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Igor Shafarevich and the Jews
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One way to become an unwitting dissident is to assume that the truth will set everyone free.

Igor Shafarevich, in his 1989 essay “Russophobia” (my review here), spoke the truth about the overwhelmingly negative impact the Jewish Left has had on Russia, and he received merciless defamation from the Jewish Left in return. Much of this abuse came from the mostly Jewish “Third Wave” of Russian émigrés who were known for their undue and quite racist insults of Russians during the 1970s. (Russians being either brutal, slavish, or messianic were the most prominent stereotypes.)

The essay uncovered the Jewish complicity in the October Revolution and its bloody aftermath as well as tied contemporaneous Jewish revolutionary spirit to the ancient Judaic concept of being “the Chosen People.” For Shafarevich, left-wing, revolutionary Jews made up the core of what historian Augustin Cochin referred to as “the Lesser People,” an elite minority spiritually and ideologically at odds with the established order, as represented by the majority, or “Greater People.” Cochin was describing the French Revolution, and Shafarevich deftly borrowed his terminology to portray the much greater Russian catastrophe of 1917.

Beyond any commentary on Jews, Shafarevich intended with “Russophobia” to promote healthy self-esteem among Russians (based on a realistic understanding of history, of course). He also wished to assess in what ways Western-styled democracy and technology might help or not help Russia. Yes, of primary interest was what’s good for Russia and Russians, but there is nothing in “Russophobia” which denigrates the national aspirations or human rights of other peoples. Shafarevich had previously made this point in his essay “Separation or Reconciliation?” which appeared in the 1974 collection From Under the Rubble. This essay echoes Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Repentance and Self-Limitation in the Life of Nations” (which appeared in the same volume) and demonstrated that nationalism, even intense, passionate nationalism, does not necessarily result in chauvinism. When defending “Russophobia,” Shafarevich himself stated that “it is much more wholesome to discuss openly all sides of all national relations.”

But this point got lost entirely among his critic-enemies, who couldn’t see past the Jew thing. As Krista Berglund notes in her 2012 volume, The Vexing Case of Igor Shafarevich, a Russian Political Thinker, Shafarevich had no intention of libeling Jews. He wished only to

treat Jews on equal terms with other peoples, without the demand to apply to the Jews any special standards. . . . The major reason for him to raise the Jewish issue in Russian history was again his conviction that when discussion of historical tragedies is suppressed and when there are unhealthy taboos, this tends to breed frustration, friction, artificial antagonisms and irrationality. One such suppressed issue was the disproportional Jewish contribution to the Russian Revolution. When raising it, Shafarevich’s intention was to systematically separate myths and irrational notions from historical facts and to contribute to the normalisation and amelioration of Russo-Jewish relations.


In other words, the truth will set us free and reduce tensions between peoples. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out to be the case, despite Shafarevich’s good intentions. Speaking the truth about Jews—which was merely one of several things Shafarevich accomplished in “Russophobia”— enflamed not only the Jews he referred to in his essay but much of the Jewish intellectual class worldwide. And they used their considerable influence quite spitefully to ruin him. In my previous article on “Russophobia,” I described some of the backlash, but in truth it was far worse than that.

As one would expect, there were the hysterical ad hominems and overreactions, none of which was at all substantive. Philologist Efim Etkind called “Russophobia” as “a call for pogroms” and likened Shafarevich to “Stalinist pogrom-makers.” He also wailed that the ideas in “Russophobia” would ultimately result “in the poisonous smoke of Treblinka’s crematoria.” Art historian Igor Golomshtok made Mein Kampf comparisons and accused Shafarevich of propagating the idea of “Jewry as the embodiment of universal evil.” Astonishingly, lit critic Grigory Pomerants (whom Shafarevich names in his essay) hadn’t even read “Russophobia” when he opined that its author’s world is only black and white, and then reiterated his claim that Russia is a “land of slaves”—thereby refuting himself in the eyes of those who had actually read the essay.

In a nearly perfect act of projection, Valentin Liubarsky, another Third Wave writer, claimed that “Shafarevich is concerned with the rationalisation of mass hysteria.” Writer Benedikt Sarnov made the expected comparisons to Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, and Julius Streicher, and called for the KGB to investigate Shafarevich. He then darkly reminded his readers that Rosenberg and Streicher had died from hanging. Andrei Sinyavsky, a writer and gentile ally of the anti-Shafarevich movement, dubbed Russian russophobes as “Satan” and declared that “Russophobia” “fully coincides with the theories of German Nazism, from Hitler to Rosenberg.”

Shafarevich’s closeness with Solzhenitsyn could not save him from Jewish Solzhenitsyn defenders, such as Israeli émigré writer Dora Shturman, who lamented how “Russophobia” engendered in her the “horror – no, not of simple-minded pogrom, but of a Holocaust; of ruthless, inhuman abandonment which is a precondition for destruction.” Jewish writer and émigré Boris Paramonov responded provocatively with an article entitled “Shit. An Attempt at Public Psychoanalysis.” In it, he insinuated that because Shafarevich is supposedly part of a native soil movement in Russia, he is literally obsessed with feces. He also risibly claimed that in “Russophobia” “Shafarevich’s subconsciousness beating of children is taking place.” A paradigmatic example of psychoanalytic fantasy unmoored from any need for empirical justification.

Paramonov’s vindictive psychoanalysis becomes more sinister when considering that, as a human rights activist during the 1970s, Shafarevich strenuously protested the Soviet practice of punitive psychiatry. When it became less acceptable to ship political prisoners to gulags (thanks, in large part, to the worldwide success of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago), Soviet authorities pivoted to insane asylums, which in many cases amounted to the same thing.

Berglund adroitly dismisses Paramonov when stating that he

resorted to the cheapest and flimsiest kind of below-the-belt pseudo-psychoanalysis with the intention of establishing Shafarevich as a pitifully traumatised old man whose ideas do not deserve serious consideration (but, apparently, need necessarily to be rebuffed time after time).

This lunacy made its way to Western journals as well. In my previous essay, I mentioned how Walter Laqueur, Josephine Woll, and others overreacted to “Russophobia.” Berglund gives us much, much more.

Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The New Republic all labeled Shafarevich an anti-Semite. Liah Greenfield of Harvard claimed that in terms of anti-Jewish polemics “Russophobia” excelled even Medieval anti-Semitism. David Remnick and Alan Berger both fueled false speculations of impending pogroms in Russia as a result of this essay.

It should be noted that Jonathan Steele of The Guardian wrote the following in 1990 about these pogrom rumors:

[S]ome sources have suggested that the rumours may have been started by extremist Jewish groups which are unhappy with the US Congress’s recent decision to deny Soviet Jews refugee status and treat them as economic migrants. Creating a climate of fear could change the US Congress’s mind.

In the same year, our old friend Joe Sobran summed up the Western response to “Russophobia” thusly:

None of Shafarevich’s fuming denouncers has produced a single quotation from him advocating any sort of injury to Jews. . . .Yes, in spite of his courage as an advocate of human rights, he is being lumped together with the sort of hooligans who favour beating Jews in the street.

These “hooligans” Sobran mentioned most likely refers to the Pamyat movement in Russia (albeit unjustly). This was a pro-Russian activist organization which took advantage of Glasnost to stage patriotic demonstrations. Aside from promoting Russian ethnic identity, speaking out against alcoholism, and “lobbying against the rechanneling of the great Siberian rivers,” Pamyat was also fairly hostile to Jewish interests, according to Berglund. They promoted anti-Zionism and propagated the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories expressed in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Ironically, the Soviets tolerated Pamyat when it was attempting to dampen the mood on Israel, but as soon as people in Pamyat began speaking about the disproportionately Jewish nature of early Bolshevism—which apparently hit a little too close to the Kremlin—the Soviets cracked down on the nationalist organization.

At the time, Pamyat was suffering from much internal strife and had never been a major force in Russian politics (historian John Klier describes the organization as “fissiparious”). When asked about it, Shafarevich correctly downplayed its significance. Indeed, Shafarevich had never had any personal involvement in Pamyat. But because members of Pamyat naturally connected with “Russophobia” and propagated it through Samizdat (without his knowing, of course), Shafarevich’s enemies falsely condemned him for being linked to this anti-Semitic, nationalist organization. It was guilt by association when there really wasn’t any association—and probably not a whole lot of guilt, either. In fact, a Pamyat leader named Dmitry Vasilev had condemned Shafarevich for his “purely Jewish point of view.”

