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Jewish Media Ownership and Management—An Update
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As recently as last month, I was struck by the similarity of a headline on the popular Children’s Health Defense website to the headline of an article I had read elsewhere some years ago, dated 2012. The CHD article was titled “6 Companies Control 90% of What You Read, Watch and Hear. Here’s Why You Should Care,” by Rebecca Strong. The 2012 article was titled “Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media.” The apparent author of this earlier article was unclear. Today an internet search using this exact title will bring at least six exact hits, all of them either giving the name of the person who posted it but showing no author attribution, falsely claiming another author, or in one case even admitting “As Editor of this publication, I have never become aware of who wrote this article. My apologies.”

I’ve always thought the author was Professor Johan Galtung, who originally wrote his study of world media ownership in 2012. I thought I might confirm the authorship by reviewing the June 13, 2012 posting of an article focused on Galtung by The Occidental Observer editor Kevin MacDonald, titled “Johan Galtung on Jews.” The TOO article references a Haaretz article which claims Galtung made the accusations of Jewish world media ownership in a lecture he gave at the University of Oslo, which was then published in “the Norwegian press,” and further presented in Haaretz in the form of an interview with Galtung. Further disconnecting Galtung from the actual essay asserting Jewish ownership of 96% of world media, that content is attributed to William Luther Pierce, founder and leader of the National Alliance, who once wrote a pamphlet titled “Who Owns America.” Galtung merely referred to this material, but did not research or write it. MacDonald confirms this in a footnote link (footnote #45 on p. 85) in Chapter 2 of Separation and Its Discontents which quotes Pierce verbatim in the conclusion.

Having discovered the original source material falsely attributed to Galtung, we can now understand Galtung’s fate. Referencing Pierce was more than enough to have Galtung condemned as an “anti-Semite,” regardless of how accurate Pierce’s research was. This is because Pierce is portrayed as a “Nazi,” “anti-Semite” of the worst kind, and “White supremacist,” making Galtung almost equally condemnable by association. In the lens of Jewish-influenced public opinion, whether any of these labels are accurate is irrelevant. In our opinion however, their accuracy is crucial.

In a previous essay, “Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alt Media: An Example,” I examined an article by naturopathic doctor and holistic health advisor Dr. Joseph Mercola, mirrored by CHD, in which he identified a number of media organizations censoring and discrediting him as part of the effort to suppress “disinformation” on the covid pandemic generally and covid vaccines specifically. Children’s Health Defense reposts Mercola’s essays, since Mercola is forced to take down his articles from his own website within 48 hours in order to try and avoid the censorship plus defamation these media organizations inflict on him. In my analysis, Mercola and CHD do well in the essay to reveal the aggressive censorship and media distortion activities of such organizations as Publicis Groupe and Newsguard, but fail to identify the true nature of those who own and control such organizations, using them as weapons of censorship and defamation against Mercola and CHD: Jews.

Here I will conduct a basic analysis of Rebecca Strong’s recent article on the CHD website, claiming 90% of media is owned by 6 companies, in light of Pierce’s analysis of Jewish media control referenced indiscreetly but boldly by Galtung. Pierce’s analysis was first presented in 1995 according to MacDonald. It is past time to update our understanding of Jewish control of mass media today. We will look exclusively at the sources and references Rebecca Strong provides in her article itself. Just like Mercola and CHD when examining the media monsters censoring and defaming them, Strong too has the ability and insight to recognize the overwhelmingly Jewish ownership and operation of the media giants she examines—but will not.

We will. I will present this analysis in multiple parts, since Strong’s essay is admirably long and thorough (except for the key omission which we will explore).

Before we get to the article itself, in her “author’s note” Strong quotes Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis: “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Brandeis was of course celebrated as the first Jewish appointee to the Supreme Court, and was certainly a member of that group that at least by the 1960s could be characterized as having “wealth concentrated in the hands of a few”—the American Jewish power elite, and an elite hostile to the traditional White majority.

Strong’s essay begins with a story of her first job in journalism at BostInno. Her first source is to BostInno’s new owner at the time, American City Business Journals, which is itself owned by Advance Publications. Curiously, ACBJ does not show its CEO on its website, only its Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and other executives, some of whom may be Jewish and some clearly not. The chokepoint of media control is found higher up, at Advance Publications. It was founded by a man going by the name Samuel Irving Newhouse, a benignly Gentile name, but whose real name was Solomon Isadore Neuhaus, Jewish, born of Jewish immigrants. The Neuhaus family continues in substantial ownership and operation of Advance today. Descendant of founder Solomon, Steven Newhouse (Neuhaus) is the current President and CEO, and past Presidents included Robert Sauerberg, also Jewish.

Ms Strong, whose profile picture shows her to be a fair-skinned blond Nordic type, next displays a tweet listing a few major corporate media mergers as evidence for the claim she makes in the title. It would require a complete essay itself to explore the Jewish influence among the corporations named, but here we will look at only the larger firms swallowing the smaller ones, and only at the founders and top executives.

The first is the New York Times, originally purchased by the Jew Adolph Ochs and now well-known to be owned and operated by the Jewish Sulzberger family for well over a century. Its new Executive Editor will be Joseph Kahn, the fifth Jewish top Editor at the Times since 1964, covering almost the entire period until today. Next in the mergers and acquisitions list is BuzzFeed. Founder and CEO Jonah Perretti was born of a Jewish mother, making him Jewish. Peretti was also the founder of Huffington Post, now HuffPost, also consolidated under BuzzFeed ownership.

VOX (which claims it “explains the news”) is next in the “Great Media Consolidation” Strong features. According to the About Us section of VOX, it was founded by three people, Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell and Matthew Yglesias. “Klein was raised in a Jewish family,” according to his Wikipedia Early Life entry. Bell appears to be non-Jewish, but Yglesias is three-quarters Jewish.

Next, Axel Springer SE is the largest publisher in Europe. It is majority owned by an investment firm known as KKR, whose main founder, Jerome Kohlberg, was Jewish, with other founders as his relatives. Founder of Axel Springer SE, Europe’s largest “digital and popular periodical publishing house,” a German by the same name, had a Jewish first wife. A full section on his Wikipedia entry titled Friend of Israel states “no German played a more significant role in the effort to repair his country’s burdened relationship with the Jews, and to ensure its support for their state, than Axel Springer.” Springer was an ardent philo-Semite. The penultimate corporation in Strong’s list is Dot Dash, which boasts “We are America’s largest digital and print publisher.” I did not engage in the tedium of researching the racial/religious identity of all twenty-eight members of Dot Dash’s Corporate Leadership team, but obvious possibilities include Michael Brownstein, President of Client Partnerships, and Andrew Gorenstein, President of Advertising and Partnerships. CEO Neil Vogel appears non-Jewish, and for once I could not find substantial ownership or operation of this media corporation as Jewish.

Last on the list of “The Great Media Consolidation” Strong presents is Minute Media. Its About Us page states: “Founded in Israel in 2011, Minute Media’s portfolio now consists of 6 global sports and entertainment brands…”

In her rather lengthy and admirably thorough (except for the Jewish Issue) essay, Strong develops an understanding of the great power media can have over key aspects of our society, and why it is dangerous to allow such power to be held in so few hands. She refers to this as “the CNN effect,” described as “by influencing consumers and investors, our current 24-hour real-time news cycle can impact our economic climate, driving the market values of certain industries and companies.” In her reference link, “the CNN effect” is partly defined by “‘media pervasiveness’ [that] had impacted upon government – particularly the process of foreign policy making … forcing policy-makers to respond to whatever issue journalists focused on.”

