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Jewface and the Under-Race
Inferior Whites Cannot Play Roles Belonging to their Racial Superiors
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If you want to understand the leftists of the twenty-first century, you won’t find a better guide than a writer who died more than seventy years ago. George Orwell (1903–50) exposed the psychology and tactics of leftism in his two greatest books. In Nineteen Eighty-Four (1948), he satirized the way leftists practise the opposite of what they preach: “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.”

Preaching equality, practising hierarchy

And in Animal Farm (1945), he satirized the dishonesty and deceit of leftist rhetoric: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” In other words, Orwell saw that leftists are not serious about the sacred leftist principle of equality. It is merely a slogan, a rhetorical smoke-screen beneath which they advance towards their real aims: privilege for their favoured groups, enslavement for their enemies. In 2022 a leftist children’s writer called Jacqueline Wilson has adapted Orwell’s joke from Animal Farm. But Wilson is perfectly serious when she makes one of her female characters say: “In the modern world girls are just as clever as boys, and sometimes cleverer.”

In other words, men and women are equal, but women are more equal than men. The same applies to Whites and non-Whites. In leftism, all races are equal, but some races are more equal than others. That is, some races are superior to others. Or rather, all races are superior except one. Whites are now cast in the role of under-race and portrayed as the greatest villains, thieves and exploiters in history, sickeningly and supremely responsible for the horrors of racism, slavery and genocide. That’s why White actors are now banned from taking any non-White role, while non-Whites are free to take any White role they please. It’s a question of racial privilege, something that leftists claim to oppose but in fact wish to re-create and reinforce. This time, however, Whites are on the bottom of the racial hierarchy.

Transgenderism is good, transracialism is bad

That’s why it’s very interesting that some Jews are now calling for an end to “Jewface,” or the casting of White actors in Jewish roles. The term “Jewface” is an adaptation of “blackface,” which referred to the way White actors blackened their faces to play Black characters. For example, the British actor Laurence Olivier (1907-89) used blackface in his acclaimed performance as the traditionally Black protagonist of Shakespeare’s play Othello (c. 1603). Olivier triumphed in many Shakespearean roles and is still widely regarded as the greatest actor of modern times. But none of that—his prodigious talent, his praeternatural charisma, his passionate devotion to Shakespeare—matters any more. Olivier’s blackface Othello is now regarded as an abomination that must never be repeated.

But leftists don’t explain exactly why White actors are now banned from Black roles, just as they don’t explain why transgenderism is good, while transracialism is bad. For leftists, men can literally become women by proclaiming that they are so, but Whites cannot become Blacks by proclaiming that they are so. Why the difference? I think I’ve explained it in articles like “Power to the Perverts!” and “The Tyranny of Translunacy.” It’s a question of higher and lower status within leftism. Those belonging to a group with higher status can invade the territory of a group with lower status, but not vice versa. Transwomen—the variously disturbed and perverted men who claim to be women—have cleverly marketed themselves as a persecuted and vulnerable minority akin to homosexuals. They therefore have higher status in leftism than the ordinary women whose territory they want to invade.

Disassociating Jews from the “white under-race”

But “transblacks”—those Whites who claim to be Black—cannot market themselves as of higher status than Blacks. They’re White and therefore belong to an under-race with the lowest status of all. That’s why leftists anathematize White-to-Black transracialism. Whites cannot invade Black territory, because Whites are inferior to Blacks. However, Blacks can invade White territory whenever they please, therefore Black actors can take any White role. A Black actress has played the White queen Anne Boleyn; Black actors have played White heroes like Achilles and Galahad; and the heavily promoted Netflix series Bridgerton has filled early nineteenth-century England with elegant and intelligent Black aristocrats. What’s forbidden for Whites is celebrated for Blacks. Leftists don’t openly explain why this double-standard exists, because they don’t want to admit that they’re creating a racial hierarchy with Whites at the bottom. If they admitted that, they would alert ordinary Whites to the worse things that lie ahead. Leftists want to enslave ordinary Whites and leave them completely at the mercy of increasingly vicious and resentful non-White criminals.

