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Invasion of the Putin-Nazis
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So, here we are, a little over one hundred days into “The Age of Darkness” and the “racially OrwellianTrumpian Reich, and, all right, while it’s certainly no party, it appears that those reports we heard of the Death of Neoliberalism were greatly exaggerated. Not only has the entire edifice of Western democracy not been toppled, but the global capitalist ruling classes seem to be going about their business in more or less the usual manner. The Goldman Sachs vampires are back in the White House (as they have been for over one hundred years). The post-Cold War destabilization and restructuring of the Middle East is moving forward right on schedule. The Russians, Iranians, North Koreans, and other non-globalist-ball-playing parties remain surrounded by the most ruthlessly murderous military machine in the annals of history. Greece is being debt-enslaved and looted. And so on. Life is back to normal.

Or … OK, not completely normal. Because, despite the fact that editorialists at “respectable” papers like The New York Times (and I’m explicitly referring to Charles M. Blow and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman) have recently dropped the completely ridiculous “Trump is a Putinist agent” propaganda they’d been relentlessly spewing since he won the election, a significant number of deluded persons, having swallowed their official vomitus (i.e., the vomitus of Blow and Krugman, and other neoliberal establishment hacks) like the hungry Adélie penguin chicks in those nature shows narrated by David Attenborough, are convinced (these deluded persons are) that the Russians are waging a global campaign not only to maliciously hack, or interfere with, or marginally influence, free and fair elections throughout the Western world, but to control the minds of Westerners themselves, in some Orwellian, or possibly Wachowskian fashion. Worse yet, these deluded persons are certain, the Russians are now secretly running the White House, and are just using Trump, and the Goldman Sachs gang, and capitalist centurions like General McMaster, as a front for their subversive activities, like denying Americans universal healthcare and privatizing the hell out of everything.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, check out #MarchforTruth on Twitter, or its anonymous Crowdpac fundraising page, which at first glance I took for an elaborate prank, but which seems to be in deadly earnest about “restoring faith in American government,” uncovering Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, and reversing his “subversion of the will of the people.” The plan is, on June 3, 2017, thousands of otherwise rational Americans are going to pour into the streets “demanding answers” from … well, I’m not sure whom, some independent prosecutor, or congressional committee, or intelligence agency, or whomever is responsible for ferreting out the Putin-Nazi infiltrators that “respected” pundits like Blow and Krugman (and stark raving loonies like Louise Mensch) have convinced them are now controlling the government. Weirdly, these same “respected” journalists, the ones who have been assuring the world that The President of the United States is a covert agent working for Russia, have failed to even mention this March for Truth, and are acting like they had nothing to do with whipping these folks up into a frenzy of apoplectic paranoia.

Incidentally, one of my colleagues contacted Mr. Blow directly and inquired as to whether he’d be vociferously supporting or possibly leading the March for Truth, and was chastised by Blow and his Twitter followers. I found this reaction extremely troubling, and asked my colleague to contact Mensch and suggest she check with her handlers at The Times to make sure the Russians haven’t gotten to him. However, just as he was sitting down to do that, the “Comey-firing” brouhaha broke, which seems to have brought Blow back to the fold, albeit in a less hysterical manner than his Rooskie-hunting readers have grown accustomed to. We can only hope that both he and Krugman return to form in the weeks to come as Russiagate builds to its dramatic climax.

Oh, yeah, and if Russiagate isn’t paranoid enough, apparently, the corporate media is now prepared to deploy the “Putin-Nazi Election Hackers” propaganda in any and every election going forward (as they did in the recent French election, and as they tried to do in the Dutch elections, and presumably will in the German elections, and as The Guardian appears to be retroactively doing in regard to the Brexit referendum). Any day now, we should be hearing of the “Putin-Nazi-Corbyn Axis,” and the “Putin-Nazi-Podemos Pact,” and video footage of Martin Schultz and a bevy of former-East German hookers engaging in Odinist sex magick rituals in an FSB-owned bordello in Moscow. Soon, it won’t just be elections … no, we’ll be hearing reports of Russian shipments of rocks, bottles, and pointy sticks to the “Putin-Nazi Palestinian Terrorists,” and … well, who knows how far they’re willing to take this?

All joking aside, as I’ve written about previously, what we’re dealing with here is more than just a lame attempt by the Democratic Party to blame its humiliating loss on Putin (although of course it certainly is that in part). The global neoliberal establishment is rolling out a new official narrative. It’s actually just a slight variation on the one it’s been selling us since 2001. I could come up with a sixteen-syllable, academic-sounding name for this narrative, but I’m trying to keep things simple these days … so let’s call it The Normals versus The Extremists, (the Normals being the neoliberals and the Extremists being everyone else). The goal of this narrative is to stigmatize and otherwise marginalize opposition to Neoliberalism, regardless of the nature of that opposition (i.e., whether it comes from the left, right, or from religious, environmentalist, or any other quarters).

Now, as any professional storyteller will tell you, one of the most important aspects of the narrative you’re trying to suck people into is to make your protagonist a likeable underdog, and then pit him or her against a much more powerful and ideally incorrigibly evil enemy. During the Cold War, this was easy to do — the story was Democracy versus the Commies, traditional “good versus evil”-type stuff. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the concept needed major rewrites, as a new evil adversary had to be found. This (i.e., the 1990s) was a rather awkward and frustrating period. The global capitalist ruling classes, giddy with joy after having become the first ever global ideological hegemon in the history of aspiring global hegemons, got all avant-garde for a while, and thought they could do without an “enemy.” This approach, as you’ll recall, did not sell well. No one quite got why we were bombing Yugoslavia, and Bush and Baker had to break out the Hitler schtick to gin up support for rescuing the Kuwaitis from their old friend Saddam. Fortunately, in September 2001, the show runners got the break they were looking for, and the official narrative was instantly switched to Democracy versus The Islamic Terrorists. This re-brand got extremely good ratings, and would have been extended indefinitely if not for what began to unfold in the latter half of 2016. (One could go back and locate the week when the mainstream media officially switched from the “Summer of Terror” narrative they were flogging to the new “Invasion of the Putin-Nazis” narrative … my guess is, it was early to mid-September.) It started with the Brexit referendum, continued with the rise of Trump, and … well, I don’t have to recount it, do I? You remember last year as clearly as I do, how, suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, the Putin-Nazi menace materialized, and took the place of the “self-radicalized terrorist” as the primary target for people’s hatred and fear. OK, sure, at first, there were no Putin-Nazis. It was just that the Brexit folks were fascists, and Trump was Hitler, and Bernie Sanders was some sort of racist hacky sack Communist. But then the Putinists poisoned Clinton, and unleashed their legions of Russian propagandists on the gullible, Oxycodone-addicted denizens of “flyover country,” and, as they say, the rest is history.

