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In Search of the Western Bushido
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Bushido: The Soul of Japan
Inazo Nitobe, 1899.

Warrior Race: A History of the British at War
Lawrence James
Little, Brown & Co., 2001.

The recent release of The Northman, along with my reading of two fascinating books, Bushido: The Soul of Japan and Warrior Race: A History of the British At War, has prompted me to share some thoughts on the nature and trajectory of Western warrior culture and its place in the West today. The Japanese concept and path of Bushido (“the way of the warrior”) is a useful tool for examining Western warrior culture because it is perhaps the only such system outside the West that offers some striking similarities. And yet there are also enough differences between Bushido and the history of the Western warrior to bring into sharp relief those qualities that make the European experience unique. In the following essay I want to offer something between a book review and a contemporary social commentary. It should be obvious that at the heart of the problem of the West is a failure to participate in the basics of life: to reproduce, and to compete with other groups. Competition in modernity has been reduced to a mostly economic exercise, accompanied by sports only insofar as those sports serve the goal of hypnotic mass entertainment and provide an impotent outlet for the universal instinct towards tribalism and conflict. The classic motifs of the way of the warrior (disdain for death, quest for individual glory, and the building of a morality around concepts of honor rather than simple “fairness” or “equality”) have today either been sublimated to the point of becoming almost invisible, or have vanished entirely. Whence the Western bushido?

Honor and Death

Perhaps the best content found in Lawrence James’s Warrior Race concerns the culture of the ancient Celtic Britons, and that of the Roman and Germanic invaders they came into conflict with. Common among all three, though more pronounced among the Celts and Germans, was the individual quest for honor and prestige. James writes that “personal honour, pride in his unit and reverence for his commanders and the state they served motivated the Roman soldier.”[1]James, Warrior Race, 8. Among the Celts meanwhile, were “professional warriors attached to tribal rulers. Their fighting methods were Homeric, with each man deliberately seeking to prove his audacity and prowess in the manner of a champion.”[2]James, Warrior Race, 11.

Warrior bands were united by shared pride in courage, and by loyalty to a noble lord. James comments that

If [a warrior band] leader was slain, his followers would fight on to the death. For the Romans, such behavior was another example of barbarian madness, but within the Germanic and Celtic traditions it was a mark of the highest distinction. And it long remained so. A fifth-century Roman was puzzled by the fact that among the Alani ‘a man is judged happy who sacrificed his life in battle.’ Six hundred years later, the gravestone of a Scandinavian warrior proclaimed: ‘He did not return at Uppsala, but fought while he could hold weapons.’[3]Ibid, 31.
(James, Warrior Race, 11.)

The uniqueness of the Western warrior’s contempt for death is thrown into even sharper relief when considered alongside Japanese accounts. In Nitobe’s Bushido, it is remarked that the samurai warriors of feudal Japan possessed a “stoic composure in sight of danger or calamity, that disdain of life and friendliness with death.” This disdain of life, however, did not manifest in the ‘Homeric’ quality in battle alluded to by James. Nitobe adds that the Japanese warrior was not seen to “run all kinds of hazards, to jeopardize one’s self, to rush into the jaws of death.” The modern manifestation of the kamikaze is probably the closest Japanese behavior to the European example, but even here it is too goal-orientated, and rooted too heavily in shame-avoidance (suicide attacks being more effective in attacking warships than conventional attacks), to compare with the assertive seeking of death and honor found among the Europeans.

There is a calculated aspect to the Japanese warrior that is much less evident among the classic European ‘berserker’ type. James points out that “Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Pictish, and Irish warriors held similar values, followed similar codes of conduct, admired the same qualities, and shared a common pride in their calling.” Personal honor and reputation were primary, since “it gave the warrior status in his lifetime and renown after death, for his exploits would be relived by the versifiers and minstrels who entertained fighting men as they ate and drank in their lord’s hall.” Disdain for death was assisted among all the Northwest European tribes by the common practice of entering an animalistic and predatory state. The Irish called this process riastarthe, which may be rendered as ‘battle fury,’ and in the annals concerning the Irish hero Cuchulain some literary license was employed in explaining how its onset was accompanied by a terrifying physical transformation:

You would have thought that every hair was driven into his head. You would have thought that a spark of fire was on every hair. He closed one eye until it was no wider than the eye of a needle; he opened the other until it was as big as a wooden bowl. He bared his teeth from jaw to ear, and he opened his mouth until the gullet was visible.

Germanic fighting men, who raised themselves to a similar battle fury, became ‘berserk’ (bear-like) or ‘as mad as dogs or wolves; they bit their shields and were as strong as bears.” James suggests that

vulpine characteristics were particularly cherished, for wolves hunted in packs and their savagery was proverbial. Warriors clad in wolves’ skins absorbed that beast’s ferocity. They are described in the ninth-century Norse poem Raven Song: ‘Wolfcoats they are called, those who bear blood-stained swords to battle; they redden spears when they come to the slaughter, acting together.’

One of the remarkable features of the history of British warfare is the long persistence of such traits in the population. James argues that the knights of the middle ages were, after all, “direct descendants of Germanic and Celtic super-warriors.” An excellent case in point is the English lord Sir Giles D’Argentine, who distinguished himself against Scottish forces at the Battle of Bannockburn (1314):

At Bannockburn, when the tide turned against the English, Sir Giles scorned to join the general retreat. Instead, he spurred his horse straight into the ranks of the Scottish spearmen shouting his war cry ‘Argente!’ and was killed. Those of his enemies qualified to judge on arcane chivalric matters rated him ‘the third best knight of that day.’

Even into the nineteenth century, it was believed that the aristocracy could not rely on lineage alone to prove their elite status, but rather should demonstrate it by deeds, especially those involving military courage. In 1855, during the Crimean War, Viscount Palmerston addressed Parliament after news emerged of a heroic charge:

Talk to me of the aristocracy of England! Why, look at that glorious charge of cavalry at Balaklava — look to that charge, where the noblest and wealthiest of the land rode foremost, followed by heroic men from the lowest classes of the community, each rivalling the other in bravery.

A French officer observing another British attack on Russian lines was “astonished by the cold, drill-book manner in which the British moved forward.”[4]James, Warrior Race, 322.

Perhaps the most remarkable example of the persistence of the link between death and honor, found in Warrior Race, concerns an 1803 dispute between Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Montgomery, Household Cavalry, and Captain James Macnamara, Royal Navy. Both were walking their dogs in London’s Hyde Park when the dogs began fighting. Montgomery’s dog was badly wounded, and Montgomery demanded that Macnamara call off his dog or “I’ll knock it down.” Macnamara retorted that such language and conduct was not befitting a gentleman. This was a serious charge, and resulted in the declaration of a duel. The following morning the men met at a secluded part of Chalk Farm were they fired upon one another with pistols. Montgomery was fatally wounded. Three weeks later Macnamara appeared in court charged with manslaughter but defended his actions on the grounds that his role as leader in the Navy demanded that he maintain integrity of dignity and character, and defend his personal honor. He told the court, “It is impossible to define in terms, the proper feelings of a Gentleman; but their existence has supported this happy country for many ages, and she might perish if they were lost.” Macnamara was acquitted and eleven years later he was promoted to rear-admiral. James comments:

By deliberately facing death in a nonchalant manner, the duellist proved his capacity to suppress that most deeply implanted of all human impulses: the urge for self-preservation. If he surrendered to his animal reflexes or his reason, he would simply run away and reveal himself a coward. Cravenness was inexcusable in a gentleman and automatically disbarred him from the company of his equals.

The Fluid Hierarchy

Western social structures and class barriers were more fluid than those among other peoples, and is another difference between the Western warrior culture and the Japanese bushido who followed a rigid hereditary samurai class. Western warrior culture very often rewarded individual heroism with social promotion and the granting of lands, and the long tradition of piracy and battle-looting, which stretched back to the times of the Saxons and Vikings, persisted well into the nineteenth century. James describes how

Some years ago, a member of a Scottish landowning family told me how her ancestor, one of several sons of a crofter, had been taken by his father to enlist in a Highland regiment at Inverness. There was no alternative, for the family land could only support his eldest brother. The young man in question was literate and was promoted quickly, for the could attend to the orderly book, and the high wastage of officers in the Crimea secured him a commission. He served in the army that relieved Lucknow in 1857 and ruthless looting gained him sufficient cash to return home and purchase an estate.

James refers to the long history of such social fluidity, pointing out that

Early modern British society was hierarchical but fluid. A man acquired the public status of gentleman when he secured the symbol of knighthood, a coat of arms. In Elizabethan England and afterwards, they were freely available to anyone who would pay the herald’s fees and convince them that they lived either by their intelligence, if they were lawyers, or had acquired land, if they were merchants or, for that matter, a playwright property-owner like Shakespeare.


For the samurai, bushido was informed by both Zen Buddhism and Shinto. Nitobe comments that the former inculcated a “calm trust in Fate, a quiet submission to the inevitable,” while Shinto encouraged loyalty to the sovereign and for ancestral memory. Pre-Christian religious influences on Western warrior culture are evident in the transformative, animalistic battle rituals of the ancient Celts and Germanics. It is worth pointing out that Christianity did very little to dull the edge of Western warrior culture, and in fact complimented it very well. As indicated in the early ninth century Saxon poem Heliand, Jesus Christ was embraced as an ideal warrior king who had arrived on Earth as the Ruler’s son, gathered about him a loyal band of men, and, as the “Might-Wielding Christ” had embraced a heroic end in battle against Satan and Death and will one day return upon a white horse to “judge and make war.” Lawrence James stresses that

Superficially at least, the Christian faith condemned all violence, but there were significant exceptions which together added up to the canonical concept of the just war. St Augustine of Hippo argued that force could be used in defence of the weak, to chastise rebels and oath breakers and, of course, against heretics and pagans. … There was little here that would have disturbed the conscience of an early medieval king who, ostensibly, only went to war to protect his otherwise defenceless subjects from aggression or to suppress rebellions. Furthermore, the church respected the calling of the warrior, the more so if he used his arms in pursuit of aims of which it approved.

The Present Day

What remnants of Western warrior culture exist today? Not many. Ted Kaczynski’s concept of “surrogate activities” is appropriate for a wide range of phenomena in the modern West, and involves an activity that is directed toward an artificial goal that people set up for themselves merely in order to have some goal to work toward, merely for the sake of the “fulfillment” that they get from pursuing the goal. Kevin MacDonald has written, referring also to Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, that extreme sports are “a context of implicit Whiteness.” MacDonald writes

In this analysis, White men jumping off buildings and sky surfing are reenacting a fundamental script of Western culture—the same script that underlies Western energy, inventiveness, exploration and creativity. While I argue that this berserker military ethos of daring and adventure is not the whole story of Western individualism (there are also the morally constructed egalitarian ingroups that feed into today’s stifling political correctness; see here, p. 23ff), I think Duchesne has a key insight that explains the psychology of a great many White men and is likely a critically important aspect of the evolutionary psychology of the West.

Such activities are impressive, and are certainly a way to “make ones name” in modernity. But they are also fundamentally without meaning or lasting legacy. For this reason, MacDonald expressed the hope that “such men develop an explicit sense of their White identity and interests and that they redirect their sense of physical daring and adventure to lead their people in the struggles that lie ahead.”

Another layer to “surrogate activities” is that key instincts are “outsourced” into entertainment forms and petty clannishness. This is especially obvious in the sporting world, where the instinct towards tribalism and conflict is directed into spectacles that are ultimately without meaning. Watch a European soccer game and you will very like hear rhythmic mass chants and clapping that are reminiscent of what once could have boomed over an ancient battlefield. In Europe, until recent times, soccer matches would be accompanied, both before and after the game, by mindless and meaningless running street battles between one faction of fans and another. One of the fastest rising sports in the last 15 years is mixed martial arts (MMA), in which men fight in a cage under a relatively loose set of rules (in the original Ultimate Fighting Championship there were hardly any rules at all). One positive effect of this has been a boom in martial arts training among White males, and Whites remain dominant as trainers and instructors.

Coupled with superhero movies and action films of all kinds, however, violence is now primarily something that entertains, rather than something that informs ones view of life and death. Lawrence James closes his history by discussing modern British office workers fighting with paint guns in forests as corporate “team-building exercises,” and the trend for those seeking some kind of personal fulfilment to undergo training programs devised by the Special Air Service. The warrior-aristocratic ethos of violence and conflict that lay at the heart of chivalry and blended with Christian ideals of social responsibility and Renaissance notions of virtue has largely disappeared from the culture of the West. It has been replaced with commercialism, crudity, vulgarity, and overwhelming cowardice.

The social structure of the West remains fluid, but the warrior and gentleman is no longer present in the hierarchy. He has been ousted by the oligarch, the technocrat, the merchant, and the career politician. The military elite is now nothing more than a tool of these forces, rather than a directing force in its own right. Long gone are the days when European heads of state led their troops into battle, earning their right to lead through courage and daring. Although aristocratic dominance of the armed forces in Britain persisted until well into the 19th century, the total wars of the twentieth century “democratized” and watered down the nature of warfare, reducing war to a calculation of numbers and technology in a manner that continues to this day. Where is the warrior in the age of the drone and the intercontinental ballistic missile?

