbage of the 1960s

    Even then, colleges were very Marxist pro black anti American. Not yet anti White, just unbelievably anti White southerners and anti WASP. Even though in 1963 there were still many college profs who were WASP men.

    So I got to class at 1PM central time, just when the president died. And right then this Marxist prof was going on about Oswald wasn’t really a communist he was mentally ill. His ideology defection to Russia etc has nothing to do with killing the anti communist cold warrior Kennedy. Oswald was a nut case.

    Within a week the Marxist professors were blaming anyone but Oswald. The FBI didn’t detain Oswald somewhere. The Secret Service drove too fast or too slowly. Oswald didn’t shoot the police officer who stopped him. Despite the fact that there were 4 eyewitnesses.

    I think the first book was Rush to Judgement by communist Jew Mark Levin. He blamed virtually every government agency in the USA Texas Dallas the steel industry the oil industry the evil WASP capitalists Mayor of Dallas everybody but Oswald.

    Then I got busy with life. There were endless books and articles and theories. But I wasn’t interested.

    Then a friend gave us about 50 books. Must have belonged to the old book of the month club because many were of The Who Killed Kennedy genre. I read them. Then read many more over the years. Found shelves and shelves of them in the local public library. They’re all very entertaining

    Endless theories, each more contorted and ludicrous than the last. There’s one that claims Mrs Kennedy’s s second husband killed President Kennedy.

    The Who Killed Kennedy genre is very entertaining historical fiction. Comparable to the King of England Richard 3 didn’t really kill King Edward 5 genre. Or who was the historical Jesus genre.

    Thousands of books thousands of theories.
    Anyone could write a Who Killed Kennedy book.
    Just create a villain, even a person who never existed. Some members of the Who Killed Kennedy Community will believe the theory.

  99. @Pierre de Craon

    All sources are polluted with errors and will get you nowhere but wrong. It is best to do what I did, use common sense, a map of Dealy Plaza and a straight edge. Start with the exit wound at the lower right rear of JFK’s head. This is the one piece of evidence they cannot distort, although they try by falsely claiming it is an entrance wound. Rifle bullets travel in a straight line(seen from plan view) baring any wind drift. Place the straight edge so it passes through the exit wound. You will find the straight edge intersects The Triple Underpass at its southern end where it meets the embankment of The South Knoll. That spot, using the concrete guard rail(since removed) as a shooting rest, is the position of the sniper that murdered JFK. I believe the sniper used an AR10 for the following reasons. The AR10 is semi automatic, essential for this job as only a few seconds were available and a semi auto allows the shootist to keep his eyes on the scope reticle between shots, the AR10 is a takedown rifle by pulling one pin so it can be removed in a small duffle bag, and the AR10 was designed for the 308 Winchester cartridge, which is excellent for sub-sonic loads. A quiet sub-sonic load was essential for this operation. There is one video I have seen that proposes the shootist was in the parking lot of the Terminal Annex Federal Building, on the South Knoll, but I consider this spot to far to JFK’s left, it requires shooting through the obstruction of a fence and is exposed to casual observation. However I appreciate that one other person was thinking clearly. The Triple Underpass is absolutely perfect: no obstructions, room to make small adjustments of position, superb rest for the right elbow and the left hand holding the forearm of the rifle, and the shootist could be in a sitting position hidden by the concrete guard rail. An added plus is a quick concealed getaway to the parking lot of the Terminal Annex Federal Building. Just a fabulous spot from which to conduct a killing by rifle. Pro Tip: there were no shots fired from the Grassy Knoll, but noisemakers were set off there as a signal for the limo to stop briefly and to cause onlookers and police to look 180 degrees from the direction of the location of the rifle shootist.

    • LOL: Alden
  100. @Bombercommand

    Correction. The cartridge in question is the 7.65×53. There is no 7.65×54 cartridge. I also erred in stating only two rifles models were chambered in 7.65×53. There were 14 rifle models and six machine gun models chambered in 7.65×53. However, for the purposes of this discussion only the Mauser Model 1889 and Mauser Model 1890 matter as the other 12 rifle models lack the distinctive magazine/triggerguard assembly that protrudes below the belly of the gunstock. The Carcano 91/38 also has this distinctive assembly, which is how the 1889 and 1890, in carbine barrel length, might be confused with the Carcano.

    • Replies: @Alden
  101. Alden says:

    I agree. The thing that’s so wrong with the movie is that it’s based on New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison grandiose shoving himself into the investigation. Couple things first.

    1 The crime occurred in Dallas Texas. Not NOLA

    2 The crime was investigated by Dallas PD and FBI. Not by any NOLA law enforcement agency. Until Garrison sought fame and fortune by misusing the DA’s investigators

    3. If Dallas PD, FBI, Kennedy family or any other entity or person wanted Oswald’s New Orleans connections investigated the New Orleans police or the local New Orleans FBI office would have been asked to investigate not the local head of the DA office

    4 Yes, district attorney’s offices in big counties do have a staff of investigators. But unlike police and sheriffs DA’s investigators don’t respond to crime scenes or get involved until the police have done enough investigation to go to the district attorney’s office with admissible evidence and a suspect/ defendant.

    5 It is at that point that the district attorney investigators get involved to help both police and the DA who will file the charges build the case.

    Garrison was not asked to help. There was a local FBI office.

    And what did Garrison come up with?

    Oswald’s uncle sometimes gambled. Oswald worked here he worked there. Clay Shaw was gay. Clay Shaw was on the board of directors of the NOLA port authority. Clay Shaw was involved in restoration of old French quarter houses. Clay Shaw worked for an oil company at one time. Clay Shaw was a member of the chamber of Commerce And the most LOL, Clay Shaw was a tall White man with white hair. And Oswald had been seen somewhere speaking with a tall White man with white hair.

    Took the jury only about half an hour to bring back an innocent on all counts verdict.

    Admissible viable evidence; all of Garrison’s misuse of NOLA DA investigators found absolutely no real admissible clear and present evidence that Shaw had anything to do with the Kennedy assassination.

    • Agree: Shel100, David In TN, S
    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Cking
  102. Alden says:

    The only rifle Oswald had was an Italian army surplus Carcano. Oswald bought it from a catalog. There were order forms in the catalog. Oswald filled out the order form specifying the Mannlicher Carcano and writing the catalog ID numbers for that specific rifle, the Carcano.

    The mail order company received Oswald’s order form and post office money order to pay for it. The gun was shipped to Oswald’s Hiddell Post Office box with an invoice receipt in the box with the gun. Every piece of paper from Oswald’s order form to the company office to the warehouse to packing back to Oswald they all said Carcano.

    Ever been to Dallas, the School Book building and Dealey Plaza.? Yet 59 years later you’re going to use a map of Dealey Plaza to solve the mystery.

    Just as you use murky , reproduced hundreds of times internet pictures of a rifle to prove what? That Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy? That the rifle wasn’t a Carcano despite the paper trial from the catalog to Oswald?

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  103. Alden says:

    Why is Oswald’s fluency in Russian weird? He started studying it when he was still in high school, intensified his studies while in the army and continued classes and speaking with Russians, listening to radio going to movies Russian immersion when he lived in Russia.

  104. Alden says:

    Jews worshipped and adored Whoopi Goldberg until February 1, 2022 when she dared say on nation wide TV that Jews are just members of the White race instead of divine beings.

    Also claims to be a friend of Mel Gibson. Hated and despised by Jews because that handsome goy dared to invade their monopoly the entertainment industry and succeed making millions along the way. Jews will never get over Gibson producing that Jesus movie. That movie was one of the biggest grossing movies of its era. Gibson made more movie with a Jesus movie than they did. Never forget never forgive.

  105. @Alden

    JFK was shot from the front. The exit wound on JFK’s lower right rear skull proves that. Rifle bullets have trajectory, that shot could have only come from the top of The Triple Underpass. I don’t think Lee Harvey Oswald was spotted on The Triple Underpass, and everyone who thinks Oswald shot JFK insists he was in the TSBD, therefore he did not shoot JFK, no other conclusion is possible. I laid out my argument in my comment #102. You seem to think a suitable reply is pressing the LOL button. That is the behavior I would expect from a mentally ill Leftist, is that who you are? I will give you another chance, try to falsify my assertions in comment #102, but use rational arguments. It is entirely irrelevant that Oswald ordered a Carcano 91/38, all that matters is the identity of the rifle recovered by Dallas police from the sixth floor of the TSBD. If you carefully reread my comments #18, #97, and #103, I prove that the rifle recovered by the Dallas police from the sixth floor of the TSBD was not a Carcano 91/38, or any Carcano, but was a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish(the carbine version with 17.6 inch barrel produced in very small numbers, normally the 1890 had a 31 inch barrel). This rifle was seized by the FBI and when next seen had been magically transformed into a Carcano 91/38. I challenge you to falsify my comments #18, #97, and #103. Go ahead give it a go, but remember, use rational arguments.

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  106. @Alden

    Garrison was completely discredited by the early 70s. Stone needed a protagonist for the movie and Garrison was what was available.

    When Shaw was charged, then Senator Bobby Kennedy sent his own men who had been in the Hoffa case down to New Orleans. They reported back that Garrison was a fraud.

  107. Alden says:

    You have never seen the rifle found on the sixth floor of the building. All you do is look st murky reproduced hundreds of times pictures on the internet.

    I gather your point is that the rifle found a few minutes after the shooting was a Mauser. How does that prove who murdered President Kennedy? Or that Oswald didn’t murder President Kennedy.

    I’m anything but a leftist. The reason I have total contempt and disdain for the entire genre is that virtually all of the more than one hundred books Who Killed Kennedy books I read were all written from the leftist communist point of view.

    How’s this for a theory. Oswald was a communist.

    He became interested when he was 11 and living in NYC in a very Jewish communist neighborhood. The Rosenberg trial was going on. And old Jewish ladies passed out leaflets claiming the Rosenbergs were innocent. Because of the old Jewish ladies he became interested in communism. He was one of those kids who hated school but loved to read and learn. So he spent a lot of time in the local library reading. Being in one of those NYC communist Jewish neighborhoods there were hundreds of communist Marxist propaganda books especially about the glorious Russian revolution.

    His widowed mother was very poor, working minimum wage jobs. His Dad had been an independent sales representative. Not enrolled in social security. So no social security. Growing up poor made Oswald see that the American capitalist system was not good for him and his family.

    In high school he began studying Russian. By that time they were back in New Orleans. Segregated so Oswald joined the civil rights movement He always insisted on sitting in the segregated for blacks part of the buses.

    Joined the marines continued studying Russian. Defected to Russia. Lived there had a job married continued studying Russian. Came back to America.

    Life was awful Low paid jobs. Supporting a baby and wife. Living in shabby furnished apartments. Baby born in the local free welfare mom hospital. No car

    Oswald became more and more miserable . So did wife because she was living more poor than they had been in Russia and a second baby on the way.

    Oswald like every other American college professor the New York Times and all the leftists thought Castro was wonderful wonderful another Lenin who would lead Cuba on to glory .

    Kennedy was a Cold War Warrior. In the election year he accused the Republicans of being much too conciliatory with the Russians. The Bay of Pigs. Kennedy was president and sent a force of anti Castro Cubans to retake Cuba and overthrow the Castro government.

    Oswald was extremely pro black and pro the civil rights movement As were all American communists and liberals at the time. He shot a retired army General who was very active in the anti civil rights keep segregation movement. Because the General’s views were the opposite of Oswald’s pro black pro civil rights anti segregation views.

    A much more important man than the General also had views the exact opposite of Castro loving communist Oswald. President Kennedy. Nothing Oswald could do about the Kennedy Castro conflict,

    Oswald got the job in the book warehouse He continued worrying about the Castro vs Kennedy conflict. Continued being miserable

    And then big news. Kennedy’s coming to town. And whadda ya know. He’ll be driving right past Oswald’s workplace. A warehouse where the book order fillers roam around Not an office or factory where everyone is in sight of other workers.

    He likes Castro and his communist revolution. He disliked Kennedy for being anti communist. He’s a loser with a dependent wife, two babies and a low paid humdrum job He does have a rifle. Carcano, Mauser whatever you think it is. He brings the rifle to work the day Kennedy arrives. Explains the package to the neighbor who gives him a ride as curtain rods.

    Motive, means , opportunity, right place at the right time. He will save the Castro revolution and become famous.

    That’s a theory. Then there’s the theory that in September of 1963 Mrs Kennedy took a cruise on Aristotle Onassis yacht. Mrs Kennedy and Onassis discusses getting married because Mrs Kennedy was sick of President Kennedy’s girl friends and the STDS Kennedy gave her. Also bored with smiling at Congress critters and politicians. Onassis decided to hurry things along and managed to get one of the dozen assassins lurking about Dealey Plaza to kill Kennedy.

    The day after Kennedy was killed Onassis arrived in the White House and stayed there until a few days after the funeral comforting the widow. That happens to be true.

    It’s a great theory as good as any of the rest of the nonsense.

    From 1/pm central time the day Kennedy was murdered, the leftists and communists have done everything thing possible, written more than a thousand books, made hundreds of TV documentaries to distract the gullible naive sheep from the fact that the only suspect arrested on suspicion of the murders of Officer Tippett and President Kennedy was Oswald.

    Of course there was never a trial or even much questioning as Oswald had not yet contacted his preferred attorney. A New York Jew commie named ABT house counsel for the communist front ACLU who also worked for CPUSA. Very appropriate a communist murder suspect wants to hire a communist lawyer to defend him.

    At least even the naive gullible sheep who believe every word of the communist propaganda that communist Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy are forced to concede that Ruby did Kill Oswald. Because it was done on world wide television.

    • Agree: S
    • Thanks: David In TN
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  108. Alden says:

    Let’s forget about the obvious motive. Kennedy was very anti communist anti the Soviet Union and anti Castro. Oswald was a communist who admired the Soviet Union and greatly admired Castro. Forget that.

    Let’s concentrate on means and opportunity. Oswald owned a rifle. Oswald claimed he used that rifle to shoot pro segregation activist General Walker. His wife saw the rifle in their home. So even the most gullible naive brainwashed by the communist theories must admit Oswald had a rifle and learned to shoot rifles in the military.

    Opportunity Kennedy came to Dallas. The street to his first engagement was directly in front of the warehouse where Oswald worked. A warehouse, not an office factory or other place where everyone can see everyone else. A 6 story building too high for police and security to see into the upper floor windows. Although one spectator did see a rifle sticking out the 6th floor window and inform the police. And Kennedy’s engagement was a lunch. Lunch time when the warehouse workers would be eating lunch or out on the street watching Kennedy drive by.

