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Imparting Civilization
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For over a half century government has spent billions to eliminate the race-related academic achievement gap and all to no avail. Paralleling this educational failure has been a similar frustration to reverse the pathologies plaguing the black underclass, e.g., crime, welfare dependency, drug addiction, chaotic family life, gang violence and chronic unemployment, among others. Yes, some policies such as stop and frisk may help, but nothing appears to be a long-term, politically viable cure for this Hobbesian world. Sad to say, both conditions—education and pathology—appear intractable.

Let me suggest a radically different way of solving both problems: replace the current high test score idée fixe with education as civilizing. That is, transforming under-class black youngsters into dutiful scholars is unreachable but we may be able to civilize them just as millions of Europeans were “domesticated” between the 11th and 20th century (see Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature, Chapter 3). Hardly a snap but certainly more feasible than boosting the test scores of blacks. Of the utmost importance, the formulae exist and can be readily applied; no need to unleash thousands of policy wonks to invent yet more expensive doomed panaceas. And, replacing the test score crusade with a civilizing mission will, in all likelihood, simultaneously improve academic performance.

Now, as per Pinker, who himself heavily relied on Norbert Elias (1897-1990) and his Civilizing Process, let’s begin with some items on the civilization menu.

First, the civil society requires people controlling their emotions, especially violent urges. As Pinker depicts the transformation, reacting to insults with immediate violence (defending one’s honor) slowly gave way to dueling that permitted multiple “honorable” escape routes which, in turn, transitioned to relying on litigation (“see you in court”). Simultaneously, the culture shifted so defending one’s reputation by drawing a sword for some trivial offense vanished thanks to the aggrieved party learning to hold his tongue, count to ten or develop a thick skin. Pinker also tells how ridicule eventually undermined the violence-soaked code that demanded a gentleman risk his life over trifling slights. Today’s civilized people see virtue in what was once spinelessness.

Second, civilization requires across-the-board delayed gratification, self-discipline and moderation. One does not eat a lunch snack at breakfast or crave the latest iPhone. Refined people now wait until all the others are served before eating. Think habits such as finishing school work before heading off to play or forgoing sex until adulthood. Most of all learn to resist crime as an alternative to employment and saving money.

Third, civilized people learn to obey authority regardless of contrary urges. When the teacher tells you to sit still and be quiet, you sit still and stop talking. As an adult one heeds police orders regardless of opinions regarding the police officer or policing more generally. In other words, civilization is impossible if “everybody does their own thing” or people can autonomously decide their own rules. Respect for the rule of law is what separates civilization from savagery.

The good news, as Pinker documents, is that history overflows with recipes to refine the unruly. Surely, even in the absence of stable families, teachers can impart these requirements if permitted to employ the traditional classroom discipline—stigma, humiliation, shame and even corporal punishment. Youngsters can certainly be taught the etiquette facilitating peaceful society—saying “excuse me” if inadvertently bumping into a classmate. Even students with room temperature IQ’s can be socialized though, to be sure, this quest may take years of punishment before avoiding fights over petty insults becomes second nature.

Moreover, it would cost almost nothing to begin teaching even kindergarten students habit such as punctuality, always being prepared and respective language—its “Mr. Smith,” not “hey teach.” Teachers could demand that youngsters tidy up after themselves so no milk and cookies until everything is neatly put away and the proper place. When I attended grade school no student could enter the building until everyone was perfectly lined up outside and absolutely silent. What about assigning books where the kindly hero outsmarts his boorish, brutal rival? Pinker tells of the many etiquette books of the Middle Ages that carefully spelled out behavior for a proper gentleman, and these can be adapted for today’s youngsters. While there might be rough and tumble sports but woe to any kid who turns a friendly dodge ball game into an exercise of taunting rivals that will almost guarantee violence. Punishment would be especially heavy if the miscreant continued this out of place behavior post game—who needs sports insults escalating into vendettas? The Battle of Waterloo may have been won on the playing fields of Eton, but if inner-city civilization is to be restored, the task must begin in thousands of violence prone schools and playgrounds.

Japanese educators have long understood the link between inculcating good behavior and academic achievement (it is called “learning to learn”). One practice requires youngsters to sit still and stare at a dot on the blackboard. Each student keeps a personal record of how long they are able to perform this patience-building task and those who excel are recognized for their accomplishment. In some classrooms the heat is turned down to 55 degrees and students wear shorts so as to learn how to work despite discomfort. Obviously there are countless other tactics, all practical, proven successful and many virtually cost-free but these examples should suffice.


Now, what is the prognosis for this civilizing mission? Alas, our advice is doomed and will surely be denounced. Clearly the basic premise underlying everything here is that young blacks (like all children) require domestication, but all the yammering will not sway critics who insist that imparting self-control, good manners, and obedience to authority is some pernicious scheme to make blacks “white.” I can already hear “are you suggesting that black youngsters are savages?” This opposition might be called Rousseauian educational philosophy with a racial twist—these youngsters naturally thirst for learning but are frustrated by rotten teachers, under-funded schools and all the rest.

But, at the same time, those who see “civilizing” as thinly disguised cultural imperialism do have a valid point, and one that must be addressed. After all, what moral justification exists for trying to turn a violence prone black dominated grade-school into one that resembles a school where classrooms are filled with quiet education-obsessed Asians? Recall the outrange from some black intellectuals when Bill Cosby suggested that young African Americans embrace more middle class “white” values. Our argument is easily reversed: perhaps these passive, dutiful Asians should lighten up a little and be more spontaneous (or, to use the PC euphemism for chaotic schools, be more “vibrant”).

The modern education establishment will also assert that learning should be fun (think Sesame Street, computer games, hands-on projects) and loathes traditional “authoritarian” practices (mastering the multiplication table is condemned as “drill and kill”). Progressive experts might admit that discipline-heavy Catholic schools graduate well-behaved youngsters who also performed well academically (including inner-city black kids), but returning to this pedagogical model is now unthinkable even if the despotic nuns of yesteryear could be lured out of retirement.

And let’s not forget today’s cult of self-esteem that dictates that black youngsters in particular should never be made to feel unworthy so who needs unremitting censure and punishment? Imagine parental reaction when told that their little angel was humiliated by the teacher by being forced to write 100 times on the blackboard, “I will not talk in class unless called upon” and similar old-fashioned commonplace civilizing practices? Why risk a Department of Justice investigation into such cruelty?

Nor will any education-minded foundation let alone the US Department of Education willingly associate itself with something so “old-fashioned” as restoring disciplinary power to teachers or forcing youngster to practice self-restraint. Today’s education reform industry is all about innovation, cutting edge technology and painless gimmicks. Will Bill Gates give millions to school to buy rulers so teachers can whack the knuckles of miscreants?

Now, for the really big obstacles to applying Pinker’s lessons: there is no money in it. Today’s reformers flourish only to the extent that their nostrums attract powerful, well-funded constituencies. It is no accident, for example, that so many doomed-to-fail nostrums call for more teachers, learning specialists or therapists—powerful teachers’ unions love it. Meanwhile, free market conservatives are easy marks for anything that contains the word “choice.” Actually, I cannot think of a single potential constituency for the school’s civilizing mission.

Worse, as contemporary schools compete harder to attract students, efforts to civilize youngsters will decimate enrollments so better to entertain than punish little barbarians. Conceivably, the millennial long progression outlined in The Better Angels has ceased, at least for portions of society (Pinker suggests that this task is more arduous when targeting the bottom). If some folk can tolerate surviving in a Detroit that resembles 14th century Europe in its anarchy, why bother? Provided that the savagery is self-inflicted and peacekeeping handouts are affordable, the Hobbesian existence is now just “an alternative lifestyle.”

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  1. Sean says:

    There is an educational attainment gap, but lets face it there is similar gap not in the generic white favour because some communities exceed whites in general. It probably (IMO) is just due to some peoples being really hereditarily smart on average, in the same way others are often really quick on their feet. I don’t know of any convincing evidence to the contrary.

    The behavioural gap can explain the lack of application, which must explain part of the educational achievement gap but by no means all of it IMO. I think if you got blacks to act like Asians in class their results would be much better but then people would be outraged by a significant attainment gap still existing, which it would. The effort to enforce conformity would not really be worth it, for all the thanks you would get.