Religion has also collapsed as a support of the European warrior ethos. Long-gone in the West is any hint of the “Might-Wielding Christ.” Today Christianity has been largely reduced to a foot-kissing immigration-assistance network. Look at any mainstream church and you’ll hear plenty about being meek and humble, and nothing about treading down one’s enemies like a winepress (Rev. 19:15). The result is that Christianity will undergo a shift in which less liberal, and more masculine, males gravitate towards very small enclaves of ultra-traditional Catholicism or Orthodoxy where asceticism and older visions of Christ prevail, while mainstream churches become more and more female-dominated.

Writing at the end of the nineteenth century, Inazo Nitobe lamented the gradual decline of bushido in Japan, but remained hopeful that remnants of it would somehow persist:

Bushido as an independent code of ethics may vanish, but its power will not perish from the earth; its schools of martial prowess or civic honor may be demolished, but its light and its glory will long survive the ruins.

I wonder, if Nitobe observed Japan today, whether he would agree that bushido has survived the ruins. For my part, I find myself surveying the ruins of Western culture, and finding only debris.


[1] James, Warrior Race, 8.

[2] James, Warrior Race, 11.

[3] Ibid, 31.

[4] James, Warrior Race, 322.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: Celts, Knighthood, Vikings 
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  1. Rahan says:

    Long gone are the days when European heads of state led their troops into battle, earning their right to lead through courage and daring. …

    Today the Russian army generals seem to be leading from the front, judging by the death toll.

    Religion has also collapsed as a support of the European warrior ethos. Long-gone in the West is any hint of the “Might-Wielding Christ.”

    And this seems to be also feeding off today in a perverse manner from the Chechen national guard units, perhaps via the reinvigorating feedback mechanics hypothesized in Submission by Michel Houellebecq.

    Either a few seconds of berserker frenzy or dindu chimpout, everyone has to judge for themselves. No gore or anything. From Ukraine today.

    P.S. the cruder berseker stuff and danger ignoring and I’ll show everybody how brave I am by dying is still very much alive in every street gang. Just on a proto-civilized stone age level. Likewise desperado shit-driving. And also, before the internets, kids used to challenge each other to idiotic death defying stunts all the time. Now they stopped. Instead they are depressed, afraid, and sucking cock.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Joe Wong
  2. Blossius says:

    Venner discusses this at length in his last book, A Handbook for Dissidents.
    The only thing to note here is, again, the extreme reluctance and blind spot that many on the dissident right have about Christianity, their penchant for constant apologetics, trying to force-fit the religion of “turn the other cheek” and self-denial into something it is not and has never been.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  3. in the past people could be more independent minded because they were more independent. You could be an antisemitic baker, blacksmith or whatever, but now you only have the freedom to be an unemployed antisemite. There was no mechanism by which to ‘cancel’ people, consequently society has become more self regulated and stifled and worse. this not only goes for things such as questioning holocaustianity but for mundane things. if you have an employer you are implicitly required to be a yes-man, and organization-man and at large a society man.

    The martial instinct will not hesitate to engage in a duel over honour, but the survival instinct will certainly hesitate to engage in free speech if it means the loss of daily bread for oneself or one’s family.

  4. @Blossius

    Indeed. Most people in the Dissident Right would have a heart attack if they ever read Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu or Judea vs Rome by the blogger Europa Soberana. “Christianity, in essence, means not the number of priests ordained, but the number of niggers loved.”

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Siegfriedson
  5. Miro23 says:

    You could say that waging successful wars has combined hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline. Engage in a war with these issues sorted out (or at least more so than your enemy) and you’ll likely win.

    Winning means that you capture your enemies resources (land, property, and get to convert their freedom into slavery – IOW they are commoditized for your benefit).

    So where are hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline found in the modern world?

    The obvious answer seems to be in corporations. So “war” has morphed from the military to the economic with the result about the same. The defeated lose their land, property, freedom and descend into minimum wage quasi-slavery.

    From the 17th century European countries (and later their proxy the US) have been winning and have taken control of all the world’s worthwhile property and resources – and converted “third world” people into service labour. They did this through superior group hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline.

    However, things have recently reversed. Since the 1970’s, Asia has worked hard at group hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline and are now clearly ahead of the West. The proof can be seen in US current account deficits, industrial decline, lack of trust, corporate looting (enabled by corrupt government) and social dysfunction.

    The expected result is the usual one that the defeated party (the US and the West) lose their land, property and get commoditized (minimum waged) or worse. In any event by the 2020’s they have lost this battle. It took 50 years (1972 – 2022).

    • Replies: @Pseudo/cryptic
  6. Andrew Joyce is an international treasure.

    How do I send him money? I’ll probably head over to TOO to see if there’s a way there.

  7. Karl1906 says:

    Bushido… you mean this famous Japanese ethos of charging against machine gun nests armed only with a samurai sword?

    For us Westerners it’s a bit easier. “Viel Feind, viel Ehr!” – German saying, 16th century (“Lots of enemies, lots of honour!”)

    Our ethical food chain seems to have moved along this “line”:

    Christian ethics -> humanism -> Age of Enlightenment philsophy -> liberalism -> leftism

    Now some people claim that this development is “inevitable” with technological progress etc. and that to return to a previous stage we basically need to “regress” (e.a. fall back into barbarism).

    But I’m not of this opinion. I rather believe that after the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century this “inevitable line of progession” actually became a tree branching off. And that liberalism and leftism are options where and how we may develop “further” as a society. But it also means that these are not necessarily branches that may lead somewhere.

    What remains is that our society, at least Western society, is still strongly based on Age of Enlightenment philosophy. Now some claim that this is “total emancipation” from the previous Christian ethics and only leading to atheism (and anti-religiosity) as a consequence. But that’s also not true.

    AoE philosophy is based on Christian ethics and thus strongly rooted into it. Yes, it breaks through the anti-scientific/faith-base of Christian religion and demands reason to be the anchor of ethics and world view. But it doesn’t negate Christian ethics. Or the existence of god for that matter. “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” – Voltaire

    Moving on further and into the 19th century you get the likes of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. They don’t argue about the religious side of Christian ethics and the existence of god anymore, they have moved on to the individual and its interaction with and within society. It’s not quite the time of – scientific – Freudianism yet. But the beginning.

    Karl Marx on the other hand shifts his humanistic demands over to (leftist) ideology and the abandonment of the current society means for him the consequent abandonment of the church. Not religion. He calls it “opium for the masses” but it’s actually not a denouncement as many claim. (Marx’s humanist concepts will be completely ignored by the likes of Lenin. No wonder many say Marxist-Leninist ideology when they talk about the negative and totalitarian side of his philosophy. Yet Marx doesn’t remove humanism from his concept of improving society, it’s the reckless and sociopathic Lenin who sees no point in it.)

    Now in regards to military philosophy and ethics – to finally close the circle to Japanese bushido – we’re still very strongly within the Napoleonic and Clausewitzean ideals. Yeah, there’s a bunch of new weapons etc. And even women are allowed to become soldiers. Pathetic soldiers and bad for any army composed of both sexes, but anyway.

    And it’s as funny as it is moronic when military “experts” call Putin’s strategy in Ukraine a “Blitzkrieg”. No, it’s actually called “Bewegungskrieg” (“war of movement”) and was already used by Frederic the Great in the 18th century. In the Age of Enlightenment. Napoleon and Clausewitz only picked it up and improved it to a certain degree. It never changed much afterwards. Horses were later (barely) substituted by tanks and thus it became a possibility again. And “Blitzkrieg” only is a propaganda name invented by the British.

    Now in regards to ethics Napoleon altered the idea of previous warfare up to this point to end an attack with the clear defeat of the other side and towards the total destruction of the enemy’s army. Clausewitz would further improve upon these concepts – and also finding countermeasures against enemies using it – leading to the concept of modern warfare’s “total war”. That’s also often misunderstood for being a phrase (only) used by Joseph Goebbels in his famous Sportpalast (“Sports Palace”) speech in Berlin in 1943. No, total war was already well known from the Napoleonic era. And its dire consequences on civilian population and places.

    Nothing much has changed ever since. Apart from the Japanese being forced to open their country in the 1850s. And their static society of castes being conflicted with the Western ethics and principles of warfare. And you don’t have to watch “The Last Samurai” to get to the end point of this. Or “The Human Condition” (a Japanese film series from 1959) for that matter.

    It’s just our fascination with exotism that wants to make “bushido” something special to say Western ideals of chivalry in the middle ages.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  8. dimples says:

    This fascination with the medieval is tedious man-cave stuff. To eradicate his 21st century Jew oppressors, whitey needs brains not brawn.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @SteveRogers42
  9. Odyssey says:

    “James writes that “personal honour, pride in his unit and reverence for his commanders and the state they served motivated the Roman soldier.”

     80% of Roman soldiers were non-Italian. Who were they? Who were the elite of the Roman army? They launched a couple of dozens of Roman (military) Emperors. Who were they?

    “Their fighting methods were Homeric, with each man deliberately seeking to prove his audacity and prowess in the manner of a champion.”[2]”

     Homeric? Iliad? Troy? Who was fighting there? Who were Trojans? What are the ‘Homeric fighting methods’? What is the “’Homeric’ quality in battle”?

    “Talk to me of the aristocracy of England! Why, look at that glorious charge of cavalry at Balaklava — look to that charge, where the noblest and wealthiest of the land rode foremost, followed by heroic men from the lowest classes of the community, each rivalling the other in bravery.”

     Is he talking about the cannon fodder?

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Here Be Dragon
  10. Al Ross says:

    The last time the Nordics , the most important people of Western EGI , embraced a Bushido culture , was before the Jewish importation of Christianity.

    • Replies: @Psychonaut667
  11. Musashi ronin
    Fought in light of Amida.
    👹west👺 fights for satan.

  12. @Rahan

    Submission by Michel Houellebecq

    Absolutely based plot. Yeah, without Christianity, this is what will happen when the gibs train is shut down, and no more funny money for globohomo.

    Considering that President Bidet and Pooland are telling people to gather firewood, it is obvious we will be fortunate enough to see the collapse of the anal empire in our lifetime.

    We shall see pooland made to pay for its insolence, again. Goodluck burning firewood in a comblock.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Richard B
  13. White people get off the German barbarian Christian kool-aid and meet your Yamnaya ancestors:

    This quote is key in understanding the White mind: “This ability to adapt allowed Yamnaya DNA to survive from the original society, into the Corded Ware people and then manifest again as the Beaker people.”

    White people be changing their beliefs thousands of years ago as they wiped out the indigenous European men of color and raped their blue-eyed women until all their progeny were white. It is a feature. They almost pulled it off in the US with sexual slavery. People don’t understand and appreciate this as they cuck for Christianity. Christianity or its successor aka the Successor Ideology is all the same BS to the US military. It doesn’t care what beliefs it has to pretend to care about as long as it can commit genocide against brown and black people. They’ll wear the cross or the Rainbow flag. Whites will be Christian, Norse, transgender, or whatever. It is a means to an end to fulfill their self-absorbed desires for dominance against other ethnicities and whatever idiotic fad they are currently fanatical about. That is how we get a multicultural Rainbow flag loving military that bombs people of color. When people of color try to stand up for justice they get smacked down by White people for challenging their right to rule. They are really just props used in an inter-white conflict between the elite and the rabble.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  14. anonymous[162] • Disclaimer says:

    Amidst the still-too-neglected-in-the-West cultural treasures of ancient India – where, in fact, nearly all great religious and political ideas can be found in some form – the mythos of the brave, spiritually-grounded warrior is at its centre

    Tho not a ‘cult of the book’ religious culture like Judaic-Abrahamic ones, the most beloved text from ancient India is the short Bhagavad-Gita

    Its story is that of a warrior, Arjuna, having doubts before a great battle … his chariot driver turns out to be God himself in one of the many forms God takes, here as ‘Krishna’ … With armies facing each other, God freezes and stops time itself, and explains to the warrior what life is about … “no one can ever truly kill, or be killed … so be brave, stand and fight for what is right” … Here is the story in a fine 10-minute video

    We need a Western reincarnation religion – free from Jewish roots, ‘eternal hell’, etc, and also free from ‘pagan’ animal sacrifice barbarism – with the role model of the righteous warrior restored to its rightful place

  15. Franz says:

    “Christianity, in essence, means not the number of priests ordained, but the number of niggers loved.”

    Simple, concise, VISIBLY true.

  16. Missing from the discussion are two major points.

    One is the inevitable change in outlook of those born into and intensively mothered in a family of one or two children compared with the real possibility of being one of 7 survivors to adulthood out of 15 that was the natural order of things till the 20th century. Not only were the children not coddled and made to feel precious but distinction had to be earned in competition.

    The other is the nature of wounds in the heroic ages and the modern. A very high proportion of severe wounds would have resulted in death in the days when a sword slash was likely to introduce pathogens. The special fear of having one’s genitalia destroyed with perhaps 50 years still to live would not have been the fear of those, unless captured and tortured,in eras before shrapnel, machine guns and grenades.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @PinochetTanks
  17. Anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:

    The gang bangers from America’s urban ghettos may be the inheritors of this hypothetical culture of physical domination, disdain for death but readiness, even eagerness, to deliver it or accept it while cloaked in the trappings of implacable honor. Worf Rozhenko’s personal life code also came close.

    Live fast, die young, inter a superior corpse into the bosom of Mother Earth because anything less is such a drag, man.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @SteveRogers42
  18. Olinda says:

    Granted, but why would we fight for a nation full of mischlings who would betray you in a second? The Japanese and old norse or English or Scots or African tribe knew exactly what they were fighting, who and why. That is the point of (jewish) globalisation: to turn each nation into a parking lot for interchangeable economic units. It is a recipe for slow, ugly death. They know this and do not care. Why? That is a mystery to me.

