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Jack Ruby: Israel's Smoking Gun
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By a strange paradox, most Kennedy researchers who believe that Oswald was “just a patsy” spend an awful lot of time exploring his biography. This is about as useful as investigating Osama bin Laden for solving 9/11. Any serious quest for the real assassins of JFK should start by investigating the man who shot Oswald at pointblank in the stomach at 11:21 a.m. on November 24, 1963 in the Dallas Police station, thereby sealing the possibility that a judicial inquiry would draw attention to the inconsistencies of the charge against him, and perhaps expose the real perpetrators. One would normally expect the Dallas strip-club owner Jack Ruby to be the most investigated character by Kennedy truthers. But that is not the case.

Of course, it is perfectly normal that Chief Justice Earl Warren, when Ruby told him on June 7, 1964, “I have been used for a purpose,” failed to ask him who had used him and for what purpose.[1]Seth Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, Zebra Books , 1980, p. 49. But what about independent investigators? Are only readers of the Forward (“News That Matters To American Jews”) worthy of being informed that “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Killer ‘Jack Ruby’ Came From Strong Jewish Background,” and that he told his rabbi Hillel Silverman that he “did it for the Jewish people”? Here is the relevant passage of Steve North’s 2013 article, relating Silverman’s reaction after hearing on the radio that a “Jack Rubenstein” had killed the assassin:

“I was shocked,” said Silverman. “I visited him the next day in jail, and I said, ‘Why, Jack, why?’ He said, ‘I did it for the American people.’” I interrupted Silverman, pointing out that other reports had Ruby saying he did it “to show that Jews had guts.” The rabbi sighed. “Yes, he mentioned that,” Silverman said. “But I don’t like to mention it. I think he said, ‘I did it for the Jewish people.’ But I’ve tried to wipe that statement from my mind.”[2]Steve North, “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Killer ‘Jack Ruby’ Came From Strong Jewish Background,” The Forward, November 17, 2013, on

Ruby’s defense lawyer William Kunstler also claims in his memoir that Ruby told him: “I did it for the Jews,” repeating on several occasions: “I did this that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.” During Kunstler’s last visit Ruby handed him a note in which he reiterated that his motive was to “protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination.”[3]William Kunstler, My Life as a Radical Lawyer, Carol Publishing, 1994, p. 158. There is only one possible interpretation of Ruby’s words: he must have known, and those you tasked him with killing Oswald must have known, that if Oswald was tried, the Jewish hand in JFK’s assassination would likely be made apparent.

Why is this crucial information not in any book on the Kennedy assassination, save in Michael Collins Piper’s (and now mine)? James Douglass, to take the most representative example, insists, without a shred of evidence, that Ruby, besides being a “Chicago mob functionary,” was “CIA-connected”.[4]James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, Touchstone, 2008, p. 357. Not once does Douglass mention Ruby’s Jewish background, and his real name can only be found in a single endnote quoting another author. Could Douglass’s strange omission have the same motive as Ruby’s murder of Oswald, namely to “protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination”?

Ruby is not the only person connected to Oswald whose confused words implicating “the Jews” are carefully concealed from the public. On March 29, 1977, George DeMohrenschildt, a Russian geologist who had befriended Oswald in Dallas in 1962 at the request of CIA agent J. Walton Moore, was found dead with a bullet through his head. His death was ruled a suicide, but the Sherriff’s report mentions that in his last months he complained that “the Jews” and “the Jewish mafia” were out to get him.[5]Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable, p. 47; Sheriff’s Office report on His wife confirmed to Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy (1989), that her husband thought that “the Jewish Mafia and the FBI” were out to get him.[6]Jim Marrs, Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy, Carroll and Graf, 1989, p. 285. Most people mildly interested in the JFK assassination know about DeMohrenschildt’s relationship with Oswald, but how many have ever heard this intriguing—even incriminating—detail?

After DeMohrenschildt moved away from Dallas in June 1963, Oswald was chaperoned by Ruth Paine, who found him a job at the Texas School Book Depository, where he started working on October 16.[7]Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable, pp. 169-171. It is repeated in every book that Ruth Paine looked after Oswald on behalf of the CIA, but no evidence is ever given. On the other hand, I was surprised to read in her testimony to the Warren Commission that in the 1950s, Ruth Paine had been “a leader in the Jewish community at Indianapolis,” working with Jewish immigrants who “spoke Yiddish in conducting their business meetings.”[8]On Jack Ruby also made business deals in Yiddish, as we shall see. As a matter of fact, he sneaked into the Dallas Police Station under the pretense of translating for Yiddish reporters (what Yiddish reporters need a translator in the U.S.?).

This piece of information comes from the only useful book written about Ruby: Seth Kantor’s 1978 Who Was Jack Ruby? retitled The Ruby Cover-Up in 1980. Kantor was a reporter working for the Dallas Times Herald in 1963. He knew Ruby and was less than ten feet away from him when he shot Oswald. Kantor’s meticulous investigation is an important contribution to the search for the truth about Kennedy’s assassination. In the rest of this article, I will draw mostly from his book, as well as from Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment and a few other sources.

Jack Ruby in front of his Carousel strip club
Jack Ruby in front of his Carousel strip club

Gangsters for Zion

In its final report, the Warren Commission declared that it could “not establish a significant link between Ruby and organized crime,” because “Ruby has disclaimed that he was associated with organized criminal activities, and law enforcement agencies have confirmed that denial.”[9]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 48. But there is plenty of evidence of Ruby’s association with organized crime. Robert Blakey, chief counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations from 1977 to 1979, said: “The most plausible explanation for the murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby was that Ruby had stalked him on behalf of organized crime, trying to reach him on at least three occasions in the forty-eight hours before he silenced him forever.”[10]’s...motive Incriminating “organized crime” in the JFK assassination and the ensuing Oswald assassination was, of course, the most harmless conclusion that the HSCA could come up with, short of ridiculing itself by confirming the Warren Commission’s story of two lone nuts. And so the Washington Post could headline: “MOBSTERS LINKED TO JFK DEATH.”[11]Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation: A Former Federal Investigator Reveals the Man Behind the Conspiracy to Kill JFK, 1993, Skyhorse, 2013, k. 405–76.

The missing word, here, is “Jewish”. Most Americans, learning that Jack Ruby was a mobster, must have thought he was Italian, like Hollywood gangsters. They were not told that his real name was Jacob Leon Rubenstein, that he was the son of Jewish Polish immigrants, that he went to the synagogue just before shooting Oswald, and that he later confessed to his rabbi that he “did it for the Jews.”

Jacob Rubenstein belonged to the Jewish mafia, also known as the Yiddish Connection. He had moved from Chicago to Dallas in 1947, on the trail of 15 other Chicago mobsters (3 Italians and 9 Jews) who had settled there to take over the prostitution business. That is when he changed his name from Rubenstein to Ruby. Ruby’s mentor and role model was Mickey Cohen, who operated in Chicago during the Prohibition but was then active in Hollywood. During his trial for shooting Oswald, Ruby’s legal team was fronted by Melvin Belli, a longtime friend and attorney of Cohen (Belli’s defense was that Ruby had suffered temporary insanity due to a bout of “psychomotor epilepsy”).[12]Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, American Free Press, 6th ed., 2005, p. 239. In 1947, Cohen had succeeded Benjamin Siegelbaum, aka Bugsy Siegel (romanticized by Hollywood in 1991) at the head of “Murder Incorporated”. Cohen and Siegelbaum were accountable to Meyer Lansky (born Suchowljansky), the most powerful Jewish mafia boss, who had built part of his fortune with his Havana casinos and brothels, of which he was dispossessed by Castro in 1959. Lansky’s biographer Hank Messick describes him as the head of the National Crime Syndicate. “Thanks largely to Lansky, organized crime has changed from an ugly growth on the body politic capable of being removed by surgery to a cancerous part of our economic and political systems.”[13]Hank Messick, Lansky, Putnam’s Sons, 1971, p. 9.

Meyer Lansky in Israel, 1971
Meyer Lansky in Israel, 1971

Mickey Cohen claims in his memoirs that, in the 1940s and 1950s, he was “engrossed with Israel”, and boasts about his financial and criminal contributions to the arms smuggling operations of the Haganah. Gary Wean, a detective sergeant for the Los Angeles Police Department, claims in his book There’s a Fish in the Courthouse (1987) that he saw Ruby twice in Hollywood in 1946 and 1947 in the presence of Cohen.[14]Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment, p. 222. He also writes that Cohen had frequent contacts with Menachem Begin,[15]Gary Wean, There’s a Fish in the Courthouse, Casitas Books, 1987, p. 681, quoted by Piper, Final Judgment, op. cit., p. 219-27, 232-7. and that he was sharing his girlfriend, stripper Candy Barr, with Menachem Begin as well as Ruby.[16]Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment, p. 224.

Cohen was not the only mobster working for Israel. A pact had been sealed between prominent Zionists and Jewish mafia bosses around 1945, when the Haganah organized a highly effective black market of weapons and explosives from the US to Palestine. The operation was orchestrated by a group of about 40 wealthy American Jews who pledged to help David Ben-Gurion when the latter visited New York in July 1945. Headed by Rudolf Sonneborn, the group acted under the legal cover of a charity, the Sonneborn Institute, whose story is told by Leonard Slater in The Pledge (Simon & Schuster, 1970).[17]Read Ricky-Dale Calhoun, “Arming David: The Haganah’s illegal arms procurement network in the United States 1945-1949,” Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. XXXVI, No. 4 (Summer 2007), pp. 22–32, online here. The group operated separately from the Jewish Agency in order to shield it from direct involvement in unlawful activities. Among its active members was the future Jerusalem mayor (1965-93) Teddy Kollek, who also played a key role in forging he CIA-Mossad Alliance. Robert Rockaway has documented the contribution of the Jewish underworld to this operation, in his article “Gangsters for Zion: How Jewish mobsters helped Israel gain its independence”. He writes:

In 1945, the Jewish Agency, the pre-state Israeli government headed by David Ben-Gurion, created a vast clandestine arms-purchasing-and-smuggling network throughout the United States. The operation was placed under the aegis of the Haganah, the underground forerunner of the Israel Defense Forces, and involved hundreds of Americans from every walk of life. They included millionaires, rabbinical students, scrap-metal merchants, ex-GIs, college students, longshoremen, industrialists, chemists, engineers, Protestants and Catholics, as well as Jews. One group, who remained anonymous and rarely talked about, were men who were tough, streetwise, unafraid, and had access to ready cash: Jewish gangsters.

Sent by Ben-Gurion to the U.S. to purchase heavy armaments, Haganah operative Yehuda Arazi approached Meyer Lansky and met with members of Murder, Incorporated. Another Haganah emissary, Reuvin Dafni, who would become Israeli consul in Los Angeles and New York, also dealt with Jewish gangsters. “When I interviewed Dafni,” Rockaway writes, “he told me about his meetings with Jewish mobsters. His meetings were arranged by members of the local Jewish community. His first meeting was in Miami with Sam Kay, a leading Miami Jewish gangster.” Dafni also met with Bugsy Siegel.

As Dafni relates, “I told him my story, how the Haganah was raising money to buy weapons with which to fight. When I finished, Siegel asked, ‘You mean to tell me Jews are fighting?’ Yes, I replied. Then Siegel, who was sitting across the table, leaned forward till his nose was almost touching mine. ‘You mean fighting, as in killing?’ Yes, I answered. Siegel leaned back, looked at me for a moment and said, ‘OK, I’m with you.’” “From then on,” recalled Dafni, “Every week I got a phone call to go to the restaurant. And every week I received a suitcase filled with \$5 and \$10 bills. The payments continued till I left Los Angeles.” Dafni estimates that Siegel gave him a total of \$50,000.[18]Robert Rockaway, “Gangsters for Zion. Yom Ha’atzmaut: How Jewish mobsters helped Israel gain its independence”, April 19, 2018, on

Some of those “gangsters for Zion”, writes Rockaway, “did so out of ethnic loyalties,” or “saw themselves as defenders of the Jews, almost biblical-like fighters. It was part of their self-image.”[19]Robert Rockaway, “Gangsters for Zion,” on


Such was also the background and self-image of Jack Ruby. His activities in arm smuggling are well documented, although the fact that it was for the benefit of Israel is often blurred. In Coup d’État in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (1975), Allan Weberman refers to the arms-dealing activities of Ruby and other mobsters, but makes no mention of their Jewishness (unless saying that Ruby “was strongly anti-Nazi” counts as an euphemism for being Jewish), and claims that they were in fact arming Castro—while simultaneously participating in CIA plots to kill him.[20]Alan J. Weberman and Michael Canfield, Coup d’État in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Quick American Archives, 1975, pp. 151-180 (p. 178). Michael Piper mentions (Final Judgment, p. 232) that JFK researcher Alan J. Weberman has revealed the little-known fact that Ruby traveled to Israel in 1955, but the link to Weberman’s website is now dead, and I hold Weberman as a very unreliable source

Ruby knew Lewis McWillie, the manager of the Lansky brothers’ Tropicana nightclub casino in Havana. After the overthrow of Batista by Castro in January 1959, Meyer Lansky relocated to Miami, but Jake Lansky was arrested and confined to a luxury prison, the Trescornia detention camp, together with another mafia figure, Santo Trafficante, Jr. Although not Jewish, Trafficante had sworn allegiance to the Lansky brothers, and controlled substantial portions of Havana’s gambling and prostitution rackets. While in prison, Jake Lansky and Trafficante were often visited by Lewis McWillie, who was negotiating their release by Castro. Ruby told the Warren Commission on June 7, 1964 about visiting Lewis McWillie in 1959 in Havana, and also spoke of knowing McWillie’s bosses, whom, from fear of pronouncing their name, he referred to as “the Fox brothers, the greatest that have been expelled from Cuba.”[21]Bernard Fensterwald, in Coincidence or Conspiracy (quoted by Piper, Final Judgment, pp. 228-229). (McWillie would later acknowledge to the HSCA that, “Jack Ruby could have been out there [Havana] one time with me.”) Ruby added to the Warren Commission that McWillie and one of the brothers later visited him in Dallas.[22]Richard Gildbride, Matrix for Assassination: the JFK Conspiracy, Trafford, 2009.

Seth Kantor quotes from a classified message that was sent from CIA headquarters to National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy, on November 28, 1963, confirming that, while Santo Trafficante was living “in relative luxury in a Cuban prison” in 1959, he was visited frequently by “an American gangster-type named Ruby.”[23]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, pp. 255-256.

In September 1962, Trafficante is reported to have said to José Alman, a prominent member of the Cuban exile community in Miami, that “President Kennedy would get what was coming to him.” Aleman disagreed and argued that Kennedy would be reelected. “No, José,” said Trafficante. “He is going to be hit.”[24]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, pp. 259-264. When Trafficante was asked by Richard Sprague of the HSCA, “did you ever discuss with any individuals plans to assassinate President Kennedy prior to his assassination?” Trafficante refused to answer.[25]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 402.

As Kantor shows in great detail, Jack Ruby had repeated contacts with members of the Jewish underworld in 1963. By June 8, “a large group of Chicago racketeers began to show up at Ruby’s Carousel and at two other nearby strip-show clubs, according to a confidential report to Dallas Police Chief Jesse E. Curry written by Lieutenant Robert L. May Jr., who had been head of the vice squad.”[26]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 53. Ruby’s underworld contact intensified during the 11 days leading up to President Kennedy’s assassination, “when Ruby abruptly signed a power of attorney, giving up certain rights to control his own money. He also suddenly bought and installed a safe for the first time in his 16 years as a Dallas nightclub operator, to store extra amounts of money.”[27]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 48. During this period, “Ruby was getting a series of phone calls at the Carousel from an unidentified man who never would leave a message when Ruby was out.”[28]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 104. On November 11, Ruby met in Dallas with Alexander Philip Gruber, who was known for his connections with Mickey Cohen. Gruber, who had not visited Ruby in years, told the FBI that he was in Joplin Missouri at that time, and had simply decided to drop in on Ruby “since Dallas, Texas, was about 100 miles from Joplin” (the distance is 360 miles).[29]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, pp. 56-59. In the afternoon of November 22, Ruby phoned Alex Gruber in Los Angeles. “Gruber subsequently told the FBI he didn’t really know why Ruby called.”[30]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 91. That is most probably when Ruby received an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Ruby was certainly informed about the precise moment when Oswald would be transferred from the Dallas Police Station to the County Jail. According to former British Intelligence Officer Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, it was Sam Bloom, the Jewish chairman of the “host committee” who had invited Kennedy to Dallas, who suggested to the Police “that they move the alleged assassin [Oswald] from the Dallas police station to the Dallas County Jail in order to give the newsmen a good story and pictures.” And “when the police later searched Ruby’s home, they found a slip of paper with Bloom’s name, address and telephone number on it.”[31]John Hughes-Wilson, JFK-An American Coup d’État: The Truth Behind the Kennedy Assassination, John Blake, 2014.

In an apparent attempt to make it impossible for him to fulfill his contract, Ruby tried to warn the Dallas Police anonymously: Lieutenant Billy Grammer, a dispatcher for the Dallas Police Department, whose statement can be heard here, received an anonymous phone call at 3 a.m. on November 24 from a man who knew Grammer’s name. The caller told Grammer that he knew of the plan to move Oswald from the basement and that unless the plans for Oswald’s transfer were changed, “we are going to kill him.” After Oswald was shot, Grammer, who knew Ruby and had found the voice familiar at the time of the call, identified Ruby as the caller.[32]Mentionned in this comment.

Ruby and the Dallas Police

When Ruby shot Oswald on Sunday November 24, this was not the first time he had been allowed into the Dallas Police Station. He knew about every policeman in town, and was nearly as often hanging around in the Police station as the policemen were at his Carousel strip club. “I have always been very close to the police department, I don’t know why,” he told the Warren Commission. Most plausibly, being in friendly terms with the Dallas policemen was his special mob assignment, and certainly the reason why he was chosen for silencing Oswald: few people had as much ease in making their way into the Dallas Police station.

Ruby spent a lot of time there from Friday 22 to Sunday 23, making several attempt to enter room 317 on the third floor where Oswald was interrogated. Early evening on Friday, the day Kennedy was assassinated and Oswald arrested,

shortly after 7 p.m., John Rutledge, a veteran police reporter for The Dallas Morning News, saw Jack Ruby, whom he easily recognized by sight, step from a public elevator onto the third floor. / Ruby was between two men who wore lapel credentials identifying them as out-of-town reporters. The three walked rapidly past a police officer stationed at the elevators to keep out anyone not on official business. Ruby was hunched over, writing something on a piece of paper and then showing it to one of the reporters as they walked toward Room 317, where Oswald was being interrogated by Captain Fritz and others. … A guard was posted at the bureau door to keep reporters from getting in to use the phones, but Ruby had no trouble easing in. He knew the guard. Ruby walked in and shook hands with Eberhardt, who asked him what he was doing. Ruby had note paper in his hand and said he was acting as translator for the foreign press. Eberhardt figured Ruby was talking about the Israeli press or the Yiddish-speaking reporters Eberhardt guessed he heard in the bedlam of the corridor.[33]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, pp. 96-97.

Here are the exact words from Detective August M. Eberhardt’s deposition to the Warren Commission (online here):

Mr. EBERHARDT. He came in and said hello to me, shook hands with me. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was a translator for the newspapers. Of course, I knew that he could speak Yiddish. Had a notebook in his hand…

Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you know if there were Israeli newspaper or Yiddish—

Mr. EBERHARDT. There was a bunch of them running around there talking that unknown tongue. I don’t know what they were saying.


What a shame these Yiddish-speaking reporters were not traced and identified. Victor R. Robertson Jr., a reporter for WFAA radio and TV in Dallas who knew Ruby, also testified seeing him in the Police Station, attempting to enter 317 while Oswald was in there. Despite those testimonies, the Commission denied that Ruby was ever on the third floor Friday evening.

Later that same day, after a short visit to the synagogue, Ruby bought a dozen corned beef sandwiches and “telephoned homicide detective Richard M. Sims and offered to deliver the free food right to the office. Sims thanked him but said the day’s work was about over and they wouldn’t need anything to eat. Ruby found another reason to go anyway and, at about 11:30 p.m., he stepped off the elevator on the third floor again.”[34]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 98. At midnight, Ruby made his way to the press conference in the basement police assembly room, when Oswald was put on display. The Warren Report admits Ruby’s presence there, but portrays him as a casual bystander. “Nowhere in its 888-page report to the public did the Commission include Ruby’s admission to the FBI, a month after the crime, that he was carrying a loaded, sub-nosed revolver in his right-hand pocket during the Oswald press session in the assembly room.” Ruby couldn’t approach Oswald close enough to shoot him, as the room was packed with reporters and photographers.[35]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, pp. 100-101.

On Saturday 23, Ruby brought sandwiches to reporters in the Police press room; “reliable outside witnesses reported seeing Ruby or talking with him at intervals during Saturday afternoon—witnesses such as Jeremiah A. O’Leary Jr. of The Washington Star and Thayer Waldo, a reporter to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.” Yet, Kantor notes,

the Warren Commission said it could reach “no firm conclusion as to whether or not Ruby visited the Dallas police department on Saturday” because “no police officer has reported Ruby’s presence on that day” and because “Ruby has not mentioned such a visit.” / In other words, the Warren Commission decided there had been no conspiracy between Dallas police officers and Jack Ruby because none of them reported it at the time.[36]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 116.

On Sunday morning, arrangements were made for the transfer of Oswald to the County Jail. A little after 10:30, Kantor hypothesizes, “a call was placed to the unlisted phone in Ruby’s apartment; Ruby was told where to enter the station and that the transfer van was en route.”[37]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 132. Ruby first went to the Western Union office in the next block, and arrived just in time to see Oswald being transferred. This narrow timing has been used as evidence that there was no premeditation and therefore no conspiracy. But Kantor theorizes that Ruby’s entrance into the Police station using the public stairway to the basement jail office area “could have triggered the go-ahead signal for Oswald to be brought down”, and he produces plausible evidence that it did.[38]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 141. The way Ruby entered the station is still unclear, but the House committee voted in 1979 that “it was less likely that Ruby entered the police station without assistance.”[39]Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 409.

Jack Ruby after his pre-trial hearing in February 1964
Jack Ruby after his pre-trial hearing in February 1964

The Johnson-Ruby connection

Besides Ruby, we know of one person who took steps to make sure that Oswald was silenced forever. Because Ruby could only shoot one bullet to Oswald—he said he had planned to shoot three—, Oswald was still alive when he arrived at Dallas Parkland Hospital. Dr. Charles Crenshaw recalls in his book JFK, Conspiracy of Silence (1992) that, while operating on Oswald with other surgeons, he noticed that an unknown man looking like Oliver Hardy with a pistol hanging from his back pocket had entered the operation room. Minutes later, he was told about an urgent call for him and left the operating room to take it. The call was from the new sworn president Lyndon Johnson who first asked “Dr. Crenshaw, how is the accused assassin?” Crenshaw answered: “Mr. President, he’s holding his own at the moment.” Then Johnson said firmly: “Dr. Crenshaw, I want a deathbed confession from the accused assassin. There’s a man in the operating room who will take the statement. I will expect full cooperation in this matter.” Dr. Crenshaw answered “Yes, sir,” and hung up. Thirty years later, he comments: “As I stood there in a state of disbelief, my mind was racing. First, ‘deathbed confession’ implies that someone is going to die. If Oswald doesn’t die on the table, is ‘Oliver Hardy’ or someone else going to kill him?” Since Dr. Crenshaw had just told Johnson that Oswald was “holding his own,” the expression “deathbed confession” did sound like an implicit order that Oswald should not leave the operating room alive. It really sounded as if Johnson wanted Ruby’s job finished. Moments after Dr. Crenshaw went back to the operating room, Oswald’s heart beat stopped: “Oliver Hardy” disappeared, never to be seen again. “The incident,” wrote Crenshaw, “confounded logic. Why the President of the United States would get personally involved in the investigation of the assassination, or why he would take the inquest out of the hands of the Texas authorities was perplexing.”[40]Charles A. Crenshaw, JFK, Conspiracy of Silence, Signet, 1992, pp. 185-189, 5, and

There is plenty of evidence of Johnson’s central role in Kennedy’s assassination. And it happens that Jack Ruby directly pointed to him as the mastermind. At the end of a short filmed news conference in the Dallas County Jail in March 1965, Ruby said, “When I mentioned about Adlai Stevenson, if he was Vice-President there would never have been an assassination of our beloved President Kennedy.” Asked to explain what he meant, Ruby continued, “Well the answer is the man in office now.”[41]This sequence can be seen in the 1988 documentary “The day the dream died” at 38:20; for more information on Ruby’s declarations about Johnson and about Jews, check this webpage.)


How could Ruby know of Johnson’s guilt? Former Nixon operative Roger Stone claims that, in his presence, Nixon recognized Ruby as one of “Johnson’s boys.”[42]Patrick Howley, “Why Jack Ruby was probably part of the Kennedy conspiracy,” The Daily Caller, March 14, 2014, on I doubt that story; Stone could have made it up to counter another rumor about Ruby’s connection to Nixon, sparked by a forged 1947 FBI memo stating that “one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago […] is performing information functions for the staff of Congressman Richard Nixon.”[43]Copy at The forgery is proven by several inconsistencies: first, Nixon was a freshman in the role as junior counsel in 1947, and only started prosecuting Alger Hiss (the only likely context for this memo) the following year. Second, it refers to “Jack Rubenstein” living in Chicago in November of 1947, when Ruby had in fact already changed his name and moved to Dallas by that time. Finally , the document carries a zip code, when they did not exist at the time. But there is one more thing linking Ruby to Johnson.

In his testimony to Chief Justice Earl Warren and other Commission members on June 7, 1964, Ruby pleaded to be given a chance to talk directly to Johnson, otherwise “you will see the most tragic thing that will ever happen,” adding that “maybe something can be saved … if our President, Lyndon Johnson, knew the truth from me.”[44]Read Ruby’s deposition here. This can be interpreted as a veiled threat addressed to Johnson. Ruby, who by this time had been sentenced to death, may have been trying to remind Johnson that his contract included a presidential pardon (he had shot Oswald out of love for the Kennedys, hadn’t he?). Even more curiously, Ruby hinted that Israel’s reputation could suffer if he spoke: “There will be a certain tragic occurrence happening if you don’t take my testimony and somehow vindicate me so my people don’t suffer because of what I have done.” He feared, he said, that his act would be used “to create some falsehood about some of the Jewish faith.” Ruby also declared to Warren, “I have been used for a purpose,” but no one in the Commission bothered to ask him who had used him and for what purpose.[45]Seth Kantor, The Ruby Cover-Up, p. 49. All Ruby got out of his confused testimony was a second pointless Warren Commission interview one month later (July 18, 1964), this time by none other than Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter (transcript here). His frustration would explain why in March 1965, he finally accused Johnson. Shortly thereafter, he wrote a letter of sixteen pages that he managed to get smuggled out of jail, blaming Johnson for Kennedy’s murder and calling the former “a Nazi of the worst order.”[46]Phillip Nelson, LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination, pp. 604-607. By doing so, he probably hastened his own death, on January 3, 1967.

The case against Johnson

One commenter to my previous Kennedy article argued that the thesis of Israel’s motive is unconvincing because the Israeli Deep State had other options than killing Kennedy in order to go on with its Dimona project. I responded that a murderer’s motive is rarely that he has no other choice than to kill, but that he finds a crucial advantage in the killing. I also remarked that, whoever the assassins were, their purpose was obviously not just to get rid of Kennedy, but to put Johnson in charge. And that had to be done quickly, because the Kennedys were busy destroying Johnson’s reputation and would soon be announcing a change in the vice-presidency. According to Horace Busby, longtime LBJ aide and author of The Thirty-First of March (2005), Johnson had found out that, in early November 1963, Robert Kennedy had sent a team of national reporters to Texas to utterly destroy him. “We’re here to do a job on Lyndon Johnson,” said one the newsmen to an attorney whom he mistakenly believed to be a Johnson enemy. “When we get through with the sonofabitch, Kennedy won’t be able to touch him with a ten-foot pole in 1964”[47]Horace Busby, The Thirty-First of March: An intimate portrait of Lyndon Johnson’s final days in office, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005, pp. 129-130. (quoted from this article by Robert Morrow, who wrote more informative articles on Johnson and his “murderous psychopathy”). Richard Nixon, who happened to be in Dallas the day before Kennedy, leaked the rumor to the Dallas Morning News, who reported it on November 22nd under the headline “Nixon Predicts JFK May Drop Johnson.” Instead, Johnson became president that very day (and Nixon knew that Johnson was behind it).[48]“Nixon jokes about LBJ killing JFK,” on YouTube.

So, since the assassination of Kennedy was a coup to put Johnson in power—what else can it be?—there was no time to waste: it had to be done before the new campaign started and news of a change of vice-presidential ticket was published (Nixon’s prediction was the first and the last). If we now want to know the motive of the coup, we only have to ask: What major change occurred in US policy under Johnson? The change was not visible to the American public then, but they are now well-known, at least to readers of the Jewish and Israeli press. “Lyndon Johnson: Israel Has Had No Better Friend,” headlined Haaretz on May 9, 2018.

“Historians generally regard Johnson as the president most uniformly friendly to Israel,” we are told by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Johnson was the first president to invite an Israeli prime minister, Levi Eshkol, on a state visit. They got along so well — both men were farmers — that Johnson paid Eshkol the rare compliment of inviting him to his ranch.

LBJ soon abandoned pressure on Israel to come clean about the Dimona reactor. He increased arms sales to Israel and in 1968, after Israel’s primary supplier, France, imposed an embargo as a means of cultivating ties in the Arab world, the United States became Israel’s main supplier of weapons, notably launching the talks that would lead to the sale of Phantom fighter jets to Israel.

Johnson wanted to commit more forcefully to Israel’s cause in the lead-up to the 1967 Six-Day War, but he felt constrained from a dramatic show of military might because of the failures of the war in Vietnam then dogging his presidency. Nonetheless, during the war, he ordered warships to within 50 miles of Syria’s coast as a warning to the Soviets not to interfere.

In a speech in the war’s immediate aftermath, Johnson effectively nipped in the bud any speculation that the United States would pressure Israel to unilaterally give up the lands it had captured. He laid down not only the “land for peace” formula that would inform subsequent U.N. Security Council resolutions, but made it clear that any formula had to ensure Jewish access to Jerusalem’s Old City.

It is a good thing that Johnson is being praised by the Israeli press as the US president who “firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction”, because, on the other hand, his crucial role in the Dallas coup is also getting mainstream attention, as illustrated by the December 2, 2019 issue of the National Enquirer. Anybody who can add one plus one can also make the logical inference.

Watch Laurent Guyénot’s film “Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers” and share it:


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  1. PMcD says:

    This is a generally well-documented article. Kudos. The footnotes are important in an article like this.

    Small typo at the beginning. Ruby shot Oswald on November 24, not September 24, 1963. Hopefully, that change can be made before this article gets front-page treatment.

    My only criticism is of the implication that the plot had one motive. In any plot with multiple players, there can be many different motives for the various players. Israel’s national security may have been important to various members of the Jewish mob (I understand this is the favored argument here at Unz). Generally speaking, the suppression of Ruby’s Jewish ties is something that would have happened regardless, so that doesn’t prove much.

    But even if Israel’s national security was important for certain players, other players probably had had different motives. The fate of Castro and mob interests more generally may have been more important to figures in the Italian mob. Kennedy’s efforts to reign in the military industrial complex were probably more important to the various Cold Warriors (Dulles, etc.). LBJ’s fate and ascension to the presidency were probably most important to LBJ. They can all be true. Different motives for different people.

    Of these, I suspect that LBJ and the Cold Warriors played the most important role overall, even though Ruby’s role in silencing Oswald was a critical piece.

    • Agree: Treg
  2. Different motives for different people.

    There were many different folks with a motive to kill JFK.

    LBJ, the Mob, Israel, CIA would appear to be the folks with the means, motive and opportunity.

    I am convinced it was a “team effort” with the CIA in charge of the logistics and creating the patsy Oswald.


    LBJ and Allen Dulles (with the Mockingbird mass media) were responsible for initiating the coverup which of course continues to this day.

  3. S says:

    There is a made for TV movie on You-Tube called Ruby and Oswald. Filmed in 1977, only thirteen years after the assassination, the movie is interesting in that it was filmed in Dallas at the actual locations the events surrounding JFK’s assassination took place…ie the Texas School Book Depository, complete with the then still present Hertz Rent A Car sign on the roof, and the Dallas jail Oswald was held in, etc.

    Ruby’s rabbi Hillel Silverman and the Dallas Police detective Jim Leaville (the one in the white suit and hat in the famous photo) appear as themselves in the movie.

  4. JimDandy says:

    This is an truly excellent article. Thank you. One question, though:

    “Former Nixon operative Roger Stone claims that, in his presence, Nixon recognized Ruby as one of “Johnson’s boys.”[42] I doubt that story;”

    Why? Ruby was, in fact, one of Johnson’s boys. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Deep State’s ongoing persecution of Stone.

    Another question. Maybe I missed this, but… why did Ruby do it? To martyr himself for the great Jewish cause? He obviously didn’t want to go through with it, as was evidenced by the phone call he made tipping the cops off. “An offer he couldn’t refuse”?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @lloyd
  5. @JimDandy

    Ruby did not believe he would be a “martyr”. He would be “taken care of” for following orders.

    He believed that an excellent attorney would get him a light sentence for bringing street justice to the evil assassin. That is what he was told by his handlers.

    By the time he realized he had been duped it was too late.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Alden
    , @Shel100
  6. lloyd says: • Website

    That is an interesting point why Ruby appeared to try to dodge his martyr calling. The sudden cold feet is characteristic historically of Jews. Perhaps not a co-incidence, martyr is not a Hebrew word. Full of heroic talk and then chicken out over their personal safety. Even the Galileans in the New Testament are not fanatically heroic. Even it seems, Jesus tried to dodge his crucifixion. Not the case with fundamental Christians and Moslems. There is the Massada story but there is no evidence for it apart from Joesphus’ fable.

    • Disagree: jim bob beers
    • Thanks: JimDandy
    • Replies: @Gapeseed
    , @egwin
  7. Christians had the crusades, Muslims have the Jihad. Jews have the Mitzvah.

    If this article is true, Ruby’s role was part of the Mitzvah, the holy race war against goyim, especially whites and Arabs.

    But me thinks Ruby’s motivations had more to do with mafia affiliation.

    • Disagree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  8. like my jewish law professor told me, smirking

    “parallel action does not prove conspiracy”

    these people need to be removed from any position of influence. no state or community of peace can exist so long as jews have any position of power in it.

    • Replies: @Allan
  9. Skeptikal says:
    @Priss Factor

    Great article.

    But this—“An offer he couldn’t refuse”—is open to interpretation.

    In its original usage this meant an “offer” that was actually an order/threat and if you refused the “offer” you were a dead man or an otherwise ruined man (maybe legs shot off; maybe family threatened).

    In this context the phrase implies that Ruby had to follow Mob orders just like any Mob operative. The same principle applied in the Italian Mafia—when you are ordered to do something by a higher-up you have no choice. Otherwise you are out on your ass and most likely dead. This is simple Mob discipline.

    Obviously this was a high-risk operation for Ruby—surely that is why he tried to abort it anonymously. A guy who runs strip clubs and prostitute is not necessarily a street-fighting man or practiced hitman—-unlike the guys who actually rubbed out Kennedy. THEY were professional hitmen but Ruby probably wasn’t.

    However, a local was needed to eliminate Oswald, and he was a local who could gain access.

    • Agree: JimDandy
  10. If it was so important for Oswald to be killed and silenced, and with such urgency, that implies Oswald wasn’t supposed to be captured alive in the first place. That he was supposed to be killed leaving the Book Depository building, but escaped (only to be caught alive later by the police).

    So what was the original plan? That Kennedy be killed and then his assassin (in reality the ‘patsy’) Oswald would also be killed ‘resisting arrest’? But the plan went wrong somehow? Oswald realized he was being set up and managed to slip the net?

    Then I guess they had to scramble and arrange a hitman in a hurry. Hence the choice of Ruby with his obvious Jewish Mob connections.

    It shows how fake the media has been for a long time that this was successfully covered up.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Billy Kidd
  11. Thanks Laurent! Every American should know about Jacob Rubenstein. Any place there’s trouble, the “is” are there. Schiff in Japan, Nudelmann in Ukraine, Zakheim in WTC. They walk among us. Someone should write a book linking various borg to various wars. Just a nice, tight listing; not too much detail. A book for the masses.

    • Agree: Just another serf, Nancy
    • Replies: @Nancy
  12. Suede says:

    Ruby died of cancer in prison a little more than two years after he killed Oswald. You just have to read the novell The Godfather to understand how you can persuade a mobster to make a kill when he has a cancer diagnose that means a death sentance.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  13. j2 says:

    LBJ’s Zionist Christian attitudes derive from his youth and were shown by Operation Texas. He felt that is is a duty to help Jews and Israel to survive.

  14. @Suede

    “You just have to read the novell The Godfather to understand how you can persuade a mobster to make a kill when he has a cancer diagnose that means a death sentance.”

    If you are saying that Ruby knew he had cancer before he killed Oswald and that played some role in his decision to assassinate Oswald, that is news to me, as his cancer diagnosis was made in early December, 1966, long after the killing of Oswald, while Ruby was in prison for the Oswald killing:——-en–20–1–txt-txIN—-----1

    Actually, it is alleged that Ruby himself stated he believed he had been injected with cancer cells while in prison, which said statement of belief is corroborated by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Al Maddox:

    Please note in the linked article from the UK’s “Mirror”, that prosecutor Garrison believed that the cancer cells that infected Ruby came from David Ferrie, another prominent player in the JFK assassination with alleged links to the CIA, who was a pretty pathetic specimen, suffering from total alopecia (utter hairlessness, which he tried to hide with ridiculous wigs and phony eyebrows) and apparently a very strong penchant for ‘young & hung’ latino males, if you know what I mean…….

  15. Rich says:

    Almost 60 years later and we’ve still never been given the truth. LBJ was supposedly going to be dropped from the ticket for Connelly and he was obviously very connected in Texas, so it would seem relatively easy to take out Kennedy when he made his very poor decision to go to Dallas. I’m no expert on the assassination, but Oswald’s words, “I’m just a patsy”, ring true to me. Too easy for Rubinstein to get to him.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    The relevant article on ‘Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson’ which Laurent Guyénot has cited elsewhere, has been deleted, but is still accessible via the Wayback Machine

    Lyndon Johnson’s maternal ancestors, the Huffmans, apparently migrated from Germany sometime in the mid-eighteenth century.

    Both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.

    • Thanks: mocissepvis, Iris
    • Replies: @Allan
    , @Anon
    , @Z-man
    , @Schuetze
  17. @Emblematic

    Oswald would also be killed ‘resisting arrest’? But the plan went wrong somehow? Oswald realized he was being set up and managed to slip the net?

    Excellent questions. I agree that somebody messed up–we are dealing with real human beings here.

    I am not sure what Oswald knew and when he knew it–he was acting like a normal person leaving work after the workplace was closed imho–he just took the next bus to his neighborhood and waited for further instructions from his Deep State handlers (presumably to be given to him in the Texas Theatre).

    The key item to look at is when the Dallas police decided that Oswald was a person of interest. They had no evidence immediately available to them–they are questioning all sorts of folks in the area trying to figure out what was going on…

    That suggests (as you say) that Oswald was never supposed to live long enough to get into police custody.

    • Replies: @Alden
  18. Some additional context from YouTube documenting testimony from two women who were cryptically warned, shortly in advance, that JFK and Oswald, respectively, would be killed:

    Here is a brief excerpt from a long interview, many years later, with LBJ’s long-time mistress, Madeleine Brown, shortly before her death, in which she recounts that LBJ had promised her the day before the assassination, that JFK and his gang would never embarrass him again.