It seems that the Jews in academia (both Western and Soviet) needed Pamyat, and manufactured much of its infamous reputation. Berglund cites a 1992 study which demonstrates the general lack of anti-Jewish extremism among members of Pamyat as well as a somewhat shaky understanding of “Russophobia” to begin with. She also quotes Klier’s late-nineties interview with a Pamyat propaganda distributer who complained that “Foreigners are more interested in what we say than our own people.”

None of the predictions of Russian pogroms actually played out—even during the economic misery of the 1990s when one would presume an easily identifiable scapegoat would be just the thing to ignite mass violence. In spite of this peace and restraint on the part of these brutish, messianic Russians, influential Jews needed a villain, a reconstructed Black Hundreds Frankenstein of fascism which they could point to and say, “There! There is Russian anti-Semitism in the flesh!”

Why? To pressure Soviet authorities to allow Soviet Jews to emigrate and to pressure Western governments to give these Jews refugee status. As a result, many of these émigrés wound up in Western Europe or the United States instead of Israel, despite their purported persecution as Jews. And a third reason: to destroy the most prominent White gentile in the world at the time who was telling the truth about Jews—Igor Shafarevich.

“Russophobia” caused a great stir in science and mathematics circles as well, mainly because Shafarevich is considered one of the twentieth century’s most prominent mathematicians. From his Wikipedia page we learn that:

Shafarevich made fundamental contributions to several parts of mathematics including algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry and arithmetic algebraic geometry. In algebraic number theory the Shafarevich–Weil theorem extends the commutative reciprocity map to the case of Galois groups which are extensions of abelian groups by finite groups. Shafarevich was the first to give a completely self-contained formula for the pairing which coincides with the wild Hilbert symbol on local fields, thus initiating an important branch of the study of explicit formulas in number theory.

Not even such a resume could protect Shafarevich from the coming indignities. His nomination for an honorary degree at Cambridge was instantly withdrawn. The National Academy of Sciences of the United States (NAS) urged him to renounce his membership. Numerous mathematics and science societies applauded this move, including the Union of Council for Soviet Jews, whose leaders declared that Shafarevich is “inimical to the fragile causes of human rights.” This, of course, maligned an unimpeachable human rights activist who stood up to the Soviet system, side-by-side with Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov, on the Moscow Dissidents’ Human Rights Committee in the early 1970s.

After this came suspicions and utterly unfounded accusations of anti-Jewish discrimination. Even some of Shafarevich’s former Jewish students defended him on this count—although not for “Russophobia.” Indeed, as an academic who was responsible for launching or aiding numerous careers (including many Jewish ones) his reputation had been impeccable. It was only after “Russophobia’s” publication when it all was conveniently called into question.

A condemnatory letter initiated by mathematician Laurent Swartz garnered over 200 signatures. Another one with over 450 appeared in a Russian periodical, to which Shafarevich made this dry yet cutting response:

[T]he people who signed the letter and whom I knew 15 or 20 years ago as Soviet mathematicians . . . witnessed the deportation of Solzheni[tsyn], exile of Sakharov, persecution of religion, detention of sane persons in psychiatric hospitals for political reasons. We [did not hear] their protests against it then. Do they really believe that my paper is more dangerous?

By summer 1991, according to Berglund, “Shafarevich’s reputation as a notorious anti-Semite had been cemented virtually in all circles of self-respecting liberals in both the East and the West.” She goes on to name over 30 people who had heaped undue scorn upon Shafarevich.

Berglund makes The Vexing Case quite unique when she analyses “Russophobia” alongside its criticisms to demonstrate, as if in a court of law, how Shafarevich was not only not anti-Semitic, but was also in fact quite reasonable, evenhanded, and most likely correct. She also shoots down every single one of her subject’s critics. In one or two cases, Shafarevich faced reasonable—if perhaps flawed—reproaches, which Berglund appropriately dispenses with. All the others she reveals as shoddy and irresponsible at best or deceitful and malicious at worst. It must be said that most of the villains here were Jews. It must also be said that, at least in Berglund’s comprehensive analysis from over two decades after the fact—and with Shafarevich still living to provide commentary—none of these villains had ever apologized or faced a comeuppance.

At times Berglund does wade into the weeds when exploring all the argumentation needed to exonerate Shafarevich. For example, she includes long discussions of Israel Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century, and many other works and topics in order to provide greater context for this important and potentially explosive subject. The book is nearly 500 pages (with more than a quarter of it dedicated “Russophobia” or anti-Semitism), and sometimes feels like it. This is not a biography; it is a vindication of a man who in a perfect world would not need vindication at all.

Instead, Igor Shafarevich told the truth and became a dissident once again, and in some ways suffered more hyperbolic abuse than when he was a Soviet citizen. Berglund suggests that Shafarevich, in his frank and fair-minded appraisal of Jews, actually suppressed anti-Semitism in his native Russia.

While many vociferous commentators have alleged that in the person of Shafarevich Russian anti-Semites had got a prominent frontman, there are actually strong hints that he managed to effectively “neutralise” the message of many of those obsessed with Jews among his Russian contemporaries.

Of course, this is nice. But, in turn, did “Russophobia” also suppress the real-life russophobia that Shafarevich so meticulously described? Did it neutralize the message of many of those obsessed with Russians (or Whites in general) among his Jewish contemporaries? Jewish neocons and their incessant anti-Russia posturing during the current war in Ukraine may give us a clue. But sadly, this is a question Berglund fails to ask, and so in The Vexing Case of Igor Shafarevich, goes unanswered.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    Rest in peace Igor Shafarevich (1923-2017)

    Now as Ukraine war events continue, Russian TV host reads list of ‘disloyal Jews’ on live TV:

    Vladimir Solovyov listed on air the names of Jews whom he faulted for lacking patriotism. Many of the people on the list were later arrested or murdered in mysterious unsolved crimes.

    Now, as Russia’s war effort in Ukraine founders, openly anti-Jewish rhetoric is entering the country’s mainstream media, with a popular talk show host naming Jews on air as being insufficiently patriotic and a think tank accusing a prominent Jewish philosopher of siding with Ukraine out of greed.

    In a Sept. 18 article in Moskovskij Komsomolets, a highbrow Russian daily, a senior and veteran writer named Dmitry Popov compiled a list of well-known Jews whom he called ‘foreign agents’, a term that the Russian government frequently applies to its perceived enemies.

  2. G-dless Zionism is the worse form of racism. It is a scourge upon humanity. China has not been bewitched by these racists.

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  3. just to clarify what Krista Berglund euphemized as a “disproportionate” portion of Jews on the first Politboro + Cheka, and on down the line:

    Ulyanov, alias Lenin: paternal line JEW
    Bronstein, alias “Trotsky”: JEW
    Bukharin: Slav, with JEW-minder (his wife)
    Zinoviev: JEW
    Kamanev: JEW
    Sverdlov: JEW
    Djugashvili, alias “Stalin”: caucasian

    Dzerzhinsky (head of CHEKA): Slav with JEW-minder (his wife)
    Uritsky (c/o of death squad) that killed the Tsar and his family: JEW,
    as were all but 1 of the other dozen members of this JEWISH death squad.

    other top 400 Bolshevik leaders/office-holders: 80% JEWS.

  4. @Haxo Angmark

    Dzerzhinsky was a Khazar Jew. His father converted to Catholicism in a successful bid for Polish nobility

    • Agree: Polphil
  5. JWalters says:

    All Europeans need to wake up fast to the fact that their “leaders” are puppets of a cruel cult. The leaders of this cult are bankers who believe God chose them to rule the world, and that all Europeans who are not in their cult are animals who may be robbed and killed with impunity. The leaders of this cult engineered World War 1 and World War 2, and are on the brink of devastating Europe with World War 3.

    These cult leaders need to be taken out ASAP. They will scream “anti-Semitism!” and level threats of all sorts. But this is not anti-Semitism because these cult leaders do not represent all Jews. For example, an Israeli-born, Jewish therapist explains,
    Why I left the cult
    and why
    It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped

    These cult criminals are a tiny number. If the police and military refuse to obey their commands they will lose their power. And that will embolden some politicians and press.

    Today the politicians and press are bought and afraid, living under a literal reign of terror, playing their part to keep the population in the dark. It’s time to turn on the lights, to bring the facts out in the open, to save civilization from another round of catastrophic destruction by these deluded sociopaths.

    Some sources of useful information –

    The Central Jewish Role in Orchestrating World War II in American Pravda: Understanding World War II

    War Profiteer Story

    From Yahweh to Zion

    Help spread the word!

  6. @Prof Watson

    G-dless Zionism is the worse form of racism. It is a scourge upon humanity. China has not been bewitched by these racists.

