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Israel Bombs the Associated Press Offices in Gaza! Building Leveled! What Now, Media???
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This could possibly be the funniest thing ever.

The only reason that the AP has offices in Palestine is to shill for Israel. But Israel goes ahead and bombs them, presumably because they just weren’t shilling hard enough.

This is obviously intended to be a message to all journalists worldwide: shill harder.


An Israeli airstrike on Saturday destroyed a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press office in the Gaza Strip, despite repeated urgent calls from the news agency to the military to halt the impending attack. AP called the strike “shocking and horrifying.”

Twelve AP staffers and freelancers were working and resting in the bureau on Saturday afternoon when the Israeli military telephoned a warning, giving occupants of the building one hour to evacuate. Everyone was able to get out, grabbing a few belongings, before three heavy missiles struck the 12-story building, collapsing it into a giant cloud of dust.

Although no one was hurt, the airstrike demolished an office that was like a second home for AP journalists and marked a new chapter in the already rocky relationship between the Israeli military and the international media. Press-freedom groups condemned the attack. They accused the military, which claimed the building housed Hamas military intelligence, of trying to censor coverage of Israel’s relentless offensive against Hamas militants.

Ahead of the demolition, the AP placed urgent calls to the Israeli military, foreign minister and prime minister’s office but were either ignored or told that there was nothing to be done.

For 15 years, the AP’s top-floor office and roof terrace were a prime location for covering Israel’s conflicts with Gaza’s Hamas rulers, including wars in 2009, 2012 and 2014. The news agency’s camera offered 24-hour live shots as militants’ rockets arched toward Israel and Israeli airstrikes hammered the city and its surrounding area this week.

You can go read the full AP article on the bombing of their building – they actually shill for Israel in the article about how they themselves have just been bombed!

Gary Pruitt, the AP’s president and chief executive, gave a statement.

For some reason he had a bandaid on his nose when he gave the statement (as if he’s just had a nosejob).

The building also housed some Al-Jazeera offices, which might be why they targeted it.

Bibi responded to international inquiry about the bombing by saying, and I quote: “It was not an innocent building.”

I guess he thought there might be terror-babies in it.

Israel has a right to protect itself against terror-babies.

What Now, Media?

We all watched as the media went completely ape over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood who had written columns in English for the Washington Post. Khashoggi was killed by Saudi Prince Muhammed bin Salmon. Salmon is an ally of Israel, and thus generally off-limits, but the media went after him anyway. That might have mainly been about attacking Donald Trump – we will never know. We do know that Joe Biden said he would not do anything to punish Saudi Arabia for killing this guy (chopping him up), and the media kind of complained and then gave up.

What I’m certain we learned in the Khashoggi Saga is that journalists are sacred people – as long as they are not Julian Assange.

I think it’s safe to say that even though no one died, actually blowing up a press building is more extreme than assassinating a single journalist – especially given that Khashoggi, as a member (or at least de facto member) of the Moslem Brotherhood, could be framed as an enemy combatant in a larger conflict that’s bigger than his role as a journalist.

Just outright blowing up an Associated Press office is the single biggest attack on journalists, by anyone, in my lifetime. This is certainly much more extreme than vague claims that Vladimir Putin is “killing journalists.”

The question is: is there going to be any pushback on Israel for doing this, at all? Beyond the initial complaints, the statements that “this is bad,” are the journalists actually going to press the issue? Is Freedom House going to take this to the United Nations?

No. No, I don’t think Freedom House will be pressing the issue very far.

But even if the watchdog groups aren’t interested in watch-dogging, someone is going to have to complain about this war crime, right?

What about the journalists themselves? Surely, top print outlet New York Times and top TV station CNN will come out really aggressively against bombing journalists?


No, I suppose they won’t.

I don’t even expect that they will start covering the massive anti-Israel protests that are taking place in every major city.

What an incredible thing, the way these Jews have just taken over everything, then pushed this really extreme “brown people are always right and are above everyone else” agenda, then started slaughtering brown people and leveling their cities and getting away with it.

The bottom line on this AP bombing is this: if they can kill brown people and get away with it, they can just pretty much do anything – and that includes using bombs to silence journalists.

This modern system exalts mainstream journalists, sure. But not as much as it exalts brown people.

What the bombing of this AP building, and the bombing of Palestine in general should do is show people that the entire “left vs. right” dichotomy is fake. The entire story of the 21st century is actually “Jews vs. Non-Jews.”

Look at it:

  • The right does nothing to stop the tranny agenda. Governors in red states are vetoing bills to stop the trannies.
  • The right does nothing to stop the black agenda. Brian Kemp just abolished citizens’ arrest.
  • The left does nothing to stop the bombing of Palestine.
  • The left does nothing to defend journalists getting bombed.

We here at Tranny Watch are consistently on the right side of all of these issues.

I’m not a leftist, I’m not generally pro-Moslem or pro-Brown People in general, but I’ll tell you: there is no conceivable way to justify Israel slaughtering all these children, leveling everyone’s houses, and just basically genociding people who they’ve locked in an open-air prison (Gaza).

I don’t care how much you hate Moslems – this kind of asymmetry in war cannot possibly be justified. The Palestinians have literally no ability to defend themselves, and they’re just getting slaughtered by these bombs.

And of course, as we know, neither the Republican nor Democrat establishment consistently hates Moslems, given that they advocate for war with China to save the “human rights” of Moslems.

Do you know what China is accused of doing? They’re accused of sending Moslem terrorists to reeducation camps and making them sing songs about Emperor Xi.

Which would you rather have happen to you: have your entire city leveled by bombs and your children blown to bits, or be forced to sing a song?

Meanwhile, the Uyghur Moslems in China are actually terrorists, and join ISIS in large numbers. The Hezbollah fighters Israel is bombing fight against ISIS.

Furthermore: I also think journalists should be treated like Red Cross. I don’t care if that is a leftist talking point, it’s correct: journalists should always be protected in war zones. You have to have that rule, or there is no way to know what is going on in a war.

But of course: it isn’t really a leftist agenda. It might be a leftist talking point, but as we see here, they won’t ever do anything to actually protect journalists, and when journalists get bombed all they do is say “this is not good.”

Here are some of the latest photographs from what Joe Biden has (apparently without irony) referred to as “Israeli self-defense.” Note that you probably won’t be seeing as many of these photographs now that Israel has decided to start explicitly targeting the media.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. ‘What now, media?’ Really? Media are happy as they’re owned or controlled by Jews. When have the media been anti-Zionist in the West?

    Over there, Pallies get it in the neck…. to the delight of the media.

    Over here, whites get it in the neck.

    What is CRT, aka the Palestinianization of white folks?

    It’s really just Jews using blacks to control whites via ‘white guilt’. If CRT is really about equality and justice, how come there is so little discussion on what Jews have done to Palestinians? How come 99% of CRT is about whites-wronged-blacks?

    Besides, conzos practice a CRT of their own: Jews are so awesome, rich, and powerful, and we conzos must do everything possible to have them on our side… even if it means we must kiss their ass and suckle their toes. If conzos were truly opposed to race theory, they would be for equal jutsice for Jews and Palestinians. When will conzos champion that? When donkeys fly.

    Conzos, who favor Jews over Pallies, need to shut up about how it’s wrong for CRT to especially target whites.

  2. cortesar says:

    I passed through the crowd of one these Pro-Palestinian demonstrations yesterday
    The hate of jews was palpable, you could feel it in the air, even a double maskhole could
    All of these arabs were imported into our lands by these very jews, they did it in order to break the white majority, they used them, as they used blacks, as a weapon against our people. Now that Golem turned against them I felt an immense pleasure seeing that some kind of poetic justice has took place.
    The crowd was substantial, beside enraptured muzzies there were some leftists, even a few jews were there condemning the zionist entity
    This hate will only grow with time so it will my pleasure witnessing it

    • LOL: Alfred Muscaria, Sulu
    • Replies: @Random Anon
  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The only reason that the AP has offices in Palestine is to shill for Israel. But Israel goes ahead and bombs them, presumably because they just weren’t shilling hard enough.

    Jews are insane, believing they’re a godlike Chosen, and they can never have enough — enough money, control, power, glowing media, brainwashed fans… and they actually believe, as godlike creatures, they’re entitled to kill goyim whenever, however and as often as they see fit.

    I’m not a leftist, I’m not generally pro-Moslem or pro-Brown People in general, but I’ll tell you: there is no conceivable way to justify Israel slaughtering all these children, leveling everyone’s houses, and just basically genociding people who they’ve locked in an open-air prison (Gaza).

    It’s shocking to the conscience, isn’t it? But you have a conscience, Jews don’t. Their system of indoctrination, from left to right, turns them into sociopaths. The ones that appear to have a conscience are faking it, or emulating the goyim around them to fit in and maybe advance their careers. Or, tragically, emulating the goyim around them because they really don’t know how to act independently of the sociopath tribe and are morally lost.

    The Jews running the Biden administration and who had their hooks deep into the Trump admin aren’t morally lost. They’re full blown, ideological Zionists, which means maybe shaking their heads at the more blatant atrocities of their brethren in Israel, but secretly snickering to each other and congratulating themselves on exerting their Chosen will to power over hapless Palestinian goyim, just like they do over increasingly hapless goyim in ZOG America.

    The Jew-stooge sociopath enablers in the U.S.? Very similar creatures, only far more atomized, and so they look to the Zionist sociopaths for organization, leadership, and a sense of belonging to an “elite” club (of fellow sociopaths).

    Max Headroom-like Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden could have told you all about it before he lost his mind.

    So we’ll leave it ((Klaus Schwab)) to fill you in.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    They’re not journalists anyway but presstitudes, cogs in the world-wide American propaganda machine. Besides that they’re probably engaged in spying using journalism as a cover, maybe even feeding info on what would be some good bombing targets in Gaza. Had there been no warning would the world now be a worse place because of the loss of all those “journalists”?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  5. meamjojo says:

    Yeah, pictures of crying babies and dirty kids being pulled form rubble always pull at the heartstrings.

    Actually, it is pretty cool how exact Israel jets can be in their targeting to drop just that one building and not any of the other close builds around them!

    Anyway, here is a dose of reality.

    The Palestinian’s are NEVER EVER going to achieve their desired 2-state solution unless Israel elects some stupidly pacifist government. If they are lucky, Israel will allow them to remain in the spaces they currently inhabit in the West Bank and Gaza. If they are not so lucky, then Israel will move in and physically march them into Jordan or Egypt.

    The Palestinian’s do little to help themselves. They have very high unemployment but stupidly seem to do little other than to pop out more children. The reports always talk about Palestinian families with 5,6,7 or more children. Again, for a country with so many w/o work, how are they supporting all these kids?

    The Palestinian’s need to rid themselves of Hamas, elect reasonable leaders and significantly cut their birth rate. If that means civil war among themselves, then they have to accept that if they want to move forward.

    It would also help tremendously if the Arab states ceased propping up the Palestinian’s with their cash infusions. Doing this would also help stop Hamas from purchasing rockets and ammunition’s thus hopefully neutering them. But this won’t happen because the Arab states enjoy using the Palestinian’s as a thorn in the side of Israel.

    I hope Israel keeps up the bombing.

  6. Anonymous[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Good of Anglin to take a break from cheering on the death of a 13 year old white girl to talk about Jews. Are Jews better or worse than 13 year old white girls? Who’s the bigger problem for the embattled white male?

    • Troll: Rahan
    • Replies: @G J T
  7. German_reader says:

    I don’t like Israel, but come on, don’t be a faggot, one needn’t have that much sympathy if journo scum get their building trashed, given how terrible most journalists are. Al-Jazeera is also promoting mass immigration to Europe on its channel, so they deserve it even more.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @neutral
    , @St-Germain
  8. I’m not a leftist, I’m not generally pro-Moslem or pro-Brown People in general, but I’ll tell you: there is no conceivable way to justify Israel slaughtering all these children,

    Right. There is a lot of discussion and talk about this war. People talk a lot but don’t say that the only purpose of this war is to kill Palestinian civilians. Nothing else.

    • Replies: @NoLoverofWar
    , @Buck Ransom
  9. @Priss Factor

    US has approved the sale of precision-guided weapons to Israel worth $735 millions. The Biden administration has approved the sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel. Pompeo wanted it at Billion or 2.

  10. Guess the author is shilling for Palestine. How many missiles do you let them induscriinanty fire before you retaliate? HAMAS knows not to screw with Israel but they will fire missiles from hospitals, mosques, and schools and sacrifice the safety of their children and citizens because their hatred is blind and ignorant. As my Dad always said, ‘don’t start what you can’t finish’…looks like Israel is more than willing to finish. The Palestinians think that intentionally putting their children and other civilians in harm’s way will garner then sympathy – but only from the ignorant and uninfrmed!

    • Agree: meamjojo, Clyde, TKK
    • Troll: St-Germain, Iris
  11. @UncommonGround

    Then exactly WHY did the Palestinians START IT and why do they use their children as shields – firing missiles from mosques, schools, and hospitals – sounds like you have NO IDEA what this conflict is about.

    • Troll: Alfred
  12. Trinity says:


    Personally, I am not that fond of Muslims either and Whites sure as hell don’t need Muslims in OUR nations and we sure as hell don’t need Jews either.

    Are not a portion of these Palestinians practicing Christians?


    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  13. neutral says:

    Jews are the number one promoters of mass immigration, whatever Al Jazeera says, the jewish outlets are way more influential and supportive of mass immigration. Beyond that, the jews control the politicians and the culture, Muslims don’t have any of that.