    LBJ’s Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination

    The long version of the interview includes her accounts of LBJ hobnobbing with presumptive co-conspirators in advance of the hit against the president.

    In the following television news interview with a dancer at Ruby’s Carousel Club, recorded on the same day as Oswald’s assassination, she asserts that Ruby, whom she liked, had thought highly of the Kennedys (maybe she’s lying) and that he had insisted to her that Oswald should be killed.

    November 24, 1963 – Interview with Carousel Club Stripper Joy Dale in Dallas, Texas

    The reporter alludes to an unconfirmed rumor, according to a different dancer, that Oswald himself had been a patron of that strip club.

    • Replies: @Mr. Jones
    , @Hyper Bole
  19. Allan says:

    Both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side”? That’s odd. I have, or had, four great-grandparents on my maternal side. Two were the parents of my mother’s mother, and the other two were the parents of my mother’s father. I suppose that there could have been just two, or even three, but that would imply that grandma and grandpa were siblings.

    Maybe the author meant that both of LBJ’s great-grandmothers on the maternal side were Jews, or that all four great-grandparents on the maternal side were. Or something else. (And maybe the author is sloppy, as hurrying Israelophobes tend to be.) I would dig into the article myself with a close reading to see if I can find out, but you’ve given us a reason to doubt the author’s ability to comprehend rudimentary biographical details and to report them without making a muddle of things.

    • LOL: jim bob beers
    • Replies: @annamaria
  20. Suede says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    I have no expert knowledge regarding cancer but my grandfather died of cancer in 1958. He got his diagnose three years earlier late in 1955. I have been told that he after he got the verdict from the doctor he thought that he was a dead man walking.

    • Replies: @迪路
  21. Gee, I wonder who wanted Johnson to be president so bad so that Hart-Cellar could pass, civil rights legislation could be pushed through, anti-white Affirmative Action implemented, and during the 1967 six day war, too? It’s almost like there was a plan. Oh well, probably just my imagination running away from me.

    Anyway, this is the kind of article that makes me check in at Unz once a day.

    • Agree: Alden, gsjackson
    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  22. Allan says:
    @Dr. Rosenpeen

    A sharp rebuttal to Professor Smirking J. Lawprofessor would have been that conscious parallelism requires no conspiracy. As a student, you’d probably not had enough experience thinking about the concepts of tacit collusion to have that one waiting on the tip of your tongue. So you were dependent upon good faith to mention this topic and to invite you to explore its obvious relevance.


    It’s btw that we in the USA need to establish independent courts of equity to resolve disuputes, to hear and adjudicate accusations of injustice, and to clarify what is and is not the law. Though the old COE were flawed, the very idea of such courts is now largely suppressed and virtually forgotten by people who live at the pleasure of populist republicanism, which has been very useful to the nation of I.

    Any such courts, if established, must be founded upon truth about the cosmos, as best we know it. (Yes, I know. This requirement excludes from leadership many millions of gun nuts, copservatards, and idolators*, even those who hold law degrees.) Contrary to the old traditions which inflused the common law, so called, the cosmos has no center, no edge, and no rakia. You see, the reports in Genesis 1:6-8, 14-15, 17, 20 about a firmament, aka heaven, are fake truth, which means that every sect of Abrahamic theism, including Moe’s, is deceitful rubbish.

    Also, it’s probably not true that the cosmos is merely 3D. If the physicists are correct about space and time, our notions of justice are toxically flawed. Whatever happens happens necessarily**. This means that cries about alleged injustice are really just complaints meaning ‘I don’t like it!’. Or we could say that “the moral arc of the universe” always finds its unfavored outlaws, as it did in Memphis, Tenn., on the day of the launch of Apollo 6. Each human being gets what it deserves***.

    When setting up independent COE, more hurdles will include the creationist clause of the Declaration of Independence. It’s “self-evident” that the DOI is pabulum for the classes from which populist insurrectionists originally recruited their ignorant muscle. To secure the COE, we, too, must win the loyalty of muscle, which while still young must be properly taught the basic facts of existence, even when benighted relatives object petulantly to the truth.

    Another hurdle is the preamble of the Constitution. It was never true, or even close to true, that “We the People” ordained and established that imperialist fake law. Many of “the People” opposed it. Fewer than half the population participated in establishment, and fewer still ever understood “this Constitution”. Probably no more than a dozen people have ever agreed upon its meaning at any one moment, and I’ll just guess that only 1000x more understand the problem of Article VII pretending to state the law about how to ratify and establish “this Constitution” before its “Establishment”.

    It seems probable now that your smirking law professor knew that your precious constitution is just expedient bullshit for knaves and their dupes. Whether you like it or not, s/he and its ilk have proven adept at insinuating theirselves into the knave class of America to make that class do their bidding. This is not a good reason to cling more tightly to your holy scripture but a reminder that, like Abrahamic relics and icons, it belongs in a museum.


    * Includes Muhammadists. Islam is an untrinitarian sect of Christianity which prescribes great reverence for a polished turd from Nazareth.
    ** But rigid determinism, too, is wrong. It’s not the case that just one possible future awaits us. Rather, every possible future awaits us, which is just what most of us believed anyway when we were still languishing in the darkness of presentist (3D) cosmology.
    *** We in the USA chose rank superstition, secular gluttony, Zionism, and populist republicanism. We tolerated an outlandishly powerful imperial government ruling over provincial pseudostates. We clung obstinately to the petty faultfinding which has long been a central feature of “Western” civilization and which is bringing totalitarianism to power elsewhere, too. The scurrilous doctrine of original sin was tolerated as if it were honorable, and we supported the schools in which a new doctrine of original sin is promoted now to demonize us with an obvious goal in mind. So we earned a populist totalitarian dictatorship based in the DC, and we will continue to deserve it in the absence of radical course changes for the better.

  23. Hibernian says:

    Wasn’t he terminally ill with cancer?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @JimDandy
  24. Trinity says:

    Jacob Rubenstein? Maybe we should call him by his real name for starters. I remember a few years back I was talking to an old timer ( even older than yours truly) and he mentioned some “skripper” from way back who went by the stage name, “Candy Barr” aka Juanita Slusher. This old timer had been around the block lets just say that. I said I had never heard of this lady although I had heard of Blaze Starr ( living in Bmore for awhile, everyone had heard of Ms. Starr) and some other burlesque gal by the name of Gypsy Rose Lee. Anywho, I decided to find out about Ms. Candy Barr and it seemed she had a fondness for Snickers candy bars hence the stage name, ( well at least it is better than Cheyenne or Mercedes, hehe. ) She also had relationships with (((Mickey Cohen & Jacob Rubenstein.))) Interestingly from what I remember Ms. Slusher aka “Candy Bar” like many strippers and/or porn stars was sexually abused or molested early in her life. Human scum like Ruby and Cohen feast on vulnerable women like this, and you can take that to the bank. I am sure Cohen and “Ruby” are keeping each other company right about now. My, my, crime really does not pay in the end, fellas, does it.

  25. Howcome we never really explore all the possibilities? It’s not just a choice between A or B, the Warren commission or the CIA/Jews. Yes, all the evidence points to the Jews, but we’re dealing with professional storytellers.
    “The first desideratum of those controlling both stories is that you, the public, be kept monumentally confused, so that you can never ask the proper questions. This end is achieved by having many competing theories. In this way, the Warren Commission was only the official fake story. But the other fake stories are just as important in the long-running effort to make it seem that there is no right answer. The storytellers are quite satisfied to have an ever growing mass of speculation and opinion,which almost inevitably must overwhelm all investigators. The more diversions that are created, the less likely it is that anyone will discover the real clues.”

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  26. @Hibernian

    Ruby did not know he was terminally ill with cancer until he was in jail–so that was not a factor in killing Oswald.

  27. Gapeseed says:

    Even it seems, Jesus tried to dodge his crucifixion.

    That’s a bit much. Jesus had ample opportunity to talk His way out of it, but did not.

    • Thanks: Z-man, jim bob beers
  28. Alden says:

    Good point. Ruby was a criminal . A year in jail during a trial wouldn’t have bothered him. Might have gotten released on bail during the trial. He’d be acquitted and hero for killing Oswald.

  29. Alden says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Anyone who believes a word Garrison ever said……………………

    I’m familiar with all the theories and don’t have an opinion for or against any of them. Except Garrison and his pursuit of completely innocent Clay Shaw.

    If I had an opinion. I’d say it was the person who benefitted the most. The most anti White President ever, Lyndon Johnson and 64 civil rights act 65 unlimited non White immigration and 64 no Whites need apply act.

    • Agree: Cking
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  30. Alden says:

    Several people had a good look at him when Oswald shot police officer Tippettt description was on TV and radio all over town A store clerk saw him in a nearby streets and phoned police that a man who fit the description of the killer of
    Officer Tippett has just walked into the theater.

    I don’t think Oswald had any support. If he had he would have plenty of cash on his person. And someone would have picked him up right outside the building not forcing him to take a bus. Better yet, he would have been told to stay in the building like everybody else.

    The only reasonOswald became a suspect was because he left the building immediately . FYI the building was not closed when Oswald left. Oswald told the police he left the building immediately because he assumed the building would be. closed. But it wasn’t

  31. Anonymous[423] • Disclaimer says:

    This might seem off topic, but it’s not really. Why aren’t intelligent Jws worried about the covid bioweapon causing a pogrom now?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  32. I like this author a lot. But the Kennedy assassination? Really? People are starting to die like flies from vaccines, we’re barely hanging on to basic human rights, the US government is spending 3 trillion \$ more each year than it takes in, white people are being vilified and replaced, neocon loons are stirring up war with China and Russia, an energy crisis and inflation are getting ready to take down the remaining middle class, the president of the US literally can’t even wipe his own butt…
    And somebody gives a shit about the Kennedy assassination? Oh for those innocent happy times when a presidential assassination was a big deal!

    • Agree: Alden, idrankwhat
    • Disagree: Treg, Arthur MacBride, Skeptikal, Iris
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @mocissepvis
  33. I hadn’t really thought through the matter of whether Ruby was a last-minute addendum to the JFK assassination, but reading this:

    Ruby’s underworld contact intensified during the 11 days leading up to President Kennedy’s assassination, “when Ruby abruptly signed a power of attorney, giving up certain rights to control his own money. He also suddenly bought and installed a safe for the first time in his 16 years as a Dallas nightclub operator, to store extra amounts of money.”[27] During this period, “Ruby was getting a series of phone calls at the Carousel from an unidentified man who never would leave a message when Ruby was out.”

    … it sounds like he was an integral part of the assassination planning and its damage control, not an afterthought bought in when Lee Harvey Oswald began squawking that he was a “patsy.”

    • Replies: @Alden
  34. JimDandy says:

    He was diagnosed in December of ’66–less than a month before he died–but maybe he secretly knew before he killed Oswald? I’ve never heard that theory before, but it would explain a lot.

    • Replies: @NobodyKnowsImADog
  35. Wokechoke says:

    Oswald probably did the assassination. Rubenstein ensured there wouldn’t be a trial where Oswald’s rather curiously philosemitic Trotskyite version of socialism might surface or become a talking point. Oswald was a cranky Trot with a very Antifa sounding set of ideas on race capitalism and revolution. Reminds me of Grosskreuz or dozens of these white men who become committed to racial justice. Oswald was activated to get rid of a president who blocked Israeli nuclear weapons development. Rubenstein made sure that there was no trial.

    • Disagree: Peripatetic Itch
    • LOL: Skeptikal
  36. Mr. Jones says:

    I used to read a magazine called “Psychotronic”, a publication dealing with the world of retro B movies. It no longer exists. They had an interview with a B movie filmmaker, Larry Buchanan(Mars Needs Women) who made an adult burlesque/stripper/stag film in Ruby’s club. I think the film was entitled “Midnite in Dallas”. During the filming Buchanan recalled seeing Ruby and Oswald drinking together at the bar of the club every night. I read the article a good few years back so please excuse any errors on my part.

  37. 迪路 says:

    Most cancers today are treatable if caught early. The combination of CAR-T and CAR-NK with PD-L1 inhibitors is effective.

  38. LondonBob says:

    Well that was the issue for JFK, a lot of people were happy to see home gone so they turned a blind eye, still I think only the Israelis were motivated enough to actually assassinate him, others like the military inadvertently helped.

  39. LondonBob says:

    Interestingly the mysterious Babushka Lady, who filmed the assassination, is a spitting image of Rubinstein’s sister.

  40. Schuetze says:

    I find all the mentions of Yiddish to be quite interesting. I seem to be running across this quite a lot lately.

    “Jacob Rubenstein belonged to the Jewish mafia, also known as the Yiddish Connection.”

    “Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you know if there were Israeli newspaper or Yiddish—

    Mr. EBERHARDT. There was a bunch of them running around there talking that unknown tongue. I don’t know what they were saying.”

    Nancy Pelosi: ‘My father was a Shabbos Goy’

    “Pelosi recounted her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr.’s acquaintance with Jewish culture, saying he was a “Shabbos Goy” who “spoke Yiddish””

    Was Stalin Jewish, & Does it Matter?

    “a further indication that Stalin as Jewish was that one of his long-time friends recommended he attend a Yiddish theatre, and therefore it is assumed Stalin spoke Yiddish”

    I find this significant because Jews all across the planet have always had their own special language, unintelligible to the goyim, that they used in their international conspiracies. The importance of Lingua Franca in diplomacy during the age of reason is completely overshadowed by Yiddish as the Lingua Conspiratoria for the last millenia at least.

  41. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Exhibition in Italy says VW Beetle design was not Hilter’s. Hitler stole the design from a (((Jew))). Consistency is one trait these shameless (((people))) have.


    • LOL: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  42. egwin says:

    Even the story of Masada is a tale of heroic … mass suicide.
    In the long history of last stands, there are very few involving mass suicide of the defenders, and then almost always by burning down the defended city to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
    It isn’t part of military heroic ethos anywhere except in Israel for defenders to kill themselves rather than to die in a heroic last stand.

    • Replies: @Alden
  43. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s the Jews.

    It’s the stinking Jews.

    It’s the God Damned stinking Jews.

    It’s always the God Damned stinking Jews.

    It’s always and forever the God Damned stinking Jews.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Trinity
  44. Alden says:

    Have any archeologists ever found evidence of thousands people killed at the same time in a small space?

  45. I’m surprised that this interesting, detailed and well-documented article did not do a tie-up to the death of celebrity-reporter-author, Dorothy Kilgallen who was like murdered (officially “suicide”) shortly before she was set to interview Ruby in prison.

    DK was highly skeptical of the Warren Commission “official” narrative. When police got to her apartment, her papers had been riffled through and probably appropriately “weeded.”

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch, Biff K
    • Replies: @republic
    , @Old Brown Fool
  46. Alden says:

    I remember now. The first responder to the Officer Tippett murder was sitting in his truck eating lunch and saw the whole thing. He rushed across the street, used the police radio to notify the police and tried to help Tippett who was already dead.

    • Replies: @Issar
  47. Hibernian says:

    The basic design was lifted from the Fords of that era.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  48. Alden says:

    The naive “ Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy “ crew believes Oswald told the truth when he told the police who arrested him “ I’m just a patsy”

    Every suspect proclaims he didn’t commit the Corrine he’s suspected of or arrested for. The fact that Oswald claimed he was just a patsy to the arresting officers and claiming he was innocent to reporters after he was arrested proves nothing.

    Were there any Yiddish language newspapers in 1963? Shouldn’t the grandchildren of the Ellis Islanders have learned English by then? If it was Hebrew the alleged reporters were speaking Ruby couldn’t have translated

    • Replies: @SurfingUSA
  49. From my files: {The sole public benefit of JL*–911 [*=“Jewish Lightning”] has been that the backflash of that notorious stunt’s comparative crudity at last lit up for us the NAGIM** [**= Normal, Alias “Gentile”, IMmensity] the grim character of the 1963 Dallas Jack Whack as having been the all-time biggest kosher coup d’etat.}

    Yes, Jacob Rubinstein, henchman of Meyer Lansky, was the only known shooter in the first of the three Kennedy cases.

    In 1994 with the publication of his epochal FINAL JUDGMENT, “connecting the dots” between Dimona in the Spring and Dealey Plaza in the Fall, my subsequently prematurely deceased friend (I am proud to say) Michael Collins Piper essentially solved the Big D mystery

    Some of the main lead-ups to the Dealey Plaza hit that deserve review in a history of Jew assassinations: Abraham Lincoln (JWB & his master Judah P. Benjamin both Sephardim); William McKinley (to promote Teddy R to the 0-0, the Roosevelt Family being a long-term Jew asset; Huey Long (by far the leading challenger to Bernard Baruch’s placeman, the cryptic cripple Franklin Roosevelt); Lord Moyne; General George Patton; 1st SecDef James Forrestal and Graf Folke Bernadotte.

    [Estimated total deaths in USGov “War On Terror” since JL–9/11 = 4.5 million.] –David Vine PhD.

    Here & Now, to cure the juflu: First, hang Hank. Capisce?

  50. GMC says:

    Great article, ” Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” – Americans forgot all about this statement but the Jews and their Israeli sworn traitors in Washington see it as a great Israeli call to arms. Of course they stole JFKs speach, steal is their middle name.
    Why do legal investigations to prove the USGov wrong?? Because the stupid Lawyers submitt their honest investigations – to Jew Courts. The Lawyers for the re investigation into 9/11, submitted their documents where ?? Southern Judicial Court of WHERE?? Fucking N Y. Ground Zero- mossad. The Lawyers, the easily bought off POlice, the entire US Court system is bought and paid for – and RFK found this out the hard way too. And that was in the 60s. Is The USA, Russia, and China owned by the Jews too?? Why wouldn t they.

  51. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    You question the importance of exposing the Jews behind the Kennedy assassinations on the grounds that the events those assassinations made possible are now occurring? How about this one–Quick, ladies and gentlemen, look over here are the farting Clown-in-Chief’s gaffes that have the whole world roaring in laughter and pay no attention to those Jews behind the curtain pulling the levers of power.

    Wasn’t it the Times of Israel itself that quipped the US government was a “minyan,” or quorum of Jews necessary to conduct the affairs of the US for the benefit of International Jewry? They even provided the names. Then there was the disappeared article in Foreign Affairs, often cited here at Unz a year or so ago, gloating over Israel’s secret negotiations with China for the express purpose of replacing the US with China, once the US is used up fighting ME wars and can be thrown under the bus.

    Tony Fauci, like his namesake Yaakov (born Jason, and on Long Island like Tony), recently made headlines in Israel as the recipient of Israel’s \$1 million Dan David Award for the Jew who, in his respective field, did the most during the preceding year to further the interests of International Jewry, meaning the takedown of the world in preparation for the new JWO, but this time with China instead of the US as the Jews’ footstool. I’d say the connection with the Kennedy assassinations is as timely today as the events you mention and for the reason none of what’s happening today would have been possibly without the coup d’etat in 1963.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  52. republic says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Kilgallen was a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist and television personality, and she managed to wrangle an exclusive interview with Jack Ruby, later boasting to her friends that she would break the JFK assassination case wide open in her new book, producing the biggest scoop of her career. Instead, she was found dead in her Upper East Side townhouse, having apparently succumbed to an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills, with both the draft text and the notes to her Jack Ruby chapter missing.

    Quote from Ron Unz on JFK killing

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  53. @Sparkylyle92

    Do you not think that the Kennedy Assasination is a precursor to, and thus directly relevant to, all the other destructive evil that you mention, caused by the same entities that murdered Kennedy?

  54. Z-man says:

    Could you be more specific. (Big grin)
    While not original I like the stepped crescendo.

  55. @Been_there_done_that

    This might be the place to mention Oswald’s Mistress, Judyth Vary Baker and her very interesting book”Me and Lee”. She knew Dr Mary Sherman (Dr Mary’s Monkeys), David Ferrie,Jack Ruby, -cast of characters. She can be found on Youtube but her Wiki page was scrubbed. I wonder if Mr Guyenot has seen her book and what he thinks.
    Interesting book-oh, I said that already

  56. Treg says:

    In James Files long prison confession as the Grassy Knoll shooter using a scoped fireball short rifle, he talks about being at a specific Cafe at a specific time and seeing Jack Ruby take a payment in a brown paper bag a week or so before the assassinations of JFK and Oswald. My question is, does this bit of information fit with what we may know elsewhere?

  57. Z-man says:

    Man look at that picture. He could definitely pass for one of ‘The Tribe’ in that shot. The jug ears alone are evidence of that.(Grin)

  58. @Schuetze

    Yiddish is essentially medieval German from the Rhine area, with added some words from Hebrew and Aramaic (from Jewish religious culture) and from Slavic languages, which the Jews picked up later on when they settled in eastern Europe. As such a modern German speaker can understand a lot of Yiddish. By linguistics Yiddish is simply classified as a Germanic language.

    Similarly the Jews of Spain developed their own kind of Spanish called “Ladino”, which is similarly closely akin to Spanish, reason why it is classified as a Romance language.

    Nothing “secret” or “conspirational” here.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Schuetze
  59. Wielgus says:

    Yiddish is 70 to 80% German in vocabulary and is largely though not totally comprehensible to German speakers. Not much of a lingua conspiratoria there. At least to Germans, it is about as much of a secret language as it would be for Italian Jews to use Spanish, in an attempt not to be understood by Italians.

    The Jewish “language of prudence” is Hebrew. Understood by few outsiders.

    • Replies: @Anon
  60. Trinity says:

    Someone mentioned that old bat, Nancy Pelosi. Her “daddy” used to be mayor of Baltimore as well as her brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III. hehe. They don’t call Baltimore “Mob City” for “nuttin.” Governor Gavin Newsom’s aunt was once married to Nancy Pelosi’s brother in law. You see how these POS always stick together.

    I always said that next to Jews, Blacks, Aye-rabs, Pakis/East Indians, and Hispanics, rich people practice inbreeding more than all other demographics, including us rednecks. hehe. IMO, the Orange Man takes it a little too far with the “daddy’s girl” routine. I just hope he is just more than likely a father who spoiled the hell out of his arrogant dunderhead of a daughter.

    Some guy in the DuPont family raped his own infant daughter awhile back and served no jail time. There is your “elite” for you, people. Speaking of rape, Pelosi’s brother Roosevelt seems to be the only one in a group of young males who escaped charges, ( 6 males were charged with rape and “perverted practices”) for the gang rape of a 12 and 14 year old girl. IF I am not mistaken Mr. Roosevelt went into politics himself. smdh. Another example of the “elite” who run this nation and have been running it into the ground for at least a century.

    Like the Jew who always self projects his own sins onto people he hates ( which includes about every non-Jew. These people are indeed misanthropes on steroids.) “Elite” wealthy or powerful white bastards have adopted this habit as well. Instead of that poor Appalachian backwoods hillbilly, more than likely that Senator or Congressman or Congresswoman has some inbreeding in their family. ROTFLMMFWAO. You have chosen or had mentally ill and perverted freaks SELECTED to run this nation for quite awhile now. JFK and LBJ were womanizers, I think LBJ even made a move on JFK’s wife IF I am not mistaken. Good lawd, LBJ was an ugly bastard. IF I were a woman, I would not do him for less than a couple grand. hehe.

    Cue: Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast by Wayne Newton

  61. @Alden

    Several people had a good look at him when Oswald shot police officer Tippettt description was on TV and radio all over town

    This is the official version but it has lots of holes in it–too lengthy to go into here.

    I do not believe Oswald killed anyone that day. He was a patsy for two killings.

    “I didn’t kill anybody, no sir.”

  62. Rurik says:

    What if everybody knew?

    What if it was taught in American public schools and they even made movies about it?

    What if every crime these people committed, was all out in the open, and people casually talked about it.

    And all the rest too. Like the treachery involving the Fed, the World Wars, communism, USS Liberty and 911, to name just a few.

    What would change?

    The talking heads on the talmudvission would simply continue to spout their narrative, and the politicians would continue to service the people who fund and promote (or don’t) their campaigns. And as long as Jewish supremacists own the Fed, and therefor control the money supply, nothing is going to change, even if every single American knew that Israel did 911.

    How many TV preachers are going to stop shilling for Israel, just because of 911 and a few wars for Zion?

    So they killed some people. They had to in order to fulfill the biblical prophesies so that we can all get our rapture!

    They were doing the Christian world a favor by murdering those three thousand people on that morning, and it’s a small price to pay, when you consider they’re giving us the Second Coming!

    That would be the evangelical line, and I can’t imagine that one in ten thousand evangelicals would protest.

    Just as all the members of the “defense” industries would all say ‘we love them even more!’

    Ditto the ‘intelligence’ agencies and just about every body else, who really don’t seem to give a whit that our nation now operates an open torture facility, for men who’re simply trying to defend their lands from an America that now openly wages serial aggressive wars on innocent nations and people, all based on obvious lies. So obvious that a retarted ten year old can see it.

    And almost no one seems to care about that, at all.

    No one is held to account.

    Is there any outrage that they could commit, while still holding the purse strings, that would rouse ‘the people’ to action?

    It seems to me that these days, they can (and do) defile and destroy what were once considered sacrosanct monuments to our national heroes, while allowing murderers and rapists to simply commit their crimes with total impunity. So long as the race of the perpetrator and victim comport with their J-S world view of ‘justice’ being meted out.

    Perhaps we’ll see with the Rittenhouse verdict, if he’s acquitted, but then the feds bring charges against him for some bullshit reason, because they can’t let a white guy off who defended himself from woke orcs, under any circumstances.

    What kind of message would that send?

    And so they railroad Kyle, as an example to all white Americans, that self-defense is no defense for racists (white people), who in every conflict with a POC, are guilty, no matter what.

    Would that finally motivate white America to outrage, or would they just turn on the game, go to the NASCAR race, and quietly submit to the new paradigm? Preferring to live on their knees in humiliation and submission, than to be called a ‘white supremacist’?

    I feel in my gut, that I would not be too pleased to know the answer to that last question.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  63. From what I understand of the matter, the murder of JFK was organized by a coalition of following groups:

    1) Those who resented Kenedy’s botching of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.
    Suspects: CIA and right-wing Cubans.

    2) Those who resented Kennedy’s intention to completely withdraw from Vietnam.
    Suspects: CIA and the MIC.

    3) Those who resented Kennedy’s failure to remove Castro from Cuba, thus not preventing the closure of lucrative casinos and brothels on the island.
    Main suspect: Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky, owner of those casinos and brothels.

    4) Those who resented Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110, which allowed the Treasury to issue its own (silver backed) money, thus circumventing the counterfeiting and usurious FED.
    Suspects: Jewish owners of said FED.

    5) Those who resented Kennedy’s effort to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons. Main suspect: David Ben Gurion.

    6) Lyndon B. Johnson, who had his own ambitions, but also served the usual dual Jewish interests of serving Israel with money, weapons and political support, while domestically undermining society with “civil rights”, “great society” and “immigration reform”.

    Nrs 3), 4), 5) and 6) are all Jewish groups, who thus form the majority.

  64. Trinity says:

    All that would make a great t shirt to wear at a Trump rally. Too bad the cameras would never show you on television though. IF you were filmed, a reporter would pull a “Lets Go Brandon” and start telling the dunderhead normies how much the Jews have contributed to humanity and that Einstein was perhaps one of the smartest men alive and had an IQ of 666.

  65. gotmituns says:

    I was in the Marine Corps during that time serving in Okinawa but now the killing of JFK and later his brother Robert is all very clear to me – just more jew BS

  66. @Hyper Bole

    The other “must read” book on Oswald that proves he was a Deep State asset:

    The “lone nut assassin” official theory is _way_ off the mark. He was a patsy–moving space to space on a checkerboard designed by his handlers.

  67. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Continuation of comment # 65:

    The murder was facilitated by the CIA (using Lee Oswald as a patsy), while the shooting itself was organized by Meyer Lansky, who used members of the Corsican Mafia, so that in case of exposure Jews would be protected.

    This was a highly sophisticated operation, reason why I don’t understand why the killing of the patsy by Jacob Rubenstein was done in such a clumsy way.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  68. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Yiddish is very much a German dialect. Any German speaker can understand 75-85% without trouble.

    It’s my understanding that Arabic speakers can understand about 80-90% of modern Hebrew. ( and Vice versa)

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  69. Mevashir says:

    Laurent, I have an email address for Jim Douglass if you would like contact him: [email protected]

  70. Mevashir says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    3) Those who resented Kennedy’s failure to remove Castro from Cuba, thus not preventing the closure of lucrative casinos and brothels on the island.
    Main suspect: Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky, owner of those casinos and brothels.

    In this intimate biography of Lansky, written by three Israeli journalists whom Lansky personally commissioned to write this account, Lansky practically boasts of the Mob’s hatred for JFK and strongly implies they killed him:

    • Agree: Cking
  71. @Alden

    The point to me of “I’m just a patsy” is not Oswald claiming innocence but Oswald shading into the facts of a huge conspiracy, when he realizes the conspirators are not going to cover his butt. It’s Oswald starting to spill the truth.

    A patsy is “someone taken advantage of.”

    I think you are confusing “patsy” with “fall guy,” an innocent person set up as a scapegoat.

    • Replies: @Alden
  72. Lew Rockwell posted this video interview with Ed Curtin this past week – – JFK, 9/11 and Covid 19 are ALL connected.

  73. anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    many histories of the Volkswagen report that Hitler commissioned Porsche to design and build it.

    like this Mike Solomon guy who wrote this piece for Black flagship magazine Forbes; Solomon is probably a BLM “diversity – equity” hire.
    The Beetle was commissioned in the 1930s by Adolf Hitler as the “people’s car” (or volks wagen in German). Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the curvy car was affordable, practical and reliable. Three decades later, the “Bug” (as it was affectionately known) became a symbol of the 1960s and the “small is beautiful” ethos.

    whoever designed them, the heater in my first Beetle (1964) was crap.
    don’t quite remember — the car had a unique sound. people used to say it was the bicycle chain whining.

  74. Mevashir says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    You lay out the case very well. Thank you for organizing these points. But I would suggest that even points 1&2 pertain to Jews as well. CIA had long collaborated with MoeSad and used Jews to extract Nazis from Europe after the war and bring them to the US. Eg, Henry Kissinger’s role in Operation Paperclip.

    And don’t forget the military’s cooperation with the Mafia during world war ii to regulate New York’s port. Certainly this involved Jewish gangsters as well as Italians.

    CIA counterintelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton was a rabid Zionist and has memorials built to his memory in Israel. Many regard him as a MoeSad mole at the highest levels of the CIA.

    I just read Bill O’Reilley’s book KILLING THE MOB, which describes Hoover’s FBI’s struggle to control organized crime. He claims that America was flooded with Sicilian Mafiosa because before world war II Mussolini tried to clean them out of Italy and they fled. They were able to come to the US on refugee status and no one checked their criminal background. Very similar to the Hispanics coming across the southern border today.

    So I was reflecting on the fact that the efforts of Hitler and Mussolini to remove Jewish and Sicilian criminals from their societies ended up flooding America with these people.

  75. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Sshh! You’ll upset all those believers in the fantasy that all those Ostjufen who spoke a German dialect were Khazars.

  76. Mevashir says:

    It’s my understanding that Arabic speakers can understand about 80-90% of modern Hebrew. ( and Vice versa)

    Glad you brought this up. I lived there for 20 years and can confirm that Arabic speakers make an effort to learn Hebrew in order to work in the Israeli economy. However the language affinities between the two languages are far less than 80-90%. This is confirmed by the fact that very few Israeli Jews speak Arabic. They don’t bother to learn because they don’t need to. Israelis who come from Arabic countries do understand Arabic but the vast majority of Israelis do not.

    This is a chant by a Yemenite Jew of the famous HEAR O ISRAEL verse from Deuteronomy 6:4. He chants in Hebrew Aramaic and Arabic, so you can hear the differences between the languages. Yes there are certain words that are virtually identical between Hebrew and Arabic (Shalom-Salaam, Abba-Abu, Ben-Ibn, Qaddosh-Quds), but as I mentioned before very few Israelis speak it or even can understand it.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  77. anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Oswald signed his own death warrant when he said he was a patsy in front of the press. It’s not a cohencidence that ruby killed him. It’s also not a cohencidence that Israel stood to gain the most from JFK being murdered by their cia lackeys for the purpose of getting people to stop asking questions about nukes in dimona. But it‘s not just about the nukes, Bobby boy was causing too much trouble for the powers that be – he wanted to issue silver certificates which is in my view the stepping stone for ending the fed. The fed is the cancer that’s killing America, the fed as well as the Bank of England are owned by a few Jewish families and Jewish owned banks.

  78. Schuetze says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Obviously you don’t know much about German dialects. Even between Germans, a thick Bavarian, Wurtemberger or Austrian accent can be unintelligable to a northern German, especially to one without experience. Speaking it fluently and without a heavy German accent would not be a possibility for 99% of the Germans that could even understand it decently. And that is the rub, none of those Germans would be experienced with Yiddish, and native German speakers form a minority of Europeans. Besides that, Germans don’t qualify as being international cosmopolitans, and they are not dispersed throughout the top strata of every country across the planet. So I am sorry, Yiddish would qualify as a special Lingua Conspiratoria to Jews discussing things that they did not want the goyim to understand.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  79. @Hyper Bole

    Thanks. I haven’t read it. I’ll try to find a copy.

  80. anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    JFK was assassinated by a hit squad led by Bush senior. Here’s a good documentary, the killing blow came from a shooter under the storm drain.

    JFK to 9/11 Everything Is A Rich Man s Trick

  81. Ron Unz says:

    Quote from Ron Unz on JFK killing

    Thanks. For those so interested, here’s a link to my 3,600 word summary analysis of the JFK assassination from last year, with the main focus on the Mossad connection:

    That discussion had updated and combined my two earlier articles from 2018:

  82. @Schuetze

    Well, if you want to spy on Yiddish speaking Jews, hire a German and give him a crash course in Yiddish. Not that difficult. As a German knowing Dutchman, I can already understand a lot of Yiddish.

    Here is the title of Elie Wiesel’s book Night in Yiddish: Un di velt hot geshvign, meaning “And the World kept silent”. In modern German that is: Und die Welt hat geschwiegen. Practically the same.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  83. Baxter says:

    So Pres. Johnson and Jewish organizations are where the trail of evidence ends, there are no other actors who stood to benefit significantly from JFK’s murder? Any possible connection going all the way to the Kremlin has been ruled out?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @gotmituns
  84. Trinity says:

    Did James Earl Ray ever admit to killing MLK? IF I am not mistaken he claimed his innocence the whole time. Fits the standard m.o. Stir shit up, cause riots, stir up racial hatred against the White man, clearly one has better vision in 2021 than one would have in 1968. I would like to think had I been a thinking adult instead of a little snot, I could have been wise to the JQ even in 1968. Looking back on history it was even pretty clear back then but I guess people were too busy with football and cookouts. Some things never change.

  85. @Baxter

    LBJ used the “Kremlin gambit” to bring Earl Warren into the fold. He told Warren that any serious investigation would convince the American people the Russians did it and would lead to WWIII.

    Warren was presented CIA generated “evidence” to support the claim.

    Warren was told that was why the investigation needed to be a farce–and Warren just needed to follow the lead of the FBI and CIA.

    Warren said “yes sir” and the hilariously stupid Warren Commission report was born.

    Here is one example of the “patsy prep” work:

    The coverup was planned well before the assassination–think of it as battlefield preparation.

  86. Anon[374] • Disclaimer says:

    One of our very own intelligence agents (not CIA) posted this. Very educational.

    “Kidon” is defined as an elite group of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad whose prime function is “cold and efficient killing.” Furthermore, the kidon teams “had witnessed some of Israel’s leading forensic pathologists at work so as better to understand how to make an assassination appear to be an accident.

    Sayanium—or “sayan”—is another term for “helper.” The authors claim that there are tens of thousands of these “helpers,” all carefully recruited, those that would help Israel and protect it from its enemies when called upon.

    a “katsa” is a field agent and together they form Mossad’s intelligence capability in the field—with some stationed overseas.

  87. gotmituns says:

    there are no other actors who stood to benefit significantly from JFK’s murder?
    There were plenty of others who were PO’d at JFK. Especially after the arms industry understood he wasn’t going to let them have their lousy war (Vietnam). Add in big Pharma who were PO’d that he never let the untested Thalidimide into the US market.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Joekoool102
  88. Schuetze says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    I would contend that Dutch is a closer dialect to German that Yiddish is. The vast majority of Dutch words have their roots in German, and the rest in English, which one could argue is rooted in German as well. Plus the Dutch are protestants, or better said Christian. Again many of the expressions, thought patterns and word roots come from the bible. As you said, Yiddish has Slavic and Aramaic and who knows what other words and expressions mixed in, and stories and phrases expressed in the Talmud, Torah and by Rabbi’s.

    I speak fluent German and often have dinner with Flemish Belgians and Dutch. Often they will forget that we were carrying on a conversation in German and then deviate off into Flemish. I can follow them to a point, but often when the subject deviates into something obscure, I lose track.

    But this is not the point anyway. I was referring to Yiddish as an international language of Jews conspiring against goyim, and the case in point was in Dallas Texas where no one speaks German or Yiddish, and the “Yiddish speaking reporters” that Ruby brought into the police station were clearly a ruse anyway. It supports my contention that the Jews were speaking Yiddish not because they couldn’t speak english, but because they were carrying on secret communications that the goyim could not understand. Perhaps they would have faced more difficulty hiding their deceptions in a police station in Amsterdam, but I doubt it.

  89. Wokechoke says:

    Quick revisit of Oswald’s politics. He subscribed to Trotskyite Antifa style magazines that were proIsraeli, pro black and anti white. Even Oswald’s support for Castro coincided with a strong proIsraeli Castro. Oswald lived for a time in Brooklyn when it was a hotbed of a very Jewish form of Trotskyite socialism. Never had a bad word to say about Israel but did attack whitey for imperialism and colonialism. Israeli handler probably told him to gun down Kennedy then he was in turn silenced and therefore never brought to trial.

  90. Ruth Paine had been “a leader in the Jewish community at Indianapolis,” working with Jewish immigrants who “spoke Yiddish …

    Thanks for this detail on Ruth Paine, and the article, Laurent.

    Jacob Rubenstein, Meyer Lansky, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Mickey Cohen, Benjamin Siegelbaum … even little Ruth Paine doing her duty …

    And what of Dallas Police (haha) Officers who accepted favours like corned beef sandwiches (lol) from Rubenstein .. or Chief Justice (haha) Warren, plus the multiplicity of crooked and/or cowardly officials, “journalists” and politicians who have covered up the JFK crime for 60 Years ongoing, plus others from the same source like 9/11.
    i.e. those who are sworn to uphold justice, law and righteousness, who are paid handsomely to protect the citizen from people like those above …

    What is one to deduce about USA from its rotten-to-the-core officials ?
    Maybe that it isn’t really a country, but simply an International Crime Syndicate ?
    That it is a Failed Experiment ?
    That what looks like its current demise is richly deserved ?

    • Agree: Schuetze
  91. MA says: • Website

    “And We warned the Children of Israel in the Scripture, “You will certainly cause corruption in the land twice, and you will become extremely arrogant.”

    “When the first of the two warnings would come to pass, We would send against you some of Our servants of great might, who would ravage your homes. This would be a warning fulfilled.
    Then ˹after your repentance˺ We would give you the upper hand over them and aid you with wealth and offspring, causing you to outnumber them.
    If you act rightly, it is for your own good, but if you do wrong, it is to your own loss. “And when the second warning would come to pass, your enemies would ˹be left to˺ totally disgrace you and enter the Temple ˹of Jerusalem˺ as they entered it the first time, and utterly destroy whatever would fall into their hands.”

