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Islam + Western Civilization = Islam: The Evil Equation That Delights Leftists and Dooms Libertarians
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Malignant tumors. In the modern West, there are two competing ways of responding to them. The first way is practised by leftists. It involves praising tumors, telling them what a vital and valued contribution they make to the body, and refusing to let tumors be criticized in any way. For example, if lung cancer or liver cancer causes problems, it’s clearly the fault of the lungs or liver. That’s why it’s so important to crush hate-speech about tumors. Can we not all agree that carcinophobia has no place in a decent society?

Words are all it will take

The second way of responding to tumors is practised by rightists and libertarians. They claim that, in fact, the real carcinophobes are those who don’t allow tumors to be criticized. Banning criticism of tumors implies that tumors aren’t grown up enough to accept criticism. But the very essence of tumors is that they grow up (and out and left and right and backward). We are actually respecting tumors if we speak sternly to them when they misbehave. And how else are we going to stop them misbehaving?

An enriching tumor surrounded by carcinophobic lung-tissue (from Wikipedia)
An enriching tumor surrounded by carcinophobic lung-tissue (from Wikipedia)

After all, words are the only way to respond to tumors. Either you praise them or you criticize them. Those are the only ways to respond. Certainly we can’t remove tumors from the body. What kind of bigot wants to do such a cruel and mean-spirited thing? All decent people agree that tumors enrich our lives and make a vital contribution to the body. Nor can we try to prevent tumors forming in the first place. That’s not just bigoted: it’s impossible. You cannot prevent tumors. As Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, once said: “Part and parcel of living in a great global city is you have to be prepared for tumors. You have to be vigilant.” And Khan is certainly right about “great global cities” like London, Paris and Madrid. Sudden tumorous outbreaks have killed hundreds of people in those cities.

No Third-Worlders, no Third-Worlding

But Khan isn’t right about “great global cities” like Tokyo and Beijing. Tumors haven’t struck there at all. So what’s the difference? Well, Khan wasn’t really talking about tumors, of course. He was talking about Muslim terrorism. And Muslim terrorism doesn’t strike in Tokyo for the simple reason that Japan has not allowed mass migration by Muslims. In other words, you can easily prevent tumors like Muslim terrorism and other Third-World pathologies. Japan has done it by refusing to allow Third-World migration. If there are no Third-World folk in your nation, there are no Third-World pathologies. Enriched London doesn’t just suffer from terrorism but also from gang-rapes, acid-attacks, stabbings, female genital mutilation, and massive political corruption.

All of that is a consequence of Third-World migration and the Third-World pathologies it inevitably spawns in what is rapidly ceasing to be a First-World city. The same is true elsewhere in England. The small Yorkshire town of Rotherham has become infamous around the world for its Muslim rape-gangs, which have been raping, beating, prostituting and occasionally murdering underage White girls for decades.

Authentic Muslim menace

Despite its infamy, Rotherham is only a small part of sexual jihad being waged by Muslims in Britain. Worse things are still going on in bigger towns and cities. And no-one in mainstream politics is prepared to do anything about it. Politicians, journalists and academics don’t even speak the truth about it. And the truth is that the only way to end the pathologies caused by Muslims and other Third-World people is to expel them from your territory. Refusing to admit this, the mainstream left and mainstream right advocate the two competing policies I described above. Leftists believe in curing non-White pathologies by blaming them on Whites. Rightists believe in curing non-White pathologies by talking tough about them. And we’ve just seen excellent examples of these two failed policies in a story from another Islamically enriched Yorkshire town called Wakefield.

As part of a game with his friends, a 14-year-old autistic White boy purchased a Koran and took it to Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield, where it was accidentally dropped and slightly damaged. There was no malicious intent and the Koran does not appear to have been disrespected or vandalized in any way. But Usman Ali, a local councillor for the Labour party, immediately spotted another chance to intimidate the infidels and assert Muslim dominance. He tweeted the following, using smarmy left-speak to convey authentic Muslim menace:

After todays [sic] events at Kettlethorpe High School, where a Quran has been desecrated are [sic] a serious provocative action which needs to be dealt with urgently by all the authorities, namely, the police, the school and the local authority.

This terrible event could destroy all the good progress that has been made in Wakefield to highlight and combat Islamophobia.

