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It’s Official: Left Doesn’t Really Believe Races Equal
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Everyone knows that Leftists are hypocrites. White “Black Lives Matter” protesters who have incited and even participated in horrifying disorder, demanded the abolition of the police, and “taken a knee” to virtue-signal, returning home to overwhelmingly white, safe suburbs. Social Justice Warriors who proclaim that all races are “equal” in every way, and vociferously condemn and campaign for the firing of scientists whose work contributes to the overwhelming empirical evidence that blacks have a lower average IQ than whites, don’t believe it deep down. And now we have scientific proof.

Soon-to-be-published research, by psychologists at Yale and Princeton, one black and one white, has now proven that, beneath all the “humility,” American “Liberals” who claim blacks are “equal” also tend to speak to them as though they were intellectually inferior. “Conservatives,” by contrast, tend to speak to people of all races in the same way.

The eye-opening study is entitled Self-Presentation and Interracial Settings: The Competence Downshift of White Liberals and is to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Written by Cydney Dupree [Email her ] of Yale University, and Susan Fiske [Email her] of Princeton (pictured right, with Cydney above) it begins with a striking statement:

Most Whites, particularly socio-political liberals, now endorse racial equality. Archival and experimental research reveals a subtle but reliable ironic consequence. White liberals self-present less competence to minorities than to other Whites—that is, they patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent.

The researchers note that blacks in the US have often been stereotyped as “lazy,” “ignorant,” “stupid” and “low in intelligence.” According to the Theory of Impression Management, they argue, you would expect people to want to create “reciprocity” with those around them and, thus, to alter their self-presentation to make themselves more similar to those with whom they are interacting.

Additionally, liberal whites will often be so concerned about appearing “racist” when interacting with minorities that they report becoming anxious—with the result that such whites report “feeling less enjoyment in interracial contexts” than whites who don’t care about how blacks perceive them.

The researchers demonstrated white liberal hypocrisy—though they do not specifically highlight this hypocrisy—in five studies.

Firstly, they analysed 74 speeches by white Democrat and white Republican presidential candidates based on whether they were speaking to a mainly white or to a mainly black audience. They also analysed the kinds of words used. They found that Democrat candidates were less likely to use words associated with competence when addressing a black audience and were more likely to use words associated with “warmth.” The Republican candidates, by contrast, used pretty much the same kind of language with all their audiences, whether black or white.

Secondly, to investigate the issue further, Dupree and Fiske conducted a study in which white people—who had rated themselves on how “conservative” they were—were asked to imagine that they were members of a book club and had to send an email with their thoughts on the current book to club secretary “Emily” or “Lakisha.” Again, liberals altered their presentation to use words rated as lower in “competence” and higher in “warmth” when they had to email “Lakisha.” Conservatives sent essentially the same email to “Lakisha” and “Emily.”

Thirdly, researchers repeated the experiment with different sample. This time, rather than self-rating their liberalism, participants had it assessed via a measure of their values (“Right Wing Authoritarian Scale”) and a measure of their belief in hierarchy (“Social Dominance Orientation”). The predicted relationship was found based on their values, but not based on their attitudes to hierarchy.

Fourthly, Dupree and Fiske then presented two studies in which whites had to choose “self-descriptive personality traits to include in an introduction to a black or white interaction partner.” The participants had the opportunity to present themselves as a person who is “competent or warm.” Liberals—assessed using their reported “values”—selected less competent words when the partner was black, though not when white. (However, the difference did not reach statistical significance).

In the final study, ostensibly about online communication, 743 whites were asked to create online profile—avatar and self-description—to be seen by another member of an online community. Some participants’ online partner had a white avatar called “Jake” or “Emily.” Others had a black one called “Tamara” or “Darnell”—participants’ partners were always the same gender as they were. This time the differences were significant, using their measured (lack of) “Social Dominance” as a proxy for Liberalism. White liberals wanted to seem more “warm” and less “competent” with blacks but not with whites. White conservatives presented themselves in the same way whether their supposed partner was black or white.

The researchers concluded, overall, that “the competence downshift is a subtle, but persistent effect that is unique to white liberals.” The authors also found that white liberals did not alter their “warmth” when dealing with blacks, when compared to whites. They simply reduced their “competence.”

