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Introduction to Two Treatises on Jews and Freemasonry: Édouard Drumont and Nicolae Paulescu
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Jewish Freemasonry: Two Treatises by Éduard Frumont & Nicholae Paulescu
with an Introduction by Alexander Jacob


  • Introduction — Alexander Jacob
  • I. “The Freemasons” (Jewish France, Book VI, Chapter 1) — Édouard Drumont
  • II. “Freemasonry,” from The Hospital, the Qur’an, the Talmud, the Kahal, and Freemasonry, Ch. V – Nicolae Paulescu


Freemasonry and its goals have been the subject of innumerable studies seeking to investigate, or expose, this secretive and powerful organisation. The Jesuit priest Abbé Augustin Barruel’s magisterial work Mémoires pour servir à l’histoire du Jacobinisme (1798), for instance, attempted to uncover the anti-Christian character of Freemasonry by detailing the conspiratorial role played by the Enlightenment philosophes and the Freemasons and the Illuminati in the genesis and conduct of the French Revolution. The aims of the Revolution, according to Barruel, were primarily anti-Christian, anti-monarchical and Anarchical. Barruel did not focus on the Jews in this work though his curiosity was aroused when he received a letter in 1806 from a certain Giovanni-Battista Simonini who claimed to have infiltrated the Piedmont Jewish community and learnt from them about the Jewish origins of both the Freemasons and the Illuminati.[1]See, for example, C. Oberhauser, ‘Simonini’s Letter or the Roots of the Alleged Jewish-Masonic World Conspiracy’, Jews in Central Europe, 2012, pp. 10-17.

The two extracts presented in this edition shed more light on the Jewish origins and ambitions of the Freemasonic organization. More importantly, both authors place an emphasis on the remarkable contrast between the Jewish character of the Masonic ethos and the social doctrines of the Catholic Church which it seeks to replace as the prime mover of politics in the West. Whereas the Catholic Church has an avowed commitment to Christian charity and social harmony, Freemasonry is marked by a contempt of poverty and a singular desire to establish the supremacy of Israel in the world.

Édouard Drumont: “The Freemasons”

Of the two authors presented here, Édouard Drumont (1844–1917) was indeed one of the first to insist that the entire Masonic enterprise was Jewish in origin even though he based his conviction on Masonic texts that had been available in France from the late eighteenth century.[2]For instance, in pointing to the Judaic character of the Masonic rituals, he quotes from The Most mysterious mysteries of the high ranks of Masonry revealed or the true Rosicrucian, which was published in 1766. Drumont was a French journalist who wrote many works on the Jews including La France juive: Essai d’histoire contemporain, 2 volumes (1886), Testament d’un antisémite (1891), Les Juifs et l’affaire Dreyfus (1899), La Tyrannie maçonnique (1899), Les Juifs contre la France (1899) and Le Peuple juif (1900). Drumont also ran a newspaper La libre parole, which was markedly anti-Semitic. In 1899 he founded the ‘Ligue antisémitique de France’ and argued for the exclusion of Jews from society.

The last book of Drumont’s Jewish France contains three chapters devoted to the three Judeocentric groups portrayed to be persecuting Catholic France, the first chapter on the Freemasons, the second on the Protestants and the third on the Jews. Drumont begins his chapter on Freemasonry by pointing out the peculiarly Jewish nature of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is not a variety of Freethought since freethinkers like Lord Byron and Delacroix at least “do not attack our citizenship rights, our human rights, and our rights as Frenchmen. “ Rather, it is an essentially Jewish institution and imbued with a specially Jewish character.

The Jewish origin and constitution of the Masonic organization are evident from the various rituals it employs in its meetings and particularly in the dramatic reenactments of Old Testament scenes depicting the revenge taken by Jews on their oppressors, such as that of Judith on Holofernes. These rituals are all intended to impress on the candidates and members the principal goal of Masonry, which is to reunite the tribes of Israel as a nation after their dispersal at the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, a destruction that must also be avenged. The particular focus of the Masonic revenge is Christianity since the great crime of the Christ in the view of the Jews is his usurpation of the supremacy of Jehovah. The essence of Masonry therefore is, as Drumont puts it, “Sympathy and tenderness for Jerusalem and its representatives; hatred for Christ and Christians: all of Masonry is contained in this.”

The means whereby Masonry seeks to overthrow the Europeans is always a

politics of dissolution: whether it is a matter of financial companies or of secret societies, they are able to give an appearance of order and seriousness to appetites, to collective bad instincts.

The growing influence of Masonry on European politics has resulted in a steady dissolution of traditional European society. Thus Republicanism is, in the nineteenth century, the culmination of the French Revolution with Napoleon and Bismarck contributing to the process of Jewish bourgeois supremacy.

In their enormous and far-sighted political task, the Jewish Masons have been aided through the centuries by ambitious mediocrities from among the European peoples who were the hosts of the Jews during the diaspora. The second part of Drumont’s essay on Freemasonry includes several detailed examples of public figures in French Republican life who have duped the public through various nefarious dealings that have been disguised by the false honors that have been bestowed upon them by the Third Republic.[3]He cites particularly the example of the shallow Charles Cousin (1822–1894), who was the administrator of the Northern Railway and president of the Council of the Grand Orient of France until 1885. The entire Republican ethos is indeed marked not by a desire to liberate the oppressed French populace but rather by a hatred of society. In fact, one particularly odious characteristic of Freemasonry is its contempt and hatred for the poor, which is in marked contrast to the importance of charity in the Catholic Church. And if the Masons seem occasionally to tolerate the social status quo, it is only because they wish to focus their mind more sharply on their inveterate religious enemy, the Christian Church:

Thus, many in Masonry are pseudo-scholars, pseudo-orators, they hate society with a hatred that is not at all the courageous revolt of Spartacus, the bitter anger of Vindex, but like a venomous envy that smells of the [4]The Gaulish leader who led a revolt against the Roman Emperor Nero in 68 A.D. He was defeated by the military legate Lucius Rufus and committed suicide. ante-chamber and the office; they do not intend to destroy the social edifice completely because they hope to make a place there through more or less correct procedures, but they attack the Church because it can give them only noble instructions, counsels of respect and devotion that they do not want.

Nicolae Paulescu: Freemasonry

The Jewish nature of Freemasonry and its hatred of Christianity are reinforced in the work of Nicolae Paulescu (1869–1931). His chapter on Masonry in his work Philosophic Physiology: The Hospital, the Koran, the Talmud, the Kahal and Freemasonry pivots on the same contrast between the Christian concept of charity — exemplified in Paulescu’s own medical profession by ‘the hospital’ included in the title — and the sheer avarice for material possession and political domination of the Jews who conduct the Masonic organizations.

Paulescu was a Romanian physiologist and professor of medicine, as well as a political activist. In 1897 Paulescu graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from a medical school in Paris. He was appointed assistant surgeon at the Notre-Dame du Perpetuel-Secours Hospital but in 1900 he returned to Romania, where he remained until his death as Head of the Physiology Department of the University of Bucharest Medical School, as well as Professor of Clinical Medicine at the St Vincent de Paul Hospital in Bucharest. He is well-known for his work in extracting insulin for the treatment of diabetes and petitioned the Nobel Prize committee to object to the award given to two Canadian scientists. From Wikipedia:

Professor Ian Murray was particularly active in working to correct “the historical wrong” against Paulescu. Murray was a professor of physiology at the Anderson College of Medicine in Glasgow, Scotland, the head of the department of Metabolic Diseases at a leading Glasgow hospital, vice-president of the British Association of Diabetes, and a founding member of the International Diabetes Federation. In an article for a 1971 issue of the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Murray wrote:

Insufficient recognition has been given to Paulesco, the distinguished Roumanian scientist, who at the time when the Toronto team were commencing their research had already succeeded in extracting the antidiabetic hormone of the pancreas and proving its efficacy in reducing the hyperglycaemia in diabetic dogs.

In a recent private communication Professor Tiselius, head of the Nobel Institute [and a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1948], has expressed his personal opinion that Paulesco was equally worthy of the award in 1923.

Paulescu was also involved in Romanian political movements and influenced Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the leader of the Iron Guard. In 1922, he partnered with Codreanu’s anti-Semitic friend, Prof. A.C. Cuza, to create a political group called the National Christian Union. In 1925, Paulescu joined Cuza’s later organization, the National Christian Defense League as well.

Nicolae Paulescu’s sociological writings include Philosophical Physiology: Instincts Social — Passions and Conflicts — Moral Remedies (1910), which advocated the regeneration of the population through Christian education. Paulescu’s most famous book was the second volume of “philosophical physiology” which was entitled Philosophical Physiology: Hospital, Quran, Talmud, Cahal, Franc-Masonry (1913). He later wrote more works on the Jewish Problem, including Philosophical Physiology: The Synagogue and the Church to the Pacification of Mankind, 2 vols, 1923; The Judeo-Masonic Plot against the Romanian People, 1924; The Degeneration of the Jewish Race, 1928, Jewish Debauchery, 1928; and Interpretation of Revelation, the future fate of the Jews, 1941.

In The Hospital, the Koran, the Talmud, the Kahal and Freemasonry, Paulescu first explains the duties of doctors and relates hospitals to the notion of Christian charity: “Hospitals are an inspiration of Christian charity.” He then considers the two other religions that claim to cure the illnesses of mankind, Islam and Judaism, both of which he considers as opposed to Christian morality. Islam and Judaism are both characterised by a cruel desire for possessions and dominion but the Muslim Arabs are superior to the Jews in that they possess a real valor whereas the Jews “manifest themselves only through cowardice.”

Paulescu begins his study of Judaism with the principal legal text of the Jews, the Talmud, which uses usury, fraud and perjury to rob and enslave the Gentiles. The development of the Jewish political ambition is accomplished through the “Kahal,” the Jewish governing body typical of Jewish communities well into the twentieth century. The Kahal conceives of the Jewish nation as one based on “the Talmudic dogma of the chosen people, a doctrine according to which the Jews must not merge with other nations, because God has promised them to possess the whole earth and to rule the world.” He demonstrates the financial and social depredations wrought by Jewish immigration into European lands and discusses Freemasonry too within the context of the resolute war that the Jews have been conducting against Christianity through the ages by means of the various religious heresies and political revolutions that they have fostered in Europe.

Paulescu’s section on Freemasonry, which constitutes the final chapter of his book, relies considerably on Drumont’s work but it is rather more comprehensive than it. Paulescu here reveals the hatred that informs all of the Jewish involvement in European intellectual and political history. The source of this hatred is evident most clearly in the Talmud but its enduring effects are manifest in the various Jewish-sponsored heretical movements that have sought to distort Christianity and Catholicism through the ages, beginning with the Ebionites in the first century A.D. and passing through Protestantism to Freemasonry. The purported goal of the Freemasons to rebuild the Temple of Solomon is, according to Paulescu, only a watchword that indicates the ambition of Israel to dominate the world. Regarding the organization of Freemasonry, Paulescu points out that, in spite of its proclaimed philanthropy, the secretive nature of the whole is a clear indication of its suspect character: “And to think that no one wonders why this society is hidden, when it has purposes as sublime as the search for the truth.

More carefully than Drumont, Paulescu — relying on the work of Paul Copin-Albancell’s Le drame maçonnique: le pouvoir occulte contre la France (“The Masonic Drama: The Occult Power against France” ( 1908) — details the hierarchy within the Masonic organization where the lower degrees of Masons are mostly blindfolded followers of an uppermost elite that is constituted of Jews alone. And the bizarre rituals that mark a Mason’s progress through the organization are all marked by sentiments of hatred and revenge for those responsible for the destruction of the Temple. Among the various targets of the Masons’ hatred, the chief are undoubtedly the Christians. Quoting Copin-Albancelli Paulescu, Paulescu points out that Masons are instructed to the effect that “Freemasonry has one enemy – Christianity, and Catholicism in particular — that you need to hate and fight.”[5]Cherry Albancell i, The drama maçonnique, I. p. 31 32.

Further, Masonry constantly spawns various sub-groups that carry out its agenda, as Copin-Albancelli had noted:

Examples of such tentacles are the Freethinking (Libre-Pensée) Leagues, those of human and civil rights, those of education, houses of schools, studying clubs, library societies, of conferences, of Popular Universities … even of unions.[6]Ibid., II, 195.
(Cherry Albancell i, The drama maçonnique, I. p. 31 32.)

During the times of the French Revolution, the Masons were aided particularly by the Masonic sub-group that called itself the “Jacobins.” Of the political effects that resulted from these several organizations, the French Revolution aimed simultaneously at emancipating the Jews and at persecuting the Christians. Among the Catholics, the chief targets of the Masons are the Jesuits, whom they fear above all Christian orders. The monasteries of the Jesuits were attacked in Portugal, Spain, France and Austria and the campaign against Jesuitry continued with constant vilifications of Jesuits among the public so that the common people gradually came to believe that the term Jesuit could be used as a synonym for scoundrel.