    There is is very little violence in Lebanon now. They had a civil war of course. There isn’t much crime in Mexico either. I suppose you need very close knit family based culture to restrain people, so that is what those countries have got. Bringing shame on your family is taboo in traditional cultures.

    US culture was created by people who had more Puritan guilt, so it’s more permissive. When people with less inherent guilt, whose culture took care of it for them, come to a culture based on self supervision you get downward assimilation. (worse outcomes with each generation).

    Some peoples originated in cultures where being extrovert was the way to reproductive success, which was for men not limited to one woman. Don’t hold you breath for such peoples reacting to discipline the same way Asians (from a culture where being extrovert is a thought weird) instinctively do. Asians did not start acting like that only once they were in the US

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @AndrewR
  2. you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Post PonziCollapse and civil war/race war, I’ll see that whatever Blacks – ‘scuse me, “afro-americans” – remain extent are resettled back to their nominative continent as gently as possible. There they can run, jump, and be happy, free forever from the horrors of White raayyycissszsmmm

  3. Jim says:

    Behavioral dispositions, like IQ, have significant genetic components so changing behavior is not that easy. It is likely that in places like China and Europe the suppression of violent behavior was most effective in the long run because it gradually genetically changed the population. Executed criminals or imprisoned criminals cannot reproduce. If an individual was executed or imprisoned in Miedeval Europe (and most were executed not imprisoned) the survival probablities for any children they had already had were poor. Over centuries this process gradually resulted in the more restrained nature of European and particularly East Asian populations.

    The same process is no doubt possible with African-Americans but until we figure out how to do genetic engineering this is a process which will take many generations to begin showing major results.

  4. Merema says:

    Please remove the picture of the little girl.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  5. viking says:

    Im sure some civilizing could be done in a society culturally confident , ours however is moving in the opposite direction less disciplining black boys because its not the criminal behavior at school its just racist teachers.
    Pinkers work doesnt get into the unpleasantness that caused the genetic change. hanging and more hanging for a thousand years preceded by 20,000 years of coerced cooperation training peculiar to norther peoples needing to plan around harsh seasons or die.This was probably done with stoning banishing hanging and axing. As importantly this need to plan caused an advancement in northern peoples brains , future time orientation this is key to most of the traits the author desires, Its also peculiar to northern peoples . Oddly the author seems to understand its a genetic problem yet prescribe a social fix. must be a republican

  6. Jim says:

    “There isn’t much crime in Mexico either.”

    Or you nuts or what?

    • Replies: @Jeff77450
  7. Sherman says:

    The problem with America’s educational system is that Americans are obsessed with everyone getting into college. There are too many boneheads – of all races – who who go through an educational curriculum with college as the expected end result.

    I believe the country, the economy and the students themselves would be better off if more high quality trade and vocational programs were offered in high school.

    The country needs college educated intellectuals. But it also needs plumbers.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Macilrae
  8. Macilrae says:

    Fundamentally this approach seeks to re-implement the culture of a bygone generation – my own generation in fact: kids who started school in the 1950s. But introducing this with a greater emphasis on learning ‘social skills’ and less on academics and applying it specifically to under-privileged children.

    Of course the difficulty in doing this stems from the colossal changes within so-called advanced Western society. The “me” generation; the universal decline in manners and the rise of selfishness, laziness and greed with popular culture. Where are you going to find enough teachers who represent the ‘old’ values; who do not themselves show all the symptoms of societal decay?

    Now, you can say that all great changes must start with a single step, which is profoundly true; and that you can quite easily set up a small number of prototype establishments, catering to relatively small numbers of students to show how it could be done. However, even assuming this can be accomplished without a huge negative outcry, we have all seen how social innovations can apparently bloom for a couple of years and then wither. As a manufacturing specialist I recall the great excitement engendered in management circles by “Out of the Crisis”; a book by W. Edwards Deming in the latter 1980s. Deming, who transformed Japanese industry from the production of rubbish products in the 1960s to what are still the highest quality products on today’s world markets. Deming’s approach was seen to be the way forward for the US and virtually all manufacturers frantically seized upon his ideas and implemented them using crash programs. Fundamental to Deming’s thinking however was a systematic and steady disciplined progress over periods marked by decades: this was far too slow for North America’s instant gratification culture to withstand and, within little more than two years, Deming’s ideas fell out of fashion and were replaced by the next fad. The cycle has continued.

    What works in Japan can’t be made to work here and my point is that ‘we’ do not have the discipline, patience or tenacity to perform such an epic endeavor. All of society requires a drastic change and, just as order came out of chaos in the past, so it can happen again. But not unfortunately, before things have become a lot worse.

  9. Blacks did very well until they were tikun olamed.

    also, it’d be helpful if jewwish record money-men stopped promoting hip hop and other degrading so-called black music, and if hollywood stopped shoving violence down the throats of americans.

    but hey, bizness is bizness.

    • Replies: @sund
    , @pork pie hat
  10. Macilrae says:

    “The country needs college educated intellectuals. But it also needs plumbers.”

    Absolutely right – the problem is that tradespeople, as a group, are not so highly respected – work needs to be done to change this.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @SolontoCroesus
  11. The author has it right about Japanese school. I was in a Japanese school for about a year and a half at one point. Some highlights:
    – Uniforms compulsory.
    – Every day starts (and ends) with a ten minute pep talk from the teacher in charge of the class. The one in charge of my class was the English teacher / rugby coach. Burly & ruddy guy. Once in a while when we failed morally he’d bawl us out with great energy.
    – Classes go between something like 8am and 3-4pm. After that, the students clean (with buckets and brooms and everything) the entire joint. Cleaning is compulsory.
    – Every second Saturday or so there is a half-day of school.
    – Summer vacation is about a month long at most.
    – After cleaning, students go to their sports clubs. Attendance is compulsory. Often, there is practice on weekends. Not sure if attendance is compulsory, but not showing up is very bad form.
    – Classes begin and end with all students standing up and bowing to the teacher.
    – The academic curriculum (what I could understand of it) was nothing special.

    All of this stuff can be quite stifling for an outsider; but it does tend to produce character, team spirit, deference to authority, and social homogeneity.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  12. Sherman says:

    Unfortunately, an unemployed sociology or history major gets more respect than a skilled tradesperson.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Please remove the picture of the little girl.”

    You dammy, don’t you know it was meant ironically?

  14. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “All of this stuff can be quite stifling for an outsider; but it does tend to produce character, team spirit, deference to authority, and social homogeneity.”

    And a nation of idiots who are addicted to cartoons.

  15. guest says:

    You don’t have to be a Rousseauian to resent Japanese-style “socialization.” Seems to me, in fact, that’s been the drift of educational theory over the last century or so: forget about learning, let’s make them sit still and be good members of the community. It has worked to make the educated more ignorant, and made us more drone-like. But can you impose manners from above, in that manner? Or do you end up defining civilization down?

    • Replies: @pinto
  16. Jim says:

    Living in Japanese society would probably not be easy for most Westerners. We are too different genetically for that to be easy. But Japan has been one of the most successful countries on the globe for 1500 years. They are not supermen but they are definitely not a nation of idiots.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Santoculto
  17. Jack_W says:

    Didn’t we already try something like this (civilizing people)?

    Now, it’s called “colonialism”.

    • Replies: @Wally
  18. nickels says:

    Like the article conceptually, but disagree in practice.

    Mostly because it is not the government’s place to inculcate values into children. That is the duty of the family. So how to focus on the family in the at risk population? Strong community leaders who preach family and values rather than ‘oppression’ and revolution.

    Also, it is not clear that any amount of social engineering will work. There is the issue of Boasian anthropology being a lie and the fact that true genetic differences exist.

    Most likely strong family would solve the issues, though, as is seen the middle class populations of all races.

    • Replies: @ren
  19. @Macilrae

    Plumbers should also have a grasp of history from vigorous scholarly (not necessarily the same as academic) sources rather than pop-culture/Hollywood/History channel propagandized versions of history.

    Pre-WWII public schools had a more rigorous intellectual backbone.

    Today, propaganda prevails.

    Hail Ann Frank, full of schmaltz,
    The ADL is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst bathetic pre-teens
    And blessed is the fruit of thy loom, zionism

    • Replies: @Michelle
    , @Macilrae
  20. Unfortunately, no one will listen to Mr. Weissberg’s old school approach. Our elites will come up with more crazy ideas, like W.’s “No Child Left Behind.” And race hustlers, like Sharpton and Holder, will continue to blame whites for under-performing Black and Hispanic students, who would actually be more productive in a non-nonsense type of environment.