    Not Zionists but China had Kaifeng Jews:

    And during the 1800’s when China was raped and looted by the British (Opium Wars), one Jew (David Sassoon) stands out amongst many who made a giant fortune (Rothschild like fortune) as a drug dealer:

    • Thanks: Polphil
    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
    , @Skeptikal
  7. Dumbo says:

    I was surprised when someone (someone Jewish actually) told me that his family could migrate to the US from the former Soviet Union, because Jews had a special treatment and could easily migrate, when non-Jews could not. So they had special treatment in the Soviet Union, at least initially, and then they had special treatment in the U.S., as refugees. Interesting.

  8. zard says:

    Remember all those people back during the 2016 presidential election (and afterward) who told us we need to ignore all the jews surrounding Trump? They insisted that Trump was just playing 4D chess, and that he was actually going to outjew the jews. He had a great plan to Make America Great Again, and we had to get on board the Trump train, or else it would be the end of the White race and Western civilization. Obviously they were all proven wrong, as all Trump cared about was appeasing Israel and ramming vaxxing into arms at “warp speed”, yet Qanon conspiracy theories still exist to this day.

    Most of the same people who told us fanciful tales about how Trump was “our guy” are back at it again, this time shill for Putin and the Kremlin. Those guys flying the hammer and sickle, invading Ukraine to “denazify” it are actually fighting against the New World Order, according to them. Ignore all the Chabad jews surrounding Putin, all the laws he has put in place to fight anti-semitism, and his close connections with the WEF, The Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Putin is actually just playing 6D Russian roulette!

    It is honestly like deja vu watching the “right wing dissidents” fawning over Putin the same way they did over Trump. To be honest, most of the talking heads of the alternative media have always been Putin shills, but without Trump on the world stage in a meaningful way, they have shifted all their supported 100% behind Vlad, who can do no wrong in their eyes. Of course many of these pundits are being paid for their Kremlin hasbara, but there are also very many regular people who have been sucked into this delusional thinking, and they refuse to think critically about these matters. This is because they have been demoralized.

    It does not matter how many pictures you show them of Putin scheming with rabbis, wearing a yarmulke, or the information regarding Putin’s jewish ancestry, they will make excuses. The army of jewish billionaires at Putin’s side? Well, Putin kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia – because some fake news story told me so! The hammer and sickle flying proudly over Russian parades and during the invasion of Z tanks into Ukraine? Well, it’s a symbol of the Russian people, not of Communism! These people do not care about the truth or critical thinking, as they have put their faith in Putin as a savior.

    Many of the Putin apologists are Christians seeking a strong patriarchal leader who represents a defense of Orthodoxy against the “globohomo” of the West. They have been conditioned to wait for a savior to solve all their problems for them. Marx called religion the opiate of the masses, but now the hopium of the masses involves having a strong Daddy figure politician who will sweep in and save the day. In the delirium of a hopium addiction, people appear to lose their minds completely. They will believe insane stories with almost zero actual evidence and concoct all sorts of fantasies about how their salvation will occur. Hopium is a hell of a drug and that is why the rulers of the world keep us addicted to it, offering up savior figures for people on all sides of the political spectrum, but especially to neutralize and redirect dangerous “right wing extremists”.

    It was disheartening to watch so many people I once thought to be reasonable thinkers jump on board the Trump train, and now it is hard not to despair when seeing so many White people fooled into joining the Putin parade, complete with hammer and sickle flags. Will our people never learn? Are we truly just sheep being led to the slaughter by whatever semitic shepherd comes along next? People need to jettison all hopes for corrupt political leaders to save us and instead start doing the work it takes to free ourselves from this kosher cabal before it is too late.

  9. @Haxo Angmark

    Actually, Lenin’s origin on his father’s side, while unlikely ethnic Russian and most probably not Jewish is unclear. His Jewish roots come from his mother’s side, Maria Oulianova née Blank.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  10. The Jews going into hysteria mode over a book telling the truth about them, who would’ve thought? That’s the odd thing with them, you don’t have to have any prejudice against them but merely observing once the truth about shit they have done suffices for them to do their utmost to make you hate them with your guts.

    Regarding Shafarevich, before reading Russophobia, I recommend his The Socialist Phenomenon, in which Jews aren’t mentioned and which he wrote ten years earlier. When you have read both, some things just pop up in your mind.

    • Thanks: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @ivan
  11. @JWalters

    Knowing that coming from them specifically, or the left in general, “nazi”, “fascist”, “anti-semite”, “racist”, “white supremacist” are just smear words to put you on the defensive and silence you, personally, I don’t give a damn being called such. If you are incapable of honestly discussing matters, g f y, I don’t care b/c I have fully assimilated the fact that we are enemies.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  12. @aandrews

    Israel does not recognise annexation of West Bank or Golan Heights and urges Israel to return to 1948 borders

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  13. A good question about jews is how it is through the years, they always turn on peoples who do them a good turn?

    • Replies: @Passing By
  14. So who is controlling the above mentioned tribe? The wizards behind the curtain are the British templars. (Bankers, Insurance, et all) But no one mentions them. They control the money and the media while hiding behind the curtain like the cockroaches they are.

    • Agree: Cking
  15. @dogbumbreath

    Sassoon was HSBC and very loyal to the Queen and King of England. Treaty of Nanjing –was it 60 million taels ( 1 tael=1.2 ounces standard measure) of silver China had to pay England and additionally open its Mainland for the British in Hong Kong to market opium?

  16. cohen says:

    Israeli Rabbis predictions on America

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Trinity
  17. cohen says:

    Anyone cares to comment?

    Which concentration camp Rothchild faamily was housed during the feel good war.

    Did anyone care to look for Hitler’s immediate family in Poland?. The so called Nazi hunter never bothered to mention Hitlers living in Warsaw

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  18. @Haxo Angmark

    Stalin was an Ossetian. His genetic haplotype (G2 aZ 6653) is considered typical of the Ossetians. Ossetians are significantly more similar to some Iranian groups than to Caucasian groups. It is thus suggested that there is a common origin of Ossetians from the Proto-Iranian Urheimat, followed by subsequent male-mediated migrations from their Caucasian neighbours.
    On the eve of the War II, Stalin carried out the great purge(1922-1936=cold phase;1936-1940 = hot period of the purge; 1937= the peak). Purge of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, government officials, and the Red Army… The so-called Trotskyists=Mensheviks=Socialist-Revolutionary, were either forced to leave the country(Leon Trotsky=Lev Davidovich Bronstein) or were put on trial(Grigory Zinoviev=Hirsch Apfelbaum; Lev Borisovich Kamenev=Lev Borisovich Rozenfeld).Most of these bosses of trotskyists, like Feiga Haimovna Roytblat(She shot Lenin) associated their political roots with General Jewish Labour Bund. The majority faction of the Russian Bund was dissolved in 1921 and incorporated into the Communist Party. Before Stalin’s purge, power in the USSR belonged to them.
    An Ossetian-Iranian single-handedly defeated the Jewish mafia… Can Trump repeat this…? I think not… Trump is Robert the Bruce (Braveheart by Mel Gibson)
    Today, when the Neocons and Neoliberals the grandchildren of Trotskyists, have seized power at all levels in the United States the American people must give birth to their leader- William Wallace (Braveheart by Mel Gibson). Anyway, this is an affair of honor. If the West don’t save himself nothing can save West.

  19. @Passing By

    ” I don’t give a damn being called such.”

    And well you, and anyone else capable of independent though, shouldn’t give a damn. All their (the Synagogue’s) smears amount to is little more than an assault on logical thinking. The hand that finds the stove hot is clear thinking, not prejudiced. Trust you lying eyes.

    • Thanks: Passing By
  20. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Back in the 1970s, I used to frequent Jack’s Delicatessen on Lombard Street in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s parking lot had a long concrete wall on which the words, ‘Russia, Let My People Go’ were painted in blood red color. Of course most Jewish comedians were focused primarily on the Polish people and how ‘stupid’ they were collectively, as opposed to the ever so bright Jews. Now that Poland is in the bag (what else would one call it given that it’s going to host a huge American military base), it’s time to fuck with the Ruskies. Oy vey!

  21. @goeshittheragman

    The scorpion and the frog fable. The awkward thing being that according to astrology, their zodiacal sign as a people is scorpio. I don’t know where that came from but given the scorpion’s behaviour in the fable, it seems fitting.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  22. schrub says:

    Jews were also able to leave South Africa (SA) almost immediately at the end of apartheid.The goyim were forced to stay because no western country would give them a visa until just very recently. This blacklisting proved to be very beneficial to the Jewish owners of the huge, Jewish owned mining businesses in SA because only the the white goyim had the technical skill necessary to keep the mines running.