In any event, here we are now … stuck inside this simulation of “reality” where Putin-Nazi hackers are coming out of the woodwork, a partyless neoliberal banker has been elected the President of France, Donald Trump is an evil mastermind or a Russian operative, depending on what day it is (as opposed to just a completely incompetent, narcissistic billionaire idiot), and neoliberal propaganda outfits like The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, The Guardian, NPR, et al., are perceived as “respectable” sources of journalism, as if their role in generating and occasionally revising the official narrative weren’t so insultingly obvious. Personally, I am looking forward to the upcoming German elections this Autumn, wherein Neoliberal Party “A” is challenging Neoliberal Party “B” for the right to continue privatizing Greece (and any other formerly sovereign nations the banks can get their hands on) in a demonstration of European unity, and fiscal austerity … and, you know, whatever.

If this is the Death of Neoliberalism, just imagine what awaits us at the Resurrection.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can reached at or

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. Punchie says: • Website

    Global neo-liberal establishment. Say it three times and click your heels.

    • Replies: @Roberto
  2. Roberto says:

    But, all this is overshadowed by the porn star who refused $10,000 to go on a date with billionaire Trump. BTW, what ever happened to her?

  3. Neoliberalism, another word for ‘money rules the world’.
    Draghi visited the Dutch parliament, Baudet, FVD, asked him if, since Draghi had warned Italy that leaving the euro would cost them about 100 billion euro, Ittalians debts, the Netherland would get about 100 billion if we left the euro.
    100 billion is what we lent, say, Draghi.
    His ‘answer’ was that the euro is irreversible.
    He apparently does not know that within tn years after the dissolution of the Habsburg empire all the new states ahd created their own money.
    Since all euo zone members still have their central banks, it is quite easy to leave the euro.

  4. joe webb says:

    This is a comedy, from a playwright who thinks Doctor Strangelove is actually believable and that THEY are after us. THEY is the New World Order and Goldman Sachs and Neo-Liberals, as in financial capital.

    The author says his first part is just comedy, and that his second part is serious. Serious comedy is what it is, if that is possible.

    “During the Cold War, this was easy to do — the story was Democracy versus the Commies, traditional “good versus evil”-type stuff. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the concept needed major rewrites, as a new evil adversary had to be found.”

    To dismiss communist problematics, like 100 million dead compliments of same…from The Black Book of Communism, and its present ghost haunting the liberals, deserves a big F as in flunk. Throw this guy out as hopelessly Useless, a joker, a jester, a subverter .

    We are informed that the latest Neo-Lib caper is Islamic Extremism. I guess a corollary would be that Jihadist Terror is a false-flag Op, and that anyone who believes it is real is just a dope.

    The author is real hip. He knows, and the squares do not know. He finishes his comedy by characterizing the EU and for example, Greece, as just another scam Op of the banks.

    This is disinformation, hip disinformation.

    The fundamentals are presented as old capitalistic cabals. There are those cabals, neo-libeal, etc. but the terrain has shifted radically.

    That is all just a side-show to the main event: Immigration, Race, Saving European Civilization and the White Race.

    I woud bet ten to one that this guy luvs the Migrants…we’re all into Equal. He’s a kind of commie, a liberal. Hip and cool and arrogant, and a diverter of attention in his shell game..

    Joe Webb

  5. Kiza says:

    No one ever went bankrupt because he overestimated the stupidity of the US people, especially the liberal/neoliberal half. Yet, it escapes both the author and me why this dumber liberal half of Americans has the propensity to call itself “intellectual”. Maybe intellectual is a synonym for stupid in the New US Speak, you know like War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

    Idiocracy it truly is.

    As to the intellectuals’ media it is the usual assortment of The Jew Pork Slimes, The Washington Compost, The Independent from the Truth, The Guardian of the Lies and so on.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  6. It is time to start saying it out loud. The west is occupied territory and our occupiers are, unfortunately, largely Jews whose first loyaly is tribal and NOT to the country in which they reside.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  7. @joe webb

    Also disinformation ?

    Charles A. Beard, ‘American Foreign Policy in the Making, 1932 – 1940, A study in responsibilities’, New Haven, 1946

    Bruce Allen Murphy, ‘The Brandeis/Frankfurter Connection, The Secret Political Activities of Two Supreme Court Justices’, New York, 1983

    H.N. Hirsch, ‘The Enigma of Felix Frankfurter’, New York, 1981

    Bernard M. Baruch, ‘Die Jahre des Dienens’, München 1962 (The public years, New York, 1960)

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @joe webb
  8. Fuzzy says:
    @joe webb

    You’re very creepy, Joe.

  9. Agent76 says:

    Oct 17, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts on the failure of Neoliberalism

    Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and was noted as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service. He has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  10. joe webb says:
    @jilles dykstra

    you appear to be without an argument. or just fuzzy minded.


    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  11. Rurik says: • Website

    a bevy of former-East German hookers engaging in Odinist sex magick rituals in an FSB-owned bordello in Moscow

    yes please!

    great article

    • Replies: @joe webb
  12. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Ramzpaul’s bare-bones description of deep state.

  13. Agent76 says:

    Mar 18, 2014 US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation

    Shocking and insightful videos detailing the neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, ultra-nationalist movement in Ukraine. The videos examine the ongoing US support of these groups, including the Svoboda party and Right Sector.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @jilles dykstra
  14. joe webb says:
    @jilles dykstra

    I have read all that left wing stuff…when I was leftish…social democratic, with a spasm now and then a bit more extreme.