    • Agree: moi
  14. @NoLoverofWar

    Didn’t you choose the wrong name? Shouldn’t it be LoveofWar? The answer to your question is very easy. Many people from Africa cross the Mediterranean in order to come to Europe. They know that the danger is very big and that they may drown in the Mediterranen. They know that they are risking their lives, but in spite of that they think they have to try because the conditions where they live are bad.

    It’s the same in Gaza. Israel is oppressing the Palestinians, they barely can live and because of that they have to try anything at all in order to see if they escape the concentration camp of Gaza. Israel wants to avoid that they escape the concentration camp and become free. So they use the opportunity to kill as many as possible, something that they seem to enjoy. You may find some information about the region and about Israel’s war against the Palestinians in the sites below. There are also many books that I could reccomend:

  15. The Palestinian’s are NEVER EVER going to achieve their desired 2-state solution unless Israel elects some stupidly pacifist government. If they are lucky, Israel will allow them to remain in the spaces they currently inhabit in the West Bank and Gaza. If they are not so lucky, then Israel will move in and physically march them into Jordan or Egypt.

    All bets are off when our overlords attack Iran. For the first time since I started paying attention in college to Israel I think they are going to be wiped off the face of the map. They had everything but just could not live in peace with anyone else on the planet.

  16. Trinity says:

    Is the anti-Christ going to be a man or is it going to be a group of (((psychopathic criminals))) who are anti-Christ and anti-Christianity? I remember listening to Jimmy Swaggart, remember him, say that a Jew will be the anti-Christ and that he will turn against Israel in the end. Well, Jimmy, if a Jew is going to be the anti-Christ and a helluva lot of Jews despise Christians and Jesus, why on earth do people like you all but worship Jews? I am not a Bible reader but I think I recall hearing Swaggart or some other Christian Zionist proclaim that several nations will attack Israel at one time and be unsuccessful because of God’s intervention. Hmm, most of these Christian Zionist believe that MOST Jews are not going to make it to Heaven as well. These Christian Zionist really contradict themselves. They hate Hollywood and pornography but love Jews. Go figure that one out. That worship Jesus as their Lord and Savior but love people who despise Jesus. Holy spinarooni, Batman.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @moi
  17. @meamjojo

    Gaza has the right of self defense against Israel’s starvation blockade. I hope China and Russia turn Israel into a sheet of glass.

    • Agree: moi, Sulu
  18. @NoLoverofWar

    Come off the “they use their children as shields” BS. They are a population under blockade (an act of war) by the terrorist state of Israel. They fight from where they have to fight. Maybe Russia and China will finally police the terrorist state of Israel.

  19. in response to #5, “meamjojo”:

    “I hope Israel keeps up the bombing.”

    i hadn’t realized it is possible to vomit with one’s fingertips until i read the above.

    • Agree: Alfred, Bro43rd
    • Thanks: meamjojo
  20. @NoLoverofWar

    cliches are a poor substitute for empathy in the list of human virtues.

  21. @meamjojo

    I suppose I’ll take the bait.

    The Palestinian’s are NEVER EVER going to achieve their desired 2-state solution unless Israel elects some stupidly pacifist government. If they are lucky, Israel will allow them to remain in the spaces they currently inhabit in the West Bank and Gaza…

    The Palestinian’s do little to help themselves…[they] need to rid themselves of Hamas…

    I hope Israel keeps up the bombing.

    It’s a bit interesting that you went with this line of argument, as it could very well be used to justify the armed resistance strategy of Hamas. Perhaps you have heard the saying: “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” In the case of Gaza I suspect it could be modified in their favor: “it is better to die on your feet than die on your knees.”

    The history of Israel demonstrates clearly that the Zionist entity has never intended to deal fairly with the local people. The Israelis never wanted to sit down and talk, they wanted, from the beginning, to the cleanse the land of its locals. Perhaps you know that prior to the early 1990s, the armed resistance was led by the secular nationalist and leftist PLO. By means of arms, the PLO actually succeeded in bringing Israel to the table. The PLO and Yitzhak Rabin worked out what appeared to be the beginning of a resolution. Likud and company made sure to reward Mr. Rabin for his decency. And for laying down their arms, what did the PLO get? An end to military occupation? An end to land thievery and settler terror? No. The only thing they got was a lesson that you never negotiate with Jews. Well, most Palestinians got that lesson, while the PLO was paid to not learn it.

    I very much wish that Fatah and PFLP would find their testicles, but unfortunately, it seems that only Hamas and PIJ still have theirs. Perhaps that is a testimony to the power of a religious faith to help persevere in the face of the abyss. What do the people of Gaza have to gain from not fighting? Will they be let out of their prison? Will they be allowed to fish in their sea in peace? What they have been enduring is not a life, it is a living death. Perhaps with their rockets they can find a deliverance in dignity while taking as many Israelis to their well-deserved graves as possible.


    Not only do the people in Gaza have more honor than Israel, they have more honor than you. Yes you and all those like you. By now everyone who has eyes to see has tasted the bread of the Jews. Decades after the Liberty, the November 9th high jinks of Lucky Larry and his dancing Yids; after the revelations regarding Epstein; after endless bankrupting wars fought on their behalf; after having your entire culture degraded by their censorious media monopolies, here you are cheering on these vermin.

    I am assuming in writing this that you are not Jewish yourself. If you were, at least you would have the “my people, right or wrong” excuse. But if you are a gentile, there is only one conclusion: you are a disgusting worm; a spineless sycophant, whorishly fellating a group of people who despise you as a subhuman, because you hope to bask in the glory of their “Ashkenazi IQ.” Any gentile carrying water for the Jews, at this point, is a traitor. And what do traitors deserve? A punishment worse than the Jews.

    P.S. I read through your comments archive and it is a shame we agree on this scamdemic nonsense, because I would highly recommend you get vaxxed.

  22. J says:

    This is the same AP that is trying to convince the American public that racist police are hunting down innocent, defenseless Afro-Americans. Sorry, but it will not be allowed to do the same here.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  23. Emslander says:

    I lived and worked in a very strictly Muslim country for a few months. In my personal interchanges with the people who lived there I was treated with extreme respect and friendship, nothing like the way we treat each other here in the USA. Of course, I had no interchange with Muslim women, but my impression of them in the rare commercial settings, like the souks and the grocery stores, is that they were very joyful. They were very proud to have children with them and treated children like precious jewels. I began to see how much true happiness they derived from family and I went home a changed man in that regard. I’m only sorry my sons couldn’t marry an Islamic woman. Instead, they married American devils and have not been very happy in their families.

    Once in a while, I had deep conversations with Islamic men and they opened my eyes to the gross injustices they suffered from Americans supporting Israel. It was when the Ayatollah started calling the USA the “Great Satan”. I learned to understand what that meant to them. It wasn’t just an expression. When I came home, I gave a little talk to a men’s group and predicted something like what happened on 9/11/2001. I told them that the practicing Muslim was pledged to harm our country because of what we did by proxy and by example to the family structure of Islam.

    Get ready.

    • Agree: Leo Den
    • Replies: @Leo Den
    , @moi
    , @AnonStarter
    , @TKK
  24. Trinity says:

    Honest Joe will have to make a decision. Is he going to lose the (((controlled opposition leftards))) over his lack of empathy for the Palestinians? Me thinks not. I remember reading about an (((Antifa/BLM))) riot where one of the foot soldiers mistakenly attacked a synagogue thinking it was a Christian church and the guy was berated for it by one of his superiors. Hmm, these people claim they are against racism but support racism against Whites, they claim they are anti-religion but only have a problem with Christianity. Sounds like Bolshevik Russia to me.

    Looks like Honest Joe is caught between Iraq And A Hard Place. ( Pun Intended.)

    Cue: Rock And A Hard Place by Mick Jagger and the Rollin’ Stoooooones.

  25. @meamjojo

    You are full blown Jew scum.

    • Agree: moi
  26. @UncommonGround

    USA: “The Chinese are evil, oppressing the innocent Muslims in Xinjiang province.
    We must work to topple the evil Chinese regime.”

    Also USA: “Israel is terribly victimized by the brutal Muslims in Gaza. We must quickly send Israel an additional $735 million worth of weapons to crush these evil creatures.”

  27. jsinton says:

    I see it as a measure of just how isolated and paranoid the Zionist entity has become after 70 odd years of siege mentality. It’s pure desperation at this point. It’s like throwing the women and children out of the lifeboat that is sinking. It’s almost like I wake up everyday and thank God I get one more of relative peace because my little corner of the swamp didn’t get vaporized as I slept.

  28. fuckoff with your dead babies. there is no free press in gaza, moron, hamas controls all news going in and out. any news org there is full of pro-hamas fucktoys like you, nazi cumstain. go die with them — don’t just play an incinerated terrorist in your wetdreams

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Hamilton
  29. gatobart says:

    Building Leveled! What Now, Media???

    This reminds me of a political event that took place in Canada a couple of decades ago or so. We know that the Canadian system is Parliamentarian and so, contrary to the Presidential system, the PM is not the winner in the last election for top dog, but the chief of the Party that has won the greatest number of seats. In other words, the Party which get the most seats is the one usually best placed to form the new government, with its chief as PM. Well, what happened is that some Party, I think the Liberals, suffered a devastating defeat, as the result of which they went to obtain just a handful of seats from the hundred or more they had before the election. The most memorable thing of this was the incredible spin the loser outgoing PM put to it: “This is NOT a defeat, but a chance to rebuild our Party”.

    So there you go, AP, all it remains now is for you to thank Israel for this chance it gives you to rebuild your building. take a cue.

    • Agree: Alfred
  30. nsa says:

    The HolyCaust People own whitey and can get away with anything. I’ll bet you they could even attack a US Navy vessel flying the American flag in broad daylight, murder and wound a couple hundred American sailors, and then strafe the lifeboats……..and Americans would bend over and take it, and even make lame excuses for the yid attackers.

    • Replies: @Hamlet's Ghost
  31. The power is not with the law or constitution but with those who control the industries(of media) and institutions(of deep state).

    Principals > Principles.

    Levers > Letters.

    Libby-dibs are about the over-production of elites.
    Conzos are about the under-production of elites.

    DC and NY institutions are 96% libby-dib Democrat.

    Trump called on the people, but crowds come and go. Those inside the institutions remain when the dust settles.

  32. Under Jewish supremacist power, certain groups are allowed Moral Visibility.

    For instance, if you put up a BLM sign on your yard, you are okay. BLM is allowed to be morally visible, along with globo-homo.

    Those who have the power of Moral Display have the upperhand.

    For instance, one could make a compelling moral case AGAINST Mao(ism), but only pro-Mao messages are allowed in China as Moral Display or Visibility.


    Certain moral views aren’t allowed visibility. They must remain invisible or hidden.

  33. Hallo Bibi ? yah . . . it’s Maury over at the A.P., yah, lemme tell you those schlubs down the hall say they won’t fire another rocket until you get them a better headquarters . .

  34. John Hagan says: • Website

    Palestine and Shakespeare: That within Shakespearian plays lay many of the flaws of mankind. Here I try and apply a few to the present conflict in the middle east. Here I also identify some of the major actors and their results.

  35. Anon[692] • Disclaimer says:

    Hello no nothing moron ,get some education first before opening the keister .

    Hamas responded because Israel provoked .Police, IDF , Israeli court, politicians and the settlers provoked . They cut access to Al Asqa mosque . They uprooted families . They tried to occupy the Al Asqa mosque . Israeli attacked the families resisting Israeli attempt to expel the families and Israeli attacked the worshippers inside the mosque .
    Hamas was forced to respond to the Nazi .

    By the way the settlers even used the social media to start the pogrom against the West Bank Palestinian and against the Palestinian living Jerusalem . Israeli Palestinian reacted . The Jewish thug doubled down with help of state apparatus.

    Get out of the Hasbara unit and learn the facts .

    By the way every Gazan has a right to attack Israel whatever way he or she can . Israel has been blockading Gaza from all sides and from the sky from 2007.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch, HVM
  36. @cortesar

    The shelf-life of the “my fellow minorities” stuff” is expiring.

    Zio-MSM can shill all they want but at the end of the day most POC view them as white and increasingly Israeli atrocities will be classified as “white supremacy”.

    Republican and Christian Zionists licking AIPAC boots will only underline the point.

    As obnoxious as some of them are the best thing the nationalist right in the US can do is encourage the pro BDS and rabid Anti Israel elements in the Democratic Party.

    It’s the fastest way to break their coalition and eventually it will. Without Jewish money, media and organization they simply can’t win.

    • Replies: @Random Anonymous
  37. @meamjojo

    “They have very high unemployment but stupidly seem to do little other than to pop out more children.”

    Stupidly? That’s their greatest weapon against Israel. It is their very existence that frustrates and offends Israel so the way to fight back is to just keep existing, and in ever greater numbers.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy, Catdog
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  38. Jabbed-up Israelis are lashing about in their death-throes.

    • Replies: @Jake
  39. China’s CGTN (China Global Television Network) is being very blunt

    Here their short 3m36 video the other day on, ‘Why does the U.S. act as a diplomatic shield for Israel?’ in this Gaza conflict – English subtitles

    The narrator says directly how in the USA, “Jews dominate finance, media and internet sectors”

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Badger Down
  40. Momus says:

    The author is an insane bigot.

    LOL. AP were in Gaza in a building owned and used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to shill for their bearded moron terrorist landlords.

    Israel leveled it, precisely.

    Too funny.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  41. John Pilger Interview: Israel is a LYING MACHINE, Palestine Has The Right to Resist!

  42. gotmituns says:

    I can’t bring myself to shed a tear over any press. I put them in the same boat as the jews, garbage.

