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Jewish Control of US Presidents #1: Woodrow Wilson
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As many now note, and as certain Jewish organizations have themselves boasted, the current Biden administration is stocked with Jews at the highest levels. Significant numbers of the most powerful cabinet positions are filled by Jews, as well as various department leadership positions, the White House Chief of Staff, and throughout the administrative structure.

Here we will not attempt to assert whether this means the current President Biden is himself controlled by Jews. We will look back in history to present evidence that a select sampling of US Presidents had fallen under the control of certain Jewish individuals and groups. This will prove significant, since these Presidential administrations enacted some of the policies that led to ruinous wars that changed the fate of humanity and brought on immense national debt, devastating poverty, and unemployment for US workers, slavish support for the Jewish ethnostate of Israel to the deep detriment of the US, and large increases in profits and power for Jews.

Woodrow Wilson (1913–1921)

Our first examination will consider Woodrow Wilson, who served two terms from the crucial year of 1913, through the period of US entry into World War I, the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, and a post-war period until 1921. In his first term, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Acts on December 23, 1913. In his second term, Wilson approved US entry into World War I, causing the defeat of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey in alliance with Ireland and other nations, at a time when Germany and Britain were considering peace terms and the end of the war. Through the Treaty of Versailles and the Paris Agreements, which Wilson attended along with his Jewish advisors, this led ultimately to World War II and thus to the fulfillment of the Balfour Declaration, culminating in the disastrous establishment of the new Jewish nation of Israel in the midst of Arab, Muslim and some Christian lands. The horrors of these developments begun during the Wilson administration still afflict the US and the world today.

Jewish Blackmail of the President

Wilson’s trajectory to the Presidency involved the intervention of wealthy powerful Jews. He had recently resigned as President of Princeton University when he ran for governor of New Jersey in 1910. Soon a scandal emerged when it was claimed that Wilson was having an intimate affair with the wife of one of the Princeton professors. Wilson himself was of course married, and if the scandal reached the newspapers—the press was almost the only form of media at the time—then Wilson would have faced joblessness and the prospect of withdrawing from the Governor’s race.

Benjamin Freedman was a young Jew at the time who acted as liaison between the Senate Finance Committee led by a Jew, Henry Morgenthau Sr. and the Secretary of the Treasury Rollo Wells. Freedman later renounced his Jewish identity and spent most of his life speaking out against the cabal of Jewish bankers he once worked among. In 1974 Freedman gave a speech to Marine cadets. Some of his statements regarding Wilson and Jewish bankers follow:

So, we had a President in Washington, Mr. Taft. Mr. Jacob Schiff, of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the bankers in New York who are the arm in the United States of the Rothschild International worldwide plutocracy—Mr. Schiff, with two young men, went down to see Mr. Taft. … Jacob Schiff came back to New York (He was at that time head of The American Jewish Committee)… They ganged up in New York, to get rid of Taft [likely because Taft opposed abrogating a trade agreement with Russia promoted by the American Jewish community and aimed at benefiting Russian Jews; here, p. 195]. I was a protégé of Mr. Bernard Baruch… So the stage was set to get rid of the Republican Party and the Republican President and put in their own party and their own President. But it was very difficult… Mr. Baruch was picked out as the leg man. He was a smart man! … Mr. Jacob Schiff and the Jews (use that word as I told you, with reservations) put up the money to launch this Party, and they looked around for a man to put up as President. … they got Woodrow Wilson… They trotted Theodore Roosevelt out of the political “moth-balls” (He was then an editor of a magazine). They told him, “You are the indispensable man. You are the only man who can save the United States.” And with his ego they formed the “Bull Moose Party” and Mr. Jacob H. Schiff and the Jews throughout the world—they got plenty of money from England—they formed the Bull Moose Party. And in that way they split the Republican vote between Roosevelt and Taft, and Mr. Wilson walked in with a minority of the popular vote. …

You find in politics, every time they pick a candidate, and put him out in front, they have the goods on him. You know he had been sleeping with the wife of the professor who lived next door to him at Princeton, whose name was Peck. And they used to call Wilson, at Princeton, “Peck’s bad boy.” When she got a divorce and moved to Washington, she married a man who had a son. And that son borrowed $40,000 from the bank, without asking them. He didn’t know how to pay it back, and the pressure on him was getting very, very hot. So this woman heard of Samuel Untermeyer (of the big firm, Googenheim, Untermeyer and Marshall) a prominent Democrat; and supplied much money to the party. She went to him with a big package of letters… So, they cooked this up and she got the idea of blackmailing him (Wilson). She got Samuel Untermeyer to go to see him, as a lawyer. He was a big contributor to the Party and he knew Wilson, and he went there. To make a long story short, Wilson didn’t have the money; Untermeyer provided it, and the boy paid the money back.