Obviously “the CNN effect” is a useful label to refer to the impact many major media corporations have on both the economy and government policy, in the same way Band Aid refers to many forms of wound dressings. But what about CNN itself? Until very recently, its President was Jeff Zucker. He resigned when a scandal revealed he had not disclosed an intimate affair with another CNN executive, and over violations of journalistic ethics when Zucker “advised governor Andrew Cuomo on how to respond to criticism’s (sic) of Cuomo made by Donald Trump.” A sex scandal and violations of journalistic ethics in a media executive is enough to identify Zucker as most likely Jewish, but his Wikipedia Early Life section confirms it.

The latest CNN President is Chris Licht, who appears to be not Jewish. It is interesting that so common is it to expect him to be that someone wrote an article titled “CNN Replaces Jeff Zucker With Chris Licht & Viewers Wonder If He Is Jewish.” The article states definitively “Chris Licht is not Jewish.,” but then asserts “There is no information regarding Chris Licht’s religion on the Internet,” and “Chris Licht has not disclosed his ethnicity on the Internet.” I concur, I could not find any definite information either. The author of this article does not give any reference for the claim Licht is not Jewish, so to me his identity remains unclear. It is telling that “viewers” and many others expect him to be Jewish.

The ownership of CNN is a complex matter at present. Currently CNN is owned by WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner), which is owned by AT&T. AT&T is set to acquire Discovery this quarter, and then combine Discovery with WarnerMedia in a new company. This new Warner Bros Discovery company will own CNN.

Who are the people who own and operate CNN, however? Are they primarily Jews? In part 2 we will examine the six companies Rebecca Strong claims controls 90% of media, to discover how much of that control is Jewish.

Strong invests some space in explaining why consolidating media control in so few companies is dangerous and alarming, and so “why you should care.” Let us look at a quote from as far back as 1918 expressing alarm over consolidation of power in a political apparatus, and apply the same warning to media ownership today:

“I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the War which is still raging, and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another, over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”[1]British White Paper, Russia No. 1, April 1919, M. Oudendyk, Netherlands Minister at St. Petersburg. This same quote and more of Oudendyk’s report on Bolshevism in Russia was included in a speech given by German Minister of Information Dr. Joseph Goebbels at the Seventh National Socialist Party Congress delivered at Nuremberg, September 13 1935.
Joseph Goebbels, Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice, Ostara Publications, 2013, ppg 24–5.

* * *

Strong’s essay was originally published on her own blog Down the Rabbit Hole with the title “The Monopoly On Your Mind, Part 1: Consolidation Craze & Illusion of Choice.” The subtitle reads: “Six companies control 90% of what you read, watch, and hear. Here’s why that’s dangerous.” CHD used her subtitle as the title, and changed “why that’s dangerous” to “why you should care.” I agree with Strong, such central control of mass media is dangerous, and that’s why we should care.

The essay details the ways in which legislation and regulations were changed to allow for the massive media consolidation we have today. This included deregulation in the 80s by Congress and the FCC, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and the 2017 overturning of an FCC regulation limiting ownership of multiple media outlets in the same market. Another essay should be devoted to the Jewish presence in these deregulation efforts which led directly to mass consolidation. We should expect it to be similar to the Jewish presence in changing the nation’s immigration laws (p. 11ff), influencing gun control legislation, and others.


At the heart of Strong’s presentation are the six companies. She relies on an article written by Adam Levy (most likely Jewish) for The Motley Fool, which offers investment advice. The article is dated April 29, 2022. Here is where the “Big Six Media Companies” are listed: Comcast, Walt Disney, AT&T, Paramount Global, Sony, and Fox.


Comcast is the largest cable provider in the world, after it acquired AT&T’s cable arm in 2000. President since 1990 and current Chairman and CEO of Comcast is Brian L Roberts. Among Roberts’ awards and philanthropy are “the 2004 Humanitarian Award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center,” “the 2002 Walter Kaitz Foundation Honoree of the Year for his commitment to diversity in the cable industry,” “the USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s 2011 Ambassador for Humanity Award,” and “The Aileen K. and Brian L. Roberts Foundation was one of the largest contributors to the restoration of the Alfred W. Fleisher Memorial Synagogue at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, named in the honor of his maternal grandfather.” According to his Wikipedia Early Life, “Roberts was born into a Jewish family in Philadelphia.”

Significantly, “Roberts served as Chairman of NCTA (National Cable and Telecommunications Association) from 1995 to 1996, when the landmark deregulatory 1996 Telecommunications Act became law.” Here we see a clue to the Jewish influence on the deregulation which led directly to Roberts’ ability to acquire AT&T and build his media empire into one of the six largest. “The NCTA is one of the largest political lobbying organizations in the United States,” and no doubt had strong influence with the FCC over deregulation in 1996, when Roberts was the Chairman.


Comcast now owns or has ownership stake in NBCUniversal, Telemundo (16 stations), Vox, Buzzfeed and many others. Its media reach and influence is enormous and it is primarily owned and operated by a Jewish family.

A notable former executive at NBC, Ben Silverman, has had a career in media production at multiple companies, including some he founded himself. He produced such content as Date My Mom, and worked to release movies through a company owned by corrupt Hollywood sex offender Harvey Weinstein. Silverman is Jewish.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was originally founded in the late 1920s by Walt and Roy Disney, who were Irish, German and English. Disney had a reputation as very conservative, patriotic (he cooperated with the House Un-American Activities Committee in its anti-communist investigations). And he was anti-Jewish—particularly singling out the Jewish movie studio heads. He also complained about the major studios having control over distribution and movie theaters, and he survived many attempts by the other studios to bankrupt or take over his company. However, after his death in 1966, Michael Eisner, a Jew, was named CEO in 1984. He held his leadership position until 2005, overseeing many mergers and acquisitions, including ABC, A&E and ESPN, along with Mirimax Films and others, thereby building Disney into the media monstrosity it is today. Eisner’s Disney leadership was plagued with controversy, and indeed the company was called “Monster Inc.” by The Independent, which stated “He’s been described as psychotic, greedy and soulless.” It also claimed Eisner “ousted” Walt’s nephew Roy Disney from the board, but the Disney Company’s Wikipedia entry says, “a surprising 45 percent of Disney’s shareholders, predominantly rallied by former board members Roy Disney and Stanley Gold, withheld their proxies to re-elect Eisner to the board.” Gold is Jewish.

During Eisner’s two decades at Disney, he appointed Michael Ovitz, also Jewish, President. Jeffrey Katzenberg, also Jewish, was Disney Studio Chairman under Eisner, but resigned and formed DreamWorks because Eisner would not appoint him to President, choosing Ovitz instead. The only question at Disney at this time was which Jews would dominate the top leadership positions, determined by the outcome of Jewish in-fighting.

After Eisner was forced to resign in September 2005, Robert Iger (also Jewish) took over as CEO. Also notable in 2005, the Weinstein brothers Bob and Harvey, founders of Miramax studios, left Disney to run their own movie company. Harvey is well-known now as a repeat sex offender. The Weinsteins are also well known to be Jews.

Iger would remain until 2020, and oversee acquisition of Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilms, 20th and 21st Century Fox, and others. During this time, in 2009 the last original Disney family member with active involvement in the company, Walt’s nephew Roy E Disney, died. That same year Disney Channel President Rich Ross, Jewish, was promoted to Chairman. Iger cut deals with Jewish media mogul Haim Saban for the sale of the PowerRangers and Digimon franchises.

In 2020 Robert Chapek became Disney CEO. I could not confirm Chapek’s racial/religious identity. Former Jew Milton Kapman, now known as Brother Nathaniel (convert to Orthodox Christianity) on his Real Jew News outlet denounces Chapek and others at Disney as Jewish, in his “Disney Decauches Your Children” video. Another Jew-watch outlet, zogathome, also identifies Chapek as Jewish in its “Who Controls Disney” management team list, but I see no citations from either source and could not find positive identification myself. Chapek’s mother’s funeral was held at a Catholic church, as was that of his father Bernard.

