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Jeremy’s Jackboots: Even More Jewish Hysteria About Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party
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The porcine punim of Stephen Daisley

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“Gobsmacked” is a good English word that’s gaining ground in America, I’ve read. If it’s not familiar to you, it means “very surprised or otherwise affected,” like someone who has been unexpectedly smacked in the gob, or mouth. I’ve recently been gobsmacked not once but twice by a Scottish journalist called Stephen Daisley.

Corbyn’s a monster, Blair’s a mensch

My first gobsmacking from Daisley came when I read this article by him in the cuckservative Spectator:

A vote for Labour is a vote for anti-semitism

The Labour party (1900 – 2015) is dead. It died the day a majority of members, £3 and otherwise, voted to make their leader a man already plainly drenched in the moral sewage of anti-Semitism. The Labour party (2015 – ) is Corbyn’s party and if the famous centrists are working to preserve any party, it is that one. They might eventually salvage something out of it — Corbynism without Corbyn — but they will remain culpable for his actions until then.

Every vote for Labour is a vote for Corbyn. Every leaflet delivered is a two-fingered salute to British Jews. Every door knocked is a declaration: this is who I am and this is my tribe. You can campaign for Labour and vote for Labour without being an anti-Semite but in doing either you announce that you have reached an accommodation with anti-Semitism. Colluding in the organisation of politics against the Jews is worth it to get the railways renationalised.

The Labour party is going to fail the anti-Semitism test and the country might too. (A vote for Labour is a vote for anti-semitism, The Spectator, 29th October 2019)

As you can see, Daisley thinks that Jeremy Corbyn (often nicknamed Jezza) killed the Labour party by becoming its leader in 2015. Obviously, then, Daisley also thinks that Labour was alive and well under the leadership of Tony Blair. You remember Blair, don’t you? He’s the devious narcissist who lied the UK into a disastrous war in Iraq that killed huge numbers of innocent people and that directly led to the rise of the head-choppers and sex-slavers of Islamic State. Blair also nefariously opened Britain’s borders to migrants not just from Eastern Europe, who undercut the wages of Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class, but also from the Third World, who set about raping and sexually enslaving the daughters of those traditional Labour supporters.

Porcine punims

Having left office after these crimes, Blair began piling up a vast fortune (now possibly well north of £100 million) as he was rewarded by the greedy and amoral globalists for whom he had worked so hard as prime minister. Jeremy Corbyn resolutely opposed Blair’s Iraq disaster and is not interested in money or material possessions. Yet it’s Corbyn, not Blair, who’s “drenched” in “moral sewage,” and it’s Corbyn, not Blair, who “killed” the Labour party – according to Stephen Daisley. And this brings me to the second gobsmacking I’ve received from Daisley. I looked for a photograph of him and found this:

The porcine punim of Stephen Daisley
The porcine punim of Stephen Daisley

I have never seen a more porcine and less trustworthy punim (which is Yiddish for “face”). And I doubt I ever will. Daisley looks as though he’s in training to play the role of the giant slug-like villain Jabba the Hutt in a remake of one of those old Star Wars movies. But I’m glad Daisley looks like that, because it means his punim is as repulsive as his ideology. I’m no fan of Jeremy Corbyn, believe me. But clearly he’s a far less immoral person than Tony Blair and has been responsible for far less evil in the world. Corbyn opposes war and the military-industrial complex. Blair supports war and has grown rich by working for the military-industrial complex.

Smirk Makes Free

But Blair’s crimes and immorality don’t matter to Daisley because he’s applying only one criterion: “Is it good for the Jews?” And Daisley used exactly that phrase in an article he wrote for the Jewish Chronicle in 2017: “If we apply the Bubbe Barometer — ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ — difficult to conclude that the outcome of the general election passes muster.” It’s easy to get the impression from the article that Daisley himself is Jewish – few goyim know that bubbe is Yiddish for “grandmother,” for example – but I can’t find any clear statement to that effect. One thing is sure: he behaves as though he’s Jewish, with an unfailing self-righteousness and insistence that Jewish interests must be at the centre of British politics.

