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Iran’s Accidental Downing of a Ukrainian Plane Is Already Being Used to Smear MH-17 Skeptics
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When the Pentagon confirmed the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, U.S. President Donald Trump took to social media to post a single image of the American flag to the adulation of his followers. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant of the other flag synonymous with U.S. foreign policy, that of the ‘false flag’ utilized to deceive the public and stir up support for endless war abroad. While the chicken hawk defenders of Trump’s reckless decision to murder one of the biggest contributors in the defeat of ISIS salivated over possible war with Iran, their appetite was spoiled by Tehran’s retaliatory precision strikes of two U.S. bases in Iraq that deliberately avoided casualties while in accordance with the Islamic Republic’s right to self defense under Article 51 of the United Nations charter. The reprisal successfully deescalated the crisis but sent a clear message Iran was willing to stand up to the U.S. with the backing of Russia and China, while Washington underestimated Tehran which forewarned the Iraqi government of its impending counterattack so U.S. personnel could evacuate.

In the hours following the ballistic missile strikes, reports came in that a Boeing 737 international passenger flight scheduled from Tehran to Kiev, Ukraine had crashed shortly after takeoff from Imam Khomeini International Airport, killing all 176 passengers and flight crew on board. Initial video of the crash of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) showed that the aircraft was already in flames while descending to the ground, leading to speculation it was shot down amid the heightened political crisis between Iran and Washington. In the days following, a second obscure video surfaced which only increased this suspicion. Meanwhile, Western governments quickly concluded that an anti-aircraft surface-to-air missile brought PS752 down and were eager to point the finger at Iran before any formal investigation. Many people, including this author, were admittedly skeptical as to how a plane taking off from Tehran could have been mistaken five hours after the strikes in Iraq.

Nevertheless, those with reservations turned out to be wrong when days later the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) came clean that its aerospace forces made a “human error” and accidentally shot the passenger plane down after mistaking it for a incoming cruise missile when it flew close to a military base during a heightened state of alert in anticipation of U.S. attack. Many have noted that Iran’s honorable decision to take responsibility for the catastrophe is in sharp contrast with Washington’s response in 1988 when the U.S. Navy shot down Iran Air Flight 655 scheduled from Tehran to Dubai over the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 occupants, after failing to cover it up. Just a month later, Vice President George H.W. Bush would notoriously state he would “never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are.” Although he was not directly referring to the incident, one can only imagine what the reaction would be if Iranian President Hassan Rouhani were to say the same weeks after shooting down the Ukrainian plane, let alone an American one. Predictably, Tehran’s transparency has gone mostly unappreciated while the Trump administration is already trying to use the disaster to further demonize Iran.

Oddly enough, Ukrainian International Airlines is partly owned by the infamous Ukrainian-Israeli oligarch, politician and energy tycoon Igor Kolomoisky, who was notably one of the biggest financiers of the anti-Russian, pro-EU coup d’etat which overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. Kolomoisky is also a principal backer of current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky whose dubious phone call with Trump resulted in the 45th U.S. president’s impeachment last month. In another astounding coincidence, Kolomoisky’s Privat Group is believed to control Burisma Holdings, the Cypress-based company whose executive board 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter was appointed to following the Maidan junta. The former Vice President admitted that he bribed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor who was looking into his son’s corruption by threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Kolomoisky, AKA “the Chameleon”, is one of the wealthiest people in the ex-Soviet country and was formerly appointed as governor of an administrative region bordering Donbass in eastern Ukraine following the 2014 putsch. He has also funded a battalion of volunteer neo-Nazi mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the War in Donbass against Russian-speaking separatists which the military aid temporarily withheld by the Trump administration that was disputably contingent upon an investigation of Biden and his son goes to. In 2014, another infamous plane shootdown made international headlines when Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) scheduled from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew.

From the get-go, the Obama administration was adamant that the missile which shot down the Boeing 777 came from separatist rebel territory. However, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad denounced the charges brought against the Russian and Ukrainian nationals indicted in the NATO-led investigation, dismissing the entire probe as a politically motivated effort predetermined to scapegoat Moscow and exclude Malaysian participation in the inquiry from the very beginning. Mohamad is featured in the excellent documentary MH17: Call for Justice made by a team of independent journalists which contests the NATO-scripted narrative and reveals that the Buk missile was more likely launched from Ukrainian Army-controlled territory than the DPR. One of Kolomoisky’s hired guns could also have been responsible.

Shamefully, Iran’s admission of guilt in the PS752 downing is already being used by establishment propagandists to discredit skeptics and conflated with similar contested past events like MH17 in order to intimidate dissenting voices from speaking up in the future. The Bellingcat ‘investigative journalism’ collective which made its name incriminating Moscow for the MH17 tragedy are the principle offenders. Bellingcat bills itself as an ‘independent’ citizen journalism group even though its founder Eliot Higgins is employed by the Atlantic Council think tank which receives funding from NATO, the U.S. State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), George Soros’ Open Society Foundation NGO, and numerous other regime change factories. Despite its enormous conflict of interest, Bellingcat remains highly cited by corporate media as a supposedly reputable source. At the outset, nearly everything about the PS752 tragedy gave one déjà vu of the MH17 disaster, including the rush to judgement by Western governments, so it was only natural for many to distrust the official narrative until more facts came out.

None of this changes that the use of commercial passenger jets as false flag targets for U.S. national security subterfuge is a verifiable historical fact, not a ‘conspiracy theory.’ In 1997, the U.S. National Archives declassified a 1962 memo proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Department of Defense for then-Secretary of State Robert McNamara entitled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba.” The document outlined a series of ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks, codenamed Operation Northwoods, to be carried out on a range of targets and blamed on the Cuban government to give grounds for an invasion of Havana in order to depose Fidel Castro. These scenarios included targets within the U.S., in particular Miami, Florida, which had become a haven of right-wing émigrés and defectors following the Cuban Revolution. In addition to the sinking of a Cuban refugee boat, one Northwoods plan included the staging of attacks on a civilian jet airliner and a U.S. Air Force plane to be pinned on Castro’s government:

“8. It is possible to create and incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight.

9. It is possible to create an incident which will make it appear that Communist Cuban MIGs have destroyed a USAF aircraft over international waters in an unprovoked attack.”

Although Operation Northwoods was rejected by then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy which many believe was a factor in his subsequent assassination, Cuban exiles with the support of U.S. intelligence would later be implicated in such an attack the following decade with the bombing of Cubana Airlines Flight 455 in 1976 which killed all 73 passengers and crew on board. In 2005, documents released by the National Security Archive showed that the CIA under then-director George H.W. Bush had advanced knowledge of the plans of a Dominican Republic-based Cuban exile terrorist organization, the Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU), at the direction of former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles to blow up the airliner. The U.S. later refused to extradite Carriles to Cuba to face charges and although he never admitted to masterminding the bombing of the jet, he publicly confessed to other attacks on tourist hotels in Cuba during the 1990s and was later arrested in 2000 for attempting to blow up an auditorium in Panama trying to assassinate Castro.

In 1962, the planners of Operation Northwoods concluded that such deceptive operations would shift U.S. public opinion unanimously against Cuba.

“World opinion and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.”

The same talking points are used by the U.S. government to demonize Iran today. Initially, some Western intelligence sources also concluded that it was a malfunction or overheated engine that brought PS752 down in corroboration with the Iranian government’s original explanation until the narrative abruptly shifted the following day. That they were so quick to hold Iran accountable without any investigation gave the apparent likelihood that PS752 could have fallen prey to a Northwoods-style false flag operation designed to further isolate Iran and defame its leaders after they took precautions to avoid U.S. casualties in their retaliatory strikes for the killing of Soleimani. Maintaining the image of Iran as a nefarious regime is crucial in justifying hawkish U.S. policies toward the country and Iran’s noted restraint in its retaliation put a dent in that impression, so many were suspicious and rightly so.

It was also entirely plausible that U.S. special operations planners could have consulted the Northwoods playbook replacing Cuba with Iran and the right-wing gusanos who were to assist the staged attacks in Miami with the Iranian opposition group known as Mujahedin e-Khalq (MEK/People’s Mujahedin of Iran) to do the same in Tehran. In July of last year, Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani gave a paid speech at the cult-like group’s compound in Albania where he not only referred to the group as Iran’s “government-in-exile” but stated the U.S’s explicit intentions to use them for regime change in Iran. The MEK enjoys high level contacts in the Trump administration and the group was elated at his decision to murder Soleimani in Baghdad.