Other Jews among the Board of Directors and Executives at Disney include Alan Bergman, Safra Catz, Michael Froman and Jennifer Cohen. Collectively they bring significant influence to the immense media conglomerate of The Walt Disney Company, debasing it far from its original family-friendly, White European roots.


Remarkably, among ten members of the AT&T Board of Directors, I could not identify a single Jew. Likewise among eleven top Executives, I see not a single Jew. CEO John Stankey appears to be White European descent. One Executive is “Latino,” three are blond women, and two are Black (probably with White admixture).

Institutional investors in AT&T are topped by Vanguard Group and Blackrock, each with over 500 million shares. They together own over 15% of AT&T. Blackrock’s founder and CEO is Larry Fink, Jewish, but Blackrock has significant stock ownership in almost every major corporation in the world and has been influential in promoting ESG—Environment, Social, Governance—which promotes liberal-left policies among the corporations it holds stock in and is essentially a way of getting liberal-left ideas, particularly regarding race and gender, enacted without voter input. In any case, a main source of Jewish influence now be via mechanisms such as the push for ESG in corporate governance.

Paramount Global

This media giant is composed of CBS, Viacom, MTV, Showtime and many other entertainment and media outlets. President and CEO of Paramount Global is Robert M Bakish, apparently non-Jewish. Another President and CEO of International Networks, Studios and Streaming is Raffaele Annecchino, not Jewish. Jewish executives at Paramount include Dan Cohen, Jonathan Karp, and David Nevins. Paramount shows twenty-six executives, so this is not an overwhelming Jewish presence. When we look to the Board of Directors, Candace K. Beinecke, Susan Schuman and Nichole Selligman appear to be Jews. Selligman “received national attention in the United States for her representation of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North during the Iran–Contra hearings, and of President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial.” She is married to Joel Klein, Jewish, who “was the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, the largest public school system in the United States.”

Jewish control of Paramount becomes clearer when we see the Chair of the Board is Shari Redstone. She is the grand-daughter of founder of National Amusements Michael Redstone (b. 1902, d. 1987; given name Max Rothstein). National Amusement now owns Paramount Global. Max Rothstein ostensibly changed his name to Redstone to disassociate himself from a Jewish organized crime boss named Arnold Rothstein. It is unclear whether they were related, though they are certainly members of the same tribe. Max became associated with another Jewish organized crime boss, Harry “Doc” Sagansky. They ran gambling rackets, night clubs and loan sharking operations. Max also used Sagansky loans to purchase and build drive-in theaters. The Israeli news outlet Haaretz glorifies this debased story, and identifies not the Jewish mob, but the Irish mob as working with Rothstein. However, one of the footnotes on Max’s Wikipedia page reveals an article about Sagansky that notes Max was a close associate of the Jewish crime boss. By 1959 Max formally established National Amusements “to consolidate the family’s ownership interests and make it easier to obtain financing.”

Max’s son Sumner worked for his father until Max’s death in 1987, when Sumner took over. Sumner oversaw the acquisitions of CBS, Viacom and Paramount Pictures, making National Amusements “one of the largest media conglomerates in the United States.” Multiple scandals involving CBS CEO Les Moonves (also Jewish) led to Moonves resigning under accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and abuse. Sumner also had ongoing disputes and in-fighting with CBS executive and eventual CEO, fellow Jew Mel Karmazin. Karmazin left National Amusements, deciding he could not co-exist with Sumner. Karmazin is known for establishing and promoting the grotesque soft-porn radio host Howard Stern, who is also Jewish. During this period, MTV was under National Amusements ownership and was accused of deliberately arranging the brief moment of public nudity during the 2004 Superbowl half-time show when Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed.

Sumner’s daughter Shari Rothstein became involved in National Amusements and engaged in contentious arguments with her father over the management of National Amusements and its holdings. In his will, Sumner bypassed Shari and left all his stock to his grandchildren. Shari is today listed as the owner since Sumner’s death in 2020. As we saw, she is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Paramount Global, exercising direct control from the top of the hierarchy. Shari married a Rabbi (now divorced) and one of her children, Tyler, attended the Maimonides School and became a Rabbi as well. They all work or worked for National Amusements.


It appears all executives and leadership positions at Sony Corporation, based in Tokyo Japan, are Japanese. Jews start to show up at top executive positions in Sony’s American affiliates, especially Sony’s entertainment operations. Sony Entertainment which oversees all of the American subsidiaries had Jews Michael Lynton as CEO and Nichole Seligman as President until 2017 and 2016 respectively. Tom Rothman, Jewish, is CEO of Sony Motion Picture Group, with Josh Greenstein as Co-President. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions department, which The Hollywood Reporter called “Sony’s surprising (sic) most profitable division,” shows Steve Bersch, undisclosed racial identity, as President.

Michael Helfand is Executive Vice President of Business Affairs, a veteran of over 30 years in the entertainment industry with many high-level executive positions including President and COO of Marvel Studios, Senior Vice President of Mirimax, and a founder of two movie production and financing studios, one aimed at youth. I found no clear confirmation of Helfant’s (alternate spelling) racial/religious identity, but another Michael Helfand “is an expert on religious law and religious liberty. He is currently is (sic) the Brenden Mann Foundation Chair in Law & Religion and… Visiting Professor… at Yale Law School and Senior Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute.” This Helfand writes extensively for the Jewish journal Forward, and is confirmed as Jewish. By name association and chosen occupation, the Michael Helfand Vice President at Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, is most likely Jewish.

It would take many pages to identify all the Jews in the Sony Corporation’s complex global structure and multiple sub-divisions, so let us end with a definite non-Jew who is President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division. Keith Le Goy is definitely not Jewish. I find it interesting that Le Goy was noted in my previous essay, Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alt Media: An Example, as on the Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Paley Center which was censoring and defaming Dr. Joseph Mercola, as well as Children’s Health Defense for featuring Mercola’s writings. Recall at the beginning of this essay that it was Rebecca Strong’s essay, reposted by CHD, and its headline similarity to the analysis by Pierce as presented by Galtung, which inspired this current analysis of Jewish ownership and control of mass media.

Fox Corporation

Our final inquiry will be into the Fox Corporation. Its news reporting is either revered or reviled by those who choose one side of the engineered political divide (I choose third position). For clarity, recall that Disney bought some Fox assets and will still use the Fox name until 2024. What was left became the Fox Corporation in 2019, primarily TV news, business and sports broadcasting. Fox’s owners also own and operate News Corps, and we will examine it as well under the Fox section.

Founder and majority owner of Fox is Rupert Murdoch, 91. Murdoch inherited a small newspaper in Australia from his father in the early 50s, and after forming News Corp, by 2000 “owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries, with a net worth of over \$5 billion.” Murdoch’s ancestry is presented as mixed British Isles. Some accounts say Murdoch was funded by the Jewish banker family the Rothschilds, though this is unconfirmed. It did emerge in 2013 that Murdoch joined with Jacob Rothschild and others, including Dick Cheney, in investing in Genie Energy to drill for oil in the disputed Golan Heights region, currently occupied by Israel since its 1967 war with Syria. Murdoch’s son-in-law Matthew Freud is great-grandson of Sigmund Freud, Jewish.