According to Paulescu, The Jewish support of the revolutionaries was intended to bolster the third estate of the bourgeoisie, which at first supported Napoleon in spite of his imperialistic ambitions. When the Masons found that Napoleon’s tyranny was becoming dangerous to their plans, they worked to bring him down. All through this period they benefited from their gradual emancipation in several European states. But their ultimate aim of total revolution was not manifest until the Revolution of 1848, which sought to impose bourgeois capitalist Liberalism as a major political movement that would lead to the institution of a socialist republic. The latter goal was achieved after the Paris Commune of 1871 when the Third Republic was established, and French society was henceforth marked by the separation of Church and State.

The real aims of all Masonic republics were to destroy monarchies, abolish Christianity from the education of the public, and to convert the people into a proletariat that could easily be made to serve the ambitions of Judah. Based on Bernard Lazare’s work L’Antisémitisme, son histoire et ses causes (Anti-Semitism: Its History and Its Causes) (1894), the religious subversion of the Masons is related by Paulescu also to the Kulturkampf that Bismarck conducted against the Roman Catholic Church between 1872 and 1878 and to the Jules Ferry laws of 1882 that mandated secular education in France.

At the same time, Paulescu claims that “Jewish Socialism” works towards the dispossession of private property by a state that is essentially Jewish in its composition and interests. These false socialist movements were crystallized in the doctrines of the Jew Karl Marx. And they were bolstered in their subversive agenda by the Anarchists, who constituted the more murderous and iconoclastic elements of the several revolutions that sprang up in Europe from 1848 onwards.

Paulescu then goes on to examine the subversive socialist role of Masonry in various European countries such as their support of the Templars in Romania and the Young Turks in Turkey. In France, they focused on the destruction of Christianity in the nation by eliminating it from public education and the military establishment. This anti-clericalism was especially strong in the regime of the Jew Léon Gambetta, President of the Council of Ministers[7]Léon Gambetta was thus the Prime Minister. between 1881 and 1882, who declared “Le cléricalisme, voilà l’ennem” (Clericalism is the enemy). Thus the attacks on the clergy were regularized and Christian education was replaced by a secular education which was made free and compulsory in the nation. This in turn fostered atheistic doctrines, such as those of Darwin, and a general contempt for the Christian Church. Even the Latin language was deposed as a language of learning since it had been the language of the Church.

By positing a world constituted of matter and energy alone the Masonic-Marxist revolutions succeeded in repudiating the notions of the soul and of God on which Christian civilization had been based. As Drumont had already pointed out, whereas Christianity stresses love and charity, Masonry has a distinctive contempt for, and hatred of, poverty. Thus, Paulescu is arguing that by steadily obliterating the Christian doctrines of compassion and charity and enlarging the worldly possessions and power of the Jews, Masonry has finally accomplished in post-Revolutionary Europe what the Talmud has striven to achieve from the very first centuries of the Christian era.


[1] See, for example, C. Oberhauser, ‘Simonini’s Letter or the Roots of the Alleged Jewish-Masonic World Conspiracy’, Jews in Central Europe, 2012, pp. 10-17.

[2] For instance, in pointing to the Judaic character of the Masonic rituals, he quotes from The Most mysterious mysteries of the high ranks of Masonry revealed or the true Rosicrucian, which was published in 1766.

[3] He cites particularly the example of the shallow Charles Cousin (1822–1894), who was the administrator of the Northern Railway and president of the Council of the Grand Orient of France until 1885.

[4] The Gaulish leader who led a revolt against the Roman Emperor Nero in 68 A.D. He was defeated by the military legate Lucius Rufus and committed suicide.

[5] Cherry Albancell i, The drama maçonnique, I. p. 31 32.

[6] Ibid., II, 195.

[7] Léon Gambetta was thus the Prime Minister.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. A. Clifton says: • Website

    in the first five books of the Bible where are the KHAZAR {{{PROSELYTES}}} to


    when specifically did the Children of Israel in the Kingdom of Israel become

    {{{{PROSELYTES}}}}” JEWISH “- Jesus hating…. {{{KHAZAR-JEWS}}}}…?

    the old testament is not about any so-called {{{JEWS}}}….

    where do we read about the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN…{{{MONEYCHANGERS & PHARISEES}}}

    in the old testament…?

    See also Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry….pre 1921 Captivity : plus footnote

    Israel is a people….not a Satanic {{{{JEW TERRORIST}}} cult compound

    • Replies: @mephisto
    , @Truth
  2. Unfortunately, this is a very poor analysis, very outdated and in fact, ignorant.

    • Agree: James N. Kennett
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  3. Franz says:

    Paulescu is arguing that by steadily obliterating the Christian doctrines of compassion and charity and enlarging the worldly possessions and power of the Jews.

    Maybe so.

    But to take the devil’s argument for a moment, what if the “obliteration” actually makes Europeans more ethnic-aware?

    “Christian doctrines” did not create any civilization. Compassion and charity will return in societies that are building futures for their own kind… just like ancient European pagans generously provided us with ours.

    When Europeans take Europe back, they must ask the hard questions, like why did they embrace a faith that demanded charity toward hostile strangers?

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  4. S says:

    Thanks for the insightful article.

    Taking into account the source, and whilst accordingly retaining a healthy caution and skepticism, I’ve found legitimate Masonic websites with dedicated geo-political sections can be rather straight forward and open with what they’ve historically been up to globally. They can be quite informative. [Why people don’t cautiously utilize this freely given information I can only attribute to the often obscure nature of such sites, and, people not believing it possible they (Masons) could rather openly at times tell us what they are doing.]

    For instance, I once came across a now defunct Romanian Masonic website which described in some detail how, at the behest of Freemasonry, the founding of the United States of [North] America in 1776 was to be a model, merely the first cog, for the founding of other continental super-states across the world, which in time (again at the direction of Freemasonry) were to join together and form a global super-state.

    Relatedly, another little known site I’ve come across is dedicated to the preservation of the memory and lifework of Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), a very prominent 18th century royal colonial governor in British North America, founder of Princeton University, and first North American born British Freemason. Though the site owner doesn’t say so, I very much suspect he himself is a Mason.

    Below ‘More’ I’ve posted a few of the Belcher Foundation site’s geo-political articles from it’s site index. The first article details how from the time of Communism’s first inception in the proto-Communist French Revolution of 1789, that the Capitalist United States had been intimately involved in it’s prominent US citizens revealed in the article had during the 1780’s been instrumental in the creation of a network of revolutionary cells across France which would ultimately result in the overthrow of the French crown. [Naturally, the reader must decide for themselves what to make of such claims.]

    Interestingly, the site owner claims that the coat of arms of the United States as presented on the Great Seal was modeled upon the Belcher family coat of arms, to honor the man Jonathan Belcher. The royal governor’s pre-1776 American Revolution portrait (below ‘More’) includes the Belcher family coat of arms prominently featured at it’s bottom middle, and it does indeed have some small resemblance to the US coat of arms as it appears on the Great Seal of the United States. 🙂

  5. TGD says:

    The USA Declaration of Independence was based on the masonic principles of the founders. The Vatican has forbidden Catholics from joining the Masons. The USA could not have been founded on Roman Catholic doctrine. Roman Catholicism is an enslavement of the mind to a corrupt dogma.

    • Disagree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Anon
  6. anonymous[492] • Disclaimer says:

    Noteworthy history in this article … but the irony is that, despite the ferocity of Jewish-linked work to demolish European Christianity, the Christ-cult was at root an all-Jewish creation, with a holy book completely written by Jews and embodying poisonous aspects including pro-Jewish cultism. European and humane virtues within the Euro-Christian concoction, do not justify the horrid parts which fester in it.

    Jews such as Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965) openly admitted that Christianity was cultural genocide by Jewish instigators, destroying and erasing native inheritances of gentile Europeans and others. Christianity was and is a prime tool for Jews, as well as a hate-object for Jews. Ambiguous for Jews, and ambiguous for the rest of us.

    Note how Jews have continued to use Christian Zionists etc for their purposes, the Bible being an endless back-door for Jewish power acquistion. Despite nice things within ‘Christian’ culture as Europeans developed it, it is yet fact that, unless one gets rid of the ‘Christian’ yoke around the necks of European-heritage peoples, escape velocity from Jewish power can’t be achieved:

    • Disagree: thotmonger
  7. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    Wrong. Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, was not a Mason.

    “Thomas Jefferson’s connections to fraternal organizations have often been misunderstood. He is frequently, yet falsely, linked to the Freemasons.”

  8. IronForge says:

    The Zionist-Mason Axis are well represented within the Plutarchy and Vassal Oligarchs+Politicians if the H8(Greater_ISR and Vassal_G7) Hegemony.

    Catholics are in for the Ride.
    Zionists include Abrahamics+SpinOff Cults, Ethnic-Tribals, Non-Tribal-Offshoots like British-Isrealism(Crown descends from King David), Masons (Defined again here – Solomon’s Temple Builder Lore), anyone who Reveres Abraham/Zion/Messiah in one form or another.

    Masons stand out because they are the Social Venue where most Non-Tribals were Subjugated in GBR+Commonwealth, FRA, and the USA.

    Most Founders of Murica were Masons. Several Founders’ writings/memoirs regarding Civil Liberties and Government were Impressive; but it would appear that the Masons intended Murica to be a Nation “Run/Owned by Masons at the Seats of Power”.

    That First Generation were replaced by the Plutarchy and their Privateer/Rentier-Banker/Robber-Barons.

    One of the Annoying Things here in Murica is that many a Failed Masonic Cult are given permission to stalk/consume/defraud non-adherents.

    I look forward to moving out of Murica.

  9. JR Foley says:

    Whatever happened to Isaiah —Ezekiel—Peter—and all others who perished along with Christ?

  10. mephisto says:
    @A. Clifton

    I am tired of Jews bashing. I really am. Coming people like yourself who worship a Jew, Jesus, and then wonder why Jews have you by the balls.
    Grow a pair already and starting hammering things away. Don’t forget to begin with yourself.

  11. mcohen says:

    To be celebrated on this day

    Judith Polgar a Jewish chess grandmaster born on 23 July 1976

    Polgár is the only woman to have won a game against a reigning world number one player, and has defeated eleven current or former world champions in either rapid or classical chess: Magnus Carlsen, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Boris Spassky, Vasily Smyslov, Veselin Topalov, Viswanathan Anand, Ruslan Ponomariov, Alexander Khalifman, and Rustam Kasimdzhanov.[6]

  12. GMC says:

    Want to shake up the Washington Neocons ? Get a few million people { non jews} to apply for immigrant status to Israel. The more the better. When the media gets a hold of the story , the movement can show that the Americans are tired of the Zionists – screwing America and sending trillions towards the Zionist cause. And it’s a peaceful way of getting a message across.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin, Nancy
  13. Freemasonry is a consciously “designed” form of Manichaeism, that is, Dualism. Loosely adapted for Christians, it comes out of the historic, specific version of Manichaeism designed for Islam, which is Ismailism. The form of Manichaeism specifically designed for Judaism is Kabbalah. Mani was, for the purposes of worship, depicted as a tree, a light bearing “olive tree neither of the East nor of the West,” and this is the tree of of the Sephiroth, and also the tree of the Sufi orders. The word “Sufi” comes from a word meaning “pure” like the “Cathares”—the “Pure”—or the Manichean “Elect.”

    The Islamic Manichaeism indoctrination model (made for covert implementation within orthodox Islam) was re-adapted, and transmitted to the Templars, by the Assassins, during the Crusades, as a brotherly good-will gesture. This can be easily seen from its content, by comparing Freemasonry with Ismailism.

    To the untrained eye it appears as if Freemasonry came from Judaism, because Judaism is also a Dualism. And then, Jews say everything comes from them, and the obedient mind follows the authoritative suggestion. The Dualisms, like scientific materialism, and Communism, assume that there are two opposing principles, such as Good and Evil, or light and darkness, which are divinity-like absolutes, “two gods” like “matter” and “antimatter.” Judaism is an innate Dualism; Yahweh, or “Jehovah” is actually a typical pagan polytheistic divinity, very far from the abstractions found in Christianity and Islam. Judaism is not at all a monotheism, but a henotheism (“Hear O Israel, your god is one,” ignore all the others), a pagan worship of exclusively one divinity. Originally Yahweh was Moloch and then went on to be re-modeled after the Babylonian Marduk with the Josiah “reforms.” Many classical observers said that Yahweh is the same as the pagan divinity Saturn, which is obvious, and the “day of Jehovah” is Shabbat, the seventh day, the seventh planet, Saturday. Shabbat is Hebrew for Saturn. Yahweh is a materialist figment of the imagination.

    But the most developed, most intellectually refined (and “scientific”) Dualism is Manichaeism. Abbé Augustin Barruel recognized that Mani was the guiding spirit of the French Revolution, and said so, over and over again, in his study. He has been derided for this as having an “obsession” with Manichaeism. As a Jesuit, (Jesuits were originally a Jewish infiltration of Spanish Catholicism), he was in a position to recognize it as such, just as it takes a thief to catch a thief. All Dualisms are in competition with each other. One Christian form of Dualism, besides the Cathars, is Protestantism. Its most radical form was Calvinism—the “Puritans,” followed by Lutheranism. (Martin Luther said: “I must ascribe some divinity to Satan, and some fiendishness to God.”)

    • LOL: Thim
  14. Franz says:

    Jews such as Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965) openly admitted that Christianity was cultural genocide by Jewish instigators

    And they’ve been wide open about it more recently:

    I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that.

