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It’s Okay to be White
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The Left characterizes the United States and other white countries around the world as systems of “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”

White Nationalists claim that the United States and most other white countries are committed to “white genocide”: the “great replacement” of whites by nonwhites, which is the predictable consequence of political decisions to promote sub-replacement white fertility, race-mixing, and race-replacement immigration.

Which of these diametrically opposed positions is true?

There’s an easy way to find out. In a white supremacist society, you should be able to declare that “It’s okay to be white” without controversy or consequences.

Indeed, in a white supremacist society, the only criticism you might receive is for being too tepid. After all, “okay” simply means “adequate but not especially good.” It is the equivalent to giving white existence a grade of “C.” Being white is apparently nothing to envy, but you wouldn’t kill yourself over it either.

You can buy It’s Okay to Be White: The Best of Greg Johnson here.
You can buy It’s Okay to Be White: The Best of Greg Johnson here.

When the slogan “It’s okay to be white” first appeared on 4chan’s /pol/ in 2017, it was promoted as a diagnostic tool to help convince “normies” that we live under anti-white regimes. After all, how could anyone object to “It’s okay to be white”?

The slogan does not claim that being white is great. It does not claim that being white is better. It merely says that being white is okay, which is the faintest possible praise. Furthermore, “It’s okay to be white” says nothing at all about other races. It certainly doesn’t denigrate them.

So on what grounds could one object to saying “It’s okay to be white”? As Tucker Carlson put it, “What’s the correct position? That it’s not okay to be white?”

If multiculturalism is truly an ideology of equality and inclusion, then multiculturalists should have no problem saying “It’s okay to be white.” They would grant it the same status as “Black is beautiful” and “It’s okay to be different.” Indeed, whiteness is one form of difference.

Clearly, one could object to a statement as innocuous as “It’s okay to be white” only if one really has something against white people, specifically a deep hatred or prejudice. This is why it is such a useful diagnostic tool.

“It’s okay to be white” flyers and stickers were posted widely in the United States and other white countries, primarily in the Anglosphere. As its creators predicted, the slogan provoked an immediate and intense backlash, far out of proportion to the inoffensive message.

Upon seeing “It’s okay to be white” signs and stickers, the first reaction of hundreds of people was to call the police. This can be verified simply by entering the words “police” and “It’s okay to be white” in the search engine of your choice. (DuckDuckGo gives the best results.) This happened even in the United States, where the First Amendment to the US Constitution protects freedom of speech. Here are a couple of my favorite headlines:

Indeed, sometimes people deemed these posters too hot for the local cops to handle, so the Federal Bureau of Investigation was called in:

To put this in context, ask yourself how many flyers and stickers you see in a typical day. Dozens? On a university campus, you might see hundreds. Then ask yourself how many times you were tempted to call the police. Most people would have to answer: never. But when hundreds of people saw “It’s okay to be white,” they were convinced that it is illegal—or that it should be.

Once the police were called, of course the press were alerted, and locals were asked to share their opinions about the flyers. Most people interviewed are certain that “It’s okay to be white” constitutes “hate speech,” even though it says nothing negative or hateful about anyone.

I’ll pull quotes from just one article to give a sense of the sort of statements that are typical: John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of the Scottish Government, declared: “This is atrocious and has no place in Perth or any other part of our country. We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material.” Peter Barrett, a Perth councilor, said: “This is despicable hate speech. It is covert racism disguising white supremacist views. People should be in no doubt this is no innocuous joke.” Local antiracists claimed that people of color had called to share their feelings. The “terrifying attitudes” expressed by “It’s okay to be white” made them feel “sickened,” “disgusted,” and “unsafe.”

My favorite political statement comes from Mayor William Dickinson, Jr. of Wallingford, Connecticut: “whoever posted the signs reading ‘It’s okay to be white’ don’t speak for the people of Wallingford,” he declared, speaking for the people of Wallingford.

Given that higher education is a citadel of the extreme Left throughout the white world, reactions to “It’s okay to be white” on university campuses are especially extreme, as one can see by typing the phrase plus the word “campus” into any search engine. Here are my favorite headlines:

Naturally, university administrators—especially in Podunk schools—can be counted on for the most vehement denunciations of “It’s okay to be white.” President John Clark of Western Connecticut State University’s fulminations are typical: “I want to state directly and without equivocation that if any member of our university community is found to be party to these revolting actions they will be subject to the severest disciplinary actions, including dismissal as well as possible civil and criminal actions.” These are not empty threats. A student at Oklahoma City University School of Law was expelled for posting “It’s okay to be white” and ended up talking to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

My favorite “It’s okay to be white” story is from Australia (75% white), where Senator Pauline Hanson of the nationalist One Nation Party proposed a non-binding statement condemning anti-white racism and declaring “It’s okay to be white.” Although politicians constantly append their names to all manner of high-minded but empty proclamations, and although not a single Senator in Australia should have had a problem with affirming that “It’s okay to be white,” the resolution was narrowly defeated on October 15, 2018.