Now, Mr. Untermeyer told President Wilson, “I’ll advance that money if you will do one favor for me. The next opening on the Supreme Court, I want to name the man.” He said, “We’ve never had a Jew on the Supreme Court. I think there ought to be a Jew on the Supreme Court.” So Wilson said, “It’s a deal!” and they paid the $40,000. When a vacancy appeared on the Supreme Court, Mr. Untermeyer recommended Mr. Brandeis. Mr. Brandeis was the number one Zionist in the United States; the head of them all, and he became very friendly with Wilson.

We will return to Freedman’s transcript regarding the US entry into World War I. We must first clarify and corroborate this account of Wilson’s apparent blackmail by Jewish bankers, especially Samuel Untermeyer as contact with Wilson.

Wilson was exchanging what appear to be love letters with Mary Hulbert Peck for eight years starting during his presidency of Princeton in 1907, spanning his brief term as governor of New Jersey, and part of his first term as U.S. President until 1915. For seven of those years, Wilson was married to Ellen Axton Wilson, who died in August 1914. To summarize the impact of this scandal when it spread through the newspapers during this time: “But for a presidential candidate to have acknowledged any serious intentions toward her, a divorcee and already a cause of gossip, would have been, by post-Victorian standards, social and political suicide.” Untermeyer would know to exploit this blackmail on Wilson when he approached the President on Mary Hulbert’s behalf (She had divorced her husband Peck as early as 1912). The $40,000 that Untermeyer requested from Wilson in 1910 is worth $1.25 million today. Untermeyer paid it to Mary on Wilson’s behalf, owning Wilson thereafter.

Louis Brandeis: First Jew on the Supreme Court

Wilson nominated Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court on January 28, 1916. So controversial was this nomination that the confirmation process endured an unprecedented four months, and included the first public hearing the Senate Judiciary Committee ever held. Conservative Republicans especially opposed Brandeis’ nomination, and were of course denounced as “anti-Semitic.” Many years later Brandeis’ replacement on the Supreme Court, William Douglas, writing in the New York Times, said of him, “He was dangerous because he was incorruptible,” and “a militant crusader for social justice.”

When the Senate committee conducting the confirmation hearing requested letters of endorsement from Attorney General Thomas Watt Gregory, who announced that none were available, Wilson stepped in to give his own endorsement. Wilson wrote of Brandeis: “I knew him to be singularly qualified by learning, by gifts, and by character for the position.” Wilson further gushed:

…he is exceptionally qualified. I cannot speak too highly of his impartial, impersonal, orderly, and constructive mind, his rare analytical powers, his deep human sympathy, his profound acquaintance with the historical roots of our institutions and insight into their spirit, or of the many evidences he has given of being imbued to the very heart with our American ideals of justice and equality of opportunity; of his knowledge of modern economic conditions and of the way they bear upon the masses of the people, or of his genius in getting persons to unite in common and harmonious action and look with frank and kindly eyes into each other’s minds, who had before been heated antagonists. This friend of justice and of men will ornament the high court of which we are all justly proud. I am glad to have had the opportunity to pay him this tribute of admiration and of confidence…

The eventual approval of Brandeis’ nomination fulfilled Wilson’s promise to his creditor Untermeyer to place a Jew on the Supreme Court.

Brandeis was a strong supporter of Wilson during his first campaign and provided the candidate with economic talking points such as “regulated competition.” After the election, Wilson told Brandeis, “You were yourself a great part of the victory.” “Brandeis also served as Wilson’s chief economic adviser from 1912 until 1916.” This “friend of justice and of men” went on to be “instrumental in shaping the new Federal Reserve Act.” We will see what an immense disaster the Fed has been to the American people, and what a siphon of wealth and power to Jewish bankers. In all Brandeis served on the Supreme Court for twenty-three years, pushing the “progressive” agenda and even helped design the U.S. position on the creation of the new nation of Czechoslovakia, which became a grave threat to Germany and almost became the first flash point for World War II.

On top of all else, Brandeis was an avid supporter of the early Zionist movement in the US. He was elected President of The Provisional Executive Committee for Zionist Affairs in New York, and advocated for a “Jewish homeland” in his book The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It. The book contains the transcript of a speech Brandeis gave to a group of Reform Rabbis in 1915, and states the essence of his Zionist views:

The Zionists seek to establish this home in Palestine because they are convinced that the undying longing of Jews for Palestine is a fact of deepest significance; that it is a manifestation in the struggle for existence by an ancient people which has established its right to live, a people whose three thousand years of civilization has produced a faith, culture and individuality which enable it to contribute largely in the future, as it has in the past, to the advance of civilization; and that it is not a right merely but a duty of the Jewish nationality to survive and develop. They believe that only in Palestine can Jewish life be fully protected from the forces of disintegration; that there alone can the Jewish spirit reach its full and natural development; and that by securing for those Jews who wish to settle there the opportunity to do so, not only those Jews, but all other Jews will be benefited, and that the long perplexing Jewish Problem will, at last, find solution.