Dupree and Fiske conclude:

Collectively these studies suggest that, for those whites who are more affiliative toward minorities that is, liberals, stereotypes may play a role in the impression management strategies utilized affiliation attempts, relating to a well-intentioned, but ultimately patronizing competence downshift.

In other words, the actions of white liberals, when they interact with blacks, prove that they believe, no matter what they might say, that “racist” stereotypes are true.

It is likely that “cognitive dissonance”—the attempt to pretend they believe something that they don’t really believe at all in order to maintain a favourable self-image—plays a significant part in Leftists becoming “triggered” by research into racial differences. They know such research is accurate, but they desperately want it not to be accurate because they have invested so much, in terms of their identity as a good person, in claiming that this research is wrong. If it is right, they are deluded and worse.

They deal with this by shutting scientists who do that research down, and proclaiming their own belief in racial intellectual equality all the more fervently, in an attempt to convince others and themselves.

But what they really believe can be seen their actions, which speak so much louder than words.

White liberals are hypocrites with regard to race. And science has proven it.

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. R.C. says:

    As someone who’s spent most of my life around Southern (Central Florida) blacks, I am not at all surprised.
    What they describe is the typical, patronizing NE ‘Yankee’ approach to blacks that blacks hate worse than the any stupid thing spouted by the KKK!
    I’ve seen it and what can I say? These ladies have established what common sense long ago concluded.
    If it wasn’t so counterintuitive? implausible ? (not the words I’m looking for), it would be funny.
    In the meantime, it’s horrifically sad.

  2. I’ve always known that white leftists were very racist. They consider themselves superior to EVERYBODY, so of course they consider themselves superior to black people. This is why they break into a cold sweat at the thought of being called racist — THEY KNOW IT’S TRUE!

  3. Tin Man says:

    As a white American, my predominant feeling toward black Americans today is contempt for allowing themselves to be so used and manipulated by the Democrats. The playing field was more than leveled long ago, and upwards of seven trillion dollars have been spent on “the war on poverty.” Black Americans need to look inward and stop being leaves blown about in a storm of Democrat-inspired racial paranoia. Accept responsibility for your failures, embrace the American dream, get onto yourselves, and abandon the sick, dysfunctional subculture that promotes helpless nihilism, gang behavior, single mothers, drug abuse, and violence. You’re Americans, and we want all Americans to succeed.

  4. Bro43rd says:

    An UR must read! Confirms what experience has taught me. Todays sjw’s are just virtue signaling posers. A consequence of the social media boom.

  5. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s easily observable that those wine-and-cheese liberal-lefty types move away from blacks and try to live in liberal white bubbles. They want some diversity that they can point to but only of the most controlled type. People know they’re all hypocrites. The studies show what’s already known.

  6. martin_2 says:

    Mr Welton is right, for once. I used to teach students coming from different parts of the world, and I noticed that I would affect a more dim witted demeanour when teaching a class of blacks, and wouldn’t try to come across as being “clever”. With the classes full of students from Hong Kong I would just be myself.

  7. Get real says:

    I just have to look at how many time black Americans vote for the same party and are always promised of changes to better their lives. But it never happens. For 40 years now or more. They dont learn. Some do. But most are stupid and ignorant to what’s going on in the world.

  8. Truth says:

    Hey guys, which one would you do, left or right?

  9. This article makes it sound as if the left not believing that the races are “equal” is a mark against them. Of course the races are not equal on average in all behavioral traits – due to genetic variation across ancestral lines, there are numerous differences in averages across racial groups (IQ, time preference, etc,). Wouldn’t the awareness of leftists of that reality (even if they espouse otherwise in public speech) be a mark in their favor rather than against them? They could be criticized for hypocrisy but not for ignorance. Which is worse exactly?

    Do non-leftists actually believe that these differences do not exist? That type of willful ignorance is worse, in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Avalanche
  10. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Is this behavior REALLY the result of negative anti-black unconscious biases?

    Or is it that the liberal whites are trying to tell the black people what the black people want to hear? That they are trying to say the nice things that make the otherwise hard interaction work, by amping up the lovey-dovey language to ensure that everybody understand that everybody loves each other (sense such love between different races is not something that would automatically appear by nature and therefore cannot be assumed and must be explicitly established/guaranteed)?