    The fundamental issue is what used to be called The Social Question. Hannah Arendt in her The Human Condition, ran it down very well, and when I first read it…as a leftie, it set be back some.

    There is nothing to be done about extreme inequality in general and especially racially.

    All of our problems are now Race. California is being bled about 25 billion a year by the mexers, for example. All the colored are dragging us down.

    I suggest folks read Robert Putnam’s Diversity and Community in the 21st Century…Harvard.
    In it he documents the degradation and failure of Trust in Diverse communities. Especially relevant is the erosion amongst Whites…..of Trust. You see it of course right now. This country is headed for civil war.

    Reading Carl Degler’s In Search of Human Nature again….He writes that the introduction of about 10 million southern Europeans and other white odds and ends ca. 1900 led to the roiling of social/racial relations and provoked the 1924 Immigration Act. Of course we all know that the Boasian school of racial equality (something that Boas did not intellectually believe in 100% but his followers did) championed race equality and the 20s led to the overthrow of Darwinian social science…with so many intellectuals, led by jews, clamoring for same. The communist party was part of this. Boas was a communist as many of the CULTURE fanatics were too.

    Do not forget that the 20s were the age of revolution, what with Russia, etc.

    So, Point: just as the immigration of ca. 1900 sparked clash, so now does our current immigration provoke clash amongst whites.

    Race is the root cause of today’s culture and political clash. The last time we went in for this big time ended in civil war. That war did NOT settle the issue. So here we go again.

    The Left’s Economism is largely the rock on which it was wrecked, and the rock of Race will be finishing the job. However, we are in the midst of the Last Cultural Revolution, Gramsci and Frankfurt School, etc. providing the intellectual Ghost Dance elixir for the intellectuals du jour.

    The thing has reached the Masses of deracinated White kids who have rejected their Christian religion in large part. Per G. K. Chesterton, believing in Nothing, they will believe in Anything, like race equality. The AmerIndian Ghost Dance of the late 19th C. did not end with the failure of The Dance to stop US Army bullets at Wounded Knee, which the dirt-worshipping injun shaman had promised. It continued for about another 30 years to roil the defeated injuns. (average IQ at 83 even today ).

    So the White Leftie girlie men and wymyn hate themselves and thru various psychodynamics, like Stockholm Syndrome, Universalist Believers in Rainbows, and , now the new slogan I just saw in my bank propaganda monitor that hovers over one while in line…”Beyond Diversity…Embrace Diversity “…something like that. Horror well. as in you know, Orwell.

    This cannot go on for long without war erupting. What that will look like in a very strong state is not clear. The cops and the army can stop masses in the street but urban warfare of small units and individual actors…like Isis now…can come and nothing can stop it. Of course our Soul Brothers will be dumb enough to riot in the streets and the cops will cut them down for a while until they figure out the above…Strategy and Tactics, which they idiotically mouthe in their Revolutionary rhetoric.

    So, we have to go thru the Last Dance to Finish The Job. The Left will be killed off, with their pimping little sisters, the liberals, getting it too.

    This will all be done in Self-Defense, with the Left starting the shooting just like they have always done historically, just as the commie media Trump haters spin out their poison.

    Fascism was a response to Communism. It is that simple really.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  15. joe webb says:

    PCR went ’round the bend several years ago. Weak minds like him, like lefties, and resenters.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Agent76
  16. joe webb says:

    one of the characteristic forms of comments here is this: one or two sentences and nothing else. No sustained thought process which can relate X to Y and Z, as in multi-factor analysis, historical parallels, psychology, etc.

    Failure of intelligence.

    There is nothing like intelligence. (or lack thereof)

  17. Jake says:

    If Hopkins continues to write in this vein, he may eventually produce a truly first rate play. Which will mark him forever as a tool of Russia and the mastermind of all EVIL, Putin.

  18. Rurik says: • Website
    @joe webb

    Jesus Joe,

    Failure of intelligence.

    I’m one of the most long-winded commentators that there are here at Unz.

    most people would be relieved to see such a short response from a bloviater like myself.

    and what could you possibly have against PCR?!

    he’s a patriot and truth teller in a sea of mendacity and treason

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @joe webb
  19. Rurik says: • Website
    @joe webb

    characteristic forms of comments here is this: one or two sentences and nothing else. No sustained thought process


    I’ve been banned!

    (for criticizing the Red Army rapists and their apologists)

    do you have that distinction Joe? Have you ever been banned at Unz for tweaking the tender sensibilities of an ideologue here?

    I wasn’t banned for foul language of abusing any terms of service or anything like that. And it wasn’t like how Steve Sailer simply doesn’t publish what he doesn’t like said. No. I was banned overtly by name for telling the truth here at Unz, when a Red Army apologist, who apparently feels like the Red Army liberated (HA!) Poland and everywhere else their sub-human army of rapists descended upon.

    (sorry, my bragging about being banned is off topic, I know ; )

    still I loved the underlying theme of this article’s wry look at the Idiocracy I find myself living in today.

    it was an enjoyable read


    • Replies: @joe webb
  20. Wally says: • Website

    Garbage in garbage out.

    It boils down to this:

    There were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  21. @Agent76

    Perhaps they still remember

    Voline ( Vsevolod Mikhailovitsch Eichenbaum), ‘The unknown revolution (Kronstadt 1921 Ukraine 1918-21)’, New York 1955

  22. @joe webb

    Did you read:

    Henry Ford Sr., ‘The international Jew, The world’s foremost problem’, 1948, 1995, Boring, Oregon
    Jean-Noël Jeanneney, ‘Francois de Wendel en République, L’Argent et le Pouvoir 1914-1940, Paris 1976
    ‘From prejudice to destruction’, Jacob Katz, 1980, Cambridge MA

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @joe webb
  23. @Kiza

    Indeed, we’re heading towards Idiocracy at a faster rate than I had expected.

    Current indoctrination, however, would require changes to the movie. For example, in the movie, people would respond to the non-idiotic protagonist’s statements by laughing and saying “He talks like a fag.” We couldn’t have that today. Perhaps “huh-huh, huh-huh, he talks like a racist.”