    Oswald left the warehouse immediately after he murdered Kennedy. The only person who left the warehouse.

    Those 3 facts about Oswald are the only 3 things about the murder of President Kennedy that are admissible evidence. Those are the only 3 facts a prosecutor would listen to then and now.

    There’s also Oswald murdering officer Tippett in front of 4 witnesses. The police responded to that crime scene. Realized the murderer of Tippett fit the description of the murderer of Kennedy and found him in the movie theater. The theater also called the police about Oswald To report someone sneaking into the theater without paying.

    Admissible evidence; not fantasies about assassins hiding in the sewer drains or lurking in the trees or in the railroad over pass.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  109. Alden says:

    Oswald began studying Russian in high school and continued studying it when he was in the military.

    The only fact, fact, or as trial lawyers call it admissible evidence; in your entire comment is that Oswald continued studying Russian while in the military and was stationed in Japan.

  110. Alden says:

    LOL. I read Lifton’s ridiculous book. He claims that the cabin crew of Air Force one allowed a total stranger carrying a bag of surgical tools into the plane going back to DC. Reality is Air Force One is surrounded by layers of security mostly local police in airports. So the stranger got past perimeter security and cabin crew let him in the plane.About 2 hours after Kennedy’s murder.

    And then, in view of cabin crew secret service Mrs Kennedy the Johnsons and several of Kennedy’s friends and closest aides the strange surgeon proceeded to cut and slice Kennedys head and neck wounds. Kennedy’s friends were very distraught and aggressive at the death of Kennedy. Remember, they were the men who grabbed Kennedy’s coffin in the hospital and shoved aside the Dallas County Coroner who informed him that Texas law required an autopsy of a sudden death corpse by the County coroner of the county in which the death occurred. Somebody should write a book fantasizing that Kennedy’s Friends and aides rushed the body away from a qualified experienced coroner so the stranger could alter Kennedy’s wounds

    Lifton’s book 800 pages about the extra Air Force One passenger who sliced up Kennedy’s wounds. That’s the worst Who Killed Kennedy book of the ones I read.

    • LOL: roonaldo
    • Replies: @roonaldo
  111. @Emblematic

    Agree. It is hard to decide whether, by promoting the mainstream JFK conspiracy theory (“CIA did it”) and by dodging any hint of Israeli involvement, to the point of concealing Jack Ruby’s real name, Stone is doing any good. Does Stone even mention Dimona? And what about Angleton’s Mossad handlers? And LBJ’s pro-Israel policy (to the point of high-treason)? It is hard to avoid the conclusion that presenting what is at best a half-truth as “the truth” is a much better way to conceal the other bigger half than defending the Warren commission nonsense.
    For a different perspective, following up on Piper, read my book

    Or watch my film for free:

    • Agree: Alden
    • Thanks: emerging majority
  112. roonaldo says:

    I remember you making 50-60 stupid comments on a Kennedy assassination article by Guyenot, I think, perhaps about a year and a half ago. Seems you were having an imbecile contest with Shawn, if I recall.

    You can’t honestly recount a damn thing from Lifton’s book, or anything else for that matter

    I put you on ignore then, but changed phones awhile back and see I need to do so again. Ta-ta, shit for brains!

    • Replies: @Alden
  113. Sparkon says:

    I don’t think Lee Harvey Oswald was spotted on The Triple Underpass

    Nor was any gunman at all ever spotted on the triple overpass before, during or after President Kennedy’s assassination.

    I’ve already pointed this out to you in a previous discussion here, but for those who may not have read it, I will repeat:

    There was no cover for a gunman up on the triple overpass, nor has any witness ever reported seeing a gunman up there.

    Additionally, there were a dozen or more men up on that railroad bridge at the time of JFK’s assassination, including two Dallas cops.

    Any gunman in the location you specify would have been seen on Nov. 22, 1963, either when firing his gun, or while trying to make his getaway.

    Certified crime scene technician Sherry Fiester’s forensic analysis put the assassin in or near the terminal annex parking lot, adjacent to the triple over/underpass, as did a follow-up analysis conducted by her advocate, who calls himself Alek Hidell.

    A plausible scenario has one or more assassins concealed within and shooting from a vehicle in the terminal annex parking lot, and simply putting down their weapons after the assassination, and driving away.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Sparkon
    , @TGD
  114. @Alden

    Pilpul. You have earlier made the direct claim that the rifle recovered on the sixth floor was a Carcano. You go on to claim that proves Oswald was the shootist. I have proved that the rifle recovered was actually a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. Since I don’t own a computer, I cannot post photos here, but if I did post one of the several available you would see the magazine/triggerguard assembly of the recovered rifle, though similar to the Carcano 91/38, lacks a small metal tab at the front of the assembly. Therefore the rifle recovered by Dallas police from the sixth floor of the TSBD was not a Carcano 91/38. The magazine/triggerguard of the recovered rifle matches exactly the assembly of the Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. The Dallas police report stated the rifle was a 7.65mm Mauser. This refers to the cartridge the rifle was chambered in. All rifles have their chambering stamped on the barrel. There is only one cartridge in the world in the 7.65mm bore size: the 7.65×53. That would be what was stamped on the barrel. However American renderings of metric chamberings generally use slightly altered nomenclature. For example the 7×57 cartridge is often refered to as 7mm Mauser in The United States, as Mr Mauser designed this legendary cartridge, as he also designed the 7.65×53. Given the 7.65×53 chambering, and the appearance of the magazine/triggerguard assembly, there is only one rifle that fits that description: the Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. As I stated before, if the conspirators had only stashed a Mauser Model 1889 on the sixth floor of the TSBD the deception would have succeeded as the magazine)triggerguard assembly of the Carcano 91/38 and the Mauser 1889 are identical, including the small metal tab at the front of the assembly. The Mauser 1890 Turkish, an obscure variant of the 1889, has a nearly identical magazine/triggerguard assembly differing only in lacking the small metal tab at the front. Really Alden, you are completely out of your depth here, which is understandable. Knowledge of the many models of 19th century Mauser bolt action battle rifles is a subject for enthusiasts. I myself don’t know much because I don’t like bolt actions (or semi-auto) rifles, my thing is break action single shots and double rifles, but when I heard about “7.65mm Mauser” being the recovered rifle’s chambering, and having never heard of this obscure bore size, I began searching, which was when I ran across the Mauser 1889, I then instantly noticed the magazine/triggerguard assembly of the sixth floor rifle was different that the Mauser 1889. It took some digging for me to discover the Mauser 1890 Turkish. As I wrote before, of the 14 battle rifle models chambered in 7.65×53, only two the Mauser 1889 and 1890 Turkish have the distinctive magazine/triggerguard assembly that hangs below the “belly” of the rifle stock. Therefore it is a certainty the recovered rifle was a Mauser 1890 Turkish. After being taken by the FBI this rifle magically transformed into a Carcano 91/38. All this is proof positive of a government conspiracy to alter evidence, that is Obstruction Of Justice, therefore the government was an active party to the murder of JFK.

  115. Alden says:

    I very carefully did not claim the fact that Oswald purchased and owned a Carcano proves he murdered Kennedy.

    Go ahead, play with a map of Dealey Plaza and a straight edge. Go ahead and keep typing whatever you find in your gun magazines about Mausers their accessories and ammunition. Your showing off your knowledge of Mausers doesn’t prove anything . Not even that the rifle you claim was a Mauser found close to the sixth floor window was the rifle used to murder Kennedy.

    Just as I once enjoyed reading The Who Killed Kennedy historical fiction genre; I enjoy reading all the nonsense the idiots like you post about the murder of Kennedy.

  116. Alden says:

    I read Lifton’s book. 800 pages about the mystery man who altered Kennedy’s wounds. Enjoy yourselves it’s really an enjoyable historical mystery.

  117. Alden says:

    So by looking at murky reproduced thousands of times pictures on the internet of the rifle found on the 6th floor of the book building you’ve decided it was a Mauser 1890 Turkish. Via your intellectually rigorous Wikipedia research. Have you found a 59 year old map of Dallas TX yet? Or do you plan to print out the pictures of the area where Kennedy was shot and solve the mystery with your trusty straight edge?


    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  118. @Sparkon

    You can’t “point out” anything to me as your only knowledge comes from the Hidell video, although as I have written to you before, Hidell and I are basically on the same page. Hidell’s weakness is he starts from Sherry Fiester’s inadequate analysis. Fiester claims to be a professional firearms forensic expert, but makes a basic error. She places the asssasssin on The South Knoll embankment, below the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot. This spot is clearly too far to JFK’s left for the kill shot and totally exposed. Alek Hidell is hung up on The South Knoll, but he is very close. It seems, from viewing his video you so graciously embedded(unknown to me before) that there is a basic problem with the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot site. It is too far to JFK’s left for the kill shot, and Hidell senses that. He therefore proposes that the assassin was in the very small triangle of land at the extreme NW of the parking lot. This spot, as seen by a plan view map, has its west border the railroad tracks and it NW corner the abutment of The Triple Underpass. It is therefore but 20 feet from my proposed site. Hidell and I are very close in our analysis so I have no idea why you are so fixated and argumentative. The difference between Hidell and I is I started from plotting the trajectory of the kill shot and Hidell started with Sherry Fiestsr’s faulty, but tantalizingly close analysis. Regarding you “objections” to my proposal that the rifle shootist was sited on the south end of The Triple Underpass, you are erring on all points, so I’m glad you brought this up. There is excellent cover for the rifle shootist at my proposed site. He was seated concealed behind the concrete guardrail(since removed), and kept his AR10 in his lap until bringing it to battery as JFK’s limo turned onto Elm St. He was surrounded by the Commander, Spotter, and Assistant which created a crowd effect further concealing him. All would be wearing railroad company overalls. The “railroad men” you mention, about twenty, were crowded at the north end of The Triple Underpass and were there to run interference and block the way of any curious persons. They wore railroad company overalls but were not employees, no one knows who they were. They were all part of the plot and, except for two, promptly vanished after JFK’s limo sped under The Triple Underpass. The two Dallas police officers you refer to are an especially interesting case. They were stationed at the mid point of The Triple Underpass, one one the east side overlooking Dealey Plaza and the other on the west side. The officer on the west side testified at The Warren Commission that “a train passed on the overpass” during the time JFK was shot so he “saw nothing”. How convenient. There has been no confirmation if a train was actually on the Underpass as he states. The officer stationed overlooking Dealey Plaza never testified at The Warren Commission nor was ever interviewed. I have neatly disposed of all your objections except one. You claim no one saw any rifle shootist on The Triple Underpass, as if that is a clincher. Well, no one saw a rifle shootist in the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot either, so what point do you think you have made??? Everyone in Dealey Plaza was looking at the limo in the moments before the killing, and noise makers were set off on The Grassy Knoll to get everyone looking 180 degrees from the real shooter on The Triple Underpass so of course no one saw anything. It was all superbly set up. Your problem is you are not looking at this from the point of view of a rifle shootist. I am. I am telling you everything about the position on the south end of The Triple Underpass is utterly perfect and supremely comfortable for a rifle shootist, and given the difficulty of that shot, “comfort” was a key factor for success. It gets right down to simple things like no obstructions, ease of making small adjustments of position, and the superb rifle rest of the concrete guardrail that gives a sweet spot for the right elbow and the left hand on the forearm of the AR10. In contrast, your proposed site requires a vehicle to be put in an awkward position in “the triangle”, shooting through the obstruction of a fence, an the inability of the shootist to assume a comfortable position or make small adjustments in his position, because he was cramped in the back seat of a vehicle. The alternative was to stand in the parking lot with shooting sticks(do you know what shooting sticks are, Sparkon???) a seriously idiotic plan. The main problem of using the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot is the possibility of a vehicle or, worse, a pedestrian, entering the parking lot and noticing something weird going on. The Triple Underpass site in contrast is on the railroad tracks, so no vehicles could access it, and no pedestrian was likely to intrude and anyway the kill team would be dressed in railroad company overalls and would warn any(highly unlikely). intruders off. A further benefit is that the takedown AR10 could be concealed in a railroad company equipment bag, creating zero suspicion. You are really playing out of your league here, Sparkon. What I do admire about you is you accept Hidell’s basic premise. Hidell, of all the JFK killing researchers actually gets very close to the truth. He is just a tiny bit off because he doesn’t think like a rifle shootist. I admire Hidell. The rest of the clowns with The Grassy Knoll and Daltex Building nonsense just unwittingly contribute to the coverup.

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  119. Sparkon says:

    You can’t “point out” anything to me as your only knowledge comes from the Hidell video

    My knowledge begins with the day of the assassination, when I was a senior in H.S. You probably were not even born yet in 1963, but prove me wrong, Mr. Big Leaguer.

    In fact, I’ve read dozens of JFK assassination books starting with Harold Weisberg’s Whitewash in 1966, and eventually read almost all of Weisberg’s subsequent work, along with most major works on the subject up through the ’90s, when I quit buying hardbound books.

    there is a basic problem with the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot site. It is too far to JFK’s left for the kill shot,

    You cannot determine that with the crude method you’ve used, which consists of putting a straight edge on a plan view without considering the position of JFK’s head, which Sherry Fiester did consider, but that’s why she was a pro.

    From the Zapruder and Nix films it is not possible to get precise determinations of the exact position and angle of Pres. Kennedy’s head when he was shot, first in the throat, and then in the head. That is why forensic analyst Sherry Fiester used a cone to represent that there was a range of positions from which the shot could have been fired, but it was centered on the terminal annex parking lot.

    Pres. Kennedy was also shot in the back, so it’s obvious there were multiple gunners shooting at him on Nov. 22, 1963.

    In contrast, your proposed site requires a vehicle to be put in an awkward position in “the triangle”, shooting through the obstruction of a fence, an the inability of the shootist to assume a comfortable position or make small adjustments in his position, because he was cramped in the back seat of a vehicle.

    You probably are too young to recall, but American 4-door sedans of that era had spacious backseats, and station wagons were even roomier. Having ridden in and driven cars of that type many times, I am quite certain a sniper would have no difficult whatsoever shooting from the interior of a ’60s car, and a van or panel truck would have even more room. I take it that these guys who made the hit were pros and would not have been flummoxed by any difficulty getting their vehicle into position. They picked their spot because it offered them a good shot and a quick getaway.