  19. neutral says:

    Very difficult to see this Western Bushido ever being found as long as society is mentally and spiritually castrated by jewish rule.

  20. @anonymous

    “The blood of my enemy is more delicious than my mother’s milk”

    • Replies: @Fred777
  21. Rahan says:

    It’s not even actual firewood. It’s the serfs having the right to petition the local sheriff to gather some dead branches from the forest floor.

    “It is always possible, with the consent of foresters, to collect branches for fuel,” said deputy climate and energy minister Edward Siarka.

  22. Japanese hierarchy was not based on rigid heredity. Lords would often pass their domain to a preeminent retainer.

    Use some common sense, of course feudal Japan had mobility. If you couldn’t keep and run your shit, you’d lose it.

  23. profnasty says:

    A time of killing found sandwiched between times of stealing.
    -Ambrose Bierce

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  24. Al Ross says:

    There is some logic to this and it lies in the fact that there are no tawdry Semitic terrestrial miracles involved in believing any Maharishi Veryrichi tales of the post – mortem.

    White people , having ruled in India , and ruled out Suttee and Thugee might find the introduction of some aspects of Hinduism mildly unattractive.


    Finally, what belongs together is growing together: the pseudo-leftist “wellness” elites and the dregs of society, their useful idiots, whom they have been able to keep at bay until now. Unfortunately, only a temporary “irritation”. Last time, Sylt once again united to elect system parties (CDU and Greens) and even drove the kosher AfD out of its local parliament. That’s how it should be everywhere, moreover all those thirdworld migrant masses should be shoveled onto their illustrious island, which these oh so “woken”, “cosmopolitan”, “tolerant” and “standing up for diversity” millionaires usually impose on all “ordinary” Germans!

    Be a Antifa-Playboy once in a lifetime for 9 euros.

  26. gotmituns says:

    Sir, it’ll take a combination of brains and brawn. Nothing can be done by brain power alone.

  27. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    despite Japan being an island, and Russia being a large continental landmass like China, Russia and Japan do seem to have this similarity of noble warrior culture in their historical legacies, while the Chinese (especially southern ones) seem more like cowardly merchants. ironically, jewmerican goyim have no one but their own govt and elites to blame for the “rise” of China, since they have for over a century neutralized and weakened Russia and Japan (even Russia is only a shadow of its Soviet version) so that CHina is the main actor left in the region.

    • Replies: @Pseudo/cryptic
  28. The Japanese concept and path of Bushido (“the way of the warrior”) is a useful tool for examining Western warrior culture because it is perhaps the only such system outside the West that offers some striking similarities.

    Both equally warlike and avaricious.

    Cutures made up of blood thirsty violent men, serving greedy rulers.

    And yet both these peoples actually celebrate their “warrior culture”. WTF

    Like the mafia enforcer and don celebrating his criminal culture.

  29. In Ireland, most of the old Gaelic warrior class were killed off in the wars against the English. One of the last such men was Art O’Leary.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  30. The pinnacle of the European warrior spirit is the Code of Chivalry:

    The Ten Pillars of Chivalry:

    1. Believe in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and apply them in daily life
    2. Defend traditional Christianity, cleaving to your own confession but respecting that of others
    3. Respect and defend the weak against abuses by the strong
    4. Love the people and sovereignty of your country, for they are ordained by God
    5. Do not be a coward, face the enemy, and use direct force
    6. Fight the enemies of good relentlessly and without mercy
    7. Perform all secular duties under the higher Laws of God
    8. Never lie nor breach your word, be reliable for friend or foe
    9. Give generously and wholeheartedly, striving to make a difference for the better
    10. Always uphold right and good, against all evil and injustice

    We’re not savages or monsters (well that’s how it should be, but many are). In a very real, practical and meaningful way, values are the “pillars of civilization”.

  31. Richard B says:

    Considering that President Bidet and Pooland are telling people to gather firewood, it is obvious we will be fortunate enough to see the collapse of the anal empire in our lifetime.

    Sure hope so.

    One thing’s for sure, the fantasy of White Supremacy is a smear designed to cover the tracks of the civilization-destroying reality that is Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    Where are they going to go to next, the moon? Because from the looks of things China, and Russia for that matter, don’t exactly strike one as being all that interetsed in taking the place of those whites who have been so willing and eager to sacrifice their own happiness and their children’s future so as to keep the West Jewish.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  32. Andrew Jackson, not only was a wartime general, he killed a man in a duel. He was Scots-Irish, of course.

  33. @Wizard of Oz

    Not sure if you have ever heard of this guy/site, but years ago, there was a very active lifting/workout site called “70’s Big”…one of main guys (I think there were three), wound up joining special forces and indeed, had his manhood blown off. He does not post much, but here is a recent post that is an interesting addendum to the discussion here today.

    His “Checking in” post, discusses his injuries.

  34. bwuce wee says:

    OMG! not yet ANOTHER couch potatoe crying for WARriors??!!?! what a load of crap! bushido is based on the moronic idea that some people are ‘nobles’ and therefore have the right of life or death over their underlings. let that sink in. the author is calling for all us underlings to willingly give up our lives for our overlord masters because they are nobility. it sickens me that there are still people on earth who subscribe to the idea that there are royal families and nobility. i shit on your nobility. i shit on your royals. let the princes of saudi arabia come on my property and see how they are treated. let the queen of england ask me to kneel before her and see what happens. the concept of royals and nobility is an outdate farce, and that is the nicest way i can put it into words. ancient scandanavians fought to the death because of religion- not because of nobles. their religion tells them that dying with a weapon in your hands means you go to valhalla, where warriors fight and drink all day. dying without a weapon in your hand means you spend eternity in frozen niflheim ruled by Hel. muslim higadis have the exact same concept- they are not dying for their nobility, they are dying to get to paradise. honor is a very twisted concept that can work against you very easily- if you do not believe me, investigate the bushido tenet of sepukku. or the history of duello. urban thugs are using the same faulty logic when they shoot someone for dissing them. that is the concept of honor in modern day world. see how that works? honor is for morons. someone tries to kill you, you kill them. war is kill or be killed, it is not clean and honorable like the armchair warriors imagine. you gouge out the eyes, you rip out the guts, and you take heads for trophies. next.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @ACE economist
  35. Anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    “In search of western Bushido?”

    Keep searching. With all the Shemales and hundreds of sexual classifications your search will be daunting. Even the Marine Corps is now riddled with bitches, queers and no steers !

    As for leaders, there was once a tradition of them leading from the front and taking the same risks as the men they are asking to die for their country. Our fearless leaders now lead from a telephone in an impregnable “fortress” position.

    “You charge Lads, and I will watch and direct………….from 5000 km away. And by the way, make sure you are killed because if you are maimed you will be a useless piece of shit to us Generals, Politicians and the Country”. LOL

    Bushido ? Or Bull Shito ?

  36. Backward says:

    And again the association of cowardice with females, by someone who clearly has never pondered how much courage is needed to give birth to a child.
    And again the misconception thereby we live in a feminine age, while the money-machine system is entirely and thoroughly a male invention.
    Incel frustration dressed in superficial arguments.

    • Replies: @xyzxy
  37. @Blossius

    I’ve been saying that for years here and on
    The next step is to search for a cogent system of ethics and guidance, as well as understanding. There is only one choice for the disillusioned fleeing Christianity.

  38. Anon[179] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Johnny Five……… your Jive………. is incomprehensible!

    Its a mixture of claptrap, tripe, twaddle and drivel blended into a hogwash smoothie with a sprinkle of horseshit topping.

    What exactly are you trying to say, if anything ?

  39. Inazo Natobe was a poser and Bushido The Soul of Japan is bullshido. Anyone who invokes that book simply marks himself out as ignorant about whatever he is writing about.

    • Replies: @antibeast
  40. The industrial revolution happened. People created what was then artificial communities. Then soon after the brightest were sent off to college to become educated leaders of the greater artificial community rather then the local ones of their birth. Mom and Pop shops were no longer buying their wares from local artisans, but rather the rising corporations. Wars were no longer acquisition projects for tribe of locals, but rather one for the soulless and artificial corporation, who eventually were financed by magic money from the bankers of Frankfurt. In other words the managerial state, who became slaves of finance, eventually neutered the spirit of man for the good of profits. Almost two centuries later there is nothing worth preserving. We all have become whores.

    • Agree: Towey
  41. Kim says:

    Roman soldiers regularly lynched unpopular commanders.

    God bless them.

  42. Kim says:
    @Commentator Mike

    11. Pitilessly exterminate your enemy or, as history has infallibly shown, they will be back.

  43. gotmituns says:

    Yep, Right from Bierce’s “Devil’s Dictionary”.

  44. @Karl1906

    Bushido is longer lasting and more connected to the Inner Consciousness, than you aforementioned similar ethos and codex of the West. The West sees things in a temporal term more than the East. The same is true with children versus adults.

  45. anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Electricity is the key, without it our overlords can’t control us. Would satelites, spy cameras, ankle moniters, oops, I mean cellphones, computers, and the internet be possible without it? One could argue that the internet has many uses, true, but it is also the tool with which we have been enslaved. If we want a return to normalcy, then we have to return to the natural order of things. This can be accomplished with the one thing that will stop the nwo in its tracks, and that is an asteroid, a nice big juicy asteroid. In time small communities would emerge with their own rules and sensibilities, whether it be patriarchy, food production, zero tolerance for outsiders telling them what to think and how to live, etc. Modernity has been a blessing in some respects but also a curse. In short, take away electricity and you take away their power. Grow your own food, build your own house, and get control of your women and children because they will respect you. Life will return to normal. No more political correctness, forced integration, imposition of insidious values, etc. If you want this dystopia that we are living in to disappear, then pray for an asteroid, it works every time. A real reset.

    • Agree: Towey
  46. What need have we of honor and duty and sacrifice? That is for a people with a past and a future. That is for a people which revere family, tribe, community.

    We live in the Eternal Now of our god Mammon. We have no family, no tribe, no community, no commitments. Our only duty is to ourselves. Our only commitment is to our happiness. We are free of all unchosen entanglements. We choose who we are. We choose what we are. Our choices are limitless.

    Do not mourn for us. On the contrary, we mourn for you who are chained to the past, chained to a family, chained to a tribe, none of which you chose. We mourn that your eyes have not been opened to the senselessness of your sacrifice.

    We are the happy homeless, the happy rootless, the happy, living forever in an Eternal Now.


  47. @Commentator Mike

    Which from our contemporary perspective, is now a museum curiosity, a bright flame that burned itself out quickly. What’s missing to this incomplete assembly, like a machine? The rest of the parts, which can be found in the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

  48. JoeJoe says:

    The urge in Western culture for our pagan component to return to our anti-Christian pagan roots.
    Jesus and eleven of our apostolic leaders used the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) rather than
    the weak sword of man. The sword of the pagan conquers bodies, cities and nations. The sword of the Spirit conquers men’s hearts and the Kingdom of God.

    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
  49. nsa says:

    “In Search of the Western Bushido…….”
    Judging by the life and thoughts of Bushido’s most recent practitioner, Yukio Mishima, this ethos combines a faggy toxic mix of fake macho militarism, narcissism, obsequiousness, and ultimately self-destruction i.e. perfect for 21st century rainbow flag amelika.

  50. ricpic says:

    “…violence is now something that primarily entertains.”

    That may be true of faux violence, of photoshopped violence.

    The real thing, unexpurgated, is horrific. Its appeal limited to sadists.

  51. Deprived of sustenance (food and women) all men take on the role of warriors (animal instincts) but very few have the inner strength (zen quality, if you will) to beat back adversity.

  52. @Odyssey

    For those who don’t know, when this guy is asking “Who were they?” etc. he is expecting you to suddenly realize the obvious truth that has been escaping your mind the entire time – Serbians!

    Roman soldiers were non-Italian. Who were they? – Serbians! Who were the elite of the Roman army? – Serbians! They launched a couple of dozens of Roman Emperors. Who were they? – Of course, Serbians.

    Iliad? Troy? Who was fighting there? – Serbians.

    You should have known that the greatest people on the Earth are the Serbians. They are the true Aryans, they were who the ancient Greek poets wrote about. Who was Odysseus? – He was a Serbian.

    To compete with this level of inadequacy one has to be a Ukrainian. Otherwise – forget about it!

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  53. JoeJoe says:

    This is the urge in Western culture where our pagan component tries to return to our weak anti-Christian pagan roots.
    Jesus and eleven of our apostolic leaders, the founders of Christianity and our Western Culture, used the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) rather than
    the weak sword of pagan man. The sword of man can only conquer bodies, cities and nations. The sword of the Spirit conquers men’s hearts and the Kingdom of God.

  54. I think there’s an important factor missing: average age of reproduction. When you’d already fathered a few offspring, dying in battle didn’t mean the end of your line. Be fearless — your sons will follow your example.

    Sending childless men (or even men with only one child) to battle is basically genocide of your own people. Even worse, it’s likely to provide more opportunities (for procreation and otherwise) for those who stayed out of the battle.

    One way or another, the message that gets passed on is: don’t fight if you can avoid it, leave that to the undesirables. And if you have to fight, keep yourself safe first. Work smarter not harder.

    Honor is great if and only if it’s transmitted to the next generation. If it’s not, it’s just a posthumous award kept in a dusty box in the attic.