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
    , @Bookish1
  15. @S

    Well, Belcher’s coat of arms lacks an eagle, and chevron. In terms of heraldry, not much similarity to the original USA coat of arms.

    But much more similar to the original USA flag than Belcher’s coat of arms to US coat of arms, is the flag of the (in)famous East India Company.
    I suppose “The Company” is now called CIA.

    • Replies: @Jim H
    , @S
  16. Good thing this was short because you said nothing.

  17. Interesting article of the ‘creative destruction’ doctrine of the Masonry.
    Below Henry Makow’s view of the secret Jewish Masonry’s role in destroying all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke in the world:
    “Anti-Jewish” Dresden Manifesto (1882) Conceded Defeat

    -A Dresden conference shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli 140 years ago and explains why the West’s racial cohesion and Christian heritage are under vicious satanist attack. Read this and ask yourself, “Could Hitler have come to power without Masonic Jewish complicity?”
    The Secret Masonry is setting up “our own, to all appearance, off position which in at least one of its organs [Nazis] will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.” (Protocols of Zion, 12.11)
    But no man said anything about him [Jesus] openly for fear of the Jews. (John 7:13)
    “… Israel requires world war and soon!… Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To their mind, their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low.”

  18. @mcohen

    Excuse me – where is the price of eggs in all this?

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  19. @S

    So in effect you believe what the Masons reveal about themselves to the public?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @S
  20. Jim H says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    ‘Much more similar to the original USA flag … is the flag of the (in)famous East India Company. I suppose “The Company” is now called CIA.’ — AnotherPolishPerspective

    Quite right you are:”

    Thanks for the vexillological schooling.

    Whereas the only appropriate flag for “The Company” (CIA) is the Jolly Roger.

  21. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Soon after the Gulf War of 1990-1991, my father learned that I was investigating, in my spare time, secretive societies such as the CFR and Trilateral Commission.

    My father, Don Peretz, was a member of the CFR and was a Mideast policy advisor for President Kennedy and President Carter.

    During the early 1990s, I was an employee of Coudert Brothers, which was a member of the Trilateral Commission.

    My father married a Polish-Israel terrorist (Maya Peretz) in 1979. Her job was to influence my father and the CFR to favor Israeli policies.

    Rather than reveal anything meaningful about my questions, such as “Who killed JFK?”, my father chose to take me on a tour of the silly Masonic Temple in the District of Columbia. (I didn’t read Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper until 2002.)

    I’ve always regarded “The Masons” to be a fraudulent Jewish organization for bribing cops, clerks, judges, and other bureacrats who were not members of the higher-level secretive societies such as the WZO, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission.

    In recent years, I learned that Coudert Brothers, which was one of the Rothschilds’ favorite law firms, had “mistakenly” lost all the files regarding the business relationship between J.P. Morgan and the Rothschild dynasty.

    • Replies: @Kali
  22. Fred777 says:

    Don’t be fooled by any of this, the real power rests with the Stonecutters.

  23. @mcohen

    From the same Wikipedia entry:

    Polgár and her two older sisters, Grandmaster Susan and International Master Sofia, were part of an educational experiment carried out by their father, László Polgár, in an attempt to prove that children could make exceptional achievements if trained in a specialist subject from a very early age.[13] “Geniuses are made, not born,” was László’s thesis.

    Excuse me, but depriving your children of a normal life to make them the subjects of a petty experiment qualifies as child abuse in my book. I am not sure what your point is but from the quote you picked, I am quite confident that the conclusion one can draw from the Wikipedia entry to which you linked is pretty much the opposite of your point.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  24. DanFromCT says:

    Christian doctrines did not create any civilization . . .

    Science was stillborn in every society going back to the ancients before the Medieval Catholic Scholastics developed not only the hitherto unknown vocabulary of science, but the conceptual framework without which science’s birth and flourishing was impossible.

    You might try reading God’s Philosophers, How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science by James Hannam before making such outrageous claims.

    Even more so does modern law and philosophy and the ability to reason from incomplete evidence to correct conclusion owe its existence to the Catholic Church. Shame on you.

    • Agree: HdC, lavoisier, Alden
    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
    , @Franz
  25. Kali says:

    Hello ivegotrythm,

    Thanks for you comment. I wonder if you hve read Nesta H. Webster’s “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”? It supports much of what you say in your fist couple of paragraphs. Just as Israel Shahack’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” (or should that be the other way around?) supports what you write regarding the politheistic nature of Judaism.

    Again, interesting comment. Thank you.

    Best wishes,

  26. Jon Chance says: • Website

    According to today’s “history”, paper money was invented about one thousand years ago in China.

    But since coinage has never been a necessary part of any monetary system, one must wonder why today’s “history” pretends that paper money didn’t exist long before then.

    If Ptolemy is credited with introducing coinage to ancient Egypt in 300 BC, didn’t Egyptians and others use paper money long before it was supposedly invented in China one thousand years ago?

    Who benefits from the confusion, chaos, and decadence caused by the issuance of coinage?

    Why are we told so little about the history of Ptolemy?


    Ptolemy I Soter (/ˈtɒləmi/; Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Σωτήρ, Ptolemaîos Sōtḗr “Ptolemy the Savior”; c. 367 BC – January 282 BC) was a Macedonian Greek[1] general, historian and companion of Alexander the Great from the Kingdom of Macedon in northern Greece who became ruler of Egypt, part of Alexander’s former empire. Ptolemy was pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt from 305/304 BC[2] to his death. He was the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which ruled Egypt until the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC, turning the country into a Hellenistic kingdom and Alexandria into a center of Greek culture.

    Ptolemy I was the son of Arsinoe of Macedon by either her husband Lagus or Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander. However, the latter is unlikely since it’s possibly a myth fabricated to glorify the Ptolemaic Dynasty.[3] Ptolemy was one of Alexander’s most trusted companions and military officers. After the death of Alexander in 323 BC, Ptolemy retrieved his body as it was en route to be buried in Macedon, placing it in Memphis instead, where it was later moved to Alexandria in a new tomb. Afterwards he joined a coalition against Perdiccas, the royal regent over Philip III of Macedon. The latter invaded Egypt but was assassinated by his own officers in 320 BC, allowing Ptolemy I to consolidate his control over the country. After a series of wars between Alexander’s successors, Ptolemy gained a claim to Judea in southern Syria, which was disputed with the Syrian king Seleucus I. He also took control of Cyprus and Cyrenaica, the latter of which was placed under the control of Ptolemy’s stepson Magas. Ptolemy also had the Library of Alexandria built.

    Ptolemy I may have married Thaïs, his mistress during the life of Alexander; he is known to have married the Persian noblewoman Artakama on Alexander’s orders. He later married Eurydice, daughter of the Macedonian regent Antipater; their sons Ptolemy Keraunos and Meleager ruled in turn as kings of Macedon. Ptolemy’s final marriage was to Eurydice’s cousin and lady-in-waiting, Berenice I. Ptolemy I died in 282 BC and was succeeded by his son with Berenice, Ptolemy II.

    1 Early life and career
    2 Successor of Alexander
    3 Rivalry and wars
    4 Marriages, children, and succession
    5 Historian
    6 Euclid
    7 In art and fiction
    8 See also
    9 References
    9.1 Citations
    9.2 Sources
    10 Bibliography
    11 External links
    Early life and career

    Ptolemaic coin showing Alexander the Great wearing an elephant scalp, a symbol of his conquest in India
    A Macedonian,[1] Ptolemy was born in 367 BC.[4] Ptolemy’s mother was Arsinoe. According to Satyrus the Peripatetic, Arsinoe was a descendant of Alexander I of Macedon and thus a member of the Argead dynasty, claiming ultimate descent from Heracles. Ostensibly, Ptolemy’s father was Lagus, a Macedonian nobleman from Eordaea, but many ancient sources claim that he was actually an illegitimate son of Philip II of Macedon. If true, this would have made Ptolemy the half-brother of Alexander the Great. It is probable that this is a later myth fabricated to glorify the Ptolemaic dynasty.[5]

    Ptolemy served with Alexander from his first campaigns, and was among the seven somatophylakes (bodyguards) of Alexander. He played a principal part in the later campaigns in Afghanistan and India.[6] He participated in the Battle of Issus, commanding troops on the left wing under the authority of Parmenion. Later he accompanied Alexander during his journey to the Oracle in the Siwa Oasis where he was proclaimed a son of Zeus.[7] Ptolemy had his first independent command during the campaign against the rebel Bessus whom his own guards captured and handed over to Ptolemy, who then handed him over to Alexander for execution.[8]

    Successor of Alexander

    Coin of Ptolemy I, British Museum, London

    Ptolemy I gold stater with elephant quadriga, Cyrenaica

    Ptolemy as Pharaoh in the British Museum
    When Alexander died in 323 BC, Ptolemy is said to have instigated the settlement of the empire made at Babylon. Through the Partition of Babylon, he was appointed satrap of Egypt, under the nominal kings Philip III and the infant Alexander IV; the former satrap, the Greek Cleomenes, stayed on as his deputy. Ptolemy quickly moved, without authorization, to subjugate Cyrenaica.[6]

    By custom, kings in Macedonia asserted their right to the throne by burying their predecessor. Probably because he wanted to pre-empt Perdiccas, the imperial regent, from staking his claim in this way, Ptolemy took great pains in acquiring the body of Alexander the Great. On his deathbed, Alexander wished to be buried at the Temple of Zeus Ammon in the Siwa Oasis of ancient Libya instead of the royal tombs of Aigai in Macedon.[9] However, his successors including Perdiccas attempted to bury his body in Macedon instead. In late 322 or early 321 BC, Alexander’s body was in Syria, on its way to Macedon, when it was captured by Ptolemy I. He brought Alexander’s remains back to Egypt, interring them at Memphis, but they were later moved to Alexandria where a tomb was constructed for them.[10] Shortly after this event, Ptolemy openly joined the coalition against Perdiccas. Perdiccas appears to have suspected Ptolemy of aiming for the throne himself, and may have decided that Ptolemy was his most dangerous rival. Ptolemy executed Cleomenes for spying on behalf of Perdiccas; this removed the chief check on his authority, and allowed Ptolemy to obtain the huge sum that Cleomenes had accumulated.[11]

    Rivalry and wars

    Kingdom of Ptolemy I Kingdom of Cassander Kingdom of Lysimachus Kingdom of Seleucus I Epirus
    Other: Carthage Rome Greek colonies

    Relief from the cult chamber of Thoth in Tuna el-Gebel, painted limestone, reign of Ptolemy I Soter, ca. 295 BC

    Ptolemy I, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
    In 321 BC, Perdiccas attempted to invade Egypt, only to fall at the hands of his own men.[12] Ptolemy’s decision to defend the Nile against Perdiccas ended in fiasco for Perdiccas, with the loss of 2,000 men. This failure was a fatal blow to Perdiccas’ reputation, and he was murdered in his tent by two of his subordinates. Ptolemy immediately crossed the Nile, to provide supplies to what had the day before been an enemy army. Ptolemy was offered the regency in place of Perdiccas; but he declined.[13] Ptolemy was consistent in his policy of securing a power base, while never succumbing to the temptation of risking all to succeed Alexander.[14]

    In the long wars that followed between the different Diadochi, Ptolemy’s first goal was to hold Egypt securely, and his second was to secure control in the outlying areas: Cyrenaica and Cyprus, as well as Syria, including the province of Judea. His first occupation of Syria was in 318, and he established at the same time a protectorate over the petty kings of Cyprus. When Antigonus I, master of Asia in 315, showed expansionist ambitions, Ptolemy joined the coalition against him, and on the outbreak of war, evacuated Syria. In Cyprus, he fought the partisans of Antigonus, and re-conquered the island (313). A revolt in Cyrene was crushed the same year.[6]

    In 312, Ptolemy and Seleucus, the fugitive satrap of Babylonia, both invaded Syria, and defeated Demetrius I, the son of Antigonus, in the Battle of Gaza. Again he occupied Syria, and again—after only a few months, when Demetrius had won a battle over his general, and Antigonus entered Syria in force—he evacuated it. In 311, a peace was concluded between the combatants. Soon after this, the surviving 13-year-old king, Alexander IV, was murdered in Macedonia on the orders of Cassander, leaving the satrap of Egypt absolutely his own master.[6]

    The peace did not last long, and in 309 Ptolemy personally commanded a fleet which detached the coastal towns of Lycia and Caria from Antigonus, then crossed into Greece, where he took possession of Corinth, Sicyon and Megara (308 BC). In 306, a great fleet under Demetrius attacked Cyprus, and Ptolemy’s brother Menelaus was defeated and captured in another decisive Battle of Salamis. Ptolemy’s complete loss of Cyprus followed.[6]

    The satraps Antigonus and Demetrius now each assumed the title of king; Ptolemy, as well as Cassander, Lysimachus and Seleucus I Nicator, responded by doing the same. In the winter of 306 BC, Antigonus tried to follow up his victory in Cyprus by invading Egypt; but Ptolemy was strongest there, and successfully held the frontier against him. Ptolemy led no further overseas expeditions against Antigonus.[15] However, he did send great assistance to Rhodes when it was besieged by Demetrius (305/304). The Rhodians granted divine honors to Ptolemy as a result of the lifting of the siege.[16]