Smirk Makes Free #1: That “True Friend of the Jewish community” Tony Blair
Smirk Makes Free #1: That “True Friend of the Jewish community” Tony Blair

That’s why Daisley hates Jeremy Corbyn and claims that “A vote for Labour is a vote for anti-semitism.” Corbyn’s leadership isn’t good for the Jews, whereas Blair’s leadership was very good for the Jews. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that Blair is “generally regarded as the most pro-Israel prime minister in British history.” Marie van der Zyl, head of the Jewish Board of Deputies, has recently “praised Mr Blair as a ‘true friend’ of the Jewish community.” In other words, Blair followed Jewish orders, so it didn’t matter that he was an enemy of Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class. Indeed, being a “true friend of the Jewish community” automatically entails being an enemy of the White British and their interests. And so Blair appointed the highly ethnocentric Jew Barbara Roche as his immigration minister and allowed her to flood Britain with tax-eating, crime-committing Third-Worlders. Jeremy Corbyn, of course, is also fully in favour of Third-World immigration, but that’s one of the paradoxes of Jewish Corbynophobia.

Smirk Makes Free #2: Sinister Minister Barbara Roche
Smirk Makes Free #2: Sinister Minister Barbara Roche

Jews attack Corbyn for endorsing and encouraging anti-Semitism, but the worst and most active anti-Semites are non-White Muslims, whose presence in Britain is both owed to and warmly supported by organized Jewry. Barbara Roche told the Guardian in 2001 that she “entered politics — she still emphasises this today — to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” In 2011, she viewed the Balkanization of London approvingly “over the rim of her cup of Americano coffee” and cooed to the Guardian that “I love the diversity of London. … I just feel comfortable.”

“One of the Jewish community’s greatest champions”

Do the ordinary Whites murdered, raped, robbed or driven from their homes by Roche’s Third-World allies feel “comfortable”? No, they don’t, but Roche doesn’t care about them. Their complaints are dismissed as racist or ignored altogether. Remember that, in Stephen Daisley’s porcine eyes, the Labour party was still alive and well when Labour councillors in Rotherham and many other places refused to help the White working-class girls being preyed on by Muslim rape-gangs.

Denis MacShane, the slug-like Labour MP for Rotherham, also refused to help. He was too busy working for the only people he really cared about: Jews in far-off London. After MacShane was jailed for fraud in 2013, the Jewish Chronicle saluted him as “one of [the Jewish community’s] greatest champions.” But MacShane wasn’t elected to champion Jews — he was elected to champion the White working-class. The clue is in the name of MacShane’s party. It’s called the Labour Party, not the Jewish Party or the Zionist Party. But the Jewish Chronicle has never criticized MacShane for betraying his White constituents in Rotherham. After all, what do they matter? It’s Jews who matter, as the Chronicle has once again emphasized under the headline “Are these antisemitism figures high enough for you, Mr Corbyn?” The article below runs thus:

Yet again, the six-monthly figures from the Community Security Trust [CST] show a record number of antisemitic incidents — and a further ten per cent rise in the number recorded between January and June of this year and the same period in 2018. In all but two months since April 2016 there have been more than a hundred recorded incidents — a level of antisemitic abuse and attack that was previously seen only when Israel was at war.

But the cause of this ongoing record increase in antisemitism is no mystery. It can be summed up in two words: Jeremy Corbyn. So we address this directly to the Labour leader: Are these figures high enough for you, Mr Corbyn?

Because, by any objective analysis of contemporary British antisemitism, Mr Corbyn must be seen as the instigator. Over the almost four years of his leadership, Mr Corbyn has refused to take any meaningful action against antisemitism in his party and has merely mouthed platitudes. …

More widely, Mr Corbyn has injected a poison into British politics and turbocharged the levels of open antisemitism in British society.

These CST figures are Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy. They are the legacy of the most dangerous racist in British politics — a man whose toxic views and behaviour pose a far greater threat to ethnic minorities than the National Front or the BNP ever managed. The figures should shame Mr Corbyn.

But, as the past four years have shown, he has no sense of shame. (Are these antisemitism figures high enough for you, Mr Corbyn?, The Jewish Chronicle, 2nd August 2019 / 1st Av 5779)

Myself, I’d say that it’s the Jewish Chronicle and the CST who have “no sense of shame.” Muslims are vastly over-represented among those responsible for “antisemitic abuse and attack.” And it is Jews who are both responsible for and warmly supportive of Muslim immigration. The very same Community Security Trust that is complaining about an increase in “antisemitism” is also helping the Muslim organization Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) to increase its political power and influence. The Jewish Chronicle reported in 2014 that “British Jewry’s leading communal security expert” will help the “Muslim group Tell MAMA tackle Islamophobia.” The “communal security expert” is called Richard Benson and he was the “chief executive” of the Community Security Trust for twelve years.