How well Brandeis’s vision has contributed “to the advance of civilization” and the “full and natural development” of “the Jewish spirit,” much less to the idea that “all other Jews will be benefited” and even “”the long perplexing Jewish Problem will… find solution” can be known by examining this account by If Americans Knew, “A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict.” In short, the Zionist state has been a disaster for the Middle East region, the United States, in some sense the world, and even the majority of the Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere. It has inflicted the greatest disaster upon the Palestinian people, something Brandeis takes not into account. The only use of the word “Palestinian” in his work is:

In the Jewish colonies of Palestine there are no Jewish criminals; because everyone, old and young alike, is led to feel the glory of his race and his obligation to carry forward its ideals. The new Palestinian Jewry produces instead of criminals, great scientists… discoverer(s)… craftsmen… founder(s)…

Unfortunately for Brandeis’ vision, Israel is especially known as a den of thieves and crooks. This examination, “Israel, A Refuge for Swindlers” provides the evidence.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, Influencer

This essay would not be complete—and indeed cannot be complete short of an entire book—on the Jewish control over President Wilson, without at least a brief mention of Rabbi Stephen Wise. The Holocaust Encyclopedia entry for Wise states it reasonably well:

Unlike most Reform rabbis and congregants at the time, Wise became a Zionist, committed to the establishment of a Jewish state. He attributed this to his first encounter with Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, at the second Zionist Congress in 1898. During that meeting Wise was elected to the Zionist General Action Committee. In 1914, he served as deputy to Louis Brandeis when Brandeis became head of the American Zionist movement. Both men were instrumental in obtaining President Woodrow Wilson’s support for the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which committed Great Britain to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. Wise founded the American Jewish Congress in 1920, became president of the Zionist Organization of America in 1936, and continued to play a key role in the US Jewish community for the rest of his life.

Along with Brandeis, Wise was “instrumental” with Wilson in supporting the Balfour Declaration, which not only obligated Great Britain in giving Palestine to Zionist Jews, but tacitly also committed Zionist Jews in America to manipulating the “isolationist” U.S. population into enthusiastically joining the Great War against Germany. A central role in this mass brain-washing in favor of Jewish war objectives was the Jew Edward Bernays.

The Federal Reserve Central Bank Courtesy of Jewish Bankers

As we have seen, Brandeis was an advocate for the creation of the Federal Reserve private central bank which Wilson signed into law on December 23, 1913. It may be the single most ruinous and destructive law ever signed by any U.S. President. Many other Jews were also influential in getting Wilson to establish the Federal Reserve, as we saw in the TOO essay “Obscuring the Jewish Issue In Alt Media: Example #2—Banking Dynasties.” Of them all, the Paul Warburg was the premier architect of the Federal Reserve plan.

Here we will look at the iconic work of Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve to identify the Jews around Wilson who imposed this immense debt-generating scam upon the people of the U.S. First, there is indication that Wilson’s acceptance of the plan helped win him the Presidency:

Senator LaFollette remarks in his memoirs that his speech against the Money Trust later cost him the Presidency of the United States, just as Woodrow Wilson’s early support of the Aldrich Plan had brought him into consideration for that office. (p 16)

Because the American public was largely opposed to this “Money Trust,” the House established the Pujo Committee aimed at investigating the power of Wall St. bankers.

The man who single-handedly carried on these hearings [was] Samuel Untermeyer. He was one of the principal contributors to Woodrow Wilson’s Presidential campaign fund…

We’ve already seen how Untermeyer (who seems to also have been instrumental in promoting the Zionist Scofield Bible that has been influential among American Evangelicals) blackmailed a vulnerable Wilson earlier in his career.

The international banking houses of Eugene Meyer, Lazard Freres, J. & W. Seligman, Ladenburg Thalmann, Speyer Brothers, M. M. Warburg, and the Rothschild Brothers did not arouse Samuel Untermeyer’s curiosity, although it was well known in the New York financial world that all of these family banking houses either had branches or controlled subsidiary houses in Wall Street. When Jacob Schiff appeared before the Pujo Committee, Mr. Untermeyer’s adroit questioning allowed Mr. Schiff to talk for many minutes without revealing any information about the operations of the banking house of Kuhn Loeb Company, of which he was senior partner, and which Senator Robert L. Owen had identified as the representative of the European Rothschilds in the United States. (p 17)

Virtually all of these names mentioned are Jews.

Congressional testimony showed that in the firm of Kuhn Loeb Company, Felix Warburg was supporting Taft, Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff were supporting Wilson. The result was that a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President were elected in 1912 to get the central bank legislation passed. … Col. Garrison, an agent of Brown Brothers bankers, later Brown Brothers Harriman, wrote in his book, “Paul Warburg is the man who got the Federal Reserve Act together after the Aldrich Plan aroused such nationwide resentment and opposition. The mastermind of both plans was Baron Alfred Rothschild of London.” (p 18)

(The Aldrich Plan of 1912 was named after Sen. Nelson W. Aldrich of Rhode Island. It would have established a banking cartel but did not pass. The Glass Act of 1913 eventually created the Fed.)