From 1997 until 2012, the MEK was on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations until it was removed by the Obama administration after its expulsion from Iraq in order to relocate the group to fortified bases in Albania and the NATO protectorate of Kosovo. The latter disputed territory is a perfect fit for the rebranded group having been founded by another deregistered foreign terrorist organization, the al-Qaeda linked Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), whose leader, Hashim Thaçi, presides over the partially-recognized state. The MEK are no longer designated as such despite the State Department’s own account of its bloody history:

“During the 1970s, the MEK staged terrorist attacks inside Iran to destabilize and embarrass the Shah’s regime; the group killed several US military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran. The group also supported the takeover in 1979 of the US Embassy in Tehran. In April 1992 the MEK carried out attacks on Iranian embassies in 13 different countries, demonstrating the group’s ability to mount large-scale operations overseas.”

Declassified documents revealing the sinister plans in Operation Northwoods which shockingly made it all the way to the desk of the president of the United States and the foreknowledge of Cubana Airlines Flight 455 are just two examples of solid proof that false flag attacks against civilian passenger planes are a part of the Pentagon’s modus operandi as disclosed in its own archives and there is no reason to believe that such practices have been discontinued. That the U.S. is still cozy with “former” terror groups like MEK seeking to repatriate is good reason to believe its use of militant exiles for covert operations like those from Havana has not been retired. If there were jumps to conclusions that proven serial liars could be looking for an excuse to stage an attack to lay the blame on Iran, it is only because the distinct probability was overwhelming. Even so, a stopped clock strikes the right time twice per day and that is all Iran’s acknowledgment of its liability proves — that even the world’s most unreliable and criminal sources in Washington and Langley can be accurate sometimes, even if by accident. Stay skeptical.

Max Parry is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. His writing has appeared widely in alternative media. Max may be reached at [email protected]

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  1. What no one is mentioning is: the US airstrikes on Iraqi military bases, and Soleimani’s murder contributed greatly to the hair trigger response of Iran’s air defense forces. If Washington did not turn the heat up on both Iraq and Iran there would have been no need for Iran’s retaliation, and thus the level of Iran’s domestic defense forces would not have been so nervous as to pull the trigger downing the airliner.
    But, if’s a huge word.

  2. I disagree.

    Israel has had control of Iran’s Russian middle systems for years. Russia gave them the codes.

    I think Israel blew up the aircraft. I can’t find a link but I heard a huge number of Soleimani loyalists were arrested in Iran. Someone should have a link to that from Twitter or somewhere.

    I think that there was some kind of collaboration between Khamenei, Israel and the US to remove Soleimani who had designs on a coup.

    I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

    I also don’t know who was on that plane. So it’s unclear if it was good or bad it was destroyed. Who knows who those 176 dual Iranian Nationals were.

    I just know that if Israel had control of those missile units and it would embarrass Iran for that to be revealed it makes sense for Iran to claim the lesser of two deep shames.

    Particularly if there has been some kind of tacit acceptance of a status as a vassal state to either the US or Israel behind the scenes to preserve the regime.

    Perhaps the MEK or a different vassal ruler who is really crypto Jewish will be appointed in Solemeinis place, and Iran will hence offer a symbolic enemy to justify the continuation of the military industrial complex in both Israel and the US.

    Just one feasible theory.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • LOL: Momus, Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  3. Even a blind squirrel, even a broken clock twice a day.. The Empire’s statements and blind accusations could have been for any tragedy in a country they were psyopsing, only a matter of chance for them to be right at some time. In any case, it wasn’t intentional on Iran’s part.

  4. remo says:
    @the grand wazoo

    There is no doubt about that at all.

  5. nmb says:

    Former CIA high-ranking official accidentally reveals the type of the false flag operation that the US imperialists will orchestrate to start a war with Iran

    • Replies: @Robjil
  6. “Accidental”…lol

    Only if accidental means a joint Russian/Iranian hit on a Ukrainian plane carrying fleeing cia/mossad agents.

    This whole situation has once again displayed how easy it is for the zio-media to control what we see and hear and believe. Disturbingly, that means that things like metoo and “believe all women” are operations too.

    We are f*cked no matter what.

    • Replies: @Frank Frivilous
    , @Greg S.
  7. Crazy Horse says: • Website
    @the grand wazoo

    I wouldn’t be surprised it the FDR shows that the plane strayed off its registered Flightpath and was involved in a covert recon mission that went bad.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  8. Antares says:

    It reminds me too much of MH-17, which was not hit with a BUK but with bullets. Iran should have closed its airspace because such tricks are to be expected, irrespective of the cause of the current accident. There is no immediate reason for Iranians to fly to Ukraine, or anywhere else. It may sound silly but flying is still a special and dangerous thing and should not be taken for granted.

    For someone who doesn’t watch television or read Iranian newspapers it was only reported on Twitter and then repeated by PressTV and others on internet. Which parts of the story are real?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  9. Alfred says:

    Of course, it was a huge and most regrettable mistake. Doubtless, the Iranians will compensate the victims for what that is worth. Most of the passengers were Iranians. I suspect that many of the “Canadians” Trudeau is on about are of Iranian descent. They would certainly be considered to be Iranians in Iran.

    The series of coincidences highlighted in this article are remarkable. It has synchronicity splashed all over it. 🙂

    I worked at Tehran airport for some years prior to the Revolution. After the Revolution, I volunteered to return on behalf of Raytheon (of all companies) to get some money owing. No one else was prepared to go there. Iran Air personnel were delighted to meet me again and they promptly paid the bill. I took a holiday to the Caspian with my ex-girlfriend.

    A further piece of synchronicity is that I am currently visiting Kiev. The world is a truly incestuous place.

    On another subject. Has anyone noticed how the British press has diverted attention from the prince Andrew/Epstein/paedophilia story?

    The PR wizards of their Royal Family have concocted a fake “scandal” about prince Harry (the bastard son of princess Diana) moving to Canada and not carrying out further “royal duties”. And how the grandmother has been mistreated by being kept out of the loop – allegedly. It seems that Harry is a favourite tool for their nefarious purposes. Getting him married to a fake “black” woman with a scandalous family and so on. It is so amusing. Endless entertainment for British women.

    ‘I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives. I can’t do it any more’: Prince William reveals ‘sadness’ at broken bond with Prince Harry and how they are no longer a ‘team’ – as Queen fears for her fragile grandson ahead of showdown

    They even pretend that Harry is seeking work for his wife – destitution. And he does it in public and in front of the cameras. Quite remarkable!

    My wife needs a job! Astonishing moment Prince Harry appears to tout Meghan Markle for a Disney voiceover job as he’s seen explaining her credentials to Hollywood mogul Bob Iger at Lion King premiere

    His non-biological grandmother is one of the richest people on the planet.

  10. gotmituns says:

    No matter who says what in the mideast, it’s an israeli lie.

  11. @the grand wazoo

    “What no one is mentioning….”??? Really? That’s almost exactly what some Iranian spokesmen have been saying.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
    , @Sean
  12. Set aside the beatup of two operations that neither the CIA or any American agency carried out the author has apparently failed to see the obvious. That is that the Iranians had no possibility of covering up the missile strike. Or did he imagine that everyone who might tell the truth could be kept permanently separated from plane parts and bodies which would have shown unmistakeable and undeniable evidences of the strike.

  13. Alfred says:
    @Crazy Horse

    I wouldn’t be surprised it the FDR shows that …

    What does Roosevelt have to do with it? Or is it the metro station on the Champs Elysées?

    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  14. Well I was certainly gobsmacked when hearing the news that Iran had admitted to shooting down the airliner. By their admission I think it is safe to conclude that they had in fact mistakenly done the deed alleged Israeli code breaking notwithstanding.

    As the author points out, their admission and contrition is rather admirable but unfortunately it will be drowned out by the shrieking and wailing about the unfortunate passengers. I live in Ontario so I will be at ground zero for the media onslaught for a long time.

    The PTB have been handed a gift that makes one think along the lines of does God having a sense of humour or is it the ‘devil dancing in delight’ ? The mafia hit on Soleimani is now but an afterthought.

    The question to ponder now is will Iran’s retribution for the aforementioned hit be much greater to compensate for the loss of the moral high ground or will this ‘own goal’ have neutralized the situation altogether.

    Given that if there was a Special Olympics for politics and diplomacy the US would medal like their 1976 Olympic boxing team I think that their short term good fortune will quickly proceed to hubris and the whole scenario might end up a notch above from the recent crisis point. After all the big game is still in play and Trump likes winning.

    Chinese curse : may you live in interesting times …..(as a person of importance).


  15. Washed up Wizard of oZion complained about the article’s author having failed “to see obvious,” and as typical opined: “That is that the Iranians had no possibility of covering up the missile strike. Or did he imagine that everyone who might tell the truth could be kept permanently separated from plane parts and bodies which would have shown unmistakeable and undeniable evidences of the strike.”


    This shallow screwball either forgot or has no knowledge about the July 1996 missile downing of TWA 800 over Long Island and how viable American witnesses were “separated” from the ZUS ‘guvmint’s stilted investigation process & judgement. Refer to the fairly objective video, linked below?