    This blacklisting has continued. Only fairly recently have certain countries countries like Russia granted visas to Boer farmers in very limited numbers because of the massacres of them by their new, black country mates.

    The failure of western countries to grant these visas put these white gentiles specifically at the mercy of the South African Jews who now controlled the country because of Jewish financial control of the most dominant political party The African National Congress (ANC). No black politician could win an election with Jewish money. The very much resembles the case in present day USA.

    Of course white gentiles lost their managerial jobs to blacks under SA’s new affirmative action laws. These former white managers had to continue working under their new, dunce black bosses because their international visa black listing made it impossible for them to flee. continued working While gentiles lost their managerial positional to lesser qualified blacks under

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Druid55
  23. @Dumbo

    Observing the advantages that Jewish clanishness creates is a major reason I became unabashedly pro-white. When you see how every group takes its own side, to be white and not become pro-white is to be a cuck.

    (This is not to say I wish harm or will work to cause harm to any non-whites, Mr. FBI/Homeland Security Man, only that to take my own side, as members of every other group do, is the only rational course of action.)

  24. @zard

    You write well, but all you’ve written is one paragraph after another of nothing but unbacked claims, lazy strawmen painting tens of millions of people with a broad brush, and hot cope. Hot cope, because deep down you know it’s not right-leaning whites and/or populists like Trump, Bannon, Bolsonaro, Farage, Modi, Abe Shinzo (may he RIP), the LePenis sisters, etc who are the problem. It’s you neoliberal, left-wing, left-leaning, non-voting, or eternally fencesitting whites and poser pro-whites who are the problem, because its your fault there’s a demented pedophile puppet in the White House right now and we’ll never get to see what Trump could’ve accomplished with an unstolen second consecutive term. And if the orange man returns for a second non-consecutive term in 2024, like Grover Cleveland, then he will be faced with a truly Sisyphian task in undoing the damage of his predecessor! Same as he did in 2016, when he unknowingly only had 2 years of time before the SARS.FENTANYL.FLOYD-19 scamdemic would hit, to undo 8 years of Barack Hussein!


    You were deluded and fooled if you ever believed Trump could singlehandedly save western civilization and reverse several decades of demographic change, when that was never what MAGA was about. And you’re delusional now if you believe there’s 100% support for operation warp speed and “Vlad” among MAGA. Trying to smear MAGA as being pro-Z in late 2022 is just as retarded as trying to smear MAGA as being pro-KKK was back in 2016.

    All in all, Trump did a fairly decent enough job in his first term when we account for everything he had going against him, and that the bare minimum of doing a good job for him was simply not being Hillary (like how the bare minimum for Obama in 2008 was to simply not be Bush, and to be a colored person). Maybe Trump did drop the ball on reforming health care, lockdowns and warp speed, the BLMantifa race riots of 2020, trusting Kushner, etc but when it came to the economy and foreign policy he was nonetheless successful. When it came to simply representing America as a cultural icon and leader, he was good. He also exposed fake news, got 3 supreme court picks, taught the GOP how to win the beaner vote, and dismantled the Bush and Clinton dynasties- not bad at all.

    But what do we have now for almost 2 years, without Trump and with the Obama era back on steroids?
    – Incompetent sluts like Jen Psaki and Karen Jean-Pierre wasting our time as press secretary when efficient dames like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and McEnany were so much better
    – Zionist scum like Nuland, Mayorkas, Blinken controlling the puppet president as part of a 70%+ Jewish cabinet
    – A border that is flung wide open, with no completed wall. At least 5 million new invaders in country thanks to 46, with more incoming invader caravans. Humanitarian and demographic crisis. Border control and ICE are defunded and defanged. Thousands of invaders are showing up at the border each day, getting an SSN, and a free ride to a swing state
    – instead it’s FBI and ICE that are flush with funding and weapons, and these institutions are being used as partisan weapons to target and raid political dissidents and rob the middle class
    – 8% to 25% out of control inflation that is being artificially suppressed until after the midterms thanks to an “inflation reduction act”
    – average gallon of gasoline pushing past $4 to $5, predicted to also spike after the midterms. No strategic reserve left btw lol
    – an intentionally botched Afghanistan pullout. Kim Jong-un launching rockets again. A world in the early stages of WW3 with a meatgrinder proxy conflict in Ukraine (Ukraine, what was once one of the last remaining white countries in the world)
    – vaccine mandates continue to eject intelligent people from the military, so they can be replaced by thuggish diversity
    – mandatory Critical Race Theory anti-white brainwashing back in schools not just for 18 year college freshmen, but even for preschool and kindergarten
    – a president that is claimed to be some great unifier and uniter that is actually delivering “Dark Brandon” speeches that get 18 year olds run over by cars and killed

    I’m sorry, but orangeman and the peace and prosperity he represented was better than the present day shitshow. Not just for whites. Not just for Muricans. For everyone in the world. If you didn’t vote for him in 2016 and 2020, you are gay.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @anarchyst
  25. @anonymous

    I agree NATO is Khazaria in drag!

  26. @anonymous

    “Russian TV host reads list of ‘disloyal Jews’ on live TV:”

    You mean that are actually some ‘loyal’ Jews in Russia?

    • LOL: Angharad, chris
    • Replies: @Passing By
  27. JimDandy says:

    The very worst leaders of the Neocon cabal had literal nervous breakdowns over Trump’s ascent and worked overtime to stop him because they were playing 4-D chess. Got it.

  28. @Bloodthirsty Tribal Deity

    Dzerzhinsky was a Khazar Jew. His father converted to Catholicism in a successful bid for Polish nobility.


  29. @anonymous

    When this war began, I thought who is celebrating tonight? It saddens me to watch brothers kill brothers, especially these 2. Zelensky said it himself, the new Ukraine will be like Israel. I guess the Donbass is the new Gaza strip. Both Russians and Ukrainians play the role of Palestinians.
    May I suggest you read Laurent Guyenot’s book From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land …. Clash of Civilizations”

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  30. saggy says: • Website

    Most of the same people who told us fanciful tales about how Trump was “our guy” are back at it again, this time shill for Putin and the Kremlin.

    Trump = Putin? Are you a complete idiot? This is the same idiotic line of thinking that claims Hitler was controlled by Jews. Here is the reality –

    Hitler was not controlled by Jews, he was the only real opposition that the Jews faced in the 20th century. He thad ‘valid’ reasons and limited objectives, and tried to negotiate for a year, before Germany attacked Poland. He did not understand he was starting a war with the entire west that the Jews wanted. So, he made a horrific blunder and the result was WW II.

    Now, Putin is not controlled by Jews, and he is the only real opposition that has manifested against the US push to control the entire world that is documented by the map of US bases below.Putin had valid reasons and limited objectives, and tried to negotiate for 10 years, before Russia attacked Ukraine, which are detailed here:

    Video LinkHe did not understand he was starting a war with the entire west that the Jews wanted. So, he made a horrific blunder and the result was TBD

  31. Mevashir says:

    IMHO Putin’s biggest mistake was not revealing the evidence (that commenters like Iris claim he possesses) that 9/11 was a MoeSad-CIA terrorist charade. That might have galvanized world opinion behind him and along with a considerable portion of the American public. However Putin has stated many times that the official account about 9/11 is correct and he has ridiculed 9/11 truth people. And thus as attractive a leader as Putin is, he fumbled on the crucial issue of 9/11 truth accountability.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  32. @Bloodthirsty Tribal Deity

    “A watered herring is still a herring” 😛

  33. @Passing By

    Rumor at the time had the other half as German-Tatar but it´s hard to
    distinguish from propaganda (like the ondit that Vissarion Dzugashvili was
    forced to marry Mama Joe after she had been knocked up by her Jewish
    employer, the reason she relegated her firstborn to the seminary).

  34. profnasty says:

    Biden, Quisling, was installed by a fraudulent, mail-in election. An election engineered on a fraudulent ‘virus ‘- the flu.
    I cannot believe our Jewish overlords are using this quizling prick to start a nuclear war. Unbelievable.
    I gave forth a plan to give them Eretz Israel. It was a doable plan. Only one condition. They were to give up control of America.,,,,,no dice.
    It’s as they declared in their stupid 007 movie- The World is Not Enough.
    Only nuclear war can change things now.
    Let the games begin.

  35. TKK says:
    @Vegeta Vegeta

    Sometimes, an anecdote shows things better than statistics.