Not only were all of these bankers Jews, all of them—the Warburgs, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb and Rothschild—had intermarried in various ways and were members of the same extended family (see “Obscuring the Jewish Issue…” referenced above). It cannot be doubted that they were working collectively to get their man Wilson elected.

The “unprecedented speed” with which the Federal Reserve Act had been passed by Congress during what became known as the “Christmas massacre” had one unforeseen aspect. Woodrow Wilson was taken unawares, as he, like many others, had been assured the bill would not come up for a vote until after Christmas. Now he refused to sign it, because he objected to the provisions for the election of Class B Directors. … Bernard Baruch, a principal contributor to Wilson’s campaign fund, was stunned when he was informed that Wilson refused to sign the bill. He hurried to the White House and assured Wilson that this was a minor matter, which could be fixed up later through “administrative processes”. The important thing was to get the Federal Reserve Act signed into law at once. With this reassurance, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. History proved that on that day the Constitution ceased to be the governing covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers. (pp 28-9)

The “international bankers” were almost all Jews. Bernard Baruch was a Jew of immense power and influence over Wilson and much else at the time. He will re-appear in our accounts of US entry into WWI.

Jews Push Wilson and Nation Into War

We refer again to the speech by Freedman to the Marine cadets:

…when Germany was winning the war, the Jews were very happy, because they didn’t want Russia to come out the winner, with France and England, because they thought it would be tougher for the Jews in Russia. So, they were all pro-German. What happened? When the Germans trotted out the submarines… General Haig, in London, warned the English, “We have less than two week’s food supply for the whole nation of 55,000,000 people.”… So, England was offered a Peace Treaty by Germany… It was on the desk of the British War Cabinet, ready to be signed…. What happened? The Khazar Jews in New York, Washington, led by Brandeis, made this promise through Fleischman & Sockloff in London. They went to the British War Cabinet and they said, “You don’t have to make peace—which is tantamount to surrender. We can show you how you can win the war, if, when you defeat Germany, and carve up the Ottoman Empire (or Turkey) you will give us Palestine. And they made that deal. It was all written [i.e., The Balfour Declaration]. … How they got the promise of Palestine, by promising to use their influence to get U.S. into the war. That’s how they are going to turn against the United States; the same way they turned against Germany; after everything Germany did for them, since 1822. They made the deal to bring the United States into the war, which meant certain defeat for Germany; which was triumphant, then; offering a peace that was tantamount to surrender.

Now, the United States got into World War I. How did they get in? They didn’t know how to get us in, because the Germans leaned backwards. They said, “We are going to do nothing on land, on the sea, or in the air, to provoke or justify a declaration of war by the United States, because we’ll be licked! Now, we’ve won the war!” Which they had. The Russian armies were in retreat; in France, the army had revolted, and wouldn’t fight. There was no more fight left in the allies. So, what happened? They couldn’t get us in if the Germans didn’t give us provocation or justification. So, what did they do? …A message was sent to Washington, that the S.S. Sussex, a ferry from Dover to Calais, had been torpedoed in the Channel and 38 Americans lost their lives!

Congress declared war against Germany… they came out with the secret that the Sussex was not sunk and no Americans lives were lost. And we were in the war! Now that is how the Jews got us into World War I, and that started everything because Wilson was elected.

Researcher and revisionist Thomas Dalton Ph.D provides a good account. Wilson ran on a campaign slogan of “He kept us out of war.” Little more than a month into his second term, on April 2, 1917, Wilson famously and stridently called on Congress to join the war with a formal Declaration. Only a few days later, both houses of Congress voted overwhelmingly to declare war. Only a few in Congress opposed the vote. One was George Norris (R-Neb.), who later said “We are going into war upon the command of gold.” This gold was owned by the Jewish bankers on Wall Street, and they wanted more through war.

Jewish “Financier” and “Statesman” Bernard Baruch

One of the Jews Freedman was discussing was Bernard Baruch. This Jewish “financier” raked in a fortune gaming the New York Stock Exchange. By 1916 Wilson appointed Baruch to the Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense. When the US entered World War I as we’ve seen, Wilson appointed Baruch chairman of the War Industries Board. Anthony Sutton writes:

By March 1918 President Wilson acting without Congressional authority, had endowed Baruch with more power than any other individual had been granted in the history of the United States. The War Industries Board, with Baruch as its chairman, became responsible for building all factories and for the supply of all raw material, all products, and all transportation, and all its final decisions rested with chairman Bernard Baruch. In brief, Baruch became economic dictator of the United States…

In almost 180 pages including appendices, Sutton uses the word “Jew” not once. This essay is not intended as another entry in the “Obscuring the Jewish Issue…” series, so we will turn to other sources. Jewish Virtual Library includes Baruch among its “Jewish Heroes & Heroines of America: 150 True Stories of American Jewish Heroism” series. Wikipedia of course in its “Early Life” section is unequivocal, and places Baruch’s entry among “American people of German-Jewish descent,” “Jewish American philanthropists,” and “Jewish American government officials” categories. This Jewish “hero” and “philanthropist” influenced Wilson to sign the devastating Federal Reserve Act when Wilson was reluctant, and further influenced Wilson to push the US into the ruinous World War I when the war could have ended amicably. Baruch got Wilson to appoint him to the most powerful position in the nation, Chairman of the War Industries Board, where he could funnel money to his Jewish banker and industrialist cronies.

