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Jeremy Corbyn’s Nazi Death Cult
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So it appears the British are our last best hope of stemming the blood-dimmed Putin-Nazi tide that has shaken the foundations of Western democracy since Hillary Clinton lost the election. The neoliberal Resistance in the United States, led by the intelligence agencies, the Democratic Party, and the corporate media, fights on, but it’s a losing battle. Despite their control of most of the media, most members of the US Congress, and the military industrial complex, they are just no match for the fearsome power of Vladimir Putin’s international army of Nazi-brainwashing specialists and the evil genius of Donald Trump. All is not lost by any means — there is still the chance that the CIA might stage a coup, or a heart attack — but for now it seems that the ruling classes (and the millions of Americans who identify with them) are lying low and biding their time like Camembert-slurping surrender monkeys.

Thus, once again, it’s up to the Brits to save democracy from annihilation. They’re doing a bang up job of it so far. Just look at how they’ve responded to the so-called “Labour Anti-Semitism Crisis,” which exploded just a few short weeks ago. No sooner had members of the neoliberal Blairite wing of the Labour Party dug up a six-year-old Facebook post in which Jeremy Corbyn had the gall to wonder why a mural depicting a group of bankers (some of them sporting rather large schnozzes) needed to be removed from view, did the British ruling classes spring into action. Clearly, this 2012 Facebook post was proof that the Corbyn-led Labour Party had been infiltrated by a Nazi Death Cult bent on brainwashing gullible leftists into “failing to recognize Anti-Semitism,” using unwords like “Zionist,” and inappropriately criticizing Israel. The public needed to be alerted immediately, so the media started pumping out stories repeating the words “Corbyn” and “Anti-Semitism,” over and over, in a variety of contexts. At this point, there have been literally hundreds of them.

The conservative press has been entirely predictable, running headlines like “Jeremy Corbyn’s Hate Factory,” Once in the shadows, anti-Semitism is now entrenched at the poisoned heart of the Labour Party,” “Theresa May slams Jeremy Corbyn for letting anti-Semitism, misogyny and hatred run free in Labour,” and so on. But it’s the liberal media that are doing the heavy lifting. The Independent warned the world that “Labour’s antisemitic cancer shows the party for what it has become — a cult of keyboard warriors and raging Corbynistas.” Michael Segalov, writing in The Guardian, put potential Corbyn-apologists on notice: “If you can’t see antisemitism, it’s time to open your eyes.” Owen Jones has been conducting a virtual one-man anti-anti-Semitism crusade, reminding the public on an hourly basis that “the poison of anti-Semitism” exists, and “the left has to get its house in order,” and otherwise reinforcing the connection of Corbyn with anti-Semitism.

Which, of course, is the purpose of this manufactured “crisis,” i.e., to associate Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism in the public consciousness. The content of all these impassioned articles (whether attacking or defending Corbyn) is, if not irrelevant, secondary. Their primary aim is to generate the “crisis,” and then position Corbyn in the middle of it.

Here’s a quick lesson on how that works.

Say, for example, we wanted to simulate a “Racism Crisis” in Hollywood and smear a certain producer with it. This should be easy enough to do, as there is plenty of racism in Hollywood to work with (just as there is plenty of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and in most other major political parties). And let’s say we want to kick off this “crisis” by citing some “inappropriate response” by some well-known producer to a Facebook post about a movie featuring a Magical Negro, that loveable, mystical African American who exists to serve the white protagonist, a familiar stock character in American cinema. OK, so we go dig up that post, in which our target “fails to recognize the racist nature” of the Magical Negro depicted in whichever movie we choose, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Shining, The Matrix, or whatever, and we demand a full confession and apology. Next, we go digging for any other comments, posts, tweets, quotes, or hearsay that we can easily construe as “glaring proof” of our target’s racism. At the same time (and this is absolutely crucial), we go digging among our target’s current and former associates, and their associates, and any random Facebook groups our target has ever carelessly joined, and tweets our target has ever carelessly “liked,” and anything else we can possibly link to him, until we can claim to have firmly established that Hollywood is experiencing a “Racism Crisis,” and that a “cancer of Racism” is running rampant through the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild West. Then we get our associates in the corporate media to make an incredibly big stink out of it, and argue “both sides” of the “crisis” we’ve just generated. Half the media can attack our target as a racist or a racism enabler. The other half can do the Owen Jones schtick, repeatedly confessing that, yes, indeed, Hollywood has a racism problem, a corrosive, longstanding racism problem, which has suddenly grown to crisis proportions and … I think you get the general idea.