    [And said], “If you do good, you do for yourself
    Perhaps your Lord will have mercy on you ˹if you repent˺, but if you return ˹to sin˺, We will return ˹to punishment˺. And We have made Hell a ˹permanent˺ confinement for the disbelievers.”

    Quran 17: 4-8

  92. Trinity says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Yeah, nothing beats a good corned beef sammich. smdh. What a nice guy, huh?

    He’s probably roasting marshmallows right now though.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  93. Nancy says:
    @Badger Down

    Although, I believe Andrew Joyce started doing that with simple posting of publicly-available status info regarding prominent jews, on Twitter, and he was eliminated. It was claimed it was a ‘hit list’… hmm. Seems they are afraid of simple transparency.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  94. @Wokechoke

    Stupidity raised to the power of moron. Could be a laff, I suppose. Oswald was CIA.

    • Troll: Trinity
  95. @Arthur MacBride

    The US regime is and always has been Murder Incorporated. The CIA is organised crime, the Pentagon a death-machine, Yankee ‘kultur’ rots the brain and soul, the Washington Consensus of the IMF, World Bank, WTO etc has murdered tens of millions, mostly children, in the poor world, through genocidal Free Market policies etc. Satan rules in Thanatopolis DC.

  96. @Rich

    “I’m just a patsy” – assuming he said that – is quite compatible with Oswald thinking he was being backed by some Cubans who egged him on and promised to back him up with transport to get away and a place to hide. It’s as completely lacking in probative weight as the account of Johnson saying to a surgeon that he wanted a signed deathbed confession from Oswald. The fact of LBJ seeing the need for it after Ruby shot him is totally unsurprising given Johnson’s long political experience and who’s to say the surgeon remembered precisely every word said and its tone? There are so many possibilities I won’t try and go there.

    • Replies: @Rich
  97. @Arthur MacBride

    I’ve just been reading a long Quora conversation started by someone asking if Australians were in awe of America when they visited. What came over was how nice Americsns were and proud of their country as they conceived it but extraordinarily ignorant of the world and how America rated.

  98. This message is for Dr. Laurent Guyénot.

    Dear Dr. Guyénot:

    In the past few years when I contacted sources linked with the Kennedy Family, I was told that, the Kennedy Family does not believe your interpretation(s) of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination.

    I was told that, the Kennedy Family firmly believes in the fact that, Jews are the backbone(s) of American trade and commerce as well as American success and failure both home and abroad and, therefore, Jews could never do something as heinous as you allege.

    The Kennedy Family believes that, assassination and blackmailing are not part of Jewish culture and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was most likely assassinated by Russian and Cuban spies working in the United States in order to win “Cold War”; because, Russians and Cubans are evil people.

    Best regards,


  99. @gotmituns

    How many companies that you describe as Big Pharma were protesting Kennedy’s role in refusing permission for thalidomide to be married in the US? Total BS isn’t it? Or can you show my reaction to be unfair?

  100. Wielgus says:

    Yes, my understanding is that though both Semitic languages, Hebrew and Arabic are not that close.

  101. Rich says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I don’t think you know what the expression “patsy” means in America. To be a “patsy” means you were set-up. Oswald couldn’t have made the shot. There was a television show with Jesse Ventura, former politician and Navy Seal (that would be a commando to you), he couldn’t make the shot in a controlled environment, then he brought in a younger Navy Seal, and he couldn’t make the shot either. Lee Harvey was an Aviation Electronics Operator, not a sniper and was not an expert marksmen in the military, scored low in his last shooting test, and once even accidentally shot himself. Oswald was saying he was a “patsy” because he was innocent of the assassination. I don’t buy that a loser like him could’ve pulled it off.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Wizard of Oz
  102. I am entirely familiar with the connotations of “patsy”. Most of what you aayvis entirely irrelevant to my point that Oswald could have been saying saying “they encouraged me to shoot Kennedy with the pretence that they would mind my back but they never-ending to follow through”. I’m not sure what your view that Oswald was not a good shot has to do with whether or bot he was a patsy or said he was. After all he probably thought he had shot JFk and was sure he had shot at him.

    • Replies: @Iris
  103. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Neither the KikeMob nor the WopMob had the expertise for the JFK assassination. The zionists did not have the expertise, nor would they be allowed to run the kill-shot. The United States Army does have the expertise. The rifle shootist would have been a “past master” sniper who had moved on to CIA contract work, and he was GOOOOD. 50-56 years of age, well known and respected, with a vetted psych profile, guaranteed to keep his mouth shut. He lived to shoot, loaded his own ammo, well practised with sub-sonic loads. Part of a four man team. For this job they needed a semi-auto that was a “take-down”. AR10 was the only suitable rifle, it can be taken down by pulling one pin and it’s very accurate, ergonomic, and designed around the 308 Win cartridge, so it was an easy choice, have to be modified to cycle sub-sonic loads. 4X fixed power German made scope. Either standard length barrel with suppressor or a 24 inch barrel, both are quiet with sub-sonic loads. The 308 Win cartridge is THE BEST for sub-sonic loads. Could have been necked down to 6.5mm to match the Carcano bore in the event any rounds missed and were recovered. Dealy Plaza was personally selected by the rifle shootist, it’s peculiar terrain is absolutely perfect for the job. He practiced on a mockup of Dealy Plaza that had the right elevations and inclines. Where was the shooter? That’s easy to determine. Draw a line from the exit wound on JFK’s lower right cranium and it points right to the south end of The Triple Underpass, on top of the Underpass, right where the Underpass meets the South Knoll. Such a perfect spot, a rifle shootist’s dream, even has a nice rest formed by the concrete guardrail, and a parking lot for the getaway vehicle. No shots were fired from The Grassy Knoll, but decoy noisemakers were deployed there, worked beautifully got everyone looking the wrong way. An incredibly difficult shot, even for an expert. 80 yards with sub-sonic at a target that was moving until the last moment, only a rough idea where the driver would stop for just a few seconds. First shot was a miss, the throat shot, but that got JFK to drop his head so the second shot entered in his scalp area, which concealed the entry would, so that turned out well, but it was a near thing.

  104. Skeptikal says:

    I believe that the Rothschilds had all kinds of secret codes for communicating with one another to conduct their far-flung businesses within Europe—Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, London, Naples—and doubtless beyond.

    I expect these encrypted communications also extended to outposts of the British East India Company, where Baghdadi Jews such as the Sassoons monopolized the opium and other sectors and trades that had profound effects on the geopolitics of the day.

    It is a fact that many, many terms and names used in contemporary Israeli “public life” are acronyms of one sort or another and have secret meanings that only (some) other Israelis understand.

    That is quite apart from gematria. In fact, the Rothschilds were probably using a form of gematria in their inter-office communications.

    Secrecy, deception, making another the fall guy, encryption, and all possible forms of misdirection seem to be an integral aspect of Jewish/Yiddish culture.

    • Agree: Schuetze
  105. @Face_The_Truth

    “…The Kennedy Family believes that, assassination and blackmailing are not part of Jewish culture…”

    If that is true, then they are utterly naive, but I don’t think they are. After all they are a crime family, and crime families cannot be naive.

    I think they are rather afraid of the Jews. Not only JFK was murdered by Jews, but also his brother and his son. Brother Edward was probably threatened to toe the line.

  106. Skeptikal says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Don’t forget the steel industry subdivision of the MIC, who hated both JFK and RFK for pushing back when the steelmakers tried to rough up the brothers by ignoring the price deal the former had made had made with the steel workers’ unions.

    AG RFK took them to court, and they lost.

    • LOL: Trinity
  107. Iris says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “I’m just a patsy” – assuming he said that –

    Oswald said that while being recorded on TV cameras, you shameless Zionist moron. Anybody can see for themselves. And he was clearly protesting his innocence, since he said:

    “They’re taking me in because I used to live in the Soviet Union. I’m just a patsy”

    • Agree: Rich
    • Thanks: Badger Down
  108. @Emblematic

    Fake media indeed. Dan Rather, told the public that Kennedy’s head went violently forward for years.

    An even bigger clue is that Dan Rather, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    BTW, Savanna Guthrie’s husband, Kristen Welker’s husband are members, too. They don’t share the same last name, though. Something I’ve found frequently in the CFR’S roster

  109. @PMcD

    This article has a massive hole in it, and that is the interaction between Ruby and Louis Jolyon West.
    “Some researchers in the JFK assassination community are aware of the fact that one of the doctors that treated Jack Ruby was none other than Louis Jolyon West, a figure equally infamous for allegedly killing an elephant with LSD and for his work in MKULTRA – the Central Intelligence Agency’s infamous interrogation, hypnosis, and mind control program.”

    West was also involved in the cock-and-bull story told as Patty Hearst’s defence.
    “Fwd: [MC] Patty Hearst on Joly West & his friends”[email protected]/msg02163.html

    And who was Joly West?

    Old Joly’s initial claim to fame was treating the downed US flyers who had made “false confessions” of biological warfare attacks during the Korean War. Which, curiously, were not false at all, as the US definitely undertook aerial biological attacks on the Chinese during that period.

    Dulles and pals were absolutely involved, and all evidence indicates that some aspect of the Jewish Supremacist state and the organized crime proxies of both.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  110. anon[309] • Disclaimer says:

    Jackie Kennedy said same thing that she believed Johnson was behind . This was reported after her death .

  111. Wokechoke says:

    Just ask Lord Moyne heir of the Guinness brewery about Jewish assassins.

  112. To this day the USG refuses to release any of LHO tax returns. I wonder why. Ruby had a long mob history going back to the early thirties in Chicago so the WC claim that he was not connected is ludicrous

  113. Wokechoke says:

    Oswald could have. I’ve seen Ventura fart around with the bolt action. He was being a little clownlike. His best point was, who the hell would hire or commission a silly bastard like Oswald as an assassin.

    I disagree. Lord Moyne was killed by Jewish desperados. Consular official Vom Rath was murdered in Paris by a crazy guy just like Oswald. Hershl Greenzspan triggered Kristalnacht with that killing. Crazy jew bastard. There’s good examples of a loser like Princip in Sarajevo. Look at the assassins who’ve killed Czars and other Lords n Ladies. Creepy morons. There’s a lot to suggest that Oswald was an antiwhite Antifa pro black philosemitic anti imperialist. That’s a guy who would kill Joe Kennedy’s son without hesitation. Its just a matter of who greenlighted the killing. I’d suggest Israelis who wanted the Mucker out the way of developing a nuke for Zion.

    • LOL: rufus clyde
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Rich
  114. @Wokechoke

    To assert that Oswald was the lone gunman, who shot JFK in the front of the head from far behind him, is as brainwashed and moronic as asserting that Sirhan shot RFK.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  115. The fellow that was ‘hired’ in Chicago –a few weeks before Dallas– to attempt a hit on JFK was not a stable personality. He too –ex-marine– would have been considered a “patsy.”

    Oswald had spent time on the rifle range but he was no crack shot you would give this hit. He was a patsy. He was intended to take the blame (then be eliminated). If he had lived he would have had a strong defense. LHO attempted to kill Gen. Walker (a stationary target) and failed. I think he likely failed with JFK as well if he even fired the shot(s) at the limo from the book building.

    Ruby (another nut) was told he had a job to do. Stop Oswald. I would assume he’d listen to the Mafia and take orders. Who was working together with organized criminals in order to have Ruby put a stop to this conspiracy quickly, is what has to be found out.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  116. Rich says:

    The shot was too hard to make. I’d give it a small shot at being possible if he’d been a sniper in the military, then maybe he could’ve gotten lucky, but ‘aviation electronic operators’ with low shooting test scores don’t make that shot. The losers you’re referring to got up close to their victims when they pulled the trigger. Not from a window, at short notice, with a bolt action rifle at a moving target. That’s too difficult. Of course we’ll never know the truth, but it’s pretty obvious it wasn’t Lee Harvey.

  117. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Which in your opinion are the key proofs that Kennedy was shot from in front? I am intrigued that you can be so certain.

  118. Schuetze says:

    Great find, thanks.

    I found this excerpt to be particularly interesting:

    “As young boy, Lyndon watched his politically active grandfather “Big Sam” and father “Little Sam” seek clemency for Leo Frank, the Jewish victim of a blood libel in Atlanta. Frank was lynched by a mob in 1915, and the Ku Klux Klan in Texas threatened to kill the Johnsons. The Johnsons later told friends that Lyndon’s family hid in their cellar while his father and uncles stood guard with shotguns on their porch in case of KKK attacks. Johnson’s speech writer later stated, “Johnson often cited Leo Frank’s lynching as the source of his opposition to both anti-Semitism and isolationism.””

    Leo Frank as victim of a blood libel, LOL. As Hitler said, Jews stick together like a clump of burrs. As the Talmud says, and as we are learning from the Rittenhouse trial, it is not illegal for a Jew to rape or kill a goyim.

    • Thanks: Iris
  119. Steph says:

    1961 Kennedy gave secret society speech to warn the general public about Jewry
    1961 Kennedy insisted on right of return to force Israel to repatriate Palestinians
    1962 Kennedy demands that the American Zionist Council register as a Foreign Agent
    1963 Kennedy demands inspections of Israel’s new Negev nuclear power plant
    1963 Kennedy issues Executive Order 11110 to bypass the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve
    1963 Kennedy assassination
    1964 Johnson ended Executive Order 11110 saving the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve
    1964 Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act
    1964 Johnson allows Israel to continue with its nuclear ambitions
    1964 Johnson expands the Vietnam War
    1965 Johnson signs Executive Order 11246 Affirmative Action
    1965 Johnson increases financial and military aid to Israel
    1965 Johnson allows the American Zionist Council to continue its illegal lobbying practices
    1965 Johnson signs the 1965 Emanuel Celler Immigration Act to dilute White majority
    1967 Johnson covers up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  120. @Wokechoke

    Allegedly, Oswald’s favorite television program was “I Led Three Lives.” based on the book by F.B.I. Communist Infiltrator Herbert Philbrick. It would seem that his handlers, through the Marine Corps., groomed him for future use. He was stationed at Atsugi Air Force Base in Japan, where U-2 Spy Flights were operating. At the time, he was studying the Russian language and espousing Communist ideals. His Commander, Jack Donovan, thought that he was highly intelligent, but felt that he enjoyed antagonizing people. Others deemed him odd or unbalanced, but Donovan disagreed with that assessment.

    When Oswald defected to Russia, he declared that he would divulge military secrets. It has been speculated that Oswald assisted the Soviets in bringing down Francis Gary Powers’ U-2; which compromised the tenuous detente with Krushev. When Oswald returned to the United States, the State Department paid for his trip. He was allowed to bring his Russian wife with him. This was during the height of the Cold War.

    It is likely that Oswald believed that he was serving as a Double Naught Spy working to infiltrate Communist networks through his clandestine activities, which were initially directed by Guy Bannister in New Orleans.

    The Father of Actor Woody Harrelson, Charles V. Harrelson, has claimed that he was the man on the Grassy Knoll. Two men were removed from a Box Car behind the Book Depository shortly after Kennedy was shot. One of those men bears a strong resemblance to Charles Harrelson, the other looks a great deal like Howard Hunt. No one, to my knowledge, has ever identified these men, or proved that they weren’t Harrelson and Hunt. Charles was incarcerated for assassinating a Judge in San Antonio. By strange coincidence, Harrelson’s wife’s (Woody’s Mother) maiden name was Oswald.

    Here are couple of items pertaining to Oswald’s CIA activity, and service in the Marine Corp.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  121. profnasty says:
    @rufus clyde

    The Korea bio attacks consisted of typhus infected fleas dropped from planes.
    Did US drop typhus fleas on Nationalist Germany in ’44?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

  122. One of these days, when people are completely immersed into their worries, and making it to the next week would be the ideal for the bulk of the population, when it no longer matters to anyone who killed Kennedy and for what, TPTB will quietly let the truth out; it will be printed at the bottom of p.23 in WaPo. After that, everyone will pretend that it was always an open secret.

    Injustices do not go away; like fat deposits in the arteries of the heart, they accumulate in public conscious; some day, when the body and mind of the state are weak, these injustices bring about a heart attack, and kill the state.

    • Thanks: Iris
  123. profnasty says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Is the Fed Reserve act the start of US travail? Nope. It was the assassination of President McKinley.
    FRA. Wilson controlled by Col. House, a Mongol Jew (image his photo).
    Taft would have been Pres if not for Roos.’ Bull Moose Party.
    Roos was oddly installed prior to assassination– by Leon Czoglocz.
    Leon was a follower of…wait for it….
    Emma Goldman.
    Every Single Time

  124. profnasty says:

    Final word.
    I googled Candy Barr.
    Quite a dish. (And her butt was puckered.)
    I guess the Mob was Greek.

  125. @Laurent Guyénot

    I congratulate you on your intelligent choice of focus on Jack Ruby and Ron Unz on publishing it.  But may I suggest you beware of a tendency, shared it Ron, to hang too much on one alleged factual  detail or set of words. For example you would have to be very sure of the precise words and tone of the conversation the surgeon recalled when Johnson rang wanting a deathbed confession.  That Johnson was actively anticipating problems after Oswald was shot is totally unsurprising.  The precise words and tone from someone stressed and under pressure cannot be known with any great probability.  Many plausible variations are imaginable.

    • Thanks: Marcion
  126. The Officer Tippett killing. Chicago mobster Sam Giancana told his brother that Officer Tippett was supposed to kill Oswald “resisting arrest” at the Book Depository, but let him go. Both Oswald and Tippett had been seen previously at Ruby’s nightclub and were probably known to each other.

    Perhaps Ruby had been given the job of arranging this hit against Oswald, and because it was bungled, he was then made the offer he could not refuse to correct the mistake by eliminating Oswald before he could talk.

    The person who mutdered Officer Tippett near Oswald’s boarding house may have been Ruby, who would have known where Oswald lived, and Tippett was murdered for his failure to carry out the original plan. They obviously both went to the boarding house to correct the mistake and encountered each other, but not zoswald, who had departed the house before that.

    Giancana’s brother wrote a book called Conspiracy detailing these allegations. He also said there were two shooters in the 6th floor of the Book Depository, one of whom was Johnny Roselli, who later ended up in an oil drum buried at sea. The other shooter here was another Chicago mobster. He named the picket fence shooter too. The book made no mention of any Israeli involvement and was written from a viewpoint that blamed the Italian mafia, though it mentioned the CIA involvement.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  127. It has always been interesting to me that the Amerikastani Empire’s propaganda industry, primarily Hollywood, has no compunction depicting Italian and Russian Mafiosi, black gangs, and Hispanic cartels, but is absolutely deafening in its silence about the Jewish (and Irish) organised crime networks that in the 20th century were at least as powerful as the Cosa Nostra. After all, if even I, from the other side of the planet, know all about the Jewish Mafia – and Meyer Lansky’s close connections with mafiosi Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello, the latter dubbed the “prime minister of the underworld” – there was no reason why Hollywood shouldn’t. Even Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” and its sequel “The Sicilian”, as far as I recall, didn’t breathe a mention of Jewish hoods. That despite the fact that the same propaganda industry has no problem talking about Dutch Schultz, Bugsy Siegel, etc….without mentioning that they were Jews.

    I read the book based on the Warren Commission report, “Death Of A President”, many years ago. At the time I was still a teenager, but even I immediately noticed how it looked like a transparent sham. One passage describes Oswald sitting staring at something or other (Kennedy’s photo? His Carcano rifle? The wall? I no longer recall) and concluding “in reality, he was going mad”. Wonderful! Then there’s no further need to explain things! He was just crazy!

    There were further obfuscations. In a footnote, the book says “it was claimed that Oswald could not have fired three times from his Mannlicher-Carcano (sic, it was a Carcano Model 91/38) because no more than five seconds passed between the first bullet and the third and the bolt on the rifle needed a minimum of 1.8 seconds to be worked. It was a trick. In reality, the calculation is this: the first shot is fired, 1.8 seconds pass (as the bolt is pulled), the second shot is fired, 1.8 seconds pass, the third shot is fired. Total elapsed time: 3.6 seconds.”

    Anyone with half a brain can immediately recognise who’s actually attempting a trick. Apparently the idea is that the shooter didn’t need any time to aim (at a moving target in a car, to boot) between shots, and that squeezing the trigger and adjusting the rifle position while working the rifle bolt took no time at all. If even my 16 year old brain could recognise the absurdity of this, who could possibly fail to?

  128. @profnasty

    It was the Japanese Unit 731 that during WWII was engaged full time in biological warfare experiments in China, and in 1945 its personnel were not just given immunity but provided teaching positions in Amerikastan in return for them turning over their data.. It’s more likely than not that it was the Japanese biological warfare techniques that were used by the Amerikastani Empire against the DPRK in 1951.

  129. @Wizard of Oz

    The evidence, that’s all. The doctors assembled in the resuscitation room all reported a shot from the front with a large exit hole at the rear. A piece of JFK’s occipital skull ie from the back of the skull, was found in Dealey Plaza near the scene of the shooting, the next day, the so-called Harper fragment. The near witnesses all pointed to the grassy knoll and rushed there. JFK’s head was thrown violently backwards, indicating an impact from the front. Etc. It takes real stupidity or disingenuousness to state that the killing shot came from behind.

  130. @Mark James

    Oswald didn’t fire any shots.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  131. @Wizard of Oz

    The gunshot wound in the lower right rear of JFK’s skull was an exit wound, that is obvious to anyone who has hunted. If you insist it was an entry wound, where is the exit wound on the front of JFK’s face? If you insist there was no exit wound, why was no bullet recovered from inside JFK’s skull?

  132. @Wizard of Oz

    Hey Wizard, what did Oswald say about being a Patsy?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  133. @profnasty

    Wow! If the US did the Holocaust of the six million Jews, who ya gonna call?

  134. Andreas says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald was socially engineered into assassinating JFK. He had a pathologically impressionable personality that lent itself to manipulation by others. Intelligence agencies specialize in cultivating such individuals and using them for their own ends.

    JFK’s assassination was orchestrated by a Deep State cabal centered around Allen Dulles, whose operatives selected and groomed Oswald to carry out this act. Dulles and the Deep State had compelling motives for wanting JFK snuffed, more than any other players during this time.

    Nothing happened in the US without Allen Dulles’s knowledge. Dulles had immense power and influence. Dulles was also not impressed by Jews. Dulles brought virtually the entire Nazi intelligence apparatus into the fold of the emerging CIA after WWII, including its highest level members, those who would surely have been implicated for “war crimes”, had they not been under his protection.

    After the assassination, it was only natural for this cabal to want Oswald silenced. Dead men tell no tales.

    Jacob Rubenstein was also susceptible to manipulation. He was a Jewish gangster who didn’t quite have his shit together. The Carousel was failing. He was impulsive and easily rattled. Rubenstein also owed favors. He genuinely liked JFK and actually believed that the JFK assassination would be misattributed to Jews. Most importantly, Rubenstein, through his connections and personality attributes, was already a known and potentially useful asset to the Dulles Deep State cabal, though he was unaware of it himself. All he needed was a nudge at the right place and time and events could be expected to play out as planned, which they did.

    That is my hypothesis.

  135. Wielgus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Anthony Summers noted that in the backyard photos posing with a rifle, he seems to be carrying copies of The Worker and The Militant and this is odd in itself – one mainstream Communist Party publication, the other Trotskyist. Not entities you would typically find at the same meeting room and if they go to the same demo, they would studiously avoid each other, but for some reason he was trying to associate both with what he was doing, which is what might be expected of a provocateur.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  136. @Wizard of Oz

    The Zapruder film shows Kennedy going back, on being hit by an unseen force from the front, and then recoiling from it; Jackie Kenndy lounges to the back of the car, to retrieve something (people say she was trying to recover the brain splattered).

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  137. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    You wrote:

    It has always been interesting to me that the Amerikastani Empire’s propaganda industry, primarily Hollywood, has no compunction depicting Italian and Russian Mafiosi, black gangs, and Hispanic cartels, but is absolutely deafening in its silence about the Jewish … organised crime networks

    Well, you got that right – although to be fair to Mario Puzo’s Godfather film trilogy, the character ‘Hyman Roth’ in Godfather II was clearly meant to represent Meyer Lansky.

    But, as for your remark that the Jewish organised crime networks were at least as powerful as the Cosa Nostra, let’s set the record straight.

    Whilst the Sicilians and Italians may have been a force in the early part of the 20th century, after Lucky Luciano’s arrest and later deportation, Meyer Lansky became the UNDISPUTED head of the Mob.
    From that moment onwards, the Sicilians and Italians were no more than upper middle management and ALL were subservient to Lansky.
    None of them did anything of significance without first getting approval from the boss.
    From the late 1930’s onwards, and continuing to the present day, the ‘Mob’ hierarchy was the Kosher Nostra.
    Other Jewish powerbrokers filled the vacuum left by Lansky’s departure in latter decades – most recently in the form of Sheldon Adelson.

    As for Frank Costello’s reputation as the ‘Prime Minister of the Underworld’, this was just a propaganda campaign from the Zio miscreants (by way of the Zio owned Hollywood movie industry, the Zio owned major book publishers and the Zio owned MSM). to exaggerate the status of the Sicilians and Italians.
    It served their interests to dupe the American public into thinking another ethnicity was the head of organised crime, thus diverting attention away from the actual Jewish powerbrokers.

    In relation to the Mannlicher-Carcano that was alleged to have been fired by Oswald, quite apart from the obvious impossibility of the time factor of getting off three shots whilst also making time to accurately aim as you’ve pointed out, said rifle (as used by the Italian military in WII), was also dubbed ‘The Peacemaker’ by opposing forces in that conflict.

    It earned the moniker because it was so INACCURATE, even over a modest distance, that it killed very few enemy combatants.
    Even a professional marksmen would have had great difficulty getting a headshot* to a moving target from that distance using that weapon, let alone Oswald who (as demonstrated by his USMC service record), was anything but a crack shot.

    (*Not that any of that speculation matters anyway, seeing as an assassin located in the School Book Depository would have been BEHIND JFK and of course the kill shot came from in FRONT of the President – as anyone who’s done even the most basic research on the matter will testify).

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Biff K
  138. Laurent has collected a very informative bag of of references here. I don’t know to what extent one can infer the origin of the plot from that material. One thing Laurent shows quite clearly though is the relationship between the underworld, sex, politicians, power and money of which the Epstein case is the latest instance. That means influencial politicians are bound to a hidden agenda after being seduced to a path leading to their own enslavement.

  139. Ron Unz says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Whilst the Sicilians and Italians may have been a force in the early part of the 20th century, after Lucky Luciano’s arrest and later deportation, Meyer Lansky became the UNDISPUTED head of the Mob.
    From that moment onwards, the Sicilians and Italians were no more than upper middle management and ALL were subservient to Lansky.

    I think that’s far too extreme a position to take.

    It’s certainly correct that Hollywood and the MSM entirely suppressed and hid the enormous power of Jewish organized crime and instead focused overwhelmingly upon the Italians. But based upon all my reading the last couple of years, I’d say the two groups were roughly comparable in influence. Lansky was certainly a very powerful figure, perhaps even the single most powerful. But characterizing him as the “undisputed” boss of American organized crime is going much too far. For example, there weren’t any Jews at the top of the Chicago Syndicate, which may have been the single most powerful organization during the middle decades of the 20th century.

    Where Jews did entirely dominate was their effectiveness at deploying their organized crime roots to gain enormous wealth in the corporate world, including families like the Bronfmans, Crowns, and the Pritzkers. So a generation or two later, the Italian gangsters were mostly still gangsters, while some of their Jewish counterparts had become multi-billionaire “respectables.”

    If you haven’t already done so, you really might want to read my long article from a couple of years ago on these organized crime issues, which also provides numerous further references:

  140. R2b says:

    Best oevre ever by LG!
    He solved it!
    Tell me, whats left to prosecute?

  141. @Old Brown Fool

    Those are just amateurish comments on pictures commonly circulated on the internet. What can you say of the many hours of expert evidence and reasoning about them which is. On record?

  142. @Badger Down

    You too miss the point that I was considering only the question of what followed from Oswald’s words about being a patsy abstracted from any question of whether he said it. Is that simple logic so difficult to grasp?

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  143. @Mooloolaba

    Giancana’s brother wrote a book called Conspiracy detailing these allegations

    I think that book told the story that Sam Giancana believed to be true.

    He probably had no “need to know” many of the other details we have discussed here at various times (such as Mossad involvement or details of the CIA logistical support).

  144. Pepe 79 says:

    The part I never understood was Oswald setting up the “sniper’s nest” in the book depository. The motorcade wasn’t supposed to go down the street in front of the depository but was detoured there due to some one having an epileptic fit in the middle of the street. That’s the reason there is no news footage of the shot. How did Oswald know in advance that the motorcade would be detoured?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  145. @Pepe 79

    Oswald setting up the “sniper’s nest”

    That is the “official version”–total disinformation:

    There was no last minute route change either:

    The “Lee Harvey Oswald knew” is still more disinformation. Lee did what he was told by his Deep State handlers–full stop.

  146. chris says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    Hey Laurent,

    Just recently, I accidentally happen on a somewhat tangential but interesting corroborating piece of information. Judge Andrew Napolitano talking to Gerald Clemente of the Trends Journal said

    Why can’t we see the documents on the JFK Assassination? … he then continued:

    I once had a conversation, .. . with President Trump, when he was in the Whitehouse, he used to call me all the time, …, I said: ‘are you going to release those documents or not?’ And he said to me: ‘if you saw what I saw, you wouldn’t release them.’
    From Oct. 27, 2021
    At around minute 7:25

    Obviously, this isn’t proof of your thesis but the 2nd hand knowledge (which I take at face value because of its source), once again, fully debunks the official ‘lone nut(s)’ hypotheses, as much as the very existence of classified material regarding the “lone nut(s)” already does (as has been pointed out by you and by others).

    (Also, very insightful to call it nuts in the plural, because, as with the magic bullet, the false assumption of the first nut almost requires the false corollary of the second nut.)

    I strongly suspect that even the official, secret, CIA documents do not include your thesis at all but must include some other semi-plausible story, true enough in itself, which would befuddle a clown like Trump and all his predecessors who might have wanted to look more deeply into it.

    What could that be other than some proof of direct CIA complicity in the murder? Their agreed reason for continuing to keep it secret would be that Congress would be forced to disband the agency if exposed. But I suspect that, in the end, those documents would, like the famous, “classified ‘32’ pages of the 911 report,” be kept secret as a lightning rod to fuel and then also, when finally disclosed, to attempt to quench all further theories, like yours.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  147. Trinity says:

    “Get’em all in a backroom, smack’em around, no more big shot, without his gun.”

    haha. Ever notice that a lot of these mobsters are tiny? What was Meyer Lansky? 5-foot-nothing. Sammy “The Bull” Gravano? 5’5″ in heels? lololol. This backs up what I always say, the weakest people are always the cruelest when they are given positions of power over another person. Women and weak men ABUSE power.

    Think about it this way America. You are being held hostage by a bunch of perverted and mentally ill munchkins.

    Cue: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland * absolutely beautiful song.

    The cat that wrote Wizard Of Oz had to have some kind of imagination. I take it the guy wasn’t a Jew. LMWAO. Hmm, seems the dude had German, Scots-Irish and English ancestry. No wonder the dude had an imagination. Want Jewish talent? Go read a comic book. ROTFLMMFWAO.

    I might write a modern day version of the Wizard Of Oz. Guess who will be the Wicked Witch? And who will be the flying monkeys? Well the flying monkeys will also include Antifa rejects so stop with the racist jokes.

  148. @chris

    Great post.

    I am convinced that the files would show that the CIA used the techniques and logistics of foreign assassinations and applied them in the JFK assassination. It is the detailed explanation–an “assassination handbook” if you wish–of preparations beforehand, tactics during the event, and coverup techniques that would be impossible to sugar-coat.

    (That does not mean that other parties were not involved–since I believe those documents would show how to use alliances with other parties to assist with the before, during and after activities…)

    • Replies: @chris
  149. Gen Smedley Butler USMC said it abt the US govt long ago.

    What has changed since he spoke ?

    Has there been a time in the last 150 years when the USA has NOT been run by gangsters both domestically and as govt policy, more or less openly ?

    The USA is itself a Criminal Enterprise.

    • Replies: @anon
  150. S says:

    Though Laurent Guyénot does not explore here the antipathy held by elements of the Jewish community towards the Kennedy clan due to Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father) and his actions as wartime US ambassador to the UK, he has in previous of his articles.

    Potentially related to this described antipathy was a particular episode of the famous and very popular US establishment oriented TV series Route 66, one of several of this series filmed in the Dallas area in the Fall and Winter months of late 1961 and early 1962.


    The episode in question, ‘Love is a Skinny Kid’, tells the story of a very wounded and hatred consumed beautiful young woman, Miriam, who figuratively ‘returns from the dead’ as a young adult to experience a healing catharsis by squarely facing her childhood past in the small Texas town of Kilkenny, which she had been unceremoniously cast out of, and the indifference (if not hostility) of the town’s people towards her at that time.

    The plot, both in it’s dialogue and imagery, is full of symbolism of the perceived experience of many of the Jewish people in Europe during ‘the H’ of WWII, while simultaneously also having much symbolism of the Guy Fawkes November ‘Gunpowder Plot’ to assassinate King James I of England in 1605.

    Miriam, the episode’s central character, for instance, was the name of Moses’ sister (to symbolize the Jewish people?), while Lydia, her wicked and cold mother, was the name of Europe’s first convert to Christianity (to symbolize European Christendom?). Miriam in a childhood scene where she is burned by fire, but survives, cries out prayerfully and desperately to her father (who had died mid-war in 1943) for help, but receives no answer. Another childhood remembrance scene shows her while carrying her doll being forcibly removed, at the behest of her mother Lydia, screaming and crying from the family home, to a dark car in a ‘night and fog’ like action at night by men wearing suits. Years later, as a young adult, she is shown returning to this same childhood home she had been expelled from, to find that nothing of any beauty would grow in its soil anymore, indeed, that nothing plantwise will grow in its soil anymore at all, since she has been gone from the home.

    Miriam, as the returning young adult, Guy Fawkes Night burning effigy* like, wears a mask while she burns her childhood doll attached to a pole to ashes in front of Lydia’s new home, to remind her mother of what she had done to her years earlier. Of course, the indifferent and sometimes hostile townspeople observing all this, ‘the Kilkennians’ as they are called in the dialogue, is as close to saying ‘kill Kennedy’ as is possible without simply saying it. And while there is no Kilkenny, TX, there is a Kilkenny Co, Ireland, located all but right on top of the Kennedy family Irish homestead, which is located within a mile or two of the opposite shore of Kilkenny County’s river border in the adjacent county, a virtual ‘stone’s toss’ away.

    Madame Defarge is specifically mentioned in this episode’s dialogue. She was the character in Dicken’s 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities who would encrypt the names of those who were to be executed into her knitting. And was Kennedy’s encrypted name ‘knit’ into the script of this nationally broadcast episode to signal his own coming November execution?

    A later episode of Route 66, ‘I’m Here to Kill a King’, filmed in October, 1963, the very same month in real time as Oswald was being hired on at the Texas School Book Depository, tells the story of a wholly innocent man, a new hire, whose happenstance worksite alongside the motorcade route of a visiting country’s chief executive makes him the ideal fall guy for a high level assassination plot. It is pre-arranged that the assassin himself is to be assassinated before having a chance to talk. For obvious reasons, this episode, now called the ‘lost episode’, was rescheduled from its original November 29, ’63 broadcast date, to a later one.

    For those interested in seeing for themselves, both the Route 66 episode’s ‘Love is a Skinny Kid’, and ‘I’m Here to Kill a King’, can easily be found and viewable without charge on the net, respectively at the Daily Motion and You-tube sites.

    And what exactly was Jack Ruby’s connection with the Route 66 TV series you might ask?

    As documented by the Dallas Times Herald clipping below taken from it’s Dec 5, 1961 edition, Ruby himself would host the series production crew after hours at his Carousel club at the time they were in the Dallas area filming. (See fourth clipping down** at ‘newspaper’ link below.)

    * Interestingly, Guy Fawkes November assassination plot (a plot somewhat inverted in certain ways to Kennedy’s assassination, ie a Protestant king to be assassinated by Catholics, rather than a Catholic ‘king’ being assassinated by non-Catholic(s)) featured both a Johnson (Fawke’s alias) and an Oswald, the Jesuit priest who knew of Fawke’s assassination plot beforehand, but, did not take part.

    ** The pictured Carousel dancer, Najada, would feature in the Warren Commission Report for an incident which took place a few weeks after this pic was snapped. Ruby had slapped her during an argument which took place around New Years Eve. Najada went directly to a Dallas Vice officer who was present at the Carousel that night, wishing to press charges. The DPD officer’s response was telling in that he simply responded by telling her that she was ‘crazy’ and then ignoring her. (The second clipping down at the provided ‘newspaper’ link is a longish article about the Route 66 series visit to Dallas written by Seth Kantor, a Times Herald journalist who knew Ruby, and whom Guyenot has featured in the above article.)

    • Replies: @chris
  151. chris says:


    This type of fiction interwoven with reality is definitely not a coincidence.

    Though the writers can’t all be in on the plot, I would think that the reason for airing these movies was to discredit conspiracy minded people as much as maybe to provide like a plotter’s signature.

    The way this discredits conspiracists is that it becomes preposterous to assert any connection between reality and the fiction. I can’t even imagine at this point how such a connection between plotters and script writers was made, but my starting assumption would be that it was no coincidence.

    • Replies: @S
  152. chris says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right, JV the information would expose the signature methods but they would also completely exclude Laurent’s thesis of the actors and their main motives.

  153. Iris says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Exit wounds are always larger than entry wounds.

    The massive exit wound at the back of President Kennedy’s skull was described in a similar fashion by over twenty eyewitnesses, surgeons and nurses from Parkland hospital, as well as morgue employees from Bethesda.

    But furthermore, there is hard evidence President Kennedy was shot from the front.

    Dr David Mantik, a lead medical researcher on the JFK truth movement and expert radiographer, proved beyond doubt that the “Harper fragment”, a piece of the President’s skull collected on Dealy Plaza after his shooting, was from the back of his head, proving that the bullet exited from the back, hence was shot from the front.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  154. @Iris

    Thanks.. Getting there. But can you, with your excellent records and systems nail it down for one stuck with more limited means by referring to how the various inquiries – of which the one in the 70s (I think) on assassinations dealt with it and recorded evidence and conclusions.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  155. Iris says:
    @Johnny Douglas

    There is another striking proof that Jacob Rubinstein was close to a circle of JFK assassination insiders, and that is his foreknowledge of Johnson’s culpability.

    It took a few years for the Kennedy family, and much longer than a decade for the larger JFK truth community, to finally realise and ascertain that Johnson was a prime perpetrator.

    Yet, Ruby, despite being locked in prison away from the rest of the world, denounced Johnson as a prime actor of the JFK assassination very early on, no later than 1966.