    Once a year, the warrior’s bereaved parents and widows get to dust it off and say proudly ‘the politicians and generals won the war and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.’ And they also get to stick around to watch every successive generation forget more and more about the things that the warrior thought he was fighting for.

    • Agree: Marcali
    • Replies: @Catdog
  55. @HammerJack

    I had a protracted discussion with Joyce over a two month period last year. It was enjoyable and we were getting along really well, but unfortunately after a misunderstanding he became very petulant and obtuse. He did a complete 180 in his demeanour. I certainly expected better from the man. It’s a problem with many people in this movement. They have massive egos and are ridiculously touchy. It’s pathetic.

  56. Catdog says:

    Neo-paganism is an op by right-wing homosexuals. They want a right-wing religion that isn’t overtly hostile to their degeneracy. Their plan won’t work because, of course, religions don’t last when nobody actually believes in them. It’s merely an aesthetic that will go out of style, as every fashion trend does.

    Their claims that Christianity is a religion of weakness are obviously false. Whites conquered the world under the sign of the cross, and only lost their empires when Christian faith faded in the 20th century.

    • Agree: Towey
  57. @anonymous

    And also free from circumcision – A Crime against Humanity, which idiotic American Christians continue to practice, against all logic, though it weakens the spirit and takes away the best of a boy’s essence, leading to alienation and nihilism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  58. Catdog says:

    Children still need fathers *after* they’re conceived. The role of a father who died in battle might have been somewhat filled by numerous uncles when families were largely and closer-knit than they are today.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  59. @bwuce wee

    Bushido teaches that you should sacrifice your life for a purpose, it has sometimes been interpreted to mean win by any means.
    Whatever you are talking about has little to do with the ideal of Bushido.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
    , @Dave Wightman
  60. @Catdog

    Oh boy, the day you discover Cesar Tort’s blog is the day you’ll have a heart attack. Here are some links that will get your blood boiling.

    You got a lot to learn about Christianity, the Trojan horse. Start with Christianity’s Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner, The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey, On the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier, Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu, Judea vs Rome by Europa Soberana, and Nietzsche’s Der Antichrist.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Dumbo
  61. Anonymous[831] • Disclaimer says:

    They want a right-wing religion that isn’t overtly hostile to their degeneracy.

    Probably – maybe they want to make it kosher to have giant phallus statues around again?

    Whites conquered the world under the sign of the cross, and only lost their empires when Christian faith faded in the 20th century.

    Not really accurate. Whites conquered when Christianity was already failing and mercantilism was ascendant (which is why they were constantly trying to one up each other in the global empire game and even allying with non-Christian empires/kingdoms in fighting each other over territory) – though they were certainly, on the whole, more religious than the Christians of today. When they were very serious about Christianity, they were killing each other on a large scale over theological/religious differences. They lost their empires when they lost their ability to keep them as a result of being weakened due to the secular intra-White wars that dwarfed the bloodshed of the previous religious wars.

  62. Anonymous[831] • Disclaimer says:

    best of a boy’s essence

    Seriously? Foreskin? Best? Seriously?

    leading to alienation and nihilism

    Makes no sense – Muslims are the least nihilistic and most pro-family group on the planet (except for maybe some relatively small/minor exceptions). Alienation and nihilism is far more due to the atomization due to extreme individualism in a godless, post-modern society.

  63. “Even if a samurai’s head were to be suddenly cut off, he should still be able to perform one more action with certainty.” – Hagakure, a pratical guide for a Japanese warrior.

    What we have here is another piece of inspirational writing, Kevin MacDonald style. Having little to do with actual reality, it goes around the same fictional ideas – entering an animalistic state, disdain for death, etc. Based on the author’s imagination, wishful thinking and arrogance resulting from ignorance.

    There is nothing in the West that could be equally compared to Bushido. The only example, being the creed of the Templar Knights, was totally uprooted and erased from the Western culture by the venerated Catholic Church, in the most brutal and barbaric way possible – burned alive. There has been nothing like it ever since.

    However in the East they still have it. Nihang, a warrior order of the Sikh people is a great example of that – a moral code, a faith and a practice, bound together – a way of life, full of spiritual purpose and inspiration, detached from all things material. How can anybody in the West hope to see around anything like that?

    The West is a decadent, perverted and immoral culture of merchants, charlatans and whores. The West doesn’t have anything to offer for the soul – anything of value, only poison. Poison for your mind, poison for your heart. And anybody who is searching for a light in his life can only find it when he’s looking to the East.

    The West is a dying prostitute.

    And there is nothing good to look for in the past of the West either. Only the horrors of brutality, tortures and public executions on the streets of its dirty cities, only the twisted faith of a false religion imposed on an ignorant flock by fear of fire and sword. Only with decline of the Church a culture began.

    And without the Church the same culture ended.

    You are living in the Satanic Age, and any hope about any kind of rebirth or a second Renaissance, in the world of pornographic addiction and omnipresent lust, that has long gone into the wicked realm of spiritual Hell, any imaginable virtue that you are still hoping to retrieve out of this sick society is an illusion.

    There is no more hope.

    And let me finish this with another quotation from Hagakure. Think about that. Maybe you will understand something.

    It is said that what is called “the spirit of an age” is something to which one cannot return. That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world’s coming to an end. In the same way, a single year does not have just spring or summer. A single day, too, is the same. For this reason, although one would like to change today’s world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation.

    Thus, it is important to make the best out of every generation.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  64. The Western bushido or Warrior Race of yore, is now replaced by Big Government kneeling before (((Global Banksters))) who when not fighting endless wars abroad using useless war machines, use their Militant Thug/Mutant Gender Race Warriors consisting of aspiring gangsta rappers, white wiggers and GlobalHomo to wage war on its own people.

    Instead of Honor, they Burn Loot Murder Rape and steal and lie, instead of being united by shared pride in courage, and by loyalty to a noble lord, land or beliefs, todays Warrior Race are activist forces for leftist GlobalHomo oligarchs who sic them on society at a moments notice.

    Wherever there’s BLM/Antifa/GlobalHomo, you’ll find leftist government pandering to the lowest trash of civilization.

    Until government becomes a voluntary system reduced to 5% of its current size and authority and returned back to the people, the people will never live in a safe and prosperous world.


  65. Truth says:

    Andrew Joyce is an international treasure.


    Why didn’t we leave him burried?

  66. xyzxy says:

    …the association of cowardice with females, by someone who clearly has never pondered how much courage is needed to give birth to a child.

    The fact that you associate childbirth (something that is as natural for a woman as eating or breathing) with courage, demonstrates that you have little understanding of the word’s literal meaning and connotations.

    Courage for a woman (as so for men) is tied inexorably with honor. For a woman, honor is first displayed in obedience to her parents, and once married, her husband. Her primary duty is to bear and raise children, and her children then become her honor as they provide her family with a link to immortality through generations. Courage, for a woman, arises when the bonds of family are disrupted and she must resist the intrusion.

    Traditionally it was commonplace, and examples can be seen in all high civilizations. Compare the Ming Dynasty writer, Feng Menglong, who in Stories to Caution the World tells of a typical woman who, as a result of war, thought her husband had been killed:

    I’ll gladly join the Daoist order, serve [father and mother] and die without complaints even if I remain a widow the rest of my life. When advised to remarry she replied, I’d just as soon kill myself to keep my name as a chaste women untarnished.

    All this is forgotten and denied within our feminist society. Such a view is, today, quaint and quite alien to modern women, who are keen to whore around and abort as they see fit. The ‘incel’ phenomenon you mock is simply a natural male reaction to it all.

    …while the money-machine system is entirely and thoroughly a male invention.

    The so-called money machine arose through the degeneration of castes, with triumph of the bourgeois merchant class. For their part. both Guenon and Evola argued that it was an introduction of the feminine into what had hitherto been a masculine derived authority.

    Of course, today, the entire notion of masculine and feminine is viewed by the regime as nonsensical (although what little remains of trad ‘masculinity’ is now considered ‘toxic’). Inasmuch as most men have been socially gelded it is about what can be expected.

  67. anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    The Jew will win if it’s a battle of brains alone. A few brilliant Whites can’t carry the horde. Folkish Odinists are less gay. Traditional Christianity believes “God Hates Fags.” Most White Christians today are “faggots for retarded niggers!” No one else is washing the feet of ungrateful negroes in public. Any accepted faith in White countries should be pro-White. Without that you have nothing.

  68. Anonymous[831] • Disclaimer says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Let me get this straight, so the link you posted ( comes from a guy who says he is at a “level 9” understanding, which translates to:
    “Non-white exterminationism is the only solution.”

    And he is aiming for a “level 10”, which is:
    “10% of Whites are true humans, and must survive.
    90% of Whites are defective humans, of which 50% must die (males).
    100% of non-Whites are sub-humans, and all must die.”

    Are you a Narc?

    I mean – let’s say you aren’t – you are even advocating for the extermination of 45% white males. Does the guy think he is in the “saved” 10%? Why would the majority of white males agree to their own extermination? Why wouldn’t they simply turn on the 10% “Brahmin- wannabes” and hang them from the nearest light posts?

    • Thanks: Catdog
  69. Firearms are flying off store shelves lately, and not just for target shooting and hunting sports.

    Every person who obtains a defensive firearm keeps the warrior embers burning. Every ancestor who kept a sword or longbow or musket for defense did so as a hedge against danger, domestic or foreign. It’s our heritage.

    Tyrants reluctantly tolerate individuals possessing or interpreting coercive power. A Western Bushido code runs counter to the modern Western state, which tries to monopolize all force.

    Gun confiscation is the snuffing out of any remaining parity between the state and the citizen, and tyrants like it that way. No Bushido will coexist with our current laws.

  70. xyzxy says:

    Let me get this straight, so the link you posted (chechar.wordpress) comes from a guy who says he is at a “level 9” understanding, which translates to…

    The on-line presence known as ‘chechar’ is evidently an ethnic/racial Mexican. Take from that what you will, given what he advocates.

  71. @Johnny F. Ive

    Nigga Pleez, You do realize that whites are only 10% of Global population or is you just sum babbling buffoon high on weed using voice to text to write your bs.

    Iraq and Afghanistan wars were Jewish banker wars using mostly white Goym foot soldiers to loot Mohammadans of fossils and minerals for the benefit of the Apartheid state of Israel.

    Now smoke some more dope and go to sleep.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  72. @Anonymous

    I didn’t write it, so I can’t speak for whoever did. It wasn’t Cesar Tort who originally wrote it, but someone who hangs out at his blog. I would definitely say that the vast majority of whites are defective, and I actually might go as far as saying they’re all defective, because they’re the product of a defective system (evolution), which is the product of a hostile universe. Cesar is a lifecuck, though. He still maintains the delusion that there is anything in this world to be salvaged. There never was. That’s why I embraced ethical anti-natalism. I want perfection, and this world will never be perfect. Any attempt to push back against entropy, to extract order out of chaos, ends in disaster. None of it really matters in the grand scheme, since this universe is apparently destined to disappear up its own arse in due course. So I say fuck it. We all end up dead in the end anyway. All things will come to oblivion.

    • Replies: @FrodoWasAFremen
  73. @anonymous

    Yes this comment referencing the Bhagavad-Gita is welcome and focusing on this particular essence of the book is most relevant in its eternal message and an attitude of discernment that is important should one dare to consider that Holy Book received at the beginning of the 20th century called Liber L vel Legis also known as The Book of The Law, ushering the Aeon of Horus and the Law of Thelema.

    Where the universal credo of Thelema is:

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

    “Love is the law, love under will.”

    …the Third Chapter of the Book is quite militant as this from Chapter III. verse 3. states:

    Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them.

  74. This article is stellar; one of the few pieces published by Unz that I’ve read line-by-line. Thanks, Andrew Joyce.

    I’ve long been interested in Bushido and Buddhism (fatalistic flaw in my character perhaps). But Joyce points out the fluid nature of the Western warrior hierarchical structure, and its superiority over the hereditary samurai. Plus the robes and haircuts the samurai sport are awful.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  75. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Very interesting comment.

    Well, yes – the world is flawed – most religions teach that…as well as a way to transcend the inevitable conclusion of entropy.

    But, I guess you are walking the walk, so at least you are consistent – you are simply making breathing room for more flawed people, who happen to embrace their faults and are less perfectionist. In a Darwinian sense, evolution is selecting for hominids that are not too caught up on perfection.

    Are you familiar with this dude?

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  76. @Truth

    “Why didn’t we leave him burried [sic]?”

    That’s what I keep asking myself about Emmett.

  77. @Abdul Alhazred

    So Aleister Crowley was more than a half-baked sorcerer? Wasn’t his real talent mooching off wealthy Anglo-Americans grown bored by Victorian convention? Is it true that Crowley is the biological father of Barbara Bush?

  78. Dumbo says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    Cesar Tort is another “armchair genocidal maniac” (there are so many here!), an idiot and probably a homosexual too (there appear to be some links between sadism and homosexuality). To be honest, I thought he was dead, I didn’t know he still wrote his moronic screeds (and that’s being generous).

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  79. @Catdog

    Good point. A father warrior would definitely be more willing to sacrifice himself knowing that his extended family is there to provide children with care and continuity.

    That’s an interesting thought. How many Union orphans ended up with Confederate families, or vice versa, because more of the extended family was on the other side?

  80. Where is the warrior in the age of the drone and the ICBM?

    Ft. Bragg and Coronado, for starters.