    Reckon the TWA 800 serial mass killing in the air was used as a diabolical experiment to test the level by which grieving America would submit to unmistakable invetigstory lies. 😳 Signs were good that passenger airplanes could smash into a WTC tower, pancake, and immediately afterward, frightened & befuddled citizens would react & demand the head of OBL.👹

    • Agree: Robjil, Alfred, Haxo Angmark
    • Troll: Momus
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Ron Unz
  16. Anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:

    Right from the beginning it was obvious that the most likely explanation was that the Iranians shot it down, a tragic mistake made in the heightened tensions after the ballistic missile strike. The location and timing precluded almost all other explanations. If It was US weapons there would have been a larger military strike. Terrrorism, sabotage, false flags all take time to prepare. No, the timing indicated a high likelihood of “fog of war”.

  17. Adûnâi says:

    “scheduled from Tehran to Kiev, Ukraine had crashed”

    Does nobody on this website know the rules of punctuation? There is a comma missing after Ukraine.

    On the topic, I am bewildered by Tehran’s choice to apologise. Here, I would agree with Bush – never admit any mistake to unworthy foreigners! Planes are overrated anyway. Everybody shoots them down – Soviets did it in 1983, Ukrainians in 2001 and 2014, Koreans in 1987… It’s a long tradition. Who cares about dead travellers?

    “He [Kolomoisky] has also funded a battalion of volunteer neo-Nazi mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the War in Donbass against Russian-speaking separatists…”

    What are those so-called Nazis if they are funded by a Jew? What a joke of an article. Call them by their names – Judeo-Christian zealots! This is where the anti-racist Ukrainian nationalism stems from!

    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @Ron Unz
  18. Robjil says:

    Thanks for this blogspot article , we all need heads up as little people to be on a look out for any false flag in the west that promotes a Zion war on Iran.

    This blogspot states that in a few months time that the attack on Iran is planned. In a few months is Purim time. Purim this year is March 9-10.

    Iraq was attacked on Purim 2003. The first attack on Iraq in 1991 ended on Purim.

    Libya was attacked on Purim 2011.

    Our “free” press always talks about Iran being a Theocracy.

    Why is our “free, secular” world planning attacks on nations on Jewish holidays?

    The west is more a Theocracy than Iran. Iran does not do violence on other nations related to any religious themes as the west does with Jewish themes.

  19. MH 17 was actually MH 370 and was shot down by Ukrainian jets with the downing to be blamed on Russia, ie a false flag.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  20. KenH says:

    It was pretty obvious to me that in the heightened state of tension caused by the murder of Soleimani and Trump’s constant threats of airstrikes against Iran that the missile battery operators erred on the side of caution and assumed the commercial jetliner was an incoming enemy bogey.

    Trump and Israel are responsible for this tragic event, not Iran. America lost TWA flight 800 in much the same way when numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing an object streaking towards the climbing 747 jetliner before exploding. Of course, the official explanation was an exploding fuel tank.

    I don’t recall other nations rubbing salt in our wounds over the TWA 800 tragedy.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, ChuckOrloski, L.K
  21. @the grand wazoo

    Burisma Holdings, the Cypress-based

    Cypress????? or Cyprus-based????

  22. The downing was not accidental but the deliberate downing of a misidentified craft. The same is tru of the downing by the Vincennes of the Iranian airliner. Iran, presumably expecting an American attack, also presumably had defenses armed and on hair trigger. The same is true of the Vincennes. Since neither would have occurrred without the military aggressiveness of America, the US is culpable for both.

  23. @Wizard of Oz

    “What no one is mentioning….”??? Really? That’s almost exactly what some Iranian spokesmen have been saying.”

    It’s not often you hear the American MSM referred to as “Iranian spokesmen.” But, true enough I suppose.

  24. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    Who is to say BAE Suter system didn’t prompt the shoot-down? Israel did this in Syria. See Richard Gasparre’s reporting.

    Note that S2A operator responsible for launch described Iranian airspace as disturbed by American air-forces. He stated not receiving confirmation from superiors to launch. Could be interpreted as symptoms of electronic warfare.

    This is a milestone in cyberwar.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  25. @Antares

    Interestingly, the military had asked that a “no fly zone” had been requested, but refused.
    Also, there have been several reports, including this one,
    that state “the flight data that abruptly cut off during its climb,”. Flight data includes transponder signals. Transponder signals are used to identify commercial aircraft and their flight plans. There are reports that the plane was off course and trying to return to the airport. If it is off course with no transponder, it is easy to understand the mis-identification.
    Interestingly, Ukraine states that the plane had just undergone maintenance. Was something done in maintenance to allow or cause the flight data to be abruptly cut off? The cell phone video reminds me of the interview with the “pancake theory” man, appearing out of nowhere to provide the reason for the WTC collapsing buildings. Why would someone with a cell phone be filming the sky in the middle of the night? Would one of the soldiers at the launcher really have a cell phone in hand instead of manning his station? Just how did the US and others know, within minutes, that a missile had hit the plane?
    Something doesn’t smell right.

  26. @ChuckOrloski

    Then there was Pan Am 103. Libya blamed and paid compensation. The reality is that there was evidence tampering by the US at the site reported by a police officer, withholding of information of a break-in of the storage locker at Heathrow, and bribery, by the US, of the main prosecution witness to pin it on a Libyan.
    Susan Lindauer, a former intelligence asset, claimed that among the passengers were a team of investigators returning to Washington to report on the illegal CIA drug running operation from the ME.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  27. skrik says:
    @Frederick V. Reed

    Since neither would have occurred without the military aggressiveness of America, the US is culpable for both

    Yes; this is called Proximate cause:

    {In law, a proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to an injury that the courts deem the event to be the cause of that injury. There are two types of causation in the law: cause-in-fact, and proximate (or legal) cause. Cause-in-fact is determined by the “but for” test: But for the action, the result would not have happened. … The formal Latin term for “but for” (cause-in-fact) causation, is sine qua non causation.}

    So, ‘but for US meddling,’ the shoot-down may never have occurred.

    Of course, it’s not just Iran, but *anywhere* that doesn’t lap up the mainly US-pushed ‘liberal paradigm.’ The only possible explanation for all else ‘downstream’ is that utter psychopaths are ‘in control.’ rgds

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Parfois1
  28. @Frederick V. Reed

    The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a direct result of a deliberate attack on a misidentified craft – a mere substitution of imaginary heroes with imaginary enemies. If you don’t agree perhaps you need medication.

    The masters just staged a false flag but that’s only the start of the ill effects. The entire conversation is now filled with illogical realities delivered by the usual suspects on social media.

  29. Sean says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Even when he threw a punch Ali tended to often put nothing behind it so as let the opponent get sloppy about Ali landing, then Ali landed a bomb that might otherwise have been difficult to get through with

    Writer Robert Greene in article on the OODA Loop

    … the proper mindset is to let go a little, to allow some of the chaos to become part of his mental system, and to use it to his advantage by simply creating more chaos and confusion for the opponent. He funnels the inevitable chaos of the battlefield in the direction of the enemy.

    Trump’s presidency has been accused of being chaotic, Jimmy Carter’s was the opposite and we all know what the Iranians did to Carter.

    It is easy to believe that the US warship would make a mistake and that that Russians would too, both being close to potential aggressors. The US took the initiative thereby placing the Iranians into an uncertain stressful situation, which elements of their air defence badly misinterpreted. Trump seems to come out on top by causing his opponents to make mistakes.

  30. Ron Unz says:

    What are those so-called Nazis if they are funded by a Jew? What a joke of an article. Call them by their names – Judeo-Christian zealots! This is where the anti-racist Ukrainian nationalism stems from!

    Actually, this situation isn’t really so totally unprecedented. Although the history has been almost entirely suppressed by our dishonest media, throughout the 1930s there was a quasi-alliance between the Zionists and the Nazis, and to some extent this even continued after World War II broke out:

    • Agree: Alfred, Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @Bjørn Keldur
    , @Adûnâi
  31. Pancho says:

    I agree that false flag attacks against civilian passenger planes are a part of the Pentagon’s modus operandi. But the Pentagon has many copycats. So, there is more than meets the eye about Cubana Airlines Flight 455

    Planes have been the vehicle of choice not only for the Pentagon, but also for Castro’s self-provocation exercises, most of them in close collaborations with both the Pentagon and the CIA — don’t forget that the military-industrial-banking complex needs enemies, and Dr. Castro was a master of giving them the medicine they craved for.

    I heard in Havana some years ago an interesting rumor about the Cubana de Aviación airliner allegedly sabotaged by anti-Castro terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in 1973, killing all people on board, including the Cuban Olympic fencing team. According to the rumor, Beatriz Márquez, a Cuban singer in vogue at the time, was on a tour in Venezuela and was scheduled to fly back to Cuba in that plane. But, at the very last moment, she allegedly changed her mind and decided to cancel her flight. The plane took off with the rest of the passengers and was blown out of the sky.

