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James Madison and Today’s Campus Mischief
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Recent events at Yale and the University of Missouri (Columbia) have their distinct flavors but both follow a generic script that has been around since the 1960s. Everything begins with some hazy incident, real or imagined, or just a rumor, conceivably an African American hearing the “N” word. This is then followed by noisy demonstrations and the issuing of allegedly non-negotiable demands: recruiting more black undergraduates, hiring additional black faculty, special minority outreach programs, mandatory campus sensitive training, and on and on. Matters conclude with white administrators “promising to do more” to help blacks which, in practice, means creating special committees, appointing a diversity and inclusion functionary and setting aside a few million dollars for recruiting and other ameliorative measures

Sad to say, universities are currently defenseless against such disruptions and there is little they can do to prevent their re-occurrence. Thanks to the successes of the civil rights movement, boisterous demonstrations as the pathway to progress are almost hard-wired into the African American psyche. Can any university police force prevent a racially offensive hoax? Or handle every race-related incident so as to satisfy the most sensitive soul? Worse, such race-related campus conflicts are almost inevitable since universities are forced to admit academically marginal, often delusional black students convinced that their classroom tribulations can only be solved by rage.

Nevertheless, the impact of these confrontations can be minimized. James Madison’s Federalist #10 argues that the mischief of factions is best cured by a large, diverse Republic—with so many factions, none can dominate. Elsewhere (Federalist #51) he makes a case that Liberty is best protected not by virtue of leaders or ordinary citizens but by pitting ambition against ambition.

These lessons are applicable to today’s campus–just treat black malcontents as merely one of many grievance factions and let other covetous factions defend their prerogatives against rival trouble-makers. Surely a superior solution than hoping that spineless administrators uphold standards

Here’s the plan. First, create a School of Social Justice (SSJ) with separate departments of, say, Black Studies, Women’s Studies, Latino/a Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Studies and the like. Then hire a Dean, various Associate and Assistant Deans, and Diversity Directors, counselors, all of whom differ in politically relevant personal traits. Add generous funding for conferences, preferably far, far from campus, specialized academic journals for these professors to publish their obtuse rants and hefty research grants plus whatever else is necessary to satisfy the self-defined, marginalized professors. Finally, minimally police the area surrounding SSJ to provide safe space to people of color.

This arrangement would immediately attract academic strugglers. Football and basketball players would flock to it and keep their eligibility for all four years, even graduating. Indeed, wealthy sports-minded alums may thus be major School donors. An SSJ would also up the university’s minority student population while relieving non-SSJ professors of the obligation to face these ill-prepared, opinionated students in class. The minority student graduation rate would also skyrocket as would the number of minority professors would increase thanks to their appointment in the SSJ.

To put Madison’s plan into motion, SSJ will receive a lump-sum budget to be divided up among the component departments. Radical academic politics now becomes a zero sum game guaranteed to be vicious given the very nature of academic politics. Financial victory for the LGBT contingent thus becomes a loss for Black Studies. Guaranteed, bitter disputes centering over alleged grievances/privilege will also plague carving up well-paid administrative positions. Fights will also regularly break out over teaching responsibilities since departmental budgets typically reflect enrollments. So, for example, which SSJ department will offer the Economic Exploitation and Repression in America course? And who will decide how this course will be taught, what exploited groups will be included, whose reading material will be assigned?

Now all the anger and vitriol that infuses today’s Leftist identity politics will be directed against fellow social justice warriors, not the university more generally. A proposed Scientific Law: the quantity of agitation is constant so anger directed towards one object means less resentment directed elsewhere (“conservation of rage and resentment”). In fact, given the Left’s ideological passions and obsession with minute distinctions, many of the School’s departments will be in perpetual turmoil. The Department of Gender Studies, for example, will naturally divide by sexual orientations (at least half a dozen, I suspect), assorted ethnic loyalties, those claiming sundry disabilities and just about any other distinction that could motivate pigies at the trough.

And now for the happy bottom line. The School of Social Justice will attract every malcontent social justice warrior on campus. These warriors, from the most delicate transgendered snowflake to gangsta rappers, will now daily hear confirmation of their beliefs, told how smart they are, receive top grades and otherwise have their sensitive ego’s messaged. Moreover, the School would have its own housing and cafeterias to minimize any contact with the hostile outside world. Imagine all the acrimony over menu’s and other food-related issues let alone bathroom designations.