Murdoch first acquired interest in 20th Century Fox in 1984, when he bought \$250 million of stock owned by Marc Rich, Jewish hedge fund manager and financial criminal. This deal was brokered by Marvin Davis, Jewish, who at one time was majority owner of 20th Century Fox. Later Murdoch bought Davis’ stock. Murdoch bought six TV stations owned by Metromedia, founded by John Kluge, German, but whose CEO was Stuart Subotnick, Jewish. Murdoch bought a house in Beverly Hills from Jules Stein, founder of Music Corporation of America, Jewish. By 2005, Murdoch and News Corps bought Intermix Media, which held MySpace, gaming networks and other social media. Intermix was originally founded by Brad Greenspan, Jewish. A year prior to Murdoch’s purchase, Richard Rosenblatt, Jewish, became Intermix CEO.

This much at least can be gleaned from Murdoch’s biography. The current Executive Leadership at Fox Corporation show Rupert and his son Lachlan as Chairman and CEO, with Suzanne Scott, Joe Dorrego and Jay Wallace as top executives at Fox News Media. All are non-Jews. Jay is not related to the former well-known news anchorman Mike Wallace (Wallik), Jewish, married to Norma Kaphan, Jewish; their son Chris Wallace “was ranked as being one of the most trusted TV news anchors in America,” having worked at every major network including Fox. Of thirteen other executives Fox displays, I could not verify one of them is Jewish, including suspects John Fiedler and Jason Klarman.


Strong draws her claim in her subtitle that 90% of media content is controlled by six companies from Levy’s article at The Motley Fool, which states: “Some estimates claim as much as 90% of U.S. media is controlled by just six companies.” We don’t see a citation for where those estimates come from or who made them. The phrase “as much as” leaves a wide range of error. Likewise, the original William Pierce essay later attributed to Johan Galtung makes its claim to 96% Jewish world media ownership without presenting detailed calculations.

I have little idea how to calculate such a figure from my own current research presented here. Much more research remains to expose the Jewish presence in main media throughout the corporate hierarchies, funders, advertisers, management, content creators, public personalities and influencers. It would be simplistic to declare that Comcast, Disney, Paramount and aspects of Sony (American division) are Jewish, while AT&T and aspects of Fox (the Murdochs and executives) are not. Would that mean Jews own and operate at least 66% of media? I would never assert such a loose estimate in a title or subtitle.

It is clear that the Jewish presence in media ownership and operation is extensive, far beyond Jewish proportional representation in the US population at 2–3 percent. Jewish influence on media content and presentation of all kinds is strong and pervasive today, spreading a Jewish-dominated influence throughout the populations that consume such media. The trend over time has been overwhelmingly negative, bringing a perverse, degraded, materialistic and hedonistic decay as we have seen with some of the media scandals presented here. This is in contrast to the once relatively wholesome media content produced by such pre-Jewish outlets as Walt Disney and others. Sincere students can study the 86 articles on Jewish Influence and the 42 articles on Media Influence at The Occidental Observer to discern whether or to what extent this cultural degradation by Jews through media has been intentional.

As I asserted in my article examining the media attacks on Joseph Mercola and his response, also presented by Children’s Health Defense, I here assert that Rebecca Strong as mirrored again by CHD must have known of the Jewish ownership and control of the media she examines. She makes not one mention of Jews, though my analysis of the sources and citations she presents amounts to a penetrating grasp of the obvious. Like Mercola and CHD, Strong may choose to obscure the presence of Jewish power in media, as a form of self-preservation, or because like them she knows it can be futile and career-ending to present it.

It is not effective self-preservation in the end to avoid it. It is not futile. If an overwhelming influence over such a powerful tool of societal, political, economic and even spiritual control as mass media is being administered by Jews, we need to know and we need to say so. The battle for the minds and hearts of the world’s populations, and in our case the increasingly diverse populations of the US, depends significantly on media impacts. In our post-modern high-tech world, media is crucial. We have quality media not controlled by Jews, of which The Occidental Observer is only one among many. Knowledge that much main media is disgorged by Jews will only help to drive quality people away, and toward more honest, wholesome and positive media.


[1] British White Paper, Russia No. 1, April 1919, M. Oudendyk, Netherlands Minister at St. Petersburg. This same quote and more of Oudendyk’s report on Bolshevism in Russia was included in a speech given by German Minister of Information Dr. Joseph Goebbels at the Seventh National Socialist Party Congress delivered at Nuremberg, September 13 1935.
Joseph Goebbels, Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice, Ostara Publications, 2013, ppg 24–5.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The hart of the matter, the article form is ill conceived for “hard” data, a living page, a graph and list that must be updated at occasion, in collaboration, some tiers (commenters, visitors) might add value to it. The intention (updating, alas living data, a place where tweaks and addendums can be collaborated on is there, but the author is lagging by using a “narrative” for the process). The narrative could be one more thing for start to finish come out of the blue readers, but is an ill core format for the intention.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Doug Ryler
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    It is clear that the Jewish presence in media ownership and operation is extensive, far beyond Jewish proportional representation in the US population at 2–3 percent. Jewish influence on media content and presentation of all kinds is strong and pervasive today, spreading a Jewish-dominated influence throughout the populations that consume such media. The trend over time has been overwhelmingly negative, bringing a perverse, degraded, materialistic and hedonistic decay as we have seen with some of the media scandals presented here. This is in contrast to the once relatively wholesome media content produced by such pre-Jewish outlets as Walt Disney and others. Sincere students can study the 86 articles on Jewish Influence and the 42 articles on Media Influence at The Occidental Observer to discern whether or to what extent this cultural degradation by Jews through media has been intentional.

    It’s intentional, alright. And it amounts to (yet another) Zionist conspiracy.

    ((Jew)) evil is somewhat similar to the existence of the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The knowledge of it — of a species that could produce such an artifact — is unsettling, yet stimulating.

    The Serpent in the Bible produces a similar reaction.

    The Serpent is a role that the ((Jews)) have embraced with relish. The problem is, when the Serpent becomes too powerful, it is ruinous for civilization. That’s what’s happened with the Zionist conspiracy to control MSM and Big Tech media like Facebook.

    The Serpent needs to be decapitated, or at the very least, defanged.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  3. Imagine the serpent as a high voltage line, all molecules are Jews, the line as a whole, a single group crosses all boundaries. When a molecule at any part screams, all molecules receive a pain signal. When current flows, at either end there is a party and regardless joy. A nerve system, at optimum when fed (current). Goy provide the feeds, willy nilly, they simply cannot conceive of a world where the Jew is starved of his daily portion of sweat converted into current.

    Bitcoin must be Jewish, it is inspired by Jewish over the horizon signaling. Swift is another, the telemetry of a twentieth century Hollywood as much.

    Jews are omni-present wherever there is a socket to be drained.

  4. thanks for this near-definitive essay. Though the fact is,

    almost all the “non-Jews” named are mere shabbatz goyim, and

    usually with a proximate Jewish minder, generally the husband or wife,

    which is a general phenomenon in all recent/current sectors:

    e.g., J.P. Morgan honcho Jamie Dimon: Jew wife.

    e.g. VP Kamala Harris: Jew husband.

    e.g. that new female congoid on the SC: Jew husband.

    e.g. Trump offspring, inter-married with Jews.


  5. Pixo says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    “ Trump offspring, inter-married with Jews.”

    Don’t forget Hunter Biden’s sexy young wife Melissa Cohen. Wow!

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  6. @Haxo Angmark

    The Invention of The Jewish people. Fake. Fake. Fake.
    Like calling Jews Semites.
    Hitler’s grandfather might have been a Jew but that doesn’t mean Adolf was a Jew.

    • Replies: @Khazaria Empire
  7. @Chris Moore

    “the existence of the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. ”

    Great analogy–and of course there is the amazing scene of the meeting room where the coverup is explained–after the monolith is discovered on the moon:

    This is how secrets are kept…

  8. Rebel Roy says:

    How could the article writer not know that Rupert Murdoch is Jewish.His mother Elisabeth Greene Murdoch died with her rabbi Chaim Hertzog by her side.Rupert hides his Jewish identity so the fake conservative FoxNews can play the opposition.Jews always try to deceive their victims lest they catch on and the game is up.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  9. This whole article has one cardinal flaw: It suppose that Khazars are Semites, whos are not.