    Everybody aboard the plane died. Beatriz Márquez was very lucky, and her last moment decision saved her from a sure death.

    But Beatriz Márquez was probably not only lucky. Her husband was a senior officer of Fidel Castro’s personal security team, and she had very good contacts at the highest levels of the Castro government. Some people in Cuba believe that, though the Castro government perhaps was not directly involved in the terrorist action, they knew the plane was doomed, and they saved Ms. Márquez’ life. The rest of the people in the plane, including the team of young Olympic fencers, were expendable. Revolutions need martyrs, and Castro was never been shy in committing terrorist actions in order to provide martyrs for his revolution.

    It seems that the author of this article has a Hollywood-like vision of history: The good guys wearing white hats and the bad guys wearing black hats. Actually, however, history is mostly made by politicians, and all politicians customarily wear gray hats.

    • Disagree: Biff
    • Troll: Parfois1
  32. @Curmudgeon

    My enlightened brother, Curmudgeon.

    Is not included in the ZUS military ethics program to apologize fotr any murderous event(s) for which they were/are responsible.

    Question: Has anyone heard a G.W. Bush apology for the millions of Iraqis dead after the ZUS “Liberation” onslaught? Reckon Trump would like to copy the self-anointed & proude War President. Dubya. in Iran.

    At present, President Putin is an obstacle to Trumpstein’s glory.

  33. In my opinion, there is a Mossad controlled mole in the military of Iran and very possibility could have had a hand in the shooting down of the Ukrainian airliner.

    I base this on what I have read in the book by Victor Ostrovsky By Way of Deception, the Mossad had agents and agent provocateurs in every country in the world.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  34. @Ron Unz

    The “final solution” was a territorial relocation, as opposed to extermination. History is written by the winners.

  35. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Flight Data Recorder. Gives data like altitude and position of the aircraft before the crash. One of the two “black boxes” that are actually orange which is located near the tail. The other one the CVR, Cockpit Voice Recorder is in the cockpit as the name suggests.

  36. @Flint Clint

    Are you the new crazy comment bot?

    • Replies: @Sean
  37. Sean says:

    You have to put it in context, Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down on 3 July 1988, but previously on 7 May 1987, there had been the


    USS Stark Incident
    Captain Glenn R. Brindel ordered a radioman to send the message: “Unknown aircraft, this is U.S. Navy warship on your 078 (degrees) for twelve miles. Request you identify yourself.” The Iraqi Mirage pilot did not respond to the message. The ship’s captain ordered a second message sent, to which there was no reply. At 22:10 hrs Captain Brindel was informed the Iraqi aircraft had targeted his ship, locking his Cyrano-IV fire-control radar onto Stark. The Mirage F1 then fired the first Exocet missile 22 miles (35 km) from the ship, and the second Exocet from 15 miles (24 km). The pilot then banked left and began to withdraw.

    Stark’s search radar and ESM systems failed to detect the incoming missiles. The first Exocet missile struck the port side of the ship near the bridge. Although it failed to detonate, rocket fuel ignited and caused a large fire that quickly spread throughout the ship’s post office, storeroom, and the critical combat operations center (where the ship’s weapons are controlled).

    The second Exocet also struck the port side. This missile detonated, leaving a 10 by 15 ft (3.0 by 4.6 m) hole in the frigate’s left side. Electronics for Stark’s Standard Missile defense went out and Captain Brindel could not order his men to return fire. [… The USN rules of engagement applicable at the time allowed Stark to defend herself after sufficiently warning the hostile aircraft.[2] A total of 37 crew were killed in the attack, 29 from the initial explosion and fire, including two lost at sea. Eight would later die from their injuries. Twenty-one others survived their wounds.

    GLENN R. Brindel (born 1943) is a former United States Navy officer. He was the commanding officer of USS Stark and was in command when the ship was attacked and struck by two Exocet missiles in the Persian Gulf on May 17, 1987. The incident review board, led by Rear Admiral Grant Sharp, recommended he be court-martialed for his actions.

  38. When I started reading this cookie-cutter nonsense, I knew Operation Northwoods would appear in short order. I wasn’t disappointed.

    As 9/11 trutherism fades into obscurity, it will continue providing grist to the mill.

    Come on Mr Unz, you can do better than this hack!

    • Troll: Digital Samizdat
  39. Robjil says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    That is true. People forget that Syrians shot down a Russian military plane by accident because of Israeli attacks. This could be the reason why this accident happened too.

    Russia has said Syria shot down one of its military planes – but laid the blame for the deaths of the 15 personnel on board with Israel.

    The defence ministry said Israeli jets put the Il-20 plane into the path of Syrian air defence systems on Monday after failing to give Moscow enough warning of a strike on Syrian targets.

  40. Sean says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Not completely insane to think Israel could hack Iranian air defences to make them think an airliner was a cruise missile. Iran paid through the nose for a Russian air defence system yet Russia kept them waiting while they held a joint military exercise with Israel (that would had taught the Israelis how to defeat the system) before delivering it to Iran.

  41. @Sean

    But to do so completely undetected?

    Come on.

    And if detected, Iran will give up this chance to fuck with Israel?

    About that exercise, it is just Russia being a bitch in front of Israel not unlike the USA in this department. It has to kowtow before delivering the sams to Iran.

    Kinda sad really.

    • Replies: @Sean
  42. @Lol just lol

    I was thinking the same thing. Just how difficult is it to shoot down civilian airliners and why does it coincidentally seem so opportunistic? Most other flights to Tehran were prudently redirected or discouraged with the exception of this one, minutes after the Iranian missile barrage/demonstration. More Tit for Tat as in the last U.S. vs Iran confrontation involving civilian aircraft?

  43. AP says:

    Kolomoisky, AKA “the Chameleon”, is one of the wealthiest people in the ex-Soviet country and was formerly appointed as governor of an administrative region bordering Donbass in eastern Ukraine following the 2014 putsch. He has also funded a battalion of volunteer neo-Nazi mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the War in Donbass

    There are two main nationalist militias in Ukraine: Azov Battalion and the Right Sector.

    Azov Battalion are neo-Nazis and antisemitic.

    Right Sector, funded by Kolomoysky, are not neo-Nazis but neo-Fascists.

    It’s not a small or semantic difference, it’s the difference between a Hitler and a Mussolini.

    It was just sloppiness or propaganda, for the purpose of making things look worse.

    A Right Sector member of parliament is a practicing Orthodox Jew. There was a strain of pro-Jewishness in Ukrainian fascism-nationalism, so it’s not a novel phenomenon:

    This OUN theorist was based in Rome, admired Mussolini, disliked Hitler, and was married to a Jewish woman.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  44. @Desert Fox

    more evidence:

    that Malaysian flight was normally routed well to the south, out over the Sea of Azov,

    far away from the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. The one shot down

    was re-routed over the kill zone by Kiev ATC. Ukies did it alright.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  45. Republic says:

    In 2001,the Ukainian military shot down a Russian aircraft,Siberia 1812 over the Black Sea by mistake,killing many Israeli citizens.

  46. Mr. Hack says:

    • Agree: Charles, A123
    • Troll: L.K
    • Replies: @Max Parry
  47. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    A “terrorist” who was instrumental in the defeat of ISIS and even coordinated with the US on the battlefield just a short time ago? Fox News has rotted your brain. You had no idea who Soleimani was until he was assassinated.

    • Agree: Robjil, ChuckOrloski, eah
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
    , @Mr. Hack
  48. eah says:
    @the grand wazoo

    What no one is mentioning is: the US airstrikes on Iraqi military bases, and Soleimani’s murder contributed greatly to the hair trigger response of Iran’s air defense forces.

    Actually, this has been and is ‘mentioned’ a lot.

    However, if reports are true that the plane, a large civilian airliner (with appropriate radar signature) was downed shortly after take-off, then it was ascending and very near a major commercial airport — hence its downing indicates at best tragic carelessness, at worst gross technical incompetence, on the part of the Iranians.

    While I also strongly condemn Trump for the murder of Soleimani, and agree he and his co-conspirators deserve some blame for this horrible tragedy, I find it rather strange that the author of this article would ‘Agree’ with such a simple-minded comment.

    How very sad for the families and friends of those who died.

  49. @Haxo Angmark

    Also, MH17 was MH370 and had the bodies of the passengers that were already dead on MH370 and when it was shot down over the Ukraine , witnesses who came on the scene said they could smell the rotting corpses.

    The theory is that when MH370 was taken over via remote control in the same manner as drones are flown that the passengers were gassed and the plane was flown to Holland and then over the Ukraine, Boeing planes have had a backdoor piggy back since the 1990s that allowed these planes to be remotely controlled from the ground, and the excuse for this was that it allowed the planes to be taken control of in the case of a hijacking.