Henry Ford’s The International Jew (TIJ) noted

the large degree of Jewish influence on Woodrow Wilson: “They formed a solid ring around him.” Commenting on the special access to Wilson held by the Jewish journalist David Lawrence, TIJ states, “There was a time when he communicated to the country through no one but a Jew” (12/04/1920). TIJ provides examples of Jews who were involved in corruption during W.W.I, attributing the crimes to the immense power of Jewish financier Bernard Baruch who controlled the War Industries Board.


The size of this essay already precludes an examination of the Jews who accompanied Wilson to the Treaty of Versailles and Paris Peace Conference events following WWI. That deserves an essay all its own, since the outcome was the establishment of the League of Nations leading to the United Nations, and a set up for World War II with all its enormous devastation, leading to the creation of the nation of Israel, with its attendant world horrors. Here we must conclude from our historical sources that Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the Unites States 1913–21, was under the control of powerful Jews through blackmail, indebtedness, intimidation, bribery, egotistic appeals and ideological subversion. Wilson had significant health challenges especially during his Presidency as we saw in his letters to Mary Peck, and Jews exploited his weaknesses to use him as a pawn in their international schemes of power and money.

We will close with a quote from Wilson in his book of speeches The New Freedom published in 1913:

Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

And if they are compromised by blackmail, susceptible to bribery for money and position, weak against ideological and racial intimidation, and in debt, they had better not say it is Jewish power. For our solvency and survival against this “power somewhere,” it is better that we do speak in condemnation of it.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Protogonus says: • Website

    Haemers starts with a very significant case of talmudic conspiracy (against Germany), important mainly for developing deficit financing, the destruction of the Prussian monarchy, and for promotion of conditions that would generate the 2nd world war and the Cold War, the all-important cover for the nuclear arming of the present occupier of Palestine!

    However, we show that the German spirit actually self-destructed about 1840, with the death of Minister Altenstein, the protector of Hegel and his comprehensive theory on the danger of communism, well before the talmudist stalking horse Karl Marx appeared on the stage (in 1848) with his atheist buddy Fredrick Engels:

    Note that to read the article, simply SCROLL DOWN; no sign-in or sign-on is necessary. Thanks.

    We hope German readers will help settle the remaining mystery of who, specifically, advised the Prussian king (ca. 1841) to depose the legacy of Hegel, for we suspect it was a hidden talmudist cabal working in Berlin. They foresaw Marx or even had him ready for the next stage of history.

  2. Protogonus says: • Website

    We show that the German spirit actually self-destructed about 1840, with the death of Minister Altenstein, the protector of Hegel and his comprehensive theory on the danger of communism, well before the talmudist stalking horse Karl Marx appeared on the stage (in 1848) with his atheist buddy Fredrick Engels:

    Note that to read the article, simply SCROLL DOWN; no sign-in or sign-on is necessary. Thanks.

    We hope German readers will help settle the remaining mystery of who, specifically, advised the Prussian king (ca. 1841) to depose the legacy of Hegel, for we suspect it was a hidden talmudist cabal working in Berlin. They foresaw Marx or even had him ready for the next stage of history.

    Haemers starts with a very significant case of talmudic conspiracy (against Germany), important mainly for developing deficit financing, the destruction of the Prussian monarchy, and for promotion of conditions that would generate the 2nd world war and the Cold War, the all-important cover for the nuclear arming of the present occupier of Palestine!

  3. Wokechoke says:

    Donald Rumsfeld threatens Kennedy on behalf of AIPAC. 1963…

    • Replies: @Socratesjr
    , @Socratesjr
  4. @Wokechoke

    I highly recommend that the Unz community read the following which can be found on :


    FROM MAJOR JORDAN’S DIARIES by George Racey Jordan 1952

    Curtis Dall says it all in his dedication:

    “Dedicated to young Americans-May you benefit from observing how certain shadowy forces contrive to ruthlessly advance their own financial and ideological objectives at your expense. They select, then groom, and ultimately control many of our highest government officials. They plan the wars and through “foreign policy” arrange to set the stage for incidents to initiate hostilities. They overwork the word “Peace” to mislead you and create a plausible smoke screen in order to conceal their real operations. You can recognize who “they” are. “

    Curtis Dall mentions Major Jordan in his book, so I looked him up. Jordan is a patriot everyone should know about. His diary is the most incriminating evidence I have seen concerning high treason at the highest levels during WWII. The Soviet Union then = Ukraine today. Remove conditioned programed thinking and you will see the rest of the story.