Maureen Lipman plays an oppressed minority
Maureen Lipman plays an oppressed minority

I think that’s why some Jews are now campaigning against “Jewface.” They want to disassociate Jews from the White under-race and establish Jews openly as a privileged non-White minority, allied with the other minorities whom, in Jewish-leftist propaganda, Whites have oppressed so cruelly for so long. In the UK, the Jewish actress Maureen Lipman has complained that the gentile actress Helen Mirren should not have played the role of the Jewish prime minister Golda Meir (1898–1978) in the forthcoming film Golda. Lipman says that Jewishness is “integral” to the role of Meir, therefore a gentile actress cannot authentically perform as Meir. What Lipman really means is that Jewishness is superior to goyishness, therefore an inferior goy should not take on the role of a superior Jew. The unfunny and physically repulsive Jewish comedian David Baddiel has supported Lipman in the Guardian, but he too has not admitted the real reason for his opposition to “Jewface”:

The deep truth of any marginalised identity is only available to those who live that identity. Casting a non-minority actor to mimic that identity feels, to the progressive eye, like impersonation, and impersonation may carry with it an element of mockery—or at least seem reductive, reducing the complexity of that experience by channelling it through an actor who hasn’t lived it.…

Jewish is the minority that you can cast with actors not of that minority, and hardly, until very recently, hear a whisper of concern. … [This issue is] about the idea that minority experience should be expressed by those who truly know it, rather than caricatured by those who don’t. It would be an interesting conclusion, given 2,000 years of persecution, that the representation of Jewish identity doesn’t deserve this complexity. …

In all the aggressive tweeting about Lipman, I saw many photos posted triumphantly of when she once played a vicar in a TV show. Social media loves of course an Aha! meme, and those who hated Lipman for saying her Golda Meir thing posted it luxuriously, as if it proved her bang-to-rights wrong. But minority casting is not a two-way street. Dev Patel can play, obviously, all the south Asian parts he gets offered, and he can also now play [the white role of] David Copperfield. (‘Why don’t Jews play Jews?’—David Baddiel on the row over Helen Mirren as Golda Meir, The Guardian, 12th January 2022)

Note that Baddiel thinks Jews have suffered “2,000 years of persecution.” His anti-Christian bigotry is showing, because “persecution” of Jews—that is, justified gentile responses to Jewish misbehavior—is far older than Christianity, as Andrew Joyce has described in articles like “Exodus Redux: Jewish Identity and the Shaping of History.” Now look at Baddiel’s argument for banning Whites from non-White roles: “The deep truth of any marginalised identity is only available to those who live that identity.” He claims that when a profane White plays a sacred non-White, the performance is “reductive, reducing the complexity of [non-white] experience by channelling it through an actor who hasn’t lived it.” There is no “deep truth” or “complexity” to White identity and experience, you see. Whites are one-dimensional, banal and boring compared to complex, highly intelligent and endlessly creative Blacks and other non-Whites.

“Color-blind” means “anti-white”

But we Whites have pretended otherwise in our literature and theatre, creating some very flattering and interesting characters and roles for ourselves. Now it’s time for those juicy roles to go where they really belong: to non-Whites. That’s why, as Baddiel described, the South Asian actor Dev Patel can play the Dickens character David Copperfield, but no White actor can play a South Asian role. Patel himself has said that “Dickens is a truly universal story” and that no-one should object to his “color-blind” casting in the role, because “It’s just people playing people, like actors are meant to do.”

But Patel would not say that a White actor could be chosen to play a brown Indian character like Buddha or the Emperor Ashoka. Color-blind casting works only one way: actors from superior races can take the roles of characters from the inferior White under-race, but not vice versa. And David Baddiel, Maureen Lipman, Sarah Silverman and some other Jews want Jews to be added to the list of roles forbidden to Whites. They can see where cultural trends are heading and want to disassociate Jews from the White under-race. Interestingly, Golda Meir’s own grandson, Shaul Rahabi, doesn’t agree with them. He has said that “I have no issue with Helen Mirren being Jewish or not Jewish playing my grandmother. It doesn’t matter at all. I’m sure Helen Mirren is great.”

Meir’s grandson is an Israeli and lives in Israel, where “whiteness” is prized among Ashkenazi Jews because it separates them not just from Arabs but also from dark-skinned Mizrahi Jews, whom the Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion (1886-1973) “didn’t want” in the country. As I described in my article “Efface the Facts,” Jewish advertisements sometimes represent Ashkenazim with pale skin, blue eyes and goyish features.