    They wore railroad company overalls but were not employees, no one knows who they were.

    In his testimony to the Warren Commission, railroad supervisor S.M. Holland stated that he had identified all the railroad workers up there, while two cops and some kind of plain clothes detective or agent up on the railroad bridge had identified the others.

    no one saw a rifle shootist in the Terminal Annex Federal Building parking lot either, so what point do you think you have made???

    The point I’ve made is there was good cover in the terminal annex parking lot, including the interior of a vehicle, while at the same time there was no good cover up on the railroad bridge, despite all your special pleading, which now apparently extends to including in the plot all the people up on the bridge.

    I cannot post this image directly, but clicking on this link will open a good overhead photograph of Dealey Plaza taken in April 1967, which shows clearly how exposed it was up on that triple overpass.

    You are really playing out of your league here, Sparkon.

    Sez the guy who can’t even manage paragraph breaks, but nice wall of text, Mr. Big Leaguer.

  120. Alden says:

    I hope 1962 was a typo. It was October 1963 Oswald went to work in the book warehouse and November 1963 he shot and killed Kennedy from the warehouse using the rifle he brought to the ware house that day.

  121. Alden says:

    Watched your documentary total load of crap.

    Blah blah blah and no actual, living existing real human person suspect who actually, really shot and murdered Kennedy.

    So numerous sinister entities conspired to kill Kennedy. So which actual living existing real human person did these conspirators did they send to kill Kennedy?

    Not a word.

    This documentary is something for a middle school assembly.

    My disdain and contempt for the naive gullible UNZ commenters increases the more comments I read.

    • Agree: David In TN
    • Replies: @David In TN
  122. @Alden

    A while back, Ron Unz himself wrote a “JFK was killed by a conspiracy” story.

    In a comment I asked Ron this question: “If the Establishment/Deep State wanted to get rid of JFK, why didn’t they destroy him personally and politically by exposing him with a sex scandal?”

    Ron spluttered but didn’t give an answer.

    Instead of a heroic martyr, JFK would have been the laughingstock of the world. No president was in less of a position to challenge the general consensus than John F. Kennedy.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Laurent Guyénot
  123. Ron Unz says:
    @David In TN

    Discussion of the JFK assassination is often contaminated by irrational personal sentiments…

    Many individuals, including elderly ones, regard JFK as their saintly hero, who was planning to withdraw from Vietnam, end the Cold War, and create Peace on Earth. Therefore, they tend to believe he died a martyr’s death, killed by a conspiracy of the Military-Industrial complex.

    Many other individuals, including elderly ones, enormously hate JFK for being liberal, including on racial issues. Therefore, they tend to reject any possibility that he was killed by a conspiracy. You clearly seem to fall into this category.

    Partly because I’m younger, I’ve never had strong feelings about JFK one way or the other, and until a few years ago had always assumed that the MSM narrative of a lone gunman was absolutely correct. But once I looked into it, I discovered that I had been entirely mistaken for decades, and the evidence of a conspiracy was overwhelmingly strong.

    In a comment I asked Ron this question: “If the Establishment/Deep State wanted to get rid of JFK, why didn’t they destroy him personally and politically by exposing him with a sex scandal?”

    Ron spluttered but didn’t give an answer.

    You seem rather confused by the realities of the American MSM. Many earlier and later presidents, including FDR, Eisenhower, and LBJ had gigantic sexual and other scandals, none of which were ever reported in the MSM, and this was even more true of top members of Congress. The MSM was generally quite friendly towards JFK, so why do you believe they would have reported his sex scandals? And if they didn’t report it, almost no one would have ever found out about them. Prior to Gary Hart, sex scandals in particular were almost never reported by the MSM.

    Just consider the case of LBJ, one of the most astonishingly corrupt individuals to ever become president, and very likely involved in several Texas murders. None of those facts were ever reported by the national MSM, so nobody found out about them until decades later. JFK’s scandals were totally trivial by comparison.

    Your extreme hatred of JFK blinds you to these realities, causing you to look very foolish, and you would do well to read my articles, linked above:

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Alden
  124. @Ron Unz

    My family revered JFK as did I. I changed my opinion in the 1990s but I don’t “hate” JFK. I do despise (in retrospect) the Kennedy Cultists; Schlesinger, Sorensen, etc.

    The MSM, of course, DID ignore JFK’s personal foibles and was mostly favorable to him, but not all. There were many newspapers with an anti-Kennedy editorial line. Twice in 1963, stories (one in June 1963 in the New York Journal-American) about his secret life threatened to get out.

    Clark Mohlenhoff, a prominent member of the press, wrote about the East German woman who was a member of Bobby Baker’s stable and had been deported to West Germany. See Ben Bradlee’s book were JFK gave Bradlee some disinformation.

    The reality is destroying JFK with a sex scandal made more sense than a “murder conspiracy.”

    To repeat, President John F. Kennedy as president followed the general liberal line of the time.

  125. @Alden

    The wikipedia article on the Mauser Model 1889 is quite good. If you scroll down you will come to a subheading for the Mauser Model 1890. Displayed is an excellent 19th century photo of an Ottoman Empire soldier with his Mauser 1890(31 inch barrel version). The magazine/triggerguard assembly is clearly visible. It is identical to the magazine/triggerguard assembly on the rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the TSBD. There are several photos of the sixth floor rifle, not murky at all, that show the magazine/triggerguard assembly quite clearly.

    • Replies: @Alden
  126. Alden says:

    There’s order forms money order and invoice that proves Oswald owner a Carcano. Both Dallas police and a guy from ATF declared the rifle a Carcano as soon as they got a good look at the rifle found in front of the 6th floor window. As far as the officers who swarmed to the sixth floor after an eyewitness told them he observed a rifle in the sixth floor window not instantly knowing exactly what brand of rifle it was.

    They were ordinary uniformed patrol looking for the murderer of the president on their watch. Several other plotters could have been up there lying in wait to kill the first responders. That’s standard procedure.

    One thing the officers did find close to the rifle near the 6th floor window was the brown grocery bags cut into rectangles held together with scotch tape. Then torn open. Wesley Frazier who gave Oswald the ride to work that morning identified the papers as the rectangular packaging Oswald brought into Frazier’s car and carried into the warehouse.

    You really seem obsessed with clipping and pasting details about the Mauser. Why do you? Do you think that if the rifle found near the 6th floor window really was a Mauser it would prove Oswald innocent? Don’t you claim Oswald was never near the 6th floor ? And that the shooter wasn’t in the warehouse at all? That the shots came from the railroad over pass or the freeway underpass or the State of Texas building or one of the sewer drains anywhere but the building where Oswald worked?

    Ok, let’s assume the rifle really was a Mauser. What exactly does that prove about the Kennedy murder other than Oswald brought a Mauser not a Carcano into the warehouse and up to the sixth floor. Not being snarky. I am interested. What does your claim the rifle was a Mauser prove?

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  127. @David In TN

    If the Establishment/Deep State wanted to get rid of JFK, why didn’t they destroy him personally and politically by exposing him with a sex scandal?

    As a matter of fact, they did, but not quite the way you mean: they threatened him with a sex scandal to force him to take his future assassin as vice-president. That is, at least, the opinion of JFK’s personal secretary of twelve years, Evelyn Lincoln (“Jack knew that Hoover and LBJ would just fill the air with womanizing”). So they didn’t just destroy JFK with a political scandal, they put crypto-Zionist LBJ in charge at the same time.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  128. @Laurent Guyénot

    You don’t answer the question.

    Evelyn Lincoln was not very reliable. LBJ was on the ticket to win Texas for JFK, by hook or crook according to the new book, “Campaign of the Century,” by historian Irwin Gellman.

    • Replies: @Alden
  129. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    “Many individuals including elderly ones regard JFK as their saintly hero”

    Because they read and believed the Kennedy propaganda machine begun by Joseph Kennedy in the 1920s. Which became the best and most persuasive propaganda machine of the 20th century, Better than Churchill’s Better than the American communists and liberals. Absolutely superb. The very best.

    It was as successful as the holocaust, George Floyd Trayvon Martin Winston Churchill British royal family propaganda machines.

    Joseph Kennedy’s most successful and lucrative business during the 1920s wasn’t boot legging or stock market manipulation . It was the movies. As you know the movie industry had a massive propaganda machine with the movie magazines and planting endless articles about the actors and movies in magazines and newspaper.

    Previously, the entertainment industry just placed schedules and ads in newspapers and put up posters. The movie industry blasted the country with it’s publicity Kennedy was right there and learned about propaganda.

    Did you know Kennedy invented the western? And the Saturday kids matinee? Owned most of RKO and lots of stock in other studios?

    Joseph Kennedy was a master of the art of favorable publicity. Like Napoleon , Churchill and the people who created the great savior MLK. Like the American communists and the NYTimes The Nation New Republic Atlantic’s glorification of Castro.

    It’s not that I dislike Kennedy at all. I was completely neutral. Still am. Neither the Bay of Pigs nor the Berlin Wall affected anything.

    I have 2 things against Kennedy

    His March 6 1961 executive order 10925? Ordering affirmative action for all federal agencies and creating the presidential commission on equal employment opportunity. And later executive order 11184? That greatly expanded powers of the presidential commission on equal employment opportunity. Kennedy’s PCEEO of course became the federal EEOC that Agent of Satan that has made it virtually illegal to hire, grant a loan to or admit to college a White man.

    FDR was a communist agent who used his wife Eleanor as liaison with CPUSA while FDR pretended to be a moderate socialist whose administration just happened to be filled with communists and soviet spies. Such as the man FDR appointed asst treasury secretary Harry Dexter White. A communist and soviet agent. Who managed to send to Stalin genuine plates for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 US dollar bills and the exact formulas for making the inks and paper.

    John Kennedy used his brother Robert as liaison to the blacks and the communists behind them just as FDR used his wife Eleanor as liaison to the communist.

    Every White man in America who has been discriminated against because of his race and sex needs to know which President began affirmative action; it was the great hero of the fools who believed the Kennedy worshiping media Their hero, JFK.

    Affirmative action and creation of the equal employment commission were his only domestic accomplishments.

    His only foreign affairs accomplishment was that his wife spoke French well enough to converse with the French president and officials during their women’s fashion show tour of Europe in summer of 1962?

    I don’t dislike Kennedy any more than I dislike every other anti White, negro loving president from FDR to Biden.

    If you want to know the exact numbers of his affirmative action EEOC executive orders or the year of the Kennedy women’s fashion tour of Europe just ask google.

    One triumph of the Kennedy propaganda machine. The navy prepared to court martial for whatever happened during the war with that PT109 boat JFK commanded. The Kennedy propaganda machine managed to stop the court martial proceedings, force the navy to give Kennedy a medal and use the incident for years as an example of heroism.

  130. Alden says:
    @David In TN

    Don’t forget Texas was a Democrat solid democrat state since before the civil war until recently. Barely had a Republican party. LBJ and JFK were the perfect regional balance ticket. As per the traditional American way

    Pennsylvania Eisenhower California Nixon many examples.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  131. Cking says:
    @James N. Kennett

    Nevertheless, hundreds of people, gone hysterical with fear, rendered their portable motion picture devices and cameras useless to record anything. The crowd’s stampede for cover can be viewed on the You Tube. Abraham Zapruder was, imho, in the ‘exact’ location, composed and prepared, for what was about to happen. From Wikipedia: ‘He filmed from the time the presidential limousine turned onto Elm St. for a total of 26.6 seconds exposing 486 frames of standard 8mm Kodachrome II safety film running at an average of 18.3 frames a second.’ That’s a tight spot in which to work. As you say, his subtle motions, marked the shots fired, on his film recording. Zapruder’s 8mm silent motion picture camera was a top-of-line, technological device, Model 414 Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series Camera. Speculation is justified when confronted with the circumstantial evidence. As with the dancing Israeli students who were recording the 9/11 event, the destruction of the WTC, from across the river, at Union City, NJ, Zapruder’s actions prove preknowledge of the event with the mission to record the assassination for posterity. There are similarities in all three events, JFK, RFK, and the 9/11 destruction of the WTC. I did reference Bollyn’s work.

  132. Alden says:

    Thanks for the information about the Turkish army Mauser. But i’m applying my law enforcement experience. Who murdered Kennedy and Tippett in a 45 minute time span?

    None of the theories I have read in more than 100 books manage to trace the entities or persons who had a motive to kill Kennedy to the person who actually truly really shot Kennedy and Tippett. In all the books and theories there is no line from whoever ordered the murder to the real actual person who shot Kennedy.

    All those liberals and communists in 1963 claimed Oswald killed Kennedy because he was a lone nut who just happened to be a communist. Like Trotsky just happened to be a Jew and Hitler just happened to be a former Catholic. Oswald was the only possible suspect in the more than a thousand books that had

    Motive: pro Castro vs Kennedy anti Castro
    Means: A rifle what ever rifle you or I think it was.
    Opportunity: Worked in a building directly on the parade route where order fillers roamed about out of sight of othere workers.

    Admissible clear and present viable evidence a prosecutor considers. 2 Eye witnesses and the physical evidence of a rifle right where one eyewitness said it was. And Frazier who gave Oswald a ride to work that day and identified the package wrappings. Physical and 2 eye witnesses.

    Circumstantial evidence. Oswald left the building immediately. The only person who did.
    Oswald was a loud and proud pro Castro communist. Kennedy was loudly and proudly anti Castro anti communist and anti Soviet union.