  21. OutWest says:

    Actually until the late 50s or so blacks were fairly well behaved and doing OK by working class standards –at least in the industrial Chicago area of my younger years- if academically damaged. Not all that different than other immigrants. Then as the rights movement progressed the local ways became “oppressive”.

    For instance; neighborhood schools valued by ethnic groups morphed into defacto segregated schools, supportive ethnic neighborhoods became similarly segregated and gangs modeled on the KKK, i.e. flamboyant clothes, secret signs and handshakes and an overwrought sense of one’s place (respect) and territoriality. Many black areas became no go zones.

    The bad story is that so much opportunity has been lost. The good is that it’s largely a matter of culture, i.e., extrinsic not intrinsic.

  22. Corvinus says:

    The author of this piece makes the assumption that civilization = controlling one’s emotions, delaying across-the-board delayed gratification, obeying authority regardless of contrary urges.

    These three actions are called social norms, which are a part of civilization. They do not constitute civilization in and of itself.

    “Clearly the basic premise underlying everything here is that young blacks (like all children) require domestication…”

    Assuming that the majority of black school children exhibit on a consistent basis the traits you had outlined. You would need to have specific evidence rather than posturing.

    “Japanese educators have long understood the link between inculcating good behavior and academic achievement (it is called “learning to learn”). One practice requires youngsters to sit still and stare at a dot on the blackboard. Each student keeps a personal record of how long they are able to perform this patience-building task and those who excel are recognized for their accomplishment. In some classrooms the heat is turned down to 55 degrees and students wear shorts so as to learn how to work despite discomfort.”

    One could rationalize, from an American-centric perspective, that this process is the anthesis of civilization.

    “The modern education establishment will also assert that learning should be fun (think Sesame Street, computer games, hands-on projects) and loathes traditional “authoritarian” practices (mastering the multiplication table is condemned as “drill and kill”).”

    Actually, high-achieving school districts employ both strategies equally and effectively.

    “Post PonziCollapse and civil war/race war…”

    You’re dreaming outloud, right, Haxo Angmark?

    “Over centuries this process gradually resulted in the more restrained nature of European and particularly East Asian populations.”

    Jim, these groups are no more restrained or unrestrained compared to blacks, Latinos, or Native Americans.

  23. “discipline-heavy Catholic schools graduate well-behaved youngsters ”


    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  24. Jo S'more says:

    In other words, civilization is impossible if “everybody does their own thing” or people can autonomously decide their own rules. Respect for the rule of law is what separates civilization from savagery.

    6 In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Judges 17:6

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  25. ren says:

    Most likely strong family would solve the issues, though, as is seen the middle class populations of all races.

    Really all you need are strong fathers. The black community actually has a fairly decent number of strong women, but that is not enough. Men and women aren’t fungible. Strong fathers are what really matter. Not only are they respected by the children, but they are also respected by the wives. So, only patriarchy is a winning civilizational strategy. Strong ‘families’ whatever that means are pretty weak without strong fathers.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  26. pinto says:

    Seems to me, in fact, that’s been the drift of educational theory over the last century or so: forget about learning, let’s make them sit still and be good members of the community. It has worked to make the educated more ignorant, and made us more drone-like.

    Nah, only the drones are drone like. They are the kids of the H1b workers and would be conformists anyway.

    Anyway, the past 50 years have utterly failed at making black school kids sit still and be good community members. Black males are far less drone-like than they were 50 years ago. Back then they were married heads of households. Now they are just unmarried unemployed baby daddies. Disaster for civilization and children. But they are fathering fewer living breathing children. 50% of black babies are aborted by liberal do-gooders.

    • Replies: @guest
  27. gored says:

    Fundamental to Deming’s thinking however was a systematic and steady disciplined progress over periods marked by decades: this was far too slow for North America’s instant gratification culture to withstand and, within little more than two years, Deming’s ideas fell out of fashion and were replaced by the next fad. The cycle has continued.

    Europeans love novelty. It is why they are so inventive. So, yes, they go for fads, and after chasing enough new ideas, they hit upon some winners, big winners, a la Edison.

  28. cranberry says:

    – Classes go between something like 8am and 3-4pm. After that, the students clean (with buckets and brooms and everything) the entire joint. Cleaning is compulsory.

    We need to import Japanese school children to do the jobs Americans just won’t do! They even work for free!

  29. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    When most people get religion, they get sober and solemn.

    When Negroes done hear of God, they done act like this:

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And the M.A.D.nesst lives on!!!!!!

  31. Wally says: • Website

    Indeed, colonialism generally made the natives better off.

    Just look at the post colonial countries of Africa for proof.

    In fact, look at any country, region, county, city ruled by blacks and what you see is unmitigated crime, violence, disease, breakdown in infrastructure, and no sense of responsibility.

    As an aside, I recenty read that families living in what’s classified as “poverty” in the US actually have income and resources equal to upper middle class Mexican families.

  32. Dilbert says:

    The author’s prescriptions are another pipe dream. Hint: look into genetic factors.

  33. @Jo S'more

    “Hebrew” scriptures were recorded by Ezra, after Hebrews learned scholarship from Persians under Cyrus.

    Cyrus was Zoroastrian, and is the central figure — the only genuinely historic figure, in “Hebrew” scripture. Abraham & Moses are figments of imagination; fictional characters. Cyrus was real.

    “Truth is the relationship of all things in harmony, so that nothing occurs at the expense of something else . There is no friction in that existence. . . Truth is also the notion of social justice: no one prospers at the cost of somebody’s injury. . . This is the idealized world . . . It became materialized and was to evolve into a state of perfection. . . .

    “The world is a moral reality in which there is the movement towards goodness but there is also the movement toward frustration. This is the central vision of Zarathustra.

    “What is the individual to do?
    “Each individual is endowed with the Good Mind . . . the Mind which is capable of grasping the moral nature of things. When you see something occurring in your society you recognize that this is fair and this is unfair . . . One of the later priests said, “It is inconceivable that a human being can look at the face of injustice and not recognize it.” . . . When we recognize it, then we should articulate it and commit ourselves to improvement . We discuss it with people whose lives are affected . . . We formulate ways of actualizing the good to whatever extent we can; and then we do it.
    “This is reflected in prayers . . . called the practice of Good thought, Good word, Good deed.

    “In the tradition of Zarathustra there are no prescriptions, Do this, Do that; you are left to think through what should be done; the responsibility is yours.

    “This acceptance of this responsibility becomes a way of life.
    “And you have the view of the world: The world is a moral reality, your way of life. Act with Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds. And you have accepted the doctrine of Zarathustra.

    “Contrary to the tribal notion, this is a decision to accept this vision and this way of life is a purely individual matter . In one of the Gathas Zarathustra says, I speak to each of you ___ with careful thought and make a judgment each individual by individual, man and woman.

    “He distinguishes from the tribal conception where each individual didn’t think for himself or herself , the tribe made the decision: If you’re a member of the tribe that’s what you did.

    “But here, each one is asked to make the decision, and each one is asked to bear the responsibility for that decision. . . .And thus what we have is a shift from the tribal to the individual. . . . This is at the heart of it . . .

    “Priests are merely technicians . . . they carry out the tribal rituals”

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  34. @Dilbert

    Why don’t you read what he wrote before wasting other people’s time with an idle sneer. Everything you suggest is encompassed – intelligently and with some detailed nuance – in the article.

  35. Olorin says:

    No. Couldn’t possibly be.

    I mean if it were, that would make nature the biggest racist, sexist, elitist, ableist, homophobic b*tch in the cosmos.

    Best we just avoid genetics altogether. Besides, population genetics involves math, and math is hard, and hard things are imperialist and racist and sexist and such.

    Best just to feel our way through this. And do what makes us feel best about ourselves while advancing our careers through Competitive Altruism Monopoly.

  36. Olorin says:

    And r-strategy populations by definition do not have strong fathers, and never will. They have been selected over thousands of years to have low investment in offspring, higher rates of reproduction, and higher mortality.

    “Strong fathers” is a characteristic of K-strategy populations.