    So either Ruby had a powerful magic crystal ball, or he was privy to first hand information available only to the conspirators who murdered JFK.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  156. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    If LHO killed Tippet, then he killed JFK. But he had no reason to kill Tippet, an acquaintance and colleague of his. When Tippet was killed a few minutes after 1 PM at 10th and Patton in Oak Cliff, 9/10th of a mile away from Oswald’s rooming house, Oswald, according to the theater usher, was already in the Texas Theater 7/10th of a mile away from the scene of Tippet’s shooting. William Bobo, undercover agent doing business under the alias identity as Lee Harvey Oswald (which was an all purpose identity also used by others), knew that his role was to be a decoy. His instructions were: to bring to his place of work in the Texas School Book Depository curtain rods wrapped in paper that could be mistaken for a disassembled rifle. The depository was an intelligence front used for handling arms orders, as well as handling book orders, and its situation was completely unsuitable as a sniper’s nest from which to shoot at Kennedy, because the angle was impossible and trees blocked the view of the street. They still do, which is why visitors are not allowed to step up to the alleged window from which Bobo allegedly shot Kennedy because they would see that you can’t see the spot in the street where Kennedy was shot. But the Depository was excellent as an obvious decoy to draw attention away from the real sniper’s nests in the nearby Dal-Tex building (since re-named) and the grassy knoll. The shooting was synchronized by walkie talkie radio and visual signal from the Umbrella Man. As part of the deception, down below, agent Zapruder was sent to make his film—the supposedly official record (which exists in its original form and its altered form). Zapruder’s location was masterfully chosen because a road sign blocked the actual shooting from view in the film. At work that day, Bobo was supposed to hide the curtain rods that he had brought with him in a well chosen place, where he could find them intact later to use as evidence to exonerate himself from any possible accusations. The driver of his ride to work saw him with the long package under his arm. (And, in fact, days before, there had been others with such suspicious packages hitch hiking around the city, drawing attention to themselves by making strange statements about assassinating Kennedy. You know, predictive programming.) Bobo’s instructions were, that after what was supposed to happen, happened at 12:35 PM, he was to report to his undercover superior at work, and then take a bus to his residence in Oak Cliff. There he would be picked up by two fake policemen in a fake police car, and receive further instructions.


    Two major things went wrong. He did take the bus but the bus ended up stopped in traffic. So Bobo got out and took a cab instead and arrived at his residence at 1 pm, on schedule. This threw everything off for the masterminds. A few minutes after Bobo got off the bus to go to the bus station to get a cab, several policemen, and a captain who was later involved in training secret police in Viet Nam, mounted that bus with drawn guns in order to shoot him dead, as the presumed assassin of JFK. A woman on the bus, from whom Bobo rented a room previously, was supposed to identify him to the police as a dangerous character who spoke in a foreign language on the phone. But Bobo, the unsuspecting patsy, was gone. Snafu number #1. The Assassin or Assassin patsy is always supposed to be killed minutes after the assassination. The Police Captain who got on the bus was prepared: he also found Oswald’s wallet at the Tippet shooting some fifteen minutes later. Strange how all these perpetrators lose their wallets and identity papers at the scenes of their crimes! As a result of Bobo’s unexpected switch to a taxi, Plan B was put in action. Bobo was at his residence at 1 PM where the cleaning lady was watching the news. She saw him come in, change clothes, and she heard the fake police car (its number had been retired months before and the car sold to the Blues Brothers) blow its horn to signal they were ready to pick up Bobo. They drove him to the Texas Theater and dropped him off by the back entrance (which no longer exists). He was driven in a fake police car so that there were no witnesses to see him, going on foot or by bus by himself. If a witness saw him on the way to the theater that would mean he was not where he was supposed to be at that moment, supposedly shooting Tippet at 10th and Patton. Inside the movie theater, where there were twenty people. Some of them, but not all, were also agents who were witnesses to be (unknown to Bobo). He was to find his contact and then wait. For something.

    In the theater, moving from seat to seat, Bobo found his unknown contact, a pregnant lady, who gave him a pistol and then left. In the meantime, Tippet, who was out of his patrol area, was also on the ready, but did not know for what he was supposed to be ready. At the preset time, Tippet called his handler on a special contact telephone number, which required no words to be spoken by Tippet. He called from a record shop across the street from the Texas Movie Theater. On the phone, Tippet received his instructions which were to go to 10th and Patton. Tippet left hurriedly on his assignment. At 10th and Patton, Tippet met two other agents, known to him, Roscoe White, and Billy Seymour, who resembled Bobo. But Tippet, like Bobo, had to be sacrificed since the stakes were great. Tippet was shot with two automatics. Shell casings were left on the street. White took off in a car, Seymour ran to the Texas Theater, where he entered without paying. Another agent, in a shoe store, saw Seymour looking “suspiciously” in the window of the shoe store. The agent testified that Oswald had been in the store previously, drawing attention to himself by trying on many shoes (which was out of character for Oswald). The shoe salesman agent came out and saw Seymour enter the Texas theater without paying. The shoe salesman, (who has—proudly—recounted his exploit on TV) ordered the young woman selling tickets to call the police because of the unpaid fifty cents. Thirty or so policemen, FBI agents, a District Attorney, and an official photographer, arrived at the theater, responding to the call that someone had entered the theater without paying, (This is the way Police also respond when they get a call telling them someone has passed a counterfeit \$20 bill. Sometimes, anyway. At least in TV dramas.)

    The police, FBI, District Attorney, and photographer entered the theater. A policeman, Macdonald, grabbed the gun away from Bobo and tried to shoot him dead with it, that is, with his “own” gun. There was a “click” which was heard in the theater but the gun did not fire, for a reason too complicated to go into. The firing pin had been bent. Snafu #2. There was also the slip up that the weapon, a pistol, that Bobo was given (and for which he had already been set up) was not an automatic. He would be accused of shooting Tippet, but the shell casings for the automatics and revolver in question—albeit in the same caliber— are different. But the real Snafu #2 was that Bobo was arrested— alive. That is not the way it is supposed to happen. Bobo was taken out of the front entrance of the theater, where he was seen by a flash crowd called up by agents as a result of the commotion. Seymour, for his part, had gone up into the balcony of the Texas Theater after shooting Tippet. He was taken out of the theater by Police through the back door, and was seen by only one or two people who thought they were seeing Oswald. Seymour had also been at the Texas Book Depository shortly before the assassination to draw attention to Bobo by allowing himself to be seen in an upper window. Bobo probably knew about that as part of the plan, although he did not know the whole plan, of course, since the plan was to implicate him. From the theater, Seymour was dropped off, along with another accomplice, a Latino from the Book Depository scene, at a defunct airport north of Dallas. The presence of a number of Latinos was useful to suggest that Castro was involved. From the defunct airport, a few hours later, both were flown in a special unmarked plane to an Air Force Base in New Mexico. But, by another snafu, there was an interloper on that plane, an Air Force sergeant named Robert G. Vinson. This was a sole military hitch hiker on an otherwise empty plane because of a mix-up. Vinson saw Seymour and the Latino being picked up from a shack where the plane made an impromptu, “unscheduled” landing. Thirty years later, Vinson told his story in a book named “Flight from Dallas.” He described how the paramilitary plane in which he was hitching a ride unexpectedly landed at a highway under construction (where there had shortly before been an airport, north of Dallas), picked up mysterious passengers and then detoured from its original destination in Colorado. And how one of the mysterious passengers, the only passengers on the plane, looked like the Oswald that Vinson was to see on the news later.

    The fact that Bobo the patsy was not killed in the Texas Theater was Snafu #2. This set in motion an improvised plan C. Bobo was informed by the news reporters at the midnight news conference that he was being accused of shooting Kennedy, which was not his understanding of what was supposed to happen. Bobo covered his surprise but his eyebrows shot up. This is on film. By the next day, Saturday, he figured out what was going on, and shouted to the reporters “I am a patsy.” Sunday it was arranged to transfer him to another jail. Poor Ruby, the Mafia boss of Dallas, was given orders to shoot poor Bobo during the transfer. Ruby squirmed, tried to get out of it, stalled. Moving Bobo was delayed because they were waiting for Ruby to show up. The newsmen and TV cameras waited. But then Ruby, after working up some red herrings as alibis to show that what he was going to do was unpremeditated, an act of sudden passion, not a crime in Texas, went into the police station. As he came into the building a car inside tooted its horn to tell the others that Ruby was there and Bobo could be moved. Ruby, the hero, shot Bobo, the assassin of the President and Officer Tippet. All’s well that ends well. The details can be found in “Hogwash: an Idiot’s Guide to the JFK Assassination.” How do we know that LHO’s real name was William Bobo? It is what the Company originally put on his tombstone. They owed him at least that.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Troll: S
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Ron Unz
    , @Dave Bowman
  157. anon[282] • Disclaimer says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    I recently began rereading why nations fail after I dropped it a few years back. America is owned by criminal gangsters, then shithole countries and a lot of other rich countries are owned by literal demons in human skin. The world is a fucked place.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  158. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Why would LHO want to kill JFK?

    Checking out the case in hindsight it looks like the chronology we have is a creation to fit the narrative the powers that be want in the general record

    JFK looks like a professional hit! Oswald a patsy! And Ruby – a personality over whom relevant powers had the means to have him do whatever they wanted him to do, even risk or give up his own life. Ruby must have committed horrific acts used to black mail him. and no doubt he too was assassinated.

    It is quite clear that LHO shot no one in Dallas, Texas, on that fateful day

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  159. It’s tantalizing to speculate that Ruby’s action went beyond mafia affiliation, that it had something to do with Zion.

    But consider. What would Oswald have likely said IF he had lived? Would he have connected the event to Israel or dark Jewish forces? No, most likely, he would have blamed the CIA or the far-right.

    In other words, even alive, he was no threat to Zion. And even if Israel was behind the assassination, there was no way for Oswald of knowing. The nutter was fixated on the far-right and Cuba.

    So, there was no need for JEWISH Ruby to kill Oswald for Israel. So, when he meant he did it ‘for the Jews’, he was either delusional or was trying to cover for something else… which was entirely about the mafia.

  160. S says:

    This type of fiction interwoven with reality is definitely not a coincidence.

    I don’t think its coincidental either.


    Though the writers can’t all be in on the plot, I would think that the reason for airing these movies was to discredit conspiracy minded people as much as maybe to provide like a plotter’s signature.

    I’ve heard it suggested for a long time that many major events are forewarned about by their instigators, as a way of rationalizing away their own guilt, ie we told you what were going to do ahead of time, but you didn’t stop us, making everyone else (in their warped view) ‘co-conspirators’ and also ‘guilty’. I think there might be some truth in that.

    I can’t even imagine at this point how such a connection between plotters and script writers was made…

    I have trouble with that too.

    For instance, and similarly, though I’d not mentioned it in my entry, the two young extras chosen to play Miriam as a child in the aforementioned Route 66 episode, were the children of ‘Mr and Mrs John FitzGerald, 13525 Brookgreen’, Dallas, a name somewhat reminiscent of John Fitzgerald Kennedy of Brookline, Mass. (See the March 7, 1962 Dallas Morning News clipping second from the bottom at the ‘newspaper’ link below.) John F Fitzgerald, as his maternal grandfather, was JFK’s namesake, not to mention a US congressman, and twice mayor of Boston, who also in his old age would help the young Kennedy win his first election to Congress.

    By itself, as most things like that are, it would be most certainly a coincidence, if a little bit odd. But, it wasn’t by itself, and was one amongst other numerous such ‘coincidences’ involving those particular episodes. In that light, such things become almost something like a very sick joke instead of a ‘coincidence’.

    But, even with the power of a historic cabal (or cabals) and the untold wealth at their fingertips, should such exist, the intricacies and logistics involved in certain of these manipulations would seem to be beyond human capabilities. There might be more of an occult element in certain of these events than people in general would feel comfortable admitting.

    • Replies: @chris
    , @S
  161. @Priss Factor

    Oswald was not a “nutter”. That is the official cover story and is totally incorrect. He was an actor playing the roles assigned to him by his handlers.

    Good luck explaining how this “nutter” was let loose in a biological warfare lab after returning to the US:

  162. Alden says:

    To me, I’m just a Patsy is exactly the same as I dindu nuffin Some other Dude I wasn’t even there. You got the wrong guy. Wasn’t me.

    Even those who claim Oswald had absolutely nothing to do with Kennedy’s death must admit Oswald was arrested shortly after he murdered a police officer in full view of several witnesses who saw the entire thing. And gave the responding police an excellent description Oswald.

    Unless you believe that Oswald was told by the conspirators to go to the theater. And a CIA agent disguised as Oswald walked about town till he found a police officer to murder.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Dave Bowman
  163. Alden says:

    Hit the wrong button. I meant laugh out loud Only read the first 30 lines. Because there were no paragraphs.

  164. Alden says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Dozens of Irish gangster films have been made. A recent one was The Departed Matt Damon De Caprio Nicholson.

    • Thanks: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  165. @Ron Unz

    You wrote:

    there weren’t any Jews at the top of the Chicago Syndicate, which may have been the single most powerful organization during the middle decades of the 20th century.

    Really ?

    Do you know for a fact that said Italian and Sicilian ‘front-men’ for the Chicago Syndicate weren’t taking orders from an infinitely more powerful Zio-cabal, the same cabal that Meyer Lansky himself was subservient to ?

    My contention is, that the crime syndicate with the most political power in the U.S was the TRUE head of the Mob.
    That was the syndicate that arranged for the arrest of Luciano and his subsequent deportation (having earlier arranged for the incarceration of the likes of Al Capone etc), enabling Lansky to become the undisputed head of the Mob.

    This was the same syndicate that would not just contemplate but actively participate in the murder of a sitting U.S President.
    No crime syndicate run by Italians and Sicilians would even dream of an attempt to snuff out a President, because they’d know their days would thereafter be numbered.

    ONLY a Zionist affiliated crime syndicate would involve itself in the murder of JFK, knowing all the while that they could do it with impunity.

    Of course, there were more than a few petty criminals in the Italian and Sicilian communities who had honed the craft of gangsterism to a tee. Said petty criminals were useful in the role they played in upper middle management of the Mob so it was in Lansky’s interests to keep them in place.

    They were to be promoted as the ‘Public face’ of organised crime, they were the ones whose profile would be raised to extremes by the Zio owned MSM and Hollywood film disinformation industry.
    Said Italians and Sicilians with huge egos who liked to boast of their importance in the criminal world served to further enhance the FALSE public perception that the Cosa Nostra was the real Mob when in fact it was the Kosher Nostra all along.

    Yes Ron, the Italians remained gangsters and the Jewish counterparts became (at least on the surface), multi-billionaire ‘respectables’.
    But these ‘respectables’ were nevertheless STILL gangsters – despite their outward veneer of respectability.
    And in fact they represented the most despicable of gangsters that ever drew breath, having graduated from involvement in the killing of a sitting President to even more heinous crimes.

    The promotion of the Cosa Nostra as being the rulers of the Mob was nothing but Zio smoke and mirrors obfuscation all along.
    Yet so many people still buy into it, right up to the present day.

    On the matter of the political and big money Wall street powerbrokers that were the enablers of the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate, ALL of them were either Jewish or accountable to Jewish controllers.
    People like Bernard Baruch and Henry Morgenthau Jr, Secretary of the Treasury under FDR.

    Individuals like those not only controlled America’s economic fortunes, but in the case of the latter, controlled and directed U.S foreign policy and pushed for the destruction of Hitler’s Germany because they dared challenge the Zio power structure.

    Among the powerbrokers of note in the U.S, there were NO Italians/Sicilians among them.
    NOT ONE !!

    The U.S government (by that I mean the REAL shadow government of America – aka the Deep State but more precisely the Zio cabal), had more than enough resources to eliminate organised crime had it wished to do so. But it was in their interest that an organised crime syndicate remained in place, one that was subservient to them and working towards the same goal – ie: the creation of the Apartheid Israeli State and also capable of doing the dirty work for them by way of intimidation, murder and control of vice, so that said high ranking Zionist political powerbrokers remained at ‘arms length’ and could not directly be connected to the carrying out of the ‘unpleasant business’.

    Make no mistake, Meyer Lansky filled the role perfectly and his ethnic alignment to the Zio kingpins made it a marriage made in Jewish heaven.

    At the end of the day, whether one wants to determine who decides U.S economic or foreign policy, or which players permit the existence of an organised crime cartel or who is behind the Climate Change scam, the Covid psyop or whatever, one need only FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    That entity that is head and shoulders above the pack in terms of financial wherewithal (by perhaps a factor of a hundred or more), has facilitated ALL of this.

    That entity is none other than the Zio cabal.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @anarchyst
  166. @Priss Factor

    You wrote:

    So, there was no need for JEWISH Ruby to kill Oswald for Israel. So, when he meant he did it ‘for the Jews’, he was either delusional or was trying to cover for something else… which was entirely about the mafia.

    In fact there was EVERY REASON in the world for Ruby to kill Oswald and thus remove the likelihood that the investigation of the JFK coup d’etat would inevitably lead to Israel (assuming of course that such an investigation was ever allowed to happen – with the first Jewish President LBJ at the helm this was never going to take place).

    For starters, Oswald would’ve revealed that he was working for the CIA and that would ultimately have lead to CIA Chief of CounterIntelligence James Jesus Angleton who was as thick as thieves with the Mossad and all things Israel.
    Most importantly, Angleton played the pivotal role in the assassination.

    Secondly, it would’ve led to other exculpatory evidence that showed Oswald was not even on the 6th floor of the School Book Depository at the time of the shooting and ultimately to proof of a conspiracy.

    Jack Ruby was certainly not delusional when he said he killed Oswald to prevent a pogrom of the Jews.
    You’ll be hard pressed to find a more rational comment than this.

  167. chris says:

    There might be more of an occult element in certain of these events …

    Oh, yeah, of course, like a more ritualistic aspect to it; alleviating personal guilt by pretending to be instruments of some other being.

    It also occurred to me that the Trump statement judge Napolitano was quoting, also spelled, by necessity the demise of RFK. For, what would President RFK have done with that information about his brother’s murder which Trump agreed not to disclose?

  168. @Wizard of Oz

    Dunce of Oz wrote:

    What can you say of the many hours of expert evidence [on the JFK assassination] and reasoning about them which is. On record?

    I would wager that you have not seen a SINGLE MINUTE of objective expert evidence on the JFK assassination.

    No doubt you’ve seen many hours of Zio produced videos and read numerous Zio funded articles and books written at the behest of the Zio perpetrators of JFK’s demise.
    Needless to say, said ‘experts’ you’ve seen who were paid to lie blames the anti-Castro Cubans, the Texas Oilmen, the Russians, Fidel Castro, the Military Industrial Complex or some other entity for the assassination.
    ie: everyone OTHER THAN the actual perpetrators.

    And, as you always do, you lapped up everything you were told uncritically, and took it to be gospel.

    Dunce of Oz, you have to be amongst the dumbest of the dumb-f#cks here on UR – and that’s saying something considering the stiff competition for peddling shit-fuckery here with the likes of John Johnson, Raches, ThatWouldBeTrolling and their ilk from the Axis of Disinformation, so you’re in good company (when it comes to bad company).

  169. @anon

    America is owned by criminal gangsters

    As you say.
    Not only USA, either, nor are they all Jews.
    It’s a judeo-satanist-masonic connection, death-pedophile oriented, prob main center in London that has now reached world dominance. Frontmen are charlatans like Trump, weak and corrupt like Macron, Boris etc; women like Merkel, Arden, the Kamel.

    That book you mention “Why Nations Fail” is useful so far as it goes. But it has an economic (thus materialist) analysis. But this is not the basis of the problem.

    The problem is spiritual; family, culture, wholesome beliefs/morals, community, etc.
    Promoting the false idea that “It’s the Economy, Stupid” (Bill Clinton) is one of the best tricks that the banksters have ever pulled.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  170. @Laurent Guyénot

    Cette vidéo est soumise à une limite d’âge et n’est disponible que sur YouTube. En savoir plus
    Regarder sur YouTube

    Why are you using gg youtube which is spying on the people who will look this video which is not viewable here?

    Doing so, you are part of the capitalist jewish system.

    There are alternative sites to display this video without censorship or spying. Having also you own site is no luxury.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  171. @Truth Vigilante

    It is unfortunate that the sane on UR cannot be fully protected by the Ignore option from people like you who clearly suffer impairment of your reasoning and comprehension abilities by some too common psychiatric illness marked by obsessions about subjects like Jews and totally improbable conspiracies. If anyone doubts it they only need to do what a rational well educated person would do and see that your ridiculous supposition that I have any Zionist connection or prejudice, or that I am Jewish (even a fraction above 1/512) is totally without foundation. Your wild rant about all the lying and lack of objective experts is just as mad. After all you want some surgeons and alleged witnesses to be believed but deny there are any objective experts. Pathetic as well as deranged. I still would like to know what the technically expert evidence was because, contrary to your absurd suggestion I have not been interested enough in what obsesses you to bother about hunting it down for myself.

  172. @Iris

    Ruby was seen several times by different witnesses on Dealey Plaza that fatal day. He was fully in in it.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Anonymous
  173. Ron Unz says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    I certainly agree with some of what you’re claiming, but much of it just comes across like wild ranting, not something based upon solid evidence.

    Do you know for a fact that said Italian and Sicilian ‘front-men’ for the Chicago Syndicate weren’t taking orders from an infinitely more powerful Zio-cabal, the same cabal that Meyer Lansky himself was subservient to ?

    For example, this claim really doesn’t seem correct. The long article I linked was based upon the two books by Gus Russo that total about 1,200 pages, plus several others as well. Russo most emphatically does not hide the Jewish role in organized crime, which is a central theme of his work, but his exhaustive account of the Chicago Syndicate provides absolutely no indication that it was Jewish controlled. The problem with all your blanket assertions is that they seriously damage your credibility in those areas in which you are probably correct. Once again, I strongly suggest that you read my long article on the subject:

    • Troll: Schuetze
  174. @Wizard of Oz

    You are trying to mud the waters. As there is no question, there is also no logic in your comment.

    We know that Oswald was not on the 5th floor at the time of shooting, that he did not fire and that a Mauser was recovered on the 5th floor.

    • Replies: @WIzard of Oz
  175. Ron Unz says:

    If LHO killed Tippet, then he killed JFK. But he had no reason to kill Tippet…

    I’m absolutely no expert on the details of what happened in Dallas, but a few weeks ago I read Phillip Nelson’s first LBJ book, and he spent a few pages arguing that the killing of Officer Tippit probably had absolutely nothing to do with the JFK assassination or Oswald, and was merely brought into the story as an excuse for Oswald’s arrest.

    Nelson provided a short summary of the eyewitness and ballistic evidence to support his surprising claims, and offhand it seemed reasonably persuasive to me. If the JFK conspirators needed to have Oswald arrested or killed, it’s easy to imagine that they might have just latched onto some unrelated local crime in order to do so.

  176. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Officer Tippett was wasted by his own side to justify and incite the gunning down of Oswald. Unfortunately Oswald didn’t bolt the theater as the planners hoped. He went there to meet one of contacts to try to save himself.

    In Boston the FBI wasted the MIT officer to enrage the Boston cops to murder the boys. Thus the BPD beat and ran over Tsarnaev and someone tried to slit the other’s throat during the arrest in the boat. Same playbook.

  177. @Alden

    “Several people had a good look at him when Oswald shot police officer Tippettt”

    And the descriptions of the killer does not fit Oswald. Too bad!

    Same with the gun (Oswald had a revolver…) and the cartridges, which were tampered with.

  178. @Olivier1973

    On the contrary, far from muddying the waters I am trying to chip away at whatever could tend to obscure the truth though I can perhaps understand your point of view if you know, or think you know, facts which are well outside my limited knowledge of this American horror story. You say

    We know that Oswald was not on the 5th floor at the time of shooting, that he did not fire and that a Mauser was recovered on the 5th floor.

    Do we? Who is “we”? I would be indeed impressed if Ron Unz lent his credit to those assertions. I don’t think he has ever affirmed any of that but all you have to do, if you are serious, is to click on Reply to his recent Comment and ask him. If you turn out to be a draft pick for team Ron, then your credibility will be enormously boosted.

  179. @Truth Vigilante

    Zio-trolls like the Dunce seem to be impervious to rebuke, TV.
    This moron issues contentless referenceless pabulum despite multiple castigations.
    “Patrick McNally”, no matter how many times he is corrected, keeps on putting out similar Court Historian analysis plus blatant untruths …
    Raches is simply an in-your-face Hyena.
    “John Johnson”, Inciter, others …

    Most UR readership never comments, sees this ongoing process of Truth emerging despite continuing obfuscation/blather. And Truth is emerging, as it is bound to emerge and conquer lies, even the cleverly-constructed lies that we have all been fed, and our parents, for well over a century.

    So in a way the Dunce/others are helpful to the process of Truth emerging.
    They provide examples of what to avoid.

    • Replies: @Iris
  180. Well, you got that right – although to be fair to Mario Puzo’s Godfather film trilogy, the character ‘Hyman Roth’ in Godfather II was clearly meant to represent Meyer Lansky.

    It’s interesting to note that, at the end of Godfather II, Michael Corleone has all of his enemies in the film killed, including Hyman Roth, but Roth is the only one given a non-violent, even dignified death scene. Maybe the filmmakers thought it would have been a matter of grave disrespect to take Lansky’s surrogate out in the opposite fashion?

    Other films involving Jewish gangsters include Bugsy (1991) where handsome (and gentile) Hollywood leading man Warren Beatty portrays the homely Bugsy Siegel. He plays him as dashing and charismatic (although prone to impulsive violence and womanizing), a lover of Hollywood Glamor and a fervent patriot.

    The most interesting Jewish gangster film is Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In America (1984), not only for its content but for the way it was butchered in initial release, with its running time more than halved and sequences rearranged in a way that made the plot difficult to follow. One possible reason for this is it portrays its Jewish gangsters as sexually depraved (there are some nasty rape scenes) and relentlessly treacherous. It also touches on the subject of Jews using organized crime as a springboard to power in politics and business.(One character becomes a U.S. Senator).

    Was Once Upon A Time In America sabotaged because it was too unflattering? I can’t say for sure but I can say that one of its producers was Arnon Michlan, the Hollywood mogul and Israeli spy.

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @Punch Brother Punch
  181. @Olivier1973

    Mea culpa. My YouTube channel was cancelled, so I just linked to someone else’s. I figured that since the message is in French, it would not appear to US viewers. The film is actually on the Odysee channel of the producer, KontreKultur, but I had had difficulty accessing to it. It now seems to be working fine:

    • Thanks: Olivier1973
  182. @Punch Brother Punch

    It’s interesting to note that, at the end of Godfather II, Michael Corleone has all of his enemies in the film killed, including Hyman Roth, but Roth is the only one given a non-violent, even dignified death scene. Maybe the filmmakers thought it would have been a matter of grave disrespect to take Lansky’s surrogate out in the opposite fashion?

    Scratch this. I forgot there’s another scene later in the film where Roth is assassinated at an airport trying to exercise his “Right To Return” to Israel. I haven’t seen the film in years.

    Still, my central point is Jews probably don’t oppose being portrayed as gangsters in Hollywood movies, as long as they’re portrayed in a certain way, with not wholly unadmirable personalities (Roth, for example, comes across as smarter and more civilized than Michael’s other antagonists.)

  183. @Ron Unz

    You wrote:

    Once again, I strongly suggest that you read my long article on the subject:

    Ron, I certainly will get around to reading it.

    But, at the end of the day, whether it’s 1200 pages or 12,000 pages, the cabal with its unimaginable power and stratospheric financial wherewithal, has a vested interest in promoting, publishing and funding as many books, videos and alternative explanations (many of which may have the input of professional writers and a dollop of truth added here and there for authenticity and added plausibility), to convince the gullible masses of yet ANOTHER scenario that diverts attention away from the actual perpetrators.

    Seriously Ron, you and many of the other readers will be well aware of the trail of deaths (perhaps running into the 100’s), of individuals/witnesses surrounding the JFK assassination that met a premature demise.

    Ron, do you REALLY think anyone who is privy to information that could actually crack the case and/or provide overwhelming proof that the Zionist entity was the PRIME MOVER behind JFK’s murder, is going to actually be allowed to widely disseminate it and remain alive ?

    I think not.

    Michael Collins Piper came closest – and he died prematurely.

    Similarly, do you think that these Italian ex-Mob bosses (the ones I call ‘upper middle management’), would ever be allowed to publish memoirs that expose the true extent of the power and machinations of the Kosher Nostra ?
    I don’t believe so.

    Meanwhile, assuming I still have your attention Ron, I’d like to pose a question to you.

    The Unz Review has had numerous articles looking into 9/11, JFK, the Covid psyop and many more egregious crimes.
    Some speculate it’s this entity that’s behind any particular event, some claim it’s another.

    No one knows everything but, to the extent that I’ve been able to ascertain it, it is clear to me that ONLY one entity has the financial wherewithal, the monopoly on the western MSM, the control of academia and the Health/Medical establishment to pull off these NO-EXPENSE-SPARED enormously elaborate crimes.

    There are contributors to UR who I admire immensely, who’ve done an enormous amount of research in coming to their conclusions and who have a lot of guts to be saying what they do (Laurent Guyenot is a standout), and these people could, with your prodding, investigate the BIG QUESTION.

    ie: just how rich is the Zio cabal.

    In recent times we’ve had great videos made by independent entities that demonstrate that Zio owned/controlled Blackrock and Vanguard are invariably the among the top two or three shareholders of the world’s major companies.

    That’s a good start.

    But we need to know more.

    What is the extent of their real estate holdings and its valuation ?

    The entirety of all the gold mined in human history is of the order of 180,000 – 190,000 tonnes.
    We know that the collective amount declared to be owned by the central banks of the world is around 35,000 tonnes.

    That means that over 80% of the the world’s gold holdings are in PRIVATE HANDS.

    Yes, many 1000’s of tonnes are owned by the common folk, in their wedding rings, jewellery and such.

    But how much of the remainder is owned by the Zio cabal ? I would wager that it’s a sizeable chunk.

    Ron, this is the BIG question. What exactly do the Zio cabal own ?

    If it can be established to within a reasonable margin of error that they are orders of magnitude wealthier than the next 50 or 100 cabals combined, as my research overwhelmingly suggests, then surely there can ONLY be one candidate for who is behind these misery inducing crimes on humanity.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it with you and hopefully you can have a discussion with some of the better contributors to UR and see if they’re willing to pursue this matter, either individually or in a collective effort.

    Bottom Line: In attempting to solve any crime, any psyop that is intricately planned and would involve the expenditure of, in today’s money, tens of billions or more (not just the costs incurred to perpetrate said crimes but the ONGOING COSTS in keeping said crime unsolved, uninvestigated and hushed up for many decades in ALL the major countries of the world), you can never go wrong by FOLLOWING THE MONEY.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  184. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Many hands that helped Jack Ruby or the patsy Oswald were white Anglo Saxon Christinas . Had you eliminated them back then nothing would have remained of the Anglo Saxon power structure that went on amassing enormous wealth and power from 1963 and had already before then.

  185. Trinity says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Irish gangsters were the Negroes of organized crime. They certainly were not nearly as powerful or prominent as the Italians and the Jews were on another level. How much international power did the Italian mafia wield? lololol. Russkies and the “Russian mafia?” haha. THE “RUSSIAN MAFIA” IS COMPRISED MOSTLY OF JEWISH TURDS.

    The list of Irish mobsters mostly consists of low level goons like Whitey Bulger, Danny Greene, and The Westies. Hardly a major force in organized crime.

    And we know why (((Hollywood))) depicts the (((Russian Mafia))) as a bunch of orthodox Christian Russkies and why hardly a bad word is ever said about the (((GLOBALISTS AKA JEWISH MAFIA.)))

  186. anarchyst says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    The “Mafia” was used by the U S government to attack the KKK in the 1950s as the “Mafia” did not have constitutional constraints preventing such actions by itself. What the government could not do, the “mafia” did…

  187. Ron Unz says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Ron, do you REALLY think anyone who is privy to information that could actually crack the case and/or provide overwhelming proof that the Zionist entity was the PRIME MOVER behind JFK’s murder, is going to actually be allowed to widely disseminate it and remain alive ?…Michael Collins Piper came closest – and he died prematurely.

    I’d certainly agree that Piper’s seminal book is extremely important in unraveling the JFK assassination. If you’re not already aware, it’s available on this website in convenient HTML format, as are several of this other books:

    However, his unfortunate death came more than twenty years after it was published, and almost certainly the result of the poverty and related health problems he had endured rather than anything more nefarious. He also seemed to be a very solid researcher, who read and digested exactly the sorts of sources I mentioned using in my own work.

    I think that’s a much better way to understand historical events rather than just making wild, unsubstantiated claims.

  188. @JimDandy

    I’m sure the people famous for their uranium smuggling skills could’ve arranged that.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  189. Ron Unz says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    That book you mention “Why Nations Fail” is useful so far as it goes. But it has an economic (thus materialist) analysis. But this is not the basis of the problem.

    Important concept but dreadful book, as I discussed in a long article a decade ago:

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  190. Iris says:

    Also, Olivier, Jack Ruby was seen by Seth Kantor, arriving at the Parkland Hospital just after a dying President Kennedy was brought in.

    Kantor came from Washington and was part part of JFK’s motorcade. However, he had worked for the Dallas Times Herald in the early 1960’s and knew Ruby very well, as the latter often supplied him with material for his newspaper articles.

    Seth Kantor testified before the Warren Commission that he had a conversation with Ruby at the Parkland Hospital just after the assassination. Yet, the WC decided to believe the gangster and murderer against the words of an award winning journalist.

    It has been very logically and plausibly assumed that Ruby was actually sent to plant the “Magic Bullet” at Parkland; this bullet that supposedly moved multi-directionally like a drone and broke 7 different bones in the process, was later found in pristine condition on a random stretcher.

    This is why the WC went so far as to pretend they believed Ruby: in order to deflect the attention from his role in planting the bogus murder weapon.

    • Agree: Laurent Guyénot
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  191. Iris says:
    @Priss Factor

    So, there was no need for JEWISH Ruby to kill Oswald for Israel.

    Surely you realise how utterly flawed this is ?

    By killing Oswald, Ruby killed the investigation into the Kennedy assassination. He protected whoever commissioned the murder by silencing the patsy, who could not anymore claim his innocence.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  192. Iris says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Completely agree. I wonder how supremacist Zionist power expects to survive the age of information, because it cannot.

    Out of the NATO-controlled sphere of influence, the richest but comprising less than 1/7th of the world’s population, Truth cannot be contained. Its hold is growing in size, in reverse ratio to the waning American golem’s geopolitical control.

    And Israel is in the first line: even in First World countries, Zionist control, arrogance and censorship have gone too far and have become too obvious.

    Talmudic supremacist power may have thrived for centuries, but we will soon see what becomes of it, when Israel’s prime role in the 9/11 nuclear Holocaust of 3000 innocent Americans and ensuing slaughters will be publicised in Afghan, Iraqis, Syrian and Iranian medias. Some sins can never be forgiven and they won’t.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  193. annamaria says:

    “…without making a muddle of things.”

    — Was Lyndon Johnson devoted to Israel or the US?
    — Was Meyer Lansky devoted to Israel or the US?
    — Is Chuck Schumer (and the entire AIPAC) devoted to Israel or the US?
    — Is Mega Group devoted to Israel or the US?

  194. @Iris

    The magic bullet reminds me of the invisible bullet that killed Vince Foster.

    I don’t know if folks remember this one:

    Look at slide 5.

    Classic deep state stuff–create a narrative and then send large numbers of FBI agents hunting for evidence to support the narrative–kinda amusing if you have a dark sense of humor.

    If anyone cares, Foster was murdered but not with a gun….the official narrative was very rushed and sloppy.
    Much more detail here:

    • Thanks: Iris
  195. @Ron Unz

    Thanks, Ron, for a very useful review of the USA-China situation from 10 years ago. Your observation that it is not a zero-sum game is very pertinent, except that it is USA which makes it so by being apparently permanently combative.
    Most of us were fooled by the Tiananman Sq “massacre” …
    Your account of the real situation ref the very ruinously corrupt USA elite ten years ago can only be very much worse today, the murderous Bush-Obama wars, assassination edicts … as someone who lived in USA for ~6 years, leaving about the time you wrote this piece, it appeared that most Americans are very naive about their country and its “leadership”; critical thinking seemed to be almost totally absent, despite the horrific acts being perpetrated. Since that time things have grown much worse for Americans, unemployed, indebted, collapsing society, collapsing infrastructure, living on the street … as you say …

    Some crossover from your valuable review of Organised Crime which I read earlier, which is also valuable in understanding America.

    Hoping USA can turn around and recover from the disastrous course she has been set on for ~ 100 years and which is bearing very bitter fruits for her people now. To do this, though, means the uprooting of the judeo-masonic-satanist elite …

    • Thanks: Ron Unz
  196. @Iris

    Thank you as always, dear Iris.
    Thinking your scenario of a global exposé of 9/11 is very realistic.
    It seems that USA is barely hanging on to public credibility as it is and this will reduce the country even further. Even Americans, who generally appear to be very naive, surely cannot fail to begin to think that after all, something might be wrong with the massively corrupt Crime Syndicate that poses as their “government”.
    Some time back as you probably remember, Iran hosted a public Conference on the “holocaust”; maybe they will be the first into 9/11.
    And other crimes, even now being committed (Lebanon, Yemen for example).

    Looking forward to Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian freedom.

    Hope you will like this Oboe/Strings from Tomaso Albinoni —

    • Thanks: RichardDuck, Iris
    • Replies: @Iris
  197. @Iris

    By killing Oswald, Ruby killed the investigation into the Kennedy assassination.

    But did he? If anything, he made it seem even more like a conspiracy.

    No one killed Sirhan Sirhan, and the RFK conspiracy theory more or less died down.

    James Earl Ray wasn’t killed, and the conspiracy theories(though plentiful) had little traction(even with the King family claiming to believe him).

    What really kept the JFK conspiracy theory alive was the killing of Oswald.

    Now, this article insinuates some vast Zionic plot. It was for the Jews!

    But Oswald on the stand would have made wild statements about the far-right, the mafia, and the like. Chances are few would have believed him, and the media would have joined in the coverup(unless, if the media back then was more independent of the deep state than they are today).

    Also, the USS Liberty case shows that the Power does as it pleases. Israel failed to kill all those navy men. They survived and told their tales, but they were still shut up.

    Had Oswald lived, the chances are the theories would have faded over time.

    It seems what really happened is the mafia, Italian and Jewish, was afraid Oswald would say something about organized crime. While the deep state rarely looks into its own, it could have easily used organized criminals as scapegoat. And that’s why Oswald had to go.

    I’m open to any new theories, but the available evidence still tilts toward Oswald as lone assassin(even if the plot to kill JFK may have been rife in some quarters). And it’s likely the mafia gave the go-ahead because he might blab about them, and they, unlike deep state goons, could become an easy target of investigation.

    • Disagree: chris
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Olivier1973
  198. @Priss Factor

    Oswald really is different from Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray–very very different.

    Oswald spent almost his entire life as an agent of the CIA–I know you don’t believe it, but there is mountains of evidence supporting that claim, including from recently released assassination files.

    The Deep State _really_ does not want lifetime CIA employees blabbing in courtrooms.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  199. @Alden

    Except Garrison and his pursuit of completely innocent Clay Shaw


    Except that the slimy lizard Shaw later eventually ADMITTED ON RECORD that he had been a secret CIA asset all along – which he had therefore perjured himself in Court by denying – and fully supported the assassination. And, by implication, the CIA’s part in it – exactly as Garrison had suspected and alleged.

    • Agree: Olivier1973
  200. @Anonymous

    This is pretty good. Can I write the screenplay ? They’ll be crying (with laughter) in the aisles.

  201. @Justvisiting

    Okay, your theory…

    1. Did Oswald kill Kennedy at the behest of the CIA and Deep State?

    2. Did Oswald go rogue(like John Malkovich’s character in IN THE LINE OF FIRE) and force deep state’s hands to shut him down lest he blabber?

    3. Did someone else do the killing and Oswald was meant to be a patsy?

    Another question. If the deep state was afraid of people blabbering, why did they allow Ruby to live? He had some dicey connections as well.

    Did Ruby offer himself as sacrificial lamb to cover up the case?

    Did Ruby do it in the belief that he would be exonerated as an avenging hero?