    That’s how crimes are prosecuted

    • Replies: @Cking
    , @Bombercommand
  133. @Alden

    Ah yes, the analytical Alden I know returns, at long last. Why am I so obsessed with the Mauser 1890 Turkish? A very good question, my dear Alden, and absolutely critical for the murder trial of Lee Harvey Oswald(never held). You know, having had a career in the justice system, that establishing a positive connection between the proved murder weapon and the accused murderer is key. By all supporters of the conventional narrative that Oswald murdered JFK, the evidence trail is that Oswald purchased a Carcano 91/38, which is chambered in 6.5×52. At the sixth floor window of the TSBD several expended 6.5×52 cartridge cases were found. A bullet of 6.5mm diameter was found on a gurney at Parkland Hospital, and was assumed to be associated with the murder. Compelling evidence indeed when Oswald worked at the TSBD on the day JFK was murdered. Unfortunately for the conventional narrative, the Dallas police arrived and recovered a rifle, and no you are absolutely wrong, the Dallas police DID NOT declare that rifle a Carcano 91/38. The police report stated the recovered rifle was a 7.65mm Mauser. This is not a Mauser model number, but a designation of the chambering of the rifle. 7.65mm Mauser would be the American convention for metric cartridges, which are officially named by the CIP, the European agency governing firearm cartridges. There is only one cartridge produced in the unusual 7.65mm bore, named by the CIP the 7.65×53, designed by the legendary Mr Mauser. The American convention 7.65mm Mauser is appropriate and understandable to any American firearm enthusiast, as they would also recognize the American name 7mm Mauser as meaning the CIP designated 7×57, a legendary cartridge, also designed by Mr Mauser. The Dallas police would have known the recovered rifle was chambered in 7.65×53 because that would be stamped on the barrel. All rifles have their chambering stamped on the barrel and that is the first thing a gun guy looks for when examining a previously unknown rifle(particularly, for obvious reasons, before loading a rifle). It is what us gun guys do. The cartridge is the soul of the rifle. We can therefore be certain that the rifle recovered at the TSBD was most certainly not a Carcano 91/38. As I have demonstrated with absolute certainty, that rifle MUST be a Mauser 1890 Turkish. However, the FBI seized this rifle, and by the time of the Warren Commission, falsely presented a Carcano 91/38 as the rifle found on the sixth floor of the TSBD. This is most obviously tampering with evidence of a capital crime by the FBI. This is the crime of Obstruction Of Justice. As you should be aware, due to your career in the justice system, those guilty of Obstruction, having tampered with evidence, are assumed to be a party to the crime. This my dear Alden, is why the Mauser 1890 Turkish is critically important.

    • Agree: Cking
  134. Cking says:

    How did Oswald stay in your focus? Oliver Stone’s film based on New Orleans DA Garrison’s book says Oswald was an FBI agent, who’s cover was a Communist political activist, working out of ‘retired’ FBI agent Guy Bannister’s office located across the street from the US Naval Intelligence Building, in New Orleans. In Dallas, on the day of the JFK assassination, Oswald was in the lunch room while pursuing police officers ran past him, to the upper floors. Later police found Oswald at a movie theater, he carried a 38 special revolver, probably a S&W snubbie. Officer Tibbets was killed by .380 acp ammo, that can only come from an automatic pistol. And the time of Tibbets murder is not exact, not in the window of opportunity to justify accusing Oswald as the shooter either.

    JFK in Dallas and RFK, (‘the Palestinian did it’), at the Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles, were killed so that Israel could grow 3 times its size.

    • Replies: @Alden
  135. Ron Unz says:

    Because they read and believed the Kennedy propaganda machine begun by Joseph Kennedy in the 1920s.

    I’d been aware of many of the items you suggest, but certainly not all of them.

    Could you point me to a solid source regarding the supposed PT109 Court Martial?

    And I’m extremely skeptical that FDR (or even Eleanor) was an outright Communist agent. What would be your strongest source for that claim?

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  136. @Alden

    The expended cartridge casings found by the sixth floor window were 6.5×52, the chambering of the Carcano 91/38. Supporters of the conventional narrative, and the Warren Commission, consider this evidence of the shots fired that killed JFK. To this they add the fact that Oswald purchased a Carcano 91/38 and Oswald worked at the TSBD to conclude Oswald fired his Carcano killing JFK. Of course they need to provide the murder weapon and point to the rifle recovered by Dallas police on the sixth floor as that murder weapon. No one supporting the conventional narrative has suggested the recovered rifle was not the murder weapon. However, I have provided irrefutable proof that the recovered weapon was not a Carcano 91/38 chambered in 6.5×52, but a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish chambered in 7.65×53. The FBI seized the recovered rifle, however when it was presented to the Warren Commission it had transformed into a Carcano 91/38, complete with a handprint of Oswald and a FBI crime lab report that the 6.5mm bullet found on the gurney at Parkland Hospital had been fired from the presented Carcano 91/38. Clearly there is something
    dreadfully wrong with the evidence.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  137. Cking says:

    We must recognize that the assassination of JFK in Dallas is America’s cold case and despite the demands to ‘forget about it’ will never be forgotten until people and parties, dead or alive, are brought to justice. Personally, I don’t know how anyone could not think that Trump was done dirty by the Democratic Party when you think of what was done to the Kennedys.

    America, back in the day of Joe Sr. and young Jack was still Anglophile and anti-Catholic, more than anti-Communist; that may explain some of the media offensives and whispering campaigns against the Kennedy family, going so far as to court-marshal Lt. Jack Kennedy for the PT-109 incident and labeling old Joe as an anti-semite and Nazi lover because he didn’t jump onto the FDR war wagon. I find your information hard to take, not factual enough, or consequential to warrant pay-back, and it still cannot justify the assassination’s of the two Kennedy brothers and the murder and psyop at Chappaquiddick that put the blame and the brace around Senator Ted Kennedy’s neck, the tragedy of John Jr’s death and his wife and sister-in-law.

    Was FDR a Communist agent? I believe so, certainly Stalin’s Soviet Union could not have survived without America’s money and manufactures, munitions, tanks, airplanes, the Studebaker truck, etc. What was it, 13 members of his government died under suspicious circumstances and it never raised anyone’s eyebrow? Being an agent and a Communist are two different things. FDR was not a Communist, he was a creature of Wall St., Secretary of the US Navy, understood the way of the world under President Wilson and Mr. Warburg’s Bank, profited from his associations on Wall St. and wanted war in two hemispheres at once. I believe the Soviet Union had to pay back their war debts to the United States.

    Your assessment is built on little or no evidence, to inspire prejudice and resentment, and keeps anyone from recognizing that wars are organized for profit as President Wilson testified before the Congress. And the Federal Reserve Act made America that ‘virtuous’ nation that seeks to spread ‘democracy’ everywhere. Anyone, like John F. Kennedy, who interferes with the normal relations between men and nations will pay for it with his life. You could say Zapruder’s film educated a few generations of American politicians and all-of-a-sudden the present Democratic Party’s Biden Administration becomes understandable.

  138. @Ron Unz

    There is no source I’ve ever seen that a court-martial was ever considered concerning PT-109. A less connected officer than John F. Kennedy would probably not have been a “hero” over the incident. He might not have been given another boat, maybe sent stateside the rest of the war, maybe made a junior officer on a minesweeper.

    From, I believe, Collier and Horowitz’ book on the Kennedys, Joe Kennedy immediately started lobbying for a medal for his son, as well as arranging considerable publicity about PT-109, such as John Hersey’s magazine article.

    Joe Kennedy started with asking for the Medal of Honor, but had to settle for the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the lowest they gave. It often went for non-combat service.

    When Joe Kennedy Jr. was killed on his mission against the V-1 sites a year later, Joe Sr. again lobbied for the Medal of Honor. Joe Jr. was awarded posthumously the Navy Cross, the Navy’s second highest decoration.

    Joe Jr. deserved it.

  139. Alden says:

    Both the Stone film and the Garrison book it’s based on are fiction. Read my comment 104. It’s about the actual, real, true, proven FACTS that Garrison uncovered.

  140. Alden says:

    Please start using paragraphs.

    You have no understanding of criminal investigation any other kind of investigation probable cause types of evidence civil law criminal law evidence a prosecutor needs to file charges or anything legal. Until you learn those things there’s no way you can begin to understand basic legal procedures about anything from small claims court to first degree murder trials.

    Maybe start with a standard investigators manual there are many both for police and private investigators both on line and books.

    Next you’d have to spend some money. Not much maybe \$2 or 300 dollars. Might not be able to do it online without a state bar license number. You would need what’s called a practice manual of criminal procedure.

    Those are the manuals that lays out the exact step by step procedure a prosecutor must follow from the time a police detective has a viable suspect to gathering real, not speculative evidence, the criminal charges to file everything.

    After a year or so of intensive study you might, just possibly might , understand this Mauser idea of yours is no proof of anything.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  141. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    Naval History Magazine seems the most reliable thing because it’s an official navy website.
    Did JFK’s order sink PT 109
    The truth about JFK and his PT 109 collision

    Might be something in The Dark Side of Camelot Seymour Hersh. Although he worked for the New York Times so cant be trusted.

    There’s some anti or truth about Kennedy books I’ve read A refreshing change from the adoring hagiographies. Most have something about what an incompetent PT commander he was. I really can’t remember.

    As for Roosevelt being a communist agent. Just my personal belief. Because I grew up surrounded by both CPUSA real members and wanna be members. And then saw how the entire government of San Francisco was swarmed by commie liberal anti White activists. Not as real Civil servants but as NGO workers welcome to invade everywhere with federal powers to take over.

    FDR and aides set up numerous organizations to deal with the depression fine. And staffed them with communists. LBJ did the same with his civil rights movement and great society money.

    I actually knew Bernadette Dohrn a little. When she and Bill Ayers were hiding after some bombings and killings back east. They came to San Francisco. She got a job with an NGO something to do with prisoners children. That NGO was run by a member of the Bronfman family and were always pestering around the criminal courts looking for clients to enroll. She also bombed Park Police Station killing another police officer. While she was working days for that NGO getting a federal paycheck,

    When they finally were caught or turned themselves in I recognized her as one of the NGO pests.

    For instance how did Ethel Rosenberg’s communist brother David Greenglass end up being the machinist foreman of the machine shop at Los Alamos that made the prototype of the atom bomb?

    He was qualified for the job. Skilled experienced certified machinist with management experience. But there were more than 100K certified machinists in the country at the time. Many would have had management experience. And the exact communist whose close relatives were soviet couriers didn’t get to Los Alamos by accident or a normal search for qualified machinists. He was placed there by CPUSA.

    The Stanford Lucius Green library had Roosevelt was a communist books whenI was there. I read them . Believed them Might still be there. All those right wing anti communist books written in mid century were correct, And the liberal view that communism was no threat is wrong is completely false. All they’ve done is plug new villains and victims into the template.

    Working class White men are the new oppressors Black criminals and trans critters are the vanguard of progress. Criminals and deviants of the world unite and destroy the oppressive working class White men responsible for all the evils of the world.

    1848 in Europe , 1880s, 1930s & 40s, a brief setback 1948 to 1960 and then a triumphant march through every organization and institution in America and the western world

    I knew I shouldn’t have read this article and gotten into the dumpster of Kennedy’s murder theories.

    You are correct Israel benefited enormously. Castro was relieved of a man attempting to kill him. American anti White liberals got their man in the White House. So did Israel.

  142. @Alden

    Neither of the Roosevelts belonged to the Comintern and they followed rational political calculations which led to a temporary alliance with the USSR. During the 1930s, with the Great Depression in full storm and conservatives like Robert Taft hostile to the New Deal, there was a strong possibility that a new type of Left-wing labor party could have grown at the expense of the Democrats. Trotsky in exile took the stance that it was the task of his followers to build such a party. It was because of this stance that the Roosevelt administration rejected Trotsky’s appeals for asylum and instead launched a prosecution of the Socialist Workers Party in November 1941 under the Smith Act.

    Trotsky’s position on these issues was likely influenced by a determination on his part to avoid showing any special hostility towards Hitler over the Jewish Question. Instead, Trotsky treated Hitler as another imperialist who was likely to going to get into a war with the imperialist powers of Britain, France and likely the US. His followers were taught to oppose the attempts of their own imperialists to rally the nation for war.

    The viewpoint from Moscow was very different. Hitler had many times announced not only an obsession with the Jewish Question but also the goal of acquiring living space in the Slavic lands of eastern Europe. most especially Russia. The US did not have long history of a well-established labor movement the way that Germany did. The Great Depression offered an opportunity to begin to build one. But it was not very likely that such a movement would rapidly succeed in carrying off a proletarian revolution as envisioned by Marx. More likely is that any attempt by the CPUSA to organize militant labor struggles would have caught Roosevelt in a grind with the Taft Republicans advocating for free market solutions. The result would have been a weak Roosevelt administration at a time when Hitler was reaching the peak of his strength.

    With that scenario in mind, the CPUSA was ordered by the Comintern to maintain reasonably civil relations with the Roosevelt administration throughout most of the 1930s. This shifted temporarily at the time of the Hitler-Stalin pact, but by and large the stance of the CPUSA meant that Roosevelt was not really challenged a Leftist labor movement during the most important years of the New Deal. At the peak period of its growth the CPUSA had about 10,000 official members and was able to influence many more labor activists outside of the party. In contrast, the number of people who were involved with spying activities and the like was maybe around 400 (possibly less). Although those 400 Soviet agents can in retrospect seem much more critical than they would have at the time, yet by and large it’s safe to say that the Roosevelt-Stalin alliance prevented the growth of what might otherwise have been a new Leftist labor party.

    There were political trade-offs on both sides. The trade-off from the Comintern meant that at a time when there was a serious possibility of breaking the labor movement away from the Democrats (as Lenin would have envisioned should occur) the CPUSA took a stance towards the New Deal which guaranteed that the Democrats would remain the leading party among organized labor. The trade-off from the Roosevelt administration was that they took a soft approach towards the investigation of Soviet agents who were not actually doing anything that would have created a domestic political challenge but were instead feeding stolen information to Soviet intelligence. It was always bound to be a temporary alliance of convenience which fell apart when both the war and the Depression had ended. But Roosevelt was not actually an agent working for the Comintern.

    • Replies: @Alden
  143. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    Some of Anthony Sutton’s books discuss the Roosevelt’s pro communism. Major Jordan’s Diary about the incredible amount of non war materiel sent to Russia under the guise of lend lease war materiel. I think I read the Diaries. Made a good case. He didn’t accuse FDR of being a soviet agent. But for a cynic familiar with American communism that’s what I concluded.

  144. Alden says:

    The recently fired rifle and cartridges found in a building fronting the street where Kennedy was shot 5 minutes before was not evidence Oswald shot Kennedy or the murder victim.

    It was however reason to round up, detain and intensively question everyone in the building fronting the street where Kennedy was shot.

    Wesley informed the police Oswald carried a paper wrapped rifle shaped package into the car and brought it into the building. Wesley identified the discarded paper wrapping nearby.

    That was physical and eyewitness evidence to suspect Oswald instead of others in the building. Physical and eye witness evidence. You don’t even know there are several different types of evidence do you? . .

    Tippett. Oswald shot Tippett in full close view of 5 witnesses. 2 were across a narrow 2 lane street. The other 3 were on the same side of the street. Oswald walked right by one, Scroggins. Scroggins was close enough to tell police the color of Oswald’s eyes and heat Oswald talking to himself about “ that damn cop”

    3 of the witnesses identified Oswald as Tippetts murderer in 2 different line ups. And you claim Oswald was innocent of the Tippett murder.