    Khazars are not Semites, so Axel Springer cannot be “Philo-Semite” – he loves Zionists or Khazars, but not Semites, and so on ..

    Folks, call the Khazars by their original name, not by newly invented (in 18th century) artificial word “Jews”, please.

    After the world understand who Khazars are, Apartheid II regime in Palestine will end the same way as Apartheid I regime (in South Africa).

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  10. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    Turn off your TV. Don’t read major media. Be careful what books you read.

    And go forth…

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  11. anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    When elections are a fraud..and the Talmud/Torah overrides the USA Constituion then this country is moving in the same direction of a banana republic which ended in bloody civil wars..USA is becoming a Zio/talmudic/torah/isralei Theocracy…AG DOJ FBI have become private talmudic elites.

  12. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    New artificial word “Jews” was invented in 18th century for some London theatrical piece. Later used for falsification of older books as Shakespeare – Merchant of Venice.

    Original name was KHAZARS. So You are right, Khazars are not Semites. Khazars are biggest Anti-Semites in the world because they conducted ethnic cleansing aimed against Real Semites – Palestinians for last 74 years.

    Until original word Khazars will again used, there will no justice and no peace in the world.
    After the world understand who Khazars are (convertites from adoring the phallus to Judaism), their inhumane Apartheid II regime will end the same way as Apartheid I regime in SA.

  13. anonymous[266] • Disclaimer says:

  14. Karl1906 says:

    Always the same dog & pony-show here. oO

    Trying to push this agitprop (which it is) will always result in the same:

    jewish wealth & power concentration -> jewish conspiracy claim -> jewish problem association -> antisemitism ballgame & denunciation of criticism -> holocaust reparations demands -> Israel receives new weapons, freedom of speech further reduced -> same elites & corruption remain

    It does not work that way. And the mob (still) isn’t an “Italian-catholic” conspiracy.

    It works like this:

    capitalists -> system without checks & balances -> power centration -> corruption -> oligarchy -> plutocracy

    And the “fix” is to call these people out for what they actually are – rich elites corrupting the political process and pushing their schemes against the well-being of the people and the nation.

    These people don’t care about jewish people, religion or Israel. They only care about wealth and power and they certainly don’t want to share or expand to poor(er) jewish people. Because these are rich people. And when they talk about “their” jewish agency they ONLY mean themselves.

    The same is true for the rest of oligarchs btw. No matter which faith or origin they claim to represent.

    And that’s why they have to be checked, their powers curbed & removed if they push too far. Which they have WAY too far and way too MUCH at this point.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @anon
  15. Prickly says:

    Rupet murdoch’s mother was called Elizabeth Green. There is a small state reserve near where i live called greens bush. At the entrance to the walking track is a plaque commorating the green family for their generous comtribution to the mornington peninsula. On the plaque it states that the green family were originally called Grun and were german jews that fled persecution in the 1920 to settle in Australia. Since jewishness is matrolineal that makes Rupet 100 percent jewish.

    • Replies: @sb
  16. @Pixo

    She looks like Barry Manilov, the spare-parts surgery guy.

  17. Interesting, thoughtful and balanced examination. ‘Control’ however is a nebulous term. And how it applies to the totality of Jewish influence in media is similarly hard to measure.

    Take Twitter, for instance. Jack Dorsey is certainly not Jewish; but like a lot of owners and CEO’s of powerful, international tech/media companies, Dorsey didn’t want to be harassed or undermined by domineering foes for giving ‘hate speech’ a platform. So Dorsey threw in the towel. He yielded to the ADL on matters involving the exercise of Free Speech, and was rewarded both financially and politically. Dorsey was also accorded high status (and positive press) by the mainstream media for ‘fighting hate’. This is a routine and winning formula. They win. We lose.

    Were Dorsey to have resisted (stood up for Free Speech even when it offends you-know-who), he would paid dearly in countless ways. Death by a thousand cuts. Organized Jewish power makes this phenomenon a fact of life. But there are countless actors at play.

    In the process of regulating and limiting political discourse, for instance, secondary media ‘watchdogs’ and ‘hate monitors’ also play a unique and decisive role.

    Who gets the microphone?–(And who doesn’t?)–that is the question. The stakes couldn’t be bigger. But most of the battles over censorship and public access are hidden from view. What happens is simply this: the ‘bad guys’ are become voiceless and invisible.

    Various watchdogs, lobbyists, and monitors incessantly growl and bite as they pressure public companies just as much as they intimidate elected officials. Many of these speech restrictionist NGOs are lavishly funded and supremely well-organized. Most are interconnected. And ruthless. They also tend to be overwhelmingly Jewish. Their goal is the same: to restrict the exercise of Free Speech while they denigrate their enemies.

    Among the top dogs in this arena (when it comes to defining, shaping, and censoring public discourse) are the ADL and SPLC.

    And at the other end of this spectrum lies… the ACLU.

    Hate speech? Protected speech?

    Or full spectrum dominance?

    Do you see a pattern?

    Notice the overlap between these allegedly ‘warring’ NGOs?

    Might their ideological dogfights be part charade?

    The ‘profound philosophical disagreements’ which normies imagine occur between members of the ADL and the ACLU actual mask a fabricated war between various Jewish factions. That’s it. The truth is actually that they’re all on the same team. And their larger war is battling ‘antisemitism’.

    These never-ending theatrical maneuvers explain why, for instance,–after 70 years–the socio-economic conditions for gentiles in greater Israel just keep getting worse and worse–despite all the peace accords, handshakes, meetings, and US-brokered diplomatic efforts.

    Ultimately, both Labor and Likud have jointly maneuvered the native gentiles there into a political black hole. Why? The Jews want them gone. And the Jews–both Left and Right–are willing to torture these Muslim and Christian gentiles collectively until they pack up and crawl away. Or simply die.

    Here in the US, Jewish Leftists (Labor) and Jewish neocons (Likud) are orchestrating a similar endgame for America’s heritage goyim. Their unstated goals are not dissimilar from what we’ve witnessed in Israel: replacement, disenfranchisement, disarmament, and dispossession.

    The unmentionable truth in America is that gentile ‘leaders’ must still play for one Jewish team or another in order to qualify for membership in the grand federation. But the tussle between ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ is often choreographed by one Jewish stage-manager or another. This is just as true for what rhetoric gets approved (or censored) on any (((mainstream))) US media outlet. At this point, it almost doesn’t matter who the owner is. Jewish sensitivities rule the American roost.

    Indeed, like a Holocaust Studies Dept., the legal arena of defining what constitutes ‘hate speech’ is a Jewish-dominated specialty. So stand back. They will let you know the verdict.

    With that in mind, the it should be no surprise that the donor list to the ACLU and the ADL and SPLC (and DNC) all overlap. You may as well throw in CPAC as well. Wealthy, activist Jews in fact routinely ‘donate’ immense sums to Democrats and Republicans alike. This way, all bases are covered. Why not own the whole kit and caboodle? It’s a winning formula.

    Go team go! Promote democracy! Eliminate terror. Stop the hate! Eradicate antisemitism. God bless Israel!

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  18. GMC says:

    The overwhelming evidence of a Zionist takeover with jews and non jws alike, playing hide and seek in order to achieve their goals needs no court or jury to find a guilty verdict. Only a dufus would be so blind. I mean, the Prez of the USA is a self proclaimed Zionist. lol Read the definition of Zionism.

