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India Stripping Illegals’ Children of Citizenship—Hope Trump Notices!
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India’s massive welcome for President Donald J. Trump last week showed it will remain a real nation-state into the next century—while America probably won’t [India rolls out the MAGA carpet for Trump, by Anita Kumar, Politico, February 24, 2020]. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is implementing common-sense citizenship laws to protect India’s national identity. Much like China, India is consolidating itself as an empire with a solid ethno-religious core. Its laws provide a model for how a nationalist American government could undo at least some of the damage from decades of out-of-control immigration. But rather than imitating them, Trump is using the visit to make an identity-politics appeal to Indian-American voters who will never support him anyway.

The welcome was impressive, with over 100,000 Indians cheering “Namaste Trump!” and 46 million watching on Indian TV. Maybe this is what Donald Trump thought being president would be like: huge adulatory crowds, displays of patriotism, and traditional cultural celebrations [For a President Who Loves Crowd Size, India Aims to Deliver, by Peter Baker, New York Times, February 23, 2020]. There was also a serious purpose in consolidating the U.S.-India alliance to check China [The global significance of Trump’s India Visit, by Brahma Chellany, The Globe and Mail, February 27, 2020].

Yet the U.S. media provided mostly sneering coverage. Partly this is because, since September 11, 2001, journalists have become paradoxically eager to defend Muslims. And Prime Minister Modi’s governing BJP party can fairly be called a Hindu nationalist party. Thus, President Trump could be smeared as cozying up a “strongman”—meaning a democratically-elected leader that Leftist journalists don’t like (Salvini,Bolsonaro, Orban, etc):

Yet while President Trump and Prime Minister Modi didn’t agree on trade, the president did secure a major arms sale, consolidating the military alliance that’s been slowly taking shape since the George W. Bush Administration [After raucous welcome in India, Trump clinches $3 billion military equipment sale, by Steve Holland, Aftab Ahmed, Reuters, February 25, 2020].

And for a man who is constantly accused of being a clumsy fool, President Trump adroitly dodged Gotcha questions about India’s new citizenship laws, saying that such domestic matters are “up to India” [‘Up to India’: Trump evades questions about Muslim-excluding citizenship law, by Anita Kumar, Politico, February 25, 2020]. Apparently, journalists genuinely believed Trump should spark a major diplomatic incident by attacking India’s citizenship policies. After all, they cheer on Mexicans meddling with our immigration policies.

India’s policies are hardly offensive. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) gives a fast-track to citizenship to non-Muslim “undocumented migrants” from Muslim majority countries who entered India before December 31, 2014 [Trump defends Modi but doesn’t take position on controversial Indian citizenship law, by Courtney Subramanian, USA Today, February 25, 2020]. If anything this is too soft, as it is effectively Amnesty for illegals. Why, after all, should Muslims need “refugee” status from Muslim majority countries? Excluding a group that doesn’t need real protection is common sense. Pakistan exists for a reason.

The other law is the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Though it is being implemented in just one region of India to start, the government will eventually spread it out across the entire country. It requires residents to prove they or their ancestors are citizens of India— rather than “infiltrators” (using the same term that Israel does for illegal aliens—can we adopt this too, please?). If they can’t, they will be stripped of citizenship [India’s Citizenship Law, In Tandem With National Registry, Could Make BJP’s Discriminatory Targeting of Muslims Easier, by Soumya Shankar, The Intercept, January 30, 2020].

Again, this appears like common sense. Why shouldn’t a country be able to determine who is a legal resident and who is not? And why should it allow the children of illegals to benefit from their parents’ law-breaking? The children of burglars don’t get to keep stolen property.

There have been recent violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims over the citizenship laws [At least 32 dead in riots over Indian citizenship laws, RTE, February 27, 2020]. But this basically proves the government’s point: Why should it want a hostile, undocumented Muslim population in the country when there is a neighboring country, explicitly created for Muslims? If these riots show anything, it’s that diversity is not a strength.