    • Replies: @folkvangr
  5. Charles says:

    Mr. Haemer’s account of FDR, who was invariably referred to by the late Revilo Oliver as “the diseased war-criminal”, should be interesting and I look forward to it.

    • Agree: Protogonus
  6. @Wokechoke

    I apologize, my first comment went to you by accident.

    But now that I have your attention, see if you can find Senator John F Kennedy’s 1949 speech on the United States’ support of the Communists revolution in China. Kennedy was very critical of this support. Kennedy saw a bigger picture that led to his famous conspiracy speech. This dovetails nicely with Major Jordan’s testimony that we gave the Soviet Union everything they wanted at great security expense to the US.

    • Replies: @Anthony Aaron
    , @xyzxy
  7. Near the end of his presidency, Wilson wanted the USA to become involved in a pending war in Turkey. The US Senate refused to support the crazy idea.

  8. Born in Virginia, Woodrow Wilson grew up in Georgia and South Carolina during the bloody horror show we call the Civil War. He was eight years old when the rebel regime fled Richmond. He lived in the ruins of the burnt-out capital of South Carolina, Columbia, where his father served as a minister in the Reconstruction era. If you don’t think that boy’s trauma had the most profound and lasting effect on the man and his worldview, think again.

    There is no question that Jews, singly or in association, have exerted great and often malevolent influence in finance, business, communication, law, and government, but they are not all-powerful. It’s a truism, perhaps, but great wealth and power buy anonymity. Jews are visible and universally suspect, which begs the question: who are they fronting for? Jews had nothing 250 years ago, were a tiny minority mostly hunted and persecuted. What bargain might have been struck in exchange for an end to discrimination and a share of the profits, when perhaps the revolutionary consciousness of the Enlightenment forced the real masters into the shadows… good to keep in mind that misdirection is one of tyranny’s most useful self-preservation tactics. Ranting about Jewish conspiracies (true or not) is today the single best way there is to be immediately dismissed as a crank; and soon enough in our post-Bill of Rights world, it will earn you a prison sentence as well, I fear.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  9. xyzxy says:

    The Kennedy speech was essentially more of the same ol’ same ol’. Quite similar to the current US policy in the Ukraine, actually. Making China ‘free’ by way of supporting the Nationalists. But what did that really mean? It meant keeping China a vassal state of the US empire. The freedom Kennedy spoke of was the freedom to allow the continued rule of a corrupt KMT, that would do the bidding of the US, so the Empire could continue exploiting China for its own benefit.

    JFK (or whomever wrote the speech for him):

    When we look at the ease with which the Communists have overthrown the National Government of Chiang Kai-shek… the United States and Japan will not support militarily, politically, economically, any government or regime in China other than the National Government of the Republic of China.

    This was a few years after the war against Japan, and now Japan is our strong ally? One that will support the US in its adventures? How laughable is that? As if Japan had any say in it.

    Now, instead of the KMT, it’s the DPP. But the song remains the same. And now, America is attempting to lean on their ‘old’ (since 1945!) ally, Japan, to help with the dirty work. You can’t make this stuff up. BTW, Once the Jewish Z-regime in Ukraine falls, which it will, one way or another, I doubt either the Japanese or Taiwan province will have much faith in the ‘rules based order’, anymore.

    Next, it wasn’t so much that the US supported the Chinese communists. It’s just that, what could they do? Mobilize an army to invade China? No one in America (or Europe for that matter) was up to that. Obviously the KMT wasn’t up to the game. To continue that support channel was a financial liability that the Empire wasn’t prepared to make, inasmuch as it was seen as a fruitless endeavor.

    Very similar to the Ukraine. Short of American boots on the ground, the Zelensky regime is doomed, no matter how much money and weapons they receive. Short of American intervention, Taiwan province will be united with the mainland. And even with US intervention, it is likely the unification will happen, short of nuclear bombardment of the mainland.

    There seems to be a curious thread of thinking in certain people that modern China is somehow a creation of a cabal of Jews who, even now, continue to run the place. These folks typically also believe that Putin is a ‘tool’ of the Jews. You can say that about the west. But Russia, and especially China? Absurd.

    To this, some say that Soviet ‘advisors’ in China were Jewish. The response is that, who else were the Chinese communists going to rely on? But soon, the indigenous strain of Chinese politics manifested, and they broke from the Soviets. Today, China is anathema to western Jews, because the latter can’t easily infiltrate and subjugate the CPC, or culturally subvert the Chinese, who are a people unto themselves, with their own way of thinking.