  43. Some commenters here are saying that Palestine started this “war”. In fact, “israel” started it. Anyone can check it for themselves. Palestine was a nice place before the “is” arrived.

  44. Anon[483] • Disclaimer says:

    “The Goyim [Gentiles] owe $$$it$$$ to the Jews!” wrote Jewish ‘Saint’ Paul in Romans 15:27, because of this blasphemous, Jew-centric premise: “Salvation is from the Jews,” as Rabbi Jebus Christ, the “Kang of Zion” put it. The Jew Testament is the most powerful Jewish-authored, pro-Jewish media of all time, and Anglin falls for the Merchants’ salvation-mongering narrative. But maybe he’s getting embarrassed about worshiping a damn Rabbi, no mention this episode.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  45. @meamjojo

    The reports always talk about Palestinian families with 5,6,7 or more children.

    They should have more, many more, since those children will help them reclaim Palestine from the evil lying land thieves. Victory to Palestine!

    • Thanks: AnonStarter
  46. Jake says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jews bombing Jewish media? That’s just like the shtetl days when the more powerful and brutal Jew would torch a Jew owned business. Because it was for the good of Jews, the Rabbi made certain that everybody got in line to ignore it and then lie about it.

    For years I’ve said that we (whites) already were in early stages of becoming the new Palestinians. But Anglo-Zionist Empire has 2 parts, and to the WASP part, we are Irish Catholics.

    If you refuse, or fail, to address both parts of the horror show, the monster devours you eventually.

    You cannot separate the Jewish Problem from the WASP Problem.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Pascal
  47. gotmituns says:

    This conflict started with the brits and zionists conspiring to steal the land of the Arab inhabitants back in the early 20th century. Even the religious Jews who lived there at the time hated the zionists.

    • Replies: @Jake
  48. What now media? This stuff has happened before. The media has been attacked before by Israel. If I’m not mistaken it was during the Iraq conflict, or what ever stupid name the Neo-Cons gave that disaster under Bush Jr. and Cheney. Interesting isn’t it. Bush has come out against white Americans again and another Cheney, Liz, has come out against millions of Trump supporters. How about that. They just can’t stop taking off their “masks” to make clear what their true feelings are, to wit, American citizens last..

  49. Leo Den says:

    Though I agree in great part, 9/11 was done by Apartheid Israhell not Muslims.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  50. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The entire story of the 21st century is actually “Jews vs. Non-Jews.”

    Actually, it’s been the biggest story in Human History.

    The Jews started it.

    They want it that way.

    They are Satan’s children.

    Satan watches over them.

    Wake up world, it’s the only thing that matters.

    Antichrist comes soon.

    • Agree: Hans
    • Thanks: G J T
  51. Hans says:

    Has anyone checked Odigo for a (((heads up))) to jews at the (((AP))) office? The (((AP))) won’t squawk about some dead goyim who weren’t alerted.

    Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack

    “Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.” –

    A NATION CHALLENGED: THE DETAINEES; Dozens of Israeli Jews Are Being Kept in Federal Detention
    “Immigration officials began deporting five young Israelis who have been in federal custody since Sept. 11. Oded Ellner and Omer Gavriel Marmari, landed in Tel Aviv yesterday. The others, Paul Kurzberg & his brother Sivan, & Yaron Shmuel, were expected to fly to Israel today. The five aroused attention in New Jersey after people noticed them going to unusual lengths to photograph the World Trade Center and making light of the situation. One photo showed Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the smoldering wreckage in the background, said Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the five.”

  52. Is the Associated Press (AP) owned by the goy or the jew?

  53. Antiwar7 says:

    “Just outright blowing up an Associated Press office is the single biggest attack on journalists, by anyone, in my lifetime.”

    Doubtful, unless you’re pretty young. What about Nato bombing the Radio Television of Serbia building in 1999? 16 killed and 16 wounded.

    • Agree: TheTotallyAnonymous
  54. Jake says:

    If by ‘Israel’ you mean this nation for Jews that was founded by the Brit WASP Empire and the Yank WASP Empire, then it could be starting death throes. But if you mean Jewry, then you could not be more mistaken. Jews were protected by God to get to the age of Incarnation. Then when Jews chose anti-Christ, which was the very opposite of why they existed, Satan became their protector. Satan, playing with humanity for spite, will not allow Jews to be destroyed as a people, because they are THE great anti-Christ people.

  55. Jake says:

    And the religious Jews living in Palestine c. 1900 kept to themselves and harmed very few non-Jews. Christians did not harm them, nor did Arabic Mohammedans. Turks often had small rampages against those Jews, but those invariably were about Jews having been caught yet again in business scams that harmed Turks.

  56. Is this an appeal to the (((Lügenpresse))) to report news honestly ?

    If so it is a total waste of energy, like those who buy “newspapers”/watch tv only to critically review them are totally wasting their energy/money.

    This sort of thing has now been going on for decades and if you have not detached from the msm, probably not much hope for you.

    Instead, you could send a donation to Palestine or Hezbollah or help Iran with medicines etc. — ie do something positive instead of whingeing abt how bad kike media is.

    Maybe you reading this are an msm “journalist” and if so you will realise that contempt for you could hardly be more widespread or growing so fast.

    Iow you are a dog, and in fact worse than a dog.

  57. AH88 says:

    The problem with Anglin is that he isn’t actually waking people up to the JQ. He supports Whites worshipping the jews anti White desert religion. He is inculcating slave morality amongst whites which Nietzsche warned us about. Whites need to get back to honoring our own masculine, militant, pro white gods line Odin and Thor. Thor wants you to be pro White and heroic and not “turn the other cheek are pray for the jews”.

    • LOL: G J T
  58. moi says:

    I must there’s a certain convoluted logic in your post. Yup, if this is a “conflict”, then the hollowcaust was also a conflict between good Germans and the hateful Chosen.

  59. Emslander says:
    @Leo Den

    9/11 was done by Apartheid Israhell not Muslims.

    Please. Give credit where credit is due. Mr. Bin Laden, of the Bin Laden family, the most prominent private family in Saudi Arabia, would be insulted. Find a more believable fantasy to build your life from.

    • Troll: Hans
    • Replies: @Ever Becoming
    , @Iris
  60. moi says:

    And Christian Zios hate Muslims who revere Christ but love Jews who say he should have been boiled in his own excrement. Go figure…

    ps: maybe Zion Biden can figure that one out…if he’s not too deep in his dementia.

  61. G J T says:

    Are Jews better or worse than 13 year old white girls? Who’s the bigger problem for the embattled white male?

    That depends on who the 13 year-old white girl’s father is. If he’s a shitlib, race-blind conservatard, or just not present at all, the 13 y/o girl is well on her way to being a spiritual Jew anyway, with a black cock stuck in every orifice.

    While the 13 y/o girl has a chance, biologically — and doesn’t have the power to influence anything outside doing her own part in continuing the cycle — the practical effect ends up being the same. But this is a snarky and dishonest question anyway, and you know that.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  62. G J T says:

    Left a ‘thanks’ instead of ‘agree’ because there is no single Antichrist. Other than that, spot on.

  63. @Anon

    “Antichrist comes soon.”

    He better have a covid passport lest he is stopped at the border!

    • LOL: Wielgus
  64. moi says:

    The official 9/11 narrative it total bull.

    I don’t know which Muslim country you spent time in, but if people were to set their prejudices aside they’d understand the beauty and rationality of Islam and the amazing example set by its prophet. Islam is a religion of compassion, generosity, hospitality and good manners.

    Barnaby Rogerson, not a Muslim, wrote an interesting book entitled Heirs of the Prophet in which be notes that never in the history of the world has there been anything comparable to the first four caliphs, whom Muslims refer to as the rightly guided caliphs.


    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  65. @German_reader

    German reader, you are certainly right that Western establishment media promotes of mass immigration. (and even Al Jazeera, a tame offshoot of BBC, has a lot in common with AP besides a bombed building.) And I would also agree that mass immigration is the ultimate WMD against Western nation states.

    But that’s what media are there for, namely to cheer for the policy of the ruling clique. Borderless immigration is the signature corporate policy of anti-populist (i.e. anti-national) Western governments such as those of EU Germany the rest of the imperial U.S. vassel states. So, lets dare to be unGerman by putting the blame where it clearly belongs: on government.

    When e.g. Angela in 2015 welcomed a million Middle-Easterners and Africans into the German social-welfare state, Germany’s state-controlled broadcasting media, followed by its legacy press, took their cue and played their role. If you suspect that this serves no true German interest, then you have to wonder whether Germans are just dense to put up with it or their government is clearly unrepresentative and probably hopelessly corrupted by special interests. Contrary to common sense and their own self-interest, though, most obedient Germans persist in the belief that their rulers mean well and are there to help them.

    When will they wake up to reality and change their malevolent rulers? As Sun-Tzu would have put it, Know neither yourself nor your enemy, and you will lose a hundred battles. When will the Germans and other white Westerners finally grow a backbone?

    • Replies: @S
  66. Anon[483] • Disclaimer says:

    The Blessed Kike is cravenly lauded in paragraph 839 of your Catholic Catechism, “To the Jews belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship.” And your Pope, the Vicar of Christ, openly declares, “Inside every Christian is a Jew.” Which is true, since the Jewish authors of the Jew Testament state, “Christ our Passover lamb is sacrificed for us.” Nobody but Jews celebrate the bloody Jewish child-sacrifice ritual Passover. The Jewish Problem is you, Jake. Repent of your Jewish-inspired Rabbi worship, because it only enables more Jewish Problem. And being drunk Irish, you certainly would know about “enablers.”

    P.S. You were born right the first time, it’s OK to be born white.

    • LOL: Emslander
  67. @AH88

    It was under Christianity that the Europeans were able to free themselves from the Islamic invasions last time round. Where were Odin and Thor then? It was also under Christianity that they expelled Jews from many countries when their crimes got to be too much of a nuisance.

    • Replies: @AH88
  68. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, Israel bombed a known UN outpost, killing four UN truce supervision observers from China, Austria, Canada, and Finland.

    The international peacekeepers last radio messages said the Israelis were bombing them and they would soon be killed.

    On the day the UN members were murdered, three distinct waves of Israeli attacks involving both artillery and air-delivered bombs converged on the UN bunker (starting at 12h11, at 14h18, and at 18h29), and all three triggered formal communications of protests from the UN in Lebanon to the IDF.

    The Israelis finished off the peacekeepers with a precision air to ground strike at 19h30.

    Like the USS Liberty incident, the Israelis blocked investigations of their personnel. Israel was never punished.

    • Replies: @HT
  69. Thanks to the internet more and more people see the HYPOCRISY of anti-Semitic Israel. Yes, Israel is anti-Semitic. Arabs are a Semitic people and no one hates or kills more Arabs than Israel. But Talmudists/Jews/Israel go around calling everyone an anti-Semite if they don’t support Israel. This makes them a 2000 year old hypocritical people. Hypocrisy was their chief characteristic at the time of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. FINALLY more and more people are getting sick of it. Also, consider the 9 million hypocrites get billions in aid while hundreds of millions in other countries together don’t get near that much. That is insane. But then, who owns the media? Why are the wimps in Washington DC so beholden to these few 9 million?

  70. AH88 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You need to brush up on your history. Christians mostly fought against worshippers of our ancestors old ancestral gods. Read about the Baltic crusades and the Charlemagne’s brutal war against worshipers of our old masculine and pro white gods.

    Christians typically were a Trojan horse for the Muslims. The jews tricked our pagan pro white ancestors into thinking “there is no man and woman and no Greek or non Greek all are one”. They also tricked our ancestors into “loving thy neighbor” even when they persecute you. Christian didn’t even really resist the Muslims because at least they weren’t pagans. They just preferred to pray for the Muslims and fight white pagans instead. It was actually pagan mongols that stopped the Muslims.

    We need to get back to honoring the old gods of our ancestors who knew how deal with the Jews.

  71. aspnaz says:

    AP shills for Israel and the US politicians and are then surprised that nobody treats them with respect, not even the people they shill for?

    Of course not, when people see a sell out, they see scum, whether they have sold out to you or somebody else, they instantly lose respect for you. This shows that basically nobody has any respect left for AP.

  72. @The_seventh_shape

    If they use their children as weapons in their war, then they should not be outraged when those weapons are being destroyed in that war. But suddenly they scream “muh human rights!”. Allah does not like hypocrites.

  73. Anonymous[483] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    A spiritual Jew, just like you. As the Jewish author of the Jew Testament book of Philippians states, “We are the Circumcision.” Nobody but a spiritual Jew identifies by the bloody Jewish genital mutilation ritual. You need to repent of your worship of a mutilated Rabbi.

    P.S. Today is Thor’s-day, and Thor never got his penis mutilated; think about that simple fact every single time our unforgotten native white ancestral God’s holy name is on your lips today.

    • Replies: @G J T
  74. aspnaz says:

    You are obviously either a troll or retarded: same thing really. No point in arguing the morals of the case, this has been going on so long. You are on Hitler’s side, supporting putting the Palestinians into the gas chambers, first pinning those yellow stars on their shirts as you push them in.

    Well, they always say that the children of bad parents turn out bad, but the sad thing about Israel is that the Jews never suffered at all, that excuse is void. Israel was born out of corruption, it then lived off of the Holohoax corruption, and will one day die from corruption.

    Israel will discover that once its bully-boy USA “friend” is weakened, once China runs the banking world, then suddenly all its “friends” will become enemies. China will be a much harder nut to crack than the USA, for a start they hate foreigners.