Leftist journalists are also angry about India’s removal of Kashmir’s special administrative status. But again, this seems like an unsurprising policy. If India is a sovereign country, why should it tolerate a special region in its country where locals have special rights over fellow citizens? [Kashmir under lockdown: All the latest updates, Al Jazeera, October 27, 2019].

As American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor has noted, suddenly Leftists seem to understand questions about demographics and political power as long as whites aren’t involved.

In contrast, they certainly didn’t seem to like “states’ rights” in the U.S..

America should be looking to India for inspiration on these matters. Under a real American nationalist government, residents of the U.S. who are unable to prove their parents came to the country legally could and should be stripped of citizenship and deported. This would undo a vast amount of the damage done by the disastrous refusal to repeal birthright citizenship. does not have the vast influence within the Trump Administration the Main Stream Media claims to believe, otherwise Birthright Citizenship would have been repealed a long time ago.

(On the other hand, the Muslim Advocates lobby group believes that in 2013 “paved the way for the Muslim Ban by saying after the Boston Marathon bombing, that: “We should stop allowing entry of people from Muslim countries.”’!)

However, India is showing that immigration and demographic changes are not things that just happen—they are the result of policies, policies that can be changed if there is a political leader with sufficient dedication and willpower to see it through.


Unfortunately, rather than taking inspiration from PM Modi’s laws, President Trump and his advisers apparently just see an opportunity to win the Indian-American vote. “[B]ack home, Trump hasn’t polled well with Indian Americans,” reports Politico. “Still, the group represents a growing voting bloc that registers and votes at high rates, making it a desirable target.” [Trump campaign ads target a new audience: Indian Americans, by Anita Kumar, February 27, 2020] Yet Politico cites a poll that finds almost two-thirds of Indian-Americans disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.

This GOP pandering effort seems to include importing Indian-Americans on H1B visas , although they will vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The Indian government reportedly pushed for more H1B visas during Trump’s trip—which suggest that, like the Chinese and Mexican governments, it views its diaspora as a way to expand its influence [Trump told Modi he was asked by Imran Khan to mediate but doesn’t intend to, by Shubhajit Roy, The Indian Express, February 28, 2020].

This is the same combination of liberalism abroad and nationalism at home we see with other hyphenated American communities. Israel is an explicit ethnostate that the ADL energetically defends, even while it lobbies for Open Borders and political repression against Americans. Mexico claims sovereignty over its citizens within American territory with policies that border on revanchism, even while it complains about American immigration policies

This entire spectacle is sickening for those of us who don’t have another country to go to than America. America is our home, not just the place we work.

Yet even under an “America First” president, we see the same tired attempts to build coalitions of various ethnic tribes to deliver a Republican victory, even though whites are the only group that consistently deliver for Republican candidates. Instead of having a country of our own, we’re a playground for foreign interests. The people hurt the most are the American workers that President Trump promised to defend in 2016.

Indian-American workers won’t vote for President Trump in 2020. Will American workers?

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[341] • Disclaimer says:

    this fear mongering against Mexico is ridiculous. Mexicans are basically a slave class in the U. S who come from a defeated country with no national defence or patriots.

    Mexico has no submarines, no tanks, literally only one or two jet fighters, no bombers etc. Brazil and Argentina have submarines, jet fighters etc.

    Mexico has nothing and its diaspora become rapidly americanized.

    birthright citizenship should be done away with. but deporting people who already have it would be shooting yourself in the foot.

    Personally it would be cool to deport hapas as long as their race betraying fathers get deported too.

    • LOL: JohnPlywood
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @JohnPlywood
  2. KenH says:

    Mexico has nothing and its diaspora become rapidly americanized.

    Is flying Mexican flags and refusing to speak English signs of their Americanization? The Mexican diaspora doesn’t need jet fighters and tanks. They have time and demographics on their side and in case you don’t know demographics is destiny.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. KenH says:

    This GOP pandering effort seems to include importing Indian-Americans on H1B visas , although they will vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

    H1B visa holders can’t or shouldn’t be voting in our elections. They’re legally prohibited from doing so. In yet another betrayal Trump promised Indian H1B holders that he was working to make their visas permanent and planning legislation so their visas auto renew after expiration and provide a path to citizenship. That’s not what we voted for and even Obama didn’t go that far.