    Lavrov got real close on calling out the Jews in his conversation in Italy about Hitler but Russia , of all People, should know the consequences of letting in the Zionists and the hide and seek jews. But something tells me they are way too close, with the wrong type of jews.

  19. Information cannot be a business. The media in a healthy society must be owned and under social control, but the first thing would be to have a government that represents that society and not one for the protection of private interest groups.

  20. apollonian says: • Website

    Looking For Jews In Mass Media Is Mere Nit-Picking, Fools

    There are two primary pt.s to be made regarding the excellent exposition given by our author, Haemers. For most important is the basic PHILOSOPHY which guides the policies executed by the various corporations.

    Basically, do the policies follow in accord w. our basic rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract?–and are they in accord w. such as the US Constitution, featuring the individual rights and freedoms, like freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment right of self-defense and the people’s right to bear and maintain arms and the ability (at least theoretically) to overthrow a tyrannical gov., as we have presently?

    Thus note the original US Constitution was most consistent w. the (REAL) Christian religion which upheld the ideal of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, Christ being TRUTH itself (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this against the Satanists (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) who are well and best known as “Jews,” followers of the Pharisees at the time of Christ, which Pharisees eventually wrote out the “Traditions” of the elders in the Babylonian Talmud, about 500 AD, which preached the “Oral Law Tradition” and “Midrash,” which is the official party-line (“interpretation”) of the rabbis. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    Of course, note Christian TRUTH (= Christ) obviously depends upon the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, the necessary basis of any truth, while according to the Jews, the Torah (first 5 books of Old Test.) means nothing but what rabbis say in the Midrash–extreme subjectivism, by which reality is created by consciousness/mentality, as according to the modernist “philosophy” of Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest charlatans of all time, bamboozling students and teachers to this very day.

    So one can call them whatever, “Jews,” “semites,” Khazars–the real pt. is whether they follow the satanic Pharisees and their Talmudic extreme subjectivism, making themselves to be godly in the sense of creating their own reality to be imposed upon everyone else–SATANISM–making of oneself to be God, the creator.

    And the 2nd pt. is that monopolistic corporation of and over all other corporations, necessarily at the very top, the central-bank, like the US Federal Reserve, which is literally legalized counterfeiting, merely a crass, putrid criminal enterprise, which then enables that practical, existential Satanism as we’re observing presently, males insisting they’re now females, grooming of the little ones, gross voter fraud w. mail-in ballots, stealing elections, and every other sort of criminality one can imagine.

    Thus note the central-bank thereby enables the thought-control of the mass corp. “Jews-media,” entertainment, and public edjewmacation, don’t forget. And Satanism, extreme subjectivism, can be practiced by anyone, Jew or not, but serious, historically verifiable, organized Satanism (like central-banking) has always had plenty of Jews as practical prosecutors, agents, interpreters, and advocates, never forget. Judaism IS Satanism, suckers, by far the most successful sort.

    • Agree: hardlooker
  21. @Anonymous

    Sir, my TV has been gone out of the house for 20 years or so. My wife and I are fine. Yes, you’re completely right, it is the common denominator with this mindset. The TV is nothing but mass brainwashing all the time. The more a person watches TV, the more brain dead they become.

  22. Dumbo says:

    Meh. I thought everyone already knew that Jews control the media? It’s not a big secret, really.

    One way or another, everyone knows, even if subconsciously, that Jews are over-represented in the media and in politics.

  23. vladimir says:

    The USG and zionist Biden regime and its Jewish mafia member, Anthony Blinken, are murderers according to many people including American journalist. Overthrown zionist murderers who have killed millions of people with ILLEGAL sanctions, and have destroyed many countries for their ‘new world order’ which will go into garbage bin soon. Overthrow these criminals now. All are mass murderers including the illiterate Trump, a thief.
    Majority of the people including the journalists call the Jewish mafia member, Blinken, a MURDERER.

  24. SafeNow says:

    The Jewish manner of thought and habit of speech are driving the world toward a nuclear ash pile. The Russians and the Chinese understand it, and at this point they seem to be increasingly resigned to it. An interesting aspect to me is that Jews themselves don’t recognize their own distinctive mental life; it’s that old metaphor about how a fish does not realize he is in water.

  25. neutral says:

    It would be interesting if there was another article on the jewish takeover of the computer gaming industry. The last few years have seen massive infiltration by the jews from mass censorship (directed by the ADL), race replacement and open anti white propaganda.

  26. Interesting to note that Rupert Murdoch’s late mother is not mentioned by the author being that she was Jewess.

  27. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Four points:

    1) Europeans don’t identify ourselves as “Whites”, but most Jews do.

    2) Whoever issues a nation’s money controls the nation, so monetary reform is the world’s most important issue.

    3) If we want to live in genuine democratic republics rather than a dictatorship of The Chosen People, all private monopolies must be abolished and prevented from re-emerging.

    4) Here’s a practical proposal for solving these problems:

  28. Actually Jewish mass media control in the Western world has exactly the same original cause as Jewish banking and finance : the Catholic church of yore, and even more so the early sectarian protestant churches, just classed mass media consumption as a deadly sin good people were to avoid or at least never to engage in seriously nor for long, like prostitution, card games, betting, resorting to usury. The first newspapers of Europe, like France’s Le Mercure Gallant and La Gazette, were first and foremost about courtesan girls for rent and then only about political news which were considered as from the same shady horizon. Newspapers didn’t fall into presstitution : prostitution in the grossest physical sense motivated the advent of the press in general. Hearing too much about news was classed by all moralists, both Christian proper and secular or neo-pagan, as vain curiosity. For very natural reasons all rulers of Europe, honest or dishonest, didn’t like their subjects being curious about the last gossips issuing from the political or diplomatic circles, with the very tiny exception of what they had cried out on public places by their own heralds or official preachers in major churches.

    Same thing for theatre : it did exist but attending it was most generally considered a sin and actors as well authors of theatre were considered to owe their very talent to demonic forces and therefore forbidden from attending sacraments and from burial in holy ground. The exceptions to that rule were very few, such as Molière or Shakespeare, who enjoyed the favours of princes, and not made by the general consensus.

    Everything that was considered sinful as such, but necessary as an evil for the conduct of polity, was as a rule entrusted by the princes to Jewries, as these people were damned anyway. I say Jewries and not Jews because these particular Jewish communities that were selected preferably to others to operate pawn shops, money-changing counters, brothels, betting saloons, newspapers and theatres, promised they would never allow the powers that be to be endangered or too seriously inveighed against. Theatre and newspapers were evil and had to be entrusted to controlled forms of evil. Non-Jews or even Jews too much emancipated from their own Jewry were absolutely barred from these trades unless they consented to be excommunicated by the established church and live in separate ghettoes under the supervision of the devil as incarnated by Jews. There was absolutely no way for somebody intent on being part of a Christian polity to engage in journalism, the very passion for truth in politics was as guilty of sin as the passion for deviant sex, as well as the passion for music, poetry and theatre : even when their pretext was religious the talent enabling them was suspect at best as a form of demonic possession. If you were a journalist or a theatre author you had to resort to occult forces and divination to conduct your career in that cut-throat world and all divination and magic fell under the big top of Jewish Kabbalah.

    Jewish media and entertainment control is not a corruption or take-over of late in Western civilization, it always was at the basis of Western civilization. Anyway if your career in shady finance, journalism or theatre was so successful as to have become hereditary with the generations passing you ended up being a Jew as that was the only religion present in the ghetto you were confined to. Most Jews of Western Europe actually descend from such families that just preferred pursuing shady but enjoyable trades to a Christian drone’s life : the Khazarian theory propounded among others by Koestler is not all baseless but way overstated. It applies most particularly to Jews of Hungarian nationality, as Koestler was indeed. The rest is originally from Italy, where a great number migrated under the Roman Empire from long before Jerusalem fell to Titus, to which Judaism quite a big number of Italians converted during the few centuries Judaism was the main proselyte religion of the Mediterranean before being replaced by Mithraism and Christianity in that role, which population came to be diluted during the Middle Ages and after into the mass that chose Jewish culture for purely opportunistic reasons before adopting into the ritual life proper, though it must never be forgotten that status in that Judaic sub-culture was dependent upon actual financial success, not any kind of religious faithfulness.