This is just an example, of course. Because, clearly, there’s no Racism Crisis in Hollywood, or, rather, the global capitalist ruling classes have no reason to generate one. They do, however, have a reason to generate an Anti-Semitism Crisis and use it to demonize Jeremy Corbyn, and anyone else they deem an enemy.

As I’ve been tracking for going on two years now, the global capitalist ruling classes are putting down a nationalist insurgency … the populist backlash against global capitalism that led to the Brexit, the election of Trump, and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe. They are conducting this counter-insurgency against an assortment of forces on both the left and the right. Ideology makes no difference to capitalism, which can accommodate pretty much any ideology as long as it doesn’t interfere with the market. Hard as it is to get our minds around, what we’ve been living through since 2016 is not a battle between left and right. It’s a battle over sovereignty. Since the end of the Cold War, global capitalism has been dissolving national sovereignty and replacing it with supra-national sovereignty … corporate supra-national sovereignty. A lot of people, on both the left and the right, are not real happy with how that is going and are resisting the only way they know how to, by reasserting their national sovereignty. The global capitalist ruling classes cannot allow this rebellion to continue, not when it leads to events like the Brexit, the election of Trump, and the destabilization of the entire Western neoliberal order.

Which brings us back to the Putin-Nazis and the War on Dissent that the global capitalist ruling classes are currently waging against any and all resistance to their brave, new global capitalist world. Because they are unable to characterize the nature of this conflict as what it is, they need a convincing “official enemy” to scare the living Bejesus out of people. This is where the Putin-Nazis come in.

For the last two years, as you’ve probably noticed, the corporate media have been not so subtly alternating between manufacturing Russia hysteria and Nazi hysteria, and sometimes whipping up both at once. Thus, I’ve dubbed the new Official Enemy of Freedom “the Putin-Nazis.” They don’t really make any sense, rationally, but let’s not get all hung up on that. Official enemies don’t have to make sense. The important thing is, they’re coming to get us, and to kill the Jews and destroy democracy … and something about Stalin, if memory serves. Putin is their leader, of course. Trump is his diabolical puppet. Julian Assange is … well, Goebbels, or something. Glenn Greenwald is also on the payroll, as are countless “useful idiots” like myself, whose job it is to sow division, discord, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism, anti-Hillaryism, collusion rejectionism, ontological skepticism, and any other horrible thing you can think of.

Where does Corbyn fit into all this? Well, obviously, he’s been quietly building his extreme-left Putin-Nazi Death Cult in the shadows of British politics for years. If the Blairites hadn’t tracked down that telltale comment in his six-year-old Facebook post, who knows what horrors he and his legions of cultists might have unleashed on Britain.

Luckily, we won’t have to find that out, because the ruling classes and the corporate media are united against the Putin-Nazi threat. They shall not flag. They shall go on to the end. They shall fight these devils in the streets and the fields, and on the hills, and on the seas and oceans. They shall defend global capitalism, whatever the cost, no matter who they have to smear as an anti-Semite or a Russian agent. They shall smear them on television and on the Internet. They shall smear them in their “respectable” papers, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its corporate power and might, steps forth to the liberation of the old …

Oh, gosh, here I am, over my word limit, and I got all wrapped up in that Churchill parody and completely forgot to virtuously signal my steadfast opposition to anti-Semitism … but then I’ve never been very good at responding to emotionally manipulative Pavlovian stimuli. I’ll have to work a little harder on that.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can reached at or

(Republished by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Per says:

    well written!