Is any of this behavior consistent with the claim that the United States and other white countries are systems of “white supremacism” and “white privilege”? Obviously not. If we lived in a white supremacist system, people would be afraid to call the police about “It’s okay to be white” flyers and stickers. College administrators would be afraid to threaten students with punishment. Legislators would be afraid to vote against “It’s okay to be white.” But instead, they know that the entire establishment—political, business, media, and academic—is anti-white. Thus it will approve of their behavior and give them a pat on the head.

But just how anti-white is this system? Is it really committed to white genocide? One can interpret “It’s okay to be white” in at least two ways. The most natural reading is “It’s good to be white.” But the word “okay” is such tepid praise that maybe we should interpret the phrase more along these lines: “It is acceptable to be white,” or better, “It is acceptable for white people to be—to exist,” or “Don’t kill yourself over being white.”

You can buy Greg Johnson’s From Plato to Postmodernism here
You can buy Greg Johnson’s From Plato to Postmodernism here

A society in which one can be punished for merely asserting that “It is acceptable for white people to exist” is obviously hostile to the very existence of whites. It is a society in which it is unacceptable for white people to exist. But if this is true, wouldn’t it be natural to explore ways of getting rid of whites altogether? The genocidal implications are obvious.

One might counter that those who object to “It’s okay to be white” do not object to the existence of white people but merely to white pride and white self-assertion. Of course, “It’s okay to be white” is not a statement of pride and self-assertion. It is absurdly unassuming, almost an apology for existing. But even that is apparently too much self-worth for the preachers of “white guilt” and self-abnegation.

However, even the ideology of “white guilt” is implicitly genocidal. First of all, there is no path to absolution from white guilt. As long as non-whites are unequal to whites, whites will somehow be held guilty. And because inequality is natural, it will always exist. Second, we live in a world of racial strife, and a race without pride or self-assertiveness—a race burdened with eternal guilt and self-reproach—will fall prey to races without such handicaps.

The best-case scenario is that whites will forever be poisoned with spurious guilt for the inadequacies of others, then milked for free stuff. In short: slavery. The worst-case scenario is outright genocide. And given that violence and instability increase with diversity, orderly factory-farm slavery is the least likely outcome. Thus objecting to white pride—or even mere white “okayness”—is ultimately objecting to white existence as such.

Do the people who object to “It’s okay to be white” consciously promote white genocide, or do they know not what they do? Most of them don’t know what they are doing. White genocide is the long-term result of the principles they act on, but most people don’t think about the long-term. They unwittingly promote white genocide while thinking they are being moral, pragmatic, or even selfish, because they know that they will be rewarded for anti-white signaling.

The great value of “It’s okay to be white” is that when one attacks such banal pro-white sentiments, it brings the implicitly genocidal programming of the Left very close to the surface. If you get hysterical about white people merely existing and not feeling suicidal about it, what do you really stand for anyway?

Of course, the real point of “It’s okay to be white” is not to save the souls of anti-whites but to educate ordinary people. This is why we need to keep “It’s okay to be white” constantly in the news. The same is true with “All Lives Matter,” which can get you killed. More to the point is “White Lives Matter,” which can get you fired.

Force the Left to say “It’s not okay to be white.” Force them to say “White lives don’t matter.” And make sure that everyone knows it. Also, be sure to take down names. If a doctor, lawyer, professor, or politician does not think it is okay to be white, then how can he be trusted to serve the interests of whites? White racists are routinely fired on the assumption that they cannot deal professionally with non-whites. Anti-white racists need to be held to the same standards. A white person would have to be nuts to go under the knife of a surgeon who says “White lives don’t matter.” We would be foolish to expect anti-white professors to grade us justly. Whites must be protected from such people. It is our job to hold institutions accountable.

When the entire establishment comes together to denounce “It’s okay to be white” or “White lives matter,” it decisively refutes the Left’s thesis that we live in systems of white supremacism and privilege. It also exposes that multiculturalism does not envision a world in which whites enjoy equality and harmony with other groups. The multiculturalist utopia does not envision whites at all.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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