    Because you read a book by some lunatic fringe idiot who claimed the gun that killed Tippett. The gun in Oswald’s possession 15 minutes later when he was arrested wasn’t really Oswald’s gun but some other gun. The police took it off him 15 minutes after he murdered Tippett.

    And how do you and the looney tune who wrote the book you read know what kind of gun Oswald had. Was it registered to him? Did handguns even have to be registered in Texas in 1963? Nowadays gun stores register all guns sold. But private sales guns are often not registered.

    Two people were murdered that day. Tippett definitely by Oswald positively by 3 close witnesses. Kennedy probably by Oswald because of eyewitness and physical evidence.

    You’re just repeating endless details about the guns in a ridiculous effort to prove Oswald innocent. While ignoring everything else.

    Are you a black criminal? Your reasoning is identical to the reasoning of retarded black criminals when arrested.

    DA okay Shitsvious. I’m charging you with auto theft DUI and resting arrest because the police stopped you while driving a stolen car drunk and refused to get out of the car and had to be pulled out.

    Shitavaous. I wasn’t even in the car. Wasn’t anywhere near the car. Was at my mamma’s house.

    DA. The arresting officers pulled you out of the car. Your fingerprints are in the car.

    Shitavuous. Bubbb I

    Shitsvious’ public defender OK. Now let’s talk Mr Ms DA. How about dropping the charge of resisting arrest and Shitavious pleas to DUI and auto theft?

    DA sounds good

    You are reasoning like below 80 IQ Shitaviois And you read a book where some one claimed they knew what hand gun Oswald owned, And you believed that book of historical fiction Which is what the genre is.

    I could write a book claiming the Speaker of the House murdered Kennedy in Dallas and planned to murder Johnson when he got off the plane back in DC so the speaker would become president.

    And the Who Killed Kennedy lunatics would believe it.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  145. Alden says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Opinions vary. I grew up in a CPUSA milieu. I know about the thousands of communists and communists and soviet agents who never joined the actual party who were hired by the new agencies created to end the depression.

    No background checks no experience required just affirmative action for communists hired through the hard leftist communist networks.

    My parents and their friends were involved in it.

    Opinions vary. Believe what you learned from pro FDR and pro communist books. Quote your conventional wisdom. It’s very familiar to me. Nothing new. But I know better.

    LBJs War on Poverty programs were an exact replica of FDRs depression ending programs. Hire the same kind of people hate America revolutionaries as FDR’s agencies did.
    FDR’s programs failed to conquer America.

    LBJ’s programs and anti American revolutionaries succeeded. As we can observe 50 years later.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  146. Cking says:

    Alden, I’m mystified by your indifference. Mr. Garrison’s investigation and findings cannot be discarded so thoughtlessly if we’re really looking for the truth of the origins of the JFK’s public execution. DA Garrison found and would not let go of this bone; Life magazine’s expose on New Orleans’ elite revealed that Clay Shaw was a board member of Permindex. What they didn’t reveal was that Permindex was headed by Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a Canadian born leader of the Jewish community, British officer, and lawyer for the Bronfman interests in Canada.

    It’s reported that the Swiss company Permindex was an international-murder-incorporated organ, linked to British Intelligence. Bloomfield and perhaps Shaw had a connection to the FBI’s Division 5, that was created by the collaboration of Canadian spy master, William Stephenson, code named, ‘Intrepid’, and FBI Director, Edgar J. Hoover to train and organize the United States’ help to fight Germany and enter WWII. I cite the LaRouche organ EIR, Linda de Hoyos, Jeffery Steinberg, David Goldman and other writers. Also published in Dope Inc.

    • Replies: @Alden
  147. @Alden

    I am not talking about evidence to make a probable cause arrest, I am taking about the evidence that would be used at Oswald’s murder trial that was never held. This same evidence was used by the Warren Commission to declare Oswald the killer of JFK. That is what the discussion here is all about. I don’t know where you get the idea I have expressed an opinion on the Office Tippet murder, I have never mentioned it. I don’t care about the Tippet murder. I am only interested in the kill shot that blew out the back of JFK’s skull. The rest of your comment is simply deranged.

    • Replies: @Alden
  148. @Alden

    There’s no reason to doubt the claim about people from the CPUSA being hired on to work in social aid programs during the Depression. That matches perfectly well with what I already noted about the agreement between Roosevelt and Stalin. The CPUSA was specifically discouraged by Moscow away from doing anything which could have built an independent labor party, the way that Lenin and Trotsky had envisioned when the Comintern was formed in 1919. Instead, the CPUSA forfeited the opportunity offered by the Great Depression and spent their energies campaigning in a way which supported Roosevelt. Once the Depression had ended, the original opportunity to create such a Left-wing labor party was gone. That was for FDR the incentive to keep friendly relations with Moscow going.

  149. @Alden

    “Don’t forget Texas was a Democrat solid democrat [sic] state since before the civil war”

    More Dixiecrat than Democrat.

  150. @Alden

    “Admissible evidence; not fantasies about assassins hiding in the sewer drains or lurking in the trees or in the railroad over pass.”

    How much evidence was collected at the crime scene? What authority decided which evidence was admissible? It’s a mistake to approach the JFK hit with the same criteria used by a homicide detective investigating the murder of Joe Citizen. Political considerations can lead to fabricated or disappeared evidence.

    Lee Harvey Oswald’s life is the best evidence of a conspiracy to kill JFK. From his time as a teenager spent in the company of David Ferrie to his initial contact with CIA case officers at Atsugi Naval Base in Japan which led to his involvement in James Angleton’s false defector program. Oswald’s final mission for the CIA was to fill the role of “patsy.”

  151. @S

    “I think Oswald acted alone.”

    Do you also believe the mRNA vaccines are safe and effective?

  152. @Alden

    The irrefutable fact that the Dallas police recovered a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish chambered in 7.65×53 from the TSBD is absolutely critical to the entire case of JFK’s murder. Why you cannot understand that is beyond absurd. The rifle recovered by the Dallas police, a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish chambered in 7.65×53, was seized by the FBI. It then morphed into a Carcano 91/38 chambered in 6.5×52. This Carcano rifle was presented to the Warren Commision. This is the basis of the case against the dead Lee Harvey Oswald. That Oswald purchased a Carcano 91/38 chambered in 6.5×52, that 6.5×52 expended cartridges were found under the sixth floor window of the TSBD, that a 6.5mm bullet was found in a gurney at Parkland Hospital on which JFK’s corpse was lying. Since the rifle recovered from the TSBD was not a Carcano 91/38, but a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, the government’s case against Oswald falls apart completely. Not only that, but the FBI is guilty of Obstruction Of Justice by tampering with evidence by substituting a Carcano for the Mauser 1890. Since the FBI is guilty of Obstruction they are assumed to be party to the crime of the murder of The President Of The United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. EVERYTHING turns on that Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. EVERYTHING.

    • Replies: @Alden
  153. Alden says:

    You claimed that the gun used to kill Tippett was not Oswald’s gun the gun he pulled out of his jacket pocket when he was arrested 25 minutes later.

    You are trying to prove Oswald innocent by claiming the gun found 5 minutes after Kennedy was shot was a Mauser.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Bombercommand
  154. Alden says:

    You are wrong. Oswald owned a Carcano. Oswald brought a rifle shaped package into the building. As soon as the police got a good look at the rifle they realized it was a Carcano. When police are searching for a murderer 5 minutes after a shooting they don’t worry about anything but finding the killer and not getting ambushed themselves. Might not even be close enough to get a good look at the rifle because they were looking for the killer.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  155. Alden says:

    Working for and being on the Board of Directors of Permindex oil company was one of the things Garrison used to try to prove that Clay Shaw conspired to kill Kennedy. That Shaw was also a Board member of the New Orleans Port Authority. So was the fact that Shaw was gay. And the fact that Shaw restored old houses. And the fact that Shaw was old enough that his hair was White.

    None of those things proved Shaw guilty of conspiring to kill Kennedy.

    How many people worked for Permindex and in the Port of New Orleans one of the busiest harbors in the America’s? How many people worked on French quarter houses lived in them bought and sold them. How many gay men lived in and around New Orleans? How many tall White men’s hair turns white when they get old.

    A man who proclaimed himself communist since high school proclaimed it when he was a marine defected to Russia , came back and devoted himself to Castro and Cubs was the only suspect in the murder of President Kennedy who was anti Castro and anti Soviet Union.

    The media, the very powerful Jews academia the huge Foundations Ford Rockefeller Carnegie Woods were all pro Soviet Union and pro Castro

    And one of their own. A pro Castro activist who proclaimed himself a communist in high school was the only suspect for the Kennedy murder.

    The liberals immediately went into damage control. Oswald might have pulled the trigger but the Mayor of Dallas Dallas police the KKK White southerners in general the FBI CIA ATF DOA Texas State Police big business small business oil steel manufacturers everybody and anybody but a life long communist pro Castro activist ( like us) killed Kennedy.

    • Replies: @Cking
  156. Cking says:

    Alden, me, a communist? you’re kidding. I do appreciate you are an unapologetic anti-communist. I get it.

    Clay Shaw was SOS during WWII, and probably a homosexual, a person the British liked to recruit because they were used to living their life in disguise. Shaw was known as a CIA agent, made plausible by his SOS history, his seat at Permindex, and connection to FBI Division 5 agent and New Orleans, station chief, Guy Bannister and his crew that included Lee Harvey Oswald. I personally don’t know what Shaw had to do at Dallas if he was involved at all. He could have been a spectator, a supervisor and purveyor of ‘Carlos the Jackal’ type marksmen, provided ingress into Texas, housing and an escape for the assassins to move on to Canada or wherever. Personally, I think the mobbed up Dallas Zionist business community did not need any help.

    Shortly after DA Garrison’s prosecution, trial and not guilty verdict, Shaw was found dead at his home and taken away by ambulance. Like Oswald he was a liability and cut-out. My opinion here is full of facts, plausibility, and speculation.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  157. Alden says:

    Your opinion is based on extreme naïveté and gullibility. And reading of American communist and pro Castro propaganda . Who published thousands of books documentaries meetings etc to prove that one of their own, Oswald communist pro Castro activist didn’t murder a very popular president. You read, watched and believe all that communist propaganda.

    Garrison tried to use those things you mentioned to prove Shaw “conspired” to kill Kennedy.

    Are you a White man? Are you tall? Old enough your hair is white? Ever worked or lived in a Port city? Ever remodeled houses? Ever bought and sold a house? Ever worked for an oil company, even as a clerk in a gas station? Ever joined or know anyone who belongs to your local chamber of commerce?

    After years of stealing and diverting the county district attorney’s payroll to pay his investigators that was all Garrison could come up with to drag Shaw through hell and near bankruptcy to pay his defense counsel.

    • Replies: @Cking
  158. Alden says:

    Typo Oswald was arrested about 15 minutes after he killed Tippett. Tried to shoot the arresting Officers with it.

    Idiot. He was caught in the theater because he went in without paying and the cashier called police. His thousands of co conspirators didn’t even give him enough money to pay for a movie ticket.

  159. Alden says:
    @R.G. Camara


    A person who hasn’t been brainwashed by all the communist books and documentaries claiming that life long communist pro Castro activist Oswald didn’t murder Kennedy

    Kennedy was a cold war president who built his congress and senate career and became president by being more anti communist than his opponent Nixon and was extremely and publicly anti Castro. Tried to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro about 18 months before Oswald murdered him. Oswald was running about to all the Fair Play For Cuba meetings and an ardent pro Castro activist while Kennedy was invading Cuba.

    Always nice to read a realistic opinion about the Kennedy murder. Instead of the naive repetition of 59 years of communist propaganda.

  160. D-FENS says:
    @Doug Ryler

    JFK was NOT about to “end the fed”. The Executive Order that is the center of this theory wasn’t rescinded until 20 years later. This theory has been thoroughly debunked by G. Edward Griffin and James Corbett. Don Gibson, who wrote “JFV vs. Wall Street” has found no evidence for it.

  161. @Alden

    Please state the comment number where I claim the gun used to murder Office Tippet was not Oswald’s. But you can’t, because I have made no such claim. In fact, I have never written anything on the Office Tippet murder, it doesn’t interest me.

  162. @Alden

    You early know nothing about the Dallas police search of the sixth floor of the TSBD. Everything you wrote in your comment #157 is garbage. At least a half dozen officers, led by a senior officer, made a calm, systematic search of the room. They were not concerned about being ambushed in the least. First they found the four expended 6.5×52 cartridge cases by the window. Next they split into two groups and began searching the large number of cardboard boxes stacked in the room. They quickly found a rifle and spent a leisurely period examining it and photographing it from many angles. The written report by the Dallas police stated clearly the recovered rifle was a “7.65mm Mauser”. The police report did not mention a Carcano 91/38 rifle, which is chambered in 6.5×52. Only one cartridge was ever designed in the highly unusual 7.65mm bore size: the 7.65×53. Of the 14 models of military bolt action rifles manufactured in the 7.65×53 chambering, only one, the Mauser Model 1890 Turkish is identical to the rifle Dallas police recovered from the sixth floor of the TSBD.

  163. Cking says:

    Alden, you can’t explain away Oswald’s plea “I’m the patsy’, ‘I need counsel.’ Why did LHO need a rifle in a weapons depository of which the TSBD was? He kept telling police, he never owned a rifle. The rifle he supposedly used could not have made that shot or shots even if he were a master marksman, which he was not. And we can’t forget, Arlen Specter’s ‘magic bullet’ explanation for so many bullets and subsequent wounds to two individuals at once.

    No matter your perspective Sam Bloom, a leader in the Dallas business community, who demanded that the presidential caravan go through Dealey Plaza, now orders Dallas Police officialdom that Oswald must be moved from Dallas Police Jail to the County Jail ostensibly to give the press better access to LHO for photos and questioning, actually to be shot by Jack Ruby, a member of the ‘Zionist’ cabal that orchestrated the JFK assassination. LHO was a cut-out, playing his ‘Red’ cover to the end and always said I have nothing against John Kennedy. IMHO.