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
    , @mcohen
  2. Sean says:

    Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the “illegal and inhumane” actions of Israeli troops following violence at the border with Gaza.

    The Labour leader said the Israeli response, which has claimed the lives of at least nine Palestinians and wounded scores more, was an “outrage”.

    Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians – including a journalist – and wounding 491 others on Friday in the second mass protest in eight days.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Moi
  3. Guess they never heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf.
    Folks are tired of their whining 24/7 and name calling.
    They can do all they want, the truth is out, no going back.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jilles dykstra
  4. (just as there is plenty of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and in most other major political parties)

    The other British parties do not have the same problems as Labour. The party encourages righteous indignation (but seldom useful action) about perceived racial injustice. This well-meaning tendency can turn bad when it is combined with large numbers of Muslim members who take a tribal interest in Israel/Palestine. The party has repeatedly turned a blind eye to misbehaviour as long as the votes are delivered.

    When this misbehaviour includes the blatant corruption of its mayor in Tower Hamlets, and massive electoral fraud involving the abuse of postal votes, it should come as no surprise that lesser offences were also ignored, including insults and intimidation that in some cases were anti-semitic in character.

    When the party’s disciplinary system is itself abused to remove the leader’s opponents, and forgive his supporters, it is no wonder that Labour has a systemic problem with anti-semitism that is not going to go away.

  5. The Scalpel says: • Website

    As always (so far), love it!

  6. Anonymous[192] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep, the genie is out and the MSM is hysterical and desperate. Like a “bald” tire spinning in place and eating itself faster and faster. Lots of noise and smoke but no traction.

    This is why they’re busy shutting down free voices on the Net.

  7. Che Guava says:

    Liked the article, C.J.

    Just one point to add. I occasionally read the Grauniad site, or, more precisely, scan the headlines to find the few items of interest and the regular stupidity.

    The tension between support for trannies vs. the antipathy of their many rad. fem. regulars is funny. As is the fact that, though the Graun is right behind manipulation of the sexuality and sex-identification of children from birth, they don’t have one tranny regular.

    From her photo, I assumed for some time that Suzanne Moore was one, but it seems she is an actual woman who doesn’t much like trannies.

    They do have a balance (relative to female homosexual) of male homosexuals, of whom Owen Jones is one, on their regular staff, bringing me to my point.

    The gormless and chin-challenged Jones has spent most of his column-inches over the past several years breathlessly extolling the great virtues of Comrade-Leader Corbyn and the Momentum faction.

    Now, thanks to that, he feels the need to make a display of what a super anti-anti-semite he is.

    ROFL. Great example of Grauniad serving up comedic irony.

  8. Your essays are great. I read Zone 23, and hope you’re writing more novels. One of the better books I’ve read in the past five years, and I read non-stop.

  9. JA139 says:

    No, Labour does not have a systemic problem with anti-semitism, more that they do not turn a blind eye to Israeli atrocities, war crimes and styemic murder of Palestinians, aka mowing the grass. That is the biggest sin in the eyes of the neoliberals.

  10. ” Thus, once again, it’s up to the Brits to save democracy from annihilation. ”

    The idea that Britain was ever a democracy is a joke.
    In the good old days landowners ruled Britain:
    George Macaulay Trevelyan, ‘The Life of John Bright’, 1913, London, 1971, Westport, Connecticut
    Just action outside parliament improved the living of ordinary Britons.

    Why was Brexit such a shock ?
    For the first time in British history every vote was important.
    The British district system, more or less the same as the USA system, suppresses small parties.

    The Dutch equal representation system is seen by many as causing that the country become more and more ungovernable, what is true.
    But our system makes it possible that anyone’s vote is represented in parliament.