  37. @SolontoCroesus

    Your contrasting of Abraham and Moses as mythical figures with Cyrus prompts me to ask whether you are aware of a scholarly comparison having been made between the Homeric and other Greek stories from before the date of widespread or at least priestly literacy and the early Hebrew scriptures. Can you point to anything interesting on that? The key part of the analogy I have in mind is the preserving of important legends in oral form for centuries. By extension I would not expect Abraham and Moses to be totally mythical though I am inclined to think Noah may have belonged to someone else’s rather garbled story…

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  38. MarkinLA says:

    Not from me. Why should I respect someone so stupid that they would waste their time getting a useless degree? Try doing your own construction work. That will give you some appreciation for a really well done job (not the typical crap work seen today however).

  39. @Jim

    I think it’s a little early to declare victory, after all, you guys do not have this torment called ‘j … ‘s’ ‘globalist ”.

  40. Michelle says:

    I grew up with a mother who, due to the virulent anti-semitism of her Cornish father, educated herself on everything Jewish. My dad used to joke that my grandmother got back at my wife beating, alcoholic Grandfather by giving all of her 7 kids Hebrew names. Any how, my mom had on our coffee table, books such as Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon. I read them and I inculcated them. I remember once, whilst watching “Funny Girl”, I asked my mom why Jews had big noses. My mom snapped at me that, “Jews don’t all have big noses, Judaism is religion, not a race!”. My mom could watch Shoah over and over. Nazi, junkie masochism!

    I realize that I support Israel because my mother inculcated the history of the holocaust to me from my childhood on. But I do support Israel. Israelis are cool! Palestinians are not! Raid on Entebbi, anyone???? I have picked my side. Here is how I look at it, as a woman, which culture would I rather live in? Take a guess.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  41. @Wizard of Oz

    Haven’t studied the “scholarly comparisons” but I’ve traveled through an edge of the Great Salt Desert and stopped in caravansaries where ancient merchants and other travelers from all over the world, from Venice to Timbuktu to Ancient China, stopped to rest and find shelter; water themselves, their camels, mules, horses at the wellhead where they gathered under the stars and told the stories of all their various lands.

    I also read Marco Polo, Dante and Homer, Rumi and Dostoevsky.

    It is beyond ludicrous that Americans, especially, think of the Hebrew-Christian bible as the One Book.
    Do Americans still rely on Pony Express and Yellow Pages?

  42. @Dilbert

    ever been in West Virginia, Dilbert?

  43. @Michelle

    Raid on Entebbi, anyone????

    are you freaking kidding??

    You do know that was likely a false flag, don’t you?
    You realize that Israelis built the airport at Entebbe, and supported Idi Amin, right?

    No doubt your coffee table reading informed you that the raid was planned for July 4, 1976 Israel’s gesture to show the Americans that they were “more patriotic than Uncle Sam,” so to speak.

    You’re aware that Yonathan Netanyahu was the only Israeli soldier killed; that he got shot because of his own stupidity — he failed to follow the plan, which was to NOT shoot at the native guards — Yonathan, apparently a bigger jackass than his younger brother Benji, took a shot at a Kenyan guard and the guy shot back.

    Things got worse: Ephraim Sneh was the medic with the Israeli team. He failed to save Yonathan’s life. Sneh is spending the rest of his life trying to compensate for that failure; it was Sneh who, in 1995 dreamed up the scheme of attacking Iran on the nuclear file. It was a way for Sneh to elevate himself in the eyes of Israeli leadership.

    Yonathan’s death changed Bibi’s life. Bibi dropped out of school in US & went back to Israel to stew. By 1979 Bibi and his (equally psychotic) father, Benzion, had established the Yonathan Institute which sponsored the Jerusalem Conference (July 3 -5) that laid out the blueprint for the Global War on Terror. In July 1979 the Big Bad Enemies that had to be slaughtered to pay for son/brother Yonathan’s death were Arafat, PLO and Palestinians. Since then, Bibi has added Iranians to his hate-list, but the hate and quest for blood vengeance comes from the same visceral place: the death of Yonathan. Jewish literature is rife with stories of sibling rivalry & one brother being loved more than the other, and that was the situation with Bibi: father Benzion worshiped first son Yonathan and Bibi could never quite measure up to the martyred “hero.”

    Sounds like Stockholm syndrome runs in your family: three generations of women who appear to enjoy being beaten up by deranged men.
    Some women thought Jeffrey Dahmer was “cool.”

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  44. sund says:

    I thought Hollywood co-optation of African american music had a moderating effect on it’s message?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  45. @sund

    you must be very young, sund.

    How is Hollywood hip-hop a moderation of the Motown Sound or the Platters, Harlem, the jazz clubs that used to make DC’s U Street corridor lively and Pittsburgh’s Hill District a mecca of music?

  46. @SolontoCroesus

    Would you care to elaborate on your suggestion that there was an false flag element about the Entebbe rescue or that there was any reason to suppose that the Israeli government with Rabin and Peres in dispute over the best course of action was trying to impress something on the US rather than on the Israeli public and on terrorists? Tbc

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  47. Odysseus says: • Website

    The entire impetus to this article is wrong. It is admirable but wrong. We need to focus on our own families and communities.

    The prevalence of these social salvation ideas on sites like this is a symptom of the once dominant culture’s decline into childlessness. We have a great number of intelligent western men bemoaning the disappearance of civilization while they live alone or reluctantly churn out a child or two. So they come up with brilliant ideas to save the society that surrounds them.

    You will not convince the less civilized to follow in your footsteps. Those who are bright will see that way is doomed anyway while the inherently unintelligent will be incapable of understanding.

  48. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Meanwhile at the higher echelons of education…

    Boing and Nothingness

    “Carlisle recently graduated from the prestigious Connecticut school after studying philosophy.”

  49. @Wizard of Oz


    I have never had much interest in the Entebbe raid but did recently meet the retired general who, as a young paratroop officer jumped first on to the airport and captured the control tower according to, inter alia, the Wikipedia entry on Doron Almog who now does good work for the disabled and thus I am interested to know whether you can give any reason to disbelieve the accounts which online search discloses – including Saul David’s account recently in his book and a Daily Telegraph article showing how much less than brilliantly clever and organised the whole affair was – but casting no doubt at all on the mad and monstrous Idi Amin’s malevolence.

  50. Macilrae says:

    By golly, this is quite a contortion of the original topic which was that we need fewer college graduates (with Mickey Mouse degrees) and more hands-on artisans: whom we should encourage by showing them greater respect.

    But yes, I have no doubt that we have come to the present ill-disciplined condition as a result of a determined conspiracy on the part of the MSM and pop industry to manipulate us willing pawns – and any self-respecting conspirator will naturally deny their true nature and conspire to use their power to ostracize those who attempt to expose them.

  51. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Too many Negroes be like this:

    It's video that's difficult to watch. But police hope it will help catch a brazen O.C. attacker. 83-year-old man is pummeled in a parking lot as he strolls down the sidewalk. Just what type of person would beat an elderly man? This very clear video could be the key to cracking the case.

    Posted by ABC7 on Friday, September 25, 2015

  52. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The Weissberg Plan might work under a Cuban System.

    In Cuba, police can crack troublesome Negro heads.

    There is no Liberal Media to scream about ‘police brutality’ . Blacks cannot organize ‘Negro Livos Matterez’. There are no ACLU lawyers to defend Negro thugs. There is no PC education telling blacks to hate whites and scream about ‘white privilege’ of Cuban elites. If anything, Negroes are taught to love Castro and his mostly white leadership.
    Also, Negroes are not allowed to become drug lords and own guns and act crazy.
    Negro athletes in Cuba must serve and honor the state and perform in the name of the people than promote their massive jiveass egos, thus encouraging all blacks in Cuba to act the same. Anyone like Al Sharpton or Cornel West or The Hissy Coates would be tossed in jail and indoctrinated with ‘we must love big brother Fidel’.

    At one time, Negroes were under great social and political pressure in the US. But then, with the Civil Rights Movement, Negroes got the moral upperhand. The narrative went from “once-savage negroes brought from Africa and freed by white man Lincoln must prove that they are a credit to their race and worthy to interact with more civilized, advanced, and evolved whites” to “noble long-suffering negroes need to demand more and more justice from the evil white man who done steal and rob and kill negroes(and Jews) and burn down cities once a while as an act of liberation.”