  75. AndrewR says:

    Yeah the only thing Israel did wrong was warn the presstitutes. All corporate journalists are far worse than the average Jew.

  76. @moi

    The first four caliphs of Islam were arch-imperialists. They only expanded what their “prophet”, the aggressive warlord and greedy robber of caravans Muhammad had started. As was typical for the “religion of peace”, all four caliphs died by murderers hands.

    For an impression of the “beauty, rationality and compassion” of Islam, here is a picture of how “Allah” wants thieves to be punished:

    • Replies: @moi
  77. @AH88

    “…Christians didn’t even really resist the Muslims…”

    Ridiculous. Google: Battle of Poitiers 732, Battle of Vienna 1683, Crusades, Reconquista…

  78. @Anon

    Good post, Anon. Thanks.

    Antichrist comes soon

    Antichrist is here, is multiple persons.
    As your post shows, “always” has been here.
    Easy to identify, look at the Talmud …

    and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists;

    1 John 2 v 18 KJV

  79. I love how the Israelis get every targeted building to go down in its footprint like an implosion. It is eerily similar to what the World Trade Center buildings did. The 9/11 Truth Movement initially came across like an interesting but a tad kooky conspiracy theory. The more Israel bombs, the more truth to the Truthers. Kudos to all the smoke to make it look legit. Maybe Hollywood can hire some Mossad agents to come here to put out some actual new plot ideas. Anyway my guess on the AP office being bombed was due all due their audacity to be in Gaza to begin with. Israeli restaurants need AP patronage and landlords need their rent money.

    • Replies: @GMC
  80. @Priss Factor

    Man this guy looks like Captain Pike… Awesome.We could have had Star Trek. Instead we get “the niggling””

  81. Anyway….The eternal Jew is behind it all. It didn’t happen but if it did can anyone blame them for sending them up the smokestack?

  82. Agent76 says:

    May 19, 2021 Palestinians Stage Historic Strike over Israeli Abuses and Gaza Bombing

    Doctors, bank clerks, builders and teachers abandon work to join demonstrations against Israeli violations and air strikes.

    May 18, 2021 Message from Gaza massacre survivor Riyad Eshkuntana

    TRT TV, 18 May 2021

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  83. Every day we get closer to when the world finally turns on the Jews for all of their wrong-doing.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @G J T
  84. HT says:

    I can’t muster any sympathy for the media. If Israel destroyed the entire corporate media complex I would cheer them on. All they would be doing is destroying the primary tool of the Bolshevik Jews in America.

  85. The idiotic, disgusting US Republican Party response was to say that the Associated Press had some “serious questions to answer” about why it had been blown up.

    If the Israelis blow up journalists, then the journalists must have been guilty of going against the Holy People Who Must Never Be Criticised, and so must be held to account for having been bombed:

  86. G J T says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, like all larping pagan retards. I’m not going to just repeat myself endlessly in these comments sections, because you’re a run-of-the-mill Christ-hating Jew stooge. It gets tiring eventually.

    You can read this, though:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  87. S says:

    I would also agree that mass immigration is the ultimate WMD against Western nation states…

    True, that.

    Given enough time, provided they aren’t nuked first in a world war, the whole of the Islamic Middle East (including the West Bank and Gaza) will also experience ‘mass immigration’.

    Within the progressive Multi-cultural society, the wage slave (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) ‘immigrant’ is the primary source of both the wealth and political power of the ideologys’ adherents. [See excerpt and link below for elaboration.]

    ‘..the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups, settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery), and control over the natives and their land. These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony..’

  88. G J T says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Wishful thinking. The power the Jew holds over the world isn’t merely about money and ethnocentrism. If it were they’d have been shipped to Antarctica or dumped in the middle of the ocean decades ago.

    Secular white nationalists and others aware of the Jewish problem are just coping eternally and fighting a futile battle. If you don’t recognize them for what they truly are — the synagogue of Satan — you don’t have any real solution.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  89. HT says:

    As with the AP, bombing a UN post is not a bad thing. They are scum too and I wish we would completely disassociate from them. They are just shills for the Chi-coms.

  90. GMC says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    And the dancing Israelis were there too. I wonder if Lucky Larry Silverstein, owned those buildings too. Anything is possible in the land of Oz — thanks O & G

  91. @Agent76

    May 19, 2021 Palestinians Stage Historic Strike over Israeli Abuses and Gaza Bombing

    Doctors, bank clerks, builders and teachers abandon work to join demonstrations against Israeli violations and air strikes.

    Wouldn’t it be neat to one day read:

    Euro-Americans Stage Historic Strike over Marginalization and Replacement.

  92. Trinity says:

    Where are all the (((Hollywood scum))) protesting for poor oppressed Brownies. Oh, my bad, Israel can take pot shots at rock throwing Palestinian women and children but White nations must provide food, shelter and welfare for invading Brownies according to (((Hollywood $cum.)))

    ((((Sean Penn,))) Susan Sarandon, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and those SJW musicians like Bono, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi must be muzzled. Come on, celebritards, where is your guts, your empathy, ya bunch of whores for the Jews.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @beavertales
  93. Trinity says:

    IF America and Europe were HEALTHY WHITE NATIONS, we would let these two Stone Age religions, ( some Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese are Christian, however) have at each other and without America’s aid, the Arabs would wipe the floor with Israel.

    I feel empathy for Palestinians, but IF I were king of America for one day, all money sent to the Middle East would stop right then and there, no nukes whatsoever in the Middle East and that includes America’s little ally muh Israel. America would abandon Israel and let it fight its own battles without any sort of aid from America. Let the Jews and Arabs fight it out, those people have been fighting forever. Arabs vs. Jews in a fair fight with no aid from the West?

  94. UNIT472 says:

    The Israeli’s are not going to accept rocket fire on their cities anymore than we, China or Russia would. Hamas knows that but they do it anyway. Worth noting of the approximately 4000 rockets fired by Hamas over 500 landed in Gaza. How many of those dead Palestinian women and children were killed by Hamas? Probably quite a few as Gaza is only 140 square miles with more than 10,000 people per square mile. You can’t dump 500 of your own rockets into such a densely populated area and not kill your own people.

    As to the AP HQ building, the Israelis turned over their evidence that Hamas was using the site to the US government and I have not heard anyone in the US government refute that evidence. Its rather an extraordinary thing for the Israeli military to notify residents of military targets that they are going to be hit but the Israelis do it to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas, OTOH, seeks to create them.

    I may not like the politics of the American Jewish community but I am able to make a distinction between what Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Jeff Zucker and The NYTs do and the Israeli response to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

    • Troll: Alfred Muscaria
  95. @Anon

    You are an idiot.

    The NT is clearly ANTI-semitic, but you are far too stupid to have opened the book.

    It’s painful to have to see this kind of stupid bullshit.

    The NT is so anti-semitic that the jews have called for sections of the scriptures to be REMOVED.

    The essence of the NT is that Christ came to save the jews from their selfishness, but the jews rejected Christ, and God opened salvation to all of mankind. The jews are the villains in the story, you idiot dipshit.

    Oh, I forgot! Mel Gibson was shown endless love from the jews for making, “The Passion Of The Christ!” Look how his career blossomed! Mel is a hero, celebrated as a champion of the jewish people!

    You fucking dumbass.

    If Christianity was pro-jewish, why did the jews have to invade the church and subvert it?

    Don’t comment on things you know nothing about.

    • Agree: HT, Katrinka, G J T
    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  96. Uncle Jon says:
    @Priss Factor

    Newsweek just published one of the foulest articles in the name of freedom of speech. The op-ed by a so-called professor Abraham Miller calling for killing all Palestinians whom he compared to fleas that has infested Israel, like an “infested dog”.

    Well Abraham, the only thing you nailed in your racist article is that Israel is an infested dog alright. Genetically. Nothing to do with the Palestinians. And the only way to stop this dog infecting everything around it is to put it down. This time as good as any since there is no cure for it.

    I detest US society and what it has become that it actually openly advocates such extreme double standard that a Jew, and a filthy one at that, can write such manure that can only be classified as hate speech, but not one American citizen can criticize, not even remotely, the Jews, Israel or their actions and mindset without being labeled an antisemite and destroy their lives with labels and etc.

    Jews need to realize, that any persecution in the future will be by their own doing, by feeling invulnerable and ignoring every decent norm in our society.

    An infested diseased dog that does not behave only has one fate.

    • Replies: @lydia
  97. Trinity says:

    Judaism and Islam are both stone age religions and are alien to the Western world. Both preach violence and superiority to non-believers. Christian or Western nations have absolutely no dog at all in this fight or at least they shouldn’t. No different than Buddhists in China attacking Hindus in India as far as I am concerned, although, I do feel for the totally outgunned Palestinian people. Israel faces no serious threat at all from the Palestinians.

    Btw, that Jewess who took over from her dad about sending money to starving “holocaust victims” now has a new commercial for sending money to Israelis who have lost their homes during this skirmish. Man, how low can you go and who are the retards sending money.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
    • Thanks: lydia
  98. Jiminy says:

    I’m certain the israelis levelled that media building because it had tons of unsafe asbestos in it. This is a proven rehabilitation technique used by the jews in the past.
    Looks like the head of AP, Gary Pruitt has been brown-nosing so hard he needs a bandaid. That’s dedication.
    Thinking back to past skirmishes, I believe the US started the targeting of media and their buildings.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  99. Hamas is a creation of Israel and on their 5-19-21 program showed videos of Israeli leaders admitting that Israel created and funds Hamas.

  100. lydia says:

    free palestine twitter has a notice from talkpalestine at the top -states that there is a complete blackout palestinians not allowed to send anything there is a massacre going on which will get worse in a few hours, they destroyed the journalists equipment in bombing the media building please share with everyone, the palestinians being mass murdered right now depend on us to tell the world and that we are still watching and caring about this real houlecost.

  101. gotmituns says:

    There are some causes worth fighting for. If the Palestinians stay in the field even if they have to actually throw stones, they’ll break the jews. But they must show they’re willing to pay a high price. That’s the only way to get respect. Right now the jews are throwing everything at them and they’re acting like real men. There women back them all the way.

  102. lydia says:
    @Uncle Jon fisheaters is a catholic site with a forum

    “When Victims Rule” is a huge — and I mean huge — book, provided here in .pdf format. It can be downloaded all at once (all 2,140 pages of it; the bibliography alone is 281 pages) or in sections below. Note that some of the sections are broken into two or three parts.

    1 Introduction
    2. The Causes of Hostility Toward Jews: A Historical Overview
    3. Jews and Christianity
    4. Usury
    5. Yicchus (Status)
    6. Jewish Money and Economic Influence: The Historical Context
    7. A Closer Look at Jews in Polish and Eastern Europe History
    8. Jews and Slavery
    9. Jewish Crime
    10. Jews and “White Slavery” (the International Prostitution Trade at the Turn of the 20th Century)
    11. The Jewish Cosmology of Victimhood, Part I
    The Jewish Cosmology of Victimhood, Part II
    12. The Jewish Dictates of History
    13. Who/What is a Jew?

  103. lydia says:

    7 views•May 20, 2021

    4 minutes ago

    Behind The Headlines
    4.96K subscribers

    Behind The Headlines Dan Cohen speaks with Sara al-Saqqa, a surgical resident at al-Shifa hospital, the largest medical facility in the Gaza Strip. She describes responding to mass casualties, including the massacre that killed Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf, the chief of internal medicine at al-Shifa, and his entire extended family.

  104. republic says:

    The US military shelled the Palestine hotel in Bagadad in April 2003 killing several journalists working there

  105. Anonymous[537] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently the 13/50 black crime thing is being censored. A good way to bypass this:

    Come up with a list of events that happened in 1350 and keep posting the historical events in capital letters in msm.

  106. Anonymous[263] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Pagan simply means country folk. You thoroughly-Jewed, Rabbi-worshiping city slickers seem to always despise good ol’ country boys. Sad thing is, the Jewish deity you worship isn’t going to let you into the Jewish heavenly city Zion/Jerusalem, no matter how cravenly you beg. You have other Gods before you, speaking the hallowed names of your ancestors’ native Gods every Tue’s Day, Woden’s Day, Thor’s Day, and Frija’s Day, just like all the white pagan folk you despise does. Holy Hell, the Jewlord will be pissed on Jewdjement Day! See ya in the underworld of Loki’s daughter Hell—where white folk go to enjoy beer, babes, and bratwurst! That Jewish narrative about the underworld of Loki’s daughter Hell being a place where naughty whites who refuse to worship the Jew are boiled alive just isn’t true. Jews lie! Why would you swallow such horrific Jewish storytelling?

    • Replies: @G J T
  107. Bookish1 says:

    Before you fall in love with Palestians I suggest you meet some and live around them for awhile. I have and if you think it’s going to be fun, think again. They hate whites like any minority and they have the mentality of blacks. A good revenge for them is to knock up a white girl which I have seen happen more than once. And incidentally they are just as crazy with each other than they are with other races and cultures.

  108. fnn says:

  109. @Trinity

    From 1985. The artists getting together to condemn South Africa in the MTV video ‘Ain’t gonna play Sun City’.

    Blacks in South Africa worked and lived alongside whites in 1980’s apartheid. As long as everyone respected the rules, everyone got a share of the most prosperous country in the sub-Sahara. It was nothing like what Israel is doing to Palestinians.

    Most of the Sun City artists like Springsteen are still around, yet can’t work up the nerve to challenge the Jewish ethno-state.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Trinity
  110. Pascal says:

    Scuse my asking but isn’t calling WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) the White Celtic Irish Catholics who had particularly difficult times with the former for centuries, starting with the Cromwellian campaigns, a bit of a stretch?