    The Germans when they found out about this backdoor on the computer controls on the Boeing planes that they had bought, took the backdoor contollers out of all their planes from Boeing.

    There were 23 engineers that worked for Free Scale on the plane , Free Scale used to be Motorola , and it is thought these engineers were working on a project that some elites did not want them to complete, and this was the reason that MH370 was taken over and the passengers were gassed.

  50. Seraphim says:

    Candid admission that Ukraine is not ‘Banderastan’ but ‘Khazarstan’! Of who’s really calling the shots (even on Malaysian planes). According to Wikipedia “[Kolomoyski] also is believed to have spent $10 million to create the Dnipro Battalion, and also funded the Aidar, AZOV, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2, and Donbas volunteer battalions”. He also built the ‘Menorah Center’ in Dnipropetrovsk, “the biggest multifunctional Jewish community center in Europe or in the world”.

    • Replies: @AP
  51. @Max Parry

    Uh, a question, Mr. Max Parry.

    What inclined you to figure Mr. Hack even had a brain prior to Fox News’s rot deployment? 🤔

    Thanks, Sir, for offering such a luminous article.

    • LOL: Max Parry, Parfois1
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  52. eah says:

    Kurt Nimmo — Ukraine Airliner Down: Does Anybody Remember USG Targeting IR655?

    In 1988, the guided missile frigate USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655, killing all 290 on board.

    So the US military is also no stranger to carelessness and technical incompetence — the US ZOG is compromised and morally corrupt.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  53. Charles says:

    Iran’s “reprisal” strikes were done to save face. Of course the Iranians gave warning – they did and do not want further military actions directed against them. There was nothing about the strikes which even remotely resembles a country defending itself; the bloodless strikes were simply about Iranians being able to claim they had done something to stand up to Trump – who, by the way, anticipated the end result, which is nothing of consequence. I’m too bored to comment on the rest of this nonsense.

  54. Parfois1 says:

    Very perspicacious of you by raising the issue of criminal responsibility (or civil) in such cases where a chain of events lead to the final outcome. And your conclusion happens to be right: the US government is ultimately criminally responsible for all events which can logically be identified as being the ultimate cause resulting from its policies of aggression against Iran and the Middle East, that is, if the US were not meddling in the region, the shooting down of the plane by the Iranians would not have happened. In this case, the proximity of the triggering event is much closer to the effect because it can be attributed directly to the assassination of Gen. Soleimani as the start of the chain of actions leading to the destruction of the plane.

    However, you got things slightly mixed up. In fact, you hint at it when you state,

    So, ‘but for US meddling,’ the shoot-down may never have occurred.

    by inserting “may” and the probability of the event not happening at all. After all, the necessary condition (factual, proximate, causation) is the pushing down the button to fire the missile.

    But the legal, ultimate, causation can be pinned on the US government by the chain of criminal responsibility begun with its criminal wars. In this case the “chain of responsibility” for the drowning of the plane could have been broken if, say, the missile defence operators maliciously decided to push the button willy nilly, recklessly or other motives either than a defensive one.

  55. @Sean


    Read Neonvolt, from the beginning, to the most recent posts.

    Under no circumstances read it from the most recent posts, because you’ll dismiss it instantly, with perhaps some justification.

    But if you build all the antecedents first, it might at least change your paradigms a little.

    It pays in this world not to be a binary thinker. Israel is not all evil, Iran is not all good.

    Remember – Valerie Jarett is Iranian, and Muslim Brotherhood. Peter Strozk whose text messages promised an insurance policy from the FBI against the President and texts never released about assassinating Trump was educated in Tehran. Huma was Muslim Brotherhood. Some senior white men in the alphabet bois are or were Wahabist converts & who knows what else.

    The Iranians have been active on the Mexican border, along with China which is also active via the Canadian border.

    The US was already over the precipice and was holding by a thread.

    It’s now still close to the edge, but it’s no longer actually partially in the abyss.

    And yes, I know that I seem to be suspiciously not mentioning Israel. Yes I am an Israel supporter. I still don’t know how Israel fits. I just know that it’s not possible to be a binary thinker in todays’ world.

    Let me say this – given Israel’s actual capabilities to control the Iranian missile defences, it does make the threat assessments they delivered to Congress, the Pentagon, DNI and the CIA etc look very inaccurate. Remember Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in 2015? It was the modern version of the 6 million.

    Imagine if we’d gone to war against a non-threat to Israel and lost trillions more and Hillary had successfully engaged in #draftourdaughters.

    However I don’t blame Netanyahu necessarily, given what Obama was doing at that time in Iran and with bad Saudis and with Iranians on the Mexican border.

    Israel could have destroyed Iran’s entire airforce from their own air-field defence systems. No need even for the heroics of the 6 day war.

    It would be nice if ‘allies’ to the United States started acting with a little more fellowship. But you have to hand it to Israel. That’s very impressive espionage and diplomacy.

    The early Neon Revolt stuff is more palatable, as it just proves what we all already know about the fake-media and some anomalies.

    If it helps, just think of it as infotainment. And Neon Revolt is shallow layer. It’s when you start looking at who is related to whom that things get really interesting.

    Disloyal Jews who hate Israel need to understand the winds of change, as do all the enemies of the Western nations.

    • Troll: Parfois1
    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  56. Mr. Hack says:

    Uh, a question, Mr. Max Parry.

    What inclined you to figure Mr. Hack even had a brain prior to Fox News’s rot deployment? 🤔

    Wonderful! I can see that it took all that you’ve got to frame a question – keep it up, next time you might come up with even more thrilling insights! 🙂

  57. @eah

    Plain spoken & profound, eah said: “the US ZOG is… morally corrupt.?”


    Oh yeah, and the Prestige Zion Newpsaper/Rag, The WaPo, reported: “U.S. Expresses Regret.”

    (Zigh), “Regret.”

    During the heinous & evil Summertime, 1988, the trick of staining the humane word “Regret” with “Fuck Iran” had launched.

    Thanks, eah, for offering the old but timely 1st page headline, which my “Homeland’s” Mind Control ZOG Media shoots down into Section D, Business… “as usual.” 🇮🇱/ 🇺🇸.

    Thanks, eah, am glad to meet ‘ya.

    P.S.: There’s no “Sympathy for the Devil” with me; despite 2016 candidate Trump’s use of that rah-rah tune in order to fire up his “Deplorables,” some of whom might be soon drafted into Israel’s immoral & unnecessary bonfire of Trump’s Shabbos goy vanity. 👹

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Parfois1
  58. Mr. Hack says:
    @Max Parry

    Fox News has rotted your brain. You had no idea who Soleimani was until he was assassinated.

    Yes, you’re right! I must plead mea culpa to Steve Sailer who also must have succumbed to the same brain rot as I, you know, the guy whose popularity at UNZ dwarfs any of your attempts at popularity or objectivity and scripted left wing drivel:

    (By the way, this is a riff on the old joke, sometimes attributed to Chesterton or Lady Astor, that “Journalism is announcing ‘Lord Jones Is Dead’ to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.” I was simply admitting that I’d never heard of the late Mr. Soleimani before.)

    • Replies: @eah
  59. Sean says:

    Iran says it was funnelling civilian air traffic around the airport in an unusual pattern designed to make a US attack more difficult. A failure of communication could explain why the air defence unit had thought the radar contact was not following standard civilian air traffic behavior and it must be some kind of hostile action. Also, the Israeli attack in 2018 that coincided with the Syrian shootdown of a large Russian reconnaissance plane probably led to the Iranians being told to be beware of enemy hiding in the radar shadow of large friendly planes.

  60. Parfois1 says:

    During the heinous & evil Summertime, 1988, the trick of staining the humane word “Regret” with “Fuck Iran” had launched.

    I vaguely remember the excuses for drowning the Airbus plane: comparing it with a fighter!!! Ouch, the “best military the world has ever seen” could not differentiate in plain daylight one from the other, not to mention the regularity of scheduled commercial flights and so on. “Regrets”, indeed! Pure evil.

  61. AP says:

    Candid admission that Ukraine is not ‘Banderastan’ but ‘Khazarstan’!

    Jews in Ukraine tend to side with the winning side, to protect themselves (Nazis were one exception, for obvious reasons). So in 1918 western Ukraine they sided with Ukrainians, then switched in Poles after Poles won. Elsewhere they tended to side with Bolsheviks. After independence they clustered around Kuchma. In 2004 Oleksander Feldman was with Tymoshenko, then switched loyalty to Yanukovich when he won.

    In 2014 it was clear the nationalists were ascendant, so people like Kolomoysky followed.

    I suppose someone like you could make a story that everyone the Jews sided with were actually their puppets the whole time.

    According to Wikipedia “[Kolomoyski] also is believed to have spent $10 million to create the Dnipro Battalion, and also funded the Aidar, AZOV, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2, and Donbas volunteer battalions”

    Wiki claim goes to Newsweek, which described it is an allegation from someone.