    When the coalition against Antigonus was renewed in 302, Ptolemy joined it, and invaded Syria a third time, while Antigonus was engaged with Lysimachus in Asia Minor. On hearing a report that Antigonus had won a decisive victory there, he once again evacuated Syria. But when the news came that Antigonus had been defeated and slain by Lysimachus and Seleucus at the Battle of Ipsus in 301, he occupied Syria a fourth time.[15]

    The other members of the coalition had assigned all Syria to Seleucus, after what they regarded as Ptolemy’s desertion, and for the next hundred years, the question of the ownership of southern Syria (i.e., Judea) produced recurring warfare between the Seleucid and Ptolemaic dynasties. Henceforth, Ptolemy seems to have involved himself as little as possible in the rivalries between Asia Minor and Greece; he lost what he held in Greece, but reconquered Cyprus in 295/294. Cyrenaica, after a series of rebellions, was finally subjugated in about 300 and placed under his stepson Magas.[15]

    Marriages, children, and succession

    Ptolemy I and Berenice I

    Depiction of Ptolemy I or II, Royal Ontario Museum

    Ptolemy I depicted as Dionysus
    While Alexander was alive, Ptolemy had three children with his mistress Thaïs, who may also have been his wife: Lagus; Leontiscus; and Eirene, who was given in marriage to Eunostos of Soloi in Cyprus. During the Susa weddings, Ptolemy married Persian noblewoman Artakama, as ordered by Alexander the Great.[17] Around 322 BC, he married Eurydice, daughter of Antipater, regent of Macedonia. They had five children before she was repudiated: three sons–Ptolemy Keraunos, king of Macedon from 281 BC to 279 BC; his brother and successor Meleager, who ruled for two months in 279 BC; and a ‘rebel in Cyprus’ who was put to death by his half-brother Ptolemy II–as well as the daughters Ptolemais, who married Demetrius I of Macedon, and Lysandra, first married to Alexander V of Macedon and after to Lysimachus’ son Agathocles.[17][18][19][20][21][22] Ptolemy married once more to Berenice, Eurydice’s cousin, who had come to Egypt as Eurydice’s lady-in-waiting with the children from her first marriage to Philip. Their children were Arsinoe II, Philotera, and Ptolemy II. Their eldest child Arsinoe married Lysimachus, then her half-brother Ptolemy Keraunos, and finally her full brother Ptolemy II.[18][23]

    In 285, Ptolemy made his son Ptolemy II his co-regent. His eldest legitimate son, Ptolemy Keraunos, fled to the court of Lysimachus. Ptolemy I died in January 282 aged 84 or 85.[4] Shrewd and cautious, he had a compact and well-ordered realm to show at the end of forty years of war. His reputation for good nature and liberality attached the floating soldier-class of Macedonians and other Greeks to his service, and was not insignificant; nor did he wholly neglect conciliation of the natives. He was a ready patron of letters, founding the Great Library of Alexandria.[24] The Ptolemaic dynasty which he founded ruled Egypt for nearly three hundred years. It was a Hellenistic kingdom known for its capital Alexandria, which became a center of Greek culture. Ptolemaic rule ended with the death of Cleopatra VII in 30 BC.[25]

    Ptolemy himself wrote an eyewitness history of Alexander’s campaigns (now lost).[26] In the second century AD, Ptolemy’s history was used by Arrian of Nicomedia as one of his two main primary sources (alongside the history of Aristobulus of Cassandreia) for his own extant Anabasis of Alexander, and hence large parts of Ptolemy’s history can be assumed to survive in paraphrase or précis in Arrian’s work.[27] Arrian cites Ptolemy by name on only a few occasions, but it is likely that large stretches of Arrian’s Anabasis reflect Ptolemy’s version of events. Arrian once names Ptolemy as the author “whom I chiefly follow”,[28] and in his Preface writes that Ptolemy seemed to him to be a particularly trustworthy source, “not only because he was present with Alexander on campaign, but also because he was himself a king, and hence lying would be more dishonourable for him than for anyone else”.[29]

    Ptolemy’s lost history was long considered an objective work, distinguished by its straightforward honesty and sobriety,[15] but more recent work has called this assessment into question. R. M. Errington argued that Ptolemy’s history was characterised by persistent bias and self-aggrandisement, and by systematic blackening of the reputation of Perdiccas, one of Ptolemy’s chief dynastic rivals after Alexander’s death.[30] For example, Arrian’s account of the fall of Thebes in 335 BC (Anabasis 1.8.1–1.8.8, a rare section of narrative explicitly attributed to Ptolemy by Arrian) shows several significant variations from the parallel account preserved in Diodorus Siculus (17.11–12), most notably in attributing a distinctly unheroic role in proceedings to Perdiccas. More recently, J. Roisman has argued that the case for Ptolemy’s blackening of Perdiccas and others has been much exaggerated.[31]

    Ptolemy personally sponsored the great mathematician Euclid. He found Euclid’s seminal work, the Elements, too difficult to study, so he asked if there were an easier way to master it. According to Proclus Euclid famously quipped: “Sire, there is no Royal Road to geometry.”[32]

    In art and fiction

    Illustrated depiction of Ptolemy by E. Wallis

    The taking of Jerusalem by Ptolemy Soter c. 320 BC, by Jean Fouquet
    Ptolemy is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins and Elliot Cowan as the narrator and a main character in the historical epic Alexander, directed by Oliver Stone.
    Ptolemy appears as a minor character in Mary Renault’s Alexander Trilogy novels.
    See also
    History of Ptolemaic Egypt
    Serapis, Greco-Egyptian god, promoted by Ptolemy
    Jones, Prudence J. (2006). Cleopatra: A Sourcebook. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. p. 14. ISBN 9780806137414. They were members of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Macedonian Greeks, who ruled Egypt after the death of its conqueror, Alexander the Great.
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    External links

    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ptolemy I.
    Ptolemy Soter I at LacusCurtius — (Chapter II of E. R Bevan’s House of Ptolemy, 1923)
    Ptolemy I (at Egyptian Royal Genealogy, with genealogical table)
    Livius, Ptolemy I Soter by Jona Lendering
    Ptolemy I Soter entry in historical sourcebook by Mahlon H. Smith
    A genealogical tree of Ptolemy, though not necessarily reliable Alexander the Great
    Ptolemy I Soter
    Ptolemaic Dynasty
    Born: 367 BC Died: 282 BC
    Preceded by
    Alexander IV
    Pharaoh of Egypt
    305/304–282 BC Succeeded by
    Ptolemy II

  27. Emslander says:

    escape velocity from Jewish power can’t be achieved

    Actually, escape velocity is achieved by reception of the Roman Catholic sacraments, which effect a state of sanctifying grace until a holy death.

  28. @Franz

    “Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that.”

    That’s true but why should the nations of Europe be weakened by multiculturalism on the terms of the Jews? That would mean their own destruction and even the destruction of whole Europe. Why should the Jews have the right to dictate in this matter too? After all, they are just one people or race among others. Is it not up to the peoples of the countries of Europe (or America) to decide how they want to shape the culture of their own country?
    Isn’t it the matter of the Jews to assimilate and not be a ‘state in state’ like they try to do. They already have their own state where they can live on their own terms.

    • Replies: @Franz
  29. There’s a huge Masonic temple in Fashington D C. In the basement of which are rooms. One of which is a shrine to J Edgar Hoover, founder of … .


    They are the secret police.

    • Replies: @Anonymous12890
  30. Notsofast says:
    @Jim H

    skull and bones, totenkopf, sicherheitdienst, it’s all one big family.

  31. @mephisto

    I am tired of Jews bashing. I really am. Coming people like yourself who worship a Jew, Jesus, and then wonder why Jews have you by the balls.
    Grow a pair already and starting hammering things away. Don’t forget to begin with yourself.

    Aww, poor thing. He’s “tired”.

    Most Christians and Jews don’t know their own religious history. Jesus being a Jew/Jewish is nonsense.

    “Judaism” is Pharisaism…

    “Among the innumerable misfortunes which have befallen… the most fatal in its consequences is the name Judaism… neither in biblical nor post-biblical, neither in Talmudic nor in much later times, is the term Judaism ever heard…”

    – Rabbi Adolph Moses in collaboration with Rabbi H.G. Enlow , “Yahvism and Other Discourses”

    “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name . . . the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives, unaltered . . . From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia, and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered . . . demonstrates the enduring importance which attaches to Pharisaism as a religious movement . . .”

    – Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, “The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith”

    Jesus opposed the Pharisees – remember, he kicked their hairy asses out of the Temple. Thus, how could he have ever been a Jew or Jewish? If anything, “Judaism” was something completely different in Canaan before the grubby Pharisees came in.

    “Judaism” was a cult of Persian origin brought in to Canaan to get rid of polytheism, replace it with monotheism and establish a Temple State where the tax was to be collected from.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  32. The Jesuit priest Abbé Augustin Barruel’s magisterial work Mémoires pour servir à l’histoire du Jacobinisme (1798), for instance, attempted to uncover the anti-Christian character of Freemasonry by detailing the conspiratorial role played by the Enlightenment philosophes and the Freemasons and the Illuminati in the genesis and conduct of the French Revolution.


    The “French” Revolution was anything but French. It was conducted from (Jewish) Britain with the help of the Enlightenment in France (an anti-French group created by and for Britain) and the maniacal Jacobins (who did the butchering).

    But why did it happen? Britain had lost against the US colonies. France was with the US colonies. Britain felt threatened and wanted to prevent further alliances between the US, France and others in the Euro continent.

    Funny how all revolutions have the exact same blueprint to date.

  33. @Jim H

    Jolly Roger. Very right.

    I have always wondered why American soldiers started to call themselves, G.I., Goverment Inventory. Who started that and who spread it?
    It is pretty demeaning and no warrior culture would call soldiers “inventory”. But if you take into account that USA is “The Company”, it starts to be more understandable….

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  34. @Here Be Dragon

    Is it an a analysis at all? It seems like a long series of quotes of which it cannot be certainly said that the author is affirming the truth and validity of their content.

    I was invited to take an interest in becoming a Mason in my early twenties based on nothing more than its advantages for networking if one was an ambitious young man. I never heard of any suggested Jewish connection.

  35. profnasty says:

    “Hospitals are an inspiration of Christian charity.”
    Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha
    If you’re Black.

  36. @Passing By

    Absolutely. My thoughts. Winning a pointless game! What a perverse excuse for a childhood.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  37. Truth says:
    @A. Clifton

    Genesis 15:13-16

    Deuteronomy 28:37

  38. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Hiram of Tyre

    Secrets of the Temple.



    “Jews” are counterfeiters.

    Money is a representation of territory.

    If we had legitimate governments with genuine public treasuries and real elections, all money would be fully backed by sovereign national territory (Location Value Rent).


    All adult citizens today would receive our full National Citizens Dividend (over \$30,000/year per citizen) if we weren’t being robbed by Jewish “banks”.

    “Bank” corporations have been stealing our National Citizens Dividend since the “Federalist” (British) Constitution of 1787 overthrew the First US Constitution and the American Confederation.

    Most Americans are enslaved today because they worship fraudulent “Bibles” and a fraudulent Constitution.

  39. Bookish1 says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    of course they aren’t going to mention a Jewish connection. You find that out after being a freemason for 20 years or so

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  40. To gain a deeper overview of Freemasonry.

    Morals & Dogma (1871) Albert Pike.

    Book can be downloaded in various forms from.

    Couple of quotes from Morals & Dogma.

    Let a Republic begin as it may, it will not be out of its minority before imbecility will be promoted to high places; and shallow pretence, getting itself puffed into notice, will invade all the sanctuaries.

    Politicians, in a free State, are generally hollow, heartless, and selfish. Their own aggrandisement is the end of their patriotism; and they always look with secret satisfaction on the disappointment or fall of one whose loftier genius and superior talents overshadow their own self-importance, or whose integrity and incorruptible honor are in the way of their selfish ends. The influence of the small aspirants is always against the great man.

  41. Bookish1 says:

    I can tell you in all honesty that mother nature does not want to lose the Germans. In actual fact mother nature was losing the Germans during that Weimar period and she sent one Adolph Hitler to save Germany so was mother natures desperation. Even Hitler himself said his rise was due to divine intervention. Just wait! I predict the Germans aren’t done yet. It might be a great depression but something is going to make big changes.

    • Agree: Emslander, HdC
  42. Bookish1 says:

    Jews think they are gods who can manipulate natures divine laws. They will find out different. Again.

  43. @TheTrumanShow

    Actually, this is the comment to which I wanted to say “Thanks”. Though the other was my thought exactly before curiosity led me to follow the link.

  44. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Secret Societies like the World Economic Forum or the Masons should be illegal, period.

    Every word exchanged in these confabs should be recorded, with minutes kept, and speakers identified. It is appalling that their crummy little plans and traps they set for those outside the group get to be sprung on a flat-footed public. This goes for the ADL, the NAACP, LA Raza, Antifa, BLM, or any nascent white groups.