I have been in contact with local leaders to ensure that swift and appropriate action is taken to deal with this grave situation. We all need to work together to make sure that this terrible provocation does not set back community relations for years to come. (Tweet by Usman Ali)

Councillor Ali later deleted the tweet, but it had had its desired effect. I’ve often written at the Occidental Observer about the goy grovel, that is, the sycophancy and submission of White gentiles to Jews. Now meet the kaffir krawl, the sycophancy and submission of White infidels to Muslims (kaffir is the Muslim term for a non-Muslim). The kaffir krawl was energetically performed in Wakefield by “all the authorities” and also by the mother of the autistic schoolboy, who has reportedly been “forced to flee his home and go into hiding, fearing for his life” because of death-threats.

Making death-threats is a crime in Britain. Slightly damaging a Koran without malicious intent is not. But the police in Wakefield acted as though it was the other way around. They performed the kaffir krawl to Muslims and confirmed once again that Britain has a new and unofficial blasphemy law. The old and official blasphemy law, which was abolished in 2008, protected only Christianity. The new and unofficial blasphemy law protects only Islam, because it has been created by Muslims and their readiness both to threaten and to commit violence in defense of their religion. Leftists, who hate free speech and love Islam, welcome this new law. Rightists and libertarians don’t welcome it, but they can’t be honest about why the new law exists or about their own inability to combat it. This is how the Trotskyist libertarian Brendan O’Neill, a cognitive clone of the Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi, began his thunderous denunciation of the events in Wakefield:

Imagine living in a country so religiously uptight that even making a smudge on a copy of the Quran could turn into a police matter. A country so nervous of offending Islam that even kids could be punished for allegedly disrespecting that religion. A country so determined to ringfence certain religious beliefs from scrutiny or mockery that you might hear actual politicians denouncing as ‘provocative’ and ‘terrible’ any slight against those beliefs.

Well, if you’re in the UK then you live in that country. Forget Iran. Never mind Afghanistan. It’s right here in Blighty, a supposedly free, mostly secular nation, that all of the above recently happened. Let’s call it ‘Qurangate’. And let’s talk about just how messed up it is. (‘Qurangate’ and Britain’s new blasphemy rules, The Spectator, 25th February 2023)

Try and guess how Brendan continued his article. Did he point out that Britain now resembles the intolerant Muslim nations of Iran and Afghanistan because Britain has imported millions of intolerant Muslims? Did he issue a mea culpa for firmly supporting that influx of intolerant Muslims throughout his career? Of course he didn’t. Instead, he emitted hot air about “free speech” and condemned the way in which accusations of “Islamophobia” are used to justify censorship and blacklisting. He also plugged the useless and stupid line that protecting Islam from offence is “demeaning” and “infantilising” to Muslims.

Trotskyism and truth don’t mix

And to top it all off, he lied. Note the first adjective he used in this paragraph:

This strange and strict control of discussion of Islam can have dire consequences. Who can forget the case of the schoolteacher at Batley Grammar, also in West Yorkshire, who was hounded into hiding for the ‘crime’ of showing his pupils an image of Muhammad? Or the craven decision by UK cinema chains to pull the movie The Lady of Heaven last year after Islamist protesters kicked up a storm? In such a febrile and censorious climate it strikes me as incredibly reckless to treat four children as wicked defilers of Islam’s holy book. (‘Qurangate’ and Britain’s new blasphemy rules)

Brendan was lying when he used the word “strange” to describe the way Muslims are using intimidation and violence to control “discussion of Islam.” On the contrary, that control is completely normal and entirely predictable. Most of Britain’s vibrant Muslims come from Pakistan and, as I’ve pointed out again and again at the Occidental Observer, Pakistan has both harsh laws against blasphemy and a flourishing tradition of extra-judicial execution for alleged blasphemers. A Pakistani Muslim called Tanveer Ahmed brought that tradition to Britain in 2016, when he traveled from England to Scotland and stabbed to death another Pakistani Muslim called Asad Shah. Ahmed was an orthodox Sunni Muslim and Shah belonged to a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis, whom Sunnis regard as heretics and blasphemers. There was nothing “strange” about that murder, just as there was nothing strange about Brendan O’Neill’s refusal to discuss it at the time or later. Indeed, violence against Ahmadis is so routine in Pakistan that Asad Shah was granted asylum in Britain.

Absolute certainty of disaster

Unfortunately for him, Britain has been colonized by orthodox Muslim Pakistanis who, naturally enough, have brought their robust anti-blasphemy traditions with them. Not to mention their robust traditions of sexually enslaving infidel females and creating horrible genetic diseases by marrying close relatives. So would it be right to use another of Brendan O’Neill’s posturing phrases and say it was “incredibly reckless” to allow Pakistanis to colonize Britain? No, it wouldn’t be right to use that phrase. Doing so would imply that there was only a high probability of disastrous consequences, not an absolute certainty. But it was absolutely certain that allowing Pakistanis and other Third-Worlders to colonize Britain would have disastrous consequences.