  24. @joe webb

    Like your comment #16.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  25. joe webb says:

    With regard to PCR, a few years ago he was talking about camps being built in the South, for all the nut cases and right wingers, and racists, and so on.

    He had seen them. from the roadside. I emailed him and he could not remember where they were, but plastic cases were stacked up and were maybe 8 feet long, and 4 by 4 inside. lots of bodies could be put in there, ya know.

    This may be the case of an intellectual and upper class guy who has never been around real life, as in construction. There are dozens of applications for tanks and cases like this. For example, septic tanks are now often built of plastic, ( but have been made of concrete for the last few decades and still are, but are more costly. I am familiar with all of this as a homebuilder (my own) in rural area. I know single house septic systems very well.)

    You could put about 100 corpses in these septic tanks. Per chemistry, there is maybe a way to dissolve them (Source! Breaking Bad ) The technical reality today is to burn them these days, so cases for bodies is minimal persuasive. You certainly would not bury a plastic case with bodies in them. Makes no sense.

    Then, PCR is virtually silent on the jews-Israel. He goes off half-cocked on just about everything. Round the Bend PCR. Everything he writes is bombast.


  26. joe webb says:
    @jilles dykstra

    yup and the best book today on the Jews is Kevin MacDonald’s three big books on the Jews, the last one being the most must read: Culture of Critique. I have been a friend of his but these days not so inasmuch as I have trashed the crazies of WN, like Richard Spencer, and sharply criticized KM’s The Occidental Observer, for its softness on national socialism, AH, etc.

    KM has it correct as far as it ( jews ) goes. However there are other factors accounting for White Decline and White acceptance of the myth of racial equality. Foremost among them is our genetic hyper-altruism, particularly of Northern Europe. I am one of those, Swedish and English, and look Scandinavian, blue of eye and (was ) blonde. I had a hard time overcoming my leftish impulses.

    And KM helped me see the light as they say, with all of his books.

    Still the problem is more than Jewish Power. Our Individualism is responsible for lots of Ideas, rather than simple group loyalty, or race loyalty. The Idea of Race Equality is utopian of course, but rooted in Northern European emotionality particularly, love everybody.

    We subverted ourselves but the Jews wrote the books of subversion, from the roots of the whole damned thing in the 20s with jew subversion using our altruism against us. By the 30s, a whole transformation of academic sociology had happened. The communist component in academic craziness has not been scholarly noted. Hitler helped the whole thing, plus the following Holocaust ideology.

    Carl Degler, whom I have plugged, privately agreed with a prominent White Nationalist (sans any AH contamination) that, in part, the jews subverted us. This he did not write of course, in his In Search of Human Nature, a history of academic Darwinism. This book is one everyone should read, for the intellectual history of the Myth of Race Equality.

    So must reads are Culture of Critique, and In Search of Human Nature. There are at least a dozen must reads, but PCR is a waste of time.

    Joe Webb

  27. joe webb says:

    thanks, radical; as we used to say when I was a leftish type, getting to the “root of the matter.”

    The root is genes. Culture is Ideology, nothing more. Like the nazi said, When I hear the word Culture, I take out my revolver. Who said that?

    Culture today serves Globalism, among other matters…you cannot sell your shit to people to whom you assign low IQs . etc. WE ARE ALL EQUAL…like the black lady said…’equalism” the science gal ya know.
    We are all beautiful, she being a tad more so.

    The whole race equality charade is supported by upper=middle-class folks who want to get ahead. They are the running dogs of Liberalism. Workers and lower middle folks cannot cash in on Globalist Opportunities. (remember the Tammany Hall Dem who said, I seen me opportunities and I took ’em. Like blacks today all over the US who get into city hall. I don’t necessarily blame upper middle whites for trying to Get Ahead. Nobody wants to work for shit wages and shit work.

    By the way, Degler remarks that it was the immigration of the early part of the century that brought in Italians, Jews, and ethnics of working class character, that fueled the rise of the Democratic Party and allowed it to take over all the way to FDR. And beyond.

    Arguably now that most of the Italians and Jews, and Germans, have made it into the middle class or sorts, the DEms need mexers to vote for them, and then, many once exploited white ethnics have moved to the suburbs to escape blacks and are happy to Get Ahead, and are now of little use to the Dems, and struggle to get in on international capitalism. Again, you cannot blame them…much…except for some who betray their fellow whites, etc.

    Sound familiar? Same thing today with the Dems as traitors to the Whites who built this country.
    The Dems are haters of Whites. It is all race.


  28. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    This ‘impeachment’ thing should really be called JEW COUP.

    Jews run the media and shape the Narrative.

    So, the Liberation of Aleppo was called the ‘Fall of Aleppo’.

    So, Alqaeda elements in Syria were called ‘moderate rebels’.

    So, we were fed lies about Libya to have it destroyed.

    And so much fuss is made about Evil Putin but we hear nothing of what Jewish oligarchs did to Russian economy in the 90s.

    Jews are so powerful they can even convince American Morons that marriage = two men buggering one another.

    This is not about impeachment. Jews hate Trump because he wants better ties with Russia, a nation that freed itself from total Jewish Control.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @joe webb
  29. joe webb says:

    logically, how are you banned when you are right here? Did you get a one month suspension or what?

    The Karlin character, the oriental despot himself, banned me from his column. He does not approve of my Oriental Despotism fixation. It is a fixation, but True. All races are oriental despotic , except Whites, who are the only race to have invented free speech and the rest of it.

    He is a Russian but he looks Turkic to me. Russia has a lot of Turkic people. Average IQ for Turkey is 90. All those stans from the dismembering of USSR are Turkic and the result is , uh, oriental despotism , with the old communist apparatchiks now morphed into Islam, which is at the near top of the list of oriental despotism.

    China arguably is only second on the list since it has stopped killing so many folks, but the genetic similarities are there. My way or the hi way to the shooting chamber. Always has been and always will be. Around where I live in SF Peninsula @ Palo Alto, the liberals are aghast at the rudeness and cheating chinks. They are also into magical thinking…high IQ notwithstanding. A real case for the HBD folks.