Anti-White hate will worsen

As ever, it comes down to that simple question of “What’s best for Jews?” In Israel, it’s good for Jews to claim “whiteness,” because there’s no competition from genuine Whites. In the West, it’s good for Jews to denigrate Whites, deny White achievements and cast Whites as history’s greatest and most incorrigible villains. This anti-White campaign has incited non-Whites to attack Whites even as those non-Whites are given special privileges in employment and law. Acting is one small but culturally significant part of this White dispossession. All White roles are now open to non-Whites, but Whites are banned from non-White roles.

It’s a blatant double-standard based on an implicit racial hierarchy that contradicts the explicit leftist principle of racial equality. Leftist Jews like Maureen Lipman and David Baddiel now want Jews to get the advantage of the double-standard too. They can see that the campaign of anti-White hate will only get worse. But as anti-White hate worsens, more and more White eyes will open. And among the things those eyes will see is the leading role of Jews in the ongoing war on Whites and Western civilization.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Too much ‘mind-reading’:
    1) Left-wingers want to enslave (!) Whites;
    2) Actor Dev Patel would be against colour-blind casting if a White were to play a South Asian;
    3) Meir’s grandson is fine with her grandmother being played by a shiksa because, in Israel, “there’s no competition from genuine Whites”;

    I recall the adaptation of the manga (i.e., it’s from Japan!) ‘Ghost in the Shell’ into a Hollywoodian film… Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson casting was criticised as ‘white-washing’ as expected, but, of course, NO Japanese person cares (only leftists care)!

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
    , @Wyatt
  2. Anonymous[229] • Disclaimer says:

    Most whites with a brain know full well what the Left are up to.

    Why do you think that the Labour Party’s traditional bedrock support, the cattle corralled into the voting booths at election time, and then soon forgotten – the English working class – have abandoned that party?

  3. Excellent article. It’s interesting to observe how quickly (and synthetically) tastes and taboos are shifting. Until very recently, Jewish casting agents often hired gentiles to play Jews (and visa versa.) This confusing custom accomplished the feat of convincing the gullible goyim–via Hollywood depictions–that Jewishness was merely a religious dogma–like Christianity–and (like Christianity) there was no set racial dimension to Jewishness. So we goys got treated to movies with sympathetic Jewish characters portrayed by handsome gentiles such as Warren Beatty, Charlton Heston, Russell Crowe, and even Brad Pitt.

    But now our (((mass media))) is shifting gears yet again. Not only is White America being subjected to an endless stream of black faces (and glamorous interracial couples) on TV and film like never before, but the multi-faceted demonization of White identity has exploded with the election of Teleprompter Joe and his cackling, dark-hued sidekick.

    To cap off this latest witch hunt (‘white supremacists’), new sentencing guidelines (along with discretionary moves by ‘liberal’ prosecutors) are bringing about the release of violent black perps while top lawmakers relentlessly pursue White suburbanites who trespassed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

    This is all part of a new campaign to preemptively squelch White unity/action via Holocaust indoctrination, punitive speech codes, CRT curriculum, and diversity mandates. The usual suspects are at it again. They are a scourge.

    • Thanks: Polistra
  4. anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    I call for an end to “Italoface,” or the casting of Jewish actors in Italian roles.

    In jew-produced movies Italians are always played by ethnic Jews

    These are just few examples of Jewish actors who have played Italian movie roles:

    Abe Vigoda (Jew who played Italian role in The Godfather, and in Look Who’s Talking)
    James Caan (Jew who played Italian role in The Godfather, and in Dick Tracy)
    Paul Ben-Victor (Jew who played Italian role in True Romance, and in The Amityville Murders)
    Tony Curtis (Jew who played Italian role in The Boston Strangler, and The Great Impostor, and Mafia Princess )
    Lainie Kazan
    Hank Azaria
    Craig Bierko
    Adrien Brody
    Jon Bernthal
    Peter Falk
    Brad Garrett
    Dan Hedaya
    Harvey Keitel (The Last Godfather)
    Mark Margolis
    Ezra Miller
    Andrew Dice Clay
    Paul Newman
    Connor Paolo
    David Proval
    Corey Stoll
    Miles Teller
    Henry Winkler

    These are all Jewish actors who played Italian movie roles in movies and TV. I demand stop to Jewish Italoface!

    • Thanks: Polistra
  5. @anon

    As is still often the case, many believe that one drop of black blood makes one black. It also appears that 1 drop of Jewish blood makes one Jewish. I can’t get my head around this. Why not 1 drop of white blood making one white?