Brendan O’Neill has supported that Third-World colonization every step of the way. Naturally enough, he’s also weaseled and lied about the disastrous consequences. Or has ignored them entirely. To the best of my knowledge, he has never mentioned, let alone condemned, the murder of Asad Shah. He certainly didn’t mention it in his article about Qurangate in Wakefield. “Who could forget?” he asked in the article before listing examples of Muslim attacks on free speech. Well, you could, Brendan. And you did. But that silence wasn’t maintained by Tom Slater, another Trotskyist libertarian and cognitive clone of Frank Furedi. When Slater wrote about Qurangate, he said this:

We’ve seen how this story ends far too many times now. The threat to those deemed to be blasphemers is very real. Batley Grammar School, where in 2021 a teacher was forced into hiding after he showed a cartoon of Muhammad to his religious-studies class, is a 10-mile drive from Kettlethorpe High School. That teacher is still in hiding, no doubt fearing he will meet a similar fate to Samuel Paty — the French teacher beheaded in the suburbs of Paris in 2020 for almost identical ‘crimes’. Those who refuse to believe that such a thing could happen here should Google Asad Shah, the Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper from Glasgow who was stabbed to death in 2016 by a man who accused him of ‘disrespecting’ Islam. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about that awful case. (When a Wakefield boy brought a Koran to school, Spiked Online, 27th February 2023)

No, Tom: not everybody. I’m a knuckle-dragging far-rightard, but I’ve never forgotten about the “awful case” of Asad Shah’s murder. And please feel free to draw on any of my articles about it when you and your comrades begin your unrelenting campaign to put Asad Shah where he deserves to be, namely, at the heart of all future commentary about Islam and free speech in Britain:

But I have to be honest about why I’ve never forgotten the murder of Asad Shah. That “awful case” is not at all inconvenient for me, because it proves I’m right about the lunacy of allowing Muslims to colonize a Western nation. It is certainly inconvenient for self-proclaimed libertarians like Brendan O’Neill and Tom Slater, because it contradicts all their weaseling and lies about why Muslims attack free speech and how we can stop them doing it. Muslims will never stop doing it until they and other Third-World enrichers are expelled from Western nations.

Either way, the always idiotic and often evil ideology of libertarianism is doomed. If Third-World enrichers remain in the West, they will further assist the creation of a leftist tyranny in which sincere libertarians will be imprisoned (and insincere ones take their masks off to reveal their true leftism). But if Third-World enrichers are expelled, it will be because Whites who are serious about defending Western civilization have come to power. And Whites who are serious about defending Western civilization are not fooled by the thoroughly Jewish ideology of libertarianism, which warmly welcomes Muslim migration, then weasels and lies about the inevitable consequences.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Charles says:

    Forty-ish years ago Dr. Revilo Oliver began stating as plainly as possible what would have to be done if Whites wanted a civilization similar to the one their ancestors had. The degradation was advanced in 1983 and is fully rampant now. Unlike every other racial group, Whites do not and will not organize themselves as a racial group. That is what is required. Barring that, the future is in the East.

    • Disagree: Dragoslav
  2. A123 says: • Website

    Assimilation is the key to successful migration. And, Muslims simply do not assimilate.

    This is true in Europe: (1)

    There is violence against women in all cultures. But only in one does it have divine sanction.

    The Qur’an teaches that men are superior to women and should beat those from whom they “fear disobedience”: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

    Verden – Shocking footage of the knife attack on a woman (26) in the Verden E-Center.

    A surveillance camera filmed the entire crime, which the victim’s son (3) had to witness up close. Denial is pointless for Dinmohamad T. (41), he now has to answer for attempted murder in court.

    It was just after 3 p.m. when the Afghan approached her and her son. According to the indictment, he told her boyfriend that she was his girlfriend. Suddenly the perpetrator stabbed the woman over the three-year-old’s head.

    She tries to flee, but is caught up by the attacker. Again and again the perpetrator stabs the woman lying on the ground with full force. According to the indictment on the head, neck and thorax until an employee comes running and intervenes without hesitation.

    And, America: (2)

    At 1%, Muslims are still a small percentage of the population. But there’s one place in America where they are vastly over-represented.