  81. @SunBakedSuburb

    Miyamoto Musashi deliberately dressed like a disheveled slob in order to provoke insults from other samurai.

    Then he killed them.

  82. Dutch Boy says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Implicit in chivalry is the concept of the just war, both in cause and in conduct. Suicidal or murderous actions are forbidden. Vengeful abuse of defeated enemies is forbidden. War, which begins in unreason, can be consummated in reason by the just warrior. The bitter fruits of our “victories” in the World Wars should serve as a stark reminder of what ignoring chivalry and justice beget.

    • Agree: FrodoWasAFremen, Towey
  83. @dimples

    You’re gonna need a functional body to carry those big brains around.

  84. @CelestiaQuesta

    People need to stop blaming the Jews for white people being white. It is in their nature to believe in something stupid and replace it with something equally stupid. The Jews didn’t make white people put them in charge of money and associate themselves with Jewish myths. White people did that on their own. Do you think our Yamnaya ancestors would put up with some bankers? We know what they’d do. It shows up in population genetics. The only thing consistent about white people is that they are genocidal conquerors of continents. A side issue is that Jews are part white. White women are their mamas. How are they Jews if their mama is white? Do they have their conversion papers? Israel probably wouldn’t treat’em like Jews if they knew their mama was a goyim. “Jewish men may indeed have migrated into Europe from [the Levant] around 2,000 years ago, they seem to have married European women.” We have Yamnaya Jews!

    We know what white people are like:
    “At least 90% of the ancestry of Britons was replaced by a wave of migrants, who arrived about 4,500 years ago.” The white man came to Britain! He did his white thing and erased the original inhabitants. He did the same thing to North American Indians!

    We have their R1 genetics:
    ‘There is already established evidence suggesting that the first farmers, (carrying the Y chromosome lineage of ‘G’, which can be found across Europe) arrived in Kerry about 4,350BC.’ But then. “Did you know Ireland has the highest concentration of men with the R1b DNA marker? No fewer than 84 per cent of all Irish men carry this on their Y chromosome.” Gee, what happened to G? Anthropologist try hard to avoid the obvious, that their ancestors were genocidal conquering rapist just like the Aryan myths said they were.

    Whites are ‘genocidal peoples who “switch cultures”’. White people change cultures like they do their underwear. It is one of their skills. Anthropologist try to deny it though:

    White people “switching cultures” is happening in our faces right now. US military has gone woke. Christianity is dead. They are trying to replace Jesus with the Rainbow:

    Euro-mutts have the blue-eyes of the original dark skinned Europeans. The Yamnaya didn’t have the blue-eyes gene. It is funny that the German ideal is an interracial mutt:
    “The DNA of several hunter gatherers living in Europe long before the Bronze Age was also tested. It showed that they probably had a combination of features quite striking to the modern eye: dark skin with blue eyes.” “The blue eyes of these people – and of the many modern Europeans who have them – are thanks to a specific mutation near a gene called OCA2. As none of the Yamnaya samples have this mutation.”

    We have white skin thanks to the Yamnaya!
    “Two mutations responsible for light skin, however, tell quite a different story. Both seem to have been rare in the Mesolithic, but present in a large majority by the Bronze Age (3,000 years later), both in Europe and the steppe.”

    This was too long but I needed to quote facts to buttress what I said previously.

  85. Joe Wong says:

    The Japanese Bushido (“the way of the warrior”) is a useful tool for examining Western warrior culture, they are both similar to western democracy, freedom and human rights values which are high sounding empty vessels, and talking points to hide their hypocrisy, barbaric, blood thirsty, greedy, coward and morally defunct cult culture and pirate behavior.

  86. profnasty says:

    War in the Ukraine will be over
    When Zelensky is DEAD.

  87. peterAUS says:

    Wrong title. Should’ve been “In Search of the Western Fighting Spirit”.


    Bushido: The Soul of Japan
    Inazo Nitobe, 1899.

    Scholarly work:

    Simple articles:

    One more thing. The author, and most commentators, are wrong. There IS plenty of fighting spirit in the West. The PROBLEM is: that spirit is mis-directed.
    There are plenty of “lions” in the West. The problem is: the “foxes” use them to their own advantage and lions’ disadvantage.

    One would hope that those pretending to be intellectuals on the alternative would address that mis-direction/misuse in a positive, and effective, way.

    So far, nothing.

  88. Mefobills says:

    We need a Western reincarnation religion – free from Jewish roots, ‘eternal hell’, etc, and also free from ‘pagan’ animal sacrifice barbarism – with the role model of the righteous warrior restored to its rightful place

    They Scyths and Goths, when they uptook Christianity, did not become less fierce. Probably more.

    Reincarnation was part of Christianity for the first 300 years. The “Arien” controversy was settled by the Roman Emperor Constantine, at the Council of Nicaea.

    This idea that Christianity is some sort of pussy religion is a bunch of B.S. Judeo-Christianity (which came later) is a pussy religion. Judeo Christianity was built in stages.

    Jesus was living and learning among the Essenes during his years as a boy.

    Gnostic Christians believed reincarnation to be the true interpretation of “resurrection” for those who have not attained a spiritual resurrection through this secret knowledge.

    The New Testament talks about this gnosis (knowledge):

    “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues.” (1 Corinthians 12:7-10)

    This idea that you have to live like a scared sheep, because you only have one life, was taken up into Rome after Council of Nicea.

    The pressure point to rewrite, or reform Christianity was revealed by Hudson, in his book, “and forgive them their debts.”

    In other words, all of Christianity is in error when the real meaning of the Qumran scrolls is understood:

    Some of the Qumran [Dead Sea] scrolls really proved that what was at issue was debt. The most important scroll is 11q melchizedek. “Q” is for the Qumran cave where they were found, cave number 11. And in this scroll collects everywhere in the Bible that talks about debt cancellation: deror.

    Leviticus 25 is about the year of the jubilee: “Each of you will return to his possession.” In Deuteronomy 15: “Let every creditor release that which he’s lent to his neighbor.” In Isaiah 61: “Release the captives, release the bond servants.” In Psalm 82, the Psalms of David: “God stands in the divine assembly, he’s going to give his judgment. God will judge his people and punish the wicked.” There’s a whole collection and there’s no question that this is what is meant by the idea of debt and sin and obligation.

    Well, you can imagine how upset most religions were when they found these scrolls. They said they must be by this sectarian group, the Essenes. They must be a radical group, sort of like the Trotskyists. We can just sort of ignore them. But it turns out now that biblical scholars have found that the Qumran caves seem to be the library of the Temple of Jerusalem. During the wars with Rome they moved the library to the caves of Qumran in order to keep them from being destroyed when the Temple was sacked and burned down. So these scrolls were the very core of Judaic religion.

    The fight of Jesus against the Pharisees was about this.

    Sin is about debt, not sex! Reincarnation was part of the logos, where people are to improve themselves with new lives lived..

    • Thanks: Nancy
  89. The article is reaching for a feeling it cannot quite touch, and is promoting judgments it cannot quite support. Nevertheless, the article is a noble attempt.

    The article’s topic is no easy one about which to write. I like the article.

  90. SafeNow says:

    Great essay, but this is partly another example of “William James got there first.” From, don’t laugh, Psychology Today:

    “On an individual level, one of the positive effects of war is that it makes people feel more alive, alert, and awake. In James’ words, it “redeem[s] life from flat degeneration.” It supplies meaning and purpose, transcending the monotony of everyday life. As James puts it, “Life seems cast upon a higher plane of power.” Warfare also enables the expression of higher human qualities that often lie dormant in ordinary life, such as discipline, courage, unselfishness, and self-sacrifice.”

  91. Wokechoke says:

    The Irish “Wildgeese” come close to the Ronin concept. Although surely the Irish disasterpora is the distilled fighting spirit in many senses and contexts that go beyond the boutique nature of the Samurai. The Czar had an Irishman conquer Azov. One of the governors of Mexico was Irish. Teh Queen was trooped by the Irish Guards on the 70th jubilee.

  92. Jon Chance says: • Website

    The Swiss Army is still the world’s best system for cultivating responsible citizens and a civilized nation.

    But Swiss men made the terrible mistake in the 1970s of granting Swiss women voting rights without militia responsibilities. (Since then, the Swiss Confederation has joined the UN and neglected its commitment to political neutrality.)

    “That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and be governed by, the civil power.”

  93. Odyssey says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Almost all answers on my questions are correct (except – Homer was not a Greek). Still, considering that these answers destroy universally spread historical falsifications, I can mark them with – A+.
    The new is that we have a new kind of serbophobe, whom we haven’t seen before – Russians. Serbs have one talent which everyone recognise – to unite all their enemies against themselves. So, the constant features amongst them are – Serbian converts (Bosniacs, Croats, etc), Islamist fundamentalists, communists (since K.Marx, who proposed the extermination of Serbs), pre-modern groups (Albanians), Germans, American Jews, Vatican, deep state, masons, etc. So, now a Russian stalker obsessed with Ukies is joining the chorus.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
    , @Anon001
  94. @Abdul Alhazred

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    This phrase refers to the Kabbalistic idea of all prohibitions and laws going to be abolished once the Messianic Age has been established, meaning that from then on the Jewish people will have the same status as God himself, being the embodiment of God on Earth and therefore not bound by any laws, rules or prohibitions.

    The man who is the author of that quote, Aleister Crowley was a Satanist, a Freemason and a homosexual. The quote itself comes from the most esoteric, in fact a secret strain of Kabbalah – Sabbateanism. The proponents of this teaching believe that God is equally evil as he is kind, and therefore doing evil is necessary to please him.

    They believe in the idea of redemption through sin, practice orgies and sacrifices and consider that when they are doing it for the glory of God, he designates their soul with the mark of Cain, and they will not be punished for the sin committed in his name. This sect is about three hundred years old, even more.

    There are a lot of deranged people on the internet – all kinds of perverts and lunatics, often coming to places like this and preaching all kinds of ill-minded crap. Be careful when speaking with someone with a handle like Abdul Alhazred, a character who was allegedly the author of the Necronomicon. The name translates the Mad Arab.

    He is most likely a sick mind and insanity is contagious.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  95. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Just as the Koran is written in Arabic, the Book of Mormon is written in American English. This faith is growing among Latin Americans and East Asians as well, which is important if the USA wants to keep the West Coast and Southwestern states in the country. It is also fairly compatible with legacy forms of Christianity practiced by NATO allies. Do not overestimate Europe. Even the richest European countries would be poorer than Mississippi were they to be annexed tomorrow.

  96. Two things:

    Paris, the swain whose abduction of Helen set off the Trojan War, was, himself, an archer. Throughout the Illiad runs the theme that shooting the enemy from a distance is the Way of the Coward. So, Paris is sullied by the way he chooses to engage his enemies.

    And next, while the American Civil War saw the introduction of the rifled barrel, which enabled accurate fire out to 400-800 yards and so impersonalized killing on the field of battle, the final death knell of valor was not only the machine gun in WW1 but artillery. From what I gather, the majority of those killed in WW1 were killed by shell fire. Aside from being bombed from the air, there’s no more impersonal way to be killed than by a shell fired from five miles behind the lines.

    To have required men to stand around in trenches while the enemy bombarded them with high explosive shells is about as sadistic and barbaric as it gets. And the men standing there weren’t allowed body armor, just a tin pot on their head. So there they are, vulnerable sacks of water, waiting to be perforated and dismembered by high explosives. What a demented waste of humanity.

  97. Andrew Joyce: “Where is the warrior in the age of the drone and the intercontinental ballistic missile?”

    He’s obsolete, just another manual laborer displaced by technology.

    See? Even Andrew Joyce can finally get to the point, if only in the form of a rhetorical question after nearly 3,000 unnecessary words.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  98. nosods says:

    “In 1855, during the Crimean War, Viscount Palmerston addressed Parliament after news emerged of a heroic charge:
    ‘Talk to me of the aristocracy of England! Why, look at that glorious charge of cavalry at Balaklava — look to that charge, where the noblest and wealthiest of the land rode foremost, followed by heroic men from the lowest classes of the community…’ ”

    Except it never really happend that way. Just fake news of the day. The “noblest and wealthy of the land” would literally buy their commissions & raise a regiment for a foreign military adventure & decamp for some colonial war with a full retinue of servants & luxury accessories to make a name for themselves. ‘Lord’ Cardigan, “hero” of Balaklava in Oct., 1854, actually got his orders mixed up & charged the Russian lines all by himself. When he realized his near fatal mistake, he spun around & raced back toward his own lines – only to “charge” through his own cavalry force which had belatedly followed him. Cardigan continud on full speed to the rear & survived unscathed but his confused troops continud to surge forward right into the waiting whole Russian army & were annihilated. The fop, Cardigan went home to a hero’s welcome & Tennyson composed his famous fictional poem, The Charge of The Light Brigade, based loosely on the tragic event. Such are the murky myths of war & warriors. Anyone who’s been near a war – soldier or civilian – knows more about their horror than any imaginary glory. The Russians won that one & maybe they’ll win their latest Crimean War – another one which could have been avoided. But there’s no glory in it – just more death & debris. Be all you can be – work for peace. Jesus would.

    • Agree: Odyssey, RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  99. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Most people in the Dissident Right would have a heart attack if they ever read Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu or Judea vs Rome

    Not to mention Which Way Western Man by Simpson!

  100. @Odyssey

    A stalker? You are truly insane, little man.