    And powerful Jewish elites in the US love to bait ‘white guilt’ to keep white power under wraps. If whites are made to feel self-loathing and ‘guilty’, they won’t have the will power to unite and challenge Jewish power. Whites are mentally enslaved by Jews and physically enslaved by Negroes who routinely kick white ass all over America. So, Jews, as mind-masters over whites, and Negroes, as muscle-masters over whites, have forged an alliance. Privately, many Jews think like Donald Sterling about Jews, but publicly they need to maintain the facade of the Alliance. Of course, Negroes don’t like Jews, but they know Jews got the dough, so they play along. So, there are all kinds of organizations that blame whites for everything and justify bad black behavior. Media, controlled by Jews, always excuse blacks and always revile whites/Christians(except when whites/Christians are over there in the Middle East killing the ‘muzzies’). Jews use government, finance, and academia to attack whites. Jews use Hollywood to make blacks seem better than whites morally. Jews make movies about slavery and white evil. Of course, Jews privately fear Negroes and used all sorts of get-tough-on-crime measures to make NY livable again by clamping down on bad Negro behavior. But the media overlook this and focus on them eeeeevil whiiite Souuutherners with Confederate flags…. or the white police force in Ferguson, a city that blew up because a white cop merely defended himself from a mountain-sized Negro. According to NYT, you’d think the giant Negro mistook the white cop for a cute white mouse and ran to him to give a hug. But the damn ‘racist’ white cop shot the ‘gentle giant’ who only wanted to love him:

    So, we can’t have the Cuban Option in the US, which is ruled by Jews and goy cuckerals and mulattos and other such ilk. And the GOP is mostly a party of cuckservatives who worship MLK and Sheldon Adelson. Rich Lowry and Rand Paul they go weepy boo-hoo when they hear the speeches of MLK, the ghastly Negro pervert.
    Boehner is the face of American Conservatism:

    Here’s Rand Paul and Rich Lowry:

    But even if US were not so PC, there would still be enough freedom for Negroes to mess up things.
    Why are Negroes like this? It’s really simple. We only need the Occam’s Saturday Night Special:

    We don’t need no fancy stats and research. All we need do is open our eyes and see for ourselves. All we need to do is listen to the sort of things Negroes be saying and singing. All we need to do is listen to stories of people who had experience with Negroes.

    Why Negroes be a problem. Weissberg likes to talk about intelligence and sometimes temperament, but we cannot ignore the fact that Negroes be more muscular, tougher, and stronger than other races. That is why Negroes be so crazy.
    Sure, Negroes be dumber in general, but look at Forrest Gump. He one dumb mothafuc*a, but he don’t cause nobody no trouble. He jes sit on his white ass on a park bench and say stuff like ‘stupid sho be stupid’ and ‘life be like a chocolate bar or some shit’. He aint no trouble no nobody. So, dumminess in and of itself aint no big deal. After all, dogs and cats be dumber than us, but they don’t cause us no fuss(unless it be the odd pitbull that driven crazy by black owner who be cranking rap music real loud). Or look at Beavis and Butthead. Them is two dumb mothafuc*as, but they mostly be harmless cuz they be two little dorks who can’t hurt a fly. So, being dumb is no big problem. If all Negroes had IQ of 80 and had the personality of Forrest Gump and the physical build of Beavis and Butthead, they would just be a bunch of dumb folks living on welfare but causing no bigass trouble.

    So, is the problem the fact of black aggressiveness. It be true that blacks be more aggressive than other people. And aggressive traits are disruptive. Just look at James Cagney in PUBLIC ENEMY and Joe Pesci in GOODFELLAS. They be small mofos but they sho done scare lots of folks. But psychopathic gangsters with guns and icepicks aside, most aggressive people aren’t dangerous except to those who be smaller/weaker than they is. It’s like a chihuahua is a mean nasty little dog but do no harm to bigger dogs. It may growl and bark, but it ain’t gonna scare no German Shepherd or even a beagle.
    So, if Negroes were built like Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman, no amount of lip from them would scare anyone. After all, we see scrawny Vietnamese guys in LA acting tough and imitating Negro rap culture, but they be scaring nobody.

    Imagine if there’s a big strong gentle guy and small weak nasty guy. The latter guy may be nasty and aggressive, but he will think twice about messing with the big gentle guy since even a big gentle guy can become angry and whup the smaller weaker guy who gets out of hand.
    The problem with the Negro is he is both bigger/stronger(generally) AND more aggressive(generally again). This makes for a toxic mix.

    But white folks be helpless to speak the truth on this matter? Why? First, there be the Jewish control of the media. In order for Jews to suppress white consciousness of unity and pride, they need to play on ‘white guilt’. So, all the problems of Negroes must be associated with the history of white oppression of blacks than on nature and biology(cuz if it were associated with biology, whites could change the discourse and make themselves out to be natural victims of stronger/more aggressive Negroes). (Of course, if whites had enslaved short scrawny Cantonese Chinese instead of blacks, they wouldn’t be having this problem. After all, Spanish mistreated native Indians and used them as slaves for centuries, but there is less white fear of the short native Indian than there is of the big strong Negro.) So, even though Negro problem is essentially biological and racial, Jewish media forbid any such discussion and say all the problems of Negroes goes back to white ‘racist’ evil. In truth, even free Negroes allowed into Europe with welcome arms often turn criminal and violent cuz it be their nature to be punkass. Jews need to make white folks see themselves as historical victors/oppressed than as biological victims/oppressed.

    But the reason isn’t only ideological as shaped by Jewish-controlled narrative. It’s also because sports, music, and sex. Black domination in sports makes whites worship Negroes. Whites often fail to see that black domination of sports implies the social reality of stronger negroes attacking whites in schools, buses, public places, and etc. They just focus on the thrill of the game. And there is music, a kind of drug. As whites are into blues, reggae, rap, jazz, and etc, they worship Negro creativity and sensory-overload. Also, white women are into jungalo fever and worship the Negro muscle and whanker, and now, even white boys are getting into the act as willing ‘cuckolds’, a phenomenon so notable that it was even featured as story in Details men’s magazine and Vice news video.
    So, there is the combination of the Jewish Narrative and racial Nature that makes whites worship the Negro EVEN THOUGH the sober side of whites (should)know that blacks are the biggest threat to white race and civilization there ever could be. Humans like to believe they are civilized, but they are still animals with natural instincts that admire raw power of warrior and domination. The Narrative makes white people see Negroes as helpless victims in need of wiberal sympathy but Nature makes white people worship and submit to Negroes as the natural masters of the world.

    Consider this story:

    Mother, 38, marries 19-year-old Jamaican toyboy to get him a visa

    With all those black African men migrating to Europe, see this happen on a mass scale.

    White women are addicted to rap music, black sports, and jungle fever(especially as even young white girls grow up with full access to interracist porn, and of course, white kids are made to worship MLK, Mandela, and Obama.)

    It’s worth asking… what is more powerful? Tribalism or sexualism?

    Tribalism would have us believe that men and women of a certain tribe stick together no matter what. And some tribes have been able to manage this over a long time. This is especially the case when the tribe and its territory correlate, and the tribe is able to control and protect their territory. In that case, men and women of the tribe mate and have kids together.

    Another way the tribe can remain together is via patriarchy whereby the men control the women, especially the daughters. In a patriarchal society, the daughters are controlled by fathers and big brothers, and she is under pressure to marry someone within the tribe even if she is attracted to some hunk outside the tribe.

    The most remarkable form of sexual tribalism was that of Jews. Jewish culture somehow managed to convince Jewish women to keep having babies with Jewish men even though many Jewish women were tempted to go with women of other races.

    In some ways, tribalism is natural but it is also cultural. Tribalism culturally works against sexual nature that makes men want to bang the most attractive women(of any race) and makes women want to sexually submit to the most attractive men(of any race).

    For example, suppose Tribe A conquers another people and suppose the men of Tribe A find the conquered women more attractive than their own women. They may well choose to mate with the conquered women and neglect their own women. Look at blacks who have conquered sports and schools in America. Blacks dominate sports and they beat up and wussify white guys—who are called ‘white boys’—in integrated schools. But black men prefer white girls over black girls, so we have tons of black guys humping white girls. If tribalism is the only human nature, victorious black men would stick with black women. But many of them don’t and prefer to go with white women.