  111. If you add up all of Islamic state’s population with those of Jews in Israel and around the world, there are as many evil Muslims as there are evil Jews, and possibly as many good Muslims as good Jews. The same can be said about Christians, Hindu, etc.
    We should never lose focus on the real enemies of humanity. They are Godless, soulless, devout Satanists, hellbent on human enslavement, they are War Forever Inc.
    Our new AI world has arrived, it’s now being prepped via nano vaccination, weeding out genetically flawed and identifying potential clone maidens to service armies of drone fleets and AI bots.
    Your days are numbered, sooner or later you will either submit or disappear in the either.

  112. List of the brave artists who collaborated on the 1985 Sun City video. Feel free to contact those still living and ask what they’re planning to do about Gaza.

    Afrika Bambaataa, Ray Barretto, Stiv Bator, Pat Benatar, Big Youth, Ruben Blades, Kurtis Blow, Bono, Duke Bootee, Jackson Browne, Ron Carter, Clarence Clemons, Jimmy Cliff, George Clinton, Miles Davis, Will Downing, Bob Dylan, The Fat Boys, Peter Gabriel, Peter Garrett, Bob Geldof, Daryl Hall, Herbie Hancock, Nona Hendryx, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Stanley Jordan, Kashif, Eddie Kendrick, Little Steven, Darlene Love, Malopoets, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Michael Monroe, John Oates, Sonny Okosuns, Bonnie Raitt, Joey Ramone, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, David Ruffin, Run-DMC, Scorpio, Gil Scott-Heron, Shankar, Bruce Springsteen, Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr, Tina B, Pete Townshend, Via Afrika, Tony Williams, Peter Wolf, Bobby Womack, and Ron Wood.

    Note: Sol Kerzner was Chairman of Sun City Corp

    • Thanks: Trinity
  113. @AH88

    I don’t know what’s in Anglin’s heart, but he correctly understands that, unfortunately, you have to go through Rabbi Jesus to reach the American right.

  114. turtle says:

    A big march in Los Angeles with Palestine

    And from the L.A. Times?

    Why am I not surprised?

  115. @beavertales

    The only big name music industry or Film Actors Guild pos standing up to Israel is Pink Floyd founder and main creative force Roger Waters and Van Morrison.
    They’ll never be a “Concert For Palestinians”, the silence is deafening. It just goes to show who you are not allowed to criticize.

  116. Trinity says:

    Yeah I very well remember that video, it had other White artists on there as well like Pat Benatar, Peter Gabriel, Peter Wolf, Hall & Oates, Keef Richards and Ron Woods, and others. Lots of Black artists and rappers of course. And the architect of it all, Brucie’s little buddy, Lil’ Stevie Van Zandt.

    Funny none of these cuckold whores are protesting White Genocide In South Africa or the oppression of Whites in Europe and North America, they would much rather protest against separate restroom facilities than protest over 70,000 White South African farmers and their families being butchered, raped and slaughtered in South Africa by Blacks.

    Funny how none dare mention racism in muh Israel as well. Little Brucie Springsteen and his FAKE WORKING CLASS HERO ACT, can put out songs about some Black dude being shot by the po-po with “American Skin” (41 shots) or about some Vietnam vets coming home and not finding work in “Born In The USA.” Brucie was just about the right age to be drafted for Nam, guess he lucked out, huh? Little Bono likes to sing about in the name of love and good ole MLK being shot on an early morning April 4, shots rang out in the Memphis sky, but he has nothing to say about little White South African being made to watch their mother be gang raped before killing her and then later killed themselves.

    Go figure.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anon
  117. Ron Grant says:

    Would an unprovoked mouse attack a large cat?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  118. Trinity says:

    Funny that a lot of big fights between VISITING Black fighters vs. White South African fighters took place in the 1980s and early 1990s. Most of the Black fighters were all African Americans with exception of Carlos DeLeon. White South Africa had loads of talent in boxing back then especially in the heavyweight ranks. Mike Weaver fought in S. Africa against Coetzee, Johnny du Ploy, and John Tate fought both Kallie Knoetzee ( a former South African policeman) and Coetzee in S. Africa. Corrie Sanders fought Bert Cooper and British Black boxer Johnny Nelson pre-1994. Sanders fought DeLeon in 1994 so I guess that one doesn’t count. And Dwight Muhammad Qawi took the WBA cruiserweight title from White South African world champion Piet Crous in 1985 in South Africa.

    I guess these Black fighters who fought after 1985 in S. Africa didn’t catch the Lil’ Stevie tune about Sun City.

  119. Iris says:

    Then exactly WHY did the Palestinians START IT and why do they use their children as shields

    In you Hasbara parallel universe, perhaps.
    In the real world, it was established by UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that thousands of Palestinian children were systematically injured, tortured and used as human shields by Israel.


    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  120. TheMoon says:
    @G J T

    If you don’t recognize them for what they truly are — the synagogue of Satan — you don’t have any real solution.

    OK, let’s say I recognize them as such. What’s the solution?

    • Replies: @G J T
    , @The Soft Parade
  121. TheMoon says:

    (Me watching the back and forth in one window, and in another browsing the latest UFO revelations from the military, looking for a way off the planet)

  122. G J T says:

    Why would you swallow such absurd mythology about “gods” who have literally zero historical or archeological evidence to validate their existence. A pagan larper accusing a Christian of believing in fairy tales is unparalleled lack of self-awareness.

    The fact of the matter is the biblical scriptures and existence of Christ are some of the most thoroughly documented historical record we have. It’s indisputable unless you’ve just purposefully ignored the history. When you’re ready to do that, we can have a real debate.

    What you and all the other virulent Christ-haters here don’t understand is that there is nothing Jewish about the Bible except who it tells us are the enemy of Christians and the white race. You’ve accepted without question the Jews’ version of events and their place in biblical history, which are demonstrably false to anyone who bothered to look into the matter themselves. Everything you cite from scripture naming Jews does not actually apply to the Talmudic Jews we know today. There are no such Jews in the Bible at all, except when called by other names (Pharisees, Canaanites, Edomites).

    Real (white) Christians are the eternal enemy of the Jew, and the Bible is a book about the Israelites, who are not Jews but the ancestors of white Europeans.

    When you have something meaningful to say that refutes this, let me know.

  123. HbutnotG says:

    They (the P’stinians) were there first. Change my mind.

  124. @Emslander

    Thank you for sharing that post. You clearly saw something many do not. I myself saw that too.

    I told them that the practicing Muslim was pledged to harm our country because of what we did by proxy and by example to the family structure of Islam.

    As an American and a practitioner of Islam for over three decades, I can confidently say that an orthodox Muslim fundamentalist would not hold himself pledged to harm America for the reasons you state. Allow me to explain …

    Just as there is a major political chasm between the rulers of countries populated predominantly by Muslims and their subject population, so too is this divide manifest in America. The average American genuinely has no idea just how destructive American foreign policy guided by the hand of Israel has been to the majority of people living in the Muslim world overseas. They’re far more occupied with making ends meet and ways to blow off steam once they’re home and exhausted from the daily grind. Typically, they could care less about anything that involves the world beyond this dynamic.

    Should they know and care more? Yes. But to attribute responsibility to them for the sins of those claiming representation of American interests overseas is unfair. It’s parallel to the anti-Islam brigades’ argument that the Muslim world is accurately represented en masse by such organizations as al Qa’ida or da’esh (ISIS).

    Media behemoths (both on- and offline) that could make a difference in changing Americans’ perceptions of the world simply run interference for the warmongers. We’re watching this unfold live, as we speak. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines … They’ve been that way for years. And now social media giants censor content about Palestine at will, further limiting the available venues by which the average American might edify himself.

    As an alternative to such figures as bin Laden, I’d recommend the work of luminaries such as Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, a twentieth-century Muslim sage who explicitly eschewed martial endeavor as a means of advancing Islam, espousing in its place a spiritual jihad. His Risale-i Nur is the most read text in Turkey, second only to The Qur’an itself, and most contemporary Muslim leaders share similar views.

    Thanks again for that wonderful post.

  125. ‘Wokeness’ is when NYT and WAPO became the Onion with a straight face.

    What was a joke is now ‘woke’, a matter of not getting the joke of how utterly silly you are.

    And conzos are susceptible too.

    • LOL: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  126. Trinity says:
    @Ron Grant

    Equating anti-White Biden and Baby Nut&Yahoo the Jewish Supremacist and war criminal with Germans who were fighting more or less the same people the Palestinians or fighting. Another Jew spinarooni.

    Jews OPPRESSING Palestinians and stealing their land.

    National Socialist Germany under attack by Jewish power and influence, stabbed in the back by Jewish power and influence in WWI, under threat of (((The Red Terror))) like much of Europe was, but Germany was the prime target.

    Equating Biden and Baby Nut&Yahoo to Germany under Hitler is unfair, unfair to the Germans who were merely defending themselves from enduring the same fate as the former Soviet Union.

    The 6 pointed star fits those two better than the Swastika. Wonder if people still believe what they were told about the Germans and Hitler now?

    • Agree: Badger Down
  127. @UNIT472

    STFU you Unit 8200 phaggot.
    Go Back to your gay beach and bend over for $.
    You aren’t cut out for this.

  128. @Emslander

    Osama would be insulted? Then why did he deny responsibility for the attacks in the Daily Ummat? Usually terrorists claim responsibility.

    Years later, in 2004, a video clip surfaced of OBL claiming responsibility for 9/11, but this was likely a bit of Hollywood magic timed to push Bush’s struggling re election campaign over the top.

    The U.S. has no friends, nor does it want to keep any because the prerequisite of friendship is to come to the level of the friend or consider him at par with you. America does not want to see anyone equal to it. It expects slavery from others. Therefore, other countries are either its slaves or subordinates. However, our case is different. We have pledged slavery to God Almighty alone and after this pledge there is no possibility to become the slave of someone else.

    -Osama bin Laden

  129. @Bookish1

    They sound just like Jews minus being total satanic filth.
    I pick them over the Jews. Let’s arrange a trade.

  130. gatobart says:
    @G J T

    Why would you swallow such absurd mythology about “gods” who have literally zero historical or archeological evidence to validate their existence.

    Oh, please, please, tell me of the evidence you, or any other living thing, has gotten of the existence of the Christian God, maybe it would make me finally go back to the flock. I was raised a Catholic myself but already in my teens I started looking at the world, the way things worked, analyzing them, and realized that Catholicism, and Christianity in general, make no sense. So, the doctrine says, I was born to this world already a sinner but, lucky me! Some (historical at best) figure from the past had been willingly nailed to a cross and that would be it for my original sin, but to be able to cash the favor in I had to recognize this figure as my Lord, worship him. otherwise I would burn for Eternity in pools of fire and lava…? Where is the good sense in all that…? Since then i don’t think I have the right to call stupid or absurd any other religion.

    • Replies: @G J T
    , @the grand wazoo
  131. Anon[263] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Halfwit “Real Israelite” larpers are to Jews what Rachel Dolezal is to Negroes. You piss on your own ancestral heritage and worship the Other. Not surprising with females, they’ll turn traitor on their own kind for free; however, I read that you’ve taken a bribe from a Rabbi. A “hundredfold” payola and afterlife in a foreign Zionist utopia to those who “forsake” their own hearth and kin is clearly offered by the Jewish author of Matthew 19:29. Sad!

    Historicity? Are you joking? Venture a year that the Rabbi Jebus character was born. Careful now…


    The Date of the Nativity in Luke (6th ed., 2011)
    Richard Carrier

    It is beyond reasonable dispute that Luke dates the birth of Jesus to 6 A.D. It is equally indisputable that Matthew dates the birth of Jesus to 6 B.C. (or some year before 4 B.C.). This becomes an irreconcilable contradiction after an examination of all the relevant facts….

    • Replies: @G J T
  132. gatobart says:

    Years later, in 2004, a video clip surfaced of OBL claiming responsibility for 9/11

    Yeah, but maybe it was just me but, at the end of the tape I could distinctly hear a low voice in the background, a voice with heavy California accent, saying: “Ok boys, everyone take five, this is the good one”

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  133. Where are the White Helmets?

  134. Iris says:

    Neither Osama Ben Laden, nor any Saudi, or even any Muslim for that matter, played any role in the execution of 9/11. No role whatsoever, since no planes were involved in the 9/11 attacks.

    Twenty years on, there have been enough discussions conducted on the 9/11 alleged “planes” for anybody interested to understand that computer-generated images of aircrafts were superimposed onto the WTC real explosion. Enough with this crackpottery.

  135. @nsa

    Heck, that’s nothing. I bet you they could arrange to have three buildings full of people rigged with explosives and detonate them after a couple of airliners were flown into them and then blame it on some man on dialysis somewhere in Central Asia so as to start a series of endless wars fought on their behalf.

    • LOL: antitermite
  136. Its a shame that no journalists were in the AP building when Israel bombed it. I am literally crying.

  137. Media has owners. Owners have interests. If you think their interest is to tell you the truth, I have a bridge to sell you.

    Just the first media lies that come to mind: “largely peaceful”, “deadly virus”, “aggressive Russia”, …

    • Agree: TKK
  138. G J T says:

    I was raised a Catholic myself

    Enough said.