    When he wasn’t sprung from jail, why didn’t he spill the beans? Fear of being hit inside the prison? Fear for his dear ones?

    Given what happened to Jeffrey Epstein, I’m surprised Ruby was allowed to linger in prison and die of cancer.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  202. @Anonymous

    How many people do YOU know who have the slightest suspicion that ANY Jew on earth was in any way involved in Covid ?

    It’s about CHINA, stupid!

    Because all blame to CHINA is what JEWS want.

  203. Achilles says:

    A very valuable piece from Mr. Guyenot.

    Yes, Jack Ruby is the Rosetta Stone to solving the Kennedy assassination. A proper investigation starting with Mr. Ruby would have turned up a trail leading back to persons acting in the interests of Israel, as indicated by Mr. Guyenot, and so of course the investigation was carefully managed to avoid any such implications.

    There is another such “dog that didn’t bark,” and that is the failure to investigate thoroughly the attempted assassination by Oswald earlier in 1963 of retired General Edwin A. Walker.

    General Walker had participated in a speaking tour with Christian evangelist Billy Hargis in which they warned crowds of the threat to America from communism. Both men no doubt were intensely hated by Jews.

    I think it almost certain that Oswald undertook the assassination attempt on General Walker under the belief that it was a “mission” for the communist party and that Oswald was encouraged, or perhaps even manipulated, into undertaking the assassination attempt by Dallas-area Jews, perhaps even by Jack Ruby himself. Oswald was a classic case of a useful mentally-unbalanced goy captivated by communist propaganda and was probably first exposed to such writings when living as a young teen in New York City.

    My own view is that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that Oswald fired the shots that struck President Kennedy. I also think he was indeed a patsy, and that the same circle of people who found him useful for purposes of trying to kill General Walker manipulated him into being used as a weapon to remove Kennedy when the opportunity presented itself.

    Some in this circle were mobbed-up like Ruby, others were no doubt legitimate Jewish businessmen, but they were united by a deep tribal Jewish commitment of support for Israel and a record of acting to further the interests and security of Israel.

    And as Jews they were naturally sympathetic toward communism or collectivism, as most Jews of this era were (then, the golden age of the Kibbutzim in Israel), so one should not be surprised at finding their representatives within the circle of communist-supporters to whom Oswald was drawn and by whom he was manipulated.

    Did Oswald know he had struck a blow not for communism but for the state of Israel? Probably not, but that does not mean that if Oswald as a prisoner were to fully talk, that Israel’s role would not ultimately be exposed.

    It is highly likely that they had planned an escape route for Oswald, perhaps through Cuban safe houses on to Cuba and then Russia, but were probably planning to kill him at some point in any event, Oswald having fulfilled his usefulness to them. And Oswald having been captured, the short straw fell to Ruby to clean up the mess, for the historical good of the Jewish people.

  204. @Mustapha Mond

    Jack Ruby died of disseminated cancer on January 3, 1967. He died in Parkland Hospital, and his autopsy was performed by Earl F. Rose, M.D., the Dallas medical examiner. (The same Dr. Rose, by the way, who objected to the removal of JFK’s body from Parkland, insisting that the autopsy be performed in Dallas.)

    The irony, of course, is that if Dr. Rose–a respected forensic pathologist, with plenty of experience with violent death–had performed the post mortem, a correct finding would have been made. The alleged deficiencies of the Bethesda autopsy (performed by three non-forensic pathologists) might have been avoided.

  205. @Priss Factor

    Oswald is one of the few folks who told the simple truth:

    “I am a patsy.”

    “I didn’t shoot anyone, no sir.”

    I leave it to others here to discuss Jack Ruby.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  206. Sparkon says:

    My own view is that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that Oswald fired the shots that struck President Kennedy.

    What is beyond all reasonable doubt is that your own view is worthless.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
  207. @Justvisiting

    I find ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA fascinating. It features US history as one big conspiracy.

    This scene is especially telling as it almost mirrors the situation in the movie.
    Max faked his death and made himself out to be a tragic figure, but in fact, he pulled a dirty trick, took the money, and betrayed his friends.
    In the scene below, Arnon Milchan plays the part of the conscientious Jew, but in reality, he’s been one of the biggest Jewish crooks and gangstroids that ever walked the earth. (Still, kudos to him for making Leone’s masterpiece possible.) Milchan was no Mr. Anne Frank but Mr. Leo Frank.

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  208. JimDandy says:

    Yeah, one theory is that Jolly West gave him a cancer shot, right?

  209. Milton says:

    It looks like Biden just resealed at the end of October the same JFK assassination records that Trump resealed in October, 2017. In October, 2017 Trump actually had a chance to unseal these records but caved under pressure from Pompeo and the Neocons and resealed them pushing them back for review to October of this year. I actually felt that had Trump won reelection and made some significant changes to his foreign policy team, we may have actually seen these remaining records unsealed. What better way to deal a major blow to the Deep State than to declassify the operation that brought them to their current position of power?

    But, alas, Trump caved the Neocons and it looks like Biden is no different. The memo signed by Biden said,

    “…continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure….”

    Translation: we must continue to protect the Israelis and Israeli-spy/JFK assassination conspirator Henry Kissinger.

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  210. @Ron Unz

    Ron, I just finished reading the link you provided to your American Pravda article on organised crime.

    I assume you suggested I read that as proof that the Chicago Syndicate was not Jewish controlled.

    Actually, it achieved the opposite effect.
    It ended up further reinforcing my previously held belief that ‘The Mob’, as a collective, was overwhelmingly a Jewish fiefdom.

    In Russo’s own words, taken from the article:

    Two types of power dominated the twentieth century: the visible, embodied in politicians, corporate moguls, crime bosses, and law enforcement; and the invisible, concentrated in the hands of a few power brokers generally of Eastern European and JEWISH immigrant heritage.
    Operating safely in the shadows, these men often pulled the strings of the visible power brokers.

    Also, in appraising the Mob kingpin Jewish Sidney Korshak, this is what Seymour Hersh had to say:

    In a rare personal interview with Russo, Hersh tersely summarised his appraisal of Korshak:

    “He was the godfather. There’s no question, he ordered people hit.”

    Further establishing the narrative that the Chicago syndicate would unlikely be Italian/Sicilian controlled, is the presence of the hugely wealthy Jewish Chicago family dynasties of the Pritzkers and the Crowns, whose wealth was greatly amplified by the dodgy business machinations of their fellow Jewish mobsters.

    The ultimate proof of total Jewish hegemony of organised crime after the arrest and deportation of Lucky Luciano, is highlighted by the manner of the passing of some of the key protagonists.

    The key Jewish identities like Meyer Lansky, Micky Cohen and Sidney Korshak, either lived to ripe old ages or, in the case of Cohen (who had stomach cancer), died of natural causes.

    Meanwhile, boss of the Chicago Outfit Sam Giancana was gunned down like a rabid dog shortly before he was scheduled to appear before the Church Committee.
    Fellow Chicago Outfit Mob boss Johnny Roselli’s decomposing body was found in a 55 gallon steel drum floating in the bay near Miami.

    Hmmm, seems to me that one particular ethnicity was powerful enough to ensure that they died on their own terms.

    The Italians/Sicilians meanwhile, were not so fortunate.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  211. @Ben Sampson

    It is quite clear that LHO shot no one in Dallas, Texas, on that fateful day

    You are by no means the only person who says that but please take me to and through the evidence you accept for that and for rejecting the accounts which can easily be priced together from ptima facie respectable sources that Oswald had an Italian rifle which was found in the Book Depository [or wherever]and had fired a number of shots evidenced by bullet cases in the room he was alleged to have fired from.

    I am hoping that amongst the UR Commenters who confidently assert things I can learn from some who have a real command of the evidence without my spending 1000 hours reading.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
    , @Justvisiting
  212. @Priss Factor

    Thanks for mentioning it. I would have to watch it again (in the 4 hour version). This was Leone’s last film. He had turned down directing The Godfather to make this film about Jewish, not Italian gangsters. He spent ten years working on it. He originally edited it down to six hours in length, to be released in two parts in the theaters. Warner Bros forced him to cut it down to 4 hours. The Jewish background was largely pushed away: a synagogue scene, for example, was cut out. In this format it made a triumph in Cannes festival, but for the US, the studios further chopped up the film to just a little over 2 hours, which made it incomprehensible, and it was destroyed by the critics. Leone was disgusted and died four years later.

  213. @Laurent Guyénot

    It certainly wasn’t meant to be an indictment of the Jewish community in any way. Leone hired the Jewish detective writer to fill in the dialogue; he did an excellent job. The Jews in the movie are no more or less corrupt than everyone else. It’s really more about individuals than Jews as a group. Also, apart from Max and Fat Moe, almost no one is recognizably Jewish. In the novel, not all members of the gang are Jewish, but Leone made it that way in the movie. All four hoodlums are Jews whereas only half are in the novel.

    Leone had a nihilistic take on American History but also loved the myths, so even the killers in ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and AMERICA loom larger than life and are romanticized.

    In the end, it’s more about personalities, Noodles and Max, than about Jews, just like DUCK YOU SUCKER is about Sean and Juan than about the revolution.

    Milchan was a shady character. He served as intermediary between Israel and Apartheid South Africa but later produced 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Anything for the Jewish cause, even in working with an apartheid state. When it comes to guilt about blacks, just dump it on white Americans.

    He won’t be producing a movie about the ties between Israel and apartheid South Africa soon, that’s for sure.

    Still, if not for him, Leone would not have made his last film, just like the Jewish producer Serge Silberman made it possible for Kurosawa to make RAN. Gotta give credit where it’s due.

    • Replies: @S
  214. S says:
    @Priss Factor

    Leone was brilliant in many ways.

    As a foreign director, Leone’s masterpiece, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, though not perfect, did a far better job historically accurate wise regarding it’s depiction of the US Civil War in the western territories than most American directors have done. It’s musical score is outstanding.

    As for Milchan, amongst other films, he produced The Medusa Touch and Fight Club, two films which appear to ‘foreshadow’ 911, and in the case of the former film, the destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral as well.

    • Replies: @Punch Brother Punch
  215. Issar says:

    If you can look up any more on this that would be good. I’ve never heard about good eyewitness testimony on this important incident.

  216. anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    For you there is no salvation.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  217. @Priss Factor

    I’m open to any new theories, but the available evidence still tilts toward Oswald as lone assassin

    Obviously you are not aware of the mass of evidence found by the JFK assassination researchers. Such ignorance is frightening. Without knowledge there is no way to be free.

    And it is not about “theory”, it is about facts.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante, Iris
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  218. @Achilles

    My own view

    Someone who is blind cannot have a “view”.

    There were more than one shooter, at least three. Ballistic evidence.

    JFK was hit four times, Connally twice, and two shots missed.

    And Oswald did not fire that day.

    Oswald was not a communist.

    And one of the shooter was successfully exfiltrated.

    I am amazed by the ignorance of the partisans of the WC.

  219. @Wizard of Oz

    without my spending 1000 hours reading.

    Do your homework instead of asking. Lazy people will never learn anything. You are behaving like a troll.

    • Thanks: Iris
  220. @anonymous

    Is it such a sin to be unctuously over polite to Iris?

    Happily salvation is not an option I would bid for. Ashes to ashes and not much scope for me, moi-même, to survive after the worms take what the flames have left.

  221. @Olivier1973

    Such ignorance is frightening. Without knowledge there is no way to be free.

    You are obviously an obsessive with no lawyer’s or any other skills for assessing the meaning and weight of evidence but surely even you can see that an intelligent well informed person might reasonably – especially if not even American – regard the truth about the killing of Kennedy in 1963 as less than an absorbing vital interest.

  222. @Olivier1973

    Not lazy, just more intelligent priorities than yours.

    And what the he’ll is one meant to get from that video clip? Are you seriously putting that forward as evidence of anything?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  223. @Wizard of Oz

    The Deep State could convict you of murdering anyone they wanted if they get to tamper with the evidence and intimidate witnesses–along with mass media headlines accusing you of the crime.

    You are guilty guilty guilty–and you cannot prove you are not!

    The evidence against Oswald was planted by the Dallas police.

    The “witnesses” against Oswald have all recanted at this point–they were under duress by FBI “investigators” who altered their testimony. If they didn’t play ball their testimony was just kept out of the Warren Commission report. At this point there are no remaining witnesses that saw Oswald on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building or walking down the stairs from the sixth floor–because he was never there.

    One book that covers some of the new evidence:

    The best book linking LBJ to the conspiracy and coverup–very well written and documented:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  224. Ron Unz says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Actually, it achieved the opposite effect.
    It ended up further reinforcing my previously held belief that ‘The Mob’, as a collective, was overwhelmingly a Jewish fiefdom…Hmmm, seems to me that one particular ethnicity was powerful enough to ensure that they died on their own terms.

    My argument was that the Jewish and Italian wings of organized crime were roughly comparable in power, and I think Russo’s books strongly support that position.

    For example, there seems overwhelming evidence that the top leadership of the very powerful Chicago Syndicate, which also controlled California and several other states, was entirely Italian, with the sole exception of a Welsh immigrant.

    Lots of leading Italian gangsters died violently, but so did lots of leading Jewish gangsters, including Bugsy Siegel, Longy Zwillman, Dutch Schultz, and numerous others.

    One key ethnic difference, which I’d already mentioned in a previous comment, was that Jewish families “associated” with organized crime managed to use those ties to become enormously wealthy over the generations, including the Crowns, Pritzkers, and Bronfmans, without any similar Italian successes.

    But if all stories about Joseph Kennedy are correct, he managed to succeed in exactly the same way, becoming one of the wealthiest men in America after (allegedly) getting his start through bootlegging connections.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  225. @Olivier1973

    Great video you posted there Olivier featuring Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig as he narrates his discovery of the Mauser in the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).

    Deputy Eugene Boone who was with Craig, signed a sworn affadavit claiming it was a Mauser.

    Within days, however, all the stories about the rifle began to shift, except for Roger Craig, who adamantly refused to change his account.
    Four years later, Craig was fired from the Dallas Police Department, apparently for discussing sensitive information with a journalist. He never found steady work, lost his wife, and suffered a series of bizarre accidents, including being shot at, being driven off the side of the road, and having his car engine mysteriously explode.
    In 1975, Craig allegedly took his own life.

    And this ….

    Former Deputy Sheriff Roger Dean Craig, 39, was found to shot to death at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in his father’s home at 10524 Luna Road. Homicide investigator Robert Garza said a rifle and a note were found near the body. Garza said the wound in Craig’s upper right chest apparently was self-inflicted. [Yeah right – try shooting yourself in the right side of your chest using a long rifle with a right-handed grip and tell me how that goes].
    Craig had been embroiled in controversy surrounding assassination of President Kennedy. A deputy at the time of the assassination, Craig said he saw Lee Harvery Oswald running west down Elm Street from the Texas School Book Depository about 15 minutes after the assassination. He said Oswald then got into a station wagon that had pulled up alongside of him. He also said he heard the shots fired at the presidential motorcade and that because of their close proximity, the shots had to have been fired from two different rifles.

    Deputy Craig was suicided because he stuck to his guns and wouldn’t buckle under pressure and change his story to say the gun he found was a Mannlicher-Carcano.

    The Zio cabal don’t have a high tolerance threshold for too much truth – so Craig had to go.

    So, some of you might be asking, WHY the need to say a Mannlicher rifle was found. Why not just stick with the Mauser story and say Oswald used that ?

    They had to change it because Oswald didn’t own a Mauser – but he did own a Mannlicher-Carcano (and there’s even that widely circulated doctored photo of Oswald holding the Mannlicher rifle).

    So, was there a shooter on the 6th floor of the TSBD that day and did he shoot JFK with the Mauser?
    Answer: Yes – but it was not Oswald doing the shooting.

    Of the four (4) bullets that struck JFK, one of those which struck him in the back likely came from the Mauser that was fired by LBJ’s personal hitman Malcolm ‘Mac’ Wallace:

    Apparently a fingerprint of Wallace which was a 34pt match (a 10 pt match fingerprint is usually sufficient to convict in a courtroom), was found on a cardboard carton.
    The mention of the cardboard carton is very important because, unlike a fingerprint found on a hard/shiny surface like a window or on metal which will maintain it’s integrity for many days, a print found on a carton will ‘wear off’ within hours so said print HAD to have been fresh – thus proof that it wasn’t a print from someone who had been there more than a few hours prior.

    A little background on Malcolm ‘Mac’ Wallace (MMW).

    He’d previously been in the USMC and was a crack shot.

    I’m going from memory here so those of you reading this and familiar with the USMC, feel free to correct me if I get the order wrong.
    Marines can get a USMC Rifle Qualification assuming they score sufficiently on the shooting range.
    Someone with good shooting skills is awarded the ‘Marksman’ badge and a fair few achieve that rating.
    Harder to get, the next level up is the ‘Sharpshooter’, and not many qualify for that.

    But the highest level is the ‘Expert’ – and that’s what Malcolm Wallace achieved.

    Wallace was one of the estimated 6-8 shooters that day that fired at JFK. Many bullets missed and of course the kill shot (that struck JFK’s right temple) and the shot to the throat, were from two distinct shooters located in FRONT of the President, while MMW shot from behind.

    For those of you not familiar with the BuzzSaw videos, that’s Sean Stone on the far right of the panel of four (son of Oliver Stone, the famous director).

  226. @Wizard of Oz

    Dunce of Oz writes:

    And what the he’ll is one meant to get from that video clip? Are you seriously putting that forward as evidence of anything?

    Yes Dunce, Olivier is seriously putting that forward as evidence – as EVERY objective JFK researcher of note has done.
    In fact, anyone with half a brain can see that it’s DAMNING evidence of the highest order and sufficient on its own to overturn the findings of the Warren Commission (assuming they were ever to present it to said commission – which they never did, for obvious reasons).

    Let’s face it Dunce-of-Oz, you’re just a [email protected] IDIOT apologist for Zionist malfeasance – and a lazy one at that, as Olivier rightly points out.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  227. @Ron Unz

    You wrote:

    Lots of leading Italian gangsters died violently, but so did lots of leading Jewish gangsters, including Bugsy Siegel ….

    Meyer Lansky ordered the hit on fellow Jew and former close friend Siegel because the latter was ‘skimming’ money from the Las Vegas operations.

    It didn’t matter that Siegel was a fellow Jew and a good mate. If you ever crossed Lansky, he had no compunction for taking out one of his own.

    Siegel aside, the other Jews that met a premature and grisly demise were all small potatoes – nowhere near the stature of Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @BiggDee55
    , @Ron Unz
  228. BiggDee55 says:

    What is a school book depository?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  229. BiggDee55 says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Siegel was hit by some dude whose sister was being abused by Lansky.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  230. @Wizard of Oz

    I am reminded of Groucho Marx’s “Who you gonna believe – me or your lying eyes?” One can watch the Zapruder film for oneself and decide.

    • Replies: @9/11 inside job
  231. @Olivier1973

    Interesting video, except the idiot that made it has Roger Craig’s face overlay covering the image of the rifle most of the time. The 7.65×53 Mauser cartridge is interesting and obscure. A unique bore diameter. Land diameter is .301″( 30.06 land diameter is .300″). Groove diameter is .313″( 303British cartridge is .303″ land and .311″ groove). The bullet diameter then is slightly larger than the 31 caliber 303 British. This cartridge was developed for the Mauser 1889 rifle produced for the Argentine Army. However the rifle in the video is not a Mauser 1889, the magazine/trigger guard assembly is totally wrong. There were other rifles chambered in this cartridge, but the only rifle that resembles the one found at The Texas School Book Depository is the very obscure Mauser 1890 Turkish. Difficult to find anything but period photos of the Mauser 1890, but the shape of the magazine/trigger guard assembly looks right. Since it isn’t a Mauser 1889, it has to be a Mauser 1890 Turkish. Apparently, the Mauser 1890 is chambered for a slightly modified version of the 7.65×53 Mauser cartridge used in the Argentine rifles. Why leave 6.5×52 Carcano cartridge cases on the floor and stash a 7.65×53 Mauser chambered rifle? I can see that 7.65×53 cartridges would be impossible to find, then why not just leave a Carcano rifle stashed? Maybe someone just goofed up confused 6.5/52 with 65/53…Obscurity piled on obscurity. Needless to say, none of these rifles have receivers designed to accomodate a rifle scope, as the 1890 Mauser Turkish found in the TSDB appeared to be wearing. Installing a scope on such rifles leads to problems, for example if you install a scope on the Carcano rifle like LHO supposedly used you get endless failure to feed jams, not a great choice if you want to fire 3 rounds in 5 seconds. The question is why all these weirdo obscure rifles in relation to the JFK assassination? I think the answer is the hit was organized from very high up and no industry leaders wanted a Remington or Winchester rifle(the two obvious choices for a sniper) to be known as “the rifle that killed JFK”.

  232. @BiggDee55

    In the good old days when they actually had big heavy school-books, big city school districts had to store the textbooks somewhere–a school book depository.

    Today it is the Dallas County Administration Building.

  233. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Wasn’t there some statistical study that too many of the JFK witnesses died unnatural deaths to be a natural phenomenon?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Mark Gobell
  234. Iris says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    That was a statistical study commissioned to an actuary by Britain’s “The Sunday Times”.

    The 1973 film Executive Action depicted a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan, who played CIA operatives involved in the plot, were resisted in their efforts to have the film made by mainstream Hollywood producers. The movie reveals how Kennedy’s progressive agenda and peace initiatives were a threat to the establishment. He refused to invade Cuba, was seeking detente with the Soviet Union, planned to pull all troops out of Viet Nam by 1965, break up the CIA, eliminate the Federal Reserve and promoted the civil rights movement. Congress passed the Test Ban Treaty a few months before the assassination. In other words, he was doing his job.

    At the end of the film, it was revealed that an actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated the odds of 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the JFK assassination. as 1 in 100,000 TRILLION.

    When officially questioned by the HSAC, the Times quickly washed their hands of these astounding results, and the HSCA deployed a further spin by producing its own whitewashing stats.

    However, there exists spreadsheets maintained by JFK truthers, and people can judge for themselves: the epidemic of violent and mysterious deaths among the JFK assassination witnesses and actors bears a likelihood infinitely smaller than the odds of winning the US Powerball lottery (1 in 0.3 trillion).

    • Thanks: Old Brown Fool
  235. @Justvisiting

    Thank you for trying to enlighten me. In one of my parallel lifetimes I would find time to treat the JFK case as very seriously important to me and mine even as an Australian because the US has again become important to the fate of our lucky country in a world where China, with 1.4 billion people, rises enigmatically.

    Some versions of the JFK (and RFK!) assassinations are so serious for how America in the world can be understood that I should I suppose, as a realist, crave the grisly truth.

    For the moment I have to content myself with treating evidence summaries by Ron Unz and about 5 others whose names appear on UR quite often as prima facie reliable and therefore maybe true.

    I couldn’t agree more with your concern about false convictions in the US.i know more than most about the US criminal justice system(s) and would put high on my policy agenda pretty well abolishing extradition of Australians to anywhere – but the US with its 97% plea deals coerced by overcharging and excessive incarceration not least. Try them at home!

    PS The latest deferral of disclosure seems to point to an Israeli connection.

  236. @Laurent Guyénot

    I watch with interest the grisly business of Americans, mostly, and understandably, still wanting to know how low their Republic can fall below republican ideals. It occurs to me that the latest deferral by Biden of access to still concealed records points the finger most obviously at Israel. N’est-ce pas? What case can be made for it pointing to LBJ or the CIA or Dallas police or FBI?

  237. Pft says:

    D. Harold Byrd, was the owner of the Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald was to have shot Kennedy, and also founded the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), where Oswald was recruited by CIA agent David Ferrie at a two-week summer camp in Louisiana in 1957.

    Byrd was a close friend of LBJ and conveniently went on a 2 month African Safari trip right before the assassination. His newly formed company LTV profited enormously when we received a large contract sanctioned by LBJ due to the escalating war in Vietnam

    LBJ was a good friend of Israel. Stopped the efforts to block Israels nuclear program and white washed the USS Liberty Attack by Israel. He also kept the Texas Oil Men by preserving the Oil Depletion Allowance that JFK threatened

    I now look at JFK assassination as more of a Texas-CIA coup de tat. Israel had a common interest, as did the Mafia and no doubt supported the operation. RFK assassination and Watergate completed the Revolution. Americas headstone should read

    Born 1776
    Died: 1963.

    • Agree: Mevashir
    • Replies: @Mevashir
  238. @Truth Vigilante

    So you vouch for its authenticity as if you were able to swear positively about its composition, its not being altered, its chain of custody, and you know what the alleged witnesses in it would swear/have already sworn as to its truth and what they would/did answer under criss-examination.

    You continue to undermine your ability to persuade the properly sceptical by launching into almost religious bouts of fervent certainty.

  239. Trinity says:

    2 People Who The World Will Not Let Die = Elvis and JFK. One was a very handsome, talented, humble and generous man and then you have JFK.

    Frankly, JFK might not have been a cuckold to the Jew when it came to certain issues but he definitely didn’t have a problem when it came to FORCING White Southerners to attend schools with Blacks. JFK and Blacks? Hell, the only Black that JFK probably dealt with was his butler or maid. LMAO. Oops, he probably shook Sammy Davis Jr.’s hand. teehee.

    Sorry, but I don’t buy the whole JFK was the savior of America gimmick. Someone dies and all of a sudden they become a saint? Uh, not really. Does anyone really think ANYONE FROM THE KENNEDY FAMILY IS THE CREAM OF THE CROP? ROTFLMMFWIAO.

    Yep, looks like the Jews and/or Israel did JFK in, but it isn’t as if the real culprits will be brought to justice anytime soon. Oops, my bad. Those responsible have more than likely passed so it is time to pay the ole piper.

    Cue: Hell’s Bells by AC/DC

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Truth Vigilante
  240. Trinity says:

    IF JFK was or is the best that America has to offer than God Almighty have mercy on this nation. We all have seen recent crooked elections. hehe. There are some who think that JFK didn’t really beat Nixon. And to be totally honest, I don’t think Dubya beat that dipshit Al Gore. Not that it mattered. Gore or Dubya = Heckle and Jeckle when it comes to kissing Black and Jew azz.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  241. Sparkon says:

    2 People Who The World Will Not Let Die = Elvis and JFK. One was a very handsome, talented, humble and generous man and then you have JFK.


    Sorry, but I don’t buy the whole JFK was the savior of America gimmick. Someone dies and all of a sudden they become a saint?

    Elvis? You must be joking. He had a good singing voice, but that was about it. I can tell you I thought he was a creep and a greaser from the sideshow when he first appeared on the national scene, and my opinion didn’t change much over time.

    I was a freshman in high school when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected President of the United States, and a senior when he was gunned down on the streets of Dallas, Texas. You’re probably too young to remember those years, but they didn’t call them Camelot without good reason.

    Below, you wrote:

    IF JFK was or is the best that America has to offer than God Almighty have mercy on this nation.

    That’s just typical right-wing bluster insinuating that JFK deserved to be killed. That’s what you’re really trying to say, isn’t it Trinity?

    Just for the record, JFK was pulling the United States out of Vietnam. He was planning on cutting back on “defense” spending. He had reached a modus vivendi with Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev after the Cuban missile crisis. A hotline had been established between Moscow and Washington, and the two leaders had agreed to a nuclear test ban treaty.

    I could go on, but cue “Hound Dog,” and remind me again what Elvis Presley ever did, besides sing and act?

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Hibernian
  242. @S

    Amongst other things, Michlan produced the film JFK, which pointed the blame for the assassination solely at right-wingers in the military industrial complex – no mention of Israel (although, oddly, Permindex makes a brief appearance as a name on, I believe, a folder. Perhaps no fear anyone would know what it meant?)

    And I agree, Ennio Morricone wrote a great deal of beautiful film music, and his scores for Leone’s films are particularly memorable.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  243. Trinity says:

    Sorry but at least Elvis made some worthwhile contributions to humanity and was a down to earth human being. Kennedy was a spoiled rich brat and skirt chaser. And where did I say Elvis was all that, other than being the King Of Rock & Roll. What I said was that people won’t let the man die, same thing with Kennedy, it has been almost 60 years with this JFK thing and everyone with two brain cells can figure out who was behind it but nothing is going to change. The people involved in killing JFK have long rotten away and are nothing but worm food. Why bother with ANCIENT HISTORY. Might be better to at least go with 9-11 which isn’t exactly yesterday’s news but a little more recent.

    I would like to see how respected JFK was from 1961-1963. Funny how IF someone is killed or even if they just die, they all of a sudden become much greater than they really ever were. Sorry, but I am not impressed with Saint John.

    Cue: Abraham, Martin and John by Dion * sappy song making saints out of 3 NORMAL men who unfortunately were assassinated and had their lives cut short. Don’t know about Abe, but JFK and MLK had one thing in common. Guess what that was?

  244. @Trinity

    You wrote:

    IF JFK was or is the best that America has to offer then God Almighty have mercy on this nation.

    Are you kidding me ?

    You’re obviously not aware of JFK’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. It’s more than likely that, had there been another President, that they would’ve taken the advice of the warmongering military advisers to launch a preemptive strike on Cuba which would’ve led to a nuclear exchange with the Soviets.
    It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that JFK quite possibly saved the U.S and Soviet Union from a cataclysmic event and the world from a nuclear winter, thus saving the lives of hundreds of millions in the process.
    Thereafter, JFK pursued disarmament negotiations with the Soviets so that such a standoff, that could lead to a nuclear exchange, would likely never occur again under some future President’s watch.
    For that, we all owe JFK a debt of gratitude.

    Over and above that, JFK was the only POTUS in living memory that had the guts to fully take on the Zio power structure.
    Nixon certainly gave the Zio cabal a hard time (initiated the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with the Soviets and did his bit to make the Israelis lose the 1973 war) – that’s why they destroyed his Presidency.

    JFK said he’d like to splinter the CIA into a 1000 pieces and scatter it to the wind, and may well have fulfilled that pledge had he been allowed a second term.

    For that statement alone JFK should be honoured in perpetuity.

    • Agree: Olivier1973
  245. @Trinity

    You wrote this:


    What is wrong with you ? How much fentanyl have you imbibed today ?

    Of course, there are Kennedy family constituents, as in any family, that haven’t done anything of significance in their lives and are riding on the coat tails of the family name.

    Over and above the outstanding things that JFK achieved in just 34 months in office, his brother Bobby Kennedy did a great job as Attorney General and was a visionary man (some say he would’ve been an even greater President than his brother had he not been snuffed out by the Zionist plotters).

    And, anyone who’s kept abreast of events relating to the Covid psyop, will be well aware of Bobby’s son (RFK Jr) who has been at the forefront in exposing the worldwide lockstep tyranny relating to the Covid fraud and the experimental mRNA gene therapy that’s masquerading as a vaccine.

    Even before the Covid psyop, RFK Jr should have received a lifetime recognition award for his work in exposing the links between the MMR vaccine and autism (not to mention the harm of the HPV Gardasil vaccine that’s ruined countless lives).

    Trinity, have you been living under a rock all these years to not be aware of these things?

  246. @Trinity

    Well, Elvis Presley was a skirt chaser as well. It could be argued that after he became successful he was spoiled rich as well, with a mob of yes men at his beck and call, and lawyers and handlers to clean up his messes.

    As far as JFK being “ancient history,” that’s a bit hyperbolic. 58 years is lengthy to an individual’s sense of time, but it’s a small segment in the broader historical timeline.

    And if it’s true that Israel was behind the assassination, then it marks a key moment in the takeover of American government by Zionism, the repercussions of which are still very much with us.

    It’s essential then that this theory be presented to the American people, to consider for themselves, but weirdly enough, in talking to normie conservatives that I know, I’ve found they’re more willing to consider the possibility that Israel was behind 9/11. Why that is, I’m not sure. Maybe Zionism just didn’t seem as prevalent in American life back in the 1960s, so it would be unlikely Jews could pull something of this scale off at that time? (One older relative I talked to told me there were no Jews in Texas in the 1960s, they were all on the East Coast!)

    • Replies: @Trinity
  247. @Trinity

    You wrote:

    The people involved in killing JFK have long rotten away and are nothing but worm food. Why bother with ANCIENT HISTORY.

    JFK was murdered 58 years ago. But it wouldn’t much matter if it had been 158 years ago.

    Bringing the facts relating to the Zio orchestration of the JFK coup d’etat to the widespread attention of the general public is, and always will be, IMMENSELY IMPORTANT.

    It doesn’t matter if the assassins that pulled the trigger in Dealey Plaza that day are alive or dead today. They were no more than hired hands.

    The important thing is to expose the ENTITY that was behind it – and that entity is still alive and well today.
    It is none other than the Apartheid Israeli State (and the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel that authorised its Israeli bastard child to perpetrate this dirty deed).

    Can you see that, if the Zionist involvement is exposed on this matter (not just to a few select conspiracy theorists like us but to the overwhelming bulk of the automatons that blindly swallow whatever the MSM tells them) , leading to exposure of LBJ’s involvement/foreknowledge in the assassination, leading to exposure of LBJ’s traitorous input in the USS Liberty incident, leading to exposure of the Zio input in RFK, MLK Jr’s and JFK Jr’s death etc, this will lead to a cascade of investigation and analysis of WHAT ELSE THE U.S GOVERNMENT HAS LIED ABOUT and will lead directly to 9/11.

    Once Zio orchestration of JFK’s murder and 9/11 is widely known and is ACCEPTED TO BE TRUE by the general public, there will be a TIDAL WAVE of anger directed at the Apartheid Israeli State and the Zionist Banking Cartel that constructed it.
    Immediately thereafter, the flow of billions in U.S taxpayer largess will be cut off to Israel.
    Immediately thereafter, there will be an unstoppable groundswell of support to BDS/sanction Israel into oblivion and in no time this will lead to the DISSOLUTION of the Apartheid Israeli State and the END of Middle East wars where Gentile blood and treasure is squandered fighting wars for Israel.
    Hopefully thereafter, it will lead to nationalisation of the western central banking system and confiscation of the ill-gotten gains of this depraved Usury Cartel of Bankers.

    THIS is the outcome we all seek.

    That’s why the investigation of the JFK incident (and the deaths of James Forrestal, RFK … etc), SHOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN and dismissed as ancient history.

    Anyone who suggests this is unwittingly (or very likely wittingly, in the case of those trolls who are consciously advocating this dismissive course of action), acting as an apologist for the Zio miscreants.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  248. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Chief Justice EARL WARREN: [speaking to Jack Ruby]:
    “I don’t believe everything I read in the paper.”
    JACK RUBY: [speaking to Justice Earl Warren and to Representative Gerald Ford, the only other member of the Warren Commission who bothered to come to Dallas to interview him]: “Consequently, a whole new form of government is going to take over our country, and I know I won’t live to see you another time.” (Report of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy— 1964)

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  249. Trinity says:

    The Jews were caught red handed in the Lavon Affair and sailors on board the USS Liberty have told America that were purposely attacked by the Israelis AND YET AMERICA DID NOTHING but send more money to these ingrates. Pollard is back in Israel. Epstein IS PROBABLY STILL ALIVE and when was the last time you heard anything about Ghislane Maxwell? IF someone had film of Israel or Jew mobsters shooting or paying someone off to shoot JFK, (((American leaders))) would do NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING. Israel and Jew fingerprints ARE ALL OVER 9-11 and AMERICA DID ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING.

    IMO, the Jews/Israel did Kennedy in, BUT what is America going to do? NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING. Oh, you have few more writers that will write more book\$ and give their opinions. More movie\$ will be made telling the normies that the Cubans did it, the Italian mafia did it, some misfit loner did it, anyone but the Jews. IMO, LBJ and the Jews were behind it. Hell, even Stephen King wrote a FICTIONAL account of the Oswald, JFK and the assassination. Of course with a tiny exceptions, all books written about the assassination of JFK are FICTION.

    It is like the (((border crisis))), there is no border crisis. These (((fools))) in Washington are playing games with you. Funny how the border was never a major issue until RELATIVELY RECENTLY. Your leaders are purposely destroying the White race through FORCED ASSIMILATION. And American Presidents have been doing the bidding of the Jew since Woodrow Wilson. I think someone earlier explained how the Kennedy’s acquired their wealth and seems like Teddy always had a fondness for the sauce and women as well.

    And lest we forget another popular conspiracy theory, the death of Marilyn Monroe.

    • Replies: @Punch Brother Punch
  250. Trinity says:
    @Punch Brother Punch

    Elvis probably had scores of women but I think the women were MOSTLY chasing Elvis instead of vice versa. I heard LBJ was hitting on JFK’s wife, what a scumbag that Jewy looking Texan turned out to be, huh? A woman who went to bed with Elvis would bragging as much as if I had bedded down a prime Ann-Margret or Raquel Welch. JFK was not a virile man. He had health issues, he was certainly not in the same category when it came to being attractive to the opposite sex than someone like Elvis Presley. Presley could have stayed a truck driver and still scored with lots of women.

    And I have already brought up the conspiracy theory surrounding Marilyn Monroe and everyone else knows how Teddy treated women. Elvis Presley, while certainly no saint, drug issues and all, was infinitely a better human being than anyone in the Kennedy clan ever thought about being. Of course that isn’t saying much, lots of people score higher in the human category than any of the Kennedy brood.

  251. Ron Unz says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Meyer Lansky ordered the hit on fellow Jew and former close friend Siegel because the latter was ‘skimming’ money from the Las Vegas operations.

    It didn’t matter that Siegel was a fellow Jew and a good mate. If you ever crossed Lansky, he had no compunction for taking out one of his own.

    The problem is that you’re claiming certainty on those issues when the actual facts are far more unclear and disputed.

    Aside from Russo’s two very thick volumes, over the last couple of years I’ve probably read another dozen leading books dealing with American organized crime, and given some of your extreme statements, I really have to wonder how much you’ve actually investigated the topic aside from just reading a few possibly-biased websites here and there. If you just take one writer’s claims at face value, you can get a very skewed picture of reality.

    Siegel aside, the other Jews that met a premature and grisly demise were all small potatoes – nowhere near the stature of Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli.

    That just isn’t correct. Longy Zwillman was a very powerful gangster, as was Dutch Shultz, and lots of other Jewish mobsters who died violent deaths. Statements like that are one reason I suspect you haven’t really researched the issue and are just making blanket assertions due to your lack of knowledge.

  252. @Anonymous

    I did not know that Ford had joined Warren in the visit to Oswald.

    Ford was put on the Warren Commission because he was “owned” by the FBI–J. Edgar Hoover blackmailed JFK and Gerald Ford on sexual “stuff”. Most amusing–both of them were sharing an East German spy:

    Another little known tidbit was Ford’s own handwriting showed he altered the final Warren Commission report to move the entry point of the bullet. Ford obviously had no prior experience as a forensic pathologist. 🙂

    Btw I actually did meet Ford when I was a young man. The guy was a complete idiot–total clown.

    You wouldn’t want him investigating which dog ate your kid’s homework.

  253. @Trinity

    Epstein IS PROBABLY STILL ALIVE and when was the last time you heard anything about Ghislane Maxwell?

    Do a Google search. There’s tons of articles about her upcoming trial. For instance:

    • Thanks: Trinity
  254. Trinity says:

    An innocent man was set free today. Enjoy your life Kyle Rittenhouse. You are a BIG, BIG MAN. May God Bless, Kyle and his family.

    Cue: Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  255. @Iris


    Oswald also said loud and clear – in front of America’s cameras and microphones –

    “No, Sir – I didn’t shoot anybody !”

    – and, once he had understood at last the full picture of how he was being framed, he shouted,

    “I EMPHATICALLY DENY these allegations” !!”