    Also, if tribalism is the only nature, white women would stick with white guys who lose to blacks. And some do. But many white girls are excited by the victorious blacks and prefer to go with black rap stars, athletes, and school toughs. They have lost respect for their own white men.

    Look at lionesses and female deers. A bunch of lionesses may belong to one top lion. But suppose the top lion fights another lion and loses and is forced to flee. Do the lionesses stick with the loser lion and flee with him? No, they dump him and mate with the new lion king. And even as the new lion kills her cubs(with the previous top lion), she does nothing and just lets it happen while waiting to be impregnated with the semen of the new top lion. And female deer act the same way. If the male that owns them loses to another deer, the female deer don’t follow the loser deer but go with the new top male deer.
    We see the same thing happen with white women. They see black guys whupping white guys in schools and in sports. And their wombs reject white semen and want black semen. In fact, this is effectively infanticide of white kids. Her womb, that could have produced white kids, is now producing black kids. Even though whites kids are not killed, they are prevented from being born from the white womb. It’s like pre-fanticide.

    When Jack Johnson beat up all those white guys, you’d think all white women would stick with white guys even if they lost. That would be tribalism. But many white women, even from respectable middle class families, went off to have sex with Jack Johnson, the destroyer and humiliator of white men.

    So, we must ask… what is the stronger nature? Tribalism or sexualism? The rule of sexualism is that men prefer women who are deemed superior in looks and women prefer men who are deemed superior in power REGARDLESS OF RACE. Sexualism undermines and destroys tribalism. We see this among breeds of dogs. If a bunch of pitbulls are put together with beagles, it won’t be long before most beagle females will be mating with pitbull males. Beagle females will not ‘tribally’ remain loyal to loser beagle males.

    Look at French women when Germany invaded France. They should have been weeping with and for their men, but instead, they lost respect for loser French men and had babies with German men.
    In WWII, US killed well over a million Japanese. But when US arrived as new conquerors, Japanese women laughed at loser Japanese men and had babies with US men, and Japanese women have been sexual servants of US soldiers ever since.

    In the US, so many Asian-American women choose to have babies with white men, Jewish men, and increasingly with black men instead of sticking with loser Asian men. So much for tribalism. Women just like whoever is the winner. Tribalism may be natural, but sexualism may be even a more powerful nature. And the only defense against the natural force of sexualism is culture of identity, unity, loyalty, and history. In a traditional patriarchal society, white women who went with Negroes could be shunned or even punished. It’s like French women who horizontally collaborated with Germans were ruthlessly punished by French men after the war when Germany was finally defeated.

    In a modern society, white women who’ve been raised with white unity, identity, and pride may still stick with white men(even if she is excited by the victorious Negro) for cultural and political reasons. But when so many white kids are now raised without identity, unity, and sense of history, they only respond to nature. (Worse, white girls are encouraged to worship Negro men and white boys are brainwashed against their male pride to accept the role as cuckolds.) And that means white women will go with any man who is seen as victorious, and at the most elementary level, white women got the jungle fever for Negro men. Of course, there are different kinds of power. A Jewish guy may not be very macho, but if he has lots of money, he will attract women. And since white guys do make more money than black men, whites still have an economic advantage. But without that economic advantage, white men would be in big trouble. Also, economic advantage isn’t as powerful on the senses as the athletic, musical, and thuggish. After all, Asian men make better money than white men, but even Asian women don’t want them in the US as Asian women can see that their own men are a bunch of dork losers.

    Anyway, there is no single nature. There are many natures, and white guys shouldn’t just rely on the nature of tribalism to keep the race together. There is also the nature of sexualism, and it often works against tribalism. It makes black men want white women over black women, and it makes white women want black men over white men. In the Western mind, Asia is a sexual tourist destination for white men whereas Africa/Jamaica is the sexual tourist destination for white women. White men want to conquer Asian women since they know they can muscle out Asian men. White women wanna be conquered by black men since black men can beat up white men.

    And of course, blacks know this. Black men can sense that they can push whites around. They can sense that whites are afraid. Whites would rather dwell on ‘white guilt’ than ‘white fear’ since the Jewish Narrative would have us believe that ‘white fear’ of blacks is ‘irrational’ and ‘pathological’ — that must be why NY Jews used stop-and-frisk intensively against black males, and that must be why San Fran whites use homos and Asians to keep blacks out. Also, to admit fear means to be ‘cowardly’, and whites, especially males, don’t want to do that. So, they just drone on and on about whites feel the burden of guilt and must do more.

    Blacks are naturally more aggressive and know they can beat up whitey. They know that whites are afraid and reduced to playing second fiddle. Look how the white boy surrenders his blonde girlfriend to a big strong Negro in THE SPECTACULAR NOW that, btw, praises the white boy for his cuckishness and acceptance of physical/sexual inferiority vis-a-vis the Negro who doesn’t love white mice but white pussy.

    The only thing that ‘anti-racist’ whites hope and pray for is that blacks act nice. Whites are feeling and praying psychically to the Negro, “We know you are stronger, tougher, cooler, hipper, and etc. and we worship you, and you can have my mother, my sister, my wife, and my daughter. Just don’t beat me up and smile once awhile. I will even give you the presidency. Please Negro please.”
    Of course, smarter and savvier whites and Jews use all sorts of sneaky policies like Section 8, massive immigration, Mexicans and Asians as buffers, and etc. to shield themselves from bad black behavior. But even they fully welcome the ‘good clean cut Negro or mulatto’ into their community to show off their ‘anti-racist’ credentials. So, they adopt a Negro baby from Africa and raise that kid to be a ‘nice Negro’ surrounded by white culture. If you wanna prove you’re not ‘racist’, better to train a Negro from birth in the white obedience school than rub shoulders with wilder Negroes who be brought up the black way in the black junkyard school of behavior:

    A white-trained Negro is likely to be nicer than black-raised Negro. It’s like a human-trained wolf is more sociable than a wolf-raised wolf.

    Anyway, white teachers are under pressure from both Black Nature and Liberal Narrative.
    Black Nature makes blacks bigger, stronger, and more aggressive, and blacks be laughing and mocking white folks as a bunch of ‘fa**oty-ass’ wimps and wussies.
    So, white teachers(and teachers of other races as well) have no choice but to suspend more blacks…. but then, the Liberal Narrative attacks them for ‘racism’ for disproportionately punishing blacks. It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place. This Narrative/Nature pressure on whites is getting unbearable in some places.

    Indeed, the Negro problem is the ONLY compelling reason for massive immigration. If US has a choice between becoming South Africa and Mexico/India, better to go with latter than with SA cuz there is no greater disaster in the world than Negro jivery.

  53. Sam Shama says:

    At a very rudimentary level, human society today, is rapidly approaching a critical point, beyond which backward sub-populations cannot hope to attain any meaningful or comparable capability with more advanced groups, and therefore unable contribute to the marginal benefits of society . Technological advancement has been rendering as obsolete vocations and populations across the globe. This, no doubt can be a very harsh realisation, yet the trend is unmistakeable.

    It must therefore fall on those groups so capable, to essentially provide guardianship and care to the less advantaged, preserving an environment that mimimises violence and instability which tend to characterise the latter. The alternative is obvious, and human life – the sentient living creature – being a sacrosanct creation of G’d, must be treated as such. Genetic forces will do the rest, as they always have.

  54. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Immigrants are useful buffers against black crime. 83 yr old Vietnamese man takes the hit.

  55. guest says:

    “and would be conformists anyway”

    What makes for a drone is not conformism persay. A majority of people anywhere at any time will be conformists, I’d think. That’s human nature. What matters more is what they’re conforming to. Some civilizations (or lackthereof) are more hive-like than others. Drones serve one queen, remember.

    Think of what it was like the old days, when you could be not only a citizen of the USA and male/female, gay/not gay, white/nonwhite, and whatever distinctions we still allow. Remember when there were states? When being a citizen of a state mattered, that is? When regions mattered, and ethnicity, religion, class, etc.? When your life could be if not determined at least profoundly influenced by the fact of being born at the foot of instead of atop a hill? Nationalizing the educational system had a tremendous influence on that.

    Whether it was to prepare us for mass industry, the welfare state, one-worldism, or no reason in particular, it made us more the same, and therefore in general more dronelike. It wouldn’t do to say there’d be drones anyway. Drones for what, a million different queens? That’s something else.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  56. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Whether it was to prepare us for mass industry, the welfare state, one-worldism, or no reason in particular, it made us more the same, and therefore in general more dronelike.”