    China has been around so long that the chinks have got rid of trouble makers over 5 thousand years of servitude, plus the bio-cultural feedback loop of rice agriculture. They do what they are told and keep their mouth shut.

    A few years ago I had a Chinese doc and got into a political argument with him. When out of energy and Reason to continue the conversation, he said, look, I just do what I’m told.
    So when he is told to start shooting us whites, he will do it without hesitation.

    Oriental Despotism. Free Speech in the Middle East, the East, and in South American and Central American Injun states? Get killed quick and maybe have your head removed as well.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Rurik
  30. joe webb says:
    @jilles dykstra

    did not read. why don’t you summarize them for all of us and maybe I will read them?

  31. joe webb says:

    single factor analysis. It is not just the jews. The Dems are a coalition of blacks, jews, asians, indians, mexers, and some working class whites who have not left yet for the GOP and Trump, AND White Liberals, mostly professionals, who have sold out to globalism and its One World of Consumers.

    Liberals cannot get jobs, etc unless they luv the darkies and Internationalism….the literal Coming of New Age…like the New Age Cults of the last few decades. But worshipping Money, not Indian gurus, etc. Get Ahead!

    One of the reasons it has had relative success is all the lovely people of color from the rest of the world who get to the relative top of their professions or business (note the Affirmative Action factor) are usually close to the White high IQ of their colleagues. This makes for social conviviality inasmuch as there are few obvious idiots, and those can be tolerated by the Believers in Culture…these will catch up.

    So you can hang out with Diverse races up to a point cuz nobody sticks out like a sore thumb intellectually and you can talk shop at dinner parties, and the rest. We are all equal. Cherry picking not considered. Intermarriage is not however discussed. Maybe next year.

    So , again, this is a problem since it provides ‘evidence’ for the white race traitors..O I know a Nigerian who had a PhD…and so on…with Nigeria population at two
    hundred million or whatever and average IQ at 70.

    The only thing that will change these liberals maybe is to have their kids murdered, etc. by the low life, and that might not do it either…Amy Biehl factor. When civil war comes, many of them provide sanctuary for the third world morons, criminals, and race hustlers…in their own homes….heh heh…that will be fun, ecumenical and will go Beyond Diversity…. to homicides.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @jilles dykstra
  32. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @joe webb

    single factor analysis. It is not just the jews. The Dems are a coalition of blacks, jews, asians, indians, mexers, and some working class whites who have not left yet for the GOP and Trump, AND White Liberals, mostly professionals, who have sold out to globalism and its One World of Consumers.

    Yes, there is a so-called ‘Liberal Coalition’ of various groups. But are they equal in power and influence?

    In truth, Jews dominate.
    For example, Asians have no agency of their own. They just follow the narratives of other. Mexers are happy to be Guillermos and have no interest apart from tacos. Their only politics is calling whites ‘gringos’, blacks ‘negritos’, and Asians ‘chinos’. Blacks are loud and vocal, but it’s all about blacks. Blacks have no knowledge and interest in the larger world. They are very tribal and provincial.

    If not for Jewish Power, NO ONE would be interested in Russia. That is a Jewish thing.
    If blacks ran the Democratic Party, they would fixate on some OTHER ISSUE to get at Trump.
    Blacks jumped on the Russia bandwagon ONLY BECAUSE Jews set the template and the meme. Since that is the Anti-Trump Meme as chosen by Jews, all anti-Trumpers are parroting the same crap. But Russia became the Key Issue because Jews are obsessed with Russia and what it implies. Jews set the Narrative and others play do the Parrotive.
    The Powerful get to decide the Narrative. The less powerful just tag along like dogs and repeat the mantra set by the Powerful. They are parrots with the Parrotive.

    Also, only Jews have the direct power in media, deep state, and finance(owning all politicians through AIPAC) to pull off what is happening.

    Just think. Suppose Asians don’t want to go after Trump but Jews want to. What would happen? Jews would decide, and Asians would have choice but to go along.
    Now, suppose Asians want to go after Trump, but Jews don’t want to. Could Asians push for impeachment without Jewish support? NO way.

    Or suppose blacks want to go after Trump, but Jews say NO and won’t give anti-Trump support in media and Deep State. Would it happen? No.
    Or suppose blacks want to work with Trump but Jews want to go after him. Would it happen? Yes, because Jews get to pull all the strings.

    So, while it is true that there is a Democratic Coalition, Jews have 1000x the power of other groups. I mean consider how most Jews and most Arabs are in the Democratic Camp, but Zionists have far more power than Palestinians/Muslims do.

    This is a Jew Coup because Jews are the single-most powerful element in Democratic Party, GOP, Congress(by buying up politicians), FED, Wall Street, and etc.

    • Agree: Mark Green
    • Replies: @joe webb
  33. @joe webb

    The question was quite simple, if you know the mentioned books.
    If not, I recommend to read them.
    I cannot convincingly here summarise the content of the books.

  34. @joe webb

    If you take the trouble to read the mentioned books you will see who leads the democrats.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  35. voicum says:
    @joe webb

    who read this article for you , because i do not believe that you can , actually read. a polemic with you would be like talking to a wall. cheers.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  36. Rurik says: • Website
    @joe webb

    The Karlin character… …, banned me from his column

    yea, same thing

    I guess he’s just too tender to hear things he disagrees with

    he banned a couple other guys too that he didn’t agree with and then threatened to ban more if they didn’t toe the line

  37. @joe webb

    That is all just a side-show to the main event: Immigration, Race, Saving European Civilization and the White Race.

    You nailed it. Thank you.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  38. El Dato says:
    @joe webb

    So what!

    “Intelligence is just a tool to be used toward a goal, and goals are not always chosen intelligently” – Larry Niven from “Protector”


    You remember last year as clearly as I do, how, suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, the Putin-Nazi menace materialized, and took the place of the “self-radicalized terrorist” as the primary target for people’s hatred and fear.

    Not at all.

    After the awkward “russian reset” attempt by the Clinton-Obama axis of diplomacy, which somehow failed, the intolerance to all things Russian started during Snowden’s “Summer of Surveillance” redpilling (i.e. 2013)

    Systemic shock mode was entered when the Ukraine liberation encountered unsuspected and sudden (and definitely “reactive”) pushback in 2014 and Russia started supporting Syria against the ISIS “our temporary friends” clownshow in 2015.