    He had not ONCE been told by the Dallas Police in 48 hours of “interrogation” (involving police violence clearly seen on his face) that he was being charged with Kennedy’s murder – ONLY with the murder of Officer Tippett. His absolute shock, horror and earnestness at these two critical points leaves no truly unbiased, open-minded, honest observer in any doubt at all of his complete innocence – and ignorance of what had actually happened the previous day.

    But you’re wasting your breath even replying to Wizard of Oz – I gave up long ago. Once a lying moron, always a lying moron.

    (Or a Jew).

    • Thanks: Iris
  256. @Trinity

    One has to be glad that the acquittal was able to go through in the normal way without the judge being forced to intervene. I know that those jurors were taking an authentic risk by reaching this verdict and there is a real danger that some Antifa thugs will try to hunt them down, But this is good news.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  257. @Wizard of Oz

    Give me strength.

    It’s 2021. Kennedy has been dead for exactly 58 YEARS.

    And you come here and talk shit – NEVER ONCE in your whole life having seen the head-shot in the Zapruder film – which all other commentators and researchers have seen a thousand and more times ? Really ? You know – the shot which proves to a 10-year-old that JFK was shot from the front-right – since his head was thrown violently, as the film clearly and categorically proves – “BACK – and to the LEFT” ?

    Therefore – as any average 10-year-old would agree (but not, it seems, brainy you):

    1) If the head-shot came from the FRONT, then it could not have been fired from the REAR, where LHO was alleged to have been. For, despite all of the magical things which were eventually alleged for LHO, even the Warren Commission did not attempt to suggest that LHO had the power also to be in two places at once.

    2) If even ONE shot came from the FRONT – or ANYWHERE except the immediate rear – there must by definition have been at least TWO shooters !

    3) If there was more than ONE shooter, then there WAS by definition a “conspiracy” – and if there was a conspiracy, LHO’s part in that conspiracy would have to be PROVEN – including sufficient forensic evidence that he even fired a weapon that day – as the tests which were done for traces of powder on his skin and clothes were all resoundingly negative.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Wizard of Oz
  258. Olivier1973 says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    So you do not care to do your homework…

    Vous êtes un agent provocateur.

  259. @Alden

    Oswald was arrested shortly after he murdered a police officer in full view of several witnesses who saw the entire thing. And gave the responding police an excellent description Oswald

    You are – as so often – wholly mistaken and misled. There were NO WITNESSES WHATEVER to the actual moment of the Tippett shooting – but ONLY to (several) figures fleeing the scene in different directions a few seconds later – including at least one witness who gave testimony to the Warren Commission (which was ignored) that the person identified as Oswald fleeing the murder scene was NOT him at all, as his clothing was quite different !

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  260. Trinity says:
    @Patrick McNally

    GOOD TO SEE REAL JUSTICE PREVAIL FOR ONCE. Kudos to the Judge for sure. Judge Schroeder and the jurors are to be commended indeed.

  261. @Achilles

    Bravo. A smart, careful, erudite, thinking, perceptive, mature comment. A Perfect comment. Well done indeed.

    And then… this ?

    My own view is that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that Oswald fired the shots that struck President Kennedy

    My own view, by contrast, is that your view as expressed here is a wholly inexplicable and laughable nonsense.

    Each to their own.

  262. Wokechoke says:

    Oswald was Trot. Today he’d have been an Antifa aligned trouble maker. A white bot with his mind scrambled by Jewish propaganda.

  263. Wokechoke says:
    @Ron Unz

    Jews transfered from crime to legit cartels. Its odd that the top Crime boss was Curly Humphries a Welsh guy.

    • LOL: Dave Bowman
  264. @Old Brown Fool

    The edited film or the unedited film?

    • LOL: Dave Bowman
  265. Iris says:
    @Dave Bowman

    3) If there was more than ONE shooter, then there WAS by definition a “conspiracy” – and if there was a conspiracy, LHO’s part in that conspiracy would have to be PROVEN –

    There are very important and well informed political personalities who agreed with you.

    – General de Gaulle, just back from attending President Kennedy’s funerals, told his Information minister Alain Peyrefitte that JFK died as a result of a conspiration, not at the hands of a lone gun man. Peyrefitte wrote it in his memoirs book “C’etait De Gaulle“, never translated to English.

    – President Giscard d’Estaing, who as De Gaulle’s Finance minister had met and much admired JFK, publicly stated several times that he was killed as a result of a conspiracy.
    On an RTL radio interview broadcast live, he recounted how during a car drive alone with President Gerald Ford, a member of the WC, he candidly asked what really happened.
    To which Ford replied: ” We arrived at a conclusion: it was not the work of one person, it was something set up. We were sure that it was set up. But we were not able to discover by whom.

  266. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Ruby and Oswald were both “fully,” or almost “fully,” in on it. Tippet was “in” but peripheral, a stringer, a minor player who suddenly received a leading role. Shortly before Kennedy was shot, Ruby said to acquaintances let’s go to Dealy Plaza to “see the fireworks.” (Even his own strippers were there.) But immediately afterwards he was visibly shocked at what happened. It would seem that while he expected an “assassination attempt,” he did not expect a real assassination, “an exercise going live” as Pompeo put it regarding Covid. It would be normal that they—Ruby and Oswald— were not fully informed of the whole plan. This is “Need to know,” and Not know, and need to be Misled. And others, such as Tippet, knew even less, although when Tippet started pulling his gun on his friends at 10th and Patton (one of them had been at his wedding), just before they beat him to the draw, he cottoned on to something of what was happening.

    (There were many more witnesses than those interviewed by the Warren Commission. And the witnesses not interviewed said, much later, some different things than what was told to the public.)

    Some agents brought into Dealy Plaza thought they were there to prevent an assassination attempt! Oswald, a week before, had broken up a fight between two young brothers, sons of his landlady, and told them (according to their elder sister who still lives in the rooming house) “you are brothers and you should never fight. And you should never hurt a living being.” To judge by this candid statement, (and other signs) it is probable that Oswald was told something like: “there will be a fake attempt at assassination in order to create an excuse to blame Castro and invade Cuba.” (Oswald was an anti-Communist; his “defection” was fake and everyone knew it, including, of course, the Soviets. They were used to “defectors” coming and going, and recognized who was theirs and who was not. They badly want to be recognized as team players. They still do). The day before the assassination Oswald put what money he had aside for his wife where she would find it, and had only a few dollars in his own pocket. He loved his children.

    Once it happened, a real assassination, Oswald continued to play his role. He had a job to do and he had no choice. He was very confident in his interrogations with the police, in the belief that nothing would happen to him. That all changed when he found out that he was the designated patsy. (But he may not have been the first choice of designated patsy, since another rifle, the Mauser, was “found” first—before the Mannlicher Carcano. So something went wrong there.) Nevertheless, if things had gone according to plan, or contingency plan, he would have been killed on the bus from the “School Book Depository” on the way to the rooming house. Afterwards, since the first plan did not work out because Oswald took a cab (and he was being shadowed by a photographer), he would have been killed in the theater. If Oswald did not work out as a suitable patsy, there may have been other candidates about whom we will never know. The shooting in the theater, that went wrong, too, and so Ruby had to carry out his oath of allegiance to the organization which was a supporting partner in the coalition. If Ruby had gone wrong, if he had failed, there could have been an explosion of a gas main that accidentally took out downtown Dallas. And Oswald. And Ruby along with it. The executing planners were top rank professionals. They had to be to fool a nation in broad daylight going on sixty years.

  267. @Wokechoke

    It is a major error to believe Oswald had any political views at all.

    He was an actor following his Deep State orders.

    He was handing out Fair Play For Cuba (pro communist) leaflets with the address of 544 Camp St., New Orleans. That exact address was owned by a retired FBI man Guy Banister and was frequented by anti-Castro CIA operative David Ferrie and others.

    The Mockingbird Media myths die hard.

  268. Marty.Mac says:

    It should be mentioned that Abraham Zapruder himself is Jewish. Yes, the same man who filmed JFK’s assassination. He went on to make millions of dollars from his “Zapruder film” as everyone knows.

    What a coincidence it is that there are Jews swirling around the assassination from multiple angles. From Jack Ruby [Rubenstein] who silenced Oswald, to Abraham Zapruder filming it, to various other kosher connections orbiting this event. And the media, and most everyone who researches this topic, makes sure to act like a possible Israeli / Zionist motive could not exist and so never go there at all.

    The Kosher population of Texas today is 0.3%, and it was 0.6% in 1980…So the odds of that being a coincidence are minuscule.

  269. @Dave Bowman

    I have seen what is claimed to be the Zapfuder film more than once as have many millions of others.

    I agree that a proven shot from the front hitting Kennedy blows the Warren Commission version out of contention.

    But if it is all so obvious why is there no general agreement that there is a conspiracy to uncover **? I suppose there must have been plausible explanations given by experts for what appears to be shown on the Zapruder film and I vaguely remember it being stated that the way the head moved could have been that already taught neck muscles caused to happen. And no doubt there would have been experts v. experts on that. That’s what I would like to know about in order to pin down at least one key part of the assassination story which would settle the “no conspiracy” question conclusively.

    Amongst the thousands of books I wonder if there is one that is really convincing on that key detail after all public inquiries.

    Even if Oswald was a shooter that would require an explanation which was much more complicated than the lone gunman version. And I think Guyenot is very rationally focussing on Ruby. Mind you I remain sceptical about the Israeli government in 1963 being willing to initiate a murder of Kennedy over Dimona, although Ben Gurion giving a last desperate order to Yitzhak Shamir before retiring just about fits. Even so they would have to be sure about LBJ and you might need to work into the mix a Meyer Lansky connection which would mean that Israel’s hands remained apparently clean.

    **in fact I recall that there are polls which show widespread disbelief in the lone shooter version but I am not sure what one can make of that given the lapse of time and the probability that most people probably couldn’t even name the President’s before and after JFK. “Zapruder film?”. “Oh yeah I remember the scene when they torpedoed the Arizona”. So… let’s have a poll amongst DC players and use it to produce them to insist on Biden releasing the remaining records. Taking the liberty to be like Ron in choosing to regard certain coincidences as extraordinarily unlikely I choose to regard the reasons given for continuing non disclosure as almost overwhelmingly pointing to the involvement of Israel. (Oh dear, as is my lateral thinking habit, it has just occurred to me as possible that the tainting of LBJ might be regarded as tainting the Democrats and their big government program….).

  270. @Wokechoke

    Wrong. Oswald had subscriptions to both The Worker, published by the Communist Party, and The Militant, published by the Socialist Workers Party. But he did not belong to either party. Putting aside the conspiratorial scenarios, there’s nothing odd about someone subscribing to the newspapers of conflicting parties. It’s similar to the way that many conservatives in the late 1950s to early 1960s used to subscribe simultaneously to Bill Buckley’s National Review and Robert Welch’s New American. Reading the literature from 2 parties at odds with each other is a normal way to investigate things. But Oswald never joined the Socialist Workers Party.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Wielgus
  271. @Ron Unz

    You wrote:

    Longy Zwillman was a very powerful gangster, as was Dutch Shultz, and lots of other Jewish mobsters who died violent deaths.
    Statements like that are one reason I suspect you haven’t really researched the issue and are just making blanket assertions due to your lack of knowledge


    Ron, I’m not going to get involved in a to-and-fro tug of war with you as to which one of us has done more research on ‘The Mob’.
    Your input may well exceed mine. Then again, it may not.

    One has to remember that there’s a qualitative aspect to it as well.
    Someone can literally put hundreds of hours into it, but if all the memoirs, all the biographies and books published on the matter that they’ve researched are CAREFULLY VETTED Zio disinformation that attempts to DIVERT ATTENTION away from Jewish Mob supremacy (and let’s face it, most of the big publishing houses are Zio owned whilst those few that aren’t are subject to Zio influence and intimidation), then it’s not worth a hill of beans.

    Or, in the words of someone you may have heard of:

    The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

    …. Thomas Jefferson (letter to J.Norvell 1807).

    Anyway, I suspect that there are many contributors here on UR whose knowledge on ‘The Mob’ greatly exceeds yours and mine and I will defer to them.

    So, I ask those of you that fit in that category (and even those of you that have a pretty decent understanding of the players involved):

    1) Am I right in saying that Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli were more senior in the hierarchy of the Mafia than the Jews Longy Swillman and Dutch Schultz (and by a WIDE margin), OR …

    2) Is the reverse true, as Ron Unz contends ?

    • Replies: @ChuckyL75
  272. ChuckyL75 says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Truth Vigilante,

    I agree with you on your debate with Ron Unz concerning the primacy of the jewish mob over the italian and other groups. I am no expert myself but i think Hank Messick in his biography of Meyer Lansky does say somewhere that Al Capone and other mafiosi in Chicago were lieutenants of Lansky.

    Moroever, lets put it that way: the italian mafia was continuously accused since the 60s. as one of the chief culprits in JFK’s assassination. If it was that powerful and in reality completely innocent of this crime, it would have made it publicly known to the media without fear of repercussions that they had nothing to do with it, and that it was the koshernostra and not them behind it. However, this never happened because they weren’t that powerful in the first place. they couldn’t control what was said about them publicly and didnt have any hold over the media whereas the jews did. Then, as one commentator said, Joe Biden last week again postponed release of files on JFK assassination. Do you think that the power of the italian mafia which is quasi non-exisent in reality in the US today is such that they are able to pressure the authorities to defer publications some 60 years after the crime?

    Ron we all respect you and appreciate the forum for free discussion that you’re providing for us but on this issue i completely agree with truth vigilante

  273. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    It is a well known fact that the Worker, a Communist magazine, was kept going only through the subscriptions from undercover FBI agents. So, if you received the Worker, that was prima facie evidence that you were working for the government.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  274. @Marty.Mac

    Not only was Zapruder Jewish, but he was also a member of the Dallas Citizens Council, that heavily Jewish business group headed by Julius Schepps that sponsored JFK’s trip to Dallas. Zapruder’s business headquarter was in the Dallas-Textiles Building (or Dal-Tex), owned by ADL financier David Weisblat. It is most probably from the Dal-Tex, and not from the School Book Depository, that the first shot were fired.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
    , @Sparkon
  275. anastasia says:

    They say he was running guns to Cuba, but in truth, he was running guns to Israel

  276. @Anonymous

    Faulty deduction. It’s quite believable that the FBI in the 1960s was keeping The Worker around with subscriptions as a honey-trap for chumps. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who bought it was an FBI agent. Some people will have bought it just because they are looking for an alternate view. It’s the same way that some people will have bought the New American out of honest curiosity even though Revilo Oliver later charged Robert Welch with operating the JBS as a scam racket.

  277. @Ron Unz

    I have just spent the best part of 50 minutes on my exercise bike watching wgat I am pretty sure was a 2013 MSNBC film on the JFK assassination built around a large-scale opinion poll that found over 60 per cent didn’t believe Oswald did it alone though with a h to beuge variety of other not very cogent positions and revelations of ignorance – of which the only one that comes to mind right now as important was that the doctors in Dallas and at the DC autopsy differed in their description of the injuries.

    In the end it was revealed that the Mafia was the favourite to be blamed out of 5 choices that made no mention of Israel or Mossad and the last minutes were spent subtley putting down conspiracy theories as, for example, attributing them more to the poor and uneducated.

    The film is contains a pretty reasonable summary of most of the relevant evidence in reasonable order without resolving the assertions one expert witness for example that it was 96& certain that there was a shot from the front (I think) at the same time as some things seem quite usefully tied up, e.g that Oswald’s rifle and Oswald’s marksmanship could have done it. It also mentioned that Oswald had clearly shown his willingness to kill.

    At no point in the film was the word Jew, or its cognates, used and neither Israel nor Mossad got a mention! Of the mob only Sam Giancana figures, not Meyer Lansky. Possible LBJ involvement gets no mention either.

    So…… you might right it off as evidence only that Zionist interests wanted to provide a mighty distraction.

    Nonetheless it prompted me to use my imagination, within sensible bounds, and I have some reflections to offer.

    Just as I find nothing to exclude Oswald as the sole shooter in his saying he was a patsy it now occurs to me that the words Jack Ruby is quoted as using about doing it for the Jews is quite consistent with that rather pathetic little man seeing the chance to be a hero, a Jew who showed he could be tough and decisive AND AMERICAN at the same time, and would be applauded after his fantasised acquittal by a jury that would refuse to convict.

    Another conclusion seems obvious and that is the total unreliability of personal reports of where sounds were originating. I didn’t fully grasp what was said about recordings which seemed to be consistent with gunshots.

    On the basis that Ruby’s words are inconclusive out goes the Ruby centred version that Guyenot has, otherwise, made a good case for. It seems to me that proof of a shot from the front is just about the last hope in the absence of some Israeli diaries. Ah…. yes, I nearly forgot to add that the continued withholding of archived material might not be because it points to Israel, which was my first thought, but because it might show how the CIA had attempted to use Oswald to infiltrate the USSR or something like that with potential still to embarrass in some way that matters.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  278. berls says:

    why does everyone leave out the rockefellers who were NWOshits behind the Vietnam War and Auschwitz along with DuPonts Whoreburgs and Rottenschilds. JFK closed the FED and LBJ opened it. The NWO have Sabatean Zionist leaders and thats how Rubenstein got pulled in. They are pulling the Covidbullshit today. and will onlu stop when they are exterminated

  279. @Laurent Guyénot

    Look at your posted plan view of Dealy Plaza. The kill shot that exited JFK’s right rear skull could only have been made from the south end of the Triple Underpass. There are no other possibilities. Take a straight edge and lay it on the map, you will see the light.

    • Replies: @Iris
  280. @Wizard of Oz

    total unreliability of personal reports of where sounds were originating.

    It was a “crossfire”–shots were coming from three directions and it created a confusing echo chamber.

    One little tidbit is what happened to those witnesses who ran up the grassy knoll because they heard shots from that direction.

    They were greeted by “Secret Service agents” who flashed badges at them and told them everything was under control.

    Of course–there were no real Secret Service agents on the grassy knoll that day.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  281. anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The motorcyclist cop behind JFK on the left was splashed with blood and a bone fragment went that way. Suggests Grassy Knoll.

  282. @Old Brown Fool

    JFK Witness Deaths: How many Accidents, Suicides and Natural Deaths were Likely Homicides?

    Jim Marrs and Ralph Schuster

    • Thanks: Old Brown Fool
  283. @Justvisiting

    No shots were fired from The Grassy Knoll. None of JFK’s wounds are consistant with a rifle shootist operating from The Grassy Knoll. Any assassins would have used a suppressor with sub-sonic loads(both together are necessary), so no sound would have come from The Grassy Knoll. Noise makers mimicking a rifle shot were deployed on The Grassy Knoll to turn witnesses eyes and ears 180 degrees from the the true source of the JFK kill shot: on top of The Triple Underpass, where it intersects with the south side of Commerce Street, such a perfect, totally sweet spot, with a 30 foot walk to the getaway car in the parking lot on The South Knoll. If you know rifle shooting you know that was how it was done, and that rifle shootist was GOOOOD, very, very good. Forget The Grassy Knoll, forget The Dal-Tex Building, look to where no-one looks, look to the place covered in the fog of indifferance and confusion: the south side of The Triple Underpass, right where The Triple Underpass intersects the south side of Commerce Street. Lay a straight edge from that spot to JFK’s skull, you will see the light of truth.

  284. Iris says:

    Hi and apologies to interject; both explanations are not exclusive of one another.

    JFK was shot from at least, at a minimum, two different directions. Connally was shot twice, by-stander James Tague, standing next to the Underpass, was wounded when a lost bullet ricocheted on the concrete.

    Dealy Plaza was turned into a shooting game. Kennedy was made a sitting duck and was trapped into a multi-directional cross-fire he was very unlikely to escape.

    But Laurent is very correct on insisting that the main “Sniper Nest” was the Dal-Tex Building, a building under total control of Dallas’ wealthy Jewish community, in which Zapruder had his offices. It is because the A Scenario was to shoot JFK from the back, so as to frame Oswald. The snipers at the front were positioned there only as a back up, but things did not work totally as expected.

    It was very obvious in the first days after the assassination that the most likely position to shoot JFK was from the lower floors (2nd floor? ) of the Dal-Tex building.

    The photo below was taken to prove it, and was published in a Dallas newspaper. You can see by yourself that it had a clear line of sight towards the limousine, and unlike the alleged TSBD 6th floor “Sniper nest”, wasn’t obstructed by any tree. It offered a way better view, and line of fire, than the TSBD, so the fact that it was not investigated speaks for itself.

    Also, the Dal-Tax shooting position was demonstrated to be correct by the early ballistics.

    The bullet that hit the curb and got by-stander James Tague wounded with ricocheting concrete was investigated by a police officer (who died mysteriously soonly afterwards, but which findings are featured in “The Men who killed Kennedy” documentaries”), and conclusion is that it was shot from the Dal-Tex. Look why:

    If this lost bullet had been shot from the TSBD, then what was “Oswald” doing? Firing warning shots in the air to warn the SS?
    The bullet that missed and ended in the concrete near the underpass is another proof that the main sniper was firing from the Dal-Tex.

    Finally, you and others are of course right: Kennedy’s head move back and to the left proves that he was also shot from the front.
    All the people present running towards the Pergola and the Grassy Knoll is self-explanatory: these innocent by-standers were spontaneously going towards the place where the loudest shots sounded.

    The Zapruder film has been kept from the public, and also tempered with, to hide some of the most striking fact of the assassination: the head moving back and the large quantities of blood and brain matter spattering above.

    JFK was shot twice to the head.
    First by the main sniper at the Dal-Tex building, and just a fraction of a second later, by the back-up sniper at the Grassy Knoll. The latter got impatient seeing that JFK was still alive after being hit twice, and fired his gun. He had a much powerful gun, with a larger round, so he blew JFK’s head apart and made it powerfully recoil to the back.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  285. Sparkon says:
    @Laurent Guyénot

    It is most probably from the Dal-Tex, and not from the School Book Depository, that the first shot were fired.

    The first shot to hit President Kennedy struck him in the throat after piercing the windshield of his limousine. That shot and a subsequent shot to the head were both fired from or near the Terminal Annex parking lot above and behind the south grassy knoll along/above Commerce St, i.e. directly across Main St. from the more famous north grassy knoll/stockade fence area along/above Elm.

    I think the south knoll gunman could have been concealed within a vehicle in the Terminal Annex parking lot. A van, station wagon or panel truck could have provided both a concealed sniper’s nest for the assassin(s), and a quick and easy getaway from the scene of the crime.

    Please familiarize yourself with the forensic work of the late Sherry Fiester, author of Enemy of the Truth, Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination, and the forensic follow-up in the video below by her disciple, who calls himself Alek Hidell.

    JFK The South Knoll Gunman
    by Alek Hiddel

    One shot struck Pres. Kennedy in the back. Other shots missed the motorcade entirely. Some assassins! It is possible one or more of the missed shots were fired before the throat shot. Obviously, that shot to JFK’s back had to have been fired from the rear of the motorcade, probably from either the TSBD, Dal-Tex building, or the County Records building, all of which are also plausible locations for the shooters who missed.

  286. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    The bullet that hit the curb and got by-stander James Tague wounded with ricocheting concrete was investigated by a police officer (who died mysteriously soonly afterwards, but which findings are featured in “The Men who killed Kennedy” documentaries”), and conclusion is that it was shot from the Dal-Tex. Look why:

    Exactly. I came a long time ago at the same conclusion.

    Your image does not appear: security warning…

    The Z film was edited and numerous frames removed. Also several other films were taken by the police and were never released.

    (irony on)
    Oswald was too strong to be able to remove all this evidence that he acted alone before he was killed!
    (/irony off)

    By the way, the car came to a stop, allowing the two fatal shots.

    • Replies: @Iris
  287. @Sparkon

    One reason for the “misses” is that this was “The Event”, an opportunity for professional assassins from different intelligence agencies and crime families around the world to meet and celebrate their craft.

    Some fired shots, some were just there to observe.

    Even misses added to the chaos and confusion.

    It was a partee!

  288. Iris says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    Thinking your scenario of a global exposé of 9/11 is very realistic.

    Just wanted to further explain why indeed this is realistic.
    Take the unrelated example of the Moon Landing, an event inconsequential, about which conspiracy rumours interest only a tiny minority.


    My family happens to have long-term friends and acquaintances in one particular Middle-Eastern country where people are, in my opinion, often very well educated and certainly better informed than us. During a discussion with one of those, a 74-year old delightful lady, she bluntly declared: “The Moon Landing? That ludicrous hoax? Don’t you know, the Americans never went !!!””

    She informed me that the Arabic version of Russian channel RT had been broadcasting a 4-parts documentary about the Moon “Landing”, featuring a Moscow Polytechnique professor with 2 PhD’s called Aleksander Popov, who explained in detail how the Apollo missions never went to the Moon, and why the USSR kept silent about it.

    No need to add that this was all true: the RT documentary was of excellent quality, had been watched by millions of Arabic-speakers on YouTube, and was taken down only after the recent Internet culling. No doubt it will re-appear very soon on an alternative video-hosting platform.

    So while in the West, we still believe superstition-grade lunacies, that one can cross the Van Allen radiation belts unscathed, that a miraculous Saturn V engine existed in 1969 that allowed transporting a much larger payload than today’s modern rocket engines, the Arab public has been educated by Russian scientists and knows that Western propaganda efforts have long merged with pathetic clownery.

    But the Moon Landing is only a benign, entirely harmless lie that has, as a positive, at least triggered many genuine scientific vocations.

    9/11 is not at all in the same category.

    First, it is such an abject and unfathomable crime that nobody with a shred of principles can ever forget about the 3,000 disintegrated Americans. This is the meaning of a crime against humanity: every human with a conscience, anywhere on Earth, identifies to the American victims and wants justice for them because what was done to them in unbearable.

    Second, 9/11 was a major turn for the worst in World History. It was used as a pretext for the destruction of a dozen nations, the slaughter of many millions, indirectly caused the death of millions more. This will never be forgiven or forgotten by the survivors.

    It looks like Russia has already started educating her Arab public on the true fundamentals of 9/11, and on the role played by the “Banking Lobby” in particular:

    Science is on the side of the 9/11 truth; the reckoning is inevitable.
    As the main perpetrator of 9/11, Israel will have to face the questions and public opprobrium of the millions who survived the 9/11 geopolitical conspiracy. They can’t be silenced; they will not forgive.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  289. Iris says:

    Your image does not appear: security warning…

    As often the case with blogs our Overlords don’t want us to read…

    You need to adjust the Security settings on your browser, or even simpler, just click the instruction resembling “Proceed to website” at the bottom of the warning page, to see the photos proving that the known missed bullet was fired from the Dal-Tex. Well worth it.

    The Z film was edited and numerous frames removed.

    Indeed, as proven by the extraordinary interview of NPIC photographic expert Dino Brugioni, one of the few to have watched the unaltered Zapruder film.

    The Z film was shot by the 1963 JFK Dancing Israeli, fearlessly standing in the middle of the cross-fire to “document the event” and allow his party to control the narrative. It is clearly a pattern with our Overlords.

    But many things went wrong:
    – the limo driver, who was an accomplice, took the wrong turn well into the TSBD slipway, and had to drive backwards. This showed that the convoy was excessively slow and JFK deliberately exposed to assassins.
    – the Dal-Tex sniper first failed to hit the head. The back-up sniper from the Grassy Knoll area had a more powerful gun and blew the head into pieces, producing a large, incriminating spatter of gore and a backward recoil that shattered the Oswald/Carcano pre-arranged scenario.

    By the way, the car came to a stop, allowing the two fatal shots.

    Yes, you are correct, the limo slowing/stopping to facilitate the head shot was reported by as many as 59 eye-witnesses as documented by Vincent Palamara, and is another reason why the Z film needed “adjustment”.

    • Thanks: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  290. But the Moon Landing is only a benign, entirely harmless lie that has, as a positive, at least triggered many genuine scientific vocations.

    We are drifting off topic, but that “entirely harmless lie” is gonna get some astronauts killed if they are not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Americans are volunteering and training for moon landing programs (.gov and private) when they have no clue what they are facing:

    Then a new coverup will begin as to why they died.

  291. @Sparkon

    Sherry Fiester is close, but still in error, and her error is inexplicable given she claims to be a professional firearms forensic expert. My understanding is Fiester places the hit team on The South Knoll, below the level of the Terminal Annex parking lot, above the sidewalk on Commerce Street, on the slope of The South Knoll. She understands she has to place the shootist below the level of the parking lot because a position in the parking lot would have the sniper’s line of sight obscured by tree foliage. Therefore a sniper in the parking lot is impossible. However Fiesters proposed position places the shootist too low and too far to JFK’s left. Such a position could not make the kill shot that features an exit wound on the lower, right, back of JFK’s skull. It is simply impossible from that position. There is no level ground on the slope of the South Knoll and no rifle rest so the shootist would have to be standing on the slope, very awkward and would require shooting off “shooting sticks”. Besides, the shootist would be exposed to view by anyone walking on the south side of Commerce Street and there is no way to getaway via the Terminal Annex parking lot as there was, in 1963, a fence dividing the parking lot from the down slope of the South Knoll. No sniper would choose this position. It is completely ridiculous. Meanwhile, the perfect position is close by, on top of The Triple Underpass, where it meets The South Knoll. Easy access to the parking lot for a getaway, concrete guardrail of The Triple Underpass for a rifle rest, concealed from casual passersby, high enough to shoot over the windshield, and most important: that position matches the trajectory of a bullet making the kill shot to JFK’s skull that exited lower, right, rear.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  292. Sparkon says:

    .. a position in the parking lot would have the sniper’s line of sight obscured by tree foliage. Therefore a sniper in the parking lot is impossible.

    No, sorry, but you’re completely wrong on this point, and that undermines the rest of your argument.

    See Frank Cancellare’s photo, below, taken just seconds after the assassination, which shows clearly and unambiguously there were just a few, mostly small trees growing on that part of the south knoll. A gunman in the parking lot easily could have found a position with an unobstructed view of JFK’s limo coming down Elm.

    Indeed, in Cancellare’s photo you can see all those cars in the Terminal Annex parking lot because there was little foliage in the way.

    Photo: Frank Cancellare, UPI, from Robin Unger’s JFK Assassination Research Photo Galleries

    Anyway, Alek Hidell has expanded on Sherry Fiester’s original work, which dealt only with the head shot. As far as I know, Fiester did not make any claims about a gunman in the parking lot, per se, nor did Alek Hidell.

    Hidell, or rather his narrator, just notes in the video that his forensic analysis expands on Fiester’s work, who claimed merely that the head shot had to have come from the south knoll area. Hidell says his reconstruction proves both shots (to the throat and then to the head) came from the edge of the Terminal Annex parking lot above the south knoll.

    The point of origin is the edge of the Terminal Annex Parking Lot. The gunman’s location is the boundary of the Terminal Annex Parking Lot, on the southern edge of Dealey Plaza.

    Watch Hidell’s video.

    To be sure, I’m not the first to suggest an assassin could have shot Pres. Kennedy from a vehicle in the Terminal Annex parking lot. Nevertheless, at this point, I think it remains a plausible if not likely scenario, and helps explain why Tosh Plumlee heard shots and smelled gunpowder, but didn’t see the shooter(s).

  293. @Iris

    The huge, ugly wound on the lower, right, rear of JFK’s skull was an exit wound, so it could not have come from the Dal-Tex Building. Totally impossible. A head shot from The Grassy Knoll position would have hit the right side of JFK’s head with an exit on the left. There are no such wounds, and the lower right rear skull shot could not have come from The Grassy Knoll. Totally impossible. Besides, a shot from The Grassy Knoll might have hit Jackie, and no one wanted that. One of the stipulations imposed on the hit team was to not harm Jackie. I do accept the possibility that a secondary sniper in the Dal-Tex building might have caused the wound in JFK’s right, upper back, but then where is the exit wound in the front of JFK’s chest? Interestingly, the upper right back wound can be accounted for as an exit wound by a FMJ bullet, which pencils through without expansion. It would have entered at JFK’s front neck, just above the collar bone, and indeed there appears to be such a wound. Both the front neck wound and the kill shot resulting in the exit wound to the back of the head have similar trajectories that originate on top of The Triple Underpass, at the south end where the Underpass meets The South Knoll. Generally, I prefer to concentrate attention on that ugly exit wound in the back of JFK’s skull. Talking about other alleged shooters and bullets simply causes confusion and leads to ridiculous errors(but a Dal-Tex sniper does account for Connelly’s injuries). The kill shot that exited the back of JFK’s skull is the key. The question is, where is the entrance wound? The Zapruder Film provides the answer. JFK dropped his head just before the kill shot, so the entrance wound is above his scalp line. Note the autopsy photos black out his head hair to hide the location of the entrance wound. Finally, no shots were fired from The Grassy Knoll. Noise makers were set off to, successfully, divert attention 180 degrees away from the real location of the shootist at the south end of The Triple Underpass.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Olivier1973
  294. Bert33 says:

    Zechoos get accused of something heinous pretty much every week and the zionist theory working group is at their works pretty much 24/7. Is there any honest substance to the claims, though? Or does someone have an axe to grind? In the interest of honesty and clarity and accuracy and transparency, any/all such accusations should be looked at critically and objectively.

    JFK died of an assassin’s bullet, one Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in turn killed by Mr. Ruby. Lee Harvey was presumed to have become mentally and politically affected during his sojourn in Russia. Possibly even converted basically into a Russian operative pretty much. The assassination took place during the height of the Cold War and Russia had Big Plans for the United States with the Cuban missile base and all that.

    But, why would Ruby shoot Oswald? Ruby was reportedly ‘dirty’, involved in underhanded business and associated with criminal elements both in Dallas, as well as Chicago, which is still mobtown to this day. Rumor has it that he and Oswald had prior acquaintance, even possibly helping to orchestrate the JFK assassination. But, ,was there more to the story than the set of facts that the Warren Commission finally settled on, or is it all rumor, speculation and hearsay? Whatever be the case, Ruby took his secrets such as he might have had, to the grave.

    Three dead men, one a president, the others two former military men who went downhill in the world and to the dark side of politically motivated violence and murder. We may never know the full truth of the matter, but maybe tomorrow, the anniversary of JFK’s death, might be an apropos time to finally bury the matter and let the dead rest.

    • Troll: Emblematic
  295. j2 says:

    In Michael Collins Piper’s book the main motivation for the murder of JFK was Dimona, that is a good reason but was it the main reason? What about the 1967 war that gave the country easier defended borders? The was must have been decided long ahead and to realize this plan, they had to have their strong supporter, LBJ, as the president of their future main supporter as the French dropped out. LBJ could only get to be the Vice President, so the President had to go. Maybe the reasons of the murder were not so much what JFK did but what he was not likely to do in a few years.

  296. @Bert33

    Bert33 wrote:

    JFK died of an assassin’s bullet, one Lee Harvey Oswald

    and ….

    We may never know the full truth of the matter, but maybe tomorrow, the anniversary of JFK’s death, might be an apropos time to finally bury the matter and let the dead rest.

    Spoken like a true Zionist apologist.

    The dead should rest, and will no doubt rest easier knowing that the Apartheid Israeli State (and the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel that gave permission for the Mossad orchestrated JFK coup d’etat), is prosecuted and found guilty for this heinous crime.

  297. Seeing as it’s November 22nd today, and the anniversary of JFK’s murder, in his memory I’ll post JFK’s favourite song.

    Firstly, a little background.

    The Kennedy clan hailed from the town of New Ross in county Wexford in the south-east of Ireland from whence JFK’s great-grandfather Patrick departed in the 1840’s to emigrate to the U.S.

    And thus we have, ‘The Boys of Wexford’:

    Meanwhile, JFK visited Ireland in the summer of ’63, the last summer of his life.
    Below I post excerpts from some of his speeches there:

    There’s no denying, he was the most charismatic U.S President in living memory – much loved by almost everyone that he had personal interaction with.
    JFK had genuine empathy for his countrymen, and the peoples of the world.

    • Thanks: Iris, Arthur MacBride
  298. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    OK, had a look at the pictures. I came to the same conclusion with a simple street map aligning dal tex, the car and Tague. Here it is even better taking into account the too high window of the school book depository.

    About the car stop: one video shows the red break lights of the car being on. Also the driver looks at JFK like waiting for the fatal shot.

    French author William Reymond also saw the unaltered Z film. I forgot: one shot hitting the Simmons Freeway sign. Hence it was removed.

    (ir) Was it removed by Oswald…? (/ir)

    In an interview between Reymond and Marrs, Reymond described what he saw viewing the Z film. For instance, no cut during the turn in front of the TSBD.

    The book:

    It looks like it was never translated into English.

    For those who understand French:

    Cliff Carter: “LBJ ordered to kill JFK.”

    Reymond is wrong about Oswald.

  299. @Sparkon

    OK, I must concede the foliage argument, but it is unnecessary. What is wrong about both Fiester(shot from the slope of The South Knoll) and Hidell(shot from the parking lot) is both locations are too far to left of JFK to have made the headshot with the exit wound to the lower, rear back of the head. You are nitpicking to try to “win the argument”. As I wrote in reply to comment #285, by Laurent Guyenot, where he posts a plan view of Dealy Plaza, lay a straight edge from the head wound and it passes through the point where The Triple Underpass meets The South Knoll, at the terminus of the Underpass concrete guardrail, if anything, a little farther north on the Underpass is good too, but not the opposite direction. The central problem with the parking lot location is it is too far to the left. We actually are basically on the same page here anyway, so bickering is totally idiotic. What I like about Fiester is she got the subject onto a more realistic analysis, instead of all the stupidity of The Grassy Knoll and the Dal-Tex Building or a shootist hiding in a storm drain on Elm Street. If it turns out the shootist was in the Terminal Annex parking lot, I am fine with that. What you must do, and haven’t done, is point out exactly what vehicle, or other spot in the parking lot, you believe the shootist operated from. That way it is possible, using a straight edge and a plan view of Dealy Plaza, to determine if such a location is possible. I have been specific, the shootist was very close to the end of the concrete guardrail and using it as a rifle rest. This location accounts for all the variables, and is therefore defensable. You must do the same. You have posted a view of the parking lot, tell me where along the line you believe the shootist was.

  300. @Bert33

    There may come a day in your life when you are falsely accused of something.

    You will not be pleased at those who tell you to “let the matter rest”.

  301. @Sparkon

    I watched the Hidell video you posted, up to where it proposed the location of the shootist. There is almost no difference between the video’s proposed location and mine, perhaps, using the photo you posted on comment #303 for referance, ten feet to the left, so there is zero “undermining the rest of…[my]…argument”. Basically Hidell and I are on the same page. If fact, the location Hidell proposes is in a small triangular area adjacent to the south terminus of The Triple Underpass and not part of the parking lot. To me “the parking lot” means that area in the photo with parked cars. Really, if there is any dispute between my position and Hidell’s it is insignificant. The difference is I arrived at my conclusion without any more resources than common sense, a straight edge, and a plan view of Dealy Plaza, and I got there before Fiester and Hidell.

  302. Anne Lid says:

    There were two ladies in the crowd and one of them took pictures, which were rather rudely taken off of them by the Secret Service never to surface. They did not make millions out of the pictures, either.
    (I heard it from the mouth of the lady in a documentary, hope my memory serves me right. The ss guy simply reached into her pocket and removed the cartridge, and she was shocked at the rudeness. It was a different world.)

  303. Sparkon says:

    Interestingly, the upper right back wound can be accounted for as an exit wound by a FMJ bullet, which pencils through without expansion. It would have entered at JFK’s front neck, just above the collar bone, and indeed there appears to be such a wound.

    No. The back wound was probed during the official Bethesda autopsy. It was described as a shallow wound of entry on a downward path with no exit. It has no relationship to the throat wound.