    Most students don’t much care about studies. I wonder if pop culture–that people indulge in all their lives–is the real school for most Americans.

    And stuff like Jon Stewart is news + entertainment.

    And Oprah is the church of america.

    • Replies: @guest
  57. Jeff77450 says:

    That was my reaction as well.

  58. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The dang Bell Curve gets in the way every time. Trying to elevate people from the left side of the bell IQ curve fails because it flys in the face of inborn differences in intelligence–this is simple scientific truth. Remove the blinders and look at successful nations around the world. African intelligence like African culture is what it is.

  59. Sounds like some liberal claptrap for increasing the prevalence of the genes of the less-than-human in a society that pretends to want to be civilized. Won’t work, high testosterone knuckle-draggers will always out breed the innately civilized.

    There isn’t a solution – outside of removing them from society – because the uncivilized are in control, in the majority, and reproduce faster.

  60. Please leave the photo of the young girl. She is American and she has a strong presence that will insult all those of IQ imagination and supposed intellect. If IQ can be offended by mere presence, then the young girl will be a future leader on that premise only coupled with alleged intellectual capacity just like if she was replaced by the Other performing similar expression. God Bless “merica! mi gente

  61. guest says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Most students don’t much care about studies”

    Mostly public school students practice sitting still all day. That’s about what modern mass education amounts to. In nearly all schools where they actually try to instruct it doesn’t matter how many students care any amount about studies, because their studies will be against their will (if they happen to be on board their studies will be indistinguishable from having been against their will). I find the students’ cares irrelevant, as they’re almost never involved by choice.

    However great is the influence of popular culture outside the classroom, sitting still six hours a day with kids the exact same age as you, year in year year out, will take its toll. That time could be spent watching more tv instead, I suppose. But imagine if actual education were available.

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They had the answer back in the day. Make them conform to Christian morals; traditional marriage, standards of behavior, etc. Keep them busy with tasks. Keep them separate from whites. Keep a close eye on their neighborhoods and police them with vigor. We removed all the controls and let the animals out of the cage. It’s really no surprise what happened next.

  63. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Second, civilization requires across-the-board delayed gratification, self-discipline and moderation.”

    From what I done see, life ain’t as simple as what you white folks call ‘delayed gratification’. After all, if life be all about feeling da pain and nothing but da pain to get some good shit, nobody would be doin’ it. People can only take so much pain.

    And it ain’t true dat Negroes don’t understand da concept of delayed gratification cuz, after all, there be so many black athletes. It aint easy to be an athlete and rewards don’t come right away. Dey be practicing and training real hard. Aint easy to train on football field all day. Sure, there be da fun of the game, but most of practice ain’t fun. It be grueling and grinding work day in and day out with coaches yelling in they’s faces. But why Negroes be doing that stuff? It too be about delayed gratification cuz these athletes figure they be having to work hard to maybe be picked for professional sports where they make the money. But it be a tough process, and there be little chance of making it. But so many Negroes try nevertheless.
    And it aint exactly fun being a gangbanger. Chance of having yo’ ass blown off be higher than homeys after smoking joints. And there be danger of being picked up by police and many of these dudes have to do time in order to come back out to do some more gangbanging and drugdealing and shit. It aint no easy life. But Negroes do it.

    So, instead of ‘delayed gratification’, maybe the issue be more about ‘relayed gratification’. Delayed gratification is strictly about ‘no pain, no gain’. It suggest there be no gratification in the work itself and the only reward be in the fruits that come after much struggling and pain.
    In contrast, relayed gratification, while not averse to the idea of eventual greater gratification, believes that some degree of pleasure is stretched or relayed throughout the entire process of struggling.

    It’s not like some white, Jewish, and Asian student sees schoolwork only as pain, drudgery, and misery and do it just to win some reward at the end. While it be about struggle, they stick to it cuz they find elements of pride, pleasure, and meaning(a kind of intellectual pleasure) from the work itself despite its difficult. Besides, they know after they win the reward of going to good college, they will have to work hard all their lives in tough competitive jobs. So, they find pleasure not only in rewards of struggle but in the very struggle itself. It not about delayed gratification but relayed gratification for they see pleasure not only as reward but as the very acting of doing. Pleasure be seen as something relayed all throughout the process.
    It be like a law school student and then lawyer. Sure, law school student must study a lot and it come with pain. But he also enjoys the challenge of the struggle; he see it as an interesting mind game. It be like what the dude feels in PAPER CHASE. He feels pressure and pain, but he also feel thrill in having his mind full of mush being changed into mind of a lawyer. He finds gratification in the act itself despite its pains. In fact, if Harvard offered him a college degree without him having to struggle, he would reject it cuz he wants the pleasure of earning it by being challenged. That be where the pride come in.
    Same goes for a boxer. If a boxer is offered the championship without his having to fight, it would be empty. He would have the Belt, but it would mean nothing. So, even though boxing is tough, he finds pleasure in the struggle of making it to the top to win the belt in the right way. In the ring, he suffer much pain but also feel the thrill of being tough and strong to go all the way to win the championship. His pleasure be relayed as well as delayed.


    Why so many Negroes willing to struggle in sports but not in brainier stuff? It’s cuz the Negro brain aint fit for most intellectual stuff cuz it done evolved in a state of having to run from lions and elephants that wanna stomp every black ass. Negro is a physical being. So, he is willing to suffer and struggle physically in sports to win the championship. The Negro understands that kind of relayed gratification.
    But when he open up a book, he done feel, ‘what is this shit?’ It just doesn’t speak to his ass. But if you tell a negro that he has to dribble a basketball over the hill to get to the other side to get money and ho’s, he be doing that stuff. While dribbling a ball up a steep hill be tough and sure to tire the Negro out, he understands that kind of struggle and derives relayed gratification from it as the Negro is built to be physical and funkyass with his body than use his mind while sitting still at the desk.

    So, in some ways, both whites and blacks do understand the concept of delayed gratification. But where they differ is in relayed gratification. The white dude finds some degree of pleasure even in the struggle of the mind, whereas Negroes just don’t see any kind of pleasure in that stuff. The white mind evolved in the Ice Age and it done get used to thinking in terms of, ‘hmmmm, what should I do in order to survive over the winter’, whereas the negro mind evolved under the hot sun thinking in terms of, ‘how far must I run before I be safe from those nasty elephants that be chasing me to stomp my black ass.’ Negro has the need for great stimuli and excitement to make him accept the strain and struggle.