    I hired a little Mexican fella to help me with my big rescues: horses, cows and donkeys, one mean goat. Before I am attacked I posted an ad on indeed, and the whites that I wanted to hire would not show up at 4 AM.

    This was about five years ago. He was telling me about his mother and how poor she was in Mexico. I said: will she come over? He said no. We know not to try with Trump “there”.

    In 2022, his whole family is here. About 18 of them. I have met all of them. They don’t speak a lick of English, and they are not smart. They believe in ghosts, demons and live like swine.

    Taking away any bragging he does, and based on the scope and variety of food he brings me as a gift which I generally throw away, the whole lot of them bring in about $5000 a month in EBT SNAP aka food stamps.

  36. @Irish Savant

    Let’s say that there are some who aren’t openly disloyal and who haven’t acted to undermine the Russian state. People should be judged for their deeds, not their origin.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  37. Trinity says:

    Well, Shlomo, ( our bestest best ally in the whole wide world )makes it clear there. Talk about “hate speech.” Share this video with all your “Christian” Zionist friends. Or your atheist Zionist cuckold like Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

    • Agree: PolPhil
  38. @Paul Greenwood

    ‘Israel does not recognise annexation of West Bank or Golan Heights and urges Israel to return to 1948 borders’

    How about the borders assigned to her in the original 1947 partition?

  39. @the grand wazoo

    ‘When this war began, I thought who is celebrating tonight?’

    It was and is very observable at Real Clear Politics that a disproportionate number of the articles urging war with Russia were written by Jews.

  40. Something that is essential to a reasonable discussion is an agreement upon the definition of terms. When these definitions become intentionally confused, you can be certain that the “confuser” is not playing fair and has nefarious intent.
    So can we please stop using the term “anti-semite”? The definition of a Semite is anyone who speaks a Semitic language; and BTW, the most widely spoken Semitic language is Arabic. Of course the group includes Hebrew, but also Aramaic, Ahmaric, Maltese and others.
    Let’s try to be more specific.

    • Replies: @Anon
  41. @Bloodthirsty Tribal Deity

    Thanks. Always thought it very strange that a person with his history could be anything other than a jew.

  42. We’re not supposed to notice why white Afrikaners are not given the same refugee status as Jews, or how right here in America, white little boys and white little girls are being taught to hate themselves, white mother and father and white supremacist origins of the country of their birth. We’re not supposed to notice how our kids are indoctrinated to worship GlobalHomo, blacks and Jews as Drag Queen Story Time, Holocaust, and Black Slavery porn is pushed 24/7/365 until they submit, becoming subservient Judaeo/Christian zombie Goyim enslaved on Kosher government plantations until the final mass culling of whites arrives.

    You’re not supposed to notice, nothing to see here, back to your NFL on J-Media Goyim.

    • Replies: @GenerallyPattoned
  43. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    Amharic is Semitic?

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  44. @saggy


    I suspect you’re wrong, as Putin and Russia will win this thing in spite of the pit bull attitude of the NWO West not wanting to give up their biggest money launder the Ukraine. They’ve barely put any effort forward yet, using mainly militias and secondary forces to take most of the Eastern Ukraine, and now part of Russia.

    We’ll see what happens in Europe this Winter? It’s already been deindustrialized like the USA, and Germany is dragging it’s feet over weapons delivery.

    Putin calling out the NWO West as Satanists is accurate and funny.

  45. @Haxo Angmark

    Molotov also had a Jewish ‘wife/minder’ – although she ended up in the gulag.

  46. Whew says:

    Jewish writer and émigré Boris Paramonov responded provocatively with an article entitled “Shit. An Attempt at Public Psychoanalysis.” In it, he insinuated that because Shafarevich is supposedly part of a native soil movement in Russia, he is literally obsessed with feces.

    very rich coming from a people who are obsessed with soil, in Israel, they haven’t inhabited for thousands of years (and who arguably aren’t even from there)…

    • Replies: @ivan
  47. Jewish Sophistry

  48. The key to ending the zionist control over the ZUS is to abolish their privately owned FED and IRS, which are 2 of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and of course zionist are the creators of communism and they are satanists which goes hand in hand with communism.

    Their FED and IRS are unconstitutional and were saddled on the American people and it has been wars and debt and death as a result of this insidious scam that creates money out of thin air and adds debt to Americans with every counterfeit dollar created by these communist zionist satanists.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and they are destroying America.

  49. @CelestiaQuesta


    A lot of people notice, and I know about the white Afrikaners not being allowed a way out while Jews are, and I notice all the Jewish cheating on everything, and the stupid Judeo-Christians telling us BS, or that the Jews are ‘Chosen Ones,’ so to go against them is to be “cursed.” “Slavery porn is pushed 24/7/365 until they submit,” yes it is but all I hear from your yuob is defeat. If you have nothing better, than shut your yuob.

    Do you have any practical answers for this, besides playing the exasperated Smart boi, who sees what no one else can? What do you tell some moronic Judeo-Fake Christian when they hit you with the bible tells us they are the ‘Chosen Ones,’ as it’s not good enough to call them ‘morons’ even though they are. You need facts, plus good rhetoric too to at least shut them up. All their churches are not containing any traditional Christian Values as the paid off people at the top have long inverted those.

    But do you have a single practical idea of what can be done?? BTW, I haven’t followed the NFL for years.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @anarchyst
  50. @saggy

    Interesting. Except that in terms of energy, Germany and Russia are opposites (one reason AH hated Russia). The usual suspects might have been behind WWI and WWII, but the reason in the Anglo mind was the “need” to prevent Germany, which had unified late and lost out on the colonial race, from acquiring natural resources and thus obtain its natural place as the ruler of Central Europe. The plan in both wars was for a quick German victory, before they ran out of oil etc. This is why the American entry was crucial, which prolonged both wars. (AH’s losing strategy in the Russian attack was also affected by his desire to capture oil fields rather than targets of immediate worth).

    This time around, the “cunning plan” was to bring down Russia by, um, cutting off oil and gas to Germany. “No a great plan” as Tony Stark would say.

    In fact, it’s clear now that this is WWIII, and the target is again Germany, and the method is to deny it oil and gas. Hence, blowing up the pipelines, to prevent Germany from negotiating a settlement (just as in WWI and WWII).

    All this was summed up by the great Mel Brooks:

    “What you have is what we need
    And what we do is dirty deeds,
    We’re the Spaceballs!”

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  51. @GenerallyPattoned

    “ If you have nothing better, than shut your yuob.”

    Are you suggesting I censor myself?

    First of all there are well over 200 million just in USA who have not awakened, they still need reengineering and detoxed from decades of brainwashing.

    It is in this spirit I say what I say, but please go ahead and try and shut me up.

    No hard feelings, so Phuc off and try and censor someone else.

    I’m on a mission and I’ve no time for silly wankers like you.

    • Replies: @GenerallyPattoned
  52. @James J. O'Meara

    I’ve often heard this and similar theories about Britain and America conspiring to destroy Germany as a competitor. But I can’t see the logic of this. Those leaders have systematically hollowed out their own countries to the point where they’re but shadows of their formal selves, on their way to Third World status. Britain in particular lost everything. Surely a form of co-existence with Germany was preferable? Unless of course there was a different ((agenda)) ….

    • Replies: @Rubicon
  53. PolPhil says:

    You are not wrong, however, I advise you to consider that the battle between the Soros and Sorosesque yids vs Chabad and associates yids is good for us goyim. The more they weaken each other the better, and if God wills it to be so, Russia will see that Chabad is a heavy weight, a heavy burden, that need not be carried and should be jettisoned.

  54. Rubicon says:

    We have come to the conclusion that folks here are not all that educated about Russian, and West European history.
    A lot of that has to do with the fact that most have not tapped into French, Italian, German, Spanish historians and their telling, in this instance, of WWII, or the study of Russian history going clear back to Tsarist Russia.

    Most here appear to be mono-linguistic: one language, principally, English. As a result, they rely on English-speaking historians.
    To a receive a full accord, of WWII, one must be able to read French, Russian, German, Italian, and Spanish.