    It is why we are now ‘back to the future’ with the same thinking as JFK, in his speech. Ready to go to war with China, for their ‘freedom’. Right after we take care of Russia. Ridiculous.

    Finally, I don’t want to quibble, but it is curious that the Chinese Civil War was viewed by Kennedy as an ‘easy’ task, or accomplishment, on the part of the communists.

  10. @Observator

    […] but they are not all-powerful.

    The author argues that Jews exerted ‘control’ over Woodrow Wilson. I agree with you: That’s an exaggeration, overestimates the influence Jews have.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  11. neutral says:

    I would be interested with an investigation of Lincoln and jewish influence, the stench of his awful legacy surely implies that there was some kind significant jewish manipulation.

    • Agree: Protogonus
  12. Woodrow Wilson was the worst president ever. By far. He did great damage to the world.

  13. @Vergissmeinnicht

    A close reading reveals no overestimation of Jewish influence in Karl Haemers’s article. Observator is well known as a disinformation agent, and he appears to have drawn you into his web.

    Who precisely are these supersecret, unidentifiable, and invisible agents who have masked their existence for centuries via their creation and victimization of a Jewish stalking-horse? The Jews, operating primarily through their paid or deluded agents, have long had a degree of success manipulating the timid and the gullible into blaming first one innocuous group, then another—the Jesuits, for example, have for four hundred years been one of their favorite targets—for what they themselves, the Jews, are guilty of.

    Another candidate pushed by the Jews for secret ruler of the universe is the House of Windsor. As if …

    The bottom line is that whether in Wilson’s day or the present, the influence, raw power, and malice of the Jews are things that are effectively impossible to overstate. I applaud Karl Haemers for looking the monster squarely in the face.

  14. good essay….couple caveats tho –

    nation of Czechoslovakia”. Actually,

    no such “nation” ever existed.

    The Bohemian Empire, alias “Czechoslovakia”

    was an amalgam of Slovaks, Ruthenians, and Sudetan Germans,

    forced by the Versailles Diktat to submit to the Prague Mob…

    i.e. the Czechs. None of these divergent peoples ever wanted

    to be mis-ruled by Czechs. Which is why “Czechoslovakia”

    collapsed in 1938-39, and then again in the early 1990’s

    when the entire Judeo-communist Red Empire collapsed.

    also, that business about Taft being removed because

    he “abrogated” (or didn’t abrogate) some trade deal with Russia

    is nonsense. The (((banksters))) removed Taft –

    via Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 Third Party scam which split the Republican vote –

    because Taft refused to charter the Third Rothschild National Bank,

    subsequently signed onto by Wilson as the “Federal Reserve”.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  15. folkvangr says:

    The Soviet Union then = Ukraine today


    • Replies: @Socratesjr
  16. @folkvangr

    That is a very good question, and to your credit, the equation did not escape your attention.

    Simply put, major events are mostly products of implemented strategies by the prevailing powers. There are many strategies that can be used, however some strategies work better than others. The better strategies keep showing up and can be identified by using pattern analysis in historical investigations.

    A superficial review of general history is not enough to see thru the many layers of smoke screen. For the majority, the superficial review is the opposite of the in-depth supporting evidence.

    The equation is meant to arouse questions. If you dig deep enough you will see that at the highest level, that Soviet Union and the United States were one and the same, the same product but in a different package. The cold war was a smoke screen. The Soviet Union was the proxy to destroy Germany. For added flavor I will throw out that the race to beat Russia to the moon was also a smoke screen. The key here is understanding how large amounts of public money can be moved into clandestine agendas right under the noses of the public. Has anything changed with Ukraine?

    We cannot exclude the propensity of the majority to be fooled by the strategies of psychological operations. Behind every smoke screen there is a psyop that is calculated to evade the radar of the vast majority. I leave the details of the equation to you. If you dig deep you will see the meaning of the equation.

    • Replies: @folkvangr
  17. folkvangr says:

    The Soviet Union was the proxy to destroy Germany.

    No, the US goal was to destroy Great Britain, world most powerful geopolitical rival, THEN Germany, but only because Roosevelt was a psycopath and American bankers said so.
    Ukraine is used to destroy Germany and EU as a trade partner with China.

    • Replies: @Socratesjr
  18. @folkvangr

    No more questions? I would be very interested in your view of the big picture. But……..

    In any case, we are getting off track from the main article. With due respect to Karl Haemers I would like to get this back on track. Sorry for straying off the path.

    Karl has chosen an excellent path for understanding the big picture. At the presidential level we are at the fountain head of the implementation of strategies for behind the scenes agendas. At this level, the coverage of credible evidence is very generous. It is for these reasons I have also chosen this topic to apply pattern analysis to grasp the bigger picture.

    I started with Andrew Jackson but had to go back further in history to find out what forces he was up against. This led me to Alexander Hamilton.