    I’d say the latter.

    Liberals are more socially competent than conservatives, typically, (apolitical people are usually the best) and they are certainly better at managing the diverse world, which is why conservatives hide out in the rural areas. I’d say this behavior is “unconscious genius instinct,” not unconscious racism.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  11. […] “authoritarian” attitudes generally predict anti-black attitudes. Stephan & Rosenfield (1978), however, found that schoolchildren who had been subjected to “authoritarian” child-rearing practices tended to show… the greatest increases in inter-ethnic contact after a desegregation program came into force […]


    […] Five studies test and support the hypothesis that White Americans superhumanize Black people relative to White people. […] Studies […] demonstrate this […] at an explicit level, showing that Whites preferentially attribute superhuman capacities to Blacks versus Whites […]


  12. Thomm says:

    Hey guys, which one would you do, left or right?

    Remember that the preferences of these WN w*gg*rs is very different from normal men.

    They would prefer the older woman on the left, but even after that, their second choice is a white man ahead of a black woman (even an attractive one like the one on the right).

    They have openly said that as a second choice, they would rather have a white man than a black woman. This is because for them, race loyalty trumps sexual orientation. Then, these weirdos are baffled about why mainstream whites (like me) are not merely unimpressed by this, but openly revulsed.

    About 40% of WNs say they would prefer a white man over a black woman. The other 60% are trying to get by as incels instead of succumb to the pressure of the other 40% to be available to them. Many members of the WN community cross back and forth across this boundary.

    There are no women in WN, for obvious reasons, other than the occasional fag hag like Rosie or Alden. The rest of the female counterparts of this subrace have their own sister ideology – fat, shaved-head feminism. This is the obvious explanation why these two groups are equal in number, behavior, and unattractiveness to normals.

    When you think about it, homosexuality in WN makes sense, since this is the tier in which unwanted genetic wastematter collects for removal. People who don’t want to reproduce are ideal for this wastebasket function. This conclusion is scientifically sound.

    • Replies: @Truth
  13. “White liberals are hypocrites with regard to race.”

    It ain’t just white liberals, honey. In the national battle between Walmart and Costco, Walmart is considered conservative, Costco liberal. Yet it’s Walmart who’s started broadcasting racial mea culpas over their P.A. system at regular intervals.

    Chick-Fil-A is almost the poster boy for being the target of progressive hate. Yet its CEO Dan Cathy recently knelt at the feet of rapper Lecrae in obeisance and apology for his white privilege racism, and metaphorically “washed” his sneakers.

    DJT boasts about the lowest black unemployment. In three years has his administration ever mentioned white Americans, in any context, even once?

    I’ve been permanently banned from several conservative sites for discussing race realism.

    Conservatives are just as hypocritical about race as liberals, but for “conservatives” black people are gods (e.g. Morgan Freeman) and white people all carry KKK cards.

  14. AceDeuce says:

    I call the liberal kabuki play toward blacks the “Negro Petting Zoo”, except the majority of libsquishes, unlike the kids at an actual petting zoo, seem to lavish their love on blacks from a safe distance.

    The younger ones are mixing with blacks a lot more than their parents did. The black “culture” has fully infected most whites below 45, certainly almost all below 40. It will all turn to shite, but the brainwashing is strong.

  15. Truth says:

    I didn’t believe you a few years ago, but as time goes on…

    • Replies: @neutral
  16. science has proven it

    Your standard are too low if the drivel produced by psychosophasters passes your definition of proof, or their methods pass your criteria for ‘science’.

    It’s not remotely “science”, no matter that its results confirm your prejudices (and mine: SJWs have the mental machinery of dim housewives, which is why they sound as vacuous and asinine as HousewifeTV).

    I occasionally refer Kruger and Dunning’s influential 1999 paper, but I would never call it ‘science’.

  17. Thomm says:

    I occasionally refer Kruger and Dunning’s influential 1999 paper, but I would never call it ‘science’.

    OK, it is not ‘science’ under a stringent definition (which most contemporary universities are happy to eschew) but is heavily supported by a large breadth and depth of data on multiple vectors of assessment. It is a stalwart observation to confirm the findings of Kruger and Dunning’s paper.