    ‘Hedonism’ be a bad word for a lot of people. It means obsession with pleasure and nothing but pleasure. But in some ways, hedonistics be at the core of everything in life, even spirituality. At the most basic and elemental level of pleasure, there is desire for tasty food, orgy, revelry, partying, dancing, music, and stuff. It all be sensual and sensory-driven. But the higher endeavors of life are also driven by seeking of pleasure. The difference is that more intelligent and complex people come to be bored by simple pleasures and want pleasures from higher stuff. It’s like kiddie cartoons are fun for kids, but adults grow tired of that stuff and seek higher pleasure from art. (Though higher pleasure is also pleasure, people often forget this cuz it’s called ‘meaning’, ‘depth’, ‘truth’, etc. But why are such appealing to educated folks? Cuz it offers them a kind of pleasure that they can no longer get from simple-minded or kiddie stuff. A kid finds pleasure in toys. An adult finds that boring and seeks pleasure from art and hobbies. But the root core of both kid and adult, it is the seeking of pleasure.) It’s like kids are pleased with cookies and candy, but adults with culture seek pleasure from finer cooking where the flavors aren’t so elementary and obvious.
    So, even what is often seen as anti- or non-hedonistic is really a form of sublimated hedonism as people are always seeking some kind of pleasure. Even altruism is pleasing to people who practice it cuz it makes them feel so goody and righteous. It’s a kind of moral orgasm or morgasm. Just look at the Germans welcoming the ‘Syrians’ and having morgasms over it. “Oh, we are sooooooooo good.”
    Pleasure-centrism is important in life cuz higher forms of life have consciousness, and consciousness gets in the way of life’s programming. Insects don’t have consciousness, so they just do as they are programmed. There is no need for them to ask why they are doing what they are doing. They just do it.
    But with the rise of consciousness, organisms became self-aware and began to wonder… “what is this all about?” Increase in consciousness aided survival and domination cuz the organism could use the mind to gain power over its domain and over other organisms. But consciousness could also make the organism seek some kind of meaning and answer to life, and that could be paralyzing since there is no answer/meaning to life and even if such done exist, no one will ever know the ultimate answer. Since consciousness has a paralyzing effect on life, the great incentive for higher forms of life is to live for pleasure and seek pleasure. Pleasure needs no explanation or meaning. It just feels good, so good in fact that higher organisms want to live just to have more and more of it.
    An insect will act according to programming regardless of pleasure(or no pleasure as it has no consciousness to enjoy pleasure). Amoeba will act like an amoeba regardless. But unless there is some pleasure as incentive, higher forms of life don’t feel like doing much because consciousness comes to realize that life is ultimately pointless and useless. To be sure, pain is a motivating factor. To avoid pain of hunger, organisms will have to seek food. To avoid of pain of cold, organism will seek or build shelter. To avoid pain of being burned, organism will avoid fire. But pain doesn’t motivate organism beyond what the organism must not do or must do at a minimum to lessen the pain. Pain doesn’t motivate the organism to do more than it needs to do in order to avoid pain. It fosters reactive behavior, not proactive behavior. But pleasure is greatly proactive. Just for pleasure, organism will go beyond what is necessary for bare means of survival. Suppose the only food available is oatmeal. Not much pleasure in that. So, the only reason why people eat is to stave off the pain of hunger. But once hunger is overcome, there is no need to eat more or do more.
    But suppose there are some yummy pastries that mmm mmm mmm taste so good. Once folks get a taste of that, they are willing to proactively do more to gain the means to buy more pastry. So, capitalism beat communism. Maybe one reason why the west gained more than the rest is it found way to beautify its women, and that motivated men to work harder to get them. The Muslim world had good-looking women too, but they were veiled and men couldn’t see them. So much for incentive. In Asia, women were hidden behind walls. African women did shake their ass but they looked too much like Serena Williams and they were so nakedly jungle-jive horny that there was nothing beautiful about it. But the white world created a highly aestheticized female culture that both featured women as colorful objects and made them difficult to gain unless man was of some worth. In this sense, Gatsby-ism has its roots in the European tradition of chivalry and all that stuff where a lowly knight must struggle to rise high to win the hand of some damsel. Such narrative was less prominent in other cultures where the aesthetics of womanhood was more controlled or too out in the open as in African societies — if Daisy had acted like Miley Cyrus, what would have been the point of Gatsby struggling to rise to the top to win her respect?

    It could be that one of the reasons why Jews were especially motivated in the Western World was because Jewish men went extra-boing over the Western aesthetics of womanhood. In the Middle East, Jewish men lived in a world of veiled Arab women, and Jews couldn’t tell if these women looked good or not. But in the West, Jewish men saw all these European women in colorful dresses with blooming cleavages. It’s like Alberich in NIBELUNGEN goes super-boing over the Rhine Maidens. Maybe if Arab women showed their cleavages and if white European women were veiled, Jewish history would have been very different as the proactive boing-factor would have been greater among Middle Eastern Jews.

    Maybe another problem of the black community is the rise of freedom and return of/to nature.
    In some ways, the pre-civil rights America saw a more segregated black community, i.e. even within the black community itself, there were many divisions and hierarchies, with bourgeoisie middle class Negroes and lighter-skinned Negroes looking down on other kinds of Negroes.
    With the unleashing of libertine energies of the 60s allowing for greater freedom all around, the hope was that the hierarchies would dissolve as people mingled freely.
    But what happened in the black community was like what happened to sexual dynamics: All the new freedoms and libertine-ism didn’t make all men and all women love one another equally. The Woodstock dream of free equal love didn’t come to be. Rather, the sexual dynamics became more exclusive and hierarchical as ‘cool guys’ only sought ‘hot babes’ and ‘hot babes’ only sought ‘cool guys’. With the fading of social, moral, and cultural factors, it was all about ‘hot or not’ and ‘cool or fool’.
    Likewise, the new freedoms in the black community didn’t make all blacks mingle more freely across classes. Instead, the bad negroes decided to become super-bad negroes. Wild negroes decided to become super-wild negroes. And responsible negroes decided to be ‘white’ and essentially live more in the white community than in the negro community. White Liberals hoped that more freedom for Negroes would mean more freedom for ALL Negroes to study and succeed. But they failed to understand the Negro Nature. More freedom for many Negroes just meant more freedom to fail, go wild, act loutish, go bananas, and mess up everything. White Libs thought more freedom would bring the Negro community closer together across class lines and then there would be a merging of whites and negroes along racial lines. But more freedom meant more negroes acting wild, thuggish, and criminal. And that meant more whites being scared to death and joining the white flight from negroes.

    More freedom means more choice, and choices are often selective and exclusionary.
    A church is a place where people’s feelings and egos are suppressed. They must all worship God and see fellow church members as brothers and sisters. Old, young, ugly, beautiful, smart, dumb, they are all the same children of God. A church isn’t a libertine place but it keeps its members together as a community. A night club is a freer place where one can hang loose and let loose and etc. So, one might think everyone at the club will merge into one. But in fact, the behavior becomes far more exclusive as all that freedom serves one’s ego, vanity, status, and place in the hot-to-trot hierarchy. So, the cool try to hang only with the cool, the hot only try to stick with the hot. A winner may embrace a loser in the church as both are children of God. But in a club, the winner looks down on the loser as uncool.
    Apply this rule to the school. When schools used to more repressive and controlled in the past, the main emphasis was on education, books, and respecting teachers. But as schools became more libertine — as hangouts for kids immersed in racy pop culture — , the student body began to split apart along lines of cultural and personal vanity. And we see this in the black community. Many black kids come to school not for schooling but just to hang out to strut their stuff. They treat school like some dance club. And since teachers are afraid of black kids in black schools, black kids are used to doing as they please. And since they don’t have fathers, there is no one to discipline them. And as their main culture is rap music, their natural way is to act the fool.

    Anyway, dat be da case in all dese schools full of fools who done think dey be so cool.
    And no amount of research, studies, analysis, theorizing, and etc gonna change da reality dat be set in da stone of facts dat can only be changed with some kind of genetic programming. It be nice if some scientist could invent a serum dat could be injected into every Negress and make her give birth to Negroes who look like Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis. Project Arnold will do away with Negro threats and destructiveness. Or maybe some scientist can create a new race of folks who be like big hulking giants. Project Hulk will calm the Negroes down as they won’t be see theyselves as the baddest mofos around. Of course, this Hulk race would be programmed to like white folks and only dislike black folks whose ass they be beating all the time. Negroes thus humbled may think twice about getting all wild and crazy toward whites. It be like Germans got more reflective and careful about their power after they got whupped real bad by big Russia.

  64. The objective criteria will show that all nations in their natural environment will show elements of a Bell Curve. There will be those who fall on the left side of curve the 10% or less, then you have an equal or > 10% on the right size then you have the 75-82% falling in the middle. The same will happen in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas. Again, it is a socialization tool within the environmental context. You cannot take a recently discovered Amazonia tribe or a Papua New Guinea group, give them a Stanford Binet test and expect some result as if they have been in a Westernized context! That is just absurd!

  65. @SolontoCroesus

    I remember an article on AmRen about how black fathers were strict disciplinarians until the 60s when they were told to lighten up (don’t recall the specifics, now). The fathers said though, that that’s what Black kids needed. I guess it was known once.

    Best, most practical thing I’ve read about solving the problem with blacks. I’m sure there’s a creative way to package the idea. Don’t ‘boot camp’ charter schools match this description, already anyway?

  66. AndrewR says:

    Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world. It’s no exaggeration to say they are in a [relatively low-intensity] civil war.

  67. Blake says:

    ” teachers can impart these requirements if permitted to employ the traditional classroom discipline—stigma, humiliation, shame and even corporal punishment.”

    Mr. Weissberg, I think you missed a very important part of Pinker’s civilizing equation. Specifically, because corporal punishment is an act of violence, corporal punishment is part of the problem. The civilizing process involves a major reduction of all violence, including violence engaged in by authority figures as punishment.

  68. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This NPR program ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ about building character:

    came out just two days after this piece. It’s not quite the same emphasis (not about The Gap), but it’s nice to see interest in a useful direction.

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