    State prisons.

    Take Maryland, which has an estimated 70,000 Muslims, making up over 1% of the population. But of Maryland’s 18,562 prisoners, 5,084 were Muslims.

    That’s 27.4% or over 1 in 4 prisoners.

    It would also mean that 1 out of 13 Muslims in Maryland may have been in a state prison.

    Those are startling numbers, yet they come from Muslim Advocates, an Islamist legal advocacy group. Both MA’s numbers and the number of Muslims in different states may be miscounted, yet these figures raise serious questions about public safety and the toll that immigration is taking on our communities.

    While Maryland’s numbers are some of the worst, MA lists similar figures for Washington D.C. where out of 5,219 prisoners, 1,232 were Muslims, so that once again 1 in 4 prisoners were Muslim.

    D.C. does have one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, numbering between 2 and 3 percent. Even taking the highest estimate, 6.5% of the Muslim population in D.C. was in jail in 2017.

    Muslims make up 1% of the population in Pennsylvania, but 1 in 5 of its prisoners.

    Of the 48,438 prisoners in Pennsylvania, 10,264 were Muslim. That’s 8% of an estimated statewide Muslim population of 128,000, meaning that 1 in 12 Muslims in Pennsylvania were in prison in 2017.

    Countries demanding Open [Muslim] borders like Germany deserve to fail. However, all is not lost. Italy, while late, is finally passing laws that might stem the flow: (3)

    The Italian government has decided to introduce prison sentences ranging from 20 to 30 years for traffickers who cause the deaths of migrants as a part of new regulations aimed at tackling illegal immigration.

    [Meloni] added that her government would fight against human traffickers around the world. According to the government’s decision, people smugglers can be sentenced to five to 16 years in prison for transporting illegal migrants and will also be fined €15,000 for each migrant. If migrants suffer bodily harm on the sea or land route, traffickers risk between 10 and 20 years in prison, and if they cause the death of one person, they face a sentence of between 15 and 20 years. If more than one migrant is killed at the same time, the penalty rises to between 20 and 30 years.

    Tossing the crew of a trafficking vessel in prison for 16 years will discourage landfalls in Italy. The cash fines will keep the vessels impounded until paid, which will make insurance unaffordable.

    PEACE 😇




  3. Whites now come in two flavors. Wheaks and whummies.

    Wheaks aren’t necessarily dumb but they’re weak and just follow the power, Jewish.

    Whummies really are dumb and fall for the current narrative/dogma.

    Wheaks and whummies suck up to Jews. S
    So, they open the West to Muslims while doing the bidding of Jews and wage more Wars for Israel by dropping bombs on Muslims.

    There are also Whogs, or white dogs. These whites are ferocious and aggressive but lack agency. Their ‘passions’ are totally controlled by Jews. So, whogs bark at Iran and Russia. John Bolton, that guy is a real whog.

  4. Tobias Langdom is full of [email protected]#%.

    Islam did not bring bring about the debuachery and moral cess pool that now pervades most but not all Western societies. Sexual permissiveness leading to LGBTQ is not at all connected to Muslims. The one example of Muslim depravity by some Pakistani cabbies in Rotherham that were grooming some young floosies, is not enough to indict the larger Muslim society in the UK or Europe as prime sexual predators. The opposite is closer to the truth. Fewer rapes, thefts, muggings and murders by Muslims in Europe or US than the general population.

    In general Islamic societies have between social and moral cohesion than Western societies. The reasons behind the differences would be a better topic than this cheap heap of bigtory by T.L. Women are not abused, exploited, or oppressed as claimed by Western fiction, but surely are marginalized in Islamic socieities more than most Western societies.

    The large morass of marginalized immigrants is another story. Who drove them to another land and why now and not 50 years ago??? The failures of modern Islamic societies are many and worth discussion but not the low level slurs being flung by TL or his likes.

  5. @A123

    Of course, a country – any country! – can (should?) demand assimilation from would-be citizens, however this doesn’t change the fact: Assimilation is, if not (auto-)ethnocide, at least (auto-)culturicide!

    P.S.: I’m not making a ‘value judgement’.

  6. @Tommy Thompson

    “Islam did not bring about the debauchery and moral cesspool that now pervades most but not all Western societies. Sexual permissiveness leading to LGBTQ is not at all connected to Muslims.”