    Kolomoyski isn’t even mentioned on Azov wiki page:

    He is irrelevant to it.

    Azov has links to Poroshenko and Avakov, who are enemies of Kolomoysky. Thanks for demonstrating your credulity and ignorance by claiming that Kolomoysky is somehow behind Azov.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  62. @Flint Clint

    I’m not trolling.

    Yes Israel aren’t western.

    No, Israel aren’t the good guys. I just said ‘not all evil’.

    I’m just saying I don’t understand all the angles on this action by them, but they had the capability and the motivation.

    What did I just say?

    Israel were trying to drag us into a war against a low-threat that would have been presumably 4-5 times worse then Iraq just due to the difference in population size etc, on false premises. The neo-cons also wanted that war. Ordinarily there is meant to be a distinction between the diaspora and Israel. It’s difficult to determine if that’s true and where the boundaries lie.

    Netanyahu invoked the 6 gorillion without mentioning that the threat was relatively low. The ballistic missiles presumably still worked, but the Iranian Air-Force had actually been neutralised, and maybe those systems could actually hit Ballistic missiles as well?

    That’s Machiavellian in a way I respect, but really don’t appreciate. I just see Israel’s better aspects, and there needs to be a home for all the world’s Jews.

    But as far as I can tell Obama was trying to make Iran into a real, genuine threat, that could be used as leverage like North Korea for globalist agendas, against whites as well as everyone else. So it could actually be that this was a rare occasion of a convergence of interests, instead of Israel using the United States as a money farm and a dog kennel.

    So anyway I’ll just stop posting because I’m at the end of useful insights beyond speculation here.

    But it’s feasible.

    And on the other thread I pointed out sth more Unz readers should be aware of:

    It’s not just the gaokao – it’s the SAT, the GRE, and a whole host of other exams. An estimated 90 per cent of all recommendation letters for Chinese applicants to United States universities are fake. Some 70 per cent of application essays are not written by students, and 50 per cent of grades transcripts are falsified.

    Once the students arrive on campus, more cheating services are available. Last month, Reuters published a devastating report on cheating by Chinese students in the US, finding a thriving black market which includes services to write essays, do the students’ homework, and take their exams. It seems you can now get a degree from an Ivy League school without ever leaving your house!

    Israel cheated Iran.

    China has cheated Unz readers into thinking Chinese have higher IQ’s and genuine academic bona fides. They don’t. They have lower genetic IQ’s and a culture of cheating of an unfathomable scale.

    Why do you constantly kowtow to them and allow them in your Colleges? They don’t belong. They aren’t good enough. They cheat.

    Maybe you’re all just cheating yourselves with false paradigms yes? Stop doing that. White people have to stop cheating themselves.

    So no, I’m not trolling.

    • Troll: Biff
  63. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    It was also entirely plausible that U.S. special operations planners could have consulted the Northwoods playbook replacing Cuba with Iran and the right-wing gusanos who were to assist the staged attacks in Miami with the Iranian opposition group known as Mujahedin e-Khalq (MEK/People’s Mujahedin of Iran) to do the same in Tehran.

    Saudi Backed MEK Terrorists Open New Front In Canada

    MEK is also in Canada. Do you think they will try to put pressure on Justin Trudeau to ATTACK Iran?

    ”MEK renewing its attacks on Iranian Canadians

    In Canada, the main focal point for Iranians is the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC). The MEK has been trying to push its agents into this organisation for years. They have had some success with the backing and finance of the Israeli lobby in getting their agents into the ICC, but recently these agents with their extremist agendas have been voted out by the Iranian Canadians who are increasingly worried about their future as Canadians with an Iranian background. ”

    – Justin once met with Hashim Tashi of Kosovo, as if they were friends.

    – Trudeau currently says Canada will for full compensation for the plane crash. Do you think this implies meeting the demands of MEK members?


  64. Seraphim says:

    The elephant in the room is to big for you to see. But I suspect that it is voluntary blindness.
    Very likely the elephant will eventually side with the Moskali. Birobidzhan will find a new attractivenness.

    • Replies: @AP
  65. AP says:

    If Ukraine were invaded and conquered by Russia, I would expect many of its Jews who currently support nationalists, to suddenly become pro-Russian, rather than go down with the Ukrainians.

    I wasn’t clear to you?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  66. @Flint Clint

    “…a culture of cheating of an unfathomable scale.”

    Cheating, fraud, stealing, “copying and pasting”, “borrowing”, etc., etc. is THE BASIS of modern Chinese culture. (If there actually is a Chinese culture anymore; some think that such a thing doesn’t exist.)

  67. Seraphim says:

    No, without invasion. Follow the gas.

  68. To Mr. Max Perry.

    After the ZOG’s barbaric & murderous horror of downing TWA 800, they were assured they could manipulate Americans to believe anything they wanted the population to believe.

    Come 9/11, it was quite easy for the ZUS to assure their partnered, Jewish Corporate Media, to trust that the extensively televised exploding WTC tower scenes, 🤕which were presented right before American eyes, would no doubt, convince the dumb goyim masses that “suicidal” piloted passenger airplane crashes did the evil GWOT job.👹

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  69. eah says:
    @Mr. Hack

    That you seem to think this comment/reply is some sort of “gotcha” shows more than anything how stupid you are: the fact that the ‘wryly detached’ Steve Sailer didn’t know who Soleimani was is irrelevant — the fact that you didn’t know who he was is relevant, since you posted a meme calling him a “terrorist”, which is just you dumbly parroting the ex-post-facto justification for the killing given by the morally corrupt ZOG of the US — and the difference between the two is that Soleimani was killed intentionally, i.e. murdered extra-judicially and with premeditation, whereas the airliner was downed by accident (presumably) — also it took a few days for that to come out/the Iranians to admit it — until then no one was sure, it could have been a crash.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  70. Mr. Hack says:

    I agree with you that the political cartoon was already dated by the time that I posted it here. People all over the world, including most notably within Iran itself, were outraged by the downing of the Ukrainian airline. This only underscores the transient nature of politics in the Mideast, where nothing is static, and ideas, groupings and alliances shift along with the change in weather and the direction of the wind.

    It is extremely difficult to keep tabs on all of the different factions vying for power in this byzantine landscape. By quoting Sailer, who readily and unabashedly admits that he didn’t know who Soleimani was only serves to confirm what I’m trying to state. There was no reason for Max Perry to try and denigrate me as a commenter here – it’s not my fault that he got caught with his fingers in the door trying to cash in on his own cheaply conflated “gotcha” moment. 🙂

    • Disagree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Max Parry
  71. Greg S. says:
    @Lol just lol

    My first impression on hearing that a plane load of Canadians on a Ukrainian plane out of Iran was shot down was: it doesn’t seem random.

    Mainstream media have admitted that 5 other planes took the exact same route as the downed plane. It seems a bit of a stretch (though I suppose not impossible) that the AA operators sat sweating in their bunker going “nope, nope, nope, nope, nope… this one is a threat!”

    If you wanted the least political fallout from downing a plane, I can’t imagine a better scenario then a bunch of Iranian-canadians on a Ukrainian plane. Neither country can or will do a thing. Imagine if it were Russians instead… god forbid.

    So there is some credence to the spy theory, or even more plausible, the Iranians were fed bad intel to make them think that was the case.

  72. U.S.”accidents” and then – indeed – there are others…

    The alleged deliberate downing of Iran Air Flight 655 by US warship USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf in 1988 was a bitter air tragedy for Iranians in, the irony of the tragedy was that the US did not apologize to Iran and instead awarded the commander of the warship with a certificate of valor – after 290 passengers got killed.

    Ukraine Airliner Tragedy Evokes Memories of When US Shot Down Iran Air Flight 655

    KAL 007 and Iran Air 655. Comparing the ultra biased american/western coverage aka whitewashing propaganda.

    Iran Air Flight 655: One of Pentagon’s Most Inexcusable Disgraces

    The Shoot Down of Iran Air Flight 655

  73. Max Parry says:
    @Mr. Hack

    “It is extremely difficult to keep tabs on all of the different factions vying for power in this byzantine landscape.”