    And with every other comment you write it becomes harder to see any difference between you Serbs and Ukrainians. As a matter of fact, is there any – that’s a good question.

    A people so impotent and creatively ungifted that in a thousand years they haven’t produced anything of lasting value, anything worth remembering, anything at all.

    A people who are seeking solace in fantasies about forgotten greatness, which never happened, about some crazy global conspiracy against them. You are a pathetic fool.

    Have your people been at least one tenth of what you believe they are, you would not have to resort to all these idiotic stories, looking for a source of imaginable dignity.

    Like the Ukrainians, you have no history, no culture, no accomplishments, no contributions – nothing in reality to be proud of. You only have a big ego.

    This is why you, like them, invent your own version of history, in which you are a great people – which you are not, and never were, and never will be, because you’re stupid.

    How long from now shall we wait to see your Serbian version of a book like this, about the great Serbian explorers of the Atlantis, or has it been written but we don’t know?

    Hurry up, because Ukrainians are not wasting time. They have already claimed the ancient Egypt, now you should claim Mesopotamia while they still haven’t. Think about that.

    The ancient Babylonians – who were they? What language did they speak? Where did they come from?

  101. Anon001 says:

    Is “@ Here Be Dragon” Russian? Or is this just irony?

    • Replies: @Odyssey
  102. In Search of the Western Bushido

    “A soldier will fight long and hard for a piece of colored ribbon.” Napoleon Bonaparte

    Are we searching for real men? Those who fight with Honor and sacrifice – a Western Bushido? Our Military has that down to an art. Propaganda, Programming, Peer Pressure, Crowd Mentality, and the maddening Testosterone of Youth are all the ingredients required for a never-ending stream of young dumb Marines.

    Is courage in battle really courage or something else? knowing that per the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice, disobeying a direct order in wartime is Treason. Punishable by Death. A little factoid left out of the evening news. These young men/women sign their lives away when enlisting in the Military. They are then indoctrinated – emotionally / mentally conditioned to TAKE ORDERS. They are nothing more than government property to be expended as their commanders see fit. So, is courage/rage really the frantic desire to survive a direct assault order in wartime – is it the natural by-product of a young boy fueled by absolute terror and lack of options?

    Early on in WWII, the Russians got their asses handed to them by the Germans. Only by the sacrifice of sheer numbers and the US Lend-Lease act, did the Russians eventually prevail. They are said to have fought honorably. But deserters were immediately SHOT on the SPOT. And every Russian soldier was informed their families would be executed if they retreated or fled. So again, we see courage as a byproduct of ZERO OPTIONS.

    Those legendary Japanese knew nothing of the world beyond their bamboo forest and their family name. Imagine if they knew they could bug out to Canada and spend their lives banging pale hippy chicks. Would they give one rat’s ass about the bushido code or proving anything to anyone?

    Is maniac berzerker’s courage really courage or a lack of options; just ignorance in disguise?? Did the Vikings / Northmen have no other options but their tribe? What if they could hop on a jet and fly to Hawaii, get a tan, go spear fishing and bang some locals instead.

    Back then, could a young Viking find a wife if he were known as a coward on the battlefield? I imagine word would spread fast. Would you get a portion of food back at the campfire if you pussed-out on the battlefield or would you get your head stoved in??? Was the display of courage an absolute necessity for survival?

    With a life span of 25-30years or so, what the fuck do you really have to lose. You need to make a name for yourself and get laid. By the time you reach 17, you got about 10 years left. I think a lot of people alive nowadays underestimate just how barbaric and short-lived life was before the advent of science and germ theory. Courage and clan were all they had. What are you really giving up by dying in battle? A few more artic winters, maybe defeat, enslavement and starvation by your rivals. Maybe you get to stick around long enough to see your women raped and your children slaughtered. Yeah.

    In this century, we tend to think of surrender, imprisonment, and eventual release…after the war is over – per the Geneva convention. But back in the Viking days, did they take prisoners and if so…what fate awaited those poor bastards. I for one would fight to the death versus be captured and tortured by savages.

  103. bert33 says:

    This is all great men’s group ur-scream circle jerk-ism but the reality is that the modern battlefield has gone high-tech and at rest your body radiates at 98.6F. Go a little faster, get a little hotter, still not outrunning modern detection systems. The folks with the tech own the road.

  104. Odyssey says:

    It is the unfortunate fact. He said that the best his life memories were when he was in Belgrade (in 90ies?), when everyday he was offered a lunch from unknown people. Now, he has shown his real face and all Russian and Serbian enemies can exult. I told him that we had the common history until the 8th cAC and that ancient proto-Slavic history (e.g. Aryan) is also Russian (and Ukrainian and Polish and all other Slavics) and that all Slavic languages evolved from the ancient Vinca, ‘srb’ (=‘the member of the same race’) language. He could not provide ONE single evidence of Slavic/Serbian migration to Balkan although he stated that this Vatican’s falsified migration is ‘well documented’. In several stalking comments, he never answered any of my dozens of questions than used this opportunity to talk about Ukies, as he did in the last comment. Have a look Larry’s – A Brief Introduction to Gypsies. I did not believe that I would say for any Slavic (except maybe sometimes for Polish) that he is dumb. It will remain for the record: ‘Serbs are so impotent and creatively ungifted that in a thousand years they haven’t produced anything of lasting value, anything worth remembering, anything at all.’
    So, c’est la vie.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
    , @Anon001
  105. Anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, but the worst liability any frontline combat unit in Vietnam had was the blacks in its ranks.

  106. At one time the ruling class fought and died for the USA. Memorial Hall at Harvard is dedicated to students and alumni who gave their lives. The WWI total was over 400 and WWII was 695 while Vietnam was just 19 which I think indicates that the ruling class had figured out how to avoid fighting and dying.

  107. Anonymous[507] • Disclaimer says:

    So true. I was a forward observer for a recon team in Vietnam. The reality was quite the opposite of the heroic stories, which are generally the specialty of what we used to call basecamp commandos, who to this day still talk like they were Rambo and not some clerk, cook, or mechanic in starched fatigues watching movies and shows in some totally safe basecamp for a year.

    My recollection is that only about 10% of all those who spent any time in Vietnam were in anything remotely like a frontline unit. The irony is that these basecamp commandos who talk about the body bags they never saw or handled are such total bullshit artists that a Marine, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, wrote an essay about those who actually served in frontline units begin to doubt their own sanity and question if they were ever there when faced with the Rambo-like bullshit coming from the mouths of basecamp commandos. I had a very similar experience myself.

  108. JackOH says:

    I’m conflicted. I liked Andrew’s article, and admire those militaristic cultures of yesteryear: Spartans, Teutonic Knights, those Roman legions, all that. Purposefulness, fortitude, honor, dignity, etc.

    I can’t disagree with Andrew or anyone else who points out the utter tawdriness of Western and Westernized societies where so much seems reduced to bullshit burn and churn gig jobs, sex, dope/booze, and consumption. (As Greg Lake sang in “21st Century Schizoid Man”: Nothing he’s got, he really needs.)

    Still, those militaristic cultures seem to me brittle, blind, rent with hypocrisies and narrowness, as so many of the commenters here have pointed out.

  109. @anon

    while the Chinese (especially southern ones) seem more like cowardly merchants

    How to explain the Chinese fighting ability in the Korean War, or their violent border clashes with the Russians decades ago? Maybe the “southern merchants” are not the majority in China?

    For example, did you know that the “stereotype Chinese” (stereotyped by Hollywood) are all from Guangdong province, a group viewed in China as more apt to play along and bribe rather than fight?

    If you are expecting this to be what will be faced on the battlefield, maybe you would be mistaken.

  110. @Miro23


    You have touched upon a core truth here.

    Warfare is an activity, as well as a phenomenon. And war is something in which humans, as sapient beings, engage (and very probably aliens also engage in it).

    As such, people wage war as they live their lives. They bring their social and economic habits with them, and they structure their entire concept of violence the same way they conduct every other aspect of their existence. It was always like this – as in, forever, since the last ice age, and probably before that.

    The author of the article makes much of the noble savagery of berserkers, but such men were not at the top of the warrior hierarchy, for the simple reason that their rage and violence did not help them when faced with steel blades, stout spears or powerful bows wielded by disciplined warriors.

    The elite in Germanic and Celtic societies were always the chieftains’ bodyguards, followed by the experienced full-time warriors.

    Men who could direct and control their violence with discipline and focus, and who couldn’t be scared by mere screaming and animal display. Berserkers are fine for scaring the shit out of farmers and fyrdmen who were not used to violence, but they simply did not impress hardened soldiers.

    Throughout history, and in all cultures, there have been Germanic berserkers and ulfhednar, Celtic naked fanatics, animalistic frothing-at-the-mouth Mongols, Huns and Manchus, and savage, brutal Iranian, Arab and Asian Turkic barbarians.

    These would all be slaughtered by warriors raised by societies raised by people with “hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline” – the Chinese, Roman and Persian empires, to name a few such examples.

    In fact, the wild men would also lose to men in their OWN cultures, the real warriors of those various tribes mentioned above,

    Only when the former barbarians imbibed enough cultural lessons from the organized states could they ever pose any threat.

    To circle back: The question that must first be asked is this. Has a society built its aspects of (to quote you) “hierarchy (loyalty), skills, technology, organization, resources and discipline”? Is it an efficient and effective group at attaining its goals? Has this group built a strong economy, a powerful production base, group cohesion, cultural unity, technological prowess, and above all societal morale?

    If the answer is yes, then than entity will be, almost automatically, a very formidable war-making nation. None of this would be news to Ramses, Sun Tzu, Cyrus, Alexander, Shi Huang Di or Julius Caesar.

    If the answer is no – it would be wisest for that group to avoid long wars. No country with weak fundamentals can wage a long war. It would lose badly after less than a year. A rival group with solid fundamentals would simply crush it.

    • Agree: peterAUS, Miro23, antibeast
  111. @FrodoWasAFremen

    Yes, I am very familiar with Inmendham. I quite like him, although I understand he has run into quite a bit of controversy lately, both within and outside the anti-natalist community.

    Just before he ended our correspondence, Joyce inevitably confronted me on the practical implications that anti-natalism would have for our people. His concerns are essentially a racialised incarnation of the “idiocracy” objection, the charge that anti-natalism will create a brain drain whereby the most intelligent, conscientious individuals (mostly whites) will inevitably be persuaded by the anti-natalist message, leading to the proliferation of the selfish and callous. The fetid masses (mostly non-whites), festering in their squalor and ignorance, will then inherit the earth. I believe David Benatar has responded to this objection, but I can’t remember what specifically he said, nor can I locate the source at this time. It may have been in a podcast or in one of his formal PDF documents, somewhere amid the many lengthy replies to his critics. I should clarify that I personally am only opposed to the suffering of the innocent. I suspend my objection to suffering in cases where a person is needlessly unpleasant enough to prove themselves worthy of it, as in the case of many an untermensch by the mere nature of their being.

    My response to Joyce was that, if the world is truly as bad as Benatar and I believe it to be, is it really such a loss for us as a race to depart it and leave our enemies to “win” the grand prize? We have to make a choice between the objective truth of anti-natalist conclusions, or our sentimental and selfish concerns regarding the “flourishing” of the white race in a universe that is utterly hostile to it and demonstrates a favouritism towards lesser forms of life. Much like the famous image of Cecil Rhodes straddling Africa from Cape Town to Cairo, I find that I have am being torn between the two. That’s why I’m running these two programs (worldviews) simultaneously in the haphazard fashion I am. I guess you could say it’s mein kampf.

  112. @Odyssey

    Relax, compadre. Ain’t no Russians here.

    You see even though two of my grandparents were kind of Russian, they were those whose genes a man doesn’t inherit, so while my native tongue is Russian, there is no Russian blood in me, whatsoever.

    My grandparents who passed their genes to me were of Eastern European descent. My birthplace was Western Ukraine, but there’s no Ukrainian blood in me either. My spiritual homeland is in a different place.

    There’s nothing dear or even interesting for me neither in Ukraine, nor in Russia. Their culture is completely alien to me. There’s no connection between me and anybody who lives there, in any shape or form.

    So chill out. Don’t extrapolate it to the Russians.

    And yes, the memories of visiting Belgrade in the late eighties are some of the best that my mind remembers, but not because those strangers were inviting me to dinner and were generous and kind, there was something else.

    You, being a dog at heart couldn’t think of anything but free meal. That’s understandable. An ignorant and ill-mannered person who knows no better, there is a legion of this ilk everywhere. Nothing new.

    However this retarded, idiotic and insolent attitude, with which you’re claiming these ridiculous ideas of yours, and yet demanding recognition, and being disappointed when not given them – that’s actually pretty funny.

    So don’t take it hard, it’s nothing but fun. You are a funny guy.

  113. Anon001 says:

    I just saw his reply – don’t waste your time with him.

    • Agree: Odyssey
  114. @Anonymous

    After you’ve arrested a few of those vibrant gangstas, your impression of their combative prowess will plummet.

    Temper-tantrum mindsets, hyena tactics, and no skills at all.

  115. anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:

    The whitevil man exults in his glory on earth, but it will all be for nought… for his pagan godless mangods-worshiping diseased soul will burn in Hell for eternity. The “son” they have placed their faith on, will reject them.

    For the pain and suffering this evil kind has wrought on earth, that horrifying fate will be well deserved.