    Instead of having a country of our own, we’re a playground for foreign interests.

    Not only that but America is now just an international job fair where large corporations and tech giants can insource and outsource labor as they see fit. American workers be damned.

    The Indian population is just another hostile colony we’ve idiotically imported who are growing rapidly thanks to the H1B scam and birthright citizenship.

  4. Stripping children of something they neber had — interesting.

    Sure the current executive notices. Laughing.

    They’ll be his next choice to import cheap labor in the name of saving the children.

    There;s not much that I would take seriously about anyone in DC wanting to grapple with illegalo immigration. India, the country that dumped its long standing dismissal of same sex behavior as appropriate in order to get a few more US crina —


  5. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:

    is joining the U. S military at disproportionate numbers and forgetting how to speak spanish, Americanization? yes, yes it is.

    There is no Mexican national elite plotting to use the diaspora in any way. The mexican elite is just another globohomo elite like in all other countries. They care more about vacations in Europe than Mexican sovereignty. Their is no grand stategic planning going on in Mexico.

    Do you think the Mexican diaspora is going to vote to join Mexico? they left mexico. that is proof enough of their desire to be united states citizens.

    Muslims want to spread sharia law, jews want to spread holocaust museums and gender neutral bathrooms(and Muslims into the west) . But mexicans? they have nothing to spread but annoying accordeon music, but that is unintentional and even their youngsters cringe at it and prefer watching dragonball z and listening to the hiphop that white youngsters listen to.

  6. Malla says:

    Mexicans are basically a slave class in the U. S

    Send them back to Mexico, away from evul Gringos and thus help end slavery. Thus sending Mexicans and Central Americans back is highly moral.

  7. @Anonymous

    Annoying accordion music by way of Texicans from Germany. The same German stock that brought us Admiral Nimitz and settled the Hill Country around San Antonio introduced the oom pah pah sounds that Mexican musicians took a liking too. So if you don’t like Tejano accordions, blame the Germans. BTW, German military advisors were a part of the Mexican military until the War. Apparently they took the losses in the Mex/Am wars seriously. The decline in Mexican military quality is obvious.

  8. Malla says:

    I have posted this elsewhere on Unz but this is an appropriate place for this post
    In the Western State in India of Maharastra, a right wing party called MNS (Maharastra Navnirman Sena) is on a hunt for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh & Pakistan.

    “MNS to give Rs 5,000 for intel on illegal immigrants in Maharashtra

    The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has announced it will reward everyone who provide intel on illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh in Maharashtra.

    While a poster located in Mumbai’s Bandra area announced a financial reward of Rs 5,555, another put up in Aurangabad offered Rs 5,000 to every informant, reported India Today. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s cousin Raj Thackeray is the leader and founder of the party.”

    “MNS workers barge into houses in Pune (city in Maharastra, India), demand citizenship proof to identify illegal immigrants
    Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers on Saturday launched an operation to “throw out” the illegal immigrants from Pune in Maharashtra. Speaking to India Today TV, MNS Pune president, Ajay Shinde said that the party workers caught three illegal immigrants and handed them to the police.

    He said, “This is the first phase of our operation – throw out illegal immigrants. Today, we caught three suspected illegal immigrants and we handed them to the Pune Police. Few families escaped from the area where we carried out a search operation.”

    When pointed out that it was illegal to barge into someone’s house without any concrete information, Ajay Shinde said he has enough “documentary evidence” that there were illegal immigrants in Pune.

    “We had been keeping an eye on the suspected illegal immigrants in Pune and adjoining industrial area. Our Information is that there is a large number of Bangladeshi workers who have been living illegally,” he said.”

  9. Malla says:

    BTW the great continent of Africa, the Muddaland, has a history of getting rid of illegals too.
    “Ghana Must Go, was a popular name given to the migration of illegal Migrants (mostly Ghanaians) from Nigeria following a Presidential executive order.