    Let me break a bit of bad news to you, sir. Literally everything in this world that you have not seen or experienced with your own eyes requires a degree of faith. The vast majority of what all people of all ideological persuasions believe is more a matter of faith than anything else. There are no exceptions. What we do is we work with the bits of information we can verify and formulate conclusions to the best of our ability from there. Christianity is no different. The Biblical story has gaps, errors, deliberate manipulations, and most of all is misunderstood by most (including most Christians). But the authenticity of the documents that make up this narrative exceed that of everything your lying Jewish governments have told you from your birth, by a looonnnnggg shot. It’s not something you can expect to master overnight, but it’s certainly there should you wish to take an honest approach. What has happened is that those who control academia (Jews) have obscured these truths enough that verifying their authenticity requires some effort. Based on your arguments that’s something you seem to be lacking.

    Lastly, trying to argue with me on what “makes sense” to you is a non-starter. What “makes sense” to you have literally zero bearing on the facts or the validity of my position. Nor does it translate in any way to what is hypothetically “reasonable” to a divine creator. That’s not an argument, it’s an appeal to emotion, the same kind you all make. It shows you have no actual argument. To show you evidence of Christ’s existence and the validity of the Bible would require not only an open mind on your part, but a considerable amount of time and effort, on a platform this one just isn’t suited for. You can refuse to believe and I won’t utter a word to you, but don’t speak as if an authority on a matter you clearly know almost nothing about.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  139. G J T says:

    You keep making idiotic assumptions that have been proven manifestly incorrect on these very threads countless times. You regurgitate the same words, phrases and slanders, without addressing what I and others have repeatedly made clear for you and your ilk. As long as you tell me Christ was a Jew, in the modern sense of the word, then we simply cannot move forward at all. You’ve already lost.

    • Replies: @Anon
  140. G J T says:

    To repent of your sins and believe in your heart that Yahshua Messiah was made God in the flesh, and came to die for the children of Israel (the real one), that we may have eternal life apart from the old covenant which we could not keep. That He, Yahshua Messiah, was Yahweh God made man to absorb the punishment His people deserved, and through this sacrifice we are made free.

    Then you make an honest effort to put priors and biases aside and learn who biblical Israel is (with whom BOTH covenants were made), which can be witnessed very unambiguously throughout the white European world today. And armed with that knowledge, you make every effort to spread the word to your white brothers about the identity they’ve had stolen from them, and you implore them to do the same.

    It very well may be too late, but I am not arrogant enough to believe I can predict God’s time. We may have many, many generations of white children left that we can save if they know who they truly are. That is the only remedy for our current predicament, as it was for 1900 years. And if it is too late, then we’ll you’ve still lost nothing, as the secular WNs larp and do podcasting and pretend any day now the people will rise up against the Jews! That’s bullshit. The Jews are winning to the extent they are because they’ve stolen the identity of the people they’re using all their power and resources to exterminate. Period.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  141. @meamjojo

    “I hope Israel keeps up the bombing.”

    I hope blacks keep sitting in cars at 4:45am on the south side of chicago and get shot by another black.
    I will enjoy that they do this every single weekend in every major US city and have been doing so for decades.

    I live at least 100 miles away from the nearest black. I live at least 100 miles away from any jews as well.

  142. raga10 says:

    someone is going to have to complain about this war crime, right?

    I don’t think inconveniencing journalists by blowing up an empty building counts as a war crime.

  143. @G J T

    The fact of the matter is the biblical scriptures and existence of Christ are some of the most thoroughly documented historical record we have. It’s indisputable unless you’ve just purposefully ignored the history.

    I will dispute that. There is no physical evidence Jesus ever existed just as there is no evidence of homicidal gas chambers at German work camps. Unlike the latter, I’m inclined to believe Jesus did exist there is just no proof.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @G J T
    , @Prof. Woland
  144. @brabantian

    China! The very name chimes with Palestine!
    “israel”: the grisly descriptor of the illegal entity slouching toward Bethlehem!

  145. Hamilton says:
    @dreydl smasher

    I pity the womb that vomited a scum like you

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  146. anon[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Lard belly Van ZionZandt loves Israel … or his career.

    Steven Van Zandt faced backlash and accusations of hypocrisy after a pro-Israel rant…

  147. Lol aliens vs. predators. Good riddance the the Associated Depressed. Couldn’t happen to a better group of vermin.

  148. gatobart says:
    @G J T

    If you actually think that it is logical and natural that every human being born on this planet has to carry, for the mere fact of having been born, a burden of guilt and shame in their soul, then there is no point arguing with a religious fanatic like you.

    • Replies: @G J T
  149. Sauli Niinisto on perseestä! Jews and mossad made hamas to get take the land and that world sees good guys!

  150. @Iris

    The greatest evil! And all who support them.

    • Thanks: Iris
  151. G J T says:

    Great, so we can finally come to an amenable disagreement.

    But before we depart, I would just ask you to look around at the world, the state it’s in, and the people who by and large actively or passively allow it to continue on its current trajectory. Think about the kinds of people we live amongst, or under the boot of.

    I pray Yahweh changes your heart.

    • Replies: @gatobart
  152. G J T says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Aren’t you a Christian? All my previous interaction in these comments sections with you in some fashion indicated to me you are a Christian.

    How can you be a Christian and doubt the existence of Yahshua Christ?

    I don’t really want to put my email publicly on here, but I am certainly more than happy to discuss it with you if we can figure out a safe way.


  153. @brabantian

    The vid has been disappeared.
    Fortunately, bitchute has a copy:

  154. @raga10

    “israel” in Palestine is a war-crime. So many spies, terrorists, murderers, assassins, blackmailers, fraudsters. The list is long:

    • Replies: @raga10
  155. Those who stay silent tacitly agree. Following that old saying most developed countries have no issues with Israel behavior. They won’t say anything of consequence against Israel. This has been the norm more or less since 1967. Developed countries actually agree with the US position and they are all supportiv of the appartheid policy of Israel against the Palestinians. This is the theft of a country, an invasion of foreigners against the will of the people. France, the UK, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia all support the expansion of Israel, replacing the native population with immigrants coming from other countries. The Palestinians seem to be out of luck unless some other countries stand up against the US led cartel and provide a helping hand to the people of Palestine so that the policy of appartheid of Israel is abandoned and a new Palestine is born where theocracy is removed from politics.

  156. What will the Western fakestream media presstitute VERMIN do? What they always do, what they must do to keep their jobs. Kiss any Zionazi derriere they can find and lick the gore and child’s brains off Israeli Death Forces jackboots, of course. And hiss and spit ‘antisemite’ at anyone who dares criticise Holy Israel. Zionazi control of a State ensures that the scum rise to the top, the best are sidelined and the country slides ever deeper into the moral sewer.

  157. @anon

    shroud of turin was made by taling a cadaver in the 1100s and doing some medieval photoshop shiite

    • Replies: @anon
  158. @gatobart

    I SAW that vid! OBL, in rich sonorous Arabic cadence, told how he and his buddies watched the WTC fall on TV. He said he didn’t do it. He said he was surprised that the towers fell straight down. He said that if the towers fell, he thought they would topple. He also mimed this with his hands.

    It was like one of those “Hitler gets Angry” spoofs where Honda is beating VW. The English was saying “Hehehe, cackle, I smashed the WTC! Death to America!”
    I wonder who controlled the news media.

    Apologies to the German people; condolences to US Americans:

  159. @Badger Down

    What a fantastic video! Good to see the Chinese speaking the truth while every Western political thug and fakestream media insect lie through their teeth as they lick Zionazi jackboots. China is the only country that can rein in Israel before it destroys itself and the world. No wonder that it is the Zionazis in sewers like the Murdoch machine who are leading the Sinophobic jihad.

    • Troll: Clyde
  160. @Hamilton

    It’s just the REAL Zionazi, the real Talmudist hate spewing out. Israel is a festering cancer of hatred on humanity. Just check out the various vox populi of everyday Israelis whenever they ‘mow the grass’ in Gaza. The racism, rage and blood-lust is insane, nurtured and fomented over 3500 years of extreme xenophobia and hatred as a way of life. It will be the end of us all, which is precisely what End Times thugs like cane-toad Pompeo want.

    • Troll: Clyde
  161. @Chris Mallory

    With the left and far left in control of this country, we will be lucky that China doesn’t police us soon. We have so many traitors in this nation that if a seriously nationalist government(America first) took over the U.S.both Republicans and Democrats would have a fate similar to the guy and his wife who controlled Rumania did!!! The airports and seaports would be full of people trying to escape justice for what they have done to this country. No doubt about it.

  162. gatobart says:

    SAW that vid! OBL, in rich sonorous Arabic cadence, told how he and his buddies watched the WTC fall on TV. He said he didn’t do it.

    Well, of one thing we can be sure of and that is that those 15 guys from the Middle East they say hijacked the airliners really, really did it. Yet, there are yet still a few mysteries lingering that i trust anyway sooner of later we will see answered:

    How is it possible that nine of these guys appeared alive and well a few days later in the Middle East and why is that they reacted so surprised when told about what they had done on the other side of the world and how it was possible that they could be still alive and kicking, when they should have been dead. Also, how did they manage to escape from those condemned airliners to reappear safe & sound thousands of miles away, in all evidence suffering from deep amnesia. I bet one of these days we will have all the answers. In the meantime I have the most natural y logical explanation for it all: they had been abducted by aliens! who had made them do it all under deep hypnoses, the same aliens who rescued them in the nick of time and took them back to their homes and jobs in the ME. The same aliens which crafts the Pentagon keeps detecting with its radars and aircraft.

  163. Kapyong says:
    @G J T

    “The fact of the matter is the biblical scriptures and existence of Christ are some of the most thoroughly documented historical record we have. It’s indisputable unless you’ve just purposefully ignored the history. “

    Not so.
    There is zero contemporary historical evidence for Jesus – he left no witnesses, no writings, no artifacts, no nothing.

    Just religious literature from long after the alleged events – conflicting mythical documents of unknown origin, based on characters and episodes in the Jewish scriptures.

    Jesus is a real as Bacchus or Krishna or Osiris.

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  164. anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    Funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  165. gatobart says:
    @G J T

    I want no business with Yahweh or with any other false Western or Middle East deity. I don’t think a single one of those religions comes anywhere near deciphering the meaning of life and uncovering the great mysteries of the universe. On the other hand, Buddhism and most other Oriental philosophies (because they aren’t religions but philosophies) are far more satisfying from an spiritual, intellectual and I may even say scientific, POW and bring most answers to the great mysteries that had perplexed Man from his origins. Ever since started reading about Orientalism I concluded that these people knew already centuries or millennia ago of what really lies behind the appearances of the material world.

    • Replies: @G J T
  166. 1937 Louis Ferdinand Celine wrotr ‘Trifles For a Massacre’. It’s a 400 page diatribe against Jews. Everything he rants on about is as true today of jews, as it was then. Did he have a crystal ball? Was he super prescient? Not at all. Jews are predatory, vampire squids who attach their fangs to power with one purpose in mind: to Exterminate Christians, specifically Aryan Christians. This book could have been written in 3000 BC or 2021 AD.
    Speaking of AD and BC, who was behind changing that description?

    • Replies: @Iris
  167. @Kapyong

    Well, for a ghost …. a mere figment of the imagination, Jesus Christ sure made an impression … on da jews. They crucified him, and for the past 2000 years have been using an enormous amount of resources to erase from history and mind, any memory and any and all thoughts of Him.

  168. @gatobart

    No evidence of God? Walk out side and look around, His evidence is everywhere.
    Or, Maybe your the missing link between ape and man. Where have you been. We’ve been looking all over for you.

  169. @Robert Dolan

    Really? Evangelicals are basically so pro Israel anymore, they are almost Jews themselves. A few televangelists have rabbis on getting the rubes ready for the “Rapture”. The whole thing is pathetic. All you have to do is watch Fox. Who do you think they are pandering / propagandizing to?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  170. @G J T

    “The fact of the matter is the biblical scriptures and existence of Christ are some of the most thoroughly documented historical record we have. It’s indisputable unless you’ve just purposefully ignored the history. “

    Stoic texts document that Zeus actually lived. You just don’t hear about it because all the Zeus worshippers were forced to convert to Christianity, and Christians aren’t gonna talk about it.

  171. @Badger Down

    Video disappeared? Did the Chinese bow to Jewish pressure too?

    They also smothered their remarks about influence by US Zionists with the ‘Israel is a US beachhead’ thesis. Strange beachhead when the Israelis don’t allow the Americans to have a military base on their territory.

  172. TKK says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Hold on…you mean people die in war? And it’s unfair and stuff? Wow.

    Who knew?

    Painting an entire group of people as sacred and holy because they play the victim is so old and tired….boring.

    I have victim fatigue: that applies to blacks, jews, Arabs, obese chicks, trannies and everyone else who actually just wants a hand out.

  173. TKK says:

    and treated children like precious jewels.

    They treat their sons like precious jewels. Not their daughters.

    One mistake, no matter how small, that relates to her “honor” or “chastity” and her life is in danger.

    A more conditional, capricious and insane love could not be found.


    Wow, this one Palestinian woman has more guts(and balls) than all the white males in the GOP. Despite Biden being a shill of Zionists and Jews totally dominating the Democratic Party, she went to him and spoke her mind. And he had no choice but to listen. She has chutzpah.

    But white males of GOP? Jews ram them in the ass, and they kiss the Zionist butt.

    Tlaib may be wrong on many issues, but she has more courage than all of the GOP, and that goes for Trump too.

    And this shows that persistence pays off. BDS has a long long way to go but it keeps pushing in Intifada fashion.

    But white males of GOP. They are too chicken to even suggest “It’s Okay to be White”.

  175. @Robert Bruce

    You were unable to comprehend anything I said.

    Maybe go back and re-read my comment.

    Christian zionism is a heresy….it is NOT supported by the Bible.

    Try and put two and two together.