  18. Once you believe Whites and Blacks are equal, you are susceptible to impure and evil musings such as: Why can’t Blacks do anything right? Why don’t Blacks behave like we do? What’s wrong with them?

    However, if you see Blacks as sad and pathetic and beyond reform, your anger turns toward their critics. How dare you criticize Blacks? They can’t help they way they are. That’s why when liberals see two hundred Blacks flooding into a store and taking everything that’s not nailed down, they turn their wrath against those who condemn this behavior. We know better and can control our behavior so it is incumbent upon us to be understanding of the their plight.

    But many of us have gotten Negro fatigue. We are people of good character; yet, we see that our races are not compatible. Blacks will overwhelm Whites under the present circumstances. They will destroy Whites through violence, intermixing, their dysfunctional behavior, and cultural dominance.

    Several years ago, I had a mice problem in my rural home. Instead of setting out poison, I was catching them and releasing them into the fields across from my house due to my love of animals. Within a few months, my house was overrun with mice. I nearly lost my home to them. I relented and finally set out poison but not before thousands of dollars of damage had occurred. No one can say a mouse is more powerful than a man, but in the right circumstances, they can overwhelm you and take everything you have.

  19. neutral says:

    I need to inform you that his stats are complete fabrications, such surveys were never done and all the numbers he mentions are from his own head.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Avalanche
  20. Yes, excellent article. Demoncrats are the REAL racists!!

    Didn’t everyone see all those blacks shuckin’ and jivin’ at Trump’s rally yesterday? He clearly LOVES the blacks!!!

    Lowest black unemployment ever!


    • Replies: @Truth
  21. Truth says:

    Intolerance of homosexuality does not just divide the white population, it divides the White Nationalist movement. Ernst Röhm was not the last homosexual to be attracted to White Nationalism. I have met a number of homosexuals in the contemporary White Nationalist movement, and I have my suspicions about a few others. All of these people, however, are intelligent and accomplished. They are real assets to the movement. Those without families are freer to speak their minds because they give fewer hostages to fortune. They also have more free time and more disposable income to devote to the cause. Quite a number of homosexual men do not fit the effeminate stereotype. They are masculine, and appreciate masculine things like facts, logic, and forthright action. And even effeminate gay men can make a real contribution.

    The numbers may be made up, but I don’t think the underlying point is.

  22. Thomm says:

    I didn’t believe you a few years ago, but as time goes on…


    You see, I am not a monster. I am just ahead of the curve.

    I am also ahead of the curve in figuring out what the true purpose of this website is (a purpose I agree with). The facts continue to pile up in my favor, and I suspect RUnzie Baby will go for the kill in 2023.

    Btw, Stormfront had many surveys that revealed WN homosexuality, as did Heartiste. The 60/40 split is apparent just from reading their comments. If you press many of the more vocal, bitter WNs over here, you will find this 60/40 split to manifest. Some over here have openly said that they would rather have sex with a white man than a black woman.

    The numbers may be made up, but I don’t think the underlying point is.

    True. The number might very well turn out to be much higher than the 40% that I have seen from the evidence.

    Even Rosie says most WNs are gay. I only say 40%, but she says most.

  23. @Thomm

    WNs do not exist. There may be small subgroups of weirdos who like to dress up in Halloween costumes, but men who like costumes are presumably somewhat more disposed to being gay. But that is not a movement or a community.

    WNs only exist as an abstraction, a set of thoughts which might occur to any person reading the headlines or contemplating the trajectory of the nation. It’s like saying there is a “community” of people who can do a proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  24. Ragno says:

    ….and now that the research is done and the study is published, it will be the MSM’s job to ensure the study is ignored by attacking the research/researchers (either blatantly or cleverly).

    For starters, I’ll bet you neither Cydney Dupree nor Susan Fiske will be asked to contribute an opinion piece to the NY Times’ op-ed page. For another, my crystal ball tells me any institution that invites the authors to host a lecture or discussion re that research will be descended upon by those deer ticks of discourse, antifa (or whatever last-minute front organization they choose to disguise themselves as); after which the women will be blamed for whatever disturbance follows (their work will be viewed as ‘racist provocation’).