    Many actors are only part Jewish. Paul Newman had a Jewish father but a Christian mother. Same with Alicia Silverstone (though her mother, like Ivanka, converted). Scarlett Johansson is the reverse, Swedish father, Jewish mother. Sarah Silverman’s mother’s maiden name was O’Hara, unlikely that she was Jewish. It’s hard to deny that mixing the two creates better looking Jews.

    So, in order to play Jewish roles, do half Jews qualify? Why do part Jews, who may never set foot into a synagogue, always seem to consider themselves Jewish instead of gentile? This whole game of who qualifies as Jewish, as well as who qualifies as black, grows very tiresome in a world full of more and more who are mixed raced. My ancestors were from all over Europe, including Southern Italy. Doesn’t that make me mixed race too?

  6. Performers being performers will play any part that gives them an advantage in life. They aren’t committed to the truth. If it’s advantageous to be thought of as jewish, they’ll become jewish. If being jewish is a liability, they’ll become anglo. If saying that you are part cherokee will help your career, they magically become part cherokee. If being part black will help your career, any that can pull it off will say that they’re part black.

  7. Pheasant says:

    ‘Sarah Silverman’s mother’s maiden name was O’Hara, unlikely that she was Jewish. It’s hard to deny that mixing the two creates better looking Jews.’

    Ugly as sin and apparently the mothers real name was Halpin (crypsis? Marriage? adoption?)

    Half Jews are Jews. Completely different psychologically. The world would be a better place if the Jewish community accepted them. Less neurosis all round.

    Sicillian? You may qualify for affirmative action (joke).

  8. I have jew fatigue.

    Wake me when this is over.

  9. S says:

    …they [leftists] don’t want to admit that they’re creating a racial hierarchy with Whites at the bottom. If they admitted that, they would alert ordinary Whites to the worse things that lie ahead.
    Leftists want to enslave ordinary Whites and leave them completely at the mercy of increasingly vicious and resentful non-White criminals.

    Well, between 1968-73, via an openly acknowledged and rather clever sci-fi allegory of future Black & White race relations, and with plausible deniability readily built in, they did alert Whites of what lies ahead, or, rather, of what was planned ahead.

    The whole shebang, from start to finish, is there, ie a global pandemic kicking things off, an ‘oppressed Black uprising’, White ‘Karens’, ‘defeated’ Whites whom the once enslaved Blacks will dominate and explicitly enslave, and Whites who in the future, besides being killed for sport, will be so dumbed down (far beyond Idiocracy) that they can no longer write, or, even speak.

    Though it can’t be said as a proven fact, this series of movies could very well of been what is termed ‘Black propaganda’, no pun intended. [See the Delmer Sefton link below.]

    Perfectly in line with your essay, the primary movie screenwriter for the first and most famous installment in 1968 (starring Charlton Heston) was indeed a Communist named Michael Wilson.

    In case the reader hasn’t figured it out, yet, and engaging in a wee bit of crimethink here, I’m talking about The Planet of the Apes series of movies of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    It’s interesting that Orwell’s Animal Farm should be brought up at the beginning of this essay.

    It is now well known that E Howard Hunt had been directed by the CIA to arrange for the funding and production of the much beloved and well received 1954 British animated version of Animal Farm.

    Yet, how many are aware, that the original French writer of the 1963 novel Planet of the Apes, Pierre Boulle, it’s English translator, Xan Fielding, and the screenwriter, or story creator, of four (of the first five) of the incredibly popular movie series, Paul Dehn, all had intel agency backgrounds, predominantly British?

    The screenwriter Paul Dehn’s particular area of expertise with British intel had been political warfare.

    • Thanks: inspector general
  10. @Vergissmeinnicht

    I think this is why Jews react so hysterically to a Gentile pointing out that they run the entertainment and financial industries – it deprives them, the world’s most powerful ethnic group, of the ability to pretend to be oppressed. It’s also why they need to set the Holocaust above every other atrocity in the history of mankind. This is, in my opinion, the biggest outrage they’ve perpetrated. No one should be exempt from criticism for any reason.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  11. @follyofwar

    To quote Adam Sandler, “What a fine looking Jew!”

  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I think that’s why some Jews are now campaigning against “Jewface.” They want to disassociate Jews from the White under-race and establish Jews openly as a privileged non-White minority, allied with the other minorities whom, in Jewish-leftist propaganda, Whites have oppressed so cruelly for so long.