    Without those insights, people here take out of context the Jewish role in history.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
    , @Seraphim
  55. anarchyst says:

    I have NEVER followed any “professional” or “college” sports in my lifetime. I have absolutely no interest in watching grown men play childrens’ games.
    It’s not called the “Negro Felon League” for nothing. When you inject steroids into low-IQ blacks, pay them millions of dollars and endorsements from major sports equipment manufacturers to play a child’s game, boost their egos beyond all norms, it is a recipe for disaster.
    Of course, the “brains” of the operation is usually a white guy, also steroid-addled but with a much higher IQ.
    Let’s not forget the taxpayer-funded “playpens” in which to give these “professional sports teams” a place to play at taxpayers’ expense. The fat-cat jews who own these franchises are laughing all the way to the bank.
    White men are primary promoters of the successes of these mentally defective, dysfunctional subhumans by both watching their “games” as well as purchasing their “overpriced merchandise”of their favorite players, usually blacks.
    It would appear that in today’s world “sports is the opiate of the masses (especially white males)” rather than religion.
    Give ’em “bread and circuses”, a formula that has been successful in infantilizing white men for generations.
    It is disgusting to notice white men who can spout off their favorite (black) sportsball player’s statistics, team statistics and other useless information while wearing an overpriced low-quality “jersey” while not giving a damn about what is going around them, especially when the country is in grave danger of being “lost” to jewish marxism.
    I’ll bet that these white guys all got their poison mRNA shots in order to have access to the games…

    • Agree: HdC
    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @GreenMike
    , @Druid55
  56. anarchyst says:

    Ukraine will be the new seat of worldwide jewish power once present-day israel reverts back to the Palestinians. Demographics speaks VOLUMES.
    This is what the jews are planning.
    Of course, Christian soldiers will have to fight and die for jewish interests.

  57. @cohen

    inasmuch as the Rothschild, i.e. Zionist Bank of England

    played a major role in financing the Third Reich,

    the Nazis barely touched the European branches of the family;

    in 1940, the Jew who had earlier run the Austrian KreditInstalt

    into the ground was briefly gaol’d…then released. Also

    I read somewhere that one of the younger French Rothschild scions

    had to hide out in a haystack for awhile….but

    that’s probably just a rumor.

  58. Thim says:

    I don’t give a shit what all these Jews said about this fine Russian Patriot. Dogs will bark.

    I remember reading The Socialist Phenomenon as a teenager, a great book. His Russophobia writings are of the very highest quality. A great man.

  59. anarchyst says:
    @Vegeta Vegeta

    When it comes to the jews, Trump DID “give them what ((they)) wanted”. This was all by design as Trump has always been a “deal maker”. Trump KNOWS what jews are like as he has been dealing with them all of his life.
    Trump was going to “drop the hammer” on the jews during his second term until the election was stolen from him (us). The jews could not “kennedy” Trump as he was smart enough to have his own security detail interspersed with the secret service. There would have been no way to effect an assassination.
    You would have seen the “Palestinian” issues resolved as well as the elimination of the “Bantustan system” for Palestinians as there would have been many (illegal) jewish settlements declared “null and void”. Yes, there would have been much “wailing and gnashing of teeth” by the jews, but that too would have subsided in time.
    The future will tell whether Trump’s influence on the jews was helpful or merely a “smokescreen”.
    It is my humble opinion that the jews wanted Trump out of office because, as jews always do, did not want to be required to fulfill “their end of the deal”.

  60. Rubicon says:
    @Irish Savant

    We beg to differ with “James J. O’Meara’s rendition of US/UK belligerance of Germany back in time.

    One has to take into serious account the status of the US Financial Center & its corollaries with the UK/EU Financial Markets.
    Here’s what we know and we’re using Professor Veghi’s understanding at

    Following the “financial crash” in 2007-08, the FED & EU/UK central banks started spewing out all their billions to the top 1%-10% super wealthy. In turn, those folks started buying up Bonds and Stocks. Within a few short years, multi-millioniares had “multi-billionaires.

    Well this mad dash for massive profits ended around 2019; right before the onset of Covid.
    So the FED, Mark Carney, Larry Fink and many others sat down to re-think another Capitalist emergency to save themselves and their Elite. Covid turned into lockdowns, causing massive losses for small businesses while jobs became scarce. These fear tactics also reduced shipment, to/from nations which depressed some of the OIL/GAS Monopolists.

    Fast forward to 2022, out comes the FED increasing interest rates to high levels (especially in the US). Result: INFLATION especially in the US and just like Fed Chair Volcker, high inflation increased “job losses.” That’s only a part of “the fix” because you can’t FIX decades of the “gambling casino” in the Western Financial world.

    So they had to think up a plan and that plan turned out to be: 1. blame everything on Russia, start a war in Ukraine while we Big Boys in Western Capitalism; 2. take on Germany – the powerhouse in the EU.Stop German trade enterprise with China, Russia, Others and, oh, let’s blow up the two Nord Stream pipelines, why don’t we?

    So now, UK/Italian, German, Spanish, Portugal, French citizens are starting to receive monstrous energy bills. More and more small shops, especially in Italy are closing down. Unemployment there is rising. Well, it’s just one more way to start turning UK/EU citizens into DEBT SLAVES, just like in the US where NOW the citizens are personally in debt to the tune of 15 Trillion$$s.

    We who have eyes and ears in the US have witnessed this destruction of our society for several decades. Our “poverty” causalties are now nearly 40 million impoverished citizens.

    So you in the UK and Western Europe – well, we wish you the best of luck, but the three Financial Houses are going to lay waste all of your countries.

  61. Hymn 43 says:

    It’s so confusing ,trying to decide who to believe. I think the only people I can believe are the one’s the Jews hate. Is this controlled opposition? maybe but I’d rather take my chances with these people. I think the only certainty is we need to rid ourselves of the ((cabal))

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  62. @Houston 1992

    Does anyone have a link to Russophobia? The link in the article is no good. I’ve checked all kinds of places and only saw it for sale for over $100. Isn’t it just an article? Seems his enemies want to put it down the rabbit hole for good.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. @CelestiaQuesta

    What mission? You do nothing, you accomplish nothing. You speak to a bunch of people that already know everything you say. You have no meaning. Keep avoiding my point , and my point is that you do nothing. and you have no mission as you have no positive effect on getting rid of Jewish influence anywhere or any time.

    What can you do to decrease Jewish influence? Anything? What can you say to shut down the Judeo-Christian lies? Answer my points, please.

  64. Harry E says:

    Yes, this was the Jackson-Vanik Amendment to the Trade Act of 1974.

    “Since 1975 more than 500,000 refugees, large numbers of whom were Jews, evangelical Christians, and Catholics from the former Soviet Union, have been resettled in the United States. An estimated one million Soviet Jews have immigrated to Israel in that time. “

    Also, the Lautenberg Amendment, Public Law 101-167.

    “Enacted on November 21, 1989, the Lautenberg Amendment, Public Law 101–167, took effect in 1990 which provided refugee status in the United States for nationals from the Soviet Union and later the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania who are Jews, Evangelical Christians, Ukrainian Catholics or Ukrainian Orthodox; as well as nationals of Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia; and Jews, Christians, Baha’is and other religious minorities from Iran. The Lautenberg measure allowed refugee status to people from historically persecuted groups without requiring them to show that they had been singled out.
    Under the Lautenberg Amendment, 350,000 to 400,000 Jews from the former Soviet Union which had not presented any form of evidence of persecution gained entry to the United States by October 2002 according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.”

    • Replies: @ivan
  65. Fox news is allowing comments about the jew question as well as the race problem questions. Everyone who comments here should make a Fox News account and comment there as well. Fox lies and negates logic in many of their stories but their comment section has been wide open for awhile now.

    It beats preaching to the choir and my comments get lots of thumbs up.

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  66. Seraphim says:

    Much of this abuse came from the mostly Jewish ”First Wave” of Russian émigrés (terrorist assassins of the ‘Narodnaya Volya) who were known for their undue and racist insults and undying hatred of Russians, Tsar and Church, who formed the ”English Society of Friends of Russian Freedom” in London in 1890, and the ” Society of American Friends of Russian Freedom” in Boston in 1891 (Jacob Schiff was one of the generous donors for the ’cause’ well before 1905).
    Especially the SAFRF organized the propagandist campaign of the Russian émigré Yekaterina Konstantinovna Breshko-Breshkovskaya (aka ”Babushka”, ”the grandmother of the Russian Revolution”) in 1904-1905 in the USA. George Kennan (notorious anti-Tsarist, not to be confused with his nephew George F. Kennan – who was the author of the policy of ‘containment’ of Russia after WW2), revealed in the New York Times on 24 March 1917, that Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Bank on Wall Street financed Russian revolutionaries through this organization. Schiff had been financing Russian revolutionaries since 1905.
    Blaming it exclusively on the ”Third Wave” is an attempt to whitewash the ‘Americans’ of their enthusiastic collusion with and support for the fomenters of the ‘Russian’ revolution who found asylum in SUA since Kosciusko and Kossuth. Read more attentively the ‘The New Rome, or The United States of the World” of Theodor Poesche.