    The Judaic powers have very clever strategies to infiltrate. It is ok for their Jewish women to marry into the non Jewish upper class, such as wealthy merchants. Within the wealthy class, it can be advantageous if a son is born out of wedlock. Enter Alexander Hamilton.

    Apparently he takes his non Jewish father’s name and his mother hires a Jewish tutor to educate young Alex. Groomed to infiltrate, Alex works his way into the confidence of George Washington and by coincidence becomes the first secretary of the treasury and a proponent of giving the US money supply to private bankers.

    Jefferson and later Andrew Jackson are no fools and understand what Hamilton is up to. The central bank issue occupies much of the early American history up to 1913.

    How Andrew Jackson survived to win the bank battle would make a good movie that Hollywood has avoided. Jackson won the battle by taking advantage of newspapers that backed him. Since Hamilton had his own newspapers in his pocket, Jackson could fight fire with fire. Such advantage was short lived, after Jackson, with the consolidation of the big newspapers by the central bankers.

    I now speculate that another strategy was the ulterior motives for using the institution of dueling. Professional duelers could be hired to insult an adversary. Dueling was quite common during Jackson’s time. By stupidity or bravery Jackson accepted a challenge by a known marksman who got the in the first shot within an inch of Jackson’s heart. Jackson did not fall, but stood firm, took careful aim and killed his opponent with a gut shot.

    It is ironical that Hamilton, a hot head, died in a duel by those who learned to fight fire with fire.

    Fast forwarding to Woodrow Wilson, I suspect that Haemers’ presidential series will be one of the best contributions to the Unz Review.

  19. @Haxo Angmark

    The Bohemian Empire, alias “Czechoslovakia,” was an amalgam of Slovaks, Ruthenians, and Sudeten Germans, forced by the Versailles Diktat to submit to the Prague Mob … i.e. the Czechs. None of these divergent peoples ever wanted to be mis-ruled by Czechs.

    Just so. When the final split came in the nineties, only the fact that it was bloodless surprised me. Yet no one should be surprised to hear that the Czechs disliked the peoples they misruled as much as they were in turn disliked. Courtesy of my late mother, I became aware of this state of affairs almost fifty years ago.

    When my maternal great-grandparents immigrated to the USA in the 1880s, my great-grandmother was pregnant with my maternal grandmother. Both of my grandfathers and my father’s mother were dead before I was born, but my surviving grandmother, having moved into my parents’ home when she became a widow, was known to me from earliest infancy till her death in the late seventies, when I was well into my thirties.

    It was only then, after the funeral and interment, that I asked my mother what Grandma’s maiden name was and whether she was Bohemian or Moravian. With the poker face that she invariably wore when she was being facetious or sarcastic, my mother replied, “She was Bohemian. We Bohemians hate Moravians.” Playing along with her, I replied, “Oh? I thought we hated Slovaks.” Then, with a feigned look of despair that she had an idiot for a son, she said, “We hate them, too, dear.”

  20. LSA90 says:

    We young smarter guys raised in our fundamentalist conservative church used to joke with a nudge and a wink to each other that every word of every footnote in the Scofield version was divinely inspired and inerrant.

  21. Concerning war, the 1953 Reece Committee investigator, Norman Dodd, found the following information in the Carnegie Foundation minutes of the meeting. As stated in his 1982 interview with G. Edward Griffin:

    “We are now at the year nineteen hundred and eight (1908), which was the year that the Carnegie Foundation began operations. And, in that year, the trustees meeting, for the first time, raised a specific question, which they discussed throughout the balance of the year, in a very learned fashion. And the question is this: Is there any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people? And they conclude that, no more effective means to that end is known to humanity, than war.
    So then, in 1909, they raise the second question, and discuss it, namely, how do we involve the United States in a war? ….. And finally, they answer that question as follows: we must control the State Department.
    And then, that very naturally raises the question of how do we do that? They answer it by saying, we must take over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country.
    Then, time passes, and we are eventually in a war, which would be World War I. At that time, they record on their minutes a shocking report in which they dispatch to President Wilson a telegram cautioning him to see that the war does not end too quickly.”

    It is reasonable to assume that WWI was timed to come after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act for the financial benefits of war. The telegram to Woodrow Wilson advising him to prolong the war benefited the agenda in many ways. The same strategy was used with WWII, postponing the war with Germany so that the war would be very costly in addition to weighting the arguments for initiating other Agenda benefits.

    Another observation is that Republican National Committee (RNC) sabotaged the 1953 Reece Congressional Committee, claiming anti-semitism. The NRC had been infiltrated.

    In 1988, the anti communist activist, Valdas Anelauskas renounced his Soviet citizenship and was invited to address the 17th annual Conservative Political Action conference as a featured speaker alongside of Newt Gingric, Jesse Helms, Eliot Abrams, Robert Bork and others. When he discovered the elitist nature and goals of American conservative organizations, his association with them terminated.

    It would be interesting to find Anelauskas’ lectures which have been suppressed.

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