    The main and often the only reason why so big antisemites such as Shakespeare, Voltaire, Ford or Disney came to happen now and then from these trades was that these people resented strongly against the control exerted against their own ego by their very community of origin, who had never favoured too strong or creative individualities that might bring bad luck or problems to the whole. Make no mistake about it : Disney depended on Jewish financing, facilities and contacts exclusively for all his successes and that was just too much for his big head : nobody likes to acknowledge his success as not so deserved personally but rather to a not so free market. But no antisemite from that cultural horizon could have arisen otherwise than by Jewish permission when the community saw their interest better defended that way : bad publicity sells brisker and making the greater public afraid of Jewish power was the necessary stage to make them surrender to that inescapable Jewish power later on. There was also a time, especially during the Protestant era, when financial professions had become respectable as such so as to be the hallmark of successful Jews, but not so much that of astrologer, actor or journalist as the newly established financiers also espoused the cultural prejudices against marginals shared by the Protestant high class society they wanted to integrate into.

    As long as these traditionally Jewish-controlled and Jewish-exerted trades were considered as not so respectable by the late Christian society at large, established Jews would not like their own sons to choose such careers and rather preferred to entrust them to malleable goys or anonymous newcomers to the ghetto culture (but they were preferably if not nearly always chosen among the prostitutes proper : journalism is a variation upon the theme of prostitution with carnal prostitution as its ideal grade school).

    But now that these trades have acquired as much prestige as finance and that no stigma is attached to them by established Christianity and other formerly Christian institutions (especially since the Vatican II council among non-anglo Western Whites), Jews are starting again to monopolize all these jobs for their own close heirs : they no longer need that many proxies. Formerly Jews tended to control newspapers through the mere financing of them, they just didn’t care about who wrote the editorials any more than Rothschild cared about who made the laws in Britain, they had but contempt for such lackeys’ trades. Now they want the goys out down to the most subordinate role, for the latter being now free from any stigma. The only way for a goy to stay in those trades is actuallt the return to the old-fashioned way, which consisted in the practice of black arts as the true Jewish religion to convert to : selling your soul by contract to demons.

    There was no golden age of pre-Jewish American culture. The White racist culture of America was itself a Jewish invention, modelled on Jewish racism. And there was no golden age of pre-Jewish journalism and theatre : both started in the very same ghettoes where you went for pawnshops, brothels and betting saloons, and were forbidden outside of them.

    • Thanks: Mario Partisan
  29. First point to be noted is that this site is Jewish owned. That is, of course, not a secret. Second point that might be addressed is why segments of Jewish populations in UK, US, France and elsewhere feel this irrepressible urge to accumulate wealth, and to dominate and control–the media, political parties and government, the largest corporations, the banks, the internet, etc. (I say segments because there are Jewish Americans who, like many other Americans, are living fairly miserable lives.) The reply some Jews might make is that this is the only way to ensure their safety (given history of pogroms, anti-semitism, the Jewish holocaust, etc).

    Whether this will actually ensure their safety is not altogether clear. They have, in a sense, become too prominent and are too much in the public eye. Etc. To some it’s almost as if they might be deliberately setting themselves up as targets (chutzpah? guilt-trip? death trip?). And the more prominent they become, the more resentment they provoke.

    Personally, I believe that Jewish Americans, who possess high levels of education, are active in American cultural life, and support the arts, don’t feel a real part of that cultural life. There have been, of course, Jewish writers, musicians, and artists–both in the US and Europe–who have made noteworthy contributions to literature, art, music, architecture, dance–but against the background of the 2500 years of Western cultural life, their contribution has been miniscule. With the exception of a philosopher like Spinoza, a composer like Felix Mendelssohn, and some writers, musicians and artists in the 20th century, who can actually speak of a “contribution” at all?

    The one exception–and the one great, actual, living contribution to the Western tradition–is the Torah, and it’s my understanding the Torah plays a much lesser role in Jewish religious life than the Talmud.

    What we are observing with the rise of Jewish wealth and power is a phenomenon that is not all that rare, and not something to be found only among rich and powerful Jews, and that is a desire to possess, i.e. to own and control, what one is oneself incapable of making or creating. Whether this means buying up Rembrandts and Pollocks, or buying up film studios and publishers, or simply ensuring one has the means to ensure some writers are read, some artists displayed, some music heard–it is all a meager substitute for the act of true creation. Contemporary Jewish American academics are skilled analysts, explicators, theorists–but commentary (a skill instilled by study of the Talmud) is something completely apart from a genuine act of literary or artistic creation.

    There is one writer who understood and wrote about this phenomenon with exceptional clarity–that was Marcel Proust–he died and was buried a Catholic, but was of Jewish descent on his mother’s side. “In Search of Lost Time” is a long meditation on many things, but above all on the vast treasure house that not only France but in fact all of Europe represented–that had been created by French, German, English, Irish, Italian, yes, and even Russian writers, composers, choreographers, architects and artists–he struggles to get close to those who hold the keys to this treasure house, but in his beautifully melancholic prose, tells us he was always outside looking in.

  30. Wikipedia publishes a comprehensive list of Jews who own and operate the media. It contains about 1,000 names, listing their ownership interest and function. The so-called “anti-semitic” theories about Jewish ownership of the media are unnecessary. They are hiding in plain sight.

  31. This article is the single most useful compilation of facts I have seen regarding media ownership. The author appears seriously to have tried to avoid bias, and also to avoid impeaching his own case via overstatement.

    A couple of commenters have noted the question of Rupert Murdoch’s mother. I do not know what to make of the question. Neither of the commenters has much illuminated the question, but still, I am curious why the article does not mention it.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  32. Awkward and difficult to read. A chart would have been better.

  33. My favorite on who owns Hollywood was this gem from an L.A. Times article in 2008.

  34. Mehen says:

    As I have remarked here and elsewhere, this sort of deep-dive explicating the outsized Jewish role in media control, needs to be likewise done with the medical establishment in the U.S. Urgently.

  35. Panadechi says:

    Jewish supremacy is well known, they are the self-elected people.

  36. The elites of the Anglo-Saxon world are Freemasons, the French elite are Freemasons, so what do you want?

    Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles.

  37. Purple says:

    They had planned to conquer the world and slavery the worthless-eaters (goyim) since 1730… They did not hide it anymore since they have taken over the whole world even the Vatican/Rome has been under their claws. People have been brainwashed and now 95% of all humanity is braindead. They controlled everything, every sector, government, public, private, and hidden. How to destroy them before they destroy us and all things on this planet? “The reason why they triumph is that the good men/good women sit back doing nothing to eliminate them at the beginning.” May God help us to wake up and be brave. We can take our country back and we can save the world. Do not let the Synagogue of Satan intimidate us the children of GOD.

  38. Dumbo says:

    One weird case and possible exception is NETFLIX — founder and current CEO is NOT Jewish, but Anglo, and another key person is Greek. (A second co-founder is Jewish, but he seems to be no longer at the company)

    And yet, I don’t remember having seen a single Netflix original series or film that did not include at least some race mixing (usually black male with white females, of course).

    Then, there is something weird with their ratings. A comedy with clear sexual overtones had a rating “apt for 6 year olds”. A dramatic series involving very dark themes including pedophilia, was branded apt for 12 year olds. And then there was the whole “Cuties” thing.