    Translation: A parochial, stupid ‘Murican that doesn’t bother to try to understand geopolitics or other countries yet takes the time to let us all know his “opinion” about it.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  74. Max Parry says:

    I saw this documentary a few years back which convincingly argued that TWA Flight 800 was accidentally shot down by the US Navy who covered it up. There are eyewitness accounts and aviation experts who worked on the crash site in it.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  75. Mr. Hack says:
    @Max Parry

    Well, not really. I started my “opinion” about what’s going on with a political cartoon (that I didn’t create) and haven’t since offered any of my own opinions about what’s going on in the Mideast. I’ve even admitted that the cartoon has now lost its relevancy, as a whole lot of Iranians are upset with their government’s actions. It looks like the author of the cartoon really succeeded and has created quite a fuss! I don’t think that I’ve tried to shape anyone’s opinion here any more than say Steve Sailer did. 🙂

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  76. Max Parry says:
    @Mr. Hack

    I’m obviously referring to the meme you shared calling Soleimani a “terrorist”, which apparently you’ve already forgotten about.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  77. denk says:

    Published on Thursday, July 5, 2001
    Depraved Heart Murder
    by Tom Jackson

    On Tuesday, June 19, twenty-three people were killed on a soccer field in Iraq. Twenty-one of those killed were under the age of 17. Twelve more were injured; eleven of them are under 17. Since then there have been questions regarding which country fired the missile. The United States and Britain, which patrol the “no fly zones”, deny that they fired any missiles on that day. Iraq says the US or Britain did bomb. The US and Britain countered that if there was a bombing, it must have resulted from a malfunctioning surface-to-air missile fired by Iraq. Even if Iraq fired the missile, the US and Britain are not absolved of guilt.
    Under a legal theory called “depraved heart murder”, if the perpetrator of an inherently dangerous crime such as robbery initiates a gun fight, and a police officer shoots back, killing a bystander, the prosecutor may argue that the burglar behaved with reckless indifference to the value of human life (thus making him guilty of “depraved heart murder”). Whether the missile that killed those people in Iraq was fired by US, British, Iraqi, or other forces is irrelevant, because it is the US and Britain that, through their illegal acts, have created this dangerous situation. But for the US and Britain’s imposed illegal presence, this catastrophe would not have occurred.

    The “no fly zones” are illegal under international law, and are an inherently dangerous crime of the magnitude to make the US and Britain guilty of depraved heart murder for the deaths of the young people on that soccer field in Iraq. The no-fly zones are not authorized by the UN and are not specifically sanctioned by any Security Council resolution.

  78. @Max Parry

    My, my, Max, naughty, naughty. You ain’t supposed to talk about True Stuff,” like for example, pain-in-the-ass Flight 800 “eyewitnesses’” like that. Hmph.

    💓My appreciation, respect, and please continue to be unflappable because the fanatical & desparate Supremacist Jews are lunging into their “endgame.”

  79. Ron Unz says:

    This shallow screwball either forgot or has no knowledge about the July 1996 missile downing of TWA 800 over Long Island and how viable American witnesses were “separated” from the ZUS ‘guvmint’s stilted investigation process & judgement. Refer to the fairly objective video, linked below?

    Absolutely. I discussed TWA 800 in an article a few years ago, and the evidence that it was accidentally shot down by a missile fired by the US military seems absolutely overwhelming:

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  80. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    The deaths on the flight from Tehran to Kyiv are blood on Trump’s hands. too.

  81. Adûnâi says:
    @Max Parry

    Are we now Wikipedia? Are we not thinking for ourselves? In what shape can the thugs from Azov represent NatSoc? Anyone mindful would support the degeneration of the Ukrainian state into chaos – because it’s easier to mold it into shape. See the war in Iraq that gave birth to ISIS. Or Weimer.

    But no, in your imagination, being on Jewish payroll in support of a Christian country is being a Nazi!

  82. Adûnâi says:
    @Ron Unz

    “throughout the 1930s there was a quasi-alliance between the Zionists and the Nazis”

    Yes? And how is that relevant? This was an uneasy alliance that broke apart and the Nazis started gassing them. Because they were Nazis, not cucks.

    And could you please point out to me in what way can the Kolomoisky group be considered Zionist? All Zionists are in Israel or at least support Israel. What purpose would they serve in Ukraine? So far, Ukraine is just a random Judeo-Christian zombie state that would have been marginally better off without its Jews…

    And one final point. Do you consider every anti-White Jew a Zionist? Because so many of the folks here do, it boggles my mind. A Zionist is the best ally to any European. Because Zionists want to leave Ukraine, France, America for Israel. But White Nationalists are so incredibly ignorant, they call the Wall Street bankers “Zionists”!

    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @Seraphim
  83. @Flint Clint

    Israel aren’t the good guys.

    I am an Israel supporter.

    I’m not trolling.

    Well, let’s just say you’re not doing it skilfully.

  84. @Ron Unz

    Good morning from Scranton, Ron.

    Linked below is an article that described an attorney team which won a case, filed by family of decedent victims, against both Boeing & TWA, after the very scary in flight explosion of Flight 800.

    In perspective, the compensation 💰 was considerably smaller than that which families of 9/11 terror attack victims fought to receive.

    Thank you, fyi, am off now to safely bus Scranton Elementary & Intermediate level students to respective schools.

  85. You haven’t read your Solzhenitsyn. What does Alexander say about human nature? Then think about that human nature in contexts of multiple sets of incentives and sometimes multiple sets of duress, then think about what happens if they overlap.

    What does Tomasi Lampedusa say about these matters.

    As I said, Israel are not the good guys. But they aren’t all evil.

    I’m not lacking in skill – you’re not very smart.

    Just think it through – what are the implications of Russia giving Israel Root-Code administrator access to it’s S-300 systems?

    Do you think Russia would only give it to Israel? Knowing about the leak to Wikileaks, if they knew, would Russia seek to create multiple potential origins? Is Russia a monolith? Is Israel? You’re on the Unz Review. Have Jews ever killed Jews? Are Jews skilled at using proxies? Are Jews useful at creating opposition? Are Zoroastrians? Why don’t you look at who Arafat was and Al-Fatah.

    Not necessarily good guys, not all evil. Just like us. Zionism, even the Irgun form, is, believe it or not, clean, compared to some of the metaphysics and ideologies that exist in the world. Again, I’m not saying that Zionism is a good thing.

    Sean linked to Stuxnet. Remember those NSA exploit leaks? There was a figure-head called Snowden. Who else might have been able to access those Iranian weapons systems? How many private contractors are there in the region? Do you think Russia is always perfect at maintaining Opsec on things like code-transfers? Does Iran possess advanced drones of it’s own?


    Why do you think an Iranian strike would originate from Iran or be Iranian intention?

    See what I mean about Globalist leverage, maybe?

    If the rumours of mass arrests of Soleimani loyalists are true, I wonder if Iran had any drones airbourne at the time of his death? Or was it a hyper-sonic missile being tested? Who has many of those?

    The key question is always, who is striking who?

    Use your brain. With a name like McKenna you should have a white brain. Use it.

    All of you need to read Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The early Jesuits were beautiful in their retainment of clarity alongside subtlety. The West has all manner of clerical and martial traditions that have been lost, and which are totally superior to anything that exists. Wouldn’t it be exciting if they were revived. Sun Tzu was ascendant in his metaphysical domain. He was not divinely inspired. And the Maccabees did not have our Lady of Mars.

    What was the early Roman tradition when an institution was subverted or went awry? What did they do to restore Rome?

    Use your brain more.

    One thing the President is very good at is always turning unexpected situations to his personal advantage on instinct.

    Anyway I’m going to leave you with that.

    Just know that people are engaged in pastoral care for your sake whether you know it, and of course regardless of whether or not you appreciate it.

    You’re not a good guy.

    And you can see just how much that’s true in a data file somewhere. The same as for all of us. Our tawdry, pathetic, mundane little lives, all there.

    But I still support you.

    • Replies: @Tucker
  86. Max Parry says: • Website

    Not only are the Azov regiment fascists, so are you. I suppose you’d consider that a compliment though.

  87. @Sean

    The Russian air defence system that the Iranians paid through the nose for, is the S400. It’s a long-range system that was not used on this occasion. The plane was shot down by a much older (also Russian-made) system, the Tor.

  88. Seraphim says:

    Is it ‘irrelevant’ that “Kolomoysky has a triple Ukraine-Israel-Cyprus citizenship, despite the law penalizing dual citizenship in Ukraine? By way of explanation, Kolomoyskyi stated that: “The constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden.”

  89. Anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    And for the Pan AM 103 LOCKERBIE tragedy, let’s MAKE SURE the Scottish court will not shift the blame on Iran:

    Lockerbie — Has Iran President Just Admitted Responsibility?

    ”Megrahi — the man known as the Lockerbie bomber — clearly suffered a spectacular miscarriage of justice. […]

    However, to many observers, the innocence of Megrahi — and Libya — can only point to the guilt of Iran.

    I can not agree with such a flawed logic, for it may very well replace a 30 years old lie by a new one, which would be quite convenient to certain groups today as it would suit very well their geopolitical agenda.

    Let me make this point very clear. There is not a shred of evidence that Iran ordered the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie as an act of retaliation for Iran Air 655.”


    In a recent document (dated December 9 2019) seen by Intel Today, Gerard Sinclair — the Chief Executive of the SCCRC [Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission] — states that he is hopeful that a final decision will be reached before the end of this financial year, which is the end of March 2020.

    Taken from: Lockerbie — Has Iran President Just Admitted Responsibility?