    You’re being an intellectual weasel. Langdon is not talking about “debauchery and moral cesspool” in and of itself. He is talking about the weaponization of such things in the fifth-column Islamic war of conquest which is being waged against the west. Enslavement of the infidel is a legitimate form of jihad in Islamic theology; in other words, Rotherham is not debauchery, it is war. By deliberately altering the terms of a very straightforward argument, you show yourself to be a liar, a coward, and a traitor. Or, y’know, a Muslim.

    “some Pakistani cabbies in Rotherham that were grooming some young floosies,”

    Some. Young. Floosies. I think you mean continual gang rape victims and enslaved minors. Sexually abused and exploited children.

    How dare you. How f#cking dare you.

    Matthew 18:6

    • Agree: Fidelios Automata
    • Replies: @abdnet
  7. Dragoslav says:

    Islam is the pretext for people with low qi, mentally deranged because of massive inbreeding, and suffering from a huge inferiority complex to commit these atrocities. Would a normal, healthy and self-confident man disfigure a woman with a knife? This is frenzy from a sick brain.
    Not that I defend Islam which amplifies the defects of failed races

  8. Dragoslav says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    ” Momo ” Thompson : never read such a stupid comment in my entire life.
    Every single word is a Grotesque lie. Even Piss factor is defeated.

  9. abdnet says:
    @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Another triggered conservative hate to break it to you champ but western civilization has already been conquered some almost 80 years by the chosen people when the last shot was fired ending WW2 they set about dismantling the west . First feminism which has destroyed the family unit , normalization of homosexuality which has spawned diseases such as AIDS and now promoting homosexuality to young
    children yet all you can do regurgitate the usual media drivel about the “Islamic Conquest” while your whole society is falling apart
    By the way if your so concerned about trafficking of white girls perhaps you might want to vent your anger at that nation the UN named as the number one in sex trafficking which rakes in millions per year selling poor eastern European girls these Rotherham folks are petty criminals in comparison

  10. @Tommy Thompson

    This article even stupider than most of what I see in the MSM. I would be happy to set the author straight on my radio show. Tobias, please email me at truthjihad(at)gmail to get scheduled & schooled.

  11. TG says:

    Islamic Refugees + Western Civilization = Cheap Labor = Short Term Profits.

    Who says math is hard?

  12. @Charles

    Instead of disagreeing, I will meet you half way. The future is in the East only if the yellow man leads the way. Hajis and Hindus are not going to be leading that parade anytime soon. I see better prospects for Iranians, who have always thought differently although being Muslim. India, although it has made great strides economically in tech field (think Bangalore) is largely a shithole. Pakistan-Bangladesh – even worse. Most of the Arab Muslim world has a base population with a 7th century mentality – exceptions Iraq and Syria before the US destroyed their countries – largely due to a Baathist mentality –yes, authoritarian and brutal, but forward looking. I love the expression (in article) describing the disciple of Frank Furedi as a libertarian Trotskyite. This provided my morning chuckle.

    • Replies: @Charles
  13. The Furedi clones from the old Revolutionary Communist Party not only run Spiked magazine – they decided that media entryism was their best plan. Mick Hume writes for The (London) Times, and Claire Fox often appears on BBC Radio, where she represents “The Institute of Ideas”.

    Spiked’s predecessor was “Living Marxism”, which is best known for falsely claiming that ITN (the British Independent Television News) had invented evidence for the Bosnian genocide. ITN sued them out of existence. The Furedi gang continued in a new guise as Spiked and the Institute of Ideas.

    One of the RCP’s claims to fame was that it was the only known political party that had an entrance exam – which presumably tested whether the candidate had been correctly cloned from Frank Furedi.

  14. martin_2 says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    The one example of Muslim depravity by some Pakistani cabbies in Rotherham that were grooming some young floosies, is not enough to indict the larger Muslim society in the UK or Europe as prime sexual predators.

    This is compeletly untrue and really dumb. You are a really stupid, ignorant person. Pakistani/Middle Eastern grooming of young white girls in England is widespread, it is not just in a few Northern towns, but all over the country, and has been going on for fifty years. I know a woman who was raped by a Pakistani in the late 1960’s, In London, in similar circumstances.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @abdnet
  15. Charles says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    I did not make it plain, but yes, the reference to “the East” was meant as specifically China.

  16. abdnet says:

    you pick 2 examples and its widespread across the country

  17. Shamu says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    No Islam did not cause the debased state of ‘the West .’ Various intellectuals, princes and rich businessmen did by revolting against Christ and Christendom. And over time their successful revolution cam to produce after its kind that kept getting father and farther away from the cultural mores and standards of Christendom.