    A weird company, almost worse than Disney.

    • Replies: @Anon
  39. @Haxo Angmark

    Better a ‘congoid’ than a pongoid like you.

  40. @Rebel Roy

    And Rupert’s mother, of whom I never saw a bad word uttered, and many good ones (what went wrong?) lived to be 102.

  41. @Kagan was name of Khazar king

    ‘Antiturkite’ might catch on-but I doubt it.

  42. JR Foley says:

    Zylenskyy’s nightly telecasts—another Jew spewing nonsense with big USA following — The JEW in Jackboots. If you want to destroy —you join and destroy from within. 14,000 died in East Ukraine and Putin finally came to their rescue.

  43. mcohen says:

    From the description by mac Donald. Lol

    “Such a mission statement is sure to be dismissed as extremism of the worst sort in today’s intellectual climate—perhaps even as a sign of psychiatric disorder.”

  44. Jews run the media?! No wonder MSM is so boring.

  45. Anon[974] • Disclaimer says:

    Another dumb dumbo post. Most of the race-mixing on Netflix is white men with Asian or other women. You just prefer watching the black/white stuff.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  46. The late Congressman Jim Traficant called this out post-serving a sentence on trumped-up charges.
    See the YouTube interview of Traficant with Hannity and Sustern at Fox News.
    After Traficant exposed this (including the Jewish Media influences), you never saw Traficant on TV ever again!

  47. Agent76 says:

    April 2, 2019 The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s Is the Story of Our Times

    The Killing of the Kennedys and Today’s New Cold War. “‘We’re all puppets,’ the suspect [Sirhan Sirhan] replied, with more truth than he could have understood at that moment.” – Lisa Pease, quoting from the LAPD questioning of Sirhan
    Mar 1, 2016 Operation Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media

    Apr 2, 2015 Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou: “The Government Turned Me Into a Dissident”

    In 2007, John Kiriakou became the first Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official to publicly confirm that agency interrogators waterboarded a high-value detainee, terrorism suspect Abu Zubaydah — a revelation that had previously been a closely guarded secret.

  48. anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    Then how come no yahooderights died on 9/11?

    • Replies: @Karl1906
  49. Karl1906 says:

    Really? None at all? You’re sure about that? Some people certainly were forewarned because the owner of the Twin Towers knew when they were pulling off their “insurance fraud”.

    But then again others were specifically told to come that day. They got rid of a number of “unwanteds” that way. Especially in the Pentagon where they even “placed” a bunch of people exactly where the “plane” (most likely a drone) would hit the building.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  50. Avianthro says:

    OK, I’m buying this analysis, and agreeing that it may be beneficial to society to know that a particular ethno-religious group owns a vast majority of its media, its info-in that may be garbage or incomplete. Now, I wonder what are the particular impacts of this. What are the specific pieces of info or general types of info that are warped or omitted because of Jewish ownership biases? Do these Jewish owners have common values that they project into our media? Are these uniquely Jewish values? Or, is it perhaps the case that the Jews, owing to the forces that pushed them into being successful in banking, finance, and business…money control and management, just naturally branched into becoming media moguls, and that the values they may project may not be reflective much, if at all, of Jewish values (other than making sure the “holocaust” is fully and correctly believed), but more of the values of the rich ownership class elites who seek to maintain and increase their wealth and see media control as a great tool for supporting that goal? In other words, how much does it matter that they are Jewish (whatever that really is anyway) or simply that they are elite ownership class people who might as well be Martians?

  51. @Avianthro

    One example in Austfailia is that EVERY MSM article concerning Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran is negative, and the Palestinian people do not exist-either stated literally, usually in the Murdoch Zio-cancer, or implied by total absence. Commenting on this situation is, of course, verboten.

  52. Dumbo says:

    What’s with the gratuitous insult? Well, you should know, you probably watch more Netflix than I do and probably a lot of interracial porn, so I guess you’re an expert. Enjoy your virtual yellow fever. Now, I will click ignore, and say goodbye to another anonymous moron who can’t even understand what he reads.

  53. CSFurious says:

    The internet has exposed people to so much information beyond what the Jews want you to read that it is now called “disinformation”.

  54. @V. K. Ovelund

    Neither of the commenters has much illuminated the question, but still, I am curious why the article does not mention it

    With respect, this is nonsense. I don’t know what you are trying to say – or exactly what further “illumination” you are seeking. As has been pointed out (as has been done many times before on this site), Murdoch’s mother was Jewish – therefore by virtue of “standard” and ancient Jewish religious and cultural tradition whereby “Jewishness” is passed exclusively through the matriarchal line, Murdoch is clearly and obviously Jewish also. There’s simply nothing else to say.

    But as to “why the article does not mention it” – perhaps the article’s author simply… didn’t know ?

  55. sb says:

    Where exactly is this plaque? I’m interested to see it .

  56. @Dave Bowman

    As has been pointed out (as has been done many times before on this site), Murdoch’s mother was Jewish….

    I am aware that it has been many times pointed out. One suspects that the author is equally aware. I am also aware that the mother’s maiden name is Green.

    However, much nonsense on many topics has been many times pointed out, in many places. Repeating nonsense does not make the nonsense true.


    I have never seen a shred of credible evidence to the Green-Murdoch-Jewish point, and will not be browbeaten (I did not say, by you) by the excitably indiscreet that infest this site (again, I did not say, you) to affirm evidence the excitably indiscreet find persuasive.

    I have not, of course, read every comment ever posted at The Unz Review. If there is a particular Green-illuminating comment to which you wish to direct my attention, I would be glad to read it. However, I have come to expect at The Unz Review to be accused of bad faith or even of being Jewish whenever I happen fail to appreciate the putative brilliance of whatever nonsense certain commenters peddle. It’s depressing. I hope that you will not do that, for just because a man lacks influence and is peddling a narrative contrary to the false narrative imposed on us by the influential—well, the influence-lacking man in question may still be a fool. Happens all the time.

    (Explicit note to certain readers who are too excitable to read that which I have actually written: I never said, nor implied, that Rupert Murdoch is not a Jew.)

  57. @Dave Bowman

    Please pardon, Dave. The wording of my last reply, before its break, could inadvertently be read to imply that you had been spouting nonsense. There is a lot of nonsense out there on the Internet, and much of it merely echoes other nonsense on the Internet, and none of it as far as I know has been written by you. This is what I meant.

    If I thought that you were a nonsensical commenter (for there are plenty of those at The Unz Review), then I would hardly have replied at all.

    Hopefully, below the break, my reply clears up the misunderstanding; but meanwhile the reply probably, unintentionally missed its intended tone—and anyway it is hard for anyone objectively to read anything after the break if the words before the break have already delivered an unmeant insult.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  58. Cool says:

    Walt Disney today is just Walt Zhidsney.

  59. @V. K. Ovelund

    Thank you very much for the clarification, V.K. – and apologies for the very late response. Please don’t worry in the slightest for I took no offence at all at your tone, and I quite understand your point without in any way imagining that you were insulting me. Although I certainly try very hard here at TUR never to knowingly spout nonsense, I, like you, am so used to being accused of it by those with wrong information and/or bad faith that I barely notice anymore when it happens. I certainly will not be allowing any of it to make any difference at all to my daily access to one of the most important and valuable websites on the planet – or to my interactions with the many impressively-intelligent, knowledgeable and sincere commenters here – of which I certainly consider you to be one.

    Truth and righteousness WILL prevail – so press on, friend, and never let the nutters, White-haters and Jew shills here (they’re largely the same people) put you off for a moment. Those who see the world clearly and uphold truth in whatever it’s painful form must stick together – for the coming time of hell on earth when we will need more unity than we have ever needed before.

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