    (The other “primary target for people’s hatred and fear”, the always good to amuse the hoi polloi cardboard cutout Ghaddafi had sadly shuffled of this mortal coil a bit earlier. So sad! And the bullshit of “Iran’s gonna have da bomb next week, this time for sure” stuff going on since the 90s didn’t get much traction anymore.)

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @joe webb
  39. @Wally

    Queen Elizabeth II.

    • Replies: @Wally
  40. RobinG says:
    @El Dato

    Don’t forget how bitter the Ziocons were that Putin/Lavrov staved off US bombing by negotiating the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons, Sept. 2013. For spite, they flooded the news with hysterical warnings about gays unsafe at Sochi Olympics, as well as glorification of Pussy Riot.

  41. Anonymous [AKA "ChiSuangHo"] says:

    Nazism is good and healthy.
    Denying it and its tenants in this day and age, considering how much we advanced in the genetic field, and after we’ve uncovered so much about the Indo-Europeans, is sign of a mind that was cucked to death, and a person who lives in a fantasy world.
    Wake up, demographics is everything and society is a phenotype of its people’s genotype.

  42. @Rurik

    His platform, his rules. What do you think unz is, some kind of democracy? Get your own websites, whiners.

    • Replies: @Kiza
  43. joe webb says:
    @El Dato

    high intelligence does not guarantee a good result, but without it there is no chance of a good result.


    • Replies: @Centrosphere
  44. joe webb says:

    thanks Henry. The deception, denial, distraction techniques of our Enemies is profound.

    Of course there is self-deception as well, in the service of keeping one’s job, conforming to the dominant rules , etc. Ostracism is tough, so inasmuch as we are a social animal, we slam into the herd, like a wildebeest who notices that he is a bit too far away from the herd. Bam.

    The whole thing is a swamp of lies, pretend, pretense, self-deception, etc. Liberalism per Wilmot Robertson many years ago , is the pimping little sister of communism. His The Dispossessed Majority is a must read.

    No social or political order can continue based on lies, etc. We are going into a slide toward civil war.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Ace
  45. joe webb says:

    cheers idiot. Where is your argument? Ad hominem is the first strike of a jew or a leftist psycho.JW

  46. annamaria says:

    The psychopathic wing of the tribe has been vigorously destroying the safety of their adoptive homes, Europe and the US.

  47. joe webb says:
    @jilles dykstra

    I assume you mean the jews. I agree, but they also have a tiger by the tail with the blacks, and various crazies who hate the jews . The Dems are nuts, like they never have been before. It is cuz of the Trumpism out there that is fundamentally based on racialist sentiment amongst whites of the lower ranks who do not believe the bull shit of college educated girlie men, etc.

    Also the class struggle factor is maybe stronger than the race factor, if you believe the polls.

    Please summarize the books for me, and maybe i will read them. I am not into the Jewish Question much anymore. I concentrate on saving the White race in general.thanks

    Joe Webb

  48. joe webb says:

    Karlin may be some kind of a communist type. I dunno, but he is an Oriental Despot, as seen by his banning of folks who jerk him around. He may be a Jew, since he is smart. Turkic type, possibly jewish, and surely a killer at heart.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Anatoly Karlin
  49. joe webb says:

    good points with which I basically agree. What I keep on keeping on about is that it is not just the jews.

    It is ourselves, the White True Believers in Rainbow Humanity. And, Protestantism that luvs the jews. Tune into a evangelical TV program and watch then luv the Jews…. in spades.

    We are chumps cuz of our White Altruism quotient…the highest of all races. In fact, I do not believe that any other race possesses any altruism. It is all social alliances, power brokering, and so on. Families are important, but family life is not based on altruism. It is based on primal feelings of love , etc.

    Anyone outside the family is fair game….including of course clans and tribes as family.

    Whites operate on Principle, while all the other races operate on in-group and gang relations.

    Our principled mentality is killing us. We need to become more like the jews, etc.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. Kiza says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    I guess what you are saying can be translated as – the authors can be trolls here as much as the commenters. I am not sure that this was Ron’s intention with this zine. But you are right that the more trolling rules at the less democratic it becomes.

    Myself, I do not even read, let alone comment, on articles of “undemocratic” authors. If you are not fit to cope with polite, non vulgar, non personally insulting criticism then you do not deserve to be read, no matter how smart an author you think you are. In other words, what matters to be a good author is not only the smarts then a character as well.

  51. Wally says:
    @Philip Owen

    Yeah, sure.

    Jewish groups get up to 97% of grants from the Homeland Security

    The True Cost of Parasite Israel
    Forced US taxpayers money to Israel goes far beyond the official numbers.

    How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Philip Owen
  52. Ace says:
    @joe webb

    We are awash in lies: race, racism, white privilege, constitutional America, living Constitution, propositional nation, nation of immigrants, American exceptionalism, responsibility to protect (humanitarian war), Assad the Dictator, Islamism/moderate Muslims, our ally Israel, our ally Saudi Arabia, evilevil Putin, the one and only holocaust, right-wing National Socialism, N”A”TO, evil Serbia, Islam’s contribution, the Crusades, patriarchy, gender, homosexual marriage, women’s suffrage, diversity, multiculturalism, open borders, welfare state, socialized medicine, objective MSM, Saint Abraham, Saint Ze-dong, Obama the natural born citizen, the administrative state, frustrated ghetto rocket scientists, indispensable nation, Gaddafi the Tyrant, Axis of Evil, Judeo-Christianity, the Three Abrahamic religions, globalism, free trade, immigrant monetary contribution doing jobs Americans​won’t do, climate change, agw, alternative energy, reasonable gun control, nation building, the glass ceiling, pay inequality, vote suppression, the evil of segregation, black nationalism, private prison oppression, disparity in sentencing, Roe v. Wade, the innocence of Mumia Jaba Jabu, reparations, BLM, debt ceiling, government shutdowns, unemployment, inflation, the “Federal” Reserve, dual citizenship, the EU, refugees, metissage commercials, homosexuality in commercials, white burglars in commercials, POC in commercials. Mexico our friend, GOP principles, bipartisanship, McCarthy the Indecent, Gulf of Tonkin incident, Israel’s mistake re the Liberty, the _________ Commission, St. Martin the Patriot, Robert Mueller the FBI Muslim realist, the neocon patriot, Saint Franklin, the New Deal, the “US” Chamber of Commerce Keynesianism, quantitative easing, and St. Hillary the Incorrupt.