  116. anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:

    Your post can be used as a literary study in the idea of Irony.

    Cult of the book?

    Your rabid mofing faith is a Cult of the Brainless. It is also hilarious that you would link to a video of what looks like a wretched Aghora, dotniggers who consume human parts, to extol the sublime virtues of the Gita. Lol!

    Dindooism is the height of pagan polytheist godlessness. Anyone who follows it is batshit crazy, at least the part of the brain which processes spiritual matters. Absolutely fucking crazy.

    These rabid idiots will wax eloquent about warrior ethos and such, but will try obfuscate other more nasty aspects, such as;

    1. Queer deities. Vishnu and Shiva copulated to spawn a child, who is also worshipped. A child deity to this day. The poor fellow can never grow and enjoy like his “parents.”

    2. Vishnu’s rape of a demon’s wife because he was impotent at vanquishing him. His wife’s chastity was his Achilles heel. He did it for a “good” cause, see, so it is ok. *spit*

    3. Worship of Shiva’s phallus and his consort’s vagina. The Lingum and Yoni. These morons have been known to begin worshipping traffic barriers, because they look like lingums. Look it up.

    4. Worship of animals such as the elephant deity, etc.

    5. Worship of the devil-like half nude Kali. Overt display of carnal pleasures and nudity is common in their places of worship. Spiritual Pornography.

    6. And, so on.

    I do note that this shit finds a receptive audience amongst the accursed whitevils here. The godless vermin trying to find meaning between each other.

    Burn in Hell y’all. 😀

  117. A black man in his 30s was shot dead yesterday in Hyde Park. Police have spoken to the media and said that the perpetrator was known to the victim, and that before the incident they were known to be friends. The shootout was said to have started over a dispute when two dogs being walked by the men began fighting. Paramedics were unable to revive the man.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  118. anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    The only argument for anti-natalism, for you pagan godless vermin, should be that the children you spawn now will most likely grow up to be pagan godless vermin (consider your father and yourself, or yourself and an adult child).

    Why would you wish to bring forth more souls who will ultimately (all those who attain the age of reason) burn in Hell eternally, just like you?

  119. antibeast says:

    Inazo Natobe was a poser and Bushido The Soul of Japan is bullshido. Anyone who invokes that book simply marks himself out as ignorant about whatever he is writing about.

    Agree. Natobe is an Orientalist and his book “Bushido The Soul of Japan” shows his penchant for ‘Orientalizing’ Japanese Culture for his Western audience which the author of this article LARPs up quite approvingly.

    The Japanese concept and path of Bushido (“the way of the warrior”) is a useful tool for examining Western warrior culture because it is perhaps the only such system outside the West that offers some striking similarities.

    The Samurai as the only warrior culture outside of the West? The author should stick to reading manga and watching anime as he has apparently not heard of the Aztec warriors, Shaolin Monks, Nihang Sikhs, Nepali Gurkhas, Māori warriors plus lots of Turko-Mongol warrior tribes which conquered much of the Eurasian Continent. Methinks the author suffers too much from Yellow Fever, glorifying the Samurai warriors who are nothing more than armed bandits, serving their feudal landlords.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  120. “vulpine characteristics were particularly cherished, for wolves hunted in packs and their savagery was proverbial”

    The adjective ‘vulpine’ refers to the fox and connotes a crafty or sneaky behaviour. If he wished to refer to wolf-like aggression, the author should have properly used the adjective ‘lupine’. As in the Latin phrase: “Homo homine lupus est” that is, man is a wolf to man.

  121. Nancy says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    Must mention Thomas Francis Meagher… ‘Immortal Irishman’ by Timothy Egan

  122. @Dumbo

    I agree that Cesar certainly has issues and does not seem particularly stable. Obviously he overcompensates for being a “mudblood”, which is why he has this creepy obsession with “blonde nymphs” and never stops talking about them. He also defends Greco-Roman pederasty whenever he gets the opportunity. He thinks that because pre-pubescent boys look a bit like girls, that means it’s not gay. He seems to view Hitler as a demigod and is sycophantic to his every word. Cesar is right about Christianity, but not much else.

  123. @Truth

    Spoken like a “True” loser who has no answer at all to the enunciation of provable facts, quantifiable evidence, vast historical knowledge, sharply-defined political judgement – and best of all, an implacably hard-line towards the Satanic enemies of all mankind who wish to see all of White history and culture in the meat-grinder.

    Feeling butt-hurt much because you can’t compete with White brilliance ? Stick it (back) up your ignorant ass.

    • LOL: Truth
  124. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Screw warrior culture.

    It’s kaput for a reason. The reason is it sucks.

    As homo sapiens rise, they tend to leave behind traditions that are dysfunctional. Call this “The Revenge of the Nerds,” “the longhouse,” or “gay,” if you will (and someone here will–from his video gaming basement in Tel Aviv of course). But the fact is, savagery is inferior to civilization.

    Being a beast who tears its fellows to bloody shreds is a retarded ideal for an intelligent person to aspire to.

    I grant that the movement needs street fighters. But let’s not reify Thug Life into some kind of Platonic desiderium.

    And while we’re at it, let’s put the soft pedal on the “outbreed the discoloreds” program, shall we? The world already has too many people; that’s why the intelligent nations are right-sizing, a natural response that would occur regardless of pro- or anti-natal crusades by politicians. Instead of increasing our numbers (e.g., “one billion Americans”), we should seek the rational goal in this context, namely, DEcreasing the populations of OTHER peoples–whose over-fecundity is an incorrigible atavistic feature of populations incapable of self-regulation. Call them Malthus’s Mutts. In the old days, their shaman or priest used to adjust their numbers to the crop yield, atop a picturesque ziggurat; we ought to be able to invent something cleverer. The only obstacle is the desert religions and the death grip they have on us.

    • Replies: @Anon
  125. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    “We ought to be able to invent something cleverer” s/b “cleverer and more humane.” Apologies for the oversight.

  126. I’ve no idea how the way Ukrainians fighting their war would fit into a discussion of this but after the IDF who hide behind Palestinian children while shooting Palestinian children it must be one of the most cowardly and despicable. We can see that the Ukrainians have by now perfected their MO from Mariuopol and are repeating it everywhere: grab a bunch of civilians as hostages and human shields and move into the cellars of some industrial plant… and when trying to escape fails, surrender.

  127. Anon[609] • Disclaimer says:

    The Abrahamic religions are the problem.

    On the one hand, they preach the “lifting up” of savages who would starve without this help. I am thinking of Christianity here.

    On the other, their instinct is for terrorism and savagery–Thug Life to the max. I am thinking of Judaism and Islam here.

    Now see how sacking Abraham solves the West’s existential crisis.

    First, let the savages starve. E.g., end aid to Africa. Good riddance to Christianity and its “White Man’s Burden.”

    Second, have zero tolerance for warrior “culture.” E.g., nuke a certain shitty little country, exterminate gangs to the last member, castrate at least one generation of atavist males, etc. The Old Testament and the Koran would be non est.

    We need to be forcefully pulling the world out of the Fourth Centuries BC and AD. Not trying to “retvrn.”

    But if Jesus-boys like Mr. Joyce are our leaders, then we will continue wallowing in the Oriental pit and even sink deeper in it.

  128. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “He’s obsolete, just another manual laborer displaced by technology.”

    1. 《The Glorious Death of One Hundred Million》 worked pretty well at winning out conditional surrender for the Empire of Japan from the jaws of defeat in 1945.

    2. Nuclear weapons overshadowed and played a considerable role in the American war effort despite never having been dropped—hence why the conflict is referred to even today in North Korea as “a confrontation between the rifle and the atomic bomb.”

    © Kim, Jong Un, War Veterans Are Our Precious Revolutionary Forerunners Who Created the Indomitable Spirit of Defending the Country, Congratulatory Speech Delivered at the Fourth National Conference of War Veterans, July 25, 2015.
    (Quote from Immovable Object by A.B. Abrams.)

    3. And finally, Afghanistan showed the ignoble totality of the tranny’s incapability to use his/her drones to exterminate the ballsy mujahideen in 2021.

    4. The triumph of spirit over matter is also clearly demonstrated in the tale of how Russia died without a shot fired in 1991, while possessing 50 thousand atomic bombs. Putin is a valiant successor to Gorbachev in this vein, finding ever new ways to cuck to his enemies, in ever more splendid shows of Christian mercy.

    5. Thus, the problem is not with the technology, it with the Aryan race’s tremendous cuckoldry. The Germans cucked to Americans in 1945, surrendering en masse, while the Mongoloids were prepared to spill Christian blood with bamboo spears, and were spared annihilation by the Providence.

    • Replies: @Pseudo/cryptic
  129. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Autisticus Spasticus

    > “…is it really such a loss for us as a race to depart it and leave our enemies to “win” the grand prize?”

    Technically, the Aryan race will likely not disappear in toto, but will be turned into mongrel abominations (like Thaddius, sewn from the corpses, with souls trapped inside) – akin to the case of the 19th ct. USA where the one-drop rule made sure quite a few quarteroons looked almost fair, but were sold as slaves (there is a good quote by Dr. Robert Morgan somewhere).

    Chechar’s idea is actually posadist anti-natalism – he wants to fuck & kill first, and then kill oneself second. I.e., the Aryan race exterminates Asians > then exterminates [“cruel”] dolphins > [then kills itself (?)]. Honestly, you two might come to an agreement… if Chechar’s blog weren’t deleted today again.

    It’s nice to see you still prancing, and quoting me in the post #4! Is your book coming around?

    I would add to Chechar’s sins two more: 1) his irrational, dishonest, deaf hatred of Communism, Stalin, and the pre-Khrushchevian USSR; 2) his constant trying to pin my schizophrenia on family problems.

    Although I am quite schizo indeed – for example, my response to you could be that I never understood why folks make such a big deal out of “suffering” at all. We’re all mere machines, some more, some less efficient at energy transformation. The Will is blind! (True, I myself can barely bring myself to destroy an annoying moth, but that’s because I’m a preserver at heart, not because that wondrous insect might experience pain.)

    And regarding Christianity – Chechar is (was?) definitely correct in drawing attention to Latin America. Now that’s where his cross-cultural existence comes in handy. The Christians never conquered the world in the first place! For true conquest, look towards: 1) Generalplan Ost; 2) the Holocaust by Germans; 3) Armenian genocide by Turks; 4) Cham genocide by Vietnamese. All Christian sham “conquests” have succeeded have been in the demographic explosions in the Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan.

  130. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “Methinks the author suffers too much from Yellow Fever, glorifying the Samurai warriors who are nothing more than armed bandits, serving their feudal landlords.”

    I’m sorry for spamming three comments in a row (thus banning myself for the day), but I’ll respond.

    You cannot be serious. The Empire of Japan was the only Asian force that rose to Great Power status by dint of her own efforts. The exploits of their warriors in the age of industry are certainly of note – especially so as they are a brown-skinned people far away from the faith of Yeshua. And it is not merely the soldiers – tens of thousands of Okinawan civilians committed suicide in 1945. Can you imagine tens of thousands of German Jews throwing their bodies to protect Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918? That sounds farcical. And yet even an inferior ethnic minority did just that in a vastly superior culture!

    Of course, there are plenty of unfortunate things about Japan. First, Soviet Russian racial science posited the Yamato race to be mixed with Austronesians – they do look much uglier than pure Mongoloids indeed. Second, the very rise of Japan was made possible by European treachery in the 19th ct. Third, Japan never developed a totalitarian state with a proper chain of command – modern Juche Korea seems to have rectified this defect by giving actual power to her God-Emperor.

    Overall, look at the map. There’s not much choice to go around. Sons of Ishmael (AS) in West Asia, the Mongoloid civilisations in the East, that’s it. Even an American is right twice a day.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @littlereddot
  131. antibeast says:

    The Empire of Japan was the only Asian force that rose to Great Power status by dint of her own efforts. The exploits of their warriors in the age of industry are certainly of note – especially so as they are a brown-skinned people far away from the faith of Yeshua.

    Japan was historically a minor island country off the coast of the China. Most of the internecine wars fought by the Samurai warriors serving their Daimyo feudal lords were over turf in their small island of Japan, not even remotely comparable to the military conquests of the Qin, Xiongnu, Göktürk, Tang, Mongol and Qing Empires in East Asia.

    If you’re talking about WWII, the IJA getting bogged down in an eight-year ‘war of attrition’ in China was a stupid mistake which they refused to admit. If the Japanese had conquered Southeast Asia first, then they would have avoided getting tied down in China. As it were, they waited four years before launching their Southern Campaign which finally succeeded in destroying five centuries of Western colonialism in Asia, in five months, which demonstrated the ‘exploits of their warriors in the age of industry’. But was their first and only Empire which collapsed between the First and Second Sino-Japanese Wars, lasting just 50 years!

    Overall, look at the map. There’s not much choice to go around. Sons of Ishmael (AS) in West Asia, the Mongoloid civilisations in the East, that’s it. Even an American is right twice a day.