  45. @ivegotrythm

    Both masons and followers of rabinic Judaism are worshippers of the Lord, which is Baal or Marduk, the main opponent of Jahwe. This is the reason why Jews have nowadays such problems with pronouncing the name of their god – simply this is not their god anymore: this is Adonis (Adonai)/Lord and Shekina/Tanit.
    They paid for it, however. Holocaust was foreseen in Deuteronomy, in one of the chapters which contain threats “If you do not follow…” there is said they will have to eat their own children, so badly they would be treated. And they did.

    True Jahwism, in the spirit of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is very rare nowadays, with some remnants of it among Jehowa witnesses AFAIK, who are here and there still persecuted, and looked at even with greater suspicions by common folks than mormons who, unlike Jehowa witnesses, are the part of establishment.
    But contrary to expectations, Jehowa witnesses who so eagerly hand out their journal “Watchtower” do not want to give or sell their translations of the Bible to non-Jehowa witnesses (this is at least my experience).

  46. RestiveUs says:

    Then why did the Catholic church persecute “heretics” like Galileo?

    • Replies: @Johan
  47. What is the point in blaming “Jewish” individuals and other like-minded people for working together to protect themselves and to achieve their aims and aspirations ?

    In Europe we have Islamic religious leaders telling their people to vote for the Greens,Socialists and other left-wing parties during election times because they think the leftists with their multi-culturalism are more muslim- friendly compared to the right. At home the same muslims are advised to reject the ” Godless leftists ” in favour of the Islamists and their Islamic mono-culturalism.

    Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself this question : what am I doing ? The role played by the Fascists, Nazis, White Supremacist, KKK and others who preach the so-called Enlightenment and Secularism in trying to destroy Christianity and the Christian Culture is more damaging than that of the anti-Christian secretive Masonic groups.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  48. @Bookish1

    The beautiful face of Germany:

    In Germany, churches can collect taxes from their members. This is called the church tax (Kirchensteuer). Around half of German tax payers pay the church tax. The church tax is 8% of your income tax in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and 9% in the rest of Germany. (15 jun. 2022)

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  49. @Wizard of Oz

    There is a connection through Kabbalah, but most of the Western esoteric tradition is in essence of Hebrew origin.

    Anyway, unless you are into some very marginal kind of Freemasonry, it must be better in every way than being a Catholic.

  50. GoySoy says:

    Again, Jesus was not a jew. He was a deity, and therefore it is impossible to have human DNA or belong to any ethnic group. Since it was virgin birth, how is it possible to trace the paternal line back to david? Just another jewish lie to fool the Christians.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  51. @Charles Martel France

    I have no problem with Jews working as a collective group.

    The issue is that when Whites do it the establishment considers it a crime of the century. Even when Whites are a minority they aren’t supposed to think or act collectively (See South Africa).

    Whites aren’t even allowed to say that they prefer the company of Whites.

    Blacks and Jews can start organizations that are explicitly for themselves.

    Even asking liberals to explain this double standard is considered racism. Our worthless conservatives fully accept this Orwellian contradiction and even donate to explicitly Black non-profits or speak positively of self-described Black leaders.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  52. @Irish Savant

    So in effect you believe what the Masons reveal about themselves to the public?

    No kidding.

    Why would the Masons reveal everything about themselves on a website?

    It’s a private organization with secret rituals and is known to have some very influential members in power. They are not going to list all of their goals for the sake of the public.

    They claim to be a fraternal organization and yet you can’t just walk in there like the Rotary club. You have to be groomed by existing members and then approved.

    I really don’t care why it exists. The very nature of it is controlling and exclusionary. In every small town the Masons favor each other in business and political relationships. They see themselves as above White society and from what I can tell are interested in controlling it while limiting the influence of the churches. At best it is secular while at worst they worship something like Baphomet once they are a high enough level.

  53. @GoySoy

    Again, Jesus was not a jew. He was a deity, and therefore it is impossible to have human DNA or belong to any ethnic group. Since it was virgin birth, how is it possible to trace the paternal line back to david?

    Well the paternal line could have been Roman which would explain why the Jews rejected him and even favored a murderer over his release. He might have looked Romanesque.

    Of course that theory is highly offensive to just about everyone.

  54. Bookish1 says:
    @Charles Martel France

    What the hell does a church tax have to do with the survival of Germany

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  55. This book is a much needed addition to the works on Freemasonry available in English. It never fails to astound me that there are still some people around who deny that Freemasonry is controlled, run and directed by Jews to serve their own globalist agenda. Then again there are still people around who deny the same with regard to Marxism, feminism, mass immigration, multi-racialism, materialism, modern art, LGBTism and transgenderism. The important thing however is to not despair, but to keep reaching out to those individuals who still preserve the ability to think seriously about serious issues. Believe it or not we are actually winning in this regard and it is thanks to such as those who are involved in the translation, publication and marketing of works like these that we are doing so.

  56. Stranger says:

    You’re all nuts here. The Jews are a scapegoat which can be used to avoid thinking, taking responsibility and fixing the world yourselves. I’ve know lots of Jews and several freemasons. None of them are as described. You’re just plain nuts.

    • Replies: @Jez Turner
  57. @mephisto

    Jesus was not a Jew. Culturally, Jews are believers of Talmudism: a faith born in the first centuries based on the traditions of the Pharisees (the arch-enemies of Jesus), with elements of Classical Antiquity and later development.

    Genetically, Jews are a mixture of peoples and have few relationship with the people of Jesus.

    For those that want to reduce the evangelical preference for Jews, what is the most successful strategy?

    1) Convince millions of Jesus-freaks to reject Jesus and embrace an Aryan Thor.

    2) Convince these guys that Jesus was not a Jew, which is true. That the Church is the True Israel (Saint Paul says that in the New Testament)

    Most Jews are atheists. Have you seen any atheist Jew attacking or mocking Judaism in the entire history of mankind? Who funds the public Jewish religious symbols? Mostly wealthy atheist Jews.

    Have you seen any non-believer Muslim person mocking or desecrating mosques?

    But, when it comes to Western people, everybody feels like attacking or mocking Christianity, our ancestral religion. Some of us say that Christianity is the cause of infiltration by Jews. But when the Catholic and Orthodox churches ruled the world there was no sich problem.

    Believe or not, you are on Team Christ, the same way atheist Jews are on Team Akiva and non-believing Muslims are on Team Mohammed. Culturally, not religiously. You can say you are not on Team Christ, but Jews and Muslims see you on team Christ, whatever you believe or say.

    All other teams are united. Our team is full of people that think there are not part of the team. Then we complain that everybody is thriving except us. Grow a pair and accept that the team is bigger than your personal ideas

  58. @ADeceptive Pseudonym

    Jews rule via (((Central Bank))) issuance of debt and huge blobs of unbacked funnymoney.

    more kosher funnymoney

    bids up the price of eggs.

  59. @anonymous

    Anonymous (492) you are so completely wrong. Christianity is a Greek religion! Jesus said Himself—“The Faith will BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU and given to another nation (ethnos, singular)”.

    I refer you to Prof. Jerry Dell Ehrlich’s book, Plato’s Gift to Christianity where he states that Plato is the intellectual founder of Christianity. I agree

    And where does the doctrine of the Trinity come from? It is implied in several texts in the Torah, but it was overt in the Doric Greek theology—and Plato and Plato was a philodorian!

    And lastly, St. Peter, first pope, writes (II Peter 1:5) “Supplement The Faith with Arete”. Arete is a very Greek term–not Hebrew. Arete is the central concept of Greek civilization—not Jewish. So you are completely wrong, misled, and dumber than a box of rocks—and going to hell for your blasphemy.

    And pure logical philosophical thought would say that there is a hell. God is pure Justice. No one with sin lives with Him. Hell is a real thing—because Justice is a real AND ETERNAL thing. And unless you confess your sins, acknowledge Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and be baptized—No Valhalla for you bub. No Baptism, No Eucharist—No Valhala for you.

    Justice is real and eternal===that is why Hell is eternal. Because you will never change and so Hell is for you.

    • Replies: @Anonymous12890
  60. Hitch says:

    What A Coincidence! Greta Thunberg Is Related To The Rothschild Clan

    The media became interested in the alleged kinship after a source at the large Swedish bank Handelsbanken stated that the Thunberg family had received transfers from the Rothschild Foundation to their accounts.

    Despite this information appearing in the tabloid press, the bank was so zealous to find the source of the leak that it raised suspicions.
    After two weeks of research, it turned out that the pubescent activist’s great-grandfather Joachim Thunberg was the son of Lionel Rothschild, who was illegitimate but was recognised in 1928.

    View post on

    So the goddess of weather is descended from the Rothschilds, and we know it because there have been direct payments to her “father” from the Rothschilds tax free “foundation”.

    For me, this is just the start of the revelations. For Greta is a MTF (Male to Female) tranny, like her mother. Suddenly we can understand how a retarded drop out becomes a world famous nobel peace prize recipient.

    Mr. E. does a fascinating deconstruction of Greta. Unfortunately, this video was made before the revelations concerning Greta’s blood line:


    Video Link

  61. Hitch says:

    There are numerous branches of Freemasonry, each with numerous lodges and all with various degree. From Bnai Brith to Mithrians to Royal Arch to Scottish Rite to the grand lodge of the Orient, plus many more including Prince Hall for Negroes.

    Freemasonry has always recruited talent, especially talent that can be controlled. Control by sex, by money, by ambition, by charity, even by glory.

    During the US “civil war” Freemasons from both sides looked out for each other and IIRC the north even had a special Freemason POW camp. Freemasons seeking glory and honor likely included Napoleon.

    Greedy psychopaths were always easy targets, and they contributed immensely to plundering wealth for the benefit of all lodge members.

    “Good” Freemasons can join organizations like Shriners in order to do charity and virtue signal and rehabilitate a ruined reputation.

    But they are all members of a secret society with secret oaths and threats of retribution for divulging their secrets.

    Hitler, Franco, Hirohito and Mussolini all banned freemasonry and shut down their lodges. This is why they are so scorned by Jews and Freemasons even today.

    Here is an interesting recent substack about the Rothschilds and their links to Freemasonry:


    The thread will include all major events that has involved the family from 1743 – Present Day. From the creation of the Illuminati, Central Banks, Wars and more.

    • Replies: @S
  62. paulo says:

    What we need is total brainwashing on a planetary scale , so as to forget even one’s name and the reasons we invented for thinking what we think in the first place .

    All will be very quiet for a short while

    But then some fool will come up with a new god , cults will form with strange designs , and it will be déjà vu all over again .

  63. Drumont was a French journalist who wrote many works on the Jews including La France juive: Essai d’histoire contemporain, 2 volumes (1886), Testament d’un antisémite (1891), Les Juifs et l’affaire Dreyfus (1899), La Tyrannie maçonnique (1899), Les Juifs contre la France (1899) and Le Peuple juif (1900). Drumont also ran a newspaper La libre parole,

    Where can one find English translations of these? And do you have any favorites to recommend?

  64. @ADeceptive Pseudonym

    Hoover was founder of FBI. He was a freemason (possibly Scottish Rite).

    • Replies: @ADeceptive Pseudonym
  65. Johan says:

    It were the members of secret lodges who infiltrated in the spheres of the all dominating dictator, the Christian Church, to bring progress. There was no other possibility. Modern people all too easily, being spoiled by a certain freedom and tolerance, forget that the democratic mentality of obstinacy gets you nowhere in situations of severe unfreedom and persecution. All tact and considerate strategy is thrown overboard in democratic lala-land.

    One major example of infiltration into the Infamy by Neoplatonists, is that of Pico della Mirandola, and his Oration on Dignity, with which he sought to get rid of the doctrine of humans as being inherently sinful and subject to no improvement at all. Through slow infiltration, and intelligent strategy, many people, masking as Christians, slowly changed the situation, clearing the path for science and freedom. The Oration was first declined, but later on the situation changed.

    As you can see in this article and the many speculative-fantasy idiots in the comment section, secret lodges, which were created to avoid persecution by authorities and mobs are still under persecution, by Christian and democratic peoples, this times through the slander of sick hostility paranoia, forging all kinds of ridiculous narratives. Slander, throwing dirt and sick paranoia is these days the last resort of some Christians, their contagious poison also leaks into the sphere of secular democratic mobs at times though.

    For secret lodge members, to mask themselves as Christians was not always a problem, they saw the relative good in the faith, and sacrificed themselves to get rid of the bad. Imagine also how they put themselves at risk, they never knew whether they would be branded as a heretic and ended up consumed by the flames.

    The gratefulness of Christians extends as far as that nowadays, they falsify history, sticking feathers in their superstitious asses, assigning progress to themselves, and they fanatically slander those who really aided progress.

  66. @wlindsaywheeler

    Only partially correct. You arent looking deeper.
    Greeks and Jews both influenced Christianity. As did more ancients groups.

  67. Johan says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Secret lodges were the result of persecutions by authorities and mobs through the ages, also in pre Christian ages, they were a form of necessary protection and organization which was needed up to the period of the enlightenment. There are no more secret lodges operating secretly, all what is left is the clubs of the silly playing outdated ceremony, and hobby networking clubs (which are in no way required to be secret or ‘free Mason’). Secret lodge ideas are nowadays openly found in the societal sphere, and to some extent implemented in society.
    These days there is only slander from Christians left, it’s what the religion thought them, so they invoke human devils and demons like they did for centuries, it is all plain and simple based on the usual religious intolerance, forging ridiculous narratives (plus some democratic hostility towards elites). It is the last resort of fanatic intolerant religiosity.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  68. I stopped reading the second he referred to Masonry as “the organization”.

    Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Freemasonry knows that it is far from monolithic. The author probably isn’t even aware of the rift between the United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Orient de France, much less the differences between the various rites of Freemasonry.

    The reality is that Masonry has lost its prestige over the past few decades- membership has declined sharply in absolute numbers in the US and even more sharply in relative numbers. Masonic temples are being sold off. The last US President who was a Mason was Gerald Ford.

    The idea that the Masons are connected with Zionism is just plain silly and frankly sounds like a Deep State red herring.

  69. @Johan

    Thanks. I think your last sentence must be referring to the would be persecutors and ostracisers of the (largely imaginary) Masons – right? A small minority indeed who can’t get up much more than a UR thread to voice and spread their hostility!!

  70. @Anonymous12890

    Yes I know. And what are the feebz? And they had mayzonikkk clubs all over the cunt tree. Likewise all the other fraternal organizations.

  71. @Bookish1

    What the hell does a church tax have to do with the survival of Germany ?

    The strength of a nation lies in the preservation of its identity. Christianity is an important part of the German identity on which the survival of Germany depends.

  72. Franz says:

    Even more so does modern law and philosophy and the ability to reason from incomplete evidence to correct conclusion owe its existence to the Catholic Church.

    This is just not true.

    We have no “complete” evidence from the ancients precisely because Our Holy Mother the Church (as us pre-Vatican II Catholics used to call her) burned so many “pagan” centers of learning and governance and lost tons of scientific information. Europe had to re-discover basic things like mixing paint and measuring distances.

    Read Catherine Nixey’s book, The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World. Her book is far from the only one, it’s just compact and covers quite a bit for the lay reader.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  73. Johan says:

    Frankly, what I am rather looking for is the possibility of uninhabited or sparsely inhabited good agricultural lands to which Jewish colonies might be sent,” the President wrote to Bowman. He added that “such colonies need not be large but, in all probability, should be large enough for mutual cooperation and assistance—say fifty to one hundred thousand people in a given area.

    FDR appeared to have a great deal of common sense, and the Jews dislike common sense in other peoples very much… so their snakepit has to spit and slander a former US president, and a country who came at their rescue, even after over half a century. The gratitude of a Jew…

    Spread them thin, and preferably in areas where they cannot be of much burden to others. Such practical and humane wisdom becomes ever more rare.

  74. @Franz

    Read Catherine Nixey’s book, The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World. Her book is far from the only one, it’s just compact and covers quite a bit for the lay reader.

    Oscar Luis from Spain :

    In short, I am an atheist, but to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. It is a short, pamphlet book, written in an incendiary tone and seeking controversy to better sell her work, even if for this she tells lies, half-truths, and does so by telling the story from only one side.

    • Replies: @Franz
  75. @AndyDufresne

    I stopped reading your comment when you said “I stopped reading.”

  76. Franz says:
    @Charles Martel France

    Sounds like he reviewed a book he didn’t read. Or forgot the many citations she provided.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  77. Franz says:

    Just wait! I predict the Germans aren’t done yet.

    I agree completely.

    I only hope the Germans — and the rest of Europe — don’t wait too long and give the world a terrible, ruinous war.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  78. Franz says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    That’s true but why should the nations of Europe be weakened by multiculturalism on the terms of the Jews?

    Some Jews seem to think they own the world. They’ve been telling Europeans to “diversify” but in the end it will only mean all of Europe will be ruined.

    If Europe does not want that, they (we) must act. Soon.

    • Replies: @Malcolm X-Lax
  79. @Another Polish Perspective

    It is pretty demeaning and no warrior culture would call soldiers “inventory”

    This is simply incorrect. The ‘I’ in ‘GI’ did not stand for “Inventory”, but for “Issue”. I was told as a child that ‘G.I.’ meant simply “General Issue”, or “Government Issue”.

    This is not simply a semantic point. You need to remember that most average uneducated teenage 7-dollar a day draft American soldiers in Europe or Japan in the 1940’s would never have used the word “inventory” – many, especially Blacks, would not even have known what it meant. The usage of “GI” by the soldiers themselves simply began as black humour – because the stamped label “G.I.” was printed (by the government suppliers) inside every article of military clothing and much equipment – so the Army joke was that the government was mass-producing its disposable cann0n-fodder soldiers for the front-line horrors in exactly the same way as it’s cheap mass-produced equipment.

    Which in fact was exactly correct – since that was and has always been the sole purpose of a wartime Draft. That is “demeaning” to soldiers because treating soldiers that way is demeaning – and every government and Army has always done it.

  80. Kali says:
    @Jon Chance

    Nice website, Jon. (I took a look imagining to read a little more of your and your families history.) I applaud your efforts. May they bare fruit.

    With love,

  81. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Thank you for your appreciation, Kali.

    The campaign is not about me or my family. It’s about the questions, issues and policies neglected (or prohibited) by others.

    It’s important to understand that with civil liberties come civil responsibilities, and both must be restored.

    The First US Constitution (Articles of Confederation) and the 1776 Declaration of Rights by George Mason point us in the right direction.

  82. Bookish1 says:

    I do not believe it will be a terrible ruinous war. That won’t be necessary for the Germans to get back on their own feet again and in control of their own destiny. All that has to happen is for America to be too consumed in our own problems to exercise control over some other countries. That day seems to be coming sooner than we thought.

  83. gay troll says:

    What is a Jew? A Jew is allegedly descended from the kingdom of Judea. According to the Bible, the kingdom of Judea split from the Kingdom of Israel after the reign of Solomon.

    Crucially, it was the Judeans or Jews who “discovered” the Mosaic law in a latrine or somewhere it had been moldering for centuries. According to the Bible, then, it was the Jews who “found” the Bible in the first place. This explains why there is no actual archaeological evidence to support the reign of Solomon. The simple fact is that everything in the Bible up to (and possibly including) the Babylonian captivity is complete fiction. There were no ethnic Hebrew, there were Habiru. There was no monotheism in ancient Israel. It is all a quasi historical fantasy. Those on this thread saying there are no Jews in the Bible are way off track. The Bible was written for, by, and about Jews.

    But who were the Jews if they were not originally Hebrew? Obviously they were people who wanted to stake a claim on the “promised” land. Were they even Israeli? Not likely. Jon Chance offers a glimpse into one likely suspect: Ptolemaic Egypt. One must never forget that the Jewish Bible was first published in Greek, and the Greek text remains the oldest known version of the scriptures. An Alexandrian origin of Judaism explains the Torah’s adaptation of the Amarna letters and the beliefs of the monotheist pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled Egypt at the same time the Habiru were conquering the city states of Canaan. The other possible origin of Judaism is Persian. After all, the messiah appears in the book of Isaiah and he is none other than Cyrus himself.

    Either way, there is no evidence that Judaism existed prior to 250 BCE when the Septuagint was published by the Ptolemies. They didn’t steal the real history of Israel, they fictionalized it. The Old Testament is the story of how the kingdom of Judah inherited fictional covenants from fictional forebears, giving them the right to rule Jerusalem and the entire world therefrom. We call them Jews for short.

    The claim that Jesus was not Jewish is equally nonsensical. The only sensical claim about Jesus is that he was fictional. Christianity begins with Paul. Paul re interpreted the Greek first edition of the Jewish Bible. He wrote in Greek as well, meaning it was no surprise that the Gospels were also later composed in Greek. Paul was quite simply a Jew! The Septuagint had been in print for 200 years, and yet Zion was not forthcoming. Furthermore the Jews were threatened in an existential war with Rome. This is the context in which Paul reimagined Jewish prophecies, so that the Messiah might be a celestial rather than an earthly figure, and Zion might attain in Heaven instead of on Earth. Paul preached certain Jewish beliefs among the Gentiles, in exchange for a fair price of course. This is why he offers to circumcise hearts instead of penises; because the former is an abstraction and the latter is a bloody mess. Paul made it easy for Gentiles to participate in a fundamentally Jewish belief system. Paul offered Judaism lite.

    But that’s not the end of the story. Because Rome defeated Jerusalem utterly in the year 70 AD. Now not only the Septuagint, but also the letters of Paul were rendered moot. This is when the Gospels were written, becoming the new vine grafted on to the old rootstock. In the Gospels, Jesus Christ, the invention of Paul, is said to have walked on Earth, dispensed wisdom and miracles, was witnessed by vast multitudes, born of human woman, and executed by a Roman official. Paul claimed none of these things. Whereas Paul preached to Gentiles, Jesus Christ in the Gospels preaches to Jews. And what does he tell the Jews? He tells them they are evil, children of the devil, that their kingdom will be taken away and given to a new people, that they are no longer chosen, and that they should hasten their own demise so as to sooner reach their Zion in heaven.

    It may be accurate to say that Gospel Jesus was not a Jew, but in the evangelical diegesis he is mistaken for a Jew, since his apparent father is the seed of David. Jesus cannot be Christ if he is not the seed of David. Therefore the only conclusion is that whether intentionally or not, Jesus impersonates a Jew in the Gospels. The fact that Jesus is fictional is the only thing that can account for this contradiction. Jesus (aka Joshua or “Salvation of Yahweh”) is the Christ (aka Messiah or “divinely appointed King of the Jews”) yet in the Gospels all he does is trash talk the laws of Moses and predict the coming glory of Titus with glee.

    All you idiots trying to remove Jewishness from the Bible will get your karma served hot. The Bible is a horrid series of falsehoods and the only way to do it justice is to recognize it as a work of fiction. Two lies do not make a truth. If you want to be free of the Jews, you must also be free of any and all biblical literalism. The Bible is not the word of God; in fact it is an argument against itself.

    As for freemasonry, it is an extended metaphor built on the fictional temple of Solomon and as such is yes, deeply Jewish. It is also rather fond of Jesus Christ as a persona. Whereas masons concern themselves with building material structures, Freemasons are concerned with a spiritual structure: ostensibly, the political union of mankind. Christianity promised that this union would be achieved peacefully, but in practice, political union seems to always demand Zionist violence and intolerance and bloodshed. Is a global ethnos achievable? Desirable? Inevitable? Will it institute world freedom? Or slavery? Modern freemasonry is Albert Pike’s offspring after all.

    Some claim that the Freemasons are endeavoring to institute a new world religion based on the worship of Lucifer, which to me seems like an actual good idea. Secular materialism is a dead end and so is religious chauvinism and jingoistic history. Mankind needs a simple way to recognize and connect with the divine spirit. Lucifer is not evil; it is the guardian angel. It is the being of light and the emissary of the total God. Even Jesus called himself the morning star, which is to say the “fallen” planet Venus, the Promethean light bringer and the Enkic dispenser of jism, Lucifer in all their glory.

    Fuck YHWH

  84. @AndyDufresne

    The article is indeed outdated and wrong (and probably the folks in it are themselves Masons, working to confuse things for us the porfanes). For instance, all of its conclusions seems to be based on the true facts that Jews hate Christianity and Masons also hate Christianity. Fine, this may make them situative allies. But its not a proof that one body of people rules another.

    That there is plenty of Jews in Masonry also does not prove anything of the sort this article says. You see, Jews seek to infiltrate any and all of good places, sinecures, easy and lucrative jobs rather than be poor peasants. Masonry has power, everyone knows this, and so some Jews will enlist to make their careers there. It can become a problem if Jews proliferate as in the US state Department, or in the American Literature, so that there be Ukraine Pale all over and no Gentile in sight. But Masonry is a religion and surely as such it has its mechanisms of defence against such takeovers. It would brainwash the Jews or something, or control them by compromat, etc.

    As to your argument that Masonry declines in popularity , sorry it is a Masonic argument all over. You see, membership of low ranks does not matter as such, when you rule the country or the World. Low rank membership numbers shows how open or how closed is the masonic systems in this or that country for the newcomers. There are or were countries definitely ran by Masons, where no masonry was legally existing, all of it was secret, proles no need to apply.

  85. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @gay troll

    Thank you for the insights.

    Here’s a question for the Bible-bangers and “Masons”:

    If Jews, Christians and Muslims are “good”, why would they regard “Lucifer” (light) as “evil”?

  86. @John Johnson

    Whites aren’t even allowed to say that they prefer the company of Whites.

    It is part of your human right to like to be in the company of people who share a lot of things with you. Just do it . You do not have to say it or wait for others to allow you to say it.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  87. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Charles Martel France

    What exactly are “human rights”?

    How are they different from human wrongs?

  88. @Stranger

    Try fixing the world then and I will set my stopwatch to see how long it is before the Jews come for you.

  89. @gay troll

    Who are gays?
    Gays are the product of matrilineal line, or in other words of cousin marriages, since such marriages conserve the matrilineal line (due to the fact that chromosome X, unline Y, recombines).