    Oh yes. And our desperate need for Nigerians, Syrians, and Somalis​. And Hindu software engineers.

    I’m out of ideas now at which point​ one must say, “And I could go on and on.”

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @joe webb
  53. Agent76 says:
    @joe webb

    Sorry joe webb I do not partake in any flavor of Kool-aid! DECEMBER 25, 2015 NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949

    In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, U.S. president George H. W. Bush through his secretary of state James Baker promised Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev that in exchange for Soviet cooperation on German reunification, the Cold War era NATO alliance would not expand “one inch” eastwards towards Russia.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  54. annamaria says:

    Reposting your info:

    “Jewish groups get up to 97% of grants from the Homeland Security:”

    “Forced US taxpayers money to Israel goes far beyond the official number:.”

    “How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room:”

  55. Agent76 says:

    Sep 9, 2016 US-funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians

    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

  56. El Dato says:

    This must be the next basic text for an updated Billy Joel’s “We didn’t Start the Fire” (clip needs to be updated to have Snowden on 24/7 TV and no-one cares)

    • Replies: @Ace
  57. Anonymous [AKA "huswa"] says:
    @joe webb

    That’s a really interesting view about operating on principle vs. on in-group relations. Can you please reply with some relevant articles if you have them?

    I’ve traveled quite a lot and have seen principled people in all parts of the world. Sometimes they are really drowned out by the masses. I do not think that altruism is specific to whites. The “White Man’s Burden” wasn’t altruism. Colonizers weren’t in it to lift up the world. They wanted money and other resources. As an example they crippled local economies t Of course, they did a lot of good

    • Replies: @joe webb
  58. Ace says:
    @El Dato

    It’s the same concept. 🙂

  59. joe webb says:

    great summation! JW

    • Replies: @Ace
  60. joe webb says:

    not sure what you are talking about …but the US hostility toward Russia is Not US, it is Jewish Neo-con. Trump is therefore hated by jews generally for not hating Putin.

    The Dems are run by Jews. Ergo. ergo, ergo. Then there are the McCains who are also run by jews and the Amen Corner that hates anybody that hates what the Jews hate.

    There might be some other wrinkles here but that is about all I am capable of now without greater study, which I leave to others.

    Jews hate Russia cuz Russian threw them out. First it was the many Jews welcomed to leave back in the 70s and forward, then it was the Oligarchs and I guess some of their loot that Putin confiscated, and of course Russia’s general tilt toward the Arabs. Jews Hate Russia. Trump also said and still says, a thing now and then that give jews Pause…like Bibi’s lurch when at lunch with Trump.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Agent76
  61. joe webb says:

    I don’t have relevant articles, I have myself. thank you.

    White folks have all the Principles (never mind their occasional breaching ) of democratic states.
    We also have allowed Principle to catapult us into high-minded foolishness like Universalisms of this and that. Free Speech is under attack by commies, darkies, mexers, and third world….well they never had any free speech anyway, like China, etc.

    White communists and white liberals have gone bush and dance around with spears….they have reverted to the Third World ways of savages….of course, they Believe in Equality and will kill for it.
    No savage like a communist type, white, jew, or asian. Communism was never a real White delusion in the West, it was Jewish mostly. See The Jewish Century by Slezkine.

    Human Rights ho ho. So now as we have been hoist on our own absurd Principles into the general fulfillment of Camp of the Saints and Rivers of Blood (Raspail and Powell), the colored population bomb , both in the baby carriage and in boatloads of Africans adrift off Lybia, hitchhiking lifts form the Italian Navy, etc, etc…Boom!.

    Our Principles, while Good for Whites amongst ourselves, like Good for the Jews, obviously amidst anybody, are manifestly obvious, historically and presently, etc. Whites invented Principle.
    That Principle assumes human dignity, not equality. There is no assumption of dignity for others outside of White Civilizations, which is why, again, we are in trouble. We have thrown pearls before swine, and they gulp the pearls and we are Next!

    WE have lit the fire under the cannibal’s pot, with our Principles. Petard again. We volunteer like Amy Beale and her mad parents , flinging themselves after Amy…into the pot.

    Ask the asians to take some refugees, etc. The non-white world operates on blood, clan, tribe, and often none of the above, just chaos. look at Africa, the worst. Second worst is S. America with its indigenous…my favorite is Honduras, the melting pot of black, injun, and a trace of white maybe.
    Murder capital runner-up to El Salvador , as I recall. And M-13 monsters. Mexico is Next to go.

    White Man’s Burden was real, even though, like the Spanish , etc. Conquests also had money in mind. We left churches and schools, etc. The chinks would have bulldozed them, like the Israelis would do if world eyes were not on them and Palestine. WE built schools for our injuns…

    The Jews are not White , they are Semitic. Jews never invented Free Speech for themselves or anybody else.. They were locked in their ghettos by rabbis until Napoleon forced them out.
    Actually, the Jews did have principles, but not the White kind. The Jewish Principle is tyranny under the rabbis and God-the-Isane Destroyer, while our god is a peacenik. Same thing for other higher functioning folks like chinks…Oreintal Despotism, The Emperor says jump! the girlie men say how high? Praise Allah, merciful and compassionate, or Jehovah.

  62. @joe webb

    Powerful psychoanalysis.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  63. @joe webb

    High intelligence is overrated.

    The highest IQ people, the Jews, managed to be almost exterminated by the Germans in the II WW. After that, they choose to relocate to the only other place on Earth where they could face another extermination.

    The second highest IQ people, the Han, managed to be almost destroyed by the colonial powers of Europe, then choose to be transformed in a communist hell for the most part of the XX century.

    Meanwhile the dumb swedes……….