    ((Jews)) — the most privileged, pampered, pretentious, entitled race of brainiacs on earth are sticking with the Zionist Plan to rule the brown and black world with an iron fist. They’ve got to sacrifice Whites to “prove” to the darker races that they can be trusted, even though the Judeofascist Israelis have already blown that pretense forever. But brainiacs are half-smart, half-crazy, and they think the darker races are too stupid to see through them, and they’re just going to keep doubling down on the charade until it blows up in their faces and gets most ((Jews)) killed. Then they’ll start over again, because that’s what ((Jews)) are programmed to do. And when they do, they’ll pull the same insane Zionist charade again, and it will end the same way.

    As I said, smart but insane. And the definition of insanity is pulling the same (failed Zionist) plan over and over again, and expecting different results.

    Oh well.

  13. Sometimes… thank Todd for blue collar folks.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  14. Altai says:

    Another strange example of this desire to flee the ship they sunk. Why give David Baddiel, a comedian from England almost nobody has ever heard about in the US even during his prime to promote something of such little direct interest to the audience, such a valuable spot? (99.999% of them will never buy his book) This is personal agenda pushing by Meyers.

    Comedian and writer David Baddiel talks about writing a football anthem that has set a record in England, discusses anti-Semitism in his book Jews Don’t Count and his son humiliating him in public.

    The premise, that Jews have been forgotten in terms of racism is laughable. Jews created their own kind of racism ‘anti-semitism’ that was both somehow unique and more egregious than other forms of ethnic animus.

    What Baddiel is worried about is that Jews won’t have the same veto power over non-whites when they cry ‘anti-semitism’. Israel is against every tenant of SJWism, it actually is all the things they falsely claim about the West. They have to stop BLM/SJW narratives from turning their gaze to Israel everytime, if something like #DefundTheIDF trends just once…

    Bari Weiss is another example of Jews becoming very leery of what non-white non-Jewish SJW movements operating on social media might someday mean for Israel. They have to try and get back the moral superiority or just parity from blacks but they don’t know how.

    How does the richest ethnic group whose ethnic organisations keep supporting Israel claim moral superiority?

    • Replies: @beavertales
  15. Alan Arkin playing a Hispanic in Freebie and the Bean (1974).

    If Jews were to restrict themselves to only Jewish roles, there wouldn’t be enough work in Hollywood for them.

    Everything for me, but not for thee.

  16. @Altai

    Haim Saban’s IDF fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton rakes in over \$60 million, with the draw being Hollywood glitz.

    This would not be possible if Jews allowed their grasp of Hollywood to slip. Wealthy Whites would never give to an IDF fundraiser for honest reasons. In fact, it should be illegal.

    • Thanks: Polistra
  17. Chris Moore says: • Website

    How does the richest ethnic group whose ethnic organisations keep supporting Israel claim moral superiority?

    How do Judeofascists keep claiming moral superiority? Because their “chosen”/”persecuted” dogma says they’re superior, and their greedy and ambitious, low cunning cucks agree.

    All of these scum amount to Zionism. They have a name, a face and an ideology. They’re comprehensible, which means they can be pigeonholed and put in a box.

    They hate that, and so do their cucks. Too bad.

    The question is, do their cucks love their children more than they love their careers? Questionable. That’s what makes them Zionist scum.

  18. baythoven says:

    “I call for an end to Italoface….”

    They’ve had that kind of gig for close to a century. It was actually more absurd in films of the 30’s and early 40’s, where most Mexican and South American characters were played by Jews, often with accents more New Yorkish than Spanish.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Lancelot_Link
  19. KenH says:

    All White roles are now open to non-Whites, but Whites are banned from non-White roles.

    Whites playing non-whites is “cultural appropriation” but non-whites playing whites is “progress”. If any white person in the business objects to this double standard they will never work again. The “good” Jews will lock arms with the “bad” Jews and blackball that white person.

    Leftists want to enslave ordinary Whites and leave them completely at the mercy of increasingly vicious and resentful non-White criminals.

    Jews and even some rabid self hating and psychopathic whites want to see whites brutally subjugated by non-whites. Unfortunately they might get their wish if current trends continue.

    But it’s worse than that because they are working to see that all whites are eventually killed off in North America which to them will usher in utopia but in reality it will be hell and eventually the masses of blacks and browns will turn on the Jewish social engineers and destroy them utterly.

    There won’t be any sentimental whites to come to the rescue of Jews.