    Now to the Communist power in the US government at that time. Communists in the USA were/are the secret infantry of Wall St. IMHO. JFK never publicly admonished Senator Joe McCarthy and would not show at the Senate’s vote to censure Senator McCarthy. RFK, a product of his class, was notoriously anti-union, anti-socialist, and anti-communist. His politics changed, becoming a little more aware of the injustices endured by America’s little people and workers, the weak and the powerless, as he got older.

    I think you’re right, Cuba should not have been given to Fidel Castro and the Communists. Neither should have Vietnam been offered up. However, Cuba was a dominion of the Meyer Lansky organization that wrecked Cuban culture, which defiled and debased the status of the Church in people’s lives as was done to the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Cuba, as a mobbed up casino, was not a sympathetic political or human edifice. In our modern era, wars are for profit and depopulation, not fought for victory; thus the offensive against the Kennedy’s who, like Joe Sr., always proposed war avoidance.

    The post WWII decades, was a time in the world where almost every Catholic head of state was scheduled for assassination. Konrad Adenauer of Germany, Charles de Gaulle of France, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, Diem of Vietnam, Aldo Moro of Italy, John and Robert Kennedy, etc. I am not convinced that Communist power was behind these offensives, yes, communists were deployed or manipulated, but not the sole power, we call Globalization today, always operating against the Constitutional nationalist, republican ordered, nation-state.

    Nuclear bombs were unnecessarily dropped on the Catholic cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, already defeated Japan that was trying to broker surrender and peace through the diplomatic offices of the Vatican.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  164. Alden says:

    Oh, for God’s sake another naive gullible idiot reciting the American communist lies about Oswald’s rifle like good little altar boys recite “ Our father who art in heaven”

    1 The rifle that Oswald owned had a paper trail. It was in a catalog. Every item in that catalog had a specific number. The catalog had order forms in it. Oswald pulled out an order form filled it in, included a post office * not a bank money order and sent it to the company. Used the name Hidell and his Post office box instead of his real name and home address.

    Company sent the rifle and put the money order in its bank.

    ATF and FBI checked company records.

    1 The order form that arrived,

    2the forms the warehouse filled out.

    3The forms the packaging and shipping department filled out.

    4 Bookkeeping department
    Money order deposited in the bank the post office charge to mail the package deduct the rifle from stock. Add the deposit to the profit sheet. Every transaction using the catalog number Oswald wrote on the order form he pulled from the catalog and filled out. Guy who brings items to the post office for mailing fills out forms.
    There it was, the standard paper trail all mail order catalog companies used. Order received put the payment in the bank send order to the warehouse back room wherever the stock is kept. Send the order to packaging shipping and pay the post office whatever the post office mailing charge is.

    The rifle purchased by Hidell arrived in Oswald’s post rented under the name Hidell. Actually, post office put the “you have a package “ notice in the actual box and Oswald picked it up at a window from a clerk and both signed the Post office form.

    Paper trail all the way. That how post office packages too big to fit in those little boxes are still handled.

    As for the rifle Oswald bought being incapable of accurately shooting 100 feet you gullible brainwashed fool, the Mannlicher Carcano had been the standard Italian infantry rifle for decades. It was a better rifle than the rifle the American army used in Vietnam. That one, the American one jammed all the time. So our infantry men had to carry big long screw drives to clear the barrels. Those Sears Roebuck craftsman screw drivers.

    Mannlicher Carcanos made in Italy. Italy has a very standard of gun making. Unlike China and Britian during its manufacturing days that made a lot of cheap everything. Italy manufactures few things but they are superb and not cheap. Go to Walmart and Macy’s check the labels China China China Go to Saks and Bergdof’s made in Italy made in Italy

    Oswald did own a Carcano. And that Carcano with all the identity numbers put in at the Italian factory still on it. Traced from the seller to Oswald to his home to right there in the book warehouse. His wife wasn’t the only one who saw his rifle in his home. He showed it to several other people too. Not that they could identify it. Who can? But they knew he had a rifle.

    The Who Killed Kennedy it was everyone in the world but an American pro Castro activist communist who killed an anti communist anti Castro president.

    That’s one of the greatest lying propaganda triumphs of the 20th and 21st centuries. Even climate change. People are beginning to notice it’s the same old blizzards and freezing temperatures in the north and an unusually cold winter every few years in the southern USA. And after 2 years there are even covid skeptics.

    Millions of Americans doubt that MLK was the epitome of virtue integrity honesty and chastity the liberals and communist have tried to brainwash us with since 1957? When they first promoted him

    Thousands ( like me) know that MLK was a CPUSA operative and was trained at the CPUSA training school I believe they called it Black Mountain . Can’t remember the exact name and can’t be bothered to google it in an argument with a naive gullible brainwashed fool.

    Oswald had a Carcano. It was in his home. He didn’t live alone he had a wife. She saw it all the time as they lived in small apartments no spacious garage to keep his guns. He showed it to his friends. Oswald bragged he used that rifle to shoot at General Walker a pro segregation activist. Oswald’s words.

    The day Oswald murdered Kennedy and Tippett the Marxist anti American MLK worshipping college professors claimed Oswald was mentally ill and Oswald’s communism had nothing to do with murdering a very anti communist president.

    Oswald told the police who arrested him “I’m innocent and “I’m a patsy”. And you are so naive and gullible to believe that. Every person who is arrested either keeps his mouth shut or tells the police he didn’t do it. And many people whom police stop and question are innocent. And the police leave them alone. Or bring them to the station or sit in the car for further questioning. And tell them it’s OK you can go sorry for the inconvenience but it’s our job to question everyone.

    As soon as the theater lights were turned on and police began looking for a skinny brown haired young White man wearing a pale beige windbreaker jacket. Oswald pulled the hand gun he used to kill Tippett and shot at the officers.

    The fantasies about the murder of Kennedy the naive gullible idiots of the world believe.

    You probably believe Oswald was a bad shot because he didn’t have the highest score in his Marine shooting tests. That’s like saying a person can’t drive a car or pickup because he doesn’t have the license to drive a reticular double city bus or those enormous trucks with 18 gears.

    * post office money order and box with alias Hidell because Oswald fancied him a great communist spy and used trade craft.
    I guess the post office didn’t require ID to rent a box at the time.

    • Disagree: Justvisiting
  165. @Alden

    But the rifle Dallas police recovered from the sixth floor of the TSBD was not a Carcano 91/38, chambered in 6.5×52. The Dallas police report describe the recovered rifle as a 7.65mm Mauser. How do you account for that, Alden??? I have proved irrefutably that the rifle recovered by Dallas police from the sixth floor of the TSBD was, in fact, a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, chambered in 7.65×53. How do you account for that, Alden????

    • Agree: Cking
  166. Alden says:

    All you’ve proved is that you’re a naive gullible brainwashed fool who’s read a lot of books written by Oswald’s fellow communists to convince the gullible fools that Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy of thousands from everywhere in earth. But not Kennedy’s enemy de jour Castro and his American allies of whom Oswald was one.

    Police don’t carry rifle catalogs around so the can identify a murder weapon in a second. First thing is to catch the murder.

    You need the Internet , catalogs and magazines to identify rifles. Can’t do that when chasing a murderer

    One cop said I think it’s a Mauser. Soon as they took a good look a cop who knew the difference between a Carcano and a Mauser identifier it as a Carcano. And there’s a verified paper trail from Oswald’s catalog to the seller back to Oswald/Hidell who signed for his Mannlicher Carcano at the post office. And kept first at his home and then in Ruth Payne’s garage.

    From which he removed it wrapped it and took it to the warehouse the day he murdered Kennedy. Who else removed Oswald’s rifle from Ruth Payne’s garage? I know; the CIA the FBI ATF Lyndon Johnson Richard Nixon George Bush Sr with the help of 10 year old George Bush jr the Mayor of Dallas the oil industry the steel industry Federated Departed Stores the insurance industry Mossad Israel everybody in the world went into Ruth Payne’s garage took Oswald’s Carcano rifle wrapped it in brown paper garbage bags and got into Wesley Fraser’s car the day Oswald shot Kennedy and brought it into the warehouse in full view of Wesley and other workers.

    You’ve proved nothing but that you’ve read a lot of communist propaganda and believe it.

    All you’ve proved is that you can read and write about what lies you read.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  167. Cking says:

    Alden, I know LHO used the alias Hidell, You’re convincing me you’re trolling here. I have to put all you say aside.

    MLK was coopted by the Quakers and Jewish political activists, who planned a Soviet style forced relocation of the population pogrom as specified by urban planners of that era, to move Catholics out of the big cities by moving Southern, African Americans, to the Northeast, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. agitating for Civil Rights. I cite E. Michael Jones, ‘Slaughter of the Cities’ describing ‘urban renewal’ as ethnic cleansing.

    The crux of the public execution of JFk is that an assassination is claimed to have been carried out by one man Lee Oswald, a lousy shot, with slow bullets, that do not fit the old rifle, or could not possibly have made the wounds turning and twisting trajectory, acrobatically, through the limousine’s front window frame, John Connally and John Kennedy. Gov. Connally miraculously survives.

    It’s disturbing that none of the police officers or detectives ever took notes or made a recording of what Oswald answered or said to questions by police, detectives, or the many statements he made. No transcript of LHO’s interrogation and/or statements exists. Oswald, in front of reporters in the hallway of the Dallas Police precinct, shouted, ‘I didn’t shoot anyone’, I want a lawyer, and demanded contact with his lawyer Mr. Abt in NYC.

    Who is Ruth Paine, Oswald’s friend?

    JFK was shot at 12:30 pm, at 12:33 Oswald hops a bus asking, ‘transfer please’. He hops off the bus and grabs a cab “May I have this cab’, A woman walks up and wants a cab, LHO says I will let you take this cab. at 12;45 Lee Oswald’s instructions to another cab driver ‘500 N. Beckley St.’

    Officer Tippit is murdered at 1:15.

    At 2:15pm, ‘No, Hidell is not my real name’; while on the way to the police precinct someone asked about his use of the name Hidell; seems strange.

    At 3:45 pm Bill Ryan, NBC newsman, reports that Lee Oswald seems to be the prime suspect in the assassination of the President, John F. Kennedy.

    When LHO was being arrested and processed by police at the precinct, a piece of paper is found with the name of FBI agent James Hosty, home and office numbers, and car license numbers were found in Oswald’s possession.

    • Replies: @Alden
  168. Significant by its absence is any reference to Israel’s concern about Kennedy’s insistence come clean on its nuclear arms development, and thus was motivated to have him removed.

  169. Within days of the JFK hit, Bertrand Russell smelled a rat. He published ’16 Questions on the Assassination’ on 6 September, 1964, which begins, ‘ The official version of the assassination of President Kennedy has been so riddled with contradictions that it has been abandoned and rewritten no less than three times’.
    The Sixteen Questions go straight to the heart of the matter, and the ludicrous Official Version. They are well worth a read. Yet still, no MSM presstitute vermin in the West dare note what a nonagenarian saw so clearly fifty-seven years ago. There is one of the fulminating infections that poisons Western life, to the very marrow-the villainous Western MSM propaganda machine.

    • Replies: @Alden
  170. @Alden

    Very low-grade hard Right trolling. Why did Oswald order a gun by mail, when he could have walked into a shop to buy one? How did he know that the motorcade route was to be changed to go past the TBD at almost the last moment? Poisonous, fascist, racist, cretin.

    • Agree: Cking
    • Replies: @Alden
  171. @Cking

    Vietnam was not ‘given up’. It was liberated by its people. Would you have preferred that the US murder ten or twenty million Indochinese rather than four?

    • Disagree: Cking
  172. Cking says:

    Oh no, we left Vietnam the way ‘they’ wanted, pounded back into the stone age. Look what’s happened in the Middle East. Since Kissinger’s White Paper, that saw emerging nations and the elevation of the poor and powerless as a security threat, the guidance of the Peace of Westphalia and/or the Marshal Plan have been abandoned, as with the Covid-19 offensive, depopulation is a major tenet undergirding all Foreign Policy. IMHO

  173. @Alden

    You’re talking crap again Alden. The Dallas police report described the recovered rifle as a 7.65mm Mauser. Nowhere is it described as a Carcano 91/38. As I have explained to you repeatedly in exhaustive detail, apparently to no avail, the rifle in the Dallas police photos taken at the scene cannot be a Carcano 91/38, but can, with absolute certainty, be identified as a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, chambered in 7.65×53.

    • Replies: @Alden
  174. Alden says:

    All you’ve done is repeat like an idiot what you read in books written by hard left pro soviet pro Castro propagandists.

    You have never seen the gun found in the warehouse. Just repeated pro soviet pro Castro lies.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  175. Alden says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The motorcade route was in all the Dallas newspapers a couple days before Kennedy’s appearances were scheduled. All the workers in the warehouse and in other buildings along the street were aware and talking about it.

    That’s why Oswald asked Fraser to give him a ride out to Ruth Payne’s house the evening before the Kennedy parade, picked up his rifle, wrapped it and brought the rifle into Fraser’s car the next morning and carried the package into the warehouse in full view of Fraser and others.

    Who Killed Kennedy is the greatest fiction genre of the 20th century.

    And I’m proud to boast that I’m ultra far right. As all White Americans should be to avoid genocide by the liberals.

  176. Alden says:

    Hosty was the agent assigned to monitor the communist returned home defector pro Castro activist when the Oswald’s returned to Dallas.
    Hosty visited Mrs Oswald where she was staying with the Payne’s and left business cards.

    Ruth Payne was a pro soviet extreme civil rights activist Quaker. Mr Payne was the son of the Trotskyite faction of CPUSA. And founder of a Texas branch of that satanic enemy of White Americans ACLU.

    When The Who Killed Kennedy books first were published Hosty was blamed for not detaining Oswald until Kennedy was safely away from Dallas.

    Appreciate the fact that you’re aware of the mass forced by black criminals removal of Whites from our great cities so the cities could be destroyed by blacks.

    My personal opinion is that everything about the civil rights movement school desegregation mass employment of incompetent black government. Plus evacuation of Whites from the cities forced by black on White crime and pulled by cheap housing and freeways workers was created by a combination of Soviet Union strategists and Jewish American CPUSA

    School desegregation sacrifice our White children to 13 years of torture by blacks. While spending billions of the White taxpayers money. Black on White crime aided abetted and encouraged by government including prosecutors the constant media propaganda against Whites ADL AJC ACLU SPLC all dedicated to White genocide.

    Had Oswald lived he would have marched for school desegregation, free Angela Davis and Huey Newton, vegetarianism And now be agitating for trans rights Following every hard left commie liberal fad.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  177. Alden says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Consider the source. Bertrand Russell was a hard left, pro soviet, pro the communist party of Great Britain , pro every left wing cause that came along.