    Our large number of parties just makes clear how governments have for years neglected, were unwilling, or unable, to retain the unity that existed.

    Our referendum law now has been abolished, any time a referendum was held, the government lost.
    The ‘solution’ ‘take away this symbol of discontent’.

  11. @redmudhooch

    I hope you’re right, but the battle cry ‘antisemitism’, any time something is said or written that displeases jews, still has effect.

  12. @James N. Kennett

    ” it is no wonder that Labour has a systemic problem with anti-semitism that is not going to go away. ”

    The facts about Israel are not going away any more.

  13. Well, CJ, based in Berlin you should be made aware you’re at the center of where the original Nazi philosophy is married, via Germany’s BND intelligence agency, to the corporate neoliberal class:

    It’s a bit more than John Lennon’s “There’s Nazis in the bathroom, just beneath the stairs”

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  14. Brewer says:

    Anti-Semitism is a super-weapon.
    No matter that one may have an unblemished History of battling for Human Rights, Justice and civility, the moment one makes a comment about Israel’s obvious violations of such standards or questions a religion/culture that clearly instructs its adherents to regard themselves as separate from the rest of humanity – the weapon is unleashed. All fact-based dialogue ceases.
    There is a philosophical problem with it however.
    All acts termed “anti-Semitic” are, by definition, racist acts yet racist acts cannot be defined by the identity of the victim. The Rule of Law insists otherwise. What is an offense to one must also be an offense against all.

    Put it this way. If it is not a racist offense to pass comment on the activities of a group such as BLM, Council of Conservative Citizens or American Renaissance, how can it be a racist offense to criticize Zionist groups? The only way, in my view, is to attach a special significance to them because of their identity – which is Jewish.
    Making such a distinction is in itself an expression of racism.

    Quite frankly, I believe the term is deliberately misused to support Zionism which is a racist ideology, no matter how cleverly it is packaged and sold.

  15. Miro23 says:

    A great article from Hopkins. Jeremy Corbyn has been standing up for the Palestinians for years and the UK Zionists hate him for it.


    Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the “illegal and inhumane” actions of Israeli troops following violence at the border with Gaza.

    The Labour leader said the Israeli response, which has claimed the lives of at least nine Palestinians and wounded scores more, was an “outrage”.

    Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians – including a journalist – and wounding 491 others on Friday in the second mass protest in eight days.

    Corbyn faced off against the Blairites in the UK Labour Party leadership election and won – and he was a lone voice calling for an investigation in the Skripal affair. The MSM/government (once again), launched a big attack on him but he didn’t back down.

    An unusual aspect in all this, is the role of the Daily Mail. They’re the UK’s Nº1 lower middle class daily with a fairly free comments section. The 1000’s of comments give a good idea of UK public opinion, which originally followed the DM editorial in condemning Corbyn over Skripal, but then went completely the other way to give him big support. They seem to remember that it was Corbyn who faced off against the Blairites and their Iraqi WMD lies (Tony Blair is the Nº 1 hate figure in the UK).

    The Daily Mail follows the MSM/government line, but it seems that it doesn’t want to disconnect too far from its public, and it will occasionally slip in a completely prohibited article. For example, one they recently ran about the family of an Englishman who died in the Towers on 9/11, with the family questioning the official US “collapse by fire” story. The Daily Mail actually presented the scientific evidence for the fakery at some length and got a massive comments response running into 1000’s in agreement.

    I wonder if the Daily Mail have considered a US version.

    • Replies: @Bill jones
  16. @James N. Kennett

    This well-meaning tendency can turn bad when it is combined with large numbers of Muslim members who take a tribal interest in Israel/Palestine.

    What? And the Jewish obsessions with Israel and ‘anti-semitism’ aren’t tribal, too? As a famous Jew once said, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’

  17. Randal says:
    @James N. Kennett

    it is no wonder that Labour has a systemic problem with anti-semitism that is not going to go away.