    And that revolution’s most important ethnic actor is Anglo-Saxon. Right now, the media uses the term ‘the West’ to mean little more than the Anglosphere and what it controls, what accepts the dictates of the elites of the Anglosphere. The decadence of ‘the West’ is what the development of WASP culture hath wrought.

    But the decadence of the Middle East that had been run by Mohammedans for more than a thousand years drew all Westerners who were perverse sexually. After the West had been able to stop Mohammedan pirating, thus making shipping of all types safe across the Mediterranean, queer Westerners knew they could find lots of boys for rent across the world of Islam. The 19th century craze among Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and their Continental close kin and business partners, to visit Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, etc. featured gay sex, featured pederast, tourism. So in that sense, the decadence of the societies produced by a millennium of Islam did play a key role in spreading decadence across the West. Revolutionaries against Christendom always gravitate to the deduce of the East.

    And that is how and why the decadent elites of the West have been promoting all things Semitic for going on 3 centuries.

  18. Jews are the true enemy. None of this evil would ever have happened if there were no Jews in the west.

  19. @Charles

    Whites do need to organize as a racial group, something Jews, with their control of the media will do anything to stop.

  20. Richard B says:

    Barring that, the future is in the East.

    To the extent that this is true then the problem certainly won’t be whites.

    The problem will be that the ruling idea of the East, which includes The Middle East, Islam and Israel, is the very ancient idea Blind Obedience to Authority. And Blind Obedience to Authority is a mental model that it totally inadequate, incompatible, and above all, maladaptive to the global civilization the East will be inheriting. A civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before in human history.

    From this perspective, the problem is not and has never been whites.
    The problem is the moral insanity found in Cultures of Blind Obedience.

    • Replies: @KenH

    As I indicated once before, the problem of Europeans is their linguistic diversity and national disunity. In this respect, Americans have an advantage in terms of forming a coherent racial community, although on the minus side, they have a harder time identifying who belongs to it in the first place.

    Of course, it would be nonsensical to introduce a single language, just as they modeled this idiotic play money “Euro” on the American model. But with the conditions that the Jews created in Europe after the war, there will be no “communal outcry” in neighboring countries when a crime against the native population happens somewhere in Europe (which happens many times every day).

    Although, as Sunic and his interviewer say, it is only a few kilometers apart. Most Germans say: “What is Sweden or Holland to me? That’s far away and a foreign country.” If we had a nationalistic community of states, this spook would soon be over, but it would also not have come to that in the first place.

  22. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Laurence Auster called it the two liberalisms:

    The difficulty conservatives continually have with this type of issue is that it seems to them that the liberals are practicing a huge double standard, and this double standard bothers them, it’s illogical, unfair, contradictory, hypocritical.

    But looked out more deeply, it’s not a double standard, but a single standard. The standard is: whatever helps advance the left, whatever helps enhance the power of the protected groups, whatever helps weaken traditional Western society, is good. And the opposite of those things is bad.

    Thus prohibiting any negative true statement about the group characteristics of a low-ability, dysfunctional, non-assimilating, hostile, or violent minority helps weaken traditional society and advance the left and the minorities; therefore it is good.

    At the same time, giving those same low-ability, dysfunctional, non-assimilating, hostile, or violent minorities special privileges and entitlements based on their group characteristics also weakens traditional society and advances the left and the minorities; so it also is good.

  23. KenH says:
    @Richard B

    The problem will be that the ruling idea of the East, which includes The Middle East, Islam and Israel, is the very ancient idea of Blind Obedience to Authority.

    Yes, what Revilo Oliver routinely referred to as “oriental despotism” in many of his writings.

  24. KenH says:

    It bears repeating that Islam is totally and fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization. They behave like conquerors and colonizers instead of fellow citizens. Everywhere their population reaches critical mass it becomes a “no-go zone” for police and white Europeans. This is more evident in the U.K. and Europe where Muslims are much more numerous than in the U.S.

    If Muslims won’t voluntarily return to their lands of origin they will need to be violently expelled. Muslim have no compunction about using violence against non-Muslims and people they perceive as their enemies.

    The U.K., Scandinavia and Europe are the ancestral homelands of white Indo Europeans and they are within their rights to use any and all means necessary to keep it that way. Of course, we know that Jews in positions of power and influence will do everything they can to prevent that since they want whites killed off and/or mongrelized.

  25. Rhett says:

    The victory of Islam is inevitable. And then we Muslims will clean up the Woke mess you superior Christians created with your alleged cultural superiority.

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