    Who owns and runs the media?

    Would the group that owns and runs the media allow the truth to be told, if that truth exposes them
    as liars and hypocrites and villains?

    The televangelists are preaching lies and bullshit…..lies and bullshit that the nose approves of.

    You won’t see Chuck Baldwin or Steven Anderson on TV…..because they preach the truth.

    Basically, the jewish owned media is simply propaganda…..fake news.

    People are divided between those who watch TV….and those who don’t.

    I suspect that you watch TV.

    I’m not sure if there is anything I can do for you.

    • Replies: @G J T
    , @Anon
  176. @Priss Factor

    America needs more white women who look like that guy’s wife, and who actually want to be wives, and be wives to white men.

  177. gatobart says:

    “Maybe your the missing link between ape and man. Where have you been. We’ve been looking all over for you.”

    Oh, that’s the God of love and respect of your fellow Man speaking through your lips, my blessed man…! The loving, tolerant and accepting of our human ways and frailties, Christian God I remember having been taught about by priests and Religion teachers at school. Do you see, people, the immense tolerance and understanding of others dripping in those sweet words, the complete absence of any harsh judgement, the lack of any name calling and insults, all that in just one single line, the scarcity of any contempt or spite uttered by this devoted Christian…? And they wonder why I sent Christianity and its empty, hypocritical rituals, down the toilet bowl and embraced Oriental spiritualism. Thank you anyway for showing me, once again, that I made the right decision, father.

  178. raga10 says:
    @Badger Down

    “israel” in Palestine is a war-crime.

    Be that as it may, author was referring specifically to this attack on journalists’ headquarters and while it was definitely a dickish move on Israelis’ part, there *is* a difference between being a dick and being a war criminal.

    • Agree: Rogue
  179. @Alfred Muscaria

    There is no physical evidence Jesus ever existed just as there is no evidence of homicidal gas chambers at German work camps. Unlike the latter, I’m inclined to believe Jesus did exist there is just no proof.

    I recommend you read the Master and the Margarita. There were plenty of witnesses. That is true if you believe Christ was the son of god or believe nothing at all. That is also true of the holocaust. The Devil seemed to tolerate non-Christians well enough but when the Communists decided to declare Christ never existed he needed to teach them a lesson if for no other reason that it diminished him as well. There can be no shadow without light.

    • Replies: @Old Jew
  180. @AH88

    Christians mostly fought against worshippers of our ancestors old ancestral gods. Read about the Baltic crusades and the Charlemagne’s brutal war against worshipers of our old masculine and pro white gods.

    Well, precisely! So where did you get the idea that Christians turn the other cheek if their interests are threatened?

    • Agree: G J T
  181. G J T says:

    I want no business with Yahweh or with any other false Western or Middle East deity.

    That you’re assuming God is somehow associated particularly with the current demography of the Middle East shows, yet again, you know nothing about the things of which you speak. Your perspective is no more sophisticated than that of the evangelical Zionist “Christians,” with whom you are marching in lockstep towards hell.

    I don’t think a single one of those religions comes anywhere near deciphering the meaning of life and uncovering the great mysteries of the universe.

    Those religions being what? Talmudic Judaism, Islam, and the 100-year-old Scofield dispensationalist, Zionist “Christianity?” On that we can agree, they are all evil and explain nothing about the true meaning of life or the mysteries of the universe. Your mistake is associating the scripture itself, sans perversions and deliberate mistranslations, with the three aforementioned death cults.

    Ever since started reading about Orientalism I concluded that these people knew already centuries or millennia ago of what really lies behind the appearances of the material world.

    If that somehow brings you peace while you’re breathing, great. I certainly don’t wish harm on you. But you’ve come to conclusions that you can justify based on emotion and pure intellect, while simultaneously disregarding the biblical scripture because certain “people” have preyed upon that emotion and intellect, consequently leading you to internalize their narrative.

    Honestly, I wish you well. You are a far more reasonable person that some of the Christ-haters I’ve engaged with here. You’ve been sold a bill of goods that will ultimately do you no good, but you still have time. Just assume everything the Jew says and promotes is a lie and more importantly an inversion (because it is), and maybe at some point you’ll realize that an exception was not made when it comes to biblical history. Thanks for being relatively civil.

    • Replies: @gatobart
    , @anonymous
  182. G J T says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Thanks, Robert, for pointing these things out. The Christ-haters here are desperately lacking a real reference point from which to make their pitiful arguments.

    I just have to say, the New Testament is not a standalone collection of documents. It is a validation of the Old Testament and cannot be separated from it. The new covenant was made with the same people the old covenant was made with, and not once in the entire NT does it say otherwise. I know it’s easier to make the argument against Jews and Christ-bashers from a NT perspective, but that’s only because the latter have wholeheartedly embraced the narrative of the former. Any “Christian” who believes the Jews are Israel of the OT are not Christians at all. And any Christ-basher who believe the Bible is a Jewish book is just uncritically accepting a Jewish version of history that is in fact an inversion.

    As an aside, I believe Steven Anderson is a Jew himself and actually admitted as much. I would not look to him for anything. I like Chuck Baldwin myself, and watch his sermons regularly, but there are certain things he fails to grasp, even though he is genuine and I wouldn’t call his salvation into question.

    I would recommend digging into Pastor Eli James has a handful of videos on YouTube which I’d also recommend watching, though not much recent stuff so I cannot vouch for him beyond that.

    God bless, buddy.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Bibifribi
  183. moi says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Your bigotry and ignorance are gnawing at your innards.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  184. anon[246] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Can’t remember why the OT was included to be part of the Christian canon.

    Marcion and the early Christians wanted nothing to do with Jews, Judiazm, OT.

    Can’t have 2 Gods and the OT god is absolutely not the same as God.

    The writings in the NT that point to the OT were from the Judaizers.
    Marcion got rid of them.

    Inclusion of the OT has acted in similar fashion as the Oxford Univ Press bible/Schofield –
    warped the minds of Christians.
    (Schofield probably wrote only a few of the commentaries.)

    • Replies: @G J T
  185. @moi

    Sure, here is another example of my “bigotry” against Islam, the hanging of homosexuals in Iran, all according to the “Will of Allah” of course:

    Or the stoning to death of an adulterous woman:

    The problem with Islam is not only that it has primitive elements, but that those elements can never be removed, because it is impossible to reform Islam. Muslims believe that Islam is the absolute final truth which has to be practiced literally. Any debate is impossible. Thus it becomes the religion of the culturally backward part of humanity, unable to progress morally.

    For the crimes of Muhammad, see thereligionofpeace, The Myths of Muhammad.
    And this rogue is the “perfect example” for all Muslims!

  186. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    A coward cannot venture a guess of year when his “historic” Jewish savior was born, but can kvetch like a Jew. You really have taken to heart the Jewish-authored Romans 1:16, “The Jew First!”

    You’ve declared yourself Teh Winnarz. Your prize ribbon may be picked up at any of the several Jewish Synagogues in which the Rabbi Jewsus character became very popular with the Jews, to the point that he was “glorified of all” Jews, as Luke 4:15 says. “All.” You can be just like Rabbi Jewsus and be glorified of all the goddam Jews too! Enjoy.

  187. Bibifribi says:
    @G J T

    “I just have to say, the New Testament is not a standalone collection of documents. It is a validation of the Old Testament and cannot be separated from it.”

    So its an intricately woven Jewish trap to snare whitey and you got fooled.

    “The Christ-haters here are desperately lacking a real reference point from which to make their pitiful arguments.”

    Christ as a pagan Sun God, renaming of Apollo, seemed to work just fine for whitey. But then the scholatic theologians discovered these Jewish books called the Bible that no Christians had heard of before and started taking them seriously.

    • Replies: @G J T
  188. G J T says:

    What are you talking about? Have you actually read the NT? It is constantly quoting the OT and confirming it. There is no NT without the Old, period.

    The whole thing has been Judaized because the Jews, who are descendants of Cain and Esau, claim to be Israelites, which in itself confirms scripture to a T. These Jews, who are neither Judah nor Jews in the scriptural sense at all, are the synagogue of Satan whose entire purpose on this Earth is to destroy the white Adamic (Israelite) race. This is borne out both throughout the scriptures and in the world this very day.

    If Christians don’t want to own the “bad optics” of the OT then they’re just not Christians at all, they’re following something they (or the Jews) have made up. It’s all or nothing, because the old covenant and the new covenant were made with the same people. They weren’t Jews and they weren’t just people who say “I believe in Jesus.” Both of these foolish notions are proven demonstrably false throughout the Bible, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those who argue otherwise, be they secular or “Christian,” are simply projecting their own emotion and “logic” into God.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jim Christian
  189. Bibifribi says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    What’s wrong with the Moslems getting rid of faga and adulteresses? They know how to keep society from becoming degenerate slime like what we have in the west. This is the most attractive aspect of Islam. A society that doesn’t do this ends up run by libtards.

  190. @Franklin Ryckaert

    You are expressing some of the fears that are likely behind the aggressive position of Israel toward Palestinians. Israel does not want to live under a Muslim majority. The hardliners in Israel believe it’s a matter of survival. Obviously there is a possible dark side to Islam as you illustrate and as one can read from the basic religious books if one is reading literally.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  191. Iris says:
    @the grand wazoo

    1937 Louis Ferdinand Celine wrote ‘Trifles For a Massacre’.

    One of the most important book ever written against war, by the greatest French author of the 20th Century.

    The English version can be downloaded here:

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  192. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Christian Zionism is a redundant term. Rabbi-worshiping Christians are loyal to foreign Zion. Christ is “Kang of Zion.” Zion is the foreign holy city where you plan to live forever in a fabled afterlife. You are a Zionist.

    Jewish owned media? That’s the whole Jewish-authored Bible. Your attempts at hairsplitting all come to naught with “Christ our Passover lamb.” Who cornrows their noggin except Negroes? Who celebrates Passover but Jews? Christians are to Jews what Rachel Dolezal is to foreign Africans.

    Worship of the Other. St. Floyd, St. Paul, same thing.

  193. G J T says:

    > Asserts I’ve been caught in a Jewish trap, a “trap” which Jews themselves hate so deeply they have spent 2,000 years trying to eradicate it; a “trap” built around someone they seethe with hatred for.

    > Watches a few poorly-made Jewish “documentaries” in the aughts, then cites Jewish academics, and makes absurd claims that can be disposed of with minimal time and effort.

    The irony is clearly lost on you.

    Or maybe the Jews are doing some 5-D chess on me, having the rabbis compile voluminous “religious” literature meant specifically for other Jews, that is somehow actually just a psyop on the goyim.

    Seems legit.

    • Replies: @Bibifribi
  194. Bibifribi says:
    @G J T

    European Christians had never heard of any bible until the 1200s. Jews invented it around then. They Judaized a pagan religion about worshipping a sun god and his mother.

  195. Anonymous[260] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    “These Jews, who are neither Judah nor Jews…” Also, these Africans who are neither Negro or African. You must have graduated from Gaslighting Studies in one of the same Synagogues in which Rabbi Jewsus taught and became so popular that he was “glorified of all the Jews.”

    Rachel Dolezal’s “Real Negro” larping with all things African is exceeded only by the Christian’s “Real Israelite” larping with all things Jewdaic. Worship of the Other is Sad! Jewsus’ “Salvation is from the Jews,” is absolute blasphemy. You were born right the first time.

    • Replies: @G J T
  196. Rog says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    So accepting homosexuality and adultery is your idea of “moral progress”?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  197. Z-man says:
    @G J T

    ‘They’ will ultimately be defeated. It may take the Second Coming to do that but IT WILL BE DONE.

    • Agree: G J T
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  198. Anonymous[180] • Disclaimer says:

    The JesusBus wheels have rusted off by now. It ain’t making the next stop, ever. “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Wasn’t true, truly. Get off your knees, crawl out a window, and start walking on your own two feet. That’s the only way you’re moving forward.

  199. @Rog

    Moral progress is accepting individual choises of consenting adults. A crime involves hurting others. If an act does not hurt others then it is no crime.

    • Replies: @Rog
  200. G J T says:

    🤦‍♂️ Around in circles we go.

    The only larping is being done by Jews, who THEMSELVES have admitted many times that they are not the Israelites of the Bible, including in the Jewish almanac before it was made public domain. You’re just belligerently ignoring the basics of this matter, which are

    1) “Jew” in the Bible almost always means Judah or Judean. Some Edomites and Pharisees were Judeans, which is a geographical designation, but no Edomites were Judah.

    2) Ancient Judaism and Talmudic, Kabbalistic Judaism are totally distinct from on another. The former ceased to exist when Christ came. The word “Jew” itself did not even appear in the biblical texts until the 18th century!

    3) The Bible is unambiguous and forceful in how it describes what we know as Jews today. The English translations you read today, from which all your basic-bitch arguments derive, have been deliberately mistranslated in order to mislead people on the identity of these Jews and the identity of the true Israelites.

    Your arguments (slanders) are so shit-tier and infantile that I shouldn’t even be wasting time responding to them. But I am because there are undoubtedly many lurking who don’t have the knowledge on this subject and I can’t in good conscience allow those individuals to read such garbage and presume it to be valid.

    You’ve lost this argument so badly it’s actually humiliating. Rather than arguing against Christianity from a practical, intellectual or efficacious standpoint, you’re attempting to deconstruct it with emotional rantings that are provably false historically and etymologically. Words mean things, and no amount of Jewish chicanery can change that.