    Labour has no “systemic problem with anti-Semitism”, it has an unusual degree of tolerance for support for [some of] Israel’s victims and enemies that is inevitably mis-portrayed as “anti-Semitism” by those, like you it appears, who are determined to squeeze those opponents of Israel from any last vestiges of representation in public life.

    The idea that Labour has a “systematic problem with anti-Semitism” is literally stupid. The Labour Party has a problem with systematic imposition of anti-racist (including anti-anti-Semitic) dogmas upon its members and upon society. It achieves that, by and large, by allowing a flexibly defined smear term (“racist”, “anti-Semitic”, etc) to be used to undermine and even purge people insufficiently careful in minding those dogmas, and all senior members of the party have made liberal use of that smear mechanic against personal and political rivals and against institutions that do not toe the line. To that extent, the fact that liars like you are using that same smear mechanic against the party’s own leadership is, on one level, a hilarious example of the latter being hoist by their own petard.

    On another, though, it’s yet another sinister example of the abuse of such ideological policing mechanisms by identity lobby loyalists.

  18. The Charlottesville riot last summer was a page out of the ginned up anti-semitism-is-everywhere playbook. For the MSM, the Democrats and Republicans alike (Trump excepted) it was 1938, Kristallnacht. It was a field day for SPLC.

    • Agree: TheBoom
  19. @Brewer

    Over time, any weapon becomes obsolete, even propaganda weapons.
    There is growing irritation, even in still guilt ridden Germany, about not being able to criticise Israel.

  20. Jake says:

    “Camembert-slurping surrender monkeys.”


    No doubt in my mind whatsoever that more than a few of the ‘Putin is Hitler/Satan’ crowd working hard to dethrone Trump and scattered across the land of the Puritans’ pride would love to send Hopkins to a Gulag.

  21. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    First they came for the Historians, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Historian.
    Then they came for the 9/11 Truthers, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a 9/11 Truther.
    Then they came for the White Race, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a White.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    The Zionist Jew Death Cult is in a war with the White Gentiles, or as they refer to them GOYIM, which is Yiddish slang for cattle.

    Make no mistake, they want to wipe us off the face of the Earth for some imagined slights that may or may not of happened centuries ago.
    But time doesn’t matter to these haters, they can nurse grudges for a 1,000 years.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  22. Moi says:

    Corbyn is decent enough, but the man is politician:

    *Right after being named head of his party, he met with powerful Jews (I believe it was the very next day) to assure them was was not an “anti-Semite.

    *The muslim in name-only mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, did the same thing upon being elected

    Vote for them if you like, but let’s please stopping putting these people on a pedestal.

    • Replies: @Herald
  23. Below is a Sputnik News report on the intelligent & brave Jeremy Corbyn’s call for an end to the shameful cover-up of the Israeli murder of Palestinians.

    Very pathetic how easily ZUS Jewish Lobbies manage to prohibit the rise of a principled Congressional spokesman such as Jeremy Corbyn’s?

    Post scriptum: Am disappointed how the honorable author, C.J. Hopkins, made sure to proclaim his “steadfast opposition to anti-semitism” without defining the sin parameters. For example, in the U.S., would it be anti-Semitic (for me) to condemn Israel’s influence upon M.E. foreign policies, including unnecessary, immoral, & expensive interventions & wars against aggrieved neighbors of the irredentist Jewish state?

  24. As always, note what the author didn’t say. He doesn’t say that Corbyn is in favour of the UK leaving the EU. A view also held by Margaret Thatcher, by the way. That, of course, is the nub of the question. The anti-Corbyn campaign is being waged precisely for that reason. In the referendum, Corbyn favoured remaining in the EU. Theresa May also favours remaining in the EU but has to pretend the contrary. She has decided not to hold a referendum on the exit package but to make it the central issue in a general election. Corbyn came very near to winning the last general election. If he wins then next one, or even if May once again fails to get an absolute majority, then it will be argued that the electorate has rejected Brexit. The controversy over Russian interference and privacy issues will make it much more difficult this time to manipulate the vote. Hence the need to discredit Corbyn. The problem is that next to nobody in Britain cares a hoot about the Jews, one way or the other, and claims of anti-Semitism are, in fact, counter-productive. Few believe that Corbyn is an anti-Semite and even fewer care, but the whole thing will be perceived as Jewish bullying. That, combined with the perception that the whole thing is just a frantic attempt to save a Brexit that little more than a third of the electorate wanted even at the time of the referendum, when now largely deflated Trumpmania was at its height, will probably win votes for Corbyn rather than lose them.