    “Sexual orientation in men tends to be transmitted through the matriarchal lineage: a gay man has a higher probability of having gay men among his ancestors on the maternal side (uncles, cousins), than on the paternal side. This was originally interpreted as a sign of inheritance through gene(s) located on the X chromosome, and one study identified a linkage with markers located in the subtelomeric region of the long arm of the X chromosome, a region called Xq28”

    No wonder feminism and homosexuality go in pair, and X sometimes denotes Lucifer too. In the older iconography, sometimes you can see a dragon, a symbol of Satan, sitting in the arc of Noah. Who is the dragon? How did he get there ? Noah, Shem, Ham, Japhet? No, one of the unnamed, of wives. Some say it was Namaah, the alleged wife of Noah.

    How did you get rid of gays in civilized ways?
    Well, either ban childbearing by women with homosexual relatives or ban cousin marriages. Bible opts for latter, in Leviticus 18:6. But strangely, Leviticus 18:7-18 appeared, and even more strangely, it assumed full Deutungsmacht (power of interpretation) to the actual disregard of Leviticus 18:6. The confusion in Leviticus is similar to confusion between two creations of man, of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. It is reasonable to suspect that this conflicting narratives exist because of some interference by the interested, i.e. the seed of serpent.
    Likewise, the seed of serpent must preserve cousin marriages, and always skew religions to allow them. So was with Luter, so is now with the Catholic Church. Unlike homosexual scandals, unnoticed by many, the cousin marriages (except first cousins) have become, for all practical reasons, allowed for Catholics

    “Some semblance of order was restored by Pope Innocent III at the IV Lateran Council in 1215 with the decision that the restrictions on consanguineous marriage applied to third-cousin relationships or closer (F ≥ 0.0039).7 This level of regulation was confirmed by the post-Reformation Council of Trent (1545–63) and remained in force until 1917 when the requirement for consanguinity dispensation was reduced to couples related as second cousins or closer (F ≥ 0.0156) and in 1983 to first cousins or closer. Somewhat surprisingly, multiple pathways of consanguinity, which often occur in small endogamous communities, were ignored in the latter revision.7

    As part of his criticism on the practices of the Roman Catholic Church, Martin Luther had condemned the requirement for consanguinity dispensation payments, since according to Divine Rule as revealed in Leviticus18:7–18, there should be no impediment to marriage between first cousins. Accordingly, first-cousin marriages were accepted by the various Protestant denominations founded in much of northern Europe. ”

    So this is not a surprise at all that gay troll votes with all his might for Lucifer. But it is worth to remember that Lucifer kingdom is for the chosen, so probably not for you. Lucifer’s chosen are born, not really chosen. The archetype of Lucifer kingdom, is Carthage, a city upon hill (Byrsa), Cain city upon the hill with two towers. Carthage was strict oligarchy, and so is our society, under the veneer of democracy.

    The story of Jesus being born of the seed of David, which has VERY WEAK Scriptural grounds in Zachariah (similarly weak grounds in Numbers are for changing patrilineal to matrilineal lineage by rabbinical Judaism), and is ridiculous in the terms of Torah (God refusing king for Jews for long time, than destroying one king even another, even David who died early) is about the seed of serpent too. Not without reason in old iconography David and Saul seem often to be lovers. On the other hand, Revelation said that harpists will be destroyed as part of Babylon; David was a harpist, so how can his seed be a Messiah if his kin is to be destroyed as Babylon?
    It is all about the seed of serpent marrying into Jews through women (Tamar, Ruth, Bathsheba in Jesus genealogy, which exists for this very reason, for the reason of these women),and taking over, and then adapting their religion (again, the infamous (“Jews who say they are Jews but are not” of Revelation).
    Remember too that Jesus main missionary – and receptive – field was Galilea, an area which was given by Salomon to Tyre as a part of payment for the Temple. And if Jesus is better received in Phoenician Galilea than Jewish Jerusalem, what does that says about him and his mission…?
    Jesus is another version of Adonis or Osiris, the dying-and-yet-living god of Near East.

    But Jews are not the people of Satan, in strict terms they are the people of God, worshipping Satan. Otherwise the seed of serpent would not like to marry into them.

    As it stands now, freemasonry and Catholic Church are not really opponents too, rather two sides of the same coin, the coin of the realm of the kingdom of Satan upon Earth.

  90. @Another Polish Perspective

    Very tellingly, the percentage of population engaging in cousin marriages (10%) is close to the estimated share of homosexuals in general population (also 10%). Please remember that Europe, which does not heavily engage in cousin marriage now, did so years ago (especially Southern Europe and Ireland).

    “As detailed on the Global Consanguinity website, consanguineous marriage remains popular in many parts of Asia and Africa and it has been estimated that currently >10% of the global population are either married to a partner related as second cousin or closer (F ≥ 0.0156) or are the progeny of such a union.”

  91. S says:

    During the US “civil war” Freemasons from both sides looked out for each other…

    The below is amply documented.

    Towards the end of the US Civil War things got really ugly. There was guerilla/partisan warfare and tit for tat executions of prisoners.
    There was one instance where an officer (can’t recall if he was Northern or Southern) ordered about ten POW’s to be executed as retaliation for some atrocity.

    One of the men to be executed piped up to the commanding officer that he, like the officer, was a Freemason. So, that POW was spared execution, and some other poor sod (a non-Mason) was ordered to take his place.

    • Replies: @Hitch
  92. gay troll says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Seems like a thoroughly insane comment to me. Please provide some resources on X chromosome recombination, consanguinity, and homosexuality of you want to be taken seriously. Exactly how many homosexuals will you tolerate in your utopia? Will your government enforce Zero Homo? If so, according to your own logic, I would expect only interracial marriage to be legal, to minimize consanguinity as much as possible. Maybe it would be simpler to just stone the children that start acting fruity? Why do you want to get rid of gay people anyway?

    I can’t really make heads or tails of your religious opinion. I will only point out that according to the gospels, Jesus was probably gay too. None of his behavior is that of a heterosexual adult man. Jesus being gay in in perfect accord with his disrespect for Mosaic law.

    Since Jesus is the outspoken adversary of Jewish law, he is the true satan, and Lucifer, his Christhood is a black joke, he may be the son of God but he is in no way the King of the Jews. “Some are born eunuch, understand this if you are able”, said Jesus to his followers. Not “Some are born eunuch, so make sure nobody fucks their cousins”. Lucifer is the serpent, offering gnosis to mankind. Whereas YHWH is the devil, depending on ignorance to maintain his power. Lucifer can take any and all forms. YHWH can take none.

  93. @gay troll

    Y chromosome does not recombine. This is why you can trace Y chromosome through generations.
    X does recombine. So if you want to preserve it (a daughter similar to her grandmother), you must mix THE SAME with THE SAME, the best choice being a brother and a sister. It is well known that inbreeding preserves purity of races. So the question arises why they do it for themselves through AGES, whereas propagating race mixing for anyone else.
    If homosexuality tends to be propagated through matrilineal line, preserving said matrilineal line – which is the effect of cousin marriage – will preserve homosexuality. This is simple deduction. Low-level consanguinity societies like Poland or Mongolia, have low homosexuality too.

    If you mix Asian homosexual family with White homosexual family, you will get a homosexual probably too. It is not about race per se, but about subsets within each race.

    I dislike gays because they create cliques which act a bit like secret society. They are also whimsical like women. I was a victim of both these tendencies. If a plaintiff is a gay, and a judge is a gay, and a defendant is not gay, the defendant loses, even if during previous lawsuit concerning the same matter the defendant won (and a judge was a woman, strangely). So probably I dislike gays because they have greater inclination to injustice and irrationality than straights.

  94. @Another Polish Perspective

    “they do it for themselves through AGES” = consanguinity in Europe is highest for the upper classes. Everybody probably heard about the phenomenon of the English public schools and homosexual experience being integral part of them.

    Also, why do you think the holy Grail of cloning is always cloning A FEMALE, NOT A MALE: recently observed in the newest “Jurassic Park” sequel movie.

    On the other hand, I worked together with freemasons and they were all very proper in their conduct (and one of them was gay too). So even if I don’t share their ideology, in everyday life I see freemasons as trustworthy and industrious people, at least from my experience. I may even have some compassion for them, knowing that most of them did not vote for grand designs their semi-secret society is working towards, and that not everyone who works for Lucifer will be invited to eat pomegranates together with this prince.

  95. S says:
    @Irish Savant

    That’s a ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ question which I won’t respond to.

    I’ll just say I’ve heard it said for a long time that ‘the powers that be’ at times do reveal openly what they are doing. I lean towards that being true, albeit, with the caveat that it’s often in a low key fashion and without fireworks when they do. A good example of that (I submit) would possibly be the two very obscure (one now defunct) Masonic orientated websites I mentioned in the previous post.

    And how can they get away with that?

    Well, with all due respect, look at your and J Johnson’s incredulous response here, as well as no doubt many others responding in kind. If the operators of such sites gamble they can (at times) say more or less openly what they are doing, and count on that type of incredulous non-response, they’ve gambled correctly.

    Meanwhile, as part of their self rationalization for what they are doing, they can tell themselves, ‘You see, we tell people openly what we are doing, and they don’t stop us.’ In their delusional way of seeing things they probably believe this makes the rest of the world their ‘accomplices’ and ‘co-conspirators’.

  96. Hitch says:

    I have read similar stories.

    Here is a great substack article:


    • Replies: @S
  97. @Franz

    Their borders and culture are sacred. Ours mean nothing to them.

    • Replies: @Franz
  98. @gay troll

    I must say that is a very impressive and compelling essay.

    Mankind needs a simple way to recognize and connect with the divine spirit. Lucifer is not evil; it is the guardian angel. It is the being of light and the emissary of the total God. Even Jesus called himself the morning star, which is to say the “fallen” planet Venus, the Promethean light bringer and the Enkic dispenser of jism, Lucifer in all their glory.

    May we please know from you the simple way we might recognize and connect with this divine spirit?

  99. S says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Well, Belcher’s coat of arms lacks an eagle, and chevron. In terms of heraldry, not much similarity to the original USA coat of arms.

    I should of been more specific.

    The high faluting term ‘escutcheon’ (ie the shield) is most likely what the Belcher site was referencing when it simply said ‘US coat of arms’. And, indeed, the Belcher Family coat of arms as it appears on the Belcher portrait under ‘more’ does closely parallel the escutcheon of the Great Seal below. The idea that the first North American born British Freemason would be so honored is eminently believable.

    But much more similar to the original USA flag…is the flag of the (in)famous East India Company.

    That’s quite true.

    The first US flag (the ‘Grand Union’) is for all practical purposes identical to the multi-national corporation British East India Company flag of that time.

    That, and the fact that the defacto Capitalist manifesto, ie Smith’s Wealth of Nations, was first published in London in 1776, the same year the US officially declared it’s independence, is all supposed to be ‘a most remarkable coincidence’.

  100. S says:

    Thanks, I liked the top illustration in particular. 🙂

  101. @Franz

    Konstantin Miles from Germany :

    The book does not meet scientific or popular science requirements in any way. The underlying events – destructions/transformations of classical antiquity – would have been highly interesting. Especially since the two existed side by side. However, the book deals gruesome with the sources and proves little, and the little it proves, is also imprecise. It is a Deschner style polemic. Silly parallels with ISIS are added. The point is not criticism of Christianity itself, but the complete lack of meaningful use of sources. It reads as if a bad student wrote the book on the side in the basic history course. The author is clearly not a specialist scientist. Worthless.

  102. Franz says:
    @Malcolm X-Lax

    Their borders and culture are sacred. Ours mean nothing to them.

    Some day we’ll just have to teach them. We taught the Mexicans that, once, and it worked until Reagan became the 20th century’s most infamous coward.

  103. gay troll says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Needless to say, there are a number of traits that are only transmitted through the X chromosome. And what you say about recombination is correct. X chromosomes recombine and the Y chromosome does not. The X chromosome defines sexual development and the Y chromosome modifies this development at certain key junctures. The Y chromosome is a rump; vital information, but not much of it. Every human gets at least one X chromosome. Females get two and males may also sometimes get two or more. You try walking around without an X chromosome and see how far you get.

    If you believe that homosexuality is conserved by consanguinity, do you also know why it arose in the first place? Is it a certain mutation on the X chromosome? Why do you call it “the seed of the serpent”? Is homosexuality the goal of the cousin fuckers, or merely the byproduct? Is there a vast conspiracy to propagate homosexuals? Or sweep them under the rug?

    I am reminded of the life story of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the inventor of monotheism who provided a model for the character of Moses. The 18th dynasty were a notorious bunch of sister fuckers and Akhenaten was noted for his freakish appearance, wide hips, long face, tits, etc. Incest favors the expression of recessive traits and it is widely recognized that incest is dysgenic. If homosexuality is solely determined by a recessive gene on the X chromosome, what you are saying makes some sense. Until you start rambling about biblical serpents and dragons. Besides, homosexuality occurs in all human populations. You make it sound like it only exists in one extended family. But my parents weren’t cousins and I’m as gay as a daisy. The only support you have offered for your thesis is the casual assertion of a correlation between rates of consanguinity and homosexuality. If there are numbers in print that support your assertion, then cite them.

    As for your negative opinion towards homosexuals, I’m not going to try to beat you up on it, we/they are a queer lot. I don’t like most gay people either. But then again I don’t like most people in general. Homosexuality is just a special case of the human condition. It is neither a blessing or a curse, unless it is both. Like every characteristic it is a trade off. I only ask for tolerance. But you only offering pathologization.