    Duh, you need to look at the map of Asia, not Disneyland. The following 16 Asian Empires were founded by Turkic warrior tribes, of which I have already mentioned two — Xiongnu (founded by Mete Han) and Göktürk (founded by Bumin Kağan):


    Great Hunnic Empire Büyük Hun İmparatorluğu Mete Han 220BC-46BC
    Western Hunnic Empire. Batı Hun İmparatorluğu Panu 48-216
    European Hunnic Empire Avrupa Hun İmparatorluğu Attila 375-469
    White Hunnic Empire Akhun İmparatorluğu Aksunvar 390-577
    First Turkic Empire Göktürk İmparatorluğu Bumin Kağan 552-745
    Avar Khaganate Avar İmparatorluğu Bayan Kağan 565-835
    Khazars Hazar İmparatorluğu Tong Yabgu Kağan 651-983
    Uyghur Khaganate Uygur Devleti Kutluğ Kül Bilge Kağan 745-1369
    Kara-Khanid Khanate Karahanlılar Kül Bilge Kadir Han 840-1212
    Ghaznavids Gazneliler Alp Tekin 962-1186
    Seljuk Empire Büyük Selçuklu İmparatorluğu Chagri Bey and Tuğrul Bey 1040–1157
    Anushtegin dynasty Harzemşahlar Muhammed Harzem Şah 1097–1231
    Golden Horde Altınordu Devleti Batu Han 1236–1502
    Timurid Empire Büyük Timur İmparatorluğu Timur 1368–1501
    Mughal Empire Babür İmparatorluğu Babür Şah 1526-1858
    Ottoman Empire Osmanlı İmparatorluğu Osman Bey 1299-1922

    I could go on and list the Asian Empires founded by the Persians, Arabs, Afghans, Indians, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malays, etc. But I would rather rest my case by asking this question: how many Empires had been founded by the Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and Slavic warrior tribes so lavishly praised by the author of this article?

  132. bwuce wee says:
    @ACE economist

    first off the article covers a lot of ancient european military culture, and certainly not exclusively japanese. nor was budo the only warrior path available to japanese fighters. you cannot pick and choose your bushido, mr ‘armchair samurai’. nor can you lecture me on bushido.
    1. when a samurai clan leader loses or is disgraced, his large body of retainers are required to commit seppukku along with the disgraced leader. that is bushido.
    2. samurai often tested their weapons on passerby peasants slicing off an arm or leg, or slicing them in half. it is allowed because they are nobles and peasants lives have no worth. that is bushido.
    3. if samurai needs food for their army, they lay waste to a peasant village and loot all their food leaving them with burning ruin and starvation. it is allowed because they are noble and peasants are there for their use. that is bushido.
    4. when a sword maker brings a new finished weapon to a samurai lord, the first thing he does is bring out an old peasant and test the weapon on him, usually cutting the body in half to see if the blade delivers a clean stroke all the way through. it is allowed. that is bushido.
    5. need i go on about samurai using the women of the peasants? even to death? or samurai lords using and throwing away the daughters of their retainers, leaving them in disgrace with no honor? because that, too, is bushido.
    so i support your right to your opinion that these despicable acts are somehow ‘honorable’, but any intelligent person can see that this nobility ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ is all crap. and if your wittle feelers are hurt, you can challenge me to a duel. i am, after all, an accredited fencing coach, as well as a longtime kendo practitioner…

  133. Adûnâi: “… the problem is not with the technology, it with the Aryan race’s tremendous cuckoldry. ”

    My point is the very softness you are complaining about is an unintended side effect of technological “progress” in weaponry. To kill a man in hand-to-hand combat, in the old warrior style, requires certain qualities, namely courage and physical strength. The same technology that enables more efficient killing (e.g., by the nuclear weapons you are so proud of) has made these human qualities obsolete. Technological society now selects against them.

  134. @Adûnâi

    Soviet Russian racial science posited the Yamato race to be mixed with Austronesians – they do look much uglier than pure Mongoloids indeed.

    Actually the Yamato race themselves compare the Ainu to hairy bearded Caucasians, not smooth skinned Austronesians.

    Overall, look at the map. There’s not much choice to go around.

    If one learns from the White race, one realises that there is PLENTY of land to go around. Who needs a real Terra Nullius when you can just declare it as such? Simply ignore the fact that whole continents are already occupied, just genocide the natives and put the survivors in reservations. After that berate everybody else who arrives in said continent as “immigrants”.

    Why Japan finds such sympathy in Western hearts is that they recognise a kindred spirit….of a certain warlikeness born of avarice.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  135. @Autisticus Spasticus

    Interesting, I didn’t know he was in trouble – what, was he sneaking around knocking up chicks while publicly advocating against it?! Just kidding.

    I came across the guy a few years ago and I appreciate him for taking things to their ultimate conclusion – as he said, “evolution is not a good story”. Especially when you marry it up to the idea that, no matter what we do, we are ultimately looking down the barrel of an inevitable heat-death of the universe. Unless you adopt a belief that allows you to transcend this “box” we find ourselves in, it’s hard to escape the feeling that we are basically shuffling deck chairs around on a very slow sinking Titanic. His arguments are fairly solid.

    I think a sound argument that Benatar could have posed is; well it doesn’t really matter anyway if you’re not around to even care.

    brain drain whereby the most intelligent, conscientious

    If we take evolution at its face value then intelligence or conscientiousness is possibly not relevant – except as it pertains to survival. Survival is really the only key metric in play in making an ultimate value judgment on the empirical level; if intelligence helps, great – but if it doesn’t…well, too much intelligence may be detrimental to survival. If dumber human beings survive as opposed to more intelligent ones, there’s not much of an argument one can forward in claiming they weren’t selectively fit or more successful as organisms…the proof is in the pudding.

    If you’ve come across Edward Dutton, he argues that intelligence is sometimes in conflict with instinct in an organism – too much intelligence can sap the capacity for raw instinct and vice versa. Both are required for survival, but it is a balance play. It seems to point to the conclusion that whites will indeed survive, as they and other races have…just not the ones with intelligence that overwhelms and suffocates the requisite instinct necessary for survival. Religiosity is often an imperfect marker – at least in advanced hominids, maybe not cuttlefish.

    It’s interesting, I was recently discussing the Fermi Paradox with my youngest son and how there are various theories on how to solve it. I don’t think I’ve come across this particular possibility; that, in an evolving alien population, once they reached the intelligence required to make the leap off planet in any significant way, the same section of their population capable of acting on and maintaining that capacity simply repeatedly culled themselves out of existence by choice.

    Of course, one could try to stop thinking in abstract and grand scales and just think about whether one wants the experience of having a family on an individual level, but that again requires dipping into the instinct bucket.

    • Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus
  136. @ACE economist

    Bushido? Who needs it! The USA has it’s own philosophical path for military victory according to someone in the know:

    “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.” General George Patton

    • LOL: FrodoWasAFremen
    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  137. @Adûnâi

    The Germans cucked to Americans in 1945, surrendering en masse

    Yes, they surrendered to us and the British in the millions in 1945. But they didn’t cuck, in my opinion.

    They were beaten convincingly after putting up a hell of a fight, and the next step might have been total racial annihilation, or slavery at best. (You could counter that the Germans could have gone total insurgency, but that’s another discussion.)

    I know we’re taught that WE won World War 2 in Europe, but there’s this tiny matter of the Soviet Red Army defeated 2/3 of the German Wehrmacht/Waffen SS in all-out merciless war, and marching into Berlin.

    Let’s show a little respect for both the Germans and the ethnic-hybrid Soviets (Slavs/”Asiatics”) who crushed them.

  138. @Commentator Mike

    The Japanese translate chivalry as 騎士道 きしどう Kishidō “Way of the Knight”騎士道

    and is contrasted from 武士道 Bushidō “Way of the Samurai” as–

    Principle of action on the battlefield
    Kishidō: On the battlefield, competition of martial arts is foremost. Influenced by Germanic tradition and Christianity.
    Bushidō: On the battlefield, victory is foremost, fight when it should be. Influenced by Confucianism.

    Moral values
    Kishidō: Dedication to God, fighting heathens, guarding the weak
    Bushidō: Loyalty to the lord, sincerity, act for the world

    Norms as a person
    Kishidō: Loyalty to the lord, honor and courtesy, love to the lady
    Bushidō: Loyalty to the lord, honor and respect, fair play spirit

    But neither the knights nor the samurais always honor these values. Attack using poison gas is neither Bushidō nor Kishidō.

    In 1939 out of desperation, the Japanese used poison gas against the Chinese in Changsha, and still lost the battle.

  139. @littlereddot

    And don’t forget that Jap soldiers were cannibals. They were particularly fond of eating Indian POWs.

  140. @FrodoWasAFremen

    I think he made some controversial remarks pertaining to paedophilia. Similar to what happened with Camille Paglia.

    Intelligence may very well be a dead end. I believe Chip Smith conceded as much when Greg Johnson interviewed him for Counter Currents several years ago. Darwinian fitness, as defined by genetic endurance, doesn’t always equate to what we find desirable and valuable. This is the trouble with the “survival of the fittest” doctrine. Nature defines “fittest” as simply that which can reproduce the most, which would include the genes that cause cancer, ugliness and stupidity. Nature makes no distinction between quantity and quality. For instance, more than 99% of humans are unattractive, for reasons pertaining to genetic complexity and the law of entropy. The margin for beauty is as fine as a strand of silk, but the potential for ugliness is as wide as the ocean, because genetically there is far more room for things to displease us than please us. Natural beauty among humans is extraordinarily rare. It isn’t inherent to us as it is for the jaguar and birds of paradise. Humans, as a species, are mostly weeds. Seldom does one find a rose, although they are easier to find today than in historical times. But unlike a rose, the human body requires some effort to make it presentable, and one still cannot escape the fact that our bodily functions are disgusting. Likewise with intelligence, it has been firmly established that more intelligent individuals are far more likely to suffer from depression.

    I know Dutton. He erroneously conflates anti-natalism with the more hedonistic childfree position, as many in the Dissident Right do. Incidentally, I don’t think his finding that more women today have a fast life history strategy (LHS) is sufficient evidence that they are becoming more masculinised. Morphologically speaking, we see the complete opposite in today’s women. In the past, women were less attractive because life was much tougher, and this selected for harsher, more masculinised traits in females. This raises the question of how it would be possible for our sensible preference for maximum femininity in the present time to have antecedents in our evolutionary history. I speculate that the selection for more delicate and aesthetically pleasing traits may have been the result of weaker children surviving to adulthood and reproducing, which had been made possible by the wonders of modern medicine and the surmounting of many environmental challenges that had previously made life so difficult and necessitated the selection of more robust women. Such rapid changes in selection pressures would indeed explain hyper-femininity as a novel development, as I contend it is.

    If true, one might expect more attractive women to be less healthy, given their less robust lineage, and this would imply that beauty is the result of an evolutionary tug-of-war between competing priorities, with strength and survivability on the one hand and a decidedly more abstract aesthetic appreciation on the other. This theory of natural selection having been circumvented by technology and subsequently overridden by sexual selection is intriguing, but it falls apart when one remembers that many direct links between beauty and health have been confirmed by medical science. However, if attractiveness indicates good genes, why are so many very pretty girls now getting ugly tattoos, piercings, and going full blown woke? If they’re very attractive but have a major predisposition towards psychological instability, that would seem to be quite the genetic contradiction. There are so many things in biology that make no sense. For example, how come congenitally infertile people still develop secondary sexual characteristics indicative of fertility? The list of absurdities is endless.

    Anti-natalism as an inevitable philosophical deduction for any form of intelligent life has indeed been proposed as an explanation for the Fermi Paradox, although it is often placed much lower down on the list than I think it should be.

  141. @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    Japanese in WWII? Experimenting on PoWs with deadly incurable infectious diseases. War Crime. Inflicting collective punishment on captive civilian populations. War Crime. Inflicting torture such as skining alive in public on chinese civilians in order to gain compliance from the villagers. War Crime. If I were you, I would not be offering up the Japanese WWII era war crimes as an example of bushido.

  142. @China Japan and Korea Bromance of Three Kingdoms

    Oh, so sorry, I forgot to mention the comfort women page of Japanese history where hundreds of thousands of underage girls were turned into sex slaves for the emperor’s soldiers:

    That, too is bushido! Wonder how many fatherless babies were produced by these ‘honorable’ heroes?

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  143. @Dave Wightman

    Patton 1943 ‘Dumb Bastard’ Speech…

  144. Yukio Mishima on Samurai Spirit…

  145. Miyamoto Musashi: A Life of Ultimate Focus.

    21 Rules of Living, and Dying…

  146. @Fred777

    The PBS “Mahabharata” series. One of the lines in the play. Saw it years ago. Made my hair stand up. Find it. Watch it.

  147. @Al Ross

    You mean those Norse equivalents to contemporary motorcycle gangs who raped, pillaged, and murdered their way through Europe?

  148. Anonymous[432] • Disclaimer says:

    Uggh… this is was silly and fatuous and a sad attempt to reach into the mythic past to regain some imagined glory, even trying to score points by dissing Japanese “bushido” as the inferior of the European warrior spirit.

    There is no glory in senseless war. There is no honor in jihad and irrational death to prove one’s valor and honor. Let go of these childish notions and grow up.

    Bushido and “warrior spirits” are artifacts of warring tribal eras. That’s not where you want your culture to be stuck. You want to evolve to higher cultural forms.

    Real manhood is courage and responsibility to take care of one’s family, defend one’s friends, protect one’s country, but never to look to hurt others in search of vain glory. We fight when we have to, never to prove anything.

    There is no reason to go berserk or apeshit. Just be a good man and woman. Be fearless. Aspire to sagehood. Acquire wisdom. Let go of foolish things.

    • Thanks: littlereddot
  149. @Dave Wightman

    Sparked an outcry only when whites themselves became victims…

    Around 12.00

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