    • Replies: @Randal
    , @Dave Bowman
  25. El Dato says:

    George Orwell gave us the 5 minutes of hate.

    Now we have weekly hour of antisemitism awareness.

  26. schrub says:

    The attacks on the very heroic Gilad Atzmon are now intensifying big time in the UK. The enemy is bringing very expensive libel suits and cutting off the venues that Atzmon’s jazz band performs at.

    Read about it here. Help out if you can.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  27. Randal says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Few believe that Corbyn is an anti-Semite and even fewer care, but the whole thing will be perceived as Jewish bullying

    Accurately “perceived as Jewish bullying”.

    Brexit has become rather an irrelevance since the May regime and Remainers have all but neutered it anyway, in its current form. What is important in this case is the aforementioned Jewish bullying itself, since it is an attempt, as I noted above, to try to squeeze out the slight traces of honest advocacy for the victims and enemies of Israel contained in Labour support for the Palestinians from the British political establishment.

    It’s unaccustomed frustration at not being able to easily sweep away those traces of honesty with the usually reliable nuclear weapon of “anti-Semitism” accusations that is giving the campaign the hysterical tone it is acquiring.

  28. JustJeff says:

    An anti-Semite used to be someone who hated Jews. Now it’s some hated by Jews.

  29. JustJeff says:
    @James N. Kennett

    You’d think Jews would develop thicker skin by now.

  30. Renoman says:

    It’s a great tragedy for the Filthy rich that we serfs are beginning to READ on line about how they have been lying and sodomizing us for thousands of years. We don’t like it, the problem with the truth is it keeps popping up, it just won’t stay buried even beneath the thick layer of shit that the Global Elite spread every day. everyone has a camera, we all understand the wonders of Photoshop, we see the giant yachts and monster mansions and have the Gaul to ask “why is this clown making 200 times what his average worker makes in a day and he has 3000 workers and banks offshore and pays no taxes and has the Government in his pocket! The jig is up, we are going to have you all on the spit soon and you did it to yourselves with your greed and stupidity. By by assholes!

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  31. @Michael Kenny

    a Brexit that little more than a third of the electorate wanted even at the time of the referendum

    “Little more than a third” ? Is that what you call a 52% / 48% majority of the Votes actually cast, in your numerically-illiterate world ?


    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  32. The author did not mention yet another of Corbyn’s mortal sins. He was the only UK MP who had the courage to challenge proof-less hysterics of Boris Johnson, May, and other clowns regarding alleged poisoning of Skripals. Considering that after more than a month we still don’t know from any independent witness whether anyone was poisoned and whether Skripals are still alive, raising the issue of proof of Russian involvement (which does not exist and never will for the simple reason that if anyone poisoned Skripals at all, it was British secret services) cannot be forgiven by the artistic director of that show and his/her puppet-masters.

  33. @Dave Bowman

    He/she/it is not necessarily an idiot. He/she/it is just a paid shill. He, who pays the musicians, calls the tune.

  34. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    What really happened here?

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Randal
    , @Z-man
  35. @schrub

    As a matter of fact, I just saw Atzmon perform on March 30th. He blows a mean stax (and clarinet, too). His back-up band was just as tight. So if any of you like John-Coltrane-style jazz, be sure and see Gilad when he comes to your town.