    The official autopsy at Bethesda was witnessed by FBI agents Frances X. O’Neill and James W. Siebert who prepared an FD 302 report, which states, in part:

    During the latter stages of this autopsy, Dr. Humes located an opening which appeared to be a bullet hole which was below the shoulders and two inches to the right of the middle line of the spinal column.

    This opening was probed by Dr. Humes with the finger, at which time it was determined that the trajectory of the missile entering at this point had entered at a downward position of 45 to 60 degrees. Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a short distance inasmuch as the end of the opening could be felt with the finger.

    Inasmuch as no complete bullet of any size could be located in the brain area and likewise no bullet could be located in the back or any other area of the body as determined by total body X-Rays and inspection revealing there was no point of exit, the individuals performing the autopsy were at a loss to explain why they could find no bullets.

    Dr. Humes could find no bullets in JFK’s corpse because they had all been removed in an earlier, surreptitious autopsy, also at Bethesda, which was accomplished by a shell game with JFK’s casket.

    U.S. officials have long maintained that Kennedy’s body was delivered to the Bethesda morgue in the heavy, ornamental, bronze casket in which the body had been placed at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

    The problem, however, is that the evidence establishes that Kennedy’s body was actually delivered to the Bethesda morgue twice, at separate times and in separate caskets.

  304. S says:

    Ruby may well have been, if but somewhat unwittingly, used to shut down any meaningful investigation of what was the outward manifestation of a power struggle (ie the assassination) between Anglo-Saxon, Jewish, and what had become seen as an officially disfavored rebel faction of potential would be ‘usurpers’ interests, the interests specifically of the Kennedy/Fitzgerald political families which initially had been led by Joseph Kennedy, and in 1963 led by his son JFK.

    Relatedly, I’ve recently come across a fascinating book which delves into the history of the geo-political power struggle for the control of Afghanistan between the British Empire, it’s successor state the United States, and Russia/Soviet Union, and the philosophical, even quasi occultic, rationalizations, each of these states used to excuse their would be conquest of that land.


    The portion of the book about the British Empire, which I’ve excerpted below, delves into it’s centurys long incomplete conquest of Ireland. Kennedy’s maternal ancestors, the Hiberno-Norman FitzGeralds, at one time in the Anglo-Norman establishment’s good graces but, having become ‘more Irish than the Irish’, figure in this as they fought in rebellion in Ireland against the British in the 16th century Desmond Wars, but were mercilessly crushed.

    In this light, the Kennedy assassination, indeed, the Kennedy political family’s overall destruction, can be seen as a micro-cosm of the Desmond Rebellions, where the Kennedy/Fitzgerald political families, once in the US establishments good graces, but having fallen out of favor and becoming seen as rebels, were also mercilessly crushed.

    ‘Known as the Desmond wars for the family of Irish Catholic earls that opposed them, some of England’s most notable families found a holy cause in the contest. The Desmonds – ancestors to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and mystical Catholics in their own right – would command a version of the Catholic Just War doctrine tailored especially by a Papal Nuncio to counter it…Originally called the Prophetic History of Ireland, Cambrensis also traced the lineage of his family’s race – the sons of Gerald of Windsor or FitzGeralds – to Troy; the gift of end-time prophecy to the Jews.’

    Full book excerpt below:

    ‘But the first real challenge of Elizabeth’s mystical imperialists was the conquest of nearby Ireland and the impact of their Neoplatonic holy war would leave that country scarred and divided for four centuries. Known as the Desmond wars for the family of Irish Catholic earls that opposed them, some of England’s most notable families found a holy cause in the contest. The Desmonds – ancestors to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and mystical Catholics in their own right – would command a version of the Catholic Just War doctrine tailored especially by a Papal Nuncio to counter it.’

    ‘Largely unknown in the United States and scarcely mentioned in the history of Europe, the Desmond wars would serve as a template for British Imperial design and a metaphor for imperial mysticism. In what a modern, rational political scientist might refer to today as a colonial conquest, the struggle possessed both traditional and non-traditional aspects. While armies clashed in a brutal and often genocidal conflict reminiscent of a modern day “ethnic cleansing,” behind the scenes some of Britain’s foremost nobility engaged in a war of the occult. Gathering in secret societies like Walter Raleigh’s “School of Night” or Sir Phillip Sydney’s magic circle, England’s foremost poets, soldiers and scientists mixed magic, mathematics and religion while practicing alchemy and cabala.’

    ‘As long established competitors to the crown for control of Irish real-estate and Irish taxes, the Desmond Geraldines also laid claim to kingship through a Tudor ancestry5 and through that ancestry a competing claim on the magical tradition stretching back to King Arthur. Geoffrey of Monmouth aside, all royal houses were given to proving their legitimacy by lineage and no King of Britain could have greater legitimacy than to trace his roots to Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.’

    ‘Numerous legends told of the Geraldine’s fondness for shape-shifting and magic and popular tradition linked the Desmond earls to messianic prophecies of a magical Celtic revival. In the 12th century a Desmond ancestor, the redoubtable Giraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales) had written a competing volume to Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae with his own family at the center. Based on the prophecies of Merlin Ambrosius and an original copy of the prophecies of Merlin Celidonius, Cambrensis skillfully matched his own family’s successful invasion of Ireland in 1170 to the fulfillment of Merlin’s 6th century mystical prophecies.’

    ‘The Expugnatio Hibernica (The Conquest of Ireland) is filled with dreams, visions and ghosts and was intentionally written in a common idiom to make it accessible to all. It still reads as if it were written yesterday. One account, referred to as The Subjugation of the Men of Osraige (an independent city state near Dublin, occupied for centuries by Vikings) testifies to the mystical aspects of the 12th century struggle for the Irish countryside. “On one occasion the army was spending the night encamped in an around the old fortification in Osraige,… Suddenly there were, as it seemed, countless thousands of troops rushing upon them from all sides and engulfing all before them in the ferocity of their attack. This was accompanied by no small din of arms and clashing of axes, and a fearsome shouting which filled the heavens. Apparitions of this sort used to occur frequently in Ireland around military expeditions.”’

    ‘Originally called the Prophetic History of Ireland, Cambrensis also traced the lineage of his family’s race – the sons of Gerald of Windsor or FitzGeralds – to Troy; the gift of end-time prophecy to the Jews.’

    ‘He had suppressed the volume, for fear of offending “the powers that be” in London. But even suppressed, the message was clear. The Desmond Fitzgeralds had come to Ireland steeped in the mythology of mystical imperialism and found a match for it in Ireland. Over a period of four hundred years they attained near total sovereignty over southern Ireland and withstood numerous attempts from London to unseat them.’

    ‘But something in the Renaissance revival of Neoplatonic thought convinced the powers-that-be at Windsor Castle that the Geraldines stood in the way of a divine plan which justified their extermination. Preserved in the allegory of Spencer’s Faerie Queen, the Desmond wars more than justified the mystical imperialism of the Reformation for Queen Elizabeth’s white knights. Through cadence and number, Spencer aligns the conquest of Ireland to the stars and planets- structuring his vision of historical events to the mythology of empire and winding them into the clockwork mechanism of Time. In this holiest of missions religious warfare is a curative and not an ailment, while Time is the theater where the decayed Eden (Ireland) is restored to its original state through the application of natural philosophy (war) in order to gain a more perfect understanding of the divine intention.’

    ‘But whether mystical, magical or simply a practical accomplishment of religious warfare, the conquest of Ireland was only the first step in the mystical destiny of British Imperialism.’

  305. S says:

    From the proceeding post, that should read:

    In this light, the Kennedy assassination, indeed, the Kennedy political family’s overall destruction, can be seen as a micro-cosm of the 16th century Desmond Rebellions, where like the Hiberno-Norman FitzGeralds that preceded them, the modern day Kennedy/Fitzgerald political families that once were in the US establishment’s good graces, have likewise now fallen out of favor and become seen as rebels, and have also been mercilessly crushed.

  306. @Sparkon

    Tippit should be buried in Dallas. I would very much like to know what is in his casket.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  307. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Talking about other alleged shooters and bullets simply causes confusion and leads to ridiculous errors

    You are bringing more confusion than ever. The errors are yours.

    The Zapruder Film provides the answer.

    No way as the Z film was edited and several pictures removed so as not to see the limo stop.

    Finally, no shots were fired from The Grassy Knoll.

    At least one shot was fired from the grassy knoll. An explosive bullet. JFK’s head was sent back and to the left and the screen of the motorcycle on the left and behind the limo was splashed with brain and blood. Very simple physics.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  308. @Sparkon

    “No”???Whaaaatever. Can’t you see that Hidell’s video SUPPORTS MY POSITION??? Your reading comprehension is abysmal. I stated that a back wound supports a shooter in the Dal-Tex building, but I am only interested in the head shot that produced the exit wound in JFK’s lower, right, rear skull(Jackie was too). Nitpicking makes you look ridiculous. Give it a rest. I’m done with you.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  309. Iris says:

    On the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, French asscoation “E&R” reminds us that the only foremost political personality to have ever publicly spoken the truth about his assassins was Colonel Qaddafi:

    “Kennedy had decided to have the Dimona nuclear facility inspected. He insisted on doing so, in order to determine whether or not nuclear weapons were being produced there. The Israelis refused, but he insisted. The crisis was resolved by the resignation of Ben-Gurion. He resigned so as not to have to agree to an inspection of the Dimona power plant, and he gave the green light to Kennedy’s assassination. Kennedy was killed because he insisted that the Dimona plant be inspected. »

    Colonel Qaddafi went so far as to demand an international investigation into the murder of President Kennedy.

    On September 23, 2009, in the face of the world, in the longest speech ever made to the UN General Assembly, he had the courage to call for an international investigation on the assassination.

    “There is also the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. We want to know who killed him and why. Someone named Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later killed by a certain Jack Ruby. Why did he kill him? Jack Ruby, an Israeli, killed Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed Kennedy. Why did this Israeli kill Kennedy’s killer?

    Then Jack Ruby, the assassin of Kennedy’s assassin, died under mysterious circumstances before he could be tried. We need to open these files. The whole world knows that Kennedy wanted to investigate Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor. This case concerns international peace and security as well as the issue of weapons of mass destruction. That is why we need to open this file. »

    This was the truth, as well as being the most just tribute to President Kennedy, who died for trying to save global peace, humankind’s well-being and the future of our children. He will not be forgotten for he was a true hero whose actions resonated far beyond the frontiers of America.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Thanks: Olivier1973
  310. @Olivier1973

    Totally wrong on every count. Firstly, the head shot that produced the exit wound in JFK’s lower, right, rear skull is the only shot that cannot be misrepresented. It is therefore key to solving the mystery. Secondly, if you read my comment history, you will know I acknowledge that the limo driver was in on it, and stopped briefly, making the kill-shot from the south end of The Triple Underpass possible. Such a difficult shot, even for an expert, and making it with a subsonic load required an expert with rare skills. Thirdly, no shots were fired from The Grassy Knoll, noisemakers were, and this is a basic desception that was used by the conspirators to confuse future investigators, and they all fell for it, even you. Any shots from The Grassy Knoll would have hit JFK on the right side if his skull. The true assassin was on The Triple Underpass, south side, where it meets The South Knoll, 180 degrees from The Grassy Knoll. If you know anything about rifle shooting you will know my analysis is correct. Hidell certainly agrees. Hidell is the only one that makes any sense, besides myself, and I got there before Fiester and Hidell, and with nothing but a straight edge and my smarts.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  311. Sparkon says:

    I stated that a back wound supports a shooter in the Dal-Tex building,

    You wrote:

    Interestingly, the upper right back wound can be accounted for as an exit wound by a FMJ bullet,

    That’s wrong. You’re trying to have it both ways.

    By the way, you should learn how to use paragraph breaks.

  312. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Totally wrong on every count.

    Easier said than proved.

    this is a basic desception that was used by the conspirators to confuse future investigators

    LOL. The conspirators counted on the one man did it alone. You are claiming a false logic. Why risk someone would notice a second shooter?

    Any shots from The Grassy Knoll would have hit JFK on the right side if his skull.

    And it is exactly what happened. Head brought back and to the left. Hence the shot came from the front right. No hit on the left side of the head.

    JFK’s lower, right, rear skull is the only shot that cannot be misrepresented.

    Sooooo… that is a a tour de force on your part as you misrepresented it. Congratulations!

    If you know anything about rifle shooting you will know my analysis is correct.

    It appears that I know more than you. Are you able to distinguish the left from the right, for I am having some doubts.

    making it with a subsonic load

    Your imagination is limitless. Ad hoc groundless comment.

    That bullet came from the grassy knoll, the picket fence,” McClelland said of the fatal shot, referring to the area in front of the presidential motorcade at the moment the shots rang out.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  313. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    The world needs urgently a new Kennedy to run the USA. But I guess he would be killed again. Trump could have been, but he submitted to the neocons nazis (=national zionists): Bolton, Pompeo, Haspel. So as to save his head. To live as a coward instead to die as a hero.

    • Agree: Iris
  314. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Tippet is in the grave marked Tippet, and Oswald is in the grave marked Oswald. Except that Oswald’s grave was originally marked William Bobo because Oswald was just his undercover alias. When they release his tax returns in 2199, everything will become clear. Trump had no choice to do except as he was forced. He was the candidate of the secret nationalists, but they did not know what they were up against. The Illuminati have been in control since 1776.

  315. Sparkon says:

    Yes, but please, Donald Trump is no Jack Kennedy. There is little in common between the two men, starting with their political affiliations, Trump the Republican and Kennedy the Democrat.

    Pres. Kennedy was a hit with the press because he was articulate and witty. He was a hit with the public because he had charm and charisma, in addition to being trim and handsome with a beautiful wife. In his day, DJT had a stormy relationship with the MSM, and was more of a bloated rabble-rouser who reneged on most of his campaign rhetoric.

    JFK may have had loose morals, but I doubt you would have seen him cavorting with, or relying on, the likes of Jeffery Epstein. You can fill in the rest.

    Now back to the JFK assassination.

    The problem with the north knoll gunman theory is that Pres. Kennedy’s wounds do not comport with a north grassy knoll shooter. Bombercommand is absolutely right on this point.

    The motorcycle rider positioned to the left rear of JFK’s limousine did ride through a cloud of blood and brain matter blown out by a shot to Pres. Kennedy’s head, but critically, there was no exit wound or wound of any kind noted on the left side or left rear of Pres. Kennedy’s head. That inconvenient fact really pretty much rules out a shot from the right front or north grassy knoll area hitting John Kennedy’s head.

    I think Sherry Fiester’s head shot theory depends on Pres. Kennedy leaning and turning his head to the left toward Mrs. Kennedy after being shot in the throat. Fiester claims that turning movement exposed JFK’s right temple to the south knoll gunman. I haven’t read her book, and I’m relying on Alek Hidell’s characterization of her work and conclusions, which he covers in his video that I’ve linked above.

    The origin of the throat shot is easier to determine because of the “through and through” bullet hole in the limo’s windshield, which gives the forensic analyst another point along with JFK’s throat wound. Those two points, like any two points, can generate only one straight line, or vector.

    You can turn your head, but you can’t turn your neck without rotating your entire upper body. Although JFK was obscured by the Stemmons Freeway sign at the instant he was shot in the throat, the position of JFK and his limo at that moment can be determined by interpolation from other stills and movies, such as the Orville Nix movie.

    Plotting a line from JFK’s throat wound through the windshield hole points toward the Terminal Annex parking lot.

    I conclude there was a lot more cover available to an assassin concealed within a vehicle in the TA parking lot than there would have been for a gunman up on the railroad bridge over the triple underpass. There were at least two Dallas police up on that railroad bridge, along with a number of railroad workers who’d been cleared by a supervisor, although they weren’t supposed to be there.

    From what I understand, the Terminal Annex parking lot was open to the public with no access control. Snipers in a car would have had a quick and easy getaway from the scene of the crime. They simply concealed their weapons and drove away.

    By contrast, a gunman up on the railroad bridge over the triple underpass was out in the open and exposed to a number of potential witnesses, with no quick and easy way out of there.

    Alek Hidell’s reconstruction puts the fatal head shot as passing through one of the open side windows of the limo before hitting JFK. I don’t know if that tight shot would have been possible from any other position than the one Hidell pinpoints, which he claims lines up also with the origin of the throat shot.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
    , @Olivier1973
  316. Wielgus says:

    Your average “Trot” does not read “Stalinist” material, much less pose with it holding a gun. The Monty Python satire of the Judean People’s Front absolutely hating the People’s Front of Judea has a firm foundation in the facts of left interaction, or the lack of it. Which is why I am not alone in feeling there is something phony about the pictures.

  317. Wielgus says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Posing with the National Review and the New American while clutching a rifle might make people scratch their heads as to motivation, though.

  318. @Olivier1973

    We need another Kennedy like we need another Biden.

    What we really need is a Truman or a Trump.

  319. @Truth Vigilante

    “There’s no denying, he was the most charismatic U.S President in living memory – much loved by almost everyone that he had personal interaction with. JFK had genuine empathy for his countrymen, and the peoples of the world.”

    Huh? Jim Jones was charismatic, and Greta Whatshername has empathy for peoples of the world. Mr. Rogers was much loved by everybody. Jimmy Carter had empathy for his countrymen. Lady Di was all of the above.

    No Kennedy, especially Mr. PT109, and none of the people just mentioned, would have been fit to tie the sandals of Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump. Or even Ike or Truman.

    Good riddance, Kennedy clan.

    • Troll: Iris, Olivier1973
  320. JFK Jr.’s Israeli chauffer Yoel Katzavman.

    One wonders if Yoel Katzavman had access to the luggage compartment of JFK Jr’s plane…..
    Anyway Jewish Zionists were in and around all 3 Kennedy deaths.And why did Bill Clinton
    have the bodies all cremated allegedly without the permission of JFK Jr. or his wife’s families ?

    Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 02:54:30 +0300 (IDT)
    From: barry chamish

    Subject: driver

    by Barry Chamish

    This interview with JFK Jr.’s driver appeared in Yediot Ahronot shortly
    after the Piper crash. My comments begin and end with ***.

    drove John Jr. 48 hours before the plane broke up. “He was a
    quiet and humble client.”

    “How could he have flown that plane with a broken leg? It was
    really suicidal?,” said Yoel Katzavman (38), a limousine driver
    born in Hakiriot, who drove the Kennedy couple many times.

    Katzavman arrived in the US three years before and was employed
    by the Empire limousine service. He was often called to drive
    John Jr. and Carolyn Kennedy from their New York apartment. He
    recalls his last ride with John Jr., less than 48 hours before
    the final takeoff….

    • Replies: @Laurent Guyénot
  321. You say, “It is repeated in every book that Ruth Paine looked after Oswald on behalf of the CIA, but no evidence is ever given.” Check page 173 of Douglass for testimony Marina Oswald gave. Also, see pages 170-171 for a discussion of Ruth Paine’s sister, Sylvia Hyde Hoke, who was a CIA employee.

    In addition, you seem to want to imply that Ruth Paine was Jewish: “On the other hand, I was surprised to read in her testimony to the Warren Commission that in the 1950s, Ruth Paine had been ‘a leader in the Jewish community at Indianapolis….’ ” Ruth Paine was the daughter of William Avery Hyde, a WASP. When she began her association with Jewish organizations in the 1950s, she had already become a Quaker. You would know that if you had read further in her Warren Commission testimony.

    Or maybe you simply chose to omit that fact. Implying that Ruth Paine was Jewish makes it seem that a whole network of Jews surrounded Oswald, which would help to build your case that Israel was behind the JFK assassination.

    Really, there isn’t much doubt as to the responsible party — the CIA. If you’re not convinced of that after reading Douglass, you can simply go through Inside the Assassination Records Review Board.

  322. @Stochastic Determinist

    The debate about CIA vs Mossad misses the point.

    There have been some excellent discussions here about how the CIA and Mossad are tied at the hip.

    One link was Angleton, but there are many others.

    The assassination and the coverup would have been impossible without the CIA, but that does not let everyone else off the hook.

  323. @Stochastic Determinist

    Oswald’s Jewish childhood ‘friend’ Fred or Ephraim O’Sullivan later was a witness against him testifying before the Warren Commission and eventually migrating to Israhell.Also interesting
    that while in Russia Oswald had a Jewish girlffriend who herself emigrated to Israel .

    How Oswald’s childhood friend found himself in Israel and …
    Oct 30, 2017 — To Efraim O’Sullivan, Lee Harvey Oswald was always “Lee,” even after he assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Lee was the kid who lived .

    How Oswald’s Childhood Friend Found Himself in Israel and Ended Up ‘Helping the Mossad’
    Being called to testify before the Warren Commission on JFK’s assassination was only one milestone in the extraordinary life of Efraim O’Sullivan. He also helped foil a plot to assassinate Nixon…..

    Oswald killed JFK, says veteran Israeli reporter whose father …
    Oct 24, 2017 — Still, veteran Israel journalist and former Jerusalem Post defense … whose father, Fred, was a classmate of Lee Harvey Oswald in Louisiana .

    Lee Harvey Oswald — Almost An Israeli | Dov Ivry | The Blogs
    Jun 22, 2015 — If Lee Harvey Oswald, who got framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas, had been a bit more patient , he might have been living in Israel today, a man in his 70s …

    The KGB was throwing one girl after another at him and he took full advantage, but he also developed a relationship with a Jewish girl who worked at the factory, Ella German.

    Of the pre-war population of 300,000 in Minsk only 10 per cent remained alive after the war and the city was rubble. Of course the Jews got the worst of it. When the Germans approached, Ella’s family jumped on a train carrying horses and cows east and managed to survive the war. Ella was 4 at the time.

    Ella was Oswald’s first love. They were together for eight months.

    Here’s what he said about her in his diary.

    “Ella German — a silky, black haired Jewish beauty with fine dark eyes, skin as white as snow, a beautiful smile and good but unpredictable nature, her only fault was that at 24 she was still a virgin, and due entirely to her own desire. I met her when she came to work at our factory. I noticed her, and perhaps fell in love with her, the first minute I saw her.”

    After attending a New Year’s Eve party at her home, the next day Oswald asked her to marry him.

    She declined.

    A month later he applied to return to the US. A month after that he met Marina, his future wife. A month after that, admitting he was on the rebound, asked Marina to marry him.

    Ella would marry another factory worker and when the Iron Curtain fell they moved to Israel.

  324. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Yes, but please, Donald Trump is no Jack Kennedy.

    Indeed. He is still alive.

    starting with their political affiliations

    Does it make a difference? Of course not. The MIC is leading, not the president.

    which he covers in his video that I’ve linked above.

  325. In Guatemala the CIA and U.S. government is happy to take credit for the holocaust of the Mayan people in the 1980s for their Zionist masters or allow deceased General Rios Mont to take all the ‘credit’even though every single bullet forensically examined of the dead Mayan bodies is from a Galil rifle.And all the show trials of ex Guatemalan military leaders of that time make sure to avoid and dodge the irrefutale forensic facts of those bullets in those dead bodies and the Israelis behind them.

    In Argentina the Argentine military from around 1976 to 1982 is claimed by the the international Zionist controlled media to have been ‘Nazis’ whose main victims were the poor defenseless Jews
    even though it was Israel who provided all the weapons for their war crimes against Argentine citizens.It is more plausible to me that the ‘z’ in Nazi stands for Zionist because the word socialist in German is spelled with an s,not a ‘z’.

    The Zionist controlled media claims that around 12% of all Argentine victims of the military were Jews even though the Jewish population of Argentina is only around 1% of the Argentine population.However as an example there were an estimated 600 women rounded up and forced into being baby machines as captives of the military until their babies were born and then drugged and dropped by aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean and Rio Plata river after having served their purpose as baby machines.The ‘Jewish Journal’ only found one example of a possible orphan of Jewish heritage among those probable 600 motherless orphans who were put up for adoption when by my rough calculation there should have been at least around 25 if 12% of their mothers were Jewish.Strange that the Zionist media ignored the best victim for their propoganda who was the daughter grand daughter of a reknowned Argentine Jewish poet, probably because her slaughtered mother wasn’t Jewish.

    Pope Francis and the deceased Pro Nuncio Pio Laghi have much to answer for in their collusion with the the Zionist military puppets of Argentina as well as in Guatemala,Chile,El Salvador, Honduras.etc.,if you ask me.And so do their puppets in the CIA and U.S. government in general and we U.S. citizens get tarnished for what Israel profits from.

    Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a prostitute of the Jewish Zionist financial military industrial war machine and should be forced to testify.Ronald Reagan was another prostitute for the Zionists as well, just like Kissinger’s Richard Nixon who was led like a poodle on a leash to lick the boots of the Jewish Zionists’ Chinese allies.Well maybe when we’re all gone and there are only the Jews and Chinese they will only have each other jugulars to go for.

  326. Iris says:
    @Stochastic Determinist

    which would help to build your case that Israel was behind the JFK assassination.

    After so many insightful and original articles by Laurent Guyenot and Ron Unz had been issued on the JFK assassination, it is really annoying to read such worn-out trope.

    I will repeat a comment I made before:

    Those who killed President Kennedy are those who had the motives, the means, the opportunity, and who ultimately deployed the decisive action to kill any investigation into his death.

    Motive: Israel needed President Kennedy dead before the planned Dec 1963 Dimona inspection, during which his nuclear experts would have inevitably discovered that the reactor had secretly gone live in July 1963 in order to conceal its secret weapon-producing intended design.
    The wrath of God would have fallen upon Isreal: but Isreal got “lucky” and President Kennedy was killed just one month before an inspection that would have signified the end of its nuclear programme and of US support.

    Opportunity: It was created by prominent Dallas Zionist businessman Sam Bloom, who defined JFK motorcade’s route and its passing by the Elm Street death trap that made JFK a sitting duck.

    Means: The principal sniper tasked with shooting JFK from the back, in order to incriminate the pre-designated patsy Oswald, was positioned in the Dal-Tex Building, a Sayanim sanctuary controlled by the Dallas wealthy Zionist community.
    This was proven by the earliest ballistic analysis, and later scientifically demonstrated by the exit bullet hole in a piece of JFK’s skull labelled “the Harper fragment”.

    Control of the narrative: Contrary to usual, the tiered truck preceding the motorcade and packed with journalists filming JFK was discarded. The most exhaustive film of the tragedy was shot by Zapruder, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, Zionist and Freemason, whose offices were in the Dal-Tex building.
    Zapruder was let to stand on a perch and film in a prominent position just meters from the motorcade. (Members of the public who on the Grassy Knoll to observe the presidential convoy received death threats and were forced to leave before the shooting).

    Zapruder was unscathed and undisturbed by the shots fired from close behind him; he continued filming and closing on the President, and his camera did not shake when the shots were fired.

    Damage control: After Oswald the patsy managed to escape his planned premature execution, the task of silencing him was given to Jacob Rubinstein, who, in his own words, did it “for the Jewish people”. By killing Oswald, Ruby killed the inquiry.

    Continued cover up: Not only the Kennedy assassination has been continuously and implacably covered up for over 60 years, but the Kennedys are regularly smeared and insulted, and their memory tarnished, in a rabid and systematic fashion by all MSM. Such hatred goes far beyond what an intelligence agency would do to protect a State secret. Such hatred can only be carried over by a homogenous collective, that has passed it now for 3 generations.

    You can bang as much as you want the “CIA did it” drum. The CIA is only made of Americans with a variety of opinions, with actors who retire, die, and get replaced by individuals who have no personnel interest in covering up the JFK crime. Only Israel had the unified, trans-generational interest to do so. The key actor in President Kennedy’s abject execution was Israel.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante, Alden
    • Thanks: Emblematic
  327. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Yes, but please, Donald Trump is no Jack Kennedy.

    Indeed. He is still alive.

    starting with their political affiliations

    Does it make a difference? Of course not. The MIC is leading, not the president.

    which he covers in his video that I’ve linked above.

    Ludicrous. In two views of that video, the position of the shooter on that southern parking lot is different. Which one it is?

    I conclude there was a lot more cover available to an assassin concealed within a vehicle in the TA parking lot

    A snipper will not choose a position behind trees where the shooting line could be hindered by one or more trunks.

    The origin of the throat shot is easier to determine because of the “through and through” bullet hole in the limo’s windshield,

    Again ludicrous. When the throat shot happened, every body inside the car was in the line of shooting with a moving car. And there is no evidence that screen shot came from in front rather from behind. Nor do we know whent the screen shot happened.

    The motorcycle rider positioned to the left rear of JFK’s limousine did ride through a cloud of blood and brain matter blown out by a shot to Pres. Kennedy’s head,

    It means that the shot came from the right of the limo not from the left. The entrance wound is on the right side of the skull: shot from the right of the limo. Like the theory that JDK was killed by the driver.

    The distance from the southern parking lot is 80 m while from the grassy knoll 35 m. A shot from the parking lot would have find Jackie in the line of shooting. JFK was on a seat on the right of the car, hence the shooters were all on the right of the car.

    Again ludicrous theories bring only confusion, and it is what the authorities are looking for.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Sparkon
  328. Iris says:

    Again ludicrous theories bring only confusion, and it is what the authorities are looking for.

    Thank you, Olivier, for your ever rational and intelligent comments.

    The position where President Kennedy’s limousine was, at the precise moment he received the fatal headshot, is known and cannot be disputed, except by the blessed ignorant: it was famously captured by the Mary Moorman photo, taken by the amateur photographer with a Polaroid, and smartly damaged by the Dallas police with finger marks applied at the critical location.

    It is easy to locate the limousine compared to the Grassy Knoll to its right, and to the stockade fence to its left; the limousine was about to arrive at the level of the stairs coming down from the Pergola when the headshot was fired. Zapruder is very visible to the left, perched on a column.

    Based on this undisputable position, it is clear the the closest distance and most direct line of fire a sniper could have been at was directly behind the picket fence, at the corner of the picket fence.

    Aerial views of Dealy Plaza seem to be very hard to come by. The artist impression below was the best I could find. The limousine in Position 3 was actually before/haven’t reached the stairs down the Pergola yet, but it gives a good idea: the closet sheltered firing position was the corner of the picket fence. Neither the Pergola, nor the Triple Underpass.

    • Replies: @Iris
  329. Iris says:

    Zapruder is very visible to the left, perched on a column.

    Apologies for the typo: Zapruder is of course perched on the column to the right, just above the policeman on a motorcycle at the extreme right of the photo.

  330. Sparkon says:

    A snipper [sic] will not choose a position behind trees where the shooting line could be hindered by one or more trunks.

    I‘ve already addressed this in my reply to bombercommand, and subsequent comments. In my comment #303, I wrote:

    See Frank Cancellare’s photo … taken just seconds after the assassination, which shows clearly and unambiguously there were just a few, mostly small trees growing on that part of the south knoll. A gunman in the parking lot easily could have found a position with an unobstructed view of JFK’s limo coming down Elm.

    Even bombercommand conceded this point after studying the Cancellare photo, so you’re not arguing in good faith, and in fact you’re making yourself look dense and/or devious here by ignoring the Cancellare photo and my comment about it, while trying to conjure up stupid “snippers” who shoot tree trunks, but at least you got thanks from Iris…

    You wrote:

    When the throat shot happened, every body inside the car was in the line of shooting with a moving car [sic]. And there is no evidence that screen shot came from in front rather from behind. Nor do we know whent [sic] the screen shot happened.

    If you’ve watched Alek Hidell’s JFK South Knoll Gunman video at all, it must have gone in one eye and out the other, because all of your objections here are thoroughly addressed in the video.

    Indeed, within the first 6 minutes of Hidell’s video, we get oral and written statements from the Ford technician who saw the front-to-back bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s limo in the Glass Lab at Ford’s Rouge plant, where the limo had been sent to have the windshield replaced:

    [5:45] “It was a good, clean bullet hole right straight through from the front […]

    [5:50] Right, this had a clean, round hole in the front, and the fragmentation coming out the back.

    [9:08] It had a bullet hole in it. The hole was about 4 or 6 inches to the right of the rear view mirror. The shot had come from the front.”

    — George Whitaker, Sr.

    The lady we see with her eyebrows arched on the cover display of Alek Hidell’s YouTube video is in fact Dr. Evalea Glanges, who also saw the bullet hole while the limo was at Parkland. She tells us:

    [7:35] “On the morning of November 22, 1963, I was a 2nd year medical student at Southwestern Medical University in Dallas, Texas.

    We ran around the side of the building to the emergency room exit, and the presidential limousine was there. [7:52] I had been standing there for some time just watching the back of the emergency room when I realized that there was a bullet hole in the windshield. [8:00] I talked to my friend next to me and said “Look, there’s a bullet hole in the windshield,” and pointed it out to them.

    At the time, I did not know any of the details of the shooting. I was quite shocked when I looked up and saw the bullet hole, [8:17] but it was very clear, it was a through and through bullet hole through the windshield of the car, from the front to the back. [8:25]

    I don’t believe there’s even any cracks associated with that bullet hole. It seemed like a high velocity bullet that had penetrated from front to back in that glass [plate ?]

    At which point, a security officer of some type rushed forward and jumped in the limousine and drove it off, even as I was leaning against it, to an area back of us somewhere, and that was the last time I saw the limousine.”

    The point where Pres. Kennedy was hit in the throat is known, as I wrote:

    Although JFK was obscured by the Stemmons Freeway sign [in the Zapruder film] at the instant he was shot in the throat, the position of JFK and his limo at that time can be determined by interpolation from other stills and movies, such as the Orville Nix movie.

    The famous Altgens 6 photograph [9:18], taken about 1.5 seconds after JFK was shot in the throat, shows the bullet hole through the windshield exactly as described later by George Whitaker, Sr.

    The shot to Pres. Kennedy’s head hit him in the right temple and blew out a fist-sized hole in the right rear of his skull.

    In the occipito-parietal region at the right rear of the head, there was an avulsive wound nearly as large as a fist. Bone, scalp, and hair were missing in the region, and brain tissue, including much of the cerebellum, was hanging from the opening. I considered the throat wound to be an entrance wound and the large head wound to be an exit wound. Along with many of my Parkland colleagues, I believed at the time that President Kennedy had been hit twice from the front.

    — Dr. Charles Crenshaw

    You finished with this gem:

    Again ludicrous theories bring only confusion, and it is what the authorities are looking for.

    Carry on then.

    Sherry Fiester was a published, professional crime scene analyst.

    Like most people I had lots of questions concerning the Kennedy assassination. However, I was in a position to find answers. In 1993, I was a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and court certified expert in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, totaling in over 30 Judicial Districts and Louisiana State Federal Court. My areas of expertise included Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Blood Spatter Analysis. I was published in these fields and recognized as an instructor at state and national levels.

    — Sherry Fiester

    Something’s ludicrous here all right, but I don’t think it’s Sherry Fiester.

  331. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Alek Hiddel:

    Hence my analysis. If the throat shot is by a determined killer vs a false flag scare event, the likelihood that he fired again because the first shot failed is very high. The head does not snap back and to the left, only back. The way I put this together is intended to lead the viewer to an inevitable conclusion. That everyone ran to the north knoll means that you haven’t fully understood the idea that most shooters were not aiming to kill. Of course there was a shot from the north knoll. That he was seen is exactly the reason I support the idea that he was part of the false flag aspect of the ambush… if JFK had lived there would have been no lone gunman I suggest. Instead Lee would have been portrayed as one of a pro Castro group and the fact there were multiple shooters would have been the very fabric of the story. The fact remains that the evidence does *not*, in any way, support a successful shot from the north knoll, and the plethora of missed shots gives the lie to the idea that this was a crack team of assassins triangulating fire. Only two gunmen hit JFK. The shot from the rear bears all the hallmarks of being intended to wound, and to frame the Carcano by it being a sabot round previously fired from another weapon. The throat shot was, I suggest, the kill shot, taken because the gunman had set himself up in the position he did in expectation of the bubble top being on. It was to ensure the only clean shot he thought he’d have. He also had to take it whilst the false flag was in effect, not before, not after. I’m not being obstinate here, merely logical. My conclusion was arrived at after months of work an approximately 9 visits to Dallas, with another since. Unless someone comes up with an alternate hypothesis, mine is self explanatory.


    False flag?!


    He completely discredited himself.

    On the southern knoll, a sniper would have been in plain sight (no fence to hide), and something like 130 m away from his moving target, aiming a target behind a windshield with other people in the car and behind the car. Very, very risky shot, which would have made the conspiracy obvious at once. Same sniper with two different bullets?! Not believable.

    Jean Hill testimony:

    On the other side of the street, at the top of a little green mound universally known today as the “grassy knoll”, Jean Hill had seen an incredible sight (…)
    It was a sight that was destined to haunt her for the rest of her life: A muzzle flash, a puff of smoke, and the shadowy figure of a man holding a rifle, barely visible above the wooden fence at the top of the knoll, still in the very act of murdering the president of the United States.

    Several witnessed confirmed that, especially Sam Holland with a detailed description. No “puff of smoke” on the South side.

  332. @Iris

    Ridiculous. Israel was more powerful than the CIA? I’m laughing at your delusions.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Truth Vigilante
  333. geokat62 says:
    @Stochastic Determinist

    Ridiculous. Israel was more powerful than the CIA? I’m laughing at your delusions.

    I guess you missed this little news item?

    Trump: Until recently Israel ‘literally owned Congress’ — and that was a good thing

    • Thanks: Iris
  334. @Stochastic Determinist

    Spastic Determinist wrote:

    Ridiculous. Israel was more powerful than the CIA? I’m laughing at your delusions.

    No, it is we who are laughing at your delusions.

    Israel has hundreds of nukes, a sizeable conventional military capacity and it’s GDP is orders of magnitude more than the CIA’s budget.
    What military capability of any consequence, does the CIA have ?

    Add to that the millions of sayanim among the Jewish diaspora throughout the world who are working in cahoots with the Apartheid Israeli State (some of whom are immensely wealthy), and you have one extremely powerful Jewish collective entity.

    In any event, the CIA, Mossad and Britain’s MI-6 are all subservient to the same entity that the Apartheid Israeli state is. ie: none other than the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel that controls the entirety of the western financial system.

    With that in mind, it’s not a case of either/or (implying that the CIA and Israel are two mutually exclusive entities), because they are in fact two servile branches (WORKING IN UNISON towards the same end), of the Vampire Squid cabal that is calling all the shots.

    James Jesus Angleton, the chief entity in the CIA that orchestrated the JFK coup d’etat, has statues commemorating him erected in Israel for ‘services rendered’.

    Why do you think that is, Spastic Determinist ?

  335. Iris says:

    Since our Zionist overlords have billions of our tax money and ghost Central Banks-created money, to buy the MSM, inundate the minds with ludicrous lies and re-write History with their Talmudic fakery, let’s go back to more intelligent times where people had brains and could not be fooled and silenced as is the case today.

    Book by a French Historian Says He Feels They Also Wanted Oswald Killed
    Special to The New Took Times – 20 Oct 1967

    PARIS, Oct. 19 — A French historian has written in new book that Gen. Charles de Gaulle believes the police in the United States knew that President Kennedy would be assassinated, and that they wanted Lee Harvey Oswald to be killed. In “La Tragedie du General“, the author, Jean-Raymond Tournoux, quotes President de Gaulle as saying after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963:

    “The police did the job, or they ordered it done, or else they let it happen. In any, case, they were involved in it. It is always thus in a country torn by racial hatreds, where there are the oppressors and the downtrodden, where the oppressors are more frightened than the oppressed, where the police, or at least some of them, are in league with the oppressors.”

    The book will be published tomorrow by Plon and by Paris-Match, the weekly news magazine. Mr. Tournoux, the political editor of Paris-Match and a respected historian, interviewed those people to whom General De Gaulle speaks freely.