    Remember when Sailer and some of the other HBD poobahs used to feel sorry for the Left, and the pantsing they’d be sure to take once the incontrovertible research began coming in? But back then they could not have imagined Charles Murray hanging on for dear life as campus radicals rocked his SUV off its suspension….or James Watson having his lifetime of work torn off him like the chevrons from a deserting officer’s sleeves. What a world, what a world.

    (How bad IS it? Type “Charles Murray” into a search engine; see what pops up first.)

  25. Miville says:

    I am asking myself the question as to what are the genetic determining factors of left-leaning ideas, in which case, if found to be extant, being white is far from being enough : racial factors of their own would result into liberal ideas and physical repulsion for all too decent White people as well as others manifest in typically black appearance and behaviour together with another kind of anti-white repulsion. That was Eysenck’s opinion as he made statistical studies about racial groups in Britain in the 1970’s : political leanings could be statistically analyzed and measured like IQ, and were found to be at 95% genetically determined like IQ, especially considering twin studies. He also came to the conclusion that the only objective way to qualify the left on the left – right axis of the spectrum of opinion (all political parties tending to betray their base) was psychic co-dependence, hypocrisy and self-lying. He came to the conclusion that left electorates had nothing to do with situations of economic oppression or dominance (exactly like delinquency among Blacks) but with totally different racial backgrounds manifesting otherwise than through skin colour and negroid traits (though he could also prove conservatism was as strongly correlated with non verbal IQ as race). If such findings are accurate, it is time for the White nationalist movement to abandon the white label altogether but put back into favour a word such as aryan. The reasons why the left is anti-white might be biological on the white-skinned leftist part’s themselves as they depend on mendacity rather than virtue for survival like many species in nature.

  26. Rosie says:

    Hey guys, which one would you do, left or right?


    The numbers may be made up, but I don’t think the underlying point is.

    A movement that disqualifies you from paid employment in the regular economy such as is necessary to support a family is going to be disproportionately homosexual. So what? Given the fact that like 80% of Americans now support “marriage equality,” I’m not too worried about people being “openly revulsed.”

    other than the occasional fag hag like Rosie or Alden.


    • Replies: @Truth
  27. Algernon says:

    I dunno. Your two-thirds sigma leg up still leaves plenty of jigs that are smarter than you. And the magic of Dunning-Kruger makes it so you don’t know which ones you’re dumber than. Like, it won’t do you any good to get all competent with Adolph Reed, he’s still gonna slice & dice you when you brainfart.

    I mean, I can afford to assume everybody’s dumber than me (p > .9999) but most of you guys can’t. I don’t want to have to be all warm to you tards, fuck that. But then I’m not left. I am orthogonal to your reductive 1D political schema.

  28. Truth says:


    The relevance is, the question is fun.

    There is no real relevance to anything on this site. Don’t believe me? How much does it change.


  29. martin_2 says:

    “Or is it that the liberal whites are trying to tell the black people what the black people want to hear? That they are trying to say the nice things that make the otherwise hard interaction work, by amping up the lovey-dovey language to ensure that everybody understand that everybody loves each other (since such love between different races is not something that would automatically appear by nature and therefore cannot be assumed and must be explicitly established/guaranteed)?”

    That’s a very good point. I’m sure I was doing it because I didn’t want to be unpopular for being “clever”, but I can well imagine one doing it in order to create an artificial feeling of commonality.

  30. R.C. says:

    WN? White Nationalist? I dunno.

  31. OT – @ Lance Welton – COBVID study shows differences in susceptibility of COVID 19 along racial divides – might be of interest for you:

    A study shows that Asians are way more vulnerable to CO-19 than other – hu! – races.

    Might help to explain why Gregory Cochran’s and some other people’s IFR predictions for CO-19 were too high.

  32. One can’t defeat shitlibs with facts, logic and pointing out their glaring hypocrisy.

    It’s why this all ends in a hail of bullets or secession.

  33. Avalanche says:
    @Peter Johnson

    “they espouse otherwise in public speech”
    “be a mark in their favor”

    You mean, we should give a pass to libs because they’re EVIL liars, instead of just unknowingly wrong? And we should give them this ‘excuse’ AS they destroy our nation and Western civilization?!?

    Uh. No.

  34. Avalanche says:

    Proof? Got ANY proof at all, or just your FEELZ?!

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