    His political commentary is absolutely fearless–and often quite funny. A self-described ‘ex-Jew’ who was born and raised in Israel, he got fed up with Zionism, renounced his citizenship and left for Britain. His blog contains some really good, insightful criticism of, not only Zionism, but also the dirty tricks favored by The Lobby.

  36. Randal says:

    An absolute tour de force from Galloway.

    Paging Unz commenter sean:

    sean, George Galloway’s talking directly to you here.

  37. Z-man says:

    The almost great George Galloway. I say almost great because he does have some shit-lib views. But thumbs up here.

  38. Z-man says:

    C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin.

    I’m not an award winning playwright although I do have a screenplay that would make a great motion picture and I am not politically correct so I would rephrase the following;

    The neoliberal Resistance in the United States, led by the intelligence agencies, the Democratic Party, and the corporate media, fights on, but it’s a losing battle. Despite their control of most of the media, most members of the US Congress, and the military industrial complex, they are just no match for the fearsome power of Vladimir Putin’s international army of Nazi-brainwashing specialists and the evil genius of Donald Trump.

    It’s Da JOOZ! (Funny but sadly true)

  39. mcohen says:

    Bravo bravo a touree de forceps

    British labour is home to pakistani expats and has become a very pro muslim party.allah igbal is welcomed into the fold with the white linen and teacups neatly laid out at heathrow.the democratic party has much in common with labour when it comes to policies like immigration and to some degree israel.
    Quavados simplicus applies comfortably.
    Empire will flex with new blood but ultimately it will be the mixing pot of rainbow colours that will wang chung awright.
    I just hope there will be a enough scots and irish left to make the golden elixer.and no i do not mean camel piss but my favourite tipple,j&b whiskey

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  40. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Scripting of Skripal?

    If this turns out to be a lie, ‘skripal’ should become a metaphor for all such conspiracies.

  41. Parbes says:

    Another hilariously great satirical article by Mr. Hopkins. Funny and sad. Kudos!

  42. @mcohen

    ” my favourite tipple,j&b whiskey”

    When I was a bartender, serious scotch drinking customers called J&B “jewish booze”.

  43. @Brewer

    “Jewry, like Gaul, may be divided into three parts, each defined by its borders vis-à-vis the gentile world. There are the Orthodox, who not only insist on borders but wear them. They often dress in attire that sets them apart; they are even willing to look outlandish to gentiles in order to affirm their identity and their distinctive way of life. At the other extreme are Jews who have no borders, who may (or may not) assimilate and intermarry, whose politics may range from left to right, but who in any case accept the same set of rules for everyone. I respect both types.

    But the third type presents problems. These are the Jews who maintain their borders furtively and deal disingenuously with gentiles. Raymond Chandler once observed of them that they want to be Jews among themselves but resent being seen as Jews by gentiles. They want to pursue their own distinct interests while pretending that they have no such interests, using the charge of “anti-Semitism” as sword and shield. As Chandler put it, they are like a man who refuses to give his real name and address but insists on being invited to all the best parties. Unfortunately, it’s this third type that wields most of the power and skews the rules for gentiles. The columnist Richard Cohen cites an old maxim:” “Dress British, think Yiddish.” Joseph Sobran – September, 1995

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  44. Herald says:

    Sean’s post is simply a reiteration of facts. Why would anyone think his post is in any way improper unless of course for some reason they wanted these disturbing facts to be swept under the carpet.

  45. @Greg Bacon

    I don’t think they have any desire or intention of wiping all Goyim off the face of the earth. What they want, and intend on doing, is reducing all Goyim to a state of servitude to the master race.

  46. Vojkan says:

    “[…] to associate Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism in the public consciousness.”

    Some say it’s a vice, others like me, given the nefarious influence the tribe has on world affairs, see it as a virtue. Not sure Corbyn has such a popularity deserving quality.