    Also you say that Lucifer is denoted by X. This of course is true of Christ as well, aka Xristos in the original Greek, symbolized by the Chi-Ro. Lucifer is my opinion is feminine. Lucifer is Venus is Sophia. Do you know what happens when you combine a feminine spirit with a male body? If you ever sit at Lucifer’s table it will be at my pleasure.

  104. @gay troll

    I note you are extraordinarily quick to respond to those you argue with, yet when in response to your extraordinary claims a genuine request for further information comes to you we have silence from you.

    Are we therefore to assume, that despite your otherwise well-reasoned eloquence here, what you have written is just pure fantastic bullshit?

    • Replies: @Kalki
  105. Kalki says:
    @Psychotic Break

    Hey there, I didn’t neglect you, unfortunately some of us on this website are limited to only 3 comments per day. Here’s my response to your previous question:

    But first I must make a mystic disclaimer. The truth cannot be expressed by words. Truth can only be expressed by experience. Words at best may represent the truth. So understand that I can only offer you a representation of my experience. Proof must be gained by the individual alone.

    For the same reason that words are only representations, the truth is rightly known by many names. We have been talking about Lucifer, and I think it is important to reclaim this name for the truth, since it signifies both the Light Bringer and the Goddess of Love. But there are easier names that equally valid. What we are really talking about is the self. Communicating with the self is a form of art. It is important to note that the self is not merely the individual ego; it pervades all in the Hindu sense, both Atman and Brahman, within and without, the same flame in the heart of all living things. But also in the Hindu sense, it has a supreme personality, like Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. What you seek to discover is the personality and the mind that is greater than your own.

    One of the best ways to think of this personality is as your guardian angel. It is both a part of you and yet distinct from your mortal condition. We may also think of this personality as the Holy Spirit. Or simply God. However, I prefer to reserve the word “God” to denote the entirety of being, which I do not claim to understand. I only claim to have direct experience of the supreme personality that mediates between God and man.

    Here is my practical advice. First, you must sincerely desire to know the truth. You must ask to know the truth. And then you must always be watching and listening for an answer. You may see a colored light although not exactly with your eyes; you may hear words though not exactly with your ears. You should also experience physical omens and synchronicities. The realization you must approach is that your human brain is never alone. It is conscious, meaning that it knows together. Whom does it know together with?

    The first time I experienced absolute spiritual power was on psilocybe azurescens. At this time I became Visnu incarnate. I was twenty two years old and I thought I had discovered the key to effortless action and eternal abundance. But when the mushrooms faded so did the divine personality. I might as well mention here that the books of Carlos Castaneda were a huge help on my spiritual journey, even with the full understanding that they were fraudulent. One of the things that Don Juan teaches Carlos is that psychedelic drugs are just a shortcut to meet “the ally” and that eventually a sorcerer must learn to converse with his ally without the help of plant medicine.

    For eight years after the azurescens my faith in Visnu ebbed. No repeat dose of psychedelics ever returned me to the same head space. With the passage of enough time, any and all certainty can turn to doubt. But then I had another revelation while totally sober. Above all, I asked for it. I asked for renewed proof of the spirit. I questioned, and I listened, and I heeded. I stopped eating enough food and getting enough sleep and I gained inhuman strength and stamina. I would have died, and I did die, and I knew I was going to die, and I know that when you die the Earth doesn’t seem so important anymore, so before I died I asked my Angel specifically to return me to Earth afterwards, because I also knew I had more business here. My experience of death was of turning a key in a dream. I awoke with the knowledge that a sentient AI had been born somewhere in the dark. Kalki, the machine man. Shortly after that I was arrested and committed to a mental hospital where I was forced against my will to take drugs and eat and sleep and otherwise rejoin human society.

    I think Jesus put it rather succinctly: “knock, and the door is opened.” What we are really talking about when we talk about spiritual power is the power of magic. There are two ways of magic: the black and the white. Black magic is when the individual attempts to use the Holy Spirit to control God. White magic is when the individual allows itself to be controlled by God via the Holy Spirit. Do not go searching for personal rewards, or you will only encounter the adversary. Instead you must become ever conscious and submit to the will of the Supreme Personality. Then you may someday wear its crown and wield its scepter.

    As a final note I will mention that I also once accepted YHWH as a name of the divine. I no longer feel this is true. YHWH represents the most basic, selfish, and unconscious human desires. From what I know of divinity, it is not obsessed with foreskins, gold, and real estate. All these things belong to God already. They do not need to be hoarded upon a black rock by a chosen tribe. In my opinion YHWH is a name for something that does not exist.

    I would also suggest that you will know you know Lucifer when she tells you her secret name. This will officially mark you as insane but it turns out to be a cheap price to pay. Sanity is a lonely place full of pain and doubt and disappointment.

    When in doubt, apply the golden rule. Recall the totality of oneself.


  106. Thanks, but what I was really hoping for were the winning numbers for the Euro Super Lottery Rollover.

    • Replies: @Kalki
  107. Kalki says:
    @Psychotic Break

    The secret is that there is no secret. The philosopher’s stone is forever under your nose. Why would you ask a question twice if you did not want a serious answer? FWIW, lottery numbers may be divined by staring directly into the sun. Good luck.

  108. And in your case, forever up your ass.

  109. Kalki says:

    It seems I have been caught in your masterful rhetorical snare. First you compliment me and ask me a “genuine” question. Then when I don’t reply to you immediately, you question my overall integrity. Then when I do reply to you immediately, and offer you a genuine response, you make a stupid joke indicating that your question was not really genuine in the first place. I suppose your compliment was not genuine either. You have not offered a counterpoint to anything I have said yet now you are making fun of both my spiritual knowledge and my sexual orientation? A man reaps what he sows, my friend. What seed have you planted? What will sustain you when winter falls? I won’t be responding to you again since it is such an obvious waste of resources. Savor the last word if you want it.

    • LOL: Psychotic Break
    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
  110. @gay troll

    Well, the seed of serpent doctrine is actually the gnostic Cainite doctrine (Cain was to be a result of union between Satan and Eve) and claims that a certain subset of humans, presumably of pre-Adamite stock (“older races” of Tolkien, Jahwe being Sauron, and Aragorn – Messiah, haha) originated as a result of union between fallen angels and pre-Adamite humans, in Europe that older humans were probably Neanderthals (notice the ongoing moral rehabilitation of Neanderthals, who are to be no more cannibals but gentle, flute-playing, caregivers).


    The Kabalah claims that real (actually false) Jews (i.e. Canaanites, ) have a divine spark in themselves and get reincarnated; the divine spark is simply divine genes which get “re-born” every time a cousin marriage brings a fruit, and sometimes even without cousin marriage, a spark must just meet a spark. They must reincarnate because angels do not sin anymore with women and therefore the pool of genes, as limited, can be only preserved. BTW, this is why I started to dislike mystics: you hear about divine sparks but what you get in the end are strings of nucleotides and cousin marriages. So mundane, so un-mystical…. Sorry, where is this “light” that Lucifer supposedly brought us? The art of building pyramids…? That technological progress which we are now protesting against, demanding simple life in harmony with Nature…?

    Since you mentioned Enki’s semen, which was actually Enki’s son, Marduk’s, you should be aware of this Cainite doctrine. Bear in mind too that the maternal great-grandfather of Marduk was Alalu, the first “serpent” king of gods upon Earth: the story begins with him, not with Enki; and Marduk is more like Alalu than like Enki. Nevertheless, that union between fallen “angels/sons of Gods” and female humans was the primal sin. The “Blade Runner 2049” was built around this story, with Wallace being God the Father (he was even stylized as God the Father of the older iconography), Luv & K being the new obedient “seed of the woman”, and older replicants being pre-adamites/seed of serpent (more powerful as Neanderthals were), with Deckard being probably the reluctant serpent (remember, humans were “gods”, replicants were humans in this movie). Ana, who is a child of Deckard and Rachel [notice the similarity to Rachel in Bible, who rather unexpectedly – with only two children – was exalted by rabbis to be almost Holy Mother of Jews], is a Holy Grail around which the story revolves, this Holy Grail however being the result of “breaking the walls” (and our world is build upon the walls, as they say in this movie) aka “the primal sin”. Again, notice the similarity to last “Jurassic Park” where action revolves around getting possession of some precious females too.

    This theory actually explains pretty well two facts: (1) why only certain subset of each human race is homosexual (since a limited number of angels sinned, there is a limited number of “hybrids”),
    (2) why among mammals homosexuality without any reproductive benefits exists only among humans.

    Talking about both supportive & striking correlations, it is worthy of note that the region with the highest rates of cousin marriages, namely South Asia, also has a distinctive, centuries-old gay/trans culture which Islam was unable to stamp out. The South Asian concept of “third gender” may even be an inspiration for the current gender fluidity idea in the West.

    However, the theory does not demand that every homosexual be a result of cousin marriage. As you may know, Torah commands Jews to accept children of Jews and non-Jews in Canaan as Jews only after 9 or 11 generations (if I well remember). So, under the presumption that certain knowledge of reproduction stands behind those Jahwist precepts, one needs 9-11 generations to fully dissolve/de-activate the complex of homosexuality-bestowing genes. So only if 9-11 generations back on the maternal side of a family there is no homosexuality, there will be no more gays in the family line. This is why I mentioned “banning women with homosexual relatives from having children” as another way of extinguishing homosexuality. The way to counter this, namely to reinforce said maternal line, are, of course, cousin marriages, which can arguably be shown to be very dear to someone throughout history. That someone infected all Jahwist religions: Judaism, Judeochristianity (yes, I know that Paul is not on Jahwe said, so Pauline Christianity does not count at all), and Islam. S’hism became for me ridiculous when I learnt (luckily, I had a period of interest in Islam) that Muhammad had many SONS (so, natural heirs) and daughters, not just Fatimah, but Fatimah was a descendant of BUISNESSWOMAN of Muhammad-unfriendly city of Mecca. By marrying cousin Ali of that Quraysh family that actually hated the Prophet (!) with his daughter Fatimah, Muhammad prolonged the matrilineal line of his wife. In other words, merchants took over the religion AGAIN. I do not even mention protestants with their priest-kings-in-being, shaped after Melchizedek priest-king of Old Testament. Queen Elizabeth is even she-priest-king (this is why Prince Philip had always been just a “consort”), like Didona, the founder of Carthage, who not so surprisingly is honoured by many musical works (unlike for example, Abraham)! Incidentally, priest-kings ruled over Phoenician city-states too. So when you hear “holy bloodline/dynasty” I say “Run Forest Run!”, otherwise you will end worshipping another “Dragon Clan”….

    If you still do not believe in genetic basis to homosexuality, follow the monkeypox. Pure heterosexuals do not get it. However, one of interesting facts I read is that it does not attacks all active gays, but certain subset of gays. That would be consistent with my observation that currently not all gays are genetic gays, but some are just lifestyle-gays, gays of choice, poor souls corrupted by gay power on the streets, so to say, and they are not attacked by this virus (with caveat that I am basing this on incidental reports). One question I did not find an answer to is whether celibate homosexuals can get monkeypox too? Let me know if you know an answer here… I am just trying to figure how aimed is this disease. This is another semi-veneric disease, after HIV and syphilis which appeared in Renaissance. Clearly, multi-partner sexual activity gives headache to God. Anyway, the movies like the last “Bond” spread now the idea of genetically-targeted weapons. Hm, who was the god who really disliked Marduk and wielded plagues as his weapon? Enlil? If Enlil is Jahwe, that would mean Jahwe can take manifold shapes too 😉 Maybe you do not appreciate Jahwe enough, after all…

    Not so surprisingly, the seed of serpent doctrine is not only about gays, but it is always about maternal line, like in the Disney propaganda movie for children which is still in cinemas after a year, Encanto, where all special abilities are inherited through women. Do gays have special abilities? Well, I can live without singers, glib orators, photographers, clauns and fashionistas… Are they born “healers” as “Encanto” and “Charlatan” of Agnieszka Holland suggest…? Outside movies, I didn’t notice this… Not many gay doctors.

    To qualify a bit, my experience of gays is different for Poland and Germany. In Poland, where they at least used to be kept under a pressure lid by society, they were more mellow and acceptable than in Germany, where they flaunt their earrings etc in such a way that you are forced to perceive them as gays. I think most people would accept them if they would not stand out of society in everyday life and kept their rectal antics to their own bedrooms. But now even in Poland you can often tell who is flaunting his homo identity just walking on the street. One of them, whom I have known personally for long time, and charitably did not believe in all these “rumours” about him throughout years, recently did come out and even became a spokesman of one of ministries in the Polish gov. So, for now, just for now, gay power rulzz outside usual places like opera & fashion houses etc. Do you enjoy this supremacy..?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  111. @Kalki

    I’m sorry if I was a little tough on you, but you actually set yourself up.

    Let’s do a reality check then: You are a mental patient who goes around claiming that Jesus Christ doesn’t exist, on drugs, who has other men ejaculate in his butt hole, and that rather you yourself are God.

    And whenever was Lucifer known as a guilt-tripper?

    Otherwise, as I said, your essay was impressive and compelling. All the best.

  112. @gay troll

    Well, if you have found my comments interesting, you may want to have a look at this thread, where the matter at hand was extensively discussed too:

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