  67. Skeptikal says:

    Sassoon was the most powerful of the group of Baghdadi Jews who fled Baghdad, settled I believe near Calcutta, and came to dominate the production of opium in India—for sale in China.

    Even Wiki has a pretty interesting article on these people:
    Nord Stream 1: How Russia is cutting gas supplies to Europe

    Of course when things went tits up in India after WW2, these people relocated once again, to England.

    See also

    “During the late nineteenth century Kolkata was a minor intellectual centre of Iraqi Jews before the Baghdadi Jews began to slowly transition from a Judeo-Arabic identity towards a more Judeo-British and one under the leadership of the mercantile Sassoon, Ezra, Elias, Gubbay, Belilios and Judah families.[1] In their heyday such mercantile Kolkata Jews sponsored numerous leading religious and charitable institutions in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

    During the mid-twentieth century the Baghdadi Jewish community peaked at over 6,000 members during the Second World War as smaller communities fled Japanese invasions or internments. This highpoint was followed by a precipitously decline in numbers. The community largely emigrate after Indian independence in 1947, moving mainly to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel and the USA. This migration followed the turmoil of partition, the breakdown of the colonial trading system in Asia, severing historic trade flows between the Middle East and Asia, and the birth of a Jewish state in Palestine. The few remaining maintained their Judeo-Indian identity and achieved prominent positions in the military, politics and the arts.

    In the early twenty-first century fewer than twenty Jews remain in the city. The synagogues that remain are some of the last surviving and presently accessible heritage sites founded by Iraqi Jews.[2] Today, especially in the United Kingdom, to which the wealthier Baghdadi Jewish families were drawn, Jews tracing roots to Kolkata now enjoy prominence in British culture and media. ”

  68. Skeptikal says:

    Also, the dumb Americans paid for the relocation of Russian Jews to isreal.

    Whence a lot of them kept going, to the USA and elsewhere.

    Israel was just a pretext for many of these putatively persecuted Russian Jews.

  69. The truth will set you free is probably the most miss used quote of all time. The truth this quote refers to is, Jesus is Christ. That is the truth that will set you free. If you tell the truth in a court of law you might spend the rest of your life in jail.

  70. Video Link

    jews control the world.

    • Agree: A B Coreopsis
  71. GreenMike says:

    You should try taking some steroids. They have a lot of positive effects.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  72. He also wished to assess in what ways Western-styled democracy and technology might help or not help Russia.

    Only National-Democracies will work. What goes by the name of ‘liberal democracies’ are useless because they are controlled by flow of global capital, which is controlled by Jews.

    So, all these ‘liberal democracies’ around the world can be manipulated by global intervention.
    Instead of two national parties vying for power to do what’s good for the country, it’s about various parties seeking power for status, privilege, and advantage. And that means all parties are willing to work with foreign/global hegemon to come to power.

    If party A is in power, party B willingly works with globalism to unseat party A. If party B is then in power, party A seeks to gain power and how? By working with globalism to unseat party B. And to gain globalist support, party A will agree to be even more servile to the global hegemon than party B is. Thus, the various parties in a ‘liberal democracies’ end up turning against national interest. So focused on winning the race, they will more than willing to work with globalist hegemon for backup and support.

    Look at EU countries, and most elections about various parties seeking globalist support to gain political dominance. And global hegemon, Jews of US mainly, take full advantage of this. It promises support to the party that is most servile to the globalist agenda.

    Thus, instead of democracy being used to serve national interest, it is used by various collaborators to undermine the other parties so that they can gain political advantage. Instead of all those parties working together for the national good, each is willing to collaborate most with globalism to gain the top seat.

  73. Shafarevich had no intention of libeling Jews. He wished only to…
    treat Jews on equal terms with other peoples

    I guess he was naive. When Jews yammer about ‘equity’, it doesn’t mean equal justice and treatment of Jews and Palestinians. It has to be Jews Uber Alles. ‘Equity’ is just a Jewish Ploy to guilt-bait whites about black failures so that whites, morally browbeaten and sorry-ass, will seek redemption from Jews as the Holy Holocaust people. Paradoxically, the end-result of this Equity Politics is whites serving Jewish SUPREMACISM.

    So, Jews say, “Whites, you have more than blacks!! it’s due to ‘racism’. Get on your knees and apologize for lack of equity.”
    Then, whites get on their knees and babble with tears in their eyes, “We are sorry for being ‘racist’ and seek atonement. What shall we do to bring about racial equality, oh great all-wise holy holocaust people?”
    Jews answers, “Always do as we tell you, always obey us, always appease us.”

    End result is whites serving Jewish Supremacism.

    Just ask the Palestinians.

    Just as ‘democracy’ is whatever Jews want — Orban of Hungary is ‘anti-democratic’ even though he won fair elections, whereas the current Ukraine regime is ‘democratic’ even though it was installed by Jew Coup — , ‘equity’ is as Jews define it. It never ever discusses Jewish wealth, privilege, over-representation, mass murder, imperialism, hegemony, and etc. It’s always about leveling the field between whites and blacks predicated on the idea that all inequalities are due entirely to white ‘racism’ and ‘supremacism’. But if Jews have more than Gentiles, why that is totally justified and it would be ‘antisemitic’ to even notice. Jews tell blacks, ‘whites have more than you, so hate whitey’, but if an odd black says, “you jews got more than us blacks, partly by fleecing the black community’, Jews scream ‘antisemitism’ and expect white support for Jews against black ‘antisemitism’.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  74. @profnasty

    I cannot believe our Jewish overlords are using this quizling prick to start a nuclear war. Unbelievable.

    I’ve become convinced that their entire infernal race is mentally ill, purely insane. There really is no other logical explanation for 3,000 years of self-destructive behavior that repeats itself as if a film loop.

  75. @Passing By

    The problem arises when deeds match origin so often and so consistently that one cannot help but see a fixed relational pattern.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  76. @mocissepvis

    Oh, I see the pattern, I saw it thirty years ago already and I always expect the worst from them. I’m just saying that you can’t put on trial people who have done nothing just because they happen to be of a certain origin.

  77. @Hymn 43

    That’s my Occam’s Razor/rule-of-thumb: Whoever Big Jewry is against is the good guy.

  78. ivan says:
    @Passing By

    The Socialist Phenomenon, showed a well read analytical mind at work. Such a man would not frivolously indulge in Jew.bashing. With the Jews though one is always on probation, whatever one’s status. It’s a bloody waste of time pandering to the Jews.

    • Agree: Passing By
  79. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    Holocausteers are like the guy getting rich by falsely claiming to be a combat vet suffering from PTSD. He insists that anyone investigating his military record will just make his PTSD worse.

    Jews need taboos to keep their grift going. That’s why they oppose any and all full, open investigations of the Shoah. And punish anyone noticing that a tiny group has sooooo much money and media influence.

    Hell, they even claim to own certain words…like “pogrom.”

    Goyim need to counter by calling Jew crimes “crucifixions.”

    And stop using “Jewish.” Do Jews ever call someone “Christianish”?

    Note, too, how Jews promote globalism and socialism for others, but make sure the Tribe lives locally behind walls…milking capitalism while shaming Germans for what Jews have done for over a century to Arabs in the Mideast.

    The more you know about Zionists, the less empathy you have for so-called Jew suffering 1933-45.

    Of course, the same Tribalists who balk at others using Hitler, Nazism, Mein Kampf, etc. routinely use those same references to demonize their enemies.

    Putin and Russia comprise the last line holding back the ever-ravenous Empire of the Nose.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  80. anarchyst says:

    Steroids are out of the question as they inhibit thinking. Positive effects?? You’ve got to be kidding… Your claim that steroids have positive effects needs elaborating. Please explain…
    I have much better things to do with my life than watch grown men grunt and snort and run around with a ball while making millions for playing childrens’ games..
    I would rather create or fabricate something, make something work better, read a good book or just ponder the meaning of existence, things and concepts that steroid-addled types are incapable of doing.
    Ever wonder why many cops are so stupid? The steroids they take inhibit rational thinking. Of course the “laws” are set up to absolve them of responsibility for their actions. “Qualified immunity” and other “carve-outs” are but two of many “laws” that absolve cops of actions resulting from their inherent stupidity and steroid use.
    Maybe YOU should walk away from the steroids…

  81. @Anonymous

    Thank you. I got it. Didn’t realize it was so long but that’s ok. I love Russian history. Thank you so much.