    In 1983, the President of Nigeria, Shehu Shagari issued an executive order mandating immigrants without proper immigration documents to leave the country or they would be arrested according to the law. The order was in alleged response to the religious disturbances that had engulfed parts of the country in 1980 (Kano 1980 Riots ) and 1981[1]. Most of the immigrants were West Africans and mainly Ghanaians. Over 2 million men, women and children were affected.[2] This is part of a recurring incident in West Africa, where immigrants are expelled for various reasons[3][4]. Examples of such directives within West African countries include deportations from Ghana of Nigerians in 1954, Cote d’ivore deportation of Togolese, Dahomeyans and Nigerians in 1958, and deportation of aliens (mostly Nigerians) from Ghana in 1969.[3][4]

    Over 1 Million Ghanaians and other west Africans were affected by the order. These Migrants were mostly attracted to Nigeria because of the oil market of the 70’s, but in 1983 when the “Ghana Must Go” revolution started, the economy had weakened and was fast falling apart. It was also the election year.”

    More about this here
    Ghanians, Expelled By Nigeria, Return Home To Start Over – NYT

    Well Ghana did the same earlier

    “In 1969 during the administration of former Prime Minister, Koffi Busia, Ghana implemented its Alien Compliance Order, which saw the deportation of undocumented West African immigrants, mostly Nigerians.

    Two decades later, under the government of Shehu Shagari, Nigeria retaliated by deporting over 1 million African immigrants in 1983, most of who were Ghanaians.”

    Oy Vey, blacks and browns deport without guilt, only Whitey is guilty or made to feel guilty. Yes, White Privilege.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  10. Malla says:

    “this fear mongering against Bangladesh is ridiculous. Bangladeshis are basically a slave class in India.

    Bangladesh has few submarines, few tanks, few jet fighters, no bombers etc. India and Pakistan have multiple times more jet fighters and tanks than Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh has nothing and its diaspora become rapidly Indianised. Racially Bangladeshis and Indians are the same, more or less identical.

    Deporting Bangladeshis who already have it would be shooting yourself in the foot.”

    Yeah, try selling this to a crowd of Indians somewhere in India.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Banglas are Muslim. Indians were fools to let in 20-30 million Bangla illegals. Why even go through partition if you are to be invaded again?

    Look at how Burma deals with Muslim Bangla “rohingya.”

  12. @Malla

    In America, businessmen are the foremost group in pushing immigration. Do business interests encourage illegal migration into India too? If Bangla Deshis were deported home, would the Indian Chamber of Commerce get angry?

    • Replies: @Malla
  13. @Anonymous

    Personally it would be cool to deport hapas as long as their race betraying fathers get deported too

    • Replies: @Weegee
  14. Malla says:

    Indians were fools to let in 20-30 million Bangla illegals.

    Exactly and Americans and other Western countries are fools to let in non White migrants both legal and illegal. That post was a response to another post, you should read that earlier post first.

  15. Malla says:

    Do business interests encourage illegal migration into India too?

    Not so much the corporate sector but small businessmen/industries sure prefer cheap Bangladeshi labour. Bangladeshi migration to India has a lot to do with a lax border than Capitalism as well as some parties hoping to give them citizenship and then get their votes like the Democrats of USA and Labour party of Britain.

    But as the Bangladesh economy booms as as Modi India’s economy sputters along half dead, it may not be long before Indians start migrating illegally to Bangladesh!!

  16. @Anon

    Because Gandhi said that he wanted to take the moral high ground and let all the Muslims that wanted to stay reside in the country and become citizens. It turns out being a minority turns you into a de facto second-class citizen and now the Muslims are agitating more one more partition.

    • Replies: @Disgusted
  17. @Anonymous

    The main problem with Mexico and its diaspora is The Gringo’s Burden.

    The corrupt and inept rulers keep exporting excess people and poverty to the United States. This parasitic economic model is likely to continue in the future as the population is expected to reach 145 million in 2050 from about 13 million in 1900.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  18. Anonymous[787] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    The corrupt and inept rulers keep exporting excess people and poverty to the United States.