    An English communist Russell defends an American communist Oswald who murdered the anti communist American president Kennedy who tried to overthrow the communist Castro.

    And you believe Russell’s pro communist, pro soviet lies. Bet you believe the tens of millions of farmers Stalin slaughtered in the 1930s were fascist subversives. Bet you believe MLK Huey Newton Angela Davis and the rest of the Soviet sponsored civil rights activists were virtuous chaste crusaders Bet you believe George Floyd was strangled by Derek Chauvin.

    You’re a deaf dumb blind victim of pro soviet anti White liberal propaganda.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  178. @Alden

    Yes I have seen the rifle recovered at the TSBD. The photos taken by the Dallas police are easily available on the internet. And no I am not repeating what I read in a book. This is original research on my part. It started very recently when a commenter here at TUR posted a video that showed some, but not all, of the available photos, plus the critical information of the 7.65mm bore size. Having never heard of the 7.65mm bore I was intrigued and that led me to the existence of the only cartridge in that bore size: the 7.65×53. From there I looked at rifles chambered in 7.65×53 and found the only one that resembled the Carcano 91/38 was the Mauser Model 1889, which shared with the Carcano the distinctive magazine/triggerguard assembly with the small tab of metal projecting from the front of the assembly. However, careful examination of the photos of the recovered rifle showed that although it had a similar magazine/triggerguard assembly to the Carcano and the Mauser 1889, it differed in a critical way: the assembly lacked the metal tab. It took some time but I discovered an obscure variant of the Mauser 1889 made only for the Ottoman Empire, the Mauser Model 1890 Turkish, which resembles the Mauser 1889 in every way except that the magazine/triggerguard assembly lacks that projecting small tab of metal. The Mauser 1890 Turkish matches exactly in appearance the rifle recovered at the TSBD. The Carcano 91/38 does not. It is just as simple as that, the rifle Dallas police found at the TSBD is not a Carcano 91/38, it is a Mauser Model 1890 Turkish. Like it or not, Alden, facts are facts. There is also the matter of Obstruction Of Justice commited by the FBI. The FBI took control of the rifle from Dallas police but when next seen and presented to the Warren Commission the Mauser 1890 Turkish had magically transformed into a Carcano 91/38. Tampering with evidence is Obstruction Of Justice and so the FBI is guilty of being an accessory at least but more likely guilty of Conspiracy Murder, as no one but a party to the murder would tamper with evidence of the murder weapon.

    • Replies: @Cking
    , @Cking
    , @Alden
  179. Cking says:

    And someone had to switch or misrepresent the ‘ammo found’ at the TSBD snipers nest, 5th 0r 6th floor, (since there were two reports on the location) since, as you say the Mauser ammo for that model was not compatible with the 1890 Turkish Mauser or the 91/38 Carcano. Or should I say that the ammo found, including the ‘magic bullet’ was never ascertained positively to be acceptable to the 90 Turkish Mauser or the 91/38 Carcano?

    How are we supposed to believe that a carbine could/would be deployed in an assassination mission of the President? No matter the Turkish Mauser or the Carcano carbine, Why use such an old rifle for that mission? Even LHO would protest that the job could not be done with either weapon. If the TSBD were a clandestine weapons depot, wouldn’t there be an inventory, and better weapons to choose from? IMHO

    • Replies: @David In TN
  180. Cking says:

    Are we forgetting that the entry wounds came from the front of the limo, the first shot went through Kennedy’s throat/neck, way beyond the TBSD building which was behind the presidential limo by that time? It was only by tampering and misrepresenting the evidence at the autopsy that made LHO the shooter plausible.

    • Replies: @Alden
  181. Alden says:

    You have not seen the rifle. All you have seen is pictures on the internet and in books. BTW original research involves the actual physical things. You haven’t done any original research.

  182. Alden says:

    Right. 40 years later some fiction writer claimed that a secret service again, driver of the car stopper, turned around and shot Kennedy with his service handgun.

    I never knew the ignorant idiots of UNZ were such fans of American communists such as Oswald and his close friends the Paynes.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Cking
  183. @Alden


    Never underestimate the stupidity of some UNZ posters. They have no idea what the Soviet Communists or their American supporters were like.

    I was in junior high on November 22, 1963. I remember an early news report saying the murder weapon was a “Mauser.” Soon after it was ID’d as an Italian Carcano. One of the first cops on the scene made the mistake. To many people, all WW II bolt action rifles are “Mausers.” I’ve seen this at gun shows.

    • Thanks: Alden
  184. @Cking

    Nonsensical stupidity on your part.

    Oswald bought a rifle he could afford.

    Would you be willing to have somebody shoot at your head with a Carcano? The Italians made good small arms.

    • Replies: @Cking
  185. Cking says:

    Alden, that’s a big ‘tell’, now I know you’re full of it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  186. Cking says:
    @David In TN

    Troll, you should be ashamed.

  187. Ron Unz says:

    Consider the source. Bertrand Russell was a hard left, pro soviet, pro the communist party of Great Britain , pro every left wing cause that came along.

    An English communist Russell defends an American communist Oswald who murdered the anti communist American president Kennedy who tried to overthrow the communist Castro.

    Actually, there seems to be absolutely overwhelming evidence that Oswald was an anti-Communist activist or asset, with his alleged Communist sympathies merely giving him cover for infiltration purposes. If he had been a real Communist, why would he have been working so closely with the anti-Communist activists in Dallas and operating out of that former FBI agent’s office?

    I think one of the leading public figures most identified with the claim that Oswald was a Communist ordered to kill JFK was far-right Prof. Revilo Oliver, who published “Marxsmanship in Dallas.”

    However, decades later, after Michael Collins Piper published his seminal work Final Judgment, Oliver agreed that he himself had been entirely mistaken, and the Mossad had probably played the central role in the assassination:

    I very much doubt that Prof. Oliver was a hard-left, pro-Soviet, Communist dupe…

  188. Alden says:

    How is it a big tell? It’s just my family name.

  189. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    If Oswald has not been exposed to communism at age 11 by “ old Jewish ladies” distributing the Rosenbergs are innocent flyers and communist literature in his Brooklyn Jewish communist hard left neighborhood . I’m sure the poverty stricken circumstances his widowed mother raised him in would have influenced him toward at least European socialism and child benefit for all low income parents not just widows whose dead husbands had been enrolled in social security. Which Oswald’s father had not

    Opinions differ and here’s mine.

    Oswald was a communist He proclaimed it in high school long before he joined the Marines and could have been spotted by CIA or other sinister agency recruiters. He was one of those kids who hated school and lived to read and learn. So was I which is why I understand Oswald better than many.

    His hard left Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood library was full of communist literature and he spent hours reading it. The entire rise of communism, heroes like Vera Figner and the rest is as enthralling to a rebellious mind as the American and French revolutions.

    Sooo. For whatever reason Oswald came back to America with a totally dependent unemployable wife and baby another soon came along. He expected to be embraced by the American left but that didn’t happen. His life turned out just like his Mother’s ; a series of low wage humdrum jobs and dependents to support. With no food stamps or section 8.

    The other thing is that when Oswald was in NYC his truancy was serious. He came to the attention of the juvenile authorities. Among other things his IQ was tested 120 very bright normal. I think it’s 85 90 percentile. And a voracious reader of politics and history of revolutions and communism.

    It’s a very dangerous combination. High intelligence great both wide and deep knowledge and stuck in low level humdrum jobs any 80 IQ person could preform living in real poverty.

    Were he a few years younger, prosperous middle or upper middle class background . Not encumbered with 3 dependents he would have joined the Weather Underground.

    As it was, the only political activity he could insert himself in was the pro Castro movement. In direct opposition to President Kennedy. Kennedy was the only US President who opposed Castro. The rest let Castro be although by 1970 Castro and his numerous soviet advisors were running numerous communist underground’s and activities in Central America.

    That’s why it’s my opinion that Oswald shot Kennedy from the 6 th floor window of his workplace with the rifle found there. Plus the paper wrappings found there. Wrappings Wesley Frazer identified as the packaging Oswald brought into Frazer’s car and into the warehouse.

    Not one person has connected a person or entity suspect conspirator with a motive ……….. down the line to the actual shooter conspirator.

    I’m pretty knowledgeable about mid 20th century communism. Being poor, high school drop out, not Jewish , Quaker, Episcopalian or at least middle class WASP he wasn’t welcome.

    The Payne couple who took the Oswalds in were very suspicious if you’re looking for a communist conspiracy. Wife a Quaker husband son of the Trotskyite branch of CPUSA Dallas ACLU founder. Both heavily involved in every communist cause going from MLK civil rights to Pro Castro.

    Ruth Payne did arrange the text book warehouse job about a 6 weeks before the Kennedy visit to Dallas. But there’s no way she could have known Kennedy was going to be driving past that warehouse. And Wesley Frazer was the next door neighbor who told Ruth about the job opening.

    Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.

    And the next door neighbor Fraser gave Oswald a ride to the Payne house the evening before Kennedy was murdered. And next morning Oswald got in Frazer’s car carrying a package about the size and shape of a rifle wrapped in brown paper trash bags. And walked into the warehouse with Oswald .Who carried his package. And identified the papers found near the rifle as the wrappings of Oswald’s package.

    Here’s how the police came to believe the shits came from the warehouse. A man on the opposite side of the street right across from the warehouse looked up at the first shot. He saw protruding from a 6th floor window of the ware house a tube he assumed was a rifle. Then the second shot. He informed the police immediately of course. The shots were fired in a few seconds of course.

    The police ran to the warehouse 6 floor. To the window the witness pointed out and there was a rifle and a couple spent cartridges. And then Fraser identified the wrappings Oswald’s package was wrapped in.

    And Oswald was the only worker who left the building. 2 workers watched the parade from a 5th floor window directly under the 6th floor window where the rifle was found. They heard the shots right above them and dust fell from the shelves and ceiling ducts.

    Oswald shot Kennedy viable admissible eyewitness and physical evidence. Plus I guess hearing witnesses the men at the window directly under the window where the rifle was found.

    Not to say Oswald would have been convicted based on that evidence. Trials are about as predictable as the turn of a roulette wheel.
    But the only evidence was found in the warehouse. There were 4 witnesses . Frazer, the man across the street who saw the rifle in the 6th floor window and the men in the fifth floor who heard the shots directly above them and observed dust and paint chill falling from the shelves and ceiling ducts.

    Plenty of people, governments and organizations who had a motive to kill Kennedy.

    But no one has ever connected anyone with a motive to the killer. Except for the invisible killers lurking on roofs underpasses over passes and even LOL the street drains. How could someone down in a street drain be able to see anything but the street and the bottom of tires?

    Here’s why I think Oswald acted alone. He obviously had no plans for after he killed Kennedy or even if he shot and missed. He left all his money with his wife the night before. He had to run home to get his handgun. He didn’t even have the money for a movie ticket.

    That’s a very standard method of killing. The killer makes a reasonable plan and manages to
    kill the victim. But what to do with the body? If I kill a stranger, how do I get away?

    Wow, I killed my husband to get rid of him and get the house and insurance all for myself. But I stupidly forgot to get rid of the the warfarin rat poison in the garage. Or the 50 Vicodin pills purchased yesterday from a pharmacy with a record of the purchase by my husband that I smashed into his glass of beer the day I killed him.

    Oswald already had a rifle. And a really miraculous opportunity just happened. Oswald got into the right place just about 6 weeks before and was there at the right time.

    If the Kennedy event had been scheduled on a weekend Oswald would have missed his opportunity.

    Best suspects for the beneficiary of the Kennedy killing are LBJ the Israelis and Castro. But I can’t see any connection between those 3 and the actual killer who shot Kennedy.

    And why Whites should be so concerned about the Anti White president who wrote and issued affirmative action Executive Orders 10925 and 11114 is beyond me.

    Kennedy was as anti White as Eisenhower who sent troops to Little Rock Central High. In fact Kennedy also sent troops to desegregate some school district. And he sent his brother RFK to slobber all over anti White communist trained MLK. Every President since Truman has been as anti White as Obama and Biden. Who cares if one of them was killed by an anti White communist Oswald ?

    I’ll check back tomorrow to LOL at the outraged answers. I love a good fight. Especially when I’m right and the opposition is wrong.

    • Replies: @Cking
    , @Ron Unz
  190. @R.G. Camara

    A real Alpha Moron, ignorant pig and fascist. This sort of deranged Evil is precisely why the human future is so clouded. The mentality of a typical Rightwing death-squad killer, in El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala etc.

  191. @Cking

    Alden is an apoplectic psychopath.

  192. @Ron Unz

    Russell was firmly anti-communist and anti-Soviet. Alden is an ignorant lunatic.

    • Replies: @Cking
  193. Cking says:

    Bottom line, Have we not proven that neither Oswald or the ‘Mausers’ or anyone in the TSBD could have killed JFK? Why go on and on with Oswald and the ‘Mausers’ if they actually did not kill JFK? The kill shots came from the front of the vehicle with the TSBD in the background. The bullet hole in the frame of the front windshield and the shot through Kennedy’s throat prove the direction and multiple shooters. IMHO> So let’s move on.

    Oswald and the Mausers are the Deep State/MSM’s narrative, that allowed the guilty to get away.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  194. Cking says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Russell was a British Imperialist, philosopher, and Malthusian. His sense of justice may have condemned the public execution, however the British had a very poignant response to the assassination; something along the lines ‘He tried to beat the Imperial system.’ I believe it was Churchill who said, ‘Where did he get his independence?’

  195. Sparkon says:

    Nor was any gunman at all ever spotted on the triple overpass before, during or after President Kennedy’s assassination.

    It may make Bombercommand happy, but nevertheless I must retract my incorrect remark (crossed out above) as I’ve just found this forgotten tidbit while looking through a chronology of events surrounding JFK’s assassination:

    [page 7] Julius Hardee will tell the Dallas Morning News that he sees three men on top of the Triple underpass this morning carrying either shotguns or rifles. Whether these three men are police officers or not has never been determined. Hardee claims he reported the incident to the FBI but no report about the incident has yet surfaced.

    — Document prepared by Ira David Wood III

    Additionally, a big strapping blond dude walking down the street carrying a rifle case was seen by two separate witnesses near Commerce St. the morning of the assassination. [ibid, p. 9]

    Some researchers think this big guy was the rather imposing and swashbuckling soldier of fortune Gerry Patrick Hemming, who has said he was recruited into plots to kill JFK and MLK, but refused to take part.