Jews have been “utterly betrayed”

In other words, Jews have created the problems that they are complaining so loudly about. Corbyn’s minority worship and Islamophilia are standard parts of Jewish ideology. The problem is that he neglects an even more important part of Jewish ideology: to obey Jews without question. And so Corbyn has been relentlessly attacked by Jews and their shabbos goyim. The cuckservative Spectator, which has just announced that “[I]t’s time to offer citizenship to illegal immigrants,” is now publishing a stream of Jeremiads (a real word meaning “a prolonged lamentation or complaint”) against Corbyn. As we’ve seen, Stephen Daisley thinks that Corbyn has killed Tony Blair’s good and decent Labour party. The Jewish journalist Karen Glaser has explained why “Jews are scared of a Corbyn government.” Among much else, Corbyn once defended a mural that promoted “the pernicious association between Jews and money,” which is, Glaser notes, “a deeply anti-Semitic trope that stretches back to medieval times.”

Another Jewish journalist, Tanya Gold, has written another Jeremiad under the headline: “‘Utterly betrayed’: Britain’s Jews are now politically homeless.” Gold says that “Most Jews [in Britain] now live in a state of existential fear” thanks to a Labour leader who hobnobs with Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas is the anti-Semitic party that governs the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah is an anti-Semitic Shi’ite militia in Lebanon that’s closely allied with Israel’s great enemy Iran. But Iran, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip are a very long way from Britain. Hamas and Hezbollah have growing support and influence in Britain for only one reason: Muslim immigration.

The porcine punim (and other parts) of Tanya Gold
The porcine punim (and other parts) of Tanya Gold

And Jews like Tanya Gold — whose surname, you might think, promotes a “pernicious association between Jews and money” — have always warmly supported Muslim immigration. And can you guess who’s a warm supporter of Muslims and free-speech-hating Muslim organizations like Tell MAMA? Why it’s Stephen Daisley, who has told readers of the Spectator that “Banning Halal and Kosher slaughter would be un-British”:

When Rod Liddle quips about holding the General Election on a day when ‘Muslims are forbidden to do anything on pain of hell’, he is indulging in the downwards-punching satire of the powerless that so delights his legion [of] fans. He is kidding but ‘kidding on the square’, as the late, great Mose Allison would have put it. Middle age is the point where one begins to mistake acid reflux for everyman insight. British Muslims — subjected to more than 3,000 hate incidents last year — are tough enough to withstand blunt barbs of any Tesco Value Ann Coulter, but this yearning to exclude them from civil society speaks to an intolerance of religious and cultural difference. (Banning Halal and Kosher slaughter would be un-British, The Spectator, 1st November 2019)

How many “hate incidents” were British Whites subjected to last year at the hands of Muslims and other non-Whites? Stephen Daisley doesn’t care. Like Marie van der Zyl, Dennis MacShane, Karen Glaser and Tanya Gold, he cares only about the welfare of Jews.

Merk Makes Free

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t care about the welfare of Whites either, but that isn’t why Jews hate him and are working so hard to prevent him from becoming the next prime minister. Unlike the hugely wealthy war criminal Tony Blair, Corbyn isn’t a “true friend of the Jewish community.” He doesn’t obey Jewish orders and he doesn’t make Jewish interests his first and only concern. That’s why he won’t be following Angela Merkel onto the podium at the World Jewish Congress:

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on 28 October honored Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel with the 2019 WJC Theodor Herzl Award, which recognizes outstanding individuals who work to promote Herzl’s ideals for a safer, more tolerant world for the Jewish people. The award ceremony was held at the Jewish community center in Munich, co-hosted by President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria & WJC Commissioner for Holocaust Memory Dr. Charlotte Knobloch.

Thanking WJC President Lauder, Chancellor Merkel expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the honor of being chosen as the recipient of this award, saying: “It is humbling for me that I, as a German chancellor, can receive the Theodor Herzl Award today. Jewish life in Germany must be supported – and protected.” (WJC honors German Chancellor Angela Merkel with 2019 WJC Theodor Herzl Award.