    And speaking of words, you need to brush up on your grasp of them, particularly the word “gaslighting.” Elaborating on a position using available, easy to understand factoids, even if one is forced to repeat the process, is not gaslighting. Ranting and raving and making outlandish, sensationalized, emotional attacks with no actual substance, like an unhinged woman, would be considered a type of gaslighting. Gaslighting is inherently dishonest, where as there is nothing dishonest about what I’ve laid out repeatedly in these threads. Your perceived lack of merit in Christianity broadly is beside the point.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  201. gatobart says:
    @G J T

    “yet again, you know nothing about the things of which you speak”

    I have a saying, my good man, that is soo true, even if nobody else seem to know it:

    Theology is the only human science or discipline about which the most knowing, experienced, scholar or authority among us knows so much, or so little, as the most ignorant mug. The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Top Islam Guy, the Greatest Rabbi, all put together, know as little as myself or any other dude about God. They don’t know more than me if He, She, It, exists, period. All that’s what really matters. Everything else is baloney. So if you are the exception and do really know where that God of yours is, please give me the directions to find him, and please, no more of the usual bullsheet, no “you’ll find Him in your heart” or “you’ll find Him when you hear the cries of a newborn”. I have heard of that krap enough times already. Show me the money, doc. And if you can’t do, of which I am sure, please:

    “…with whom you are marching in lockstep towards hell”

    Tell me then where is this Hell, so I can take a look from a safe distance at it so I can make my choice more aware and informed. If you can’t do any of the two, please, just shut up!

    • Replies: @G J T
  202. Old Jew says:
    @Prof. Woland

    The correct title “The Master and Margarita” sounds better.

    “the Margarita” reminded me of that cocktail drink

    • Replies: @raga10
  203. @Priss Factor

    Thanks for mansplaining that. Extra points for rhyming.

  204. raga10 says:
    @Old Jew

    LOL, yes. In any case, it is a wonderful book. The scene between Yeshua and Pilate is something that stayed with me for a long time… though I must admit I didn’t quite follow how this book, great as it is, was supposed to be a proof that Jesus existed.

  205. G J T says:

    As I said (to you or someone else, I’ve lost track), nearly every facet of our worldview, regardless of where one falls on the ideological and/or spiritual spectrum, is made up in large part by faith. Your average American shitlib or normie conservative, in equal measure, live by faith in near-totality. In that sense, there is a degree of truth to what you’re saying. Your mistake is in differentiating a religious faith (Christianity in particular) from the countless other contexts in which this rule can be applied. In doing so you betray an agenda.

    Here’s the thing… if Christianity — and more specifically Christian Identity — offered the level of proof you and similar-minded individuals demanded, its entire basis would be undermined to the point of worthlessness. It would hold no more value or transcendence than learning to read and write. If it required no faith at all it would be merely another path towards nihilism.

    It all comes down to trying to project our own human understanding onto a divine creator, which is simply a non-starter. I’m not arrogant enough to operate like that, so I take the verifiable information we have and work from there. Everything beyond that is, of course, a matter of faith. As far as where knowledge ends and faith begins, Biblical history and Christianity (not evangelical Jew-worship) are more valid and historically accurate than literally anything the public at large is being fed today.

    • Replies: @anon
  206. anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Rachel Dolezal has yet to sink to the depraved depths of your Other-worship, but when she does, she’ll bang on paragraph upon endless paragraph how her True Negroite cult isn’t at all related to Niggers in the modern sense of the word, because it was falsely translated by Negroids into Nigra, which in the original Ebonics akshually means…blab, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

  207. gatobart says:

    Okay, I don’t know if you have noticed at this tardy point, but I think we are both wasting our time, me more than you as you seem to be just another dingbat obsessed with “agendas”, i.e. which sees agendas everywhere and who every night even checks under his bed before going to sleep to see is there is another agenda hiding there. In any case we come from very different schools, which is obvious to me when I read this gem

    It all comes down to trying to project our own human understanding onto a divine creator, which is simply a non-starter.

    Wait a moment, I don’t need “to project my humanity” in this world, I don’t need to “project my humanity” into anything. I am here, i don’t known how this came to pass so I’ll do my best while my time here runs out, above all trying to do something constructive of my life and above all trying not to harm anyone (except of course in self defense) and I think I have done rather well in both accounts so I don’t even need your religious lectures or to “project my humanity”. If any idea of a God I may have, that has been already described by Einstein when he declared that for Him God in the energy that created the Universe and that keeps it working. I am good with that. Einstein’s God created the universe and the Laws of Physics , the law of Karma, and that’s pretty much everything I need to know. Whatever happens to me, wherever I’ll go I will be following this road, which people usually call Our personal Destiny, our Fate, all which has been decided already even before we came to this world. In the many occasion in which my physical integrity and even my life have been on the balance, when things could have gone wrong in a second and end it as it is, I have never had even the temptation to pray for some deity to come to my aid, never. What i have thought in those accessions is what Doris Day said many years ago better than me in a song” Que sera sera”. In that sense I have always thought that deep down I have far more faith in that God who created and rules the universe than many Christians or even most of them have in their own, who the moment they see themselves in big trouble start crying and calling Him, or Her, to rescue them. Those people, the majority, are the ones who have no faith, if they need to be reminding their God they exist and are in trouble at every step of the way. And that’s all I got to say to you.

    BTW, in recorded Human History, the ones who have created their gods are the ones with an agenda, and that agenda has been usually to control others, to exploit them and to plunder their riches.

  208. @Momus

    Thanks Momus. You and your fellow hasbara drones allow people to see how hate-crazed, blood-thirsty and Evil the worst of the Jews and their boot-lickers really are. Your hatred will be the end of you, but you just can’t help yourselves can you? No hate-no Zionazism, no Judaism. You’d just be left with your common humanity, and you’d hate that, wouldn’t you. No more ‘Gods Upon the Earth’.

    • Troll: Clyde
    • Replies: @Clyde
  209. Rog says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    First, let’s not conflate what is moral with what is legal; those are two very different animals. Second, you seem to be ignoring that a community has collective interests which are harmed by the tolerance(or worse, promotion) of homosexuality and adultery. Both lead to the destruction of lives and families.

    Does it hurt a child to be deprived of a mother or father? That is precisely what the normalization of homosexuality leads to.

    Accepting degeneracy under the guise of “consenting adults” leads to 12 year-old boys being given puberty blockers because they think they might be girls trapped in the wrong body. It leads to hypergamy, staggering rates of unwanted pregnancies and STDs, etc.

    This isn’t some slippery slope I’m offering, this is all happening throughout the Western world TODAY. I’m not sure how anyone could consider this “moral progress”.

  210. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Historically accurate? You lie; and you’ve proven yourself a cowardly liar. You wouldn’t even venture a guess as to what year Jesus was born, when challenged to do so in comment #133. And you’re still too chickenshit to try.

    Evangelical Jew-worship? You lie again, by omission. All Christianity is Jew-worship. Both Jesus and the Catholic Catechism say so. Jesus: “We worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” Catechism: “To the Jews belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship.”

  211. Clyde says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Mumble Moron gets a retard rating here. At least from me. My message to him/her is don’t despise/ Get your brain organized. Go out walk 10 miles to shed your shit off. Only need one third the miles for me.

    • Disagree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  212. anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Just assume everything the Jew says and promotes is a lie…True! If only you took your own statement seriously! The Jew Paul admitted as much, writing in the Jew Testament, “For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?” Holy cow, Batman!

  213. @RichardDuck

    Obviously there is a possible dark side to Islam as you illustrate and as one can read from the basic religious books if one is reading literally.

    Frankie enjoys blowing smoke. Jewish scholars of history readily admit that without Islam, Judaism would have been consigned to the dustbin of history:

    So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews?

    Islam saved Jewry. This is an unpopular, discomforting claim in the modern world. But it is a historical truth. The argument for it is double. First, in 570 CE, when the Prophet Mohammad was born, the Jews and Judaism were on the way to oblivion. And second, the coming of Islam saved them, providing a new context in which they not only survived, but flourished, laying foundations for subsequent Jewish cultural prosperity – also in Christendom – through the medieval period into the modern world.

    Here’s what Ahad Ha’am, founder of Cultural Zionism, said of the Jewish experience in Ottoman Palestine during the late 19th century:

    They were slaves in their Diasporas, and suddenly they find themselves with unlimited freedom, wild freedom that only a country like Turkey [the Ottoman Empire] can offer. This sudden change has planted despotic tendencies in their hearts, as always happens to former slaves [‘eved ki yimlokh – when a slave becomes king – Proverbs 30:22]. They deal with the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly, beat them shamefully for no sufficient reason, and even boast about their actions. There is no one to stop the flood and put an end to this despicable and dangerous tendency. [emphasis mine]

    1,000+ years is a long time and no, it wasn’t — in the words of Colin Wright — always “sweetness and light” for Jews under Muslim rule, but it certainly wasn’t the cartoonish hellscape that Zionists make it out to be.

  214. @AnonStarter

    Incidentally, Jewish communities under Islamic government enjoyed the liberty to administrate their affairs according to their own law, based, of course, upon The Torah.

    The notion that traditional Jewish leaders would ever tolerate homosexuality in their midst is risible.

  215. @G J T

    What the hell is NT and OT? Some kind of magic code you insiders developed?

  216. @AnonStarter

    What you write is consistent with what I am reading from old sources. Maybe the Jewish communities living under the Muslim rule were more pragmatic than the Palestinians are under the Israel rule. There is an important difference though. The Muslims didn’t expel the Jews from Palestine, but it was Israel that took away the land of the Palestinians. That’s so obvious I can’t understand why Western countries boycott the cotton produced in the Chinese province of Xinjiang while they are not boycotting Israel exports in retaliation for Israel’s apartheid policies.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  217. anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    They were slaves in their Diasporas

    News to me.

    Never slave, never a diaspora.

    Excuses to cover for the evil in Judaizm.

  218. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I am not shocked by your pictures. The USA also kills many of its criminals, ritualistically and unpleasantly. People are aware of the crimes that incur the death penalty in their country. Drinking alcohol, growing poppies, murdering people, putting your pee-pee in unhygienic places, and saying the holocaust was fake will get you in big trouble in some countries. You diminish yourself with these stupid pictures.

  219. @TheMoon

    Good man comes to knowledge not through himself, but by rejecting all that he is in return for what the LORD God can show him. Knowledge comes in layers, and there is a path, as the Bible does not remain what it is without God’s will. Start learning now what the Bible actually says, because a famine of God’s words is on the way.

    If deep down inside you want to make a covenant with God–you just may be an Israelite, exactly as GJT advises you. Go learn who you are here from a man who hates modern day ‘churchianity’ as much as yourself. You can smell the lie, you just don’t understand the counterfeit. John Rhine teaches the bible, he conceals nothing, and adds nothing.

    As God lives, and by many years I’ve found one absolute truth: every word in the Bible is true. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are NOT our thoughts. So stop the preconceptions of right and wrong and allow the Spirit which is already in you, to GROW. “The kingdom of heaven does not come from outward observation, for behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you.

    Your good mind is troubled with the traditions and lies of men taught as the doctrines of God. Because you have received (been given) a love for the truth, you will find it.

    Yet because others received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved, for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they should believe a lie.”

    Why do you think white people are under attack by the so called jews? For the same reason they nailed the Son of God to a pole for having entered Jerusalem over five hundred years after the last of the real Israelites had been scattered to the wind, and Who told these so called jews, You are of your father the devil, and of his desires you will do.

  220. @RichardDuck

    What you write is consistent with what I am reading from old sources. Maybe the Jewish communities living under the Muslim rule were more pragmatic than the Palestinians are under the Israel rule.

    Islam explicitly mandates protection of non-Muslim communities subject to Muslim rule. That protection includes, but is not limited to, religious liberty. When the second Caliph ‘Umar assumed power in Jerusalem, he restored the Jewish community therein. Prior to this, Byzantium had expelled Jews, prohibiting their return.

    For over one millennium under the aegis of Muslim rule, Jews, Christians, and others enjoyed this protection, with very few exceptions.

    The struggle of Palestinians arises because Israel continues to deny them the right to self-determination. Palestinians within the region known to many as Israel enjoy what rights they do only because Israel is compelled to confer them for fear of world opinion; there is no similar mandate for religious liberty in Judaism, and, according to the most accurate poll numbers, more than half of Israeli Jews do not want Arabs living among them. That environment is often hostile to them, which became evident during the recent conflict.

    Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are victimized daily by the criminal behavior of Israeli settlers as well as the armed forces running interference for them. One might accurately describe Palestinian resistance to this as pragmatic, since the occupation remains illegal according to international law.

    There is an important difference though. The Muslims didn’t expel the Jews from Palestine, but it was Israel that took away the land of the Palestinians.


    That’s so obvious I can’t understand why Western countries boycott the cotton produced in the Chinese province of Xinjiang while they are not boycotting Israel exports in retaliation for Israel’s apartheid policies.

    Once you know who steers the policies of those countries, it’s fairly easily to understand.

  221. @Iris

    Thanks. is a preciois resource. I buy Celine’s books with hope my grandsons will read him. Celine is undoubtedly the greatest French auther of the 20th century, if not more than.

  222. Mefobills says:
    @Chris Moore

    We can brain scan for sociopaths now. You feed subjects images, say of Palestinian children being shot, blown up, and abused.

    Scan images tell the tale. Images from a sociopath light up different areas of the brain than a normal human..

    A good fascist government would deny these people access to sensitive organs in the political/economic body.

    Everybody is the same arguments are more clownworld propaganda that prevents judgement and discernment.

    The bad guys don’t want to be judged by what should be universal principles of fairness coded into most human hearts.

    A psycho or sociopath look human, but lack the human moral instinct.

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