  20. anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Our biggest Italian cultural heroes and icons are appropriated by the Jews, like Albert DeSalvo (played by Jew Tony Curtis) or Ronald DeFeo (played by Jew Paul Ben-Victor) or even Julius Caesar and Casanova (also played by Jew Tony Curtis) and Capone (played by Jew Jon Bernthal).

    It is a catastrophe. Have the Jews no shame, stealing all our heroes.

    One cannot even anymore watch an Italian hero on film who is not played by the Jew.

  21. Here is an article that names a date that America ceased to be.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  22. Let’s see Shakespeare done as originally intended, with white men playing all the roles from Othello to Cleopatra. Heads explode all across the political spectrum.

  23. jsigur says:

    There is no issue of whites playing Jewish roles. Look close and the supposed white likely has some Jewish blood and is completely loyal to the tribe.
    Yes, look close and whites are almost always the evil doers and look again and its always white men exploiting women with the female hero rising to the challenge to defeat the male white evil doer
    I am surprised that you failed to mention the real elephant in the room which is Jews almost always being cast in the lead roles of non- Jewish parts., That’s been going on since movies began and needs to be called out as do the other issues

  24. Baddiel is that type of arrogant Jew who gives the whole collective a bad name, in my opinion. Two thousand years (really 3500) of much more than oppression-plenty of exploitation, aggression, genocide and belligerence, too, all of which Meir displayed, like a good Zionazi. Obviously Lipman (a certainty for the next production of Macbeth as one of the witches)believes that Jews MUST play Jews, and, plainly, Jews ONLY. Following her twisted ‘logic’, no Jew can understand what it is to be a goy, so must NOT play a goy. We must, therefore, seek out all Lipman’s goy roles, and purge them from the public sphere. Fair enough.

  25. How much of this is Jewish actors, realizing their insistence on cultural Marxism and quotas has now excluded them from playing non-white roles, circling the wagons to protect their own careers?

    For example, the Jewish actress Jenny Slate voiced a black character on the adult cartoon Big Mouth . She recently was fired from the role (ahem, “stepped down”) so the black character could be voiced “properly” by a blactress/comedian.

    Or, more famously, Jewish Hank Azaria got fired from voicing the Indian shopkeeper Apu on the The Simpsons despite it being an iconic character and Azaria doing it for more than 25 years — all because Azaria isn’t Indian.

    By insisting on only Jews playing Jewish characters, Jewish actors are creating a quota system for themselves and guaranteeing income. Given that the Holocaust film has been established as a genre of film, it would seem Jewish actors will be protected from unemployment.

  26. Here is a bit of a divergence. In the original Jaws movie did the shark ever chomp through any Jewish actors?

    Is this because sharks don’t like Kosher?

    • Replies: @Polistra
  27. Wyatt says:

    I cared. Scar Jew, like most women who are regarded as attractive and nothing else, can’t act for shit and she gave such a wooden performance that she managed to make the Ghost in the Shell retro instead of cyberpunk.

  28. Polistra says:

    As is still often the case, many believe that one drop of black blood makes one black.

    Absolutely no one believes that.

  29. Polistra says:
    @Cookie Boy

    1913 certainly laid the groundwork for our demise. 1965 (Hart-Celler) was probably the final nail in the coffin, though to be sure there have been many nails throughout the last century.

  30. Polistra says:
    @Cookie Boy

    Is this because sharks don’t like Kosher?

    It’s because the film is one of Spielberg’s many revenge fantasies brought to life. As he has told the story many times, a classmate in elementary school once called him a jew, and he’s never forgotten the slight.

    So in one form or another, he’s been feeding white people to sharks his entire career, and the knock-on effects throughout our society are endless—and entirely intentional. Of course, Spielberg’s just one of many like him.

  31. moresoma says:

    I’ve read 1984 & have seen the movie as well. I don’t recall Orwell using the term ‘leftists’. Is leftists an American thing? Do the ‘leftists’ call American conservatives ‘rightists’?

    I’ll wager Orwell would not appreciate you misinterpreting his work to fit your personal political agenda.

    I’m new here. Have you ran out of ways to make your point?

    Speaking of Orwell & you.

    Politics and the English Language

  32. lavoisier says: • Website

    But as anti-White hate worsens, more and more White eyes will open. And among the things those eyes will see is the leading role of Jews in the ongoing war on Whites and Western civilization.

    Been going on for some time now while their civilization burns.

    White eyes need more than to be opened. They have to be willing to SEE.