  82. @Rubicon

    There’s plenty of reasonably accurate information about the origin of the two world wars in English. The “truth” does not reside in non-English sources. Are you a Kabbalist?

  83. @Anonymous

    Very difficult to disagree with — especially the need to drop the word Jewish in favor of Jew.

  84. ivan says:

    Yeah, Sigmund Freud was obsessed with shit. He would know a thing or two, since these guys made a whole psychological movement, based on the excretory functions and on incest with the Mother. What a bloody waste of time so-called Jewish intelligence is when it is directed against sound values .

  85. ivan says:
    @Harry E

    Solzhenitsyn once remarked that a fund that he had help set up to aid political refugees from the Soviet Union was all taken over by Jews. This was sometime in the 70s. At that time I was taken in by all the blather from Jewish interests. Strangely the Soviet Union held it’s dissidents at that time in mental asylums. And we thought that was a staggering violation of human rights. But today when one can dismissed as racist, a climate-change denier and such from jobs and positions, the lying press assures us that it is for the highest good.

  86. Seraphim says:

    Actually, the basic assumption of Western ‘history writing’ is that the Russian state with its internal dynamic, does not really exist. That is nothing else than a succession of lawless criminal gangs who keep in abject submission a mass of unwashed, drunken slave mongrels by the whip. There is no Russian nation, laws, institutions, culture, religion (even for staunch ‘Russophiles’ who circulate on the net Dostoevsky is ‘fucked in the head’ because of his ‘Orthodox Church’ proclivities), national awareness and national interests. At best ”Russian people are a second-rate people whose fate is to serve merely as material for a more noble race, and not to have its own independent role in the destinies of mankind. In view of this possibly correct deduction of his, Mr. Kraft has come to the conclusion that any further activity of any Russian man should be paralyzed by this idea, so to speak, that everyone should drop their hands and . . .” (as one of Dostoevsky’ personages – the German Mr. Kraft who nevertheless claimed to be Russian- put it).
    For the ‘West’ Russia is the totally misrepresented (actually falsified) ‘definition of Russia’ of Churchill: ”Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, ”the ominous OTHER” in the psychobabble that passes nowadays as ‘political science’. No matter how many times this ridiculous meme has been debunked, it continues to be repeated at nauseam by the people who know what Russia is better than anyone else (Russians in the first place!). Well, Churchill never said that.
    What he really said, in a radio broadcast on the 1st of October 1939 (after the surprise of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) was that: “I cannot forecast to you the ACTION of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. But perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest. It cannot be in accordance with the interest or the safety of Russia that Germany should plant itself upon the shores of the Black Sea, or that it should overrun the Balkan States and subjugate the Slavonic peoples of South-Eastern Europe. That would be contrary to the HISTORIC LIFE-INTERESTS OF RUSSIA.”
    But the first rule of ‘journalism’ is: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” So, you will continue to see the ‘media’ regurgitating ad nauseam crap like that: ”Famously, Winston Churchill defined Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” and his words in 1939 spoke eloquently to the Western sense of Moscow as the “other” – an inscrutable and menacing land that plays by its own rules, usually to the detriment of those who choose more open regulations. In the past few weeks, events at the TNK-BP oil company, at NATO and at the United Nations have all reaffirmed that sense of hostile otherness, albeit with some 21st-century qualities. If Churchill’s description were to be recast for the present day, then Russia would still be a riddle and an enigma lodged, like the innermost core of a matryoshka nesting doll, in a diplomat’s pinstripe folded round a pugilist’s muscle and an oil baron’s checkbook.” (”Churchill’s definition of Russia still rings true”, NY Times, Aug. 1, 2008).

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Passing By
  87. ivan says:

    One of the more egregious falsifications is that the Russians somehow oppressed the Muslims ( even more so than the other Europeans), when in reality the Muslims under the Romanovs (and the Soviets) were no more oppressed than in the empires of the other European powers such as Great Britain, France and the Netherlands. The Russians and their Muslims came to their own accommodations. But of course this was not the liking of the eternal troublemakers in the West, who came to see the various “stans” as the soft underbelly of the Russian Empire. The trouble is the Russians also know the intentions of the West. Hence no matter what kind of a nut Putin is, it is essentially correct that if the ‘stans’ are subverted internally, the Russians stand to lose massively and hence their defensiveness. The flip side of this, is that due to everything that is happening turning on the “nationalities” question, there is no political space for much needed reform, since the worst thing that can happen to any people is a civil war. Knowing this, the peoples are afraid of change, and knowing this the vandals from the West push things to breaking point. Such is the evil logic of the “reforms” that the West pushes.

    But in the end we all know of the kind of “freedom” the West brought to Afghanistan, turning that country over to the most reactionary elements.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  88. Druid55 says:

    And currently in South Africa there’s water and electricity cut-offs every day. The blacks replaced all the whites with incompetent blacks and there’s been no maintenance of power and water infrastructure since their takeover. Everything is falling apart. Really sad

  89. Druid55 says:

    Who are you to give away Palestinian land to these insatiable scum? They should get nothing and be stopped everywhere. It will never be enough!

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @profnasty
  90. Druid55 says:

    Excellent post. Totally agree. I have zero interest in watching these felons play catch!

  91. @Seraphim

    The West imagines Russia as the Romans imagined Celts or Germans.

  92. @ivan

    ‘One of the more egregious falsifications is that the Russians somehow oppressed the Muslims ( even more so than the other Europeans), when in reality the Muslims under the Romanovs (and the Soviets) were no more oppressed than in the empires of the other European powers such as Great Britain, France and the Netherlands…’

    The Circassians, the Chechens, the Crimean Tatars?

    • Replies: @ivan
  93. Seraphim says:

    Worse. Romans showed some admiration for the ferocity, physical strength, and moral simplicity of the unspoiled tribes of Germans. It was the rediscovery of Tacitus’ ”DE ORIGINE ET SITV GERMANORVM” which infused in Germans minds the ideas of their racial superiority and ‘white supremacism’. Russians were schismatics, heretics, devilish people (Gog&Magog) who should be stamped out and their lands given to ‘more noble races’.

  94. ‘Worse. Romans showed some admiration for the ferocity, physical strength, and moral simplicity of the unspoiled tribes of Germans. It was the rediscovery of Tacitus’ ”DE ORIGINE ET SITV GERMANORVM” which infused in Germans minds the ideas of their racial superiority and ‘white supremacism’. Russians were schismatics, heretics, devilish people (Gog&Magog) who should be stamped out and their lands given to ‘more noble races’.’

    I think to defend that you would have to show the ideology was particularly pronounced before Nazism. Can you find evidence of it dominating German thinking during the First World War, for example?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  95. Seraphim says:
    @Colin Wright

    Never heard of ‘Pangermanism’ (‘Pangermanismus’ or ‘Alldeutsche Bewegung’)? Of the ‘Pan-German League’ (‘Alldeutscher Verband’)? Of ‘Drang nach Osten’ (‘Drive to the East’)? Of the ‘Septemberprogramm’ and the ‘Peace of Brest-Litovsk’?

  96. ivan says:
    @Colin Wright

    I meant no more oppressed than these other Empires. The British broke the back of the Mughal Empire in India. Some of the evil meted out to the Tartars and Chechens has to be laid at the feet of Stalin, who did not do things by half when he suspected collaboration. He wasn’t kind to Russians either. These books might be useful reading …

  97. profnasty says:

    We can force Jews to live with Palestinians just as our Whites are forced to live with Blacks. Two words, ‘Affirmative Action’ baby. Works like a charm. Just give Palestinians a leg up. Free food, free housing, free medical care, free education, forced integration to facilitate Jew girls taken by Palestinian men, and legal to beat the snot out of Jews because reparations.
    Problem solved.
    You’re welcome.

  98. @saggy

    Hitler was another shill, read Anthony Sutton books on who financed bolshevism and the Nazi party.

  99. Truthor says:

    One must realize that the Jews continue to control Russia, and that Putin is a Jew.

  100. @anonymous

    The alleged 1994 speech of Rabbi Schneerson cries out “fake”. Jews in the Russian Empire are nearly all Ashkenazim who speak a dialect of Old High German and lived in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until the Partition of Poland. They are not Khazars, and are not in the habit of discussing “Khazaria”. Also, Schneerson was incapacitated after a stroke in 1992 and stopped making speeches. The image is a crude anti-semitic forgery that has no place in a discussion of the measured scholarship of Igor Shafarevich.

  101. There is lots of carrying on and whining about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in this society. If anything, America is an anti-Christian country. Most of the Founding Fathers were Deists, who hated and detested all forms of revealed, scriptural religion: Christianity in particular.

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