    See also:

    The Lockerbie Case
    A commentary on the case of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of the murder of 270 people in the Pan Am 103 disaster.

  90. Tucker says:
    @Flint Clint

    Everyone needs to read and absorb this outstanding article by Joe Quinn:

    Was Iranian Missile Operator Tricked Into Shooting Down The Ukrainian Airlines Plane Over Tehran?
    Joe Quinn

    Spoiler Alert: The model of S-300s that Putin gave to Iran have known vulnerabilities that can be exploited using Electronic Warfare spoofing equipment. The Israelis were using EW spoofing and tricked the missile operator into engaging the Ukrainian airliner by changing its IFF transponder code to make it look like a hostile incoming cruise missile. The Israelis, and possibly in cahoots with rogue neocon factions within the US military, deliberately set up that commercial airlliner to be shot down so they could use that to demonize Iran, stir up social unrest inside Iran and make the Iranian military look incompetent. Don’t take my word for it. Read the Joe Quinn article, which I think deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

  91. Robjil says:

    Yes, Tucker

    It had to be something like that, otherwise it makes no sense. Lots of planes left that day with no problems. Something triggered the missile to hit that plane. Most of people on the plane were of Iranian descent. It was planned to get trigger protests in Iran.

    Here is what Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky thought about MH17

    Wonder what he thinks about PS752? He partly owns the airlines. He is also connected to the impeachment of Trump charade since he put the present president of Nuland’s Ukraine in place. Three “big world events” have connections with Kolomoisky. Something is fishy about this. The protesters in Iran should look into these connections. Perhaps, Iran was tricked into shooting down the plane by Israel and Nuland’s Ukraine, as noted posted by Tucker in his #93.

    Oddly enough, Ukrainian International Airlines is partly owned by the infamous Ukrainian-Israeli oligarch, politician and energy tycoon Igor Kolomoisky, who was notably one of the biggest financiers of the anti-Russian, pro-EU coup d’etat which overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

    Kolomoisky is also a principal backer of current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky whose dubious phone call with Trump resulted in the 45th U.S. president’s impeachment last month.

    In another astounding coincidence, Kolomoisky’s Privat Group is believed to control Burisma Holdings, the Cypress-based company whose executive board 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter was appointed to following the Maidan junta.

  92. The shoot down of the Ukrainian airliner in Iran was no accident. The Iranians fired two missiles at the aircraft. They meant to get it. Turns out there were a number of dissidents on board the aircraft that the regime wanted dead.

    The Russian shoot down of MH-17 was also no accident.

  93. Smith says:

    To this date, no one but the Dutch investigation team has presented a feasible scenario for the downing of MH17.

    It’s always about muh baby eating Ukronazis.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  94. Robjil says:

    There is no real Dutch investigation. It is similar to the TWA 800 investigation. It is all about protecting ZUS interests.

    Here is clue about who really did it?

    • Replies: @Smith
  95. Smith says:

    Yeah, proof please.

    The dutch team theory is publicly available and you can dispute their scenario any times.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  96. It was an ‘on purpose’, by an incompetent. Mullah Wog.

  97. Robjil says:

    The investigation is a joke. It is a very commentary about how low the west has fallen.

    The investigation and the trial can be called a “sham”. Their evidence is meager and most likely no court would prosecute based on their founding. The latest developments show that it is has not been taken seriously: witnesses to the shooting of flight MH17 could be offered a new life in Australia to protect them from reprisals if they come forward with information, or be promised relocation, witness protection in return for information. Also, it is well-known that after the collapse of the former Soviet Union (USSR), where Ukraine was a part of, BUK’s and other military equipment were left in Ukraine. I remember well when there were many scandals about left behind “plutonium and depleted uranium”.

    Mh17 was a false flag to scapegoat Russia. This new false flag plane is doing the same to Iran. All of us little people travel, we should not be used as false flag material for the greed of our rulers.

    After the tragic accident, the Dutch together with the UK played a big role in the new “Hybrid” war (to be comparable with the “Cold-war”) towards Russia, they indoctrinated their citizens about the “evil” Putin and Russia. But things are changing in the big “outside” world and the current Dutch Government led by Mark Rutte, is not trustworthy anymore. A former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Halbe Zijlstra, lied about his visit to the Dacha of President Putin and the lies he told the Dutch people were out of proportion. If the Government lies about this, we can conclude that the investigation of the JIT team and the Dutch Government into the MH17 is perhaps based on fiction and lies, to calm down the Dutch people. After all, they called out for justice on MH17 and Russia is an easy “scapegoat”.

    • Replies: @Smith
  98. Smith says:

    Again, proof please.

    Prove to the world that is a sham, objectively.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  99. Robjil says:

    The US did not give any intell points about it. It was a sham.

    Missing US Intel Points to Fabrications

    Had the US actually possessed any credible information to substantiate its claims that MH17 was shot down by a missile, such evidence surely would have been submitted to and included in the Dutch Safety Board’s preliminary reporting. That it is predictably missing confirms what commentators, analysts, and politicians around the world had long since suspected – the West’s premature conclusions regarding MH17’s demise were driven by a political agenda, not a factually based search for the truth. The evidence that MH17 was shot down by a missile as the West insisted is missing because it never existed in the first place.

    It was a false flag. Our “free” press does not tell you about Operation Gladio. This is a Operation Gladio game. The game is on us civilians in the west.

    That the Dutch Safety Board possesses such a vast amount of information but is still unable to draw anything but the most tentative conclusions, exposes the alleged certainty of Western pundits and politicians in the hours and days after MH17′s loss as an utterly irresponsible, politically motivated, exploitation of tragedy at best, and at worst, exposing the West – NATO in particular – as possible suspects in a crime they clearly stood the most to benefit from.

    • Replies: @Smith
  100. Smith says:

    I trust neither US or Russia intel in this matter because both sides are propaganda, just that the Dutch team provides the most feasible scenario given the context, time and place.

    And despite kvetching, NOT ONCE has Russia presented contrary evidences that disprove the Dutch scenario, it’s all about muh false flag, muh psy-op, muh Ukronazis.

  101. The Ukranian plane crash stinks !

    As soon as the Iranian BM were in the air – the Iranians would and should have closed their airspace ! Why did they not do it ? It takes a second.

    That the Ukranian plane veered to the IRG HQ near the airport,or that the radar or transponder pods,on the plane were off or put off – is all bullshit.The Iranian ADS would know all the commercial flight schedules of the day,and would also know the RCS of a Boeing,and the time of its takeoff (from its own airport!).

    Even if the Americans jets were to make a raid into Iran – the ADS at the land border,would pick them up and the jets would fly at 20-25000 feet.The Ukranian plane was at take off stage -less than 10000 feet.How could the Iranian ADS at Tehran,assume that the projectile was a Cruise Missile – at low altitude ?

    American jets were in the air in Iraq,even before the BM launch by Iran – and must have been tracked by the Iranian ADS and Radars.

    Not 1 American Killed in the Ukranian Flight ! Not 1 EU killed in the flight ! 90% were Iranians ! That is why the Iranians came out on the streets – AS IRANIANS WERE KILLED ON THE FLIGHT !

    Ain’t no coincidence ! It is the Americans who might have jammed the communications between the flight and the Iranian ADS – and also jammed the Iranian ADS – to cause the Iranian Hit ! The aim was to discredit the IRG and the Iranian Elite – by making the Persians kill Persians on Persian Soil – blowing the myths around the Quds,Basij, IRG and the clergy – and start a Tahrir !

    There can be no other reason ! Americans can jam any Iranian ADS – except the S-400 systems – as also,proven by the IAF raids in Syria – right upto the Syrian Presidential Palace.The Yankii hacked the Iranian Nuke enrichment plants – hacking into the Being coordinates and radars,would be a cakewalk.

    Iranians/Russians allow the killing of Soleimani , Iranians Miss all the targets in Iraq , Do not close their airspace after launching of BM AND SHOOT DOWN A NATO PLANE FULL OF IRANIANS – with no American or EU casualties !

    S-T-I-N-K !

    During Indo-Pak conflict in 2019 the Hindoo worms shot their own chopper near the IB.That was due intense radar clutter and noise and EW from both sides of the border.dindooohindoo

    The Ukranian plane was shot 10000 feet in the air – in TEHRAN, hundreds of miles from the IB with Iraq ! And there is a complete RECORDING by some human on the ground – who was there at the right time and right place. 2 Missiles were fired ! TWO ! The 2nd was to make sure – a MAN behind the MANPAD !

    • Replies: @Smith
  102. Smith says:
    @samir sardana

    If the US can jam or hack Iranian air defense, Iran got more to worry than dying iranian passengers.

  103. An interesting thing about the MH17 shoot down is the lack of photos with the tell-tale exhaust plumes from ground to target.

    There was no ground to air missile.

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