    Until that happens, the lies and the destruction will continue.

  33. Modern films are all but unwatchable. They are boring and glum. I watched a throwaway film from the 90s the other day, Father of the Bride, about a nice white family putting together a nice wedding for their naive but honorable daughter. The diversity checkbox was filled by Martin Short as a flamboyant wedding planner. There was no moralizing, no antagonist, and practically no plot. It is a delightful film and a painful reminder of what has been lost in our culture. It is worth noting that apparently they are making a Mexican flavored remake which I’m sure will vent its spleen about the hated Anglo in some fashion.

  34. @anon

    Peter Falk

    My stepdad grew up in the same town. He said Falk’s neighborhood was called “Guinea Gulch”. Falk may not have been Italian, but there was some authenticity there.

  35. @moresoma

    I don’t recall Orwell using the term ‘leftists’. Is leftists an American thing?

    The people he mocked In 1984 and Animal Farm certainly were. His early satires of bourgeois life are largely forgotten. (I read two as a teen, and can only remember the title of one.)

    Do the ‘leftists’ call American conservatives ‘rightists’?

    “Right-wing(ers)”. As in “vast right-wing conspiracy”. (Or, as singer and œnophile Al Stewart says of the Napa Valley where he settled, a “vast red wine conspiracy”.) They don’t want to give us the respect that –ist implies.

    And they call us a whole lot worse!

    Orwell was drifting rightward in his “old” age. But, as Thomas Sowell has pointed out, “the right” is merely a catch-all term for anyone who dares question the Left. Orwell was closer to a populist than to any other rightist variety. Indeed, populists start out on the left and abandon it once they realize all those bromides are meant in bad faith. Blood and soil is all they have.

    Orwell might not have supported Trump, but I can easily see him standing up for Trump voters. Remember that passage about the rifle on the Englishman’s wall.

  36. @moresoma

    In US politics there are few and insignificant differences between the two political parties. Both serve the money power that owns them and the economy, totally. But they must get the proles to turn out at election time for a facade of legitimacy. Even though elections are now more or less routinely stolen when required.
    So they and their MSM apparatchiki pretend that one group is Right, conservative, patriotic, and the other Left, radical, internationalist, socialist. The latter may be true of some, but of the Democrazy Party establishment? It is laughable nonsense, but it is designed to get dumb, ignorant, brainwashed Rightists all enraged and irritated. Similarly the Democrazies forget that the Right are people, too, and must be co-operated with, somehow, or all will be lost in a fury of internecine hatred. Divide and Rule must end in civil war, particularly as the blood-sucking elites steal ever more of the country’s wealth, and the masses fall into poverty, want and despair, now exacerbated by the insane CoViD fear campaign and the drive for suicidal war on Russia, China and Iran.

  37. Atle says:

    Andrew Dice Clay is Jewish?

    • Replies: @anon
  38. anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    yes, even wikipedia says so

    • Replies: @Atle
  39. “They can see where cultural trends are heading and want to disassociate Jews from the White under-race.”

    The recent Whoopi Goldberg suspension from “The View” fits this narrative perfectly. I thought the public humilation of Whoopi was funny but didnt fully understand the complete over reaction to her comments until I read this article. I doubt Whoopi understands the reaction either. She should read the Unz Review.

  40. @baythoven

    Never forget Yul Brynner as the King of Thailand! Ha, ha, ha!

  41. Hibernian says:
    @Priss Factor

    I remember the song; wasn’t even aware of the movie.

  42. anarchyst says:

    An overlooked aspect to judaic behavior is the prevalence of mental illness occurring in most jewish males later in life.
    This mental illness is due to STDs is introduced to the infant jew male by the act of fellating the infant by the dirty mohel. These STDs that are introduced to the infant by the dirty mohel do not affect the mind until later in life.
    After the mohel cuts off the foreskin, he uses his mouth – oral suction, rather than say a sponge – to effectively clear the wound on the baby’s penis of blood, lest it clot and decay. As for where it arose, metzitzah b’peh is a time-honored tradition codified in the most important Jewish scripts, much like circumcision itself.

  43. anarchyst says:

    Jews insist on being the “bride at every wedding” and the “corpse at every funeral”. This is due to their jewish supremacist upbringing which requires that (((they))) be the “center of attention” in any situation.
    Whoopi Goldberg was right. According to jews, only jewish suffering counts…and is unique to jews.

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