  64. joe webb says:

    I did not make real clear that the Principle of Racial Equality, while asserted most vigorously by Jewish Boasian sociology in the 20s, revived the latent Principle psychodynamic in busy-body descendants of Puritans/Abolitionists/Quakers/Liberals/early Femmmies-Suffragets….and a New God is re Born….The Principle of Racial Equality!

    The Principle of Principles. The Abstraction of Abstractions without material reality of any sort…zero evidence, etc.

    The new Religion of the irreligious. GK Chesterton….in an age of Disbelief, people will Believe anything.

    “Culture” was invented by the Boasians, including Whites like Kroeber, who went ever more berserk than Boas. Miracle, Mystery, and Authority. Miracle is Transformation..heaven on earth at the end of the Rainbow. Mystery is the Cunning of ‘Culture’, Authority is PhDs in Ecstasy over their discovery of ….the new god…the End of History would come out of it, and, and, and…of course, this was all a part of Revolution!, communist variety. Boas was a commie, etc.

    Principle, the glory of the white race, and now the driver of our race suicide.

    Repeat after me…We Are All Equal. Feel Good?

    Joe Webb

  65. joe webb says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    well, psychoanalysis was ,and what remains of it today…is Jewish .

    So not sure what you mean here. Psychology is not Psychoanalysis. Psychology and psychiatry have purged themselves of that jewish delusion, the penultimate purge of jewish ju-ju, derived from Cabbalah, and jewish obsession with sex, associated with thousands of years of pastoralism…animals in heat observed and modeled, along with perceptions, correct, of Inheritance, etc.

    Thanks, (I guess)

    Joe Webb

  66. @joe webb

    If you take the whole body count of the US of Aggression since 1776 you will find out that it’s much larger than that of communism. The US is the deadliest of totalitarian regimes, they’re just really good at hiding their traces by compartmentalization: People usually fail to see that the genocide of Native Americans, slavery, and countless wars, blackops and regime changes continuously came and still come from exactly the same source of the Anglo-American establishment since 1776 (and if you take the whole history of the British empire into account the body count converges to infinity).

    There has never been a more deadly Machiavellian evil in human history than Anglo-American imperialism and that is a freaking fact! Unfortunately, they’re just also best at deception, that’s why people tend to miss it.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  67. joe webb says:
    @Serg Derbst

    So Serg….how many injuns did we kill anyway, as opposed to death by small pox, and other diseases that we brought by chance?

    The de-colonialists claim multi millions, If you are going to start down that road, please provide some evidence. I guess that that is where you are going here, since you claim it is more deaths than under communism, which is communist and self-hating white nonsense.

    Also, Amerindians were addicted to torture and mayhem, never mind constant war. You may have missed my earlier point that the celebrated Trail of Tears had the injuns bringing along their black slaves..

    AS for Empire, British or otherwise, it is true that folks were killed, like King Leopold in Congo, etc. There is no comparison to African mayhem, slavery, etc. Today, Africans still eat one-another occasionally, especially the albino kids who are butchered for ju-ju. etc. Then there is the one and only thing that they are really good at: fucking. I remember a jewyorktimes story a couple years ago wherein a writer interviewed an AIDS patient who was doing better on White Man paid for…drugs. He said, Yeah, soon I can get back to sex.

    The Aztecs, etc, and their skulls lining their freeways….the only reason Cortez could win was the local tribes hated the Aztecs and joined Cortez. Mel Gibson had it right in Apocalypto, the movie…Christ or White civilization offered, and the savages choose the jungle.

    Africa is returning to Bush. S. Africa will continue their genocide of whites, and , when it gets bad enough, there will be a rescue op for the 5 million or so Whites. Heart of Darkness in spades.

    Savages…all of them. They smile nice when given money, but go native, so to speak, when the going gets tough., start killing. Chinks too.

    All those Africans on boats waiting to be rescued should be blown-up. Ditto the Arabs, etc. It will actually save lives, if that is what you want. The result will be to cut off the traffic north of these alleged people.

    Slaves in 1776 US, would have been the same IQ as today in Africa and Haiti….70 average. These folks are totally useless, especially to themselves, inasmuch as it is all Third World hell. Funny, that they all want to come North….where they can escape their soul brothers, etc. We are going to have to start killing them while en route. That is the logic of the thing.
    Whites are the Idea people. Darkies are the schemers, opportunists, scammers, etc. All of them.
    White Ideas are usually screwy these days. And suicidal and self-hating. When Whites awaken, we will send the liberals/commies/on a Piece Corps type mission…to get cut-up for the cannibal pots. Back to Africa. No Right of Return for you, assuming you are in one piece.

    ….and by the way, if you are a US citizen, please leave for some native shit-hole where you can die ‘helping the wretcheds.’
    Joe Webb

  68. Agent76 says:
    @joe webb

    I have one recommendation never just or believe one source and do your own research as I have for over twenty years. The *EMPIRE* is vast with thousands of branches.

    Dec 3, 2015 U.S. and Western Policy Towards Russia by Center for Strategic by International Studies

    Today, with Ukraine somewhat quieter and seeming progress towards cooperation on Syria, are more cooperative approaches possible? What should be Washington’s goals in engaging with Russia, or responding to it on the global stage? Are there tools that have not yet been tried, and what can they attain where other efforts have failed?

  69. joe webb says:

    the sophmoronic Serge calls Machiavelli evil . nutty.

    M. was a realist, knew what Enemies were, and was interested in unifying Italy. M. was a political scientist with good goals.

    As for the Empire of the US…it is merely the behavior of all states, more or less. Trump may move toward isolationism, like a Pat Buchanan position. That is the best we can do.

    Since all states , like most people, self-aggrandize in more or less in degree, the issue remains of figuring out principles of international ‘relations.’ Restraint is the fundamental principle with negotiation at the head of the list. If this sounds boring, too bad.

    Main principles should be no immigration, no aggressive wars, nationalism recognized are realistic and therefore good, nationalism in economics which in the White world would be a commonwealth of white economies, no Equality of states with frank recognition of national power inequality, and consequent realism.

    Big wars can be avoided by small wars that resolve issues quickly. etc.

    Joe Webb

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