Merk Makes Free: Angela Merkel accepts the World Jewish Congress award
Merk Makes Free: Angela Merkel accepts the World Jewish Congress award

By opening Germany’s borders to more than a million Muslims and other non-Whites, Angela Merkel caused huge and lasting harm to the welfare of German Whites. Like Blair, Merkel is a traitor to her nation. And like Blair, Merkel proves again that being a “true friend of the Jewish community” automatically entails being an enemy of the Whites and their interests. If Jews truly cared about “anti-Semitism,” they would not welcome Muslim immigration and reward politicians like Blair and Merkel for massively increasing it.

The real killers of Labour

In fact, Jews benefit from anti-Semitism, because it allows them to play their favourite role of victim and to demand ever-tougher laws against the interests of the European Whites whom they see as their true enemies. That’s why Jews think the war-criminal Tony Blair is a “true friend.” Blair obeyed Jews and killed Arabs. It’s also why Jews are wailing in hysteria about the pacifist Jeremy Corbyn and the way he has “injected … poison into British politics.” Corbyn won’t obey Jews and won’t be killing any Arabs if he becomes prime minister.

Corbyn didn’t kill the Labour party either. As I described in “Working-Class Zero,” the Labour party was killed long ago, when it abandoned the White working-class and began to work against them instead. And who was responsible for that? It was Jews like Lord Goodman, Sir Samuel Fisher, and Rudy Sternberg, who funded and controlled the corrupt Labour prime minister Harold Wilson in the 1960s, and Jews like Anthony Lester and Jim Rose, who began the war on free speech that Jews like Pamela Geller are lamenting today (while censoring comments about Jews like Lester). As the old Polish saying goes: “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. So how do the founders of Blue Labour, the Glasmans, the Milibands, the Phillips, et al fit into your, er, thesis, if you will?

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. Anonymous[298] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t get why the media thinks Corbyn is anti-Semitic, he seems very unlikely to be anti-Semitic in my opinion. Anti-native English? Almost certainly, but pro-everyone else I would suspect.

    If anti-Semitism really is more common in the Labour Party than it is the other mainstream parties I suspect that is because Labour is the preferred party of Muslims in Britain, but the media never mentions that and most pro-Tory Daily Mail reader types don’t seem to have worked that out either, so they hysterically believe that the Labour Party is full of white Communist Nazis or something ridiculous like that.

  3. @Anonymous

    Labour istn’t the most antisemitic party and it isn’t even antisemitic at all (under the pressuposition that the term “antisemitic” makes any sense because in reality it doesn’t make sense). You could search for Jonathan Cook’s articles about British politics and about him in this page (maybe there are older articles by him which aren’t here but would be also interesting).

    I just made a google search about “Corbyn and antisemitism” (actually I was thinking of a specific article and looked for “Corbyn and friend of Jews” because I thought this would lead me to the article). When I looked the first pages of results of my search I only found results telling how bad Corbyn is. There is a campaign against him which unites elites which don’t like him because he’s a social-democrat and Zionists which don’t like him because he understands the Palestinians. So, the campaign against Corbyn is a deceiving campaign which hides its true motives.

    The article(s) that I was seeking was (were) here:

    Why anyone who is Jewish and on the Left should have no problem voting for Jeremy Corbyn by Tony Greenstein

    As a British Jew I don’t fear Corbyn, but I’m horrified by how ‘Antisemitism’ is being used against him by Robert Cohen

  4. anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    In fact, Jews benefit from anti-Semitism, because it allows them to play their favourite role of victim and to demand ever-tougher laws against the interests of the European Whites whom they see as their true enemies.

    Well I don’t know how “playing their favourite role of victim” is good for Jews and why the author thinks that Jews benefit from anti-Semitism, but that the European Whites are their enemies is a fact, the author himself demonstrates this in his writings.

    The racist so-called European Whites are the enemies of the world. They destroyed civilizations, colonized continents and imposed a diabolical religion on two billion people. Something needs to be done with them. How to un-white them?

    Two things come to mind.

    One: a massive influx of Muslim immigrants can help shift their attention from Jews to something more realistic and contiguous. Seeing Sharia patrols on the streets might also help them remember a thing or two about morals.

    Two: a massive influx of Negroes. A Negro can impregnate 20-30 white women and populate their countries with cute brown babies. Once the social barriers are lifted and multi-racial relationships become the new norm, the population will change.

    And then, perhaps – the world?