  47. annamaria says:

    Theresa May is preparing for the grand heist:
    “Over a period of 15 years, Moscow asked Britain to extradite 83 people for prosecution in Russia. Of those requests, 72 targeted people accused of financial crimes that have proven damages totaling around 500 billion rubles ($8.4 billion at the current exchange rate).
    London has so far denied requests for 60 people from the extradition list.
    Of those, 55 were shielded by the British government by giving them refugee status or political asylum. When denying extradition, London claimed those individuals’ rights may be violated in Russia. … there was a well-established mechanism in London that allowed rich Russian criminals to park their capital in London by claiming to be victims of political persecution.
    Britain’s incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May is responsible for most of the rejections, as a result of her service as Home Secretary between 2010 and 2016…
    London recently announced that it will investigate all Russian assets parked in London worth over £50,000 ($70,565), demanding that the owners explain how they came to possess them. Russia believes that the British authorities may be preparing to confiscate the stolen money, which has proper owners in Russia.”

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  48. @annamaria

    “Russia believes that the British authorities may be preparing to confiscate the stolen money, which has proper owners in Russia.”

    The tree doesn’t fall far from the seed.

    Iranian frozen assets in international accounts are calculated to be worth between $100 billion and $120 billion. Almost $1.973 billion of Iran’s assets are frozen in the United States.[5] According to the Congressional Research Service, in addition to the money locked up in foreign bank accounts, Iran’s frozen assets include real estate and other property. The estimated value of Iran’s real estate in the U.S. and their accumulated rent is $50 million

  49. Sorry it’s not on topic , but it’s revealing when comparing the results of a search for “mowing the grass” using Mozilla, with a search using “Epic privacy browser”.

  50. @Miro23

    The Mail certainly covers US events the American media wont.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  51. @Carroll Price

    Bravo. My admiration and respect for Raymond Chandler grows more and more.

  52. Che Guava says:
    @Bill jones

    I thought Mail Online already has a USA version, and thinking that is correct.

    Between the endless column inches on the Kardashians and other morons, paparazzi photos, they are still having several reports and columns that are worth reading.

  53. Ones religion does not make one a semite. Are all muslims Arabs? Are all Catholics Italian. Are all Lutherans Germans.
    Palestinians ,Lebanese Syrians are all semites they never left.
    Being Sephardic Jew myself non practising and babtised catholic as well as holly communion and confirmation. Hence last I saw the vast majority of people who tend to call themselves jewish are ashkanazi’s.
    I have an aunt in Napoli Italia she has gone back to her roots and has denounced her catholicism and has embraced her ancestoral religion.
    Ashkanazi’s are of eastern european origins and have nufin to do with the maghreb. On the other hand sephardic and mitzrai jews do in particular the Mitzrai which live through out the ME from Lebanon to Iran.
    This brings me to the stale over used and abused term anti-semite. ZIONISM has nothing to do with the semetic people which are through out the MED Gaza to the Levant and everything in between.
    The anglo-zionist and zionist are trying to rewrite the dictionary and adding a political belief and movement to an actual race. Zionism is not a genetic make up it is a racist fascistic political movement . I recall after the second world war my grandfather was a freelance journo in Italy. When the Zionist had initiated a bloody war against the Palestinians and murdered and displaced hundred of thousands of these poor semites he had reported on it and wrote an extensive editorial condemning the moves . See being an Italian Sephardic semite and an ardent anti fascist he new very well what the star of David meant in the land of Palestine. He was condemned and many tried to discredit him . That did not stop him in denouncing the 1947 tragedy. His principle argument was exactly what I stated . ASHKANZI’s have nothing to do with the ME and that Palestinians are semites and further more they never left.
    Zionism is the root cause of all this vitriol and hatred for all semites .
    I would say Zionist are anti -semites

  54. George says:

    What percent of Labour MPs come from constituencies that are substantially Muslim? Do Muslims get to chose their own petty bigotries, or is that a ‘white’ privilege. I don’t quite get what Jews want, is their complaint that Muslims are voting Muslim? This could backfire as Tory antisemites start voting Labour.

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