    Not being in, or in league with, any league of snipers, I can’t claim to know all the tricks of their trade, or licks of their league, but I suppose that stealth would be a primary consideration, and it follows that any assassins out to kill the President of the United States would hardly advertise either their presence or intentions by parading around the kill zone beforehand with a rifle, but maybe somebody was trying to set up Hemming as a potential patsy.

    The same is true with the three men reportedly seen with long guns on the railroad bridge over the triple underpass, but who really knows?

  196. Sparkon says:

    Like Bombercommand, I think there was a Mauser found in the TSBD.

    I can see no other reason for unsung American hero Roger Craig to insist for the rest of his life that he saw Mauser stamped on the receiver of the weapon, which was also seen and documented by three other Dallas policemen, but only Roger Craig refused to change his story. In the end, he was another of those suicide by rifle guys, even though he owned pistols.

    There are numerous significant problems with the paper trail supposedly linking the Carcano to Hidell to Oswald. If Oswald had wanted to purchase a S&W revolver, a Mauser, Carcano or any other weapon, he could have walked into any gunstore in Dallas or Fort Worth and purchased one for any amount he was prepared to spend while leaving virtually no paper trail.

    There is no document showing that Hidell was authorized to receive mail at Oswald’s post office box.

    But the biggest problem with the planted (Mannlicher) Carcano was noticed long ago by the dean of JFK assassination researchers Harold Weisberg:

    William Waldman and Mitchell J. Scibor, the manager and asst. manager of Klien’s [sic] Sporting Goods testified before the Warren Commission that the rifle they had shipped to A. J Hidell [sic] at P.O. Box 2915 Dallas, was inscribed with their inventory control number VC836.

    The FBI inspected every square millimeter of the rifle found in the TSBD but they never reported finding any numbers inscribed on the rifle.

    Sue Mc Donough, an employee of the National Archives could not find the inventory control number on the rifle now in the archives.

    Therefore, the rifle now in the National Archives is not the weapon allegedly sent by Klein’s to Hidell.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was framed with a planted rifle.

    • Replies: @Alden
  197. Alden says:

    None of you naive gullible brainwashed idiots have proved anything. You’ve just endlessly repeated your favorite theories from reading the more than a thousand books written by fiction writers plugging their fiction.

  198. @Ron Unz

    Someone should do a deep dive on Guy Bannister.

    • Agree: Cking
  199. Alden says:

    More than 40,000 books about Kennedy have been published. None have named a suspect in the killing. By suspect morons; I don’t mean anyone and everyone who had a motive to kill Kennedy. I mean someone whom the police and district attorney had good reason to believe really, physically, truly, pulled the trigger and shot Kennedy.

    The only viable suspect was arrested an hour after Kennedy was murdered and arraigned ( legally charged in a court hearing) late that night.

    40,000 books the only suspect is Lee Harvey Oswald. LBJ, the Israelis, Castro had excellent motives to kill Kennedy. But there’s no way to connect them to whatever imaginary person you imagine really actually physically shot and murdered Kennedy.

    • Replies: @S
    , @Justvisiting
    , @Ron Unz
  200. Alden says:

    That picture proves nothing at all.

  201. Alden says:

    Oswald didn’t own a Mauser. The rifle found in the warehouse was not a Mauser.

    • Replies: @Cking
  202. Anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    My I wish I had your crystal ball now tell us where we will be 10 years from now, will we have a country or not or if it will be fascist or perhaps the old Nazi party will rise again like it has in the Ukraine and which the leaders in Washington embrace. I get the idea that even if he had walked on water, he wouldn’t have come up to your expectations but then again that’s the way it is with complainers

  203. Cking says:

    I was referring to the fact that all bolt action rifles of that era acquired the generic ‘Mauser’ name, didn’t necessarily have to be a Mauser. Yet, as everyone knows, an authentic Mauser was found in the TSBD substituted by the Carcano later. No matter, neither rifle was deployed and neither did LHO shoot Kennedy. Take care of yourself Alden.

  204. Ron Unz says:

    Oswald was a communist He proclaimed it in high school long before he joined the Marines and could have been spotted by CIA or other sinister agency recruiters. He was one of those kids who hated school and lived to read and learn. So was I which is why I understand Oswald better than many.

    I think there’s zero chance Oswald was a Communist in the years leading up to the JFK assassination.

    I’m not big on videos, but I finally got around to watching this 1992 interview with Col. Fletcher Prouty, who had been Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under JFK, and later became a strong critic of the CIA and a crucial source for the Oliver Stone film (He was fictionalized as Mr. X).

    Prouty comes across as extremely credible to me. Although the overall interview is more than an hour, here’s the link to the portion discussing Oswald and the JFK assassination:

    Prouty certainly wasn’t a leftist, and instead some of his casual ultra-rightwing associations apparently made Stone a little nervous.

    • Agree: Cking
    • Replies: @David In TN
  205. S says:

    The only viable suspect was arrested an hour after Kennedy was murdered and arraigned ( legally charged in a court hearing) late that night.

    Yes, very much so.

    And if Ruby hadn’t of intervened as he did and made Oswald (undeservedly) into a quasi martyr for some, Texas justice would of been done and Oswald would have speedily and righteously been hanged…or, is that electrocuted? I forget which. Anyhow, executed.

    As an aside and OT a bit. Serious question. I’m curious if there was a consensus among California law enforcement if LA based Aimee Semple McPherson really was kidnapped in 1926, just as she claimed, or, if the kidnapping was thought to be a hoax? Id be curious about your opinion, too, if you feel like sharing it. Thanks.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  206. @Ron Unz

    If Mr. X, or Prouty himself, had testified at Clay Shaw’s trial, he would have been laughed off the stand during cross examination. To me, Donald Sutherland’s scene was the best part of Stone’s movie. It was so funny.

    Again, why didn’t the establishment, Mossad, etc destroy Kennedy with a sex scandal? You’ve claimed it was “against the rules” to bring up a politician’s sex life. Wasn’t assassination against the rules?

    Oswald was an evil bastard who knew what he was doing.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  207. @S

    At the time Texas used the electric chair. Had Oswald been tried with all the evidence presented there would at least, have been an end.

    • Agree: S
  208. Ron Unz says:
    @David In TN

    If Mr. X, or Prouty himself, had testified at Clay Shaw’s trial, he would have been laughed off the stand during cross examination.

    Look, you’re some anonymous random commenter on my website, apparently with seething hatred of JFK for ideological reasons, and I’m not sure you’ve ever given any indication you’ve seriously investigated the issue. Meanwhile, Col. Prouty had a long and distinguished military career and held an important position within the JCS during the Kennedy Administration. I found him quite credible in his on-the-record video interview. So why should anyone care what you think?

    Again, why didn’t the establishment, Mossad, etc destroy Kennedy with a sex scandal? You’ve claimed it was “against the rules” to bring up a politician’s sex life. Wasn’t assassination against the rules?

    You seem utterly clueless. The MSM was largely in JFK’s pocket, and generally protected him, so it was quite unlikely they’d reveal his sexual misbehavior, even if that hadn’t been generally ignored for politicians of that era.

    Do you really believe that our current MSM reveals major sexual or other scandals of political leaders they support? And before the Internet came along, the MSM was pretty much the only factor in politics.

  209. RNotR2 says:
    @R.G. Camara

    C’mon, you’re really Gerald Posner. You can’t fool me.

  210. TGD says:

    Additionally, there were a dozen or more men up on that railroad bridge at the time of JFK’s assassination, including two Dallas cops.

    The “Rush to Judgment” video shows Mark Lane interviewing the railroad employees who witnessed the assassination from the overpass.

    Certified crime scene technician Sherry Fiester’s forensic analysis put the assassin in or near the terminal annex parking lot, adjacent to the triple over/underpass, as did a follow-up analysis conducted by her advocate, who calls himself Alek Hidell.

    Retired US Steel research engineer, Tom Wilson, who was an expert in using optics to analyze various materials concluded that the killer was hidden in a storm sewer catch basin near the grassy knoll.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  211. @Alden

    The only viable suspect was arrested an hour after Kennedy was murdered and arraigned ( legally charged in a court hearing) late that night.

    The CIA and Mossad are to be congratulated–mission accomplished!

  212. Ron Unz says:

    But there’s no way to connect them to whatever imaginary person you imagine really actually physically shot and murdered Kennedy.

    Personally, I don’t see why anyone would know or care about the name of the alleged professional assassins who killed JFK. Such names only matter in the case of killers with a personal motive, such a the “lone nut” assassins who have so greatly plagued the Kennedy family.

    As for who was almost certainly involved, back a few months ago I finally got around to reading Phillip Nelson’s big 2011 JFK/LBJ book, and although some of his theories seemed doubtful to me, he discovered one astonishing fact that apparently everyone had missed for decades. If you look very carefully at the individual still frames of the film showing the JFK assassination taking place, you discover that LBJ apparently ducked down in his car before anyone else reacted, almost certainly establishing that he had advance knowledge of what was about to happen. This further confirms LBJ’s involvement in the plot.

    • Agree: Justvisiting
    • Thanks: Cking
    • Replies: @Petermx
  213. Petermx says:
    @Ron Unz

    That sounds like an amazing discovery but hard to understand how that could be overlooked for almost 50 years.

    I think a film made about JFK’s father would be another fascinating subject if done properly.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  214. Ron Unz says:

    That sounds like an amazing discovery but hard to understand how that could be overlooked for almost 50 years.

    The Nelson frame analysis seemed pretty solid to me.

    Remember, the Zapruder film only became publicly available many years after the assassination, and once it did virtually everyone focused on the portions showing the bullets striking JFK and the reaction in his car. Nobody paid attention to the individuals in the other cars until Nelson noticed that LBJ wasn’t visible. I think he pretty persuasively argues that must mean that LBJ ducked down, and did so before anyone else on the scene had reacted to the first shots.

    If you’re interested, read his exhaustive analysis in Chapter 8 of his book and decide for yourself.

    • Thanks: Petermx
  215. Wokechoke says:

    I agree that Oswald shot Kennedy, but I also think that his politics were Trotskyite and that he was doing it for Mossad. I agree that today he’d be woke like Antifa. A useful idiot for Jewish interests. At the time of the assassination Castro was close with Israel too. So as a sympathiser with Castro and left wing politics there’s no contradiction between Zionism and Trotskyite politics. The split occurred in the left after the realignment in the middle 1960s over Palestine. Oswald would have been pro Israeli and anti white in the US.

  216. Wokechoke says:

    Stone never mentions Israel’s conflict with Kennedy over nukes, one time in that film. The dog that didn’t bark as Sherlock Holmes said.

  217. Wokechoke says:
    @Ron Unz

    Oswald was a Trotskyite antifa type of leftist. The main question is why a Jewish nightclub owner assassinated him in turn.

  218. Sparkon says:

    Tom Wilson, who was an expert in using optics to analyze various materials concluded that the killer was hidden in a storm sewer catch basin near the grassy knoll.

    I haven’t read Deeper, Darker Truth by Don Philiips, which is about Tom Wilson, but I have read some of the negative reviews, and perhaps you should too.

    Phillips chooses as his subject the late Tom Wilson whose ‘amazing technology’ bamboozled a few credulous dupes for a while in the late 1980’s.

    In a nutshell – for those who don’t know – Tom Wilson claimed to have developed a method of analyzing photographic images which enabled him to ‘peel-off’ surface layers of a print in order to find details ‘beneath’ the visually discernible image.


    As if this quackery were not silly enough, the ridiculous Tom Wilson probes even deeper into the image on his VDU. On page 17 we read that after further ‘enlargements’, Tom can see, “..coarse dark hair parted on the left side, and the man’s left ear and eye. In a second enlargement, the eye became more distinct, revealing the iris and even the pupil. There also seemed to be a mole or pox mark on his upper left cheek, just below the eye.”

    The reader need only bear in mind that in Moorman’s original polaroid print (the one that Wilson didn’t have so couldn’t examine), the ‘badgeman’ head is a microscopic 1/69th of an inch wide! Yet Tom Wilson claimed that he could detect an iris, a pupil and a mole on the cheek of this ‘head’!

    A modern, top-of-the-range digital camera might be able to photograph a mole on a face in shadow 126 feet away, but Mary Moorman’s Polaroid Highlander Model 80A with its low lens resolution and bog-standard, Polaroid Series 30 film stock?? Nah, not a chance.

    — Barry Ryder, Amazon Reviews,

    The long and short of it is certified crime scene technician Sherry Fiester (i before e) has credibility in her analysis of JFK’s assassination, while US steel research engineer Tom Wilson, does not.

    However, as you may know, reputed mobster Tony Gambino has claimed that mobster Johnny Roselli took part in the assassination while shooting from a storm drain.

    Besides implicating the Vatican and Bush in 9/11, Gambino set the record straight about the JFK assassination, saying he was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot and the fatal bullet came from a shooter located in an underground storm drain.

    “I was there when he was shot and I know for a fact Rosselli was in the storm drain doing the shooting and Frank Sturgiss was also part of the hit team,” said Gambino. “The same group of guys we have talked about in the Vatican and U.S. government gave the orders and asked the Mafia families for help in taking down Kennedy.”

    The storm drains along the streets in Dealey Plaza would appear to be too low to have allowed an assassin shooting from one to have inflicted any of the known wounds on Pres. Kennedy or Gov. Connally, but on a rare few maps and diagrams of Dealey Plaza, a storm drain is indicated above Elm St., up on the north grassy knoll, and generally just below the notorious, well-known stockade fence, so it is conceivable an assassin could have been shooting from either or both of those locations. It is also conceivable that one or more of the teams could have been decoys setting off firecrackers or waving around broomsticks to draw attention away from the real killers. Many witnesses to the assassination thought at first they were hearing firecrackers.

    As I have no doubt JFK’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy, and, as the subsequent cover-up aptly demonstrates, a fairly vast, far right-wing conspiracy, at that. I take it that there would have been multiple shooters targeting Pres. Kennedy, and back up plans to kill him even if he’d survived passage through the primary killing zone, which was Dealey Plaza, with the gateway to Dallas obviously being located out on the edge of town, where sneaky killers like to operate.

    Ex-Marine and mercenary Gerry Patrick Hemming claimed Pres. Kennedy would have been killed by a powerful car bomb had the primary assassination teams failed to kill him in Dealey Plaza.

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