    According to the book, General de Gaulle contends that the police wanted people to believe that Oswald was a fanatical Communist so they could start a Communist witch-hunt and that the police planned to shoot Oswald to prevent a trial: Their plans went wrong so they went to an informer (Jack Ruby) who killed Oswald “on the pretext of defending the memory of Kennedy,” Mr. Tournoux writes. General de Gaulle is also quoted as having said: “America is becoming less and less a stable country, one that can be relied on. It is returning to its old demons”.

    One has to remember that at the time, General De Gaulle was the powerful President and visionary politician who had saved the French nation twice, from the shame of German occupation and the dishonourable Algeria war, had rescued French gold from the claws of the Fed, and who had just publicly taken on Israel by his famous speech on Israeli supremacy.

    So while authors and readers of the UR are, today, called “deluded” for bringing back old historic truths , we are only re-establishing the reality of things, by bringing back to light facts that were considered certain by most at the time they occurred.

    The Israeli Hasbara effort is more than ever a scorched earth tactics, that will only prolong America’s terminal cognitive coma and accelerate its fall as world super-power and the subsequent end of its protégé Israel. Other nations on the rise are not fooled by the stupidities entertained by the Zio-controlled American MSM. So keep up the good work, Hasbara.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  336. @Iris

    Thank you, Iris, for your good news ref your Arab connections.
    Just catching up on threads of interest after returning from visiting friends in Berlin. Depressing to see what Deutschland has become (albeit growing resistance in some quarters). Next door Österreich even worse … very depressing …

    When one considers the vast majority of Europeans are sunk in “superstition-grade lunacies” as you accurately say and, even worse, no apparent desire to move beyond getting their world-view wholesale from “newspapers” and tv … bondservants of the Bank while imagining themselves free and independent … almost incredible that people can be so terminally stupid as to put their faith in and even defend the evil that is destroying them …

    Looking forward to seeing your scenario come to fruition.
    Remembering the intellects you mention and the fortitude, courage, endurance of many ME Arabs and wishing them deliverance from the Beast.

    As for western Europe, there is a prediction that seems to happening now.
    Let’s hope the people repent of following the satanic power …

    10 … because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (Second Thessalonians ch 2 KJV).

    • Thanks: Iris
  337. @PMcD

    Still—Oswald —on top of warehouse 2-3 blocks from parade shooting rifle in reverse position while viewing a mirror for perfectly delivered head shots —–. Had USA spared Oswald and entered him in the 1964 Olympics —Gold Medals for shooting. How could Johnson and Connelly have overlooked this fact ????

  338. Hibernian says:

    Also Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen.

  339. Hibernian says:

    …they didn’t call them Camelot without good reason.

    Camelot consisted to a large degree of readmitting Far Leftists to the councils of power (some never left if they were smart enough not to be card carrying or otherwise obvious) after a “decent interval” following the Mc Carthy Era.

  340. Hibernian says:
    @Punch Brother Punch

    “JFK” was directed and co-produced by Oliver Stone; his co-producer was Mr. Ho.

  341. Hibernian says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    There’s no denying, he was the most charismatic U.S President in living memory –

    I vote for Reagan.

    • Replies: @Iris
  342. Iris says:

    JFK was an exceptional individual long before becoming President.

    He was a bona fide war hero, who despite a crippling bad back, used his father’s connection to actually join the Navy in 1941.

    He then deliberately transferred to the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron TWO, based in the Solomon Islands, in the middle of the war with Japan, to participate in combat.

    When a Japanese destroyer rammed into his ship and sunk it, JFK found himself in the water with his crew, including a wounded engineer Patrick McMahon. Despite his damaged back, JFK towed McMahon, clasping a strap in his teeth, and swimming for four hours until they all reached an island.

    JFK deployed all sorts of efforts to save his crew. They ended swimming for hours to another island inhabited by natives, and JFK again towed McMahon.

    JFK was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medals for his bravery in a situation of mortal danger, hailed a hero for the way he selflessly looked after his men, and also awarded the Purple Heart because he severely re-injured his back.

    Back to civilian life, he wrote “Profiles in Courage”, a striking manifesto of what he believed in, selflessness and commitment to the collective good, and for which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize:

    Profiles in Courage is a 1956 volume of short biographies describing acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators.
    Then-Senator John F. Kennedy won the Pulitzer Prize for the work.
    The book profiles senators who defied the opinions of their party and constituents to do what they felt was right and suffered severe criticism and losses in popularity because of their actions.

    As a President, he was a heroic visionary, who understood before most others that the worthiest cause of his time was that of World Peace and the preservation of Humankind.

    Ultimately, this is why he was killed: because against JFK’s self-assigned mission, Israel wanted the A-Bomb, and because the Tribal banking industry controlling the US MIC wanted the war on Vietnam, and many more wars to come.

    JFK was similar to those fictional exceptional heroes of popular novels or films, except that he was for real.

    He deserves to be revered; he was one the greatest heroes and politicians that ever graced the entire world with their presence, let alone the American Presidency.

    • Thanks: Laurent Guyénot
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  343. Hibernian says:

    The evil nature of his assassins does not prove that he is a hero. He was relieved from his desk job in intel in DC and sent into combaat in the South Pacific because the Navy discovered he was in a relationship with a German spy, “Inga-Binga.”

    • Replies: @Iris
  344. Iris says:

    because the Navy discovered he was in a relationship with a German spy, “Inga-Binga.”

    And you believe this why? Because J. Edgar Hoover said so in one of his complacent “memoirs” (From the Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover)?

    J. Edgar Hoover, one of the biggest POS that ever lived? A closet cross-dressing queenie who covered up and committed most disgusting crimes for decades, a POS who hurt and hunted gays, who forced agents to sleep with him, who raided and attacked labour trade unions, who covered up and helped Organised Crime to thrive, who had Fred Hampton murdered like a dog in front of his young family?

    Sorry, but people who haven’t understood that official narratives, including “semi-official gossip”, is produced by the Zionist PTB’s against those brave enough to oppose them are beyond salvation.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  345. Hibernian says:

    An admission against interest by Establishment Wikipedia:

    She had been Hitler’s guest at the 1936 Olympics. Not just Hoover but the assistant director of the Office of Naval Intelligence believed Inga was a spy.

  346. 2 points, of what relevance to the Kennedy brothers’ murders I know not:

    1. Lyndon Johnson’s mother was Jewish, a fact not often mentioned and therefore not widely known. Technically, that would have made Bernie Sanders the US’s second Jewish President had HRC and her DNC goons not stolen the Dem nomination from him in 2016.

    2. Johnson’s role in covering up Israel’s failed attempt to sink USS Liberty in 1967 was less than kosher. Ron Unz has covered this piece of evil in detail. The stench still lingers…

  347. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that there was no shot to the throat. The movement of his arms results from the shot in his back. The hole in the throat was mandatory to forge the magic bullet explanation. JFK body moves forward not backward. Two of the secret service men on the following car are looking backwards at the very moment (Altgen photo).

    The hit on the windshield: witnesses say that they could put a pencil through it, but the available photos do not show that. Should such a windshield not be bullet proof?

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Iris
  348. Sparkon says:

    This has all been explained to you previously in my comment 343:

    As I said then, it must have gone in one eye and out the other, but maybe it didn’t penetrate your consciousness at all, as you seem entirely impervious to reason.

    The front-to-back, “through and through” bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s limo has been firmly established by eyewitnesses, including the technician at Ford who replaced the windshield.

    The entrance wound in Pres. Kennedy’s throat has been firmly established by the doctors who first saw him at Parkland.

    They were there; you weren’t.

    Your ludicrous conclusions are entirely worthless.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  349. @Steph

    The secret society speech given by JFK was a mere paler carbon-copy of FBI’s Edgar Hoover, and the secret enemy everyone was to be afraid of was communism as remote-controlled from Moscow. It was not 100% false but it constituted no departure from trite classical McCarthysm. JFK was thereby making it clear that he would stick to his promise : defending the Military Industrial Complex against Eisenhower’s recent opinion that the MIC might represent a greater danger than communism. As regards the Jewish Question, JFK relied on two sources of counselling and obedience : Canada’s Edgar Bronfman, thanks to whose clan his own one had grown so fabulously rich during the Prohibition, and Henry Kissinger, to whom JFK had opened the WH’s doors for the first time. These two Jewish character, ultra-Zionist though they were, were not that attached to that little piece of land in the ME, lest it might deviate the Jewish entity from the fact that the land promised to them by YHWH was the whole Earth, not former Palestine. Henry Kissinger still dreamt that the capital city of the future World Zionist state would be Paris, not some archeological reconstitution of Old Jerusalem, as was implied by the text of the Protocols. Moreover by then Israel was still an utopian left-leaning kibbutz : this country still had to mature before being green-lighted to share everything the American Jewish elite possessed. The American nuclear sector by the clauses of the Manhattan project was still strictly barred to non-Jews, it was a Jewish property on the American soil. The executive order you refer to regarding the FED consisted not in the American state regaining money emission power from the FED but emitting BONDS to be payed in metallic silver instead of dollars by the American state, a mot opposite kind of decision since the American state intervened thereby only as a debtor to the FED : anyway it was no kind of any history-making decision, it was a trial balloon of secondary importance that was to be phased out for lack of clients.

  350. Iris says:

    I am slowly coming to the conclusion that there was no shot to the throat.

    Hi Olivier. I believe that this is the correct opinion.

    For clarity, many sensible people think that it is wrong and even suspicious to discuss such minutiae of the the Kennedy assassination. However, it is the only way to forge a rational opinion of what really happened.

    The JFK assassination was a psy-op operation, with many levels and deliberate red herrings. The only way to build a rational scenario of what actually happened is to examine every fact and extract the most significant ones.

    There are at least six testimonies of people having seen a bullet hole into the presidential limousine, including George Whitaker, the Ford Motor Company’s Rouge Plant manager,whose testament was featured in “The Men who Killed Kennedy“, and who was adamant the bullet had been fired from the front.

    So there is a reasonable case that this may be true, that a sniper may have fired onto the windshield from a frontal position.

    However, such frontal shot is not necessarily linked, or the cause, of JFK’s throat wound.

    Dr Malcolm Perry, who performed a tracheostomy on the President at Parkland hospital in an attempt to save his life, informed the Bethesda chief autopsy pathologist, Dr Humes that the initial throat wound that he had enlarged was approximately only 3 to 5 mm in diameter.

    This exit hole is too small to have been caused by the 6.5mm so-called “Magic Bullet”, or by any other bullet of similar size for that matter.


    Below is a research done by a JFK Truther called Ashton Gray. It is absolutely remarkable and shows what an intelligent person can achieve just using open sources.
    He overlapped tears visible in JFK’s shirt kept in national records, and got this striking demonstration:

    His conclusion is further demonstrated by the very small nick on JFK’s tie: JFK’s throat wound was most likely caused by a debris, an exiting piece of bullet that had hit his head.

    This is the most likely explanation: JFK was hit in the head with a bullet that exploded in several pieces, with a shrapnel exiting from his throat.

    It was most likely the bullet fired from the picket fence; assassin James Files mentioned the use of a “special” frangible bullet loaded with mercury.

    This explanation tallies up with why the PTB’s were obliged to first hide, then edit and doctor, the Zapruder film, in order to conceal the spectacular explosion of JFK’s cranium.

    It also explain why JFK’s brain was “disappeared”, a fact much lamented by Dr Cyril Wecht.
    The brain matter was too riddled with bullet fragments and with mercury, could not be “cleaned”, neither made “presentable” and compliant with the WC absurdities. The only way forward was to go ahead with a more enormous absurdity and get rid of the brain.

    • Thanks: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  351. @Laurent Guyénot

    I don know if either you or Ron Unz mentioned the Ambassador Hotel’s Jewish Zionist Israeli connections but Christoper Bollyn gid some good investigative reporting on this subject.In fact if I remember correctly a place in New York where Bollyn was scheduled to speak only a few years ago
    blocked him from doing so and as it turned out was owned by the same Schine or Crown family.

    The Peculiar Similarities between 9-11 and the Assassination of RFK
    June 5, 2018


    Another peculiar similarity is that the Ambassador Hotel, where RFK was killed, and the World Trade Center were both owned by Zionist Jews who had very high-level connections to the state of Israel. In both cases the ownership of the building also appears to have played a key role in the crime. In the case of World Trade Center, having control of the property allowed the terrorists to prepare the buildings for the explosive demolitions that occurred on 9-11. Larry Silverstein, former national director of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a major funding operation for Israel, obtained control of the Twin Towers about five weeks before 9-11. For years prior to 9-11, Silverstein had regular weekly phone calls with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the godfather of the War on Terror, which began as a result of the false-flag terror attacks. What were Netanyahu and Silverstein talking about every Sunday afternoon?

    The Ambassador Hotel was owned by J. Myer Schine who was connected to the Jewish Mob and the Henry Crown family.

    The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles was owned by Junius Myer Schine, father-in-law of Lester Crown, son of Henry Crown (born Krinsky), the largest shareholder of General Dynamics, a leading defense contractor. Henry Crown was a high-level Zionist agent who sent an aircraft manufacturing plant to Israel in the early 1950s in violation of U.S. law. The factory he sent to Israel illegally became the original Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) plant. The Crown family is also connected to both Kennedy assassinations and the 9-11 cover-up. (See: “JFK and 9-11: Henry Crown and the Cover-Ups of Our Time”)

    Under Myer Schine’s ownership the Ambassador Hotel hosted the gambling operations of Mickey Cohen, the West Coast lieutenant of Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky. U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had been involved in the prosecution of Cohen in which he was convicted for tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz in 1961. Who arranged for Kennedy to use the Ambassador Hotel?

    The Ambassador Hotel had been Mickey Cohen’s base of operations in the late 1940’s when he became friends with the Jewish terrorist leader Menachem Begin who was hiding out in Los Angeles after a terrorist bombing in Palestine.

    The Jewish gangster Mickey Cohen is not only connected to the Ambassador Hotel and the Santa Anita Racetrack, where Sirhan worked and gambled on the horses. Most notably, Cohen is also closely connected to Menachem Begin, former head of the terrorist gang, the Irgun, who was in position to take advantage of his relationship with Cohen to infiltrate his criminal network, which would include being able to set up Sirhan the Palestinian to be the Manchurian Candidate fall guy in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. How neat.

    The fact that the hotel was owned by Myer Schine, whose family was closely connected to Israeli intelligence, could explain how Sirhan, an armed stranger, was allowed to loiter in the hotel pantry for thirty minutes while Bobby Kennedy was speaking to a crowd in the adjacent room. Why would Sirhan linger in the pantry if his goal was simply to kill Kennedy? Why wouldn’t he pass through the corridor and approach the candidate on the podium from behind? Why wait in the pantry when there was no plan for Kennedy to come that way? Who was choreographing the movements of Sirhan – and Kennedy?

    Who was the hidden hand guiding Robert Kennedy into the pantry where Sirhan was waiting?

    As the author of “I Was There When Robert F. Kennedy Died” wrote:

    Later, after events began to wind down, I remembered the strange incident where Frank Mankiewicz was insistent that Bobby leave through the kitchen, rather than the ballroom. I discreetly asked others who had campaigned with him for a long time if it made any sense that Bobby would leave through the kitchen rather than through his crowd of supporters and they all said RFK preferred to walk through a crowd after a speech. Neither at the time—nor for many years afterward—did I mention the incident that I witnessed, nor did I see any published accounts anywhere explaining why Bobby went through the kitchen.

    Frank Mankiewicz, who had previously served as a West Coast director for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, worked with the Kennedy campaign. Why did Mankiewicz insist that Kennedy go through the pantry, where Sirhan was waiting with a loaded gun? What kind of hotel security would allow an armed stranger to loiter in the kitchen for a half-hour with a presidential candidate speaking in the next room?

    The fact that the Ambassador Hotel and the World Trade Center were owned and controlled by individuals with high-level connections to Israel is very significant. This makes it possible to consider that Israeli agents could have taken advantage of these connections to carry out both false-flag operations. This would explain the use of an apparently mind-controlled Palestinian as the fall guy and the universal reluctance of the mainstream media to look beyond the official story. This would also explain the position of Zionist-controlled media outlets such as CBS News (controlled by Leslie Moonves, the great-nephew of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s founding father) and the New York Times that we will never know what happened. They want us to think that the truth is “out of our reach” because if the truth were known it would mean the end of the Zionist project.

    Sources and recommended reading:

    “JFK and 9-11: Henry Crown and the Cover-Ups of Our Time” Christopher Bollyn, November 7, 2013


    The Crown Family Connections to the Kennedy Assassinations

    MENACHEM BEGIN the head of the terrorist Irgun in 1943-48, fled Palestine following his organization’s bombing of a Jerusalem hotel, which killed 15 people in January 1948. While hiding in Los Angeles, Begin met Mickey Cohen and other undesirables. Cohen and other Jewish gangsters, such as Meyer Lansky, provided Begin’s terrorist Irgun with weapons and money. Begin’s terrorist gang rebranded itself as the Likud in the 1970s and has ruled the state of Israel since.

    MYER SCHINE’S GRANDSON – James Schine Crown is president of Henry Crown and Company, a family-owned company. Crown is lead director of the defense contractor General Dynamics and is a director of JPMorgan Chase. The Crown family was connected to the Warren Commission and profited greatly from the Vietnam War.

    MRS. LESTER CROWN is Renee Schine, the daughter of Myer Schine.

    AN INTERESTING COINCIDENCE was that Renee Schine (bottom row) returned from Europe on the Queen Mary in August 1948 with Jacqueline Bouvier (top row) in 1948. I called Mrs. Crown to ask if she remembered Jackie and got a very odd response. She pretended to be someone else, but when I said what I was calling about, she said it was not true. How odd, I thought. Why would any person venture to say such a thing if she were not, in fact, Renee Schine Crown? My questions to Lester Crown went unanswered. When they answer the phone at Henry Crown & Co. they don’t answer the phone by identifying themselves; they answer by giving the phone number: 312….. How odd.

    MYER SCHINE also owned the Gulf Stream Hotel on Miami Beach where FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson enjoyed their annual Christmas holidays – on the house.

    MIAMI 1937 – J. Edgar Hoover playing backgammon with Clyde Tolson. So, what did the Schines get in return for their free hospitality? Protection from federal prosecution?

    The Henry Crown (formerly Krinsky) family of Chicago is connected to the cover-ups of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the terror attacks of 9-11, as I describe in my article “JFK and 9-11: Henry Crown and the Cover-Ups of Our Time.”….

    • Thanks: Iris
  352. This article and subsequent comments are amongst the most humorous I have read on any UR conspiracy articles. Iris always a pleasure to read for light humor. So serious and logical in her explaining the unexplainable. It is just gosh darn funny. LG is really wrapped taught in the silliest of conspiracies, of course all Jew related. Has it ever occurred to him and his fans, that it is just literally impossible for Jews to round robin all of these conspiracies. Just is impossible for all of them. Pick one your favorite one and work on that one alone.

    My theory is you need a Jew conspiracy to get published on these conspiracy sites. No Jew, no publishing. Running low on articles and comments. Go Jew. Go Big. Go Conspiracy!!

    It is never a question of rational ideas of what when and where for bullets, locations, exit wounds etc. Never. It is all orchestrated and themed to which Jew did what and when. Which Jew killed Kennedy. The bullets, wounds and shooters are all in service to the Jews and who Dun it. All Jews all the time.

    Fit the plot around the Jews, and everything else falls into place.

    No one in the real world thinks this is even marginally viable. Why? If you loose your Jew obsession which most people do not have, you loose interest in this shit. Just cause and effect.

    • Troll: Olivier1973
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Al Liguori
    , @Al Liguori
  353. Iris says:
    @Fran Taubman

    My theory is you need a Jew conspiracy to get published on these conspiracy sites.

    Look at the bright side, Taubman. Unlike others who contribute with actual facts to the discussion, you never get semi-censored with “More” tags. Your comments are always published with no cuts, although they mostly only amount at insulting other posters and exposing the range of profanities that makes up your basic vocabulary. You contribute with nothing, still, the UR moderators like you. This site can’t be as bad as you think it is.

    • Agree: Al Liguori
  354. Well well Francis Taubman must be lonely since Gilad Atzmon has disappeared from the Unz list of bloggers.Why did he stop blogging ?
    By they way are you still hobknobbing with Howard Lutnick of 9/11 Cantor Fitzgerald infamy ?
    I still don’t know why you or Gilad haven’t pointed out to him the Logan Airport Boston was under the protection of Gilad;s relative Menachem Atzmon of ICTS International infamy on that infamous day.I’m sure Mr. Howard Libudnick would be pissed if he ever figured it out.In fact he still thinks it was the planes themselves that brought the WTC don’t he ? Is Atzmon’s kissing cousin Janet Yellin part of your social rowd as well ?
    How the heil did you post here almost instantly after I posted those facts about RFK were hidden anyway ? Ionly hope Laurent does make use of them or perhaps even Ron Unz.Christopher Bollyn himself has been physically attacked in the Crown and Jewish mafia controlled city of Chicago for
    his efforts and investigations

    Even Jack Ruby had a Mickey Cohen ,Richard Nixon connection and thus probably an Ambassador Hotel connection long before RFK was gunned down there.Of course as your post infers,you think it’s funny.


    Candy Barr – Wikipedia › wiki › Candy_Barr
    She was also in relationships with Mickey Cohen and Jack Ruby. After serving three years in prison, Barr went to South Texas. She returned to stripping in …
    Spouse(s): 4
    Died: December 30, 2006 (aged 71); Victoria, …‎
    Children: 1
    Born: Juanita Dale Slusher; July 6, 1935; Edna, …‎
    ‎Early life · ‎Career · ‎Prison term and release · ‎Comeback and later life

    The lawyer who defended Jack Ruby understood the new … › Opinion › Commentary
    Aug 8, 2021 — Editor’s note: Jack Ruby was a Dallas nightclub operator in 1963, … He’d represented the gangster Mickey Cohen, who was accused of …

    WHO WAS JACK RUBY ? › CollectionPDF
    nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, … the answers to the Jack Ruby puzzle The … Mickey Cohen, king of the West Coast.
    2 pages

    Jewish Mobster Mickey Cohen Helped Bring Down Richard … › 2007/07 › prweb539835
    Jul 17, 2007 — Richard Nixon relied on mobster Mickey Cohen to help him get … Oswald’s assassin Jack Ruby (Rubinstein) idolized Cohen and dated his …

    Takedown. JFK assassination research – Facebook › groups › permalink
    “Attorney Melvin Belli Defends Jack Ruby – Meyer Lansky’s West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen, was a longtime associate of Jack Ruby. It was Cohen’s…

    Jack Ruby’s Trial Moves From Side Stage To Center In … – NPR › 2021/06/04 › jack-rubys-trial-mov…
    Jun 4, 2021 — Jack Ruby’s Trial Moves From Side Stage To Center In ‘Kennedy’s Avenger … and had represented gangster Mickey Cohen, comedian Lenny Bruce, …

    • Replies: @Iris
  355. Iris says:
    @Tony Ryals

    On the subject of Israel’s crimes against American civilians on 9/11, and against the larger human community in general ever since, I highly recommend watching this documentary, “The Unspeakable”.

    It was funded/produced by American actor William Hurt and features the families of 9/11 victims.

    During the interviews (@01:14:00), a family member reminds that the victims’ remains found at the WTC were “highly fragmented and commingled“. In other terms, that they had been turned into minced meat, and their minced remains found to be an entangled mix of different individual’s DNA, so couldn’t even be separated.

    This is another Israeli Physics miracle, office fires being able to shred human bodies and mixes them all together.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, it is obvious that such level of fragmentation and mixing could only have been caused by all the victims simultaneously being submitted to a high-energy pressure shockwave; it resulted from the nuclear explosions triggered by Mr Silverstein’s demolition teams.

    • Agree: Truth Vigilante
    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
    , @Olivier1973
  356. @Iris

    9/11 interview of :Donald Trump on his great friend Larry Silverstein,the first WTC bombing and how much damage it did WITHOUT any nuke device,the unlikeyhood that the planes by themselves caused the collapse,etc.
    Yet they all fell back on the official 9/11 conclusion that it was the planes no matter what and yet Trump nor the NY Times ever mentions Menachem Atzmon and his ICTS International stock fraud ICTS Internatiuonal that incorporated in Joe Biden’s state of Delawarte in 1999 and used part of money defrauded from American investors to nbuy Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and their contract to guard Logan Airport Boston which is where the investigation should have taken the immediately.
    ICTS bragging of Israeli tech didn’t even have 1980s Seven -11 video camara tech.No Arabs seen entering or boarding the planes.Trump salso lied about masses of Arabs cheering in NJ and ignored the Israeli laughing hyenas in their moving vans.
    And where’s that miraculous surviving Saudi passport found by Giuliani’s police commissioner that day? He helped pump and dump Taser stun gun stock and got off stock free while they lied abouit their shares being ‘naked shorted’. Ha. Scum everyone.
    And as in Oklahoma the FBI is the one who did most to bring down the WTC the first time,not Islamic terrorists.Like the CIA they work for Zion and the globalists as well.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
  357. GH says:

    Connect the dots from the Iz to LBJ to the USS Liberty … if he wasn´t owned before, Johnson was owned after November. 1963. And the space in time between the two events was only 3.5 years.

  358. @Tony Ryals

    “Shame on You”: A 9/11 daughter’s letter to two New York Times reporters
    Kacee Papa December 1, 2021

    In the leadup to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, The New York Times was at the forefront of the media’s assault on filmmaker Spike Lee for devoting a half-hour of his HBO docuseries, NYC Epicenters 9/11 → 2021½, to questioning how the Twin Towers and Building 7 came down on 9/11.

    Over the course of four days, The New York Times and other news outlets succeeded in pressuring Lee and HBO to remove the half-hour section entirely — before a single member of the public could lay eyes on it.

    In the wake of this disappointment, Kacee Papa — whose father Edward Papa was killed in the demolition of the North Tower and who is one of eight 9/11 family members suing the National Institute of Standards and Technology over its final report on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 — wrote to Julia Jacobs and Reggie Ugwu, the two Times reporters who had covered the controversy. Neither of them has responded to her…………

  359. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Fran Taubman

    Well… Jews are obsessed about hastening the arrival of the Anti-Christ (“moshiach”) by exterminating Gentiles… so what’s your point? Your damned Chabad is among the most obsessed: Worse still, the Jews have been successful in instigating WW I II III—all of them in a well-documented plan:

  360. Shel100 says:

    He didn’t have any handlers.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  361. Wokechoke says:


    Oswald was a philosemitic trotskyite. He didn’t like the antisemitic Irish Imperialist.

  362. @gotmituns

    Don’t forget about the Federal Reserve mafia. JFK was in the process of eradicating the Federal Reserve notes for US notes and stomping the CIA into a thousand pieces.
    It doesn’t take a genius to realize the US military and the CIA intelligence works for the Federal Reserve mafia.
    The international oligarchs, political leaders, royalty etc. are all in bed with the bankers.
    This explains the US wars in Libya and Iraq and the occasional coups in certain critical nations.

  363. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    The front-to-back, “through and through” bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s limo has been firmly established by eyewitnesses, including the technician at Ford who replaced the windshield.

    Witnesses… there are lots of witnesses in this assassination. Strangely many witnesses who saw something different which did not match with the WR soon disappeared.

    So we have a hole which according to these witnesses puts the WR to the trashbin. And nothing happened to these witnesses. Strange.

    I repeat: to shoot on a moving target more than 100 m away with other people in the limo and with other people on the pavement behind, through a windshield is completely unthinkable from a conspiracy point of view.

    My conclusion: the plan was to shoot him and kill him from behind so as to put all the guilt to one scapegoat. Problem: the shooters did not do a “good job”, hitting once JFK, but not fatally on the spot, and at least twice Connally; hence it was necessary to stop the car, and it is where the umbrella man came into action; once the car stopped two shots hit JFK, both in the head. The Grass Knoll shooter was very close to the limo and it was the last “safe” measure taken by the conspiracists should all previous attempts have failed.

    I can see no hole on the Altgen photo.

    About witnesses: so many “witnesses” saw a commercial plane hitting the Pentagon…

  364. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    Thanks for your very informative comment!

    See above my reply to Sparkon.

    If it was a bullet, where is it? Necessarily a high velocity bullet. And no exit hole if not hitting a vertebra ? If hitting a vertebra JFK would have been likely killed on the spot, and his body would have jerked backwards, not forwards. It was very important for the conspiracists not to leave a so crazy hint that the shoot came from forward so early after the left turn. And I trust the instinctive reactions of the men standing on the side of the next car looking backwards (and not upwards).

    Some people are not looking for the truth, but want to become famous and/or to earn money by selling weird theories. Like the one saying that the driver killed JFK with a gun. Yes, he killed JFK, but only by stopping the car for 2 seconds.

  365. Olivier1973 says: • Website

    This is another Israeli Physics miracle, office fires being able to shred human bodies and mixes them all together.

    No miracle, but the result of an explosion inside a closed room.

  366. Sparkon says:

    There are at least six eyewitnesses who saw and reported the bullet hole through the windshield of JFK’s limousine, five people who saw it at Parkland Hospital just just after Pres. Kennedy had been shot, and the 6th, Ford Glass Lab technician George Whitaker, who saw it a few days later at Ford’s Rouge plant with instructions to replace the windshield.

    Dallas motorcycle patrolmen Stavis Ellis and H. R. Freeman both observed a penetrating bullet hole in the limousine windshield at Parkland Hospital. Ellis told interviewer Gil Toff in 1971:

    “There was a hole in the left front windshield…You could put a pencil through it…you could take a regular standard writing pencil…and stick [it] through there.”

    Freeman corroborated this, saying:

    “[I was] right beside it. I could of [sic] touched it…it was a bullet hole. You could tell what it was.”

    [David Lifton published these quotations in his 1980 book, Best Evidence.

    From Douglas Horne, author of Inside the Assassination Records Review Board

    As Horne relates, two Dallas motorcycle cops saw the bullet hole in the windshield of JFK’s limo, as did at least one Secret Service agent.

    Secret Service agent Charles Taylor, Jr., who wrote a report on November 27, 1963 in which … he wrote:

    “In addition, of particular note was the small hole just left of center in the windshield from which what appeared to be bullet fragments were removed.”

    All of these six accounts point to the same location of a feature or defect in the windshield of Pres. Kennedy’s limousine noted in photographs taken by Ike Altgens, both in Altgens 6, showing the feature from the front just after JFK had been shot in the throat, and Altgens 7 showing the defect from the rear as the limo sped away.

    Altgens Doorway

    Altgens 6
    Photo: Infrogmation of New Orleans

    Altgens 7 (detail)
    Mary Ferrell

    Later, somebody put a crack in the replacement windshield of Pres. Kennedy’s limousine where the bullet hole had been in the original.

    All of the bullets that struck JFK were removed from Pres. Kennedy’s corpse during the surreptitious autopsy conducted prior to the official autopsy, so we remain in the dark about the specific weapons as well as the types and calibers of the bullets used to kill Pres. Kennedy.

    Of course the ludicrous Magic Bullet only serves to prove that vital evidence was manipulated, replaced and/or destroyed in the cover-up of the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

  367. Sparkon says:

    No hole

    Wrong again, but I know that won’t stop you. Some of you never give up no matter how many times you’re proven wrong.

    The bullet hole in the windshield of Pres. Kennedy’s limo is clearly visible in both Altgens 6 and Altgens 7 photographs, at least for those rational persons with both eyes open who aren’t suffering from willful blindness.

    As the photo’s caption indicates, the visible bullet hole in the windshield is in the same location later described by several eyewitnesses who saw the limo while it was parked outside the emergency room at Parkland, where emergency room doctors described the wound in JFK’s throat as a wound of entry.

    Nothing you or anyone else may say will erase the eyewitness accounts nor the visible bullet hole in the photos, nor the doctors’ accounts of JFK’s throat wound of entry.

    A line plotted from Pres. Kennedy’s throat wound through the bullet hole in the windshield points toward a gunman firing from the south knoll area, and nowhere else.

  368. @Sparkon

    Good work Sparkon.

    I recall seeing a photo, many moons ago, of the Presidential limo (it may have been taken at Parkland Hospital where JFK was taken ?), and said bullet hole in the windscreen was clearly visible.

  369. @Sparkon

    at least for those rational persons with both eyes open who aren’t suffering from willful blindness.

    Ad personam fallacy. It demonstrates that you lost your temper or that your arguments are moot to say the least. Or both.

    What you are pointing (or rather someone else did) can be anything behind the windshield. And it is not “round”.

    About witnesses, LOL, they were not on Dealey Plaza, were they? I do not say that there was no hole at Parkland, but that the hole was not done by the first shot and was from behind.

    According to your hypothesis, where is the bullet, where is the backward movement of JFK when hit? Rational thinking must account for it. And not by “willful thinking”.

    I would like you comment on the witnesses (more than six) who saw a boeing hitting the pentagon…

  370. Anonymous[100] • Disclaimer says:

    It wasn’t called “Camelot” during Kennedy’s lifetime.

    The idea that a crowd of civilians would run gunshots (Grassy Knoll) is just silly.

    No need for shooting sticks: bipods.

    What makes sense to me is not only were there multiple shooters, there were multiple shooting teams, and no one had the whole picture. This is why Mafia-Mossad-CIA is not contradictory.

  371. Biff K says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Yes! The deadly shot EXITED behind his right ear (it came from the front). The bullet hole in the windshield came from in front. The vehicle was seen by a couple guys (sworn to secrecy, or else!) at the Ford Complex in River Rouge the next morning, whose job it was to replace the windshield, and send the vehicle on to D.C. A very odd set of priorities, no?

    Completely ignored here. That, btw, was early on, considered evidence of a conspiracy, probably having nothing directly to do with Oswald.

    Too bad Dorothy Kilgallen got snuffed out. She was real close to connecting the dots. I’m pretty sure LBJ and the M.I.C. was involved but the others Dorothy was zeroing in on were mobsters with connections to what? and Who, exactly? We may never really know.

    • Replies: @Biff K
  372. Biff K says:
    @Biff K

    Oh…and, yes, the dago mafia had it in for the Kennedys for decades due to Daddy Joe Kennedy’s intrusion into their East Coast hooch industry during prohibition. He was involved in both land-based and coastal water borne transit, including smuggled Canadian goods. It was a big operation! They never forgave him for that.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  373. Mevashir says:

    I read that Lady Bird Johnson was a Sefardic Crypto Jewess:

    Lyndon Johnson’s wife, Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson (aka, “Lady Bird”) is apparently a Sephardic Jew of Mexican origin. Although her facial features are consistent with Semitic origin, that alone is not definitive proof. Claudia’s mother, Minnie Lee Pattillo, was likely a Sephardic Jew from Mexico. Pattillo is a common Spanish/Mexican name;

    Historians have revealed that Johnson, while serving as a young congressman in 1938 and 1939 , arranged for visas to be supplied to Jews in Warsaw, and oversaw the apparently illegal immigration of hundreds of Jews through the port of Galveston, Texas…

    A key resource for uncovering LBJ’s pro-Jewish activity is the unpublished 1989 doctoral thesis by University of Texas student Louis Gomolak, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948.” Johnson’s activities were confirmed by other historians in interviews with his wife, family members and political associates. Research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family.

    His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher , a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. According to Gomolak, Aunt Jessie had nurtured LBJ’s commitment to befriending Jews for 50 years. As young boy, Lyndon watched his politically active grandfather “Big Sam” and father “Little Sam” seek clemency for Leo Frank , the Jewish victim of a blood libel in Atlanta(or the Jew pedophile murderer) depending on how you view it . Frank was lynched by a mob in 1915, and the Ku Klux Klan in Texas threatened to kill the Johnsons . ( The fact that the KKK didnt touch a hair of the Johnsons says more about the KKK then it does the Johnsons )

    Already in 1934 – Johnson was keenly alert to the dangers of Nazism and presented a book of essays, ‘Nazism: An Assault on Civilization’, to the 21-year-old woman he was courting, Claudia Taylor – later known as “Lady Bird” Johnson. FIVE DAYS after taking office in 1937, LBJ broke with the “Dixiecrats” and supported an immigration bill that would naturalize illegal aliens, mostly Jews from Lithuania and Poland .

    That same year, LBJ warned Jewish friend, Jim Novy, that European Jews faced annihilation . According to historian James M. Smallwood, Congressman Johnson used legal and sometimes illegal methods to smuggle “hundreds of Jews into Texas, using Galveston as the entry port. He hid them in the Texas National Youth Administration. Johnson saved at least four or five hundred Jews, possibly more.”

    During World War II Johnson joined Novy at a small Austin gathering to sell \$65,000 in war bonds. According to Gomolak, Novy and Johnson then raised a very “substantial sum for arms for Jewish underground fighters in Palestine .” One source cited by the historian reports that “Novy and Johnson had been secretly shipping heavy crates labeled ‘Texas Grapefruit’ – but containing arms – to Jewish underground ‘freedom fighters’ in Palestine.”

    A decade later while serving in the Senate, Johnson blocked the Eisenhower administration’s attempts to apply sanctions against Israel following the 1956 Sinai Campaign. Among Johnson’s closest advisers during this period were several strong pro-Israel advocates, including Benjamin Cohen (who 30 years earlier was the liaison between Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann) and Abe Fortas, the legendary Washington “insider.” Source

    Johnson had close ties with Jewish mobster Mayer Lansky (Mayer Sukochowsky) .He had a long and sordid record of involvement in criminal activities—including murder—that have finally begun to surface. One major Johnson backer was Meyer Lansky’s Louisiana henchman, Carlos Marcello. According to John W. Davis, Lansky’s man Marcello funneled at least \$50,000 a year in payoffs to then-Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson who, in turn, helped kill in committee all rackets-related legislation that might have been harmful to the Lansky Organized John Davis. Mafia Kingfish: Carlos Marcello and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. (New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1989), p.159

    When Lanskys crony, Benjamin Sigelbaum, was involved with long time Johnson intimate Bobby Baker in two major dealings: the purchase of a bank in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Baker’s controversial Serv-U Vending Machine Company.152

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  374. Mevashir says:
    @Biff K

    It wasn’t just the “Italians”. The Jewish mobsters also hated the Kennedys over prohibition (although Laurent Guyenot claims that there is no proof Joe Kennedy Sr was a prohibition smuggler). I read this biography of Meyer Lansky many years ago, and I was shocked when he writes a long list of complaints against the Kennedys and strongly implies that the Mob was involved in his assassination, or at the very least applauded it:

    My father grew up in Rhode Island which was the most Catholic state in the country (~85%). He told me that historically American Jews and Italian Catholics always got along, while the Jews and Irish hated each other. This camaraderie also was evident in the Mafia, which was at least as much Jewish as Italian Catholic.

  375. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Thank you for your excellent work, Laurent.

    My father (Don Peretz) was a Mideast policy advisor for the CFR and President Kennedy, but I didn’t learn about Israel’s role in the assassination until 2002.

    Ironically, the book by Michael Collins Piper was brought to my attention by a Khazarian gangster who has stalking me at that time. I was running for US Congress and attempting to raise awareness about a number of forbidden subjects, including Israel’s role in Operation 9/11.

    Around that time, I discovered a bizzare aerogram in my father’s files that was sent by Israeli terrorists to President Kennedy’s Mideast advisors two weeks before the assassination. It’s posted on my Facebook page.

    Have you given much thought to the relationship between this assassination, other terrorist operations, the global nuclear terrorism complex, and the central-bank financial system?

    The last time the US Treasury issued and circulated genuine money (United States Notes) was in 1963.

    Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?

    Please examine The Money Masters by Bill Still.

  376. @Laurent Guyénot

    in the 2000s, on Polish public television, Jakub Rubinstein was recognized as a agent of the nkwd in soviet lviv. he was recognized by the pre-war Polish minister of foreign affairs Potocki. Rubin worked for the NKVD. Potocki recognized him from the newspaper right after the assassination.

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