  5. @Anonymous

    If anti-Semitism really is more common in the Labour Party than it is the other mainstream parties I suspect that is because Labour is the preferred party of Muslims in Britain, but the media never mentions that and most pro-Tory Daily Mail reader types don’t seem to have worked that out either, so they hysterically believe that the Labour Party is full of white Communist Nazis or something ridiculous like that.

    Anti-Semitism is just code for criticism of Israel or talking about things like BDS.

    Labour is beholden to Third Worlders because, as explained in the article, organized Jewry, aided by Blair, opened the borders.

    The Zionist Conservative Party is no better as it has continued with the deluge of browns and blacks. The Turk and apparatchiks are pushing for amnesty for possible votes.

    The case for amnesty: why it’s time to offer citizenship to illegal immigrants

  6. @anonymous

    Sussex Friends of Israel I presume?

  7. The problem with Corbyn — as with anyone else who is attacked for being ‘antisemitic’ — is that he’s critical of Israel.

    This is all about intimidating those who would criticize Israel. It’s got nothing to do with anything else. Of course Corbyn isn’t ‘antisemitic.’ He is critical of Israel.

  8. Anon[187] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reality Cheque

    How do the Buddha, St Francis and Liberace fit into the disgustingly sexist thesis that men are more violent than women? Maybe the bell curve and the concept of averages could help answer your question.

    And it’s news to me that the Milibands are Blue Labour. Neither Ed nor David raised a peep about Blair’s immigration flood. David is now head of the International Rescue Committee and wants lots more migration into goy countries by vulnerable people from the war-torn and impoverished Third World. Try:

    David Miliband calls for leadership on refugee resettlement in the EU

    Head of International Rescue Committee says the EU should increase its intake of refugees to 108,000 each year

  9. @anonymous

    Jews are victims of their own intrigues. Your comment bears this out. You reckon on diluting the evil of “whiteness” by cross breeding Euros with Muzzies and Groids. Implicit in that scheme is your distain and disgust for both of them; they are fit only for tainting other untouchables. By this very judgement you distance yourself–your Jewishness–from all of them. Not for you the blending with the untermenschen. You will become yet more rarefied. The two are one and the same process.

    I predict that Jews will use the knowledge gained from genetic research to tinker with their genes so as to eliminate undesirable things such as Tay Sachs and such and in doing so will discover–too late–that they have unleashed a yet more deleterious genetic malady into their population, one that will prove to be irreversibly fatal, one which will wipe out the entire race.

    They will be victims of their own hubris and need to be “special”. They already are. It is the story of their history. The more they disdain others–as the author of this post obviously does–the more they isolate themselves as special and pure. When a goy, such as Adolf Hitler, mirrors them, they can’t bear what they see and insist that he be put down. Hitler formed his worldview in opposition to Jews. How could it not fit them as a mold does the original? It is the same, only inverted. But depending whether light is shone from above or below, the face can be concave or convex. What’s the difference?

    Well, which is it? Concave or convex?

  10. TGD says:

    From the Spectator article by Stephen Daisley referenced in Langdon’s essay above,

    Labour wants to introduce compulsory labelling of non-stunned meat…

    In the USA, organized Jewry has fought against compulsory labeling of meats as kosher killed (i.e. non-stunned) forever. Only the forequarter of ruminants (kosher animals) is considered to be kosher. The hind quarter is sold to meat purveyors as regular meat. If kosher slaughter houses couldn’t sell the hind quarters to the gentile meat trade, kosher slaughter would be unprofitable. And wouldn’t that be a disaster.

    Could the Jewish smear campaign against the kind and decent Jeremy Corbyn stem from Labour’s meat labeling scheme?

  11. @anonymous

    Well, at least your not shy with your bigotry. May various uncurable diseases infect your family, and may all your offspring be barren, if not transexuals for generations. That should please you.

  12. @anonymous

    Well I don’t know how “playing their favourite role of victim” is good for Jews and why the author thinks that Jews benefit from anti-Semitism,

    The why, the reason is money. Norman Finklestein said it. The (fake) holocaust is a billion dollar industry, and if the holocaust didn’t happen they would have to invent it (a nice way of telling the truth). He didn’t say business he said industry. Other jews have been honest and bold enough to say antisemitism is a jewish construct. And most antisemitic vandelism is perpetrated by jews. It just what you do.

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