    The corrupt and inept rulers ARE the Gringos!

    Mexicans are hardly immigrating, it is mostly people from central American banana republics that are immigrating.

  19. Disgusted says:
    @Just Passing Through

    “It turns out being a minority turns you into a de facto second-class citizen”

    This is not true in the case of India, and not necessarily true of other countries with significant minorities either. 200 million muslims are *hardly* a *minority*, though they insist on being called that in order to preserve their privileges. If they want common cause with their countrymen, whom they consider pagan and hardly human, then give up your effin privileges and agree to a common civil code. But it does not suit the muslim ethos to live with equality. No, they always want MORE than that, being the erstwhile rulers and all. Please go and read the beloved Talha’s comments on a similar article about Muslims being above pagans and therefore cannot possibly agree to live in harmony with them. I quote:
    “Uh…Muslims were integral in helping build what is Indian culture; everything from language, to food to architecture. Do they stick out, yes? Hell yes. Because Muslims will obviously not assimilate with a pagan culture.”

    The islamic high culture of which they (but esp. Pakistanis) are so proud, having contributed nothing to it, but feeling righteous due to a “spiritual brotherhood”. lmao. Bunch of losers. These are the same guys who go to Saudi Arabia and are treated like dirt by the Arabs, with whom they feel such a brotherhood of the spirit, all the while looking down on their co-ethnics. It is actually beyond laughable. Not to forget the “Peace be upon you’ nonsense – the most sinister line I’ve ever heard. Someone who has true peace in their heart doesn’t need to end every sentence with that nonsensical claptrap.

    Here is the link, and it is comment #190.

    The fact of the matter is Muslims create trouble everywhere they go, as a community, sooner or later. Most especially, the Muslims from the perfidious, deceitful ugly country of Pakistan. They will not integrate or assimilate or be respectful to their host society and bide their time until they have power. They are a true 5th column and need to be kicked out of every country that has made the mistake of giving them passage. The Americans needs to learn before it is too late and throw them all out starting with the “Pakistani-Americans”.

    “…and now the Muslims are agitating more one more partition.”

    This will never happen. There will be civil war and an exodus of Muslims from India before Hindus give up another inch of their true homeland. Continue with undermining India with subversive activities and be prepared to find a new home. I’m sure Pakistan and Bangladesh would love to take in their co-religionists, in the name of allah.

    • Replies: @Sal
  20. Weegee says:

    But why do the hapas from AMWF have more success?

    Dave Bautista
    Chloe Bennett
    Billy Sing
    Takuya Hirano


    Elliot Rodger
    Daniel Holtzclaw
    Matthew De Grood
    Nathaniel Berhow

  21. anonymous[530] • Disclaimer says:

    A pox on the land which breeds such groups and manimals, like this mofer soulless scum.

    May the Almighty One spare the clean-hearted, and may the pox extirpate such manimals.


  22. Sal says:

    RSS/BJP’s toxic philosophy/logic in a nutshell: it is better to be a slave of the English or a Chinese than to be under a Muslim, or to even tolerate Muslims living in India. Muslims only eat beef, the others also eat swine/pigs. They have been blinded by the hatred of Muslims to the point of losing all legitimacy. These nut jobs do not realize that Indian Muslims would rather kick them out and send them to Pakistan or China than leave India,if push comes to shove.

  23. Sal says:

    If not for the presence of Muslims in India, the Hindus would start fighting among each other based on caste and language differences. China would have occupied India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, with no Temple, Mosque or Church, Indians would be singing the praises of Mao…

  24. Sal says:

    Indians are too timid for adventure. History of India is proof of this.Always getting attacked and never attacking any body first. India should learn a lesson from the US and Israel in “Preemptive” attacks. Most Indians are peace-loving and want to be left alone with their yoga and their caste system .But the world is a tough neighborhood. Systemic weakness of caste system in India is already a drag on India. And with the RSS/BJP fanning the flames of communal-ism based on their pipe dream of a Hinduvata, India is bound to become a fascist banana republic and will not be able to claim itself as the largest democracy in the world.

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