And with some administrative tinkering, degrees could be earned entirely in the School of Social Justice. Nobody at the SSJ will ever have their writing style criticized, the historical accuracy of their assertions challenged or anything else that would bring discomfort. It would be as if all the SJW’s had died and gone to PC heaven. Yes, there would be misunderstandings, alleged micro-aggressions and insensitivities but the resulting anger would all be directed at fellow warriors, not cowardly university presidents.

This solution will spread like wildfire. If one university created a School of Social Justice, minority students elsewhere would hold rallies and demand one at their school. Savvy administrators would of course acquiesce to these ultimatums to keep the peace.


But what about post-college employment prospects? Surely these SSJ graduates have learned few job-related skills. Wrong. Employment opportunities abound in the non-profit sector (especially in mainstream Protestant sects) where these empty-headed social justice champions can toil as community organizers and professional protestors. Many can find employment as academic diversity and inclusion consultants or secure positions in the mainstream media to monitor inequality, offensiveness and exclusion. Of course, nearly all of these graduates will lack basic skills such as literacy or organizing a cogent argument, but no matter. Knowledge is all about slogans, not competence, and provided the demographic details are correct, nobody cares.

This strategy is just what Madison had in mind–curing the mischief of faction, not creating a wise or effective government (in this context, academic excellence). His concern was protecting the Republic from mob rule and his lessons remain as relevant as before. When it comes to today’s campus nonsense, the goal is to minimize damage, not restore the university to its alleged past grandeur.

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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    We don’t have teachers like Simon anymore.

  2. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    complete nonsense….in fact, the fed govt madison designed plays a role in allowing these minorities an outsized role in american culture and policy.

    Madison was super rich once he got his inheritance. Most of the other founding plutocrats were rich at the least.

    Under the articles of confederation the “mob” –as you and the founding plutocrats will call the populace– were getting things down using the state gov’t, things like debt relief etc.

    The founding plutocrats didn’t like all that nasty democracy. Founding Plutocrat Elbridge Gerry called it ” an excess of democracy.”

    So the founding plutocrats got together and designed a document describing a federal govt that would steal democracy from that nasty old mob, aka the american citizen.

    One, by enlarging voting districts (creation of the fed govt put the power into the hands of politicians who were elected by larger voting districts (president, senator, representative, as opposed to state electoral districts, which were smaller). Larger districts meant the populace was not as united. That way that dirty old faction of the majority could unite because they shared fewer common interests, as madison wrote in the federalist papers and his constitutional convention notes. In a letter to jefferson madison said that this divide et impera strategy was how they could rule america.

    Two, creation of separation of powers/strong checks and balances in the new fed govt meant it was harder for that dirty old faction of the majority to use the govt to do things for them. That way rich folks like madison could control the govt instead.

    Aren’t we lucky we live in america?
    We could be living in one of the other western nations, all of which have parliamentarian systems, which puts more power into the hands of the people. How terrible for them…

    With this federalist, separation of powers, strong checks and balances govt, the white majority has little control, and so therefore corporations control. Corporations like cheap third world nonwhite labor, and they like to induce white race guilt so they can get more cheap third world labor and consumers to grow the economy.

    So the corporations elevate nonwhites in social status, causing things like black lives matter protesters. This is called anti-white multiculturalism, which is spread via the educational curriculum.

    The White majority cannot stop this multiculti fascism because of the structure of the fed govt created by the founding plutocrats.

    Are you really this ignorant? Or are you just playing up to your ignorant audience? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Replies: @Daniel Williams
  3. ” such race-related campus conflicts are almost inevitable since universities are forced to admit academically marginal, often delusional black students convinced that their classroom tribulations can only be solved by rage.”

    Perfectly stated.

    Discrimination is not the reason for their behavior.
    Their behavior is the reason for discrimination.

  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The jig is up.

  5. We already have such schools. They are called the college of liberal arts and sciences. The mistake has been to leave the science and math departments in such colleges. The actual correct answer would be to create what we might call “The College of Pure Science and Math.” That would stand as different from colleges of applied math and science (i.e. engineering). Your pure science and math schools would be grant cash cows from big business. What is left of the liberal arts would be the natural home for the SJW folks.

  6. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Would shine at Taki’s, but below this site’s standards.

    Witless style aside, “re-occurence,” “ego’s” and “menu’s” should have caught the editor’s eye.

    • Disagree: Wizard of Oz
  7. “…both follow a generic script that has been around since the 1960s…”

    As I recall, in the 60s they were for free speech and against the war. Now they’re against free speech and pretty much oblivious to the illegal war. Seems a rather substantial script rewrite.

    • Replies: @PV van der Byl
  8. @Ozymandias

    No, they were never for free speech, only their own.

    Campuses addresses by Arthur Jensen, E.O. Wilson, and Hans Eysenck were disrupted by the Left in the US, UK, and many other countries.

    And they weren’t “anti-war” either.

    Just on the other side.

  9. JEGG says:

    I hate to put a damper on the School of Social Justice strategy, but is it not possible that the black faction would be able to dominate to such a degree that the other factions (even in the unlikely event they all unite together) wouldn’t be able to provide an adequate counterbalance?

    Now turning to reality, I wonder if the transgender stuff might be able to produce some useful factional divides.

    Also, within the real world, I wonder if any group is thinking of rating schools in terms of how well they are able to adhere to a serious commitment to free speech. This might help turn the tide a bit.

  10. Vendetta says:

    The least they could do is be eloquent. Let their captive institutions surrender with dignity to an opponent that presents even a facade of respectability, rather than a mob of profane, petulant, screeching illiterate reprobates.

    This is like Grant showing up at Appomattox Court House in a codpiece and Heelys to accept Lee’s sword.

  11. I think that you’re a graduate of a School of Social Justice!

    Otherwise, why the apostrophes in “ego’s” and “menu’s”, when they are actually simple plurals?

  12. @Leftist conservative

    Are you really this ignorant?

    Ha ha ha! And do you know what Swift wanted to do with babies?

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Maybe the current stupidity among all millennials has something to do with music culture.

    I sampled the ‘best songs’ of the decade, and wow, except for a handful of nice tunes, these are mind-numbing.

    Sort of noise to turn a generation into formulaic idol-worshiping zombies.

  14. Rehmat says:

    American campuses have also turned into an Israel-zone.

    Trusties of Jewish-controlled University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have voted to agree to a out of court $875,000 financial settlement with professor Steven Salaita. Last year, his job offer for a tenured position at the university was revoked by Chancellor Dr. Phyllis M. Wise over his anti-Israel tweet.

    Under the terms of the settlement, Dr. Salaita, will not get his job back but will receive $600,000. The rest of the money will go to his legal team from the Center of Constitutional Rights.

    “This settlement is a vindication for me, but more importantly, it’s a victory for academic freedom and the First amendment. The petitions, demonstrations, and investigations, as well as legal case, have reinvigorated American higher education as a place of critical thinking and rigorous debates, and I’m deeply grateful to all who have spoken out,” Salaita said in a statement.

    “When the news that the University of Illinois had rescinded its offer of employment to Salaita due his alleged ”antisemitic” remarks,” I was immediately suspicious. My own criticism of Israel had often earned me the disdain and ire of the crowd that sees defense of Israel – right or wrong – as the measuring stick of being a “real” or “good” Jew. I had to wonder whether the charge of antisemitism was deserved or just another instance in which criticism of Israel’s policies was wrongly equated with antisemitism,” says Marilyn Katz, American Jewish writer and longtime political activist.

  15. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Skip to the 50 second mark if you want, you won’t miss much.

    Friend of mine teaches at a prominent Miami, Florida university and this is what he wrote after seeing this video:

    “…seen it go from where they honored you for being a good, tough teacher years ago to where you are just a baby sitter now and if you better not upset one student and get a poor evaluation or they will can your ass.
    They need daddies money and alum money and alum to send their rich kids. Fuck the education just get the money and make the kids happy.”

  16. A simple stickup is all it is. “Pay us (one way or another) or we’ll burn it down”. That’s all it is, a bust-out, mob-style.

  17. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    This is one of those stories that are sad but funny.

    85% failure rate?

    And you thought it was bad in the US.

    But we need to be Race Relativists. We must not judge black standards by our standards.

    And we shouldn’t expect black Africans to excel at what other races excel.

    Give them classes in beating on bongo drums and chucking spears. They’d get A’s in that.

    Blacks are more into the Age of Rhythm than the Age of Reason.

    They are butt-centric, not brain-centric.

  18. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Let’s have some ‘restorative justice’.

    Posted by Cameron Szwec on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

    And provide some more watermelons. I think that girl is hungry.

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